Thursday, September 18, 2014

Press Ignores Islamic Brutality

Islamic terrorists slice off the breasts of Christian girls (probably right after raping them), saw off people’s heads with rusty knives (on video for all the world to see), and the liberal media yawns. What is WITH them? Do they WANT the Islamic fools to win? Meanwhile, Obama “wrings his hands” at the possibility that people will associate these atrocities with Islam. What’s WRONG with these people? Are they “in league” with the Islamic killers? Or are they just STUPID? Now a NUN speaks out against their atrocities, and does the liberal media react? Yes; they vilify her. She talks about the liberal media’s enragement about a football player taking a switch to his son, but can’t take a MINUTE to report on the atrocities of the Islamic terrorists. Where are their PRIORITIES? Do they have any? I guess their priority is to protect Islam from ANY criticism for their crimes against nature. The liberal media is more concerned with the impending royal birth than with the atrocities committed by Muslims. (PatriotAction Network)

Students Are Stupid

They’re signing a petition to pressure Obama to SUPPORT our enemies, ISIS! How stupid IS this? It’s about as stupid as it gets, and it reflects the conditioning the students have been subject to for their entire school life. They have not only had information KEPT from them, they’re been taught things that are just not true. Yes, the Catholic Church ONCE did some amazingly bad things back in the days when EVERYBODY was stupid. But they “cleaned up their act” later, and don’t do such tings today. Muslims NEVER “cleaned up their act” and are STILL beheading unbelievers for nothing more than not believing the exact same way they do. But for us to SUPPORT them? That’s unbelievably stupid! That’s like pressing to SUPPORT the NAZIS during WWII! Those students will be among the FIRST people the terrorists kill if they ever gain the upper hand in America. They don’t understand this, and they’ll fight you if you try and set them straight. (Campus Reform)

They Aren't Too Smart

One wonders why Islamic terrorists are beheading people (including little girls—after raping them thoroughly) in front of cameras (not thew rape part) after patiently awaiting our exit from Iraq and Afghanistan so they could rape and murder without problems from us. Are they just STUPID? Don’t they know that doing such things will only harden our resolve and cost them many of their own lives? And probably the loss of their entire purpose? I’ve always thought those who truly BELIEVED in Islam weren’t too smart. Now they confirm it by doing something really STUPID. Yes, beheading Americans and Britons is horrifying. But WILL NOT “terrorize” us; all it will accomplish is more and harder attacks against them. Muslims wonder why they are “persona non-grata” in the United States, and that shows the depth of their stupidity. They can now expect us to DESTROY them, to a man. Not just “reduce their numbers” and “slow them down,” making them a manageable problem.” They are now ALL marked for death. They will become a “manageable problem” when they’re all dead. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Holder Issues "Fatwa"

He has “issued a fatwa” prohibiting states from using zoning laws to prohibit the building of Islamic mosques, just as if he had the AUTHORITY to prohibit ANYTHING the states do. Additionally, this is further evidence of Obama’s willingness to help Muslims in any of their endeavors. One place zoning laws were used to prohibit the building of a mosque right on the site of Islamic terrorism’s biggest (accidental) success (9/11) was in New York City. Muslims have a habit of building mosques on the sites of their successful atrocities, and Obama wants them to be able to do that in the United States (I think they should be prohibited from building mosques ANYWHERE in America, just like they prohibit the building of Christian churches in places they control). You don’t think so? Look at other decisions he has made in the favor of the Muslims, and I’m SURE Holder would not have attempted this without the approval of his boss. (American Thinker)

Peelosi's Gone "Round the Bend"

She’s the one who said, about the Obamacare bill, “We have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it.” Since when must we pass a bill into law without knowing what’s in it? That’s got to be the STUPIDEST statement I’ve ever heard a member of the House say! And I've heard some stupid ones. Frankly, I think this fool is becoming senile and nobody will admit it. Now she says, “Civilization is doomed if the Republicans take control after the next election.” What? A party that simply wants to reverse the incursions into our rights the Democrats have caused and stop their insane spending are  “danger to civilization? Talk about being an EXTREMIST! And this is the fool who RAN the House when the Democrats were in a slight majority there. The one who is responsible for most of the ills that now beset us. And she says the REPUBLICANS will “destroy civilization?”  The DEMOCRATS are even now in the process of destroying us! I always say when a fool wants to display his/her IGNORANCE, just step back and let him/her. That she is doing, so well. (The Blaze)

Waiting Period Violates Constitution

A judge last year ruled that “waiting periods” burdened the constitutional right to keep and bear arms for self defense. The Constitution says the government must NOT make ANY LAW (ANY law) that inhibits the right of citizens to be armed. This law DOES make such a limitation because it FORCES people to WAIT while trying to obtain the means for self defense in a timely fashion. There have been many cases where people have been KILLED by the person they feared, BEFORE they could legally get their gun. In at least one case where that person went ahead and got an ILLEGAL gun, her life was saved, since he tried to kill her while she waited for her gun license and she killed him. (World Net Daily)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Benghazi Documents "Scrubbed"

Hillary Clinton confidants were part of an operation to “separate” damaging documents before they were turned over to the Accountability Review Board investigating security lapses surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attacks on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya. According to former Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell, the after-hours session took place over a weekend in a basement operations-type center at State Department headquarters in Washington, D.C. This is the first time Maxwell has publicly come forward with the story.” One of the problems with having criminals in political office is that the CRIMINALS are in charge of the evidence and can simply destroy it if it becomes to “bothersome.” And I’d bet THAT Obama was aware of the “srubbing,” and approved of it. And this criminal can still make “rulings” and “scrub” evidence until January 20, when he will be FORCED to relinquish the office (I hope). (FreedomOutpost)

Why So Cocksure?

A woman asks a pro-gun activist, “Why are you so cocksure gun control doesn’t work?” The answer is simple: it doesn’t. Not the way they do it today, and yesterday. They aim at the guns themselves, as if they were dangerous in, and of themselves. In so doing, they create more and more UNARMED VICTIMS for criminals, who don’t OBEY laws, to victimize. It’s logical. They impose “gun-free ones,” which mean NOTHING to criminals, who carry their guns into them, anyway—because they don’t care about “gun-free zones” and regard them as “shooter-free zones” where there will not be any guns there to oppose them as they victimize those who OBEY laws and rules. It’s not “gun control” that doesn’t work, it’s the DIRECTION in which gun controllers go in “controlling gun violence” by limiting ownership and use of guns for SELF-DEFENSE, while doing nothing to PUNISH the USERS of guns in the commission of a crime. If they aimed their efforts in that direction, I’d be all for “gun control.” But not the “gun control” as they now use it. (Extrano’s Alley)

We're Gonna Lose

We’re losing the war on Islamic terrorism, mostly because we’re not really fighting it. And that’s because our political leaders are not ALLOWING us to fight it. Barack Obama IS a Muslim. He figures, like most Muslims, that the whole world ought to be Muslim. So he makes a few gestures (like blowing up a couple of pickup trucks on video) to make us THINK he’s doing something to stop ISIS. Meanwhile, he leaves their command structure and supply lines strictly alone so he won’t do them too much damage. If we don’t wake up and get “on the ball” (which will never happen as long as he is president), we’re going to lose, and lose badly. He’s crippling our border defenses so Muslim terrorists can cross our borders at will with impunity, and set up their “cells” within the United States, so as to kill as many Americans as possible. He's trying valiantly to disarm Americans so we can't properly fight when they come her to kill us. They want to make an Afghanistan out of America. They have promised us a “river of blood,” and to “raise the flag of Islam over the White House,” and they may well do so if we don’t start ADMITTING we are AT WAR with them and start acting like it. You can’t win a war if you refuse to fight it. (American Thinker)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Why Do Liberals Want Us Disarmed?

They SAY it’s to “keep guns away from criminals.” But their laws do NOTHING to accomplish that lofty goal. All they do is give illegally armed criminals a steady supply of UNARMED victims. Is that their goal? Do they want us disarmed so that, when their thugs come to take what’s ours, they will not be met by a gun in the hands of their intended victims?  Or is Obama a “closet Islamic terrorist” who is “preparing us” for the “invasion” to come, by his refusal to enforce border controls while disarming us? Can people not put “two and two together?” Islamic terrorists FAVOR “gun control” in the United States so there will be fewer guns here to oppose them when they “make their move” to kill as many Americans as they can. Is he working to help them? I think so, but I can’t convince others that their own president is a saboteur who wants the enemy to win. They just call me an “extremist” and move along. (Just common sense)

"Juiciest Irony Ever!"

Obama ran on an anti-war platform. He called Bush’s war in Iraq a “disaster,” and “unnecessary” since Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. But it DID. It provided a “safe harbor” for terrorists where they could recruit, train, and finance their murder sprees. An airplane fuselage mockup that was used to train terrorists for 9/11. Liberals say we LOST in Iraq, but that’s a typical liberal LIE. We won in Iraq in a week. Our tanks were passing behind Saddam’s PR hack, even as he told the world we were losing. But to liberals, the mere fact that we were a “presence” there said the war was not over. In that case, I guess we never won WWII, either. But now that “reluctant warrior” is finding it necessary to go back into Iraq and put the ISIS down before they gain enough strength to become a real problem. That’s a “juicy irony” as Rush says. When I found out Obama was going back into Iraq, I laughed all the way home. I guess Obama will call me a racist for saying this. The liberals are right. We DID lose in Iraq. But not until Obama told his troops to “cut and run,” leaving the terrorists all that military hardware. We “snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.” And we’re ready to do it again in Afghanistan. (Rush Limbaugh)

Liberals Jumping Up and Down

Because Rush Limbaugh’s two books for children, which set the record straight about U. S. history, are top sellers. The New York Times hates it, but both books have been on their best-seller list for a long time. CHILDREN (they youngest I heard call was 10) are calling his show to tell him how valuable they think these books are. TEACHERS are using them as TEXTBOOKS in class! Mothers are calling to praise it to the skies. And liberals are very angry because it works to reverse their attempts to LIE to America about their own history. I noticed the other day that most college students (who were about 5 when 9/11 happened) had no idea what 9/11 was! It isn’t taught about in schools. They SAY they don’t want to frighten the children, but I know the real reason. They just don’t want them to KNOW about it. We’ve needed books like this for a long time, and I hope Obama doesn’t find an excuse to ban it. By the way: I don't get a DIME out of the sales of these books. I just think it's about time somebody published one or two like them. (Rush Limbaugh)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Fight Continues

Many people refer to the ongoing fight in this world as one of POLITICS, between conservatives and liberals. They’re wrong. It’s a fight between people who want to make their own decisions in life, and those who want to make them FOR them; a fight between collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism, and many other names) and the wish for the freedom to decide things for themselves. Between liberty, or slavery. That’s not “politics, it’s COMMON SENSE, Every person is BORN with a list of rights, the first among them is the right to make his/her own decisions in life. Any attempt to establish a collectivist regime MUST take away those rights and give them to the “collective.” I will NEVER concede my right to make my own decisions to ANY person. I will fight, with all my strength, ANY attempt to make them FOR me. (Just common sense)

ISIS Favors Gun Control

For Americans, at least. I don’t know what’s happening, but I tried to get to JPFO, the source for this, and it would not load. Either directly to the article, or the JPFO, themselves. Maybe their server crashed because so few people thought about it and wanted to read the article. But it’s obvious that ISIS would favor gun control for Americans. Unarmed people are easier for their thugs to kill, and serves to keep most of THEM alive while doing the killing. Tojo refused to let the Japanese attack the American mainland for a good reason: “There’d be a gun behind every blade of grass.” ISIS doesn’t want that, so they favor gun control for Americans. Obama is playing right into their hands by working HARD to take the right of self-defense away from Americans. He swears otherwise, but you know how he lies. Israel is holding its own against Islamic terrorists because everybody there is armed) (JPFO)

Armed Robbers Rob Students

Where? On a “gun-free” school campus, of course. Do they go where guns are allowed? NO; they only go where they’re pretty sure there won’t be any guns to oppose them. People intent on breaking the law anyway don’t worry about breaking the law that says they can’t bring guns on campus. That’s a given. Laws like that only work to make SURE their intended victims won’t be armed. They only work on people who OBEY laws. When will the anti-gun fools figure this out? Maybe never; they just aren’t intelligent enough. We point that fact out to them time and time again, but they continue to make their USELESS anti-gun for honest people laws, which do not apply to those who don’t obey ANY laws. Surprise, surprise! (Personal Liberty Digest)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

"Only Bigots Don't Like Sharia Law"

That’s what Maxine Waters (D-CA) says, again revealing her abysmal STUPIDITY. How this fool ever got elected to ANY office is beyond me, unless a majority of voters in her district are stupid, too—as many are. I wrote a book called, “Pay ATTENTION to Politics!” Which tells the story. Rush Limbaugh calls such people “low-information voters,” but he’s being too easy on them. They’re STUPID people to put such a damned fool in office—and to do it more than once shows CLINICAL stupidity. Maxine’s problem is, she has no argument, so she resorts to name-calling, immediately. Why she LIKES this abysmally stupid, and unconstitutional system of “law” is beyond me, except for her stupidity. The REAL bigots are people like her, who insult people if they don’t think the same way they do. I can only hope her constituents wake up and “send her packing” before she gets her wish for Sharia Law to come here. She has already shown that she is a traitor to everything American. She doesn’t know she will be one of the first murdered if it ever does, since she is “part of the ruling class” and they’re too dense to see the difference and that she, along with Obama, is their friend. She blames the view of Islam as being a threat to the security of this country on the politicians in Congress, as usual completely IGNORING the mass murders, the raping and beheading of CHILDREN the Islamic terrorists commit. I swear, with that wig, she’s looking more like Marge in “The Simpsons” than anyone else. (FreedomOutpost)

Legal Lynch Mob

In Ferguson, MO, that’s what they have. A small-time thug was shot to death while attempting to kill a cop who tried to stop him from walking down the middle of a street, and now people are “marching in the streets” to get the COP convicted of murder. What has happened in this country to ALLOW such people to DICTATE action against a cop who was only defending himself? It all started in Israel where the international media condemned Israel for DEFENDING HERSELF against the daily rocket bombings and murders that were committed by Palestinians, and the idea to condemn people for defending themselves continued to Ferguson, where they are now DEMANDING the conviction, for murder, of a cop who had to kill a thug in defense of his own life. (The Blaze)

How Media Screws It Up

“Summer snow blankets Denver.” That’s the headline in many places, and it’s a lie (well, a misconception, anyway). They show pictures from up in the mountains WEST of Denver and say it’s IN Denver—and they believe it. Frankly, I’ve never seen a news story about an event I was personally involved in where they got it right, and this is illustrative of that. I’m personally involved in this one because I LIVE in Denver, and I have yet to see a snowflake. Maybe one fell early this morning, but it melted as soon as it hit the ground. This illustrates how the national media handles many stories about “flyover country.” They take it off the wires and make their own interpretations. They have no appreciation for what REALLY goes on here. (MyFox DC)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Expecting A Shooting

I have every expectation that somebody will be shot to death in a Panera Bread restaurant before too long. Or a Jack In The Box. Why? Because they have announced to the world that there will be no guns there to oppose a potential shooter. Wannabe shooters don’t care if a restaurant has adopted a policy not to allow guns on their premises. They bring theirs, anyway. Especially to places where they figure they can be pretty sure nobody else will have a gun because of the stupid policies of the owners. Such policies are an open INVITATION to such people to “come in and shoot us up” because there will be nobody else there with a gun to oppose you. People still don’t realize this as they create more and more “gun-free zones.” They will finally, one day, realize it, but not until many people have died from their stupidity. (The Blaze)

Journalistic Ignorance About Guns

That’s exactly what this is. They know absolutely NOTHING about guns, yet they pretend to tell you how to “beat the NRA.” This is an excellent example of the journalistic IGNORANCE the anti-gun fools use to put pressure on people who ALSO know nothing about guns to make their useless gun laws that only serve to keep HONEST people unarmed. They say Derringers are one the most dangerous guns out there. Does ANYBODY use a Derringer any more? Outside of “riverboat gamblers,” who might keep one up their sleeves. This is a “lesson learned.” To examine what they put out CAREFULLY to find the lies it contains, and to NEVER believe ANYTHING the anti-gun fools put out. If they can’t find FACTS to support their ideas (and they usually can’t), they just “make it up as they go along.” The story of Kayree Reid is a good example of my thesis that if more honest people had guns, much gun violence would stop. They didn’t tell the whole story here, about the MOTIVE of the shooter, if any. But if Reid had had a gun, the story might have been a lot different. Frankly, I think this was a gang shooting and I KNOW the shooter was in possession of an ILLEGAL gun. I think being shot so many times in an indication of the CULTURE in which he lives. I’d BET he’s a gang member and those shootings were retaliation. (Rolling Stone)

Only One Side Allowed

The University of Ohio held a meeting dedicated to slamming Israel for defending itself against Palestinian atrocities and, when four students stepped up to DEFEND Israel, they called in the law to arrest them for “disrupting a lawful meeting.” Since when has it been an offense, in America, to DEFEND an opposite opinion In what is supposed to be a “free country?” And especially by reading from a CONSERVATIVE BLOG? Liberals want to think conservatism is the “minority opinion” in this country, but Reagan’s landslide wins in TWO elections proved otherwise. Only being FOOLED into electing his Vice President as his successor led to a parade of liberals to come after—until we “woke up” and started looking at people who say, and DO what we would do, which scared them to death. So they demonized the best of them and convinced even conservatives that they were unelectable. How they got so powerful they could demonize ALL opposition, I don’t know. But, like most cancers, they need to be “cut out.” (The Blaze)