Friday, July 20, 2018

Guy Thinks He's A Girl

Enters a high-stakes physical contest for women—and WINS. How is that possible? Think about it. If your daughter works hard for five or six years, and finally makes it to statewide competition, then has to compete with a MAN in women’s clothing. I’d be ashamed to accept such a title. How do you feel? How the hell do liberals convince people this kind of thing is legal? A good example is Whoopi Goldberg’s “meltdown” on “The View” when “Judge Janine” Piro didn’t agree with her that Trump was an ass. They ATTACK you if you don’t agree with them. And, with the growth of Antifa, it’s only a matter of time until those attacks stop being verbal and become physical—and maybe even DEADLY. Liberals today are saying there are way more than two sexes—and making it stick, by ATTACKING anybody who doesn’t agree with that, in spite of the actual EVIDENCE it is NOT SO. And by so doing, they are allowing MEN into women’s restrooms and changing rooms, so they can ogle your teenage daughters, who are often NAKED in there. It amazes me the stupid and zany things liberals try and impose on the rest of us. They impose them, not by intelligent arguing on the facts, but by ATTACKING anybody who disagrees with their stupid ideas, as Whoopi did. (Daily Caller)

Is It Trump's Fault?

One Annapolis, MD victim (one left alive) is now blaming Trump for his injuries because of Trump's exhortation that the media is "the enemy." Really? Is it Trump's fault that a misguided individual with a grudge against a local newspaper came in and killed a bunch of people? That's a fool claim, born of frustration and previous bias. That fool didn't shoot up that newspaper office because of anything Trump might have said, true or false. He did it because of a PERSONAL GRUDGE against THAT newspaper, and nothing Trump said had anything to do with it. to think so is the thinking of a fool. It's a cheap shot from someone we will later find out is a "dedicated Trump hater" from the beginning. If he's a writer, look back at his writings, for proof of that. Trump haters will jump on ANYTHING they can find that they think they can use to make Trump look bad. But I've got a clue for ya, folks--gratuitous blame and insults don't work on Trump. The intelligent people who support him aren't swayed by such ignorance. People who do such things don't care what anybody says, about anything. (Liberty Headlines)

Flailing In Wrong Direction

The anti-gun fools continue to flail around, trying to find SOMETHING they can do to "reduce gun crime," and they're, as usual, looking in all the wrong directions. In California, for instance, they're trying to pass a bill into law requiring vendors to track gun parts, and pay a license fee (It always comes down to more money for the government, doesn't it?). To buy ammunition or any gun parts, you will have to do the same things you have to do to buy a gun, itself. Pass a background check, and buy a special license. Anything to make it harder and more expensive to own a gun and actually USE it. Vendors would be "controlled" through a licensing scheme, and certain gun parts would require tracking. Which, of course, would require serial numbers to be cut into them--something that has already been proven to be almost impossible. As usual, they claim this law will "save lives," without any empirical proof. They say it will "prevent criminals from gaining access." Yeah. The same way anti-gun laws keep guns out of the hands of criminals--who routinely IGNORE their silly laws and victimize those who OBEY them, and are thus UNARMED. (Guns)

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Liberals Wrong Again

Every time there is a reduction in the tax rate, they tell us it is going to INCREASE the national debt, because they’re not going to be able to take in as much money. And again, they’re WRONG. They predicted that Reagan’s lowering of the tax rate would ruin us, and it almost DOUBLED the “tax take.” Now again, when Trump lowered taxes, they AGAIN predicted that their ‘tax take” would be reduced—which was a “horrible thing.” Again, they’re WRONG. The “tax take” this year, so far, has INCREASED 9%. Of course, they’ll say that’s because of THEIR tax policies under Obama, but that will be their usual LIE. They keep telling us the same wrong things, over and over, and their liberal cronies buy it. Those of us who are INTELLIGENT, don’t. And everybody—including the liberals—benefit. But they just can’t let us be right. They will come up with SOME EXCUSE as to how this all began with Obama’s policies, and we’re just seeing it, now. Which, to intelligent people, is a LIE. As usual. The difference is $76 BILLION in “unexpected (by liberals) revenue. The Congressional Budget Office, which refuses to predict, based on DYNAMIC occurrences, predicted an INCREASE in the national debt of $139 billion. Now that number will have to be cut in half—so far. Don’t expect to see much about this in the liberal media. (Western Journal)

Another Stupid Idea

The Dumocrats are KNOWN for the stupid ideas they promote. Such as allowing MEN to enter women's restrooms and changing rooms if they feel like they are a woman that day. Never mind the unalterable FACT that if he has a penis, he is a MAN. That's NOT the "sex assigned to him at birth," it is an unalterable fact of nature. But not to Dumocrats and other liberals. To them there is "more than one sex." Made so by what people FEEL. Now they want to eliminate ICE, that agency that works HARD to stem the flow of illegal aliens and bloody murderous gang members who murder our citizens. This is yet another STUPID idea liberals (Dumocrats) try to force upon us by conning other liberals into "demonstrating" to get it done, through PRESSURE. The liberals want us to believe that the sky is not blue, and that the water is not wet. They can come up with what they think is a plausible way of "proving" it. To a liberal it is "freedom" to FORCE somebody to pay money to a third party (a union) to keep a job, and that a baker MUST bake cakes for people whose very lifestyle is against their religious beliefs. They want to make disagreeing with them a CRIME that is punishable. They can't plausibly argue against our points, so they call us names and want to make disagreeing with them a crime. Getting rid of ICE would be a disaster of unknown proportions. But they're too STUPID to know that. (The Hill)

They Won't Run It

There was an (almost) mass shooting in a Washington state Wal-Mart the other day. I say "almost, because it didn't come off quite the way the shooter intended, because there was a legally-armed citizen there who shot him to death, ending his intended shooting spree and all his other goals. The liberal media might make a "lick and a promise" coverage of this incident, because they want to promote the narrative that this never happens. The interesting thing is, the guy who killed this gunman wasn't violating the law, but he WAS violating the Wal-Mart policy that its property is a "gun-free zone." If he had dutifully left his gun at home, many more people would have been injured or killed by this shooter. Luckily, the citizen also ignored that "policy," and was able to save many lives. Wal-Mart is a dangerous place to go for that reason. I get my groceries from Wal-Mart, but I stay very alert when I'm on their property. I've lived a long time, and I don't want to die because of a stupid store policy. That's what it is, and it gets people killed, by keeping them DISARMED on their property. (Washington Post)

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Face of Democrats

Socialism has become “the face of the Dumocrat PARTY.” For many years, they hid the fact that their base was socialist because they figured that was a LOSING thing. And they were right. Socialism, in the United States, IS a “losing proposition,” until, or unless the Dumocrat dupes become a majority. If and when that happens, we are LOST. Socialism was THE way to govern in most countries since the dawn of history. Mostly because socialists were better at SELLING socialism than they were at actually GOVERNING under socialism, not because socialism is better. It is NOT. The fact is, socialism is BASED on stealing the fruits of the production of new wealth FROM the producers, and GIVING that stolen, unearned, to those who produce NOTHING. They always present a pretty picture, telling people that socialism is “so good for everybody.” But they never tell you WHERE the money to pay for things will come from. Or if they do, they just talk about “small tax increases,” which is another way to say, “we'll take money from those who earn it and give it to those who do NOT.” Don’t take my word for it. Just look at the things they support. Such as “universal health care” for everybody (paid for by screwing the EARNERS to pay for those who do NOT earn). And they want the government (YOU) to pay the college tuition for ALL students. They talk seriously about “universal basic income,” again for ALL. Again not mentioning who pays for it. Chicago, a liberal (Dumocrat) run city, is looking seriously at such a plan for Chicagoans—this in spite of the fact that Chicago is already BROKE after years of liberal “rule.” Elect Dumocrats, and you WILL soon have socialism. Believe it. (Just common sense)

"Cotton Picking" Insult

David Bossie used a phrase that has been in use for many years without a problem, and got "suspended" for his trouble. The phrase was "cotton picking" A "too touchy" liberal jumped all over it on Fox when he uttered it, Fox apologized, and even suspended him. Maybe we should fire Bugs Bunny, because he has used that phrase for years. This is a good illustration of a liberal CREATING an insult, where none was intended. They do that regularly, condemning people for using old, long used phrases they DECIDE were "insulting." By so doing, they severely LIMIT words that can be used in a debate. That is their purpose: prohibit the very USE of so many words that conservatives cannot even debate with them because they object to the very USE of certain words. That's what "political correctness" is all about. Censorship under another name. Censorship is illegal in this country, so they call it something else. They do that all the time when certain bad things become known. They just change its name, and go right on. (Conservative Tribune)

Gun Control Works?

Really! Then how did a FELON get 500 guns? That's what the LA Sheriff's deputies found when they aided his home. 500 guns! Owned by a FELON! You think he IGNORED their fancy gun laws? Obviously. So what the hell GOOD are they if a FELON can acquire up to 500 guns before being caught? After involving the ATF, to determine the history of each gun, it was decided this guy was "just a collector," rather than someone holding guns to do crimes. Never mind he committed a crime each time he acquired a gun. Yes, people still commit murder, long after it was made illegal. But "gun laws" are different. They are supposed to keep people like this from even GETTING guns--not to punish them for doing it, although that's what they actually do--when someone like this guy that the law BARS from owning a gun, even under the Second Amendment--but only when they find out about it, as in this case. They raided his property after getting a tip that he had a bunch of guns. And the law DID provide for his punishment. But it did not STOP him from getting them, as they promised. (San Diego Union Tribune)

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Disgusting New Low

The New York Times produced an incredibly amateurish cartoon that intimated a gay connection between Donald Trump and Vladmir, Putin. And apparently, they couldn’t even find a decent artist for their insipid cartoon. This is a NEW LOW for even the New York Times, which “runs in front” of anybody else in the print news industry in LYING about President Trump. This is the kind of thing that is going to be the “death knell” for them. Not only is the cartoon ridiculous in it’s very premise, the art looks like something they hired an eight-year-old to do. Of course, they are “the HOME of gay rights.” Somebody there is INSANE, if he/she thinks this promotes their dire wish to “be rid of” Donald Trump. It is things like this that will propel Trump to a victory (again) in 2020. But you can’t tell them that. They think we “slurp up” their stupidities like a puppy and an ice cream cone. Things like this are the reason why I don’t read ANY newspaper today. (Liberty Bugle)

They Have Nothing Else

The liberals (Dumocrats) have nothing for us except socialism, which we don't want. So now they're embarking on a campaign to intimidate everybody who even thinks about going to work for President Trump. They raise sufficient hell in a public eating place that President Trump's press secretary, who has done nothing except field the insulting questions from liberal reporters, was forced to leave. Then they followed her family members to another restaurant, and harassed them further. They ran another Trump associate out of another restaurant, and then came to her HOME and harassed her further. They cannot answer our policies with anything anybody wants, so they just want to try and intimidate people so they won't work for President Trump. They hope to limit his ability to govern that way. But it's not going to work, because the kind of people who would work for Trump are not the kind who WOULD be intimidated by the whining, sniveling fools who think they can gain something by violence. (Just common sense)

Ho, Hum, Nothing New

Several political outfits have come together to propose "new" gun laws. The liberal media touts that, saying they have "come together to find new ways to stop gun violence!" One little problem: what they propose are the same tired, old, laws and regulations that didn't work the first time they tried them. Or the second, or the third. ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Those organizations include the American MEDICAL Association, the Police Executive Research Foundation (whatever THAT is), and the Conference of Mayors (USCM). The USCM said, "A constitutional right to bear arms doesn't exist," which is totally a LIE. They also said, "The Second Amendment is an Anachronism," which is also a LIE. The Constitution is still very much the very BASIS for ALL our laws, and the Second Amendment is as much in effect as ever. For them to say that as an organization of elected officials tells me a lot about how they think, and that scares the hell out of me. It tells me they think ONLY law enforcement, and government should have guns, so they can do just what they want, without opposition from the law-abiding. That these laws IGNORE the NON-law-abiding also disturbs me, because that tells me they want, besides the cops and government agents, the lawbreakers to be armed, while honest people should not. So we're defenseless, not only against criminals, but the government, as well. (NRA-ILA)

Monday, July 16, 2018

They want A Coup

Dumocrat Rep from Tennessee Steve Cohen the other day called on the military to “dump Trump.” That sounds like TREASON, to me. He’s attempting to foment a “military coup” a la a “banana republic.” That ought to be enough to get him removed from the Congress, and maybe even get him a stint in a prison for treason. Dumocrats are really getting desperate. They see their own time coming, as Trump actually does “drain the swamp.” And it’s not very hard to identify the swamp dwellers: they are the ones working the Hardest to “get rid of Trump,” by ANY MEANS, legal or ILLEGAL. And a military coup IS illegal. Just suggesting one is illegal, and this fool should know that. With people like “Mad Max(ine)” Waters demanding Trump be impeached, while well knowing there are no GROUNDS for impeaching Trump, and failing that, harassing everyone who even ASSOCIATES with President Trump—which, in itself, is the crime of “disturbing the peace,” it’s only a short time before outfits like “Antifa,” which already engages in violence starts causing DEATHS. It is only a matter of TIME before somebody really gets hurt, even killed. (Daily Caller)

Is A Revolution Coming?

I've seen some vitriolic politics, but nothing like today. When they start harassing the president's staff when they go to a restaurant, and gather outside their homes jeering and threatening them, that's going way too far. It's taking it to the next level, and revolution can't be far behind. I thought a comedienne holding a phony Trump severed head was bad, but when you threaten Trump's staff members with violence for having the temerity to work for Trump, there's something wrong. Then when staff for members of Congress think they can scream, "F-ck you!" to the president as he passes, without losing his or her job, that does take it to a higher level. Then an actual member of Congress attempts to foment real violence, as “Mad “Max(ine)” Waters has, things have gone WAY too far. Soon there's going to be an assassination attempt on Trump, hopefully not successful. I've been wondering why it hasn't happened, already, with all the hate spewing around, from those whose favorite insult is, "you're a hater!" The biggest haters are on the Dumocrat side, and believe me, that can do nothing except create violence. (Just common sense)

Today's Gun Save

Anti-gun fools say it never happens. They say concealed carriers are more likely to shoot themselves than anybody else. They say that the average person carrying a gun NEVER is able to stop violence from being committed. They're WRONG. And today's “gun save” proves it, again: I have my choice of stories like this, because I don't limit my search for news to the liberal media. In this case, a man was attacking a woman with an axe, when her neighbor shot and killed him. If he had not had that gun, that guy would have killed that woman, and probably him, as well, if he intervened. This is just ONE of the many stories I saw, just today, in a similar vein. Proving yet again that the anti-gun fools have no idea what they're talking about, and that they get people killed with their ignorance. They keep telling us this doesn't happen, and we keep showing them it DOES. But they keep on telling us it doesn't, in the face of sure evidence that it DOES happen, every day (or more), guns out there, owned by people who shouldn't be allowed NEAR a gun, Felons, and the like. They had a "crackdown" after Sandy Hook that seized 18,000 guns from various assorted people like felons, those convicted of domestic violence, or those judged by a court to be violently mentally ill. Does that mean these people ignored the law? Heavens to Murgatroyd! (Toledo Blade)

Friday, July 13, 2018

The New Ku Klux Klan

Is “ Antifa,” the ubiquitous thugs who go about and ATTACK peaceful meetings of prayer groups and other groups whose purpose is not left-wing. And they do it while hiding behind masks, as the Dumocrat Party’s earlier creation, the Ku Klux Klan did back in the 1800s. Only this bunch is not only attacking black people. They attack people that Dumocrats aim them at. The Dumocrats, being the REAL racist political party, CREATED the KKK to attack, and even KILL those who believed in equal treatment for black people. They “went wild” and beat, burned out, and KILLED many black people, and even some white people who sided with the black people. The KKK has since been exposed, and membership has declined, So they needed a new group of thugs to assault and murder their opposition. Antifa hasn’t YET murdered anyone, to my knowledge, but the time is coming, as they continue to dog groups that oppose the Dumocrat racist purposes. They SAY they are “fighting Fascism, while using the same tactics as the original ”brown shirts” in Germany used on their enemies. (Great American Republic)

Daddy-Daughter "Dates"

Wrong, or right? That's a question that needn't be answered, but there are some people who say calling a "daddy-daughter night" a "date" is bad, because the word, "date" is "sexual in nature." It's too bad some people with dirty minds think that way, all the time. And it's only the people with dirty minds who DO think that way. Once, when I was about nine, I had a "date" with my MOM. And not once did I have any thoughts of sex with my mother. I bought a box of gum and sold it door-to-door to pay for it, and took her to see a movie. We both had fun, and I thought I was a "big man" for bringing it off. Sex did not even enter my thinking, nor, I'm sure, did it enter hers. I can't think of a word bad enough to describe people whose minds ALWAYS think of sex. Unfortunately there are way too many people whose minds always work that way, and some of them even end up in a position to make laws, or influence the thinking of other people. There's an argument going on in Denver right now over this question, with, so far, an absolute majority saying, "just don't worry about it!" The question, on 9 News is, "Are 'daddy-daughter dates' bad because 'date' means something sexual?" There is a just barely perceptible "yes" answer, and a long "no" bar. And that's a good thing. (Just common sense)

Liberals Are Rejoicing

There was a road rage incident today (as this is written), in which a man shot several people. The anti-gun fools are jumping for joy because one of their most common "predictions" has finally come true. Somebody has shot someone over a road rage incident. Their favorite lie is that letting the law-abiding carry guns for defense against this kind of incident would lead to more of them. In the news reports about this, nothing was said about whether or not the shooter's gun was legally owned. That little fact just was not important to the writers, who are, for the most part, gun control partisans. The fact is, if one or more of those people who were shot in this incident had had a gun, there would be one fewer "angry drivers" out there, and we would all be safer. That's something they not only don't tell you, they HIDE it, and reject the whole idea. Their "laws" not only do NOTHING to alleviate this problem, they make it worse, by disarming the law-abiding, making them "easy targets" for shooters like this. (Just common sense)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

All I Need to Know

As I watch the televising of the interrogation of Peter Strzok, I see nothing but an arrogant, sneering, smirking fool, determined to “squirm out” of any responsibility for his actions and pronouncements. He declares that his personal biases have had nothing to do with his actions as an FBI agent, but he is LYING. The facts prove it. His eye-rolling, smirking expressions speak volumes to me, as he tells the senators of his resentment of their accusations and how they “offend” him. It’s really too bad he is offended by these proceedings—I really feel sorry for him—but I can’t seem to reach him. His very facial expressions offend me, and it appears, many of the senators assembled. His arrogance is on full display as he attempts to “shout them down.” Peter Strzok is a perfect example of someone who should NEVER be allowed to wield the power given to someone that has been in his positions. He lies repeatedly on things that cannot be PROVEN to be a lie, and he smirks all the while a senator is forming his questions. (Liberty Bugle)

Ignorant Damned Protesters

I had to laugh when I saw the ignorant fool who actually tried to stop a bus carrying illegal aliens with his body. The bus driver should have driven slowly away, and he would have given way because he doesn't want to be killed for his stupidity. They have no idea they're protesting Trump doing the EXACT same thing about illegal aliens that their "idol" Obama did, with not a peep out of them. If they had said a word then, I might have a little sympathy for their position, now. All this is because Trump wants simply to control our borders and enforce the LAW. They're too ignorant to know better, and they show it by their actions. They buy the liberal BS, swallowing it whole cloth, and make fools of themselves, going places in buses paid for by liberal elites to make trouble for people who are only trying to make things better for everybody. And they don't even know they are DUPES supporting something that opposes something that doesn't exist. You can always depend on a crowd forming to support liberal stupidity because the liberals "whip them up" and pay for the transportation to get them there--like they're doing with that teenage bigmouth, David Hogg (a very descriptive name). (Daily Caller)

A Definite Deterrent

A guy went into a Wal-Mart and tried to rob it, unsuccessfully. When he got back outside, his car wouldn't start. So he decided to carjack another man in the parking lot, using a knife to threaten him. That didn't work, as the man pulled a gun on him. He ran away and decided to carjack a woman in a Starbucks drive-in line. So she pulled HER gun and ran him off--again. This just wasn't his day, I guess. He went into a local public restroom, where he was found and arrested some time later. If this kind of thing would happen to thieves more often, maybe they'd look for another way to "earn" a living. This guy was having a run of bad luck, and I guess he just gave up. The anti-gun fools reject the average citizen being armed as a solution to the "gun crime" problem, but this proves--again--that it IS a good deterrent. And the more it happens, the less thugs will want to victimize good people for fear of their own lives. And that can only be a GOOD thing. (The Blaze)