Thursday, July 20, 2017

Students Love Socialism

But they can't say why, for real, and they can't define it. They SAY “If it is to help people, I'm all for it.” What they don't know is where all the money to SUPPORT socialism in America is going to come from. Where it will come from is from THEM. As they earn a living, a large part of what they earn will be taken from them by the government, to pay for “helping” others. They say we use the word “socialism to frighten them. Okay, what word SHOULD we use to describe socialism? The point is, they love socialism (whatever we call it) but don't know what it is. They haven't been on this Earth long enough to know ANYTHING. Yet they THINK they know everything. Instead of “revering” their elders as do the Japanese, they think of them as “old fogeys” who know nothing, (Western Journalism)

Firing Mueller

The news media is “going gaga” about the possibility of Trump firing the “special prosecutor” when he is NOT. It's only in their feeble minds that he is “considering it.” And their musings are based on the imaginings of one man, not on anything concrete. But Trump is in a very precarious position regarding Mueller. He has an OBVIOUS conflict of interest, in that he is a long-time close friend of James Comey. He has DEMONSTRATED his conflict of interest by the people he has appointed as his “investigators” and other staff: they're, if not all, MOSTLY Obama operatives, and are demonstrated ENEMIES of Donald Trump. If there is any way to “take Trump down,” they'll find it—or manufacture it. If he allows Mueller to do what it seems he was put there to do by the Dumocrats, he's in trouble. If he rightly fires Mueller, he's in trouble. It only remains for him to figure out which action will cause him the LEAST trouble. The Dumocrats will be “on him,” no matter what he does. (CNN)

Calif. "Tight" Gun Laws

Did nothing to stop the rash of gun crime that came right after they were passed. Proof, again, that gun laws, as we know them, don't work. Even so, they're insisting on even more of them. As this is written, “authorities” won't even tell us how many were killed in the shootings in Whittier, La Mirada, and Norwalk. Nor will they speculate on whether or not the shooters used LEGAL guns, even if they DID keep such numbers. In San Diego, where it is nearly impossible to get a carry permit, a man went into a birthday party where he knew nobody and started killing people at random, over the breakup with his girlfriend, who was not at the party and also knew nobody there. In Fresno, a Muslim went on a killing spree, killing white men, after killing a security guard the week before. Californians CAN'T GET PERMITS TO CARRY FOR SELF DEFENSE, but criminals never have any problem getting their ILLEGAL guns. Anti-gun fools know this, but it doesn't seem to make any difference as they keep making their USELESS gun laws that get people killed. (Totally Right)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Asset Forfeiture

It's unconstitutional on it's face. They make no bones about the fact that it's DESIGNED to deprive “certain people” of the right to defend themselves against the government. People the government (without proof) DECIDES are lawbreakers. I have no brief for drug dealers and other organized criminals. But even THEY are entitled to “their day in court,” and “civil asset forfeiture” denies them that right. Especially the part where the government can TAKE their property and money WITHOUT convicting them of a crime. Only on the OPINION of the government that they are lawbreakers, without any kind of “due process.” They have even decided that the government can take the CAR of someone who does dope in it. That is “cruel and unusual punishment,” because they may not be able to afford to lose that car WITHOUT due process. And thousands of dollars in property forfeited because of a minor crime is just too much punishment. (Just common sense)

Poisonous Politics

Politics today is not a “friendly discourse.” It's PAID violence, paid for by Dumocrats. It's stage shows depicting the killing of President Trump, being lauded as “great art” by the liberal media. It's a comedienne holding up a bloody severed head that is supposed to represent Trump's head. It's a guy with a LIST of conservative Republicans he wants to kill, who himself died in a hail of gunfire when he started shooting at a group of REPUBLICAN lawmakers (he made sure of that) who were practicing for a charity ball game. Dumocrats REFUSE to accept the fact that they LOST in 2016, and go on to make themselves more acceptable to the voters. They blame everything EXCEPT themselves for their loss, and PAY people to “demonstrate” violently. They try everything they can to find a reason to get Trump out of office, by impeachment, if necessary. They come after him every day, in every way, hoping to “wear him down” so he'll resign in disgust. But I got a clue for them. It ain't aggona work. Trump's a fighter. The more they go after him, the harder he works to disassemble their little “house of cards.” That's what they're afraid of; they KNOW they are in “deadly danger” of losing their little fiefdoms, and that frightens them, no end. I expect, sometime soon, for them to sponsor an assassination attempt. I HOPE it's an ATTEMPT, anyway. If it's successful, it won't help their cause, though it will make them very happy while VP Pence continues Trump's work—at least, until they can put together another assassination attempt. And I believe Dumocrats are capable of doing just that. (Just common sense)

Anti-Gun Rally Fizzles

It's been happening a lot lately. Anti gun fools make big noises about a BIG rally to oppose those “wascally gun wovers,” and it fizzles—because not nearly as many folks are interested in their flights of fancy as they thought. In one case, only 15 people showed up. In this case, they crowed about “showing the NRA what's really happening in gun control by “confronting them” in a park almost a MILE away from the NRA venue in Atlanta where 80,000 people attended. Unfortunately, only about 75 people from the several anti-gun fool organizations showed up. The crowd was so thin they even gave away some of their T-shirts to the homeless that frequented that park to make it LOOK like more people showed up than did. But most of them were quite disinterested. This kind of thing should cause them to wake up to the fact that fewer and fewer people are interested in their scam, but it won't Fanatics don't learn from experience. Pretty soon they won't have enough money to put on their “shows.” Bloomberg has spent so much on their “failed mission” they HE might even run out of money. Or at least quit throwing good money after bad, with no results. (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

GOP Double Cross

That's the only thing I can call it. Republicans who got in power PROMISING to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, have refused to do so. They passed several measures to do so when they KNEW Obama would veto them, and he did. So they can SAY they did it. But when it came to doing it when it really mattered, and they had a president sitting in the Oval Office with pen in hand, waiting to sign it, they didn't pass it. If the recent bill was really just “Obamacare Light,” they may have been right to do so. But when Trump came back with a simple repeal bill a day later, THREE of them tripped over each other to get to a TV camera and announce that they would not vote for it, which, effectively killed it, with Dumocrats being SURE to vote against it, as a unit. I don't think that will GUARANTEE a Dumocrat victory in 2018, but Dumocrats hope it will, as they try HARD to blame Trump for that failure. (World Net Daily)

Last Conservative Standing

Tim Allen's highly rated show, “Last Man Standing,” was expected to last a long time. But not in the halls of ABC, which canceled it, in spite of it's high ratings (it was number 2 among TV comedies). Their action cannot be explained, except for the fact that Tim Allen is probably the LAST conservative left in Hollywood, and his politics are more important to ABC than profits. But, enter the Country Music TV channel (CMT), which is negotiating with ABC to continue the show. There's still a possibility they won't be able to come to terms with ABC to continue the show, though. But at least, they're trying. Frankly, I think when ABC or anybody else summarily cancels a show, that they should forfeit the right to stop the show from continuing on another channel. That way, they can't ruin the careers of all those associated with the show. This is obviously Hollywood's attempt to get rid of one of the last conservatives standing in Hollywood. There's no other logical reason for this cancellation. (Conservative Tribune)

Just Run Him Out

In the first political ad in Virginia, Democrat Lt. Governor Ralph Northam, who wants the top job, says he is “unalterably anti-gun.” That, by itself, should cost him the election if Virginia voters were smart, but it probably won't. Because there are way too many fools that agree with him in that state. They elected Terry McAuliffe, didn't they? We need to learn that, the more anti-gun politicians we elect to office, the more we're going to have trouble keeping or obtaining the means to our own self defense, a gun, even though the Constitution guarantees that right. What makes these politicians think they can make unconstitutional laws and get away with it, I don't know. They figure every way they can to get around the Constitution, not just on gun issues, but others, too. He's also in favor of gay “marriage,” and I'll bet he's in favor of “transgender rights,” too (men in women's restrooms and changing rooms if they think they're women that day). He's probably in favor of all the liberal damfool ideas. (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Stealing Their Money

The bridal outfitters who suddenly went out of business without any kind of warning are not simply bankrupt. This smacks of a purposeful effort to STEAL thousands, maybe even MILLIONS of dollars from their customers. The management of these stores HAD to know, for a long time, that this was going to happen—time enough at least, to give notice to their customers so they can get their money back. They did not do this. They opted to SUDDENLY go out of business without warning, keeping their customers' money and simply disappearing, leaving it to their lawyer to handle the legalities. That is THEFT. They kept right on accepting orders with hundreds or even thousands of dollars in “deposits,” right up to the end. They had to have come out of this with a million dollar payday. The owners are “in hiding,” not willing to confront those people they swindled out of a lot of money. These people should be JAILED for SWINDLING these people, hiding behind the bankruptcy laws. (Just common sense)

Leftist Propaganda

The NY Times has resurrected it's own debunked story that the killer in the Colorado theater shooting was a “right-winger” to again try to convince the world that the shooter at that practice for a Dumocrat/Republican baseball game was also a “right-winger.” That's notwithstanding the fact that this shooter (as well as the Colorado shooter) is a LEFT-winger in his attitudes and conclusions. Both have “bought” the left-wing BS, and spout it at every opportunity. The fools at the Times are so steeped in their own ignorance that they do everything they can to convince us they're right. But, as usual, except for the ignorant voters who “pay no attention to politics until just before an election,” they fail to convince anybody of anything. But they never give up, even as they lose readers apace because they're tired of that liberal drivel NYT puts out, every day—except fpr the liberal readers, that is.. (Patriot Post)

Defeating the Purpose

Having a gun in the house is usually for self defense. Many people keep their guns in a safe, somewhere out of the way, which defeats the purpose of having a gun in the house, because that is DESIGNED to make it difficult to get it into operation quickly—and if you can't get your gun into operation within a few seconds when a gun-wielding intruder threatens you, what GOOD is it? Many jurisdictions REQUIRE your guns to be in such safes. ALL the current gun laws are DESIGNED to make it harder for you (not the criminal) to be able to defend yourself. Here is a “gun safe” you can use that allows INSTANT access to your guns if you have the “key” while functioning AS a “gun safe.” And it isn't usually hidden away in a back room, somewhere. It can be right there when you need it. (Home Defense News)

Friday, July 14, 2017

Comey's A Political Actor

Most people consider James Comey to be an honest man—and he may be, in his dealings as the director of the FBI. But he was an incompetent director, and was fired for it. Now he's out to do as much damage to Donald Trump as he can as REVENGE for being fired. After that fateful meeting with President Trump, where Trump had him stay after others left, he did NOT seem to “feel” that Trump had “instructed” him to “lay off” General Michael Flynn. However, after being fired, he “suddenly remembers” feeling “uncomfortable” and that Trump had ORDERED him to lay off Flynn, based on very thin “evidence” in his memory. He CLAIMS to have quickly written a memo so he would not forget. Unfortunately, that memo is not “evidence” and cannot, by itself, show that Trump actually DID what Comey says he did. It's still his word against the president of the United States. In any case, even if Trump did do what Comey says he did, that is NOT “obstruction of justice,” since, as president, he HAS the full authority TO order Comey to end an investigation—the same authority any prosecutor has to refuse to prosecute a case he thinks should not be pursued any further. (The Hill)

Russia Kills Al-Baghdadi

Or so they say. They also say they INVENTED water. We're still trying to confirm it, and if experience is any teacher, we won't get much help from the Islamic terrorists, who will deny his death to their dying day—which I hope will be soon. The word is they not only killed him, they also killed 30 other of their leaders and 300 terrorist killers, sending them all to collect their virgins. I hope they have enough; that's a LOT of virgins. The only thing I can say about this is, if it's true--it's a good start. We need to kill a lot more of them, as well as all those who have “become radicalized” all over the world. Death (theirs) is all they understand, and as long as one of them is still alive. They will continue killing as many of US as they can. (CNN)

Is He Really That Stupid?

Sen. Chris Murphy (Democrat, of course) thinks his background check bill would have stopped the Sandy Hook massacre. Is he really THAT stupid? Does he really think buying a gun LEGALLY is the only way people who want to shoot up “gun-free zones” get their guns? In a Huff Post op-ed he said that shootings in gun free zones where guns are not supposed to be brought prove that more laws against guns should be made. How does he account for the fact that shooters IGNORE the laws that are already out there? He says the American people WANT a background check system that is not full of holes. No, they don't, Senator. YOU and your befuddled fellow anti-gun fools want that. Intelligent people do NOT, because such laws do NOTHING to reduce gun crime, usually done by people who do NOT have licenses to carry and use their ILLEGAL guns. (Breitbart)

Thursday, July 13, 2017

"Paving Roads Is Racist"

According to the left, anyway. They think only “rich white people” drive on paved roads, thus paving them is racist. This is typical left-wing lunacy. A way to extend the label of racism to everybody. I'm certainly not rich, though I AM a “white man,” and I drive on paved roads, every day I go out. Their contention that ONLY “rich white men” drive on paved roads is RACIST. They attribute white against black racism to everything, even if they have to twist reality severely, which is their way to advance their own racism against white people. Many people notice this, but they don't dare say so. I notice, and I DO say so, so they mark me as a racist for saying so. That's how they advance their own racism and shut up the opposition. (DC Clothesline)

Kathy Griffith's Stupidity

Comedienne Kathy Griffith decided she needed to become better known—have more “fame.” So she went out and bought a Donald Trump mask and decorated it to look like a bloody severed head, then posted a picture of herself on TMZ holding up “Trump's severed head.” She got what she wanted. Now the whole world knows her name. Meanwhile, her “career” is falling apart, and she's (like Hillary) blaming everybody BUT herself for that, when SHE did it. She laments a “sitting president” and his family “bullying” her. She doesn't think showing herself with Trump's imaginary severed head should not get a response from a man who has shown conclusively that he doesn't let such things pass without a response. I can't believe the incredible STUPIDITY of this woman. She says, “Trump messed with the wrong redhead.” Actually, that redhead messed with the wrong president. (Just common sense)

Road Rage Shootings

The NY Times ran a story about a significant rise in “road rage shootings” numbering 1,319 during a 3-year period, resulting in at least 354 wounded and 136 killed, according to the Trace, which they consider a legitimate news source (Intelligent people do not). As usual, nowhere in the report is there ANY mention about whether or not the shooters were concealed carriers. People who are sufficiently responsible to GET a concealed carry permit don't usually just shoot people at random. That is the main problem with ALL reports of this kind. Most of the shooters carry ILLEGAL guns, about which they can do NOTHING with a law making it harder for law-abiding people to have guns to defend themselves against such attacks. If many of these victims had had their own guns, many of them would not have been victimized. Though the anti-gun fools would have reported it simply as “more gun violence” without mentioning it was in self defense. I wonder how many of their 1,319 shootings WERE in self defense against illegal guns? (NY Times)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Obama Did Nothing

He found out in August before the 2016 election that the Russians were meddling in our election process—NOT that they were “colluding” with Trump or any of his people, just that they were messing around, trying to subvert our election process—and did NOTHING. Why did he do nothing? Because he thought they were trying to help Hillary, and he didn't want to stop that, They logically thought Russia would WANT Hillary as president (one of the liberals' few logical moments), since she was as much of a socialist as Obama was, and they'd love having another socialist as president. So Hillary lost, and suddenly he (and the rest of the Dumocrats) decided they were actually helping Trump, and that Trump was in on it. They had no proof of that, because it wasn't true. But they promoted the narrative, anyway, hoping to make the world think Trump's election was fraudulent. But it didn't work, and it WON'T work. (Patriot Post)

Fake News

In Portland, OR, a man killed two men who interrupted his anti-Muslim rants and was labeled a “right-wing extremist” by the media. But, wonder of wonders, it was later found out that he was NOT a Trump supporter, but was a Bernie Sanders supporter. This illustrates a tendency on the part of the media to “jump the shark” and ASSUME a man like this is a right-wing extremist because he's against Muslims. But it's not just “right-wingers” who resent the actions of militant Muslims in singling out Christian businessmen to SUE if they don't like their practices. They see religious persecution in such actions, while Muslims seem to be the most religiously intolerant people around, as a group. And the liberal media is playing right into their hands with their actions. (Daily Caller)

Wrong Target, As Usual

Atlanta, GA, where the NRA is holding its national convention, is about to disarm itself more, if the governor vetoes the measure passed by the legislature to allow students and others on campus to be armed for self defense. The campus police at Georgia tech are not armed, so if any of the millions of holders of ILLEGAL guns comes on campus to kill some people, they won't be able to do anything but “run or die,” as will the students, faculty, and other employees and visitors. The police chief there says the “crime problem” isn't a major factor, and recommends that veto. It seems to me the “authorities” are bound and determined to make it easier for the “bad guys” to victimize people. They want to keep guns away from law-abiding people even though they KNOW there are ALREADY many guns on campus ILLEGALLY. But their laws do nothing about that until they find the illegal guns, which they normally do AFTER they are used to hurt or kill an UNARMED law-abiding citizen. (Allen West)