Thursday, November 19, 2015

Strip Obama of Power

Now, not later. If we allow him to finish the rest of his term as president, he may finish the job of destroying this country in that time. It'll take forever to impeach and convict him, so it probably can't be done, legally. Anyway, he knows where most of the bodies are buried, and probably buried some, himself. I'm afraid it will take a “constitutional revolution.” U. S. Marshals need to go into the Oval Office and remove him in handcuffs, “perp walk” him to one of their cars, and take him to prison before he “gives away the store” entirely. He is even now allowing an Islamic terrorist “Trojan Horse” into this country in the GUISE of “Syrian refugees,” and is insulting everybody who says this is INSANE.

He's doing everything he can to HELP the Islamic terrorists “do their thing” in this country, and many Americans are going to DIE, because of it. There are maybe 30% real refugees among them, and 70% Islamic terrorists coming here to “kill unbelievers” and create havoc, any way they can. He has already spent more money than there IS. More than ALL presidents who came before, combined. He is going about bowing to despots, the world over, and saying we AREN'T the greatest nation ever. He says plainly he's “not interested in winning or being better than anybody else.” He's “hell-bent” on reducing us in the eyes of the world and establishing SOCIALISM as the means of governing.

He's almost finished the job, and he's working hard to elect that female criminal, Hillary Clinton (or that ADMITTED socialist, Bernie Sanders), to the presidency to make SURE the job gets finished. If we don't get rid of this saboteur in our midst, SOON, we'll be LOST. Now, I'm not SUGGESTING a revolution. I'm only saying I'm AFRAID that's what it will take to get rid of this “cancer spreading in this country” before he can do maximum damage. In any case, we need to do SOMETHING, and SOON. Before he becomes known as the president who “gave it all away.” (Just common sense)

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