Monday, November 30, 2015

"Woman's Right to Choose?"

That's the crap the pro-abortionists keep feeding us about killing infants, and it's bogus. If it were true, they'd legalize prostitution, which is another case of a woman's right to choose what is done with her body. But prostitution remains illegal. What it actually is, is an infant's right to live, and not be MURDERED by fools who think murdering babies is okay. But nobody's listening. The fools have people convinced that even TALKING about infanticide is, somehow, indicative of a mental aberration. Socialist Bernie Sanders, the Democrat who is trying to unseat Hillary in her drive for the presidency, is all FOR killing babies. It makes me physically ILL to hear people like Bernie talk about his support for Planned Parenthood and their daily MURDERS of innocent babies. Whenever I hear it I puke. Just as I puke when I hear Obama trying to “smooth over” Islamic terrorists killing people who aren't their kind of Muslims. (Bustle)

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