Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"No Regrets" Over Lie

Harry Reid has “no regrets” about saying (falsely) that Romney had not paid taxes for at least ten years, saying, “He didn't win, did he?” What the HELL does that have to do with it? Is it okay to LIE if your lie has results YOU consider good? Reid has been lying for so long he has become completely desensitized to it. He, like Obama, tells lies DAILY and mostly nobody notices—unless they are personally affected by his lies. Reid is the kind of politician who thinks lies are “just part of it.” He's wrong, but he's not smart enough to know any better. He's “retiring,” and that's a GOOD thing. We're well rid of this pimple on the butt of the nation. He should not wait until the end of 2016 to leave. He should leave NOW. Of course, there are many fools waiting in line behind him who are just as bad, if not WORSE than he is. Nancy Peelosi is one of them, and she ought to get out, too. Before her constituents MOVE her out. (Daily Caller)

"Deadline" Is Meaningless

Today was supposed to be the deadline for an agreement with Iran, but Iran ignored it, as usual. So they “extended” the deadline for another three months while Iran keeps on doing what it's going to take to gain nuclear capability, while we dither and jab, PRETENDING to “negotiate.” Our people KNOW there's never going to be an “agreement.” Not one Iran will abide by, anyway. But they're just going through the motions, spending tax money on expensive hotel suites, expensive booze, and food. Living the “life of Reilly” at our expense. That's what they do best. I'm surprised they put a deadline on it in the first place. Like Obama's “red line” in Syria, it's a “lot of wind,” coming out of Obama's backside. Meanwhile, Marie Harf continues to spout meaningless prattle. Adding to the stink. (American Thinker)

HIillary's A Damned Liar!

Worse than her husband. At least most of the lies he tells aren't so easily proved false as are hers. She says the only reason she had her own server for her e-mails is so she would only have to carry around ONE device. THAT'S a lie. She had at least FIVE devices capable of sending and receiving e-mails that she carried around, including an iPad and a Blackberry. She said she only deleted PERSONAL e-mails, but that's a lie, as well. She had absolutely no reason to delete ALL her “personal” e-mails, en masse, after Congress subpoenaed ALL her e-mails. To do so is a CRIMINAL offense, and if you or I did it, we'd quickly be “in irons,” doing the “perp walk” in front of the press, to firmly place in the minds of the public that we ARE criminals. But Hillary is “entitled.” all this hooraw about her e-mail is just “spit in the wind” (or another word, spelled similarly) to convince people they are DOING something about her while they're getting nothing done. (Mail News)

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's Guaranteed!

Religious freedom is the “law of the land,” no matter what gay activists may want you to think. I have nothing against what gays do in the privacy of their bedrooms. I DO have a problem when they want to FORCE it on me or mine by DEMANDING I do things that may be against my religion (I'm not saying it is, but If it were, I would jealously GUARD my right to do so.). Just as, if I were a printer, I would NOT print a poster saying, “DEATH TO AMERICA!” They can put me in PRISON for refusing and iI would still refuse. It seems like gays are PURPOSELY going to the ONE bakery in town that is run by Christians, KNOWING they would refuse their business on religious grounds, so they could make a case for infringement of THEIR rights (which do not exist in law), while what they are DEMANDING infringes on the constitutional rights of the BAKER. They can screw each other and be damned, for all of me. I don't care. That's their business. But if they ever demand I do something against my will, for ANY reason, they can GO TO HELL! (Just common sense)

Spreading the Lie

I have to ask: does ANYBODY with any intelligence at all believe Obama's BIG LIE that the Tea Party is more dangerous than the Islamic terrorists? He's trying to attribute everything from the Boston Bombing to the Aurora Theater shooting to “hidden Tea Party influence” coupled with “conservative ideas.” Is he really that STUPID? Show me ONE single beheaded CHILD the Tea Party is responsible for? Show me a SINGLE Christian massacre (massacre OF Christians) the Tea Party can be PROVEN to be responsible for? Yes, there is much for Obama to fear from the Tea Party, but it's not terrorism. It's the LOSS of jobs for Democrats who have LOOTED and pillaged this nation. It's “putting Democrats out to pasture.” Something for Obama TRULY to fear. But not for us. WE are the Tea Party. Those who want to get RID of such politicians as Barack H. Obama, Eric Holder, and Hillary Stupid. (Just common sense)

Making Light of Terrorism

If the Devil himself was out there murdering people (and there are many who say he is now) there would be idiots in America who would be on his side, and would “make light” of his killing. That's what we have now, only it is our PRESIDENT that is doing so, and his “henchmen” in the government are doing likewise. Hence, the media (who are in his pocket) do so, also. They never refer to their atrocities as “terrorism.” It's as though they don't know the word. They call the terrorists, “militants,” or “gunmen,” or “fighters,” but never “terrorists.” They call their atrocities those of “resistance,” or “desperation” or “workplace violence.” Even when they shout “allahu akbar!” to the skies as they kill innocent people, Obama and his accomplices STILL refuse to call it what it is. He STILL calls the Islamic terrorist attack at Ft. Hood “workplace violence,” which is one of the best ways for him to help them WIN. I keep saying that, and people keep telling me I'm crazy. But wait around and see who is “crazy.” (American Thinker)

Monday, March 30, 2015

"Reality Free"

John Kerry is “out of touch with reality.”The proposed Iran deal on nuclear weapons is so shockingly bad that serious people are beginning to press the panic button and warn the public in the strongest possible terms.” It's bad, but it's exactly what Obama wants. He WANTS Iran to get nuclear weapons to change the “balance of power” in the Middle East to FAVOR Iran. He has made that obvious in his every action regarding Iran and Israel. He has even signaled his intention to ABANDON Israel, who has been our staunchest ally in the Middle East. I don't think Kerry is “out of touch,” it is OBAMA who is “out of touch with reality” and Kerry is just dumb enough to go along with his every whim—which makes him a good Secretary of State for Obama, but not for the nation. (American Thinker)

Is Hillary A Criminal?

It is a CRIMINAL ACT to “destroy evidence” of wrongdoing AFTER Congress has given you a subpoena to provide it. There must have been some e-mails that revealed some really bad behavior for her to summarily and arbitraily DELETE them after Congress subpoenaed them. Bad enough she is willing to suffer the punishment for deleting them after they were subpoenaed rather than suffer whatever punishment that would ensue if those e-mails were read by Congress. I suspect there was evidence she told commanders in the field to “stand down” while terrorists MURDERED four members of the embassy staff in Benghazi, Libya, including an AMBASSADOR, which could get her a long prison sentence. Or maybe evidence of something else, like accepting political contributions from foreign sources in DIRECT violation of the law. We'll never know. She has made it so, and by so doing has forever destroyed her chances to get a chance to run for president, unless “the fix is in” for her this time, instead of some other newcomer who “comes out of the woodwork” to push her aside, as happened in 2008. (Eagle Rising)

Shades of Communism!

One of the scams the communists in Russia used to run (maybe still do, for all of me) is getting people's CHILDREN to “monitor” them at home, and report any comments that were “anti-communist,” so they could come to their home and arrest them or at least harass them. The first requirement for that to work is to brainwash the kids as to just what an “anti-communist statement” was. In so doing, they completely brainwashed them and “radicalized” them FOR communism, making little FINKS out of them. They actually felt GOOD when the thugs came and took their parents away. Now MICHELLE Obama is attempting the same thing, here. She SAYS it's to “ferret out racism” by “monitoring” what people say in the privacy of their own homes. But SHE gets to DEFINE racism and brainwashes the kids in their school rooms. This is an example of what liberals do when they get too powerful. Obama is flouting the Constitution every day, and getting away with it, because nobody in DC has the GONADS to oppose him, Now she's (like Hillary) working on her own power. She's using “the race card” to do it, pushing the “new racism,” which is blacks (loudly) discriminating against whites. Jokes about blacks will be punished by the “PC Police.” But will they be so quick to punish blacks who make jokes about “whitey?” Doubtful. They say blacks CAN'T be racist, which is typical bullcrap. Of course, since this disagrees with her, I must be racist, too! The phony racist charge lives on, and grows like a cancer! (Daily Caller)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wasting Time and Money

That's what diplomats are good at. They're spending a lot of money traveling from place to place to have meetings, when they COULD just stay where they are and have their meetings. But they rove all over the world, scheduling meeting after meeting in different places, at which they accomplish nothing, but after which they have their news conferences and claim all kinds of unspecified “progress” that leads to nothing good. The current effort, supposedly to curb Iran's efforts to gain an nuclear capability, is just like all the others. They talk and talk, then move on to another place, staying at plush hotels, drinking expensive wine and eating expensive food, screwing expensive prostitutes, billing it all to their taxpayers, who dutifully pay for it, THINKING they're doing something important, But they're not, and never will. And their taxpayers never “tumble” to the con. Or if they do, they can't do anything to stop it. I can't believe so many people are so stupid—but they are. And people will die because of their incompetence. (Yahoo News)

Why Do They Need A Law?

Why the HELL do we need a LAW to stop government employees from watching porn on “company time?” It seems to me, in a COMPETENT administration, that would be covered by USUAL regulations. That wasting paid-for time would be a punishable offense, just as it would be (and IS) in a private enterprise. You HIRE these bozos to get some WORK done. If there's not enough work to keep them busy, you let them GO! You don't let them just “come in and put in their time” and be BORED. The biggest problem here is NOT government employees being bored (from lack of work to do) and watching porn. The biggest problem is the INCOMPETENCE of their superiors, right up to the TOP, that CREATES this situation. COMPETENT managers get rid of “employee overload” that leads to “boredom” on the job. The very fact that they're “bored” SIGNALS managerial INCOMPETENCE. (Daily Caller)

"Special Treatment"

The Secret Service agents who crashed into a bomb investigation site while stinking drunk were NOT given a drunk test. They were not arrested, and were simply sent home. The videos of the crash were destroyed, and we were told that was “routine.” Their videos were ALWAYS destroyed after 72 hours and these were due ( a story so obviously FALSE it's funny). The new director of the SS was NOT told about the situation until FIVE DAYS later. This case, its handling, and the handling of previous scandals within the Secret Service are evidence of a SYSTEMIC problem within the SS that has nothing to do with the firing of the previous director after several White House entry scandals. I think they've just “gotten sloppy” in response to the habit of the current president to IGNORE the Constitution, “ruling” at his own whim. I don't know if they WANT him to get killed, or if they just don't give a damn any more. (Joe for America)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

"Only MY Rights Count"

In America, we have “freedom of religion.” Or DO we? It's written into our Constitution, but that august document has been ignored so often since Obama came to town that it is now “just a funny little document in history” and no longer has any meaning. Actor George Takei thinks only HIS rights are sacrosanct. Rights that are NOT written into the Constitution, and have only lately been pushed by militant gays like himself as being PARAMOUNT if they conflict with other people's rights, which ARE in the Constitution. If someone doesn't want his business, for ANY reason, ESPECIALLY religion, they have the right to refuse it, And he has the right to go elsewhere. He does NOT have the right to FORCE his business on ANYBODY. In Indiana now, the law says so. I'm glad I'm a Hoosier. It seems like Indiana is the only state that has any intelligence. I couldn't care less what he does in his bedroom, but I DO care when his rights interfere with mine. (The Blaze)

"Let's Kill Some Muslims"

That's what liberals say about how the country music business reacted to the Muslim terrorist killing of 3,000 people on 9/11/01. They just can't understand why ANYBODY would criticize Islam, even though Islamic terrorists are killing, maiming, and beheading people daily (including CHILDREN) because they won't “convert” to Islam. At least, it LOOKS like they don't understand. They do. They just want to be able to gripe about our response to their killing of non-Muslims all over the world. They just don't WANT to understand that we don't LIKE being murdered, raped, and beheaded, in the name of “religion.” I say yes. Let's kill some Muslims, like they are killing US! Not those who are peaceful, but more of those who aren't. Instead of taking them prisoner, necessitating places like GITMO, just KILL them where the stand, when they get caught in the act. Stop “taking prisoners.” Make them KNOW their practices are GOING to cost them their lives, not just their freedom. I'm getting tired of liberal pantywaists who want “coddle” them while they MURDER us. (The Blaze)

We Told Ya So!

At least THREE of those murderers released to get Bergdahl sent home are “discussing getting back with Islamic terrorist organizations. Just three? Not 5? Maybe these are just the only ones we KNOW about. I can't see any reason why they would NOT “rejoin the Jihad,” even if they promised not to. According to top Muslims, LYING in support of Islam, when dealing with “unbelievers” is OKAY. It's not only approved, it's ENCOURAGED. I guarantee you EVERY Islamic terrorist Obama has released on one excuse or the other has (or will soon) go back to killing innocent people. That was Obama's whole reason for releasing them: to swell the ranks of Islamic terrorists, who have been losing too many killers lately, since other than Obama's forces (who are under “rules of engagement” that makes it impossible for them do accomplish anything) are out there killing them. (American Thinker)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Good Riddance!

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who ran the Senate like it was his own little kingdom (holding up ALL legislation passed by the Republican-controlled House, while calling the Congress a 'do-nothing Congress,” somehow not mentioning HE was the reason), has signaled the fact that he will not run for re-election again in 2016. If I were able, I'd jump up and down and cheer. Although hell probably be replaced by someone just as bad. That's all they've got over there. He has been the single biggest ROADBLOCK to getting ANYTHING done in Congress since Obama was thrust upon us. The Patriot Post calls it “the end of an error.” And they would be right if he were the ONLY “roadblock” to good ideas in the Congress. The New York Times says, “He pushed Obama's programs against stiff Republican opposition.” What they DON'T say is that pushing Obama's program is what caused him to LOSE control of the Senate. He says he's quitting, even though his “path to re-election” is easier than it has ever been.” Never mind he just BARELY got re-elected the last time, against a “B-List candidate.” Never mind he had the backing of Democrat billionaires, who “threw money at him” like it was water. He also says he wants to “go out at the top of my game.” What? Being demoted to minority leader and just BARELY getting re-elected in his last election is NOT “going out on top.” He has just seen the “handwriting on the wall” and doesn't want the VOTERS to “retire him” in 2016. (Patriot Post)

Dictating the Words

Like all liberals, Hillary wants to DICTATE what words may, or may NOT be used to describe her. She thinks by so doing, she can eliminate ANY negative comments that might be made against her. What a damned FOOL she is! This REEKS of a “totalitarian mindset,” which ALL liberals seem to have.It's not surprising she would think this way, since most of her preaching is “to the choir.” They work HARD to keep people who would criticize her OUT. So all who listen are ALREADY “in her pocket. Which is why she got a standing ovation when she “made light” of her e-mail troubles and other scandals, then would not take questions. “Here are the banned words: polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, insincere, ambitious, inevitable, entitled.” all of which apply to her, none of which are sexist or racist. Without those words, the media can't even TALK about her negatively. That's what she wants. One of her support groups actually sent a letter to a New York Times reporter threatening her if she used ANY of these words with reference to Hillary. (American Thinker)

"Feeding the Crocodile"

One of Ronald Reagan's most profound statements is this one: “If some among you fear taking a stand because you are afraid of reprisals from customers, clients, or even government, recognize that you are just feeding the crocodile hoping he'll eat you last.” And that's what many people in the United States are doing with regard to Muslims, right now. Schools that have “Hijab Days” for young, impressionable students who know nothing, but think they know everything; who haven't been ALIVE long enough to know anything. People like Obama, who immediately on becoming president, STOPPED an investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood and the effort to have them declared a “terrorist organization,” as other nations have wisely done, noting their “connections” with other terrorist groups and their ASSISTANCE to them.

Other people are so afraid of being “tarred” with the phony “Islamaphobe” label they don't DARE say anything against them, while they rape and murder innocent people all over the world, behead people, adults (right in front of their children), and children, then rape and behead the children, as well. One of the most sickening sights I will ever have is one I'll never be able to erase from my memory: it is the picture of a beheaded CHILD, wearing a pretty blue dress and white stockings, with no head. Meanwhile, misguided fools “coddle” them and insist on “understanding” them, not being aware that understanding them is as easy as listening to their rhetoric, which simply says the world would be perfect if only every person in it were Muslim—or DEAD. That's their SINGLE goal, and they work toward it daily, committing so many atrocities they are countless. (Just common sense)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

FBI Falsifies Report

You can depend on the FBI to tell the truth, can't you? Apparently not, in the Obama administration. They're apparently taking a page out of Obama's book and making the shooting figures not only look worse than they are, but presenting a completely different picture than reality. Their figures showed an INCREASE in mass shootings, when in reality they've been HALVED! It's to the advantage of the (Obama) government if mass shootings HAVE been increased, because it puts pressure on to “do something” about it, and their usual “something” is to make it even harder for honest, reliable people to buy, carry, and USE guns in self defense. Meanwhile, wherever their “gun laws” are the tightest, it is easier to get guns ILLEGALLY. John Lott, of the Crime Prevention Research Center says there are indications that the data was INTENTIONALLY altered. Which brings into question ALL their “crime statistics.” (Weapon Blog)

Standing Up to Muslims

A courageous female mayor in Irvine, Texas, has taken a stand against the establishment of a “Sharia court in her area. The Muslims call this opposition the work of a “tiny fringe group” against the “will of the people.” What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! A MAJORITY of “thinking Americans” oppose such a “tribunal” as an INCURSION on our system of laws. Our CONSTITUTION BANS it because it VIOLATES it an so many ways! Sharia law has NO PLACE in constitutional America. They CLAIM it is not a “court,” but is a “mediation panel” (whatever THAT is), with power only that willingly submitted to by Muslims. Yeah, right! “Willingly” at the point of a gun. Muslims who do not submit to it would be in danger of being killed by other Muslims. This “tribunal” is an example of the Muslim wish to set up a “shadow government” WITHIN our system which they intend to grow until it is STRONGER than our system, at which time they'll “take over.” It's time Muslims learned that they don't get to ”change our system” to match their own, which they left to come here. You don't come to someone else's house and DEMAND they conform to YOUR wishes. ANY effort to establish such a “tribunal” in the United States should be rebuffed by ANY politician who has GONADS. And ANY politician who ALLOWS it should be instantly removed from office and “drawn and quartered.” Personally, I will fight it to the DEATH, if necessary. (World Net Daily)

Obama: "Manchurian Candidate?

The “Manchurian Candidate” was a book in which an American soldier was kidnapped in Korea, brought to Manchuria, where he was brainwashed into being a “sleeper agent” who ultimately assassinates a presidential candidate, leading to another agent being elevated to the presidency, where he demands dictatorial powers to “prevent it from ever happening again.”. I think it is a good plot, and I wonder why something like it hasn't happened before. I think Barack Hussein Obama was, instead of being brainwashed, RAISED by militant Muslims, spent his early life being trained to act perfectly like a real American, given an almost impenetrable phony background, and put forward by political “money-men” like George Soros at a pivotal time,with his presidency BOUGHT for him with their unlimited amounts of money. That would explain how a complete unknown like Obama could literally come out of NOWHERE to “elbow” Hillary (the “inevitable candidate”) aside and go on to two terms as president, where his every move helps the militant Muslims in their quest to take over the world while undermining the American system of government.

That explains many things, among which is the almost impossibility of proving where he was born, and the PHONY “birth certificate” he provided which did NOT start a movement for his removal on the basis that he was INELIGIBLE to be president of the United States. It explains why he is CONSTANTLY making decisions that BENEFIT the militant Muslims all over the world. Why he not only makes it EASY for Muslims to enter the country illegally, he IMPORTS 100,000 Syrian “rebels,” many of whom ARE Muslim militants. Why he purposely LOST two wars against militant Muslims. I still expect him to try and stay in office after 2016, which will be just one more violation of the Constitution, which he has already violated many times with NOBODY “calling him” on it. (Just common sense)