Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's In It for Trump?

Democrats keep saying things like, “Trump is on a rampage to destroy the planet!” Hee, hee, har, har! What a good belly laugh that is! What the hell is inthat for Trump, OR the Republican Party, which they include in their deluded screaming? They don't think they are just too DUMB to do it, they think they are doing it ON PURPOSE. But what's in it for them to destroy the planet? It's lack of logic (which they think doesn't exist, anyway) like this that leads to confusion over just what is real. Things like their contention that, “The rich stole their riches from the poor.”

How is that possible, if the poor have nothing to steal? If they HAVE something to steal, then they're not poor, are they? What a bunch of boobs the Democrats are if they really believe these things! But they don't. They just want US to believe them. They do believe we're dumb enough to believe them. And if we demonstrate LACK of belief in their pipe dreams, they just call us names, since they have no other logical arguments. They say the GOP is happy to destroy the country if it gives them political advantage. But what the hell GOOD is political advantage if the country is destroyed? (Alternet)

Hypocrite Personified

Leland Yee, one of the most virulent anti-gun voices in the California legislature, has been CONVICTED, of what? Gun trafficking! I guess he figured that the more legal guns he could dispense with, the more ILLEGAL guns he could sell. That this is “hypocrite personified” goes without saying, and brings into question the motives of other anti-gun fools. In pleading for mercy, Yee said this: “In the 67 years of my life, I have devoted much of it to the work of the community, to people here in San Francisco and in the state of California.” But of course, that raises the question, what was he doing “on the side” all those years to benefit the illicit gun industry? He also said that he had hurt his family and his supporters, and that would “weigh on me the rest of my life.” Yeah, riiiight! He's just sorry he got caught. (Washington Post)

The Wrong Approach

Some people say the “High Five Days” program started by the Northampton, Mass. Cops to teach kids that cops can be friends, and are “normal people” in addition to their jobs to keep order should be ended because it takes cops off the streets. But cops can be well used to befriend kids, which can KEEP them from becoming criminals. That stops crimes BEFORE they are committed. That's just as important as catching criminals AFTER they've committed a crime. It's “preventative policing.” But some people are too dumb to realize that. Keeping cops in their patrol cars, on the street, is good policing. But PREVENTING crime is good policing, too, and is time well invested. Kids who are taught to distrust and dislike cops are much more likely to BECOME criminals. And this program is designed to prevent that. (Freedom's Phoenix)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

One Sentence Repeal Act

There are a few intelligent politicians left in DC, I guess. But the ones who wrote Trump's bill apparently aren't on that list. Their bill retained some of the worst things in Obamacare, to be passed under a new name. This was supposed to fool the world into thinking Obamacare was “gone,” but, as some politicians said, it was “Obamacare lite.” Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) introduced a ONE-SENTENCE bill to repeal Obamacare, and all changes mandated within. and easily understood, even by other members of Congress (and might even be READ by them). Replacing those eliminated parts that represent a “replacement” of Obamacare (if it's really necessary) can be done piecemeal, with similar one-sentence bills, immediately, or later. as needed. A huge, multi-thousand page bill that cannot be understood, even by those writing it, is not a requirement. (The Blaze)

Big Miscalculation

Democrats assumed the female vote was theirs, just as they assumed other things in the 2016 election. I'm not saying miscalculating the female vote “did them in,” but it certainly helped. More and more women arming themselves and getting training that lets them be the equal to men in handing guns. Democrats assumed the female vote was “a done thing,” and it wasn't. As they gained knowledge in the use and handling of guns, which gave them a lot more confidence in their ability to defend themselves without depending on the men in their lives, they moved consistently AWAY from the Democrat Party, which is pretty much dedicated to taking away our constitutional right to self defense, and to own and carry a gun. Democrats miscalculated many things, and continue to do so. Which is why they will continue to lose to people like Donald Trump, and those who support his programs. They continue to think somebody cheated, and stole the election. That way, they don't have to change their playbook and admit they beat themselves. (Washington Examiner)

Ending "Gun Control"

Trump has promised to end gun control, as we know it, today. And he is already working on a measure to end "gun-free zones" in public schools, nationwide. Other anti-gun laws are in his sights. But the fight is far from over. Local "authorities" are still dominated by anti-gun fools who will continue to make their illogical and stupid "anti-gun laws." Gun-free zones, for instance, have been a massive failure. Every mass shooting but two, so far, have taken place IN a "gun-free zone." Potential mass shooters SEARCH OUT gun-free zones in which to do their dirty work. Many other gun crimes have taken place there. Such as in Wal-Mart or Target Store parking lots.

But even though Trump knows better, local politicians and bureaucrats do NOT. They don't care how many innocent people they get killed with their silly "flights of fancy" they call, "common sense gun laws." Pressure from above in the next four, maybe eight years will have an effect on that, but it will not be total. The locals will continue to make their silly laws, and private organizations will still fall for the "gun-free zone" myth, and the other anti-gun myths that become law. So you need to be alert, and get rid of known anti-gun fools in your legislatures. One anti-gun writer says the Aurora Theater shooter said nothing about CHOOSING a gun-free zone as evidence that gun-free zones are not "chosen" by mass shooters. as if what he SAID or did not say was evidence of his thinking. But if you listen closely tho what he DOES say, he did. (Politifact)

Monday, March 27, 2017

Political Incompetence

I've always thought politicians were incompetent in managing our money, which is why they are constantly wishing to raise our taxes. They think they're not screwing enough money out of us when it's the other way around. They waste so much of the money we DO give them that they're constantly in need of a higher percentage of our hard-earned cash to support their socialistic giveaways. Then we find out they LOST $10 TRILLION dollars, and nobody seems able to figure out where it went. They'd need to raise our taxes a LOT to make up for that amount of fiscal incompetence! And they're out to do just that. They've done audits everywhere but the Pentagon (who seems to have escaped an audit because “it would take too much time and cost too much,” ironically. Only an incompetent politician could “lose track of” $10 TRILLION (with a “T”!) dollars, which, apparently, has vanished without a trace. (DC Clothesline)

She Calls It Common Sense

And then she goes on to say that “Gun-free zones work. There is no evidence they don't.” Really? What about the fact that all but TWO mass shootings in the United States have occurred IN gun free zones? And what about all the criminals who have chosen to rob and KILL people in gun free zones, such as a Wal-Mart or a Target Stores parking lot? Maybe it is just that you choose to IGNORE such stories, so you can maintain your anti-gun narrative. Courtney Stewart, the writer of this article only graduated high school in 2003, and is obviously too young to know ANYTHING. She hasn't been on this world long enough to know anything. Yet she pretends to “school” others on things she obviously knows nothing about. Gun-free zones ARE “magnets” for bad guys who want to do us damage. The evidence IS there, even if she chooses not to see it. It's as obvious as the nose on her face, but she probably can't see that, either. (Citrus County Chronicle)

Million MOMS Against Guns

Or something like that. They held a "massive rally" in Topeka, Kansas, the other day--and 44 people showed up. I guess nobody cares about their brand of gun control in Topeka. That's happening more and more recently, as outfits like theirs plan "massive rallies" that draw very few people. You'd think they'd get the idea that fewer and fewer people give a damn about their efforts to violate the Constitution's Second Amendment and make us DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGALLY armed criminals and terrorists out there. They just can't get it through their thick skulls that more and more intelligent people don't believe their BS any more, and so don't show up for their "rallies." I guess fools will always be with us, and this is the best proof of it. (CJ Online)

Friday, March 24, 2017

"What Isn't, IS!"

“And what is, ISN'T!” That seems to be what liberals want us to think, and are determined to convince us, whether we like it or not. Take their insistence that “The rich stole all their money from the poor.” How is it possible to steal what ISN'T THERE? If the poor are so poor, what can “the rich” steal? And if the “rich” have to steal their riches from the poor, are they really rich? Then there's the word I heard just the other day that “some women have penises.” (If they have a penis, they're MEN) And that “men can menstruate". (Menstruation requires a certain kind of “plumbing,” therefore, a vagina and associated organs are required) ” Then they tell us that “most Muslims are peaceful” while Muslims, all over the world are raping and murdering innocent people. They completely IGNORE the fact that Muslim terrorists are “pouring” into this country by the thousands, and soon will be killing more and more people in America, while liberals continue to tell us most Muslims are peaceful. (Just common sense)

"You gotta Be Nuts!

If you think gun control (as we know it) saves lives! That's what comedian Jackie Mason said (with an added comment by me). Mason seems to be "the voice of reason" we sorely need, these days. There's no telling how many people gun control (as we know it) has killed, while the "gun-haters" apparently don't care. They have an INSANE hatred of GUNS and want to disarm everybody (except those gun-haters who carry their own guns, anyway, or can hire armed security). Mason says that gun-control politicians who go about behind a wall of armed security while denying us the same right, "just don't care" how many innocent people they get killed by disarming law-abiding people. (Breitbart)

DC Gun Laws Work?

They say their gun laws have kept DC safe for years. Hardy har, har! Thanks, Newsweak, I needed a good laugh, and that's the best one I've had all week (giggle, gasp!). They call Trump's words "extreme and divisive," and that his rhetoric is "little more than empty promises." They are disturbed that he is KEEPING his promises. One of their "fears" is that Trump will "mess with" DC's gun laws, which they say have "protected DC for years." Why then, does DC rank right up there, right behind Chicago as one of the most dangerous places in which to live, because of all the gun violence? Now let's look at the FACTS, rather than fantasy: There is a distinct UPTICK in gun violence in DC this year, just as there has been for all recent years. That's what this magazine ignores. They're running an average total of almost 500 gun crimes a year, and Chicago has to "step lively" to stay ahead of them. And Newsweak has the audacity to say their laws have made DC safer? I have to giggle every time I think of how DUMB they are! (Newsweak)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Kaepernick: Unemployed Loser

Colin Kaepernick infamously refused to stand up while the National Anthem was played before his games. He thought that would have no effect upon his career. He was joined by several other players who have heard, and bought the crap put out by the liberal media, and was demonstrating” against a country he THOUGHT was nasty, allowed to do so by that very country, which is probably the only one in which he could get away with it. If he did that is, say, N. Korea, he'd be instantly killed, maybe personally by that pot-bellied, pint-sized, fat dictator who so loves himself he likes to applaud himself. Now he is no longer a highly paid quarterback. He is an unemployed loser who says now, too late, that he will stand in the future. (DC Clothesline)

"No Evidence to Support"

That's a favorite statement for liberals. They say, "There's no evidence to support" this, and "no evidence to support" that, when there IS, and they ignore it, so they can say that. Such is the case here, where they say "There's no evidence to support the theory that a 'good guy with a gun in the crowd' can stop a BAD guy with a gun," while there IS evidence it is true. MASSIVE amounts of it, which they roundly IGNORE, while spouting their lies. They still think that, if the average person were allowed to carry a gun legally, they'd "go insane" and kill somebody over a trifle, like a fender-bender or an argument over a parking space. They discount all the MILLIONS of guns there are already out there in the hands pf gang members, who do, and others, who are simply criminals. In a church in Colorado Springs, CO, an armed worshiper they CALLED a "security guard DID stop such a mass shooting, before the shooter could kill more than two. And there are uncountable such instances, which they ignore. (WTSP TV)

Unarmed Cops Is INSANE!

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the outgoing commissioner of Scotland Yard, fervently believes in armed policemen. He even said that in his final speech as commissioner. He decried the refusal of many cops to carry guns. Whoever originally fostered the whole idea of cops without guns was INSANE, and has gotten many cops killed, since criminals usually don't feel the same way, and don't hesitate to shoot cops. The attack on Parliament in England, where an unarmed cop was stabbed to death by the killer before he, himself, was shot and killed by other ARMED cops and his threat ENDED. He noted that one in eight officers refuse to carry guns, in spite of reports like the terrorist killings in France, while the cops had to cower behind their cars and let the perps get away, since they weren't armed, If I were a cop (and I used to be), I'd CERTAINLY want to be armed, to "level the playing field" with the criminals. (Irons In the Fire)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

IS It Terrorism?

What's going on in London, even as I write this, is described as “terrorism,” although they have so far studiously avoided the word “ISLAMIC” in their description. Probably because nobody ran around shouting “Allahu Akbar!” while killing people. But it is certainly SOME kind of terrorism. I, like the British, will not “jump the shark” and call it “Islamic terrorism” until intelligence proves it, even though I don't know who else harbors enough hate to do such a thing. So far, at least four people are dead, including at least one police officer. I'd bet the cop who died is the one who confronted the knife-wielder and got stabbed. Word is this cop was unarmed, and he shouldn't have been. ALL cops should be armed, because they are opposed by CROOKS who are armed, not being disarmed by liberal fools, as are many cops in Britain and some other countries. Please know that this is still unfolding, and by the time this is posted, many things may have changed. Many stories published right now talk about 2 people being killed. Others say 4. There may be more. There are, at this time, 20 injured, some critically. Update: ISIS is now taking credit for the London attack. They say it's revenge for Mosul. Apparently they think we should never do any return attacks. (Time)

Are They Really That Stupid?

"Teachers will kill their Students!' That's what politicians say about the law they are debating now in SC to allow teachers and other school staff to be armed, so they can stop a potential school mass shooter before he can kill lots of kids. Kill their students? Very doubtful, unless a student comes at them with his own gun and tries to kill THEM (and there are gang members in school). They say if the teacher "stashes his gun in his desk, a kid could get his hands on it, and kill a few people. As if the teacher isn't smart enough to keep the gun on his person and CONTROL access to it. They always base their objections on what "might" happen if the gun holder is completely stupid and irresponsible--which they would be TRAINED not to be. They think teachers are really STUPID and can't be trusted to be armed, They are actually thinking of themselves. (Post and Courier)

Chicago Ignorance Again

Chicago "authorities" say "guns are racist, and are a public health issue." Further, they say that gang violence is CAUSED by "white privilege." How blind and stupid ARE these people? Guns are NOT racist, nor are they a "public health issue." And they are NOT "caused by white privilege." That's just an effort to divert blame from their own stupidity. Gang violence is caused by stupid black people who would rather shoot each other than have a meaningful discussion about their differences. It is a PEOPLE issue, not a public health issue. The politicians in Chicago have no idea how to stem gun violence, so they blame it on everything BUT what it really is, which does NOTHING to solve the problem, but no doubt makes them "feel better about themselves." (Chicago Sun-Times)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Judges Have One Job

To support the law. To rule ACCORDING to the law, as written. That's as written in legislation, OR in the Constitution. That's ALL. They don't get to inject their own personal prejudices into their rulings, nor can they rule, guided by foreign law, or the unbridled utterances of a presidential candidate at a rally. They must be guided by OUR law, or the Constitution. Judge Gorsuch is a “rare breed.” He knows that, and that's how he rules, in every case, even if he personally, does not agree. The Constitution is NOT “a fluid document.” It is NOT “subject to change, according to current situations.” Some legislators (mostly Democrats, but a few RINOS, too) think otherwise. But they don't have the RIGHT to say otherwise, especially in their legislation. Gorsuch should be certified as a member of the Supreme Court, not because he sometimes rules for conservatives, but because he rules EXCLUSIVELY according to the law or the Constitution. (Just common sense)

"Blind Sheikh" Dead

Omar Abdel Rahman, known as "The Blind Sheikh," because he WAS blind, died in prison the other day, after a long battle with diabetes and other ailments often found in "senior citizens." He was 78. He was the "mastermind" behind the first World Trade Center bombing that only killed six, but injured thousands. Such should be the fate of ALL Islamic terrorists who want to kill lots of "non-believers" for no other reason but that they don't believe in his phony "religion." Islamic terrorists will regard him as a "martyr," and will no doubt use his death behind bars as yet another excuse to kill some more "unbelievers." There's nothing wrong with that, except for the deaths and injuries caused by his "followers." We need to create as many martyrs as we can. That's all they're good for. Throw his body in the dumpster outside the prison. That will show him the "respect" he has "earned." His family, supporters, and an Egyptian Human Rights organization were demanding he be released, and returned to Egypt, due to his deteriorating health, as was a terrorist involved in an airline bombing in Lockerbie, Scotland, who was feted and treated as a hero upon returning to Libya. They called is "compassionate release." But neither deserved it. He deserved to die in prison for his sins, and he did. The Lockerbie murderer was said to have only 3 months to live, but lived another two years, in freedom, treated as a hero when he was scum of the Earth. (NY Times)

Going After the Family

Bill Clinton jealously guarded Chelsea's privacy during his presidency, vilifying anybody who tried so much as to publish a PICTURE of her. Until it became politically expedient to use her. Obama did the same for his two daughters. But now that Trump is in office, HIS family is "fair game" to Democrats, who even attacked Trump's ten-year-old CHILD! Then they sponsored a boycott of Ivanka's clothing line, and when Kellyanne tried to kill it, they tried to kill HER (figuratively)! They're going after his son-in -law, and, I'm sure will soon be going after his GRANDMOTHER. Nobody in his family is safe from being "run down" by Democrats. Nobody practices more sickening politics than Democrats. Yet, if Republicans did the same things, they'd have KITTENS! It's too bad we have to allow Democrats into the political process, at all, as sickeningly STUPID as are their antics, like BUYING riots and such to make it LOOK like a majority is with them, which it is NOT. (Patriot Tribune)