Friday, May 26, 2017

Wasserman Schultz Intervenes

The Dumocrats are very vocal in their efforts to convict Trump in the public opinion of “interfering” in a criminal investigation while ignoring the actions of their own FORMER DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (who masterminded the “stacking of the deck” against admitted socialist Bernie Sanders to keep him from getting the presidential nomination) in THREATENING the Chief of the DC Police. She used her position as a member of a committee that “holds the purse strings” of the DC police to THREATEN him into returning some evidence she considers her personal property. That is DIRECT, and OPEN evidence of interferng with a criminal investigation, which is what they are TRYING to pin on Trump. Will she be “investigated” and convicted? Doubtful. She's a Dumocrat, after all. Damn! This may not be connected, but I don't think that woman ever even COMBS her hair! (Daily Caller)

Liberals Silencing Conservatiives

Liberals talk all the time about “freedom of speech,” but the only time they really believe in it is when you agree with them. If you disagree, in any way, they want to set your car on fire or sometimes even do you in. They SAY they're “open minded,” but they are actually the most CLOSED minded bunch in the world (other than Muslim extremists). If they were open minded, they'd stand back and let conservatives like Ann Coulter make their speeches, then make their own speech to TRY and prove her wrong. But they're so frightened that her ideas might “catch on” that they riot, break windows and do all sorts of property damage (to property not theirs), and generally “run wild” to prevent conservatives from ever having a voice. They finally got rid of Bill O'Reilly (for a few days, anyway) by blowing some silly things way out of proportion and they're trying the same thing with Sean Hannity. They took Roger Ailes' scalp some time ago. The only reason they haven't gone for mine is that they haven't noticed me yet. (Just common sense)

A Gun Is A Gun

The anti-gun fools are now saying that, since the Founding Fathers could not have even imagined an assault weapon, the constitutional protections on such guns aren't covered in the Constitution. How STUPID is that? A gun is a gun, is a gun!” when they wrote that “Americans' right to be armed SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED,” they specified NO specific gun, but spoke ONLY about ARMS in general. So their words cover “assault weapons,” too. They ARE “arms,” and their ownership and use is PROTECTED in the Constitution, no matter what the anti-gun fools say. The anti-gun fools will throw anything up against the wall to see if it will stick, and it doesn't matter to them if it is a LIE. They know they have a “hard row to hoe” in trying to go against the most basic of constitutional protections, so they do anything they can to promote their pipe dreams. (Bearing Arms)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Finally Waking Up

The liberal media is finally waking up to the fact that Obamacare is “imploding.” They've been dutifully “shoveling dirt over the facts” to make it LOOK like it was working, while it crumbled to dust behind them. Which reminds me of Saddam Hussein's PR man telling us Saddam was winning while American tanks rolled by behind him. Obamacare began to fail the FIRST DAY after it went into effect. The failure of the web site Obama put out to facilitate signups by the FIVE MILLION people who lost their health care insurance as it began was one of the first indicators. Then there were the state organizations he set up that, one by one, crumbled. And who do they blame? TRUMP, of course! He has replaced Bush as their favorite whipping boy. ANYTHING that goes wrong, he gets the blame for. Never mind, most of the most obvious failures began well before the Republicans regained their majority in the Congress, and Trump took over as president. (American Spectator)

Liberal Violence

Liberalism is one of the most VIOLENT political persuasions going. They'll deny it, of course, and call me names for even suggesting it. They might even shoot up my office as they did the office of a prominent climate scientist who has done research PROVING global warming (or “climate change,” the name they now use) to be bogus recently. Of course then, we can point to the riots after Trump's election where they “ran wild,” breaking many expensive business windows while trashing all kinds of other people's property, setting limousines on fire, and assaulting people. Or the riots held to stop conservative speakers from making their speeches because they're frightened those speeches might sway people to the conservative way of thinking. They did it again recently, stopping Ann Coulter from speaking at a university. The “authorities were “worried” that she might get hurt, so they canceled it, and are now facing a lawsuit filed by the student group who invited her to speak. The idea that liberals are a “peaceful bunch” is a fantasy, as is the assurance that we need to believe in “peaceful Muslims. (Just common sense)

Stating the Obvious

A stalking victim has told authorities that a restraining order is not enough, that women need guns to use to defend themselves. An Indiana woman has waited 60 days for a permit to be approved, while her stalker continues to stalk her, and could have killed her at any time. This is something that is obvious to intelligent people, but not so obvious to anti-gun fools who happen to have been elected to office. I have cited before a specific case, right here in Denver, of a woman who was threatened, and asked for a gun permit. While waiting for approval, she bought an ILLEGAL gun, and it's a good thing she did, because her threatener tried to kill her soon thereafter, and she killed HIM with her illegal gun. This made her a lawbreaker, but a LIVE lawbreaker—for without that ILLEGAL gun, she would be dead. (Breitbart)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Break Out the Guns

Great Britain is famous for having the biggest UNARMED police force in the world. But when real danger is imminent, they're quick to “break out the guns,” as witness their response to the bombing at a rock concert in Manchester that killed 19 (one of them an eight-year-old girl) and wounded 119. Today, everywhere you look, there are cops and soldiers bristling with firepower. They are not going to make the same mistake made in France where the unarmed cops were seen cowering behind their cars while Islamic terrorists went about killing people within their sight. Thus, the British displayed the fallacy of having unarmed police doing a dangerous job WITHOUT adequate tools with which to defend themselves. They famously (or infamously) deny their citizens the right to have and use the tools of self defense, as well as many COPS. But when REAL danger strikes, the guns come out. (Daily Mail)

Gore Wants $15 Trillion

Gore isn't satisfied with the $BILLIONS he has scored from his global warming/climate change swindle thus far. He has now started an organization that is DEMANDING that governments all over the globe combine to give him $15 TRILLION dollars to “fight climate change.” What that might entail, I can't tell you. Neither can he. He only would keep mentioning “investing in 'green energy' and doing other things like promoting 'green legislation' that might, or might not do ANYTHING to limit climate change—which doesn't exist, anyway.” Of course, Gore will “get a cut” of that $15 trillion. Nobody seems to notice that global warming has already made him a billionaire. He sees global warming as a “permanent payday.” They keep saying it's “settled science,” but it is NOT. There is no such thing. Scientists used to think the world was flat and that was “settled science” until more information came out. They say a majority of climate scientists agree about global warming. But science isn't subject to a vote. It either is, or it ISN'T, regardless of ANYBODY'S opinion. (World Net Daily)

Awwww--Poor Baby!

Three young thugs armed with brass knuckles and knives did a home invasion and were met by a guy with an AR-15. He killed all thee. Now the grandfather of one of the dead thugs is whining about his AR-15 making the fight “unfair.” Awww—poor baby! Ya went into a home armed with brass knuckles and knives, ready to kill anybody who resisted—but you didn't have guns. So the homeowner should throw away his gun and get his brass knucks? Seems to me when you break into a man's home prepared to beat him senseless or stab him to death, you should know you're taking a chance on “getting dead” yourself. The shooter had no way of knowing the thugs didn't have guns. He just knew the thugs were breaking into his home and reacted, as it turns out, with deadly force. He was not charged with a crime, and he should not have been. It was pure self defense, no matter what weapons the thugs were carrying. It's not necessary for a victim to check to see if having a gun is “fair.” (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tax Cut Is A Good thing

That's something the Dumocrats will never understand. They HATE tax cuts. They think the whole tax cut/government income thing is “static,” and any tax cut MUST be coupled with a tax INCREASE somewhere else to “pay for it.” What they don't consider is the fact that tax cuts ALWAYS cause increased productivity in the market, which causes an increase in profits and jobs, which causes an INCREASE in taxes collected. Just as Reagan's reducing the tax RATE increased tax collections by almost 50%! Every time we increase taxes, productivity goes DOWN. And when we REDUCE taxes, productivity, and thus tax collection, go UP. They just won't understand that simple law of economics, just as they refuse to understand many things. (American Spectator)

Kyle: "Show of Force"

Tanya Kyle, widow of Navy Seal legend Chris Kyle, says we need to give the Islamic terrorists “a show of force.” That they aren't people with whom you “negotiate.” They don't understand negotiations, and only use them for their own purposes. A “show of force” is what we need. I say the best show of force is just to KILL THEM ALL, with bullets dipped in bacon grease or pig dung. They either understand that, or it doesn't matter because they're dead and can't kill any more innocent people for their perverted purposes. Anything less will not work. These people only understand killing. Us, or them. It needs to be them. Don't hold back because of fear of hurting civilians. For several reasons: first, they USE civilians by living among them. They see respecting the lives of civilians as a weakness. Next, they ARE “civilians.” You often can't tell them FROM the civilians until they start shooting. Just do what you have to do to KILL every Islamic terrorist you can find, where they hide. (Daily Caller)

All Gun Laws Unconstitutional

Every one of them. The Constitution says categorically, that, “the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.” That's simple and easy to understand language, unlike that used to make many laws. It means our right to own and use a gun “shall NOT be infringed.” Yet every law the anti-gun fools make, so far, INFRINGES on that right. They say that adding requirements to be “”allowed” to have or carry a gun is a “common sense requirement,” but in reality, it is an INFRINGEMENT. It presupposes that they have the power to limit that right. They do NOT. Forcing us to “jump through bureaucratic hoops” to even “get permission” from a nameless, faceless bureaucrat” who can, on his/her own initiative, refuse it, is an infringement.

As is creating “gun-free zones” where legal gun owners can't carry their guns, and every law imposing stringent requirements on how to STORE them are, as well. Actually, it seems like the real purpose of “gun control” is to keep Americans ALL defenseless against the attacks of ILLEGAL gun owners. In fact, if we are discovered to be using items other than guns for self defense such as stun guns, they want to make laws against those, too, because sometimes the “bad guys” use them, too. I have a “page holder” to use to hold down the pages of a book while I'm eating when I need both hands to eat that looks like a “sap.” It features a heavy lead weight at each end. I'll BET that a cop could declare” it to be an “illegal weapon” and take it away from me. It was bought in a bookstore, AS a page holder, but the laws are so vague any cop can DEFINE it as a weapon and confiscate it, maybe even sending me to jail for owning it.. (Just common sense)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Why Never Democrats?

Every time the Democrats go after Republicans, somebody goes to prison. But when Republicans go after Democrat corruption, nothing ever happens to the Democrats. Why is that? Maybe it's because the liberals (Democrats) control the very means of prosecution of corruption. They are so solidly embedded in the judiciary that, even when corruption is found, nothing ever happens. As with James Comey's listing of Hillary's crimes, and then saying he would not recommend prosecution because she didn't INTEND to break the law, it has become obvious that liberals always make excuses for Democrats while “holding out the spear” for Republicans, In Watergate. For instance, 69 Republicans were charged, 48 convicted, and 14 actually served prison time, including the then Attorney General, while the PRESIDENT was forced to resign to avoid impeachment, Now we come to Hillary's “slush fund,” disguised as a “charitable foundation,” to which many foreign countries “contributed” $billions as did corporations and “the rich,” all of whom wished to have an “inside track” to her if she ever got elected president. It has been “investigated,” but nothing has ever been done about this blatant bribe mechanism. (American Spectator)

Trump Fires Surgeon General

An Obama holdover, former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, fired for incompetence. The anti-gun fools will say it's because he said “Gun control is a health issue.” and they're right. But saying that IS incompetence, and we just can't keep incompetent people in important places. I've written before about getting rid of Obama holdover bureaucrats who want to undermine Trump, and Murthy is apparently one of those. He revealed himself as incompetent by his statement, and it is that incompetence that got him fired. Many anti-gun fools insist that wishing to have the means to self defense IS a “health issue,” and even that such wishes indicate a certain mental deficiency. But when people like the surgeon general thinks that, HE is incompetent, and needs to go. (IWB)

Insanity Is Prevailing

There are more and more people in this country who think making laws to stop honest people from getting guns for self defense is a good thing, while DISHONEST people easily get their guns illegally and are then able to victimize the honest people with their ILLEGAL guns. Politicians, from DC to LA seem to agree, and they ostracize politicians who think otherwise. Meanwhile, criminals “run wild,” killing honest people AND each other with their illegal guns. And those anti-gun politicians either do not notice, or they just can't understand that it's not the gun, it's the CRIMINAL that is the problem. We have to do something about the CRIMINALS, not the guns. If there were no guns, as there were not in Medieval times, there would still be crime. They would just be using something else as a weapon to intimidate their victims. Now Rotary International has instituted a “gun ban” for their organization. They can't get one enforced by the government, so they do the next best thing. And they really think that will do something to “stem gun violence. This is irrational thinking, but they obviously aren't aware of it. (NRA-ILA)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Lois Lerner Is Afraid

The “investigation” into her “foot dragging” on conservative organization applications for tax-exempt status is taking place behind closed doors, so America will not know anything about the truth if uncovers-IF it uncovers any. She should have feared for her life when her crapping on people's rights was first uncovered. Now she's “taking the Fifth” to avoid telling them anything and insisting that if the proceedings become open, her life will be in danger. Boo-hoo! I feel for her. I just can't seem to reach her. She is now retired on FULL PENSION, relaxing by the pool on full pay, even after her actions, and one of her accomplices still works for the IRS, but has been “reassigned,” to a position that puts him “under wraps” where nobody can see that he is still operating. (American Spectator)

They Never Give Up

Democrats make things up, and then keep pushing them, even after it is proven false. They keep asking. The “Russian connection” is one of their fantasies. They've been trying (without success) for a long time to find proof that the Russians hacked the election to get Trump elected, even if that whole idea is absurd. What earthly reason would the Russians have to want to get Trump elected? More likely they would have wanted to help Hillary get elected, since she is an unadmitted SOCIALIST, which is almost identical to their system, which they'd like to impose on the world. But they keep harping on it, lack of proof, or no lack of proof. Next is their insistence that Trump release his tax returns, hoping they can find SOMETHING in there to go after him for. They have nothing to really use to pillory him, so they make it up, and never let go. (Just common sense)

Anti-Gun Stupidity

In Hoke County, N. Carolina, they raise many stupid people, it seems. And many of them are working in school systems. That's why a FIVE year-old girl got suspended because she used a STICK to represent a gun while playing a game, and actually POINTED it at somebody! School “officials” said that was “dangerous” and suspended her. This is a good example of the anti-gun hysteria that abounds in schools that are run by liberal “educators.” They're still blaming the gun for violent crime when they should be blaming the violent CRIMINALS. But they don't know any better, I guess. They'd rather victimize little girls that go after the REAL cause of the crime. Mom says she wants the school to apologize to her daughter. Good luck with that, mom! Stupid people never apologize. They're too dumb to know they did something wrong. (ABC News)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Impeach Him Already!"

That's what's on a sign carried by a PAID protester. That's what leftists are pushing, every day, since Trump was elected, contrary to the wishes of the “left.” But they're frustrated. They can't find anything with which TO impeach him. All the accusations against him and his people are horse manure. They're part of a “witch hunt.” A “Jihad” against everything Trump, sponsored by the Dumocrats and other leftists. The “chatter” about impeaching Trump continues, day by day, as leftists talk incessantly about it, while they can't find anything REAL to use to impeach him. They know Trump is busily engaged in “bursting their bubbles” and destroying their little fiefdoms—and they don't want that. He is doing precisely what he PROMISED to do, “drain the swamp in DC,” and that frightens them. So it's not surprising that they are casting around wildly, hunting for something, ANYTHING to use to “bring him down” before he gets THEM. (American Spectator)

What Is WITH Them?

Liberals go out of their way to protect the Islamic terrorists. When President Trump was told about the most recent terrorist attack in France, he immediately called it a terrorist attack, in complete opposition to how the previous president handled similar attacks. MSNBC went so far as to criticize Trump for that. They always go out of their way to protect the Islamic terrorists. What's with that? Do they WANT the Islamic terrorists to come out on top? Do they want them to come here and murder innocent people like they have done all over the world? Do they want them to WIN? Why are they so determined to cover up the death and destruction they commit? Do they believe the crap spouted by followers of the demented “Prophet of ISLAM?” (Just common sense)

Her Death Was "Safer"

Anti-gun fools stupidly tell us people are safer without guns in the house. They think we're all stupid enough to shoot ourselves, instead of the bad guys. So this woman had no guns in the house when her abusive boyfriend came in one day and hacked her to death with a machete. The anti-gun fools would say “she died in safety.” Just a few minutes before he murdered her, she was on the phone with state's attorney victim advocate, discussing a restraining order she wanted to take out against him. A restraining order that would do no better than “paper against scissors,” it seems. If you're planning bloody murder, would a paltry restraining order slow you down? The advocate was still on the phone with her while she was being murdered. The advocate could actually hear the killer's voice, arguing with the victim, just before the call “came to the end.” The killer thought he had to kill her so he could move on with his own life. He will be able to do that--in prison. And maybe will die there, hopefully. (Palm Beach Post)