Saturday, December 26, 2015

Preacher Convicted By Muslim Judge

That's right. A MUSLIM judge CONVICTED a Christian preacher in England of “quoting the Bible” in his defense of the Christian view of homosexuality. But “wiser heads” prevailed, and his judgment was overturned by a higher, less biased court. However, this is an excellent example of what could happen if we allow Muslims to gain important positions here. It's not about their “RELIGION.” It's all about their ideas of how things should be, their biases,  and how they can use those positions to push their ideas on us. The liberals do enough of that. We don't need Muslims doing it, too. The Muslim judge felt that the preacher should not have quoted Leviticus in his arguments, but should have used other parts of the Bible. Where this Muslim judge got the idea he could DICTATE what part of the Bible this preacher could use is beyond me. The gays who filed the charge on which this was based took a simple disagreement on theology and raised it into a “federal case.” their argument was that this preacher “offended” them. In today's world, that seems to be enough. (World Net Daily)

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