Monday, October 20, 2014

How Stupid Can People Be?

I’ve said, many times, that kids just attaining the age of majority haven’t been on this world long enough to know anything. And they prove it every time they get a chance. In this case, they signed a petition for “Ebola equality”(whatever THAT is), and out of 30 who signed, 17 checked the box saying they would invite Ebola patients to stay in their homes. I'm glad these are not MY kids! This is BEYOND stupidity. This is SUICIDE! An intelligent person doesn’t want an Ebola patient in the same CITY as they are! The same STATE! But to allow them to LIVE with them? I know youngsters aren’t too smart, but this is beyond anything I’ve ever heard! Not only that, they're putting their families in danger. At that age, how many of them live on their own? (Prison Planet)

Freedom FROM Religion?

Freedom OF Religion: that’s what we’re supposed to have in this country, guaranteed by the Constitution. UNLESS we’re opposed to gay marriage and are in the “wedding business,” and are Christian. If we refuse to “service” a gay wedding, on religious, or any pother grounds, we can be sued, and put out of business. When did the gays become so strong? Probably when they became so numerous in politics. Then they make laws and “regulations” that make gay wishes stronger than that of anybody else. In fact, anybody who so much as CRITICIZES gays is ostracized. I have nothing against gays, but I resent them pushing their wishes on me, or mine. I will not stand for that, and they can’t do a thing to me for that. Fortunately for them, I am not in the wedding business. I just don’t give a damn about their pressure, and I say what I wish to say. To make trouble for someone for refusing to bake a cake for their phony “weddings” is CRIMINAL, and I’ll be the first to say it, and to hell with their “pressure.” People are allowed to choose with whom they will do business, by law, for ANY reason, or for NO reason. Any effort to take that right away from them is a CRIME; be it an individual, or a state government, backed up by a corrupt court. Apparently it’s easier to bribe a court than I thought, to make such “findings.” (World Net Daily)

Anti-Gun Hysteria Personified

A five-year-old little girl “drew a gun” in school and was forced to sign a “no suicide contract” at school, while her mother waited OUTSIDE. I thought to law required a parent or child representative to be present at any such action. No, she didn’t “pull a gun” on anybody. She “drew a PICTURE” of a gun—or at least one that RESEMBLED a gun involving a hand and a crayon. And the school :officials” went bananas and forced her to sign a paper containing words she didn’t even understand—words like “suicide,” which she asked her mother about, later. Never mind ANY “contract” signed by a youngster that young isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, and would not stop anything, anyway—if that little girl DID plan somebody’s death or her own suicide. Like a “restraining order,” it would not stop anything if that child did plan murder or suicide. Signing a useless paper would not stop her. But the whole idea of someone so young contemplating murder or suicide is about as stupid as there is. And these are the people who are TEACHING our children. They ought to be forced to attend an “anti-stupidity class.” (Guns Save Lives)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Obama LYING About Ebola

His government is “downplaying” Ebola death statistics in Africa. I don’t know why. Does he WANT Ebola to attain epidemic proportions in America to take attention off his many scandals? The possibility of his personally being exposed is minimal, since even non-Ebola patients are not allowed in his presence until after much screening, which, I’m sure now includes screening for Ebola symptoms. But WHY does he want to bring known Ebola patients HERE? When he could easily send doctors who KNOW how to treat it, along with the required medicines THERE? And not expose Americans to that scourge? Is this man just STUPID, or does he have an ulterior motive? Some of his decisions defy intelligence (and, by intelligence, I mean knowledge, not spying). (Info Wars)

How Could This Happen?

Two students, ON CAMPUS, where guns are forbidden, were robbed at gunpoint. What? Didn’t the robbers know guns were forbidden on campus? I guess they just didn’t care. Maybe it’s because criminals don’t obey laws—or regulations. Or maybe they can’t read. This, again, proves how useless “gun-free zones” are in stopping, or even slowing down, gun violence. Maybe one day the fools who make such laws or rules will “wise up” after a few more people are killed because they have nothing to use to defend themselves against these ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. But I’m not holding my breath. Turning blue doesn’t appeal to me. (Lexington Herald-Leader)

CBS Buries Its Own Poll

CBS ran a poll that told them Obama’s numbers had reached a new LOW, and they buried it. They wanted to maintain the fiction that Obama is not as unpopular are we, who pay attention, know he is. This has served to illustrate how far “in the bag for Obama” they are. And they’re not alone. Every news source there is, except for Fox and some other “alternative” sources is “in the bag” for Obama. They’re “carrying his water” and helping him stay in office, apparently not realizing what a danger he is to this nation. NBC recently offered a COMEDIAN (Jon Stewart) a bunch of money to take over one of their “news shows.” I think he refused, and they gave it to F. Chuck Todd. I wonder how Todd feels, knowing he was the “second choice” to a comedian. In ant case, that shows how they view such shows. As comedy, not news. (Media Research Center)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Another Obama Power Grab

Did you know the Obama administration tried to force banks and other lending institutions to stop dealing with gun makers and sellers? This was a “back-room effort at gun control.” They couldn’t do it with law, so they tried it “under the table.” It was called, “Operation Choke Point,” hoping to achieve de facto gun control by choking off their financing. But it didn’t work. The Judicial Watch found out about it, and publicized it, causing it to fail. The Department of Justice under Holder has become toe worst violator of the Freedom of Information Act, REFUSING to release ANY information about this effort. but the very fact of uncovering what they could prove effectively stopped the scheme. Gun makers and sellers found alternative money sources and have gone on, largely unaffected by Obama’s underhanded efforts. Remember, the people this is aimed have broken no laws. They have only been engaged in activities certain liberal politicians don’t approve of, so they must be “shut down,” legal or not, according to liberal theology. That’s right: “theology.” Liberalism is a RELIGION. And ”unbelievers” are not allowed (Where have I heard that before?). (World Net Daily)

ISIS Crosses Our Southern Border

It’s true. They caught TEN of them. How many got across the border that they DIDN’T catch? They’ve caught more than that, but nobody’s talking about it. And now they’re saying it didn’t happen. That somebody LIED. What IS it with these politicians that they won’t realize that ISIS is a major threat to our lives and way of life and start talking about it when they’re found coming in? Why do the “authorities” insist on calling such things as the Ft. Hood shooting by a PROUD Muslim or the Oklahoma beheading by a KNOWN Muslim, “workplace violence” when they know most of us who pay attention know that’s a scurrilous LIE? Don’t they know that denying the danger Islamic terrorism presents GUARANTEES that we will eventually lose the fight? Is Obama a Muslim, or a Muslim sympathizer? I don’t know. But it certainly LOOKS that way, and other politicians are following his lead. (CBS DC)

Chicago Outlaws Gun Industry

Well, maybe not in fact, but in practice. Their new gun law has so many onerous details that you could probably buy a gun only within ONE BLOCK in Chicago, and they’ve probably go that covered, too, with “import laws.” Of course, that will do NOTHING to stop criminals from buying guns out of the trunks of cars in back alleys; but they don’t even THINK about that. They’re “getting guns off the street.” The fact that the only guns they will “keep off the streets” will be in the hands of HONEST people who will only use them to defend themselves against those criminals is lost on them, as it is lost on ALL anti-gun fools. The fact that their last “gun law” was such a disaster it was declared unconstitutional didn’t faze them, either. They’re DETERMINED to keep guns out of the hands of honest, reliable people. (Town Hall)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Political Correctness Kills

Political Correctness is not only an illegal means of stifling criticism; it is going to kill many people. Ebola, for instance: in the 40s and 40s, people’s homes were often put under quarantine, as the government was trying to contain certain infectious diseases, like polio, measles, mumps, and scarlet fever. It even happened to MINE, once. Nobody felt like they were being “targeted” for their ethnicity or color. They recognized the necessity of it, And most of those diseases have since been eliminated as a major problem. Not today. Today, our incompetent president REFUSES to close our borders to “carriers” of Ebola, a deadly disease that kills 67% of the people who contract it, because he doesn’t want to “offend” anybody, or closing the border will hurt his efforts to make illegal aliens legal. This is “political correctness gone stupid.” Already the number of cases of Ebola found in the United States is growing Now there are THREE who have been thought to have it, and hundreds who are in danger because of associating with those three before they were discovered. This will continue so long as we are not allowed to take serious measures to combat it, and the number of cases will grow, due to the massive INCOMPETENCE in this administration. (Patrick Buchanan)

"Party of Billionaires?"

Millionaire Barack Obama blasts Republicans as the “party of billionaires. Completely ignoring all the billionaires who are Democrats. He whines about the Koch Bros, while ignoring his own billionaires, Tom Steyer, and Bill Gates, and others. Then there’s Harry Ried and Nancy Peelosi, who are both “filthy rich,” and all the Democrat senators and representatives, who are likewise “filthy rich.” It amazes me how Democrats put out easily disproved lies and talk about them as if we didn’t know better. And they get away with it because many of us who pay no attention to politics DON’T know better. It really amazes me how so many criminals get elected to office, and that fact alone makes people unable to believe they ARE criminals, even if they may say so. (Daily Mail)

Mass Killer Fears Gun Owners

Eliot Roger, the 22-year-old who killed six people in California was worried about there being someone there with a gun who could stop his shooting spree before he could kill a many people as he wished. Thus is just more proof that armed people on the scene, unbeknownst to a mass shooter, could make a LOT of difference in a mass shooting situation—and have, several times. Most notably, to me, in Colorado Springs, Colorado church recently, where one tiny armed female stopped a would-be mass shooter who had already killed, in his tracks. They called her a “security person” because the church asked her to act in that capacity when they learned she was armed. But in reality, she was merely a parishioner the would-be mass shooter didn’t know was there. But will the anti-gun fools notice? Doubtful. They’re “hard-wired” not to. (Fox News)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Starving Our Kids

It’s becoming evident that Michelle Obama wants to starve our kids. Recently, a student took a picture of the "lunch" she got at school and it’s not enough to feed a hungry mouse. I wouldn’t eat most of the stuff in it. ONE sprig of dry cauliflower? A couple of small crackers? A couple of pieces of lunch meat, by themselves with NO bread? That looks like what was served to Jewish captives by the Nazis before they gassed them. It’s not nearly enough to keep up the energy kids need to play. It IS enough to STARVE them. Talk about pure INCOMPETENCE! For Obama to allow Michelle to DICTATE this to be fed supposedly healthy children is the act of a damned fool. They won’t be healthy long after eating this for a while. Of course, this student got static from “school officials” for taking this picture and showing it to her parents, thus “letting the at out of the bag,” showing the “starvation diet” she’s being fed at school. Of course, there’s an easy solution to this: tell them to take their “lunches” and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine and pay for your OWN lunches. (EAG News)

Ferguson Prepping for Riots

They’re getting ready for the expected riots to come if the cop who killed that giant thug in self-defense is not convicted of murder. They’re pretty sure he won’t be, because evidence of murder is not there. But they don't care; they want his scalp, anyway. So they will riot, and probably get some more people killed, Maybe some cops, maybe some thugs. Of course, they have completely ignored the fact that Brown was trying to KILL the cop when he shot him. That doesn’t move their narrative forward, so they’re ready to riot. They’re expecting more outside groups to come in and foment the riots, as usual. And they’re afraid the violence will spread outside of Ferguson. One protest leader says “there will be carnage” if the cop is not indicted. So much for “innocent until proved guilty.” (CBS Local)

Moneymaking Proposition

In Illinois, police agencies are “confiscating” (stealing) guns and selling them, and will not answer questions about it. They’re making a lot of money that way. Many people wonder if this is legal, but when you’re dealing with a police agency, he burden of proof that it is NOT legal is on YOU. Some sheriffs are not even selling them, but are taking ownership of some of the guns themselves. One sheriff is actually IN the gunsmithing business, giving him a ready outlet to sell guns he has “confiscated.” A spokesperson for the State Police, says such guns should be returned to their owners, turned over to the State Police (who will probably sell them), or be destroyed. They say once the case has been adjudicated the guns should be returned, destroyed, or turned over to the State Police. One of the things the State Police can do is “any other application as deemed appropriate by the Department.” Which means THEY can sell them if that is “deemed appropriate. ”Illinois Watchdog attempted to question them about this, and they were rebuffed. (The Daily Caller)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Hick" Threatens Voters

He says if he is defeated for re-election, he is going to PARDON a mass-killer. Which points up the fact that “lame-duck” office-holders should not be allowed to make such decisions when they are :lame ducks” and probably mad about being defeated. He has threatened to commute the sentence of mass killer Nathan Dunlap, who killed four people in a “Chucky Cheese” restaurant for children. This is a guy many people think is different from other politicians. I agree. But he is NOT ‘better different,” he’s WORSE. Only an evil man would free a mass murderer if he doesn’t get re-elected. Hickenlooper is known for staying Dunlap’s execution before, so he could escape responsibility for killing him and “pass the buck” to the next governor. That’s a “weak-willy” action by a man who should be strong. I used to like Hick, until I began to see that he was just another “tax and spend Democrat.” He’s a personable guy, but I go by ACTIONS, not character traits. (Breitbart)

"Michelle, Go To Hell"

That’s what school children are telling Michelle Obama about her “orders” regarding their lunch menus. In Burley, Ohio, at least, students are bringing sack lunches (which they should be doing, anyway) to avoid having to eat the unappetizing fare (garbage) she is intent on forcing onto them. Otherwise, they go off campus or skip lunch altogether. When I was in grade school, I had to walk six blocks both ways in one hour to get lunch at home. In high school, I went off campus to a restaurant, There was no thought of a school-provided lunch, at all, and I never starved. It’s the usual story. Liberals get you used to their handouts, then start making “rules” to control what you can eat. In other areas, the students merely throw the school-provided “food” in the garbage (where it belongs). Many students are telling their parents the food they’re given at school is inedible. Schools say there’s nothing they can do about it because they NEED the money the feds give them. That’s how the feds control things. (EAG News)

No Guns Involved

At least not on the criminal side. “On March 1st a group of attackers armed with knives stormed a Chinese train station, killing at least 29 and injuring more than 130 others before good guys with guns showed up to end the attack.” “China has used draconian gun control measures to keep the Chinese people disarmed. However, as the attack on March 1st reminds us, once a population is disarmed, a successful attack with more primitive weapons becomes feasible.” But as usual, the only people who are not armed in Communist China are the HONEST people who OBEY laws. Criminals, even in communist nations, still have no trouble getting guns. These attackers apparently disdained guns, and died for it (4 of 5 attackers were shot dead by arriving police) after killing 29 people and injuring 130. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Helping Muslims "Avoid Sin"

While still “getting some.” It’s a “sin” for Muslims to have sex outside of marriage—unless it is with a whore. So they capture young women and DECLARE them whores so their men can screw them without “committing a sin.” You’ve probably heard about the “temporary marriage”: possible under Islam. That’s where a man “temporarily” marries a whore one night, and “divorces” her the next morning by walking down the street crying, “I divorce thee” so their sexual liaison cannot, under Islam, be called a sin. In all their “campaigns” they capture young women and designate them as “whores” so they can screw them without committing a sin. This is the kind of perverted actions (outside of screwing children) that are APPROVED under Islam. They’ve really got it figured out. And if they die trying to “convert” people, they get 74 “virgins” of their own in “paradise” to screw to their heart’s content, somehow without destroying their “virgin” status. Damn, what a “self-serving system!” (CNS News)

Crippling Obama

The biggest problem for the last six years has been Obama’s “rubber stamp congress” approving every silly “flight if fancy” Obama comes up with, primarily including Obamacare, which is the worst thing to be forced upon us in years. The only reason it passed was because we didn’t know what was in it (and today's Congress doesn't read the bills they pass into law, anyway), a situation that was enshrined by Nancy Peelosi’s infamous stupid statement, “We need to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” If Obama were ALONE in DC, he’ll have a harder time getting his fool laws passed. So what we need to do is get rid of all his sycophants in DC so he can’t get anything passed. He will have to do everything with executive orders, which are easily reversed by the next president, who we hope will be a little more intelligent. (American Thinker)

What Changed?

Way back when, you could buy an “automatic weapon” in any hardware store for about $15. In those days there were NO “mass shootings.” Today, you can hardly get one legally, ANYWHERE. Now crazies are going into “Gun Free Zones” everywhere and killing people, some with automatic weapons they can’t buy legally. What is different now than then? Guns are hard for HONEST people who OBEY laws to get. So more and more of them are disarmed. Back then, every kid had his “squirrel gun” and could “bark a squirrel” at 20 paces or more. Today, kids only know guns as TOYS. They’ve never been told that if they point one at somebody and pull the trigger, they won’t have to say, “BANG.” The gun will do it for them as it kills whomever it is pointed at. The biggest mistake we ever made was in NOT teaching kids about guns. I remember a time when I was a kid, getting into my dad’s closet and finding a gun. Fortunately, it wasn’t loaded and I never thought to play with it. So I never killed anybody. Not so with many other kids, ignorant of how dangerous they can be to play with. (Aurora Sentinel)