Thursday, January 29, 2015

As Usual, He's Lying

Obama is again trying to convince us he's winning in the ”war against TERRORISTS.” He says “ISIS is on the run,” when it's evident they are NOT. He said the same thing about al-Qaida just before they made many significant advances. He refuses to admit it, but ISIS is the “new incarnation of al-Qaida” (a "branch office, as it were) and is growing daily. They're “running wild” all over the landscape. Beheading men, women, and CHILDREN for not being Muslims—or for even being a different KIND of Muslim of which they disapprove. They've taken back all the gains we made (while many soldiers died) in Iraq before he ordered his troops to “cut and run” without finishing the job of “rooting them out and killing them.” As long as they have no real opposition, they'll keep on killing and growing like the malicious cancer they are, killing, raping (adults and CHILDREN) and beheading their kidnap victims if we don't pay “homage” to them. Meanwhile. Muslims are moving to this country in droves, and breeding like rabbits. They hope to accomplish by OUTNUMBERING us, what they cannot by a frontal attack. And when they do, every man, woman, and child in this country will suffer under their thumb, and Sharia Law. They're “evil incarnate” and must be DESTROYED. Obama is DELUSIONAL if he thinks he can convince us he's winning when it is so OBVIOUS he is NOT. (Just common sense)

What's Wrong With People?

Anybody with ANY amount of intelligence knows that Islamic terrorists are a “clear and present danger” to us. So why then, do “school officials” allow and even REQUIRE indoctrination in Muslim principles in our schools, while ELIMINATING anything having to do with Christianity? What's WRONG with these people? In North Carolina, it has been found that they are injecting Muslim theology into what impressionable children are being taught in school, “on the quiet.” And this is not the only place in America where this is happening. I've read about SEVERAL places where young kids are being taught Muslim theology and principles, and being REQUIRED to attend what amounts to Muslim RECRUITING sessions! This IS a CHRISTIAN nation, and that's the way WE like it. There is no logical reason to teach our children Muslim theology except to get some of them to CONVERT to Islam before they're smart enough to know better. And some school systems are cooperating in that endeavor. Why? Are they STUPID? Or are they saboteurs? Like Obama? Some say this fits in with “Common Core.” Which is yet more proof that we need to DUMP “Common Core.” As if there weren't enough,proof, already. But the feds are insisting on us adopting “Common Core,” anyway. (Patriots and Politics)

ISIS Karma

I've always said that people who cut off other people's heads should have THEIR heads removed. And it appears that somebody else thinks so, too. A top player in the self-styled “police force” in Syria, which is part of ISIS (also known by several other names, as is common with Islamic terrorists) has been found without his head. Apparently, somebody who liked to smoke didn't like their recent order BANNING smoking because when the head was found, it had a cigarette in its mouth. I probably wouldn't go that far over smoking, but this man did much more than ban smoking, and richly deserved what he got. And since he didn't die while trying to murder people who didn't believe the way they DICTATED, he probably won't get his “74 virgins.” Boo-hoo! We should see more beheadings of terrorists. Maybe they'd start thinking twice before doing it to others. (Preserve Freedom)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Walker: Plus or Minus?

Some people ask this question honestly, but they ignore many things. “It never ceases to amaze me the way people perceive things. To one group, certain actions are brave and commendable. But to another group, those same actions are cowardly and unconscionable. It proves the old saying, 'you can’t please all the people all the time.' Yet, in our country, this division has grown deeper and wider. This is the divide we see with the political record of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. His historic battle with organized labor as governor and his confirmation election is one for legends. To the conservative right, Scott Walker is the perfect example of what they want a politician to be. Someone who is ready and able to fight the injustices that so plague our country.” Some people in this country haven't the faintest idea of what is GOOD for the country. Everything Walker has done DEMONSTRATES that he would be among the BEST prospects to be the next president, but they can't see it. The same with Sarah Palin. The left has done a good “hatchet job” on her, and are in the process of doing the same to Walker, with the usual lies and innuendo. They're scared to death one of them will be elected, and will destroy all the ills the liberals have accomplished. (Freedom Force)

If So, What Next?

The mayor of Paris, France, wants to SUE Fox News for saying they have many “no-go zones,” where NOBODY, cops included, can go, where Sharia Law reigns supreme. Funny; seems to me that's just NEWS, that has actually been known for a long time. She says Fox “offended” Paris. Tough. So what? Many news items “offend” somebody. Seems we have a Constitution, and the First Amendment, which PROTECTS news outlets from such frivolous suits. If France is allowed to contravene that, and especially if it WINS, what's next for news agencies? Good luck in collecting ANYTHING. What kind of insipid “news” would we be subjected to if news agencies can be sued for ”offending” someone by publishing TRUTH about them? For that matter, what does this say to FRENCH news agencies? (World Net Daily)

Harbinger of Things to Come

Sheriff's deputies conned the parents of seven home-schooled children outside, then presented them with a search warrant, based on a “:report” that they “allowed their kids to run around outside barefoot.” Then, when they found a water filter not “approved” by the government (that was designed to purify water and was used for that purpose) they TOOK the children, “for their own protection.” But you and I know the REAL reason. They needed an EXCUSE to kidnap these children, who will probably end up “adopted” by another family and CPS will get $4,500 to $6,000.00 EACH from the feds as am “adoption fee,” after getting various fees paid for every day they are “in custody.” All this on a “trumped up” reason. CPS is good at that. (World Net Daily)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This Is Not A War!

It's a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. The Islamic terrorists are murdering Christians, yes. But they're dissecting them and selling their body parts for BILLIONS of dollars. I thought it was bad for communist CHINA to place their prisons close to human abattoirs so THEY could sell the organs of their victims. But apparently they're PIKERS in comparison to Islamic terrorists, who kill Christians by the HUNDREDS at a time. Add to that the ransom (s paid by some countries to keep their citizens from being beheaded, and you have a LOT of money being made. They're doing a very nice “side business” in human organs and kidnappings to help finance their atrocities. Make no mistake: it IS a war. But it is also an excuse for criminals to make a lot of money.  (Eagle Rising)

It's Communism!

I know the very mention of communism makes people's eyes “glaze over” today because the liberals have us convinced that “communism is dead,” in spite of the REALITY that communism is NOT dead—not even in Russia, where it is SUPPOSED to be dead. The same people are in charge there today as before, and their system is SOCIALISM, which is ONE form of collectivism, while communism is another. So the only difference is in what they CALL it. ALL forms of collectivism depend on TAKING from those who EARN and GIVING that stolen to those who DO NOT. And when our president talks about “taxing the rich” to pay for his “giveaway programs,” it IS communism. Don't fall for his stinky brown stuff.

He is working HARD to make this into a SOCIALIST nation, which is almost THE SAME as communism (Russia called their system SOCIALISM). The only difference is in the details. Collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, etc.) has NEVER worked. It will LOOK like it is successful for a time, but it will inevitably fail. Russia's communism “failed” because collectivism does not produce NEW WEALTH. It only preys on the existing wealth of producers and profit-makers. Collectivists SAY they “hate profit,” but their entire SYSTEM depends on people MAKING a profit, so they can steal it and GIVE it, unearned, to those who do nothing for it, except vote the looters into office time after time.

In Cuba, where they have had more than 50 years under a communist regime, people (except for top government officials, of course) still drive cars left over from the fifties. And people are mostly starving. When Obama talks about making community college FREE, he's looking for VOTES. He never mentions who is going to PAY for his schemes, but the people who get the bill are the TAXPAYERS; you and I. When he says something must be free, he means “paid for by the taxpayer,” not him. Collectivism is the biggest CON ever to come down the pike because it has fooled many otherwise good people, along with the schemers and con men. Talk about “sharing the wealth” is INSTITUTIONALIZED THEFT. Theft by the GOVERNMENT (looters) for the benefit of the moochers, to buy their votes. (Just common sense)

Nothing More Important?

Jeeze! An ESPN reporter admitted to “being a creationist! And the Internet EXPLODED in dismay. WHAT? You mean some fool actually ADMITTED to believing that this world was CREATED by God, rather than just “evolving?” And people got upset over that? Aren't there a few more important things in this world for people to get upset over? Frankly, I never knew why this was such a source of friction. God is supposed to be “all powerful” and if HE wanted to, HE could MAKE “creation” happen, couldn't HE? Even so, what the hell difference does it make? Seems to me Islamic terrorism should be something to be upset about, but way too many people “bend over forward” and let themselves be screwed where it hurts by Muslims all over the world. Shouldn't they be upset over that? Our PRESIDENT is spending more of our money than ALL his predecessors COMBINED, leaving our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes before they're born. The point is, there are MANY things we should be getting upset about, but we aren't, since we spend our time worrying about people who believe in CREATIONISM! Sheesh! (Freedom Force)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Twisting the Law

That's what the “child protectors” do. They PRETEND to have “the best interests of the child” at heart, but they'll use ANY EXCUSE to steal people's children from them. They'll twist the law until it screams so they can kidnap children for the “fees” the feds pay them at every juncture while they “hold them hostage.” And if they're able to keep them permanently, and adopt them out, they get yet another “fee” of $4,500 to $6,000 EACH. The $6,000 figure is for “special needs” children. But what child will NOT be “special needs” after being put through their wringer? In the case linked here, they used a “non-government approved FILTER as their excuse. They typically exercise “Gestapo-like control” over families. Their REAL reason for taking these children from their loving family is that they are home-schooled. But since they can't use that as an excuse, due to some recent court decisions, they cite use of a non-government approved filter, which is about as silly an excuse as I've heard, and I've heard some silly ones.. How transparent can they BE? But they don't care. They have their own court systems, with their own judges. And the judges' word is LAW. They flout the Constitution, saying that since their abuses are “civil matters,” so the Constitution does not apply. (Preserve Freedom)

"The Power of the Purse"

Trey Gowdy says, “It's time we used the power of the purse to rein in Obama.” And he certainly needs “reining in.” He has spent more money than ALL the presidents who preceded him COMBINED! And he's still not done spending. His latest idea to get his hands deeper in your pocket is free community college tuition. He says it should be free, but doesn't say who is going to PAY for it. But one thing I know, without being an “economic genius,” and that is, YOU AND I are going to pay for it if he gets it in force, not him. “It should be free!” That's what liberals say about many things. But the inevitable fact is that, whatever it is, it MUST be paid for. If the recipient doesn't pay for it, somebody else must. And who is it that usually is tapped to pay? YOU; and me. The taxpayer is called upon to pay for many things, from which OTHERS are the only ones who benefit. This is SOCIALISM (one form of collectivism, just as is communism). Communism proved in Russia that it did not work, and the reason is that it is BASED on THEFT from the PRODUCER of new wealth while GIVING to the NON-PRODUCER. The “moocher,” who “wants a share” of what industrious people EARN, but without having to WORK and earn it themselves. This is “institutionalized theft,” and it's time we realize it. (Minuteman News)

Obama's "The Enemy"

I guess I'm not the only source to tell the world that Obama is “giving the enemy help and comfort” and hopes it will win. That makes him an “enemy of the United States,” president, or not. Freedom Outpost says, ”He is behaving as a despotic, anti-American enemy within our nation.” He “rules” in favor of the Muslims every chance he gets; he sends them $billions of our taxpayer dollars, DISGUISED as “humanitarian assistance” to what HE describes as “rebels” in Syria, but which are Islamic terrorists. He “runs guns” to them, and he systematically PROVIDES them with more men for their Jihad by releasing bloody murderers from GITMO, to go back and kill again. Now he wants to make ANY criticism of “Jihad” (meaning Islamic terrorism and their murderous activities) a CRIME. There is only ONE REASON he would want to do that, whatever LIE he tells about “protecting us” by keeping “incendiary articles” out of circulation to protect our people.” That is NOT how we operate in the nation that is “ruled” by the Constitution, and its First Amendment, which GUARANTEES freedom of speech. Like most Islamists, he doesn't want his cohorts' murderous activities spoken about in the press because it makes THEM look like what they are: bloody murderers, rapists, and child rapists and beheaders. If he is successful in getting such a law passed, or just does it by FIAT, I will become a criminal, because I will NEVER “shut up” about their depredations. There's only ONE WAY to shut me up, and that's to “take me out of circulation,” one way or the other. (Freedom Outpost)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Walking Without A License?"

A Texas woman was ticketed for “driving without a license and was arrested --WHILE WALKING down a road. Sounds like a stretch to me. I guess the cop just needed one more ticket to make his quota—or the city needed a little more money. The cop assaulted the woman (by forcefully grabbing her arm and moving her toward his car) and said “he knows she was driving without a license” even though she was WALKING. Apparently he also SEXUALLY assaulted her while making an ILLEGAL search of her person. Then he said she was “being hostile” and arrested her for “resisting.” She was kept overnight in jail and was not advised of the charges against her until the JUDGE told her the next morning in court, when he advised he that her bail was $500.00. What makes this even more damn foolishness is the fact that she DOES have a driver's license and was NOT driving. The whole thing sounds like a “put-up job” by a police force that is “out of control” and should be investigated by a higher power. (PrisonPlanet)

Cooperating With the Enemy

The FBI KNOWS there are MANY Islamic terrorist training camps, right here in the United States, but they REFUSE to do anything about it. They CLAIM their “hands are tied” by an old training tape. The camps are run by a KNOWN terrorist organization, “Muslims of America,” and there are at least TEN unsolved murders connected to them. I can't believe the way we are COOPERATING with our ENEMIES, right here in America, I'd bet that goes right back to Obama's wish to HELP the Islamic terrorists any way he can. They SAY they can't DO anything about the camps because the U. S. Government has not yet declared their parent organization (“Muslims of America”) to be a terrorist organization. What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! No such designation was necessary for them to harass patriotic Americans in the fifties who were marching to support black equality. For some reason, they're STALLING, while the terrorists train and equip more and more Jihadists, WITHIN the United States! What FOOLS they are! (Mad World News)

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

In Canada, a man was JAILED for saying the TRUTH: that Islam is EVIL! Have the Muslim terrorists bored that far into the leadership positions in Canada? Since when does telling the TRUTH merit a jail term? I guess this is further proof that Americans should NEVER go to Canada. The people that run things there are not only STUPID, they're SUICIDAL! Anybody who SUPPORTS Islam is suicidal, including Muslims, themselves. “I guess it’s not just the Islamic terrorists who hate free speech. Apparently, it’s also the governments of free Western nations.”Eric Brazau has long been an opponent of Islam – but he has never committed any physical act of violence against anyone. In fact, he hasn’t ever even suggested that violence be done to anyone else… ever. But the Canadian government recently arrested Brazau for a “hate crime.” What crime did he commit? He was arrested and then denied bail for saying that he hated Islam.” Frankly, I'm not too enthused about that phony “religion,” myself. NO REAL religion has a “Bible (The Koran) that advises its adherents to KILL non-believers. And that's not nearly everything I object to in the Islamic religion. So I guess I'll stay out of Canada—not that I was planning a trip there. If criticizing those sub-human scum ever becomes a “crime” in this country, I will become a CRIMINAL, because I will NEVER stop criticizing this phony, murderous “religion” as long as it doesn't “change its ways.” (Eagle Rising)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Imprisoned for Defending His Troops

Lt. Clint Lorance ordered his troops to open fire on three men on motorcycles riding toward them at a fast pace, thinking they might have bombs and be “suicide bombers.” It is my understanding that Obama's “rules of engagement” say you can't fire on somebody who has not opened fire on you (which does not take this situation into consideration). But what do you do in this case? Wait until they blow themselves up amongst you, and you along with them? Those “rules of engagement” MUST be subjective enough to allow a commander to take action if he thinks his life, or the lives of his people are at risk. Apparently they're not, under the abysmal FOOL we now have in the White House. Those motorcyclists were later SHOWN to be terrorists, but that information was WITHHELD from his defense attorneys at his courts martial and he was convicted of MURDER, and sentenced to 19 years in prison. A petition to have Obama pardon him has gotten more than the 100,000 signatures required to REQUIRE Obama to act, but so far, Obama has ignored it. The new president, if a Republican is elected in 2016, MIGHT pardon him, but only after he has spent YEARS in prison for defending his country and his troops, who turned against him at trial. This man is a HERO and should be given a MEDAL for his act. Not imprisoned for 19 years.(Freedom Outpost)

Soros Behind It

Everything that happens in this country aimed at destabilizing things can be traced back to George Soros. That people who can DO something about it do nothing is a mystery. I guess he's got most of them paid off. Soros pumped MILLIONS into the Ferguson “protests” to keep things going. And I'd bet he's still pumping money into it, with the hope of getting that brave cop prosecuted for murder for defending himself from a giant thug who was trying to get his gun. We need to investigate ALL oif Soros' actions and see what is patently criminal act so we can properly prosecute him. He'll probably buy his way out of any charges, but maybe we can “tie him up' long enough to slow him down a bit. And we need to at least slow him down before he destroys our economy as he has done before in other countries while profiting handsomely. (Washington Times)

The Answer's A Bullet

Liberals don't want to admit it, but the answer to the CANCER that is Islamic terrorism is a bullet where it will do the most damage to an Islamist terrorist. Not imprisonment in GITMO or elsewhere so they can kidnap people and demand the release of terrorists in GIUTMO. NO trials, no “good time” in prison. NO “letting them out” to kill again, just KILL them when caught in the act, as they would do us. Allowing them to be “judged” by a court and imprisoning them for a time just makes them madder and when they get out, they'll just kill more innocent people. The answer is, “make them dead.” It's what they profess to want, so make martyrs out of as many as we can, as fast as we can. That's what Ted Nugent thinks, and that has made enemies of most liberals for him. But I agree wholeheartedly. I'll probably never get a chance to kill any of them because I'm too old and feeble. But I say, “good on ya!” to Nugent, and others who feel the same way and are willing to kill as many Islamic terrorists as possible. They are a festering pimple on the butt of the world, and need to be “popped.” (World Net Daily)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Islamic Tewrrorist War Is Over

It doesn't exist, but it's over now. That's what Obama says, in spite of the advances made in Iraq by ISIS since he told his troops to “cut and run” from Iraq, leaving the Iraqis to their own defenses, which apparently are not enough. Islamic terrorists are murdering people, even beheading CHILDREN and raping their mothers AND the kids all over the world. Even misfit American CITIZENS are going to the Middle East for Islamic terrorist TRAINING and coming back home to kill people and he still thinks the Islamic terrorist war is OVER. He won't even CALL IT what it is, or admit it IS “Islamic terrorism.” It's really too bad the Islamic terrorists have their own traitor in the White House where he can give orders that make SURE they will win, because his people are ordered NOT to fight effectively. Why doesn't somebody who can DO something about him realize that he is a TRAITOR to this country and DO something about him? Impeachment is not enough. U. S. Marshals need to go into the Oval Office and “perp walk” him out in handcuffs. That's how we handle traitors, no matter who they are. (Just common sense)

Government Controlled Internet?

That's what they have in communist China and communist Korea. That's what Obama wants here. He wants to be able to control what people say about him on the Internet the same way he does on broadcast media: the power to LICENSE. With the power to license, goes the power to say, “NO.” With the power to say no comes the power to totally control what is said. And that's Obama's motivation. He's about as “thin-skinned” as there is, and he doesn't like it when people say “negative things” (truth) about him, so he wants to be able to put a stop to it. For my part, if he ever gains this power, I will become a criminal, because the only way to shut me up is to put me in prison or kill me. And he's quite willing to do either, or both. (National Journal)

"Causing More Violence"

Islamics are now saying that the new Charlie Hebdo cover has incensed not only Islamic terrorists, but “other Muslims,” as well. “Abbas Shumann, deputy to the Grand Sheik of Cairo's influential Al-Azhar mosque, said the new image was 'a blatant challenge to the feelings of Muslims who had sympathized with this newspaper'." He thinks they will mount yet another attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices. I hope they do. They won't find it so easy this time, and what will happen is that more terrorists will die TRYING. Not only that, their potential victims elsewhere will also have hardened security and more terrorists will lose their lives. The more innocent people they murder, the more backbone the survivors will show. Soon, ANYBODY seen wearing terrorist gear (black clothing, and head covering, carrying guns) will be “fair game” to be “shot on sight” by ANYBODY who sees them, including soldiers and cops. No longer will people cower when they see them. They'll just shoot them on sight—and that's a GOOD thing. (Mail News)