Friday, September 20, 2019

"California Hates Trump"

That’s the narrative, and what California politicians like their governor think. Then why was President Trump able to come to California and “troll them” while raising $15 million dollars from its citizens? Maybe they don’t hate him as much as the liberal politicians there think they do. That’s the big problem with liberals. They steal so many elections locally they think they’re in the majority everywhere. They refuse to believe it when they find out otherwise. Rush Limbaugh made some good suggestions: “I think Trump ought to start going to California. I think he ought to go there once a month. I think the Republican National Committee ought to schedule a debate in California,” Limbaugh said on his radio show. “I think the campaign should have ads showing and highlighting the homelessness in downtown Los Angeles and pointing out that this is what happens when Democrats run things with no opposition, no checks, no balances.” Maybe he won’t go there once a month, but he’s doing almost all the other things Limbaugh suggested, and is making the liberal California politicians barf in their Wheaties. A lot of people think he will win re-election without California. I think he’s going to take that state easily because most of the population there loves him though they won’t say it because they don’t want some loony liberal to punch them in the face. They just give him their money to contribute to an expected 50-state majority. (Legal Insurrection)

Destroying the Coal Industry

As if spending millions (maybe billions) to make all law-abiding Americans defenseless against the millions of illegal guns out there wasn’t enough, Obama wanted to target the coal industry. Like most liberal Dumocrats, he wanted to do all he could to make life more difficult for all Americans. Never mind the many good things coal does for this country; all the jobs that will be lost if he succeeds. Forget the fact that coal is the base on which many industries sit, including the power industry. Without coal, there will be no electricity, and do you want that? Do you want to go back 100 years and live in log cabins, using candles for enough light to read by at night, no television, no Internet, no cell phones, no cars, having to “hitch up” the horse before you can go anywhere? He wants to kill the coal industry and replace it with that failed “windmill” industry that has proven itself INCAPABLE of producing enough power to meet our needs. Never mind his plans will cause devastation to employees in many industries, not only coal jobs lost, but jobs lost in other industries dependent on coal. Bloomberg is, like most liberals, short-sighted. He actually believes that global warming/climate change crap, and is willing to put his money where his mouth is, even if it destroys society. (Daily Caller)

"More Likely To Be Shot"

A recent “study” showed that if you lived in states with looser gun laws, you were more likely to be shot by the cops. “The study, from researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Northeastern University found that people were 3.6 times more likely to be involved in fatal police shootings if they lived in the 10 states with the most guns — Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina and West Virginia — than if they lived in the five states with the least — Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.” I’d say, “Not if you don’t try and commit a crime with your gun, or point it at a cop.” Pointing a gun at a cop, whether it’s legal or illegal, is a death sentence. I don’t know where these fools get their figures, but at a guess I’d say they make them up, to prove their point—which is to disarm all Americans and make them “easy targets” for those who routinely IGNORE their fool laws. If you look into the people who do these “studies,” you will find they all are anti-gun fools, and their “studies” always tend to “prove their point.” (ABC)

Thursday, September 19, 2019

They'e At It Again!

Dumocrats have dredged up an old, then discredited accusation of sex abuse against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh in yet another attempt to get him off the Court, so they can “have their way” with this country. One thing about the Dumocrats: they never give up. If something doesn’t work, they do it again and again, hoping for a different result. Wait a minute; isn’t that the very DEFINITION pf insanity? This is such an old con we’re getting tired of it. Accuse somebody of sexual attack without any kind of proof, treat it as if the accusation proves it’s true, and “run with it.” The very way they treat ANY accusation of sexual misconduct lends itself to this kind of abuse. All a woman has to do is ACCUSE somebody of sexual impropriety and that, alone, creates an atmosphere of guilt. They even sometimes hide the identity of the accuser so the accused can’t even confront his accuser, as in all other kinds of accusations. Such accusations can forever ruin a man’s life, even without proof. In this case, even they accuser is not talking! She can’t even REMEMBER it happening! (Legal Insurrection)

Democrats Slam Trump

Of course. If President Trump walked on water, they’d slam him for “disturbing the flow.” This time they’re slamming him for actually making a deal with Mexico to stop the “runaway immigration (invasion) on our border.” Something other presidents have tried, and failed to do. This is just more of him actually DOING what he says he will do, when others either couldn’t, or didn’t bother. The liberal media will predictably either slam him, or ignore his accomplishment. But that’s the way the Dumocrats (and other liberals) handle it when Trump “whips them” again. Ignore it, or find something they can criticize. But history will recognize the fact that Trump is the best president we’ve ever had, probably after he’s long dead. But wiser heads will one day prevail over the petty, subversive Dumocrats, who only want to “get rid of him,” no matter how many accomplishments he has. Each one of his stupendous accomplishments are, to them, a defeat. They will still try to impeach him, and if (when) they fail at that, they will try, after he is out of office, to put him in prison. “Nervous Nancy” has inadvertently revealed that plan. (CNBC)

"Everybody I know"

Gabby Giffords (a well-known anti-gun fool) asked a bunch of kids from the West side of Chicago, where there are some of the toughest anti-gun laws known to man, if they knew anybody who had been shot, she said every child raised their hands. What she didn’t ask is, “How many of the guns used in these shootings were legally-owned?” That’s a question never asked in such cases, and these fools “cherry-pick” the areas in which they ask such silly questions to get such answers. If you ask those questions in most areas you’ll get a very different answer. The point here is that ALL their highly touted “gun laws” are in effect in Chicago, but the number of gun deaths and injuries remains high. Why? First of all, the kind of people who regularly use a gun to settle an argument are not the kind of people who OBEY gun laws, or ANY kind of laws, for that matter. This is something they NEVER admit in their quest to make all Americans DEFENSELESS against such people. Every law they make, makes it easier for those law breakers to victimize those of us who OBEY their stupid laws. But they never admit that. They just want to disarm us, making us “sitting ducks” for those who ignore their silly laws. (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Penis In Your Hand

One would think a woman (then a young girl) would remember if somebody at a drunken frat party thrust a penis into her hand. But then when the Dumocrats set out to ruin somebody, logic doesn’t matter. False sex attacks are “the usual thing” Dumocrats use when trying to ruin somebody. They’ve tried it several times with Kavanaugh, and they tried it with President Trump. They’ve tried it with many More. It’s the “go to scam” they use when they’re desperate, and can’t come up with anything else to use in destroying people they don’t like. I guess it really happens often enough that it just MIGHT be true, and that’s what they count on. Couple that with the way they treat sexual misconduct allegations from women—they require NO PROOF whatsoever, and won’t even reveal the name of the accuser in most cases. Her unsupported word, or the unsupported word of somebody else is enough to ruin a man, just because they were ACCUSED. I, myself, was once so accused when I worked at Avis. The very accusations were so absurd they weren’t followed up, and nothing came of them. But I was not allowed to know WHO the accusers were, and the accusations themselves required I be questioned about it. (Just common sense)

Not About Women's Rights!

Dumocrats love to equate murdering defenseless infants for the “convenience” of the parents with “a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body.” But it is NOT about that. If it were, prostitution would be legal. It is about that helpless infant’s right to stay alive, in spite of parents who want to murder it so they won’t have to be bothered to raise it for 18 years. That crap about “women’s rights” is just a smoke screen to cover up their wish to kill their child. The fact is, the whole abortion question is about whether or not a parent can have her child MURDERED without suffering the consequences of murder. Yes, there are cases where abortion is proper. Such as to save the life of the mother. But it should NEVER be considered for the CONVENIENCE of the parent. And that’s what abortion on demand is: murder for the convenience of the murderer. They can screen it as being about women’s rights all they want, but it is still murder. It KILLS a child. They can call that child a “nonviable mass” all they like, but it is a human being they are murdering. Maybe an unknown Einstein who can change the world. But we’ll never know, will we? (Just common sense)

"Gun Nuts Are Terrorists"

That’s what one (Dumocrat, of course) anti-gun fool in Tennessee says, anyway. They call us “gun nuts” for insisting on our constitutional rights. He’s referring to those of us who wish to retain the constitutional RIGHT to own and use a gun for self defense, against those who IGNORE all their short-sighted laws that only make life easier for criminals to victimize the law-abiding. He says nothing about those who routinely IGNORE their silly laws and get their guns ILLEGALLY. Those are the ones who are closer to being “terrorists,” not the law-abiding, who OBEY their stupid laws. This wildly “out there” politician is trying to paint himself as a “moderate,” something that most Dumocrats do, and then they work to pass some of the most extreme laws ever while still claiming to be “moderate.” And they think we believe that crap. The language used by the writer in this article is unfortunate, so be forewarned. The amazing thing to me is that this candidate is trying to present himself as a “pro-gun candidate,” using an OUTDATED former NRA rating in his campaign. The NRA is demanding he get rid of the ads claiming NRA support. (Washington Free Beacon)

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Swamp Sits In Judgment

It really pains me to see the “swamp members” President Trump has pledged to “drain” sitting in judgment on his people, pretending they are “enforcing the law,” as if they were some kind of law-enforcers, when they are the criminals President Trump promised to “drain.” It’s actually funny to see Jerry Nadler, he of the pants belted around his shoulders, sitting on his “throne,” as if he weren’t one of the biggest crooks in DC. It’s like a Western, where the hero goes into the bar to get the criminal, only to find him sitting their wearing a sheriff’s badge, running their “court.” Now they’re putting Cory Lewandowsky through the wringer, pretending he did something wrong, and that they can find something they can pin on President /trump. The attempted coup continues on. And that’s what it is. An attempted coup designed to remove a legally elected president from office on false claims. They’ve tried everything; from the phony “Russian collusion” scam to the phony sex crimes accusations on Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, and it hasn’t worked.  Since that didn’t work, and Kavanaugh was confirmed, they’re now bringing new “charges,” based on a false New York Times article, since withdrawn when it was found that the supposed victim could not remember such a thing happening, yet liberal fools are still demanding Kavanaugh “step down” because THEY SAY “It’s clear he lied before the committee,” when it’s more clear he DID NOT. You'd think a young girl would remember somebody putting a penis in her hand, wouldn't you?  (Business Insider)

All the Criminals Assembled

This editorial cartoon has identifiable images of almost all the main criminals in DC assembled, all calling for the impeachment of the one honest man in the equation. Except for the ones working behind the scenes to “get Trump” before he gets them. That’s what I’ve always liked about editorial cartoons. The reduce things to understandable principles, whichever side they’re on. (Gary Varvel)

"Unlicensed Gun Dealer"

It really amazes me the way politicians “dance around” to keep from calling something what it is. In this case they call the CRIMINAL who sold the gun that killed a cop an “unlicensed gun dealer.” One of the guns he sold was a Glock 26 9 mm handgun, that ended up in the hands of a four-time felon who used it in February to kill Chicago police Cmdr. Paul Bauer in a shocking daylight shooting in the heart of the Loop, according to recently filed federal documents. It’s the same thing when they insist we call an “illegal alien” an “undocumented immigrant,” thus DEcriminalizing (they hope) the crime that illegal alien committed in entering this country illegally. Of course, the Chicago cops emphasized the fact that the gun used in killing this cop “came from out of state.” Forget that ALL guns, legal or illegal, “come from out of state” unless the manufacturer is IN that state. It’s a “fact without significance.” They talk about “how easy and lucrative” illegal gun sales can be, while masking the action with that “good sounding” phrase, “unlicensed gun dealer.” They refuse to see that NONE of their anti-gun fool laws touch this criminal because they only seem to apply to the law-abiding. This criminal was under their view, but he succeeded in selling this gun to a felon, anyway. (Chicago Tribune)

Friday, September 13, 2019

"Some People Did Something"

That’s what Rep. Ilhan Omar said about the 9/11 terrorist airplane bombing of the World trade Center that murdered 3,000 innocent people for no reason other than they were Americans, not Muslims. This boob refuses to even SAY Muslim terrorists because she IS a Muslim. And she’s worse than a terrorist because she has conned her way into a position of power that allows her to have a say in what laws are made for AMERICANS, NOT Muslims. She has made no bones about being loyal to ISLAM, not to America and, as such, has no business helping make the laws WE must obey, considering her very way of thinking, which is not ours. As such, she refuses to recognize the totality of that action, let alone call it what it was, a Muslim-created atrocity. This woman has no business representing any part of America, just as I would have no business representing a Muslim country because of my way of thinking. I don’t know what the people in her home state were thinking, considering her way of thinking, and her “way out there” habits. This woman should never have been elected to Congress. The very fact she was shows a clear weakness in our system. The father of that 9/11 victim was very right in “calling her out” on the way she described 9/11. (Breitbart)

"Always In My Prayers"

Nancy Peelosi says, “Trump is always in my prayers.” Yeah, right! As Branco’s latest cartoon shows, her prayers are that they can destroy President Trump before the 2020 election. Nancy is at the forefront of the “swamp dwellers” and has really “come out of the closet” lately about it. She’s deathly afraid of impeachment because she knows the Senate will not convict him, and there aren’t really any “crimes or misdemeanors” they can point to that he is guilty of. That has been proven after almost two years of the Mueller “investigation” (witch hunt). But Nancy has a big problem; as a “dues-paying” member of the swamp, she has to find a way to derail President Trump before he succeeds in “draining the swamp.” He showed that he was serious when he had AG Barr launch an investigation into the Dumocrat “investigations” and their unconstitutional methods, that not only unearthed NOTHING on him, but ruined several good men for very little. They’re still working hard to destroy anybody they can who once worked for Trump, or even shook his hand once. They just had their puppets in New York send Trump’s very short-time campaign manger (Paul Manafort) to Riker’s Island, a STATE institution, (and he’s a federal prisoner). just to punish him more—and he only worked for Trump a couple of months. They are terrified Trump will get to them before they get to him, and it’s getting worse every day. (A.F. Branco)

"What Don't You Get?"

I have to ask, every day, of anti-gun fools in government, and those anti-gun fools out of government who spend all their time and a lot of Bloomberg’s money trying to “get around” the Second Amendment, this question: “What part of ‘The right of all Americans to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged’ do you not understand?” Anti-gun fools MUST be stupid. They KNOW the Second Amendment PROHIBITS the making of ANY LAW that “abridges” the right to be armed, but they insist on making more and more of them, every day. That’s while the ones they have already made FAIL to do anything about the “gun crime” problem, because the “bad guys” simply IGNORE them and get their guns ILLEGALLY, either by buying them from other criminals in a back alley somewhere, or just stealing them. It is a rare thing when a LEGAL gun owner does something illegal with his gun, or guns. Meanwhile, they keep adding to the list of “gun-free zones” that do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down gun violence, anywhere. In fact, every singe mass shooting has occurred IN a “gun-free zone.” Criminals freely tell us that they SEEK OUT gun-free zones, in which to do their “dirty work.” So what the hell GOOD are they? They just add to the problem. (Liberty Park Press)

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Criminals Running "Investigations"

It pains me to see the political criminals in “the swamp” pretending to be the “bringer of justice” to President Trump, who has done nothing to merit impeachment. Meanwhile, most of the committee members who spend hours and days, months, and even years browbeating “witnesses” and violating their personal rights, threatening them with specious “charges” if they don’t “testify” to something, ANYTHING they can use to crap on the president. These “congressmen” need to “clean out their own closet” before accusing one of the few honorable men in DC. There are charges pending against many of the very “questioners” which, if proven, would put them in prison or, at least, remove them from Congress. In the process, they spend $millions of OUR dollars in their phony quest to undermine a legally-elected president while sweeping their own crimes under the rug. I get sick and tired of the daily “dog and pony show” they put on as they pontificate on TV, telling us all about the “proof of wrongdoing” they have against Trump, which they never detail, because they haven’t any. In any court action against a real criminal, like a murderer, if the prosecutor went on TV and “poisoned the well” of potential jurors, he/she would be disbarred, immediately. But not these bozos. (CNN)

Proving the Scam

Bob Mueller attempted to keep the illusion of Trump’s guilt going by saying, “If we had felt Trump was not guilty of something, we’d have said so,” intimating that since they didn’t say he was NOT guilty, he must have been guilty. So A. B. Branco’s recent cartoon exposes this scam. It shows AG Barr saying, “We have yet to find proof that Obama is innocent of spying on Trump, the Benghazi disaster, the IRS targeting conservatives, Fast ‘N’ Furious, AP Journalist phone records scandal, Hillary e-mail scandal, EPA scandal, Solyndra scandal, etc., etc.” Of course those things only seem to work on Republicans, never Dumocrats. But Obama and his crowd ARE guilty of all those things, and the proof is there. But nobody, on either side, seems to want to do anything about it. We can only hope the “new sheriff in town,” AG Barr, WILL do something about it. With strong backing from President Trump. (Just common sense)

Cops Keep You Safe

That’s if they ever get there. I realize the situation here, where the cops took FOUR DAYS to respond to a call for help, is unusual. But even a few minutes can seem like hours, or days. But the point remains the same. The cops can only protect you if they’re “on the scene” when a bad guy who is ILLEGALLY armed, comes to victimize you. Usually, they’re MINUTES away. And in those minutes, the bad guy can do a lot of damage. Yes, maybe the cops can find and convict him later of your murder, if they can find him. But you’re still dead. And that’s only if he bought his gun legally and passed a background check, which is unlikely. People who want to commit crimes with their guns rarely pass background checks. Nor do they recognize “no gun zones,” where only the law-abiding are usually unarmed. And if you have your gun in a “gun safe,” it can also take you minutes to get it into action while the criminal already has his gun out, and aimed at you. The only thing those highly touted “gun laws” do is make it easier for the bad guy to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey laws, while the criminals do NOT. The ONLY solution is to allow the law-abiding to be armed for self defense. They are THERE when the bad guy comes, and can do what the cops can’t. Shoot the criminal before he can do his dirty work. And by so doing, can help reduce “gun crime,” one criminal at a time. (WXYZ Detroit)

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

NY Times Blames the Tool

The anti-gun fools blame the gun for all “gun crime” when they should be blaming the shooter. Then they try and eliminate guns from society, which will never happen. It’s like putting toothpaste back in the tube. Now the New York Times tries to blame the AIRPLANES for knocking down the Twin Towers 18 years ago when they should be blaming the Muslim terrorists. Not one gun ever shot somebody on purpose without somebody’s hand on the trigger, and not a single airplane crashed into a building without somebody’s hand on the throttle and the steering. Liberals seem unable to get what minds they still have after all the brainwashing they’ve suffered that it is NOT the inanimate object that does the damage, it is the PEOPLE. Without a person at the controls, or holding the gun, neither an airplane nor a gun can do anything. So why don’t they start finding ways to keep people from USING those tools to do the damage instead of trying to get rid of the inanimate objects? Next, the liberals will be trying to ban airplanes from the skies because those “airplanes” decided to commit suicide by flying onto the Twin Towers. They’re that stupid. (Town Hall)

Lack of Intelligence

There is only one reason anybody with any intelligence at all would embrace, or promote socialism, that is that they want to fleece the nation under the guise of legality. So I have to believe there is an ulterior motive in all those Dumocrats preaching socialism after years of denying it. Bernie Sanders is not stupid. Neither is AOC (although I have my doubts about her). Nor are the other multitudes of Dumocrats who have “come out” as socialists for the 2020 elections. They really think that will get them elected, and they may be right if there are enough voters who want to live at the expense of others rather than do for themselves. But I refuse to believe there are enough of them to get a Dumocrat elected if enough people who believe in the free market also come out to vote. Socialism produces NOTHING. It merely takes that produced by the producers of new wealth, and gives it, unearned, to those who wish to live at the expense of others. Their very motto reveals it: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED.” Making need a DEMAND upon the earnings of others. This is THEFT under the guise of legality and will lead to the downfall of this country. The free market is what built this country, and made it “the destination of choice” for the millions who want to better themselves. The “circus” at our southern border is ample proof of that. So why in hell would we change that? (Just common sense)

Banned Guns, Knife Violence Rages

In Great Britain, there is an almost complete gun ban for its citizens—and even most of its cops. So “knife crime” is on the upswing, proving (again) what I’ve been saying for years, that if there were no guns, the bad guys would find something else, and continue their violence. So now the UK is also working toward a ban on KNIVES! Something that will be just as USELESS as is their gun ban. They keep referring to “youths” as the attackers. Which means, of course, gang members, who are engaged in a “war that dares not speak its name.” After they ban knives, what’s next? Clubs? Will they ban baseball bats? If so, how will baseball teams play ball? It has always been obvious to those of us with a modicum of INTELLIGENCE that banning the TOOLS the bad guys use does not work. But the anti-gun fools insist on making even more of their useless, unenforceable laws the bad guys IGNORE, while the law-abiding (who are not the problem) obey them, making them “easy targets” for those who do not obey those laws. It is time somebody looks to attack this problem LOGICALLY, not in the “knee-jerk reactions” as usual, that only result in more restrictions on the law-abiding, and are ignored by the law breakers. (Geller Report)