Thursday, November 19, 2015

More Democrat Voters

What's the best way to gain thousands of voters for your party? Make a law ending the prohibition to vote for felons, and then release THOUSANDS of druggies from prison, all together, just before an election. They've been working on getting rid of that prohibition so their “kindred souls” can vote. These released prisoners know “which side of the bread carries the butter” and will no doubt vote Democrat, en bloc. This (Obama hopes) will ensure a Democrat victory in 2016 that will sweep that obvious CRIMINAL, Hillary Clinton (wife of another proven criminal, Bill Clinton), into the White House. The “Clinton Machine,” coupled with the “Obama Machine,” guarantees it, they hope. The Democrats can't win an HONEST election, so they do things like this, accompanied by their standard election scams, to win. Releasing 6,000 “druggies,” most of them SELLERS, will increase crime significantly. A fact they vigorously deny, as they usually do about the inevitable results of their idiotic actions. (Patriot Post)

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