Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hillary Wins Iowa

Which is not surprising on several counts. First, she only had TWO opponents, fighting over the total percentage points, while the Republican winner (Cruz) had NINE, or more. Still she only won by a “razor thin margin” over an ADMITTED socialist. Which Democrats usually do if the race is close. And the Democrats who run things behind the scenes want her to win BADLY. It's easy to finagle the votes if the race is close, and the Democrats are good at stealing close elections. Things will get closer in the next election, as other candidates drop out. As “Whosis” did, and Huckabee did, when both found out the miserable smallness of their results.. I did finally find out “Whosis was named O'Malley, although I still can't find out what state he used to govern. I'll have to dig deeper. I expect even more, on both sides, to drop out, making it even easier to win with NO competition.. People say people like me just hate Hillary, for no reason. WRONG! I have many good reasons not to like this bimbo. But I don't “HATE” her. I just have no use for her, for many good reasons, chief among them is that she thinks the rules do not apply to her. Second, she IS a socialist, even if she vehemently denies it. At least, Bernie ADMITS it. Just listen to what both support. They're all socialist positions. Third, she will probably go to PRISON if the FBI ever gets off it's butt and indicts her for playing “fast and loose” with government secrets. But they probably wont, at least until after the election when it's even harder to "get" her. (Town Hall)

No God In Islam

Muslims insist that Allah is not the “same God Christians worship,” and they're right. There IS no God in Islam. Islam is a POLITICAL MOVEMENT DISGUISED as a religion, so they can take advantage of the “perks” we offer to religions. It was started by a pedophile who had a nine-year-old “wife,” and APPROVED of screwing little children, thus creating a “rape culture” where screwing little boys (and girls) was “a cultural thing.” Where they're so afraid of another man wanting to have sex with their women they insist on them never going outside by themselves, and must be accompanied by a male member of their family, and wearing what amounts to a TENT. They know that, in their “Rape culture,” that is an easy possibility. Allah does not exist. He is a “made-up entity” to facilitate worship by ignorant people, and Muslim leaders work HARD to keep most Muslims ignorant, especially the women, who are barred from going to school, by law, in Muslim-run countries. In addition, the Koran instructs Muslims to KILL people who follow other religions, or convert them to Islam. (CNS News)

Gun Hater Gets Shot

She needed a gun, desperately. But she didn't have one, so she got shot. Unfortunately, even though she survived, she will probably not learn a lesson from being shot. The only reason she and her daughter survived is because the criminal allowed it, and didn't finish the job. Andrea Koller, a teacher who is very vocal in her opposition to guns (saying nothing about the criminals and their violence) tried bravely to stop the criminal from pistol-whipping her daughter, and got shot. Why the criminals didn't finish the job, I don't know. Maybe her fighting them frightened them off. Most criminals are cowards, of course, so that's quite possible. She'll probably redouble her efforts against guns, but not against the criminals who USE guns to commit violence. As with most people who hate guns, this woman had NO “situational awareness” as the criminals “shadowed her” right to the hotel entrance while she was blissfully unaware of their presence until they started pistol-whipping her daughter. THEN she woke up and ran out to help her daughter, and got shot. If she had HAD a gun, the situation might have turned out differently, But she will not realize that. The chances that the gun used by the criminals was registered is very small, so no law would have made any difference—except one that allowed HER to be armed. (Bearing Arms).

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The New ISIS "Tank"

THE NEW ISIS “TANK”: Funny. I thought tanks weren't made out of wood, didn't run on wheels, and didn't use drain pipes with a cork in it as a long gun. This is a good example of the scams ISIS (and whatever other names they use) run on gullible Muslims to “strike fear into their hearts.” I laughed until I almost had a stroke when I saw it. Damn! I really NEEDED a good laugh! (Twitchy)

Repealing the Second Amendment?

That's what some liberals are talking about. They remind us that the 18th Amendment was repealed when it was found to be WRONG. But the Second is NOT wrong. If it ever got repealed (and that's a distinct possibility, with all the stupid people out there are who vote—and many of them are in the Congress). Of course, if it happened, a lot of honest, law-abiding people would have to become criminals, and buy their guns ILLEGALLY, like criminals do. So they can defend themselves against the ILLEGAL guns the criminals all have. The short-sighted people who would vote for this abomination should be the FIRST people to be shot by those criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists whop don't care about ANY law. (Bearing Arms)

Peaceful Race Relations

Hope for peaceful race relations is bleak. Why is that? Because that's how Obama wants it. It makes him more powerful if one group is pitted against another. He can make more laws and regulations to control people more completely if they're fighting amongst themselves. In addition, they don't pay any attention to the fool things he does. He USES racism for his own purposes. He told us that, if we elected him, that would forever destroy racism. That was one of his first lies to the nation on a presidential level. Further, he does all he can to FEED what racism still exists. Aside from CHOOSING to be black (he's only half black) so he can blame ALL his opposition on racism, he works tirelessly to “whip up” racism by reading racism into many innocent activities.

The rise of the “Black Lives Matter' movement is all part of that. Another example is the black boycott against the Oscars who are whining that no blacks have been nominated this year, calling THAT racism. Today's racism is not the same as your father's racism. Today, it is BLACK racism against WHITE people. White racism against black people was almost gone when he took over. Otherwise, why would America elect a half-black man rumored to have been born in Yemen, president? But now it is increasing because of the black racism against whites, which is now in danger of overrunning the nation. It is now in danger of being “enshrined” into law, as the old “white against black” racism used to be. Blacks used to be resentful about “black only” water fountains. Now, flushed with success, they're now DEMANDING “black only water fountains.” (Town Hall)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Dedicated Cop Disarmed

A decorated cop disarmed: Why? Because he can't sleep at night, and sought treatment for it. So now he has to give up his guns. A decorated cop and a Navy veteran who has never misused a gun, not even while he can't sleep. This 30-year retired cop had his guns confiscated after an obviously incompetent doctor mistakenly diagnosed him as “unstable” during a hospital stay to treat INSOMNIA. He is now suing the State of New York, alleging that Gov. Cuomo and other officials violated his Second Amendment rights. This is an example of what can happen in today's INSANITY over “gun control.” It's unconstitutional as hell, but they do it, anyway, and force those injured by their actions to spend money to go to court and get it reversed—after MONTHS, sometimes YEARS of enforcing their “flights of fancy” on many innocent people. They'll try ANY TRICK to take your guns away. In the North East now, and where YOU live, next. (Survival Joe)

Living In A Dream World

That's how professionals describe Obama as he assures us ISIS is NOT an “existential threat” to the United States. Many people today don't even know what an “existential threat” IS, considering the state of America's schools, today as they go about teaching the kids “political correctness” and all about the Koran—but NEVER the Bible, which is the handbook of OUR religion, OR about real history. They say he should ask some of the millions of innocent people they have killed—Oh, yeah—he can't. They're dead. And they note that there have been more Islamic terrorist acts IN America during his administration than during ANY previous one. If this fool would ever “wise up” I might even support him. But that ain't gonna happen. He's too incompetent. (CNS News)

Typical Lying Poll

You've probably heard about the “poll” that says MOST Americans would be okay with buying a “smart gun.” the TRUTH is, they didn't poll “most” Americans. They polled anti-gun people who wouldn't own guns, and are afraid of them. As with most liberal “polls,” they ask questions guaranteed to get the responses they want, and they only “poll” people they KNOW will be on their side. Like one poll one day where they “found” that “most Americans” WANTED the Democrats to win the election. What they didn't tell you is that they “polled” the people who lived in a heavily liberal, Democrat voting area, or held their poll in the lobby of the Democrat headquarters, and ONLY them. If ANYBODY answered “wrong,” they left that out. The questions might be something like, “When did you quit beating your wife?” with nowhere to answer otherwise. This is how “polls” MAKE the news, not report it. Never believe ANY “poll.” Not even on the conservative side. (Hot Air)

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Forced Conversion to Islam

That's right. In America. In Maryland, to be exact. The school allowed her to spend ONE DAY learning about Christianity, and then TWO WEEKS “immersed in teachings about Islam.” I thought schools weren't even allowed to BREATHE the word “religion.” At one point, the class was told to say, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammed is His messenger,” which is all that is needed to CONVERT to Islam in the eyes of Muslims. They were also forced to learn the “Five Pillars of Islam,” and were subjected to disparaging teachings about Christianity. The father of one child, a former Marine, is suing the school for doing this. Parents should be ever vigilant about indoctrination of their impressionable children in the teachings of Islam while disparaging Christianity. This Marine was BANNED from the school grounds after complaining about this. That's part of his suit. This kind of thing is happening in schools across the country (why it is allowed, I don't know), and it needs to be STOPPED. I'd say the same if the kids were being indoctrinated about Christianity while Islam was being denigrated. Religious teachings, saying good things about one and disparaging the other is NOT allowed in American schools. (Patriot Update)

Comparing Cars and Guns

The New York Times is comparing cars and guns. They say that since cars kill more people than guns and are a universally recognized “privilege,” and are “regulated,” we should similarly regulate guns. That might be true if their “regulation” did ANYTHING to reduce gun deaths. In any case, owning and using cars is not a RIGHT guaranteed by the Constitution, as are guns. Therefore, the reasoning is a lot different between them. It's comparing apples and oranges. Regulation of cars has done nothing to reduce deaths by car, and has proven itself to be unable to reduce gun deaths, too. Yet they insist on making more and more of their USELESS laws that inhibit gun ownership and usage—the very thing the 'Constitution PROHIBITS. It says, “The right of American citizens to be armed shall NOT be infringed!” What is there about “shall not be infringed” that they not understand? The fact is, there is NO comparison between cars and guns, no matter how hard they work to compare them. (New York Times)

"Oscar Boycott Is Racist"

Academy Award nominated actress Charlotte Rampling is “telling it like it is” when she says the black actor's boycott of the Oscars is “racism against whites,” by people who are jealous because maybe no black person gave a performance that was WORTH an Oscar this year. That white against black racism had nothing to do with it. As with the liberal complaints about there being more black people in prison than whites, THAT may be just because more black people commit crimes than white people. Every time I see a news item on TV about a crime, and they put up a picture of the perpetrator, he (or she) is black, almost ALL the time. They got to prison because they EARNED it. Of course, the black racists will call what I say here racist. That's their “cover accusation” to hide what I'm saying, and attempt to discredit it. I'm not saying black people aren't good enough to merit Oscars, only that none did THIS YEAR. And their exclusion is because of their lack of a display of talent, not racism, and a boycott IS racism, and JEALOUSY on THEIR part. They might try working harder to EARN one, rather than gripe about not getting one and blaming others for their failure.. Boycotting the Oscars is ADMITTING the shortcomings of blacks in giving performances WORTH an Oscar this year. I know of many black people who merit Oscars--and have won them, but apparently none of them did it this year. (Yahoo)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fox: "Feet of Clay"

Fox still tells the truth, and brings out both sides in politics—usually. But they're just as guilty as the other networks of IGNORING certain news if things don't go their way. As it didn't in the recent Donald Trump “contretemps” where he “skipped” their Republican debate and held his own event concurrent with theirs, but on rival CNN in a “feud” with one of their moderators. I've been waiting and waiting for Fox to mention the results of Trump's event on CNN, and, aside from a few mentions of Trump's name in passing, NOTHING. 

I don't watch CNN except for Saturday morning because I have no interest in the two shows Fox runs from 9 to 11, one of which is all about the stock market, in which I have NO interest, the other about fancy, expensive real estate, in which also I have no interest. NOTHING has been said on Fox (to my knowledge) about how many watched Trump's event in comparison to those who watched the Fox event. And that's something I'd like very much to know. On CNN, however, Trump has been almost “wall-to-wall.” I really had to search for the results, but on CNN Money, they said “Trumpless” numbers on Fox was the second lowest of all the Republican debates.

Even though, according to CNN (IF you can believe CNN about anything), their numbers were still four times that of Trump's event. Something Fox SHOULD have been trumpeting, if true. But if you add MSNBC numbers (which also carried Trump's event, his results are much more impressive, at about 3 million. That's still low, compared to previous Fox debates, which numbered 23 and 24 million. Based on those numbers alone, Trump's boycott of the Fox event was no very successful. But in the overall, he still got a huge amount of coverage generally, even if they mostly ignored the numbers. I think his action was a mistake on his part, but, as usual, I don't think it's going to hurt him much. (News Max)

N. Korea Kidnaps Student

They must be getting ready to screw us out of something. That's how dictators do it these days, with that “limp-writsted fool” running this country. He signaled them last week that if they want something, just KIDNAP- an American who is foolish enough to be a “tourist” in your country or even LIVE there, and let Obama “negotiate” for their release after you've held them for a long time and tortured them. Soon, Obama will be falling all over himself releasing all kinds of prisoners, no matter how dastardly and dangerous their crimes. NO matter how many people they've murdered. He'll let them go, like he did for that DESERTER for whom he released FIVE murderous terrorists to go back home and kill more people. Iran tried it with those sailors who strayed into their territory, but the timing was wrong. If they'd have insisted on a “quid-pro-quo” for their release, it could have delayed their receipt of the BILLIONS of dollars Obama was about to give back to them. (Twitchy)

He Still Thinks It's "Contained"

One of Obama's most dangerous delusions is his belief, against all evidence, that ISIS is “contained.” He maintains that IGNORANT belief in spite of a preponderance of evidence to the contrary. Now he says that, “Since they're 'contained,' we can now turn our attention to the real war against gender-specific titles,” as if that were something important. Is it really important for men and boys to be able to pee in the same room with girls and women? It really frightens me to think that our PRESIDENT is so STUPID as to think ISIS is “contained,” when they are still killing innocent people all over the world. Yes, they have suffered some minor losses, mostly caused by forces from OTHER countries. Certainly not from HIS forces, which he has seen to it have been “hamstrung” by STUPID “rules of engagement” and the force reductions he has ordered. (Twitchy)

Friday, January 29, 2016

Shot Him In the Back

Lavoy Finchum (Oregon “occupier”) was shot in the back while reaching in his pocket, the cops say for a gun (he might have been reaching for his driver's license). They could have waited until they saw the gun before firing, but one cop (who0 couldn't see him reaching for his pocket) who was standing BEHIND him, shot him in the back. He was NOT standing with his hands up, as one “occupier” insisted Which proves how witnesses (or sometimes participants) LIE about the actions of the cops in such situations. I don't think they needed to shoot him in the back at that time. They should have waited until they SAW a gun. But the idea that he was “surrendering,” with his hands up, is amply proven to be a LIE. Some say they acted differently here than they did when the liberal “”occupiers” took over in several places, including Denver, where I was able to watch them from about a block away. The difference was these (Oregon) “occupiers” were ARMED, and had PROMISED to die rather than go to jail. The cops may have been a little “quick to shoot,” but he was NOT “surrendering when shot. I'll wait for better evidence before making a final decision. (Bearing Arms)

McAuliffe Crushed

Recently he tried to dissolve agreements with 25 other states to recognize their “concealed carry” permits in a “reciprocity agreement.” But he got so much “kickback” to it, he is now “backing off.” His action only lasted five weeks before he “caved” to logic and reinstated the agreements. McAuliffe had bragged about “confronting the NRA," and they CRUSHED him. They has assistance from Virginia's State Legislature, which was poised to pass (with veto-proof majorities, a law that would have BLOWN his effort to further limit guns in Virginia. That McAuliffe is a Democrat does not even need to be said. The only exception is the “domestic violence” part, which is dependent on a judge issuing a two-year protective order (which judges issue like giving candy to a child), saying, “:no one wants a violent abuser to have access to firearms.” As if they could stop them from getting a gun ILLEGALLY. Liberals, of course, hate it. (Hot Air)

He Needs to Be Taught

Ethan Crouch, the kid who used the defense to killing FOUR PEOPLE in a drunken auto accident, that he had been “coddled,” and didn't know any better, was taught, by his parents, that he and his family were “above the law” and only had to “give people money” to get out of almost ANYTHING. His MOTHER had been previously convicted of reckless driving after she intentionally ran another motorist off the road. She paid a small fine and was released. His FATHER sexually abused a female employee and then FIRED her when she complained. Then he punched a CUSTOMER when that customer stopped his employee from using an unsafe saw.  He got a few days in the local pokey, not the FELONY conviction he deserved. There were many other abuses since the eighties, proving they all thought the law could not do anything to them that money couldn't “cure.” This fifteen-year-old kid was a “smart mouth” whenever he was confronted by law enforcement. He (and his parents) need to learn that money doesn't cure all ills, by spending some significant time in prison when they violate the law. The next time this kid (or his parents) break the law, they need to have the book thrown at them, just to teach them a lesson, if nothing else. His mother should go to prison NOW for helping him flee to Mexico to avoid PROBATION for killing FOUR people. There's no telling how many MORE people this kid (or his parents) will kill with their attitude if they aren't disabused of the notion that they're “above the law.” (Mail News)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trump's Own Event

Showing just what a rich man can do when snubbed by “the establishment," Donald Trump has signaled that he will not appear at the scheduled Republican debate. Instead, he will host his OWN event, at the same time! And I'd “bet the farm” that his event will outdraw the Fox event, again proving his drawing power. Frankly, in spite of what the “establishment Republicans” (and the Democrats) say, I think he will be our next president, in spite of everything they can do to get in his way. I wasn't paying attention to politics then (to my regret), but word is, Reagan faced similar opposition from BOTH SIDES, and for many of the same reasons. He says (and I think he's right), he has brought lots of voters who haven't been interested in politics into things, and that will result in a big win for him. I think he's right. (Town Hall)

Another No-Account Clinton

Hillary's pulling out all the stops. She really needed SOMETHING other than her “zipper down” husband. So—enter Chelsea, who has done nothing in her life except go to work for a TV network doing little or nothing for a huge salary so her mother will help them stay solvent while others are failing. Oh, yeah—she had a kid. That must have been really hard, since so few women do it, ya know (sic). She says Bernie will destroy Obamacare—and that's supposed to be bad? She's in favor of a “woman's right to choose,” which is a euphemism for killing babies. She went after Bernie and whosis—the other Democrat in the race, whatever his name is. If she's in favor of women being able to say what happens to their own bodies, why doesn't she talk in support of prostitution? “She said Sanders would “dismantle” Obamacare, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and Medicare — along with private insurance programs… Er, isn't that what Obamacare has DONE? I figure in a few years, Chelsea will be running for president, on her own. And the way her life has been given to her on a silver platter, she'll probably make it—unless we can destroy the Democrat Party once and for all this year. (Hot Air)

Democrat "Secret Weapon"

At least, they THINK he is. With Hillary coming nearer and nearer to being charged with several felonies after e-mails that have a HIGHER than “Top Secret” classification on her server, so secret that even some members of Congress don't have high enough clearances to read them, they're ready to provide a replacement. They don't want Bernie any more than we do. And they don't want “Whosis,” either. Bernie and Whosis were just “pretend candidates,” anyway (in the beginning). No, if Hillary is charged, which seems more likely every day, “Ol' Joe” is “waiting in the wings, ready to take over her followers. If that's not good enough, they're thinking about running Chelsea! They really think he will be a suitable candidate, and they KNOW he will be loyal to Obama and not get rid of a single one of his abominations. Actually, that's the worst thing they could do (from the view of human beings), beyond continuing to support Hillary, in spite of her being charged with several crimes. If they think he can beat Trump (or anybody else strong enough to beat Trump, if there ARE any), they have several other thinks coming. The pressure to indict her is becoming tremendous. They may not be able to continue to resist it. “Ol' Joe is an obvious FOOL and all of America knows it. If they try to run him, you can count them out, for sure. But they're too dumb to know that. (Town Hall)