Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Obama Lets Blacks Down

When trying to get elected, Obama said many times, that electing him would “forever destroy bigotry and racism in the United States.” It has done nothing of the sort. In fact, it has done just the opposite, creating (with Obama's help) Ferguson MO and Baltimore, MD riots and looting and the killings of many police officers, white and black, plus rampant black hatred of whites, right out in the open. Even one of the top black activists say they'd have been better off with a white president: Media mogul and Entertainment Studios CEO Byron Allen unloaded on President Barack Obama over the weekend for not acting black enough. “President Obama is, at this point, a white president in black face.” Allen, who is black, told TMZ “Black America would have done much better with a white president. You have let us down tremendously.” he continued. (Daily Caller)

Will This Be Big News?

A New Orleans Housing Authority cop was shot and killed in his squad car. Will there be riots? Looting? Fires? Will the national media even NOTICE? Probably not, Because it's a COP who was killed, not a young, unarmed, black male. The liberal media is so predictable I feel quite confident in saying I do not expect to see much about this in anything BUT the New Orleans media—and not much, there. Because a COP getting shot and killed doesn't do ANYTHING to advance Obama's wish for a black hates white race war. And Obama cares not for a cop dying unless it supports his plans. It pains me to watch the liberal media work to help Obama advance his plans. It's plain what they're doing, but they do it, anyway. It's like they don't care that we know it. (Fox News)

"MOMS" Lie to Texas

One of the “ladies” from “Moms Against Guns (or some such) LIED to the Texas Senate when she tried to convince them her son killed his dad with a gun. Actually, he killed him with a pipe wrench and a knife. But truth apparently means nothing to these people. The lies they tell all the time mostly go unnoticed by many people. Maybe their next target will be pipe wrenches and knives. She also played up the fact that her son “had an arsenal” of guns, which had NO BEARING on his killing his father. All members of this group who testified were obviously reading from a prepared script given them by Bloomberg. It even had blank, underlined spaces for their individual names, some of which had their names handwritten in the space. Maybe they needed it to remember who they were. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"It's OK In Muslim Culture"

This is something many people won't want to believe, but if there is ANY chance it's true, many Muslim men need to be taken off the street and “put away.” They're “members” of “rape gangs” who prey on young girls (mostly in group homes), taking them out to repeatedly rape them. And they do this with the COOPERATION of the people who run those homes and the INDIFFERENCE of the police. This is mostly happening in Britain, but with the way American “authorities” kowtow to Muslims, I wouldn't be surprised to see it here, soon. They report it to the cops, but the cops seem to be in favor of ALLOWING it, and do everything they can to stop anything from happening to these Muslim rapists, who say this is “okay in my culture.” Is it? If so, their “culture” needs to be destroyed. (World Net Daily)

They Want Their Money!

Suspicions confirmed. PAID demonstrators in Ferguson, MO, haven't been paid for coming there and looting. So they staged a sit-in at the offices of “Missourians for Reform Now (ACORN)”, demanding their money. They HAD been paying protesters $5,000.00 per month to demonstrate (presumably plus what they could steal). Recently, they stopped. Maybe they ran out of money. Other protesters with the “Black Lives Matter” movement also had a sit-in at their offices. Anybody who thinks ACORN is “dead” needs to “wake up and smell the tulips.” They just did what all liberal groups do when their crimes are found out. They reorganized and are now operating under a different name (or names). But don't think for a MINUTE they've “gone away.” George Soros is the “money man” behind these “demonstrators,” and apparently he figures it's time to stop paying the demonstrators in Ferguson, since things have “quieted down” because nothing has happened recently and they can't make murder charges stick against that cop. (Tea Party News Network)

Making Guns Useless

Obama can't just BAN guns. So he does the next best thing: he makes them useless. Without bullets, all they are is inefficient clubs. Bullets aren't protected by the Constitution, so he can do what he wants with them. So he's starting the process of banning them by first, forcing people to “register” them. If he's successful, every bullet you buy will have to be registered in your name, It won't stop you from killing anybody, but it WILL make sure you get caught when you do—unless you can find a way to negate the registration, something I'm sure criminals will find a way to accomplish, probably before the requirement becomes law (If it does). Meanwhile, people will continue to die as a market for illicit ammunition grows, and the cost of bullets goes sky high so criminals can go on committing their violent crimes with seeming impunity. And if Obama thinks criminals can't find a way around his “registration” of ammunition, he's delusional. Meanwhile, nothing gets done to reduce gun violence and the government, as usual, spends a lot of money making it LOOK like they're doing something real when they're not. (Right to Bear)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Where Do WE Go?

People from all over the world came to America to escape slavery, intimidation, tyranny, and murder. They come here in droves because this is (so far) the last place on Earth that is really free and where they can realize “the American dream” without having to “bow down” to royalty or bureaucracy, or a dictator. Where the INDIVIDUAL is sovereign, has the right to say and DO what he/she wishes without governmental opposition, so long as to do so does not interfere with the rights of others to do likewise. Those rights lasted nearly 300 years with this country being the destination of choice for those who just wanted to be left alone to live their lives successfully without having to pay tribute to those to whom nothing is owed. But all that is unraveling as liberals work diligently to destroy it. This country has always been the “destination of choice” for those who only wanted FREEDOM. One day soon, if liberals are allowed to continue their dirty work, there will no longer BE anywhere for Americans to flee, to stay free. (World Net Daily)

Hillary's E-Mails

She says she WANTS us to see them. The ones SHE selects, anyway. She CLAIMS all those she DELETED were “personal.” But unless there's a way to recover the ones she deleted, we'll never know. And that's the way she wants it. That's why she used her own PRIVATE e-mail service, based in her basement, so she could control ABSOLUTELY what e-mails she showed us. That tells me she KNEW that some day Congress would want to see her “official” e-mails, and she wanted to be SURE she could have absolute CONTROL over what they saw so they would never have proof of any of her many scandals. That shows premeditation, and should, by itself, merit a PRISON sentence for deleting government property. (American Thinker)

NO Accomplishments

Iowa Democrats were recently asked to name ONE Hillary Clinton accomplishment, and they couldn't. Yet she's the “front-runner” in the current race for the Democrat presidential nomination. If that doesn't illustrate the abysmal STUPIDITY of the Democrats, I don't know what does. I don't mean ignorance. I mean STUPIDITY. Ignorance is a simple lack of information. Stupidity is when you HAVE information but still act stupidly. And Iowa Democrats have certainly taken stupid pills. If Hillary has no accomplishments, and a “mixed bag” of scandals yet unresolved while she “stonewalls” them, how STUPID is it to still want her for president? Or for ANY office? (The American Spectator)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Liberal Stupidity

There is no better illustration of liberal stupidity than people who criticize a judge for refusing to “sacrifice a cop” to public sentiment, and convict him of manslaughter, just to please the crowd in Cleveland, Ohio. He was one of MANY cops who were shooting at two men who led them on a “merry chase” and got themselves killed, was stupidly charged with manslaughter in the case. When a judge refused to “sacrifice him” to the wishes of the crowd, in spite of his possible INNOCENCE, he was criticized for it. If he had, it would have been an instance of liberalism out of control. I'd say, yes, the cops overreacted excessively in firing 137 times into the car after it stopped, and INVESTIGATING that cop IF his gun was found to have fired the fatal shot was required. But he was NOT ALONE, and “sacrificing” him was not, in any way, called for.

He didn't need to take the full brunt of the reaction. And those people in that car bear some of the blame, too. If they hadn't run for 22 miles in a chase that involved 100 cops, it wouldn't have come down to a killing. And the cops DID think somebody in the car was armed. It was impossible NOT to under the circumstances. It's all a product of the “Kill Cops” movement. He was found NOT GUILTY of manslaughter, but still faces departmental charges, so he will not go unpunished, even if the department advises no punishment. Being TWICE forced to wait to find out his fate while not getting paid IS punishment. Manslaughter and a prison term is way too much punishment under the circumstances. He is not without blame, but let's keep it fair. The shooting prompted a federal investigation (surprise, surprise!) and they decided the Cleveland cops showed a “pattern of excessive use of force and violation of people's civil rights.” Surprise, again! One more city under federal control. (The Blaze)

New Powers for Obama

But they won't tell us what they are. The details are “classified.” And the Republicans are ALLOWING it! The REPUBLICANS! The ones who were SUPPOSED to be “reining in” Obama and his excesses! If we can't count on the REPUBLICANS to put a stop to Obama's excesses, we're LOST. He is in the process of “giving away the store,” and there seems to be nothing we can do about it because the people who CAN are “asleep at the wheel.” It's called, “Trade Promotion Authority, and 48 Republicans and only 14 Democrats voted for it. But the most disturbing thing about it is the details are “CLASSIFIED.” That means Obama can COMMIT us to things we don't even KNOW about. (Washington Post)

Why Even Consider HIllary?

Why are we even CONSIDERING Hillary Clinton to be president? Because she's a DEMOCRAT, that's why! Criminal acts mean NOTHING to them when they “pick” a possible presidential candidate, She has too many scandals piling up to even COUNT, rather than detail. She has PROVABLY lied so many times, and in so many ways, she's rivaling the lies told by her hubby and her mentor, Barack Obama. Yet that doesn't seem to affect her standing in the liberal media polls. They don't care how corrupt and dishonest she is, or how many lies she tells. They've promised her that THIS TIME the presidency is HERS. And they're determined to get it for her, by “hook or crook.” If she doesn't win the election, they'll STEAL it for her, as they did TWICE for Obama. (Fox News)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

What Good Is It?

In the fifty years since Lyndon Johnson's “War on Poverty” began, we've spent $22 TRILLION (in inflation adjusted dollars) and have made NO HEADWAY in improving the “poverty” picture. Can that be? Can our politicians be so incompetent that they spend $22 TRILLION dollars and accomplish NOTHING? Absolutely! The thing they're good at is spending money, not keeping track of HOW it is spent. Just as in the “war on drugs,” after all the money is spent, NOTHING has been accomplished. The same number of people are still “in poverty” or doing drugs as there were before they started your “big plans.” This is why I say our politicians are INCOMPETENT. Because all their “big plans” ALWAYS come to naught, after spending TRILLIONS of our dollars. (American Thinker)

It's Not About Discrimination

That's what Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, says. Of course, the “gay lobby” will disagree and call him a bigot as he issues his executive order to ensure people would NOT lose their licenses in his state for refusing to do business with gays. But he's right. It's NOT about discrimination. Gay marriage is a CHOICE, not a right. Religious rights ARE a right, and are enforceable. That's not arguable—but gays WILL argue it. Where the hell do they get such chutzpa? I'm not saying it should be ILLEGAL to be gay, but it shouldn't be illegal to be morally against being gay, either. It's THEIR CHOICE to be gay, and it's not too smart to declare it to the world by “getting married.” I have nothing against what gays do, but I will NOT be forced to APPROVE it by calling their “contracts” marriage. They can have all the “marriage-like” contracts they wish, and I have no problem with that. But I will not accept them as “marriage.” (The Patriot Post)

Running From Danger

It makes me physically ill to see troops that are supposed to be on our side RUNNING from the enemy as they come to take back what American soldiers DIED to take. It was an amazing picture to watch Iraq soldiers FLEEING in the trucks and helicopters WE gave them, to save their own asses at the cost of other innocent lives. Now people are dying in Ramadi while they rest, far away. Their action could have been predicted when Obama gave the order for OUR troops to “cut and run” from Iraq without finishing the job. Finishing the job means KILLING every Islamic terrorist we could find, without mercy. It's the only thing they understand. Either we kill THEM, or they kill US.And if we don't kill them, they kill hundreds, even THOUSANDS of innocent civilians. The Iraq president says he will “take it back quickly,” but I seriously doubt it. To take it back would require some soldiers who are not cowards. And I don't think he has any to call on. (The Daily Mail)

Friday, May 22, 2015

They're Getting Cocky

I have nothing against blacks. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS. In a confrontation in a New York park, a militant black thug told a white man “You should be bowing down to me because I'm black. I judge this individual to be a FOOL. Black OR white.” I remember a time when a restaurant in NC called the COPS on me because they THOUGHT I was black and was trying to eat there. I'm not saying that was right, but how far would this black man have gotten with such arrogant blather there and then? He'd have been lynched! Obama has whipped up so much hatred among blacks for whites it doesn't matter that racism had almost “gone away” in this country. They ignore the fact that there are more black mayors, police chiefs, cops, governors, and senators on all levels than ever before. Even in the South. They're PRETENDING racism is rampant,and it is: black against white racism. and, after listening to Obama's rhetoric, they've gotten cocky. More cocky than white people EVER were. We're getting close to the race war Obama so dearly wishes because whites will soon stop taking the crap the blacks are handing out. He says we're all gonna die, and he's right. But all blacks are gonna die, too. So what? The biggest cause of death is BIRTH. Not all blacks are this stupid, and that's good. But those who are will inevitably influence those who are not. (Conservative Byte)

HIllary and Yoko?

John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, who was NOBODY before she married him and is sponsoring art shows today with his money says she had “an affair” with Hillary back during the time she was married to John. Do you believe that? I don't. I've heard stories about Hillary being a lesbian before, but never before has anybody CLAIMED (in public) to be her lover. Yoko is as much of a “social climber” as Hillary is, so it IS possible. But I don't believe it, precisely because she said it in public. Ono says Hillary getting elected president will be a boon for the LGBT crowd, but it ain't agonna happen. She has way too many unresolved scandals in her suitcase. As to her being a lesbian? Who the hell cares?  (World News Daily Report)

She Spent the Money!

When the Clinton Crime Foundation reorganized as a result of Bill becoming president, somehow $17 million dollars went missing, the loss hidden in all the confusing “financial statements” that were filed. But will the Clintons be properly punished for “losing track” of that money? Not a chance. Just as with the $60 million “lost” by the State Department while she was Secretary of State, it will be “stonewalled” and “obfuscated” until it becomes “old news” that she will not discuss—and NOBODY will do anything important about it. Meanwhile, the Clintons are $77 million dollars richer, not even counting their combined “speaking fees.” It amazes me the way the Clintons go through life, breaking law after law, while the people who should be taking them to task slumber. (World NetDaily)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Is Obama Stupid?

Looking at his policies and beliefs, the easy answer would be “yes.” He has long insisted that the Islamic terrorists are “failing,” while a simple look at reality shows that they are WINNING. They now control HALF of Syria and parts of Libya and several other countries, and they're openly threatening to “raise the ISIS flag over the White House. He insists on NOT enforcing our border control laws while Islamic terrorists flow, unimpeded, right into this country, right alongside of Mexicans and other South Americans, to set up their secret cells and wait until the order comes to destroy something and kill some Americans. He's insisting on raising the minimum wage to stupid heights, even though anybody with any intelligence at all KNOWS doing so will make the unemployment picture worse. And speaking of that, everything he does makes unemployment worse.

He PROMOTES black racism against whites, hoping for a race war so he can use it to take more power. He works HARD to DISARM Americans so when (not IF) the Islamic terrorists get here and start doing in our streets what they do elsewhere, there will be fewer guns to oppose them (In theory, anyway. The crooks will still have them.). He is now pushing global warming, a swindle that is KNOWN to be a swindle that has made AlGore a billionaire.His foreign policy is a mess. He is on the brink of AGREEING to allow Iran to get nuclear capability and is giving them BILLIONS of our dollars to help finance it. But I don't think he's stupid. I think he has a definite purpose in what he does. Unlike any other president in memory, I think he HATES America and WANTS to destroy it. Making us think he's stupid is his cover. (Just common sense)

"It's All THEIR Fault!"

That's what the Sheriff claimed after he and his men threw a “flash-bang grenade” into a house, that landed in a baby crib, which tore off the face of an eleven-month old child and almost burned him to death. They say that because they feel that the child's mere PRESENCE in that house when they raided it on the basis of a false warrant claiming a $50 drug sale had been made there—which had not happened (no evidence of lawbreaking was found in the raid) was “an attack” on officers (by a sleeping BABY!). They also threw his father down on the floor, breaking his “rotator cup,” and that was their fault, too. Everything was their fault. They made the mistake of seeking shelter from a known drug dealer (the cops knew, they didn't) when their own house burned down. According to the sheriff, they should have KNOWN they were subject to being “storm-troopered” by the local cops in the middle of the night, and thus the sheriff is completely blameless, It makes me sick to read about this kind of thing because it should not be happening in America. But it is happening way too often today, which feeds the Cop hatred that is being PROMOTED by Obama and his goons so he can “take them over.” This sheriff and his goons need to be “taken down” and REMOVED.They are completely devoid of common sense. (Personal Liberty)

Obama Running Guns

He was running guns to the Syrian “rebels,” who are really Islamic terrorists, although he won't admit it publicly. He was running them before and after Benghazi, and that was probably the motivation behind the attack at Benghazi—which is why all the subterfuge surrounding Benghazi. I knew all this at the time. I didn't know the details, but I knew the “broad brush-strokes.” Now the press has “found out” and can no longer hide it. In a “perfect world,” this would END Obama. But this isn't a “perfect world.” Obama said the “rise of ISIS was a surprise, and that was a lie, too (Of course it was; he said it, didn't he?).

Defense Department document from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), dated September 12, 2012, the day after the Benghazi attack, details that the attack on the compound had been carefully planned by the BOCAR terrorist group "to kill as many Americans as possible."  The document was sent to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Obama White House National Security Council.  The heavily redacted Defense Department "information report" says that the attack on the Benghazi facility "was planned and executed by The Brigades of the Captive Omar Abdul Rahman (BCOAR)."  The group subscribes to "AQ ideologies:" I got a hint for ya. See how many liberal media sources give this more than a few seconds of air time. (Eagle Rising)