Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Democrats Are Really Stupid

I’m right now watching a “demonstration” by top Dumocrats in DC “demonstrating” to get Trump to “end the government shutdown” when the whole thing was CREATED by their stubborn REFUSAL to allow him to have ANY funding for the wall he was elected to erect. And the whole thing is hilarious as we watch their “dog and pony show” trying to convince the American people that Trump is to blame. As Trump has said, the impasse could be ended in a few minutes if they would back off their “Trump hatred” where they oppose ANYTHING President Trump wants to do. Their “tantrum” continues while they vacation in exotic spots and Trump remains in ice cold DC, just waiting for them to “wise up” and “get with the program.” Their “hate Trump stance is not going to gain them anything. Trump knows it, but they do not. They can oppose everything they can, while Trump piles up the victories that he can cite in the next election. The liberal media, which is in “lock-step” with the Dumocrats won’t report on any of them, but they just can’t seem to stop him from speaking out and “going around” them to get his message out to the world. (Real Clear Politics)

Muslims Winning Elections

Like the Germans when they elected Hitler, we’re creating our own defeat by treating Muslims as if there was no reason to deny them the power to ruin our lives by letting them make our laws. They’ll call me racist for saying these things, but that’s BS. Muslim is not a race, and their “religion” is a farce. That’s not to say there aren’t good people following their “religion.” But they USE their “religion” to forestall ALL criticism of their actions, many of which, even for “peaceful Muslims,” are, as Obama would say, “not what we are.” They believe in “honor killings,” and rape is a staple in their societies. That’s why their men insist their women go about in what can be described at a “tent,” so their men won’t rape them, while many of them rape other women, saying, “their way of dressing drives them to rape” (Somebody needs to teach them they have no right to rape women). We need to treat them differently from real Americans, because they are—the very way they think is an anathema to most Americans. They’ll probably want to kill me for writing this. That’s how they think. If people disagree with you, just kill them. Their very religion tells them to force their religion on others, whether they want it, or not, and kill them if they refuse to “convert.” If we allow them political office, it’s only a matter of time before they con their way into forcing “Sharia Law” upon us. When that happens, we’re lost. They can’t beat us militarily, but now they’re working to beat us politically— from the inside--and way too many people are helping, by electing them to office. (Just common sense)

Thank God for NRA!

Hillary and her henchmen are now claiming that, "If not for the NRA, Hillary would now be president. "Let’s face the facts. Without the NRA Hillary would be President and Schumer would be the leading the Senate. The Supreme Court would be backed with young gun grabbing justices. The record number of judges DJ Trump has had appointed would be all to the left of center (WAY to the left). Imagine the 9th Circuit Court being the norm for the country as a whole." Not only that, that mad woman, Nancy Peelosi would again be the Majority Leader in the House (regrettably, she is, again), and, between her and Chuckie, they would be able to forever block ALL legislation Trump suggests. Soon we would be a socialist country, with the government STEALING a large part of the fruits of the production of new wealth produced by those willing and able to PRODUCE new wealth. And forget about your constitutional right to be armed for self defense. Dumocrats have tried everything in their power during the last 8 years to disarm America, and with Hillary in the White House, they would no doubt be able to "git 'er done." Of course, there's no proof that the NRA had ANYTHING to do with her loss, except to contribute money to conservative candidates and run a few ads, which they have the right to do. Just as there's no proof for her other imaginary plot, the "Russian connection." But that has never stopped the Dumocrats from promoting a lie before. (AmmoLand)

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

"Fact-Checkers" Don't Lie?

It’s a big thing to Dumocrats: the “fact-checkers.” They fact-checked President Trump’s recent speech and found him to be lying in several places. The only problem is, what they called “lies” were simple disagreements on policy and opinion. The only problem with “fact-checkers” is that some of them LIE. The very label “fact-checker” seems to impute integrity into what they do. It does NOT. Most fact-checkers ARE honest. But some are NOT. I’m very suspicious when the fact-checkers are Dumocrat, because the Dumocrats LIE. And fact-checkers are simply a tool they use to impute lying on the part of their enemies. What we need are fact-checkers on the fat-checkers, to see if they’re lying. Fact-checkers are a good thing, if THEY are honest. But for many of them, their “fact-checking” needs to be “fact-checked.” We’re supposed to accept their fact-checking at face value, but there is NOTHING we can take for granted in the “swamp” of DC. So their work, on both sides, needs to be inspected carefully before they are believed. (DC Clothesline)

"Free Stuff for All!"

That’s the message that comes from an outfit calling itself “Democratic Socialists of America.” They’re now calling for free college tuition for everybody who is too lazy to pay for it themselves. They didn’t put it that way, but that’s the way it is. It amuses me that they think “Democratic” and “socialism” actually go together. They do NOT. Socialism cannot exist in a democratic society. Socialism REQUIRES a “top-down” government, where unnamed bureaucrats make all the decisions, and run the lives of everybody. The very system is based on the THEFT of the fruits of production from those capable and willing to produce new wealth, for the benefit of those who just want to “ride the wagon” with others doing all the work of making it move. It NEEDS producers of new wealth, so there will BE something for the government to STEAL for the benefit of the “drones” of society. The very reason so many people buy the BS of socialism (under its many names) is because so many of them have been taught, from birth, that “the world owes them a living,” and they need to “share” what they have with others. They say free tuition will “stimulate the economy.” It will NOT. It will STAGNATE the economy, as more and more people just wait for the government to do what they should be doing for themselves, while leaving the real work to others. (Legal Insurrection)

Lies, Lies, and Damned Lies!

You can lie to Americans and some of them will believe you, if you neglect to include raw statistics. For instance, the anti-gun fools say the reason we have the highest "gun death" rate in the world is our "lax gun laws." One little problem: the RAW stats don't back that up. "Americans own more guns per capita than any other nationality, about 101 per 100 inhabitants, remarkable since barely more than a third of us own guns." At the same time, "The United States has far from the highest rate of murder by gun. We kill 3.2 people per 100,000 inhabitants each year. Brazilians kill about 18.1 per 100,000, Paraguayans about 7.35." That CLEARLY puts us in THIRD PLACE to two countries that have stiffer gun laws than we do. This writer couldn't resist taking a shot at the NRA when he wrote, "I wish the NRA would devote as much attention to gun safety as it does to raising money to rent politicians who would arm everyone to the teeth." "Renting" politicians? absurd. They rightly push against the current gun laws, which don't work, anyway. All their laws do is INCREASE gun deaths by keeping the law-abiding UNARMED, while criminals always have guns. And the NRA does spend a lot of money on teaching gun safety, but the anti-gun fools object to that. They hate ANYTHING that teaches people about guns. They would rather guns remain invisible, with NOBODY knowing anything about them. And yes, they DO promote allowing law-abiding people to have guns (which is guaranteed by the Constitution) for self defense. What's wrong with that is that their laws only apply to the law-abiding, and not to the owners of ILLEGALLY-obtained guns, which proliferate, without any controls. (Sun-Journal)

Monday, January 14, 2019

A 51 Foot Ladder

My son came up with an excellent analogy the other day when we were discussing (arguing) about the “battle over the wall” now raging in DC. He said that, “If Trump builds a 50 foot wall, that’ll just spark sales of 51-foot ladders.” He was right about that, except wrong to blame President Trump exclusively for the “standoff” that has kept the government (partly) shut down. Trump has told the world what he insisted upon many times, and the Dumocrats are adamantly opposed to it. It was their decision to BE opposed to it because Trump asked for it. Before, they all agreed that a wall was necessary. And they were right. Yes, there are ways over ANY wall. But they do make it harder for illegal aliens to get into this country unnoticed. And coupled with other means, they can be very effective. But if they’re not there, they cannot. He blames both sides. And to some degree, he’s right. There might be a better way, but I can’t see one—and neither apparently, does President Trump. That’s why he is so insistent. The Dumocrats are wrong because all they want do is stop EVERYTHING Trump wants to do. That’s their entire motivation, and they don’t care if they ruin the lives of many government employees. Trump wants to improve our defenses against being “invaded” by illegal aliens, and a wall is just PART of that, but an important part. The Dumocrats’ ONLY motivation is obstruction, and they need to be beaten, and beaten badly. (Just common sense)

No Blue Wave

No “Red Wave,” either. Republicans lost the House, but kept control in the Senate. So we can at least STOP the worst of the Dumocrat outrages. Of course, that won’t stop the incessant duplicitous “investigations” that will cost taxpayers $millions as Dumocrats increase their efforts to unseat the legally-elected president. Colorado, where I live, went entirely blue, electing a gay Dumocrat governor and a majority of Dumocrats to other offices. For the first time in a long time, the criminals completely control the government in Colorado, and we will suffer accordingly. The big question now is, are the Dumocrats in the House dumb enough to re-elect Nancy Peelosi as the Speaker? (Yes, they were) I’m so tired of listening to that old bag yap, I do the same thing when she comes on the TV as I still do when Obama comes on. I turn the sound off. Sometimes I just turn the TV off. I guess there were more gullible people voting than I thought. I guess they just want to have to pay more taxes and give more of their money to the “drones” of society. Hopefully, sanity will return to the electorate after the next two years, and we will not have gone socialist in that amount of time. (Just common sense)

More Anti-Gun Lies

CNN's Jim Acosta, a KNOWN liar, told the most UNBELIEVABLE lie, ever. On Dec. 14, 2017. he claimed that there have been 1,552 "mass shootings since the Sandy Hill school shooting. He uses the FBI definition of a "mass shooting" that a shooting with four or more deaths is a "mass shooting." A pretty low level. But, in addition, he includes shootings in which there were no deaths. Additionally, I don't think even FOUR deaths constitutes a "mass shooting." When I think of a mass shooting, I see more than four deaths involved. He relies on figures from the "Gun Violence Archive," a KNOWN anti-gun fool "tracking" site. An outfit whose numbers have always been questionable. Additionally, Acosta is a well-known twister of facts to suit his narratives. He commonly uses these "twisted facts" in encounters with Sara Sanders, Trump's current press secretary, which she usually easily shoots down. (Breitbart)

Friday, January 11, 2019

Ban Cars! Ban Cars!

That’s what the liberals are going to be shouting after they hear the news that cars have been driven into people in TWO places: Germany, and Japan. In Tokyo, a minivan slammed into New Year’s revelers, injuring eight people, while the same thing occurred in Berlin. In Tokyo, the driver wasn’t finished. He jumped out of the van and punched a ninth victim. In Germany, he did it twice (then again). He drove int a crowd in one place, but his intended victims jumped out of the way and were not hit. Not satisfied, he drove to another location and did it again, this time injuring four. He wasn’t a very good terrorist, and neither was the one in Japan. Neither killed anyone (yet). The attack in Germany seems to be aimed at foreigners, since all those hit were tourists from Syria and Albania. The Germany driver then tried it yet again, missing people entirely, before the cops “got him.” He was heard to make anti-foreigner comments when arrested. If the anti-gun fools run true to form, they will blame the car, rather than the driver, and demand laws be made to ban cars because some people misused some. Anti-gun fools are stupid that way, and they’re well known for blaming the TOOL for violence, rather than the perpetrator. Which, of course, accomplishes NOTHING, except to make the law-abiding vulnerable to people who want to kill them. (Huffington Post)

Proving His Point

Conservative Professor Samuel Abrams wrote an op-ed about the lack of intellectual diversity, and students went bananas, wanting him to be “run off the campus on a rail.” Which does nothing except prove the point he was trying to make. The first thing the students (we think) did was to deface his office door. I say “we think” because, in today’s atmosphere, it might have been a member of the school “administration.” The college’s president, Christie Judd, after releasing a very tepid response to the vandalism, accused professor Abrams of “attacking members of his community.” Never mind his target was college administrators, and was “right on.” Thus proving his point, perfectly. She said he “created a hostile work environment.” (Where have I heard those words—those exact words—before?) He responded by saying, If my op-ed constitutes ‘hate speech,’ that’s not a world I want to be part of.” Abrams conducted a study that included 900 “administrators” that found that liberals outnumbered conservatives 12 to 1. The college president was contacted, asking if they would support Abrams’ position, and they have yet (at his writing) to answer. Abrams has tenure, so they can’t fire him. But they can make the pressure to quit so intense that he will go job-hunting, and I predict they will try. Liberals just can’t have anybody saying the truth. (Legal Insurrection)

The Ignorance of Some People

In Tennessee, a uniformed policeman entered an "Outback" restaurant while on duty. According to regulations of his force, he was armed, as (fortunately) are ALL police officers (so far) in the United States. The manager approached him and asked him to take his gun out to his vehicle while in the restaurant. He responded that he could not do that, as he was REQUIRED to be armed at all times when in uniform. So she went to make a phone call. I don't know who she talked to, but she then came back and asked him to leave. Seems a fool woman saw his gun and was frightened, "because cops shoot people." She has apparently bought the anti-cop bullderm that criminals with "Black Lives Matter" put out. Yes, cops DO "shoot people." But not RANDOM people. Only people who are shooting at them, or have a gun in their hand ABOUT to shoot at them. And CIVILIANS shoot COPS! Sometimes from ambush! Any cop who wears the uniform and is NOT armed is a FOOL! A criminal could open up on him at any time, anywhere, due to the moronic rhetoric put out by the "Black Lives Matter" fools. COPS lives matter, too! Outback upper management apologized and sent him a $100.00 card, good in many Outback restaurants. But the fact that Outback is a "no gun zone" nationwide takes them OFF my list of restaurants in which I will eat. "Panera Bread" is also on my 'no go' list," for the same reason. (News Channel 9)

Thursday, January 10, 2019

"Push Climate Change!"

That seems to be the Dumocrat’s plan, other than to impeach Trump: “Push Hard on Climate Change.” Oh, great! They want to spend a lot of time and money on a phony issue that was started, and continues, to put money into AlGore’s pocket. They keep saying, “The science is settled,” but it is NOT. NO science is ever settled. New knowledge is coming along all the time that upsets many “cherished conclusions,” by destroying old opinions. In climate change’s case, no new facts are needed. Climate change is the new name Al chose for his failing “global warming” scam that was ruined by the very fact that the globe has NOT been “warming” for almost 20 years. So he changed the name of his swindle to “climate change,” so he could attribute ANY weather anomaly to it. It doesn’t change the fact that NO science is EVER “settled.” The whole climate change scam is based on an obvious false narrative (obvious to intelligent people, of course). Climate change is CYCLICAL. The planet has been growing colder, then warmer, in CYCLES for as long as anybody can remember. And the only “science” that is “settled” is the phony “science” they use to promote their swindle, which has made billions of dollars for Al, and all the other swindlers who push the scam, including governments, who tax many things in its name. And, of course, that imbecile, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is going to be right out front in pushing the swindle. (Legal Insurrection)

Now They're Armed

One thing told us about the “caravans” of people coming to “overrun” our border was that they are a “peaceful” people, so we’d better not hurt any of them, or Dumocrats will “go nuts” on us, and voters will desert us. Now there is a second bunch coming toward our borders, with GUNS. And BOMBS! Some had gasoline bombs made from soft drink bottles, while others have improvised PVC tubes, presumably to make pipe bombs. One confrontation with Mexican “authorities” left one “migrant” dead. A thing which, I’m sure our liberals will use to much advantage. At one point, in Guatamala, “migrants” injured several police officers in a violent confrontation. In Mexico, “migrants “attacked its officers with rocks, bottles, and fireworks.” Mexican Interior Secretary Alfonso Navarrete Prida lamented what he called a second 'violent attempt' to storm the border, accusing people of placing the elderly, pregnant women and children at the front, putting them at risk of being crushed. Now, that’s the kind of things terrorists do! Like strapping children to the front of tanks that are invading. (Daily Mail)

Anything But "Sensible"

The anti-gun fools describe all their efforts to disarm Americans as "sensible," but they are ANYTHING BUT sensible. They don't work worth a damn. But they keep imposing new, ineffective, and sometimes unenforceable laws and regulations, while "gun crime" continues, and INCREASES. They're all unconstitutional because they are all INFRINGEMENTS on our right to be armed for self defense. Their laws and regulations only cause gun violence to succeed, because they DISARM the very VICTIMS of gun crime, which is usually accomplished by use of guns that are ILLEGALLY owned. No amount of "background checks" will work, because they're only applied to LEGAL gun buyers, not the CRIMINALS, who get their guns illegally, or just STEAL them. Disarming their potential victims only makes it easier for those criminals to victimize them, at will. The new "bumpstock bans" that are "in fashion" now by anti-gun fools are just as ineffective in stopping gun violence, because those who want to use them WILL get them, illegally. You cannot defend yourself by DISARMING yourself. That's something the anti-gun fools have never learned, and never WILL learn, in their ignorance. (Bearing Arms)

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Welcome Back, Foundations!

The number of “charitable foundations” has decreased significantly in recent years, especially since the tax cuts instituted by President Reagan and President Trump. Now Dumocrat fool Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants a top tax rate of 70% again. They were originally only used to mask income, so that they would not have to pay those “confiscatory taxes” imposed upon them by Dumocrats. Now the ones left are mostly used to mask foreign donations to politicians, a la Hillary Clinton. Dumocrats will never learn a simple fact: that REDUCING taxes caused more economic activity, and thus more taxable income, thereby causing an INCREASE in the “tax take.” This is borne out by history, in that, every time taxes are reduced, the “tax take” increases, along with the economic activity lower taxes generate. That’s SURE EVIDENCE, but Dumocrats deny it, continuing to say the rich “don’t pay their fair share” of taxes, when they pay MOST of the income taxes collected. Figures put out by none other than the IRS prove it. “Alex from duh Bronx” Ocasio-Cortez, when asked how she expects to pay for her “flights of fancy” like the government paying for all college tuition, or a minimum income for all Americans, working or not, or her other hair-brained socialist ideas, says, “Increase the maximum tax rate to 75 %.” Not knowing, in her abysmal ignorance that that will cause the “tax take” to go DOWN significantly. (Legal Insurrection)

The Racist Lemon

I’ve never seen Don Lemon, one of CNN’s major mouthpieces, on TV because I never watch CNN. They are way too biased for me. They lie too much. But I know one thing, he is a RACIST. He tells us that, himself by his actions, and his rhetoric. He hates white people, and he isn’t afraid to tell us about it. I’ll give him credit for honesty, at least. He thinks white people are the same as terrorists. He sees them everywhere! He thinks there ought to be a travel ban on them. Hide your women! Hide your MEN! If he had his way, they’d all be killed, and there would be no people left except those of “the brown persuasion.” If that isn’t blatant RACISM, I don’t know what is! A hundred years ago, Lemon would been an organizer of a black version of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), running around hanging as many white men as he could. If he thought he could get away with it, he’d do it today. The vitriol he shows toward white people is dangerous. And he thinks white people are too violent. When he walks down the street, he is afraid if he notices a while man walking down the street behind him. No reason to fear that white man, except for the color of his skin. It’s a new kind of racism, and Lemon is at its forefront. (Glenn Beck)

Keeping Churches Defenseless

In Florida, Dumocrats are trying HARD to prevent churches from allowing their law-abiding parishioners to being their guns when they attend services. They would rather they be KILLED if some fool decided to come into the church and murder them. HR-39, which removed the right of someone with a "carry permit" to be able to carry it where someone might accidentally see it, including churches. This bill ignores such cases as the female doctor in Texas who had to leave her legally carried gun in the car when she and her parents entered a restaurant that was posted as a "gun-free zone." She had to stand by and watch while a gunman entered and murdered her parents, right in front of her. Places like churches who wish to allow people to bring their guns should have the right to do so, In any case, Florida passed it into law, and I predict that many people will DIE because of it. People who introduce, and those who pass such laws ignore the possible consequences of their laws--or they just don't give a damn, in their zeal to disarm every law-abiding American, while the "bad guys" get their guns easily, illegally. Anti-gun fools are very short-sighted, except in cases of their own security. That's why people like Sen. Feinstein, a very loud anti-gun fool, has her own gun, in addition to the ARMED men who surround her wherever she goes. (NRA-ILA)

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Clinton/Obama Crime Family

Benghazi was very simply a means to cover up the fact that the Clintons and Barack Obama were making millions of dollars “running guns” to the terrorists. And the reason General Flynn was attacked was to discredit him because he knew too much about it. He should be glad to be discredited. If the “Clinton body count” is to be believed, they might have just caused him to “have a fatal accident” like one guy who “committed suicide’ by shooting himself in the head. TWICE. Just before he was to have testified to a Clinton crime the next day. During that Benghazi attack, a “Stinger Missile” the terrorists got their hands on, that was scheduled to go to Syria misfired because of the incompetence of the terrorist who fired it. Pieces of it were discovered in the wreckage of a helicopter that was still downed by the missile. Sure and convincing evidence, as it turns out, and well covered up, at the time, by the Clinton/Obama crime machine. Charges against a John McCain associate who facilitated the sale were mysteriously dropped in the last days of the Obama “reign.” Funny: there are no more implacable enemies of guns in America, in the hands of the law-abiding, than the Clintons or Obamas. Hmmmm. (Gateway Pundit)

Mandatory "Conditioning"

University students say “mandatory diversity training” is the answer to “microaggression.” And what the HELL is “microaggression?” Microaggression is offering opinions that disagree with those of your listener. So “diversity training” is CONDITIONING to change your opinion to that of the listener. What they mean is that they fear opinions different from their own, and want to make it mandatory that those who disagree with them attend classes designed to change their opinions. Whether their opinions are true or not, doesn’t matter. They want to change your opinion, and make it mandatory. It’s funny that the opinions they want to “purge” are those that are not liberal opinions. If I were to insist a liberal be forced to attend a “mandatory diversity class” because of his liberal opinions, how far do you think I would get? Not very far, I would guess. They need to start calling them “conditioning classes.” But does anybody think that will ever happen? Not a chance! That would expose them for what they are, and the liberals can’t have that. (Legal Insurrection)

No Correalation

The "experts" say "there is no correlation" between gun ownership and gun crime, which proves my contention that legal gun owners are NOT the problem in gun crime. As usual, their "figures" only apply to LEGAL gun owners, and completely ignore the ILLEGAL guns out there, whose numbers equal, or surpass the number of LEGAL guns noted in the "study." Of what use is this "study," I don't know, since it takes into account, only LEGAL guns. Criminals usually don't get their guns legally, and usually don't stand for background checks. Nor do they register their illegal guns. States with tight gun laws and states with less than tight gun laws have SIMILAR gun crime rates. If places like Chicago or Baltimore's gun control worked, they'd be the safest places ever to live--but they're NOT. That should tell the anti-gun fools something, but it does not. That would take some INTELLIGENCE. Why we (not me) keep electing anti-gun fools to office, so they can impose their silly, stupid gun laws on us, I don't know. (Daily Caller)