Friday, August 28, 2015

"Guns Readily Available"

Hillary (and other anti-gun fools) say that “If guns weren't so readily available there'd be fewer killings. ” What a bunch of horse manure! If there weren't guns, those who wanted to kill would just find something else to kill with. Before guns were knives and swords. Back in “cave-man” days, it was clubs. But nobody ever suggested making clubs less easily available. Maybe they were smarter back then. At one time, everybody carried some kind of a blade. You can't stop the killing by getting rid of the TOOL. Only by getting rid of the killers. What they don't understand, and what they never WILL understand—they're not smart enough—is that the gun is not the culprit. The culprit is the PERSON. If there were no guns in the world (their major goal) they'd find another way to kill. If they couldn't find an INSTRUMENT with which to kill, they'd do it with their bare hands—and HAVE done so when guns or other killing tools could not be obtained. If they did manage to get rid of all the guns in the world—and that's an impossibility, guns exist, and there's no going back to a time when they didn't, killing would still go on. That's a truth these fools will NEVER understand. Feel sorry for them. It's a “forlorn hope.” (Story Leak)

Phony Gun Control, As Usual

Terry McAuliff, former DNC Chairman, and now governor of Virginia, is doing the “knee-jerk” thing and calling for “renewed” gun control in the wake of the television personality shootings that happened on the air. He's calling for increased background checks (proven to do NOTHING to hinder gun ownership), notwithstanding the fact that the killer PASSED background checks and even endured “waiting periods” to buy his gun. That there wasn't anything (on paper) in his background to stop him meant he could buy a gun without a problem, regardless of the already in effect laws. As I've said many times, a man contemplating MURDER is not worried about violating a piddling “gun law.” Nor is he worried about “gun-free zones,” since what he's contemplating is a lot worse than these piddling laws that are designed only to disarm honest people and make them “easy targets” for illegally-armed criminals. (The Hill)

"Strong Emotion, No Thinking"

That's how the reaction in Ferguson to the shooting of Tyrone Harris, Jr. (who was “real close” to Michael Brown), which, in itself is a lie. They're running around screaming, “We're ready for war!” How STUPID is THAT? War by a bunch of armed thugs against the COPS? They must want to DIE! Which is what they'll get if they take up arms against the cops, just as Tyrone Harris did. His family says the cops are LYING about it, but they can't say HOW they're lying, as usual. And I SAW Tyrone going toward the cops with a gun out, and ready. You approach the cops with a gun aimed at them, and you DIE. It's as simple as that. But don't try and convince these fools of that. Although a bullet through the brain or the brisket should convince them. At least, the ones who get one. They say “Michael Brown's death was a tragedy. I don't think so. I think he got just what he deserved when he tried his usual trick of trying to intimidate people to get his way, and found somebody who would NOT be intimidated. (Tea Party Bulletin)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

His Gun Was Legal

The black, gay killer of two newspeople ON THE AIR bought his gun legally. Which means no amount of laws would have even slowed him down. There was nothing in his background that would have prevented it, even though he was KNOWN to be a racial malcontent who imagined that everybody was “slighting him” racially and was “mad as hell” about it. He got even madder when he was fired from the station because he was a constant troublemaker with IMAGINARY objections, and had to be forcibly removed from the property by the cops (which had happened to him many times before). None of that was known when he went into a gun store and bought the gun he used to kill these two innocent people. There was no KNOWN reason to refuse him. What kind of gun laws would have stopped this homicidal maniac? None of the kind they're making today, which is why I oppose them all. If they came up with some that would DO anything, I'd be right with them. But that ain't gonna happen. There IS no “law” that will do it. (Daily Caller)

What's Wrong With Americans?

Anybody with any degree of intelligence whatever KNOWS socialism is POISON for America, just as it was for Russia. Russia suffered under communism (one form of socialism, both are collectivism, which does NOT work) for about 75 years. Communism collapsed, because under collectivism, there is no INCENTIVE for people to DO anything, except to try and curry favor with the government, which only gets its money from the people. Yet the most popular Democrat candidate for president today is Bernie Sanders, who is an ADMITTED SOCIALIST, the second (who used to be considered a “lock”) an UNADMITTED socialist. If either of those candidates gets elected, we will be in for what Russia suffered for 75 years, complete governmental control over all we do. The government will get to do anything it wants without having to ask anybody's permission, while WE will not be able to do ANYTHING without going, “hat in hand,” to some bureaucrat and ask for permission. Meanwhile, our economy will fail because of the lack of INCENTIVE for anybody to do anything to help it. (Just common sense)

The Police Chief's Blessing

In Detroit, they've finally got the right idea (At least, the Chief has). With the number of cops on the streets dwindling, due to budget cuts necessitated by the city's impending bankruptcy, the citizens, who are tired of being victimized by illegally-armed criminals, are arming themselves, with the blessing of the police chief, who, in December, 2013, sent out a “call to arms,” which was answered by citizens. This call, coupled with easing of the restrictive Democrat/liberal “gun laws” that effectively DISARMED the citizens, meant they could “arm themselves” and do what the cops couldn't. One man in particular, has done so TWICE, once killing a car thief who was about to shoot him as he drove off in his car. And nobody even THOUGHT about charging him with a crime. Overall crime rate figures are not yet available (and may not be, with Democrats still in charge), but home invasions are down, due to burglars being “uneasy” about breaking into homes, where they might be killed by the homeowner. I'd be willing to bet money that the overall crime rate (which Democrats will try and hide) will go down precipitously in the near future. Something people like me have predicted, and which ALWAYS happens where citizens are made able to carry their own guns for self-defense. (Fox News)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Shooting Shouldn't Be Unexpected

The on-air shooting of two television journalists couldn't have been a surprise when you look at the character of the shooter. From the time he was first employed there, he had a “chip on his shoulder” about real or imagined racial slights from fellow employees. That he was unbalanced was obvious, and maybe should have been watched, not just fired, and escorted from the building by cops. His very employment history was suspect. He had had many jobs, and was fired often, though nobody would say (in detail) why. I know, you can't watch every fool who takes offense where none is meant. But this guy was so obviously working up to something terrible, it was something that could have been predicted. And I'm sure his delusions were fed by the current push toward a race war by Obama and other “race whores” like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan, to mention only a few. The killer was described, according to at least one FBI profiler as an “injustice collector,” who actively LOOKED for injustices to himself, and others. (Washington Post)

The "Unarmed Victim" Lie

The big hooraw about cops shooting and killing UNARMED black men without cause is fast being exposed for the lie it is, in most cases. In this case, the call was an overreaction by the female when this huge black man knocked on her door asking for help, having been in an accident. The cops didn't know that. All they knew was that their Tasers had no effect on him and he was “charging” them. Why, I don't know. Neither did they. Maybe he was mad at being “Tased.” So they fired in self defense. And, of course, their “cop shop” didn't “have their backs” and, like in Baltimore and Ferguson, tried to convict them of a crime. But the facts, when they came out in court, prove otherwise. As they will in most cases. Yes, there ARE a few cases where the cops DO act precipitously. But their bosses (and the press) need to be very careful in ASSUMING the cops are in the wrong. They might not be. They should wait until ALL facts are in before “rushing to judgment,” as the Baltimore state's attorney and the “authorities” in Ferguson did not. (Bearing Arms)

Stopping ISIS

Stopping ISIS is imperative. It has TOLD us they are determined to “rule the world” with a “new caliphate.” It has “rocketed onto the world stage,” beheading its victims, and taking control of an area larger than the British Isles. It has done what al-Qaida wanted to do, but was unable to accomplish (frankly, I think al-Qaida and ISIS are the same thing under different names). As it grows stronger and stronger, it becomes more and more of a threat, until it is strong enough to really threaten America. That is, if we continue to ignore it as a major threat and refrain from throwing everything we have against it while it's small enough to easily defeat. And as long as Obama and his sycophants are “in power,” we won't. He WANTS it to “take over the world” and create the caliphate HE hopes to run, in the future. Obama is the worst saboteur we have ever faced, because he has conned his way into the presidency so he can create policies and procedures that will make it easy for them. This business of “not sending boots on the ground” to fight them MUST STOP. We must expend EVERY EFFORT POSSIBLE to destroy them, and any bunch that replaces them when we do. They're like roaches, who scurry for darkness when lights come on, and return later to do their “dirty work.” That must be realized, and accounted for in what we do. If we don't, we will all be living under a caliphate, with Obama as the Caliph, and either be forced to convert to Islam or die. (Washington Institute)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Limbaugh On Trump

Rush Limbaugh may not be “officially supporting” Donald Trump, but he DOES recognize truth when he hears it. Democrats (and even some Republicans) say Trump is “the fringe” and is going to help the Democrats stay in the White House. Not so. Rush says, “Trump’s ideas are not fringe, are not outliers, they are mainstream. They represent the views and the attitudes of the people who make this country work.” But, in their hatred of an “outsider” who can't be bought, they disagree, and that's going to defeat them. If they persist in their stupidity, they're going to go the way of the Whigs, into the HISTORY of politics. They know that, if Trump is elected, many of their little fiefdoms will be taken away. And they can''t have that. And that applies to both parties. (Nightwise)

"Send In the Clowns"

The cops shot a “perp” in St. Louis (which is close to Ferguson, MO) and all the professional rioters flew in (At George Soros' expense, of course. They can't afford air fare. They're not working, except for Soros, or they couldn't even be there.) and created chaos, as usual. It didn't matter if it was a “righteous shooting” or not. They don't care about that. To them, even if the perp was holding a gun to the cop's head, to shoot him was WRONG. Two of the victims were white. But they were cops, so they don't count, to the paid demonstrators. The other two were black, which DOES. Both suspects were armed, and at least one of them (the one that died) was shooting at the cops. But that makes no difference to the paid demonstrators. White cops killed a black man. That's all they care about. Never mind the black man was shooting at the cops. At least one “black lives matter” spokesman has been heard to say that the cops should have stayed in their cars and not “bothered” the suspects. What a bunch of FOOLS those idiots are! One protester was arrested “for nothing,” according to other protesters. I'm very suspicious of that “did nothing” claim, which usually is proved to be a LIE. (Twitchy)

Chief Blurts Out Truth

DC Chief of Police Cathy Lanier blurted out the truth liberals don't want us to hear. That all the tight gun laws have done NOTHING to reduce the amount of guns available to criminals in DC. Actually, since those laws went into effect, there has been a 30% INCREASE in murders. She admitted, in a press conference, that DC had seen “a huge influx in guns and high-capacity magazines,” something which I, and other INTELLIGENT people predicted. If that trend continues, DC will have a SIX-YEAR HIGH for the city. Lanier doesn't understand why homicides are so plentiful, even though she notes that at least TEN new homicides were committed by people who had been previously held on murder charges. It doesn't dawn on her that RELEASING murders (when the judges give them short sentences) could lead to MORE murders. It is usually incompetent people like Lanier, who seems to be CLUELESS, that leads to high murder rates. Her bosses are seemingly more incompetent, and want to stay that way. The answer is the DEATH penalty. After you EXECUTE murderers, they cannot murder again. (Freedom Outpost)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Black Votes Count More?

Theodore Johnson, a writer for the Washington Post, says black votes should count more than white votes. He says that blacks are STILL discriminated against in housing, pay, employment, etc., and for that, their votes should count more than white votes. Guess what? Johnson is black. Whodathunkit! My God! Where do we find these FOOLS? (Call me racist if you want to, but Johnson IS a fool! Black, white, or PURPLE!) What the hell is so special about black people they should get “special treatment” by those living today, in “reparation” for the stupidity shown by people in the past? Too bad those people are dead, or maybe they could get their “reparations” from those actually responsible, not from their heirs, who had nothing to do with it. Hey, Ted! Blacks kill white people all the time. Should we demand reparations for all the dead white people? And don't give me that crap about white cops killing blacks for no reason. That's a MYTH. And blacks kill whites much more often than do whites (cops or otherwise) kill blacks. They rob them, too. That's why so many more blacks are in prison than whites. That's not racism. That's FACT. Johnson talks about how hard it is for blacks. But he seems to have done all right for himself, even though he IS black (Washington Post)

Stolen Headstones for Paving

This guy used stolen headstones of military veterans to pave his patio, and he didn't think there was anything wrong with that. There are some really stupid people in this world. With people that stupid out there, it's no wonder Obama was elected TWICE. To make things worse, Eric Harkreader, of Mountain Home, AR posted pictures of his patio on Facebook and didn't think anybody would object. Duh! Now he's facing federal charges for the illegal use of military headstones, and probably federal theft charges, too. And he's not the only one to do this. Another man pleaded guilty to taking 150 headstones and using them in various household projects. Damn! That's TWO Obama voters! (Liberty Unyielding)

Afraid They'll Lose Welfare

Minimum wage workers in Seattle, where they raised the minimum wage (by law) to $15.00 an hour for unskilled workers not worth HALF that, are now demanding shorter work hours so they won't make more than they were because they didn't want to lose their welfare benefits. Maybe they should quit working altogether and just exist on welfare. They can make as much money that way. Not only that, predictions that raising it that much would cause businesses to go OUT of business, therefore costing people their jobs has come true, as well. But will liberals take notice and admit they were wrong? Not a chance. They NEVER take responsibility for their incompetence. They find something else to blame it on. People go out of business, and the economy in the area suffers. But the incompetent liberals running things keep on doing stupid things to make things worse. (From the Right)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

White "Black Leaders"

Shaun King, head man in the “Black Lives Matter” movement is white. That's the SECOND “black leader” to be shown to be white. How many more liberal "leaders" out there are not what they claim to be? Recently a top leader in the NAACOP was “outed” to be white and, Like Shaun, PRETENDING to be black (Obama himself is as much white as he is black, but he prefers to be “black.”). What the hell is going on here? The only thing I can think of is that they're “rabble rousers” who want to “whip up” black hatred against whites” by finding “white racism” under every bed, like liberals used to refer to people “finding communists under every bed.” Just like those professional race whores, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan, they're trying their best to start a race war for their own purposes. Probably under the direction of Obama. (Breitbart)

Soros Is A Menace:

Democrats like to say Donald Trump is a menace, since he is “filthy rich” and doesn't need the money the “king makers” hand out to buy politicians. He could “buy and sell” all of them. But he only spends his money to make more. George Soros is also “filthy rich.” And he spends multi-millions of dollars to help destroy America every chance he gets. Anywhere there is racial strife, you can count on Soros' money to be behind it. Wherever fools gather to riot and loot, you'll find PAID rioters who come from all over at his expense.Remember that fool who took shots at cops and got shot for his trouble in Ferguson, MO? No, I'm not talking about Michael Brown. I'm talking about the one who took out a gun and fired on the cops in a recent riot.

I don't know if he was PAID by Soros to be there. I only know Molly Gott, who is KNOWN to have paid protesters to protest in the past, bailed this guy out in a previous case where he was guilty of stealing a car, a gun, and resisting arrest, therefore setting up the situation in which he tried to kill some cops. This is a guy who BRAGGED that he “made his money by stealing.” Soros money can be found anywhere there is unrest. Racial or otherwise. He uses race as a “cloak” to cover up his intentions while doing everything he can to disrupt America and fool with its money. He has caused the financial destruction of FIVE countries in the past, and has profited handsomely from it. I don't know what he's after, maybe just more money. But everything he does seems to hurt America. It's a good thing he's as old as he is. He won't be around much longer. (Human Events)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Anchor Babies"

Liberals are trying to get us to quit using the term, “anchor babies” (they want us to use “anchor fetuses” or "viable tissue" which means still warm baby parts) because it's too descriptive and they're afraid using it will cause real problems for Planned Parenthood in their baby murdering and organ selling operation. They're using the usual “political correctness” crap, and declaring the term “racist,” as usual. That scam came from Obama's practice of calling ANY criticism of his actions and policies “racism,” so as to squelch ANY criticism. Use of this term is NOT racism, and to believe it is is stupid. As for me, I don't believe in “political correctness,” and I “calls 'em as I sees 'em. I use the words I feel are appropriate, and the “PC police" can go sit on an arrow or a cactus, as far as I am concerned. Nobody has the right to dictate to me what words I can use, and I will not allow it. “Political correctness” is a way of CENSORING people's words in order to make winning arguments easier for liberals, who can't win them if they're forced to use REAL words. (CNN)

Smart Kansas Law

“It was only a few weeks ago the State of Kansas signed a new law into place. The law provided people in Kansas the ability to carry concealed without a permit, a law detractors said would clearly increase gun violence. In fact, the opposite appears to be true. Young, dumb criminals broke into a sporting goods store and were stopped in the parking lot by a man who took advantage of the newly enacted law. Which should make it so liberals tuck their tails and run home in embarrassment.” But will it? Not likely. They aren't smart enough, just as people are so stupid as to complain about the veterans standing in front of recruiting places holding automatic weapons, as if they're liable to “go nuts” and kill a bunch of people, except for simply being a “line of defense” against crazies shooting up the place. People who think like that ought to just SHUT UP and stop displaying their ignorance and stupidity. (Right to Bear)

"Kill Children At Play"

“Shoot children while they play.” That's what Margaret Sanger wanted, only she did it before they ever got a chance to play. And she wanted mostly to kill BLACK children because she thought the black race was inferior. So she started an organization that was BILLED as “advising” women on health issues. But what it did was kill their babies—with their permission. People who couldn't be bothered with buying a rubber before having sex used her organization to KILL the result. Killing babies began to be universally used in place of birth control, and mostly on black babies. It's no mistake that most, if not ALL Planned Parenthood offices are located in, or very close to black areas. To make it easier for black women (the ones who slept around) to kill their babies She wasn't interested in giving women “advice” on health issues, that was only a “cover.”

She just wanted to kill as many black babies as she could. She was the “description” of a racist, but nobody seemed able to see it. And she was successful beyond her wildest dreams. She has managed to MURDER millions of babies, almost all of them black. Yes, she killed many white babies, too, but that was all part of the cover. Killing BLACKS so they would never grow up to be black adults was her whole purpose in life. Those “black lives matter” fools should be picketing her offices, not police stations. Cops kill far fewer black men than black men kill cops, and most of them while they're trying to kill those cops. Not out of racism, like Sanger. Talk about HITLER'S “holocaust,” this is OUR '”holocaust.” And we can't seem to convince “good people” of it. This article is not aimed at abortion. It is aimed at BABY MURDER. (Black Genocide)