Friday, August 14, 2020

From A Single Mom

I don’t give a Rats ass, who this offends, but I stand by it. War is coming, sooner or later! You the Government!! You are all a bunch of cowards! You raised the cost of living so high that both parents are always at work, rather than spending time with their children (single parents stand no chance). Parents were told 'No you can't discipline your kids'. Well, now most of those kids are rude and out of control. You shall reap what you sow! We have taken a whole generation and turned them into selfish, entitled brats who have no respect for people, property or authority! You deem people with terminal illnesses and some with only a few months to live…fit for work!!! You allow our veterans of war to go homeless and hungry but give out millions to foreign aid!!! You save drug addicts over and over again but refuse to give free diabetic supplies to those who need them to stay alive. You bend over backwards to be politically correct, too scared to say enough is enough, in case you offend someone. You put the retirement age up so people must work until they drop. You take care of prisoners and give them everything under the sun (food, medical, education, representation, money, rehabilitation) yet you cause the elderly, those that have paid their debt to society and their families, to go broke caring for them either at home or in a nursing home... THINGS NEED TO CHANGE! Copy & paste if you have the guts! ( I am betting most of my friends don't have any guts, that's why so few actually read or respond to my Posts... Offended now? I don't need to be popular, I just need to be true to myself and my standards!) Written by T Pautz, my niece.

What Are They Smoking?

If I were a stoner, I’d want some of what the anti-gun fools are smoking. They can’t really believe their silly little anti-gun laws that only apply to LEGAL gun owners will have ANY effect on law-breakers, who obey NO laws. So what is their purpose? They either have an ulterior motive in disarming most honest, law-abiding Americans, or they’re stupid. Or they’ve lost their minds—if they ever had one. They can’t think they can actually violate the Second amendment to the Constitution with impunity. It says, “[The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” How clear can you be? And the way to change that was designed to be difficult, so any would-be despot would have a helluva time disarming the people so he (or she) could “lord it over” us. So barring the possibility of a change to the Constitution, which is revered by all honest people, they don’t have a chance in hell to get around it with a simple gun ban. They’ve tried it, many times, and always failed. If they ever succeed, they will run into a brick wall. The American people will NEVER stand for a complete ban on buying and owning the means to self defense. Not when there are millions of ILLEGAL guns out there, in the hands of law-breakers. Are the anti-gun fools part of the law-breakers? Do they want to disarm us so they can victimize us? That remains to be seen. (Just common sense)

We Don't Want Civil War

This Dumbocrat (Deb Stoner (-D of course) has gotten death threats. Or at least she SAYS she has, because of his anti-gun efforts. She’s living in dream land. Nobody wants to kill her, he isn’t important enough to kill. She thinks “the right” wanted a civil war if Trump didn’t get re-elected in 2020, but he’s wrong. Trump WILL be re-elected in 2020, so that idea is moot. Where there is a real fear of a civil war is if the Dumocrats (who have all said they would ban guns) are successful, there WILL be a civil war. Not over President Trump, but over the violation of the Constitution that would entail. It’s already brewing in the State of Virginia, where they are PROMISING to violate the Second Amendment. King Gorge learned, the hard way, that Americans will NEVER allow themselves to be disarmed. If laws are made to do that, they will join the law-breakers, and get their guns ILLEGALLY. It’s really easy to do, as the law-breakers have discovered. Whether that leads to all-out war remains to be seen. But that’s what I see coming. It’s not something the “right wing” WANTS, but it is definitely a possibility if the anti-gun fools are more successful than they have been, to this point. (Just common sense)

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Aiding the Criminals

It seems to me the liberals are doing everything they can to make life easier for the criminals in our society. First, they want to disarm all honest, law-abiding people to make them defenseless against the criminals. Next, they want to de-fund or abolish the police so they can’s protect us. And they’ve always wanted to disarm the cops, too. Next, they want to abolish prisons altogether. But failing that, they want to release as many violent prisoners as they can. The consequences of that are obvious when you consider a recent story where they released a rapist from prison, and he went right out and murdered the lady he raped. Everything they espouse seems to be something the criminals want. Why is that? Do they feel like the criminals are their “homeboys?” Are they planning on doing criminal acts, themselves and want no interference from law enforcement? I wonder why they’re even taken seriously with some of their demands by people with any degree of intelligence. Abolishing the cops is the work of imbeciles. Abolishing prisons at the same time just compounds the idiocy. And disarming the victims makes them easy targets. What are they up to? We should get rid of any politician who espouses such damned foolishness, imprisoning him/her for stupidity. (Just common sense)

Another School Shooting

It's just a rumor, this time in Trinidad, Colorado, and more calls for useless, restrictive gun laws. Laws that restrict the right of honest Americans to carry guns for self-protection while criminals still get their guns easily. It’s easier for a criminal to get a gun where gun laws are the tightest because criminal gun sellers flock to places where gun laws are the tightest. They know the local criminals will need many more guns to victimize those honest people who OBEY the laws that say they can’t be armed. They just never learn: the tighter their gun laws become, the more criminals use guns to victimize unarmed people. The looser gun laws are, the less crime there is because honest, armed people keep it down and criminals know that, so they stay away. If politicians learned this simple lesson (too simple for them, maybe?) the “gun problem” would go away in an instant. Robert Heinlein said, "An armed society is a polite society." But they don’t want that. They simply want to disarm honest people and they’re doing it. (KKTV)

Is bin Laden Really Dead?

Yes, the Obama administration did a good job of convincing this country his people killed bin Laden just before his re-election. But did he really? Or did he just set it up try to look like he did to give himself a boost in getting re-elected for another four years, so he could screw this country up even more? Some people say that’s true, but I don’t think so. I say that because since then, we haven’t heard a peep out of bin Laden, and if he were still alive the terrorists would be moving Heaven and Earth to prove it. Videos showing him, moving around, showing the front pages of newspapers with dates evident. There would be terrorist “events” done in his name. Everything they could to convince us we were lied to. Al Quida would be very active, and he would be very visible in every terrorist act. Yes, I believe bin Laden IS dead—maybe not at the hand of Obama’s agents. Maybe he got killed in some other way and Obama just took advantage of that. I notice they made quick work of getting rid of the body so nobody could perform an autopsy, saying they were “observing Muslim customs.” As if they should do so with a bloody murderer responsible for the deaths of many thousands of innocent people so he could make a political point. There had been an announcement at least ten days earlier in some newspapers that he had died of natural causes, since he was already in poor health. (American Thinker)

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

"Peaceful Protest"

I have heard, far too often, a riot described by liberals as a “peaceful protest,” which is upheld by law. My absolute favorite is when a TV reporter talked about the “peaceful protest” behind him while over his shoulder you could see “demonstrators” setting a business on fire. That reminded me of the time when Saddam Hussein’s PR man told us, on camera, that they were okay, that America’s armed forces had been “beaten back,” while an American tank rolled by behind him. These things show me just how stupid some people can be. Liberals WANT to describe riots as “peaceful protests” so they can criticize the actions of the authorities in breaking up the riots. Just as they lie everywhere else to fool the public. They have to. If they were to accidentally tell the truth, they would ruin the plans of, and for themselves and other liberals. A “peaceful protest” is only peaceful if demonstrators are NOT breaking people’s property and hurting people. Setting fires to people’s property, and that sort of thing. In Seattle, violent rioters are now SUING the city because the cops had the temerity to actually DEFEND themselves against their violence. Violence committed while liberals described it as “peaceful.” (Just common sense)

Stupidity vs. Ignorance

There’s a big difference between ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance is a simple lack of knowledge. People who act in simple ignorance can be forgiven for the damage they do. Stupidity is when you have that information, and still act in ignorance. That’s why I use the word “stupidity” so often to describe the anti-gun fools. They have to know their anti-gun laws do not work, in any way, to stop, or even slow down “gun crime,” but they just keep on making them, while they get people killed. Every time some fool goes out and shoots someone, the anti-gun fools jump right up and insist more and more laws be made to make more people defenseless against all the millions of illegal guns that are out there. Meanwhile, they ignore all efforts to convince them of the only real solution to “gun violence,” and that is to allow the law-abiding to have their own guns, with which to defend themselves from people using those illegal guns to victimize them by killing them when they try. That will “reduce gun crime,” one shooter at a time. Another thing they don’t understand, or pretend not to understand is that their laws get people killed, by making them defenseless. Meanwhile, they go about, pushing their anti-gun nonsense, followed by armed security. (Just common sense)

Against Basic Law

The Constitution is the BASIS for every law that is made. They have to conform to the guidelines set out in the Constitution, or they are not laws, at all. The anti-gun fool movement IS against the Constitution. Every law they make that “infringes,” in any way, on our right to be armed, IS unconstitutional. That’s a given, But it’s something the anti-gun fools refuse to understand, as they go about scheming to find more and more ways to “make inroads” on your constitutional right to be armed, for self defense. The unfortunate part of it is, even unconstitutional laws can be, and are, enforced, until they are DECLARED to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Usually long after the damage is done. Property is taken, people imprisoned, fortunes lost, and people die. People are “branded” as felons for breaking those unconstitutional laws—even though they are not laws, at all, eventually. The only people I can see who gain by taking the ability to defend ourselves away from us are the “government agents” who will eventually victimize all of us if we ever attain complete gun control. As well as the criminals and other law-breakers who have no trouble getting their ILLEGAL guns. If any politician tells you that you don’t need a gun—you need a gun. Get rid of him. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Complete, Absolute Stupidity

Some politicians, AND some “educators” are now pushing the idea of eliminating the teaching of history. Where they came up with that idea is a mystery, to me. That old saw, “If you forget, or ignore history, you are doomed to repeat it” is a well known sentiment because it is so absolutely TRUE. There are many things we have done in the past that have hurt us terribly, and to forget about them is criminal. Not learning history is like putting on blinders and walking into a wall you couldn’t see. . Knowing history is how we know to avoid certain things that can hurt us, and to avoid teaching it will cripple us, no end. But then, the people who support this idea are too stupid to know that, and they should be removed from any position where they can influence education, in any way. How such stupid people ever got into positions where they could influence education is a mystery, to me. Somebody should have seen their stupidity tendencies, and rejected them, from the start. But no, many of the very people who hire these fools aren’t much less of a fool. They come from the same stock who want to abolish the cops and prisons, and release all the violent criminals to prey on us with their illegal guns, while we suffer under laws that keep us defenseless because we can’t get guns with which to defend ourselves against their illegal guns. Meanwhile, they just ignore the laws that say they can’t be armed. (Just common sense)

Said By A Wise Man

Hank Williams Jr. said this, and I want to repeat it for you: “If you are offended by something then leave it alone. Cracker Barrel offends you, then eat somewhere else, but I like it so leave it alone. A statue offends you, then don’t go see it, but I like to see them as my history, so leave them alone. Don’t like meat, then eat vegetables but let me eat what I want to. Don’t like Gone With The Wind, then don’t watch it or read the book, but I like them, so leave them alone. I like worshiping God, but you are offended, so don’t go to church, but let me go. I read the Bible, but you are an atheist and want Bibles banned. So don’t read it, but don’t say I can’t. Leave it alone. You don’t like the names of military bases, but I do, so leave them alone and stay away from them. You don’t like the police force, then don’t call them when you are in trouble, but leave them alone so I feel safer having them. Why are the things you want so much more important than what I want? Are your demands greater than my likes? Is it because you use intimidation, blackmail and force to get your way- that you do? Let’s make a deal. I will leave what you like alone and you leave what I like alone and the world will be a better place for everyone.” (Copy and paste cause it’s exactly how I feel!! ENOUGH already people!!!) Thanks to my nephew Bob for this.

No Social Life

 In Chicago, many would have no social life if it were not for attending the funerals and wakes for previous victims of shootings. Recently, in “tight gun laws” Chicago, 13 people were wounded while attending a “memorial party” for a previous gunshot victim. This shooting was described as “an isolated incident,” although how they figured that, I don’t know. This comes amid Chicago bragging that “gun crime” had gone down 14% so far, in Chicago. Only about 475 people have been killed through December. Not mentioned is the possibility this shooting was gang-related, but it was noted that it occurred in a “high-crime area,” which usually means gang activity. Recently there was a day in Chicago where NOBODY was killed by a gun, and politicians bought a lot of champagne to celebrate. Only in Chicago. I’ve got a nephew who lives in Chicago, and I’m always worried about him living there, even though he doesn’t live in one of those “high-crime areas.” Hopefully he doesn’t have reason to pass through one, though. Gang members killing each other aren’t very good shots, and they don’t care how many innocent people they accidentally kill. The Chicago cops attribute their problems to “too many guns on the streets.” But that’s wrong. The problem is too many FOOLS on the streets with ILLEGAL guns. (Mail News)

Friday, August 7, 2020

I'm Not Dead Yet

Reports to the contrary are a bit premature. I’ve just been in the hospital for the last 2 weeks while they took care of some “bleeders” in my intestines. While they were at it they took care of a few other items, and I’m actually still in a rehab facility (no, not THAT kind). Posts may be a little spotty until the 15th, their estimated day I get to go home. But I’ll do my best.

Monday, July 27, 2020

It's the KKK Again!

The Dumbocrats don’t want you to know it, but they were the people behind the Ku Klux Klan. Many of the best known liberal (Dumbocrat) politicians were actually high-ranking members, most secretly. They rode rough-shod over the countryside, hanging blacks and people who favored blacks. Dumbocrats were the very reason why anti-black policies like separate drinking fountains for blacks were “the law,” as was forcing blacks to sit in the back of the bus and not being served, along with whites, in restaurants. Today, the “worm has turned.” Due to their overreaction, black people now are in a position to dictate policy like never before. In fact, at least one black man who almost lost his life in the Selma demonstrations has served for more then 30 years in Congress before his recent death. There are numerous black mayors and other office holders, in the south, where at one tie it would have been unheard of. Today, the targets are not blacks. They are anybody who does not “toe the liberal line.” And the new KKK is ANTIFA. The cowardly thugs who dress up all in black and wear masks, as they go out and beat up conservatives, sometimes even killing them. And, as with the KKK, ANTIFA is a Dumbocrat construct, designed to inhibit opposition to Dumbocrat policies. Of course, they deny it, but a look at what ANTIFA supports tells the tale. (The Blaze)

Trump's Still President

Some people now think Trump is no longer president. He’s been impeached! But that shows how little many people know about the way thing work. You have to tell them that removing a president from office comes in two phases. The first is in the House; the impeachment. That is just an ACCUSATION of wrongdoing, and is political, not judicial. Politicians have to vote impeachment in. The second is when the Senate then take it up, and PROSECUTES it. If they convict, THEN, and ONLY then, he is removed from office. What most people just don’t understand is that impeachment is NOT JUDICIAL. It’s political. Else, how can Donald Trump be impeached without a single Republican vote to impeach? Without a single crime even being mentioned? Even though the politicians went on TV daily and CLAIMED many scurrilous crimes, none of which somehow got into the “articles of impeachment.”

That’s because, in spite of the crimes shouted to the skies, they could find NO PROOF of ANY CRIME. So they made a couple up, and “charged” him with them. But they still have to PROVE them in the Senate, and they can’t do that. They know that, which is why Nancy dragged her feet on presenting them to the Senate, because she knew that, when she did, the scam was “all over.” She’d LOST. And the whole world will know that. She had “shot her bolt,” and there’s nothing left. But she and her cohorts will make something up again, spend a few million taxpayer dollars in an effort to convince the voters it’s real—until they again “get to the end,” and they have to make up yet something else—or Trump dies of old age after doing his allotted eight years in office. (Just common sense)

Jews: "Never Again!"

During the Second World War, the Jewish community refused to be armed. They didn’t like the very idea of being armed for self defense, and that cost them 6 million Jewish lives. In New York City, after multiple hate-filled attacks on Jews, they are now attempting to arm themselves so it won’t happen again. But I predict that the liberals running things there will react the way they usually do, and put a stop to the massive movement by Jews to become armed in order to defend themselves from hate attacks. They will stop Jews from getting “carry permits,” so the Jew-haters can kill and maim them, at will. In Fort Worth, Texas, after a civilian put down a would-be mass killer in his church, the liberals in the government reacted swiftly to make sure civilians will not be LEGALLY armed in any church in Texas. I know, I know, that’s stupid, but that’s how liberals react when somebody is able to prevent a tragedy with a legal gun. make a law to keep legal guns out of there. (Washington Examiner)

Friday, July 24, 2020

Empowering Criminals

That’s what all those wimpy liberal (Dumbocrat) city politicians are doing when they refuse to accept help from the feds in controlling their street crime while doing everything in their power to STOP the cops from being able to effectively do their jobs. Chicago Mayor Lightbrain says, “We’re doing all we can to stop gun crime in Chicago.” But “doing all they can” is doing all the WRONG THINGS, making it easier for the lawbreakers to victimize honest people. I watch that popular cop show, “Chicago PD,” and have to laugh. If Chicago cops really did all the things they do on that show, the liberal wimp politicians would have them all in prison, being murdered by the very criminals they put there. Whenever a gun is used to victimize somebody, nothing is ever said about whether or not the gun involved was legally obtained by the shooter. They always assume it was, when it wasn’t. Almost ALL guns used in crimes were obtained ILLEGALLY, but they do not tell us that. They just do al they can to eliminate LEGAL guns, making it easier for the CRIMINALS to victimize the law-abiding. (Just common sense)

Stupid Or What?

I just can’t understand politicians who call for gun confiscation, even though they have to know that is in violation of the Constitution, to which ALL LAWS must conform, or they are not laws, at all. Yet they continue to promise to do it. In the State of Virginia, many sheriffs have promised not to enforce their new anti-gun laws because they ARE unconstitutional. So now the governor is “looking at” using the National Guard to enforce “the laws.” He says, they are LAW, so will be enforced. But they aren’t. They do not conform to the Constitution, so are not laws, at all, even though damned fool politicians think they are, and try to enforce them. Then there is “Posse Comitatus.” The prohibition on using the military as police. They will argue that the National Guard is not the army, so it can be used. But that’s only a debatable question. A soldier is a soldier, and is NOT a cop. He/she is not trained as a cop, and so doesn’t understand the subtleties of BEING a cop, vs. being a soldier. Soldiers are used to “breaking things and hurting people” to gain their objectives. But that is not how you “police.” All this arises from the mistake the founders made in not providing punishment for lawmakers who made laws that violated the Constitution. So they figure, “Why not? They can’t punish me for making that law, they can only throw it out.” AFTER it has been enforced for way, too long, and the damage done. That was a major flaw in the writing of the Constitution, and ought to be “fixed.” (Just common sense)

Serial Killer Is Free

This “serial killer” has killed more people than any other known serial killer down through history. But instead of being arrested and convicted of murder for his crimes, he just lost his job and was paid $62 million dollars in a “golden parachute.” The serial killer to which I refer is Dennis Muilenburg, former CEO of Boeing. This evil man KNEW his airplanes were faulty, and liable to kill many people, but he kept making them and pressuring inspectors to keep them flying. All tolled, that was responsible for the grisly deaths of 346 innocent people. A total that would have made “General” Soleimani proud. That makes him a serial killer in my book, and he SHOULD have been subject to prosecution and imprisonment for the rest of his miserable life. Instead, he gets to retire to a South Seas Island if he wishes, and spend the rest of his life drinking Mai Tais on a beach somewhere. With his “golden parachute” payout, he will have plenty of money. They tell us he “will have to live with those deaths the rest of his life.” But I suspect he doesn’t give enough of a damn about them for that to bother him (Conservative and Free)