Friday, October 21, 2016

"50 Years Rigging Elections"

That's what Scott Foval, until recently the field director for “Americans United for Change,” a well known liberal organization, frankly ADMITTED that Democrats have been rigging elections for the last fifty years (I think it started much longer ago than that, just not in his memory). Yet the Democrats say “there IS no election fraud.” I guess the best defense is an offense. Democrats deny any election fraud to cover up their own election fraud. Election fraud is how John Kennedy beat Richard Nixon (in Nixon's first try). That's also how Obama won the White House, TWICE. It's also how Hillary is staying “neck-in-neck” with Trump in this election. Without the connivance of the Democrat Party and the liberal media, she'd be lagging by 50 points. Trump's crowds, compared to hers PROVES it. He fills stadiums. She's lucky to fill a small gymnasium in a schoolhouse. I personally WATCHED a Democrat operative walk into a polling place with a box full of false ballots and stuff them into the ballot box and vote them. And he didn't care if somebody saw him, because he knew the people charged with stopping such as him were Democrats and would look the other way, (Blabber Buzz)

Killing Pro-Gun Bills

Florida State Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla (D-Miami) supported many pro-gun bills—until a Boloomberg group offered him money to kill them. So he did. Portilla is an excellent example of how the Cubans have “taken over” in Miami after “running” from Castro. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing, but notice he is a Democrat, doing non-Democrat things—until liberal anti-gun fools offered him money to go against his principles. Which he did, willingly, and quickly. Politicians of Spanish decent are well known for their corruption, mostly in Mexico. But Cubans are good at it, too, apparently. And that's NOT racism, it's common sense, just looking at the facts. (Guns)

"The Science Is Settled"

I've always been suspicious any time somebody says “the science is settled” on ANYTHING (Particularly global warming (now known as “climate change” to keep looting the nation). But in this instance, it may be true. More people are killed by falling off ladders, falling down stairs, in cars, and by consuming household chemicals than they are by guns—and that includes justifiable shootings. So why don't the anti-gun fools go after ladders, stairways, cars, and household chemicals? Because they know banning such things is impossible. They claim guns are only good for shooting people, and they're right. But WHY they kill people is important. Most ILLEGAL guns out there are used to victimize innocent people. But others are used to DEFEND against the first group, and without them, we're at the mercy of ILLEGAL gun owners. Trying to ban ALL guns is the usual short-sighted action of the anti-gun fools, and they refuse to be deterred, or turned in a logical direction. So we have to keep fighting them, spending a lot of time and money that would not be necessary if they could see reason. (Joe Huffman)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

They Gotta Be Stupid!

The Patriot Tribune ran a story that says, “50% of “millennials” would vote for a socialist government.” How stupid IS that? Maybe not stupid, just IGNORANT. Stupid people know the truth, but push the wrong ideas, anyway. Ignorant people are just suffering from a lack of information. Which they've “gained” by all those years in liberal-run schools (usually at a high price), being taught the LIE that socialism is the way to go, because it gives them all those delicious “free things.” They don't tell them that, as they grow older, they will be expected to PAY for those “freebies” given to others. Meanwhile, their lives will be CONTROLLED by the top liberals. The liberals systematically “took over” the universities and other schools, so as to be able to teach out impressionable children these LIES, so as to increase their CONTROL, at all levels. They charge them “big bucks” to go to college, which is a socialist conditioning system. Now they're telling us we have to PAY for that. They don't tell them that the “we” will be them after a while. All they tell them is about all the “freebies” they will get in a socialist nation, ignoring the fact that SOMEBODY has to pay for it, or it will not work. (Patriot Tribune)

Kardashian Wants Armed Security

After being robbed at gunpoint, Kim Kardashian, a very vocal anti-gun fool, now wants more armed security. Thus proving again, that an anti-gun fool is just somebody who has never been robbed at gunpoint. She lost (she says) $10 million dollars' worth of jewelry to an armed robber in a terrifying robbery. Now she wants people with GUNS guarding her “stash,” what's left of it. Of course, what the hell she was doing with that much jewelry around WITHOUT security is a question. It shows the lack of intelligence by anti-gun fools on security. I'd bet she STILL is against us “po' folks” being armed, though she wants to be protected, herself. Like most anti-gun fools. It's a “common theme” for anti-gun fools to be armed, themselves, or go around surrounded by armed men for protection, while denying the rest of us the same right. (Breitbart)

Twisting Words

Liberals are good at twisting words to suit themselves, as Justice Stephen Breyer showed again with his opinion, given on the Charlie Rose Show that the Second Amendment did not refer to an INDIVIDUAL right. That this is a liberal fantasy is well known, and he is just parroting it. But what makes it bad is that he is a Supreme Court Justice and his opinion can affect the rights of millions of citizens. The purpose of the Second Amendment is well known: it is to make sure INDIVIDUALS are armed if the government “calls them up” in defense of the country. A secondary purpose, spoken of many times by the Founders, is to “keep the government honest” by making sure the people are never disarmed. The first thing a dictator wannabe does is disarm the populace. Then he “kills off” all the dissidents. The Second Amendment was designed to prevent that from happening, and has worked well for years in doing just that. But, since among liberals are MANY “dictator wannabes,” they continuously try and “get around” the constitutional protection of the Second Amendment. We need to stay vigilant and never allow them to prevail. (America's First Freedom)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Equipment Failure

Sorry about yesterday. I was just getting ready to start posting when my computer was “taken over” by someone PRETENDING to be Microsoft, who, of course, wanted me to call a certain phone number, at which I suppose I would be asked for money to get my computer released. I couldn't get rid of the block. So I got rid of the computer, instead, and I've spent most of the day today getting the new one set up. It's already been tried again on this computer, but it came with malware killer software so I was able to clean it up.

Wrong Again And Again!

The pundits gave been uniformly wrong about Trump from the moment he announced his run for the presidency. All during the primaries they predicted his demise as a candidate. Time and time again they “reported” that he has “screwed up” and was going to drop out for one reason or the other. Meanwhile he continued to draw multi thousands of supporters to his rallies Then they “shot their bolt” with the usual accusations of sexual improprieties that they use in every election that they thought would get rid of him forever—and it didn't. Now they're saying (again) that his strongest supporters are “dumping him” in gross numbers. And again, they're wrong. As usual. I guess nobody has told him about all the people who are “dumping him.” It's hard to tell, with his crowds continuing to dwarf those drawn by Hillary. And he's raising hundreds of millions of dollars, while spending little. Meanwhile, Hillary and the gang are paying people to instigate violence at his rallies, so they can blame HIM for it. They're actually blowing up his headquarters, and blaming him for THAT. What kind of reasoning could account for that is in question. But I've always said liberals have no reason, or logic They even deny its existence. (Just common sense)

"Bloomberg, Pound Sand!"

In Maine, the forces of the anti-gun fools headed by former New York City Mayor Bloomberg tried to get a measure passed for “universal background checks” that was opposed by many local sheriffs. And what they told him was essentially to “go pound sand.” Much like the response he got in Colorado when he tried to meddle in our local gun laws. They told him, rightly, that such a measure would have NO EFFECT on “gun violence” and was thus a USELESS law, and shouldn't pass. And they're right, just as they're right about ALL the gun laws he promotes. NONE of them have ANY effect on “gun violence” because they target the GUN, not the HOLDER of the gun. Maybe one day the anti-gun fools will “tumble” to that, but I doubt it. They're not smart enough. That's obvious by their basic thinking that if you eliminate guns, you can eliminate crime, too. (Liberty Park Press)

He's Absolutely Rright

An Alabama police chief is getting a lot of flack (from Muslims and Muslim-lovers, of course) for saying they ought to “dip their bullets in bacon grease” to fight Muslim extremists because Muslims fear ANYTHING that has anything to do with pigs. And he's right. Doing something like that can be a “death knell” to the Islamic terrorist movement, because that's the main weakness they've taught them. Of course, the Muslims and Muslim-lovers will scream to high heavens when he says it, and that's a good thing. Anything they fear so much can only be a winner for us. Muslims call it “religious bigotry,” but that's a phony charge, using their usual con. It has nothing to do with religion—at least, not on our side. It's simply a common sense answer to their murderous actions. If they didn't demonize pigs and everything that has anything to do with them, this wouldn't strike fear into the hearts of those who want to KILL us. Objecting to this shows plainly their intent. The more flack he gets over this, the more it shows their intent. (Law Newz)

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Socialist (Democrat) Party

They might just as well admit it, and change their name from the Democrat Party to the SOCIALIST Party. They scream NOT, but everything they propose is socialist/collectivist. From FREE college tuition to easier requirements for food stamps for able-bodied people, to free this, and free that, they want to make EVERYTHING free, to be paid for by those stupid enough to work and make money so it can be STOLEN to pay for all their “freebies.” Then they talk about “redistribution of wealth,” which is “code” for government theft of the EARNINGS of industrious people. Moreover, they work HARD to “take control” of as many things as they can, and propose many STUPID things, such as “gay marriage,” and allowing MEN free entry into places where young (and older) women are NAKED. And threaten to withhold “federal money” from states that don't “knuckle under” and allow it, calling them bigots if they refuse. Then they KEEP money that is PROMISED to the states, out of the money the states sent to the feds, in the first place. They insist on “open borders” so as to allow as many illegal aliens to enter this country as possible, while maintaining an election system that does not require positive ID in order to vote, so these illegal aliens can vote, with most of them voting for the Democrat candidate. They'd like to institute a communist/socialist style government, so long as they continue to be :in charge. Communism and socialism are the same thing, with minor differences in the details. They're both COLLECTIVIST, whose motto is, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” Mqking NEED a demand on the EARNINGS of those capable and willing to EARN, while giving that “stolen” to those NOT capable OR willing to EARN for themselves. It's pure government THEFT, to maintain their total CONTROL. (Just common sense)

"Dads Demand Guns!"

Because it's my ass that has to go see what that noise was.” When the wife wakes up and hears a noise, she does not go to find out what it was. I do. So do I go out there with nothing to use to defend myself if somebody who shouldn't be there is there, and has an ILLEGAL gun? Anti-gun fools say I should “just go back to bed and ignore it.” Safer that way. Also it gives the interloper free rein to steal my belongings, and maybe even come to my bedroom later and kill me. And my wife. No, sir. Not me. I'm going to go out there with my LEGAL gun in my hand, and KILL the SOB if I have to, to defend myself, and my family. If I can't get a gun legally, I'll get it any way I can, for self-defense. Nothing more. And I don't give a damn what your silly “gun laws” say. If I go to jail for that, so be it. My family will be safe. The only thing your silly “gun laws” do is make life easier for the burglars and thugs out there. They do NOTHING to make life safer for us human beings. If I have to break the law to make my family safe, I will. And be damned to you, and your “gun laws.” When the cops take over an HOUR toi get there, I'm the only defense my family has. (Fox 5 DC)

"Not Enough People Killed"

They call it a “small, but vocal minority.” That's what they think the people who respect the constitutional prohibition on banning guns is. Which shows how IGNORANT they are. And Gabby Giffords and her ex-astronaut husband don't think enough people were killed at Townville, so they still concentrate on the Pulse nightclub tragedy, where 49 people were killed. They call it “gun violence.” But actually, it's simply “violence,” with a capital “V.” It would not matter if guns were non-existent, the killing would still go on; with knives clubs,  bombs, even bare hands, if necessary. People who want to kill will find a way, and blaming the gun will not stop the violence as long as violent PEOPLE still exist. This is a “short-sighted “solution,” at best. At worst, it CAUSES even more violence as innocent people are disarmed in the face of attacks from people who don't obey “gun laws.” They just don't understand that, and that causes more and more people to die as law-abiding people obey their laws and “rules,” while “bad guys” do not and they have a “field day” killing people who are stupidly disarmed by the government. (Orlando Sentinel)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sec. of State Bloomberg?

Damn! What a horrible prospect THAT is! The most prolific “gun-grabber” on the planet running the State Department! Can there BE anything more frightening? Yes, there can. Hillary being president and able to appoint him. You think he can't do anything because of the Constitution? Just look at what OBAMA does! Deny the states the return of PART of their OWN money if they refuse to “knuckle under” to his illegal demands! You put that kind of power in the hands of somebody like Bloomberg at your own peril (We did it with Obama and look what it got us!). We were lucky to survive when HILLARY was Sec. Of State, only because of her ignorance on how to wield that power. Of course, she has learned since, and giving her four years of time to learn more is very dangerous. If you elect her, nobody is going to escape the effect of her presidency. We will become a socialist country in effect, if not in FACT. And if you work and earn your way, YOU will be victimized—count on it. (Just common sense)

Lawbreaking By Fiat

I can't understand what motivates all the fools who want to get rid of our gun rights, in spite of the fact that the Constitution, which forms the BASIS for ALL our laws, GUARANTEES that right. One of the basic NATURAL rights is that of self defense, and the Constitution guarantees us the right to own and use the tools of that self defense. But they want to take away that right, anyway. People like Hillary Clinton PROMISE to do so (by "executive order"), yet they expect to get elected to high office, in spite of it, and in spite of their own CRIMES. Grounds for impeachment include being guilty of “crimes and misdemeanors.” Few candidates go INTO office with KNOWN “crimes and misdemeanors. Wanting to remove our gun rights is a SIGNAL that the politician wishing to do so is a criminal him/herself and wants no opposition. (Breitbart)

"A Terrible Mistake!"

ABC says “It would be a terrible mistake to go after Bill Clinton's sexual affairs next debate.” And why is that? Because Hillary has no answer if it is brought up, and she won't like it? Because it's a “seminal issue” (pun intended) that shows how wimpy she is? How little she knows about making good decisions? ABC is a “good liberal network,” and doesn't want us to bring it up because it is a powerful issue that could “bring her down.” That's why they call it a “terrible mistake.” I fail to see why we should accept advice from liberals on how to run a campaign or to vote. Their advice is guaranteed to cause us to lose. They SAY it's because of the “Town Hall Format” that it would not be a good idea. That's their story and they're “stickin' to it.” But in reality, it's one “weak spot” in her campaign that has yet to be properly explored, and they're scared to death it will be brought up, in ANY format. (News Busters)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Was Scalia Murdered?

Hillary's campaign chairman Podesta mentioned “wet work” in connection with Scalia's death, while Chelsea wrote that, “Now Scalia is dead, we can now enact gun control legislation.” A real “gun-grabber,” that girl! In “DC Speak,” wet work means assassination. I've maintained, since the day he was found dead in his bed with a pillow over his face, on a ranch owned by a Clinton associate, that he was murdered. That was borne out by the sloppy way the autopsy and the inquest into his death was handled. In the death of such an important figure, that inquest SHOULD have been handled in the most careful manner, but it wasn't. The “inquest” was held ON THE PHONE, and signed off on by a “lowly” justice of the peace, not a real judge (obviously, there was a search to find one that was “malleable”). What better way to cover up a murder than that? Such people are much easier to “buy” than real practitioners, and I believe that's what happened. The only thing they didn't count on was the Republicans balking on allowing Obama to appoint yet another liberal to the court, and to wait until after the election, when there was a chance of a non-Clinton associate being elected, and a non-liberal Justice to be appointed. Podesta obviously agrees, and approves. (Gateway Pundit)

102 More Criminals Released

Obama talks a good game on crime control while doing everything he can to increase it. If he thinks commuting the sentences of 102 more criminals, many of them with gun crimes, will reduce crime, we need to commit him to a mental hospital. He's INSANE! I can see his purpose. It's to bolster his claims that “crime is out of control” so he can make more and better laws to better control all of us in the name of “crime control” and “gun control." He figures releasing so many criminals will do two things: one, they'll commit even more crimes, and two: they'll vote more Democrats back into office. Felons can't vote, you say? Watch 'em! If you think these 102 felons (and all the others he has released) won't vote illegally, since they don't have to properly identify themselves because Democrats won't allow it, they need to send you to the mental hospital alongside Obama. Obama has commuted the sentences of more criminals than the last ELEVEN presidents, COMBINED! What's the reason? I just told you, above. (Guns)

More Proof

A Waffle House that is a “gun-free zone” in Georgia has been robbed at gunpoint TWICE recently. I guess their “no guns” policy didn't work very well, did it? Too bad. I liked the waffle House near where I live. Too bad I'll never go back there. I don't want to be shot by some fool criminal who doesn't obey such rules, and SEEKS OUT places with a rule like that because he can be pretty sure there will be no guns there to oppose him. These liberal damned fools never learn. Their policies fail time and time again, but they insist on keeping them, while more and more people keep getting victimized by them. This proves that the people making these laws and policies don't have much in the “brain locker.” Doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result is the DEFINITION of insanity. (Guns)

Friday, October 14, 2016

Every Four Years

You'd think the American people would “get wise” to the scam, but they don't. Every four years, a few weeks before the presidential election, a “sexual abuse” allegation (with no proof) arises against the Republican candidate. Never the Democrat candidate. It has been happening as long as I can remember, and that's a long time. Yet every time it happens, the news is full of people who fall for it, and sometimes they even vote, based on it, not on the issues, and often the Democrat candidate wins on the basis of it. Now look at today. Right on time, about four weeks before a hotly contested, very close presidential campaign, they “discover” an eleven year old conversation between Trump and another man, in which Trump makes some damaging remarks.

Where has that tape been all these years? Probably in a Democrat vault somewhere, just in case Trump ever ran for office. It didn't come out when it was made, because Trump was a Democrat, at the time. Then right out of the woodwork, right on time, come a bunch of women accusing Trymp (without proof, of course) of sexual misconduct, They make a big thing about SEVEN women saying virtually the same thing, as “proof” they're telling the truth. But to me, it says they're reading from a script. Most likely supplied by Democrats. I don't believe for a minute that a man as rich as Trump, who could have as much sex as he wished, any time he wished, would make the kind of crude advances they describe. Come ON! Just walking up and running his hand under her dress? Forcing her against the wall kissing her without her permission? Damn! Could they BE more transparently stupid? Meanwhile, while we're obsessing over that, we're not talking about Hillary's crimes. (Just common sense)

Homicides At Lowest Rate

The lowest rate since 1966. Betcha didn't know that, with all the anti-gun rhetoric lies being tossed around by people who should know better, but don't. Violent crime did TRIPLE between 1966 and 1991. But then, more and more honest citizens began buying guns to defend themselves against all those ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals. One thing usually not mentioned is that most gun crime is gang-related. In other words, kids too young to have guns legally running around killing each other for being in the wrong place. But anti-gun fools keep aiming their “laws” at LEGAL gun owners, who are NOT the problem, and IGNORE those who ARE the problem. Thus, they make it harder and harder for honest, law-abiding people to defend themselves against all the ILLEGAL guns out there. There are many other things you should know, but no room here to list them all. To learn them, read the article linked here. (Libertarian Republic)

Celebs Increase Armed Security

After the Kim Kardashian jewel robbery, celebrities are increasing their armed security while still being against gun rights for “:normal people.” Apparently they think if you can afford to hire your guns to be carried for you, armed security is okay. But nobody should be allowed to carry their own guns, unless they're in the armed security business. This is a typical elitist attitude, where “special people” should be allowed things denied to “normal people.” It's the same with politicians, who mostly all run around surrounded by men carrying guns while denying us the right to carry our own guns for self protection. Some politicians even have their own guns, in addition to their armed security. One of those is Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the most vocal anti-gun fools, who has a “carry permit” to augment the protection provided by her paid “security.” (The Mail)