Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Won't Be Here

I may not get to post much this week. My brother died last Monday, making me the (unwilling) patriarch of the Thomas family. I will be obligated first with trying to get the money to go home and help bury him, then with what happens there. I hope I make it. Bob and my younger brother Rick are responsible for what I'm doing today, since they were the ones who insisted I read "Atlas Shrugged," the book that opened my eyes ans allowed me to "read between the lines" in the lying national press. I think he may be "haranguing" God to do something about Obama and his scams and schemes.

GOP Votes Passed "Cap & Trade"

The vote totals were 219 for, 212 against. Eight Republicans voted FOR the bill. The difference was 7; which means it was the Republican votes which put it “over the top. So without the Republican votes in FAVOR of the bill, it would not have passed. I guess those Republicans are the ones most easily fooled, because they ARE fools. This bill, if it becomes law, will pout a LOT of money in the pockets of many of Obama’s friends, and therefore into the pockets also of Obama AND his friends, while taking a lot of money OUT of OUR pockets. Why the hell do we have TWO parties if they vote the same? Don’t they know we’re going to hold them responsible for this vote in the next election? (Just common sense)

They're Forgetting Something

A “Democrat spokesman” on Fox (you know, that RIGHT-wing bastion) is FINALLY talking about the GOVERNMENT forcing lenders to loan money to deadbeats as the DIRECT CAUSE of our current financial problems. But he conveniently forgot (as usual) to mention that it was a DEMOCRAT administration (Jimmy Carter) that passed the original law (Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976), another Democrat administration that strengthened it (Clinton) and two Democrat presidents that signed the laws. Without saying so, he intimated that it was the REPUBLICANS who were at fault. But then, this particular “Democrat spokesman” is good at that. (Just common sense)

Illegal Parking!

In your own driveway! In Toledo, Ohio, they CAN ticket you for parking in your own driveway, based not on a law or even a REGULATION, but on a simple MEMO. Where the hell they get the idea they have the power to ticket somebody for parking on their own property is beyond me. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t live in Toledo (although I used to). I’ll lay odds the “powers that be” in Toledo are liberal Democrats. That’s where all the stupid things are done (where liberals "rule"). I looked all over the Toledo web site, but NOWHERE did they reveal hizzonor's political affiliation. Are they afraid for anybody to know it? Sounds a LOT like a Democrat to me. (Fox Toledo)

"Atlas Shrugged" Flourishing

“ATLAS SHRUGGED” FLOURISHING: Why now, fifty years after she wrote it? Maybe it’s because more and more people are seeing “the wisdom of her words” in a world where the president is talking about ”bulldozing blighted areas” to “make us ‘shrink’ in size to have a chance to "rest" and is making other socialistic moves apace, while spending TRILLIONS of dollars we don’t have. Maybe they see a world in which the “forced altruists” are “ruling us” through deception and swindles and they see similarities with Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” world. I certainly do. Meanwhile liberals put Rush Limbaugh AND Ayn Rand down in a desperate attempt to keep us from recognizing their scams. Rush Limbaugh speaks COMMON SENSE, which is what makes them “wet their pants.” So does Sarah Palin, which is why they’re trying so hard to discredit her so she can’t “beat them at their own game” in 2012. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go buy a copy of “Atlas Shrugged,” which is still available at book stores, though I’ve had a problem finding USED copies because people don’t get rid of it after reading it. (The Atlasphere)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Free" Health Care?

Sure. But it’s not free. It might be “free” to the user if the government is “paying” for it. But it’s NOT “free." SOMEBODY has to pay for it, and if it’s the GOVERNMENT, it’s YOU. Glenn Beck was asked if HE was in favor of “free health care,” and he answered “yes.” IF it WAS “free.” His answer: “Yes. Yes, if we could somehow or another come up with a magic healthcare bean that sprouted doctors, sprays and surgical procedures for free, who's not there? Of course I'm there. I don't mean free when you go to the doctor's office. I mean no cost TO the doctor's office and no cost via taxes, completely free. Healthcare, growing on a magic healthcare beanstalk. So of what possible value is it to even ask that question? Don't you think we should start questioning like the 30% that said no to absolutely free healthcare? My question is this: Medicare is broke. already it's necessary for them to start replacing the billions they stole for the general fund from the "Social Security Fund." So how are they going to pay for it? More and bigger taxes, and printing more money, that's how. (Just common sense)

I'm a Hawk

Liberals Call me a “hawk,” because I say, “Fine; make a “surgical strike” on that pot-bellied dictator in N. Korea, or on Ahmadinijad. Failing that, drop a nuke on his capital city (either on of them).” I’m not like liberals. After somebody threatens me a certain number of times, I’m “ready to go to war.” I get tired of being threatened by “tiny little men” very quickly. Both these jerks have been acting like they think they can WIN a war with the United States. If they throw a SINGLE nuke at ANYBODY, we can, and WILL make a steaming pile out of their countries and not feel a bit bad about it. Yes, a lot of innocent people will die. But that’s THEIR fault, not ours. They cannot impute fault on us while making empty threats. Maybe their people can “rise up” and eliminate these insane jerks. If they don’t, it’s on THEIR heads, not ours. (Just common sense)

Predictions and Truth

President (then candidate) Johnson said, “If you vote for Goldwater, we’ll be fully involved in Viet Nam in six months." So they voted for Johnson and we were fully involved in Viet Nam in six months. Obama said, “If we don’t vote in this stimulus package, we’ll soon have 9% PLUS unemployment. So they voted the stimulus package in, and we now (at this writing) have 9.2% unemployment. I really enjoy watching these Democrat politicians predicting the future. (Just common sense)

Killing Off the "Old Folks?"

Is this what Obama is saying we should do to save money? Recently he said as much: “Obama said during the ABC Special on Wednesday night [as this is written –RT] that a way to save healthcare costs is to abandon the sort of care that “evidence shows is not necessarily going to improve” the patient’s health. He went on to say that he had personal familiarity with such a situation when his grandmother broke her hip after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Obama offered a question on the efficacy of further care for his grandmother saying, “and the question was, does she get hip replacement surgery, even though she was fragile enough they were not sure how long she would last?” Does this mean his government will not “approve” treatment I may need because I’m 72 years old, and thus it will probably not help me for long? Who decides how long is long? (Red State/Warner Todd)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

We Were Founded in Freedom

Do you wonder why this nation has surpassed countries that have been around for hundreds, even THOUSANDS of years and have become the richest and most powerful country in the world in less than 300 years? It’s a simple answer: it’s because we were founded on LIBERTY and FREEDOM. It is CAPITALISM and the "profit motive," not socialism, that has made us strong. But Obama wants to get us away from all that. He wants us to “walk away” from what has made us great and TOWARD a system that has FAILED every time it has been tried. For those current socialist countries such as Communist China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc., it’s only a matter of time. It won’t be long now. As the United States “fades” in importance and loses the ability to “support” such regimes, they will fail, one by one, or maybe all together. (Just common sense)

All Our Troubles Are Over!

Obama is in charge! “Well, I'm glad that's over! Now that our silver-tongued president has gone to Cairo to soothe Muslims' hurt feelings, they love us again! Muslims in Pakistan expressed their appreciation for President Barack Obama's speech by bombing a fancy hotel in Peshawar this week.” And they’ll tell us again, over and over, how much they love us as the days and weeks go on. The seas will go back down, the ice caps will again be safe, and all our other problems will cease to be problems. It must be true! Obama SAYS it! Bulldroppings! Nothing that comes out of Obama’s mouth is true. You can tell what the truth is by seeing what is just the opposite of what Obama says. My only comment on his Cairo speech is, “God help us!” (Ann Coulter)

Climate of Stupidity

That’s what we have had in Washington since Obama and his henchmen were elected and appointed. COW FARTS: They say cow farts create more pollution than all the autos in the world and want to tax them; NUCLEAR IDIOCY: With insane dictators around the world nearing acquisition of nuclear devices, Obama wants us to “get out of the nuclear business and leave us defenseless; KILLING COAL: He has PROMISED to “bankrupt the coal industry,” one of the BASIC industries necessary to our survival; “MAKING NICE” ON TERRORISTS: The only thing I can say about his speech in Cairo is, “God help us!” “WAR? WHAT WAR? He doesn’t even believe we’re at war with an ideology that tells its adherents to KILL those who don’t believe the same way they do;

SPENDING SPREE: He spent more in his first THREE WEEKS than this country has spent since its inception! He is printing money so fast that soon we will be in a “double-digit inflation,” which is “secret theft” from us and our descendants since every dollar he prints with nothing behind it makes money now in existence worth less. Everything he has done since he was elected (with the possible exception of reversing Bush’s ban on financing for embryonic stem cell research) is STUPID. Will we survive his stupidities? Maybe not, if we don’t cut him short by making him a “one-term president” or even IMPEACH him. This differs from the “systemic hatred” of George Bush by liberals, who could not coherently say WHY they hated him. I don’t HATE him. And as with Bill Clinton, I CAN. I just have no USE for him and am AFRAID of what’s coming with him and his henchmen in charge. (Just common sense)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Computer Lost Its Mind

If anybody's worried about me, quit it. I'm not sick; my computer is. It apparently "lost its mind" last Sunday and I've been trying to get it fixed ever since. The result is that I now have a computer with more memory (the same one, just more memory), an "empty" hard drive and a "slave" hard drive with all my old files on it. Since I'm an inveterate "backer-upper," I didn't lose anything important and even though it's still doing some strange things, it does work (mostly).

Democrats Protecting Pedophiles

They’re working hard to pass the obviously misnamed "Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act." Which more descriptively could be called the “Pedophile Protection Act.” They know they can’t get such an irrational law passed “up front,” so now they’re trying to get it added as an “unnamed attachment” to another “must-pass” bill (that’s how they pass unpopular or ignorant bills into law “under the table.”). This bill, if it becomes law, will make a “protected class” of, among other things, Incest - sex with one's offspring (a crime, of course); Necrophilia - sexual relations with a corpse, also a crime; Pedophilia - sex with an underage child, another crime. Most of these actions are ALREADY against the law, but Democrats want to “protect” such people and won’t hear of excluding ANY of the categories, including pedophilia. Could it be because they fear being exposed? I don’t want to suggest that any of them ARE pedophiles, but their determination to make pedophiles a “protected class” is somewhat suspicious to me. (Just common sense)

Obama Lies, Press Swears to It

Recently he told us he “saved or created” 150,000 jobs (whatever THAT means) while the jobless numbers were 9.2% (later 9.4%), the highest it has been in recent years with double-digit unemployment soon to be in our future. Then the press trumpeted it all over; except for the Wall Street Journal, which published a story with the title, “The Media Falls for Phony Jobs Claims,” and shows that Obama’s claims are pure fiction. They’re “made-up numbers” and the “state-run media” does not even question them. No demands for proof. They just print it, right out of the man Evan Thomas (Time Magazine) called “A God.” It amazes me that he thinks we’re ignorant enough to believe that, but he’s right. Those who “don’t pay attention to politics” will. (Wall Street Journal)

The Liberal Way of Thinking

This is an informative poem by someone who knows what's going on: “They want power over all of us./ And they want the money to do it;/ Meanwhile we do our thing,/Paying attention when we get around to it./They don't care whose lives they ruin/While they make laws to control us;/They go their merry way/With our own money they dole us/So we'll continue to vote/To keep the money coming;/While they snare us more fully/And we contribute to our own undoing.” This poem was written by someone whose name I’ve never known, but it puts things very well. If you know who wrote it, please let me know so I can give him/her proper credit. (Just common sense)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Taser Death"

“TASER DEATH”: Twice in recent days people have been shocked and have died. The “quick” judgment is that the shock killed him. That is impossible. Stun guns cannot kill. There isn’t enough AMPERAGE to do so. I’d bet that when the autopsy results are in, it will be discovered that both these people had underlying medical problems that killed them, not the stun gun. Of course, family members will not accept this, as the stun gun is a “convenient target.” They’ll say the medical examiner is “part of the system” and ruled to “save” the cop who stunned him. MEs don’t operate that way. They find what’s there and report it. Maybe that has happened in the past, but it’s not “common.” Medical Examiners are THERE as an “oversight” to the cops, and anybody else who might kill someone, accidentally or on purpose. In one case, the man fell to his death AFTER being stunned, but the press STILL called his death as CAUSED by being “tazed.”

I’ll wait until I find out just what killed this man before I blame the stun gun the cop used. (Update: now it has come to light [thanks to Fox News] that he was on a ledge, high above the street when he was shocked, and FELL to his death. He died of “head trauma” caused by his fall. A police lieutenant and the cop who shocked him at a very bad time have been relieved of duty. It was NOT the stun gun that killed him, news reports notwithstanding). Nonetheless, news reports still say this “has brought renewed focus to the use of Tasers by police.” Maybe they ought to teach them not to use them on people precariously perched on ledges, way above the street. One thing is sure: shooting him would not have been better. (Fox News)

Unions "Jumped the Line"

If someone jumped in front of you in line at the supermarket, what would you do? “In a rigged proceeding in which the federal government disregarded bankruptcy law in favor of the political outcome it desired, the Chrysler bankruptcy laid the predicate for the much larger General Motors bankruptcy to come. Against law and precedent, the unions were moved to the front of the line when it came to who would benefit from the bankruptcy.” That's what the unions did in the Chrysler bankruptcy. This is the “big payoff” to the Unions who donated MILLIONS to Obama and his accomplices. They flatly IGNORED the law and the courts went along with it. Again, we have a government made up of CRIMINALS from the top down (judiciary included). And, unlike those who hated Bush only because the Democrats told them to, but who could not tell you why, I KNOW why I have no use for Obama and his crowd. They have EARNED it. (Newt Gingrich Letter)

IS It A "Scandal?"

“There was a time when we would have called it a scandal. In 1921, oil tycoon Harry Sinclair gave several prize head of cattle and around $269,000 to President Harding’s Secretary of the Interior, Albert Fall. In return, Sinclair got the exclusive rights to drill in an oil field in Wyoming. Sinclair’s no-bid contract became the Teapot Dome scandal, the most notorious example of political corruption in America prior to Watergate. Between 2000 and 2008, the United Auto Workers (UAW) Union gave $23,675,562 to the Democratic Party and its candidates. In 2008 alone, the UAW gave $4,161,567 to the Democratic Party, including Barack Obama. In return, the UAW received 55 percent of Chrysler and 17.5 percent of GM, plus billions of dollars. But nobody’s calling this a scandal. It’s time we start.” (Newt Gingrich)

SHOULD we call it a scandal? The “state-run media” doesn’t think so. They’ve been instructed to view it as "business as usual" and something Obama “had to do for the good of the country.” But it’s not. It has been done for “the good of Obama and his accomplices.” It is the biggest swindle perpetrated upon the American people since AlGore‘s global warming. He had conned more money out of the American people than has ANYONE before him with this scam. IS it a “scandal?” The answer is a big YES! (Newt Gingrich Letter)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Surprise, Surprise!

David Letterman’s sleazy attack on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is typical of the kind of things elite liberals do to the people they’re frightened of; and Sarah “scares the hell out of them.” If she runs in 2012, especially if she has the likes of Bobby Jindal as her running mate, and is not “muzzled” in what she can say, she’ll win in a landslide (a REAL one, not the kind of phony one they had in Iran). Unabashed conservatives, who RUN as conservatives, as Reagan did, DO “win big,” and that’s what makes liberals wet their pants. So they’re trying very hard to discredit her and make her a laughingstock. That’s their “modus operandi.” They don’t dispute her on the issues; they can’t. so they try to discredit her and get the country laughing at her with their snide jokes and lies. It’s not going to work. She won’t allow it, as McCain did by putting certain things “off limits” to try and “appease” Obama. (People)

"Obama is a God"

This is from the transcript of a TV show, and Time Magazine’s Evan Thomas is heard to say “Obama is like a God.” “VOICE: Well, we were the good guys in 1984. Hasn't felt that way in recent years. We're seen too often as a bad guys. And he is a very different job from Reagan was all about America, and he talked about it. Obama is, we are above that now. We're not just parochial, we're not just chauvinistic, we're not just provincial. We stand for something. I mean, in a way Obama's standing above the country, above the world. He's sort of God.” If nothing else will convince you just how deeply the media is “in the hole” for Obama, this ought to do it, unless you’re just stupid. I don’t think you’re stupid, so go to the original article and read. (Glenn Beck)

Based on Wrong Premise!

Ayn Rand says, “if you find a contradiction, check your premises.” The whole idea that GITMO prisoners are there FOR what they did is WRONG. They’re “prisoners of war” without Geneva Convention rights. They actually SHOULD have been shot where they stood when they found them on the field of battle. They’re NOT “criminals” entitled to trial. Under the rules of war they could have been executed on the spot, which we should have done, so there’d be no “controversy” over how we treat them. (Just common sense)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Domino Effect

If you think the Democrat-caused “economic slowdown” isn’t going to effect your life because you don’t have “investments,” think again. How do you think the loss of ALL chain stores in Detroit will affect the populace of Detroit? They’re gone because there is no longer an “auto-making business” in Detroit (to speak of) and thus thousands fewer possible customers, since they’re unemployed. And you can trace it all back to the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976,” a Democrat-controlled Congress passed, Democrat president (Jimmy Carter) signed law FORCING lenders to loan money to deadbeats. This law was STRENGTHENED later by ANOTHER Democrat-controlled Congress, and THAT was signed into law by ANOTHER Democrat president (Bill Clinton). This law was an “exercise in stupidity” designed, and produced for the purpose of CREATING an “economic slowdown” toward the end of George Bush’s administration, creating an atmosphere in which Democrat Obama could be elected president (while nobody really knew what he stood for) and many other Democrats elected or re-elected to Congress, which, effectively created a “bloodless coup” that allowed the Democrats to “retake” the U. S. government so they could finish the job of making this into a socialist country.

Obama and his accomplices are working fast, spending money they don’t have like water, PRINTING money apace, (which will soon create double-digit inflation). Such inflation is a “hidden tax increase,” and is patent THEFT of America’s money since it makes every dollar in existence worth LESS. So even if you don’t have “investments,” you’re going to be effected by this, if nothing more than your “nest egg” (and all your other money) being worth a lot less when you go to use it. You’re also going to get massive tax increases, and don’t believe Obama’s lies when he says NOBODY with an income under $250,000 (or whatever number he’s using this week) will get one. Remember the government lyingly told us the federal INCOME tax would not be paid by more than 3% of the people, so as to “suck us into” allowing it. Now they’re auditing WAITRESSES and taxi drivers for a “cut” of their TIPS! Never believe the government when they say “only the rich will have to pay.” That’s a LOAD! And a BIG one. Our GRANDCHILDREN and THEIR grandchildren will have to pay for this. I keep writing this over and over, but get no response, even from "the choir," who are my audience. When are they going to realize (in Washington) that this is so and DO something about it? (Yahoo News/Finance)

"Collossal Ignorance"

We’re well into the (hopefully) one term of yet another fool (besides Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton) who blundered into the presidency because the Democrats thought he was “sufficiently dumb” to do what they wanted, which was make this into a socialist nation. But they didn’t contend with the DEPTH of his stupidity and he’s scaring THEM to death as much as he is us. One example: with insane dictators all over the world gaining nuclear capability, he wants to “get out of the nuclear business. What a “glittering jewel of colossal ignorance!” Liberals the world over HATED George Bush with a passion, but could not say WHY (It's because he HURT their efforts to "socialize" this nation). But that’s not a problem with us. He has given us many reasons to have no use for him. (Just common sense)

"Limited" Recount

The Mullahs have "authorized" a "limited recount" of the vote from their recent election, which Ahmadinijerk sto. . .won. What does THAT mean? It means “recounting” all the votes FOR Ahminidinijerk while discarding all those against him. They’re doing it to placate those hundreds of thousands of demonstrators against him, some of which they killed. I think they were surprised at the sheer STRENGTH of the opposition. So they “ordered up” yet ANOTHER “demonstration, this time FOR Ahmadjinijerk, where NO ONE was killed. Anybody with any intelligence at all knows Ahmadinijerk was the CHOICE of the Mullahs, so you can depend on his “winning.” Now they have to “show” the dissidents he has a lot of “support.” I can’t believe they think people living OUTSIDE of Iran buy this bullderm. Maybe they’ve been “in charge” too long and they have started believing their own lies, as Obama has already done. I think it's instructive that people in Iran are SO "fed up" they'll risk DEATH in order to cause a change. Then they "muzzled" the press. "Authorities restricted journalists, including Iranians working for foreign media from reporting on the streets, and said they could only work from their offices, conducting telephone interviews and monitoring official sources such as state television." ONLY "official sources." No actual witnesses to government killings. (Yahoo News/AP)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Does He Care?

Obama can’t fire an Inspector General. Not without giving 30 day’s notice and explaining to Congress why. But he did, with no explanation to anybody because this IG was investigating one of his friends (can't have that). People have criticized him for this, but he doesn’t care. He’s “our ruler.” Nobody seems to be able to touch him because nobody ELSE cares what outrages he commits. They’re still too busy licking his boots to notice his excesses. Will somebody do something concrete because of this? Doubtful. That’s how he gets away with things. Nobody cares. Nobody brings charges against him. So he doesn’t care, either. (Rush Limbaugh)

22 "Czars"

22 “CZARS”: It took Russia 400 years to amass 22 “czars.” It only took Obama a few months. They will control EVERYTHING about you. The latest of which is the “pay czar” who will tell your boss how much (or how little) he can pay you. Do you want some “faceless bureaucrat” to be able to CONTROL your pay and a lot of other things? Get RID of Obama and his accomplices before he is able to institute a socialist government that CAN control you, ABSOLUTELY. That’s what he’s after, and if you don’t get him OUT of there, he will do it. I probably won’t be around to see it, but my children and their children will, and I don’t want that. Nor do I want them to pay high taxes to pay for Obama’s mistakes. (Just common sense)

Obama's "Plan" for GM

He says he “doesn’t want to own General Motors.” But he now DOES own 60% of it. He says he “doesn’t want to RUN General Motors.” But he IS “running” General Motors. He SAYS YOU “own” that 60%, but he’s lying. Just TRY and tell GM what to do. Just TRY and get a “dividend from your “ownership.” Just TRY to become a member of the board (that’s reserved for Obama’s friends). He says he plans to “reduce it to a manageable (by him) size through bankruptcy." To do so, he’s telling thousands of profitable dealers to “go to hell.” GM is not “buying back” any inventory so those dealers he’s RUINING are STUCK with it unless they can get it sold before the deadline. Look for most of those dealers to become dealers for foreign brands, and for the percentage of the market foreign brands hold to increase markedly. Is THIS his “plan” to make things better for GM and the nation? Common sense tells me it is NOT. In addition, he is insisting on them making cars nobody wants—which is, as usual, a “recipe for disaster.” But Obama doesn’t mind; he was ELECTED because of the Democrat’s “recipe for disaster” in FORCING lenders to make loans they KNEW would never be repaid. (Yahoo News/AP)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Turribl Torture!"

Boy! Did we really hurt those Chinese Islamic terrorists Obama just released in Bermuda! Remember the pictures of John McCain while in captivity? When he came home it took him a long time to get his life and body back to near normal. These former Gitmo prisoners the liberals think were tortured are swimming in the ocean in the Carribbean two days after being released. Just a note: Bermuda is British territory. But Obama didn’t ask Britain for their permission to send these terrorists there. He just sent them, and at OUR expense (as usual). Notice they said their "worst moments came" when we allowed Chinese communists to question them. Apparently, they're now "on vacation" in Bermuda at U. S. expense until the world forgets about them, at which time they'll go back to "war" against the U. S. and kill a few more innocent people, some of them children. (Rush Limbaugh)

Lyting Accusations

This is only ONE of the lying accusations being made about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin: “Blogger Geoffrey Dunn, who is writing a book about Palin, accused the former Republican vice presidential candidate of lifting phrases and ideas at length from an article Gingrich co-wrote in 2005.” Only problem is, Palin plainly told her audience where the quotes came from, and Newt has no problem with her use of his material. He wishes more people would do it. This is typical of the kind of baseless accusations you will find in the “Huffington Post” and other liberal blogs. It is the kind of thing the liberals commonly use to attack ANY conservative that frightens them, as Sarah does. If she runs in 2012, especially if Bobby Jindal as her running mate, she’ll win in a landslide. That’s what frightens them so much. Reagan proved that a CONSERVATIVE who RUNS as a “conservative (not as ‘liberal-lite’),” will win in a landslide every time. They know it, though they’ll never ADMIT it, so she frightens them and makes them wet their pants. This guy only made this post to get publicity for his lying book while hoping to hurt Sarah.(News Max)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stopping Mass Shootings

Laws prohibiting guns will not do it. Those wishing to commit mass murder do not obey laws that say they “can’t come in here armed.” This article gives a long list of schools where shooters have come in armed, where guns are specifically prohibited, and killed people. These killers could be pretty sure nobody there would be armed and able to kill HIM. “Guns were specifically not allowed on the premises by official policy or by law. Some locations have specific legal prohibitions, while others rely only on ‘company policy.’ Murderers will ignore signs telling them that something is prohibited. Clearly, if the state prohibits guns on campus, the good people will obey and leave their guns at home. But quite clearly, these signs did not dissuade the killers. Think about it. The only people obeying the law and the signs were the good people...the victims.” We need to allow RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE in these schools to be able to carry a gun (if they wish) so such shooters will not know whether or not there will be someone there who is armed and able to stop him as there was in Colorado Springs, Colorado when a shooter who had already killed that day came in shooting. A female parishioner shot him (and, knowing it was ‘all over,” he killed himself) and only two people there died. (Examiner)

Usinng Children to Attacki

People wonder why I say Islamic terrorists have NO CLAIM to ANY “rights.” They’re using CHILDREN and WOMEN to attack us. "At least five suspects ages 14 to 19 have been involved in grenade and suicide attacks in recent weeks in northern Iraq, according to the statement. The military has frequently said it believes Al Qaeda in Iraq and other insurgent groups are recruiting children and women because of their ability to avoid scrutiny and evade heightened security measures. But Saturday's statement was the first to provide detailed allegations of specific teenage attackers in what the military called 'a growing trend of children carrying out attacks on Iraqi security and U.S. forces.' " People who use CHILDREN and WOMEN to attack others have NO CLAIM to any “rights.” They should be shot on sight, as is legal in wartime when you find someone wearing NO uniform, but trying to kill people anyway. (Fox News)

Obama doesn't Like Jews

It’s easy to see. Just look at his foreign policy. He goes over to the Middle East and extols the “virtues” of Islamics. He gives “faint praise” to Jews and criticizes those who say the “holocaust” didn’t happen. But he pointedly left Israel OFF his itinerary. He demands that Israel stop building their “settlements” while ignoring what the (Islamic) Palestinians have done to Israelis. When Palestinians kill Jews, the world ignores it. But when Israel FINALLY retaliates, the world (led by Obama) accuses the JEWS of “atrocities.” Israel has “bent over” many times to the Palestinians and many times have OFFERED them their “homeland,” but they have rejected it. They just want Israel GONE and all Jews dead. Obama is clearly taking the side of the Palestinians. It is obvious to those who “pay attention.” (Just common sense)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Somebody Has to Die

In most bureaucracies, someone has to DIE before they’ll do necessary things. In Florida, when I was a paramedic, we came on a bunch of cops with a man in cardiac arrest, whom they would not allow us to touch OR transport because we were out of our zone, returning from (a block away) a hospital run. The “zone ambulance” was seven miles away. The man died waiting. I saw to it the Emergency “czar” there was removed and the law changed so the paramedic in charge could ORDER transfer in such cases AFTER this man died. In Washington, DC, the guards at the Holocaust Museum repeatedly asked for bullet-proof vests because of the possibility of violence from “Jew-haters.” They were refused, or “stonewalled.” Now a guard has been shot and killed. Look for the bureaucracy to hurriedly issue bullet-proof vests and the bureaucrats to claim credit for “protecting our security officers” after this man was killed. (Just common sense)

War? What War?

Our new president, Barack Hussein Obama, doesn’t think we are “at war” with Islamic terrorists. He is now calling it a “man-caused disaster” or something equally as insipid and stupid. He still thinks Iraq was “an unnecessary war” and “not part of the war on terror.” This is a term he refuses to use any more, and has so advised (ordered) the liberal media not to use. He might begin to believe it when an Islamic terrorist puts a bullet in him (or blows him to flinders) the next time he visits the Middle East (or even while he is in the White House). How one man could be so ignorant and still gain the presidency is still beyond me (He was elected by those who "pay no attention to politics" and therefore know nothing about him). He worries more over how we “treat” the Islamic terrorists we have captured than how THEY treat their captives. We “play silly little games” with them while they BEHEAD us. I hope we survive his presidency and that his admirers come to their senses sooner, rather than later. (Just common sense)

Afraid to "Offend"

Apparently everybody in New York is so deathly afraid of “offending” ANYBODY they have now published a list of 200 WORDS that cannot be used in ads for real estate. Among them are “family friendly,” “exclusive,” “easy walking distance,” “no smoking,” family-sized,” “working,” and “couples.” Has anybody in New York heard of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States? If I were a real estate broker in New York, I’d tell them to “stick their list where the sun doesn’t shine” and DEFY them to do something about it. If that’s “offensive,” tough cookies. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"You Scare Me"

This is an open letter from the former Vice-President of Proctor and Gamble that was not only not printed by the New York Times, it wasn’t even acknowledged. But somehow it got onto the Internet and has gotten more than half-million “hits.” I wish Obama would get a chance to see it, but I’d bet his “minions” will work overtime to KEEP him from seeing it for fear of “hurting his feelings.” I didn’t much like Jimmy Carter because he was “Obama lite.” So was Clinton. But we survived both. We may NOT “survive” Obama. Read this letter and be scared . . . very scared. He makes many very good points including the final one, which is that if Obama gets re-elected in 2012, he might be imprisoned or killed for writing a letter such as this. (Lou Pritchett)

Hiding the Truth

That is Obama’s purpose in insisting we no longer use the term, “war on terror.” The phrase is actually now a misnomer. Iraq and Afghanistan have been rebranded the "Overseas Contingency Operation," and lawyers are being deployed to fight the real battles. What the hell does THAT mean? He and his henchmen, and the “willing liberal media” can stop using that term if they want, but I’m not going to. I “call a spade a spade.” (And that has NOTHING to do with race). I call things what they ARE. Not what Obama wants me to call them to obfuscate the fact that we ARE “at war with Islamic EXTREMISTS.” Does he really think he can hide the fact that we ARE at war with a large portion of the “Muslim world” as they go about gaily murdering innocent people to make their obscure points? What a stupid JERK Obama is! (IBD Editorials)

Known by His Friends or Enemies

Hugo Chavez (communist dictator in Venezuela) HATED George Bush with a passion, but cheers every time Obama does something to move us further toward socialism. That, to me, is “telling.” You can often be judged by the people who hate you, or who love you. Obama is moving us ever closer to being a socialist nation. Every day, he nationalizes another industry or “takes over” running one business or another. Sometimes with fanfare, other times without. His "taking over" of General Motors has "awed" Chavez. The fact that Chavez loves Obama tells me a lot, even if I didn’t already know he is a dedicated socialist. (IBD Editorials)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Worse Than Cow Farts

“Just when you thought measuring and taxing bovine butt emissions was as silly as government meddling with your livestock could get; We can file this one under Astronomically Expensive and Unnecessary Crap. And cross file it under New World Order Advocates On Crack.” Did you laugh when we told you the government wanted to measure and tax “cow farts?” I did. But they were deadly serious, as are most liberals when they propose something stupid. Now they want farmers to PAY for GPS positioning of every cow on your land. Talk about an “unfunded mandate!” Like Rush Limbaugh says, “Liberals are funny when they’re out of power, but DANGEROUS when they GET power.” Liberal blogs will probably accuse me of plagiarism for quoting Rush as they did when Sara Palin quoted Newt Gingrich. (Elizabeth Crum)

Martyr? Not Even!

Was Dr. Tiller (the “late-term abortion doctor”) a murderer, or a martyr? That is the question many ask, and the answer is easy. No (Though late-term abortion supporters will probably try and make him one). He was a “serial killer” who only killed defenseless infants, (mostly) still in the womb. A person many people used instead of a condom (Funny, since condoms are cheaper). They had unprotected sex without worrying; they could always kill the result. But that doesn’t mean I agree that he should be murdered himself. If this country would follow logical law, he would be imprisoned for the rest of his natural life; or even executed, but UNDER THE LAW. Not by a “vigilante.” What I’m talking about is people who use the murder of the result in place of a condom when having sex. I don’t mean those with REAL problems that would mean a short, bad life for the child and unnecessary medical expenses for a child that won’t live very long, anyway and will live in constant pain. But Dr. Tiller didn’t limit his practice to those people. He did late-term abortions for all comers (though his defenders will insist otherwise). I don’t condone his murder, but I wonder why it was so long in coming. Violence to answer violence “doesn’t compute.” You don’t kill somebody to stop killing, unless you’re the law. Watch for the "anti-gun crazies" to use this shooting to promote more stupid "anti-gun laws," as if such laws would stop such shootings. (One News Now)

Obama Destroying Auto Industry

He won’t admit it, but his actions are creating a situation in which many reliable dealers for AMERICAN cars will become dealerships for FOREIGN cars. As he forces the removal of franchises that have belonged to successful auto dealers for years (causing them to lose BILLIONS of dollars), that leaves them open to become dealers for, and sell FOREIGN cars. This allows foreign automakers to take a bigger portion of the auto sales market in the United States. Is THIS what he thinks will improve the economy? What an IDIOT! (Yahoo News/AP)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

"World Without Nukes"

That’s what Obama said in Saudi Arabia. Just as if that were possible. If ONE nuclear bomb exists, anywhere in the world, the country (or person) who controls it will control the world. And there is NO WAY you would be able to destroy EVERY nuclear device in existence. To think so shows a lot of ignorance. Israel is CERTAINLY not going to give up its nuclear capability; not with Iran threatening to “push them into the sea,” while OWNING nukes (which will happen soon if they’re not stopped). You can’t “unilaterally” disarm and “get rid of” your nukes. As soon as you do, those who still DO have nukes will destroy you. There are way too many “crazies” like Ahmadinijerk who DO have nukes, or will soon. Then there is Kim Jong Il, who DOES. It's reminiscent of the "anti-gun freaks'" idea that to defend yourself against illegally-armed criminals, you must disarm YOURSELF.(Just common sense)

Going Off Half-Cocked

At Princeton University recently, they shut down the campus, sent out e-mail mass messages, and wasted hours of the cop’s time conducting a search, all because somebody saw someone with a toy plastic gun. I expect soon to hear that “authorities” are demanding even tighter anti-gun laws in response to this. I guess they will figure if a TOY gun can trigger such a response, they ought to ban it, too. This is how the “anti-gun freaks” “gin up” reasons to make new laws against gun ownership and concealed carry. They figure if ANYBODY has a gun in his possession, he’s going to kill somebody. They don’t know ANYTHING about personal responsibility and self-control because they don’t have it. Turns out it was a couple of kids (They made sure everyone knew were from "off-campus" and had no connection to the university) playing "cops and robbers." (Just common sense)

"Accidentally" Releasing Top Secrets

How does a presumably competent federal government “accidentally” release “confidential information” about the location of storage of nuclear fuel and other information that will help our enemies kill us easier? Our government is so incompetent it “gives our enemies a road map” to where sensitive information or equipment is. Their excuse is, “It was mostly already on the Internet, anyway. We just put it all together in one place.” Huh? That’s supposed to “make it all well?” Did this action make it a LOT easier for our enemies to “target” sensitive installations? They’re not only incompetent in WHAT they release, but in their “excuses” offered, too! When the first act of domestic terrorism happens since 9/11 and after Bush left office, look for it to be on one of these now easily targeted installations. Watch for them to blame Bush. (Just common sense)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Bailouts" Did Not work

And never will. Obama’s trillion dollar bailout spending spree is a desperate attempt to bring their own scam under control before it COMPLETELY destroys us. But the Keynesian Economics theory under which it is being done is completely flawed and doesn’t work. Keynes said, among other things, that to bring us out of a recession or depression, government must spend more money. If that means spending more than it has, no matter. Print some. WRONG! The GM bankruptcy, after all the money Obama gave them supposedly to “forestall bankruptcy” is evidence. Chrysler is IN bankruptcy and is desperately trying to sell itself to Fiat to bring itself OUT of bankruptcy. It is a MYTH that people will not buy cars from a company in bankruptcy. They will, and do. Obama’s crowd CAUSED the “economic slowdown” that put the whole country in economic trouble by FORCING lenders to loan money to people who could NOT repay it, thereby setting us up for disaster, just so they could “take over” the government with a “bloodless coup.” (What is there about that people don’t understand?)They succeeded. But now they’re trying to stop the “steamroller” they started rolling before it destroys us, but they’re doing it with an outdated and flawed economic theory that has been long discredited and it’s not going to work. It’s ALREADY too late, and the American people will soon “throw them out” and not elect another Democrat in my lifetime if they “wake up” in time. If SO, they’ve destroyed the Democrat Party for all time. “Hello, Whigs.” (Just common sense)

Shutting Them Up

Those against “universal health care” want to run an ad explaining their position, but their opponents; those IN FAVOR of “universal health care” (which includes Obama and his fellow swindlers) want to stop them from running it. They want to “shut them up,” and “end the debate.” "When thuggery replaces debate in the political process, society suffers. There is no room in an advanced civilization for tribal conflicts. Competing ideas should be sorted out in the light, not snuffed out by intimidation. But that is exactly what a coalition organization called "Democracy for America" [which is just the opposite of what they're working for -RT] is trying to do. A group named ‘Conservatives for Patients' Rights’ has bought time on Washington, D.C.'s NBC 4 to air a 30-minute broadcast Sunday after 'Meet the Press.' The group describes it as a '60 Minutes'-style documentary' that will 'let people see the very real consequences of letting the government take over their health care decisions.' We haven't seen the program, which has already run on the History Channel, A&E Network and ION, and focuses on the 'stalling, waiting lists and rationing and withholding care because of red tape, politics, and bureaucratic foot-dragging' that distinguish the government-run health care systems elsewhere, particularly Great Britain and Canada. So we don't know how the points are presented. But we are aware of those systems' failures and have repeatedly listed them on these pages. Many Americans, however, are ignorant of the rationing and nasty waiting lists that are responsible for poor health and even fatalities in nations with socialist health care systems. And "Democracy for America" [sic] wants to keep them that way." That’s obvious, else why would they want to stop it from being broadcast? (IBD Editorials)

Covernment Tells You when You Can Smile

I think it is California where they bar you from smiling when they take your picture for a driver's license. I'm surprised they think they need this ban because (they say) "facial recognition software" can better recognize you if you aren't smiling. In California, I'm sure not very many people WANT to smile with the highest tax base in the nation, the highest unemployment numbers, and their governor threatening to cut off funds for police and fire services instead of that for studying the sex life of the Tse-tse Fly, while companies are RUNNING to other states to do business. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Discrediting Palin

The Democrats (liberals all) are so predictable, you can use them as a “compass” to see just who frightens them the most by watching who it is they attack the most often, and the most viciously. They call Republicans “mean-spirited,” but there is NOTHING more “mean-spirited than what they say about Sarah Palin. Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings (A Democrat who was IMPEACHED when he was on the bench for corruption) said, “Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks.” Aside from the lack of good grammar, that’s a typical unspecified attack. Florida Congressman John Lewis said Palin reminded him of racial segregationist George Wallace (who was a Democrat until he went independent). S. Carolina Democrat Party Chairman Carol Fowler thinks she’s not qualified because she’s never killed a baby (never had an abortion).

Then Barack Obama himself (B. O.) said, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” The left claims to be “tolerant,” but they’re only tolerant of those who “toe their liberal (socialist) line.” Columnist Andrew Sullivan had the temerity to claim (with no proof whatever) that her youngest son was not her own child. A New York Times columnist compared her to a “fatal cancer.” But the only “fatal cancer” in this plot is the New York Times and its pushing (with the Democrat Party) of socialism. In Alaska, Democrats are filing all kinds of unsustainable “ethics complaints” on her, much like they did on former Republican Senate Leader Newt Gingrich (another Republican they hate and fear). All this does is show me they’re “scared to death” of Sarah. If she runs for president in 2010 in her own right (without McCain “gagging” her so she can say what she means), she’ll win in a landslide. Especially if Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (another dependable conservative) is her running mate. (Just common sense)

Calif. Bible Study Permit

It’s required in California if you have too many people coming over to your house. Seems they made a law some time back requiring a permit for a “religious assembly” I don’t know how many people that requires. The article didn’t say. But the meeting is in a private home so it can’t be too many. The Constitution prohibits ANY law regarding religion or the practice thereof. They will argue that the Constitution doesn’t cover state law or local laws, but they’re lying. EVERY state that was admitted to the Union had to agree not to make laws contrary to the U. S. Constitution. ANY law concerning religion or the practice thereof is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Take THAT, California! I’m not very religious, but I resent ANY effort to regulate religion or the practice thereof, nonetheless because it's unconstitutional. I hope the California Supreme Court helps this town come to their senses and throws out this law. (One News Now)

A Law Against Stupidity

In Colorado, they’ve passed a “law against stupidity.” Texting while driving is now against the law. It’s a shame that people are so STUPID that such a law is even CONSIDERED, let alone necessary. One woman who was caught texting while driving by a TV crew said, “Yes,” when asked if this law would stop her from texting while driving. Why? The possibility of dying or killing someone else didn’t stop her. Why this? Texting requires removing your attention from the road, essentially “driving without a driver.” This is the heights of stupidity. Anybody with ANY modicum of intelligence would not even CONSIDER texting while driving. This law is for STUPID people with NO intelligence. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

N. Korea "Cruisin' for a Bruisin' "

Idiot dictator Kim Jong Il is getting more and more obstreperous all the time. Maybe his stroke further “boiled his brain.” Maybe one of his generals should get rid of a few medals on his chest so he can take over and “rein in” this idiot. He’s going to get a lot of people killed, with his insistence on thinking he can take on the United states with a few nukes. Does he forget we have a LOT more nukes than he does? And his palace will be our first target? Even if he hides somewhere else, we will find him and make a steaming pile out of whatever building he is in, just as we did with Saddam. Does he really think he could WIN a war with the United States? Saddam did. There are way too many insane dictators out there. We need to “trim the list.” (Just common sense)

Pushing Obama's Lies

Stephan Pastis, cartoonist who draws “Pearls Before Swine,” must believe that’s what he’s doing when he does his strip. In a recent strip he says a “bank CEO” who decided to loan money to people who couldn’t repay it, got a big bonus, while destroying the bank and the economy, but who gets to keep his big mansion and all that money while taxpayers get to pay it back. This is bull droppings on a big scale. It was the LIBERALS in the government who FORCED lenders to do that, and so destroyed our economy, to allow themselves to “take over” the government in the 2008 election. All this strip does is support Obama’s lies that the economic slowdown is the fault of the free market—which is FAR from being true. (Pearls Before Swine)

LIBERALS Call Sotomayer A Bully

Chuckie Schumer can’t lie about it and accuse the “New Republic” of being a “conservative” news outlet (although he’ll try) because it is well-known that the “New Republic” is a TOP liberal-oriented publication and always has been, But THEY call Sotomayor a “bully” on the bench. They detail many of the things she has done to give them that opinion, and base it on information from one of her former law clerks; apparently not one of those who “love” her, as the Obama people talk about in their “cherry-picked” words. (New Republic)

Monday, June 1, 2009

GM Not "Buggy-Whip Maker"

People are saying things like, “many companies come into being, have a good run, then get replaced by a better product. Such was the case with carriage-makers and buggy-whip makers when the automobile came into being. Such is NOT the case with General Motors or Chrysler. There will be demand for American-made automobiles for years to come because they haven’t yet come up with anything better. It is NOT the case with oil companies, either. Both businesses are being destroyed by the Democrats in their efforts to “take over” the government in a “bloodless coup” (successful) by forcing lenders to loan money to people who could NOT pay it back (an "exercise in stupidity"). They blame it on “bad decisions” by private enterprise, but it’s not. It’s bad decisions by Democrats. It’s that simple; what’s hard to understand about that? (Just common sense)

Pot Calling Kettle Black

”B. O.” (Obama) is accusing the military of “wasting money.” What a laugh THAT is,” coming from a president who spent more in the first THREE WEEKS of his administration than this entire country has spent since its beginning! For him to accuse the MILITARY of “wasting money” is ludicrous. But then, everything about Obama is ludicrous. I’ll sure be glad when he’s gone and we can begin “cleaning up after him.” Getting rid of his “stimulus packages” and the “nationalization” of so many businesses, some of which did not ask for, and did not receive any “stimulus money,” if that's even possible. (One News Now)

Terrorism Growing in Prison

In New York, federal agents “brought down” a terrorist cell that had planned to kill Jews and blow many things up in the name of Islam. This investigation was started by the Bush administration, so don’t look for much praise, or even MENTION of it by Obama or his “panting dog” press. He plans to INCREASE terrorist recruiting in our prisons by bringing terrorist prisoners INTO the United states and giving them free access to existing prisoners, most of whom already blame the government for their misfortune, never mind they committed crimes that put them there. They’re easy recruits” for terrorists, as these New York terrorists have shown. (Michelle Malkin/One News Now)