Monday, November 30, 2015

"Woman's Right to Choose?"

That's the crap the pro-abortionists keep feeding us about killing infants, and it's bogus. If it were true, they'd legalize prostitution, which is another case of a woman's right to choose what is done with her body. But prostitution remains illegal. What it actually is, is an infant's right to live, and not be MURDERED by fools who think murdering babies is okay. But nobody's listening. The fools have people convinced that even TALKING about infanticide is, somehow, indicative of a mental aberration. Socialist Bernie Sanders, the Democrat who is trying to unseat Hillary in her drive for the presidency, is all FOR killing babies. It makes me physically ILL to hear people like Bernie talk about his support for Planned Parenthood and their daily MURDERS of innocent babies. Whenever I hear it I puke. Just as I puke when I hear Obama trying to “smooth over” Islamic terrorists killing people who aren't their kind of Muslims. (Bustle)

Obama Opts for Disaster

OBAMA OPTS FOR DISASTER: He rejected the Keystone Pipeline to bring oil through the United States cleanly and safely, saying, “The Keystone Pipeline is not in our interest.” How damned fool is THAT? Now Canada will have to ship its oil by rail and by truck, with all the attendant dangers inherent. Watch for all the semi accidents and train derailments, with their inherent spillages of oil. Obama will, of course, deny his refusal of the Keystone Pipeline is responsible for each and every one. He'll find something else to blame it on. Probably the policies of George Bush. He blames all his other blunders on Bush, so why not this one, too? (Town Hall)

The "Peaceful Muslim" Myth

Liberals like to tell us all the time about the “peaceful; Muslims who are coming here to live. Yeah. Peaceful. Why then, are “honor killings” on the rise? Why do Muslims KILL so many beautiful women for GETTING raped, or being seen with someone on the street not her relative, either natural, or by “marriage?” Why are there so many reports of Muslims killing people for the smallest “slights?”

Why do Muslims take truck driving jobs where they KNOW they will be hauling alcoholic beverages, then refuse to do so, and sue the employers for firing them when they refuse, and collecting six figure “settlements?” Why do they seem to sue just about anybody, for just about anything they think they can use to disrupt things? Why have they set up “phone trees” to allow them to quickly form a crowd of Muslims to beat the hell out of any non-Muslim coming into their “enclaves?” They don't come here to escape anything.

They bring it with them. They come here in droves, breed like rabbits, and are only waiting until they outnumber us and can elect their own candidates (if they haven't elected a president, already) and vote Muslim things into law here. Why are our military people told to IGNORE the sounds of Muslim officers raping little boys and chaining them to beds to keep them as sex slaves in Afghanistan and Iraq? That it's a (cultural thing” with them, so child rape is okay?) Next the same thing will be enforced in America. And the young boys they seem to favor will suffer. They call us “corrupt” and they do things like that. And their lust for children is not limited to boys. They are well known to “marry” little girls, sometimes as young as SIX. (Town Hall)

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Communist (Socialist) Term

Whenever you hear somebody spouting this term, RUN in the opposite direction. Don't listen to them because they're selling COLLECTIVISM, of which socialism and communism are but two different cousins. Fascism is another. They're all based on this simple motto: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED.” Making NEED a demand upon the earnings of anybody who is industrious enough to PRODUCE new wealth, and keep some of it for himself, for the benefit of those who DON'T, or will not. IT is a philosophy of THEFT from the PRODUCER to give that earned by him/her, UNEARNED, to the MOOCHER. And the government is the LOOTER who steals it, in the form of taxes, to support all forms of WELFARE. One of the best known terms lately is “income inequality.” Those who earn less than others are the lazy. The ones who won't, or CAN'T earn enough. So they want to “take it away from those who do” to GIVE to those who don't Those who won't produce are not entitled to earn as much as those who PRODUCE all the new wealth. But liberals are determined to TAKE money and property away from them and GIVE it to those who DON'T. (Town Hall)

Dependent On Government

The government does many things to make more and more people (who each have a vote) dependent on them for their very survival. One of those things is “public housing.” There are more and more public housing projects going up every day. And each person who lives there is, by definition, dependent on government for their low rents. So now they're talking about banning smoking in public housing. I'm sure they have already banned ownership of guns in public housing, The people who live there can't move if they don't like it. They can't afford to live anywhere else. And they still feel like they have to vote Democrat, so the low rents will continue, with the Democrats telling them, every day, how the Republicans are going to do away with public housing and all the other “freebies” they give them. (Town Hall)

The Australian "Myth"

Hillary Clinton has lauded Australia, where semi-automatic handguns are BANNED, as a “country with reasonable, good sense gun laws.”But ARE they “good sense” or “reasonable?” a recent SPIKE in gun sales there to CRIMINALS (misreported by their “yellow journalism” media) seems to put the LIE to that. It is well known that violent crime INCREASED by about 300% after they BANNED semi-automatic handguns after a well-known slaughter. One of the reasons for the increase in “gun crime” is that the very POSSESSION of certain guns is, itself, a “gun crime.” Another reason is that the semi-automatic gun is the favorite weapon of the “criminal class.” Crime, generally, is GOING DOWN in many areas of America where “wiser heads” have made laws making it easier for honest, law-abiding people to own and carry their guns for self-defense. But people like Hillary think that's a “bad thing,” despite the reduction in crime because of it, which they deny. (Cogito Ergo Geek)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Don't Close GITMO

I know Obama wants desperately to close Guantanamo That prison for Islamic terrorists he can't call “prisoners of war” because he maintains this is NOT a war. So he releases them, a few at a time, so they can go back and swell the ranks of Jihadists in killing “unbelievers,” world-wide.” There is not real reason for releasing these bloody murderers except Obama's whims. Most all there ARE murderers, many times over. They were mostly “caught in the act” of murdering civilians, beheading them, raping and killing CHILDREN and adults. Liberals say keeping them prisoner is 'unconstitutional,” but that's WRONG. These people are NOT American citizens, and don't HAVE any”constitutional rights. It is only because Obama refuses to face up to the fact that we are AT WAR with Islamic terrorists that they are not listed as “prisoners of war,” period. If he doesn't want to hold them prisoner any more, just kill them for their crimes. (NewsMax)

Christie Destroys Obama

Obama went on the “Morning Joe” program and tried to take credit for New Jersey's reduction in crime by 20%, and reduction in prison population by 10%. He said, “Obama had NOTHING to do with it!” It's a typical example of Obama's attempts to take credit for anything GOOD, while blaming anything bad on Bush. Obama will probably call Christie a liar. That's what he does when anybody reveals his own LIES. But he can't ignore the obvious. The obvious is that Obama does NOT support law enforcement. He has made that plain in his statements in FAVOR of the current effort to discredit law enforcement by his criminal friends, while becoming the best-known lawbreaker, himself. Christie says cops are afraid to get out of their cars because their politicians do not support them. In that' he's partially wrong. They still come out of their cars, but now with their guns already drawn, ready to shoot. Obama is creating a “self-fulfilling prophecy” with regard to how quick the cops shoot. (Conservative Newsroom)

Absolute Stupidity

The national Postal Union has endorsed SOCIALIST Bernie Sanders, in a demonstration of their complete stupidity. ANYBODY who likes Bernie is as “crazy as a bedbug.” What he wants to do is to take away ALL our money and property and have the government tell you everything you can or cannot do. That's what socialism is: Their MOTTO is, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” Making NEED a demand upon the EARNINGS of those capable and willing to work and support themselves. It's a system of THEFT from the PRODUCERS of new wealth to the benefit of the moochers. hose who can't or WON'T produce. Anybody who WANTS this is either stupid, or JEALOUS of those who CAN produce, and want some of it, UNEARNED. The Postal Union is as near a governmental organization as it can get without BEING one, so their endorsement means NOTHING. (Town Hall)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Why Should We?

If they won't? How many (count 'em) Muslim-run states in the Persian Gulf area have accepted NO “Syrian refugees?” Yet they make a lot of noise about how “racist” and “unfeeling” we are if we don't accept thousands of “refugees” that include very few women or children, and are made up of mostly young, healthy, fighting age MEN? If Muslim states won't take them, why the hell should we? We're damned FOOLS to do so, allowing thousands of possible Muslim extremists into our country, with permission, to set up their cells and later kill as many Americans as they can? This “invasion” of Muslims into our country is the biggest “Trojan Horse” operation there ever has been. And if we continue to allow it, they're going to overrun us. But Obama doesn't care. That's what he wants. (Daily Caller)

Biting Off Too Much

Pretty soon ISIS is going to “bite off more than they can chew.” After the success they've experienced because nobody is REALLY opposing them in Iraq or Afghanistan due to Obama's STUPIDITY in pulling his troops out without winning, they're beginning to think they're “invincible,” and can whip ANYBODY. They've been promising to “take on” the United States (eventually), and now they're promising to attack RUSSIA too, and SOON. Russia is KNOWN for CRUSHING terrorists when they attack them. Better terrorists than ISIS. So go on, ISIS, attack Russia and everybody else at the same time. And suffer the consequences. Frankly, I think they already HAVE “attacked Russia” by “downing” that Russian airplane. Good luck, ISIS, when the retaliation comes. They don't care about “collateral damage” like we do, as long as YOU die. And they're very good at killing. Never mind you beat Russia before. They weren't really trying. You were just a “piffle” to them then. Now they want a piece of your a....butt. (Town Hall)

Phony Racism Charges

There is a real bunch of DELUDED people out there right now, making a lot of noise about NOTHING. What little there is of it is in RETALIATION for their actions. Racism (the old kind) is NOT “rampant” in the country today, as they allege. The only kind of racism that is rampaging now is black hating whites. The other day a college professor “verbally assaulted” a black press photographer who was doing his job, photographing their “demonstration” to “point out” the racism that does exist. At the same time, one other professor didn't cancel a test because of the “demonstration and got so much flack she almost resigned. Yes, there IS racism out there, and it IS “rampant.” But it's NOT the kind of racism they allege.

It is a NEW kind of racism with blacks hating whites and “whipping up” opinion against whites, who are doing little or NOTHING to blacks. The old kind of racism was almost completely gone until they started claiming it was “getting worse,” and that cops were “killing blacks” at an unprecedented rate. Only one thing wrong with that. Cops AREN'T “killing blacks for no reason.” 95% of cases of white cops killing blacks did it during a lawful arrest, usually when the blacks were trying to kill the cop. The killing of that “gentle giant” in Ferguson, MO (whose phony promotion started it all) is a case in point. His accomplices LIED, and said he had his hands up, saying, “don't shoot” when he was actually trying his best to kill that cop. As big as that fool was, he didn't NEED to be armed.

In Baltimore, MD, six unfortunate cops are indicted in the self-inflicted death of a criminal, who hit his head against the wall of the “wagon,” trying to incriminate the cops, too soon after his back surgery. All of which promoted the PHONY idea that the cops were at fault. Liberals cry about the number of blacks in prison, discounting the FACT that blacks commit more crimes than whites. Meanwhile, Obama cries “racism” every time ANYBODY opposes his fool ideas. Racism is being promoted in order to get more blacks to vote Democrat, and keep the White House in Democrat hands. Illegal alien protection too, for the same reason. (Town Hall)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Killing A Fetus A Crime?

As long as it is done by a criminal while in the commission of another crime, such as murder of the mother. Forget the fact that Planned Parenthood murders babies every day. That makes it “legal, according to liberal politicians. I've always maintained that ABORTION is, itself, a crime. The crime of MURDER of a helpless infant before he/she even gets a chance at life. I guess it's murder or not, depending on how the politicians look at the case where an unborn child got murdered. In Indianapolis, three men, who called themselves, “The Kill Gang,” murdered a pregnant pastor's wife after hiding and waiting for her husband to leave for work. All have been apprehended, after one of them shot her and watched her bleed almost to death. But apparently, they became bored, and left. She, and her baby died the next day. Notice that all three are black. If cops had caught them and maybe killed one of them, liberals would have gone bananas, while their parents would have criticized the cops for killing one or more of them. That's how it is, today. No longer can they be called “The Kill Gang.” They will henceforth be called “prisoners” waiting (I hope) for their death penalties to be carried out. What goes unsaid here is what she could have done if she had had her own gun. Maybe one or more of the THUGS (that's right, I called them THUGS!) could have been killed, (Fox 2)

Another Wrong Basic Premise

I just wrote about a wrong premise fueling the anti-gun fools' actions, and now here is another. Ayn Rand, the Objectivist philosopher, said, “If you see a contradiction, check your premises,” The contradiction in the linked story is that Americans don't have the right to express their religious beliefs in a public place, because of the Constitution. That involves a purposeful MISREADING of the clause in the Constitution. The Constitution merely states,  “The Congress shall make NO LAW regarding the ESTABLISHMENT of religion, or prohibiting the free expression thereof.”  NO LAW! The City council did both in banning this cross from a cemetery and were defeated in the next election because of it. You don't want to mess with Iowans. This situation highlights the way politicians MISREAD the Constitution in many ways, making unconstitutional laws—until they're “called to account.” Unfortunately, by then, the damage has already been done. They do it in their basic premise on gun control, that a LAW will make a CRIMINAL, who obeys NO laws, refrain from using his gun to victimize people. (Freedom Outpost)

AP "Spins" Obama's Loss

The appeals court ruled that Obama's plan to ignore the Constitution is unconstitutional. Wonder of wonders! And the Associated Press equated Obama's plan to “denying 5 million people the “right” to stay here,” when they CAME here ILLEGALLY. Forget his plan is a blatant violation of the law. Forget it's just one more time Obama ignores the Constitution, which he SWORE to uphold and defend, Too bad the Founders didn't specify a PENALTY for a politician to ignore the Constitution. Obama would be in prison on many counts. Maybe for the rest of his miserable life. (Twitchy)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

GOP Scared to Death!

They are being shown every day that Trump is not only strong enough to win the Republican nomination, but to make mincemeat out of Hillary in the general election, and that is not good for them. He has demonstrated that he is going to “upset many of their applecarts” and end many of their little “fiefdoms,” and they can't have that.. So now they've tried to attack his very candidacy, saying he failed to PROVE her was, in fact, a Republican. They think they've got him since he signed that pledge to support the winner if he lost. But that didn't include if he lost due to underhanded dealings and chicanery, so he is now making rumblings about an independent campaign—and they know he is one who could win as an independent, making the Republicans go the way of the Whigs. They'd better “wise up” and get on the bandwagon, or he'll leave them in the dust and win the whole shebang without them. (World Net Daily)

Talk About Ignorance!

Hillary, in one of her endless speeches, screamed out, “It was Republican bad policy!” This, from a woman who is the front-runner for politicians who are KNOWN for bad policy and INCOMPETENCE. She talks about “fiscal mismanagement” when the current president has spent more money than there IS. More than all previous presidents, COMBINED! He has gotten us almost $20 TRILLION dollars in debt, making us a “debtor nation” in serious debt to communist China, which HATES us. Democrats are KNOWN for spending more of our money than they take in. And they take up the chant about a GOP presidential candidate who has had to pay some “late fees” on his credit card (like many Americans)! These people are not only incompetent, they're STUPIDLY so. And they're too stupid to realize their incompetence. (Just common sense)

Obama's Absurdities

Many things Obama has done in the last seven years are absurd. But closing GITMO while Muslim terrorists are still killing Americans (and other innocent people) all over the world is the most absurd. Moving these “stone killers” into the United States is going to mean the deaths of a lot of people, beginning with their fellow prisoners, as easy as it is to anger them and make them want to kill anybody in range, not caring abut the consequences. That doesn't disturb me as much as the killings they will do when they escape, as some of them WILL do. They're ruthless killers, not used to having to curb their killer instincts. And the way Obama is releasing them for any reason, or no reason at all, I worry that their penchant for screwing CHILDREN (it's a “cultural thing,” with them) will make a more dangerous world for little boys or little girls. Obama seems unable, or unwilling to punish Muslims for ANYTHING. Now, THAT worries me. If he doesn't “wise up” and realize they're deadly ENEMIES, and deal with them as such, we will lose to them. Not because they're so good, but because Obama is NOT so good. He's pretty LOUSY, in fact. (Mail News)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Obama "Commiserates"

Obama spent about an hour on television this morning, telling the world of his “sorrow” over the downing of a Russian airplane over Turkey. He did it as part of his “after meeting” press conference after he met with the President of France to talk about the atrocities committed in Paris by Islamic terrorists (some of whom were also Syrian ”refugees”). Seems like he's been doing a lot of that lately, but little else. Yes, his people did do a little bombing and a few drone strikes, such as the one that is supposed to have killed “Jihadi John," who murdered so many people by beheading them in front of TV cameras, while ignoring a major ISIS headquarters building just FEET away. Seems like everything he does to “fight terrorists” (whom he will not NAME as “Islamic,”) is designed to do them as little damage as possible. They ARE his friends, after all. (CNN)

Obama's Delusion

He says the American people LIKE Obamacare, when they actually HATE it with a passion. How could they NOT hate it when it DOUBLES their premiums, at the very least, for the SAME coverage, and deductibles in the THOUSANDS of dollars makes it useless? You have to pay THOUSANDS of dollars for medical care BEFORE your doubled-cost insurance kicks in. His abortion has so screwed up the medical profession that we are losing existing doctors at an alarming rate, while applications to medical schools have significantly reduced. What's there to LIKE? Yet Obama is convinced that America likes his abortion. Does he really BELIEVE that? Or is he just trying to make US believe it? Does he really think we are STUPID enough to believe it? If he is, he's more incompetent than I thought. (Minuteman News)

Uncomfortable Doing the Pledge

At a Seattle (where else?) public university, some have expressed their “discomfort” at saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” during a church service and that university BANNED it on their sayso. Then they rescinded the ban, pretending it didn't happen. How stupid ARE these people? Reciting the Pledge is appropriate anywhere, any time. For AMERICANS. Only misguided fools with NO “allegiance” would be “uncomfortable” reciting it. If they're NOT in allegiance to the country which has, so far, kept them free to HAVE such objections, they have no business even LIVING in America. This country and it's laws have ALLOWED them to do such stupid things without the GOVERNMENT “coming down on them,” and they should appreciate that. But they obviously don't. (Minuteman News)