Thursday, December 31, 2015

Muslims Kill Young Girl

She thought she was doing something good. She was radicalized by a Muslim “preacher” who has since been arrested for his role in “radicalizing” people in Austria. She and another girl went to Syria and “married” Islamic terrorists (Their way of making her a “sexual slave” for new recruits. Young girls are “choice” for Islamic terrorists). They thought they were “doing fine” until the actions of their hosts sickened them. One girl was “killed in action,” and another was used as a sex slave for new recruits after she let them know she was “done,” and wanted to leave, then MURDERED. This is how they operate. You're treated well until you object to their atrocities. Then you BECOME one. More measures should be taken to intercept these gullible children so they won't be taken in by the horse manure they're fed by the Islamic terrorist recruiters. (The Blaze)

They Don't Have to Pay You

THEY DON'T HAVE TO PAY YOU: You thought since you were required to pay into the Social Security Ponzi Scheme at the point of a gun (No gun, huh? You try and NOT pay into it and see how fast the guns come out) that you had a “contract” with the government where you were to be paid the money back, (no interest) guaranteed by law. Well, guess again. The government REQUIRED you to pay in, but DID NOT make a provision for the government to pay it back. That was in the small print, that nobody (except the government) noticed.

The Supreme Court in the sixties quietly ruled as such. So Obama can use that “oversight” to destroy the Social Security system any time he wishes, before we discover that they have STOLEN all the money from what was SUPPOSED to be an “inviolate fund” to use in paying it back. In recent years, SS payments to seniors have been paid out of the GENERAL FUND to keep you from knowing they're broke. Now they can just stop paying, and say they were never required to pay, and did it “out of the goodness of their hearts.” (Palm Beach Group)

Michelle: Race-Baiter

We've come a long way from the fifties in race relations. Now the small number of racists still alive have to hide their racism, rather than have it be supported by law as it was then (laws made by KKK members in the legislature). But Michelle Obama (and her husband, who went to the same church for 29 years, led by one of the biggest and loudest black racists we know of) thinks racism is still rampant in the nation and spreads race hatred for WHITES in her many speeches in schools across the nation. Her husband pushes racism to avoid criticism, and she pushes it for her own purposes. Mostly to support her husband. He lies, and she swears to it.

Racism WAS receding in this nation as people began realizing how STUPID it was to badly judge people by the color of their skin. But Obama has revered that, almost single handedly. His cronies help by following his lead, calling EVERY bit of criticism racism. He has made racism worse than ever. And Michele has helped. Her recent speech has angered a well-known radio host (Alphonzo Rachel), who quoted Booker T. Washington saying, “There’s a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public,” Washington said. “Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances because they do not want to lose their jobs. There’s a certain class of race problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well.” The Obamas (both of them) are leaders in this. (Conservative Tribune)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"A Badge of Honor"

Congress has officially condemned everybody who says ANYTHING against Muslims, no matter whether truth or not. It's in VIOLATION of the Constitution they SWORE to uphold, but they don't care. Obama doesn't care, so why should they? They call it “hate speech.” That “buzz-word” Democrats have long used to stifle free speech in a country where it is GUARANTEED by the Constitution. I presume that includes me. But I consider it a “badge of honor” for those who want to STIFLE free speech to call the TRUTH I write “hate speech.” Those fools will be gone after the next election, and good riddance to bad rubbish as real Americans wake up to their perfidy. They're doing it with House Resolution 569, introduced by (Democrat, what else?) Rep. Donald Bayer, among 82 supporters (all Democrats, except for a few Republican turncoats) to eliminate “violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States." Which, of course, includes truth about abominable Muslim practices and actions. This move was started by Muslim Rep. Kieth Ellison (of course), whose name appears nowhere on the initiative. He CONNED 82 other representatives into sponsoring this infamous legislation which will in NO WAY stop me from telling the TRUTH about Muslim extremists. (Eagle Rising)

Democrat Corruption

A Democrat in Massachusetts politics was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He had embezzled from a tax supported bus company he owned, and was thus required to disclose his financial assets before being sentenced. Which he did. Only he forgot to mention the ONE MILLION DOLLARS he had secreted in safety deposit boxes all over Massachusetts. So now he's in even more trouble. Not only with local authorities, but with the IRS, which always insists on THEIR CUT of the “spoils.” U. S. Marshals found the cash, and have added some more charges to his corruption. Now he not only is going to have to go to prison, he won't have his million dollar cache of money to sustain him after he gets out. And worse, he'll still owe IRS a lot of money. I found this out on the Daily Caller, who learned it from LOCAL media. Will you see it in the national media? Doubtful. He's a DEMOCRAT, after all. (Daily Caller)

Widespread Incompetence

I've been talking about governmental incompetence, but the best evidence of it came in two announcements, today. First, in the State of Washington, they have released 3,000 criminals back on society early, over a 12 year period, due to a “computer glitch” (Obama is doing it on purpose, hoping that will reduce crime (giggle!) Nobody noticed until recently. Meanwhile, the IRS made $48 million dollars' worth of “questionable refunds,” again due to a “computer glitch and “ineffective monitoring.” But they don't really care. It's not their money. When going after it, they THINK it is, but not when their “fumble-fingered” computer “experts” lose $48 million dollars. It's different. I'm sure they have “frittered away” a lot more money in other sections of government, federal and local. Government bureaucrats are notorious for flubbing their jobs and not being punished. Why are they so incompetent? Because they only come in and “put in their time” to get their inflated salaries, and don't really care if the job gets done right. It was their mistake, but I'm sure they'll “go after” the people who got the wrong refunds as if they conspired to “victimize” the IRS. (Town Hall)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Militia Beheads ISIS Men

It's as it should be. Payback's a bitch. The punishment for beheading people should equal the crime. And so it was recently in Syria when some militiamen captured four ISIS members and beheaded them. ISIS was aghast! They didn't think anybody had the guts to do something like that. They're complaining to “the authorities,” for how much good THAT will do them. If anything, more of them should be captured and beheaded in return for their abominable actions. If we'd start punishing Islamic terrorists in the same way they punish the innocent people they capture, maybe they'd think again about what they do. But they never will. They're “out of control.” They think laws don't apply to them, that they only apply to others. It's time they were “hoist on their own petard.” (Conservative Byte)

A Mass of Contradictions

Liberals just aren't logical. Everything they want, everything they DO defies logic. Their every idea is a contradiction. They call US racists and bigots for not wanting hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists disguised as “refugees” to come here (on our nickle, thanks to Obama) and kill many of us. They think every man accused of sexual assault should be considered guilty....except Bill Clinton. They think holding terrorist murderers at GITMO is terrible, but say NOTHING about them, raping and beheading women and children (of both sexes). They say, “Black Lives Matter” and bristle when someone says “ALL Lives Matter.” They call us racists and bigots every time we turn around, but think nothing of their HATRED of Ted Cruz and Justice Thomas.

Then they favor funding an organization that MURDERS thousands of babies, every year. They think negotiations with the Islamic terrorists is possible, but negotiating with the NRA is impossible. They think making a LAW against gun ownership will stop CRIMINALS from getting guns ILLEGALLY. They actually think the way to self defense is to make yourself DEFENSELESS by getting rid of your guns. These, and more, are things ALL liberals think. That's why they're liberals. They're not liberals because we say they are, but are because of their ILLOGICAL ideas—which they insist on FORCING upon all of us. The linked article gives even more examples. (Town Hall)

Illegal Gun Owner List

You wanted “background checks” for gun buyers? You got it. Right along with it you're getting the ILLEGAL list of gun owners you DIDN'T want. Obama is using the NICS to compile an ILLEGAL list of gun owners, for use later when he manages to get his “gun confiscation” plan. And if you don't think he has one, remember that his "biggest disappointment in his presidency" is his FAILURE to be able to BAN GUNS for everybody. He doesn't put it that way, but that's what he means. And if you submitted to a background check, your name is ON that list and he can “come and get” your guns whenever he's ready. Unless you hide them. He has issued 23 UNCONSTITUTIONAL “executive orders” about “controlling guns.” And he has signaled his intent to issue more. And if you don't think they're an excuse for confiscation, you're nuts. The law says NO government agency can use the NICS information, but its use is to be “monitored” by the very agency the law is designed to keep from misusing the information. What a “grand swindle” THAT is! (Freedom Outpost)

Monday, December 28, 2015

Controlling What You Can Say

That's what liberals try to do. Liberal CNN host Don Lemon abruptly cut off the interview when his guest refused to condemn Trump for bringing up Bill Clinton's rapes and sexual attacks on women, while his (Clinton's) wife did all she could to “eviscerate” all the women he victimized in his evil, "zipper down" career. But it backfired, in that the guest was able to tell the world about it, during many other interviews in less biased news sources. That action just proved that if you didn't cooperate and say what THEY want, they'd “shut you down” and shut you up. Unfortunately for them, they no longer control what's disseminated in the news today, and they HATE that with a passion. That's why they hate Fox so much. Controlling what people say is the basic reason why they started “political correct speech.” If you say ANYTHING they don't like, they call it “hate speech.” If you say anything against their favorite fools, Islamic terrorists, they call it “religious persecution” or "racism." But the most “religious persecution” comes from MUSLIMS in countries they control. (Town Hall)

Does Anybiody Really Care?

We all know that al-Jazeera is the Islamic terrorist “mouthpiece” in America, and they “report” whatever they want as ordered by the Islamic terrorists. That's why they ran a phony “expose” of several well-known football players, claiming they used “performance enhancing drugs,” when they did NOT. Denver Bronco quarterback Peyton Manning was one of them and he calls it “garbage,” which could describe EVERYTHING that comes out of al-Jazeera. The year in which they say he used them was a year in which he didn't even PLAY, since he was recovering from neck surgery. That's about as phony as it is. But then, you can expect that from al-Jazeers. They know football is popular in America, so they run their “expose” to create havoc there, plus cost some people a lot of money. (InForum)

What Kind of Fools...?

Do we hire as “school officials?” If school officials in a Muslim-run country tried to force their students to sing a CHRISTIAN song, they'd be beheaded. So why does a “school official” in Blaine, MN, think he/she/it can (or should) get away with forcing his/her students to sing “Allahu Akbar” instead of a Christmas song in a Christian country? I know we wouldn't behead this fool, but that decision CAN be reversed and that “official” fired.. Yes, I know Muslims think “Allah” is the only true god. But they're wrong. Allah is just one of God's many names. That is, if Islam is a TRUE religion, to which I say, “nay!” It is a political system DISGUISED as a “religion,” designed to allow them to be able to take advantage of the “perks” we give to REAL religions, and allows them to stifle ANY criticism by calling it “religious persecution." It's an ingenious scam, but some of us can see through it. (Town Hall)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

"Live And Let Live," Huh?

That's what gay activists told us when they finally managed to get same sex marriage legalized in America—not by law, by liberal OPINION. So if anybody refuses to “live and let live,” they'll find themselves in court, fighting a “homophobe” label and it will cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars, if recent court decisions are to be believed. We're supposed to have the right to make our own decisions, and to talk about them, under the First amendment of the Constitution. But not where it concerns gays. They are DEMANDING that we not only don't oppose them, but that we APPROVE of them. If we don't they'll sue us, and they “cherry pick” judges to insure they get big money judgments. One florist, who would not provide flowers for a same sex “marriage” was found guilty of “discrimination against gays.” But would that same judge penalize somebody for refusing to provide flowers for a KKK wedding? (Minuteman News)

Twisting the Meaning, As Usual

Illinois lawmakers have passed a (thankfully non-binding) resolution calling for the United States to confiscate the guns of the “peasants” (my word). Based on the usual misreading and willfully TWISTING of the meaning of the :”militia clause” in the Second Amendment. of the Constitution. There WAS no “organized militia” at the time it was written, so the Founders could NOT possibly have meant that. They meant for ALL AMERICANS to be guaranteed arms so THEY could be “called up” to help defend the nation if it were ever needed. But anti-gun fools constantly TWIST the meaning of the Second Amendment, ignoring that factor, so they can disarm us and make us DEFENSELESS if we OBEY the law. Criminals will still have their guns, as usual, because they don't OBEY laws. That's why they're called, “criminals.” (Minuteman News)

GOP Finances Baby Killing!

And not only that, it fully funds Obamacare, after fully funding Planned Parenthood, If they pass the latest funding bill (which they did). The Republicans pledged to refrain from even THINKING about impeachment, OR defunding ANYTHING Obama wants. In other words, Obama can do ANYTHING he wants and the GOP will pay for it, and will NOT impeach him, notwithstanding the fact that he has committed MANY impeachable offenses. Now the taxpayer is paying fully for everything Obama wants. Who is it running things “behind the scenes” (George Soros, maybe?) who could have accomplished that? Considering what the Republicans are doing, there might as well NOT be a Republican Party! SOME powerful person is “running things” from a back room (or a “high tower”) somewhere. Otherwise, the GOP would NOT “rubber stamp” everything Obama wants. They are supposed to be “the opposition party! Now it's the “Rubber Stamp Party.” George Soros' money is behind everything bad that happens in this country, which is why I think it's probably behind this. If this kind of action continues, we will soon see the END of the Republican Party. It will surely go the way of the Whigs. (Breitbart)

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cops Overdoing It

In some police groups, the anti-gun fools among them are ready to panic. They just proved it in Watkins, Colorado, when the Adams County Sheriff got a call that there was a “man with a gun” there in a bar. So the sheriff's SWAT team, in full force, including an armored car and many men armed with assault weapons, bullet-proof vests and helmets, RAIDED “Lulu's Bar” and found—a microphone stand that had been being carried on stage by a band member (which somebody mistook for a gun). Nobody was injured, thankfully, except maybe for several heart patients who were scared out of their wits when the cops busted in. There was probably the need for quick laundry service for some of the patrons, too. Seems to me that some police agencies TEND to overreact when the WHISPER about a gun is sounded, even when they don't know if the gun is legally carried, or not. It might even be an off duty cop. But they panic and overdo it. They scare people to death and open themselves to lawsuits, which the taxpayers end up paying for. I wonder how much this SWAT response cost the county—in which I live, by the way, and pay taxes. In the West, they USED TO be intelligent about guns. I guess that's no more. (Guns 'n'Freedom)

Preacher Convicted By Muslim Judge

That's right. A MUSLIM judge CONVICTED a Christian preacher in England of “quoting the Bible” in his defense of the Christian view of homosexuality. But “wiser heads” prevailed, and his judgment was overturned by a higher, less biased court. However, this is an excellent example of what could happen if we allow Muslims to gain important positions here. It's not about their “RELIGION.” It's all about their ideas of how things should be, their biases,  and how they can use those positions to push their ideas on us. The liberals do enough of that. We don't need Muslims doing it, too. The Muslim judge felt that the preacher should not have quoted Leviticus in his arguments, but should have used other parts of the Bible. Where this Muslim judge got the idea he could DICTATE what part of the Bible this preacher could use is beyond me. The gays who filed the charge on which this was based took a simple disagreement on theology and raised it into a “federal case.” their argument was that this preacher “offended” them. In today's world, that seems to be enough. (World Net Daily)

"To Stop Terrorists"

Hillary says we have to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines to stop terrorism.” Damn! Could this bi-ch be more STUPID? Does she really think a ban on their weapons will stop the Islamic terrorists from coming here and killing innocent people? They PLAN on violating laws, including the laws of nature, so why would they OBEY one that says their weapons cannot be used? Maybe we could point them at her so she can feel the results of her damned foolishness. And this woman wants to be president? Only somebody as stupid as she is would think she is, in any way, qualified to be president. And that's IGNORING the stupidities represented by her other proposed policies. If this is the best the Democrats have to offer outside of that ADMITTED socialist, Bernie Sanders, we're in a LOT of trouble if she has ANY chance of winning the general election. Usually, it's the Republicans who put up a weak candidate. This time, it's the Democrats. This woman has NOTHING to recommend her to be president of this great nation. Nothing. Except maybe overhearing her hubby make his major mistakes while he was in office, before he was impeached and emasculated as president. (Washington Times)

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

None of that liberal “Happy Holidays” crap here! We know this holiday is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and won't deny it in any way. I'm not much on ORGANIZED religion, but I won't do ANYTHING to impede people who are. The current “war on religion” offends me and I will do all I can to fight it. (Ray Thomas)

Damned Fool Students

More proof that college students not only don't know anything, they don't even know what they don't know. They not only haven't been on this Earth long enough to know anything, what they HAVE “learned” is horse manure. Now they've been seen to sign a petition to have ALL gun owners imprisoned and EXECUTED for the “crime” of owning a gun for self-defense. They hate violence but want to KILL gun owners! How STUPID do you have to be to sign such a petition, aside from the fact that these people (gun owners) are NOT guilty of a crime for owning a gun. These gullible students actually believe this government COULD do such a thing, even in the absence of the Second Amendment. That takes a newer, higher level of stupidity than ever before. And these are the people who will be “running things” in a few years. It's inevitable. And I'm glad I won't be alive to see it. (The Gun Feed)

Proclaiming Her Stupidity (Again)

Hillary, it seems, goes out of her way to proclaim her abysmal stupidity about the things she SHOULD know about. Most recently she brayed, “Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism.” Even the most ignorant five-year-old knows that Muslims are the BASIC CAUSE of terrorism. Yet she can't see it. It's yet another reason NEVER to consider this fool as president. She keeps insisting we “are at war with a religion,” when in reality we are at war with TERRORISTS, all of whom HAPPEN to be Muslims (imagine that!). Being Muslim is their “cover.” they accuse us of “religious intolerance” every time we do or SAY anything against them. Their entire “religion” is a farce, set up by a “child-raper” to legitimize his pedophilia. Muslims, “good or bad,” accept screwing little boys and “marrying” little girls as young as SIX to old men who can't get any otherwise (except for rape, which seems to be okay in their “culture”). But to them, it is a “cultural thing” that we are supposed to ignore. Meanwhile, they kill their own daughters for talking to the wrong man and allow ANY man on the street to beat them if they show so much as a bare ANKLE! Of course, they'll want to kill ME for revealing this truth. (Town Hall)

"Magical Land"

Where abortions are plentiful. That's what Planned Parenthood's baby-killers wish for. Hey, PP: you already GOT it! How many babies do you kill every day? How many tiny organs do you sell? How many tiny arms and legs have you “ripped off” of those tiny dead bodies you've created?And you're not the only people to do that, since the Supreme Court made that fool decision that said killing babies before birth was NOT a crime, but was okay. They just can't understand why people who accused vets returning from Vietnam of being “baby killers” might not like REAL “baby killers?” I wonder how many “Einsteins” or “Ball Gates” they've killed? How many potential geniuses, who MIGHT have improved our lives a LOT were never given an opportunity to excel? How many BLACK babies (which seems to be the largest number of babies you've MURDERED) have you killed, as your founder envisioned? You just can't understand why people hate you for killing all those helpless infants, creating our own holocaust. I don't HATE you. I just have no USE for baby-killing monsters like you. I hope this country wakes up to reality and puts you in PRISON where you belong, (along with the Supreme Court Justices who started it all) and even EXECUTES you for the MURDERS you have committed. (Town Hall)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Did Hillary Lie?

Howard Dean is now telling us that, while ISIS itself is not using Trump- to promote recruiting, ISIS supporters ARE. Videos showing Trump's comments about Muslims are being circulated all over Islam-dom of Trump talking about banning Muslims from entering the USA. What that means is that they have had time since she made her crack about it. They've had time to CREATE some videos and distribute them. Whatever. It makes “no difference now.” Who cares what ISIS uses to recruit? They seized upon Trump AFTER Hillary made her THEN lying crack about it. But who cares what they use for recruiting? They'll use anything they can find, OR fabricate. We don't have to be careful not to do anything to “make them mad.” They're as mad as they're going to get. We FOUGHT BACK in the “Crusades,” and that's what has made them the maddest. Further, All America is not ALL Muslim, and that's what chaps them now. That's their ONE basic reason for hating us. They've said so, many times, but our crappy liberal politicians ignore it, citing “useless factors” like ISIS using videos of Trump in their ads, forgetting entirely and ignoring the fact that they use Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, too—and have been BEFORE her remark about Trump. They ignore the fact that neither Trump, NOR Obama Or Bill Clinton can control what ISIS uses to recruit more killers. (Town Hall)

They Don't Want Hillary

Word is, Democrats want Democrats to retain (or regain) control in DC. They just don't want Hillary. So who's left? One basically UNKNOWN former governor who is literally UNKNOWN outside his state, and Bernie, an ADMITTED socialist. Do they really WANT for this country to become socialist? Are they THAT gullible? I'm sure Democrats are. Hopefully, there are enough Republicans out there to cancel them out, for a change, making elections so far apart their vote-stealing, ballot box stuffing, and “dead people voting” can't swing it to their side. They can't foist a FOOL on us as they did 7 years ago. The current Democrat administration (Obama) has come very close to DESTROYING this country. He has certainly spent more money than ALL presidents who came before, more money than there IS. It has set us up for a LOCAL “war against Islamic terrorism” by not only ALLOWING in thousands of “Syrian refugees,” most of whom are male and of fighting age, with FEW women, children, or old people among them, and, in some cases, even paying their passage! (Town Hall)

Liberal Myths

Liberals love To cite statistics that don't exist. Then they repeat them over and over and the liberal media repeats them, again and again, hoping we're gullible enough to believe it. They lie, and the media swears to it. Example: One in Five Women In College Has Been Raped.” It's not true. How did they get there? Simple: redefine rape so that even some CONSENSUAL sex is said to be rape; “Spousal Abuse 'Skyrockets' On super Bowl Sunday.” That's based on false “research” and spread by the liberal media; “Ten Percent Of The Population Is Gay.” Another false statistic spouted by liberals and spread by the liberal media by often repeating it. The figure was once stated to be as high as 25%; “Ninety Seven Percent Of Scientists Agree That Global Warming Is Man-Made, And Dangerous.” How do you get such a figure? Find a tiny subset of scientists and quote only them, ignoring or criticizing those who disagree as being “behind the times.” Meanwhile, collecting billions of dollars to “fight it” and making more and more expensive laws and regulations that help you CONTROL us better and CON us out of more and more money. They cherry-picked 79 of 3,146 people who responded to a survey, CLAIMING to be “experts." This is NOT a “proven theory.” It's merely a “controversial UNPROVEN theory.” And its proponents want to PROSECUTE “unbelievers” who don't agree with their phony “research” because they have no arguments to support their thesis. (Town Hall)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ultimate Stupidity

There aren't enough ”hard words” to describe Obama's abysmal STUPIDITY. He recently described the Taliban as “important partner for peace,” and they immediately “proved it” by killing 6 American troops. What's WRONG with this fool? Every time he makes a statement IN SUPPORT of Islamic terrorists, it backfires on him because they again show how wrong he is by KILLING somebody, usually in a horrible way. Every time it happens, I become more and more convinced he is an Islamic terrorist SUPPORTER if not himself an Islamic terrorist, in disguise. He ridicules that idea, but he can't avoid the truth of his own actions. They're either stupid or subversive, and I don't think he's as stupid as he pretends to be. (Freedom Outpost)

Answering Stupid Accusations

Liberal Democrats keep saying stupid things about the Republicans, and the Republicans keep taking them seriously and answering them as if they meant something. Things like “Republicans are out to destroy women. How stupid is that? Why in the HELL would the Republicans WANT to “destroy women? The same thing applies to their saying that Republicans want to get rid of “old folks.” That's another stupid allegation. Why in HELL would they WANT to “get rid of old folks?” There's no gain in that for anybody. It's time we started ignoring their inane ideas and got rid of Democrats in government. They continue to make these stupid allegations, and they get them re-elected because they're calculated to frighten people. They keep saying the Republicans want to get rid of Social Security, while they DO IT. Every single reduction in Social Security has come under Democrats. Check it out. They say the Republicans are the RACIST party, hoping we'll forget that DEMOCRATS fought the Equal Rights Amendment tooth and nail, even filibustering it. That Jim Crow and his accomplices were DEMOCRATS, and the people blacks were demonstrating against were Democrats. That many Democrat members of Congress have even been members of the KKK. Some still are. One day, even the fools who “pay no attention to politics” will “wise up: and toss these fools on the trash heap, where they belong. (Feministing)

The "Peculiar Wording"

The New York times calls the wording of the Second Amendment “peculiar.” But it's only peculiar to them. It was VERY meaningful to the Founders, who intended that ALL AMERICANS should be armed so the government could “call them up” any time they were needed for its defense. At the time, there were NO “organized militias, as there are today. So the wording is NOT “peculiar.” The New York Times, being run by radical liberals, just cannot see that fact, so they call the wording “peculiar.” They just can't get it through their thick skulls that DISARMING us is NOT the way to defense! But then, most liberals are that stupid. Read the article and see all the LIES they tell, as do all anti-gun fools. (New York Times)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"God Is Great!"

In Blaine, Minnesota, they had students in a school shout “Allahu Akbar!” and that's what it means. They're right. But not the god they mean. the language they used to shout it displays major stupidity on the part of school officials there, since it shows “solidarity” with our ENEMIES. During the Second World War would school kids in America have shouted, “Sieg Heil”? or 'Hitler is great? I don't think so. Back then, people realized who their ENEMIES were. Today, in “Obama's America,” some fools apparently do not. When radical Muslims come to Blaine, MN and start killing the fools who promoted this scheme, maybe they'll learn how stupid they were. But I doubt it. The kind of people who promoted this probably will seek to “negotiate” with the fools who are killing them, completely missing the fact that there is no “talking” to zealots who have ONE goal in mind—to force the “conversion” of everybody in the world to their phony “religion,” and are willing to KILL to accomplish it. They will die of their ignorance, and good riddance. (Town Hall)

Taking Direction From Rush

In his Sunday interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh said the way to destroy ISIS is to attack their oil production and delivery because that's where most of their money is coming from (other than oil money from Arabs, that is). The very next day, several countries started bombing their oil sites and oil trucks. The reason we didn't do it before (and still don't do it much) is because Obama was/is afraid we might kill some civilians, forgetting entirely that ALL Muslim terrorists ARE civilians. And those drivers are an integral part of their oil delivery system. Obama is just barely doing it, after giving those drivers a 45 minute warning they were about to be bombed. During WWII did we “warn” Dresden, or the two places where we dropped atom bombs—the acts that won the war? Not a chance. He forgets that in a war, civilians get killed. Even if they AREN'T directly involved. And especially when the enemy PURPOSELY puts civilians in the line of fire, as Islamic terrorists do. (Tea Party Politics)

"Mass Shooter Magnets"

Wherever there is a “gun-free zone,” there is a perfect place for a crazy mass shooter to come and kill people without fear of the existence of a gun in the hands of law-abiding people there. A list of locations for mass shooters includes: public schools, military bases, movie theaters, post offices, and mass transit. Funny: a list of “gun-free zones” includes ALL of these. Very few mass shooters have chosen areas that are NOT “gun-free zones” in which to do their killing. They're crazy, not stupid! As are the Islamic terrorists Obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands, when they start their shooting and killing sprees, they too, will mostly choose “gun-free zones.” Probably the best way to avoid getting shot to death is to stay out of “gun-free zones.” But that's hard to do as the anti-gun fools keep creating more and more of them. For instance: I have to go to Target Stores on a regular basis because that's where I get my prescriptions filled. All their stores ARE “gun-free zones.” I'll have to change that. I don't want to get shot. (Survival Joe)

Monday, December 21, 2015

War Against Islam?

A recent ISIS recruiting video says the West is “at war with Islam.” What a load of horse manure THAT is! They talk about the “weakness” of American troops, and they're right. They ARE weak today, because of Obama's INSANE “rules of war.” He refuses to allow us to counter attack ANY time there's a SMALL CHANCE of injury or death to “civilians.” Forgetting completely that EVERY ISIS member IS a “civilian.” They HIDE among civilians for this expressed purpose: so Obama's troops are “emasculated.” In at least one case, a helicopter with enough firepower to wipe out a small city was fired upon with a rocket bomb fired from MOSQUE in Iraq. That makes it no longer a “holy place,” but a hideout for KILLERS. They could have wiped that mosque off the face of the Earth, but were told “NO,” for political reasons by Obama's minions. The only reason I saw that video is Hillary's claim that Trump is featured in it. But that's another of her calculated LIES. He is NOT featured in it. Obama and her husband, BILL Clinton, ARE. Liberals love to say this country is “at war with Islam,” but that's a LIE! We're at war with EXTREMIST Muslims only! Not Muslims, in general. Extreme Muslims have declared war on US! That's their usual LIE to convince people WE'RE wrong, It won't fly with INTELLIGENT people. But are there enough IGNORANT people in this country to make that work? I don't THINK so. (Red State)

Why Not DO Something?

There are at least 22 verified Islamic terrorist training camps IN the United States, all of them being watched by the FBI. So why aren't they DOING something? Why do they allow the ENEMY to maintain training camps to train their soldiers to kill Americans and make no effort to shut them down, or even find out who they're training? Would they have allowed the Nazis during WWII to have training camps within the United States to train and condition people to kill Americans with no action? What kind of fools do we have in DC to ALLOW this? I'd bet, under Obama's orders, they don't DARE to go in and “clean out” the vermin in those camps! It's Obama's incompetence and STUPIDITY that allows it. They think they can do whatever the hell they want, and Obama's people will do NOTHING about them. So far, they're right. (Freedom Outpost)

Total Incompetence

The New York Daily News cover illustrated shows graphically how incompetent some people are. Everybody, from Obama on down, really think simply making a LAW limiting the number of people who can have guns will stop gun violence. They ignore the unalterable fact that criminals don't OBEY laws. Neither do crazies, nor Islamic terrorists, who are coming here by the hundreds of thousands, at taxpayer expense, whether we like it, or not. Our demagogic president is seeing to it. They continue to do so, even as continuing events prove that, time and time again. That's INCOMPETENCE. Both in governing, for politicians, and in reporting, for the media. And there seems to be no end to their opposition to reality. They slam people who pray after such shootings with a cover that says, “God Isn't Fixing This.” In their anti-gun cover, they compare the “permanent” vice-president of the NRA to the many rabid crazy killers because he supports the idea that DISARMING Americans does NOT lead to self-defense. (Vanity Fair)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Spitting Against the Wind"

Jeb Bush, who remains at about 3% in the Republican presidential primary vs. Donald Trump, who has led ever since the day he declared his candidacy, and whose support continues to grow daily, says, “Trump will soon begin to fail.” The ignorance this displays is monumental. Maybe if he was “neck-in-neck” with Trump, somebody might take him seriously. But actually, it is BUSH who will “never be president,” unless the GOP pulls off a spectacular “dirty trick” to successfully ruin Trump's chances illegally. They say Trump is “not a serious candidate.” That reveals that they are FOOLS. Trump is the one who has the BEST CHANCE of winning, but they're AFRAID of him because they can't CONTROL him. The Democrats make “big hay” out of Hillary having higher numbers than Trump, but ignore the fact that she only has opposition from an admitted SOCIALIST and a nameless nobody when Trump has more than ten other well known candidates to dilute his numbers. (Town Hall)

Texas Votes to Succeed

It's got to go through a lot more “hoops,” but the GOP committee in Austin has passed out of committee a resolution to succeed from the union. Again. This is quoted from the resolution: “If the federal government continues to disregard the Constitution and the sovereignty of the State of Texas, the State of Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation,” the measure reads, the Chronicle reported Friday. I don't know how far this is going to go, but it is indicative of the American opinion of Obama violating so many laws and IGNORING the Constitution—for which he should be imprisoned. But unfortunately, the founders failed to include a PUNISHMENT for the violations Obama is committing, except for reversal when somebody notices and has the gonads to do something about it.. And Texas no longer wants to be subject to his whims. (World Net Daily)

Wrong Direction, As Usual

What is WITH our ignorant politicians, that their “knee-jerk reaction” to mass shootings is to try and disarm more honest, law-abiding Americans, thus making them completely DEFENSELESS when crazies come to kill us? In San Brenardino, California, the two shooters who KILLED 13 people and wounded 21 at that Christmas party could have shot and killed immediately if there had been a few guns there in the hands of the potential victims. The same is true in that Paris atrocity, both of which can be traced back to Obama's ALLOWING Muslim terrorists into this country (while France follows suit) against the expressed wishes of Americans. DISARMING us is NOT the way to self-defense. But Obama and his cronies are too stupid to know that—or their goal is to KEEP us disarmed, so we won't be much of a deterrent to the Islamic terrorists, whose way he is PAYING to come here to kill us, in the GUISE of “refugees.” He will not hear of objections to this, and even calls objectors “unAmerican,” or “racist.” But Americans know how to defend themselves. Which is why gun sales have gone “through the roof,” much to Obama's consternation. (Liberty Alliance)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Republicans Are No More

Rush Limbaugh is right, as usual when he says,”The Republican Party is no more. we might as well disband it.” Nancy Peelosi might as well be running the House and Harry Reid might as well still be running the Senate. The result would be the same. The Republicans just voted to give Obama EVERYTHING he wanted. They're supposed to be the OPPOSITION party! What the hell happened? Talk about BETRAYAL! Republicans CAMPAIGNED on the promise to STOP the Democrats in their tracks.

They won a majority in both houses on that promise, but they SQUANDERED it and SURRENDERED to the Democrats, giving them everything their evil little hearts desired. Why should ANY of them be retained in the next election? I say we “send them packing” and not allow them to EVER run for office in the United States, ever again. And the party itself should go the way of the Whigs. Off into ancient history, good riddance to bad rubbish. Their excuse is that they “did it to avoid a government shutdown.” Like that was a real threat. It was not.;It is a common Democrat SCAM, and as usual, they “bought it.” (The Guardian)

Guns In Mosques

I've said it all along. Raid some mosques and find the nests of Islamic terrorists already IN America. But Obama refuses to do that because he's deathly AFRAID to “offend” Muslims, or is in "cahoots" with them. They effectively use their fear of “religious persecution” charges to keep him out while they plot murder and mayhem and stockpile the means to that end. But France is not so stupid. They raided a bunch of mosques and found HUNDREDS of guns and ammunition, as I accurately predicted. I'm just an old fart waiting to die. How is it I can see things better than the guy running the country? (I won't call him a man because I don't think that applies to him.) The NY Times talks about a “gun epidemic” in America. Are they talking about all the ILLEGAL GUNS in the hands of criminals and crazies? I don't think so. All they can see are the LEGAL guns being bought by frightened Americans who simply want the means to self-defense in the face of all those ILLEGAL guns out there. Yes, there IS a “gun epidemic” in America, but it is in ILLEGAL guns used to victimize honest people. Mass shootings ARE increasing. But murder, in general, is going DOWN. They can't explain that, so they ignore it. (Hot Air)

National Identification

It may be here. It has long been a “wet dream” of liberals, and now Obama has the opportunity to ALLOW the United Nations to REQUIRE it of every American, and I don't think he will pass the opportunity up. It can only happen if he ALLOWS it, and I have no doubt he WILL. They'll have to KILL me before I will allow it to happen to me or mine! The only way the American people will allow him to do that is by “not paying attention to politics,” as most of them do not.

They're too busy with their own pursuits (and that includes my own son), and Obama sees to it that the liberal media minimizes coverage of this outrage. The UN is RUN by representatives of the world's DICTATORS, all of whom have had mandatory ID for ALL their people as a “wet dream” for many years. This will give it to them, and we will NOT be the “only holdout,” since our liberals have also had this “wet dream,” and Obama will not pass this up. Thanks to my sister for bringing this to my attention. (Natural News)

Friday, December 18, 2015

School Censors "Charlie Brown Christmas"

This school in Kentucky is calling it “offensive” because of the scene in which Linus “finds the true meaning of life” while reading a Bible verse. How STUPID is that? The show will still go on, but it is stripped of ALL references to religion, all because of the whining of ONE person. This is what a great nation has come to, after the BRAYING of liberals everywhere that religion should be BANNED from ALL government-owned buildings, based on a purposeful MISREADING of the Constitution. The “Separation of Church and State” is NOT in the Constitution. It was merely MENTIONED in a letter between two of the Founders. All the Constitution says is that NO LAW can be made regarding religion OR the practice thereof. But that has routinely been MISREAD so they can BAN religion everywhere. (Daily Caller)

Many Questions

Is the Obama administration purposely bungling the investigation into the San Bernardino atrocity? They “talk a good game” about how many people all over the world are intensively investigating this crime. Then they allow the landlord of the residence of the killers to open it to a horde of media people who filled the house for hours, picking things up and examining them, maybe even putting some in their pockets, and generally destroying whatever evidence that may remain there, just DAYS after the killings.

They usually, as a matter of routine, take custody of any personal vehicles at the scene belonging to the "suspects," but they left one here. Why? Now, if they need to come back and search for more evidence, they cannot, since the scene has been roundly compromised. Meanwhile, nobody seems interested in the question: “Where did this couple, with the usual salary of a low-level bureaucrats, get the money to build up such an “armory”” as was found in their home? The cost of the explosives alone is estimated at $30,000.00. where did that money come from?

Was it sent them by ISIS or one of any number of Islamic terrorist organizations in the world, with people IN San Bernardino? And, as usual, even though investigators have SAID this is now a “terrorist investigation,” one word is still missing from their description: “Islamic.” Even though both killers were Muslims, and the woman, at least, declared her allegiance to ISIS moments before opening fire and killing 14 innocent people. Are they doing things to quietly bungle this investigation on orders from Obama, who says he STILL doesn't believe ISIS is a “direct threat” to the United States? (The Blaze)

Damfool Politicians

When are we going to get some INTELLIGENT politicians in office? Probably not until we institute a way to make sure the people who vote know SOMETHING about what is happening now, and what has happened in the past. Every time a “mass shooting” happens, our ignorant politicians (which are most of them) cry out for more of the kind of “gun control” laws that failed to prevent the shooting in the first place. Even though those laws are USELESS, they want to pass more of the same. Someone once said, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is the DEFINITION of INSANITY.” We need to pass some laws that punish the USE of a gun in the commission of a crime. Maybe even make it a death sentence offense to use a gun in the commission of a crime because the threat when they do it is murder.

But none of our current politicians in office seem INTELLIGENT enough to figure this out for themselves. So we need to get rid of them and find some who are INTELLIGENT. The problem is NOT the gun. It's the character of the person HOLDING the gun. Current laws only serve to DISARM honest, law-abiding people while IGNORING the guns bought ILLEGALLY by criminals and crazies. We need to change that. Maybe make a law banning the opposition to PROFILING. Then people who SEE potential shooters preparing for their shooting spree will come forward and TELL the cops what they've seen without fear of being labeled a “profiler.” Or a “racist.” (World Net Daily)

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Words of Truth

William W, Johnstone and J. A. Johnstone put out a prodigious number of books, even though William, himself died several years ago. His protege, J. A. Johnstone, continues the good work, pretty seamlessly. He wrote mainly Westerns,. But his “Ashes” series was great, too. That was the one that really made his name, and rightly so, they're all good, but the best I can see right now are the books set in today's world which chronicle today's real life, in which he tells a basic truth. In one book, “The Bleeding Edge,” set in today's Texas, tells about the effect of the Mexican drug cartels on the American Southwest, and what happens when Americans stop cowering and fight back effectively. One paragraph I just read, told the story of today graphically: Speaking of the federal government, a drug kingpin, in instructing one of his killers said, “....the ones who run the American government? Ha!” Scorn dripped from the senor's words as he continued. “They fear something even worse. They fear being accused of not being tolerant. They fear being accused of being racist! And worst of all, they fear not being re-elected. Because of that, they issue rules under which their DEA and their so-called Border Patrol have to operate, rules that make certain those agencies have little or no chance of ever accomplishing anything, They spend less and less money on enforcing the law and spend more on giving handouts to bankers and insurance companies and sending money to people who never paid taxes in the first place. They say they want to control guns, and yet they give guns to us. Us! Your old grandmother is more dangerous to us than the toothless American government, This is our day! We do what we want.” (William W. Johnstone/J. A.Johnstone) Confession: I get no benefit from this recommendation. I just felt this book was so superior it merited mention..

"Legal Guns the Problem?"

That's what Obama says. But if conservatives own 2 MILLION guns, 12 million rounds of ammunition, you'd know it. Why haven't we seen evidence of it? Because Obama is lying, as usual, to support his phony narrative. Why he wants to disarm honest, law-abiding people would be a mystery If I didn't already know Obama is a secret Muslim sympathizer, if he isn't a Muslim, period—a thing which he has CONFIRMED in public, several times. Why doesn't Obama “tumble” to this? Because he's too stupid, and has other purposes in mind, namely DISARMING as many Americans as he can when his thugs come to take what's theirs, so they won't run into a gun. He knows as long as many Americans are armed, he can't subjugate them and make slaves out of them. Adolph Hitler knew that as long as the people were armed, they were safe from efforts to enslave them. So he's working HARD to disarm honest people. (Survival Joe)

What's Wrong With the Secret Service?

Why are so many people not only getting over the White House fence, but at least one making it INTO a White House building before being caught by a low-level UNIFORMED SS man? Why were those two dilettante “gate-crashers” able to get within FEET of the president? And why were Secret Service men caught using prostitutes in a foreign country? If they did it there, are they doing it here, too? And why were two Secret Service agents involved in interfering with a Secret Service operation while drunk? That this puts the president in mortal danger goes without saying. Maybe the reason is that the Secret Service no longer CARES if Obama gets killed? He has done so many criminal things, maybe they no longer think keeping this high-ranking criminal alive is important? Maybe they'll suddenly get better at protecting a NEW president. (Town Hall)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Obama Ain't Gonna Like It!

The recent video put out by Wayne LaPierre, perennial vice president of the NRA tells it like it IS, not as Obama would wish it to be. He points out that the current gun laws ALREADY on the books don't work, mainly because they don't ENFORCE them. He shows that one of the WORST cities for gun control is Obama's own home town, Chicago, which has some of the TIGHTEST gun laws in the country, coupled with the HIGHEST gun death rates in the nation. Why is that? Because the “authorities” don't enforce them. And they're aimed at honest, law-abiding people, not the criminals, who get their guns ILLEGALLY. He points out that most gun deaths are because of gun fights between rival gang members, none of whom have LEGAL guns. So obviously, gun laws would have NO EFFECT on them. They completely ignore the fact that, where honest, law-abiding people have their own guns, crime predictably goes DOWN. Meanwhile, Obama continues to push for more of his USELESS gun laws that he doesn't enforce, while he blames the NRA for his own failings. The NRA is tired of him blaming them for HIS shortcomings and that's what this video is all about. Click the link and watch it. I think you'll agree. (The Right to Bear)

"Shutting Us Up"

That's what global warming religion acolytes want to do. Some of them are making up a list of “deniers” and telling their friends to send them an e-mail including the following words: “The evidence of climate change is overwhelming — and the science is clear. 97% of climate scientists agree that it is real and man-made. The latest National Climate Assessment states that climate change “has moved firmly into the present. It’s already impacting communities across the country in the form of more frequent and severe weather like droughts, storms, floods, heat waves, and wildfires.” There's only one problem with that: it's all a bunch of horse manure. First of all, the :percentage” of climate scientists who “agree” keeps changing every time I see it quoted. And their “97% is not of the TOTAL number of real climate scientists. Only the ones they were able to pay off with grants for their “research.” The “evidence” on climate change (AlGore's new name for it since the old one didn't fool us any more) IS “overwhelming" that global warming is NOT man-made, but cyclical, and nothing man can do will appreciably affect it, for good or ill. They wet their pants (panties) when we prove it with FACTS, including the fact that the “globe” has NOT been warming for almost 20 years. They're tired of us “shutting them down” and just want to shut us up. Some of them even want to PROSECUTE “deniers” for disagreeing with them. (Last Resistance)

Way Too Often

Mass shootings these days are happening way too often to suit me, or anybody else, except the shooters. And Obama and the rest of the government can't figure out what to do about it. Their only answer is to stop LEGAL gun sales for honest people. They establish “no-gun zones” (which “bad guys ignore), create databases of gun owners, and require gun buyers to “jump through many hoops” to be able to buy a gun. Many times they require them to “show cause” why they might need a gun, and WAIT, during which they sometimes get killed. Today's news is ample “cause” in my book.

With people showing up “out of the blue” wherever crowds gather and shooting indiscriminately into the crowd, not to speak about individual shooters like the man in Chicago who came into a convenience store and was holding a clerk at gunpoint when he was shot to death by a legally-armed customer, to the consternation of the criminal's family, who thought he was a “good boy just trying to get his life back in order.” Obama and his goons try their best (worst) to DISARM America, which is the WORST thing he (and other politicians) could do, since making ourselves DEFENSELESS is not the way to self-defense. Very few of the mass shooters or criminals who use guns to do violence get their guns legally. And if they do it kinda proves all their laws don't do ANYTHING to stop, or even slow down, gun violence, somehow the “bad guys” always get their guns.

And with Obama approving 100,000 Islamic terrorists (in some case, paying their way) to come here, the gun violence is going to go up. The Muslim psyche is to get a gun and go shoot anybody who displeases them, even if they aren't Muslim extremists, And with most of those “Muslim refugees” coming in being MEN of a “fighting age, gun violence can only get worse, laws or no laws. We have to be PREPARED to oppose them. There is no better defense than an offense. And without our own guns, there IS no offense. All we can do is run or be dead when faced with a fool with a gun. I've only owned a gun once in my life, back when my business required me to carry a lot of money over the weekend when banks were closed (There were no ATMs back then).

But that's going to change. I WILL have a gun. Anybody who tries to attack me is going to get a surprise. If he shoots me it will be the last thing he does in his life. But it's time our politicians “wised up” and figured out that all their highly touted gun laws have not made a whit of difference, and let us defend ourselves. Will that increase gun violence? Maybe, for a while, as we teach those “bad guys” a lesson and get rid of most of them. But in the long run, crime and just shootings will go down, and we can begin to live in a little more peace. As Robert Heinlein said, “An armed society is a polite society.” Obama says, “We're making it a little harder for bad guys to get guns.” Not a bit of it. His laws are making it EASIER. And will continue to do so until he and other politicians get some COMMON SENSE. (Just Common Sense)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Getting A Day Off

I wonder if this “threat” to Los Angeles schools was fostered by a school child, jealous of all the children in Denver and other parts of the nation who get frequent “snow days” off whenever two snow flakes come down and decided to get their own “day off? Probably not, this time, since the “threat” came from overseas (I remember walking six blocks to school with snow banks over my head and snow still coming down when I was a kid. Few “snow days” then.”). But how easy would it be for one of today's “computer savvy” kids to send such a “warning” and get a day off, mandated by their “frightened” school officials? Frankly, any “school official” who would punish a 6-year-old for drawing a PICTURE of a gun, or threatening him with adult charges of sexual abuse when he doesn't even know what sex IS, for kissing a little girl, would easily fall for such a scam.  Update: In the final analysis, it was found to be a hoax.(Twitchy)

But Will She Be Prosecuted?

Hillary's lies about her e-mails not containing classified information have been proved 1,000 times. Technically, she told the truth. Most of them weren't LABELED “classified.” But the information in them was so sensitive it SHOULD have been classified because ALL e-mails on business sent by, and received by, a Secretary of State ARE classified, by their very existence. But she ignored all that. Like Bill and Obama, she figured she was “above the law” and ignored it. Now we'll get to see if she really IS “above the law” when she is, or is NOT prosecuted for ignoring the law and playing “dangerous games” with classified information. If she still gets the Democrat nomination after all this, I won't be surprised at the imbeciles in the Democrat Party. But if she wins the general election, I will be ASTOUNDED at the STUPIDITY of the American people. I'm waiting to see. (Town Hall)

Many Imbeciles

There are way too many imbeciles around, today. Many of them are anti-gun fools who think making a LAW saying a criminal can't be armed will make him OBEY that law when he obeys no other. Then there are the fools who follow AlGore's “global warming religion.” (Oh. I forgot. He now calls it “climate change” because the scam no longer worked under the old name). Finally, Obama took up the mantle of a global warming priest and has been selling it to equally incompetent global leaders all over, who saw immediately what a great swindle it was, in that it allowed them to take more power and tax their citizens for more money while claiming to be doing something good. What amazes me is how many people can be so amazingly STUPID as to buy that horse manure. People who are SUPPOSED to be intelligent, but are sublime imbeciles. Recently, all THREE networks devoted 15 minutes to promoting global warming, and you know how much money 15 minutes of national TV air time is going for. That this will create more global warming imbeciles is evident. The more fools push it, the more imbeciles will buy it. And it will continue to spread like the plague. (News Busters)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Are You On The "No Fly List?"

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you were, The reasons for putting you on it are very FLUID, allowing Obama to designate just about anybody to be on it, and stop them from owning guns. Especially since now Obama is using the no fly list and the “terrorist watch list” as an excuse to stop everybody on them from buying guns. The no fly list had only 47,000 names on it when Bush left office. But it skyrocketed to 700,000 under Obama (so far). Steven Hayes, a senior writer for The Weekly Standard, a publication I'm sure Obama regards as one of his enemies, and is a Fox News contributor, is on it. That tells me I'm probably on it, too--or will be, soon. The reasons stated in their 166 page description of how the names to go on that list are decided probably, knowing Obama, includes ANYBODY who writes something he doesn't like, as I do, every day.

That document is so loosely written and vague he can put ANYBODY on it. What it is, is yet another way to stop people from owning guns, without his having to pass a new law, in contravention of the U. S. Constitution. He doesn't mind violating the Constitution, but only when he can't find a way to get his way without doing it. I expect these lists to grow exponentially as Obama finds more and more people who don't agree with him and puts their names on it. Liberals (and conservatives) raised a lot of hell when they found out about Nixon''s “enemies list,” but they won't about these lists, because he can explain them away. But these lists are clearly being used as an “enemies list.” But the worst part of it is that they don't have to tell you if your name is on one of these lists and you'll never find out until you try to fly or do something else they don't like. (Town Hall)

Wasting Fossil Fuel

Talk about hypocritical! 150 Heads of State are flying to Paris for the “Climate Change Summit,” wasting millions of gallons of fossil fuels, supposedly to “help the environment.” They don't even consider how much it would help the environment if they just stayed home and didn't waste all that polluting fuel. And it wouldn't make a piffle of difference in the environment if they were absent. Climate Change is just about the biggest FRAUD and SWINDLE out there. “Climate change is CYCLICAL, and cannot be affected by anything man can do. But it has made AlGore, it's “prophet,” a billionaire, and given Obama and a lot of other politicians a lot of unearned power. It has also proven that politicians are the easiest bunch, as a group, to make fools of. (Town Hall)

Their Real Reason

For some reason, liberals refuse to see the real reason why Islamic terrorists attack innocent people eating dinner in a restaurant or watching a concert. They think it's unemployment. They think if Muhammed Abdul Mohammed al Mohammed got a job as a coffee server at the local coffee house, he wouldn't be out murdering thousands (even millions) of innocent people who have nothing to do with his being unemployed. ”When claiming responsibility for the Paris attacks IS said: “In a blessed battle … believers … set out targeting the capital of prostitution and vice, the lead carrier of the cross in Europe — Paris.” This from a member of a 'religion' under which it is a “cultural thing' to screw little boys and keep them chained to a bed for 'future use” as their own sex slave, or conversely, a little girl child.” they have told us many times, in many ways, that the ONLY reason they kill people is because they are not Muslims. Or not the kind of Muslims of which they approve. They hate Jews, but they also hate Christians—or members of ALL religions on the Earth. That means if they start spraying lead in a crowded room, their chances of hitting several members of “unapproved religions” would be high. And if they kill a few non-terrorist Muslims in the process, they don't care. That's what they get for associating with “Infidels.” (Town Hall)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

What's So Different About Trump?

Many Republicans, including top members, are “rebelling” against Donald trump ever getting the nomination and, worse, becoming president. Many of them say confidently, “Trump will never be president!” What the hell is WRONG with Trump that they should so disabuse their FRONT RUNNER? The man who probably will “wipe the floor” with Hillary, or whatever other misfit the Democrats nominate? They've nominated many DUDS in the past, guaranteeing them a LOSS in many elections. What have they got AGAINST Trump? Yes, he's brazen. Yes, he's loud. Yes, when anybody attacks him with a knife, he counter-attacks with a Howitzer. We NEED that kind of man in the presidency. Not the wimp we now have. To say “Trump will never be president” suggests, to me, that they plan something underhanded to make sure he loses the nomination, even if a majority of “rank and file” Republicans vote for him. Do they really think that, being TOP Republicans allows them to go against the MAJORITY of “rank and file Republicans?”

Does he frighten them so badly they wet their pants (panties) at the very thought of him winning? Are they so afraid he'll “upset their little applecarts” that they'll do ANYTHING, even if it's ILLEGAL, to stop him? Is it because he's richer than the rest of them and doesn't NEED their money, so is immune to their attempts to control him? They say Trump has no chance to win, directly in the face of the fact he IS winning. Are they “whistling past the graveyard?” Do they know that he not only CAN win, but probably WILL, and they just don't want to face it, because it will mean the END for them? I, for one, am gaining more and more respect for this loud, boorish man who can, and WILL win if they don't sabotage him in an underhanded way, which they have been known to do in the past, when somebody “displeases” them. On what basis do they say so confidently that Trump CAN'T win when he clearly IS winning? Do they know of a plan in the works to SABOTAGE his campaign? Some people even talk of KILLING Trump. That smacks of DESPERATION. What are they so frightened of? What kind of FOOLS are running the Republican Party? (Vice)

Good Jihad Recruiting Tool

GITMO. That's the perennial excuse Obama and his henchmen give for not doing things to CRUSH the Islamic terrorists, who are killing innocent people daily, kidnapping and beheading others, raping and murdering CHILDREN (it's a “cultural thing” with them--the raping, I mean). So I guess we should stop pursuing MURDERERS because to apprehend, imprison, and execute them is such a “good recruiting tool: for other murderers to use in recruiting more murderers.” That's like his other infamous excuse for using $billions of our tax dollars to prop up failing businesses, that they are “too big to fail.” What he fails to mention is that if he closes GITMO, where is he going to put the “mass murderers” his people catch murdering people for not believing properly? He has to put them SOMEWHERE, unless he plans on not apprehending his friends any more. (News Max)

Out Fascist Government

Obama has just announced 3, 425 new regulations, all in one swoop. Not laws, REGULATIONS. 7,500 pages of them. They are EDICTS from him. Not passed by Congress. In a Fascist society, citizens can OWN their property, but their use of it is CONTROLLED absolutely by REGULATIONS. Also, Fascism is yet one more version of COLLECTIVISM (socialism). By releasing so many regulations, all in one piece, he has “transformed” this country into a socialist, Fascist society.. But don't expect him to admit that. He will deny it to his dying day. This is a good example of how much damage a fool like Obama can do, not in the last YEAR of his term, but in ONE DAY!

He will call anybody who calls it that a fool. A racist, maybe even a terrorist!  Anything else he can call it to avoid answering the charge. This is the FIFTH time he has released a bunch of new regulations on the eve of a major holiday when people's attention is centered on the holiday and are not paying any attention to what he's doing. There are enough new regulations out there now to transform this entire society, and we have no idea what's in them (until they affect us). There has been NO debate over them, and the only people who know what's in them are the UNELECTED bureaucrats who wrote them. We will only find out what's in them when they are “enforced” upon us. (Daily Caller)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Found Weapons In Mosques

France has decided to take a REALISTIC direction in the fight against Islamic terrorism after the massacre recently in Paris. Now, instead of just “watching” the Islamic terrorists they KNOW are plotting more terror attacks, they're RAIDING them and putting them in prison. And they're doing something Obama wouldn't DREAM of doing, raiding the MOSQUES they know contain arms and teach the killing of “non-believers.” In doing so, they have uncovered many “nests” of killers who are not only being CONDITIONED to kill people, they are ARMED to do it, too. In raiding several mosques, they found many automatic weapons and lots of handguns.

The Muslim terrorists have had it so easy under previous policies, they don't even bother to hide their weapons because they thought they had the “authorities” sufficiently cowed by their cries of “religious persecution” that they would never raid them. They were wrong. They went too far in that Paris action. They “wakened the sleeping giant” and are now suffering for it—until the liberals regain their foothold so they can continue to protect Muslims. Hopefully that will never happen. The “infestation” of Muslim extremists continues, with Obama using OUR money to PAY FOR their transport to this country. His stupidity knows no bounds. Maybe after he's gone (if that ever happens) his successor will emulate the French and “clean out” a few of these “nests of vermin.”

Most Muslims ARE Basically good people, who have been conditioned to actions that are an anathema to Americans. Actions like “honor killings,” killing their own daughters because they were raped, and screwing little boys (and girls) as a “cultural thing.” Now they're afraid of retaliation because of Islamic terrorists,. And they're right. Maybe if they “got their guts on” and condemned the actions of the Muslim extremists, they might blunt that, somewhat. Yes, that would be dangerous for them. But better to be afraid of their own, whom they can IDENTIFY, than all Americans, who are “rightfully indignant” of KNOWN Muslims with NO criticism from them. (Hot Air)

Celebrating Baby Killing

Recently, ABC aired a show PROMOTING Planned Parenthood and the murdering of unborn babies. They showed one scene that purported to be an abortion, murdering a baby to the song, “Silent Night.” They apparently don't realize the irony in this. But then, people who favor infanticide have no realization of irony. Bea Arthur, of the TV series that carried her name, used the show to PROMOTE abortion and make it legal, which was accomplished in 1973, when “Roe vs. Wade” was decided by the Supreme Court, making genocide of unborn infants “legal.” The fact that the vast majority of babies murdered by Planned Parenthood are BLACK doesn't dawn on anybody (but those racists in Planned Parenthood).

Apparently, only SOME “black lives matter.” Bea Arthur and the Supreme Court Justices who voted FOR baby killing should be imprisoned and executed for mass murder (if they weren't mercifully dead, already). As should the executives at ABC who approved running that series called, “Scandal,” that showed a purported abortion while playing “silent Night.” The show celebrated the birth of Christ while, at the same time, the purported KILLING of the baby of the star of the show, Kerry Washington. The whole show was an “hour-long advertisement” for Planned Parenthood and the murder of (mostly) black babies. There's a reason why most PP “clinics” are located in mostly black areas. (Liberty Alliance)