Friday, November 27, 2015

Phony Racism Charges

There is a real bunch of DELUDED people out there right now, making a lot of noise about NOTHING. What little there is of it is in RETALIATION for their actions. Racism (the old kind) is NOT “rampant” in the country today, as they allege. The only kind of racism that is rampaging now is black hating whites. The other day a college professor “verbally assaulted” a black press photographer who was doing his job, photographing their “demonstration” to “point out” the racism that does exist. At the same time, one other professor didn't cancel a test because of the “demonstration and got so much flack she almost resigned. Yes, there IS racism out there, and it IS “rampant.” But it's NOT the kind of racism they allege.

It is a NEW kind of racism with blacks hating whites and “whipping up” opinion against whites, who are doing little or NOTHING to blacks. The old kind of racism was almost completely gone until they started claiming it was “getting worse,” and that cops were “killing blacks” at an unprecedented rate. Only one thing wrong with that. Cops AREN'T “killing blacks for no reason.” 95% of cases of white cops killing blacks did it during a lawful arrest, usually when the blacks were trying to kill the cop. The killing of that “gentle giant” in Ferguson, MO (whose phony promotion started it all) is a case in point. His accomplices LIED, and said he had his hands up, saying, “don't shoot” when he was actually trying his best to kill that cop. As big as that fool was, he didn't NEED to be armed.

In Baltimore, MD, six unfortunate cops are indicted in the self-inflicted death of a criminal, who hit his head against the wall of the “wagon,” trying to incriminate the cops, too soon after his back surgery. All of which promoted the PHONY idea that the cops were at fault. Liberals cry about the number of blacks in prison, discounting the FACT that blacks commit more crimes than whites. Meanwhile, Obama cries “racism” every time ANYBODY opposes his fool ideas. Racism is being promoted in order to get more blacks to vote Democrat, and keep the White House in Democrat hands. Illegal alien protection too, for the same reason. (Town Hall)

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