Saturday, October 25, 2014

Obama Ain't Gonna Like That!

A man attacked four police officers with an axe and was, of course, killed. But not until severely injuring two cops before other cops shot him to death. New York says it IS Islamic terrorism. But I’m predicting that Obama will not. He will call it something else, so he won’t have to admit that Islamic terrorism is coming here, “on his watch.”  He will probably criticize the New York cops for saying it is. This is all part of America “going crazy,” but would not fit above. Obama is fast proving that HE is an Islamic terrorist, too, and since he has conned his way into the presidency, he is using that job to PROMOTE Islamic terrorism. He thinks if he refuses to admit something like this IS terrorism, nobody will know it IS. That’s how stupid he is. Just like when he called the Ft. Hood shooting “workplace violence,” he has demonstrated his willingness to let terrorists get away with what they’re doing without any special tactics being instituted to deal with it. Which means we will have NO policies in place to do so, and even more chaos will ensue, and that can only be to his advantage. I just wonder who this fool thinks he’s fooling. (Yahoo News)

Exceeding Authority

The cops in Watervliet, NY (where else?) want to know your Facebook password before they give you their permission to buy a gun, something you're guaranteed to have a RIGHT to do by the Constitution. It really amazes me how some jurisdictions think the Constitution does not apply to them, and they can do what they want, regardless. They make stupid laws, and do stupid things under CURRENT laws, apparently serenely unaware they are breaking the law, themselves. Or maybe they just don't care. Whatever made them think they could demand this, I don’t know, unless it is the “stupid pills” they’re taking. Apparently, they don’t give a damn that it is unconstitutional, since the chief of police there, one Ron Boisvert, replied, “It is what it is,” when told the demand was unconstitutional. And the cops are not alone in this. Way too many potential employers are likewise demanding access to applicants’ Facebook accounts and passwords as a condition of employment. For my part, that would be a “deal breaker” and would cause me to walk out without a word and go buy a gun out of some criminal's car trunk in an alley somewhere. (Prison Planet)

Phony Warrant

The Secret Service tried to enter the home of an Obama critic they SAY “threatened Obama's life,” using a phony warrant. When he wouldn’t let them in, and closed the door in their faces, they called the Nashville police, telling them he “might have a gun,:” which, in some places, would get him shot to death by local cops. The Nashville cops were smarter than that. Knowing the SS had no warrant, they withdrew, and later sent information to DC, which was met with total disinterest, something that REALLY disturbs me. I think the SS agents involved should be arrested, and charged with assault. But that’ll never happen. Even if the Nashville cops wouldn’t help in their raid, they didn’t help them complete their lie. But still, they probably aren’t going to “take it all the way.” They DO, mostly stick together in covering up such things as this. I expect a visit from a bunch like this myself, sometime in the future. I hope they don't con the locals into killing me. (Liberty Unyielding)

Friday, October 24, 2014

But We Knew That

The “gentle giant” who had just finished “strong-arming” his way to a bunch of free cigars, then got shot while trying to “strong-arm” a cop, actually WAS trying to get the cop’s gun. But we knew that; if we believed the cop, who was fighting for his life, there would have been no trouble. But the fools in Ferguson seem to outnumber the intelligent people. Of course, this finding will not change anything in Ferguson. The fools will still clamor for the legal lynching of that cop, whose career has already been ruined. If he is ever able to be a cop again, it won’t be in Ferguson, MO. It really amazes me how so many people can be so stupid as to let the criminals take over. But, like the “gun-grabbers,” who are equally stupid, they don’t care about facts if they disagree with their preconceived notions. Of course, the thugs will say the autopsy was “rigged.” They have nothing else. Heard the lstest? The thigs who burned down some businesses are miffed, and want the owners to rebuild, so they can burn them down, again. This is how STUPID they are. (Bearing Arms)

Taking Away Your Rights

Did you know it only takes the opinion of ONE PERSON that you are a terrorist to strip you of your right to a speedy trial and the right not to speak to your captors? Being placed on Obama’s “terrorist watch list” does not require “concrete facts” OR “irrefutable evidence.” It only requires that ONE PERSON say you’re a terrorist. That’s according to the “March 2013 Watchlist Guidance.” A 166 page document released last year by the National Counterterrorism Center. No law passed, No congressional action, just a bureaucratic edict. Judge Andrew Napolitano (Fox News) has declared it unconstitutional. Unfortunately, Napolitano is not a member of the Supreme Court. And I’m not holding my breath until the Supreme Court does the same. Not with the Obama influence, shown by the people he appointed to the Court. (Patriots & Politics)

"Temporary" Gun Siezures

California Governor “Moonbeam” signed a law allowing guns to be “temporarily” taken from people a judge “deems” to be a “possible” danger to him/herself or others. Never mind the U. S. Constitution doesn’t allow ANY laws to be made LIMITING the right to bear arms for the “average American. If the “average American” was allowed to be armed in self-defense, such measures would not only be ILLEGAL, but also UNNECESSARY. California is well known for making unconstitutional laws to restrict gun ownership for its citizens while the lawmakers who make such laws either carry their own guns or hire armed “security.” Something the “average American” mostly can’t afford, since they pay these lawmakers so much. Of course, you know how “temporary” a “temporary law” is. Anybody who loses their guns under this will play hell ever getting them back, once the government has them. (LA Times)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A "Good Guy With A gun"

Didja notice one small fact nobody in the media has seen fit to mention? That the “teed-off Islamist” who shot up the Canadian Parliament building was stopped by “a good guy with a gun” after he killed just ONE guy? Not only that, they made little of the fact that this “teed-off Islamist” had his passport removed when they found out he had recently converted to Islam and wanted to go over and train with the terrorists, then come back and kill some ”unbelievers?” Isn’t this something WE should be doing to those “students” who are trying to do likewise? But, NO! We just “commiserate” with them and diddle around about “what to do.” Yes, their decision did get a man killed, mostly because of the LACK of security in that building. But it also accomplished one less ISLAMIST left in the world. I’d say that’s a “net plus.” Islam should be declared a “criminal religion” and BANNED in the United States, with people like that imprisoned, to save them from themselves. There’s sure enough evidence for that! (HuffingtonPost)

WMDs In Iraq

Liberals have always made a big thing out of the “fact” that weapons of mass destruction were never found in Iraq after Bush based his entire war effort on their existence. What they’re NOT saying is that WMDs WERE found in Iraq, and their existence was covered up by liberals in government. Not only that, Bush did NOT base his “entire war effort” on the existence of WMDs. That’s a liberal MYTH. He invaded Iraq because Iraq was a “safe harbor” for terrorists, who stayed there between killing innocents, trained there, and were FINANCED by Saddam’s government. Far from being an “unnecessary war,” Iraq was an IMPORTANT war in the fight against Islamic terrorism. But liberals will never admit that. They’d rather stick to their lies about Iraq being “an unnecessary war” fought as “revenge” for their treatment of his father and to get control over their oil (which never happened). This is a typical example of liberal perfidy. (The Blaze)

FBI's False Report

It really disturbs me to see the premier law enforcement agency in this country used to promote a political agenda of the president with a LYING report. That happened recently when the FBI released a report that attempted to show that mass shootings have INCREASED in this country, when they have DECREASED. Many of the “cases” cited did not involve a “mass shooting” at all, but involved a “person with a gun” who shot NOBODY or involved a single murder. Three-quarters of their “cases” were from the EARLY findings, which is calculated to show a higher number than it would of it included the LATER numbers. One of the things they did was change the DEFINITION of a “mass shooting” to include shootings of just THREE people, down from the definition that required the shooting of FOUR people. Again GUARANTEEING a higher number. This is how the government (especially Obama’s government) PADS its figures to show what they WANT to show, whether true or not. (New York Post)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Juries Give Us Police State

The cops can’t violate our rights unless a “jury of our peers” agrees. And in this case, where a cop broke into the WRONG HOUSE and shot and killed a SLEEPING 7-year-old girl while doing so seems to have escaped punishment because they couldn’t get a jury to agree to anything. TWO juries became deadlocked, causing two mistrials. Now the prosecutor is declining to bring charges a third time, meaning this stupid cop will “walk.” A witness told the raiding team there were children in the house and was “detained” with a cop’s jack boot on his neck while they went in and killed that child. They just didn’t give a damn. They were “the cops” and could do no wrong. And by disagreeing with each other, the jury agreed=, and let a killer walk free to “enforce” the law in the future. The law, which he IGNORED, and got away with it. The guilty cop claims his “gun went off” when the grandmother “attacked him,” (she didn't) and they put family members right on the blood-spattered couch where they had killed the child while they “investigated” the scene after producing a “retroactive warrant” to make the whole thing look legal. This is what we have come to in America. (Political Outcast)

Just Like In "Atlas Shrugged"

In Ayn Rand’s masterwork, “Atlas Shrugged,” the economy was in the process of being saved by shale oil—until the government made it impossible to do it. In America today, shale oil is trying its best to get us away from dependence on foreign oil while creating a ‘boom” where it is being done. It’s happening in a slightly different place than in “Atlas,” but it’s happening. They’re calling it “fracking,” but it IS “shale oil. And, like in “Atlas,” the liberals in our government hate it, and are doing everything they can to prevent it, BECAUSE it will, if allowed to continue, SAVE this economy, and liberals don’t want that. That would ruin their plans to change this into yet another collectivist (socialist) country. If that happens, we will REPLACE the failed Soviet Union as collectivism’s “showcase country” for socialism. And who will suffer? WE will, of course. So will the socialists, but they aren’t smart enough to realize that. (Just common sense)

Muslim Child Molester

One of the popular Muslim figures who came to Ferguson, MO to demonstrate for a legal lynching of an innocent cop, is a convicted child molester. Molesting children is against the law in America, but is not only allowed to a Muslim, it is shown as RECOMMENDED by the Koran (however they spell it today), since to do so is to follow the teachings of their PROPHET, who “married” a SIX-YEAR-OLD GIRL and started screwing her at the age of 9! Yes, I know; ALL Muslims are NOT child molesters. But child molestation is APPROVED by Islam’s PROPHET. There are many things that are against the law here that are COMMON PRACTICES under Islam. And they want Americans to convert? Not a chance, for me. I'm no fool. (Freedom Outpost)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Open Ballot stuffing

“There’s no election fraud,” huh? Here is a video showing a man walking into a polling place (in Arizona, this time, not Chicago) and stuffing the ballot box with hundreds of phony ballots, unimpeded. An election official asked him what he was doing and was told to “Go Screw yourself.” Apparently there were no cops there nor any election officials with gonads enough to oppose him. He spent about ten minutes stuffing the ballot as others walked by and looked, but with nobody doing anything to stop him. How many places in the country do things like this happen that you never heard of? Is there NO “security” in these places? Can a thug walk in and stuff the ballot box with NOBODY able to stop him? Why is it possible for this to even happen? Because there is no proper ID required for anybody who wants to vote, not only under his own name, but others, as well. (American Thinker)

Houston Wants "Oversight" of Sermons

What is it that causes such STUPIDITY? Have these people not heard about the First Amendment, which FORBIDS any laws limiting the practice of religion? Which also forbids limiting free speech in any way? What kind of fools are these politicians? At least one (the mayor) is gay, which isn’t a problem, to me. But it does seem to be a problem to HER; and since she is MAYOR of Houston, she thinks she has to power to force her views on her fellow Houstoners. There should be laws against such people (gay or not) trying to force their single issue views on other people. If she wants to be gay, let her be gay. It’s not our business who she sees sexually. But she should not be allowed to force her views on others BECAUSE she’s gay. She would certainly object is I, as a  heterosexual, tried to force my views on her, and she would be right. (World Net Daily)

What the Hell's the Purpose?

I’m hearing more and more about the concept of not keeping score to “avoid hurting the player’s feelings” if they don’t do well. That’s about as stupid a thing as I can think of. They say they want to teach the kids that sports is not about competition! Sports IS about competition! That‘s the ONLY thing it IS  about. Now they’re talking about removing the ball from soccer matches so nobody CAN know who scored. What then? Just a bunch of guys running around a field doing NOTHING? What about an auto race with no winner allowed? What’s the POINT? Participation is sports is ONLY to find out who is BEST. There’s no other purpose. Why BOTHER? People who propose this are simply LOSERS who want to take away the exhilaration of winning from the winners, without being able to win, themselves. There’s no other reason for this preposterous notion. I can’t believe we have such supremely STUPID people living in this world with people who have SOME intelligence. (Just common sense)

Monday, October 20, 2014

How Stupid Can People Be?

I’ve said, many times, that kids just attaining the age of majority haven’t been on this world long enough to know anything. And they prove it every time they get a chance. In this case, they signed a petition for “Ebola equality”(whatever THAT is), and out of 30 who signed, 17 checked the box saying they would invite Ebola patients to stay in their homes. I'm glad these are not MY kids! This is BEYOND stupidity. This is SUICIDE! An intelligent person doesn’t want an Ebola patient in the same CITY as they are! The same STATE! But to allow them to LIVE with them? I know youngsters aren’t too smart, but this is beyond anything I’ve ever heard! Not only that, they're putting their families in danger. At that age, how many of them live on their own? (Prison Planet)

Freedom FROM Religion?

Freedom OF Religion: that’s what we’re supposed to have in this country, guaranteed by the Constitution. UNLESS we’re opposed to gay marriage and are in the “wedding business,” and are Christian. If we refuse to “service” a gay wedding, on religious, or any pother grounds, we can be sued, and put out of business. When did the gays become so strong? Probably when they became so numerous in politics. Then they make laws and “regulations” that make gay wishes stronger than that of anybody else. In fact, anybody who so much as CRITICIZES gays is ostracized. I have nothing against gays, but I resent them pushing their wishes on me, or mine. I will not stand for that, and they can’t do a thing to me for that. Fortunately for them, I am not in the wedding business. I just don’t give a damn about their pressure, and I say what I wish to say. To make trouble for someone for refusing to bake a cake for their phony “weddings” is CRIMINAL, and I’ll be the first to say it, and to hell with their “pressure.” People are allowed to choose with whom they will do business, by law, for ANY reason, or for NO reason. Any effort to take that right away from them is a CRIME; be it an individual, or a state government, backed up by a corrupt court. Apparently it’s easier to bribe a court than I thought, to make such “findings.” (World Net Daily)

Anti-Gun Hysteria Personified

A five-year-old little girl “drew a gun” in school and was forced to sign a “no suicide contract” at school, while her mother waited OUTSIDE. I thought to law required a parent or child representative to be present at any such action. No, she didn’t “pull a gun” on anybody. She “drew a PICTURE” of a gun—or at least one that RESEMBLED a gun involving a hand and a crayon. And the school :officials” went bananas and forced her to sign a paper containing words she didn’t even understand—words like “suicide,” which she asked her mother about, later. Never mind ANY “contract” signed by a youngster that young isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, and would not stop anything, anyway—if that little girl DID plan somebody’s death or her own suicide. Like a “restraining order,” it would not stop anything if that child did plan murder or suicide. Signing a useless paper would not stop her. But the whole idea of someone so young contemplating murder or suicide is about as stupid as there is. And these are the people who are TEACHING our children. They ought to be forced to attend an “anti-stupidity class.” (Guns Save Lives)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Obama LYING About Ebola

His government is “downplaying” Ebola death statistics in Africa. I don’t know why. Does he WANT Ebola to attain epidemic proportions in America to take attention off his many scandals? The possibility of his personally being exposed is minimal, since even non-Ebola patients are not allowed in his presence until after much screening, which, I’m sure now includes screening for Ebola symptoms. But WHY does he want to bring known Ebola patients HERE? When he could easily send doctors who KNOW how to treat it, along with the required medicines THERE? And not expose Americans to that scourge? Is this man just STUPID, or does he have an ulterior motive? Some of his decisions defy intelligence (and, by intelligence, I mean knowledge, not spying). (Info Wars)

How Could This Happen?

Two students, ON CAMPUS, where guns are forbidden, were robbed at gunpoint. What? Didn’t the robbers know guns were forbidden on campus? I guess they just didn’t care. Maybe it’s because criminals don’t obey laws—or regulations. Or maybe they can’t read. This, again, proves how useless “gun-free zones” are in stopping, or even slowing down, gun violence. Maybe one day the fools who make such laws or rules will “wise up” after a few more people are killed because they have nothing to use to defend themselves against these ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. But I’m not holding my breath. Turning blue doesn’t appeal to me. (Lexington Herald-Leader)

CBS Buries Its Own Poll

CBS ran a poll that told them Obama’s numbers had reached a new LOW, and they buried it. They wanted to maintain the fiction that Obama is not as unpopular are we, who pay attention, know he is. This has served to illustrate how far “in the bag for Obama” they are. And they’re not alone. Every news source there is, except for Fox and some other “alternative” sources is “in the bag” for Obama. They’re “carrying his water” and helping him stay in office, apparently not realizing what a danger he is to this nation. NBC recently offered a COMEDIAN (Jon Stewart) a bunch of money to take over one of their “news shows.” I think he refused, and they gave it to F. Chuck Todd. I wonder how Todd feels, knowing he was the “second choice” to a comedian. In ant case, that shows how they view such shows. As comedy, not news. (Media Research Center)