Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Amazing Democrats

It amazes me what the Dumocrats think is bad, and what they therefore attack President Trump over. They condemn him for “attacking everybody,” completely ignoring the fact that his “attacks” are IN RETURN for their incessant false attacks. They criticize him for criticizing that “teenage activist,” Greta Thunberg. Frankly, what she is doing, and how she does it merely shows me she needs “anger control.” She’s too young to know ANYTHING and pretends to know more than ALL adults with her tirades. They take him to task for “hindering” Planned Parenthood, forgetting that PP is “Baby Murder, Incorporated.” They commit bloody murder on a class of people who are completely defenseless, while still in the womb (so far, mostly), with the full approval of the parents, who do not want the responsibility of raising the result of unprotected sex. So they “put out a contract” on them, and PP happily becomes their “hired killer,” for a price. Thunberg is angry over “global warming/climate change,”” which is a MANUFACTURED “crisis,” created by former VP AlGore, to line his pockets with gold, but she hasn’t been ALIVE long enough to know that. It has been disproved many times, but he goes right on talking about it and collecting money, hand over fist, while Greta does the same for herself and her “handlers.” This girl is so strange, that in a world where people travel long distances by airplane, she crosses the ocean in a SAILBOAT. And her “handlers” support her in that, time-waster that it is. (Just common sense)

Wishful Thinking

At the University of Michigan, they found a noose in an employee’s desk. They “investigated,” breathlessly telling people it was a “noose,” which, of course, implies racism, which they badly want to happen so they can make more racist claims. Following an extensive “investigation” by the university’s Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS), they found it wasn’t a noose, at all. It was just some employee practicing knot-tying on his break. Of course, “If relevant information comes forward, they will reopen the investigation.” So if you race-baiters can pony up some “information,” maybe you can create a racist scare. It was actually a “Uni Knot,” one used extensively in fishing. Admittedly, it does somewhat resemble a noose. But anybody who likes to fish should know the difference and not jump to conclusions. When this story first broke, it was dutifully reported with glee by liberal news organizations. This is yet another example of the panic fostered by liberals accusing anybody and everybody of racism if they had the temerity to oppose them. (Legal Insurrection)

Gun Control: A Pipe Dream

There is no way in HELL they can get rid of ALL guns—which is the goal of all anti-gun fools. It’s a pipe dream--something that was conceived in an opium den after hours of smoking dope. They might be able to get rid of all LEGAL guns, but they will never be able to stop criminals from both selling and buying guns ILLEGALLY. Or stealing them. There isn’t a single law now on the books that has ever done a single thing to limit the use of guns for illegal purposes. All their laws do is make it easier for those criminals to victimize those who obey laws and are thus disarmed, and “easy targets” for their “gun violence.” Background checks, for example: all they do is allow the cops to trace a gun to its owner—IF it was bought legally, AFTER the fact. The person shot is already dead, or in big trouble, with massive hospital and doctor bills, maybe to have lifelong disabilities that stem from being shot. “Gun-free zones” are another pipe dream that has not only NOT stopped any gun violence, it has CONTRIBUTED to it. Each and EVERY mass shooting has occurred IN a “gun-free zone,” and new ones are being heard of, every day. The same is true of all the rest of their laws. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Where Are the Crimes?

The House Committee “Chairmen” have been touting a bunch of “provable crimes” against President Trump, but when they finally, after al the hoopla, get around to actually FILING articles of impeachment, they can only claim a couple of insipid “violations” that nobody with any intelligence at all would ever say “rises to the level of impeachment.” NONE of their previous claims have proven true, because they are NOT true. But they “press on,” with nothing, so they can say Trump :has been impeached,” during the 2020 election, hoping that will make some of his supporters rethink their support, and then vote Dumocrat. But it ain’t agonna happen. It didn’t happen with Clinton, and he WAS guilty of the actual crime of lying to Congress. Trump has done too many good things for this country, and even all their efforts to keep America from knowing it, they KNOW. And they’re not going to vote against him. The liberal media has done their best to hide the good things he has done, but failed. There are too many other sources of information to keep us from finding out the truth. The coup is failing, yet again. But the Dumocrats don’t know it, and are keeping the incessant “investigations” going, while coming up with NOTHING. (The Blaze)

Stupid Liberal Ideas

Every day, the liberals seem to come out with yet another stupid idea. That is never more true than in the case of gun control. Their latest on that is this: “If more people would learn how to play a guitar, there would be fewer shooting deaths.” Now Corey Booker wants to sic the IRS on the NRA. They can’t seem to stop them from ruining their unconstitutional plans any other way, so now they’re going to try and ruin them from within by finding something they can use against them in their taxes. The same ploy they want to use on President Trump. Never any new ideas, those liberals.

In Ohio, there’s a bill in their legislature to charge an individual with a felony if a minor steals their gun. Cory Booker thinks toy guns are more regulated than are real guns. And then Corey Booker (again) compares gun control to the civil rights movement. Of course, they all think the elderly can’t be trusted with a gun. I don’t think a LIBERAL should be trusted with a gun. Now they think we should ban crossbows! There are so many crossbows being used in gang shootings and robberies, and murders these days, you see. It’s a big problem.

Kamala Harris (Dumocrat presidential candidate) thinks she can criminalize gun sales if she ever gets to be in the Oval Office (which is not likely since she just dropped out). Never mind that the absolute RIGHT for every American to be armed is a basic constitutional right, with one entire amendment devoted specifically to it. Like most liberals, she thinks she can just run right over that with an executive order. Liberals think if you get pregnant, what’s in the mother’s body is NOT a human being, so they can murder it, at will. One liberal Dumocrat actually SAID that. Back to guns. Liberals think the way to self defense is to disarm yourself. They actually think they can get rid of all the guns in the world, by legislation, and that the holders of illegal guns will all turn their guns in.

And they think that CRIMINALS, who disobey laws for a LIVING, will somehow decide to obey their gun laws. This item started out to be just about guns, but it has taken on a life of its own, so I’d better just stop writing now, or I’ll go to my grave still listing more stupid liberal ideas. (Just common sense)

The Case Against Self Defense

What liberals call the “gun controversy” is actually something else. It is the “self defense controversy.” Anti-gun fools want to “get rid of all guns” as a means to destroy self defense as a human right—for everybody except themselves, of course. They will retain their “right” to hire armed thugs to defend them while denying the rest of us the same right—if they can. They can afford it, because WE are paying for it, for the most part. Their armed thugs are paid for with taxpayer money. Some even go so far as to carry their own guns. But it is becoming increasingly obvious that liberals want to make the very concept of self defense illegal. They want to punish people who defend themselves against an attack. Every time we come up with something that helps us defend ourselves that is not a gun, they want to ban it, too. Currently on their list to be banned is the stun gun. It is a very effective instrument to stop an attacker in his tracks without killing him. But liberals don’t like them because they DO “stop an attacker in his tracks.” I was once accosted by a cop who saw a metal 2-cell flashlight in my pocket, who said, “That could be used as a weapon, you know.” To which I replied, “If and when I ever do use it for a weapon, we can discuss it, then.” He just laughed, but it was very instructive because liberals are serious about destroying ALL tools for self defense. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Dog and Pony Show

That’s what the Dumocrats are putting on in DC now. They’re bringing in anybody they can think of who MIGHT have had SOME association with the Trump administration and asking them what they THINK about what’s going on, not what actually happened. Meanwhile, committee chairman “Pencil Neck” Schiff is refusing to allow any Republican to ask a question, and even is refusing to recognize a Republican member of his committee when they try to make a “point of order,” which, under the usual rules of order, MUST be allowed. But not in Schiff’s committee, because that seems to be what this is. Schiff is making all the rules, and changing them in mid-stream as it suits him. This country was built on the concept of “innocent until proven guilty,” but that’s not how Schiff is operating. He brings up all kinds of silly “charges,” and demands that Trump prove he is innocent. The fact that none of these charges has any basis in truth doesn’t seem to bother him. He is operating as if he were a dictator, making rules to suit himself, muzzling anybody who doesn’t agree with him, and painting any opposition as “obstruction of justice,” as if what he is doing IS “justice.” It is NOT. It is a “Kangaroo Court.” This is simply an attempted coup to remove a legally-elected president that he doesn’t like. (Just common sense)

Why Not Admit It?

Chicago “gun crime” problems are MOSTLY street gang problems. That is obvious to intelligent people, but they won’t admit it. The University of Chicago Crime Lab researchers tell us that “gun crime” is mostly limited to “specific neighborhoods.” Those are neighborhoods infested with street gangs. They even know this, but they hesitate to SAY it. Most gun crime in any large city can be traced right back to gang violence—in addition to other kinds of “gun crime.” But anti-gun fools everywhere don’t bother to try and do something about the street gangs, whose guns are ALL illegally gotten. So they want to make LAWS for the law-abiding to obey, and the law breakers to ignore. Street gangs break laws. Every day. They run drugs, numbers, extortion schemes, and many other kinds of criminal activity. So why do they expect these gangs to OBEY their silly anti-gun laws? Do something about gangs, and you will automatically “reduce gun violence.” They have to know that, so why don’t they DO it? Gun violence in Chicago IS going down. But for how long, with all the many gangs? (The Trace)

Arnold Tells Another Lie

Like all other anti-gun fools, actor Tom Arnold, famous for being dumb enough to have married Rosanne Barr, and has ONE successful movie on his list, tells us, “80% of gun owners shoot themselves.” Now, anybody of even modest intelligence knows that is a lie, but apparently he does not. He is anti-gun, and he doesn’t care if he has to lie to support that. Somebody ought to tell this fool that nobody cares what he says, and never have. He “piggy-backed” on another celebrity, and it won him ONE role that made him “successful,” and then a string of flops. He still rides the notoriety of that ONE role, to this day. He hasn’t done anything else of note, but he can’t figure out why. And he figures that one movie should help him to even more success, while it has not. And will not. He would do well to keep his mouth shut. Many people FEEL he is stupid. Then he opens his mouth and removes all doubt. (Bearing Arms)

Monday, December 9, 2019

Cock and Bull Story

I’ve had the sound muted on my TV all day, because Fox News is going “wall-to-wall” with the “dog and pony show” the House is putting on to pretend they were trying to “decide” whether or not to impeach President Trump, and didn’t already have their minds made up. I’ve had it muted because I quickly got tired of hearing those representatives making speeches disguised as questions for the “witnesses,” most of whom are “anti-Trumpsters.” I put “witnesses” in quotes because all they are “testifying” to is their “opinions and feelings” on what they THINK Trump was thinking when he did certain things. They keep saying that President Trump only did things “for his political purposes, rather than for the good of the nation. How they figured that is a mystery. Maybe they consulted their crystal balls. In any case, the things he did were things presidents do, every day, in running this country. Such as putting pressure on other heads of state to investigate a criminal. That that criminal was the son of his opponent was merely unfortunate, in that it made it LOOK like the investigation he wanted was to hinder his political opponent. As if he needed it to beat Joe Biden, which he does not. Joe has never had a chance in hell to be elected president, and even Dumocrats know it, from the time he quit his other try because of his plagiarism. (Just common sense)

To Destroy Self Defense

I’ve been trying, for some time, to figure what the real purpose of gun control is, since none of their efforts have done a single thing to stop, or even slow down, “gun crime.” Yet they keep insisting on making more and more of their useless, unenforceable anti-gun laws that do nothing except make “easy targets” of law abiding people who obey laws, while criminals and other miscreants just ignore them and get their guns illegally. After much thought and consideration, I have come to a conclusion; that they aren’t after “gun control,” they’re after PEOPLE control. They want to be able to tell us what we can, and cannot do. What we can buy and use, and what we can’t buy and use, whether it be a gun, or anything else. They figure that if they can get rid of the very concept of self defense, and be able to tell us we cannot buy and use legal products, they can extend that to everything. Liberals (Dumocrats) have a favorite saying: “it’s a good start.” Meaning that any small victory they get “paves the way” for more. And I believe their primary goal is to get that power, and gun control is the avenue to it. (Just common sense)

Passed A Background Check

Not being a felon, he had no trouble passing. Then he took his newly-purchased (legally) gun, and went out and killed a bunch of people with it. Another man couldn’t hope to pass a background check because he was either a felon, or had exhibited some mental health shortcomings, so he went out and found another felon in a back alley selling guns out of his trunk, and bought what he needed. Buying guns on the black market requires no background check. Then he took his newly-purchased gun and killed a bunch of people with it. Now I ask you: “What earthly good is a gun law if it doesn’t stop such things?” And the unalterable fact is, none do. They never have. All the anti-gun laws, all over the world, have done NOTHING to stop, or even slow down, “gun violence.” So what the hell good are they? Anti-gun fools have to know this. God knows, I’ve told them every chance I get. But they continue to insist on the making of more and more of them, in spite of the sure knowledge that they do NOTHING. What’s WRONG with these people? Don’t they ever learn from experience? Apparently not. (Just common sense)

Friday, December 6, 2019

The Failed Coup

Dumocrats are angry. They couldn’t cheat enough to overcome the “Trump juggernaut” in 2016. They thought they had it “fixed” to get Hillary Clinton elected, and failed. Trump won, and they just can’t handle that. A non-politician who didn’t follow their rules was elected, and they determined to do everything they could to make sure he got nowhere in his promise to “drain the swamp,” because most of them WERE “the swamp.” They had to get rid of him before he got to them. So they started “investigating” him, and have been doing it ever since the day he was elected. They claimed many ties to have “ample evidence” of his wrongdoing, but never told us what it was, because there wasn’t any. They tried many approaches, and when one failed, they began another, incessantly. Their campaign is now approaching three years, and they have found NOTHING they can use to get rid of him, so they’re now in the process of “making it up.” They are DEFINING things to be grounds for impeachment that nobody ever thought possible. They are GOING to impeach him, DURING the 2019 election period, hoping to skew it in their direction so they can gain back control of the Senate, which would assure their success in railroading him out of office before he can “bring them to justice.” (Just common sense)

Disarming the Victims

They tell us all they want is to “keep guns out of the hands of criminals.” But all their laws do NOTHING to accomplish that goal. All the laws they have passed, so far, have done is to disarm the potential victims of “gun crime” while making it much easier for the criminals to victimize them, since they are rendered defenseless by their laws. Each and every law they make only makes it easier for the criminals. I have something that “resembles a “sap” that is, and was sold in a bookstore as a “page holder” to use when reading while eating. It’s black leather and has a what feels like a lead lump at each end, and would MAKE a good “sap.” If anybody ever attacks me, he’s going to be surprised when I slap him down with it. And I expect the cops will immediately take it away from me, since they usually “confiscate” anything that can be used in self defense. It doesn’t matter what is it. If I hit an attacker with a heavy ash tray, they’d take that, too. It just seems they are determined to keep us defenseless, so they take away anything that can be used in self defense. This has got to change. We need to be able to defend ourselves against the criminals, who just IGNORE any laws that say they can’t be armed when they rob us. (Town Hall)

Gun Grabbers Hate It

They tell us every day that “gun crime is rising,” and we just need more anti-gun laws to cure it. But then reality steps in. Gun crime is DOWN. The gun murder rate is the lowest it has been since 1961. And in states where legal carry is allowed, it has gone down even more. Some states with intelligent lawmakers even allow non-felons and non mentally disturbed people to carry without the necessity of buying a license. What’s our data source for this? The FBI. Not the most conservative of sources. What’s responsible? Certainly not the anti-gun laws liberals seem bent on passing. One factor is that the prison population has quadrupled. Not because of tougher laws, but because the laws there have been better enforced. Executions for capital crimes since 1980 have quadrupled. Not because we have become more vengeful, but because the death penalty has been applied more often when a criminal commits a really dastardly crime. The liberal tendency toward less punishment for criminals, and more “understanding” of what prompts them to commit crimes has lessened. The tendency to blame the guns has lessened, as well, contrary to what the anti-gun fools tell us. In fact, everything they tell us is a lie. The number of concealed carry permits issued have also quadrupled. Something the anti-gun fools hate with a passion. (American Thinker)

Thursday, December 5, 2019

What's WRONG With Them?

Dumocrats have completely abdicated their responsibility to do what they were elected to do, in favor of their “attempted coup” to unseat the legally-elected president of the United States. A president that was elected under the laws that have been in effect, and have elected many presidents, for years. They make a big thing about Trump not getting “the popular vote,” and only “winning in the Electoral College.” But that’s how we elect out presidents, and it was designed to make sure that those populace (usually liberal) coastal states cannot dictate the results of an election. The founders knew letting that happen would disenfranchise the voters in what the New York liberals call derisively, “Flyover country.” Truth is, that system has elected many Dumocrat presidents over the years. But they only want to change it when it elects a Republican. This is short-sighted, because if the Electoral College gets nullified, it can hurt Dumocrats, in the future. But they don’t think of that. All they think about is how it effects them, today. Anything that works against them, they want to change. (Just common sense)

No Due Process

“Red Flag Laws” should be all declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court for several reasons. Chief among those is the fact that they are an “infringement” on a constitutional right, on their face. Second, they allow a disgruntled neighbor to decide somebody is a danger to himself or others—something he is not qualified to do—and get a person’s guns “confiscated” without due process. That, alone, should cause the Supremes to declare the laws unconstitutional. “Red Flag Laws” are the latest in the incessant campaign to outlaw self defense by making it illegal to OWN a gun. They allow “authorities” to raid your home and confiscate all your guns, on the unsupported OPINION of someone who may have a grudge against you. Or someone who was set up to complain, making it possible for them to confiscate your guns WITHOUT “probable cause” that you might be a danger. Of course, if you WERE a danger, confiscating your LEGAL guns would not stop you from them going out and getting a gun ILLEGALLY—which is what people bent on bloody murder do. (Truth About Guns)

It Can't Be done!

Governments everywhere try and restrict gun ownership and use to “government agents” of one kind or another, with the main purpose being to restrict opposition to what the government is doing. But in reality, it can’t be done. Everywhere the anti-gun laws are the tightest, illicit gun sales abound, while others just make their own guns, outside of the view of the government. Australia and Great Britain, for instance, do not have such a thing as the Second Amendment, and thus have almost completely eliminated legal gun ownership for their “subjects.” Meanwhile, “gun crime” abounds in both places, since their “draconian laws” seem to be unable to do anything about the thriving black market in guns, and now even in ammunition. They talk about “gun safety,” but in reality, the only thing they want is safety for government officials when they come to take your property. But their problem is, none of their laws work to stop anybody who doesn’t worry about obeying laws from getting guns. That’s because lawbreakers, who break laws for a living, are not going to bother obeying their silly little laws. (Reason Magazine)

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The "Rushing It" Scam

“Pencil Neck” Adam Schiff is using the “rushing scam” on congress with his “impeachment report.” He’s releasing it one day, and requiring a vote the next, which gives busy congresspeople little time to read it. That reduces the possibility of objections to any part of it. This system is in regular use in Congress, which accounts for the many bills that get passed into law without congresspeople reading them, and thus are ignorant as to what is in the bills. As Nancy Peelosi once said about the pending Obamacare law, “We have to pass the law to find out what’s in it.” It’s how so many stupid laws get passed. Congresspeople should vote “nay” on any bill they aren’t given time to read. This would end that practice, and many stupid bills would never be voted into law, by default. Frustrated congresspeople could then get sufficient time to actually READ the bills they sign into law, and could get “stupid factors” removed. This, of course, would anger people like Nancy, and be very hard to get done, because she would oppose it. But we should at least try it, and congresspeople should insist on getting sufficient time to read all the bills presented them for a vote. (Just common sense)

Phony Shooting Stories

"Cops kill black men 21 times more often than white men.” That’s the narrative. Maybe that’s because black men shoot at cops 21 times more often than white men. But those figures aren’t even CLOSE to being accurate (translation: true) Many police departments don’t even publish numbers about the occurrence of cops shooting people, nor do they separate them into black or white, male or female, which tends to twist the figures in favor of the idea that cops shoot blacks way too often. “And as often as not, the black males are unarmed.” But that’s not true, either. “Research” by the “Violence Policy Center,” (a known anti-gun fool outfit) “proves” they are incompetent shooters. Yes, there are exceptions. But, they are few. Anti-gun fools "cherry pick" things from each shooting to make them SEEM to support their moronic rhetoric. In a Denver, Colorado suburb, cops shot and killed a shoplifter—because he pulled a gun on them. His girlfriend ran away and hasn’t yet (at this writing) been found. I predict that the liberal media will “forget” he pulled a gun on the cops (a sure death warrant), and try and paint this incident as “further evidence” that cops are “trigger-happy fools.” (Greely Tribune)

Dick's Going Down

Dick’s Sporting Goods announced it would no longer sell “assault-style” firearms or high-capacity magazines after being appalled to learn that the killer at the Parkland High School shooting was found to have LEGALLY bought one of his many guns (but not one used in the shooting) in one of their stores. Immediately their sales began to slide, costing them millions, if not billions of dollars. Dick’s executives have said, “We expected the reaction might be less than positive,” showing that they are the masters of understatement. What really gets me is that they support laws that only apply to users of LEGAL guns, not buyers of ILLEGAL guns, because the bad guys usually don’t get their guns from legal sources. The laws they support never stop criminals from getting their guns ILLEGALLY. They acknowledge that legal gun buyers are usually not lawbreakers, but they are the ones they are punishing for the actions of mostly ILLEGAL gun owners. Theirs is a crappy policy, and the executives responsible should be fired. But they won’t be, because those able to fire them probably agree with their faulty thinking. (National Review)