Monday, November 19, 2018

She's Just "Givng Up"

Stacy Abrams is NOT conceding defeat, although she is “giving up her run for governor of the State of Georgia. That’s because she thinks her loss was “an erosion of democracy.” Boy, what big head this gal must have! Apparently, her definition of a stolen election is the same as that of the Dumocrat Party: “Any election the Dumocrats don’t win.” They just couldn’t “find” enough votes to get her elected. More people apparently voted for her opponent than for her, and that must be a CRIME. It’s funny. Republicans have to stop counting votes at a certain time, while Dumoctrats get to keep counting votes until they win. And when they can’t pull that off, they whine, and cry, and call “foul.” They got all bent out of shape when Trump said he “might” not accept the result of the 2016 election if there were irregularities, but they ALWAYS claim irregularities if they are not allowed to “find” enough votes to make their candidate win. They tried it on Bush, and lost. They’ve made it routine to attempt to use the courts to reverse elections they can’t win by a proper vote count. I’ll be voting a straight Republican ticket, always. Not because all Republicans are so great, but because I will NEVER vote for a Dumocrat, ever. (Update: She finally had to recognize that the Dumocrats could not "find" enough votes to steal the election for her. (Legal Insurrection)

Democrats Are Pathetic

They know they can’t win, so they predict “a blue wave” in November. And when they lose (again) they will (again) claim foul. Maybe by the Russians, maybe by the Venezuelans. Maybe the Easter Bunny. But never by their own mistakes. So they “have a tantrum” before the entire world, at the Kavanaugh hearings. They predict disaster if he is confirmed, but the disasters they predict are only in their imagination, and according to their ignorant beliefs. Yes, his nomination WILL be a disaster—for them. He will rule, based on the Constitution, which he is supposed to do, and which liberal justices never do. They are rightly afraid he will reverse that ignorant ruling by liberal justices that caused the deaths of MILLIONS of innocent babies. After the Viet Nam war, liberals called returning soldiers “baby killers,” and now THEY are baby killers, for real. Abortion (which Dumocrats support) has killed millions of babies. Dumocrats promote many silly things, such as men in women’s restrooms and changing rooms if they “think” they’re a woman that day, the idea that it is okay to sue bakers out of business for refusing to do business with gays for their weddings, based on their religious beliefs, while celebrating Dicks Sporting Goods for doing the same with gun buyers. They’re pathetic, and are in serious danger of becoming today’s Whig Party. (Update: They did manage to eke out a very razor-thin win in the House, but lost in the Senate. Hardly a “Blue Wave.” (Just common sense)

They Just Want Power

“Gun control” is just the vehicle. The excuse. For politicians who merely want the power to tell you than you CAN’T have, or use a gun for self defense. I’ve said a few times, they are “against self defense.” And that might be true, to an extent. But the real thing they’re after is the POWER to tell us we can’t have, or use a gun, for ANY reason. Look at all the silly laws they get passed. Each one of them tells us that. “Gun-free zones,” for instance, tell us we CAN’T bring a gun into that “zone,” while criminals and terrorists do so, at will, in spite of the law, which they IGNORE. Registering guns, and passing background checks create a situation where they can actually “give us permission” to buy a gun, at the discretion of some nameless, faceless bureaucrat. The ability to “license” is the ability to say “no.” And that’s what they’re after. The POWER to say “yes or no” when we wish to buy the means to self defense. Then let’s look at “safe storage laws.” Laws that, again, allow some nameless, faceless bureaucrat to approve or disapprove” what we do to safely store our guns, most of which make them USELESS to us for self defense, because the “bad guy” already has his ILLEGAL gun in his hand. They don’t want to take our guns away, they want to take away the POWER to say whether or not we may OWN one. (Just common sense)

Friday, November 16, 2018

Inflation Is Government Theft

There is one cause of inflation: governments printing money with nothing valuable behind it. To do so reduces the value of every dollar now in circulation. It is PLANNED government THEFT. They even give it good-sounding names, such as “Quantitative Easing.” The government blames the “wage-price spiral” for it, but the wage-price spiral is only a SYMPTOM of inflation. When the dollar becomes worth less, people need to charge more for what they produce. That causes wages to rise so their employees can still keep up with rising prices. Then their employers need to raise what they pay to keep their employees. Then they need to raise their prices again. Ergo: inflation. The net gainer is government. And I think they planned it that way. There are way too many economic “experts” in government, not to understand how printing paper money not backed by anything valuable affected the money in circulation, while calculating how it could benefit government. As a way to CREATE billions of dollars in new wealth dishonestly, it is unique—and it is THEFT. If you had $100 at the turn of the twentieth century, that same $100 would no longer be worth $100 today. It would be worth less than a third of that. And the difference would go into the coffers of the government. It’s a “hidden tax” they could pass without involving Congress. And don’t think they don’t know that. (Just common sense)

Another Dead Hillary Squealer?

I’ve written before about the unusually high number of people who have wound up dead just before they were to reveal something Hillary or Bill wouldn’t want known, at all costs, and here’s another. Joseph Mifsud may, or may not be dead yet, but he is now listed as “missing,” after he was scheduled to reveal some “dirt” on Hillary. The DNC, who has been suing everything that moves since that humiliating loss in the 2016 election, told “investigators” they have been trying to serve him for months, and that he had just “disappeared, and may be dead. And when you consider how many people are dead before revealing something against a Clinton, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he is dead. Probably of a suicide committed by shooting himself in the head, TWICE, like one of their former potential accusers. Somebody needs to seriously investigate these deaths, with a view toward checking the Clinton connection to those deaths. To date, there has been no investigation specifically into that, and it needs to happen. Maybe there’s nothing to it. But it is very suspicious. (The Hill)

Politicians Never Learn!

Chicago is one of the worst cities to live in if you value your life, because, in spite of draconian anti-gun laws, they have one of the highest numbers of people shot in the nation. People (mostly gang members) routinely IGNORE their “gun laws” and continue to shoot one another with abandon. So Dumocrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to make more of them. Never mind they don’t work worth a damn. I hate to say a politician is STUPID, but I can think of no better way to describe such stupidity as this. In just one weekend recently, 70 PEOPLE were shot, and 12 KILLED. There are WAR ZONES with fewer such reports! Anti-gun laws plainly do not work! But stupid politicians such as Rahm insist on making more and more of them, while people get killed as a result. The only people in Chicago who DON’T have guns are the law-abiding. So the lawbreakers can “run roughshod” over them with their ILLEGAL guns. I have a nephew who lives in Chicago, and I fear for him. He usually doesn’t go into the worst areas, but there’s always the chance that a gang shooting could happen even where he frequents. Those gang members shoot each other every day, not caring if they shoot and kill innocent people “by accident.” (Just common sense)

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The "Truth Committee"

The “Diversity and Inclusion Committee” (the PC Police) at Emporia State University (ESU) in Emporia, Kansas, wants to EXCLUDE a student official for using the term “illegal aliens” (a proper, descriptive term” they want to eliminate from usage) on FACEBOOK. This, in a country where freedom of speech supposedly exists. It’s like that prophetic book, “1984,” where the “speech police,” called, “The Truth Squad” (or something like that), enforced the lies the government told, and getting caught by them meant a “re-education camp” where you were subjected to the very things that terrified you. They used a “head cage” on Winston, the hero of the book, with rats in it, because he was terrified of rats. Later in the book, after being properly brainwashed, he was released after he declared his fealty to “Big Brother” and pledged never to go against him again. He was completely broken. I may have gotten some of the details wrong, (It’s been many years since I read it) but the idea is there. They want to eliminate ANY words that reveal their damned foolishness and stupidity. that’s the only way liberals can exist: punish anybody who tells the truth about them. The worst “crime” there is to liberals is to “offend somebody.” ONE COMPLAINT against somebody is enough to ruin their lives and careers. I’m sure this item “offends” all liberals. At least, I hope so. (Legal Insurrection)

Liberal Name-Calling

Rush Limbaugh said it when he told us that, “A political discussion with a liberal will last only about thirty seconds before they run out of arguments [if they had any in the first place -RT] and start calling you names. Today, it doesn’t even last 30 seconds. They call you names before you even advance a logical argument. They write articles, even produce MOVIES calling you names, without ever logically examining your arguments. Such is the case with Michael Moore’s new movie, in which he calls President Trump a “Nazi,” one of their favorite insults that means nothing. But they don’t care, as long as it LOOKS like they’re winning the argument, without having to answer your arguments. Racist is yet another of their favorite insults. They call you a racist if you simply utter the word, “black.” Or “white.” Or just stand in one place and do nothing. Make an “okay” hand signal and they call it a “white power signal.” It doesn’t matter if there has never been such a signal. They SAY it is, and they expect the gullible to believe it, and that’s all that counts to them. (Reuters)

"Gun Research Without Politics"

That’s what they promise with new “research” being conducted at Arizona State University, using a $5 million dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health, one of the most anti-gun fool outfits there are. Do you think their results won’t be used politically? If you do, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that can be yours at a song. Gun research without politics. Now THAT’S funny! Since when have you seen ANY “gun research,” on either side, that didn’t end up with politics? No matter which side the research comes down on, one side supports it, and the other side opposes it. That’s the very DEFINITION of politics. As with philosophy, you just cannot divorce gun research from politics, and to promise to do so is a bit naive. And anti-gun politicians ARE naive. They think simply passing a law against something will stop people from using it. They think if they can just get rid of guns, crime will stop. One of their most popular idiot laws is the “gun-free zone.” And many businesses also declare their property as a “gun-free zone,” telling people to leave their guns at home when they come there. It is those “zones’ where most gun crime occurs because the bad guys know the law-abiding won’t usually be armed, and able to oppose them, there. (ABC 15)

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

CNN Showing Their Ignorance

They’re now SUING the White House, saying it has “violated the constitutional rights of Jim Acosta by taking away his press pass.” What stupidity this exposes, and it is nothing but a “grandstand play” for more publicity because they have NO CHANCE of winning anything. The power to issue a press pass presupposes the power to REFUSE to issue a pass. That is, in NO WAY a constitutional right for Acosta. His pass was removed FOR CAUSE. He continually monopolized the press conference, stopping other reporters from being able to ask their questions. He laid hands on a White House intern in refusing to give up the microphone. They did NOT refuse CNN access. They are free to send another reporter, who is better behaved. Or he/she will have the pass rejected, too. Acosta works HARD to make the story about himself. Maybe he hopes to get a raise from CNN. He certainly figures they won’t fire him for these antics, or he wouldn’t do them. Acosta is NOT a “journalist.” He is a troublemaker from beginning to end, and President Trump is fed up with him. President Trump has the RIGHT to limit access to his press conferences to those who do not disrupt them. CNN needs to get rid of Acosta. Lest THEY lose their PRIVILEGE of attending those press conferences. (American Action News)

Trump's Going to Win!

The Dumocrats are “up against a wall.” They’re LOSING again. President Trump is presiding over a BOOMING economy, with record low unemployment numbers after Obama told the nation that the jobs lost during his administration were gone forever. That they would never come back. But they came back. Lowered taxes have put more dollars in everybody’s pockets, and caused those large “wascally corporations” to give them raises AND bonuses. Something unheard of in recent memory. Meanwhile, Obama is scrambling to take credit for Trump’s economy, saying the booming economy is the “result of things I did.” Yeah, right. Why then were you preaching doom and gloom as “the new normal?” Obama KNEW that, if Hillary had been elected, she would have continued the policies that would guarantee the DESTRUCTION of the economy so she could move us to a socialist state. But Trump got elected, and has so successfully turned things around that Dumocrats can no longer hide the booming economy from voters. Dumocrats predicted a “Blue Wave” in the 2018 elections, but it ain’t agonna happen (it didn’t). (Just common sense)

Next, We Ban Cars

In Great Britain they never learned that banning the tools bad people use to kill other people never stops them. They had several major mass shootings. They don’t have a Second Amendment, so they banned guns. Then the bad guys started killing people with knives, so they banned knives. Then people started killing people with cars. Now the mayor of London wants to ban cars. Way to inconvenience everybody instead of attacking the real problem! They just don’t get it, no more than our own stupid politicians don’t get it. Banning the TOOLS bad guys use to victimize the law abiding NEVER stops them. They just use something else, or IGNORE your laws and use those tools, anyway. As usual, they paint their silly, USELESS laws as being “for freedom,” when they are NOT. They further limit the rights of the law abiding, while making it easier for those who IGNORE their laws to victimize the rest of us. Banning cars is the brainchild of London Mayor Sadiq Kahn, a Muslim. Which would be okay if he was thinking like a Brit, not a Muslim. He’s thinking like Muslims do in countries where they are in complete control. He is prima facie evidence of the reason why civilized people should NEVER elect a Muslim to a political office. Muslims tend to think and act like ants or bees, with a “hive mentality.” Whatever “the hive” dictates, they do. Which is why Muslims today, all over the world, are being treated like an “endangered species.” Which would not be a problem if they didn’t get taught in the Koran that it is okay to MURDER people who don’t convert to their “religion,” and that it is okay to murder their children if they do something to “dishonor” their family. Personally, I have nothing against Muslims, per se. I DO have something against Muslims who want to KILL us, or are always trying to change our ways and bring THEIR “values” to us, while FORCING us to accept it. If they leave me alone. I leave them alone. (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Racist College Course

How do you CREATE racism in young people? That’s easy. Just create a college course and give it a good-sounding name. Stanford has done just that. They created one called, “Racism and White Nationalism in the Trump Era.” What a mouthful. It pretends to teach about “white nationalism” as something that really exists. And to believe it IS racism. Black against white racism. We’ve come so far in our treatment of black people today that the liberals need to CREATE a new kind of racism, out of “whole cloth.” So they’ve hit on “white nationalism.” An imaginary thing it is impossible to prove actually exists, or that it DOESN’T exist. But liberals insist it does, and tell us that people who deny its existence are racists, themselves. That’s how liberals work. They create something that isn’t real, then call us names when we disagree. And one of their methods is to create a college course with a nice-sounding name, and teach their “flights of fancy” as if they were real. This is how they’re trying to turn the whole race thing around backward, making white people the ones subjugated by black people, thereby making the black race the “superior race.” Naturally, they include their Trump hatred in what they teach. Of course, they’ll call me a racist for writing this, but I expect it. They already have me on several “lists of racists” because I write the truth, even if it criticizes black people. They can’t handle that. I don’t care if people are black, white, yellow, red, or purple with green polka-dots. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS. (Legal Insurrection)

Casparov Talks Turkey

Russian Gary Casparov, one of the finest chess players in the world, who once took on 32 chess computers at the same time and beat them all, expounds on socialism, a system he has lived under for years: “I’m enjoying the irony of American Sanders supporters lecturing me, a former Soviet citizen, on the glories of Socialism and what it means! Socialism sounds great in speech soundbites and on Facebook, but please keep it there. In practice, it corrodes not only the economy but the human spirit itself, and the ambition and achievement that made modern capitalism possible and brought billions of people out of poverty. Talking about Socialism is a huge luxury, a luxury that was paid for by the successes of capitalism. Income inequality is a huge problem, absolutely. But the idea that the solution is more government, more regulation, more debt, and less risk is dangerously absurd.” So next time a “socialist dilettante” who thinks he knows all about it because he has read some propaganda about it, tells you all about how great socialism is, tell him to talk to somebody who LIVED under socialism and find out the truth that socialism is a DRAG on any economy and will eventually ruin it, if practiced. (Just common sense)

Britain: "Gun Control Utopia"

Guns are effectively prohibited, even for most cops, in London, so there should be no crime, no violence, right? WRONG! Recently, in South London, in what APPEARS to be, but may not be a “gang fight,” four young teens were stabbed, one of them disemboweled, with maybe only an 8% chance of living, according to one person. Even knives are “controlled” in London, so how did these CHILDREN get their knives? The same way other criminals get their guns, of course. They IGNORE anti-gun laws (and anti-knife laws) routinely there, just like they do here. Here, those laws are unconstitutional because they are an “abridgment” on our Second amendment rights, even though the Supreme Court hasn’t yet gotten around to declaring them so. Every anti-gun law in America is unconstitutional for that reason. And they are USELESS, in that they only apply to the law-abiding, while the lawbreakers routinely ignore them. Anti-gun fools pass these laws. They don’t work. And they pass even more of them, and all they do is disarm the law-abiding, making it easier for the lawbreakers to victimize them. (Metro)

Monday, November 12, 2018

Ginsberg At Death's Door

I’m 81 and, except for some difficulty walking, I’m fully capable of moving on my own. But I wouldn’t even try to be a Supreme Court Justice because it would mean my death a lot sooner than planned. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is in even worse shape. She’s practically incapable of walking on her own, and took a long time to move from her wheelchair to get into a car, with the help of THREE men. She can barely hold her head up. Liberals made a big thing of her leaving the hospital so soon, but I think it was a mistake on her part. For her to continue as a Justice will mean her death before very long. She’s trying to stay on the Court long enough to thwart any attempt to allow Trump to appoint another conservative Justice, but I think she will fail, because every day she tries to fulfill her obligations as a Justice moves her closer to her death, from overwork. Almost any work she does is overwork for a woman as old as she is, and as frail as she is. I’m younger than she is, and I wouldn’t attempt what she is trying. She is committing suicide by inches in her attempt to keep liberals on the court. And I don’t think she’s going to make it. It’s too bad. She could live a lot longer if she’d just recognize reality and retire. She deserves as long a retirement as possible. (The Horn News)

I Want to Gag

Whenever I hear a liberal say she just “wanted a justice who believed in Roe v. Wade.” What she’s saying is that she wants a justice that believes in the MURDER of defenseless infants in the womb (and sometimes out of it, too). She wants a justice that will rule according to liberal ideas, rather than the law, or the Constitution, which is the base on which ALL our laws sit. They MUST conform to it, or be declared unconstitutional. Of course, that does not stop fool politicians from making them, and enforcing them UNTIL they are declared unconstitutional, after often years of being enforced, and sometimes ruining lives, before they can be brought before the Court. That’s the trouble with the Supreme Court today, as Justices rule on their biases and beliefs, and even on FOREIGN law, rather than on the Constitution and/or the statutes made to conform to it. Just thinking about that makes me want to puke! Justices that do that should be impeached, and “run out of town on a rail.” (Just common sense)

No Crime; Take Guns

In Arizona the governor is pushing for a law that allows them to confiscate (steal) guns from legal owners if a judge “deems them” to be “dangerous,” or if they are incarcerated “on suspicion” of a crime for 21 days or have been on a “mental health incarceration” to SEE if they are mentally deficient. Conviction of a crime or a mental condition not required. Even if no such condition is found. The incarceration is sufficient. This is like the RICO laws. Under RICO, which was PASSED to deprive “rich drug barons” of the right to a proper defense by taking away their money, is now being used to “confiscate” (steal) CARS because of the most minor of crimes, suspicions only. No actual CONVICTION required for their property to be stolen by the government. The RICO laws are unconstitutional, even though they have been enforced for years without being sent to the Supreme Court for a decision. They are unconstitutional because they are DESIGNED to deprive an American citizen of his/her right to a PROPER defense against an out of control government. This law would be unconstitutional also, for the same reasons, since NO CRIME is required to deprive an American citizen of his/her Second Amendment rights, and could be enforced for DECADES before being so designated by the Supreme Court. (Cogito Ergo Geek)

Friday, November 9, 2018

"Just Pay for It!"

That’s what I’d tell newly elected congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who can’t afford an apartment until she gets her first paycheck as a member of Congress. Boo-hoo! Why doesn’t she just “pay for it,” as she advises that we must do to pay for her “flights of fancy” as a liberal electee. I’ve seen some ignorant people elected to office, but this woman is about the most ignorant I’ve ever seen. She is a socialist, but she has no idea what socialism IS. She has no idea how to pay for all her give-away ideas, so she says, “just pay for it.” With what? Where’s the money coming from? Higher taxes, of course. She doesn’t understand that, either. She doesn’t understand ANYTHING. But she is now a Member of Congress. She has many ideas she wants to impose on us, only one of which will bankrupt this nation. That is “free tuition for all.” It sounds good to those who want to live at the expense of others, but it will be the death of America as we know it, if enacted. We will become “Soviet America,” with all its warts, including the death of millions, as happened in Russia under a different form of collectivism, called communism. Socialism and communism only differ cosmetically. Both are different forms of collectivism, a system based on the THEFT of the fruits of the production of new wealth, for the benefit of the “drones” of society, who only want to live at the expense of others. (Liberty Bugle)

Fake News Is Funny!

I can’t believe the anti-Trump fools are so stupid as to believe that a book, based on NOTHING, can bring a president down. Especially not a president that has had as much success as has this one. Bob Woodward’s book, “Fear,” has no real basis in fact, only based on UNNAMED sources, like much of the “fake news” out there today. They concoct a false narrative and publish it, basing their stories on ANONYMOUS sources, and we’re supposed to believe their crap. they’ve been using this scam for many years, because those gullible voters who pay no attention to politics until just before an election believe it. Well, more intelligent people who DO pay attention to politics have “come out of the woodwork” and have voted in a man who can whip them at their own game, because he has never operated in their bailiwick. He has operated in his own, and excelled at it. They can’t hurt him because he is smarter than they are, so they have no way of understanding what he is doing to them. They wish he’d use the old, “time-honored” political methods so they can stop him. But he uses his own methods, and they are incapable of improvising to match his moves. They pride themselves on being two or three steps ahead of their opponents, but Trump is 16 to 20 moves ahead of THEM. He whips them at every turn, and they spend most of their days in a daze, wondering what happened, and they will never know. (Great American Daily)

Armed Civilian Saves Cop

I recently wrote an item about a convicted felon shooting someone to death, then later wounding three cops when they went to apprehend him. In it, I noted (again) that if ONE civilian had been there with his own gun and the proper training in using it, maybe that victim would not have to die. In this case, that’s exactly what happened. A simple traffic stop turned deadly as one man began beating the cop who stopped him and tried to get his gun. A passerby saw this and used his legally owned gun to shoot the attacker, saving that cop’s life. He will not be charged with a crime for shooting that would-be killer to save that cop’s life. Surprise, surprise! Had this armed civilian not been there, that cop may be dead, today. Since he was, and was willing to act, that cop will go home after his shift, and be welcomed by his wife. These things happen daily, but you rarely hear about them in the national news. That’s because the liberal news media, which seems to be in control of the news, refuses to cover such stories, because they don’t advance their anti-gun narrative. (ABC News)