Sunday, March 31, 2013

"It Changed the Gun Control Debate"

Mark Kelly, Gabby Gifford’s husband, in testifying before Congress, says the shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, where 20 children and 6 educators were killed, “changed the gun control debate.” In what way, Mark? Did it “change it” in such a way that the only measures liberals are taking about violate our Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms?” Or maybe to recognize that DISARMING the responsible, HONEST people is NOT the way to go? That recognize that CRIMINALS and crazies don't OBEY gun laws? Maybe to make laws that punish the CRIMINALS by making it a more severe sentence to use a gun in a crime (to keep armed criminals in prison longer) rather than make it harder for people like him and his wife to get guns with which to defend themselves against the ILLEGAL guns criminals and crazies never seem to have any trouble getting, no matter how many ignorant laws are passed by ignorant politicians supported by ignorant people? How about laws making it a more severe crime to SELL guns to people who only have criminal intent? When are people like this (and the people who MAKE such laws) going to WAKE UP? When are they going to start APPROACHING “gun control” from the RIGHT (not necessarily "right wing") direction? He says the NRA needs to "wake up." actually, it's people like HIM who need to "wake up." (Huffington Post)

Calling You Names

Liberals never even TRY to answer the RELEVANT QUESTIONS we ask of them. They just call us names and go on as if we had not spoken. Some of the names are, racist, terrorist, Tea-Bagger, threat to national security, trouble-maker, birther, conspiracy theorist, anti-American, religious fanatic, war-monger, homophobe, Islamaphobe, greedy capitalist, separatist, etc. The total list is way too long to mention here. You’ll learn new ones every time you criticize a liberal, for ANYTHING. They do this because they have nothing else. (Just common sense)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hamstringing the Court

Obama’s “gang of thieves” added a measure to “protect Monsanto” from suits by adding an amendment to another law in the “dark of night.” “The rider, which is officially known as the Farmer Assurance Provision, has been derided by opponents of biotech lobbying as the ‘Monsanto Protection Act,’ as it would strip federal courts of the authority to immediately halt the planting and sale of genetically modified (GMO) seed crop regardless of any consumer health concerns.” Seems to me the courts could NEVER be DENIED the power to rule on ANYTHING. That’s their JOB.” The provision, also decried as a ‘biotech rider,’ should have gone through the Agricultural or Judiciary Committees for review. Instead, no hearings were held, and the piece was evidently unknown to most Democrats (who hold the majority in the Senate) prior to its approval as part of HR 993, the short-term funding bill that was approved to avoid a federal government shutdown. In other words, an ILLEGAL law to do an ILLEGAL thing: tell the courts it cannot rule on something. (RT Question More)

"Creeping Sharia"

You may think the Muslims aren’t “making progress” in the infiltration of America, but they are. Under many names, most of which people don’t even associate with Muslim terrorism. The link below gives you a partial list of organizations that are part of the “Muslim Brotherhood” invasion of America. Obama will not even allow his administration to list the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. This illustrates either his stupidity or his CUPIDITY. He will not even admit that there IS a Muslim terrorist war that we are fighting, even while his unmanned drones are killing Muslim terrorists all over the world. This makes many people wonder which side he is on. I don’t wonder. I KNOW he is on the Muslim terrorist side. Either that, or he is a FOOL. And I don’t think he is a total fool, only in his support of collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism) as the governmental system of choice. (Creeping Sharia)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Incompetent Governments

What is CAUSING this INCREASE in incompetence in government, all over the world (that is demonstrated by the proliferation of bankrupt countries), chiefly at this time in Europe? It is the “rise” of COLLECTIVISM (socialism, Fascism, communism, and Progressivism, another name for communism) all over the world, which is further advanced in Europe than here. But we are fast increasing our collectivism here with Obama pushing it. The incompetence comes from the basic thinking that COLLECTIVISM, which is a system that relies on STEALING from producers to benefit non-producers is the way to go. It is NOT. Collectivism DEPENDS on PRODUCERS to PRODUCE profits that the LOOTERS can steal (by law) to support their “flights of fancy” that collectivism works. Without the PRODUCERS, which they PUNISH, collectivism would collapse everywhere (and eventually does, anyway). But they’re too stupid to realize that. Actually, they don’t care, as long as the “goodies” last as long as THEY live. (Just common sense)

"Who Cares About Politics?

We’re broke, and Obama is spending more money than there IS. We NEED to drill for oil on OUR SOIL, But Obama won't let us. Obama’s accomplices are fighting “tooth and nail” against not a cut in spending (but is dishonestly billed as such), but just a REDUCTION in NEW spending that will not stop Obama’s government from spending $15 BILLION more than last year. This country is “going to hell in a handbasket” under Obama’s incompetent stewardship. We are near bankruptcy, have record unemployment getting worse every day, and he is PRINTING as much PER MONTH (with nothing valuable behind it) as he will “lose” under sequestration and the American people are more interested in the Daytona 500 and the Academy Awards than that. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Am I "Tilting At Windmills?"

I write, day after day, to reveal the secrets our pro-socialist (communist, Fascist, Progressivist) government doesn’t want us to know. They don’t even know I exist (Of course, they do, but they don’t count me as important enough to do anything about—yet). They just go on with their depredations, as if I didn’t exist. They do the same with people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and others who get to many more people than I do. It seems like what I, and others do, has NO EFFECT on the progress they make in remaking this country in the Soviet communist image. I’m getting old and tired. It takes more and more out of me to keep “ticky-tacking” at this computer, trying to let you know what your government is doing to you and what your media is keeping from you. It’s not as if I have no material. I have more material than I can ever find the energy to write down. But I’m losing my confidence in the power of truth. Is what I’m doing making ANY difference? I begin to wonder, but I can’t stop, until I am physically UNABLE to continue, which isn’t that far away. (Just common sense)

"Pre-Existing Conditions"

“King Obama” has made a law FORCING insurance companies into bankruptcy, but he won’t admit it. Covering people with “pre-existing medical conditions” is ASKING for bankruptcy. It’s not insurance, it’s WELFARE. But mention that to ANY liberal politician and they just call you names and ignore what you say because they CAN’T truthfully ANSWER it and they KNOW it. Anybody who isn’t STUPID knows that allowing people to wait until they already HAVE an expensive-to-fight medical problem, such as cancer, and THEN buy “insurance” against it is about as stupid as it comes. To pay for that IS bankruptcy; yet “King Obama” is demanding they do it or face crippling fines. Back in King George’s day, such a law would cause a revolution. But today it won’t. The liberals have BRAINWASHED Americans so much in recent years, they’ll just gripe, and accept it. The proof this will not work is the fact that not even the “bridge” law they passed to get people to enroll is running out of money and no longer is accepting new applications. (Rush Limbaugh)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gay Marriage Is NOT A "Civil Right"

The founders didn’t even THINK about the possibility that gays (which were called “queers” then) would someday try and make it a “civil right: so they could call their opponents “racist” just for opposing it. I’ve been called a racist so many times it just doesn’t matter to me any more. I believe in judging individuals as individuals, not by the color of their skin or by the group they’re in but I’m a racist because I disagree with certain OPINIONS of others. You can’t make something a “civil right” by SAYING it is a “civil right.” It takes a little more than that. But liberals think otherwise and call me a racist for disagreeing. Well, I’ve got a suggestion for them: “Screw off!.” You calling me a racist doesn’t make me a racist. NOTHING liberals say makes it so. I care not if gays make contractual agreements between themselves LIKE marriage, but they cannot have the WORD “marriage” as far as I’m concerned. If that makes me a racist, then so be it. (Just common sense)

Perfect llustration

Chuck Asay’s cartoons are a refreshing alternative to the usual liberal-influenced editorial cartoons you see in most newspapers these days. It’s a wonder liberals allow this cartoon to continue because it continually tells the truth, thus showing the liberals to be perennial liars. I guess this is because his employers generally agree with his views, just as the liberal owners of most newspapers generally agree with their liberal editorial cartoonists. Between Asay and Tinsley (Mallard Fillmore) they cover the conservative vs. liberal battleground. This cartoon puts it all together. (Chuck Asay)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Politics Or Philosophy?

Many people say my blogs are all about politics. I disagree; I think they are all about PHILOSOPHY. But since you can’t divorce the two, I guess they are about that, too. Many people ask the question asked by Ayn Rand in one of her books, “Philosophy: Who Needs It?” The answer is simple: EVERYBODY. Everybody has a “philosophy of life” whether or not they realize it. Those who say they “have no philosophy” don’t realize that IS their philosophy. My philosophy is simple: I make MY OWN decisions. I do not allow others to tell me how to live. I KNOW how to live. I make my own rules. I’m friendly with most everybody until they show me they don't deserve it. I give each person a modicum of respect unless they SHOW ME they aren’t worth it; like Obama. People say I should “respect the office.” I disagree. If the man in it is not worth respect, the office he holds is worth NOTHING. (Just common sense)

Taking your Guns

You think they’re not going to take your guns? Look at this story: Robert Adams, of Albuquerque, NM, was a gun collector and a licensed gun seller. He owned 1,500 firearms of different kinds. That frightened the feds. Anyone who had that many guns COULD be a definite danger to politicians who want to take what is yours. So, with the assistance of the local sheriff, they raided him and STOLE all his guns after “investigating" him for years. I say STOLE because they had NO reason for taking ALL his guns. It is said that verification of his license to sell guns has not been shown, but that’s no reason to “swoop in” and take his guns. The Constitution says “The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed” (Forget that "militia” crap." the "militia," when the Constitution was adopted, was "ALL the people." There was NOT such a thing as a "state-authorized militia" then).

They had no “charges” to file against him, although, like most feds, they “mentioned” several things of which he was “suspected.” Though none rose to the point where they could charge him with any crime. So they just STOLE his guns, which put a huge financial detriment on him. Among the things they CLAIM they were “investigating” him for is gun smuggling, tax evasion, and violation of importation laws. Unfortunately for them, they could prove NONE of this. So they raided him and just TOOK his guns and put him out of business—for NO reason, except his guns frightened them. And they’ll come for YOUR guns one day too, as they get to everyone. They’re very good at making it SOUND like the people from whom they STEAL are “breaking the law,” when they are NOT. Let this be a warning to every gun owner in the land. They WILL eventually come after your guns, and they don’t NEED a real charge to lodge against you. They’ll just come and TAKE them, as they did here. (Freedom Outpost)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

They Just Make It Up

If politicians (mostly Democrats and other liberals) can’t come up with real statistics to prove their point, they just make them up. Democrat Rep. (soon to be retired, thank Goodness) Charlie Rangel recently claimed that “MILLIONS of kids have been killed by automatic weapons.” That is such a STUPIDLY wild figure that even other DEMOCRATS don’t believe it, But Charlie “stands by it” even though he couldn’t prove it in a MILLION years. He blames the NRA, politics, and money for the failure of the new “assault rifle ban” bill. Personally, I “blame” the resurgence (somewhat) of common sense in Congress. Charlie repeats again the fantasy that the Second Amendment was written for hunters. It was NOT. It was written so that the people would be armed for the most part and not COMPLETELY defenseless when “government agents” (thugs) come after their property.

The facts are these: most murders are NOT committed by people with “assault weapons.” They are committed with HANDGUNS and knives. Guns criminals, who do not obey laws will get, whatever the law says. As politicians (mostly Democrats “flail around” doing their best (which isn’t very good) to disarm us all, criminals are improving the market in illegal weapons. Just as Al Capone did NOT want the repeal of the alcohol ban (it would ruin his business), criminals want weapons to continue to be banned for most honest people so they won’t meet a gun when they attempt to victimize people. (The Blaze)

"Rotting the Country From Inside"

That’s what’s happening in our schools today, and has been happening for many years; which is why your formerly loving children are so different when they get home from college—or even high school. They now seem to have socialist or even COMMUNIST ideas ingrained in them, and “turn away” from you if you don’t agree with their brainwashed ideas. Adolph Hitler’s press hack said, “Let me teach your children and it won’t matter what the adults do.” The collectivists (Socialists, communists, Fascists, Progressivists. They’re all the same thing with only cosmetic differences.) infiltrated our school system from the first grade up a long time ago and have been brainwashing your children for years. One thing I STILL remember is my first grade teacher telling me I must SHARE everything with my “friends.” That’s a basic tenet of collectivism. (American Thinker)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Taking Away ALL Incentive

Liberals are in the process of taking away ALL incentive, to do ANYTHING. They use the term “fairness” to hide their real intentions. And we’re “falling for it.” One instance is a school that has CANCELLED “Honors Day” for their students. A Massachusetts (where else?) school principal has cancelled “Honors Day,” refusing to honor student excellence to “avoid hurting the feelings of students who didn’t qualify.” This goes along with the liberal efforts to impose a “no score” rule in school athletics and in other things. The “score” is how we tell who excels (believe me, the participants know what the "score" is). Without it, what’s the use of exerting yourself? Without a reward, why bother (Imagine Daytona 500 with no winner)? Of course, I notice they don’t hesitate to give THEMSELVES honors, such as Obama’s Nobel Prize for doing NOTHING and various other awards, such as Hollywood’s “Oscars” and such. What a bunch of FOOLS these liberals be! They think we don’t notice things like this. (The New American)

Surprise, Surprise! Alec Baldwin's A Racist!

Anybody who has ever paid attention to what crap he spouts when he’s not reading a script (and sometimes when he IS) knows he is a FOOL who has been racist all his life. I ceased watching ANYTHING he is in a long time ago because I don’t want to support him in his racism. He has a bunch of brothers who look just like him. I don’t know if they are or are not racist, too, but I don’t watch their stuff, either, just in case. (Glenn Beck)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Was Iraq A Mistake?

On this tenth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraqi war, many liberals are STILL saying the Iraq war was one of Bush’s biggest mistakes. Today, even some conservatives are ALSO saying Iraq was a mistake. But was it? First of all, it rid the world of a bloody tyrant, who gave Islamic terrorists a “safe harbor” and a source of money in their war against the world. WERE there “weapons of mass destruction” there? Although many different people agreed there were at the time, and WMDs WERE found there later, the same people who AGREED then DISAGREE today. They quibble over the DEFINITION of what HAS been found. They say what we found was NOT “WMDs.” Today, Syria USED chemical weapons on its citizens. WMDs Saddam shipped to that country. They're saying the REBELS did it, but how did the REBELS get hold of them?

They say Afghanistan WAS a “good war” because that war sent the Taliban, a well-known Islamic front, “running for the hills,” from which they STILL snipe at our troops AND Afghani citizens instead of running the country and victimizing Muslims who live there. In Iraq, the biggest question seems to remain: “Were there WMDs in Iraq?” Many liberals still say no. This in spite of the fact that, many years later, we’re STILL finding them there even though Saddam sent most of them out of the country during the time Bush was telling the world he was going to invade Iraq before he finally did, and then toppled Saddam inside of two weeks while Saddam’s “press hack” was telling the world it wasn’t happening, with our tanks rolling by behind him. The fact remains, Iraq was NOT a “mistake,” no matter how many lies liberals tell about it. (Wired)

False Labels

Liberal and Conservative are false labels that put everybody who believes in SOME things one or the other believe in ALL into the same group; thus, “conservatives” have to be “religious bigots” because SOME of them are. And liberals can slander everybody who have “right-leaning” opinions with the same brush. Really, liberals are COLLECTIVISTS and “conservatives” ARE individualists. I call myself a “rational individualist.” What are you? An individualist of any kind can believe in many things and is not necessarily a “religious bigot.” But when they are all grouped together under the “conservative” label, the liberals can slander them. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

HAMAS Kills Baby

Then blames it on us. And this is so typical of Islamic terrorists, it doesn’t even need to be said. But the United Nations has proven it (maybe they’re good for something, after all). The liberal American media dutifully reported it the way they were told to, even though the report was wrong. They called it “Israeli aggression,” even though it was “Palestinian aggression gone wrong.” HAMAS is well known to hide rockets in private homes where children live (from which they fire them into Israel private homes), as well as close to schools, according to the UN. It’s obvious they have no regard for human life. They use their own people as “human shields.” They fire THOUSANDS of rockets from these private homes, and if Israel responds, they put out  announcements that Israel has fired on innocents, completely IGNORING their own firing of rockets (from within private homes) into Israeli private homes. This time, they were caught. But only a small number of media outlets have carried this story after telling the world that the ISRAELIS are “firing into private homes.” They think we’ll keep buying this BS forever. That shows their IGNORANCE. (The Blaze)

Infected By Stupid

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper has always struck me as an intelligent man. Especially when, after the Aurora theater killings, he “famously” said. “No amount of anti-gun laws would have prevented that shooting.” When I heard that, I actually thought he was not the usual brand of incompetent politician and that he maybe realized what I’ve been preaching for years, that CRIMINALS, who don’t obey laws, will NOT obey a law that says he can’t be armed. But then stupid intervened, and he began acting like your usual ignorant politician, blaming the gun and signaling that he will sign some of the stupidest, and most difficult to enforce gun legislation that ever came down the pike. I have now lost all confidence in this typical Democrat, who, up to now gave a good imitation of an intelligent man. Her doesn’t even realize it, but this action will probably send him back to making beer while the Republicans will take over in currently Democrat-controlled Colorado. (

Sunday, March 17, 2013

"Keep Shut on Benghazi!"

That’s what Obama told the survivors of the Benghazi murderous terrorist attack. You know, the one Obama and his “gang of thieves” tried to pass off as people mad about a short video that nobody had seen at that point. I think Obama screwed up royally and has the blood of those four embassy workers on his hands. He knows if the American citizens ever hear the whole truth about it, he’s FINISHED, and he doesn’t want that. So he told the people who were there to “shut up” about what actually happened. He doesn’t have the legal right to do that, but he has taken it, anyway. He does what he wants, legal or not, and nobody calls him on it. If they do, he makes them suffer. (The Blaze)

"Home Inspection" Soon to Be Law!

The government soon will have a law, in effect, that allows them to come to your home once a year or so and “look around,” searching for guns to “confiscate” (steal). Even liberals decry this law, that was “slipped into ”SB 5737,” the infamous “assault weapons ban” that was recently passed by the Senate. It’s not law yet, but if the House passes it and Obama signs it, it will BECOME law. And I’ll tell you now, if “government agents” come to my door looking for guns, they’ll have to FORCE their way in because I will not open the door. I will not allow “government agents” to enter my house FOR ANY REASON without a warrant; ever. They’ll probably want to “talk to me” soon when they read this, and I’m sure they will, but they’ll still have to do it on the street OUTSIDE of my property or do it at GUNPOINT. This is exactly the same thing that STARTED the first revolution in this country and may even start the SECOND one. This government is taking in FAR too much territory, as did King George. Now it’s “King Obama.” (Cowboy Byte)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

"This'll FINISH the NRA"

Michael Moore is a FOOL. He has said many fool things in his quest for riches, but this is one of the most disgusting. He says we need to release pictures of the bodies of the Sandy Hook murders (mostly children) and that will “finish the NRA, which is a “front runner in the fight to retain our right to self-defense and to own the means to it, a gun. He forgets the murderer in that case MURDERED his mother and STOLE the guns he used to murder those children. The right to own guns for “crazies” like him had nothing to do with it. My contention that ONE PERSON in that school who had a gun and the will to use it could have stopped that shooting by KILLING him has just been proven again. But, like all schools, that school was a “gun-free zone,” which did NOTHING to stop him. Anti-gun laws NEVER do. Criminals and crazies bent on murdering innocent people don’t obey laws. More likely releasing those pictures would finish people like Michael Moore, who is right with those incompetent politicians who think restricting gun ownership by responsible citizens will stop CRIMINALS from getting their guns, almost ALL of whom get them ILLEGALLY in the first place. But people like those incompetent politicians and Michael Moore will never understand that. They’re too STUPID. (Mediaite)

Why Are Politicians So STUPID?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s something in the air that only affects politicians. Unfortunately, it affects people like Michael Moore, too. People who want to make money on the STUPIDITY of certain people. It makes them think CRIMINALS, who break laws for a LIVING, would OBEY a law that says they can’t be armed. It causes those politicians to make laws that only disarm responsible and HONEST people and provide an unending stream of defenseless, UNARMED people for them to victimize. Their laws only apply to HONEST people, not to CRIMINALS, who don’t OBEY laws. They need to pass laws that give criminals stiffer sentences for USING a gun in the commission of a crime; laws that PREVENT cops from using those charges as “throwaways” to obtain a conviction in other crimes. They should be ADDED to the violent crime statutes in such a way that they CANNOT be discarded to obtain a conviction in other crimes. But if you suggest this to our INCOMPETENT politicians, they’ll laugh at you and continue on their INCOMPETENT ways, making laws to DISARM the populace. (Coloradoan)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is America Racist?

No, not in the main. Yes, there ARE some “pockets” of racism left in America; but racism is no longer the “law of the land,” as it was in the fifties when they had drinking fountains for blacks, black only restrooms, and did not allow blacks to be served in restrooms, mostly in the South. they also didn't elect blacks to political office. I’m not black, but I am dark complected, and one time the cops were called to keep me out of a restaurant because they THOUGHT I was black, in North Carolina. No longer. Not as a matter of law. And that’s important. There are more black Senators and Representatives than ever before; in addition, more and more black men AND women are being elected to political office than ever before. If that doesn’t show that, contrary to what Obama says, we are no longer systematically racist. To put the lie to that fantasy that we are a racist country, we now have a black (in his mind) president who CHOOSES to be black because it gives him the advantage of being able to slam EVERYBODY who disagrees with him as a racist. Evidence of residual racism is the existence of “black colleges” and other “black only” institutions. A lot of what racism remains in this country is racism against WHITES. (Just common sense)

"Home Inspection" Soon to Be Law

The government soon will have a law, in effect, that allows them to come to your home once a year or so and “look around,” searching for guns to “confiscate” (steal). Even liberals decry this law, that was “slipped into ”SB 5737,” the infamous “assault weapons ban” that was recently passed by the Senate. It’s not law yet, but if the House passes it and Obama signs it, it will BECOME law. And I’ll tell you now, if “government agents” come to my door looking for guns, they’ll have to FORCE their way in because I will not open the door. I will not allow “government agents” to enter my house FOR ANY REASON without a warrant; ever. They’ll probably want to “talk to me” soon when they read this, and I’m sure they will, but they’ll still have to do it on the street OUTSIDE of my property or do it at GUNPOINT. This is exactly the same thing that STARTED the first revolution in this country and may even start the SECOND one. This government is taking in FAR too much territory, as did King George. Now it’s “King Obama.” (Cowboy Byte)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What FOOLS They Be!

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation says the United Nations should be empowered to JAIL anybody who criticizes Muslims, for ANYTHING. They have no idea what a STUPID suggestion that is. They have no understanding about how this country works. We have a “piece of paper” called the Constitution, written by our Founders, that prevents government from making ANY laws to “limit freedom of speech.” That means ANY person,  at ANY time, may criticize ANY other person, without retaliation by law. They actually think the United Nations has the power to override our Constitution and enforce laws (that violate out Constitution, the BASIS for ALL our laws) within the United States. How STUPID is this? Under their pipe dream, this very item could get me a jail sentence. By the same token, their criticism of ME could get them a cell right beside mine—unless the law specified jailing only for critics of MUSLIMS, and we don’t make laws specifically for specified groups of people.(ACT! For America)

What's WRONG With These Politicians?

 Our illustrious politicians ALL seem to be under the DELUSION that the way to self defense is to DISARM us. That notion is not only IGNORANT, it is DELUSIONAL. Yet these INCOMPETENT politicians “cling to their gun bans” and other laws that make it impossible for honest people to defend themselves against CRIMINALS, whether or not they wear badges. It’s not that they aren’t aware that gun laws as they make them DON’T WORK. They do know. They just don’t CARE. They just keep making these laws that are IMPOSSIBLE to enforce upon CRIMINALS, who don’t OBEY laws. Do they really BELIEVE their laws will stop “gun violence?” No; they’re not STUPID, just IGNORANT and their laws DO work to enforce THEIR will upon us, since law-abiding Americans DO abide by the law, even if they think it is WRONG. Meanwhile, our incompetent politicians go about, merrily making more and more laws to prevent law-abiding citizens from defending themselves. They say, “let the cops defend you.” But we all know the cops can NOT defend us. They can only “take names” after the crime has been committed. We need to GET RID OF those incompetent politicians who are AFRAID of “armed citizens” and elect some who have some sense. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gaily Making Useless Laws

That’s what Colorado lawmakers are doing. They’re considering SEVEN anti-gun laws, none of which will do ANYTHING to stop, or even slow down gun violence because criminals do not OBEY laws, taking advantage of recent mass shootings that creates an atmosphere favoring SOME KIND of “gun control. I’m sure legislators in other states, as well as Congress, are doing the same. The problem is, they don’t give a damn about criminals having guns. They want HONEST people not to have guns so criminals won’t fear DEATH at the hands of their intended victims. They want NO GUNS in the hands of honest citizens so that those criminals wearing BADGES won’t meet DEATH when they come to take those honest people’s property. They KNOW their laws won’t do ANYTHING to stop CRIMINALS from getting guns because criminals don’t GET their guns legally. Nor do they OBEY laws. But disarming honest citizens will make those people DEFENSELESS against ALL criminals. (Just common sense)

Citizens 4, robbers 0

Four would-be robbers in Detroit were shot down by two legally-armed citizens who decided, some time ago, not to “bow down” to robbers. One of the robbers was killed. Those robbers left alive will, when released from prison, no doubt go into a different business than armed crime. This proves (again) my theory that more armed citizens will seriously reduce the amount of armed violence created by criminals. Sometimes by convincing them of the “folly” of their ways, and other times by simply KILLING them. In either case, violent crime WILL be reduced. By allowing Americans to DEFEND themselves, not by DISARMING honest people and giving criminals an unending supply of UNARMED victims. (The Blaze)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sued for Telling Truth

The “Muslims of America” are SUING Maytan Mawyer of the Christian Action Network for revealing information about their secret terrorist training camps in America. I don’t think they have a PRAYER of collecting anything. TRUTH is an “absolute defense” to such a suit. That is, unless they get an “Obama liberal” judge, who will ALWAYS rule in favor of the MUSLIM position. I think Obama should be impeached, if for that alone. Constantly advancing the position of our ENEMIES should be unmistakable grounds for impeachment. Actually, all they want is to discourage others from uncovering and publicizing the truth about their terrorist activities by suing and forcing them to spend money to defend themselves from those unwarranted attacks. (Bare Naked Islam)

Power Company Overrides the Law

It’s “the only game in town,” so it can DICTATE to its customers as it wishes with impunity. There’s a law in Illinois that prevents power companies turning off of power to homes with disabled persons living there in the winter, but they have ignored it with the help of the local sheriff who is unlawfully protecting the power company when they come onto a person’s private property to install their new “Smart Meter” which interferes with Pacemakers and other health care devices. Funny—I thought we had a Constitution that PREVENTED anybody from coming onto private property without permission for ANY reason. To turn off this woman’s power in winter is to condemn her to death with the HELP of the local law. And with them being “the only game in town,” they can make it stick in spite of the “soulless” bureaucrats at this, and other power companies, all of whom have government-enforced MONOPOLIES. They came onto this woman's PRIVATE PROPERTY against her wishes, and immediately turned off her power since she wouldn't allow the installation of a meter that would interfere with her Pacemaker and possibly KILL her. But they didn't care; they just wanted to force THEIR WILL upon her, and the sheriff was there to help them violate the law. This is what you're going to face after Obama imposes his dictatorship (collectivism, socialism, communism, Progressivism) on us. all in the name of that FOOL notion, "global Warming," which they're using as an excuse to violate many laws. (The Blaze)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Make the Sequester HURT!"

That’s what was told to an Obama bureaucrat when he asked how to make it easier on people in spite of the Sequester. He got back an answer that told him to "Make the sequester HURT because Obama SAID it would. And don’t do or say ANYTHING to contradict what Obama is saying. In other words, Obama WANTS the “Sequester” to hurt, to create an atmosphere that Obama hopes will discourage Americans from supporting ANY reduction in the increase in spending. Obama “has a spending problem,” even if Nancy Peelosi denies it. We need to take away his toys. (Human Events/John Hayward)

Hugo Chavez Was A THIEF!

He decided what he wanted and he TOOK it. All in the name of “helping the poor.” But here’s a kicker: he DIDN’T “help the poor.” He KEPT what he stole for himself.. The poor stayed poor. He became “filthy rich.” Obama is rapidly doing the same (Has anybody checked Obama's net worth lately?). When he died (good riddance to bad rubbish) he left an estate worth BILLIONS. How do you think he got that money? The office of president doesn’t pay that much. He STOLE it. An example: he “nationalized” (stole) the oil industry in Venezuela. He “nationalized” it, taking it away from its owners and DID NOT redistribute the money to “the poor.” He kept it for himself. Even if taking it away from those who EARNED it and giving it to “the poor” (those who did NOT) was a good thing to do (it wasn’t, and ISN’T),  he didn’t even  do THAT. He kept it for himself. And people in the United States are lowering their flags to half staff in his honor. What FOOLS they are! Even as he died, he lashed out again at the United States. His last words were a plea to his gun-toting bodyguard to “not let me die.” As if he could do anything about it. Like Obama, he CLAIMED he “cared about the poor.” But again, as with Obama, he did NOT. He cared only for himself. (Mail Online)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Obama Couldn't Care Less

Being the first Muslim-American president, he couldn’t care less that the women wearing American Flags as headgear are breaking the law. It’s not “Islamic law,” so it means nothing to him. Everything that celebrates the Muslim religion, he likes because he is (secretly) a Muslim, (which he vehemently denies) but which since he lies every time he opens his mouth, I don’t believe. I’ve seen presidents I didn’t really agree with, but Obama is more than that: he is an “enemy of this society” and should be impeached for many different offenses against America, (Bare Naked Islam)

Washington Gun Control Ban Flops

Intelligent people know that gun bans do not work to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and crazies. Washington, DC and Chicago, IL gun bans prove it conclusively. When Washington imposed its ban, violent crime involving guns went up a staggering 156%! When Chicago did something similar, violent crime involving guns went up 41% at a time when the national murder rate went up only 18%. This proves conclusively that gun bans do not work, but don’t try and tell our current incompetent politicians that. They’re “tone deaf” to truth. Their only “truth” is what they think. They ignore facts that tell them their agenda is false. They just call you a nasty name and move on as if nothing happened. They do it, anyway. And more people die. They’re fools, and maybe THEY ought to be the ones that die because of their fool mistakes. Mistakes that they INSIST on making. Maybe one of these days our incompetent politicians will "wise up" and start punishing the CROOKS and CRAZIES, not the average Americans who just want to protect themselves, their families, and their possessions. Violent crime is falling sharply in the 49 states whose more intelligent politicians have allowed "concealed carry" permits to be more easily obtained. Again proof that those INCOMPETENT politicians were WRONG. But they'll never admit that. They will go on making those deadly mistakes unless somebody uses an illegal gun on them. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Fearless Leader" Struck Down

By a tummyache. Your "fearless leader" was struck down early Saturday morning by an awful tummyache. When it got really bad, an ambulance was called and he was taken to the hospital, where they gave him a pain killer and proceeded to keep him awake all night doing tests and sucking his blood. They weren't able to find the cause, but SOMETHING they gave him (they don't know what) caused the pain to go away. Or it went away on its own. After dutifully  charging him LOTS of money and plugging up all the holes they put in him, they sent him home Monday, with no recommendations except to see his "primary care doctor" on Wednesday and to stop taking NyQuil to get to sleep. Can you believe they actually had an ALARM set up so if his feet touched the floor they could drop everything and run in and make sure he didn't "fawdowngoboom?" The pain hasn't come back and he will resume his work irritating liberals, on Tuesday (Oh, yeah. He's walking just fine, if a little slowly).

School Goes Into Spasms Over "Nerf Gun"

In a typical example of the STUPIDITY of today’s “school officials,” a ”worker” over heard two students talking about a “gun” and panic ensued. The school was “locked down” and a search ensued. They found that “dastardly weapon” and it wss a “Nerf gun” the kids were playing with. After the panic was over, the “school officials” said the child MAY be punished for “bringing a gun to school.” This reminds me of the panic at another school, caused by a child chewing a “Pop Tart” into the shape of a gun. Predictably, the “authorities” panicked, the school was shut down, a search was done and the errant Pop Tart was found. Red faced “officials” there said, again predictably, that the “dastardly villain,” the child with the destructive teeth, would be suspended. Sometimes I think these kids do these things on purpose to get a “day off” from school, since they are aware of the stupidity of these “officials” and they can “play them like violins.” Looks like the kids ARE smarter than the “school officials.” (NY Daily News)

Phony Employment Figures

If you stop looking for work, this government stops counting you as unemployed. That’s how they arrived at the false 7.9% unemployment number they put out for those who are ignorant of the facts. But the REAL number is 14.7% including both those who have stopped looking for a job and those who are still looking. This allows Obama’s stooges to give America a phony unemployment number just as they use the “baseline budgeting” swindle to allow themselves to tell you the Republicans want CUTS when all they want is a REDUCTION in the amount of INCREASE (there’s a whole lot of difference between the two). Obama and his accomplices use every scam and swindle they can to con the Americans who don’t pay attention to politics until just before an election when the lies are flying everywhere. You have to learn that Obama tells a lie every time he opens his mouth. And those ignorant voters lap it up like a puppy eating ice cream. (Just common sense)