Monday, November 2, 2015

UN to "Judge US"

Amazingly, it's part and parcel of AlGore's “climate change” swindle, which they've apparently bought. They want to “judge us” about our spurning of “climate change: (Gore's new name for his swindle). Obama should tell them to “stick it up your flue,” which he won't, because of his “limp wristed approach” to world politics. The fact is, the UN has no authority to “JUDGE” us. Much less PUNISH us for ANYTHING. They can only do that if we ACCEPT it, which Obama probably will. The money it costs us is not his. It belongs to the taxpayer. He doesn't care about that. Of course, this action ignores entirely the fact that another of its members (Communist China) is probably the WORST polluter in the history of the world. Of course, they aren't going to criticize China, because they're still operating under the communist banner, which they respect. The UN is RUN by most of the world's DICTATORS and despots, many of them communist. And now they THINK they can extend their “rule” to us. If they can, it's only so long as that wimp, Obama is still running things. (New American)

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