Monday, February 20, 2017

"Bloodbath" to Continue?

As soon as the new Sec. of State took office, he went in and "cleaned out" most of the "Obama leftovers" on the 7th floor, as well as a couple of the higher ranking "officials" in offices right next to his. One of the problems right now is that Trump is having so much trouble getting his appointments past Congress because of Democrat "foot-dragging." Without those new directors, it's difficult to get those in the second rank or lower out--and that's probably one of the reasons for the "foot-dragging." While they Remain, They can continue to undermine Trump, Simply By The Way They "ENFORCE" his rules, therefore making him look incompetent. The best example of this is how his "immigration" EO was handled, by bureaucrats who SHOULD have known the right way to enforce it, without "detailed instructions" from Trump. Such micromanaging should not be necessary for a president. (Just common sense)

Gun Activist's Dream

MInnesota is even now voting on some laws (introduced by Republicans, of course) that will, if passed, make Minnesota a "gun-activist's dream." There are several bills up for action, designed to "loosen up" restrictions on their citizen's tight to own and use the means to self defense, a gun. Currently, Minnesota will not allow people to defend themselves OUTSIDE their home. They're required to RUN inside before being allowed to assert self defense. That law, among others, is one they're hoping to change. Another is to make "constitutional carry," a constitutional right, legal in Minnesota. Anti-gun fools are "jumping up and down" because these kinds of laws are being introduced all over the country--and that can only be a GOOD thing. (Daily Caller)

"Obama Lacks Backbone"

Chris Cox, of NRA-ILA says, Obama lacks the political backbone to keep Chicago from becoming a national disgrace." He even sent them his chief of staff (Rahm Emanuel) to be their mayor, and nothing HE did (which was mostly nothing) did any good. The bodies just kept piling up, while Emanuel told Islamic terrorists disguised as "refugees," "You are safe in Chicago" while the bodies got deeper and deeper. Meanwhile, the terrorists will meet their match in Chicago's gangs, who are regularly engaged in their own war, and won't hesitate to shoot any terrorists who get in their way. That's what they do to their neighbors, after all. Cox said controlling the "gun crime" in Chicago is simple: you punish use of a gun in crime severely, and let honest, law-abiding citizens have the means to defend themselves. But neither Emanuel, or any other anti-gun fool will hear of that, so the killing continues--but it Trump has anything to say about it (and he will), it will stop--or at least be reduced to manageable proportions. (Breitbart)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Build Trump's Wall?

Should Trump build the wall he so fervently promised? Yes. He did promise, after all. But he should not rely totally on that wall to, by itself, "solve his problem." And I don't think he is dumb enough to do so. There should be many ways to MONITOR that wall, including cameras, motion sensors, and other things, including stepped-up patrols by the Border Patrol. And he should not ANNOUNCE what he is going to do, so the illegal aliens can figure out ways around it. Critics say the wall can be "tunneled under" and "gone over," and they're right. That's why the wall, which would make it HARDER to enter the United States illegally, must be tightly monitored. Only the ignorant would build a wall and not monitor it, in as many ways as they can, knowing how inventive illegal aliens can be. I figure "The Wall" was only a symbol for what Trump is going to do to shore up the illegal entry of people who would rather violate the law than do it legally. (CNBC)

"Nazi Trump"

I'm getting really tired of the "over-the-top" insults Democrats and other liberal dumb butts heap on Donald Trump and everybody who agrees with him. All the "demonstrations" and depredations committed by anti-Trump fools also. Demonstrations are okay, They are given protection in the Constitution. But not the kind of demonstrations put on by the liberals, with riots, marauding fools setting limousines on fire, hitting pro-Trump people in the head with steel bars, even SHOOTING them. running around purposely breaking expensive store windows, and generally making nuances of themselves.

Then you add the Democrat efforts to hamstring Trump in his ability to govern, from the position of the MINORITY party when they can't really oppose him in the long run. all that does is cost a lot of money and waste a lot of time that could be better used in actually governing. The Democrat Party is proving themselves to be "enemies of the people," rather than the "loyal opposition." They have become THUGS, willing to commit ANY crime to make their point. People who should be kept OUT of any position of authority, at all costs, and PUT DOWN like the ENEMIES they are. A party with NO logical goal except to obstruct Republicans at every point, even when such obstruction does all of us, even them, damage. (Just common sense)

End Gun-Free Zones

Trump has promised to END gun-free zones in schools, and the anti-gun fools are having a spasm, as if that would make things a lot worse than they are now. Well, ALL school mass shootings have happened IN gun-free zones, so what good are they? They are a SHAM. They stop NO mass shootings, anywhere. And if you have a "gun-free zone," you can count on a shooter to eventually target you, because they SEARCH OUT gun-free zones in which to do their shooting, since they can be pretty sure there will be no law-abiding gun carriers there to oppose them. People bound and determined to kill a bunch of people aren't going to be worried about violating a piddling gun-free zone. And that's the fatal flaw in the gun-free zone idea. (Guns)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

No Congressional White Caucus

I've said it many times, and now they've made it come to pass. What's good for the goose is not good for the gander (They'll probably take me to task for that "goose" comment). There IS a "BLACK Congressional Caucus," and now somebody suggested a WHITE Congressional Caucus, and the NAACP lost their minds (if they had any, to begin with). They don't WANT white congresspeople to have a voice similar to theirs.

They want to keep that idea strictly for BLACK congresspeople. There aren't any black colleges, either. The fact that this is black against white RACISM is lost on them. They can have their "black only" organizations, but white people aren't allowed to have the same. It's an accepted practice that blacks can have their "black only" organizations and institutions, but that whites may NOT have similar organizations or institutions. And if a white person DARES to suggest otherwise, they call them racists. (Daily Caller)

Mass Stupidity

Most of the worst mass shootings happened OUTSIDE the USA. That's the determination of the Crime Prevention Research Center CPRC), anyway (Hey! Here's something we didn't know [sic]: most of them are committed by Islamic terrorists!). In their "findings" they talk about mass shootings that happen in war-torn and Islamic terrorist-plagued countries like Bono State, Nigeria, where Boko Haram (an Islamic terrorist outfit) killed 300 in a mass shooting. And just as many the next day. This outfit also KIDNAPPED 300 young girls and sold them into sex slavery. Their criteria for defining a mass shooting is where 15 or more are killed. A level a little higher than ours (Ours is 5 or more). That's how they create statistics that look bad for people who want to defend themselves. These figures IGNORE what happened in Orlando, FL, even though 49 people died there and almost another 50 were injured. They figure that's "small potatoes" compared to the depredations of Boko Haram, and they're right. Meanwhile, we're importing Islamic terrorists disguised as "refugees" by the hundreds of thousands. Our time is coming. Especially with legal gun owners being denied the right to carry them, or saddled with impossible rules on how to handle them. It's only a matter of time before Islamic terrorists have a mass shooting here, where 300 or more Americans are killed. (Bearing Arms)

Ending Chicago Gun Crime

You will never be able to end it completely, but there are ways to reduce it to manageable proportions that Trump can use, without taking away the constitutional right of honest Chicago residents to have the means to defend themselves. One is to get rid of the idea that the "stop and frisk" policy, if used, will bring down the wrath of the federal government. That will serve to make cops more able to nip crime in the bud, using their innate senses and abilities, before it becomes a shooting. The other is to fully enforce the laws adding significant time to the sentences of criminals using guns in their crimes, That's a thing that is regularly waived to get convictions in other crimes. That's just lazy policing. But the most important thing is the first thing mentioned. Allowing the cops to do their jobs without liberals peering over their shoulder, ready to "jam them up" for doing their jobs. That will go a long way toward improving morale among cops--which will improve results, Mayor Emanuel notwithstanding. (Washington Times)

Friday, February 17, 2017

More "Fake News"

Somewhere, in the "bowels of the federal government," are MILLIONS of what they call "contingency plans." There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of government employees whose only job it is ro come up with these contingency plans for every possible contingency imaginable. Most of them are worked up, cussed and discussed, and then thrown on the pile of contingency plans already there, and forgotten, until, or unless a real emergency arises, fitting certain conditions as specified on those contingency plans, and then advanced as a POSSIBILITY to solve a major problem.

The Associated press got hold of one of those contingency plans where it was suggested to use hundreds of thousands of National Guard "citizen soldiers" to "round up" lots of illegal aliens and "ship 'em out, probably as a LEAK from an anti-Trump holdover employee, and "ran with it," as if it was a real plan on Trump's table for use, right now, to make it look like he is considering it. He probably doesn't even KNOW about it, as it is with all the others gathering dust in some deep, dark space. They ran the story in the most distressing way to further discredit Trump, as if it were HIS plan, when it might have been created years ago. It has just enough believably that certain kinds of people "buy it," right away, without even thinking. Democrats are such people, since they are "beating their heads against the wall" trying to find something, ANYTHING, to use against Trump. (NBC News)

Gun-Grabbers Horrified!

They hate the very thought of school teachers being allowed to bring their guns to school. As if that has been a problem in the past. They favor allowing only uniformed, armed security guards being allowed to carry guns, instead. This is foolish, because, as has been proven time and again, potential shooters can "take him out" from ambush, before the serious shooting begins, because he is easily identified and isolated. Allowing and training others to have guns, who are NOT so easily identified and isolated, makes the job of a potential shooter harder, maybe impossible, which is a good thing. But these damned fools will not hear of it. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. (Denver Post)

Social Security Gun Grab

Under Obama, "rules" were changed to allow the government to deny Second Amendment rights to Social Security recipients who decided to allow somebody other than themselves to handle their finances, for ANY reason, claiming doing so showed them unfit to have guns. Congress, under Republican control now, has decided to reverse that, and it will not longer be a factor. But I wonder if those who have ALREADY been disallowed guns under that "rule" will be given their guns back? I'm sure that "holdover Obama bureaucrats" will keep those guns until specifically ORDERED to return them, thus effectively "dragging their feet" to make it more difficult, ant time-consuming for the Trump administration. (Bearing Arms)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Target Stores Suffering

They made a "big thing" about allowing MEN into women's bathrooms and changing rooms if they "think" they're women, and somebody created a boycott because of it. Their stock went WAY down after that, and they lost 10 BILLION in value because of it. I'd bet the guy in the board room who thought of that is long gone, or SHOULD be. They have canceled several big projects designed to make their future brighter. I hope they realize what the cause of their losses is, and reverse that policy, now that ADULTS are in charge in DC. I'd hate for them to "go down in flames." Target tried to explain away the losses, saying that's the "ebb and flow of business." That's a BIG flow, in such a short time, after a recognizable cause! One thing they don't understand is that transgenders are such a SMALL percent of their customers. Figures show ONE in 24,000 people live as the sex opposite to their own. It's a real "tempest in a teapot," and they don't know it. (Breitbart)

Making It About Religion

Liberals are twisting the Trump 7-nation ban on immigration as being a "religious ban." It is NOT. It is a TERRORIST ban! What makes it SEEM like a "religious ban" is that ALL the terrorists these days ARE Muslims. But we are NOT banning MUSLIMS. We are banning TERRORISTS, who HAPPEN to be Muslims, and the liberals are making the most of it in confusing people who pay no attention to politics and read mostly only the headlines. That this is dishonest goes without saying. This is only one of the ways in which they twist the meaning of news items to advance their narrative. Often they do it, just by the words they use in their report. In fact, it is common for liberal reporters to refer to Trump's "religious ban" to keep Muslims out of the country, which is a LIE, and they know it. But they do it, anyway. (Blabber Buzz)

They Know Nothing

The Washington Post and most major newspaper writers know absolutely NOTHING about guns, yet they write "scholarly articles" about them, as if they do. For instance, a current Washington Post article about suppressors shows their abysmal ignorance about guns, but they keep writing and publishing articles with phony "alternative facts" about them, and people who pay no attention don't know any better than to believe their horse manure. Bearing Arms says "You have to give Washington Post points for tenacity because, no matter how many times they are proven wrong, they keep publishing this kind of trash." One reporter wrote several false stories, from LACK of knowledge, and another reporter who DID know something about guns tried to write a retraction, but the editors refused to run it. Obviously, they'd rather be wrong if it advanced their wish to disarm law-abiding Americans. (Bearing Arms)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Special Kind of Stupid

I've lost count of the number of cities (including my own) that have declared themselves "sanctuary cities" where illegal aliens are treated as if they are invisible--except where giving them "entitlements" is concerned. The top politicians in these cities KNOW they're "playing with fire" to do so, but there are more declaring themselves so every day. They KNOW Trump isn't going to take their violation of federal law lightly. First of all, he is going to stop giving them the money the feds have been paying them (which is in the MILLIONS of dollars every year) and he may even file criminal charges against anybody in those cities (including their mayors and other politicians and bureaucrats who are OBLIGATED to enforce the law) who refuse to do so. Some could even end up in prison, Why do they insist on making trouble for themselves? Do they really think it will be to their benefit? That takes a special kind of stupid! (Just common sense)

Blaming the Victim

The State of Washington is looking at making a law to punish people who fail to safely secure guns when they store them, when that gun is used carelessly by an adult or a child. which is basically "blaming the victim," which is something liberal Democrats do so well. There must be something in the air in that part of the country that creates anti-gun fools. The governor of Oregon, which is right next door, is also an anti-gun fool. Yes, guns should be stored safely so that children can't get their hands on them and carelessly shoot someone. Adults, too. The NRA teaches a course on that, but anti-gun fools HATE the NRA and all its works. So they will never recommend anything they have anything to do with. And their idea of "safe gun storage" basically only makes it impossible for legal gun owners to get their guns in action fast enough to be able to defend themselves against an ILLEGAL gun owner who is attacking them. (My Northwest)

De Facto Gun Ban

In Oregon, the governor (whose campaign for election was largely financed by Mike Bloomberg) is using "loopholes" in the law to form a de facto gun ban, Example: gun purchases that must be "vetted" by the state police can be held up literally FOREVER by bureaucratic foot-dragging. Meanwhile, the applicant, who may be in grave danger when applying, is killed. There are many other ways this is being done and Oregon Governor Kate Brown (a liberal Democrat, of course) is using all of them, and doing everything she can to create more ways to cause "foot-dragging" that constitutes a de facto gun ban. And if she is successful, you can depend upon other states run by liberals to take notice and do likewise. This kind of thing is despicable, but it is something people who value their right to self defense must deal with. There's a picture with this article linked here, showing her and her friends grinning like idiots while she signs these things into law. (Oath Keepers)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cows Get A Bad Rap

The government has actually gone so far as to charge farmers a fee for each cow on their farm, because of "cow farts." They SAY the methane gas emitted when they fart adds to global, uh, climate change, as they now call their swindle. But why lay it all on cows? Horses fart. PEOPLE fart. Dogs fart, and so do cats, though cats hide it better. Elephants fart, and hippos fart. Every living thing that has a waste disposal orifice farts. I hate to bring this up, because the bureaucrats and politicians will just use it to screw us out of even more of our hard-earned money. That's all it is: a way to screw us out of more money. That can also be said about "climate change," itself. AlGore seized upon "global warming" so he could use it to become rich, and it worked, He has become a billionaire promoting this swindle. Obama took it up, late in his administration, so he could also use it to screw us out of more money, and make more and better laws and regulations to better control us.. Al found it necessary to change its name to "climate change," because REAL climate scientists found that the world hasn't been "warming" for almost 20 years! Now he can attribute ANY weather anomaly to his swindle and still con people out of their money. (Just common sense)

Enforce the Current Laws

Every time there is a mass shooting, or even a simple gun crime the ignorant politicians scream for "more gun laws," even though none of the ones out there work. Even those that might do some good, such as the ones mandating stiffer sentences for criminals who use a gun in the commission of a crime. Those charges are routinely waived to get convictions in other crimes. I call that lazy law enforcement. In Oregon, legislators are yammering for what? More gun laws, of course, meanwhile not enforcing current laws continues apace. As usual, the laws they propose work to make it more difficult for honest, law-abiding people to get their guns, or to get them in action fast enough to successfully oppose criminals with their ILLEGAL guns, who do not OBEY such laws. (Oregon Firearms Federation)

Pushing the Impossible

The police politicians got together and came up with a conclusion: "The way to stop gun violence is a more powerful ATF and gun control." Really, now! How's that worked out for ya so far, huh? The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result, and that's what they're doing. "Gun control" hasn't accomplished a thing so far, because it is universally aimed in the wrong direction: toward honest, law-abiding gun owners," who aren't the problem, at all. Nothing is being done to make it harder for ILLEGAL gun owners to get their guns, or to punish them more severely when they use a gun for crime. In fact, CURRENT laws giving them stiffer sentences for using a gun are routinely waived to get convictions in other crimes. They can't even know who HAS them. Whenever a criminal wants a gun, he has no trouble getting one in a back alley somewhere, out of the trunk of another criminal's car. Yet they want more of the same? Are they really dumb enough to think more of the same can do anything to solve the problem? Apparently, they are. Meanwhile, the "rank and file" cops think otherwise. (Police Foundation)