Friday, March 16, 2018

Mueller's Fishing Expedition

Special Counsel Mueller has nothing. His "investigation" into "Russian collusion" with the Trump campaign in the last election found NO EVIDENCE of any Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, while there IS evidence of Russian collusion with the Hillary campaign, that he has IGNORED. So now he's looking at Trump's "business practices" from years ago, way before he even THOUGHT about running for president. He's searching for something, ANYTHING he can use to get Trump impeached, and serve his masters in the Dumocrat Party. There MUST be a CRIME involved to warrant a special counsel, and there is none. So his very appointment is illegal, and he should be REMOVED before he can do any more damage, and spend more of OUR money doing it. He has already spent $MILLIONS, and wasted the time of many people with his inane questions. And he has come up with NOTHING except a couple of "process crimes" having nothing to do with Trump. He has ruined several good people, and continues to do so with others. He needs to GO, NOW. He was appointed to "bring down Trump," any way he can, and needs to be done away with before he craps on the very government he CLAIMS he is working for. (Just common sense)

"Living In A Different World"

Former president Obama told an interviewer recently those who get their news from Fox News are "living in a different world." And he's right. But OUR "different world" is the REAL world, not the construct that is presented by the liberal media everywhere else. Yes, we DO live in a "different world" from Obama and those that he has propagandized into believing his lies. That's because Fox News is the only news source that tells the unvarnished TRUTH. And that IS a "different world" from that in which Obama lives. Dumocrats, for instance, are CONVINCED that they are going to win back control of the House, and maybe the Senate, in the 2018 elections. They completely discount the effect of so many Americans finding more money in their paychecks, in ADDITION to the bonuses, sometimes $1,000.00 or more, that have been announced by those "wascally" large corporations who "only keep such money for themselves." They really think that a majority of Americans think they "made a mistake" in electing Trump, and will rectify that mistake in 2018. Pathetic. The only way they can win is to fool more people than they have, so far. Trump was ELECTED because they didn't fool ALL the people. (Just common sense)

Why Defend the Second?

NBC recently asked their readers who support the Second Amendment. "Why?" They seem to be unable to figure it out for themselves. More than 50% said, "for self defense." Surprise, surprise! Another significant percent said, defense against an out-of-control government. But 60% were concerned about Islamic terrorism. Now why did I say ISLAMIC terrorism when the article didn't? Because that's the only kind of terrorism that actually threatens US. After Obama admitted hundreds of thousands of young male, fighting age MEN (with few women or children) DISGUISED as "refugees, many of whom are already raping our women and shooting people, they are rightly fearful of them coming to their city and shooting them. But simple crime is also a major worry. Chicago and other liberal-run cities, for instance. They ALL have a big "gang problem," who spend most of their time shooting each other over "turf," and don't care how many innocent people get caught in the crossfire. Then there are the simple criminals, who just want to TAKE what they own and KILL them if they resist. They needed a STUDY to discover this? What a STUPID "study." (Keep and Bear)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Was Justice Scalia Murdered?

The US Marshal's Service, which is charged with protecting Supreme Court Justices, seemed to be singularly disinterested when notified of his death on that isolated Texas ranch. Whoever answered the phone was dumb enough to think it was "somebody in his entourage" who was dead, and it took them a long time to respond. That left many hours for people to over up any mistakes in his death. Like the fact there was pillow over his face when found. Another factor is that his "host" was a Dumocrat supporter, while Scalia's vote was very often a "thorn in Obama's side" in many things, and, his death left a vacancy on the Court that Obama figured he could fill with yet another liberal, making the Court a liberal-dominated court. Scalia was 79 years old, but he was a HEALTHY 79--except for the fact that he's dead. Obama tried hard to fill the vacancy, but was stymied by the Republicans, fortunately, and the conservative majority on the Court was maintained. But the inefficiency and seeming lack of interest is very suspicious. Liberals call asking questions about his death a "conspiracy theory." But there are many REAL conspiracies when powerful people die in unusual circumstances. (Conservative Tribune)

Not Fit for Office

Liberals (Dumocrats) really believe Trump is "not fit to serve" as president, or dogcatcher. What is their belief based on? Nothing. Not a single thing except for their personal opinions. No training at all, but they say he is "on the very edge" of a mental breakdown. So called "psychiatrists" all over agree with them and "diagnose" Trump as being on the verge of Alzheimer's and death from eating too many cheeseburgers and fries--without ever seeing, or speaking to him, personally. To do so is unethical and worthless as a real diagnosis, but they don't care. People who make up stories couldn't care less about psychiatrists being unethical, as long as they say what they want to hear. They compare him to Josef Stalin, a mass murderer. What is their basis for that, you might ask? There is none, except in their fevered imaginations. The liberals are frightened that he will soon "get to them" in his quest to "drain the swamp," and they will open any can of worms they think will stop him. But he's a lot smarter than they think he is; smarter by far then they are. The evidence for that is that he makes them look silly every day by what he accomplishes. He "runs rings around them" every day while they flail about, trying to stop him. His doctor gives him a clean bill of health and they call him a liar. That's all they have: deny reality. (Just common sense)

Wa Po Exposes Pelosi's Lies

Peelosi likes to spout the bullcrap that the reciprocity bill will let violent criminals, domestic abusers, and convicted stalkers carry concealed in all states. Which is an out-and-out DAMNED LIE! Those three categories of people are permanently PROHIBITED from owning or using a gun ANYWHERE in the United States. That law will NOT "invite them to carry concealed!" What WILL allow them to carry concealed, anywhere they wish, is the "black market' in ILLEGAL guns, everywhere. something Peelosi hasn't done anything about, and CAN'T do anything about. The gun black market is like "the poor." It will ALWAYS be with us. Until they figure out how to stop all ILLEGAL gun sales (which they just ignore), the "bad guys will be able to get their guns. The evidence is the amount of "gun crime" out there, almost ALWAYS committed by those who get their guns ILLEGALLY. The anti-gun fools, like Peelosi, always punish the law-abiding, making them DEFENSELESS against those ILLEGAL guns, and gets then KILLED. (Daily Caller)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Obama:" No Scandals"

Obama loves to go on TV and tell us there "are no Dumocrat scandals," and never were any during his administration. And many Americans believe him because they've never read about any in the liberal media. There's a good reason for that; the liberal media refuses to report on the MANY scandals that occurred, not only during his administration, but before--if they involved Dumocrats, not Republicans. If a Republican got into trouble, or was just ACCUSED of it, they played that up vastly, giving that story "wall-to-wall" coverage. Hillary Clinton was the purveyor of many "scandals," including "stacking the deck" against socialist Bernie Sanders, and trying her best to "fix" the election against now President Trump. Now MANY Dumocrats are being found to be connected to known racist white-hater, and known anti-Semite "Calypso Louie" Farrakhan. But will you read much about that in the liberal media? Not likely, since they're Dumocrats, after all. (Alan West Republic)

It's All They Want

One thing you can count on in DC today is that Trump will NEVER get the credit he deserves for the good he's doing. The Dumocrats want one thing: to be RID of Trump and his determination to "drain the swamp." Since most of them ARE "the swamp," they want to get rid of him before he gets to them. They've tried everything they could think of to discredit him so he can't "get them." They say he's crazy. That he's a racist, an imbecile, not competent to BE president. That his health is failing and probably will die before his term is up. Meanwhile, he is fast "draining the swamp," as he has promised to do. He whups them at every turn, and makes them look like the fools they are. He is proving himself to not only be a competent president, but that the Dumocrats are an incompetent political party. The more they rail at him, the less their chances to ever win back their majority--at least, so long as Trump has anything to say about it. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Anti-Gun Coffee Shop

In Oakland, California (where else?), there is a coffee shop that has asked the cops to "stay away," and that they would take care of their own business if some thugs came in with guns to rob and kill people there. They would "rely on their neighbors to protect them" if that happens. Then, when the inevitable does happen (as it will), the cops should stay at least 500 feet away from their coffee shop while the thugs and the coffee shop "neighbors" have their gun fight. After it's over, the cops should then ask a CIVILIAN "clean-up crew" to come in, remove the bodies, clean up the blood as best they can, and then go away, They should notify the owners of that coffee shop that they would accede to their wishes, and not set foot on their property, even to investigate the killings. They should advise the public also to stay away from that coffee shop if they would like to remain alive. Then let the owners (if they're still alive) do what they can to see that it doesn't happen again. Then they can send in a clean-up crew to clean up after THAT gun fight. (Fox News)

Lies, Lies, and Damned Lies"

The anti-cop fools continue to lie to get cops in trouble for doing their jobs, as they did in Ferguson, MO, where a cop shot and killed a giant thug while that thug was trying his best to kill him. That "hands up, don't shoot" crap they spouted was proven to be a lie, perpetrated by his thug friends. While it didn't get the cop jailed, it did cost him his job, and for what? For doing his job and protecting his own life. Here is the latest of many lies told to get cops in trouble, but unfortunately, for the liars, there was dash cam footage to PROVE them liars. It was a routine traffic stop with three subjects, one of which was clearly shown pulling a gun on the dash cam video. His "friends" lied, and said he was unarmed, had been "Tased," and was helpless. An obvious lie. Witnesses in such cases are usually only the "friends" of the victim, and without video evidence, can often make their lies stick, therefore ruining the lives of good cops who are only doing their jobs. This doesn't mean ALL such sroties are false, but that we should take them all with a "grain of salt," and not blindly believe the "testimony" of the victim's friends without other evidence. Cops don't set out to kill black men, but often are forced to do so in order to save their own lives, and the lives of other officers. Thugs will always try and incriminate the cops in such cases. So make them PROVE it. (Bearing Arms)

They Should All Agree?

That seems to be what hard-headed Gabby Giffords seems to think. She's suing to find out if the NRA had a strong hold on Trump while he appointed "pro-gun" judges. It doesn't occur to her that it might just be the other way around. That the NRA supported Trump because he thought the same way they did, rather than them "affecting" his thought. They just refuse to understand that SOME intelligent people realize that Americans are GUARANTEED the right to be armed in self defense by the Constitution and that all attempts thus far to LIMIT that right is unconstitutional. They insist on continuing to make their unconstitutional laws and having them enforced until the courts declare them so. And then making another law that does the same thing with slightly different wording to enforce AGAIN until the courts intervene. They have to know their activities go against the Constitution, but they refuse to acknowledge it while they work to make all Americans DEFENSELESS against all the ILLEGAL guns already out there. (Guns)

Monday, March 12, 2018

Why Call Trump Racist?

Even the Dumocrats don't believe Trump is a racist, any more.. But they have no answers to his successes as president, and they know nothing else except to accuse him of racism, with no backing in fact. They've done it for years, accusing everybody who disagrees with their disastrous policies of being racist. It increased with the election of Barack Obama, a man who almost destroyed this country as a free nation, who told us electing him would "END racism forever." Instead, with his help, it REVIVED racism. Only this time it was black against WHITE racism, and included cop killing, claiming, (erroneously) that cops went out every day HUNTING black men to kill. Nobody believes racism is rampant in this country any more, not even liberals (Dumocrats), if they ever did believe it. Calling their opponents racists is one of their common ploys to win arguments without having to argue on the FACTS. The left is trying HARD to get a race war started, so they can make ever tighter laws to restrict what WHITES can do. They care not how many must DIE for this to happen. Maybe even some of them. (Conservative Tribune)

Profiling Is Good

Liberals hate profiling--any kind of profiling. they whine that the cops profile only black males, because they're black. They think ANY kind of profiling should be banned. Profiling, if used right, is a valuable tool for the cops. It allows them to notice things that tell them a person is carrying a gun, which is probable cause to search them to be sure. And if they find one, and the subject has no "carry permit," to arrest him/her. Any cop can walk down the street and KNOW who the "bad guys" are, just by their actions. Such as immediately turning away when they spot a cop. That's called a "suspicious action." One of the most effective "crime fighting" programs is in Baltimore, where they assign plainclothes detectives to "hang around" in areas known for gun violence, which places them "close by" when a gunfight breaks out, or one guy (or gal) shoots another. These programs have reduced gun violence in other cities where they are used, as well. The detectives in the program use profiling as a major tool in finding potential bad guys who are illegally armed, or to be able to be close by when they shoot someone. They don't profile someone because they're black, as liberals insist. In the areas they patrol, EVERYBODY is black, as are most of the detectives, so they will not "stand out." Criminals want to ban profiling because it is such an effective tool to "keep them honest." (Hub)

"Guns for Fun"

Anti-gun fools tell us confidently that "Men shoot guns for fun, only women keep them for self defense." That's another MYTH fostered by the anti-gun fools to make pro-gun people look silly. The real FACT is that men have guns for self defense as much as women do. And BOTH tend to go out and shoot guns for fun and accuracy training when they have them. Anti-gun fools like to think things like that, because it belittles the whole idea of people wanting to have guns for self defense. They think there's a separation between self defense and fun shooting, but there's NOT. Shooting for fun increases ACCURACY in shooting and makes the shooter more reliable and safe in using a gun. Anti-gun fools HATE that. (Bustle)

Friday, March 9, 2018

It's NOT Wray's Fault!

Ignorant fools in the government and the news media are demanding "the head of Christopher Wray" because of the failure of the FBI to properly investigate the report that the guy who ended up murdering 17 CHILDREN in their school in Broward County, Florida was a potential school killer. It's a "knee-jerk" reaction for some to call for the "head guy" to resign or be fired when things like this happen. But this case never reached the director's office. It didn't even reach the office of the Agent In Charge in MIAMI! If they want the "scalp" of anybody in the FBI, it should be whoever made the decision not to further investigate the report, period. Protocol was NOT followed, and that is NOT the fault of the director, even if he wasn't a "short-timer" in the office. There is NO WAY he could have been aware of what happened, even if he had been in office forever. So they should put the blame where it belongs, not on the head of the big boss. (Just common sense)

"Capturing the Essence"

One of the candidates for the Illinois Attorney General's office went into Chicago with a camera crew to "capture the essence of the city." And DID he! He was robbed at gunpoint and his camera crew lost their cameras, sound equipment, their cell phones, and all their money. I can say, without fear of contradiction by intelligent people that being a victim of gun violence is definitely "the essence of Chicago." Can you say "irony?" A politician learned, first hand, that all their stringent gun laws do NOTHING to reduce gun violence. I should ask him if he asked the thugs if their guns were registered, and if they actually bought them legally. Probably not. Maybe that will actually be a lesson to him, and he will maybe find a REAL way to curb gun violence in Chicago. Probably not. He will probably become a full-fledged anti-gun fool, as do many non-thinking politicians. One constant with anti-gun fools is, they never learn by experience. They have one idea on how to reduce gun violence, and no matter how many times it fails, they keep doing it, over and over again, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. (Keep and Bear)

Why Close GITMO?

They're back at it again. Dumocrats are whining about closing GITMO again. Never mind they have had sixteen years (Clinton and Obama) running things in DC while promising to do it, themselves--and DIDN'T. Never mind Obama released many GITMO prisoners, who went right back to killing innocent people. What's the big deal about closing GITMO? Most of the inmates there have murdered any number of innocent people. That's their whole reason for being--to kill innocent people to "make a point." If we release them all, you can count on them murdering even MORE innocent people. Those caught in the act should have been executed on the spot. No trials, no holding them until they can be condemned by law and executed after much money has been spent on them and so much time has passed that we can't even remember who they murdered, or how many. An Islamic terrorist is not entitled to the rights we extend to the human criminals in America. If they're released, all we're doing is adding to the number of terrorists we must fight, later. We don't keep them in GITMO to punish them. We keep them there to keep them from killing more innocents. To release them is to condemn thousands of inocent people to death--some after being raped. (Just common sense)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Outrageous, Calculated Lies

The left is on a calculated lie campaign against a legally elected president they never thought could win--until he did. and they can't figure out WHY he won, even though it is obvious to people who can THINK, and have a modicum of INTELLIGENCE. They thought Hillary was a "shoo-in" because "the fix was in," but she was such a terrible candidate, and a socialist, too boot, and didn't even bother to campaign in some states where she thought she had them tied up. Voters were incensed at the way she and her henchmen screwed Bernie Sanders out of the nomination by creating "super delegates" to guarantee she would come away from every primary with more delegates, whether Bernie won the election, or not.

They hatched up their usual phony "sexual harassment" scams against Trump (and they continue beating that dead horse today), and are now down to calling him names and making up stories about how he watched 8 hours of TV every day and is "semi-literate." I have the TV on at my elbow every day, all day, usually on Fox News because the other news sources are not dependable. The liberals LIE, and they swear to it. Fox tells BOTH SIDES of the story and are VERY reliable, whether or not the left believes it That doesn't mean I'm WATCHING it every minute, but if anything important happens, I'm instantly aware of it). Yes, Trump may have the TV on all day, as I do, for the same reason. But he is NOT sitting and ONLY "watching TV."

They tell false stories about Trump's sanity, based only on their OPINIONS, without a shred of clinical proof. If he was "semi-literate," how would he have been able to accomplish the things he has accomplished, in just a year, without the help of a SINGLE Dumocrat? All they have is their IMAGINATION, and that's what is at the bottom of all their accusations. On gun control, for instance: after the Florida school shooting, they gave him hell about not supporting their USELESS, and INEFFECTIVE gun laws that do nothing to STOP gun violence, and only CONTRIBUTE to it by disarming the law-abiding, leaving them DEFENSELESS against the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns out there. Trump knows their laws are USELESS, and thus does not support them. But that doesn't mean he is not working on 

REAL solutions to the violence that is out there, "gun violence," or not. One congressman was heard to ask a question the anti-gun fools cannot answer. He asked, "Show me ONE law that would have prevented a single mass shooting?" They just keep on LYING about Trump, hoping at least ONE LIE will "stick" and they canuse it to "get rid" of Trump. A forlorn hope, to be sure, but it's all they've got. Bob Mueller, who was appointed Special Counsel to PROVE the "Russian connection," has, in more than a year, found NO PROOF of ANY such connection and has now indicted 13 Russians on minor "crimes" UNRELATED to Trump, so he can CLAIM success. They still "flail about," beating that "dead horse," hoping to come up with something, ANYTHING they can use to "torpedo" Trump, with NO success. And that will continue for at least the next 8 years, if I'm any judge--and I am. (Just common sense)

Democrats' Regular Scam

The Dumocrats have a common scam they use in many areas. Make an UNPROVEN accusation, keep repeating it from several different (all liberal) viewpoints, insisting it is true, in SPITE of the lack of any kind of proof. They've been very successful in accusing GOP politicians of sexual misconduct. A good example other than that is the latest, accusing Trump of not only using profanity to refer to the Haitians, and calling Haiti a "Sh-t country." They say everybody in the room heard him say it, but strangely, in this age of cell phones recording us, nobody seemed to be recording. So all we have is the WORD of the Dumocrats in the room, and maybe a few Trump-hating Republicans. That, to me, is NOT proof. But the arguments about it hopefully (to Dumocrats, anyway) hurt Trump in the minds of his base. Frankly, I don't care if he calls Chucky Schumer or Nancy Peelosi bad names and cusses them out, as long as he keeps on "draining the swamp" like he has been doing since he got inaugurated. I wouldn't mind cussing those two out, myself. (Just common sense)

The Worst Fake News

That's when the liberal media publishes "stories" that attempt to say that anti-gun laws WORK. One little problem: they DON'T. They cite false figures put out by the anti-gun fools, hoping to prove that their anti-gun laws actually work, when they don't. They think "no-gun zones" keep guns out of certain places. They do NOT. Potential mass shooters and other criminals SEEK OUT "gun-free zones" in which to do their "dirty work," because they can be pretty sure they'll be safe while robbing and killing people--until the cops arrive with their guns. "Safe gun storage" laws likewise only make it harder for a law-abiding person to get their guns into action quickly enough to defend against a criminal, who already has his gun in his hand, ALL their laws depend on LAWBREAKERS obeying their laws, when they obey no others. That's the basic flaw in their thinking, and it's undeniable. But they'll deny it, anyway. (Joe Huffman)