Sunday, January 15, 2017

George Washington Said

"A free people should not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, and that includes their own government." Such a statement, if said today, would get "old George" free room and board in a jail. The fact is, opposing government intrusion is one of the basic rights enshrined in the Constitution of the United States. But that is one of the most roundly ignored rights. The biggest abuser of gun rights today is the government, both federal and local. And Shannon Watts is one of the biggest violators of our rights. (Just common sense)

Criminal Prisoner Release

No, I'm not talking about releasing criminals. That would be a repetition. We know the people Obama is having released are criminals. What we don't know is the REAL reason he is releasing them. I'm talking about the CRIMINAL ACTIONS of this president, in releasing these criminals upon the world. And they ARE "criminal actions." He is releasing terrorists, to go back to terrorizing the world, and killing people. The most recent terrorists he released are "the worst of the worst." I don't think he has released the "architect of 9/11" yet, but I'm thinking he will. He has also released hundreds of domestic felons INTO this country, who will return to their previous evil machinations and kill more people. Every one of the people they, and those terrorists kill after being released are "blood on his hands," and he ought to be "brought to justice" for those murders. That means that he should be physically ARRESTED, either before, or after he leaves office, "perp-walked" in irons to a police car, and driven off to jail, there, to await trial for complicity in many murders. I know we don't usually imprison former presidents, but his actions ate too atrocious to NOT arrest and imprison him, maybe even EXECUTE him, after a fair trial. Too many people have ALREADY died because of his actions, and many more ARE going to die--and he must be called to account and PUNISHED for it. (Gateway Pundit)

Chicago: "Showcase City"

Liberals and other anti-gun fools used to claim Chicago as their "showcase city" with the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation. But they're afraid to do that, today unless they're REALLY stupid, because Chicago is now the "showcase city" for the PRO-gun people, since all their tight gun laws do absolutely NOTHING to "stem gun violence" and instead, make it WORSE, by disarming law-abiding people, making it easier for ILLEGAL gun owners to victimize them. Now, after FOUR DAYS in which nobody was shot in Chicago made national news because it was so unusual, 40 PEOPLE were shot, and 11 of them died. Chicago is now one of the favorite "punch lines" for comedians, both voice and in print. (Mallard Fillmore)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Can't Recognize Murder

It amazes me that otherwise intelligent people who are law-abiding, cannot recognize MURDER when they see it. I'm talking about the people who APPROVE of abortion. Pro-abortionists insist that a baby is not a human being until he/she comes out of the womb and takes his/her first breath. They insist that, until then, he/she is just "medical waste." Reality maintains that if an entity has a heartbeat, it is a human being, and has the right to life and liberty. Yet, even the government approves of this infanticide--this MURDER of defenseless infants before they even have a chance at life. One wonders what life would have been like if Albert Einstein's mother had aborted him! Or any other genius who affected the world for the better. (iPatriot)

"Ministry of Truth"

One of the famous establishments portrayed in George Orwell's prophetic book, "1984," which was created to change LIES into "truth." But one of Obama's "last shot" actions is to create his own "Ministry of Truth," in a measure BURIED in the "Defense Appropriations Bill," a "time-honored" way to get something passed into law with nobody knowing about it until too late. It has now passed, and it IS too late, unless Trump can get it repealed, as soon as possible. Frankly, I doubt most Republicans even knew it was in there, the way they pass bills into law without bothering to read them. What this law amounts to is CENSORSHIP on the "right," in violation of the Constitution. What they claim they're doing is "uncovering" fake news and publishing "truth." Funny. That's what I've been attempting to do for years, mostly to combat the "fake news" put out by the very people claiming to be doing it, now. What they call "fake news" is usually TRUTH that counters THEIR lies. By "their," I mean the liberal media and what they spout, often provided to them by the government. (Just common sense)

Everyone But HImself

Obama is well known for blaming everybody but himself for his mistakes. His favorite whipping boy has been George Bush (the younger). But he also likes to blame Fox News, Breitbart, and every other news source he doesn't control. He just won't accept the fact that HE is responsible for "ruining his presidency." Some examples are his making gay marriage an issue, causing the allowing of MEN into women's restrooms and changing rooms if they "identify" as women, and allowing Islamic terrorists to enter this country disguised as "Syrian refugees" by the thousands, so they can kill as many Americans who don't "convert" to their phony religion as they can. He has released many, many FELONS, many of them in prison for gun charges, to menace us with their ILLEGAL guns. He has tried several times himself, and through his surrogates--to return voting rights to felons while, at the same time, turning a blind eye to illegal aliens voting, so his protege, Hillary Clinton could be elected to lead the third term of Obama. Obama did more to "ruin" his presidency than ANYBODY, but you'll never get him to admit that. (iPatriot)

Friday, January 13, 2017

It's About Time!

Looks like the media is reacting to the "shouting session" between Donald Trump and a liberal reporter insisting on asking an unnecessary question and talking over the other reporters. It's about time somebody "called the liberal media out" for their biases, and Trump is doing it. He actually told that reporter to "shut up!" And stop being a bully. The guy kept repeating, "can I ask a question!" And Trump told him NO! You're false news!" The liberal media is going to be "uneasy" for four, maybe eight years, in dealing with Trump, who refuses to be bullied. Political Cartoonist Gary Varvel hits the spot most of the time, and he did it, again! (GaryVarvel/Indianapolis Star-News)

Merry Christmas, Chicago!

It must have been a Merry Christmas in Chicago over the Christmas weekend, with more than 40 people shot, and 11 of those killed in gun control's "showcase city" that has some of the tightest gun laws in the land. But they don't make much difference to the shooters, who flout gun laws as they shoot, and often kill people with their ILLEGAL guns. Still, the ignorant politicians keep making their USELESS "gun laws" that do NOTHING to "stem gun violence," but instead make it worse, by DISARMING honest, law-abiding people so they can't defend themselves. It's disappointing after four days in which NOBODY was shot in Chicago, something that actually made news because it's so unusual. But, of course, that didn't last even one more day, in which the criminals made up for their laziness. (Breitbart)

Federal Gun Laws Unconstitutional

All of them. The federal government has no business restricting our gun rights, in any way. What part of "shall not be abridged" do they not understand? In addition, if there is ANY real requirement for "background checks," it should be accomplished at STATE level. Even so, forcing people to pass a background check in order to buy a gun is STILL a violation of the "shall not be infringed" concept. But politicians think they can get around that by saying their laws are "common sense laws." They are NOT. Other laws are simply designed to make it more difficult to get ACCESS to our guns when threatened by someone with an ILLEGAL gun, or to make what guns we have unusable. They think, because they don't just BAN guns altogether, they have followed the Constitution. They have NOT. But most of their laws are designed to make USE of our guns more difficult, rather than do something to stop ILLEGAL gun owners from victimizing the rest of us. The Constitution stops them from just BANNING guns, so they do everything they can just SHORT of it, including making our guns UNUSABLE. Which KILLS people. (Canada Free Press)

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Killing Their Own Credibility

That's what Democrat operatives are doing. They're never going to let go of the "Russia hacked the election to help Trump" narrative, no matter how many times it is debunked as something that actually AFFECTED the election. It's a "four-year story." Maybe an 8 year story, if Trump wins re-election in 2020. It will have been proven to be false, but they will continue to insist it's true, in spite of that. And they will "pile on" as more phony stories come up, and will insist they're true in SPITE of them being proved to be a false narrative. Pretty soon, NOBODY will believe any of their stories--except for "died-in-the-wool Democrats who believe ANYTHING put out by the "leadership." Then, Trump could get away with MURDER because nobody (except Democrat fools) will believe anything they put out. Their credibility will have been destroyed, and they will have done it to themselves. (Just common sense)

"Obama Failed"

Obama's biggest failure is that he wasn't able to strip our right to be armed away from us (he thinks). Many times he tried, and many times he failed. That should have told him something, but it didn't. He hasn't the intelligence to realize he is not only attempting to legislate against the Constitution, but against the will of the American people, as well. Like a savant, he is very smart in some ways, but completely IGNORANT in others. The whole idea that he SHOULD "strip way our gun rights" is one of those. Fully 16 times, he has had to speak about "mass shootings" that have occurred, and he thinks that requires him to take away LEGAL gun rights, completely ignoring the fact that mostly, the "bad guys" who commit gun crimes are NOT legal gun owners. And the MAJORITY of gun crimes happen in "gun-free zones," where the presence of a LEGALLY armed person might have saved some lives. Now we have someone in that office (After Jan. 20, anyway) who might make a difference. We shall see. You'll notice the source for this is the John BIrch Society. That should not discredit it, for I've found, over the years, that they have been a reliable source, no matter how much liberals hate them. In fact, if liberals DIDN'T hate them, I would be some suspicious of them as a source. (JBS)

A Party of Fools

In case you didn't know it, that describes the Democrat Party. They scoffed when Donald Trump announced that he was running for president. There were 17 other Republicans running against him for the nomination. Everybody (all Democrats, many Republicans) thought he was a joke. He did things no politician had ever done before and they said, many times, he was finished. And he continued on, while his opponents fell by the wayside, one by one. They accused him of sexual misconduct. As is usual, many women spoke up and said he had sexually abused them, with no more proof than their unsupported word. But, unlike with Bill Cosby and Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, nobody (of any consequence) believed them, and they too, fell by the wayside They told us right along, that Trump "couldn't win," that he was "unfit for the presidency," and would soon fall out. He did not. Soon the impossible happened. He was the president elect, and they continue "flailing about" trying to stop him, with no success at all. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It's DEMOCRAT Fake News

The Democrats are really upset over "fake news" they SAY is coming from right-wing sources. One of those is Fox, another is Breitbart, and many others, including NRA. But the biggest purveyor of "fake news" is the Democrat Party. One of the best known recently is the story that Russia has some "damaging information" on Trump, but they won't release it, because there ISN'T any. It's all in their fevered minds, All it is, is an effort to convince the country that there IS "damaging information" out there about Trump, even though we'll never see it. And they'll attribute that to a "Trump coverup." They know all about coverups. They're good at it, because they've had to cover up so much. That's more that resides in the "fevered brains" of Democrats. Another is the story about Russia "hacking us" in an effort to help Trump get elected, because they like him. Yes, Russia hacked us. EVERYBODY hacks us, and we hack them. Hacking is a regular part of inter-country relations. It was NOT an effort to help Trump get elected. It was "information gathering," pure and simple. But the Democrats seized on it, hoping to delegitimize Trump's election. (Yahoo Finance)

Stop the Presses!

Big news! Unprecedented! Chicago has actually gone FOUR DAYS just before Christmas without a fatal shooting! They'll probably tout this as being the result of their tight gun laws. They're fools like that, in Chicago. Maybe it's just that all the potential shooters are too busy with their Christmas shopping to shoot anybody. It gets pretty bad when LACK of killings is big news. But that's the way it is in Rahm Emanuel's Chicago. Their gun murder rate is so bad it skews the national averages, and makes the rest of the country look bad. The bad part of it is those same "officials" have a "deaf ear" to ways to stem gun violence, for real. They really think CRIMINALS, who don't obey laws, will somehow obey the anti-gun laws they make, which only serve to make it easier for ILLEGAL gun owners to victimize the law-abiding. They just will not see that. (Chicago Sun-Times)

One More Outrage

Obama seems to be piling up the outrages these days. He apparently wants to do as much damage as he can, so Trump will be so busy reversing his outrages that he won't be able to get to repealing Obamacare very soon. For the first time, he didn't veto the UN's interference in the internal affairs of Israel, something that will not be easy to reverse, if not impossible. Then he made a "rules change" (something not requiring congressional approval) making it impossible for people like me, at near 80 years of age and DEFENSELESS against the young fools who look upon me as "easy pickings," to get the means to "level the field" when they accost me. They now have banned anybody getting SSI for a disability from being able to have a gun for self defense. One more outrage in his long list, but fortunately, this one is easy for Trump to reverse. I guess criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists haven't killed as many "old folks" with disabilities to suit Obama and he wants to make it easier for them (the bad guys). I hate to say something like this about our outgoing president (good riddance), but it has become ever more clear that he wishes us ill and is going to do as much as he can to injure, or kill us before he "rides off into the sunset." (Federal Register)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Just "Tweak It" Some

Trump and the Republicans are determined to repeal and replace Obamacare. And repeal would be a good thing, IF they had something good ready to replace it. But they don't need to repeal it altogether. All they need to do is get rid of some of the stupidities built in that make it so expensive. Number one on that list should be the MANDATORY nature of the plan. Making it mandatory is only necessary for the socialists promoting it, to make sure younger, healthier people pay without using it, while "old duffers" use it more. And to FORCE people to buy their "insurance" is not only unconstitutional, it is stupid. Another is the lack of a prohibition for "pre-existing conditions." That makes it not only prohibitively expensive for the insurance companies--enough to make them opt out of the program or just go out of the health insurance business, it is the stupidest part of Obamacare. It takes it out of the realm of insurance into welfare.

There are other stupidities such as requiring pregnancy coverage for MEN. "One fits all," in other words, It probably requires testicle surgery coverage for women, too. It's that kind of a program. But they don't need to "throw the baby out with the bath water" if they want any kind of government program paying for health care. If they think it's necessary, just pay for a simple insurance policy for everybody and cover everything (except pre-existing conditions"). If you're going to spend all that money, make it SIMPLE. That's usually the least expensive, anyway. I don't know why ALL "government programs" are so complicated. I guess it's to keep the level of bureaucrat jobs high. Like Bush's program to pay for medicine for Social Security recipients with its "donut hole" where when you get to a certain point in medicine paid for by the government, suddenly you're on your own until you've paid for a lot more out of pocket, at a time when you can't afford it, then it pays forever. You don't NEED such complications to be built in, unless you're promoting government jobs. (Just common sense)

Mislabeling Shootings

"Everytown Against Guns (or something like that) published a list of "school shootings" which included many shootings that were NOT "school shootings," but were NEAR schools. One, which "Bearing Arms" calls "disgusting," was a POLICE shooting in El Centro, TX, a suburb of Dallas, where a thug killed FIVE police officers, then FLED to a school, where he was found, and killed. At NO TIME did he threaten students, or faculty. But a school was PERIPHERALLY involved, so Everytown called it a "school shooting." Like they did in Ava, MO, where two FORMER students returned to their old school and had a shootout in the PARKING LOT, with one committing suicide. Apparently Everytown adds it to their list whenever a .shooting happens within mile or two of a school. They keep doing this, no matter how many times they're "found out," and insist their lists are "true and accurate." Which tells me a lot about them. Michael Bloomberg, former New York mayor, is at the bottom of this, while he rides around in an armored car, behind a phalanx of ARMED security, while he works HARD to deny us the same right.(Bearing Arms)

Record Gun Sales

Records show 2.6 MILLION guns sold, just in December--and the month isn't even over, yet. That's the culmination of 17 MILLION guns sold this year! December sales look like there are many people giving guns as Christmas gifts. That "falls behind" the 2015 figure of 2.42 million, which was a record at that time. But it contributed to record overall sales for this year. Researchers say this "uptick" in gun sales is fueled by the recent mass shootings and the "regular" shootings in Chicago. People want NOT to be defenseless when criminal shooters come to their area. And they will. They LIVE there. Nobody talks about the millions of ILLEGAL guns sold each year, because nobody can count them. So they ignore them, and try their best to limit LEGAL gun sales, which does NOTHING to reduce criminal shootings, and instead, INCREASES the number by making law-abiding people DEFENSELESS. The incompetence of the anti-gun fools proceeds apace. (Ammoland)

Monday, January 9, 2017

"If They Can Opt Out"

Democrats complain about removing the FORCED participation in Obamacare, because "allowing this would remove healthy people from the mix, and make the plan unworkable." Yet to human beings, that is not an argument FOR Obamacare, but AGAINST it. It is PURE SOCIALISM, penalizing those capable and willing to earn their own way for the benefit of those not willing. Stealing from those able and willing and giving to those who are NOT, is not right, in ANY case. And a plan based on that is definitely the WRONG way to go. Only dishonest people support it. Democrats are just plain SOCIALISTS. All their proposed "plans" involve stealing from those who produce new wealth, for the benefit of those who don't, for whatever reason. This country was BASED on the free market, after an abortive experiment in collectivism that resulted in many deaths from starvation FAILED, and that is the reason why we outstripped countries that have been around for thousands of years, in less than 300 years. The reason people from all over the world come here to improve their lot. Socialism does NOT work, because it does not create ANY new wealth, but depends on stealing (through taxes) from those who DO create new wealth, for the befit of those who do NOT. (Just common sense)

"Parting Shots"

Plural. Obama is not content to leave ONE "parting shot." He has to leave several. Shots he KNOWS will displease the incoming president, and he really thinks he has made provisions to keep Trump from reversing everything he has ever done to destroy this nation. His latest is a set of "regulations" designed to further injure the coal industry, the one he promised to destroy. But it isn't going to do him any good. Trump will "sweep away" all his depredations, the minute he gains office. He CLAIMS he will be "helping" Trump, while all the time doing everything he can to IMPEDE him. Trump can stop this easily, simply by telling everybody responsible for ENFORCING these onerous regulations that, to make ANY attempt to enforce Obama's regulations will mean their jobs immediately that he becomes president. He doesn't need to be inaugurated yet to do that. (Fox News)

Proof of the Pudding

The anti-gun fools keep saying that arming law-abiding individuals will not do anything to reduce crime because they are more likely to shoot themselves than criminals. This in spite of sure evidence it's a LIE. In Texas, people are still getting their guns, and break-in artists (and other armed criminals) are still getting shot. Which reduces the crime that would have been committed in the future by these fools. That's a definite refutation of what the anti-gun fools are saying. And it happens all th time, not just in Texas. In many states where they are loosening gun laws and allowing honest, law-abiding people to have guns to use in self defense. We've been saying for years that arming law-abiding people are the answer to "gun crime," and the anti-gun fools will not hear of it. They still believe they can stop criminals (who do not OBEY laws) from getting guns by making a LAW. People do not "go crazy" and shoot each other, just because they get to carry a gun, as they say. I had a concealed carry permit once, in Indiana, and I didn't kill anyone over a parking space. Neither do most law-abiding people, which is a good "leveling" action to oppose the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there. (Wheel Gun)