Monday, September 1, 2014

Obama Pushing Islam

I’ve been saying it for long time, but nobody seems to be listening; Obama is PUSHING Islam. He WANTS it to gain a foothold here and is willing to use the power of his government to accomplish it. That’s why when a small town in Minnesota (how far into the hinterland can you get?) named St. Anthony, refused to accept a Muslim mosque, he had his DOJ file suit. US Attorney Andrew Luger says they “violated the federal law against discriminating against a religion” in refusing to approve it, which is WRONG. They have the right to refuse to allow an inimical POLITICAL ORGANIZATION to locate a “conditioning center” in their town, and that’s what Islam is. It’s NOT a religion. It just claims to be one for reasons like this. We know Obama is at the very least a Muslim SYMPATHIZER. I insist he IS a MUSLIM in hiding, working hard to help them infiltrate all facets of our society so they can help to destabilize us and make it easier for his plan to make this into a collectivist (socialist) country to succeed. Of course, they will call me a “Islamaphobe” (a phony, made-up term) for saying this, but I report the truth, no matter where it goes. (Minuteman News)

Colorado Gun Laws A Flop

After a flurry of gun violence, Colorado Governor Hickenlooper  bought into former New York Mayor and chief national anti-gun fool Bloomberg’s advice and passed a strong gun registration law. But it didn’t work. Surprise, surprise! Democrat lawmakers are trying to put the failure down to “fiscal mismanagement” in the “enforcement” of the law. Main sponsor of the bill, Democrat State Rep. Rhonda Fields, says she is “still optimistic,” though she “did admit” to the possibility of fiscal mismanagement. Oh, yeah! Blame it on everything except what it is. As predicted, it had done not much of ANYTHING to reduce gun violence in Colorado. If anything, it has gone up. She said that even though numbers are low, it does show that Coloradans are “obeying the law.” Really? It shows intelligent people something entirely different. I’m sure gun violence has gone UP in Colorado, and sure seems that way to a Colorado resident like me. I’m sure the numbers would show that if anybody actually KEPT such numbers. Anti-gun fools won’t, and it’s hard to do for anybody else. But personally, I see NO cessation in the numbers of shootings reported locally. All I see is innocent, unarmed people being UNABLE to resist CRIMINALS with their ILLEGAL guns. (Daily Caller)

Marine Echoes Me

He is actually an “inactive” Marine. I’ve been told there is no such thing as an “ex-Marine.” And I’ve seen the evidence that is true, both in my brother and in one of my best friends, who battled cancer with a resolve you wouldn’t believe. He says the only reason you have been “moderately successful” in your “takeover” of Iraq (after we left at our fool president’s order) is that you’re fighting somebody who does not known how to fight. He reminds you of the very short time it took us to WIN the war in Iraq and dispense with Saddam because his soldiers were AFRAID and “surrendered” TWICE. That Americans are “armed to the teeth” (something the Japanese took seriously in WWII when they refused to attack the mainland because “there would be a gun behind every blade of grass”). The same is true today, and is truer now than ever before. In spite of our government’s efforts to disarm us, we have more guns at our disposal than ever before. If ISIS terrorists come here to “put their flag over the White House,” they’ll “run into a buzz-saw” which they will not survive. All those who come here will get their “72 virgins” who somehow remain virgins after screwing them. (The Blaze)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Two Faces of Islam

One face is for Islam’s useful idiots the other is for Islam’s faithful” (American Thinker). That simplifies it tremendously. They tell one story to the gullible fools who BUY their kind of bullsh-t, and another to “the faithful,” those who are willing to KILL everybody who doesn’t believe EXACTLY the same way they do. They are building “believers” on the basis of FEAR. Fear if you don’t “convert,” and fear if you change your mind and convert to another “religion.” They have to do that because there is no LOGICAL reason to believe their “political system” IS a “religion.” So they threaten to kill you if you don’t convert, and if you later change your mind and go elsewhere. They really think that someone who converts to Islam at the point of a gun are REALLY converts. They aren’t. They’re just god actors and “go through the motions” to stay alive. It’s time we quit PRETENDING that Islam IS a “religion” and recognized it for what it is: a “fool’s errand” if you believe in it, and a bunch of thugs if you don’t. (American Thinker)

It Disturbs Me

That local police agencies are getting $5 billion dollars’ worth of MILITARY gear. Even small communities like Greenwood, Indiana are getting what amounts to armored cars and automatic weapons. I’m sure they’re getting bulletproof vests, too. The guns and bulletproof vests don’t worry me because the criminals are getting the same equipment to use against the cops (Albeit not from the feds). They steal them or buy them illegally. Example: the bank robbery a few years ago in LA where the cops had to go to a local gun store to obtain automatic weapons to use against the automatic weapon-armed bank robbers.

What DOES disturb me is the rest of the gear and training the feds are providing (sometimes for FREE). It effectively makes police agencies the EQUIVALENT of the military. Posse Comitatus prevents the use of the military from acting as police officers, and for good reason. It does NOT stop police from acting as the military, and that is one way the feds are “getting around” “Posse Comitatus.” Why are they doing it? Do they EXPECT a revolution? And is this a way of PREPARING for one? There’s a good reason for Posse Comitatus, and arming and training the police agencies as military violates the SPIRIT, if not the actual law. Criminals are not the only people who violate the law. (Guns SaveLife)

Cut Off the Head

Israel is finally doing he reasonable thing: killing off the top “generals” in Hamas, which is the only way they’re going to beat them. Taking out missile firing points won’t do it. They just set up more the next day, in a different school; or hospital, or apartment house. I’m sure Israeli intelligence KNOWS who they are, where they live, where their “offices” are, etc. I’m sure they keep track of their every move. So why they’ve waited this long, I don’t know. Were they hoping for “peace in our time?” It’s not likely with an enemy whose very CHARTER of existence says their main purpose is to “drive Israel into the sea.” Hamas will not stop killing Israelis until THEY are all dead. (Mail Online)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Obama: "Nothing We Can Do About It"

When Obama admits that he is dimly aware of the Islamic terrorist threat, he also admits that he has “no strategy” to stop them, which is a STUPID statement to come from the “commander-in-chief” of the strongest military (so far) in the world, which he is trying valiantly to change. There IS a “strategy” if he will embrace it. That strategy is to go “all out” and kill every Islamic terrorist we can find, as soon as we find them, They have no right to a trial because they would not give one of us that right if they caught them. They should be outlawed as a PHONY “religion” and marked for death, wherever they’re found if they’re caught in the act, That’s what they do to us, and they deserve nothing better. Obama says he “has no strategy” for dealing with them because he doesn’t WANT to deal with them in the way WE wish. He wants them to WIN, and put him in charge of any “caliphate” this created. (Just common sense)

Harry's In Denial

The top Democrat candidate for the Montana Senate seat dropped out of the race amide accusations of plagiarism, and was replaced by a very weak candidate that everybody, including Democrats said was “facing an uphill battle” to beat the Republican candidate. But not to Harry. He says, “We’re in good shape in Montana “ which only shows how completely “out of touch with reality” he is. Harry’s out of touch in a lot of ways, and he keeps illustrating that for us, while he works HARD to discredit ANY Republican candidate, for ANYTHING. He’s not taking any chances. He also keeps telling us that they are not only going to keep control of the Senate, but also gain control of the House, and the presidency. But, Is Harry in for a big surprise on November 8th! I imagine Nancy is just as blind to reality. She probably thinks she will regain her House predominance again, too. (Daily Caller)

They Never Learn

DC courts have ruled the DC gun ban unconstitutional—again. The anti-gun fools didn’t “get it” the fist time, and they’re not likely to get it this time, either. Look for them to regroup and reorganize and come up with yet ANOTHER unconstitutional anti-gun law. And I hope the courts are as intelligent then as they seem to be, today. The cops can see through all the crap in the news media and they won’t enforce the DC gun ban. But they also know how stupid the anti-gun fools are, and how well entrenched they are with lawmakers who think the same way they do. It takes a real STUPID lawmaker to make laws the cops REFUSE to enforce because they KNOW they will fall before the courts. (Christian Science Monitor) The link is to a publication that is, itself, anti-gun. So when they editorialize, don’t take them too seriously.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Obama Proselyzes for Islam

What the hell he’s thinking of, I don’t know. But hidden in his very short remarks about the beheading of an American journalist is a plea to recognize Islam and join it. How do we defeat this abomination if our own PRESIDENT fails to recognize it for the threat to our life and liberty it is, and keeps on appointing top terrorists to important posts in his GOVERNMENT? Obama seems to be ON THE SIDE of the Islamic terrorists more and more every day. And I believe he has been on their side since BEFORE he conned his way into the presidency. I think he wants them to WIN and is doing everything he can to help them, without exposing his hand to most Americans (who pay no attention to politics, anyway). But his hand HAS been exposed to those of us who DO pay attention. I think Obama is the worst enemy we’ve ever had, and we need to muzzle him and take away his power long before we could have impeached him. (Freedom Outpost)

Bad Laws?

That’s what the Florida Sun-Sentinel thinks of the new Florida laws that keep teachers and other school “officials” from “going off the deep end” and giving children severe punishment for chewing a pop tart into the rough shape of a gun and pointing it at somebody, or just pointing their FINGER at somebody like it was a gun. They don’t like the “stand your ground” law, either. Apparently they think you should “make like a gazelle when confronted by a criminal with his own ILLEGAL gun; IF you can outrun his bullets. Another one they don’t like is the “warning shot” law, so people can take VP Joe Biden’s advice (to fire a warning shot out the window) without being punished. What makes THEM the “arbiter” of what is good law just because they buy printer’s ink by the barrel? (Gun Free Zone)

He Just Can't Help Himself

Obama never learned how to tell the truth. He would tell a lie when the truth would serve better. He tells the lie that “30% of guns are sold without a background check,” which is a BLATANT lie. It is based on a TINY “study” that took place BEFORE the law requiring background checks was signed into law. He knows most people are aware of this, but he tells the lie, anyway. Then he insults those who point out that IS a lie, by calling THEM liars. Like most politicians, he wants to disarm Americans so his thugs will have less trouble when they come after our property  He says, “My biggest frustration has been that this society has not been willing to take some basic steps to keep guns out of the hands of people who can do just unbelievable damage.  We are the only developed country on earth where this happens.” First of all, I dispute that “civilized countries” don’t have good gun laws. But his biggest problem is that anti-gun fools like him aim in the wrong direction when they .make their laws. They go after guns in the hands of honest, reliable people, not those in the hands of criminals, who obey NO laws. (Fox News)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our War Against Christianity

I never thought I’d see such a thing in this, a Christian country! Teachers BANNING saying, “Bless you!” when somebody sneezes in a classroom. And not only getting AWAY with it, being able to punish the student for objecting! Yet a teacher in a lower school did, and then followed up by saying, “I won’t have you saying ‘Godly things’ in this class!” And she was not only NOT punished, she was backed up by the school! Then the other day, professor Leon Gardner threatened to take 15% off a student’s grade if he so much as mentioned God. And that he would “suffer further punishment from the college.” What if someone told some Muslims the same if they mentioned “Allah?” there’d be a “shooting war” in that school before sundown. If anybody did that to me, I’d slap his/her teeth down his/her throat, right in front of the class. And I’d do the same to any school “official” who tried to back him/her up. The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, and I DEMAND it. (Campus Reform)

Pushing Racism

Now they’re stretching everything they can to call it “racism.” Now, people who only date people of their own race are racists, according to a writer for “Slate,” a well-known LIBERAL Internet rag. Only dating people of a DIFFERENT race is ALSO racist, according to a feminist magazine nobody has ever heard of. Ya can’t win for losing! Apparently they want to FORCE people to date people of ALL races to avoid being CALLED racist. Apparently, the term used for a Mississippi college (Ol’ Miss) is racist, and that’s according to some of its own administrators. It’s because that term was used “once upon a time” to refer to a slave owner’s wife. Damn! They’re really reaching! And then New York Education Commissioner John King called people who opposed “Common Core,” that useless educational program, racist. Again; anybody disagreeing with them are “racist.” Apparently being against gay marriage is racist, too! I guess the liberals have found something they can really get into to promote their “flights of fancy.” If you object, you’re a racist.  Race relations are now worse than they were in the fifties, largely because of Obama PUSHING the “race issue” by accusing anybody who disagreed with him of being racist. And he said if we elected him it would forever get rid of the “race issue.” Another of his LIES. (The Daily Caller)

Comparing Gun Control Fools to Nazis

Venture Capitalist Nick Hanauer talks about “gun control,” promoting it. “Hanauer talks about his family, and they’re from Germany. They had a pillow manufacturer in Germany. And in one of the last paragraphs he talks about his family being run out of Germany by the Nazis. It’s like [slapping noise; laughter]. How stupid can they – you know? Now he’s funding, he’s put half a million dollars, toward this policy, the same policy that led to his family getting run out or Germany by the Nazis. You know, it’s staggering to me, it’s just, you can’t make this stuff up. That these people, its like any Jewish people I meet who are anti-gun, I think, “are you serious? Do you not remember what happened?” And why did that happen? Because they registered guns and then they took them. And now you’re supporting gun con – you come to this country and you support gun control? Why did you have to flee to this country in the first place? Hello! Is anybody home here? It’s just—I don’t know.” He’s like many people who have been the victims of people wielding ILLEGAL guns. They think denying HONEST people the right to have guns for protection will somehow keep CRIMINALS (who obey NO laws) from having guns. Nazi Germany relied on this kind of person to “get rid of guns” in Germany, and then they went out and took (stole) the guns before killing millions of people (mostly Jews). People like Hanauer don’t understand that disarming the populace LEADS to murder BY the government—and that’s the direction in which we’re heading, now. He just doesn’t understand that NRA people are trying to keep him from suffering the same fate, again. (The Stranger)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Not "Free Trade"

People today like to blame “free trade” on the loss of manufacturing jobs and the general malaise in this economy, but that only arises from their own INCOMPETENCE. It is the tight regulations, coupled with the rest of Obama’s meddling in the economy and spending more money than there IS that is “strangling” our economy. And as long as incompetents like Obama and the people he appoints are in charge, we will continue to lose in the world market. Trading with the rest of the world is NOT the “culprit,” and never will be. Those who think so are incompetent, and this is at the BASE of their incompetence. Just as collectivists blame “capitalism” for our troubles, THEY are incompetent, and believing in collectivism is at the BASE of their ignorance and incompetence. Collectivism is BASED on STEALING from those able to PRODUCE, and GIVING to those incapable or unwilling to produce. (American Thinker)

They Never Learn

This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard—except for something Nancy Peelosi or Harry Reid might say on any given day. That’s only a fairly close quote from this article, but it truly describes a store that put up “No Guns Allowed” signs AFTER a legally armed CUSTOMER used his gun to stop a robber from stabbing the store’s manager without a shot being fired. AFTER the stabbings, and the intervention of the LEGALLY armed customer, they posted signs that said, “No Guns allowed,” thinking, no doubt, that SIGNS would deter armed criminals. If those signs had been in place BEFORE the stabbing, that store manager would no doubt be “pushing up daisies” now, instead of posting stupid signs for his boss. If I were him, I’d be looking for a different job, where the employers had some sense. (Last Resistance)

Next Gun Control Push

t’s going to be coupled with “the woman’s rights” issue. Of course, that’s a phony issue Obama made up so he could further limit your rights. When Obama’s anti-gun laws failed last year, it was NOT Republicans that killed it; it was DEMOCRATS voting against it. The anti-gun fools (Obama among them) fail and fail, time after time, and STILL they don’t “tumble” to the fact that Americans do not WANT their kind of “gun control.” But does that stop them—or even slow them down? NO; they have people being paid big bucks too sit in darkened rooms finding new ways to limit our right to be armed in our own self-defense. And they’re worth the money to them. They’re always coming up with new scams and connecting it to “women’s rights” is the latest scam. The con is “keeping guns out of the hands of abusers.” But once the law is made, they don’t limit it to REAL abusers; they create their own “abusers” by using a very WIDE definition of just what abuse really IS. (Cowboy Byte)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kissing Muslim Behind

I’ve noticed it a lot lately. Some Muslim complains and people RUSH to make him/her happy. If I, a NON-Muslim, were offended by something, as I am in this instance, they would “blow me off.” This instance is the word “bacon” on a restaurant sign. Why should WE, who are NOT offended by the word “bacon” (and this is OUR country), remove that word from a sign because it “offends” ONE Muslim? That offends ME! We spend way too much time kissing the butts of Muslims today. Is it because there’s always the implied threat of violence behind their complaints? Are people AFRAID of Muslims? As a matter of fact, I LIKE bacon. If that makes a Muslim mad, he (or she) should just “get used to it.” This is OUR country, and we make the rules here. Muslims can take their objections and shove them where they want us to kiss. (The Blaze)

Trying to Take His Gun

TRYING TO TAKE HIS GUN: Well, we finally got to hear what the cop who shot and killed the “gentle giant” in Ferguson, MO says about the encounter. He says he was trying to get Brown to stop walking in the middle of the street when Brown jumped into his car and tried to take his gun. He figured Brown was trying to kill him so he shot him. From what he said, Brown kept coming toward him as he shot, so he kept shooting until Brown stopped. Unfortunately (for Brown), by that time, Brown was dead. Maybe that’s true, and maybe it’s not. But I can’t think of a reason for the cop to lie about it, and I CAN think of a reason for the “witness” (who was Brown’s accomplice in the convenience store robbery), who said Brown had his hands up, to lie. When you’re a BIG guy, beating the hell out of a cop trying to do his duty right after you have robbed a store, you might expect to get shot. And if you “keep coming” after BEING shot, you can expect him to keep shooting. (Time Magazine)

DUI Repeat Offender

Scott Peter St. Pierre was sent to prison for ten years after killing a corrections officer on his way to work at 9:25 AM. It was his SECOND DUI. Now, ten years later, after serving his sentence, he’s up to his old tricks again. He was driving drunk and being chased by the cops when he crashed into another driver and was arrested. Which brings up another question: his earlier conviction was for a death during his SECOND DUI. Why wasn’t something done to stop him from driving, period? I read, all the time, about people who kill others while driving drunk, and many of them have had NUMEROUS DUIs, with minimal punishment. Why is this? Are the cops (or the “system”) AFRAID to “unduly punish” these people? What can be done to make sure people who constantly drive while drunk keep getting their DUIs without appreciable punishment? I think the punishment ought to be cumulative. Stiff fine and imprisonment for the first time, an even stiffer fine and longer imprisonment for the second time, etc., each time they get caught a stiffer fine and even longer imprisonment, until they get LIFE in prison. Further, if they KILL someone ANY time, they should get LIFE. (Sacramento Bee)