Friday, January 19, 2018

Democrats Are Con Artists

Dumocrats are criticizing Trump because with a few exceptions, he can't seem to get any legislation through, while THEY are the biggest obstacle to that. The "government shutdown," for instance: Both sides know that if they don't come up with something, there is going to be a mythical "government shutdown." That has been a Dumocrat scam for forever. They keep making it impossible to get a long-term budget bill in place because then they would be stymied by the "caps" on spending that attach themselves to a regular budget bill, but not to the "temporary," short-term "band aid bills" they always (usually) pass "just in time." The Republicans always get the blame, because Dumocrats are better "snake oil" salesmen than the Republicans. But, in fact, it is the Dumocrats who usually FORCE what they CALL a "shutdown." And like the "baseline budgeting" scam, it isn't real. Not a single government employee does not get paid. His pay is just deferred until the scam achieves its goal. No bills go unpaid, but the recipients just have to wait a little longer to BE paid. If congresspeople lost their pay under a shutdown, they'd fix it fast. They SAY one of the reasons they oppose an agreement is Trump's "racist statement" in a budget meeting. One he DID NOT make, but we have only the word of a Dumocrat known liar that he did. That's part of their con. Make up nasty things Republicans say, and insist he did. (Vox)

Schumer's WH Meeting

Dumocrat Senator Schumer just left the White House (as this is being written) after being summoned for a meeting with President Trump. He actually bypassed the cameras that were set up, which is very unlike him. Bob Dole once said that "the most dangerous place for anybody to be is between Schumer and a camera." He actually looked beaten as he got into his SUV and was driven off, He did stop for he cameras at the Congress building after he had had a chance to collect himself, where he said they "had a long and productive meeting." What that means is anybody's guess. I predict that, since the meeting was not recorded (to his knowledge), he'll soon come out and say Trump said something terrible, probably racist, hoping Trump won't be able to disprove it, as that we KNOW is a liar. They already say Trump is incapable of compromise, and can't stick to one position during talks, so he's a lousy negotiator. This, about a man who has been negotiating his way to BILLIONS, all his life, and to the PRESIDENCY in one try, against all odds. Schumer's problem is, he doesn't know WHAT a real negotiator IS. (Washington Times)

Ignorant Politicians

In Baltimore, a mayoral candidate wants to DISARM the cops. He says, “There are other options for them to use, including pepper spray (which only works some times) and batons (which works IF you can get close enough without getting SHOT by a criminal's ILLEGAL gun. Such political ignorance should get such a politician ERASED from the political scene. He/she should NEVER be allowed CLOSE to a law-making body with a vote. Ignorant politicians like this completely forget that disarming the cops does NOT disarm the crooks—and the cops need PARITY with the armed crooks, as do other citizens. He wants to divert financing for the cops to his “social programs,” saying that, :If we can see WHY people shoot each other, maybe we can stop it.” Typical liberal ignorance, going against human nature. How STUPID can you be? He just wants more of YOUR money to give away to people who, for whatever reason, produce NOTHING, and EARN nothing, as do most liberals. (The Blaze)

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Government Shutdown Scam

The government doesn't shut down. All it does is defer payment of federal salaries and SOME expenses until later. Not a single government employee loses a single dollar in pay. They just get it a little later while getting a few days' PAID vacation. This is a scam the Dumocrats have been using for way too long, since he Republicans usually succumb to the pressure and get the blame. But there's "a new sheriff in town," and Trump isn't going to stand for it. The blame will be placed squarely on the shoulders of the Dumocrats, where it belongs. This is why we elected Trump. He isn't afraid of the Dumocrats and he tells them to "go to hell" when they try their scams. They've been successful at it for a long time. It's time they lost, and the time is now. There's now a president who doesn't fall for their usual scams. He "runs rings around them" every time, and they haven't figured that out, yet. (NY Times)

Gun Deaths Up

Blame Trump. He said, “The carnage ends here—now!” But gun deaths didn't magically go down in the first few days after he said that, so blame him. Gun deaths are up 12%; children under 12 ahot by a gun up 16%. while defensive use of a gun is up 30%! And they don't think that will have an effect on the other numbers? As usual, they fail to note how many of these dismal figures are caused by LEGAL guns. They NEVER do that. The fact is, MOST of them are caused by ILLEGAL guns, in the hands of gang members and other criminals, not guns legally owned and duly registered, while their owners have their names duly noted in “background checks.” Gun crime caused by ILLEGAL guns are not likely to be lowered by laws DISARMING honest, law-abiding people. They will, in fact, INCREASE, as long as the dim-witted “gun laws” are STILL in effect. Trump has a lot on his plate, INCLUDING the “gun problem.” He can't get to all of it, overnight. So blame those figures on the foolish “gun laws” now in effect, not on Trump. (Washington Post)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Flake Speaks, Nobody Listens

"Retiring" Sen. Jeff Flake went onto the Senate floor to accuse Trump of "being like Stalin" for accusing the liberal news media of publishing "fake news." The only problem with that is that everybody else had gone home. Nobody was listening to his damned fool speech. What he's wrong about is Trump can PROVE his accusations, with new proof coming out daily. How he figures Stalin accused his state controlled media of "fake news" is amazing, since Stalin CONTROLLED his media, absolutely. they couldn't publish a single story he didn't like, or they would be PUNISHED. Trump can't do that, so his comparison is not only flawed, it is PHONY. His speech is the last gasp of a beaten, retiring fool who saw the handwriting on the wall and wanted to go out without a scandal on his name. He's "one of the swamp," and Trump would soon be "zeroing in" on him, in his turn. And he didn't want that, so he's gone. There are several Republicans in the same boat, so THEY'RE "retiring." Another word for rats leaving a sinking ship. (Daily Mail)

Dem College Grads Stupid!

Word is that 77% of Democrats who graduate college with a four-year degree think that the sex of a child is NOT set at birth. This is typical liberal stupidity as taught in colleges today. the FACTS are these: if the child has a penis, it is a boy. You can't change that unless you cut it off and use surgery to turn it into a phony vagina. That does not make him a girl. It makes him a boy PRETENDING to be a girl. The same applies to a baby born with a vagina. It is a GIRL. Her PLUMBING has decided that. You can surgically make what LOOKS like a penis on her, and it might even function like a penis, but she will still be a girl PRETENDING to be a boy. The boy that has been surgically made into something that RESEMBLES a girl does not have a uterus, and CANNOT menstruate. Some fools SAY a man can menstruate, and they do things to them that makes them do something that RESEMBLES menstruating, but is NOT. They're even claiming a man can give BIRTH, which shows COMPLETE stupidity and lack of knowledge of how the world works. Those who BELIEVE this crap are stupid, and that's a FACT. (Just common sense)

They Don't Like It

In Baltimore, they have one of the worst “gun crime” problems in the nation, and a new anti-gun crime law came up that they don't like. It actually PUNISHED CRIMINALS when they used a gun in the commission of a crime. They have no problem taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, but they don't like punishing criminals who use a gun to commit a crime. The law they don't like there (but which conservatives DO like) adds time to the sentences of criminals who use a gun to commit their crimes. So apparently, they like gun-wielding criminals more than they like law-abiding people with guns. This is typical anti-gun fool thinking. They make laws that DISARM honest, law-abiding people so as to make it easier for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals to victimize them, but REFUSE to make a law to PUNISH a criminal for USING a gun to commit his crime. That this kind of thinking gets people KILLED goes without saying. But don't try and convince them of that. (Keep and Bear)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Will Obama Be Imprisoned?

It's common for a new president to eschew criminal charges against a former president. But Obama's crimes are too severe to keep that tradition, and AG Sessions has just opened an investigation into what is generally known: that Obama ALLOWED drug smuggling by Hezbolla to protect his "precious" deal with Iran. If it can be proved that he did, he might well end up in prison, and good riddance. He's still working 18 hours a day (or more) to subvert Trump's administration, and this is the best way to stop that. It might be a good thing too, for Sessions to investigate Hillary's involvement in the "Uranium One" scandal. It is said she had nothing to do with it, but that half million "speech fee" paid to Bill DURING the negotiations that resulted in our ceding control of 20% of our uranium stocks to Russia, and her KNOWN collaboration with Russia in hopes of being elected president is very suspicious. Such an investigation could clean up a large part of "the swamp." (American Patriot Daily)

Moore's Gonna Sue!

I don't think the Washington Post expected this. they've slandered many Republicans in their time, and most of them just "roll over and show their defenseless belly" while trying valiantly to overcome the unsubstantiated stories of sexual misconduct displayed in the pages of their newspaper. Moore's gonna sue, and I'd bet he's gonna get rich from that suit, because the Post has not a single shred or REAL PROOF that he tried to arrange an assignation with a 14-year-old girl. One girl's own MOTHER disputes her daughter's story of Moore calling her on her cell phone to arrange it. She says her daughter did not even have a cell phone, nor a land line in her room at that time, making that story a LIE. Not only that, we now know at least one young woman was offered "big money" to accuse Moore of sexual misconduct. And Moore asked a "fateful question": "Why now?"

Why did a young girl who was supposedly sexually misused 40 YEARS AGO wait until ONE MONTH before an election to come forward with an accusation that could not be proved? The big problem here is that the only "evidence" that can be cited is that girl's UNSUPPORTED WORD about the encounter, while Moore says he's never even HEARD of that girl. This thing is a typical Dumocrat "dirty trick" they have used successfully on other candidates and conservative TV personalities, with the able help of their accomplices in the liberal media, who laid heavily on the accusation day after day, while even REPUBLICANS demand his "stepping down," regardless of his guilt or innocence. Meanwhile, they "circle the wagons" when one of their own is accused. It should be obvious to intelligent people, just what this is. The problem is that claims of sexual misconduct on conservatives seem to be accepted WITHOUT any kind of PROOF while those aimed at left-wingers REQUIRE such proof. (Breitbart)

Licensed or Unlicensed Guns

The anti-gun fools make a big thing out of whether gun laws reduce gun crime. They do NOT. They cause it to INCREASE, by disarming honest, law-abiding people, leaving them at the mercy of ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. They try and convince the world that when gun laws are loosened, gun crime rises. It does NOT. In Missouri, they loosened the gun crime laws and crime rose 20%. this, the anti-gun fools blamed on those now loosened gun laws, forgetting entirely, other factors, such as increased gang membership, fueled by “Black Lives Matter” rhetoric. It is NOT the licensed gun owners that account for the increase, it is the increased numbers of street gang members, with their ILLEGAL guns that are responsible. The simple fact is, honest, law-abiding people with guns are NOT the ones causing the crime figures to rise. It is the CRIMINALS, who never register their ILLEGAL guns, nor get training in their use. Those are facts the anti-gun fools IGNORE. It is simply true that the gun crime increases come from the ILLEGALL;Y-owned guns, NOT the legally-owned ones. (Just common sense)

Monday, January 15, 2018

Dems' Exciting New Hope

The Dumocrats are really scraping the bottom of the barrel in their quest to find someone, ANYONE to be their "standard bearer" in the 2020 elections. After Oprah Winfrey made a "stirring speech" about the success of the sexual misconduct thing in Hollywood, instantly, Dumocrats seized upon Oprah to be a presidential candidate. Problem is, we know NOTHING about her political views, except they seem to be in line with the rest of the Hollywood liberals. And she also supports the liberal anti-gun fool laws that do NOTHING to limit gun violence. They must really be desperate if they think Oprah has a "snowball's chance in hell" of beating President Trump. They say Trump FEARS Oprah, but that's only in their fevered brains. They try and compare her to Trump, since both are TV performers. But she has NO knowledge or experience in running a massive bureaucracy, nor what to do about major problems. Trump does. (NRA-ILA)

They've Got It Wrong

Dumocrats, and even some Republicans are saying Judge Roy Moore must prove his innocence of those sexual misconduct allegations or step down. That's not only wrong, it's STUPID. The accusers must prove his GUILT. It's not up to him to prove ANYTHING. Somebody's UNSUPPORTED WORD, absent PROOF means NOTHING. Anybody can make an accusation, But if it is not proven, It is nothing but an accusation. And the Dumocrats are KNOWN for false accusations of sexual misconduct against Republicans and others of a "right-wing persuasion," without ANY kind of proof while "circling the wagons" about similar accusations WITH proof, on those on the left. Yes, using a position of authority to get sexual favors is wrong. But without real proof, I don't believe a word of it. (Just common sense)

Weenie Judges

One of the reasons gun crime is so prevalent in Chicago is the judges. They just aren't serious when it comes to convictions on gun crimes. It seems that only 30% of cases where the judge decides guilt or innocence and the sentence on a gun crime, the offender gets off easy or the gun charge is just dismissed. This will not work, if they want to ever reduce the instances of gun crime in Chicago. To do so, the penalty for using a gun in a crime must be “draconian.” If the gun charges are reduced, or just eliminated, criminals have no reason NOT to use a gun in committing their crimes. The only other way is to allow law-abiding people to be armed for self defense, but the anti-gun fools will not hear of that. Arming law-abiding citizens will cause the deaths of armed criminals to rise, and studies have proven that dead criminals don't shoot very many more people. And honest, law-abiding people are NOT less responsible in their gun handling than are ILLEGALLY armed criminals, no matter what the anti-gun fools say. (Chicago Tribune)

Friday, January 12, 2018

Democrats: "Impeach Trump!"

The Dumocrats continue their futile effort to get Trump impeached. But they can't seem to come up with a viable reason TO impeach him. They THINK they have several good reasons, but they all boil down to the Dumocrat's OPINION, based on that phony "Russian Connection" fantasy of theirs. Now a Quinnipec Poll has found that 51% of Americans DON'T want him impeached. They ignore this and cite the 45% who DO, saying that HALF of Americans want him impeached. I don't know where the pollsters went to get this result, Maybe the lobby of the Dumocrat National Committee. That's because I haven't seen ANY "grass roots" movement to get him impeached. The only "movement" comes from Dumocrats, and they hate his guts, anyway, because he's busily "tearing down their corrupt houses." He will continue to do so as long as he is president--and they can't have that, so they want to pony up something, ANYTHING to use to get him impeached, before he succeeds in "draining the entire swamp." taking them with it. That's what they're deathly afraid of. They figure they can save their own butts by getting rid of Trump. But it ain't agonna work, people. He's here to stay, for 7 more years. (Just common sense)

It's "Male Whiteness!"

One college professor (George Ciccariello-Maher ) at Drexel University, blames mass killings on "men's whiteness" after the Las Vegas killings, and got himself banished from the campus at Drexel for his racism. Think what would happen if anybody said the same thing about "blackness." The liberals would lose their minds, and so would conservatives. The level of STUPIDITY this professor illustrated by this remark should cause him to be BANNED from ANY position where his stupidity and bigotry could infect the impressionable minds of our youth. But that probably won't happen. His expulsion from the campus for his silly crack probably will only be temporary. It is instructive to note that he is still allowed to teach on the Internet from home. He said that "All white men want to kill people," and I assume he includes himself, since he APPEARS to be white. But the picture I saw was inconclusive on that score. What he ignores is the fact that most white men do NOT kill people, and some mass killers are NON-white.. But liberals like him ignore logic. (Keep and Bear)

Chicago Gun Deaths Light

They only killed one last Tuesday, (as this is written) but they wounded 9. which is very low, considering their usual very high level of “gun violence” in one of the most tightly gun-controlled cities in the Midwest. When are they going to learn that all their silly gun laws do is make it easier for the “bad guys,” who never apply for gun permits, anyway, to victimize law-abiding people who do? Every time a guy with an ILLEGAL gun shoots somebody, they make another “gun law” for him to IGNORE the next time he wants to shoot somebody. And with no guns in the hands of the law-abiding, he will probably kill that person and get away with it, since his name probably isn't on one of their “registration lists,” either. People who wish to do ill with their guns never register their guns and usually don't get them legally. They either buy them illegally out of another criminal's car trunk, in a back alley somewhere, or they STEAL them. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Democrats Lying to America

President Trump managed to pass the biggest tax reduction bill into law, ever. And without a SINGLE Dumocrat vote. It has prompted those "mean, nasty large corporations" to issue thousand dollar bonuses to millions of employees, raise their wages (without Dumocrat prompting), and generally make life better for their employees. These are what Dumocrats call "those wascally horrible big corporations that don't care about their employees." And the money to support these actions does not diminish their profits (nasty word) a whit. They are merely diverting money that would have been sent to DC to their employees. Meanwhile Dumocrats decry that tax bill. Nancy Peelosi tells us falsely that the tax law will cause an INCREASE in taxes "for the middle class." So does Chuckie Schumer, And they think this will cause them to win in 2018. Boy, are THEY in for a surprise. Much like their surprise when their "anointed one," Hillary, didn't win the presidency after they FIXED it for her to win. (NBC News)

What's With the GOP?

They would happily lose the White House, and even control of the Congress if it would get rid of Trump. At least, some of them would, those who were "in the swamp." The "elite Republicans" are deathly afraid that Trump is going to knock down their houses of cards and destroy their little fiefdoms, as he has PROMISED to do. So they are going to try to discredit him before he can do it. Other Republicans realize the GIFT they have been given with control of all three branches of government, and will try to do the right thing. Those who don't, will mostly lose their next election and be gone. That's the upshot of Trump's intentions. Those who consistently vote AGAINST the GOP program, like the senator who has TWICE blocked Trump's initiatives. will be "put out to pasture" to enjoy their retirement, for that will be all they have left. I get really tired of our representatives who are only interested in protecting their little "kingdoms," and to hell with what's good for the country. I know who they are, and so do the other people who pay attention to politics. And we will see that they go down. (Just common sense)

It's Unconstitutional!

The federal district court recently ruled that requiring applicants provide a “good reason” before being issued a carry permit is in violation of the Constitution—which is absolutely right. The Constitution clearly states that the right to be armed “shall not be abridged” for ALL Americans. Requirements such as this ARE an “abridgment” to that right. Back when I applied for a permit in Indiana (back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth), they had that requirement, which I easily met. But I shouldn't have had to meet it. Being non-political then, I didn't realize how my rights were being violated, as it is with most people who “pay no attention to politics.” But it is still a violation of citizen's rights, and Washington DC should realize that more than anywhere else. They'll probably appeal that decision, because anti-gun politicians aren't too bright, But they'll probably lose, in the long run. Anti-gun politicians usually do because theirs is a MINORITY position, as it should be. (Washington Times)