Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Liberals Lie Again

On CNN, an infobabe said categorically that when Reagan lowered the tax rate significantly, that this action caused the national debt to rise “out of control.” Which is an out-and-out LIE. After he lowered the tax rate, the tax income INCREASED and almost DOUBLED! It created the longest lasting BOOM in the country's history! There's a simple reason for that, which the liberals either can't or WON'T understand. When you let people keep more money, especially “the rich,” they USE that money. They don't put it in deep, dark vaults where it's never seen again. They INVEST in job-creating projects, and that causes unemployment numbers to go down while causing the creation of NEW WEALTH to increase, as well.  More people have jobs, make more money, and thus SPEND more--and pay more in taxes.And that causes there to be new tax money to be paid. (Just common sense)

Truth About Sheriff Joe

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is guilty of NOTHING except doing the job he was elected to do, for the first time, 22 years ago. He was a “hard man” when it came to lawbreakers, but “an old softie” when it came to abused animals. He even had a program in his jail to pair up prisoners with dogs he took from “shelters” that “executed” them after only a couple days in captivity. One prisoner was heard to pray: “Lord help me to be the man my dog thinks I am.” He and Obama were deadly enemies because Obama was the kind of lawbreaker he usually has in his jail, not sitting in the White House making people's lives miserable. Obama got in the last word by filing misdemeanor charges against him, days before his latest election, causing him to lose. Joe will “beat those charges” because they're based on nothing. But his career is ruined, because of Obama's slimy tactics. Maybe he can get elected again, next time. (iPatriot)

CNN "Tripping Out"

They reported that Sean Hannity pointed a gun as liberal Fox News contributor Juan Williams after another political argument. That he even turned on the laser sight, putting a red dot on Williams. The story was completely false. Hannity SHOWED Williams an UNLOADED gun, and no laser sight was ever turned on. It was NOT the result of an argument. Hannity was simply SHOWING Williams the gun to emphasize a point. All safety conditions were recognized, and Williams himself disputes the veracity of the story. “At no time did I feel threatened, and I and Sean remain good friends.” CNN seems to be in the throes of beginning a mental breakdown, their “fake news” becoming more and more evident and silly. This article suggests they accept the offer of a tabloid publisher, since they're DIRECT competitors in the same market. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Same Ol' Same Ol'

I said this scam wouldn't work on Trump, but it looks like it has. He appears to have “caved” on his wish for a billion dollars for his “wall” to keep a “government shutdown” from happening. That's too bad. They finally found something that seems to be working against Trump in this scam, so you can bet it will happen again and again. It's hard to say how they always manage to blame the Republicans when this happens, but they do, even though it's the Democrats refusing to cooperate on ANYTHING Trump wants that is the cause, if the government actually DOES :shut down,” which it never actually has. What is CALLED a shutdown by Democrats is always just something bureaucrats themselves CAUSE by refusing to pay bills and laying off a few government workers. Then they blame the Republicans, and the people buy their lies. (Just common sense)

Democrats A "Sinking Ship"

That's what Bernie Sanders thinks, anyway, and he may be right. It began sinking when it ran Hillary Clinton for president against a “powerhouse” like Donald Trump. It sank some more when it repeatedly underestimated Trump, including still being convinced she would win as late as 9 PM on election night. Now it is paddling downward with their strategy to demonize Trump and get him removed as president—a forlorn hope. One of the things that is sinking them was the Democrats “fixing” the primaries so Bernie never had a “snowball's chance in hell” of getting the nomination, although he was clearly the superior candidate (though hopefully, when other than Democrat fools got to vote, they wouldn't elect an ADMITTED socialist). Debbie Wasserman Schultz lost her job as Democrat Party chair over that, bequeathing the title to Donna Brazile, who infamously “leaked” debate questions to Hillary (She finally admitted it, the other day). They've tried everything, and lost every time. Now they're not smart enough to realize they've lost, and to start doing something to change their party so as to win, next time. Now, all they can do is lay on the floor, kick their feet, and scream while the world passes them by. They need to go to their “safe space” where they'll never know they're dead. (Patriot Tribune)

Screwed Up Again

Heads are going to roll at the Secret Service. Twice recently, a “fence jumper” has been found to be running around on the White House grounds for from fifteen to twenty minutes. The most recent one was even able to “rattle the knob” on a door, trying to get inside. When he wandered his way to the West Portico area, he was FINALLY spotted by a uniformed SS man, and he was apprehended. Of course, the SS responded with many men and women, blanketed the grounds, and found nothing. It's a good thing neither men were a serious threat, or somebody might have died. Soon, the man whose most famous saying was “You're fired”” will do his thing, and I don't know how many SS officers will survive his attack. Maybe Trump ought to get his own security people and take personal control of his security. (USA Today)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Just Like I Predicted

A woman has accused Sean Hannity of sexual harassment—without anything like proof to back it up, of course, but her unsupported word). Even if it were true, it sounds like just a guy trying to make a date. It's way too easy for a woman to DEFINE such as sexual harassment these days. Hannity immediately branded it as false, calling her a “serial harasser” who would do anything to get noticed. And it is true this woman has made many such accusations in the past. She recanted within two hours. I expect this to be only the first of many false reports on Hannity. I look for other women to “pile on,” as they usually do when somebody accuses somebody of sexual harassment. That's all part of the scam. None have any proof, but they accuse, anyway, hoping the celebrity will pay them off. Of course, the liberal media jumped right on it. (Daily Wire)

Government Wasting Your Money

Incumbent politicians seem to think it's a crime for anybody to suggest that they could do with less money. But frankly, they WASTE more money than we could ever take away from them by legislation. And when it is found out, they just shrug their shoulders, saying,”That's life,” and go right on wasting as much as they can on their various give away projects. One such as the current runaway rail project in Hawaii that is costing TEN BILLION DOLLARS that they say is “Too far along to stop now.” Current politicians wanted to cut four miles off their projected construction schedule to save money. The project was touted as “reducing traffic problems,” but, if completed as designed, would only reduce traffic ONE PERCENT. Then we have the “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska, and the “Big Dig” in Boston. All boondoggles. (Just common sense)

Disarming America

That seems to be the goal of the anti-gun fools. Every law, every regulation they propose, make Americans defenseless against the millions of ILLEGAL gun already out there in the hands of all kinds of “bad guys,” none of which wish us well. I don't know how they figure that will stop gun violence. You CAN'T stop criminals from getting guns. They usually don't get their guns legally, anyway. But every law the anti-gun fools promote make honest people defenseless, while doing NOTHING to hinder the getting of, and the use of guns by the “bad guys.” In fact, their laws make it easier for them to victimize honest, law-abiding people. Gun-free zones, for example. The theory is that, if people aren't allowed, by law, to bring their guns there, that will solve the problem. But the “bad guys” don't OBEY laws, leaving law-abiding people defenseless against them. Gun safes, trigger locks, and all the other devices they force us to use, likewise. They make it impossible to get the guns we do have in operation fast enough to effectively oppose a “bad guy,” who doesn't follow the rules. By so doing, they simply get people killed, while doing NOTHING to “stem gun violence." You'd think they'd learn that, but apparently they don't have sufficient intelligence to do so. (Just common sense)

Friday, April 21, 2017

AP Hiding the Truth

I'm getting very tired of the liberal media trying to hide the truth about Islamic terrorists. I don't know what their motivation is, and I don't care. When a black racist who shouted “Allahu Akbar!” when he killed three random white people on the street, the Associated Press “edited” his shouts to “God is great,” rather than the true words, “Allahu Akbar!” which means the same thing, but reveals his allegiance to Islam. It is that allegiance they want to hide. I don't know if they really WANT the Islamic terrorists to win, or not. But still their attempts to “erase” the Islamic terrorism connection is reprehensible. The bad thing is that this tendency to HIDE all references to Islam is not limited to AP. It runs all the way through the liberal media's handling of reporting on terrorist attacks, attempting to HIDE all references to Islamic terrorism. That will be the death of us if it continues. (Daily Caller)

What Do doctors Know?

Yeah, I know. Doctors are, for the most part, smart fellas--in their specialized fields. But they, as a group, know NOTHING about guns, so why would anybody accept their pronouncements about them? They're now saying, “Automatic weapons belong on the battlefield, and ONLY on the battlefield.” Next, they'll be echoing those judges who said automatic weapons are NOT guns, and are not protected under the Second Amendment. These are generalizations, and the generalizations don't work. What if an Islamic terrorists or just a criminal or crazy comes at you with a fully automatic weapon? Without your own, you wouldn't stand a chance. And that's not something that will never happen, the way things are going today. With Islamic terrorists flooding into this country, disguised as “refugees,” the RAPE figures are going steadily up, as are the murder rates, although nobody has yet seen fit to connect that with the entry of Islamic terrorists into the country. The whole idea that you can defend yourself by DISARMING yourself is absurd. (New Haven Register-News)

Violates First Amendment

That's what they say about making laws barring doctors from asking you about guns. Next, they'll make laws FORCING you to answer truthfully about your guns, or face action for lying under oath. And they'll put you in jail for refusing to answer. But for now, if your doctor asks you about your guns, just tell him (her) it's “nonaya business.” He may have a First Amendment right to ask you, but any effort to DEMAND an answer violates the Fourth Amendment. For my part, I don't care what kind of laws they make, my answer will still be the same if my doctor asks about my guns. It's not his business to ask, and it has nothing to do with my health. The government is getting way too far into my personal business, and I'm not going to allow it. So they can jail me if they can. (Daily Caller)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

It's Firin' Time

In Texas, a few Obama holdovers in the Border Patrol ordered a 40 mile stretch of the border to be unpatrolled. They actually DID it. And put it on paper! The way to take care of the attempted undermining of Trump is to GET RID OF those doing it. Some can't be easily found. This bunch is so brazen they actually put their contrary order on paper! I think they knew their time was coming to an end, and wanted to “go out with a bang.” Trump probably didn't have them specifically targeted, but I'd bet the farm he does, now. These fools are not long for this job. One anonymous Border Control agent said, “The drug cartels exploit out weaknesses, and they will certainly exploit this one.” Maybe that's the purpose of this order. The guy giving it may be in cahoots with the cartel, and WANT to create a weakness for them to exploit. (Liberty Headlines)

Determined to Be Stupid

Chicago's top cop, who should know better, opposes a law now under consideration to apply longer sentences” for criminals who use guns in the commission of a crime. You'd think that would be a “slam dunk, wouldn't you? Because it puts the onus squarely on the shoulders of the lawbreaker, not the law abiding citizen, as most anti-gun laws do. He seems to think it's just another way to put black men in prison. Maybe so. But if black men use guns in a crime, they DESERVE it. In Chicago in 2016, 4,378 people were shot, resulting in 717 dead. Most of them black men shot by black men, except for the black women shot by black men, and a few white men and women. That means somebody was shot every two minutes, with somebody killed every 12 minutes. Most of them black men killing black men. And he thinks this is just an effort to send more black men to prison? “If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.” That's a well-known saying, and it's true. (Bearing Arms)

Backdoor Gun Control

Some anti-gun fools sit on the bench. That is proven by a recent “ruling” by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. They ruled that certain automatic weapons aren't guns, and thus aren't protected by the Second Amendment. The AR-15 is a gun. What part of “gun” don't they understand? Never mind. Their ruling demonstrates their bias. And it ignores previous rulings and “gives the finger” to the Constitution. It creates “backdoor gun control, if a bunch of black robed fools get to define a gun as “not a gun” so they can rule against it. I don't know what these judges are smoking, but it I were a druggie, I'd want some. Maybe we need to start drug testing judges—or even INTELLIGENCE testing. This is an incredible stretch to gut the Second Amendment, and tossed common sense out the window, while making their own rules. This decision again points up the need for some CONTROL over out-of-control judges, who rule AGAINST the Constitution and define words to suit themselves. (ADN)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bill O'Reilly Is Out

Fox has made it official. BIll O'Reilly will not be coming back. He will not even be able to have one last, “farewell” show so he can say goodbye to his fans. All because some woman CLAIMED he sexually assaulted her (with no proof, that I've seen), and several other women who saw an opportunity for a payday followed suit. It's a real shame a man's life can be ruined by the UNSUPPORTED WORD of one woman. I think subtle sexual misconduct should be punished, but not with NO corroborating evidence, and based on somebody's UNSUPPORTED WORD. One time when I worked for Avis Car Rental, I actually got accused of sexual misconduct, and the details were impossible to prove, or disprove. But they had to take it seriously, and I was under suspicion for a time, until it just “faded away” because there was really nothing to it. The worst part is I was never told who MADE the accusations so I could face my accuser and actually ANSWER the charges. They weren't true, but I never had the chance to demand PROOF that I could disprove. I don't know—maybe there IS proof on O'Reilly. But it has never been made public, so O'Reilly could disprove them. They were ASSUMED to be true, obviously. Fox actually paid out millions of dollars without even ASKING O'Reilly, and made an unilateral decision to ruin him. I don't know who is going to replace him, but I hope they can get ratings anywhere near his. (Just common sense)

Feelin' Their Oats

New York politicians are getting cocky where gun rights are concerned. They think they have the power to ban guns, even though the Constitution, the basis for ALL of our laws, says they can't. And they also think they can ban the use of “Tasers” and other stun guns, also. Now they're arguing that people don't have the right to have a gun in their homes, OR a stun gun. They forget there is an inherent right to self defense (a “right of birth”), and guns or even stun guns are the means to that end. The obvious purpose of this is to take away people's right to self defense, period. They want to ban EVERY means of self defense, making their people DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there, in the hands of the “bad guys.” When somebody suggests that, they never give a cogent answer. They just :laugh it off” as if it doesn't exist, and they don't need to give an answer. They'll be reversed by a higher court, of course—if that court actually rules according to the Constitution, which they are bound to do. But in the meantime, Many people will die, because they have no means of self defense. One day, if heavy ash trays are used to stop an attacker, they'll ban heavy ash trays. They just want to keep people defenseless. (Ammoland)

British Hypocrisy On Guns

They don't want most of their cops to be armed. They have almost a total ban on private gun ownership, though they have very high gun violence rates. Not only that, they're the biggest manufacturer and exporters of guns in the world, outside of the United States. The British arms industry employs 350,000 people spread over 11,000 firms, and as many as 1.2 million people relying on guns for a living. Britain has sold 3 billion pound's worth of guns to countries where the most human rights violations take place. So CHILDREN in “developing countries” get guns, to use in killing adults AND children. While Brits get no guns—except for all the ILLEGAL guns sold there by criminals, for criminals. Which number in the millions. (Truth About Guns)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

N. Korea's False Image

Kim Jung Un, N. Korea's pudgy, ugly little dictator, paraded a BUNCH of soldiers and phony-looking “hardware” in a parade celebrating the birthday of Kim Il Sung, the “founder” of the current regime. It featured a thousand soldiers, and looked very impressive, although we have 8 times as many troops, just in Afghanistan, which is a very low number after Obama told most of the 50,000 troops we had there to “cut and run,” like he did in Iraq. And I think most of the “hardware” he exhibited were just EMPTY SHELLS, containing nothing. Paraded just for show. ONE of our MOAB bombs would take out more than HALF of his army if we targeted his parade. Kim likes to talk big, but I think he seriously underestimates the United States as his enemy. Which will mean his END, if he keeps on the way he has been going. It's like the old simile of a flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on its mind.. I'm sure we know where he is, at all times. It wouldn't be too hard. We wouldn't even need a nuclear bomb to deal with him. Just send a MOAB and target the place where he is currently applauding himself while basking in the glory of being their “dear leader.” Something he retains by killing his relatives and anyone else he perceives as a threat to his tyranny. (Bloomberg)

Rogue Judges

The judges who blocked President Trump's travel ban didn't rule, based on the law or the statutes. They didn't even PRETEND to do so. They did so, based on nothing but their own biases and prejudices. There needs to be some way to stop such “rogue judges” from interfering with the president's ability to protect this country--which he HAS the power to do—and they do NOT have the power to stop. The judiciary can't just rule on things the way they'd LIKE for them to be, but how they ARE. They are supposed to rule according to constitutional guidelines,and statutes. They are not allowed to MAKE law, even though some have done so, because nobody did anything to stop them. It's time somebody did, and I think Trump is just the man to do so. There needs to be established a group—call them a committee, a board, or a commission, I don't care what they call them, that can oversee such rulings, and if they do not go according to the Constitution and/or the statutes as passed by congress and signed by the president, they can be reversed, and if a particular judge keeps making such rulings, remove him from the bench. (Just common sense)

Doing Everything They Can

Anti-gun fools want to make life difficult for people who want to LEGALLY buy a gun to defend themselves against the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of the “bad guys.” Now lawmakers in New York want to force legal gun owners to buy expensive “liability insurance,” thereby making gun ownership even more expensive. This, of course, assumes that LEGAL gun owners are the most likely to MISUSE their guns. It ignores the fact that MOST misuse of guns are on the part of owners of ILLEGAL guns, who can't be made to buy expensive liability insurance because they usually can't find them—and if they do, they usually take those guns away. As usual with most anti-gun laws, this law only applies to LEGAL gun owners, who aren't usually the problem. (Ammoland)