Thursday, October 30, 2014

Voter Fraud Exists

Liberals will gaily tell you that “voter fraud does not exist” while they are stealing votes, right and left. And they expect you to believe this BS while, in Chicago, they counted Obama’s vote 27 times! There’s a good reason why there isn’t much proof of voter fraud. And it’s not because it doesn’t exist. It’s because the way the laws are written, there’s little chance for us to catch what is going on, while liberals fight, “youth and nail” against ANY attempt to make laws that would help us uncover their voter fraud. That’s why they hate “voter ID” laws requiring picture ID in order to vote, for spurious reasons like “the poor can’t afford it.” When positive ID is not required for the most important act anyone will perform, one person could vote many times without being caught. And that’s what they’re after, along with gimmicking vote machines to change Republican votes into Democrat ones. They’ve got stealing votes down to a science, and don’t want us to be able to end it. (News Busters)

What "Sparks" Mass Shooters?

Or even “one-shooters?” Is it the “easy availability of guns?” No, it isn’t. That “easy availability of guns” is a gun-grabber’s pipe dream. No; it’s a lack of reverence for life that starts with the “legalization” of the murder of unborn infants being used as a substitute for the use of a rubber or other means of birth control. They say abortion is “about a woman’s right to say what happens to her own body.” But it isn’t. If it were, prostitution would be legal. It’s about the right of that infant to LIFE. Adoption is much preferable to stopping that child’s heart for the “convenience of the parents.” At least one politician in Colorado right now is running his campaign on criticism of his opponent for being against the murder of babies, “even in cases of rape or incest.” That child should NEVER be punished for the sins of one or BOTH of his parents. He calls being against infanticide “extreme.” It is this kind of politician who should NEVER be elected, to ANYTHING. In any case, this is what STARTED the lack of reverence for human life that results in higher murder rates and mass shootings. NOT the “easy availability of guns,” which is a myth, anyway. (Just common sense)

Regulating Drudge

They'd love that! The liberals don’t like the Drudge Report. That’s a given. He was the one who “outed” Bill Clinton and his “cocksman” ways. Now they think they can “shut him up” by making unconstitutional rules. They think they can disguise it as a rule to control “internet-based campaigning” by politicians, but we, who pay attention, know it is designed to shut up Drudge and others who keep track of, and report the truth from doing it. What the hell makes them think they can control things on the Internet mystifies me. I guess they figure Congress hasn’t done anything to rein in Obama, so they figure they can “get away with murder.” Their job is control of the AIRWAVES, on the fiction that the “airwaves belong to everybody.” In their attempt to control the Internet, they’re concentrating their efforts on younger people, who know nothing. They know the “younger set” hasn’t been around long enough to know ANYTHING, so they try first, to get them “on board” while they’re still ignorant. If they’re successful in this effort, Drudge will be gone; Rush will be gone; Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and others will be gone; I will be gone. That’s how they want it. There will be no way to get the truth out. (Washington Examiner)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

IRS Doesn't Need Charges

It can take what it wants, when it wants, for its own reasons, or NO reason under the “Civil Forfeiture Act of 2000.” This is patently unconstitutional on its face. But somebody slipped it into law when nobody was looking. And nobody ever looks in this Congress, which is known for passing things into law without reading them. When they do, it’s up to you to spend the money (if you have any left) for lawyers and litigation to prove the money is rightfully yours. Don’t think because you have done nothing wrong, you’re safe. They can do it any time, whenever they wish, whether of not you’re guilty of anything. And it’s up to YOU to prove you’re not guilty of anything, paying lawyer and court fees out of your own, EMPTY pocket. The disturbing thing is that they can take ALL your property, including your guns. This is “backdoor gun control,” and they will be using it in the near future to “confiscate” (steal) as many guns as they can. We now have a totalitarian government, in effect. And most people don’t know it, because they are not “paying attention” to what their politicians are doing to them. Meanwhile, the people we pay to make laws for us and KNOW what’s in them, pass them into law without ever reading them. This is a CRIME, and just about all legislators are guilty. (Bullets First)

The "Mercy Rule" Idiocy

Liberals have succeeded in putting in what they call “The Mercy Rule” in kiddie football (and probably elsewhere, too) where a team is not allowed to win by too big a margin. That “rule” simply punishes achievement.” That rule was in effect when an 8-year-old got his very first touchdown. Was it celebrated? Nope! They “gave him hell” and fined his team $500 for it, and suspended his coach for not stopping him. Which ruined not only HIS day, but the day of every participant. Frankly, if you’re a lousy team, there should not be a rule to keep you from being beaten too badly. You should learn to “take your lumps” and try to get better, instead of penalizing the better team for BEING better. This is about the stupidest rule I’ve ever seen, but I suspect it is only the beginning of the liberal effort to punish achievement. The liberals are out to DESTROY achievement. (Just common sense)

Why Have Insurance?

Heard today on Rush from a woman who was just notified of a health insurance rate increase of $56.00, bringing her monthly premium up to almost a THOUSAND DOLLARS. That’s more than most people MAKE a month! Meanwhile she has a deductible of $4,600 before the company pays for ANYTHING. So why have that insurance anyway? With that kind of a deductible, there’s NO POINT in paying for insurance that isn’t insurance, at all. You might just as well pay Obama’s “fine” and be done with it. Obamacare is the biggest CON that has ever been! It far outstrips AlGore’s global warming scam in the way it affects the individual. The Obama gang in Washington is like having the Mafia running the government, with a Capo as president. This is the basic problem with having elections without “vetting” the candidates before they’re ALLOWED to run for office. Not that the socialist way is any better. I don’t know if Obama set out to destroy the health insurance business like Rush says, or not. But I DO know he’s more than halfway to doing it. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hillary Walks It Back

After making a supremely STUPID crack the other day about corporations NOT creating jobs, she has apparently finally realized what a stupid statement it was, and is now “on her broom” trying to minimize the effect of it with this statement: ““Our economy grows when businesses and entrepreneurs create good-paying jobs here in an America where workers and families are empowered to build from the bottom up and the middle out — not when we hand out tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs or stash their profits overseas.” This is a typical “no apology apology,” in which she says a lot of words that do NOTHING to mitigate her previous stupid statement. She apparently still doesn’t realize that “entrepreneurs” ARE what MAKE UP corporations. It is this kind of stupidity that makes Democrats INELIGIBLE to hold ANY political office. But through political subterfuge and vote-stealing, they do. It's too bad we don't have an "intelligence test" for politicians. Most of them couldn't pass it. (Wall Street Journal)

Anti-Gun Fool Arrested--With Gun!

As usual, always let a fool declare his/her damned foolishness. Democrat Missouri State Senator Jemimila Rasheed was arrested while demonstrating in favor of the legal lynching of an innocent police officer and was discovered to be carrying a gun and extra ammo. This is a typical anti-gun fool, who says we should not be allowed to carry a gun while she has a “carry permit.” She has supported many “anti-gun bills” in the Missouri legislature to keep us from being able to defend ourselves against illegally-armed criminals, but herself DOES “carry.” Like the “anti-gun queen,” Senator Feinstein, who also has a “carry permit,” she says the right to carry a gun for self-defense is okay for HER, but not for us “peasants.” Wonder what party she is in? Oh—she’s a DEMOCRAT! Fancy that! (The Blaze)

Parental Rights Nonexistent

At least it appears so in this case where two girls have a digestive problem that required them to be “tube-fed,” which made them thrive. Enter “Child Protective Services,” (CPS) which took them away from their parents and subjected them to questionable medical practices WITHOUT their parent’s knowledge, OR approval. Both have lost a large percentage of their body weight under this CPS-dictated regimen. Remember, this is the place where children were subjected to questionable SEXUAL experimentation some years ago that involved putting a “penis-shaped” object into the vagina of underage females and a “ring” around the penis of underage boys while showing them government-created porn to “gauge their response to sexual stimuli” before it was stopped. The parents were denied “visitation privileges” after they objected. This is how parents are treated by CPS. (Liberty Unyielding)

Monday, October 27, 2014

An UnAmerican Statement"

"We are too small minded [stupid -RT] to govern our own affairs and we must surrender our individual rights to the world order." What a LOAD of bullsh-t! This is the most “un-American statement ever made by an American president. And he really BELIEVES it! People have been talking about “The New World Order” for years, and liberals everywhere have been denying its existence while it grows in power. It is significantly powerful now so they even TALK about it. Today politicians openly speak to meetings of the Council On Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, both organizations from which they once tried to completely disassociate themselves. Now the most collectivist (socialist) president in the history of this country OPENLY tells us we aren’t “smart enough” to decide our own affairs; that he and his pals are smarter, and should run our affairs under the auspices of “The New World Order. This is what we’ve come to, with people who “pay no attention to politics” voting such people as Barack Obama into important offices while those people work very hard to undermine us. Of course, it took a GERMAN media outlet to publish this, because you’ll never see it in the American media. This is why I wrote my second book, "Pay ATTENTION to Politics! Politics WILL pay attention to YOU." (Obama Speech)

Do We Need An "Ebola Czar?"

Especially one who knows NOTHING about Ebola? Who is nothing except a “political hack” from the same gang that has victimized everybody in the United States? This guy, who is a former aide to Joe Biden (Bitme) and AlGore, and is a former fund raiser for Democrats, didn’t even bother to attend the first two meetings Obama held about Ebola. Will he actually DO anything except collect his handsome salary? Don’t we have enough DOCTORS who are EXPERIENCED in handling Ebola to appoint? No; we get a political hack who knows NOTHING about Ebola so Obama can say he “did something” about Ebola. I think with the way Obama is handling the Ebola “problem” many Americans are going to die. Obama is one of the worst dangers we have ever faced. And nobody has the gonads to do anything about him. What kind of spineless fools do we have in DC who watch Obama ruin this country without even ATTEMPTING to do anything about him? (American Thinker)

No Voter Fraud?

That’s what Democrats say. Gimme a break! Imagine a GOP candidate in Chicago (where else?) voting for himself, only to discover the machine registered his vote for his OPPONENT! That actually happened to Republican State Representative Jim Moynihan in Chicago. To say it “undermined his confidence in the voting machine” goes without saying, but he shouldn’t be surprised; especially not in Rahm Emmanuel’s (by proxy Obama’s) Chicago; home of the BEST in political thieves. He cast votes for other Republicans and found that he had voted for ALL of their OPPONENTS. After complaining to the election officials, he was finally able to get his votes properly registered, but he doesn’t know if the machine he used (#008956) was fixed, or is STILL giving all the GOP votes to Democrats. Moreover he doesn’t know whether or not other machines are doing likewise, there, or all over the country. This doesn’t have to happen ONLY in “Rahm’s Town.” It could be happening everywhere. They just do it better there. I’ve always wondered about these ubiquitous “voting machines,” and now my suspicions have been confirmed. (American Thinker)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Why Do I Love Guns?

I don’t. That’s a MYTH engendered by anti-gun fools because I have a pro-gun blog (The Unarmed Citizen”). I'm against gun control. At least, not the kind of “gun control” pushed by the people now making laws that do nothing but DISARM honest people and make them defenseless against armed criminals, who have no trouble getting their guns in a back alley somewhere, out of another criminal’s car trunk. Do I “love guns?” NO. Even pro-gun people think I do, or should, as witness the fact that I was asked recently to write a blog entry about my love of guns and my fervent wish to own one of the guns he sells on his web site. But I don’t “love guns.” I don’t even OWN a gun, because I don’t want future gun grabbers to have another address to go to and “take away” (steal) a gun. I’m not AFRAID of guns, as some gun-grabbers are.

I have other weapons of self-defense. But I don’t “love guns.” I merely believe in the RIGHT to own guns for self-defense; something that is GUARANTEED by the Constitution, which is the BASIS for all of our laws. Meanwhile, the “gun-grabbers” do everything they can to “get around” that guarantee and make it as hard as possible to even BUY a gun. So we must become criminals ourselves, to HAVE a gun with which to defend ourselves from illegally armed criminals. Of course, the main problem with that is the possibility of buying a gun that has previously been used in a crime, while becoming criminals, ourselves. I don’t want to take that chance. So I’ll concentrate on defending myself with other weapons. (Just common sense)

Obama As Dictator

They’re now using the IRS to whip pastors into shape, threatening them with loss of tax-free status if they refuse to perform gay “weddings.” Sloowwlly it slithers in on us. One action at a time is unlawfully forced upon us until we can’t take a dump without Obama’s “permission” in one way or another. Today a pastor is FORCED to perform “weddings” he sees as an abomination while mothers are not only ALLOWED to murder their offspring before they even have a CHANCE at life, because they forgot to use a rubber. We have our own “holocaust,” disguised as “a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body.”If that were true, why is prostitution still illegal? What about that CHILD’S right to LIVE? It really amazes me the CRIMES that can be “legalized” by convincing the populace it is “okay” to commit murder by mislabeling it as a “right.”  And now they’re subpoenaing the sermons written against an onerous law in Texas. Not Obama’s fault, you say? This lesbian mayor is only following his lead. (Last Resistance)

Ruined: Over Global Warming

An award-winning scientist was “excommunicated” by NASA for publishing a report showing that AlGore’s favorite con—one that has made him a multi-billionaire—is phony. They didn’t even try to discredit the report. They just fired him, and even AlGore “took a shot” at him. Some of the things revealed in this report are: $22 billion of taxpayer money misappropriated, corruption, such as Obama funneling money he claims is “green energy money” into his own political campaigns and those of his cronies. This, and a lot more damning evidence was revealed, and the government is not only IGNORING it, they are PUNISHING the people who try and tell them about it. This entire GOVERNMENT is using global warming to create a political “slush fund,” and they resent any effort to expose it. (News Max)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Obama Ain't Gonna Like That!

A man attacked four police officers with an axe and was, of course, killed. But not until severely injuring two cops before other cops shot him to death. New York says it IS Islamic terrorism. But I’m predicting that Obama will not. He will call it something else, so he won’t have to admit that Islamic terrorism is coming here, “on his watch.”  He will probably criticize the New York cops for saying it is. This is all part of America “going crazy,” but would not fit above. Obama is fast proving that HE is an Islamic terrorist, too, and since he has conned his way into the presidency, he is using that job to PROMOTE Islamic terrorism. He thinks if he refuses to admit something like this IS terrorism, nobody will know it IS. That’s how stupid he is. Just like when he called the Ft. Hood shooting “workplace violence,” he has demonstrated his willingness to let terrorists get away with what they’re doing without any special tactics being instituted to deal with it. Which means we will have NO policies in place to do so, and even more chaos will ensue, and that can only be to his advantage. I just wonder who this fool thinks he’s fooling. (Yahoo News)

Exceeding Authority

The cops in Watervliet, NY (where else?) want to know your Facebook password before they give you their permission to buy a gun, something you're guaranteed to have a RIGHT to do by the Constitution. It really amazes me how some jurisdictions think the Constitution does not apply to them, and they can do what they want, regardless. They make stupid laws, and do stupid things under CURRENT laws, apparently serenely unaware they are breaking the law, themselves. Or maybe they just don't care. Whatever made them think they could demand this, I don’t know, unless it is the “stupid pills” they’re taking. Apparently, they don’t give a damn that it is unconstitutional, since the chief of police there, one Ron Boisvert, replied, “It is what it is,” when told the demand was unconstitutional. And the cops are not alone in this. Way too many potential employers are likewise demanding access to applicants’ Facebook accounts and passwords as a condition of employment. For my part, that would be a “deal breaker” and would cause me to walk out without a word and go buy a gun out of some criminal's car trunk in an alley somewhere. (Prison Planet)

Phony Warrant

The Secret Service tried to enter the home of an Obama critic they SAY “threatened Obama's life,” using a phony warrant. When he wouldn’t let them in, and closed the door in their faces, they called the Nashville police, telling them he “might have a gun,:” which, in some places, would get him shot to death by local cops. The Nashville cops were smarter than that. Knowing the SS had no warrant, they withdrew, and later sent information to DC, which was met with total disinterest, something that REALLY disturbs me. I think the SS agents involved should be arrested, and charged with assault. But that’ll never happen. Even if the Nashville cops wouldn’t help in their raid, they didn’t help them complete their lie. But still, they probably aren’t going to “take it all the way.” They DO, mostly stick together in covering up such things as this. I expect a visit from a bunch like this myself, sometime in the future. I hope they don't con the locals into killing me. (Liberty Unyielding)

Friday, October 24, 2014

But We Knew That

The “gentle giant” who had just finished “strong-arming” his way to a bunch of free cigars, then got shot while trying to “strong-arm” a cop, actually WAS trying to get the cop’s gun. But we knew that; if we believed the cop, who was fighting for his life, there would have been no trouble. But the fools in Ferguson seem to outnumber the intelligent people. Of course, this finding will not change anything in Ferguson. The fools will still clamor for the legal lynching of that cop, whose career has already been ruined. If he is ever able to be a cop again, it won’t be in Ferguson, MO. It really amazes me how so many people can be so stupid as to let the criminals take over. But, like the “gun-grabbers,” who are equally stupid, they don’t care about facts if they disagree with their preconceived notions. Of course, the thugs will say the autopsy was “rigged.” They have nothing else. Heard the lstest? The thigs who burned down some businesses are miffed, and want the owners to rebuild, so they can burn them down, again. This is how STUPID they are. (Bearing Arms)

Taking Away Your Rights

Did you know it only takes the opinion of ONE PERSON that you are a terrorist to strip you of your right to a speedy trial and the right not to speak to your captors? Being placed on Obama’s “terrorist watch list” does not require “concrete facts” OR “irrefutable evidence.” It only requires that ONE PERSON say you’re a terrorist. That’s according to the “March 2013 Watchlist Guidance.” A 166 page document released last year by the National Counterterrorism Center. No law passed, No congressional action, just a bureaucratic edict. Judge Andrew Napolitano (Fox News) has declared it unconstitutional. Unfortunately, Napolitano is not a member of the Supreme Court. And I’m not holding my breath until the Supreme Court does the same. Not with the Obama influence, shown by the people he appointed to the Court. (Patriots & Politics)

"Temporary" Gun Siezures

California Governor “Moonbeam” signed a law allowing guns to be “temporarily” taken from people a judge “deems” to be a “possible” danger to him/herself or others. Never mind the U. S. Constitution doesn’t allow ANY laws to be made LIMITING the right to bear arms for the “average American. If the “average American” was allowed to be armed in self-defense, such measures would not only be ILLEGAL, but also UNNECESSARY. California is well known for making unconstitutional laws to restrict gun ownership for its citizens while the lawmakers who make such laws either carry their own guns or hire armed “security.” Something the “average American” mostly can’t afford, since they pay these lawmakers so much. Of course, you know how “temporary” a “temporary law” is. Anybody who loses their guns under this will play hell ever getting them back, once the government has them. (LA Times)