Thursday, August 30, 2012

When Are They Going to Learn?

The anti-gun fools are already gearing up their foolish plan to disarm us in the face of an implacable enemy, using things like that unfortunate shooting spree in a Denver (Aurora) Colorado theater as an example of why we should (sic) get rid of ALL guns. What FOOLS these people are! If someone’s standing in front of me attempting to shoot me to death, I want that to be the last thing he does in his miserable life. You DON’T defend yourself by disarming yourself and hoping the criminal will do so, too. The whole idea is STUPID. Frankly, I’m getting my own gun. I know how to hit what I aim at, since my gun training in the military. And the ONLY “gun control” I recognize it hitting what you aim at. Yes, criminals WILL get their own guns if it’s easier for honest people to get and use guns. But they get them anyway. Laws don’t even slow down the sales of illegal guns. In fact, it only makes it easier to get them. (Just common sense)

Vilifying the Successful

They call it  “class warfare,” and it is. But under it all it is JEALOUSY of those who have “made it” in life. Not those who were “lucky.” Not those who “didn’t do it themselves.” The people who had an idea that they thought people would buy People like Mitt Romney, who WAS “born rich,” but who disdained it and gave it all away. He’s rich now, but he EARNED every nickel of it. Not to listen to the liberals (Democrats), who vilify him for BEING rich (though most of them are rich, too). But he EARNED it, while most of them INHERITED it. EVERYBODY wishes they had as much money as does Romney, but they won’t admit it. So they vilify him for it. Maybe if we stopped that, we’d find  REAL candidate, not an Obama, who is a confirmed collectivist. Collectivism has been PROVEN not to work, wherever it has been tried. The soviet Union used to be their “showcase socialist government”—until it collapsed when they ran out of “other people’s money.” Cuba is collectivist (communist) and is still around. But it is rapidly failing and will collapse soon. The average age of an automobile in Cuba is from 1950—except for those ubiquitous “government officials” who drive around in shiny new cars bought for them by the state (which has all the money). The point is, we should NEVER vilify the achievers because they do things that “make the world go around” and create all the jobs, profits, and new wealth that benefits us all. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Anti-Gun Laws Kill People

Has anybody wondered why we’re having so many mass shootings in this country right now? It’s because of the proliferation of anti-gun laws and “gun-free zones.” Anybody who declares their property as “gun-free zone” is telling the “bad guys” to “Come ahead and victimize us. There will be no guns here.” Notice that people who want to do a mass shooting and kill a lot of people never go to a gun show or a police station, where they KNOW there will be many people who are armed and willing to use their guns in self-defense. Some people, every time somebody is killed or injured with a gun, blame the gun, in hopes of getting MORE anti-gun laws passed. But they fail to understand that criminals and crazies don’t OBEY anti-gun laws. Those who want to use guns to kill people WILL find a way to get their guns. Cars kill many more people than guns, but where are those who would ban cars because of it.

Where the anti-gun laws are the strongest is where it is the easiest to get an illegal gun. The “turning point” was the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, which spawned the “Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.” A name showing lofty ambitions, but one which has caused the deaths of many people by making sure there would be fewer guns in the hands of GOOD people who could OPPOSE those who would use guns to do harm. The young lady in that church in Colorado Springs, Colorado has not been mentioned much in the press after she shot a would-be shooter who came to her church to kill a lot of people. Why? Because that story does not advance the position of the anti-gun fools, of which there are many in the liberal media. That sort of thing doesn’t happen very often because of the many anti-gun laws prevent people like her from being in the crowd, unbeknownst to the shooter. (American Thinker)

Working A Weakness

That’s what the Muslim extremists do best. So nobody should be surprised that they are mimicking the gang violence we already have in most big cities to cause their usual amount of strife and trouble. And Obama, doing as much as he can to “under the table” to help the Islamic extremist cause, has started importing entire communities of Somali Muslims. “Yes of course the Somalia Muslim gangs are growing along with the threat they present. The Obama administration is importing whole Muslim communities from Islamic countries like Somalia. Their refugee status determined by the UN. The "diversity" immigration numbers are doubling, tripling some months. Obama is probably an Islamic extremist, himself. But in the absence of proof of that, look at his ACTIONS to see he IS a Muslim extremist SYMPATHIZER. Don’t believe it? Watch what he does. That’s how you can recognize his socialist tendencies, too. (Pam Geller/Atlas Shrugged)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bullying Gallup

Just three days after Gallup Polls published a poll inimical to the Obama administration, the Department of “Justice” filed suit against them. Is this an attempt to get them to “toe the line?” “In a move that could have chilling First Amendment consequences, the Obama regime this week showed that it’s willing to use the full weight and power of the Justice Department to pummel any media outlet that doesn’t toe the party line.” (Keyboard Militia) This looks to be in response to a Gallup finding that criticized Obama for “tinkering with unemployment numbers.” By the way: the action was instigated by a former Obama operative. That former Gallup employee (Michael Lindley, a former Obama organizer in Council Bluffs, Iowa in the 2008 election) will get a cut”of any moneys extorted from Gallup in this suit. It is doubtful if there will be any, since Gallup’s figures show that REAL unemployment figures, if known, would SINK Obama in the upcoming election. (The Daily Caller)

Man With Gun Stops Mass Killing

A man came into a store and bought a knife. Then he stood in the store’s door and began stabbing people as they came in, shouting, “You killed my people!” Then a citizen who was armed, took out his gun and told him to drop the knife or he’d shoot him. He dropped the knife and those around grabbed him and held him for the police. They probably did him a favor, stopping him before he killed anyone. That way, maybe he won’t spend the rest of his demented LIFE in prison or an insane asylum. This is proof  (again) that more honest people with guns can stop violent crimes. (WHPTV)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Democrat Racist History

The Democrat Party has a HISTORY of racism. It was DEMOCRATS that blacks were protesting in the South and their “Jim Crow laws.” Many members of Congress with a “D” next to their names were (and are) racists. The founders and many of the members of the Ku Klux Klan were Democtrats. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a racist, as was Hugo Black (D-AL), Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV), Sen. Ernest Hollings (D-SC), Jesse Jackson, he of the Hymietown crack, ran for president as a Democrat. There are many more, way too many to name here. Yet they continue to shout out that racism is the “private property” of the Republican Party. What a bunch of racist liars! Notice this page (linked below) is a GOP page. That’s because you’ll never find such a page put out by a Democrat. (GOP Capitalist)

Obama Plans to "Quell" Tea Party "Insurrection"

That’s what they call it, anyway. It isn’t an “insurrection.” It’s a loose organization of people who want their country back. But to him it’s an “insurrection.” He calls it that a to “criminalize” it so he can treat Tea Party members like “insurrectionalists” and criminals. Unfortunately, he has way too many people he can count on to think the same way he does and TREAT them as criminals. As witness the way they treated an ex-Marine hero (Branson Raub) who made some blog posts opposing his government. Now a second similar case has come to light, but the name of the victim is not yet known. It IS known that this guy was also a military hero and, while he wasn’t arrested and the cops DID have a warrant (unlike in Raub’s case) all his guns were confiscated and he was given an “order” to appear before a certain judge, who might just (as in Raub’s case) send him to a “looney bin” for “evaluation.”

Just being sent there makes it illegal for him to have ANY firearms in his possession. All this was backed up and the “raid” performed by the county sheriff, who really had NO authority to do what he did. As in Raub’s case, there were plenty of “plainclothes” men with guns standing around to keep people from coming too close. This is the beginning of the government’s campaign to “relieve” military veterans of their guns as quickly as possible, on phony causes. There WILL be more and more such cases, and they will be kept, for the most part, quiet. No newspaper or television reporters will be allowed to investigate, as each case will be marked “top secret.” That’s how the feds keep people from asking uncomfortable questions.(Before It’s News) (Small Wars Journal)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Soviet America"

Obama’s administration is now using exactly the same methods used by the Soviets in Russia, claiming “dissidents” are insane and putting them in insane asylums—with NO evidence of insanity on the part of the dissident. Marine veteran Brandon Raub is the latest victim. His only “crime” is suggesting that the U. S. government was complicit in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. I don’t agree with that, but he has every right to say it without being put in a looney bin so they can “ask him some questions” about his posts on Facebook. (they had NO warrants of any kind). What really bothers me is how willing the local cops are to cooperate with the feds in such cases WITHOUT the most basic legal requirements. I also notice that he was shirtless, as are most "criminals" the cops pick up. I wonder how that happened. Did they drag him out of bed? Was he naked at the time? The way this was handled tells me we’re getting close to the time when I could be treated similarly for what I say in my blogs. And I don’t like that prospect. I’m expecting a knock on my door by the American Gestapo any time, now. But that will not shut me up. I will find some way to say what I think unless they kill me or put me in prison. And I'm old enough that doesn't frighten me.  (InsideNova)

Georgia Grandma "Shoots It Out"

The “bad guy” told her to give him her money so she gave him her gun, instead; one bullet at a time. He filled her car with bullet holes but failed to hit her. If he’s going to continue as an armed robber (after he gets out of jail) he’d better learn how to hit what he aims at. He’s “in custody,” but his accomplice (who fled when the shooting started) is still at large. This woman owns several convenience stores and never goes out unarmed. I presume she is licensed because nothing was said about charges against her (surprise, surprise!). The “accomplice” better stay away from this grandmother if he wants to stay healthy. (CBS Atlanta)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Muslim Pressure

Muslims are not allowed to eat during Ramadan and they are insisting Christians, Jews (whom they want to wipe off the face of the Earth) join them, by law. They’re DEMANDING that laws be made to PROHIBIT eating in public by ANYBODY during the day during Ramadan. Who the hell do they think they are? Would they obey laws based on OUR religion? Never happen. So how can they expect us to follow THEIR rules? I’m certainly not going to do so. I’m INSULTED that they expect me to! Their customs are NOT mine, and I will NOT observe them. Let them observe them if to do so doesn’t get in the way of other people, but don’t let them DEMAND we observe THEIR customs. They say, “Eating in public during Ramadan offends ALL Muslims and those who do may have their blood shed.” I say, who cares if Muslims are offended? I don’t. Their very demands offend ME. Muslim extremists LOVE to kill people. Muslims as well as anybody else. (Bare Naked Islam)

Obama Is The Racist

He calls everybody who disagrees with him racist, but in reality HE is the racist in this picture. He has just proven it with his latest Executive Order that gives PREFERENCE to “African Americans” who have never been to Africa but are simply “black people.” But that’s “politically incorrect,” so he will not call them that. I do not subscribe to “political correctness” and will use the words I choose to use in all cases, not the words chosen for me by others. (Freedom’s Outpost)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Democrats Emphasize Islam

 I don’t know if Obama IS a Muslim or not. He CLAIMS not. But in everything he does involving Muslims, he takes the Muslim side. In 2009 he PRAYED in a Muslim Mosque, with his butt in the air as a good Muslim. He plans that Muslims take a LARGE PART in the Democrat convention coming up. Obama thinks people don’t NOTICE things like this. Being PRO-Muslim while we are at WAR with Muslim fanatics. What does he hope to gain by this? I don’t know, but I don’t like his favoring of Muslims over Christians, a religion he wants us to THINK he embraces. There’s nothing wrong with BEING a Muslim. Only with a president DENYING it while FAVORING them. (Patriot Action Network)

The Gates of Hell

George Bush, an otherwise not unusual president, told us, “Islam is a religion of peace.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Even otherwise “peaceful” people who are Muslims allow such things as are pictured in this collection. The murders, beheadings, and acid throwings are not only condoned by the Koran, they are COMMANDED for certain “crimes” such as the one where the fifteen year old girl refused a “sanctioned marriage.” Islam is NOT “a religion of peace.” It condones and commands the MURDER of a woman who has sex with ANYBODY but her husband, but visits NO punishment on the man involved. To them, “unlawful sex” is claimed even if the woman was raped and she is subject to punishment. Scroll down and see the REAL result of a Muslim world. One of the “crimes they kill people for is “insulting Islam.” That means ANYTHING we say that they don’t like. For that, they will behead you with a rusty dull knife. Frankly, my best advice to you is to get a gun to defend yourself from Muslims as they "take over" in this country. And they ARE "taking over." Slowly, insidiously. (The Gates of Hell)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mark Martin Almost Killed in NASCAR Race

He was leading after sitting on the pole at the 65 lap mark when he got caught up in an accident between backmarkers and slammed into the pit wall at a point where there is an opening that presented a point where hitting it directly would punch through the car like an ice pick through butter and kill you. Fortunately, he hit it BEHIND where he was sitting and, while the car was totally destroyed, he was okay. I don’t know how they’ll do it, but that track MUST change that configuration before somebody DOES get killed. The accident upset and frightened other drivers; one (Brad Keselowski) even saying, “Damn! I never saw anything like that before!” interrupting himself during an after-race interview. (The Blaze)

Obama Controls the Means of Prosecution

Why is it we never seem to be able to find a president guilty of anything? That’s an easy question, and an easy answer: that president CONTROLS the means of prosecution for ANYTHING. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has two attorneys (who are answerable to Obama’s DOJ “investigating” the leaks we KNOW came from the White House. Even Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) knows this (though she still adamantly refuses to admit that Obama himself is responsible). They “took her to the woodshed” and she changed her tune within an hour’ predictably. But you’ll never find pout anything REAL unless the investigation is run by somebody the White House can’t control. Why is it only Republicans are calling for a special prosecutor? That’s because a Democrats doesn’t dare. And why is Fox News the source for this? Because you won’t hear about it except in a derisive fashion from the liberal news media. (Fox News)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Only A FOOL Believes It

They call us bigots for opposing the use of the word “marriage” to describe a “union” between members of the same sex similar to a “marriage contract,” but only a FOOL believes we are. They have been offered everything they want EXCEPT the use of the word “marriage” to describe their “unions” and have refused to accept it. Only a fool believes they want the “rights” without the use of the WORD. What they choose to do behind closed doors is okay with me. If they enjoy sex with members of their own sex (which I don’t understand), I don't care. But I categorically REFUSE to allow them to call their “unions” marriage. To do so destroys the very meaning of the word and is an anathema to anybody but militant gays. Now you militant gays can call me names, but I don’t care. (Just common sense)

Bloody "Gun-Free Zones"

“Gun free zones” are anything but that. They are the scenes of bloody mass murders all over the world. Gunners do not go to gun shows or police stations where they know there are plenty of guns carried by people who not only know how to use them, but aren’t afraid to do so. One such “gun free zone” was the theater in Aurora, Colorado, where a Jim Holmes opened fire and murdered ten people while putting another 50 or so in the hospital. This theater has a “policy” of not allowing guns into the theater in the hands of individuals (even if they have a “carry” permit). He did not go to a police station, which was close by because he knew he wouldn’t survive his first shot. He went where he KNEW there was only a SMALL possibility of ANYBODY in the theater being armed. Think about that as you look at just where the “gun-free zones” are, and compare that with the locations of the mass murders. (Just common sense)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Priceless Headline

On there is a story about that rock group that was arrested in Russia for talking against the regime. It is, “Russian Orthodox Church forgives ‘Pussy Riot.’ ” This is their name, which has led to this priceless headline. They were convicted of “hooliganism” for taking over a church and making a long “prayer” to be “saved from Putin.” (Why did they ever GO to Russia and DO such a thing?) “The church has been sometimes accused of not forgiving them,” the bearded and bespectacled cleric said. “We did forgive them from the very start. But such actions should be cut short by society and authorities.” Watch for Obama (if re-elected) to push for a similar law requiring people to be arrested and imprisoned for talking aginst Obama or anybody in his regime. (

The First True thing From Obama

 Truly, this is the first true thing Obama has said. He has an ad out now saying this election is “between two different visions” for our country, and he’s right. His vision of socialism with the government running EVERYTHING and supporting ALL, while taking as much from PRODUCERS as possible to finance it, and Romney’s vision of independent initiative, individual ACHIEVEMENT, and freedom of their own choice to make their own decisions in life. Adults are a lot smarter than he thinks, and smarter than ALL liberals (which is opposite to what they think). It is about the difference between collectivism (which involves STEALING from the producer and giving, unearned, to the non-producer) and individualism (which involves doing things for YOURSELF while not demanding “a portion” of what OTHERS earn). If Obama is re-elected, we will get collectivism. If Romney is elected, we will (hopefully) get individual initiative and rights. What Romney is promising is what we’ve experienced for hundreds of years: the free market. Which has made us the destination of choice for people wishing to better themselves, versus what the Soviet Union had for 70 years, and which recently FAILED. He wants AMERICA to be communism’s new “showcase country.” The free market has allowed us to eclipse countries that have existed for thousands of years, in little more than 300 years of our existence. Which do YOU want? (Just common sense)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Muslims Beat Reporter for Reporting On Them

They tried unsuccessfully to amputate a man’s hand under Sharia Law and he reported it. So they beat the hell out of him. For criticizing them. That seems to be okay under Sharia Law. Remember, this is the “religion of peace.” Even our PRESIDENT has said so. The same people who MURDER their daughters for going out with the “wrong man.” This is “peace.” Actually, under their definition of peace, all you have to do to attain peace is convert to Islam and do what they say. And don’t criticize Islam. For anything. For any reason. They’ll beat the hell out of you at the least. Sometimes they even KILL you. When are those who can DO something going to recognize this “religion” for what it is: a political system MASQUERADING as a religion so they can go after anybody who criticizes them as “anti-Islam” and against their “religion”for "religious oppression" when they're the biggest "religious oppressors" out there. They won't allow ANY other religion in countries they control. (Creeping Sharia)

"Tell Us How"

New York Mayor Bloomberg went on the radio saying, “tell us how to stop these shootings” (referring to the Colorado theater shooting that killed 12 (so far) and wounded almost another 50). And he’s right. Liberals, who think they have the answer, don’t. The answer is to loosen up concealed carry laws nationwide. Then there will be many guns in such places as that theater (unless, like the owners of that theater, they ban guns inside, no matter what the law says) and make sure there are many guns inside so they can “take him down” as soon as he starts shooting. This will save many lives. Anti-gun fools THINK they have the answer, but their answers just make sure there will be NO guns in that theater to “take him down.” Banning guns will not do it. You don't defend yourself by disarming yourself. No matter how many anti-gun laws there are, such people will still get their guns, somewhere. Legal or illegal. The ONLY answer is more guns in the hands of good people so they can defend themselves. It worked back in the 1800s, it can work now. And the number of “shootouts” weren’t nearly as high as “dime novel” writers would have you believe. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Disciplined For A Difference in Opinion

Sgt. Mark Johnson was disciplined by being transferred from his supervisory position and placed on the night shift. All without “due process.” Why? Because he brought a Chick-Fil-A sandwich into the station for lunch the same day a lot of people showed their support of Chick-Fil-A by showing up and buying food from them, lining up around the block. Two lesbian officers complained that his actions “embarrassed and humiliated” them. I guess it’s against department policy to “embarrass and humiliate” lesbian cops. I think Chick-Fil-A has the right to their own opinion, even if it doesn’t agree with two lesbian cops. Seems like that sergeant has a right to his opinion, too. What do YOU think? Those lesbian cops have a right to their own opinion, too, but not when it punishes a superior officer. (Fox Nation)

Typical Democrat Ploy

And it was accomplished by well-known members of the media, which is well known to be the Democrat Party Newsletter. They searched the Internet to see what they could find, and without any attempt to check further, “discovered” a similar name on a Tea Party web site and immediately went on the air with it. George Stephanopolous, the anchor, (the man who LIED to his own diary when he was a Democrat politician), allowed it on the air without fact checking and it was Brian Ross who found it. Both Ross and Stephanopolous should be fired summarily and blackballed from ever working in the media again. Will it happen? Nope. ABC will make a flimsy “apology” and “speak harshly” to them, but that’s all that will happen because ABC’s top management think like they do. (The Examiner)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"More Flexibility"

Obama actually thinks he will be re-elected and that after he is, he will have “more flexibility.” He’s right about “more flexibility.” He will have a lot of it but it won't matter because he will be sent back to Illinois to obscurity. Putin thinks he will continue to have a communist “comrade” in the White House so he can “run” the United States by proxy. Something previous Russian dictators dreamed of being able to do. What is there about Obama being a committed communist that Americans can’t seem to accept? Just because people like Putin are working to make us think “communism is dead” in Russia doesn’t mean it is. After “the collapse” of communism in Russia, the same people remained in office. They just told us they “were not communists any longer.” But they WERE “socialists,” which is almost the same thing—only cosmetic differences. Obama was BORN a communist, RAISED a communist, and TAUGHT to be a communist all his life. Why can’t Americans BELIEVE he IS? If we keep him around and allow him to continue to make the rules for us, soon he will be our “president for life” and it will be too late. Wake UP, America! Get RID of this “cancer” on our country. Start “paying attention to politics” or communism WILL “take over” in America. Don’t EVER think “it can’t happen here.” It can. That’s what they thought in Germany when Hitler was consolidating his power while planning to murder Jews. Thanks to my sis Patti for this. (YouTube)

It's Not the Gun's Fault

I’m actually a little surprised that the anti-gun fools aren’t out “singing their tunes” more about all their stupid reasons why we should BAN all guns—which, of course, will NOT do ANYTHING to stop such things as the Aurora theater slayings. Anybody who thinks a CRIMINAL, such as this shooter, will OBEY a law that says he can’t be armed, is about as ignorant as they come. Anybody who is determined to KILL, will find a way, in spite of hell.. In places where gun laws are the tightest, that’s where illegal guns are the EASIEST to get your hands on. Criminals don’t OBEY laws. But more guns in the hands of people willing to use them in their own defense or even the defense of others (that such shooter don’t know are there) would make a big dent in their ability to kill at will. I’d like to have been in that theater with my own hog-leg. That shooter would have died after firing his first bullet and maybe 10 of those 12 dead would have survived. (Just common sense).

Sunday, August 12, 2012

That's Not How You Make Profits

Liberals like to accuse Bain Capital of “loading up companies with debts” and “walking away with big profits when they go bankrupt.” I don’t know what their reasoning is on this, if there is any reasoning at all, but that’s NOT how you make profits in Bain Capital’s business. You buy failing businesses after being INVITED to do so. You try and make them profitable through better management. If you succeed, you both make a profit. If you fail, they go bankrupt and nobody makes anything. Bain succeeded in more than 80% of the cases. Some companies you CAN’T save. Those are the ones the Democrats concentrate on while twisting the system to make Romney look bad. This shows graphically that Democrats haven’t a CLUE how to make profit, OR how to salvage a failing company. (Just common sense)

This Guy's A Fool

NBC correspondent and former writer for the New York Times says, “A majority of whites have never favored equal rights in this country.” How stupid do you have to be to write for the New York Times and be a correspondent for NBC? Their “threshold” for employment must be very low if this guy got a job in both places. Talk about RACISM! This guy’s picture must be next to the definition of racism in the dictionary. If what he said is true, how did blacks gain as many rights as they have since the fifties? I’ve been alive the whole time. I watched it happen. From getting rid of the “whites only” drinking fountains in the South to electing a black (half black anyway) president and a BUNCH of black congresspeople. The facts deny his hypothesis but, of course, he will never admit he’s wrong. Liberal racists never do. (The Blaze)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Slapping Obama in the Face

Mitt Romney did something gutty. He named Paul Ryan, the author of the ONLY viable economic plan (that Obama rejected) out there, as his vice-presidential pick. I predict that Democrats will “go bananas” in the coming weeks to try and make Ryan unelectable. This choice frightens Obama and his crowd of criminals more than anything yet because they can see ‘the handwriting on the wall.” The federal marshals dragging Obama out of the oval office, kicking and screaming, in January. He says he will win, but he will not. He will lose by a big enough majority that he won’t be able to steal another election. He couldn’t have picked a better man. (Mail,com)

What's Wrong With Being Rich?

Being rich is usually the result of being successful in business, unlike Obama, who is rich because somebody else wrote two books for him that sold well. Being rich is apparently the only thing the Democrats could come up with to “paint” Romney as “bad.” They seem to forget their own candidate in an earlier election (who lost BIG) was much more “rich” than Romney, and, unlike Romney, he didn’t EARN his “riches.” He married them. Twice. Romney, at least, EARNED his money “saving businesses. His company, contrary to the lies put out by Obama, SUCCEEDED in more than 80% of the tries. They NEVER “saddled them with debt before declaring bankruptcy.” That’s the LIE generated by the Democrats. They do not make money by failing to save them, only by saving them. Now they're trying to say he is a FELON who lied to Congress about leaving Bain in 1999 to "save" the Olympics. Before that woman "lost her health insurance (she didn't) and died within 22 days of diagnosis (which means health insurance wouldn't have saved her--she waited too long) that is just another typical liberal (Obama) lie. (Just common sense)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Liberals Scared to Death

Otto Scott is credited with creating the “silent majority” quip that Nixon made famous, but wasn’t a factor in his election because that “silent majority” remained silent. It is no longer. The demonstration of support for Chic-Fil-A (of which I was a part) scared the hell out of liberals because it showed graphically that that “silent majority” was silent no more. It had “woken up” and was ready to throw liberals to the dogs where they belong. They’re frightened because they know liberals (and Obama) went too far when they had a majority in both main branches of government and moved us way too close to socialism. They “woke a sleeping giant” which is going to destroy the dominance of the Democrat Party for years to come—maybe forever. They may go the way of the Whigs. And good riddance to bad rubbish. (Political Outcast)

Raising the Race Card (Again)

They apparently don’t have anything else, so every time they get a chance they bring out the “race card” whenever ANYBODY says ANYTHING they don’t like about that FOOL in the White House. “During Monday‘s edition of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” host Lawrence O’Donnell accused conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh of using “racist stereotypes” for advising presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to point out that while Obama was experimenting with drugs, he (Romney) was contributing to the economy.” Problem is, it’s TRUE. Obama SAID so in his book, “Dreams of My Father.” So when did it become racism to tell the truth? When Obama got elected, I guess. And I think both viewers probably believe it, too. O’Donnell defended his comments by saying this: “But we can’t go after poor old Barack that way, because he’s a minority.” Why can’t we? If it’s true, it’s true. Truth doesn’t have an agenda. It’s just truth, whoever it’s about. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The "Chic-Fil-A Controversy"

It’s WRONG. It has been built WAY out of proportion to its importance. And it is a good diversion to keep people’s minds off the president spending more of their money than there IS on his phony schemes that have, so far, failed miserably. It’s just NOT IMPORTANT in the grand scheme of things. The gay activists only want the NAME marriage. They have been offered exactly what they SAY they want: equality with married people for their “unions,” but without the NAME, “marriage.” They refused to accept it without changing the definition of the word “marriage.” I don’t care what people do in their own bedrooms, but it is NOT “marriage,” and can NEVER be, no matter how much they want to twist things. Fact is, liberals simply want to force us to do what THEY want, and they use this kind of crap to do it. They’re just USING gays to accomplish it. (Just common sense)

Concentrating on Negatives

Democrats only concentrates on the negatives when they talk about Bain Capital’s work. That ad showing a (supposed) factory worker saying “Romney shut us down” makes me sick. As much as the earlier one with a woman saying Romney “made me sick.” Romney did NOT “shut that factory down.” He tried to SAVE it, and failed. One of Bain’s FEW failures. They saved 80 some percent of the companies they took over. A FEW still “went under,” which was NOT Romney’s fault. Bain did NOT make money by shutting down factories. They LOST when that happened. They only made money when they SAVED those companies, which they did, most of the time. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gets NO Time on Liberal Media

A man goes into a store and buys a knife. Then he goes outside and starts stabbing people. Then a man who has a “carry permit” threw down on him and ordered him to drop the knife, which he did, instantly. He didn’t want to die, after all. They subdued him and held him for the cops. This should be a BIG national story . . . right? Not! Not in today’s liberal media. They don’t like stories like this that prove my thesis that ONE gun in the hands of a responsible citizen (unbeknownst to the bad guy), could put a stop to such “mass murder” attacks by letting people who would make these attacks be afraid for their own lives. What we need is “more guns, less crime.” But don’t try and convince a liberal of that. They’re blind, deaf, and dumb about it. (Gun Action)

Obama Is A Facade

Like the false-front buildings of the 1800s West, manufactured to move us ever closer to socialism (collectivism). We know NOTHING about him; his early life, his schooling, his mentors (except for those of a communist and socialist bent), his influences (which seem to be ALL communist). He CLAIMS to have gone to a famous college, to which other well known people such as George Stephanopoulous went at the same time, and do not remember him. He steadfastly refuses to release his (REAL) birth records, even going to the extreme of releasing an obvious phony birth certificate. He ridicules anybody who questions him about it, never answering a question on the subject. He avoids it every time it is brought up, I’m sure because it would show he is not QUALIFIED to be president of this nation. I think he is a “front,” manufactured by “the powers that be” to allow them to “take over” the government in a “bloodless coup.” (Just common sense)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Palin Wasn't the Mistake

Some people say Sarah Palin was a mistake and it was because of her that the Republican ticket lost. WRONG! She "energized the ticket, but apparently not enough to overcome McCain being on it. The mistake on the ticket was McCain, who was not, in any case, “ready” to be president. He had NO chance without her and came a lot closer to being elected when she joined the ticket. I heard her speech at the GOP Convention, which was the last REAL one she was allowed to give. She was “muzzled” by the campaign after that, which guaranteed less “oomph” as a result of her joining the ticket. Personally, I think she should have been the TOP of the ticket. They’d have won unless McCain still brought them down. (Rush Limbaugh)

Gutting Welfare Reform

That’s what Obama has done, not by law, but by “directive,” making a “directive” that REMOVED the requirement that welfare recipients must LOOK for work in order to receive benefits. Clinton keeps taking credit for that law, but he was “dragged, kicking and screaming” into the signing room to sign it into law after refusing to do so many times before. Republicans put him in a position where he HAD TO sign it whether or not he wanted to do so. And he didn’t. Now Obama has GUTTED that law, and you’ll never see many stories in the liberal media about it (except to criticize Fox’s coverage). Only on Fox, which the liberals HATE with a passion, because they not only tell the truth, they tell BOTH SIDES. (Fox News)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Harry Reid Has Sex with Dogs

And he sets his farts on fire. You doubt me? “Nevertheless, I can prove what I say as much as Reid can ‘prove’ his statements to a Huffington Post reporter about an unnamed ‘Bain Investor’ telling him that Governor Romney hasn’t paid taxes in ten years.” I’ve seen some BAD Democrat senate leaders, but Harry is one of the worst. He’s almost as bad a senate leader as Nancy Peelosi was a House Speaker. Does he really think ANYBODY with any intelligence at all will believe this crap? Maybe he’s depending on the stupid. (The Right Planet)

"You Didn't Build It!"

Obama is telling people who started their own business and worked HARD to build it that, “you didn’t build it!” Out of his own mouth he demonstrates his complete LACK of understanding of how business and free enterprise works. He thinks just because the government built roads for those “newfangled cars” to run on AFTER they became ubiquitous, that those road builders were responsible for those roads being built. NOT! It’s just the other way around (as a side comment, those roads were NOT built by government. They were built by private contractors EMPLOYED by the government, using money extorted out of taxpayers). Yes, people who build businesses into large corporations had help. But they PAID for that help and, by so doing, created jobs AND other big corporations, who ALSO hired people, creating MORE jobs. The IDEAS that created the businesses came from an INDIVIDUAL, who pursued his/her dreams and created JOBS for others as a side-effect. Massachusetts liberal Elizabeth Warren, who ALSO doesn’t understand how business works, says people need “infrastructure” built by government in order to succeed. Nay! The government usually builds the infrastructure AFTER the need for it has been long demonstrated. Even CBS News (not a bastion of conservative thought) questions Obama’s thinking. (ABC News/Jake Tapper)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Of COURSE GOP's Pushing It!

Nobody else WILL! The Democrats are saying it’s political (the Fast & Furious scandal) because only the Republicans are pushing it. WRONG! There were many Democrats pushing it. And we can't expect the Democrats (as an organization) to push it because it's THEIR scandal. They say it all started in the Bush administration. WRONG! Bush started something SIMILAR, and STOPPED IT when it was found the dope pushers were removing the GPS senders from the guns. Obama picked up the failed program and “ran with it,” but with many changes. First, there were NO GPS units in the guns. They didn’t even TRY to trace where the guns went. They assured the gun dealers what they were doing was legal (they were working WITH the government) and they’d be okay. Now they’re saying the gun dealers are at fault and are giving them a hard time. The ATF and other agencies were told NOT to impede the movement of the guns in any way. Bush started a very different program, with even a different name, and concealed GPS units in each gun so they could trace their movement, to find and catch drug dealers. Obama picked it up to “prove” that the Democrat theory that most guns south of the border came from the United States was correct so they could make more and tighter anti-gun laws (a typical Obama con). That didn’t work when the whole program was discovered after that Border Patrol Agent was killed, using provably one of the guns traded in the program. Now the Obama administration is in “damage control,” and if the Republicans REALLY do their jobs, this scandal should be the thing that finally SINKS Obama. I certainly hope so. (Just common sense)

Liberals Are Incompetent

They think socialism is the way to govern, even though socialism has failed, or IS failing everywhere it is tried. They think TAXING us is the way out of a recession. They think “profit” is a “dirty word,” when that is what keeps the “wheels of commerce” rolling. They want to “tax the rich” more than the rest of us, even though “the rich” create ALL the private sector jobs that make this economy better by actually PRODUCING things. Just take a look around: who is in charge EVERYWHERE there is financial or economic “trouble?” Liberals have been “in charge” for most of the last 70 years, with ONE exception (Reagan) where everything liberals put in place was reversed and we began the biggest, longest lasting boom in recent history, and which was quickly reversed when succeeding liberal administrations “took over.” (Just common sense)