Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mosby Admits Defeat

Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby has dropped all the charges against the remaining police officers she falsely charged with murder in the Freddy Gray death. She blames the cops, of course, saying their investigation was “flawed,” and resulted in charges without sufficient evidence to gain a single conviction. She should have seen that when she rushed to file the charges even before the ink was dry on the police reports. She now says she still thinks they're guilty of murder, but she just can't prove it. Which stains them forever in many minds. Unfortunately, that description actually describes HER. She “rushed to judgment, in her anti-cop zeal, and, like most liberals, blames others for her own shortcomings. If she had gotten a single conviction of these innocent cops, who were only doing their duty, she would be in front of the microphones before the gavel dropped taking credit. Now, after a long period in which those cops lost time and money, and were forced to spend money to defend themselves, while “being on tenterhooks” about the rest of their lives, she “drops the ball” with no apology—as usual. Liberals never apologize when their stupid acts hurt people. (Mail News)

Blaming Pence

Moms Demands gun confiscation (or some such) blames Mike Pence., She calls Indiana a “feeder state” for gun sales and imports into Chicago, as if they didn't have enough illegal guns already there to kill a lot of people, with all their stupid gun laws. It's as if they couldn't get their guns from other sources. Mike can't control the flow of ILLEGAL gun sales any more than Illinois can. The difference is, he ADMITS it. Chicago and Illinois doesn't. They don't even LOOK for ways to stem the flow of ILLEGAL guns. They just want to disarm honest, law-abiding people and SAY they're “doing something about gun violence.” But they actually have NO IDEA how to “end gun violence,” but they won't admit that. They just spend people's money and make USELESS laws and CLAIM they're “doing something.” Gun-haters are FOOLS, and use ANYTHING to promote their “flights of fancy” that kill honest people by keeping them disarmed against the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals and crazies. And now the Islamic terrorists Obama insists of importing by the hundreds of thousands.(Gun-Free Zone)

Gun-Hating Politicians

Why do we keep getting them? Why ARE they gun-haters? Why are so many politicians (mostly Democrats) afraid of ordinary citizens, who OBEY their laws, having the right (that is guaranteed them by the Constitution) to carry a gun to defend themselves against the CRIMINALS who get their guns ILLEGALLY and do all the “gun violence? Why do those politicians hate gun ownership for the “common man” so much? Honest, law-abiding gun owners do not, as a rule, commit crimes with their guns. What makes them think they can violate the Constitution and get away with it? They go out and make unconstitutional laws against guns they KNOW are unconstitutional, and enforce them UNTIL somebody coughs up enough money to get their evil laws into the Supreme Court, to be reversed, after much damage has already been done. Are they AFRAID of us? Somebody once said, “when the government fears US, we have freedom,” or some such. It seems so, to me. We need to stop electing candidates with an anti-gun history, completely, no matter how much we might approve of their other actions. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Speaking Spanish

Hillary's chosen lackey, Tim Kaine, pulled the usual politician ploy of speaking Spanish to “curry favor” with the Spanish people in our country, legally or ILLEGALLY. But it wasn't so innocent as that, when you translate what he actually said, which he hoped nobody would bother to do. But we're smarter than the voters used to be. We know what he said. It was, “Welcome to our country. Because we're all Americans.” Which was “code” to mean Democrats welcome ALL Spanish-speaking people, whether they be legal or illegal. That, if they win. AMNESTY will follow. Trump will not promise that, so he probably won't get the ILLEGAL vote. He'll probably get the LEGAL Spanish-speaking vote, because they're mad that the illegals “took their place in line” and “elbowed them aside.” (Conservative Tribune)

"Guns Aren't Needed"

That's what Doughtery County Assistant district told a crowd at the Albany “Crime Stopper's' meeting that 51% of the guns in existence are in the United States and less than 10% of guns stolen are ever recovered. That's important to her, how? Notice all her figures are based on LEGAL guns, which means they don't count the ILLEGAL guns out there. She says that “Less guns means a safer world.” Which is entirely NOT true and shows her ignorancre.. It's what Attorney Cortney Elam thinks. Not for shooting sports, nor for self defense. She completely ignores the fact that the only guns that cause trouble are in the hands of ILLEGAL gun owners, who will not be affected by gun confiscation. Then how do we defend ourselves? How stupid is her opinion? I don't know what she bases her opinion on, but, like all anti-gun fools, she is WRONG. The ONLY real defense against all the illegal guns out there in the hands of criminals is MORE guns in the hands of honest, law-abiding people. But people like her will never hear about that, their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. (Albany Herald)

Just Like We Figured

The anti-gun fools predicted much gun violence at the Republican National Convention because there was “open carry” in force in Illinois. They figured people coming in with openly carried guns on their hips would be a disaster and armed people got in spats with others over such trivial things as floor space and started shooting. But, as WE predicted, there was no problem at all concerning the “open carry” people The convention went off without a hitch and those with guns were “just there.” Nobody shot anybody for being jostled in the crowds.. The anti-gun fools were wrong again. As usual. But they'll never know about it, since they're among the “snowflakes” who cower at the very thought of opposition and retreat to their “safe spaces” to avoid any possible “negative thought.” (AmmoLand)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Florida NIghtclub Shot Up

What is it about nightclubs in Florida? There has been yet another mass shooting in a Florida nightclub. This time, in Ft. Myers. This time, the fool shooter only managed to kill two people. But 15 were injured. Now check this: it was “teen night” at this club, guaranteeing some teenagers would be hurt. Sick, right? Well. anybody who would shoot into a crowd of people is sick. The hospital says the victims ranged in age from 12 to 27. Now that is really sick! Some say, 12 to 17! This kind of thing is getting very tiresome, in that it has become “routine.” So routine, in fact, that this shooting didn't even get “all day coverage” on Fox News like Orlando did. Cops say they have detained two “suspects.” If shown to be guilty, they should revive the firing squads for such crimes, with orders to the shooters to aim for the stomach, so the perp will be “gut-shot” and will die a long, and painful death. They deserve it. (Daily Caller)

Proof Again I'm right

That gun laws, as we kn ow them today, don't work. The gun laws in Germany are very tight. Much tighter than any in the United States, making it SO easy for criminals and would-be mass killers to get their guns ILLEGALLY. It's a known fact that the tighter the gun laws, the easier it is to get guns ILLEGALLY. As this is written, the killer is still “on the loose” and able to continue killing innocent people. They think they have him “cornered,” but there's no confirmation of that. All of Germany is a “gun-free zone,” making Germany a Mecca for illegal gun-wielding fools. There is no word YET whether this is related to Islamic terrorism, but I'll go out on a limb here, and say, “Who else” hates people enough to do a mass shooting, today​?” I think we're going to learn that this IS Islamic terrorism connected. If I can accurately predict this, why can't those, “Oh, so smart politicians? If I'm wrong, I'll tell you, myself. (CNN)

Eight Times Larger

You can tell what a politician is thinking by watching what he DOES, not by listening to what he says. And Obama's actions are telling. He says he doesn't want to take away your guns, while his “gun control team” is EIGHT times larger than his “anti-terrorist” team. Which means he is more fearful of law-abiding gun owners than he is about crazy Islamic terrorists who have promised to kill us all and take over our country. And I don't think it is political myopathy. I think it is INTENTIONAL TREASON. He WANTS the Islamic terrorists to win, and set up their “caliphate,” possibly with HIM as the caliph (thus again showing his ignorance). Why the people around him don't see that is a mystery. Maybe they're blinded by political myopathy, I don't know. In any case, they are setting us up to be killed by making us DEFENSELESS against the Islamic terrorists, while REFUSING to effectively fight them. (Truthand Action)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pandering to Gun-Haters

I don't know how many times Hillary has shown her gun-hating tendencies, but if you need one more reason to vote AGAINST her in the next election so she will NEVER become president, notice that she has asked the mother of that giant thug who tried to kill a cop in Ferguson, MO, Michael Brown and got himself killed, instead, to speak at the Democrat National Convention. That is such an obvious pander to the gun-haters, it doesn't even need to be said. I've said before that we need to stop electing politicians who show ANY tendency toward anti-gun bias, and that goes double for Hillary. If she is so against guns she asks this woman to speak at the convention, she's definitely not to be voted for, under any circumstances. That's even putting aside her tendencies toward socialism and "freebies for all,” with YOUR money. (Minuteman News)

Deluded Liberals

The Huffington Post has come out with an article saying that. “Open and concealed carry increase gun violence.” And they're right, to a degree, but not the way they think they are. As more and more honest, law-abiding citizens get guns to use in self-defense against all the ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals, who obey no laws, Gun violence will rise, for a time, while they “kill off” the criminals why try to victimize them. Then the “gun violence” will “drop like a stone,” since most of the troublemakers will be dead. Fools like those running the Huffington Post just don't understand that it is NOT the HONEST folks carrying guns that are the troublemakers. It is the CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws. Honest people owning guns aren't likely to be victimizing other honest people, while unlicensed CRIMINALS are. (Huffington Post)

Trucks & Pressure Cookers

Do we need to ban these important, and useful tools? If we follow the faulty reasoning of the anti-gun fools, we do. Whenever some fool kills somebody with an ILLEGAL gun, they immediately want to ban LEGAL guns. They can't be talking about banning ILLEGAL guns, because criminals don't obey laws. More people are killed with KNIVES than anything else. Should we ban all knives? No. That is a useful tool, too. Nor should we ban trucks or pressure cookers, because of the MISUSE of a few by fools. It's not the gun's fault, nor is it the fault of a pressure cooker that a couple of damned fools bombed some innocent people in Boston. Nor is it the fault of trucks because one was used to kill innocent people. If these people would get off their dead butts and THINK a little, they could figure this out for themselves. But they're not into thinking. They just look at something that might appeal to other fools and do it, thinking that they're “doing something” to stop gun violence, when they're not. All they're doing is DISARMING honest, law-abiding people and making it easier for criminals to use their ILLEGAL guns to kill them. (The News-Star)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Add It to Your List

If you're keeping a list of what liberals claim is “racism,” you can add to it, “mentioning big city names.” Every other day they come out with yet another thing that is supposed to be “code words” to mean racism—or something. They hate it that we've “tumbled” to the fact that most big cities that have financial and other problems are run by liberals, and can be depended upon to have even more troubles because the liberals who run them don't have any idea of what they're doing, but do it, anyway. And don't try and tell them they're screwing up the works. They're too arrogant to even entertain that idea. So it's GOT to be racism, you see. They figure they can blunt the criticism that way, without having to change their incompetent ways. They're taking a tip from Obama, who attributes each and every opposition to his policies to racism. (News Busters)

It's Just "Sour Grapes"

The fools who think we can get along without the cops are just expressing “sour grapes.” They want to be able to commit their crimes without being bothered by the cops, so they mount a campaign to make the cops irrelevant by making targets of them. That's what the “Black Lives Matter” movement is all about. Declaring war on the cops by painting every instance of a cop shooting a black man as “unprovoked violence” while encouraging criminals to shoot cops on sight. Like Mike Brown, in Ferguson, MO. They keep repeating the LIE that he “had his hands in the air” and was shouting “don't shoot.” But, in reality, this MONSTER of a thug was trying to take that cop's gun and kill him with it. These are things they don't tell you. They want you to think that all the black men who get killed by cops are “pure as the driven snow.” In reality, black men commit much more crime than do anyone else. Yes, some innocents do get in the crossfire. But that's what you get when you make cops nervous by making them conspicuous targets. They say they “shoot first and ask questions later?” Well, they do now, and that's the monster they have created. (Just common sense)

Why Was He Surprised?

It amazes me that a black activist has the GALL to walk up on a cop in his patrol car pointing something gun-looking in the dark (it was a cell phone camera) and is surprised when the cop points a gun at him. When every uniformed cop knows he has a target on his back, to point a gun at someone he does not know whether or not has a gun in his pocket and is accosting him? Cops are all “on edge” today, due to the idiots who think it is “open season” on cops. They might be shot by surprise at any moment, and this guy “challenges” this cop? This fool walks up to a cop at night with something in his hand asking silly questions? The fool is lucky he didn't get shot, and add to the phony stories about cops “shooting people for no reason.” Fools like this need to be locked up to save them from their own stupidity. Fools like this go about challenging cops and they wonder why they're quick to react violently. How stupid ARE they? (The Blaze)

Friday, July 22, 2016

They Know Not What They Do

People who say the Constitution is an “outdated document” and needs to be ignored are FOOLS, and shouldn't be listened to for even a minute, or a second (to quote a now infamous judge). The founders based that document on some basic truths that will never change. Things like smaller government, and “citizen congress members” who would serve one or two terms and then go home. Instead, some people love the power so much, they never leave. The Founders never envisioned people like ex Klan boss Robert Byrd, who was in Congress for most of his professional life, until he died. Now THERE was a PROFESSIONAL politician! Others similarly outstayed their welcome. One was 95 when he died in office. The rules they set down don't “go out of style.” It is the BASE, on which ALL of our laws sit. If a law doesn't conform to the Constitution, it cannot be a law—for long.; Liberals whine about it being a “confining document.” They're right. That's what it was DESIGNED to be. To “confine” overzealous politicians to basic laws, so they can't violate anybody's NATURAL rights. The liberals want to do that, so naturally, they want to do away with it, or convince people it isn't relevant, any more. Don't let them do that. (Just common sense)

Feeding Frenzy

The liberal media spent 130 minutes trying to pillory Melania Trump for “plagiarizing” part of her speech, taking phrasing from Michelle Obama's speech at the 2008 DNC. What she didn't know is that speech might have been taken from an earlier speech by somebody else. These days, it's hard NOT to take words from other speeches. Especially since politicians say many of the same things naturally. Couple that with her speech writer coming out and taking responsibility and you have a “tempest in a teapot” that tells us they have nothing else. Since this controversy began, people have uncovered many instances of the same thing in speeches by many others, including Barack Obama. It's funny they would make such a big thing of something most of THEM have been guilty of when it's so easy to dismiss in this day and age with Internet coverage being so easy. (News Busters)

"Rebranding" Gun Control

Gabby Giffords and her husband, the loudest anti-gun fools in the country (outside of Sen. Feinstein and “MOMS”), are dissatisfied with the “gun control” effort. So they're going to rename it. They call that “rebranding” it. This is what politicians do when they find their plans being stiffly opposed. They just rename it so for a time, they can “travel under our radar.” They're frustrated that so many “gun control measures” have been defeated handily in the Congress. They just don't understand WHY there is such stiff opposition. That a MAJORITY of the citizens of this country VALUE their right to be armed for self-defense, and they will not give up that constitutional right easily. Barack Obama, their best-known “partner” in their efforts to take away our right to self-defense has SAID that he is “disappointed that America has so often rejected his gun control efforts.” He too, just can't seem to understand that his efforts to take away our guns is “not who we are.” And we will “go down to the wire” to defeat all efforts. (Politico)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Imminent Danger

This is the most important election in the history of this country, as we know it. If Hillary Clinton is elected president, this nation is LOST, as a free nation. For starters, she will appoint a liberal to replace the conservative Justice Alioto,  who died under suspicious circumstances and that will, by itself, move the Court in a leftward direction for the next several decades. All their future decisions will be seen through the lens of the majority, which will be liberal. And they will favor socialism, and all the other damned fool things the liberals are in favor of. Then she will go on to appoint liberals and socialists to all the other positions that come up during her administration. And they will remain, even after she “moves on.” And she will get to appoint the other Justices to replace several who have signaled that they are ready to retire, which will further CRIPPLE the Supreme Court in upholding the Constitution, which the liberals want GONE. And they will stay long after she's gone. They keep saying Trump is “dangerous.” And they're right. He IS “dangerous. But only to THEM, and their routine usurpation of power. They're insanely frightened of him. I haven't seen such fervent opposition, ever. (John Bolton PAC)

"Ban Umbrellas!"

Two million people die in accidents involving umbrellas. Only 365K in gun incidents. Using the logic displayed by the anti-gun fools, we need to BAN UMBRELLAS! Whenever a gun is involved in violence, they immediately start screaming about “getting rid of guns,” ignoring the fact that a gun, without a HUMAN aiming and firing it, doesn't usually harm ANYBODY. Often, umbrellas don't need a human being to kill. Another killer instrument is the automobile. There are so many people killed by automobiles, it's a wonder to me they haven't banned them a long time ago. It's the same with knives. Whenever some guy who wants to kill somebody can't get a gun, he uses a knife. Why haven't they been banned? I'm aware you know this is a parody. But the anti-gun fools don't. THEY are the biggest parody out there, with all their fool notions, like “no-gun zones,” “gun locks,” “safe storage of guns,” allowing concealed carry, but only with UNLOADED guns (one of the single STUPIDEST measures I've ever heard of). (Fox News)

"NRA's Twisted Vision"

That's what the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence calls the NRA drive to retain our Second Amendment rights, which they're trying HARD to take away. They call it a “twisted vision,” in hopes of diminishing it in people's eyes, which is all they've got. Actually, they're the ones with a “twisted vision.”The “laws” they get passed don't work. Instead of REDUCING “gun violence,” they INCREASE it. But they'll never admit it, because that will mean the blood of those killed is on their hands. They can't find a real way to make a law against gun ownership that will keep guns out of the hands of criminals, who don't OBEY laws (neither can I). But they keep trying, making the same old laws that don't work, thinking they're “doing something” when they're not. Maybe some day they'll wake up. But I don't think so. They've proven themselves to be not smart enough. They con people into creating “gun-free zones,” which actually operate as an “engraved invitation” to “bad guys” to “come in and shoot us,” since there probably won't be any guns there to oppose you. (Breitbart)