Friday, July 31, 2015

Trump: The Enigma

People are wondering why when Donald Trump announced his run for president, he immediately “hit the ground running,” and went to the front of the then 15 announced Republican candidates, all of them well-known to Americans, and most of them well respected. If you examine it carefully, the answer is easy: Trump is saying publicly what they would say if they knew how to say it, and he doesn't mince words. His “trade mark” is that circular open mouth and the words that come out (other than that HAIR). And he doesn't have to be “careful” not to offend anyone who might give his campaign money because he could probably buy and sell ALL the other candidates put together, most of whom are rich in their own right. And he stayed in front, even after he insulted McCain, which “offended” even Republicans, only dropping to second in a couple of places for a few days, returning to the top very quickly. Democrats promote the idea that he is a “danger to Republicans,” which tells me they FEAR him, greatly. And that tells me he probably is the only one among those candidates who could “beat Hillary like a drum” in the general election—and that frightens Democrats greatly. (Washington Post)

Broncos In Training Camp!

Hallelujah! Today (as this is written) the Denver Broncos went into training camp! Hundreds, maybe thousands of fans are in attendance to watch grass, uh, the most mundane activity I can imagine, all wearing clothes bearing team logos. Meanwhile, ISIS is murdering and beheading, and raping people all over the world, promising to come here and “Raise the ISIS flag over the White House” while our erstwhile president (the boob) refuses to even recognize them for what they are, nor send enough troops to properly fight them. We're on the verge of bankruptcy because he has spent ALL our money and he is running around spending more (more than all previous presidents, put together!). Some of it to HELP the Islamic terrorists kill people. Cops are being MURDERED all over the country because of what he said after Ferguson and Baltimore. He just made a deal with Iran that GUARANTEES they will get nuclear capability while telling us it does NOT. But, hey! The Broncos are in training camp! The football season is about to start! We (not me) don't care about anything else except for “bread and circuses!” (Denver Broncos)

"Not A Scandal, Just Lack of Funding"

Obama has come out with a statement that the “IRS scandal didn't happen, when we all know it DID. He has turned it into a fund-raiser by saying, “The real scandal is lack of funding for IRS operations. Oh, poor baby! The “money-collecting agency” doesn't have enough money to use in screwing us out of more and more money! That's jist ORFUL! Obama has already spent more money than all former presidents altogether, and he still wants more! Surprise, surprise! We're BROKE and Obama still wants more money! Damn! And he thinks we'll fall for this foolishness and GIVE him more money to spend on foolishness. Of course, he blames somebody else. He says it's because Congress makes poor laws. He ignores Congress when it's to his advantage, but then blames Congress for his self-created problems. Sheesh! Is this guy a fool, or what? (Town Hall)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why Are We So Upset?

Why are we upset about Planned Parenthood selling dead baby parts so much more than the killing of the babies, itself? I'm not. I'm outraged by the whole IDEA of legal murder of innocent babies, most of which are still in the womb (and some of which have already LEFT the womb, alive). But selling their organs shows the depths of EVIL in the people at Planned Parenthood and their complete INDIFFERENCE to the whole IDEA of killing babies. We rightly condemned the Nazis for killing six million Jews (a fact many people still deny), but show a complete indifference to our OWN holocaust. What's the difference between the two? The Nazis were our ENEMY. The people killing these babies supposedly are NOT. According to the Supreme Court, it is a LAWFUL practice (which does not make it a MORAL act). Those justices who ruled that way ought to be impeached, thrown out of office, and prosecuted for MASS MURDER, and HANGED . Americans wrongly called returning Vietnam vets “baby killers,” but now we could RIGHTLY say that about Planned Parenthood, because they are killing THOUSANDS of babies every day, cutting them up, and making a profit (no matter how much they deny it by changing the NAME of the money they get for them) on it. (Last Resistance/Rob Knowles)

Seattle Feels the Pinch

Seattle, Washington, which is the first American city to show its stupidity by passing a law mandating a $15.00 an hour minimum wage, is already “feeling the pinch” from it. Yes, Seattle workers are getting higher wages for work that isn't WORTH half what they're getting paid. And they're asking their employers to let them work fewer hours because this doubling of the minimum wage has put them in a higher tax bracket, and has made them ineligible for the “financial help” many of them get from the local and federal governments. So they want to work half as long for the same amount of money they USED to make. Minimum, wage laws have always backfired on workers, but the fools who make such laws never notice. And it has been no different in Seattle. Meanwhile, many businesses are either shutting down, or laying people off because they can't afford to keep them at DOUBLE wages. So those jobs are GONE. Some restaurants (the ones that have not just shut down) have placed a 15% surcharge on their prices. And if Seattle residents aren't willing to pay, they'll shut down, too. But politicians maintain their “flights of fancy” that a higher minimum wage is a good thing, and ridicule the more INTELLIGENT people who say otherwise. (Town Hall)

Americans "Arming Up"

The number of persons holding concealed carry permits has increased 15.4%. And undoubtedly would have increased a lot more if government employees were not dedicated to keeping Americans from being armed in their own defense, at all costs. These are the only ones that have “slipped through” their vigilant efforts to stop us from being armed. With crime increasing everywhere, and Islamic terrorism obviously coming here, since things like the Chattanooga shootings are now occurring with a frequency never before seen, canny Americans are DETERMINED to be armed in self-defense. And if they can't get their guns legally, they will do what criminals do, and become criminals, themselves, by seeking out an ILLICIT gun dealer in some back alley somewhere and buy their guns out of the trunk of his car in a back alley somewhere. Of course, they take a chance on buying a gun with a crime already attributed to it that way, and if ever caught, could well be charged with that crime. But that's the chance you take when you try and “go around” those damnfool laws the gun-grabbers pass. (Real Clear Policy)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Shutting Up Their Critics

Planned Parenthood must be really afraid that their murdering of babies by the thousands and selling their body parts (not just organs) would become public knowledge. It doesn't matter to them that most of the major networks and other outlets are keeping silent without threats, anyway. They're sending out a letter saying the Center for Medical Progress is an “extreme activist organization (an exaggeration and mostly a lie) whose sole mission is to prevent women from accessing health care and to destroy Planned Parenthood.” The first is a LIE, and the second is true. As it SHOULD be, to any INTELLIGENT person. But they don't mention all the dead baby bodies they sell with a menu of costs (they call (falsely) “service fees”) for each body part or action leading to one. They also try and connect them with a man who killed an abortion provider, an accusation that has NO merit whatsoever. If you want to read this amazing and threatening letter telling the media if they run stories about it, they are in danger from legal action and, maybe, CRIMINAL action. They don't actually come right out and SAY it, but it is strongly intimated. Meanwhile, they “gloss over” the murderous actions they take in murdering helpless, innocent babies and selling their body parts by intimating it is only being done for “medical research,” which is a lie, in itself. Those body parts are for sale to all comers. To read the text of the actual letter, click the link provided. (Conservative Byte)

"That's Not How Marines Respond!'

That's the response to Obama from Marcus Luttrell, hero Marine sniper, when he heard about the order coming down not to wear their uniforms for a while. He further added that letting them have GUNS at their recruiting offices would guarantee no more Marines or Navy Gobs (spoken respectfully) would die in such a shooting. Anybody trying it would die in an instant. Obama, DON'T disarm our military. In military institutions, or ANYWHERE. Don't disarm Americans. Like Tojo thought, one of the best defenses for America is “a gun behind every blade of grass.” Obama's big problem is that he thinks the way to self-defense is to DISARM everybody. He forgets (if he ever knew) that criminals don't obey laws. They get their guns any way they can, from STEALING them to buying them from another criminal in a back alley somewhere,  otherwise known as a gun ban.
Which is where I'll get mine if he ever succeeds in FULL gun "control,"

But the fact remains, they will always HAVE their guns, no matter what honest people do. Islamic terrorists have already come here and are plotting to kill Americans every day. If we don't ARM OURSELVES, we will be the same easy targets as the Islamic terrorists face elsewhere as they go about killing, maiming, raping, and beheading innocent people who don't believe the way they think they should. To American citizens: GET A GUN, learn how to use it, and be ready when some bearded fool comes to kill you. Send him home in a box. Let him and his friends know it won't be as easy for him and his friends to kill people here. (The Blaze)

It's Expanding!

I already wrote about that fool in the White House wanting to ban gun ownership for people on Social Security who have others run their financial affairs (by necessity OR for their convenience), but he's not stopping there. Now he wants to include those who are ill, too. As if being old, or being ill made them into monsters who should not be able to own guns. I'm 77, and I fit in both those other categories (not sufficiently ill to be in a “home,” but I do have my problems, one of which is NOT being unable to handle my own finances). That means I can't legally buy a gun if he has his way, so I'll probably have to hunt up an ILLEGAL gun seller in an alley somewhere and buy one our of the trunk of his car so I can defend myself and not depend on his cops, who always get there AFTER the crime has been committed. Nothing against cops, but they just CAN'T be everywhere, OR get there in time to STOP all crimes. It's up to US to defend ourselves, and Obama and his ilk just can't see that—or WON'T. (Fox News)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Self-Deluded President

Obama says, “I think I'm a pretty good president. I can't run again, but if I could, I think I could win.” He may be right about being re-elected a third time, because there are too many liberal fools out there who would still vote for him, even if he stepped on a puppy on live TV. These people proudly pay no attention to politics and thus know NOTHING about what's going on. And they still vote, while knowing NOTHING. These are “his people.” The ignorant and slothful who slide through life getting handout after handout, and voting regularly for the fools who give them the most freebies.

Meanwhile, Obama has spent more of YOUR money than there IS. He has spent more money (mostly on freebies) than all previous presidents PUT TOGETHER and led us to the brink of bankruptcy. Think about that. You and your descendants are going to have to pay for it. He has not only DOUBLED the national debt after promising to HALVE it, he has TRIPLED it! His policies have resulted in MILLIONS being out of work, with NO PROSPECTS of ever again getting a job. But that's okay for “his people.” They have the entitlements he has authorized at the expense of the ones still working. That means more people are “riding in the wagon” than there are pushing it.

He speaks about communist/socialist staples like “income inequality” and ways to TAKE from those who EARN it and GIVE to those who DON'T. He talks about “minimum wage laws,” meaning ORDERING private business to pay inexperienced beginners a lot more than they're worth, out of OUR money, not his. He has SURRENDERED in two wars (while intimating that he WON them) and contributed in more ways than one to the rise of that murderous bunch, ISIS, who go about raping, beheading, and otherwise murdering innocent people in the name of their phony religion.

He has “contributed” BILLIONS to their cause, in many ways; from ordering his troops to leave the battle without taking their weapons or equipment, guaranteeing the Islamic terrorists will steal it and use it against their “enemies” to actually giving BILLIONS to organizations (Syrian rebels) who bill themselves as “freedom fighters,” but who are actually Islamic terrorists. He won't even NAME our enemies while they rape, behead, and otherwise  murder innocent people every day. America is in SHAMBLES in so many ways I don't even have room to mention them all because of him. And he thinks he's “a pretty good president.” That shows just how self-deluded he is. We need to get RID of him, as soon as possible, any legal way possible, before he “gives away the store.” (Just common sense)

Court Ends "Witch Hunt"

There has been a “witch hunt going on in Wisconsin, promulgated (run by) the enemies of former Governor (now presidential contender) Scott Walker in the wake of his victory over those overbearing unions. (They didn't like being beaten like a bunch of drums). They've been turning over every stone they could in an effort to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING they could twist into a way to reverse their loss. They've been conducting illegal raids, illegally confiscating (stealing) property, and generally making life miserable for Walker supporters. The courts took note of this, and told them to STOP in no uncertain terms.”[T]hese brave individuals played a crucial role in presenting this court with an opportunity to re-endorse its commitment to upholding the fundamental right of each and every citizen to engage in lawful political activity and to do so free from the fear of the tyrannical retribution of arbitrary or capricious governmental prosecution.At the end of their statement, they said unequivocally, that “this action ENDS that investigation and orders ALL who are working on it to 'cease and desist' doing so.” (Town Hall/Guy Benson)

Margaret Sanger Was A Racist

She started Planned Parenthood so she could kill black and Hispanic babies legally. And it has done a beautiful job (if you think killing babies, black or white, is beautiful) ever since. Did you know that 79% of their “clinics” are in areas where blacks and Hispanics live (convenient, that)? In support of her new outfit she wrote an article titled, “Birth Control and Racial Betterment” Right....killing many black and Hispanic babies makes things all better). She was “a eugenicist who believed that through abortion, birth control, and forced sterilization society could “assist the [human] race in the elimination of the unfit.”  Sanger was also a rabid racist and a huge proponent of the forced sterilization program of the Nazi regime in the 1930’s.” Frankly, I'm not a bit surprised that the founder of a “baby-killing factory” was a rabid racist and a Nazi sympathizer. (Tea Party News Network)

Monday, July 27, 2015

"It Won't Go Away!"

NBC's “Today Show” is complaining that the “controversy” over Hillary's e-mails “just won't go away.” And why SHOULD it? She refuses to truthfully answer questions about it. She DELETED thousands of them, CLAIMING they were “personal.” But we don't KNOW they were personal. We only have her word on that (and she's a KNOWN liar). So why did she arbitrarily DELETE them without giving ANYBODY a chance to see for themselves? It's obvious there was SOMETHING in them that was incriminating, and she didn't want ANYBODY to see them. That's the ONLY conclusion intelligent people (not Democrats or liberals) can come to. She SAYS she has, and will testify before Congress about them, but she has not. The best thing I remember from her testimony at all is her saying, about the Benghazi murders on her watch is, “What does it MATTER?” It CERTAINLY matters to the dead, and their families. Hillary has gone to great lengths to keep Congress from knowing ANYTHING about her actions, in ANYTHING. I don't believe a WORD she says, on ANYTHING. She's almost as good a liar as Obama, and he's the KING of liars. (News Busters)

How Did Trump Do It?

Liberals are stumped. How did Donald Trump announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination and INSTANTLY ascend to the TOP SPOT on the list? How did he STAY on top after criticizing a "war hero?" They just can't understand that Trump says what they ALL would like to say, but just don't have the gonads to say. Trump has a “pair” that is big as all outdoors and impervious to their jabs and attempts to ruin him by getting people to “walk away from him.” But he doesn't NEED them. He doesn't need their money. He could buy and sell ALL those fools who have “cut him off.” And he has “hit a nerve” in many places That's what liberals (Democrats) will NEVER understand. That should tell them something, but it won't. They're not smart enough. His fast rise to the top shows that he is probably the ONLY one who can whip ANYBODY Democrats can put up. But they'll never “tumble” to that. If Republicans don't nominate him, they're as stupid as are Democrats. (Just common sense)

Rooting for the Terrorists

Columnist Eric Ericson says Obama is “rooting for the terrorists.” He's right, and he's wrong. Obama not only “ROOTS” for the terrorists, he actively HELPS them kill Americans and others. Like telling his troops to “cut and run” from Iraq and Afghanistan and “leave your weapons and equipment behind” for the terrorists to steal and use to kill people. Like “running guns” to the Syrian “rebels: (who ARE Islamic terrorists). By making big EXCEPTIONS to his own rules to release FOUR multiple murderers (top Islamic terrorists), in return for ONE deserter who JOINED the terrorists and is now here, and free, and able to do what the terrorists wish—which is always KILLING innocent people. Not even combatants. Who APPROVED people paying RANSOM to get their family members who have been KIDNAPPED released, so the terrorists can use the money to kill more people. Kidnapping innocent people for ransom is NOT the actions of “freedom fighters,” it's the actions of CRIMINALS! He refuses to even RECOGNIZE Islamic terrorism as what it is, nor even that it is an eminent major threat. (Just common sense)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Marines Are Smart

They were disobeying orders, but, ”it's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.” Two of the marines in that recruitment center were armed, and exchanged shots with the shooter who killed others. Now they face punishment for disobeying orders, but I can't think their punishment will be severe as their actions were heroic. Unless the people bring the charges against them are dedicated liberals in their thinking. Only a FOOL would want to REALLY punish these men for BEING heroes, because of their guns. People who insist on being armed, in spite of “the rules” are the smart ones who will remain alive while those who think like liberals will diet. As the liberals in our government make more and tighter gun laws, people will necessarily turn to buying guns ILLEGALLY, as criminals do, therefore becoming criminals, themselves. But becoming a criminal for wanting to be able to defend yourself is a lot better than being dead. (Conservative Byte)

Nancy: "Moral Obligation"

Good ol' Nancy Peelosi displays her stupidity again with this one: “Americans have a moral obligation to support gun control.” But, of course, she says nothing about border control or deporting illegal aliens, or the other laws Obama ignores and REFUSES to enforce, as per his oath of office). No Nancy, we DON'T HAVE an “obligation” to support the stupid, useless gun laws they're passing these days. All they do is disarm HONEST PEOPLE and DO NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who don't obey laws. They just get honest people killed since they're defenseless against illegally armed criminals. I guess nothing can stop ol' Nancy from displaying her stupidity every time she opens her mouth. Maybe her friends in Congress can help there by whispering in her ear about her stupid statements before she makes them. We need to get this stupid woman OUT of Congress before her stupidity really scuttles us. (Just common sense)

Govt. Steals Facebook Accouint

A gun shop owner lost the right to his own personal Facebook account when he was forced into bankruptcy recently. And he spent seven weeks in jail for refusing to give them the password to his Facebook account (which is not their right to know). Was this a real “confiscation of assets,” or punishment by this judge for this man's posts in favor of the “pro-gun” crowd, AGAINST the “anti-gun crowd?” Gotta watch what ya post on that liberal-run system. People will take them up and really hurt you because of them. There's a constitutional prohibition against “cruel and unusual punishment,” but that didn't stop a judge from fining a baker $135,000.00 for refusing to bake a cake for a gay “wedding,” which, if they're forced to pay, will RUIN them. Ya gotta be careful what ya do nowadays. Judges and politicians no longer care about the Constitution in dealing with folks who disagree with them, and actually have the gall to SAY so. What does this have to do with guns? If they can get away with ignoring one Amendment, they can certainly ignore another. (Survival Joe)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Inspired By ISIS

There's no question the shooting at the Chattnooga recruitment center was motivated by Islamic terrorism, (under whatever name) no matter how much the feds (motivated by Obama's ignorance, of course) deny it, and pretend they're still trying to find out his motive. It's not that they're stupid, it's that they are WILLFULLY stupid. Obama refuses to call Islamic terrorism what it is, and they are AFRAID to because of that. The point is, wherever people congregate, and especially military people, who have done the Islamic terrorists the most damage, that's where they will strike. Advice: stay away from large groups of people. That's where these damned fool terrorists and would-be terrorists will strike. They're coming here to do their “dirty work,” and that's because Obama has INVITED them here by his actions, the latest one of which is giving Iran billions of dollars (in taxpayer money, not his) to spend on killing non-Muslims, and even some Muslims that don't believe EXACTLY the “right way.” Of course, the anti-gun fools come out of the woodwork the minute a gun is involved in ANYTHING, and demand more of their insane and USELESS “gun laws” be passed. (The Blaze)

Used A Stolen Gun

The killer on the San Francisco pier STOLE the gun he used in the killing, it seems. Stole it from a federal agent, who was a little less security conscious than he/she should have been, it seems. Somebody tell me: what laws could they have made that would have stopped this fool from getting this gun? It's already against the law to steal a gun, isn't it? And stealing it from a FED makes it a “federal case,” doesn't it? I'd sure like to know what kind of a law they could make to stop that from happening. What? You mean a five-time felon doesn't worry about “small things” like stealing a gun from a fed, you say? I guess that means there isn't ANYTHING we could have done to keep that gun out of his hands, huh? Isn't that what I've been saying, all along? I hate to say, “I told ya so,” but, “I told ya so!” When are the gun-grabbers going to figure this out for themselves? Never, would be my guess, They just aren't smart enough. (Town Hall)

Damn! Can't Blame Guns!

I'm sure that's what the gun-grabbers are thinking about the stabbing death of a Democrat intern for Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes (D-Ct) in a subway. The killer had just been released two days earlier after the charges in a similar crime (without the murder) was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. I wonder how he managed THAT? But what gun-grabbers are mad about is they can't use this killing as a means to increase the pressure to pass their useless gun laws because there wasn't a gun involved, just proving my contention that if somebody wants to kill, they don't NEED a gun. They'll use a heavy ASH TRAY or their BARE HANDS if that's all they can get. So all the laws in the world to keep guns out of the hands of honest people who OBEY laws won't stop violent crime. That's a FACT, Jack! The point is, their “laws” do NOTHING to keep CRIMINALS from having guns. All they do is disarm HONEST people who DO obey laws. (Fox News)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Mayor Is An Imbecile!

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (What an overpretentious name!), mayor of Baltimore, MD is an imbecile. Way more than incompetent, she's as “dumb as a box of rocks.” Four cops arrested a criminal, who tried to incriminate them by banging his head against the wall of the wagon as he was being taken to jail. He didn't think about just having had back surgery, and accidentally killed himself. Stephanie joined with the “state's attorney” Marilyn Mosby to indict those cops. She told the remaining cops to “back off” and let the rioters “destroy things” if they wanted to. When things got really out-of-hand, she FIRED the police commissioner, blaming him for what she, herself, had done. Then she claimed (falsely) that the riots had only lasted a few hours, due to her fast action. Ever since, she has been taking actions that have made a bad situation much worse.

A clue to her thinking was when she walked out, side-by-side with Al, uh, Sharpton, a top black race whore and totally ignored a reporter who tried, in vain, to ask her a simple question while her thugs removed him from her “presence.” Meanwhile, murder and other violence are predictably increasing apace while she dithers around, trying to figure out what to do, and failing. She's way over her head. It's time she admitted her failure before more people die, and let somebody COMPETENT take over, at least, for a while. State's Attorney Mosby is just as bad, rushing to judgment and getting those cops indicted on the thinnest of evidence. Both of these women are very pretty, but that just doesn't count, in the scheme of things. Also, both are black, which means, of course, they'll call me a racist for this. Black politicians commonly use their “blackness” as a shield against ANY criticism, taking their cue from Obama. But frankly, I don't care if they're purple with pink polka-dots. My opinion remains the same. (Yahoo News)

Forgive Them? Not A Chance!

Many of the family members in the church shooting in S. Carolina say they “forgive” the shooter for killing their relatives. That goes along with a tenet of Christianity, This is the reason why so many Christians have been oppressed in history. They refuse to fight back, even when that's the ONLY thing that will help. I'm not an atheist. But my beliefs are a little different from those wimpy Christians who would FORGIVE somebody who wantonly KILLED them. Forgiving my ENEMY is not part of my religion. If somebody attacks me, I don't forgive them, I try to HURT them as much as I can. I use the same amount of force on them that they use on me. In fact, MORE. I don't “forgive” people for trying to hurt me. I try to hurt them in. If that makes some people mad, tough. That's the way it is. (Latin Post)

Wasting Time On Trifles

While the world burns, North Carolina is wasting time over a FLAG. Our PRESIDENT; our commander-in-chief, the “man in charge” REFUSES to admit that Islamic terrorists are AT WAR with us, while they wantonly rape and murder people by the thousands all over the world and promise to “fly the ISIS flag over the White House.” We're not far behind Greece when it comes to being BROKE, and Obama continues to spend money like water, even though we no longer have any and are a DEBTOR NATION, having to borrow from one of our main ENEMIES, communist China. The list of things he should be working on is endless, but all we're hearing about is getting rid of the Confederate Flag, and allowing two people of the same sex to “marry.” If we don't get ourselves into gear soon and start paying attention to the IMPORTANT things, we're “going down,” Some people call me stupid because I realize the truth. But the stupid ones are those who spend all their time and attention on unimportant trifles and criticize me for trying to warn them, while we”go down the tubes.” I'm glad I'm as old as I am. That means I won't be alive to see the collapse of America, which has already begun. (Just common sense)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Seattle: 'Sharia Compliant"

Never mind Sharia Laws is unconstitutional on its face. Seattle, the first American city to force its businesses to pay $15.00 an hour to people who aren't worth HALF that, is now introducing Sharia Law in Seattle. Democrat Mayor (what else?) Ed Murray has found that not enough Muslims were buying homes, and decided to do something about it. He is now ORDERING banks to restructure bank loans so as to exclude interest (the ONLY REASON to make them), since Muslims are forbidden by their “religion” to pay interest. They'll still charge for the use of their money, but they'll just call it something else. Typical liberal way to do things. If they don't like what it's called, just change the name. That will make the loans “Sharia compliant,” and further kowtow to Muslims in Seattle. I'd ask somebody to remind me never to go to Seattle, but I'll remember that without help. (World Net Daily)

Obamacare Causing Big Rate Hikes

Health care insurance companies around the country are asking for rate hikes totaling 20% or more, saying,”Customers are proving sicker than they thought.” No sh-t... That's in ADDITION to the DOUBLING or more in insurance rates just from Obamacare being in charge, PLUS the THOUSAND DOLLAR deductibles required of customers before the insurance even kicks in! Which, of course, makes the insurance WORTHLESS and not even worth buying. And a former government official is going around saying, “People are coming up to me on the street thanking me for Obamacare.” Is that like the “imaginary rabbit?” Maybe it's like Harry 'Reid's “friend” (unnamed, of course) who told him (falsely) that Romney hadn't paid his taxes in ten years. I guess that's a common scam in Washington. To quote an imaginary unnamed source and expect the world to believe it. (Town Hall)

Stupid Families

When a homeowner saw Deyfon Pipkins climbing in his window, he didn't ask questions. He shot him. The homeowner was an elderly man and Pipkins was a young, strapping man, so the homeowner wasn't required to do anything but protect himself, and he felt deadly force was required. Pipkin's sister-in-law (Lakesha Thompson), however, didn't agree. She said the homeowner should have “warned” Pipkin before shooting. What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! Apparently she lives in a “fool's paradise” where people give criminals all kinds of warning so they can overcome whatever they have. Sounds like she knew what Pipkins was up to, and approved. Maybe even was an accomplice. But under the law in Dallas, TX, you have no need to retreat. If you feel your life is in danger, do what's necessary to stay alive. Lakesha has a “particularly warped” sense of entitlement, says “Bearing Arms.” She, or other members of her family, might even try to “get even,” and they should be advised, this guy doesn't take prisoners. Be warned. (Bearing Arms)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Should Recruiters Be Armed?

Absolutely! They're the most visible members of the armed forces (such a description is ABSURD if they can't be armed except in battle zones). They have a TARGET painted on their backs, just like the cops today. More cops have been murdered by criminals from ambush because there are more of them out “among us” wearing that uniform with that shiny “target” on their chests, driving well-marked patrol cars. Military men mostly are in “civvies” when at home, unless they have a duty station that requires a uniform. I think any time a soldier must wear a uniform, a gun should be part of the uniform. At least a side arm. They should not be made to be a target without the means to defend themselves. Frankly, I don't think any other country has such an absurd rule about their soldiers being armed on military reservations. (Guns)

47 Shot In Chicago

And that's just over the “Fourth of July” weekend. Which is a demonstration of just how well the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation work. Maybe the “gun-grabbers” will make note of this and change their ways. Doubtful. That would take BRAINS, something which is in short supply among them. They keep harping on “registering” all guns, which only tells them who has the LEGAL guns, and nothing about those gotten illegally by criminals, who don't obey ANY laws. They also like such things as “gun safes” and “trigger locks,” which only serve to make it easier for criminals to victimize people, since they already have their loaded guns in their hands while it takes TIME for honest people (who DO obey the law) to get their guns in action when threatened. They also like to limit the SIZE of magazines, again, which only gives the advantage to the criminal. None of that does ANYTHING to stop criminals from getting their guns. It only makes it easier for criminals to kill honest people. I keep telling them that, but they aren't listening. They're not SMART enough to listen. (CNN)

PLANNED "Collateral Damage"

HAMAS plans to get their civilians (especially children) killed and maimed by Israeli retaliatory attacks as often as possible. Retaliation for all the rocket bomb attacks they fire into Israel on a daily basis, mostly from WITHIN civilian areas (which, of course, they deny). Only the fact that they are lousy shots keeps the death toll in Israel from those rocket attacks low. But Israeli shooters are much better, and so the death toll is much greater. In this retaliatory attack, a bunch of children and some animals died. This is PLANNED by HAMAS, which likes to get as much PR advantage as they can when Israel strikes back, which is WHY they make sure to fire their rockets from highly populated areas (again, which they vehemently deny). This is a stupendous PR victory for HAMAS, though not so much for the large family that was killed. I feel no pity for the adults, who ALLOW them to fire their rockets from such places. Israel is simply “taking out” the source of the rocket attacks when they shell these areas. (Mail News)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Awwww....Poor Babies!

Johnathan Zhao, new “opinion editor for a student newspaper at Duke University is under fire for an editorial he wrote about the “plight of black America.” Campus “progressives (communists, socialists)” say it “offended them” and “hurt their feelings.” Too bad. There's no law against hurting your feelings, people. The editorial blamed a “pervasive sense of crippling victimhood,” which is exactly what campus progressives are promoting, which is why this editorial “offended” them. They think Zhao should be fired for “unsafe” conservative views. I guess they never heard of freedom of speech. Or if they did, they don't credit it for anything. If ANYBODY (right OR left) can define some free speech as “unsafe” and get somebody fired for it, we're DONE. The protesters wrote: “We do not believe students have a protected right to use a student publication meant to serve and represent Duke University as a platform to proliferate racist stereotypes and misinformation about an entire group of people—a group to which the writer does not even belong," it continued. Translation: “We believe in free speech only if you agree with us, and you can only write about your own color.” One problem. Conservatives are as free to speak as are liberals, whether liberals like it or not. (Biz-Pac Review)

They Lied, As Usual

E-mails have proven to be the undoing of Obama. Lois Lerner's supposedly “permanently lost” e-mails that WERE found show that Obama ORDERED the “slowdown” for conservative organizations in their obtaining tax-free status. Then Hillary's “lost” e-mails were found and implicated her AND Obama in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. And now more “found” e-mails prove Obama LIED when he told us Professor Gruber WAS the “architect” of Obamacare, and he and the government DID think the American people are stupid. “The contempt they show the American people by lying and then being proven to be liars is mind boggling. They have no moral scruples and it’s a shame they continue to shape policy for the American public.“ Yet such people are not unusual in the government at all levels. They're incompetent, and spend money like water, and nobody does anything REAL about it. ARE we as stupid as they think we are? (TeaParty Politics)

Proof Gun Laws Don't Work

An illegal alien who has been CONVICTED of a felony before, and has been deported FIVE TIMES, who is not legally allowed to buy a gun, shot and killed a random woman, who died in her father's arms. Where did he get his gun? How did he get it? He was a known felon. Yet he had a gun and killed this girl right in front of her father. There is NO WAY this murderer should have been free under any circumstances. Not after being deported FIVE TIMES and still returning while being a convicted felon. This is evidence of many things. Among therm the INCOMPETENCE of the politicians in the federal; government, to govern. Another is their incompetence in thinking LAWS will stop criminals from having guns.

Their laws only serve to keep HONEST PEOPLE from having guns to use in defending themselves. This murderer is only ONE of 30,000 illegal alien convicted killers who are loose in this country, all released by Barack Hussein Obama. Murderers who have, since being released, murdered at LEAST 120 more people since their release. What Obama was thinking, I can't fathom. I'm not that stupid. Obama himself should be imprisoned, and suffer a death sentence for his part as an ACCOMPLICE in every one of these murders How many times do people have to die before the gun-grabbers stop being stupid? (Limits to Growth)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Reality Intervened

A liberal judge (who “had it in for Dinesh D'Sousa) ordered a psychiatric examination for him. Unfortunately for liberals (and that judge, who was appointed by Bill Clinton), reality intervened and the doctors who did the examination all said D'Sousa was perfectly well-adjusted and was “suffering from NO psychiatric disorders.” which makes their “Soviet style” attempt to make him look insane because of his “right-wing views” as ludicrous as they are. D'Sousa'a problem is, he got too close to the truth in his film making, and liberals “took offense” and did everything they could to discredit him. Unfortunately for them, they couldn't do it. Reality seems to be a “sticky problem” for liberals when they try and discredit somebody getting too close to the truth about them. They'll probably come after ME next. (World Net Daily)

"Spreading Islamaphobia"

How do you “spread Islamaphobia? Answer: by telling the truth about the people they kill and how they kill them (beheading with dull knives, shooting, etc.) Mostly Christians, but Jews, too. Not as many Jews, because they're used to being targeted by Muslims and mostly stay out of their way where they aren't stronger. When Jews are stronger, they just "clean them out." A “tenured professor” who has no brains at all blames “right-wing Jews” for the killings in a S. Carolina church. Never mind the shooter was spouting racial hatred usually only heard in Muslim circles. How some fools can TWIST facts to suit their fancies amazes me. But with liberals, it's easy to understand. Of course, the very term, Islamaphobia” is a “made-up word,” designed to end criticism by intimating that ANYBODY who criticizes Islam is, somehow, mentally deficient. It's the same thing with “Homophobia.” It's a way to end criticism that is in regular use by several groups. (World Net Daily)

Only A Liberal

Nancy Peelosi is now suggesting we replace the “old white” Founders with the names of current (Democrat, of course) politicians. What kind of a damned FOOL is this broad? The Founders are the Founders. Substitution of new names of people who had nothing to do with the founding of this nation will NOT accomplish a change—except to a Democrat, who thinks if they say it, it will be so. But life doesn't work that way. Remember this fool is the one who said, about Obamacare, “We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it.” How STUPID is that? Yes, most members of Congress don't bother to READ the bills they sign into law, but to make it “the approved thing” is about as STUPID as there is. She revealed a lot about her inability to THINK by that crack—and this is the woman who RUNS the Democrats in the House! How anybody that STUPID ever got that far is beyond me, except if you know that, in the Democrat Party, stupidity is a requirement for leadership. Naturally, Nancy is on the list. (Twitchy)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

"Everything Is Racist!"

According to two female PROFESSORS, the AMERICAN DREAM is racist, because this entire country is based on “white supremacist ideology and capitalism.” (Are they Marxists, too?) They say everybody who is EDUCATED is racist (except for them, of course). Both women took part in a radio program on NPR (where else?) where they expounded on their racist views and accused every (other) person out there of racism. Funny: when Obama was “whisked into the presidency” he told us his election would “forever destroy racism in America.” Unfortunately, ever since, he has PUSHED black against white racism while SAYING everything else is the only racism there is. Like everything else about this fool, the whole thing is a fake. We need to do something about this fool before he destroys everything we hold dear. He is well on his way to doing that very thing, while nobody seems to be noticing (except people of intelligence, who don't seem to be in places of power today). (Freedom Outpost)

"That's Jist Orful!"

Democrats (who are not known for thinking about the “unforeseen consequences” of their actions) have been crying for years about reducing gasoline usage in cars, and they've gotten what they asked for. Gas usage is WAY down, due to the use of smaller, less-gas-guzzling cars. Now they're crying about “reduced fuel tax revenues" and trying to find alternative ways to tax drivers, other than gasoline usage. Now they've come up with the idea to tax car owners on MILES traveled, as WELL as fuel used. That way, all the people who ANSWERED their pleas for reduced gasoline usage can still be taxed at at least the same rate, or more than before. I drive a gas-guzzling car (a Ford Taurus, 16 years old), but I only drive it one or two times a week, for mostly less than ten miles. They'll probably come up with a special category for people like me. (Twitchy)

Drug Testing for Welfare?

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts wants to drug test welfare recipients. I think that's a great idea, since so many of the welfare recipients are drug dealers or users, with all that time on their hands, since none of them are employed, or likely to be, under Obama. It really pains me to see so many able-bodied men clustered on street corners, just standing around, with nothing to do except sell and use drugs while the government makes that possible with its easy welfare policies. That their policies make it harder for people who really NEED welfare to get it, since those able-bodied men already take it up. I would say that my observations tell me than most of those able-bodied men are black, but liberals will, of course, call me a racist for pointing out the truth if it involves black people. Those against it say, “drug testing doesn't save money.” It does, but saving money is just a “by-product” of drug testing, which is a way of ELIMINATING many of those able-bodied men from the rolls. I had to search HARD to discover he IS a Republican, and is fighting his own party on some issues, since he is a businessman, not a politician, and doesn't necessarily “follow the party line.” (Nebraska Watchdog)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Speaking Against Islam

It's becoming a crime, folks, and I can't figure out how our politicians can be so supremely STUPID as to allow the DOJ to threaten people who criticize our ENEMY! Would the DOJ threaten somebody who criticized the NAZIS during WWI? How abysmally STUPID is the DOJ “official” who threatened criticizers of ISLAMIC terrorism? Are they in the POCKET of the terrorists? Is OBAMA in the pocket of the terrorists? Everything he does seems to BENEFIT the Islamic terrorists, from leaving millions of dollars' worth of weapons and equipment for the Islamic terrorists when his troops “cut and run” on his orders to releasing FOUR top terrorist killers to go back and kill more innocent people, many of them Americans, to praising (falsely) the so-called “advantages” Muslims have been to America, to wishing Islam “good wishes” on the end of Ramadan while Muslim terrorists are killing Americans and others with abandon? In June, 2013, Bill Killian, federal attorney for Eastern Tennessee, went before a town meeting in Manchester, TN, and THREATENED those who would criticize Islamic terrorists. This caused a massive “uprising” and protest of this meeting. And you must remember this is the DOJ FOOL who said he was going to “criminalize anti-Jihad posts on Facebook.” What kind of saboteur IS this fool, anyway? This kind of thing for a federal “official”: to do is INTOLERABLE. He ought to be FIRED, and prosecuted for malfeasance of duty. Instead, he's LEADING an “investigation into a Jihad operation. (Freedom Outpost)

Won't Supply the Kurds

Obama is willing to supply the ISIS terrorists with the latest weapons and equipment (by ordering his troops to “cut and run” without taking them with them), but he's not willing to supply the Kurds, who are doing a good job of fighting ISIS using old “Soviet-style” weapons. They need more and better weapons, or they're soon going to be making no progress whatever. Maybe that's what Obama wants. The Kurds NOT to be able to slow ISIS down, or maybe even DEFEAT them. That is contrary to his wish to AID them (ISIS) in their efforts—which has become evident elsewhere. I think Obama is a covert Islamic terrorist who happens to be president of the United States. I think he STOLE both elections to get there. I think he's going to find some halfway valid reason to put off the new presidential elections as long as he can, until he becomes so strong he can eliminate them altogether, and we will have a caliphate with him as the Calif. What I just said will probably get me in prison, but I'm old enough not to give a damn. (Town Hall)

Church Gets Smart

The “Greater Bible way” church in Charleston, SC will probably never suffer a successful mass killing spree in it's church. They actually listened to the people who advised them that guns in church were not “verboten” and the best defense against such a mass shooting was many people among the congregation who had their own guns and would probably limit the dead in any attempt to TWO: one parishioner and the shooter. They don't go far enough, but they have the right idea. A few security guards with guns is a good idea, but allowing honest people to bring their guns to church is a better one. Remember, ONE little girl in a Colorado springs, CO church ENDED the shooting spree of one guy just by being armed, and her armed presence being unknown to the shooter. To that pastor: “Good on ya!” (American Thinker)

Friday, July 17, 2015

"Crushing The Baby's Skull"

The arrogant b-tch who so eloquently described the process involved in KILLING the babies (many of whom were still clinically alive at the time) by locating the liver (and other salable organs, of course) by ultra-sound and “crushing” the baby around it so it/they could be sold is as much of a barbarian as any Nazi who during the Holocaust used human skin to make lamp shades. The German populace were largely ignorant of what was going on as they gassed millions of Jews in their “Final Solution.” At least, most people THINK they were. Many Americans are similarly unaware of the barbarism in the actions of Planned Parenthood as they go about murdering BABIES so they can SELL their body parts for profit (which they deny by REDEFINING their profits). Maybe if more people “paid attention” to what's going in the world, and what their politicians are doing to us, they wouldn't BE unaware. How ANYBODY can justify murdering BABIES for ANY reason, I don't know. Some people are just inherently evil, I guess. Even Planned Parenthood itself is aghast at what she said, but mostly HOW she said it. They even APOLOGIZED for the “tone” she used. But NOT for murdering millions of BABIES. Suddenly “Solyent Green” is no longer science fiction, it's fact (for anybody who remembers it). (Yahoo Images)

Trump Didn't Say That!

Liberals are giving Donald Trump a hard time for saying all Mexicans are rapists and murderers. Only one problem with that. That's not what he said, at all. It's the result of their typical TWISTING what he did say to make it sound bad. What he did say was that MANY of them were rapists and murderers—and that's eminently true. But nobody's mentioning the 30,000 Mexican illegal alien MURDERERS Obama “turned loose” on society, and who have murdered 121 people since 2010, and probably more, who haven't been tabulated yet. Is anybody going to do anything about THAT? It really pains me when I hear liberals/Democrats LYING about what Republicans say so they can criticize them for it. Trump is a “bit blustery” because he isn't a real politician. He says what he means, not a “watered-down” version as with politicians. One of the most recent instances is the illegal alien who has been deported FIVE TIMES who shot and killed an innocent girl in San Francisco, recently. (Town Hall)

Black Market SALT!

Kids in school have been “caught” selling salt to one another to make Michelle's “Soviet style” school lunches a little more palatable. As if that was ILLEGAL as “selling dope.” It's really a shame that kids have to be reduced to that because of an edict by an un-elected bully who thinks she know more about what kids should be eating than their parents. And, since most of them are eating lunches supplied by the government (willingly or unwillingly), the government gets to set “rules and regulations” on what they get to eat. It's predictable: if the government spends OUR MONEY on anything, we have to obey THEIR RULES to get anything out of it. It's their way of controlling everything we do.“One of the 'unforeseen consequences' of Michelle's bullying over school lunches is the creation of a black market in salt and sugar among the kids.”

Right: “unforeseen.”: Any COMPETENT politician could have seen it coming. But we have a suspicious LACK of competent politicians in DC today. What disturbs me is their use of the word “caught” to describe finding that they do bring their own LEGAL condiments to school and share them with friends, to make what Michelle allows them to eat more palatable. Worse yet, they see as a “problem” that SOME parents are sending lunch along with their kids or taking them out, or home to feed them, themselves. Another thing they've noticed is that many kids just throw their “food” in the trash. Surprise, surprise! What they're finding out is that kids are a lot more innovative and inventive than they ever thought they were, and if there's a way around their silly “rules,” the kids will find it. (Washington Free Beacon)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

"Crossed A Line?"

What damned line? CNN Dana Bash said that CBS reporter Major Garrett “crossed a line” when he bluntly asked Obama, “Can you tell the country, sir, why you are content with all the fanfare around this deal to leave the conscious of this nation, the strength of this nation, unaccounted for in relation to these four Americans?” the correspondent asked.” I guess you're never supposed to ask Obama any REAL questions, to elicit any REAL information on how he lets innocent Americans languish in foreign prisons on false charges. She notes that Obama was “visibly upset” about the question. Poor baby! Maybe more reporters ought to ask him more REAL questions so he'll get used to it. Like why Obamacare costs TWICE what he promised it would, and why he allowed the release of 30,000 (30,000!) convicted MURDERERS (who have killed more than a hundred MORE people since that release), just because they were illegal aliens? There are many “REAL questions” he could be asked, but which the liberal media refuses to ask. Fox is the only outlet who WILL sometimes ask him such questions, which is why he hates them so much. He probably went back to the WH and had a tantrum after that question was asked. (The Blaze)

Obama's Gonna Hate It!

Texas has just passed a law that's gonna rip Obama a new one. He's gonna throw a hissy fit. A tantrum. The law makes it legal for EVERYBODY to “open carry,” even on SCHOOL PROPERTY, a place where liberals FAINT when they think about it. He hates the whole idea of states being able to pass laws like this that “offend his sensibilities.” It's like he thinks such laws as he wants to pass will actually DO something about gun violence. If he does, he's just as stupid as the rest of the gun-grabbers who have been making such laws for years, without doing ANYTHING to reduce gun violence. In fact, they INCREASE gun violence by DISARMING honest people and doing NOTHING about criminals, who always get their guns, anyway. Maybe if he spent more time really thinking about the economy and quits spending more than we'll ever have, maybe something good might happen. But that's not likely. He isn't smart enough. I say, “Texas, good on ya!” And if Obama doesn't like it, he can kiss my...oh. I can't say that. Okay. (The Right to Bear)

"Uber Safe"

In San Francisco, the people who run “Uber,” the unregulated taxi service, have banned guns, for both drivers and passengers, so they can “feel safe.” Predictably, an Uber driver was held up at gunpoint, by a criminal, who predictably does not obey their “rule” about not bringing a gun into their cars, the next night. Did they really believe anybody but their drivers and passengers who aren't bent on robbing them would “obey” their edict? Damn, there are some supremely STUPID people in this world, and I guess that included the Uber execs in San Francisco. Will that make them rethink their policy? Doubtful. They're too stupid for that, as are ALL anti-gun fools. Anybody who thinks “banning guns” in certain places just needs to look at the news and see where people who want to use guns illegally GO to “ply their trade.” ANY “gun free zone” is an OPEN INVITATION to gun-wielding criminals because they can be pretty sure there won't be any real opposition to their guns. (Bullets First)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hurts Self, Blames Right

A gay man was “attacked,” slashed, and the restaurant he worked in ransacked, trashed, and vandalized. Anti-gay slurs were left. He claimed it was members of this “conservative community” and his own family. He got a lot of sympathy, and money poured into a web site he set up....until they found out he did it himself. The story doesn't mention what punishment he faces, but the local sheriff is aghast, so I think it will be as much as he can mete out. This is something I've been expecting: a gay CRIMINAL “gaming the system” for his own profit. It's well known that gay activists HUNT for bakeries who will refuse to bake their cakes so they can RUIN them. And in politics it's worse. Politicians (like Hillary) commonly do things like this, blame ALL the criticism that comes about against her on an imaginary “right-wing conspiracy.” We all (those of us with intelligence, anyway) know it's NOT a “conspiracy,” it's simply POLITICS. The opposition is GOING to criticize her—and there's nothing “conspiratorial” about it. It's right out in the open, unlike the dirty tricks she, and her Democrat friends pull. (From the RIght)

Guns Mean Safety

In Bridgeport, CT, there is a registered gun for every three citizens. And crime has gone down. In fact, in 31 out of 41 states that have right to carry laws, have seen decreases in crime. And 37 such states have seen a decrease in the murder rate (by all means). That should tell the “gun-grabbers” something, right? WRONG! They're impervious to facts. Their minds are made up, so don't CONFUSE them with facts. As I remember it, it is Connecticut where thousands of citizens are refusing to register their guns and the gun-grabbers are having a fit. It doesn't matter to them that crime is going down. They just want guns registered. One thing is for sure, the gun-grabbers aren't too bright, and they'll never give up. They want to disarm America at all costs, and DAMN the statistics! (The Blaze)

Gun-Grabber Guilty

California Sen. Leland Yee, who has never seen a gun he didn't hate (except for the ones he was running to Muslim rebel groups in the Philippines), was arrested on corruption charges right in the middle of his run for California Secretary of State. He has pleaded guilty and is facing a prison term. His political career is OVER, in a real world. But in this world, after he gets out of prison, the Democrats probably will find a way to “rehabilitate” him, as they did to the former mayor of Washington, DC (Marion Barry, who became mayor again after HE got out of prison on drug carges). Then there's the former judge, who was IMPEACHED for corruption, and is now a member of Congress (Alcee Hastings). This is the quality of people pushing the anti-gun campaign. They only hate guns unless they can profit from them. They'll probably find a way to run him for Congress after he gets out of prison. They probably think, “Hell, why waste a good gun-hater?” (Reason Magazine)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cops Are "Sitting Targets"

Recently, two cops were shot to death while sitting in their patrol cars, minding their own business. And they're not the first. That was the two cops who were similarly shot to death while minding their own business in New York City. There have been many such killings since and the cops are starting to be much less obvious, because they know they have been “targeted” and are “sitting targets” in their well-marked patrol cars, wearing their distinctive uniforms. People such as the head black thug out there have been CALLING for killing cops. Even such race whores as Al, uh, Sharpton and Jesse Jerkson have been calling for “dead cops.” If I were a cop, I'd rip off that uniform and throw it away, and never enter a marked patrol car. I'd insist on UNMARKED cars for patrol, and NO uniforms. Those two things give the cop-killers too much advantage. Jewsse and Al should be imprisoned for advising MURDER. (Just common sense)

Obama Ignores Court Ruling

Obama has no respect for the courts. He just doesn't care about their rulings. He thinks his opinions and policies are supreme and the courts should not have the right to question his eminence. Next thing he'll be suggesting the courts need to be PUNISHED for disagreeing with him, as he and AlGore think about global warming “deniers.” In this case, he is going ahead with his amnesties programs, even after the courts declared them unconstitutional. There should have been a PUNISHMENT prescribed IN the Constitution for cocky politicians like Obama who openly “flip them the bird.” Fortunately there is still “contempt of court,” if anybody has the GUTS to charge him. Who the hell does he think he IS? He's not a KING. Or a DICTATOR, no matter how much he thinks he is. Somebody's got to “trim this fool's sails.” Before he really “goes off the deep end.” If he hasn't already. (1776 Coalition)

Vetoing Gun Control

New Yorkers are “vetoing” New York Gov. Cuomo's ambitious “gun registration” scheme, by—ignoring it. You can's put EVERYBODY in jail, nor even FINE them if they refuse to pay. Soon you'll go broke trying to prosecute them all. Even an entire state has limits on how much money it has—and if you can't prosecute them because of their sheer NUMBERS, you've lost, before you start. This is the way to defeat such laws and such people. Just refuse to comply, and defy them to punish you ALL. This is a “stunning repudiation” of Cuomo and his useless gun laws. He came up with this useless law to register all guns after the Sandy Hook massacre, as if somebody planning mass murder is going to worry about disobeying a crappy little law like registration. When you want to kill a bunch of people, you don't worry about little things like registering your gun. But then, Cuomo isn't smart enough to figure that out for himself. (World Net Daily)

Monday, July 13, 2015

NAACP President Arrested

For drugs. He was accused of selling cocaine (for the third time) to a sheriff's sting operator. He asked that he not be handcuffed as he was taken out of his local bus company-owned vehicle (He also worked for the local bus company) so the kids playing nearby wouldn't know he was being arrested. Of course, they would know it soon enough, when the news broke. But it didn't break. It was virtually IGNORED by the liberal media. You could Google it and come up with...nothing, or near nothing. Only the conservative media carried it, which is why I know about it. Her just threw his 23 year career away for a few bucks to be made selling cocaine. Which is indicative of the competence of liberals—and he IS a liberal. If he had been a conservative, his arrest would have been a “week long wall-to-wall obsession” in the press. Count on it. Of course, the NAACP won't bear the full brunt of his arrest and his conviction, when it happens, because the liberal media will continue to ignore it. Of course, the liberal media will say the story is a lie because only the conservative media reported it. But who else will? (Freedom Outpost)

Obama's "Dead Wrong!"

Dr. Ivar Giaever, a renowned climate scientist who voted for Obama, seven years later says, “Obama is dead wrong on global warming (or whatever they call AlGore's swindle now). This “fellow” Nobel Prize winner (He deserves it) now stands opposed to Obama on the climate question—and he ought to be better qualified than Obama to comment, for sure. Giaever further says, Global Warming is a “non-problem,” and ridiculed Obama for saying “nothing poses a greater challenge than climate change.” Giaever won the Nobel in physics in 1973 and reminds us that the “globe” hasn't been warming for 17 years. Personally, I'll take the word of an eminent climate scientist over the word of a crooked politician who doesn't know how to tell the truth, or even understand that we're at war with Islamic terrorism. (Freedom Force)

The Obama Impeachment

Articles of Impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama have long existed, but never acted upon. Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) Put them out to every member of Congress in 2013, But no action has ever been taken on them. We'll talk here of the first, which is “identity theft.” Barack Hussein Obama isn't even his real name. It's an ALIAS. The social Security numbers he uses do not come back to him, and there is no Social Security number issued under his name issued in Hawaii, where he CLAIMS to have been born. That alone is prima-facie evidence of identity fraud, which is an impeachable offense. Next comes his IGNORING the laws of the land and doing as he pleases, which is in DIRECT VIOLATION of his oath of office, while pickling and choosing which laws he will enforce.

Next comes aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States of America, by covertly arming Muslim terrorists worldwide, both directly and indirectly, using taxpayer money. One such scam involves ordering his troops out of battle areas, while leaving billions of dollars' worth of weapons and equipment for the terrorists to take. These, and other violations constitute ample reason for his impeachment, but NOBODY has “grown a pair” and acted upon them. Why? Because “the fix is in,” and he knows where most of the bodies are buried, probably because he buried many of them, himself. (Freedom Outpost)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

He Calls It "Defamation"

That's what otherwise eminently successful gay activist Terry Bean (who has been pictured with Obama's arm around him) says about the pederasty he has been charged with. A man (who is now a doctor) says he was only 16 when he and Bean started a sexual relationship. Anti-gay activist Scott Lively says, “It fits a pattern” of gay activists being arrested and charged with pederasty (sex with underage boys). “Among them are San Francisco LGBT icon Larry Brinkin, Duke University professor Frank Lombard and Walter Lee Williams, (not to be confused with Walter E. Williams, professor, and well-known conservative pundit) professor of gender studies at the University of Southern California.” “The Willamette Week newspaper reported last year that Bean had raised more money to support President Obama than any other Oregonian.” Which tells me a lot about Obama. “Bean’s lawyer Ashton claimed in a statement that “for almost two years, Terry Bean has been the victim of Kiah Lawson’s schemes and lies, which have led law enforcement to harass Mr. Bean’s friends, seek out old acquaintances and threaten him with further prosecution unless he admits to events that did not occur.” Sounds like good police work, to me, since they did find EVIDENCE of his pederasty. (World Net Daily)

"Throw Soup Cans At 'Em"

In another example of ignorant thinking, some liberal gun-grabbers are saying students should all bring full soup cans to school with them in case a “crazy shooter” comes to their school to kill a few of them. Of course, those fools who recommend this completely ignore the fact that throwing a soup can at such an attacker would guarantee that the throwers would be the first kids he shoots. What they don't understand its that “you don't bring a soup can to a gun fight.” The guy with the gun can kill you before you can get the can in action. I'd just like to know whose idea this is, so I'll know who the stupidest person around is, beyond Nancy Peelosi. I'd like to send him/her into a gun fight armed with only a soup can, hoping his/her aim is true. You name the stupid ideas, and you can count on the gun-grabbers to put them out there. They're THAT stupid. (Tea Party Bulletin)

Living In A Cocoon

This case proves one thing, and what it proves is one reason why the Islamic terrorists gain so much while we “lose out.” It's not that the Islamic terrorists are so smart, it's that too many of us are so dumb. With the ISIS flag in the news so much these days as they go around killing, maiming, and raping, PRETENDING they're doing it for “religious reasons,” so anybody who knows ANYTHING knows what their flag looks like. This Wal-Mart employee SHOULD have recognized it and refused to make this cake—but he/she did not. Such people will be the FIRST to die as Islamic terrorists “sneak up on us,” because they'll never recognize the threat, until it's too late, and they're dead. These fools go about in a “cocoon of ignorance.” (ABC News)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

"That'll Fix "Em!"

After those white on black killings in that black church in S. Carolina, they went right out and did something guaranteed to stop all the racist killings (except the black on white ones, of course) in the land. They passed a law in the S. Carolina legislature to take down the Confederate flag! There! That oughta make it impossible for white racists to kill black people! I understand a female “direct descendant” of Jefferson Davis went before the legislature and screeched her support for the measure. Of course, it won't do a thing to stop black people from killing white folks, which many black extremists are going around calling for. But that's okay, according to Obama and his crowd, who are PUSHING black against white racism now, hoping for something terrible to happen that will allow him to ban guns altogether. The holder of the rights to the eighties' series featuring a car with a Confederate flag on top even pulled that show from reruns. That oughta help, too. Of course, the actors won't be getting any royalty checks any more, but that's neither here nor there. We gotta stop racists from killing black people! And, of course, banning that nasty flag will do it! (CNN)

Gun or No Gun

I've always said it doesn't matter if a gun is involved or not, if somebody wants to kill, they'll do it. Gun-grabbers disagree. They think whenever somebody wants to kill somebody, they always go get a gun. WRONG! People who have LEGAL guns don't kill over trifles, as a rule. People who DO kill over trifles will do it with a rock, if necessary. In this case. The weapon was a knife, many of which are “easily available” in a restaurant, such as where this occurred. These two got into an argument over how much SPICE to use in a gumbo dish, fergawdsakes, and it ended when one man stabbed the other to death. Should we BAN KNIVES in restaurants to keep such fools from killing each other? I don't think so. Banning knives would be as stupid as is banning guns. People will kill each other with STICKS if they're bent on murder. The presence of a gun makes no difference. (ABC News)

The "Dumbest Democrat"

I know, it's hard to figure out which Democrat is the dumbest. There are so many of them who are dumb as a box of rocks. But this guy works HARD to show he is the dumbest. Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia you'll remember is the one who worried about the population of Guam so overloading Guam that it would “tip over” the Earth and Guam would fall off. Now, after a man came into an airport (outside the areas where guns are prohibited) carrying a loaded AR-15, sponsored a bill: “The Airport Security Act of 2015,” to stop people from bringing guns into airports anywhere. Like somebody who really WANTED to shoot up an airport would OBEY this law. He's as dumb as the “gun-grabbers” who keep making useless laws, hoping criminals (who don't OBEY laws) will obey them. I keep telling people how stupid these laws are, but nobody with any power listens. How such stupid people GET into power amazes me. (Conservative Newsroom)

Friday, July 10, 2015

Because of the Confederate Flag?

People are asking about how many people were killed by guns in Chicago over the July 4th weekend BECAUSE of the Confederate flag. What? Can they really BE that stupid? Talk about conflating separate things! The gun deaths in Chicago on July 4th were NOT because of that flag, they were because of the STUPID GUN LAWS that prevail in Chicago, that keep HONEST PEOPLE unarmed. Wake up and smell the gunpowder, people! Damn, what MASSIVE stupidity! This was said by a female being interviewed on Fox over the controversy about “Kid Rock” telling those who wanted him to denounce the Confederate flag and promise never to use it again in his videos telling his critics to “Kiss my a**.” I'm with him. I don't care much for his music, but his attitude is “right on.” More people should repeat that line when liberal fools criticize them and demand they take some action. (The Blaze)


Now they're saying that “right wing extremists” (which, to them, are ALL people whose opinions are to the right of center) are more of a danger to America than Islamic extremists. What damned FOOLS they are! How many innocent people have the right-wingers MURDERED in cold blood for not believing the right way? How many large buildings in New York City have they brought down (killing 3,000 human beings) by flying airliners into them? How many countries have they taken over by force of arms? Somebody needs to clue the “powers that be” at the NY Times that the “right-wingers” are simply the “political opposition” to the criminal wrongdoing of Barack Hussein Obama. The man who loosed 30,000 convicted MURDERERS on this society? What the hell logic are they using to come to this conclusion? I think it's pure STUPIDITY on their part. They say “freedom of the press is only for those who own the presses.” Somebody needs to take their presses away because they use them to LIE to their readers on a regular basis. They say they're “The Newspaper of Record,” but that “record” is a dismal one. (Breitbart)

Obama Wants Your Guns!

And he's coming to get them, whatever subterfuge he must use. “Let's Not Mince Words. Barack Obama And His Far-Left Cronies Want Your Guns... And They're Not Going To Let That 'Pesky Second Amendment' Get In Their Way!" Recent events have obscured what is actually happening behind the scenes in Washington. Bolstered by the senseless tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina, those who 'never let a good crisis go to waste' are presently maneuvering behind the scenes to shove another gun-grab through the United States Senate.” Never mind that what they call “gun control laws” do NOTHING to control gun violence, and all they do is DISARM honest people and make them “easy targets” for the “bad guys” who have no trouble getting their guns in a back alley somewhere, buying them from other criminals—or just stealing them. And if they can't get their laws passed, they put so many “requirements” on the purchase of a gun that it becomes impossible to afford to anybody but the richest of people. So much for the laws being “equally applied.” (Freedom Outpost)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Obama's "Accomplishments"

First, he spent us broke. It hasn't really shown up for the “average American” yet, but it will. Then he PURPOSELY lost two wars. Wars that many Americans gave their lives to win; then he allowed the Islamic terrorists in Benghazi to KILL our ambassador and three heroes who tried to save him, while simultaneously LYING to the American people about EVERYTHING. He has made this country a laughing stock internationally by his wimpy dealings with that Russian dictator and with the mullahs in Iran. Then he “sold us down the river” to that Cuban communist dictatorship, while systematically making this world a more dangerous place by DENYING the fact that the Islamic terrorists are a real threat, and REFUSING to CRUSH them while they're still small, and simultaneously SUPPLYING them with free arms and equipment by telling his troops to “cut and run” from Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving their weapons and equipment for the terrorists. Meanwhile, he's “dancing around the edges” of the terrorist war and doing no real damage while PRETENDING to fight. He uses the IRS to CRUSH any and all opposition to his policies. This fool is the biggest enemy we have, because he is “in control” of our government—at least, until next year (I hope). I know he's thinking HARD on a way to stop the election from happening for as long as possible. If he does, we need to impeach him as quickly as possible, and put him in PRISON where he can't do as much damage. Nixon did a lot less than he has already done, and they were ready to impeach him when he resigned. But he was a REPUBLICAN—what can I say? (Just common sense)

Economic Incompetence

Greece IS bankrupt. They've closed their banks and limited the amount of money people can withdraw from their bank accounts. They refused to cooperate with the EU on keeping the money flowing to avoid bankruptcy altogether. Puerto Rico has ADMITTED that they could not pay their debts. I don't know if they have formally declared bankruptcy yet, but it's coming. The United States is on the BRINK of bankruptcy, but the incompetent Democrats still in charge are still spending money like water. They ignore the possibility of bankruptcy. This is sheer incompetence in government—and they blame us. They ALWAYS blame others for their ignorance and shortcomings, especially since Obama came along. And guess who will be bailing Greece (and Puerto Rico) out of its troubles? Us, of course. Whenever another government gets in trouble due to their incompetence, they come to Americas for help—and we always give it, whether or not we can afford it. (Yahoo Finance)