Sunday, October 4, 2015

Keep Illegals From Voting!

Liberals whine about us trying to keep whole blocs of people from voting. They want people to believe we want to keep LEGAL voters from voting, which, as usual with liberals, is a lie. Everybody who is LEGALLY in America should be able to exercise the same rights as all legal citizens. But NOT those who came here ILLEGALLY, whether as adults, or children, and are still illegals. Non-citizens should NEVER be allowed to vote in our elections. There should be a law SPECIFICALLY disallowing it, and measures instituted to prevent it (even though it is ALREADY the law, but they will ignore it). But that probably will never happen as long as one Democrat draws breath. They see every one of those who sneaked across our border as a vote for Democrats, and they don't EVER want to prevent that. That's why they're so adamant about preventing us from instituting picture IDs in order to vote. If a voter has to actually PROVE he/she is who he/she says he/she is, they can't vote several times for a Democrat, and an illegal alien, who usually has no legal picture ID cannot vote, period. They don't want that. They figure that will cost them millions of illegal votes. Votes they count on to win elections. But we need some courageous politicians to sponsor, and vote for such a measure—or just make sure election officials (who are mostly Democrats) enforce current laws. (Just common sense)

What Are They Hiding?

The court has banned the defense for the killer of a government agent with a gun on the list of those sold to Mexican drug lords south of the border. That's a rhetorical question. I know what they're hiding: Obama's gun-running scheme to supply guns to the Mexican drug cartels while CLAIMING it was a “sting” to prove gun dealers in America were regularly selling guns to them (which is a pipe-dream). The tipoff is that, unlike Bush's similar scheme, these guns didn't include ANY “tracing” device that were included in Bush's scheme. This is not Obama's only gun-running scheme. He supplied many guns to the Syrian “rebels” (read: Islamic terrorists) by ordering his troops to leave their weapons and other expensive equipment when they “cut and run” from Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama has done everything he can to help those drug dealers terrorize Mexico and our border states, as well as the Islamic terrorists. Who does he think he's fooling? (Jammed Up)

Government Tyranny Soon

Maybe it's here, already. Little by little, state by state, they're making laws that will make using cash illegal. In Louisiana, they just missed passing a law that would have accomplished that. In one place, a guy tried to pay his mortgage in cash at Bank of America, and he got arrested! The government wants to FORCE us to use credit cards or debit cards, so they can keep track of our spending. When we use cash for everything (as I do), they can't trace everything we buy, legal or illegal. I'm damned glad that at age 78, I won't be around to live under such tyranny for long (I hope so, anyway). They want to be able to know whenever we make a purchase, or pay somebody for anything, so they can decide whether or not to charge us with their idea of a crime for doing so. If they can keep track of all our payments AND income from ANY source, they can better control us. Soon, we'll have to ask some nameless, faceless bureaucrat for permission to spend, or accept ANY money. Somebody who has no business having such authority over us Soon, we'll have to ask some fool's permission to let a fart. (Inquisitr)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

There IS A God!

But He/She/It may not be the same as most people think. It probably is not what Christians think It is, and CERTAINLY not what the Muslims think. There is A God. A superior intelligence somewhere in the universe that created, and orders this universe. I have but to look at the complicated mechanisms in nature all around me to believe this. I would be a FOOL to deny it. But I just don't think it is a man who went around barefoot wearing a beard trying to convince people he's the “Son of God." If you hate me for saying that, sorry. It's true. If that “turns you off on me,” I'm sorry your thinking is so insular. I'm sorry to lose you. You can hate me but that doesn't change it. I am not a Christian. I am a “rational individualist” who refuses to be “led” because a majority of others believes in something. But I am NOT an atheist. Some militant atheists say that's a constitutional thing. They believe that NO VESTIGE of religion should be associated with ANY governmental agency.

But that's not true. That's not what the Constitution says. It says simply, “NO LAW shall be made “respecting the establishment of a religion, or impeding the free exercise thereof.” That's all. It did NOT say there be an be NO vestige of ANY religion anywhere near a governmental institution. So the words, “In God We Trust” on the back of a squad car is NOT unconstitutional. Nor is posting the “Ten Commandments” in front of, or within a governmental installation. What part of NO LAW don't they understand? militant atheists seem to think they have the right to stop ALL expressions of religious thought in schools, or anywhere else owned by the government. They don't, and it's time they learned that. Any religion but Islam, it looks like today. They're strangely silent when teachers have their students write, “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammed is his prophet.” (The Federalist Papers)

Their Biggest Mistake

The biggest mistake made by anti-gun fools is thinking that LAWS will stop criminals from getting guns. How STUPID is that? In areas where the gun laws are the tightest, guns are easier to get than anywhere else. Chicago has some of the tightest gun laws in the nation, but they also have one of the highest gun death rates in the nation, as well. Spike Lee stayed in Chicago for six weeks making an anti-gun movie and noted 400 SHOOTINGS that resulted in 65 deaths and 300 some injuries—in SPITE of their tight gun laws. And don't think those were done by LEGAL gun owners! Most were done by gang members (most of whom are too young to legally own guns) and other criminals who had their guns ILLEGALLY. Anybody who thinks a LAW will keep criminals from having guns is DELUDED. As are most of the people making “gun laws” today. Justin Bieber thinks their gun laws have STOPPED gun violence in Canada. How dumb is THAT? Just read the linked article about the “gun crime spike in just Toronto, and/or Google Canada gun crime.” Apparently Bieber doesn't know about Google.(Toronto Sun)

Don't Want You to Know

The Obama administration apparently wants to hide the fact that the gun that killed Brian Terry was one of the guns Obama ran to Mexico's drug cartels under the GUISE of a “scam” to identify that legal gun dealers sold guns to them. Instead, it SUPPLIED them with many guns, and have led to many murders, including this one. But Obama doesn't want you to know that, so he sent word to the judge in this case to BAN all mention of the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scheme in the killer's trial. He doesn't want us to know that without his gun-running scheme, this guy would have had a little harder time getting the gun he used to kill this guy. The massive coverup is the kind of criminal act we have come to expect from that criminal in the White House, Barack Obama. His scam was SUPPOSED to show how legal gun dealers sold guns “under the table” to Mexican drug cartels. But what they didn't tell you is they ORDERED those dealers to sell them the guns, or they wouldn't have done so. (Truth About Guns)

Friday, October 2, 2015

"Self-Inficted Genocide"

That's how movie director Spike Lee described what he found when he was in Chicago for six weeks shooting a movie he calls, “Chiraq.” Blacks talk disdainfully of cops shooting unarmed black men (which happens rarely, if at all), while ignoring the “self-inflicted genocide” committed by those black men, themselves. During the six weeks he was in Chicago, which has the tightest “gun laws” in the nation, there were 400 SHOOTINGS, which killed 65 people and injured 331. He, and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel hope to point out that genocide in that film. But they pointedly fail to mention that most of those shootings were carried out with ILLEGALLY-owned guns. Not those owned by law-abiding people. That's a common failing for anti-gunners. Most of the “gun problems” we see come from people who get their guns ILLEGALLY, not from honest citizens who OBEY the law and have LEGAL guns, and they somehow fail to mention that. What a bunch of hypocrites! (Guns)

Again, The Wrong Target

The Confederate Flag never hurt anybody, yet the liberals have targeted it, and any manifestation of it. Just as they are doing with gun violence. Instead of targeting the CRIMINAL, they target the GUN, which is entirely innocent unless held and fired by a human being. So somebody used a gun to kill somebody. Instead of targeting the guy who pulled the trigger, liberals again target an inanimate object they THINK is simply the symbol of something they don't like, when it used to be THEIR OWN symbol. Bill Clinton even had a campaign button with it on it. The whole campaign against the Confederate Flag is a “smoke screen” to divert attention from their own shortcomings. We need to start telling them to “go to hell” whenever they try to DELETE it from the world, especially since THEY used it. (Hot Air)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

So Much for "Peaceful Muslims"

They try to convince us that most Muslims are “peaceful” and don't want to kill us. Okay, I'll buy that, even if the Koran does tell them it's okay to LIE, shun, and “smite” “unbelievers” on the neck (behead) and do everything they can to undermine those who believe in a different God than they do. Even if screwing little boys in the rear is “cultural behavior” and should be ignored by American soldiers, while Muslims demand female American soldiers wear the Muslim prescribed headgear when going off base, and “respect” other Muslim practices. My question is this: “Why do we bother?” Our politicians tell us we need to “protect” the Afghan people (so they can go on screwing little boys and keeping them chained to their beds so they're close by when the Muslim man wants to screw them again?). Why do we support such people? People who think screwing little boys and keeping them in sexual slavery is okay, while MURDERING adults who engage in sex with someone of the the same sex? In Muslim countries, “gay sex” is a death sentence—unless it is being carried out with small boys—and it's one-sided. That's a “cultural thing.” It's not gay sex when the victim is a small boy, being raped. Yeah, right! (Just common sense)

We Won Again!

A federal court “took a little nibble” into Washington, DC's silly anti-gun laws that don't do a thing to stop gun violence, but increases it, instead, by disarming their potential victims, making them “easy targets.” Little by little, the courts are taking their stupid laws apart, as they should be. If the trend continues, maybe we'll get back to what the Second Amendment intended, citizen's free access to the tools for self defense, a gun, Liberals talk about ”gunfights in the streets” if that happens. Maybe that's what we need: a few gunfights between honest citizens and ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. That would certainly get a bunch of criminals “off the streets” and onto a slab at the morgue. That's one way to reduce violent crime: get rid of violent criminals. We need to “kill off” a few—or more than a few. We need to make armed criminals VERY nervous, not knowing if his intended victim might be armed and well-able to put an END to him. That way, they would decide to go into a less dangerous line of “work.” (Hot Air)

House Votes to Defund PP

Of course, that won't do anything unless the Senate does, too; and again, that won't do anything unless the president agrees, and knowing Obama, he's likely too approve, unless sanity begins to prevail in DC for a change. At least, the Republicans are (finally) doing something they promised to do (except for the leadership), instead of surrendering to Obama's wishes in everything, as they have been doing up to this point. What this does do is put the Democrats on record as APPROVING the mass murder of infants before they even get a chance at life. Why Democrats can't understand that Planned Parenthood is “Murder Incorporated” for babies, I don't know. They keep saying that to defund them would destroy womens' access to good health care—which is a damned LIE, like every other excuse they use for doing their stupidities. PP is NOT the ONLY source for what they provide (outside of maybe killing their unwanted kids). We will be well rid of PP is this gets approved (unless they're kept in business by private enterprise). Think about it: what would we do if they had aborted Bill Gates, or Einstein, or any of the other geniuses who are responsible for our current and future lifestyle? (Allen West)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taking Stupid Pills

The Republican Black Caucus just voted to keep financing the mass murder of innocent babies in the womb. They don't care that it's “infanticide.” Just as Germans didn't really care that Nazis were murdering Jews by the millions. Hillary has expressed APPROVAL of Planned Parenthood, after ADMITTING she had seen NONE of the videos abut it's crimes Then there's “global warming” (under whatever new name AlGore is calling it these days to more easily fool the fools). Anybody who thinks “man-made global warming” is something to worry about is a FOOL who ignores SOLID scientific evidence it's a swindle. Not the “consensus” of scientists Gore cites. Science isn't subject to a “consensus.” Science recognizes what IS, from convincing evidence. That's it. They don't get a vote.

People who believe these things shouldn't be in ANY position of power, any time. That includes Obama, and every member of Congress who agrees, as well as the Pope, who also (along with Obama and most Democrats, and some Republicans) thinks socialism is better than the free market. They're too stupid to get out of their own way. If we don't get rid of these FOOLS, they're going to bankrupt this country for their own purposes. Watch closely. Since I specifically mentioned the “Black Caucus” here, not to mention the truthfulness of the statement, I will be accused of racism and my main point will be ignored. Then there are the fools who refuse to credit the importance of doing what's necessary (whatever that is) to destroy the Islamic terrorists before they come here and create “blood in the streets (some ours, most theirs—we're not as easy as the rest of the world). (Reason Magazine)

Terrorists Among "Refugees"

Just one? Finding terrorists among those “refugees” would be like “shooting fish in a barrel” if they were actually LOOKING. But as long as Obama is running things, we won't be looking. I'm firmly convinced Obama is a “ringer” who CONNED his way into the presidency for the purpose of looting this country of everything he can while HELPING Islamic terrorists to win their war against America. And he has succeeded. He has spent more money than there IS. More than ALL previous presidents, put together. And he wants to spend more. How much of that ended up in his pocket, I don't know. His policies have weakened this country in many ways. Just his cutting of the military has put us in a bind. I doubt we could sustain two wars at once, any more, after he has gutted the military the way he has. The only reason this terrorist was found is because HUNGARY was looking. Obama is not only NOT keeping Islamic terrorists out of this country, he is paying their way here, calling them “refugees.” (Conservative Byte)

Hillary's "Accomplishments"

Wolf, Blitzer asked Hillary to name her top accomplishment as Secretary of State and she couldn't. She referred us to her book, trying to get SOME of us to actually BUY it. She did mention a few things that are IN the book, including her CLAIM to have negotiated a truce between Israel and HAMAS, something that doesn't exist, if all the rocket bombs raining down on Israel daily are any indication. All the others she mentioned are SOCIALIST “pipe dreams” she faults the GOP for not mentioning. Of course, the GOP doesn't mention them because they ARE socialist ideas, and they're NOT socialists. Hillary is a “dedicated socialist,” whether or not she admits it. A simple look at her ideas will confirm that. Her candidacy only appeals to socialist dupes, which explains why Bernie Sanders is beating her. Bernie is an ADMITTED socialist. A look at that self-satisfied expression on her face will tell you a lot about her, too. (Daily Caller)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Islamaphobia Is Phony!

It's a “made-up term” designed to eliminate criticism of Islamic terrorists, AND the evil actions of many “moderate Muslims” by intimating the critic is somehow, “mentally disturbed,”They can call me what they want, I will continue to print and speak the TRUTH about them and their labels be DAMNED! Even if you only consider what they do to each other, Islam is EVIL! Under what other “religion can they threaten you with DEATH if you don't “convert” to Islam:? Or if converted, you decide to change to another religion? Under what other “religion” do they countenance the MURDER of women for TALKING to someone NOT a Muslim? And which other religion treats their women as “second class citizens” with no rights, whatever? And forces them to go about wearing what amounts to a TENT? Which other religion practices SLAVERY, today? NOT hundreds of years ago, TODAY! Or screw little boys and call it a "cultural thing?". They made this term up to STOP CRITICISM from weak-willed people who worry about what Muslims call them. I don't. I know it's meaningless. (Liberty Alliance)

Trump Din't Say It!

But it's true. Obama is a “closet Muslim.” Maybe not a “CLOSET” Muslim, because he has said it, himself, on occasion, on live TV. I remember once hearing him say, “I'm not the ardent Muslim youth I was.” Or words to that effect. But Donald Trump didn't correct an audience member who said Obama was a Muslim, which tells me a lot about his opinion, even though nobody can attribute it TO him. Tell me Trump is not a politician. The Republicans just don't realize what a GEM they have in Donald Trump. He has proven himself by beating every other Republican candidate they can come up with, and by a large margin, while also beating the top DEMOCRAT candidate handily.

They refused to embrace Ronald Reagan, too, for the same reasons, They're AFRAID of him—and they're right to be. Reagan “upset many applecarts” and so will Trump when he is elected president. Reagan did many good things for this country, and so will Trump. If they do something to “scuttle” his chances on a procedural basis, they'll be sorry, because that will mean another eight years of Democrat “rule,” because then any election will be close enough to allow their chicanery and they will STEAL the election, AGAIN, even if Trump doesn't run as an independent. (Mail News)

The Real "Inconvenient Truth"

Just as the gun grabbers use the wrong methods to “reduce gun violence,” so are the real reasons FOR gun violence ignored. It's not the guns, it's the people. As this linked article says, the reasons for gun violence are, the popularization of violence in the media, the abuse of drugs, poverty caused by welfare, and one-parent families (usually the mother). But if I were to choose ONE THING that is the MOST responsible, I'd choose the use of illegal drugs. There is more crime committed to “get the next fix” than for any other reason. Another factor is the “cheapening of life” precipitated by the Supreme court's MAKING A LAW that says it's “okay to murder infants in the womb," and now even OUT of it., therefore cheapening our reverence for life, itself.

That is emphasized by the current “Planned Parenthood controversy where there shouldn't be a controversy, at all. People called returning Vietnam veterans “baby killers,” and today, the same people ARE “baby killers. Anybody with half a brain would CONDEMN what Planned Parenthood is doing, but apparently there are too few people with half a brain left in this country, which is why stopping them is a “controversy.” It is this lack of intelligence that leads people to take up an illegal gun and kill people for little, or NO reason at all. In 1996, Australia flat-out BANNED GUNS. Then crime increased apace. The number of guns in Australia INCREASED, while OTHER violent crimes (using knives, heavy objects, and other killing tools including bare hands) increased, as well.

France has largely banned guns, too. Even many of their COPS are unarmed, which became obvious when two Muslim terrorists attacked a newspaper for drawing a picture of Mohammed, and the responding cops, being unarmed, could do nothing but cower while the criminals did their dirty work. Gun grabbers keep saying America has more gun violence than any other country. That's a bald-faced LIE. Australia (which banned guns entirely) has the LARGEST increase in violent crime, while America is THIRTEENTH on the list of violent crime increases. I hate to say, “I told ya so,” but I told ya so. Will the anti-gun freaks listen to reason and logic? Not likely. That would take INTELLIGENCE, something that is in short supply among them. (The Right to Bear)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Ben Carson Is Right

When they asked him of he would approve of a Muslim being elected president, he said, “No.” This was NOT “unreasoning bigotry,” as Muslims and liberals (read: dumb butts) say. It's common sense. Muslims are not just “different” from us. They are ENEMIES. Their very way of thinking is inimical to our way of life. Their “BIBLE” tells them to lie to us, to kill us, to behead us, and, NEVER: that's NEVER be a friend to one of us. Any bigotry there is on the part of the Muslim. Why? Because we don't believe in the same God they do. They want the whole world to believe in THEIR phony god they call, “Allah.” They get down on their noses and pray to him five times a day, with their butts in the air. Even those who are not among the Islamic extremists don't like us. They KILL their own CHILDREN if they associate with us. “honor killings” of their own daughters (not boys, you'll notice) if they're seen TALKING to a non-Muslim. God save them if they're caught KISSING an “Infidel" or worse, screwing one of us.

Their values are NOT our values. And thus, they are not QUALIFIED to be our president, or to be elected to ANY office in America. If they take our "oath of office,” they're LYING because if you are a Muslim you may NOT swear an oath to ANYBODY but Allah, and NOT be lying (which is okay, according to the Koran--the lying, of course). Barring them from being elected is not because of WHO they are, but WHAT they are. And it's NOT BIGOTRY, it's just GOOD SENSE. And don't let ANYBODY tell you different. One of the biggest “controversies” right now in America is over gays wanting to FORCE us to approve of them and their supposed marriages.” And we get in trouble if we resist. In Muslim countries, they say there ARE no gays. That's because they KILL them as soon as they find them. The cops don't do it, ANY Muslim who “uncovers” one (who isn't gay, him/herself) is allowed (expected) to kill them, with impunity. (CNN)

Slavery Is Nasty

And we did it, in the PAST. Muslims do it, NOW! Worse, they CASTRATE almost ALL male slaves to keep them from having sex with female slaves. They want to reserve that “right” for themselves. And the way they do it guarantees a high death rate among slaves. There is an estimated 600,000 slaves in Mauritania, alone. And no telling how many in other Muslim countries. Liberals like to make a “big thing” about the slavery we USED TO DO, but say not a word about the slavery NOW practiced by their favorite people, the Muslims. And this is not even those Muslims who are making war on anybody who doesn't believe exactly the way they approve. These are “everyday” Muslims who are SUPPOSEDLY not at war with “Infidels.” Their word for “unbelievers.” (Conservative Tribune)

Violation of Civil Rights

Apparently ALL those signs posted on the front of various businesses saying “No Guns Allowed” are a violation of the civil rights of concealed carry permit holders. It was a city-owned outfit, the ZOO in Houston, Texas that put up the signs and the city quickly told them to take them down, which they did, In Texas, they SHOULD know better, It was in Texas where a doctor who was a concealed carry permit holder had to watch her parents be murdered by a mass killer in a restaurant after being forced to leave her gun in her car by such a sign on a restaurant. ANY place that is a “gun-free zone” is an OPEN INVITATION to would-be mass shooters to “come in and shoot us up, nobody will be here with a gun to oppose you.” And if they think that sign will stop a deranged killer from bringing his gun into their place of business because of a SIGN, they are DELUDED. I would not enter a business sporting such a sign on their door because I would feel unsafe there. (Personal Liberty)