Saturday, December 3, 2016

Talking To Foreign Leaders

President-elect Trump accepted a congratulatory call from the leader in Formosa the other day, and is being "raked over the coals" by the NY Times and the rest of the liberals (Democrats) for having the temerity to talk to a foreign leader! It just isn't DONE! But Trump doesn't care--he did it, and to hell with those who didn't like it. That's the way it's going to be for the next 4, maybe 8 years, folks--get used to it. Trump isn't your "average politician." He doesn't go by what "isn't done." If he wants to do it, he does it. And it you don't like it, tough! Then President Carter (a Democrat) BETRAYED Formosa when he recognized interloper China's "one China policy" and had Formosa summarily "ejected" from the UN. A crappy thing to have done to a country with a democratically elected government, in favor of barbarians who "took over by force" in China. I've always been against Carter's action, which was a BETRAYAL of a friend, for the benefit of a country that will NEVER be our friend. Personally, I think Trump should rescind that action. As president, he has that power, whether or not liberals (who never saw a tyrant they didn't like) like it. If China doesn't like it, tough. They don't get to give orders to an American president--even a president-elect. (NY Times)

"So Why Bother?"

The anti-gun fools say that we think, since their gun laws don't work because criminals don't obey them, "Why bother?" Which shows their incredible STUPIDITY. The same stupidity evident in their laws, period. We don't say, "Why bother?" We say, "Make some laws that actually DO something to keep criminals from having "the upper hand" with their ILLEGAL guns! Of course, they're too stupid to understand that. They just attribute their own stupidity to us, and keep right on making their USELESS laws that not only do NOTHING to "stem gun violence," they actually PROMOTE it, by DISARMING honest, law-abiding people, making them "easy targets " for criminals and their ILLEGAL GUNS. We say, "Make laws that make use of a gun in committing a crime add a SIGNIFICANT amount of time to their sentences, and PREVENTING cops from "waiving" gun charges to get convictions in other crimes, as they do now. We say, "Make laws that allow honest, law-abiding people to have guns to use in self defense against these criminals and their ILLEGAL guns." We say "Make laws that make a felon just HAVING a gun a SERIOUS offense, not the minor one it is, now," and make that law enforcement MANDATORY, not a 'bargaining chip'." But that's something they just can't understand, with their obviously feeble minds. (Adirondak Daily Enterprise)

The Media Turns Away

The anti-gun fools insist that legally armed citizens can't do anything to "stop gun violence," and they are helped immensely by the liberal media, which IGNORES cases where they DO, as much as they can. Or they cover those instances without mentioning the "concealed carrier" who "saved the day." The incident to which I refer here is typical. A cop had a perp get the better of him after a short chase following the perp trying to run the cop down on an accident scene. He had the cop down and was "beating the hell out of him," and trying to get his gun so as to kill him. The courageous armed citizen told him to stop or he'd shoot. He didn't. so the man shot him three times, after which he died, a fate he richly deserved. CNN didn't cover it at all. Washington Post did, but just barely. The same for the New York Times, which ran a very short piece on it, buried. This is common when a story doesn't fit their narrative. Only the "alternative media" covered this heroic act by a man who would rather not be identified in news reports because he doesn't consider himself a hero. But he is, and SOMEBODY needs to cover it. The liberal media won't. (America's First Freedom)

Friday, December 2, 2016

"White Supremacist Equals Racist

To Democrats, the words mean the same thing. they're synonymous. EVERYTHING that opposes Obama or anything liberal is "racism," according to them. They have made the term WORTHLESS due to overuse. Obama told us if we elected him, it would END racism forever in this country, Instead, it has INCREASED it, and created a new form of racism, black against white racism, and that seems to be not only legal, it is APPROVED by his government. Obama CREATED this increase in racism by falsely calling EVERY opposition to his policies racism. In addition, he did everything he could to create black versus white racism. "Black Lives Matter" is his creation, and was DESIGNED to "whip up" hatred by blacks against whites, and help create a race war, from which Obama can benefit. It's the black version of the "Occupy" movement, which he also created. (Just common sense)

Women Buying the Guns

We're having record gun sales lately. And who is buying the most guns? WOMEN. They're pushing gun sales to record levels, while anti-gun fools say they shouldn't. That a "bad guy" would take their gun away and shoot them with it. Maybe they should ask the "bad guys" women have shot trying to assault them. Oh: I forgot. You can't ask most of them. They're dead. A gun in the hands of somebody TRAINED in its use is the "great equalizer." I certainly wouldn't want to try and take a gun away from a woman who was trained in the use of the gun in her hand. I'm allergic to "lead poisoning." Women are realizing, more and more, that they can't just depend on the men in their lives to protect them at all times. Sometimes they're alone. And a gun in their pocket is great insurance against assault and murder. Of course, the anti-gun fools will confidently tell you this is not happening. They love to lie and DARE you to disbelieve them. Their "cause" is failing all over the country for the most part. They have had some successes--temporarily--but even those are doomed to "go away" as time goes on. They will never give up their ignorant and futile quest to "rid the world of guns." But we are more and more alert against them every day, and they will LOSE more and more as time goes on. (KPLR11)

Faulty Reasoning, As Usual

"In many states across the country, legislation that allows concealed carry, a license which grants an individual the ability to covertly carry a gun on them, has already been passed. The addition of guns on campuses has caused students, staff, faculty and parents to worry, especially after mass school shootings such as Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook." (Badger Herald) What they seem to uniformly IGNORE is that the very shootings they mention were carried out by people with ILLEGAL guns, not by people who LEGALLY carried their guns. That's the "fault" in their reasoning. It's all about LEGAL gun carriers, whom they suspect of "running wild" if they have a gun, while IGNORING those carried by ILLEGAL gun owners, most of whom are gang members and/or criminals--a redundancy, there). (The Badger Herald)

Thursday, December 1, 2016

More Guns, More Stolen Guns

That's what The Trace is saying. That's like saying, "Laws against murder don't stop murder, so why pass them?" Yes, people who own guns should take more care in storing them to avoid them being stolen. But that's no excuse to BAN them from ownership, or for passing laws making them USELESS to defend yourself when faced with a criminal holding an ILLEGAL gun, who is not bothered by such rules. The anti-gun fools irrationally want ALL guns to disappear from the world. even those in the hands of cops or federal agents. It's a foolish hope. It can't be done. Just as you can't put toothpaste back in the tube, you can't ELIMINATE guns from the world. They number in the BILLIONS, and there is NO WAY they can find them all. So we need to allow law-abiding people to have their own guns, unencumbered by their silly restrictions, so they can defend THEMSELVES. They talk about allowing everybody to have guns increasing the likelihood of an incident, again IGNORING the fact that there are ALREADY millions of ILLEGAL guns out there. in any crowd, the chances of somebody in the crowd (with malevolent intent) being ILLEGALLY armed, is also high. So somebody LEGALLY armed in that crowd simply adds an element of PROTECTION from that ILLEGALLY owned gun. (The Trace)

Happens Every Day

I could write about concealed carriers stopping crime every day, if I wanted to, because it HAPPENS every day, somewhere--putting the LIE to the anti-gun fools' assurances that concealed carriers CANNOT do anything about crime. This one is slightly different, in that it doesn't involve a gun in the hand of an attacker. In this one, a man came into a small convenience store in Sherman, TX, and tried to kill the clerk with a machete. He was routed by the clerk, who was a concealed carrier, and shot him. He was last seen by the clerk, "running for the hills." He was later found in a hospital with the clerk's bullets in him, and arrested. Thus proving AGAIN that what we say is true. Armed Americans CAN stop crime in their little world, or elsewhere. They slam the whole idea of honest people being armed in self defense in Chicago (and elsewhere), citing how many ILLEGAL guns are out there. They disregard the idea of an honest person being ABLE to defend himself against those illegal guns, which is short-sighted, at best--STUPID, at worst. (Sherman Herald-Democrat)

Ammo Yes, Voting No

Liberals want to require "photo ID" in order to buy bullets. They don't seem to worry about making it harder on black people and others who don't have a lot of money like they do if those people want to VOTE for the people who "run their lives." In New Jersey, they want to require photo ID to buy bullets for their LEGAL guns, while maintaining that requiring the same thing to be able to VOTE is "racist" and makes it hard on groups they assume don't have $5 to buy a state ID card, or get a driver's license. I don't notice any real problem for those people to drive cars--which cost a lot more than a driver license. Are all of them driving illegally? This is the kind of a contradiction that is rife in dealing with liberals, They make up the rules as they go along, and don't care if one rule contradicts the other. Nor do they care if we notice. (AmmoLand)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Keeping Carrir Here

t was one of Trump's more specific promises during the election: to keep Carrier Company in the United States. And he has done it. At least halfway. They were going to "outsource" 2,000 jobs to Mexico, and now that number is reduced to 1,000. Democrats said it couldn't be done, that Obama was already working on it, and was almost at an agreement (which is the usual Obama taking credit for somebody else's achievement). They said "bullying" them into staying was the work of a DICTATOR. That a president couldn't "bully" a corporation like that, which is why Obama wasn't able to do it. But Trump DID IT. That's undeniable. He didn't keep them ALL here (yet), but I'm sure he's working on that. (Daily Caller)

Criminals Steal Their Guns

Surprise, surprise! Criminals don't go to a gun store and BUY a gun. They STEAL them, or find someone in a back alley somewhere and buy one out of the trunk of his car. This is a BIG STORY in Columbia, MO. Gun store owners have noticed a significant INCREASE in the number of gun owners calling to find out the serial numbers of the guns they purchased, which tells them the gun was stolen, and the owner needed that number for the cops. They say they used to get one or two such calls a month, but now are getting them at the rate of one or two a DAY. The cops say it's hard to say how many guns are stolen because they put those numbers in with stolen laptops, jewelry, and all other property thefts. Which is a damned fool thing to do, since it makes it impossible to know that gun thefts are becoming a major problem. (ABC 17 News)

Bobody Bothers

Thousands of people in the Washington State try to buy guns, even when they KNOW they're not allowed to do so, by having committed certain crimes in the past. The cops really ought to follow up on those people, not just because TRYING to buy a gun, for them, is a violation of state AND federal law, but because after being denied the purchase legally, their next move is to find an ILLEGAL gun dealer in an alley somewhere, who sells guns out of the trunk of his car, never bothering to ask if the buyer is ALLOWED to buy a gun. He doesn't care. All he cares about is the money. A local sheriff says he doesn't have the manpower to enforce that law. Well, he needs to do something about that, rather than make excuses for not doing his job. The very VOLUME of people attempting to buy guns when they KNOW it's illegal tells us that is a MAJOR problem. (King 5 News)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

No Guns, No Killing

That's what the damned fools making out current crop of "gun laws" say, confidently. They "know not what they do." They disarm honest, law-abiding people and make them "easy targets" for criminals who want what's theirs, and are willing to kill them to get it. Or Islamic terrorists who see a "target-rich environment" of people who will not "convert" to their silly "religion." It is said that Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world, and why not? With people threatening other people with DEATH for not "converting." I'd bet that most, if not ALL of those who do "convert" are Muslim in name only, and do not feel it in their hearts. They only "convert" to stay alive. It's easy to have a "fast-growing :"religion" if you offer people DEATH for not "converting." Killing predated guns by thousands of years. There were no guns on Earth when Cain killed Abel. And hundreds of years ago when people commonly killed other people with swords. (Just common sense)

It Happened Again

The anti-gun fools keep saying that people with legally-carried guns can never do anything to stop crimes from occurring, in spite of regular evidence that they do, on a regular basis. Just yesterday I wrote about a "concealed carrier" who rescued a cop, who was being beaten, maybe to death, at the end of a chase, by shooting the attacker. And today, I'm writing about a "concealed carrier" who saw a man stabbing TWO people at an apartment building, got the drop on the stabber, and held him for the cops. What's it going to be tomorrow (or even later today)? Somebody shooting a liquor store robber? Or an old man killing a burglar in his home because the burglar was attacking him, or his wife? It happens, all the time. The anti-gun fools deny it--and they're LYING. (The Courier)

Concentrating On Ammo

They're so obvious, it's crazy. The anti-gun fools can't just ban guns, so they want to make the ones we do have USELESS. That might be good, in a way, because that's pne of the only things in their fool laws that MIGHT effect people who have ILLEGAL guns, too. Except that it's so easy to get bullets ILLEGALLY. Requiring TWO forms of identification before people can buy bullets only creates yet another illicit market, this time for bullets. Criminals LOVE it. Those fools in New Jersey's hierarchy are making them a LOT of money with their fool laws. This hasn't happened in NJ yet. It's only a "recommendation" of a "commission." But you can expect those damned fool lawmakers to "jump on it" with a passion--the liberal ones, anyway. One good thing about Republicans: they tend more toward a bit more intelligence--sometimes. Maybe one day they'll find a way to do something REAL. Maybe. (Breitbart)

Monday, November 28, 2016

Gotta Blame Somebody!

Carol Anderson, that fool "professor" who blames "white rage" for Trump's victory isn't all there. I can tell by looking into her eyes in that picture from TV. Her eyes are the eyes of HATE for everything white, who thinks EVERYTHING bad is the result of "white rage." She shows evidence of her "black rage," which wasn't enough to get Hillary elected, in spite of her crimes, and all her scheming. because most black people saw right through her. Black racists like her attribute EVERYTHING to "white rage." Rage that doesn't exist. Yes, there was a lot of "rage" involved in getting Trump elected.

But it's NOT "white rage," it's HUMAN BEING RAGE. Americans (black, white, Hispanic, or anything else) are tired of being crapped on by their politicians, and racism has NOTHING to do with it. And Democrats have been doing it for more than 50 years. This racist fool is clinging to the phony racism PROMOTED by Obama and using it to excuse the REAL reason Democrats lost, BIG. They just went too far. That's the long and short of it, and this fool can't see that, or REFUSES to see it. And these are the kinds of fools who pretend to teach our impressionable children. No wonder they come home from college with such stupid ideas! (Patriot Tribune)

Again Chicago!

It seems like I'm always writing about Chicago. With all their "so tight" gun laws, there shouldn't be anything to write about for a pro-gun blog, except to extol the success of those laws. IF their gun laws worked. They don't, but the liberals running that city will not recognize that fact. They won't even listen when you say it. Again, notwithstanding their tight gun laws, 4,000 people have been gunshot victims in Chicago, in just ONE year (2016). If that fact doesn't tell them anything, they're STUPID! The mayor there used to be Obama's chief of staff, which should tell you a lot about him--AND Obama. Meanwhile, thousands of people are being shot and hundreds dying every year in this "tight gun law" city. Likewise, in every other city run by gun-hating (except for themselves) liberals, just maybe not quite so much. I, and many other people keep calling their attention to this fact, but they ignore us, which gets more and more people killed, while they criticize us for trying to bring reason and logic to the argument. (Breitbart)

Deluded Gun-Grabbers

There's a new "study" out, "affirming" that anti-gun laws WORK, in spite of indisputable evidence that they DON'T. These "findings," were put out by JAMA Internal Medicine, an agency that knows NOTHING about guns, or gun control, except what they've been told by anti-gun fools, just as if those "studies" actually meant something other than the pipe dreams of fools. Just one city (Chicago) among many (LA, NYC, and many others) with TIGHT gun laws and exceedingly high gun death rates DISPROVES this "research," but they ignore that in their efforts to help the anti-gun fools DISARM the populace. They decry Congress essentially PROHIBITING research into "gun violence" by medical sources, even though "gun violence" is NOT a "medical issue." Those who claim it is are self-deluded. They say, "Stricter gun laws are associated with fewer gun deaths," which is a patent LIE. They also refer to such laws as Florida's "stand your ground law" as producing more homicides--which ALSO is a lie. Their conclusion? That eliminating all guns will mean no more murders. Talk about self-delusion! These people just can't face reality, just as those fools who promote global warming can't. (Popular Science)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Obama's "Legacy"

Obama is worried about "his legacy." But Obama doesn't have a legacy. At least, not one to which he will admit, anyway. His is a legacy of major destruction to this country's prestige, as well as causing it to fall into a recession to which he will NEVER admit. He leaves a real legacy of 90 million unemployed who have been without jobs for so long they have given up on EVER finding work again, and have left the work force to live at the government's expense--which was his plan, all along. People dependent on the government for their "daily bread" are easier to control. His legacy is DESTROYING the medical profession with Obamacare, so he can foist a "single-payer" health care system on us, with him in charge.

His is a legacy of death and destruction, and loss of the prestige this country once enjoyed. His legacy is a rise of racism, when it was almost ENDED before he came. And the rise of BLACK racism against whites that is ever more vicious than ANYTHING whites EVER did against blacks in the past. Mostly because it is "Obama created," after he told us electing him would forever END racism in this country. He and his sycophants have "whipped up" racism where it didn't exist, and invented new forms of racism by attributing racism to things that were NOT racism, at all. History will remember Barack Obama as the WORST president in the history of America. A man who came close to DESTROYING this country by spending more money than ALL presidents before him, PUT TOGETHER, and by refusing to name an enemy and allowing him to grow strong, while refusing to effectively fight him. (Just common sense)

Another Good Reason

There are many good reasons to allow law-abiding people to be armed in self defense. There is the obvious: to be able to defend themselves against the myriad of ILLEGAL guns out there, in the hands of thugs and killers, who are willing to KILL people to be able to take what they have worked for, and EARNED. That's one, and probably the most important one. Then there is the possibility that the government, itself decided to victimize people. They need to know they are just as easily stopped by a bullet as is anybody else. Hunting? Yes, but that is the least important reason. Another reason is to help defend the law enforcement officers when they get in trouble trying to apprehend a criminal, who "gets the drop on them." That's what happened in this case: An officer in Estero, FL, was pursuing a man, who jumped out of his car and started beating the hell out of the cop, who was alone. A bystander, who was a licensed "concealed carrier," ordered him to stop, and when he did not, the bystander shot him three times, killing him. There's no telling what would have became of that officer, had that bystander not taken action. That officer might have been beaten to death. People in the vicinity of such occurrences with concealed guns can be very helpful to the cops when they get into a bad situation. Maybe even life or death. (LEO Affairs)

Trump Declares War!

War on anti-gun fools who want to "dice up" the Second Amendment. I'm sure he's not the first president who has had a concealed carry permit, but he's certainly the first one in my memory who proudly declared it--and my memory goes back a long way. He has served notice that he isn't going to allow them to "dice up" the Second Amendment the way they've been trying to do for a long time. There's even a movement afoot to REPEAL the Second Amendment. Which is DOOMED if it ever reaches his desk, because he will veto it, if necessary. Trump is definitely the best friend people who wish to retain their constitutionally guaranteed right to self defense, as well as to own and carry the tool to do it, a gun, ever had in the White House. He knows would-be dictators are the only ones who want to disarm the populace, and he certainly is not that! No matter what liberal Democrats say. He believes the government has NO BUSINESS deciding whether or not a citizen can own and carry a gun for self defense. Hitler did it; Stalin did it; and other dictators did it, and you know the result if you've been paying attention. (Breitbart)