Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Liberls Hate It

President Trump MAY have actually found a medicine that could END this virus pandemic in hydroxychloroquine. He is proceeding cautiously in having it tested thoroughly. But the liberal media is fighting it, accusing Trump of pushing “snake oil” treatments. But let me ask you. Are we trying very hard to find a remedy? Absolutely. And if this works, it’s worth it. And it seems to be working in New York. NY Gov. Cuomo has bought a lot of it. At least one notable patient, former Lost actor Danial Dae Kim, credits it for his complete recovery after being tested positive for the virus. And others,including at least one Dumocrat politician, have also reported survival because of it. There still needs to be a lot of testing before this medicine can be certified to use to treat this virus. But it is a step in the right direction, made by a Republican. So politics dictates liberals oppose it because it MIGHT work—and they are opposing it, while giving Trump the usual unsupported insults. By the way: I haven’t heard much about Dumocrats coming up with any possible medicines, or even trying. I guess they’re too busy trying to impeach President trump. And, of course, Nancy Peelosi is working toward a SECOND impeachment, this based on Trump’s actions to combat this virus panic. Never one to help. she’s always there to oppose. (DC Swamp Tales)

Turning Criminals Loose

One of the worst, and most ignorant things politicians have done in response to this Coronavirus panic is to release many criminals so they won’t get it—and they can then continue their “life’s work” of victimizing the rest of us, using ILLEGAL guns they bought out of another criminal’s car trunk, or just stealing them. Then those self-same ignorant politicians complain about the predictable rise in crime while blaming everything other than the releasing of those criminals. Politicians are good at one thing: diverting blame when they do something stupid. And releasing many criminals while refusing to even arrest other criminals for named crimes definitely qualifies as stupid. There ARE ways to separate them in jail, and they really ought to cooperate with them so THEY won’t get sick. But NO! As a “first response,” they release them and tell them that if they stick to certain crimes they won’t even be arrested. (Just common sense)

Another Bloomberg Mayor Gone

One by one, we’re doing away with anti-gun mayors. Mayor Maggie Stock, of Butler, PA, has been ousted, replaced by a retired police officer. He was asked what he thought of the Second Amendment, he pulled his coat back and said, “1911-A.” He also said, “If you’re not armed, you can’t protect yourself.” That said it all. He thinks we need to enforce some of the laws we have on the books instead of using them as “bargaining chips” to get convictions on other charges. He recognizes that ALL the mayors who don’t want YOU to be able to defend yourself have hired other people to carry their guns. Citizens there are rejoicing. (You Tube)

Monday, April 6, 2020

Destroying the Economy

Over a virus! Surely there’s a better way to fight this virus than to just “close down” the entire country! I understand when stores want to limit the number of shoppers IN their stores during this panic, but I just don’t understand things like not allowing people to buy certain products when they’re already there. Another thing I don’t understand is some of the things that are in short supply. Like toilet paper. And Tylenol! The things some people think are essential to have in spite of hell in this panic amaze me. And the things people DO! One demented railroad engineer purposely derailed his engine, trying to disable a hospital ship, thinking it was an “engine of evil” when it was only there to HELP. Considering what they are doing to this economy, we are soon going to have a real recession (which pleases Dumocrats no end) that is going to be the worst one in history. Politicians are using this panic to usurp the civil rights of their citizens, right and left. And knowing that things WILL get violent as things go on, they are working hard to stop us from being able to defend ourselves with legal guns to oppose the millions of illegal ones used by law-breakers. Some jurisdictions (mostly run by Dumoctats) will arrest you and make you wear an electronic ankle bracelet monitor; Some hit you with large fines; others put you in prison. In the Philippines, the cops will KILL you if you’re found not “staying at home.” The way it’s going, the economy is going to collapse and America will become a socialist police state. (Just common sense)

"Repeal Bill of Rights"

That’s the ultimate goal of the left. The total repeal of the Bill of Rights, beginning with the Second Amendment. They just can’t handle the fact that the Bill of Rights prevents them from more efficiently “ruling” us and fleecing the country. The Second is first on their list because as long as it exists, they know they can’t just “run roughshod over us,” and that’s what they want to do—and what they WILL do if they ever manage to get rid of it. The left is what the founders envisioned when they created the Constitution and the Second Amendment. Would-be dictators who want no impediments to their power. They want to be kings, and the Bill of Rights prevents it. It has been said, “If the government tells you that you don’t need a gun—you need a gun. You need to “retire” any politician who wants to eliminate ANY of your rights, especially your right to “bear arms” for self defense. The left wants to eliminate completely the very concept of self defense, especially against the government. In the State of Virginia, the governor is “cowering in his office” at the thought of honest, law-abiding people with guns. He thinks they will use them on him—and he’s right. But only if his efforts at total gun control are successful. He is creating an “uprising,” and he knows it—and he’s very afraid. Watch out, gov, at the next election. (AmmoLand)

Stupid Response

What was the “instinctive response” to that civilian killing a would-be mass killer in that Fort Worth church? Why to stop that civilian from ever being able to save any lives in the future, so the next would-be mass killer would be successful because that civilian would be unarmed, and thus defenseless. That seems to be the “knee-jerk reaction” everywhere. When somebody stops a shooter (who usually is armed with an illegal gun) from killing a bunch of people, the “powers that be” quickly move to make it impossible for that hero to be able to stop any shootings in the future. What the hell they’re thinking, I can’t fathom. Walmart recently announced a ban on open carry in their stores, even where open carry is legal. Making their shoppers vulnerable to anybody who wants to hurt them, So in addition to gunmen who come in and shoot up their stores and rob people on their property, one woman came in and began shopping—for the ingredients to make a bomb. But thanks to a sharp-eyed security guard, she was stopped just before she lit a fuse (made from a shoelace she got from Walmart’s inventory). This illustrates a simple fact I have been talking about for a long time. If someone wants to do evil, they will find a way. And to remove all obstacles in their way is abysmally stupid. But that response seems to be the usual one. I hope we all survive such stupidity. I have tried to stop going to places like Walmart and Target, and others where guns are prohibited, but the practice has become so widespread, it’s impossible to stay away from stores with such stupid polities. (Independent Minute)

Friday, April 3, 2020

Cure Worse Than the Disease?

I’ve been worried about the direction our efforts to combat the Coronavirus is taking, thinking that even if the virus itself fizzles, we may have sown the seeds of our own destruction in what we’re doing to stop the spread of the disease. I see Rush Limbaugh agrees with me. He notes: “Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a substantial portion of our nation and economy has essentially been shut down. In many parts of the country, gatherings of 10 people or more are prohibited, all major events are canceled, countless businesses have been forced to close and tens of millions of American citizens are being ordered to remain in their homes for an indeterminate length of time, often under threat of arrest and fines or prosecution.” That pretty well sums it up. If the current limits on business and employment continues, we are doomed, economically. I can see a time when no amount of government “throwing money at it” is enough to rescue our economy, something we depend upon. Have we unthinkingly done enough systemic damage to our economy that, even if they suddenly find a cure for this virus, will it be in time for us to rescue our economy? Or will it go into a nosedive from which we cannot ever recover? (Rush Limbaugh)

What're They Gonna Do?

The anti-gun fools are hollering (again) for gun confiscation to put stop to mass shootings. Never mind gun confiscation in America is against the Constitution, which is the very BASIS for every law we make. Each law MUST conform to the Constitution, or be eventually thrown out by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. But what if they actually got a law through in spite of that which allowed the government to confiscate (steal) every gun in the country (if that's even possible), and the mass shootings continued, unabated. What would they do, then? They would then be faced with IRREFUTABLE evidence that their laws stop NO gun crimes. What would they do? What would they be ABLE to do? Ignore the fact that their law did NOTHING to stop mass shootings? What about "mass knifings," or terrorists running people down with cars and trucks? Gun confiscation laws won't TOUCH those, as they didn't in communist China (where you can't get a gun legally) recently, where a couple of guys ran a car into a bunch of people, then jumped out and began STABBING everybody in sight. (Keep and Bear)

Anti-Gun Laws Useless

In the UK, they have laws that almost completely ban the ownership and usage of guns for self defense by the law-abiding. Which does NOTHING to stop the law breakers from getting the guns they use in victimizing the law-abiding. They have actually admitted that “gun crime” is at its highest it has been in a decade in 2018. What the hell? Their “tough gun laws” were supposed to REDUCE “gun crime.” Why didn’t they? Because the people who misuse guns are the people who violate laws on a daily basis. So why in hell would they bother to obey a silly little anti-gun law? I get really tired of writing the same things over and over again and having them be continually ignored by the anti-gun fools. These people have amply proven their ignorance. No, not ignorance, STUPIDITY. Ignorance is simply lack of information. Stupidity is having sufficient information but acting ignorantly, anyway. And that perfectly describes those stupid fools who keep making those USELESS anti-gun laws. (BBC)

Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Virus Won't Kill Us

Yes, the Coronavirus is killing some people. But the number, how awful as it is, is but a very small number as part of the whole. Yes, thousands dying sounds awful. But thousands die of the flu EACH YEAR, and they treat it perfunctorily. So we agree that we ought to take precautions. But the news media is playing up the Coronavirus pandemic into a terrible monster and that’s going to kill more people than the virus itself. You can’t look toward a TV without seeing the word “Coronavirus.” Or “Covid 19.” (Oh gee. A second name to confuse people. Kinda like in the pharmacy. Each medicine has at least four to six different names. But that’s a discussion for another day.) NY Governor Cuomo goes on the air daily for at least an hour and details all the shortages of everything needed to “fight the virus.” He never talks about the gains that have been made in finding a cure. He just plays that down. Then the president follows him and details more of the things we’re short of. Although I’ll give him credit, he keeps trying to build SOME hope. And he doesn’t spend hours frightening us. Yes, this virus is serious. But it is the media’s painting it as being so terrible, people staying at home, businesses closing—something they can’t afford. The economy shrinking visibly. It has already wiped out all the gains Trump has made, to the delight of the Dumocrats. All this will kill us quicker than the virus while destroying our economy.. (Just common sense)

We Already Have It!

Pro gun people keep harping on stopping the anti-gun fools in government from having a ready list of gun owners to use when they get ready to "confiscate" (steal) all our guns. But what they don't consider is the fact that we already HAVE a "gun registry" for law-abiding people. Has anybody tried to buy a gun legally without having to go through a "background check" and a visit from the local cops to determine whether or not he/she is a criminal wanting to buy a gun (as if criminals bought their guns legally)? They say all those lists are LOCAL, and not part of a national registry. They also say they don't keep those names. If you believe that, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. How easy would it be for the feds to "mandate" state and local governments to "turn over" those records so they could create a "national gun owner registry" in violation of the law? There IS a law banning the government from starting NEW databases for anything, which they regularly violate. Does anybody think they would stop at violating that law here? (Just common sense)

Paid Anti-Gun Demo

In Portland, Oregon—the capital of “gun control,” they had a “massive spontaneous student demonstration” against guns. Only thing is—it wasn’t “spontaneous.” The Portland School District either PAID students to demonstrate, and/or gave them time off from school to do so while physically ORGANIZING all the “demonstrations.” I wonder how many of the students are REALLY “against guns,” or are participating because they got paid, and/or got time off from school? Frankly, I don’t trust anything the politicians in this state do. Remember, this is the state that registered UNDERAGE people to vote. They called it “pre-registration.” It’s also the state where the very first city in the country set their minimum wage at $15.00 an hour, for people with NO experience, that needed extensive training to do ANY job, so they could make as much as other people who DID train for their job. And thus RUINED many industries, and made many “entry-level jobs” disappear, to the detriment of the part-time student employee crowd, as well as the owners of the affected businesses (all of them). Today, I don’t trust ANY demonstration, anywhere, because I know the Dumocrats use PAID demonstrations all the time, and pay for the buses that get them there. They learned that technique from the Russians. (Victoria Taft)

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Give It Up,already!

Nancy Peelosi and the Dumocrats have spent millions of OUR dollars in her attempted coup against legally-elected president Donald Trump, trying her best (or worst) to unseat him. She (and they) are miffed because this non-politician, who “shouldn’t have won anything,” has been making Dumocrats look like the damned fools they are at every turn ever since. He has promised to “drain the swamp” in DC and they are sorely frightened that he will actually do it. He usually does what he promises. That it is not the usual “political promise” made simply to get elected, and then forgotten. They appointed a special counsel who spent the better part of THREE YEARS trying to find something they could “pin on him” and failed. Then they tried to impeach him for nothing, and that failed, too. They are miffed that he has, so far, achieved many of the things he promised, which frightens them further. And he has created a boom economy that only could have been reversed by something like the Coronavirus, and they don’t like that, either. So now Nancy is “preparing yet another investigation” with the intent to TRY and impeach him yet again, using even more millions of OUR DOLLARS, which seems to give her an unlimited fund of OUR money to spend for her partisan political purposes. This bimbo needs to be removed from office, for CAUSE, before she can do any more damage to our republic. (National Insiders)

Gov't Building Firepower

If anybody disbelieves my theory that certain politicians (Dumocrats) in our government plan on making a push to take over what is not theirs at gunpoint, note this: many government agencies, some that have no business having them, are “stockpiling arms” while at the same time supporting efforts of others to take away OUR GUNS. The IRS, for instance, has 15 sub-machine guns and 5 MILLION rounds of ammunition. That may not sound like much, but they can do a lot of damage with that. Other agencies likewise have recently increased their purchases of firepower. Meanwhile, the RICO Laws, already on the books long enough to have become something they claim are essential to good law enforcement, do not even require them to prove lawbreaking to take our property. All that is required it that ONE government agent say the subject PROBABLY got that property illegally—no proof is required, under RICO laws. Put the two together and you have a blueprint for total power. (Conservative Review)

Ain't About Gun Control

In New York City, all you need is some “political pull” to get a “carry license.” They call it a “DiBlasio Special.” In one specific case, the license issuers were told, “These people take care of DeBlasio, so we take care of them.” So it obviously is NOT about “gun control,” it’s about being able to give gun rights to those who “take care of” the politicians. That’s the main drawback to “may issue” laws. They allow the politicians to decide who gets the constitutional right to have the means to self defense. The issuance or non-issuance of carry permits is up to the whims of the politicians then in control. Gun control is a great moneymaker for politicians, too. Not with published fees, but with the “under the table” payments people can make to the politicians to get them. It makes for wide-open corruption. And politicians are always ready to take advantage of easy corruption opportunities. One thing this does is keep out-of-town visitors from being able to use guns (legally) in self defense against all the (illegal) uses of guns. (Gun Free Zone)

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Bloomberg Violating the Law

He spent almost a billion dollars to buy the Dumocrat nomination for president. That’s legal. Any individual can spend as much of his own money to run for any office. That’s legal. But then after that failed, he then transferred $18 million to the Dumocrat Party. That’s when he violated campaign finance laws. He probably thought he could get away with that because the election commission is run by Dumocrats for the most part, and they have no objection to a candidate violating their laws as long as he’s a Dumocrat. They’ll work hard to cover it up, especially if it benefits Dumocrats. And a free $18 million definitely benefits Dumocrats. He violated election laws in New York City when he ran for and was elected to, a third term—something that is illegal. He was not called to account for that, so he thought he could do this, too, since the money benefited Dumocrats. Now we’ll just wait and see if this obvious law violation—his second—will be punished. (Trump Train News)

Maryland Shooting

Maryland has some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation, right up there with DC. That mall was a “gun-free zone.” Yet some fool who had a grudge against somebody came in and killed two people and himself. How’s that “gun-free zone” workin’ our for ya? Many, many times I have said this, and I’ll say it again: gun-free zones are an OPEN INVITATION to fools to come in and shoot people. How many more people need to die before the fools in power figure it out? Why we (not me) keep sending these fools to Washington and our own state capital, I don’t know. Are we all (not me) stupid? NO; we’re just uninformed about them. We need to GET informed about ANYBODY we elect to office BEFORE we elect them. (Bearing Arms)

"Worried About Guns"

The legal ones, anyway. “Gen Z,” America’s youngest, are more worried about “gun violence” than anything else. Yet they “take on” the very organization that actually wants to do something meaningful about it, and support those anti-gun fools who pass laws that do NOTHING to “reduce gun violence,” the NRA. They have been “programmed” to believe that the NRA is stopping all efforts to reduce gun violence, when they are the ones who are actively working to do so. The anti-gun fools have to know their laws and regulations not only do not work, but actually make it worse, by disarming the law-abiding, making them “easy targets” for those who obey no laws and want to victimize the innocent. This leads me to believe that they are NOT interested in “gun control.” They are interested in “people control.” Having the power to tell us we can or can’t do a thing, or own and use an item that is, without a human being to use it, is an inanimate object. They “bad-mouth” legislatures, saying they aren’t “doing their jobs” by not passing more USELESS laws that accomplish NOTHING. It’s all just a stupid exercise, but they either don’t realize that, or they just don’t care. (You Tube)

Monday, March 30, 2020

It's NOT Racism!

Nor is it “Islamaphobia. Islamaphobia is a “made-up word” to cast ANY criticism of a Muslim as something mean and vicious. It’s meant to STOP people from opposing a Muslim, in any way, without requiring that Muslim to give any answers to their questions. It’s being used liberally in the State of Michigan, which right now has a Muslim serious candidate for governor. That candidate was recently asked a logical and proper question about his support of Sharia Law, and he “went off” on the questioner, accusing him of Islamaphobia, racism, and any other insult he could find. This is typical in any case where anybody criticizes a Muslim, for anything. They just don’t brook ANY criticism, from anybody, any time. This is why we should never elect a Muslim to ANY office. Not because of his religion, but because of “the content of his character” (as Martin Luther King once stated). Muslims are taught by their religion NEVER to “bow down to anybody but Allah,” and way too many Muslims take that seriously, as a Muslim defendant refused to stand in court when the judge entered, to his own detriment. They have way too many ideas that are an anathema to intelligent Americans and should never be allowed to spout them from an elected post. If that’s racism, then I’m guilty. If we allow them to be elected to office in enough numbers, they will take over this country without a shot being fired. And that’s what way too many Muslim extremists are after. (Trending Right Wing News)

"Second Amendment Not Absolute"

That’s what Dumocrat presidential candidate “Sniffer Joe” Biden thinks, anyway, while he uses that to take away our right to SELF DEFENSE through gun confiscation. And to prove it he directs our attention to the FIRST Amendment’s “exception” for “shouting fire in a crowded theater.” But that is “apples and oranges.” It looks similar, but it is a completely different thing. Nowhere in the First Amendment does it mention “shouting fire in a crowded theater.” That is simply something some people SAID about freedom of speech. The First Amendment was not MEANT to be absolute, whereas the Second WAS. It excepts libel and slander. The First Amendment reads: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Nowhere does it mention fire in a crowded theater. The Second Amendment is very simple. It says, “[T]he right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Though preceded by unnecessary words, THAT is absolute. References to an “organized militia aside, which at the time meant ALL THE PEOPLE, it still says unequivocally that we are allowed to “bear arms,” and that right “shall not be infringed.” NO specific arms are named, and that means ALL arms are covered. The government, at the time, was not “awash in money” as it is today, and they wanted those people to bring their own guns. From the writings of the Founders we can see their wish that all people be allowed the right to SELF DEFENSE and to own and use the means to that, a gun. Even against the government, if need be. (Just common sense)

What SHOULD They Do?

The anti-gun fools among us are fond of taking the lawmakers to task for “not doing their jobs” and making more anti-gun laws. Which demands answer to the question, “What in the hell should they DO?” They make law after law, and the people it should apply to just ignore them and continue to buy their guns illegally or just steal them. Meanwhile, the law-abiding, who OBEY laws, even STUPID ones, are defenseless in the face of those law breakers. It’s almost like they planned it that way. The whole point is, nobody can figure out a law that will actually WORK. I certainly can’t, and I’m presumed, by politicians, to be “not as smart” as they are. I keep asking this question of the anti-gun fools, and they keep not answering. Maybe because they HAVE no answer? Because there IS no answer. If there were a law they could pass that would make one iota of difference, those “smart folks” would have come up with it, and passed it. But NO! All they do is bi-ch and gripe that nobody HAS passed up such a bill into law, as if they are derelict in their duty for not doing so. (Lewiston Tribune)