Saturday, April 25, 2015

HIllary: "Change Your Religion!"

That's what she wants to MAKE us do to support baby murder. She says we're going to have to have (force) people “change their religious beliefs” to support abortion. What an arrogant bi-ch she is! Infanticide is MURDER! It's against the law! (Maybe not liberal laws, but that doesn't count.) But she wants to violate the Constitution in order to FORCE it on us. Who the HELL does she think she is? For my part, Hillary can blow it out her blow-hole! At whichever end of her it is. I make ALL the decisions regarding religion for ME. She doesn't get to even ASK me to change my beliefs, WhatEVER they are! If she thinks she will ever be ABLE to, she's a total damned FOOL! But then. We know she's a damned fool, anyway. She tells us that every time she opens her front blow hole, just by the STUPID statements she makes. (Liberty Alliance)

Must Run Anti-HAMAS Ad

Pamela Geller (“Atlas shrugs” blog) tried to run an ad on the MTA (New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authotity) and was REFUSED. She went to court to force them to run it and won. Now that HAVE to run it. What disturbs me is why, in America, she NEEDED to go to court to force them to run this ad, since it is well known that Islamic terrorists (of which HAMAS is just one organization) has “declared war” on ALL people who are not Muslims, or “approved” Muslims. Are there really such STUPID people running the MTA? Elsewhere, flying the American Flag is prohibited in many places, while flying the ISIS flag is NOT. And in some places people are FORCED to allow it. (American Freedom Law Center)

Christian Persecution

The rampant persecution of Christians is on the rise in the Middle East, capped by the recent atrocity of 30 (or so) Christians wearing the signature orange “suits” being simultaneously beheaded and shot by Islamic terrorists. Then there's the recent atrocity where they came into a school (Or was it a shopping center? I lose track, they do it in so many places), asking people individually if they are Christian or Muslim, letting the Muslims go and killing the Christians. In Mosul, Iraq, there are no Christians left. They've all been murdered or have fled, or converted on threat of death. Yet nothing major has been done about it. We ought to mount an overwhelming force, go where the Islamic terrorists are, and kill THEM in the same manners they use to kill Christians. Just round them up and behead them. Apparently this is all they understand. The current method, sending in an EQUAL force with impossible "rules of combat", isn't working. We need to start using their tactics on them. Wouldn't that make us just as bad, you ask? NO, it wouldn't. We would just be killing the killers, not the innocents. These people have forfeited their right to be alive on this Earth by their actions. So we need to kill them where they're caught (in the act), not “capture” and “prosecute” them. That only leaves openings for further atrocities, and these people have PROVEN their willingness to commit them. (Just common sense)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Wisconsin's "Legal" Rape

In America, has it ever happened that the cops used a “battering ram” to break into a private homes, stole thousands of dollars in private property (those people will never see again) including their daughter's computer, without ANY charges resulting, and then threatening that citizen with dire results if he told ANYBODY about what had happened, much less tried to sue to get the return of his property? Yes; it HAS happened—in Wisconsin, recently, all the handiwork of ONE crooked prosecutor who went after several Republican voters who helped Gov. Scott Walker beat back his political foes. This was an effort to destroy Walker politically, and it was done by LAW ENFORCEMENT! Prompted by a corrupt Democrat politician, Milwaukee County District Attorney, John Chisholm, aided by a just as corrupt judge.

They did this under the “John Doe Laws,” which allow the cops to “investigate” ANYONE, without even a REAL suspicion of wrongdoing. And NONE of the people they raided because they helped Walker in one way or another were guilty of ANYTHING. This whole thing reminds us of 1930s Germany and the “out-of-control” SS troops; “hob-nailed boot” boys. The victims said, “I thought it was a home invasion!” It was. It was just performed by corrupt cops, under orders from corrupt politicians. They were told, “Don't call your lawyer. Don't tell your friends. Not even your mother or your neighbors. Don't try to sue us.” That should have itself been a tipoff as to the illegality of the whole operation. The corrupt judge in this case was Barbara Klucka (no relation to “Kukla, Fran, and Ollie”) Please read everything linked here, including the original report in the National Review so you will know everything.

Apparently, there's a “police state” in Wisconsin, not run by the Republican governor, but by the corrupt judiciary, prosecution, and police. How this could happen in America is in question. But under Obama, who gets away with EVERYTHING, it can be done, knowing they can do what they want, as long as nobody does anything about their lawlessness, as it seems to be with Obama. You might ask why you haven't heard about this before. Why it is Rush Limbaugh and the National Review the source. The answer is simple. The liberal media just isn't interested because the “bad guys” are Democrats. (Rush Limbaugh)

"What's the Beef?"

Oh. Forgot. There's no beef involved. It's anything that comes from a PIG. Bacon, ham, pork or pork products, etc. Oxford Press has made an incredibly STUPID decision to no longer allow ANY mention of pigs or pig products in their books from now on, to “avoid offending Muslims.” How incredibly STUPID is this? Maybe CHRISTIANS should stop buying their books, as well as stop writing for this publisher. Why is it more important in a Christian world, to offend Christians to keep MUSLIMS from “getting their knickers in a knot?” It amazes me how incredibly STUPID some Americans can be. A bunch of fifth century fools go around KILLING innocent people all over the world, rampaging against mostly UNARMED people and brutally murdering them, CLAIMING to be doing it “for their faith.” But any “Religion” that says it's okay to KILL those who don't believe in it is no religion, at all, it's just a bunch of murderous thugs PRETENDING to be a religion. And their wishes should NOT be considered, about ANYTHING. I've noticed a certain pizza maker that is advertising a pizza made almost entirely of BACON, with THREE FEET of bacon wrapped around it. Good for them! They don't say they're doing this to “tick off” the Muslims, but I'd bet it does, anyway—and more power to them! (Survival Joe)

Moving the Goal Posts

The mayor of Houston, TX, who is gay, is screwing the people of Houston by illegally SUBPOENAING copies of the sermons of pastors who have preached against homosexuality. This is a patent VIOLATION of the Constitution's GUARANTEE of freedom of speech without harassment by the government, at any level. Rush Limbaugh said, “I think what that mayor in Houston has done may be one of the most vile, filthy, blatant violations of the Constitution that I have seen. And I, for the life of me, cannot figure out why law authorities are not pursuing this. I cannot understand it.” And he's right. Not only in the original action by the mayor, but in subsequent actions, as well. The pastors got more than enough signatures to put it on the ballot originally, and a “city official” stopped counting because she said the minimum number had been reached. Then the city attorney stepped in and invalidated a large number of signatures without going back to count those originally made. Then they kept changing the number of signatures required—12 times or more. This is still going on. And I think it's grounds for a RECALL of not only this mayor, but also of her henchmen who keep “moving the goalposts” to support her ILLEGAL actions. (World Net Daily)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Christian Holocaust

No, nobody's putting them in “ovens” and gassing them. They're just murdering them all over the map for NOT being the right kind of Muslims. " 'Christians are literally being beheaded and crucified, children being raped and killed every single day. Why is the response so mute?' - Glenn Beck' ” Why, indeed? If the world leaders had guts, they'd put together an UNBEATABLE combination and go out and KILL as many of those murderous Muslims as possible. It's the only thing they understand: death. Their own, or that of other people. The good thing about THEIR deaths is that those killed will kill no more. When the Indians in America killed a lot fewer people in their efforts to remain in possession of the land our government wanted, we “wiped them out” with superior numbers. Why do we keep on with the insipid, weak efforts we're using now? Efforts that GUARANTEE the success of the Islamic terrorists? I think it's because our president is WITH them. But nobody will believe me. (Just common sense)

Criminal Charges for Truth

What IS it with some Americans? Don't they know the Islamic terrorists are at WAR with us and are wantonly MURDERING us? Even if our president is either too stupid to know it, or is “in league” with them? Laura Loomer, a student at Barry University, exposed the school's SUPPORT for ISIS, and was threatened with “criminal charges” being filed against her. This in a country that SUPPOSEDLY has freedom of speech GUARANTEED in our Constitution. The guy who filed the charges used a “stretched out version” of the “two person requirement” in Florida that requires the permission of both parties to a recorded conversation be obtained before publishing a video of a person, which is a “twisted version” of this law. But the point is, people at this school SUPPORT ISIS. This frightens me, and should frighten ANYBODY who is smart enough to know ISIS is POISON! There is too much of this ignorance going around. (Last Resistance)

Using toilet Paper

Why ANYBODY would subscribe to a “religion” that so completely controls what you do that it pretends to be able to tell you what you can use to “wipe your butt” after you defecate or tells women how they can pee in the street without showing anything is beyond anything I've ever seen. Maybe that's why they insist you “convert” to their phony “religion” or be killed? Being under a sentence of death is the only reason I would ever even CONSIDER “converting” to this CULT “religion.” But only for as long as it takes me to kill the one who is threatening me. Before they were given “permission” to use toilet paper, what did they use? Their bare fingers? A recent “fatwa” also gives them permission to EAT THEIR WIVES if food is scarce. What about the rights of their wives to not only stay alive, but not be eaten? They obviously have NO REGARD for the rights of their women. Naturally, they will call this lies and propaganda. That's what they always call it when somebody tells the TRUTH about their fool practices. (Liberty Alliance)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sounds Like Hillary

The FBI is telling the Inspector General that IT (the FBI) can “inspect the evidence” and “decide for itself” what to release to them in the “investigation” into the “Fast and Furious” Obama gun-running scheme, as well as other scandals. That sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton's “releasing” those e-mails SHE determines are not of “a personal nature” while she actively DESTROYS the rest so NOBODY (other than her) can look at them and decide whether or not she's lying. The FBI is SUPPOSED to be “cooperating” in those “investigations,” but that doesn't sound much like “cooperation.” it sounds like active OBSTRUCTION, to me. This is how the Obama administration works. That's what allows him to say “there are no real scandals in my administration.”.He's hoping to delay and delay until he's no longer in office (If he's ever not in office), hoping those then in charge will say, “He's gone, so why pursue it?” (Washington Times)

Hillary's Stupid Goals

Hillary says she's going to “topple the rich.” What the hell does THAT mean? And what would happen if she succeeded? Democrats are always talking about such things, never considering the EFFECT of what they promise. Why the hell would ANYBODY want to “topple the rich? SOMEBODY has GOT to be rich in order for society to survive. The “rich” are the people who MAKE society WORK by coming up with all the original ideas and making them work. The money THEY spend hiring people to do the things that MAKE them rich creates the JOBS that are NEEDED in order for society to survive. In a communist (socialist) country, only the government officials are rich. Or live like the rich on stolen money. And nobody seems to notice.What does “toppling the rich” entail? Nobody knows, much less Hillary, who is “rich as Croeses” herself, with “ill-gotten gains” she got by screwing the public, getting million dollar advances for books nobody wants to read and don't buy, and accepting bribes from foreign countries. She gives speeches, the content of which is completely unimportant and charges $300,000.00 to spout blather before fool people willing to pay that much to hear nonsense. I'd like for her to tell me just what “toppling the rich” even MEANS! She can't, because there IS no meaning to what she's promising, but nobody questions her about it. The kind of people she wants to vote for her are too IGNORANT. (Just common sense)

Why We Need to Be Armed!

The situation in the Ukraine is definite proof that all Americans need to be armed, so as to be able to defend ourselves—against the cops—or the army—or Obama’s private army if things get out of control here, as they have there. The Ukranian dictator has decided (in his “wisdom”) that all the demonstrators are “anti-government terrorists,” and has ordered the troops to use their guns to put a stop to the demonstrations. Meanwhile demonstrators are armed with nothing more than stones and “Molotov cocktails.” A little uneven force, there. While we’re at ir, I should remind you that Obama has ALREADY called conservatives and ANYBODY who disagreed with him TERRORISTS. Sounds to me like he’s “laying the groundwork” for a similar action against AMERICAN demonstrators against his dictatorial acts. Which makes it all the more important for the people to be armed, or be completely defenseless when opposed by Obama’s “private army.” (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Typical Illogical Liberal Thinking

Liberals, who deny the very EXISTENCE of logic (“logically”), are not know for their logical thinking. They're showing it again when they say the only new jobs the “fracking boom” are responsible for are those for prostitutes and maids. I guess what they're trying to say in their feeble way is that only top executives are making money from fracking, which, as usual, is STUPIDLY wrong. Without the hundreds, even thousands of WORKERS pulling the oil out of the ground, there would NOT be a “fracking boom.” They recognize this, but refuse to admit that ANYBODY but the “top brass” are making anything out of fracking when they say prostitutes and maids are the only ones making any money. Prostitutes from the increase in WORKERS making a lot of money, and the maids because the “top brass” needs more of them. That completely IGNORES the fact that there is a LOT of money floating around in areas where there is a “fracking boom.” For EVERYBODY, not just the “top brass.” The workers, and all the support industries, like groceries, filling stations, clothing stores, tool makers, and more. And, something they deny, single women, as well, make a LOT more money. All the oil drilling jobs are not for men, you know. The “rising tide raises all boats” is something (among many things) liberals just don't understand. (Washington Times)

"Sauce for the Goose"

Gays INSIST that Christian-owned bakeries bake cakes for their gay “weddings.” But it seems it doesn't work the other way around. Go into a gay-run bakery and ask for a wedding cake for a Christian wedding and you might get into trouble. In this case a pastor tried to get a “biblical-based passage” put on a cake and the gay owner of the bakery called the COPS, charging the pastor with wanting an “expression of hate” put on his cake. I guess hate is what you want it to be for some people. Seems like those bakeries run by people who APPROVE of homosexuality are held to a slightly different standard than those who don't. I always thought they called that a “double standard.” The Civil Rights Commission ruled that THREE bakeries in Colorado who refused to make a cake with the words, “God hates sin—Psalm 45:7” and “Homosexuality is a detestable sin—Leviticus 18:22” did not have to do so, and their refusal was NOT discriminatory. Funny: Why is it that not baking a cake with a GAY message on it IS discriminatory, but this one is NOT? Sounds like the “deck is well and truly STACKED in favor of the gay drive to FORCE their wishes on Christians. Now, I have nothing against gays, or what they do to each other in private, but I DO have something against the crappy things they are doing to OTHERS today. Somebody's trying to make an illegitimate point. (World Net Daily)

This Is Why We'll Lose

We're destined to lose to the Islamic fools who want to kill ALL people they can't con into “converting” to their phony religion. Not because they're such fierce opponents (they're mostly cowards), but because we are beating ourselves. This story is an example of how we're doing it. A Texas teacher told the TRUTH about Islam, and was PUNISHED for it. Without even looking, I know the excuse they give is to “keep from offending Muslims.” That this is STUPID, I have said, many times. And I expect I will get a visit soon from men in black suits and “Aviator-style” sunglasses to take me to task for it. When we “bow down” to our ENEMIES, we will soon LOSE to them and usually without a shot being fired. Unfortunately, in this case, since Islamic terrorists LOVE to kill, there WILL be shots fired, even though our fool “leaders” will be cooperating in our demise. (Freedom Outpost)

Monday, April 20, 2015

CEOs Paid Too Much?

Hillary thinks America's CEOs are getting paid too much because they earn so much more than their employees. What this fool doesn't understand about economics and business would fill a large book. She doesn't understand that CEOs bring in more money by far than do most of their employees (who are there only to IMPLEMENT the ideas and originality of the “top brass”). Hillary, meanwhile, WITHOUT such originality of thinking, NOR genius, earns more than THEY do. But she doesn't think there's anything wrong with that. ALL liberals, for the most part, earn a LOT more than the average American, mostly by haranguing those who CREATE all the wealth and CLAIMING they “don't pay their share,” when the government's own figures (those Obama can't control, that is) say millionaires and billionaires pay MOST of the income taxes paid. But liberals not only ignore that, they tell you it's not true. It is liberals, you'll remember, who DENY the very EXISTENCE of LOGIC! (Washington Examiner)

More Evidence For More Shooters

What would you do if a criminal were beating the hell out of your daughter and 911 puts you on hold? Just let him continue? Not this man; he shot and killed the criminal. It was a glitch in the system, but that made no difference to this man, who was not willing to wait for 911 to send somebody. His call first went to the Fire Dept., and while being transferred to the police dept., it went to voice mail. So he shot one of the intruders. The others are probably still running. And that’s as it should be. People ought to have the means of routing criminals who break into their homes to assault and rob them, even if the cops NEVER get there. But that’s not how anti-gun fools want it. They say the cops can protect you, but they’re WRONG. And they’ll never admit it. This is more evidence of it. (Fox 8)

Likely Fired for Defending Himself

And for stopping the robbery of the store in which he worked. Yes, he DID “break their rules” by bringing his gun into the store and, (heaven forbid) using it when a criminal tried to rob the store. But what did they expect him to do? Let the guy rob them, and maybe kill HIM? This is a personal defense issue. Such “rules” are WRONG. This guy didn’t MISUSE his gun; he used it in the proper manner to defend himself AND the store. He didn’t shoot at, nor threaten an innocent person at any time. He didn’t “make it plain” that he was “carrying.” But the bureaucrats in the store management FIRED him, as stupid bureaucrats will do, in their ignorance. I just hope the media attention will help him get another job, this time with somebody who has some intelligence. This guy has a good attitude. “I’d rather be armed and not need it that not be armed and be victimized. I can always get another job” (Hopefully, in Obama’s world). (Bearing Arms)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

More Liberal Incompetence

I keep talking about liberal incompetence. Everybody like me keeps telling liberals that arbitrarily raising minimum wages to such levels business can no longer afford to pay their employees more than they're worth and must raise their own prices sky high or go out of business. They never listen to us. They go right on and make the stupid laws they make, out of IGNORANCE about the facts of business, ignoring the possible consequences to their constituents. When their constituents suffer, they also ignore that and go right on with their stupid ideas and make some more stupid laws.

It really astounds me how liberals can actually SEE the “unintended consequences” of their stupid, short-sighted laws and say, “That didn't cause that,” knowing it DID. It's happening now in Seattle, WA, where they actually PASSED the ordinance forcing businesses to pay a minimum wage of $15.00 an hour for jobs whose wages should not be even as much as HALF that because those holding them have NO TALENTS or abilities and have to be taught even how to flip a burger or must have a cash register that will tell them how much change to give the customer because they have no idea how to count change out of a cash drawer. Now FOUR major restaurants that have been “mainstays” for many years in Seattle have closed, rather than pay that much to people who aren't worth HALF that much.

And there will be more to come, not only in the restaurant industry. They think their stupid laws don't cost young people their jobs? They look at the jobs their laws HAVE cost them and deny they did. They're totally BLIND to the consequences of their actions. That's total incompetence. I could go on and on about their stupid basic reasoning in other areas, such as their thinking that making a LAW against guns will keep CRIMINALS (who obey NO laws) from having them or that the way to self-defense is to DISARM yourself—as in guns, AND in nuclear power. Yet we (not me) keep electing these fools to office in spite of their incompetence. Why we do that is incomprehensible to me. (Western Journalism)

"Clinton Could Announce!"

As soon as this weekend! (Written on 4/10) Hooray! (pant, pant!) Oh, joy! The world awaits with “baited breath,” Hillary's “announcement” of what we've known for years! She's “running for president!” Again! They promised her it would be “her turn” this time in return for “moving out of the way” so that unknown entity, Barack Obama, could con his way into the White House. They “rewarded” her before with a stint as Secretary of State, a job at which she failed miserably, but which allowed her to enrich herself even more. No other Democrat of consequence has shown an interest in announcing (yet), to stay out of her way (Correction: three unknowns have expressed an interest, I guess so nobody could SAY it's a "set up") so it looks like we're going to be “saddled” with her as the Democrat nominee (unless another Obama crawls out of the woodwork). But we don't care. She has failed at everything she has ever tried and gotten people KILLED through her incompetence. If she ever gets elected, she will be but a “figurehead,” and those who run things from “behind the scenes” will continue to make the important decisions, as usual. By the way, liberals are telling us not to call Hillary by her first name, since that's “sexist.” Who cares what liberals say, anyway? I use words I choose, and which I think are appropriate. PC Police be damned! (Just common sense)

"No Restrictions on Abortion?"

That's what our erstwhile Democrat Party Chair says, as she shakes her shaggy, messy mane and lets bugs fly in every direction. It plainly amazes me how MURDER can gain such a strong position that top government officials not only condone it, they think it should be allowed without ANY kind of restrictions. Using birth control merely stops a birth from happening. Abortion stops a beating heart and kills a human being. That is a CRIME! And this b-tch is culpable in every baby murder that has happened since she was named to that office. They called the soldiers who were sent to Vietnam “baby killers” falsely. But this woman, and ALL persons who believe in abortion ARE “baby killers.” They MURDER defenseless infants before they can even be BORN! She thinks cases of rape and incest, as well as the life of the mother should be good reason for “exceptions” to any law banning baby murder. But that child should NOT be punished for the sins of one of his/her parents. The child can always be put up for adoption. That does not murder him/her. The life of the mother? Yes. But that's the ONLY proper exception. Never the “convenience” of the parent. Pro-abortion people talk about “the right of women to decide what happens to her own body." But prostitution remains illegal in most places. That's a CLEAR double standard. (Daily Caller)