Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What IS Victory?

The liberals talk about the fact that there is no real knowledge as to just what victory in Afghanistan IS. So therefore, we should just "pull out" and let them fight their own battles. Who wins isn't important to us. WRONG! Who wins IS important to us. If we allow the various groups that make up the Islamic terrorists to grow and proliferate, it will be only a matter of time before we're fighting them in Kansas City or Denver. Which is something we don't want, in ANY case. But in reality, there IS a clear path to victory. And increasing the number of troops sent there can't hurt. But that clear path includes reversing the LUDICROUS "rules of warfare" imposed by Barack Obama that allows the ENEMY to attack first before we're allowed to "go after" them. I'm sure we know where the enemy is clustered, but the current rules keep us from "going in and cleaning them out." The "path to victory" is actually FIGHTING that war and killing enough Islamic terrorists that they can never recover enough strength to be a problem, to us. That cannot be done under the current "rules of warfare." (Just common sense)

"Trump Is Unfit"

That's what "The Swamp" wants you to think, anyway. Everybody wonders why even people who are supposed to be his friends hate him. That's an easy one. THEY are in "The Swamp," and he has pledged to "drain the swamp." When you "drain the swamp," the crocs come after you. They know it's only a matter of time until their time comes, so they're trying to get rid of him before he can get rid of them. It's not surprising the Dumocrats don't like him, but the fact that most of them are in "the swamp" accounts for the special high level of hate they show toward him. They flail around, and file "articles of impeachment" that will go nowhere because of the absence of "crimes and misdemeanors" that he has committed. (Just common sense)

Carrying It Too Far

The anti-gun fools commonly carry their fiction too far, as in suspending children from school for chewing pop tarts into a rough shape of a gun or bringing a TOY gun to school. Playing “cops and robbers” using their FINGERS as a gun, or drawing a PICTURE of a gun. Now I've heard it all. A magazine nobody has ever heard of, called, Popsugar Magazine is now telling parents they need to stop their kids from playing with WATER guns, because that “normalizes,” in their minds, real guns. Talk about “going off the deep end!” The writer of the article, whose mother allowed NO guns in her house, says, “Guns are not innocent, even if they are made of plastic and only shoot water.” How STUPID is that? She sees only the bad things about guns, ignoring the guns' ability to keep people alive. Which is common with anti-gun fools. Does she think even COPS shouldn't have guns, because they're “evil?” Of course, she has no problem with “water squirters” if they don't LOOK like a gun. Stupid! Even if they don't LOOK like a gun, the kids are pretending they ARE, whether or not they LOOK like a gun, and are shooting each other with them. (Breitbart)

Monday, August 21, 2017

The "Obama Effect"

Lots of people are wondering why there have been so many failures lately in our armed forces. Failures of equipment, supply, and men (and women), leading to ship collisions (another one today), airplane crashes, and whole squadrons letting us know they are NOT "combat ready." The answer is simple. Obama spent his eight years letting our military go to hell. Under-funding it, imposing IMPOSSIBLE "rules of combat" that get their people killed, and that prevents them from really FIGHTING the wars in which they are involved. The people failures are these: the captains and crews of those ships that collided needlessly with private ships were not diligent in their duty and collided with a private ship they should have been able to see and avoid--IF they were paying attention. They were NOT paying attention. Some plane crashes happened for the same reason. That, and he fact that so many aircraft were victims of a lack of parts--also attributable to Obama's neglect. Because morale in the military is very low because of Obama's neglect. Trump should be able to turn that around, but it will take time, and $billions of our dollars. (Just common sense)

The "Global Warming Religion"

Global warming (now known as “climate change” after it was found that the “globe” had not been warming for almost 20 years) is a religion. And Al Gore is its prophet. In the sixties, I embarked on a comprehensive study of most major religions, searching for similarities between them, hoping to find the ONE religion that was factual and correct, among the many. I found it. At least one of them. It was the Golden Rule. All the religions I studied had a rule that was, basically the same as the Christian rule of “Treat others as you would be treated.” But that was not all. Every religion I studied thought THEIRS was the ONLY “true religion,” and that people who questioned their dogma were to be convinced otherwise, or shunned. And that included Islam, with the main difference that they wanted to KILL “unbelievers.”

Another similarity was that not a single one of them could provide concrete PROOF of their beliefs, and relied on “faith.” They all had a name for “unbelievers.” AlGore's “religion” has all of these. They have not a single bit of PROOF of their beliefs, and rely on the “faith” of their adherents that their teachings are correct. They have a name for “unbelievers (“deniers”),” and wish to either convince them or shun them. Some even wish to make global warming “deniers” subject to civil and/or CRIMINAL penalties. Gore has managed to convince millions of gullible people all over the world, that his swindle....er, “religion” is REAL, including the top politicians in many governments, who see many ways they can profit, both financially and politically from promoting it. (Just common sense)

Official Constitution Violation

In New Jersey, where they have lots of financial issues already, they're studying a bill to divert money to violating the Constitution. They can't afford to fix the roads and bridges, but they want to spend $millions to “study” gun control as a “public health issue.” They spend a lot of taxpayer money on gun control, anyway, but, to my knowledge, this is the first time politicians have tried to make a LAW to specifically spend taxpayer money on violating the Constitution. Hopefully, the governor will veto the bill if it ever gets to his desk. One hopes he's more intelligent than the clowns who are pushing this bill. Anybody with any INTELLIGENCE knows that gang violence is at the root of their “gun problems,” but they don't bother to even LOOK at that. They have very harsh “gun laws” already that are doing NOTHING to “stem gun violence,” but they insist on making more of them for the gangs and other criminals to ignore. (NRA-ILA)

Friday, August 18, 2017

It's. Not. About. Slavery!

The Dumocrats (and other liberals are still promoting the FICTION that the Civil War was all about slavery—nothing else. Yes, slavery was a part of it, but it was an afterthought by President Lincoln. What it was about is the right of the states to determine their own fate, whether it be abut slavery, or anything else. The Dumocrats will never admit this, because it is politically expedient to paint everybody who is against ERASING the civil War from our memory as a racist. This, when it is the DUMOCRATS who were, and ARE the racists, still. They spend all their time HUNTING for “signs of racism,” even if they have to manufacture those “signs.” Martin Luther King demonstrated against Dumocrats and their racism. Police Chief Bull Connor was a Dumocrat. The Dumocrats STARTED the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to help them keep the black race down.

Margaret Sanger started “Planned Parenthood” so she could “legalize” the MURDER of mostly black babies, before they even come out of the womb. There were KKK members in CONGRESS! The best-known of these was Robert Byrd, who mercifully died recently—and HE is “revered,” all through the South, with many buildings, bridges, roads, and other structures named after him. Are we going to take all those down? Al Gore's FATHER was in the Congress, and HE was a racist. Both were Dumocrats. They FILIBUSTERED the Civil Rights Act, fighting it, tooth and nail. Liberals work very hard to convince us that the GOP is the “party of racism,” while it is DUMOCRATS who were, and ARE. We tell people and tell people this and show them PROOF it is true, but it bounces off them like a rock thrown at a boulder. They just aren't interested. Facts are just something that confuse them. (Just common sense)

Democrat Socialism

“National Socialism” and Dumocrat Socialism are the same thing. Any differences there are, are only cosmetic. It is the same thing that was foisted upon the Germans before World War II. It's other name is Nazism. Adolph Hitler was its spokesman and “strong man.” It is MARXISM repackaged. I don't know what makes people who push this abomination tick, but it seems like they're everywhere. Socialism appeals to people who simply want to live at someone else's expense, and no one else. But they have loud voices. I recently listened to a speech being given by the top Dumocrat in the Senate (Chuckie Schumer), where he detailed all the giveaways (using YOUR money and mine) the Dumocrats planned.

He never mentioned where the money to SUPPORT those giveaways was going to come from. Socialists never do. But it will come from YOU, if you work and earn your own living. They will TAKE money from you and give it to the “drones” of society. That's what they never tell them, or you. They just tax you more to finance their giveaways. Socialism cannot survive without your earnings. It produces NOTHING. It only TAKES the fruits of YOUR production, and gives it, UNEARNED, to those who, for whatever reason, produce NOTHING. Dumocrats will deny to their dying day that they are socialists, but you only have to listen to what they SAY to realize they're lying. (The Patriot Post)

Inflating the Numbers

This is how anti-gun fools come up with the numbers they cite. They conflate separate numbers to come up with a total. Pending cases, for instance, are counted every time they appear. Since a pending case can be there sometimes for several years, and most are dismissed at the end, a “pending case” is counted THREE TIMES whether or not is ends in a conviction—which most don't. Licensed gun carriers commit crimes in fewer cases than COPS do. And licensed gun owners are counted, whether or not they used their gun to kill themselves. This is just one way they get those misleading numbers they continually cite to “prove their case” to gullible people who “pay no attention to politics,” but vote, anyway. They do this on a regular basis and thus, you just can't depend on their numbers. (The Hill)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Anything Trump Says

Will be taken out of context and twisted by the liberal media to mean something it was never meant to mean. Editorial cartoonist for the Indianapolis Star-News Gary Varvel put out a cartoon showing Trump saying, "I'll take a few questions," while bunch of "advisers" were rushing to stop him, as if he couldn't be trusted to properly answer questions. But the problem is not with Trump. It is with the liberal media. They will twist anything he says way "out of shape" and make it seem like he's some kind of stupid in everything he says. That's how they hope to make Trump irrelevant. I don't think I've ever seen such hate in the media for a president as they show toward Trump. But then, I wasn't "paying attention" during Reagan's two terms, which he won by LANDSLIDE victories. Trumps victories probably can't be described as "landslides," but they were clear victories, showing that Americans supported him, even if the liberal media did not. (Gary Varvel)

NO Medicare Cuts!

They arrested a bunch of handicapped people recently, at Sen. Corey Gardener's Denver office,who were protesting “Medicare cuts” in Trump's “replacement” for the silly, stupid, Obamacare law. Sad. They say the cuts will eliminate many services they need, every day. Only one problem: there ARE no cuts in Medicare in the bill. Dumocrats are using an old, tired, scam on them. The scam is, if any reductions in the INCREASE are planned, they CALL them cuts, to fool you into supporting their position. That's what is operating here. Those handicapped people are NOT going to lose a single service! There ARE NO CUTS in Medicare planned—ONLY REDUCTIONS in INCREASES! This is how the Dumocrats fool you into supporting things that are not good for you. They did the same thing many times in the past, when reductions in the INCREASE in the school lunch program were contemplated. There were no actual cuts there, either. There's another scam they use in conjunction with this. It's the “baseline budget scam, where every program gets a 10% automatic INCREASE, every year. ANY reduction in that INCREASE is called a cut.(Washington Times)

"Self Defense: A Bizarre Premise"

That's what the NY Times says, anyway, again showing their complete ignorance about the real world. What the hell do they think guns are FOR, anyway? They aren't MADE for criminals to use in victimizing people. When they do, they're misusing them. They're angry that 11 states have passed laws to allow “concealed carry” on campuses. Of course, as usual, they got the number wrong when they reported it. They said it was 10 states. They talk about the “risks” in allowing “concealed carry” on campus, completely ignoring the unalterable fact that people carry guns on campus ILLEGALLY, every day. As usual again, they decry people's ability to handle guns safely, again ignoring those people who ILLEGALLY bring their guns on campus. What they're really against is people's ability to defend themselves against all the ILLEGAL guns already out there. They want us to be DEFENSELESS when thugs attack us. They deny it to their dying day, but it's undeniable. (Breitbart)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Life Lesson

A very small, fat little guy with a strange looking haircut walked into a western bar. He walked right up to a very large man. He came up to about that man's belt buckle. The man was engaged in a serious conversation with a bar girl who sat on his lap. The little guy commenced hitting the big man on his knee. Left, right, left, right. The big man looked down with an irritated look on his face, reached down, and slapped him away like he would a fly. He didn't even pause in his conversation. The little man flew through the air, through the wall, having made his own hole. He landed on the ground after bouncing off the big man's horse. The horse (whose name was “Army”) was so offended by this that he promptly stomped the little guy with the funny haircut into a bloody puddle. The lesson? Don't mess with the big guy (or his horse) unless you have a death wish. Somebody should send a copy of this to Kim Jong Un. (Just common sense)

It's Okay for Me

But not for thee.” The Dumocrats have been flailing around ever since the 2016 election trying desperately to find “evidence” of “collusion” with Russia to benefit Donald Trump. The media has been digging right with them, and IGNORING the PROVEN collusion (in TWO cases) to help Hillary Clinton. The worst case is the Post Office, where the unions put pressure on postal executives to approve unpaid time off, sometimes weeks at a time, so employees could be ferried to “hot states” to knock on doors, and do other things to benefit Hillary, even when such approvals caused them to be understaffed. Those employees were PAID by the union for their time off working on Hillary's election campaign. This was in direct violation of the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from being forced into working on election campaigns. I'll be interested to see if this ends in any punishment for those who laid on the pressure. The other case was when Hillary's campaign workers collaborated with the UKRAINIAN government to get what they thought was information that could help them win. Still no evidence of Trump's collusion with the Russians after many months and many “investigations.” (American Patriot Daily)

Absurdity In Gun Control

The anti-gun fools are constantly working to come up with more plausible reasons to control legal access to guns. Their most recent one is to say that, “thugs who are killed while breaking into somebody's home are being denied their right to a fair trial.” It's absurd, but they don't know it. They think it's genius. Also his right to a fair trial only arises if he is ARRESTED for breaking into this guy's home. Not when he threatens the life, and very existence of the homeowner and his family. The fact that those thugs are violating the homeowner's right to be “secure in their property and papers” is ignored, as is that homeowner's right to life, which is threatened by this thug's action in breaking into his home. This is a typical twisting of things the anti-gun fools are best known for. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

It's NOT the Far Right!

The liberal media is doing it's best to paint the racist riots in Charlottesville, VA as a “right-wing gathering.” Nothing could be further from the truth. To say so is “fake news.”To begin with, the Nazis are based on “National Socialism,” and socialism io a definite LEFT wing system based on the THEFT of the fruits of the production of new wealth for the benefit of the “drones” of society. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was STARTED by the Dumocrats (liberals), which are also LEFT-wing. They started the KKK to make sure black Americans stayed down. They were the instrument of domestic TERRORISM and the violence arm of the Dumocrat Party, which again, is on the LEFT. Liberals work very hard to convince the world that the “right” is the “party of racism,” and that's WRONG! Those who believe it (those who pay no attention to politics) are the only ones who should believe it, but they're not. They tell others the same thing over and over, and it comes to be believed by simple repetition. Now even Fox News is calling that gathering “far right.” Fox ought to know better. I don't think they do it on purpose, just through ignorance. I really get tired of this kind of crap getting “into the language.” (Just common sense)

A "Mighty (Unarmed) Warship"

The government recently commissioned the new aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald Ford. A mighty warship, named after a president who was never elected, but was APPOINTED VP through political finagling so that he could replace Vice President Spiro Agnew so he would not become president when Richard Nixon resigned. He was known for braining people with golf balls and hurting himself. Another notable “warship” was named after anti-gun fool Gabrielle Giffords. This “littoral combat ship” (whatever that means) was properly UNARMED, since it was named for a fool who wanted us ALL to be unarmed in the face of ARMED criminals and other “bad guys.” Naming Navy ships after this kind of fool is the best reason why our enemies are laughing at us. (America's Navy)

The Usual Crap

MOMS Against Guns (or something like that) are trying to get a law passed. “In an effort to improve gun safety,” Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) has reintroduced The Handgun Trigger Safety Act [an already failed bill -RT], "forward-thinking legislation to use new and emerging technology to prevent gun deaths,” a press release from the congressthing proclaims. “The bill would promote the development of new ‘smart gun’ technology that only allows an authorized user to fire a gun. It would also mandate that all newly manufactured handguns use this technology within five years, and that existing handguns be retrofitted with this technology within ten years.” As usual, this law would only apply to LEGAL guns, just like ALL their current laws do. All those MILLIONS of guns already out there in the hands of “bad guys” would not be affected. Only the ability of law-abiding folks to defend themselves against them would be affected..”Same old shi....er, stuff.” (Oath Keepers)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Ignorance On Display

That's what we had in Charlottesville, VA the other day. Basically three ignorant groups “demonstrated” (rioted) in favor of racism and bigotry. Racism and bigotry is ignorance. Those who practice it are ignorant. The KKK announces their ignorance wherever they show up, just by their presence, as do the Neo-Nazis, who try and emulate a defeated system from bygone days. Then there are the “white supremacists.” Their “thing” is promoting the supremacy of the white race, which is ignorance personified. Just because the black race was (WAS!) a race in slavery doesn't make them stupid. The slavers were the stupid ones. And those who celebrate that stupidity are today's stupid ones.

Naturally, liberals try and paint those ignorant people as Trump supporters, but I doubt there were any real Trump supporters there. The mother of the fool who used his car to run many rioters down says she “thinks” her son was going to a Trump rally. But that's impossible, because Trump was nowhere near there and Trump is not the racist in this scenario, no matter how much the liberals want to make it look that way. This gathering was NOT of Trump supporters, even though liberals want to paint it that way. INTELLIGENT people judge people as INDIVIDUALS, based on what they say and DO, not by the group they are in. Especially of they are in a group not of their choosing, and that they can't change. (Just common sense)

The Black KKK

There is one main outfit CREATING a new brand of racism. The “Black Lives Matter” movement. What they're promoting is white against black racism, and they're getting a lot of response from blacks who are still smarting from PAST treatment by white against black racists, most of the practitioners of which don't even exist any more. They're also promoting hatred of cops, completely forgetting that if cops didn't exist, they would be in danger as much as the rest of us. The only thing standing in the way of mass murder and unopposed crime is the cops. But they're too ignorant to figure that out for themselves. Or they plan on BEING the criminals and want no opposition. They're responsible, by their rhetoric, for the deaths of numerous dedicated police officers who were killed from ambush by ignorant thugs who buy it. Cops who do NOT go to work every day and think, “Let's see how many blacks I can kill today?” They are truly the black equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan. Except they don't use rope, they use other IGNORANT blacks who think it's a good thing to kill innocent cops. (Keep and Bear)

They're NOT Children!

Anti-gun fools publish articles telling about lots of “children” being shot. What they don't tell you is that those “children” are up to 19 years of age and are gang members who are shooting back. The articles never say WHO is shooting at them so they can paint a picture in your mind that the ”victims” are “toddlers” dancing around in a grassy field, chasing butterflies, which is NOT the case. At age 19 they are, for all intents and purposes, ADULTS, and are, themselves, (ILLEGALLY) armed. This is how they twist things to make you think things that are NOT true. Included in their “16 Children A Day Being Shot” figure are those19-year-old gang members, and they are on both sides of any shootings covered. Only THREE out of that 16 are really children, and they are usually shot by people using ILLEGAL guns—another stat they ignore. (Gun Free Zone)