Saturday, December 31, 2011

What A Failure Obama Has Been!

“The latest from Barncat Jones is called ‘Oh, Oh, Obama!’ At a moment when many Republicans seem to be losing the forest (beating Obama) in the trees (Gingrich, Paul, Santorum, et al.), it is good to take a moment to focus on the awful failure that the Obama administration has been:” I don’t have room here to detail the many ways Obama has been a failure, but suffice it to say there have been many ways. Of course, the liberals don’t agree with that, since they think many of my failures are successes for them. Such as the national health care swindle, for instance. (Power Line)

Tea Party and OWS Alike?

What a load of steaming, stinking brown stuff! The only similarity is they both demonstrate. But the Tea Party demonstrations do not create massive garbage and excrement messes for somebody else to clean up. They clean up after themselves. They do not threaten violence, as one OWS demonstrator has done (see link). There IS no violence at their demonstrations (see the news about the rapes, murders, and stabbings at OWS gatherings). They don’t “camp out” on somebody else’s property, claiming First Amendment protection for violating the rights of the owners of that property. The Tea Party people have clear demands, including smaller government, less intrusion on our lives, fewer taxes, and more freedom.

The OWS people CLAIM to want a lot of things, but they all “boil down” to one demand: a “free ride” at the expense of others. And their “targets” are all wrong: the biggest group of “top one percenters” are in Congress, and most have made that money because it is not illegal for members of Congress to “insider trade,” making their money doing what, for us, is ILLEGAL. Check out the number of congresspeople who came to Washington barely making it who are now “filthy rich.” The Clintons and other well-known political names come to mind. (The Blaze)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Peelosi's Hypocrisy

She talks down “the rich.” She favors special taxes for people who EARN more than a certain amount (not people who make their money by owning part of money-making enterprises, like her). What she’s after is to “bring in the drawbridge” after she crossed the moat. She wants others not to be ABLE to make as much money as SHE has made because her government will take most of it away from them. And she spends $10,000 a NIGHT for a room in Hawaii. If this isn’t something a rich person would do, I’ll kiss her rear end. The funny thing about politicians who bad-mouth “the rich” is that they only want to stop those NOW earning money from BECOMING millionaires, like her (estimates of her net worth range from 100 million to $175 million). But she will continue to live like a millionaire. Democrats say she’s just helping those working for that hotel by spending so much money. I submit that didn’t even enter her mind. All she wants to do is “lord it over” everyone. “See, it’s NANCY! I’m rich! You’re NOT!. Like Clinton losing no opportunity to tell us how rich HE is. Sheesh! (The Blaze)

Clinton Wants Another Term

He says presidents ought to be able to serve a third term. I don’t know if he means a third CONSECUTIVE term or just a third one, period. That means he thinks he could run again and ignorant Democrats would put him back in office so he could again get oral sex in the White House while an Islamic terrorist waits in his outer office. This is something every Democrat wants to do as his second term approaches. If Obama got re-elected and then got re-elected again, he could finish the job of destroying this country. I sincerely hope the American people have “wised up” enough to scotch this effort. (Real Clear Politics)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ode to the Welfare State

This is a poem published in the “Daily News” or new York on Nov. 4, 1949, and sums up perfectly the thinking of ALL Democrats to this day. It was written by a “prominent Democrat from the state of Georgia” who remained unnamed. Probably because he feared he’d be KILLED if it were known who he was. In those days, as in THESE days, you COULD get yourself killed for asking the question asked by this kid. I think this poem makes a profound statement on the human condition. (Power Line)

Peelosi is Stupid, As Usual

Peelosi (the House leader whose stupid actions cost her the leadership and her party the majority is still making stupid statements. One would think she’d shut up after that “pass the bill to find out what’s in it” fiasco. But NO! Now she says unemployment would be at 15% without Obama’s “stimulus.” It may get there yet, and it is more than that in some places. I remember when they said their stimulus would keep it from reaching 8%! These people never learn, and they think we have no memories at all. (CNS News)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Every Opportunity

Those “global warming” believers will use every opportunity to push their agenda, even if AlGore has to rename it to make it believable. He now calls his swindle “climate change” so he can even use a major snowstorm to promote his swindle and NBC is doing just that. “On Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams followed a story on the late October northeast snow storm by ominously proclaiming: ‘Everybody out east said the same thing about this freak snowstorm, This kind of thing didn't used to happen. This never happened before. And while that is true, it may also be true that we'll all have to start getting used to this kind of thing over the long haul." Which means, without saying it, that “climate change” is at fault. They don’t mention that all this is CYCLICAL. And it HAS happened before, and WORSE. You mention that to a “believer” and he will laugh at you and never change an iota of his/her belief. (Media Research Center)

"Cleaning Up Bush's Mess"

Does Obama really think we still believe this lie? If he does, he;s stupider than I thought he was. He’s been in office long enough now for ANY “mess” to have his Name on it. It’s time to start “owning up to” his own responsibility for the “mess we’re in.” And it IS HIS MESS. A mess Democrats CREATED to get him into office. What Bush did was continue an atmosphere that caused the longest running economic boom that started with Reagan’s tax rate cuts to continue until the Democrat law (“Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1977”) finished its job of killing the financial picture in America by FORCING lenders to loan money to people who could not afford to repay it, a “recipe for disaster” if there ever was one, no matter how much they protest otherwise. Just use your own common sense. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why always the GOP?

Obama is demanding the GOP “back down” on the 2-month extension of the payroll (Social Security) tax reduction. An extension that will cost employers more than leaving it in place would cost employees because of the time and work involved in changing the software, then changing it back after two months. From what I hear it would take THREE months to get it changed, so we’re talking about SIX month’s work to implement this silly law. So why is it the GOP that gets all the criticism for not being willing to vote for something as stupid as this? Furthermore, I'm tired of these "temporary" fixes to a problem the liberals themselves created by not coming up with a budget since Obama was elected. (Fox News)

Example of Rank Stupidity

A Muslim cleric says women should stay away from bananas and cucumbers because being close to them might make them horny. “[An] unnamed sheik, who was featured in an article on el-Senousa news, was quoted saying that if women wish to eat these food items, a third party, preferably a male related to them such as their father or husband, should cut the items into small pieces and serve. He said that these fruits and vegetables 'resemble the male penis' and hence could arouse women or 'make them think of sex.' He also added carrots and zucchini to the list of forbidden foods for women." Yet another example of their fright at the very thought of their women even THINKING of sex. How about their MEN? Are their men better equipped to withstand the “allure” of anything resembling the male sex organ? Gimme a break! (The Blaze)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

American Intelligence "Out of the Loop"

Kim Il Jung died Saturday (good riddance to more bad rubbish) but our intelligence services had no idea of it until this communist regime predictably waited two days to announce it to the world, no doubt so they could all consolidate their own little fiefdoms within the N. Korean government. I heard a rumor (unsubstantiated) that he died of asphyxiation while holding his breath waiting for Obama to keep his promise to come to N. Korea and bow to him, as he has done to every other dictator in the world BUT Kim. (New York Times)

The "Volt" Scandal

It was found that the Chevy Volt was subject to its batteries catching fire three weeks after it was crash tested, back in June. But that information was hidden until November. Meanwhile they were still (trying) to sell it to the public while lying about Toyota’s gas pedal problems, trying to “bring Toyota to its knees.” Then there are the myriad other problems with the Volt, most of which have been “papered over.” “There's a Talmudic blog debate currently underway on the question of whether GM directly "lied" or merely avoided the truth with evasive Clintonian language.” (The Daily Beast) What’s the difference between lying and just “avoiding the truth?” A lie is a lie is a lie. It’s like the lies they told to “paper over” the fact that Solyndra was moving quickly toward bankruptcy even while Obama’s government approved even more money in subsidies.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Profit is the Purpose

Liberals think the only purpose of business is to provide jobs for people. Nothing could be further from the truth. The whole purpose of ANY business is to make a profit for the owner. Employment opportunities only become available when the business NEEDS things to be done. Then they hire people. It’s not the other way around. They don’t hire people for the good of those people, it’s for THEIR OWN good. Without that profit motive there’s NO REASON for anybody to go in business. Bill Gates, for instance, didn’t go in business to make a bunch of millionaires along the way to becoming one himself. That was a “side-benefit” of it. He also created many “well-to-do” people along the way, also as a “side benefit.” Not as a central purpose. Anybody who thinks a company should sell their wares for the same amount of money they paid for it is a FOOL. But that’s what liberals think. Therefore, they’re fools. (Just common sense)

The Buggy Whip Maker

There is always a victor and a loser whenever a society takes a “giant leap” in technology. When the automobile was invented, it was the buggy whip maker, the buggy maker, and the horse breeder. Today it’s the Post Office. Hard work to avoid bankruptcy aside, I expect the Post office to “go down” in my lifetime. Politicians think they can avoid it, which only points up their own incompetence. They’ll throw billions, maybe even trillions of Monopoly dollars into the effort, but it is doomed to failure. We can only hope they are smart enough to allow private enterprise to develop the means to deliver things that cannot be delivered by e-mail. Parcel Post will go first because private enterprise already has an advantage over them. The only thing keeping private enterprise from outdoing them in delivery of private mail is the law protecting the Post Office from competition. Private enterprise must “step up” and come up with a substitute for the government-subsidized postal system before it goes “belly up.” Which is going to be soon. (

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Obama to Win in a Landslide?

What a FOOL this guy is! A radio personality (the one who compared Romney to the KKK, you’ll remember) thinks Obama is going to win the election in a landslide. Gawd, there are such FOOLS among us! If Obama DOES win in a landslide, the number of such fools out there are much more numerous than I had imagined. That doesn’t alter the fact they ARE fools. MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts, who has won our prize for the biggest fool in television, now numbers among other fools Michael Tomasky, special correspondent for Newsweek and The Daily Beast, who apparently agrees with him. But I expect such stupidity from such people. I expect similar sentiments from someone at Time Magazine soon. You know, the magazine that put masked demonstrators on their cover as “People of the Year” this year, after putting Gorbachev and other dictators in a similar position before. Things like this make me glad I’m in my seventies and won’t be around much longer to see the results of such stupidity. (Media Research Center)

Being Run By Incompetents

Have you ever noticed that we are faced with a new “panic” just about every day? That tells me two things: one, they use the panics to frighten us into allowing them to do things we normally wouldn’t allow, and two: they’re incompetent. I can only remember ONE competent president in my lifetime, and that is Ronald Reagan. He came into power and soon reduced the double-digit inflation to about 4%, then reduced the national debt and started the longest-running economic boom in recent memory by simply REDUCING the percentage at which we were taxed, which almost DOUBLED the “tax take” in the next few years. Then some liberals were elected and soon had us in “panic mode” again. Now they’ve spent ALL the money we have, and much more. They’ve spent more money in less than three years than ALL the previous administrations have spent since the inception of this country. They’re gaily figuring out how to spend even more while people if INTELLIGENCE wonder at their stupidity. (Just common sense)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Maybe If They Stopped Killing People...

Yemen’s al-Qaida wants to change its name. It says the current name has “negative connotations.” Ya think? Maybe if they stopped murdering people for no other reason than they don’t believe exactly the same way THEY do. Like the Democrats and liberals (a repetition, there) do, when the name they use like liberals, progressives, ACORN, etc., when that name becomes KNOWN to represent crap, they just change it and it takes a while for people to realize it’s the same old crown under a new name. (The Blaze)

The China Scam

A caller to the Rush Limbaugh show brought out something I’ve known for a long time and put it very succinctly: “China has a veneer of prosperity over a lot of poverty.” He noted that all you ever see is their big cities and never get to the countryside where poor people are still plowing fields behind oxen and bringing their crops to market behind horses. A stiff wind will blow over their badly and cheaply built buildings, and has upon occasion, killing lots of people. But China doesn’t care about that. They figure they have too many people already. That’s why they kill their females children in the womb. Yes, we kill our own children in the womb, but we kill male AND female children, just to get rid of them when we forget to use a rubber. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

They Got It Way Wrong

From Obama to the “far right,” they got it wrong on Egypt. “I have in mind the latest blunder by the experts — their assessment, just a few months ago, of the nature of the Arab Spring and its democracy movement. Back in spring, the leading experts — from the Obama administration to the neoconservatives on the right to the major liberal media to most of the academic area specialists — were all overwhelmingly predicting that all those great secular, liberal, college-educated kids with their iPhones in Tahrir Square represented the new Egypt and would bring all their wonderful values to the revolution.” So now we have a military government that won’t go away and a recent announcement that “Sharia law” would be the base of their laws in the future. How wrong were they? As wrong as they can be. Which is an example of how incompetent our current “leaders” are. What amazes me is that people in the Middle East actually voted their rights away. (News Max/Tony Blankley)

Is Anybdy Surprised?

As Barney Frank "retires," the media extols his “accomplishments” while ignoring his role in the housing crisis (He authored the Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1977 that forced lenders to loan money to people they KNEW could never repay it, a “recipe for disaster”). He also created and defended Fannie and Freddie, two “money pits” for the feds, created to “keep the lid on” until they needed it to get Democrats elected in 2008. These two actions alone are the biggest contributors to the financial disaster in which we now find ourselves. Barney, instead of being praised, should be charged with many crimes and sent to prison while the lenders who survived this insurrection should be given medals. (Media Research Center)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who Sez He's Conservative?

Michael Savage, the guy a lot of people CALL a “conservative” has offered Newt Gingrich a million dollars to stop running for president. Does he really think Newt is as shallow as that? Newt is already a millionaire several times over, just from his books. And if he did like most members of Congress, he made a lot more money from the “legalized” insider trading that was possible while he was in the Congress. Why would he need to take Savage’s money? He probably has more than Savage. As to being a conservative, Savage is NOT. He only pretends to be one to help liberals. As to Newt's ability to beat Obama, the Easter Bunny could do that. Newt is one of the most powerful candidates. That's why he wants to be rid of him. (Yahoo News)

Obama's Obvious Lies

Obama doesn’t seem to care that we know he’s lying just about every time he opens his mouth. Aside from the “lowering the sea levels” lie and the recent lie in a speech about having reduced taxes 17 times (which we KNOW he hasn’t), he is now telling us he has done more for Israel’s security than anybody when anyone with ANY amount of intelligence knows better. Obama is the worst thing to happen to Israel in recent years. He has done more to UNDERMINE Israel than any other president. Yet he brazenly lies and says he is a “good friend” to Israel. What a FOOL he is! (The Blaze)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

They Want to Control Your Life

It’s not about smoking cigarettes; it’s not about guns. It’s not about driving gas-sipping vehicles. It’s not about any of those things. It’s about controlling what you can and cannot do. Boston proved it when they banned electronic cigarettes, which have nothing to do with tobacco or smoke, and pollute nothing. It LOOKS like you’re smoking And that infuriates the control freaks. [Recently], “e-cigarettes are harder to come by for residents of Boston, the Massachusetts state capital, and there are fewer places where they can legally use them. That’s because the Boston Public Health Commission voted to start treating e-cigarettes as a tobacco product. Tough new restrictions were introduced with immediate effect and so Bostonians can no longer use e-cigarettes in workplaces, including on patios, decks and loading docks. The sale of e-cigs is now also restricted to adults only and retailers have to obtain a special permit to sell them and then keep them behind the counter." (Spiked/Natalie Rothschild)

Ya Gonna Shoot Me?

Alec Baldwin’s latest rant on Twitter against conservatives; ‘Gun-loving, war-mongering trolls . . . bring it.” “Bring it?” What are you going to do if I bring a gun, shoot me? With what? Alec Baldwin is one of the most vocal of liberal fools. And he doesn’t even realize what he’s doing to his own career with these stupid statements. People like Baldwin should just shut up with their stupidities. The bad part is there isn’t just one of him. Do his stupidities rub off on his brothers? It’s so hard to tell them apart I just stay away from anything that has anybody who looks like him in it. I refuse to suffer fools gladly, and he definitely fits that description. (The Blaze)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Partisan Politics NOT to Blame

Colin Powell thinks so; Obama thinks so. Many of our other incompetent “leaders” think so, but they’re all wrong. The “Founders” built that INTO out political model. They knew that no disagreement in government meant a dictator, with whom nobody DARED disagree, and they didn’t want that. What’s REALLY responsible is one law, made by Democrats, back in the seventies: The “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1977,” which FORCED lenders to loan money to people they KNEW could never repay it. They KNEW it would create an “economic disaster” down the road. That was their design. They created Fannie and Freddie to “keep the lid on” until it was “needed” to get many Democrats elected, and it worked like a charm.

Republicans tried many times to get rid of it, but were rebuffed by Democrats (Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and their Democrat buddies, who WROTE the law) every time. They “shut down” Fannie and Freddie” (temporarily) just before the 2008 elections and the law predictably caused the “economic disaster” they wanted. They blamed Republicans and the very lenders they victimized for it and “took over the government in a bloodless coup”, after which they refunded Fannie and Freddie with unlimited funds to keep things from getting worse while Democrats were in power, then spent more money than there IS, which they also blamed on the Republicans. (News Max/Tony Blankley)

Who Decides?

Who has the right to decide what’s best for our children? Their parents or some nameless, faceless bureaucrat somewhere? Parents who don’t want their children vaccinated are being “criminalized” by the medical bureaucrats. These bureaucrats are implying their refusal is putting not only theirs, but other children “at risk,” and so should be punished on the word of somebody else. That’s the way the government gains, and maintains control over us. (SF Gate)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

...And Again

I’m beginning to believe computers in general just do not like me. I’ve lost count of the many computer failures in the last few months. I think the one I’m using is the fourth or fifth recently. Yesterday my Internet went out, apparently because the plug-in USB Adapter failed. I bought a new one and installed it this morning. It seems to be working. Now all I have to fight with this particular computer is the lack of a properly working sound system I’ve been fighting since I got this computer. I can get computer generated music, and sometimes music from videos on the Net. Plus, I got words from people talking on videos, once. It was recommended I install Adobe Shock Wave, which so far has not worked. At least my Internet is back. Although this computer is acting up. I wonder how long it will last.

Typical Liberal Swindle

They wanted to get a lot of guns into the Mexican drug wars so they could SAY that “most of their guns come from the United States” and use that to strengthen anti-gun laws. They screwed up. It didn’t work. They didn’t tell the media the guns that came from the U. S. were sold by this government itself, but they found out. After the conservative media broke it, they HAD to cover it, and it has become one of Obama's biggest scandals. I hope it sinks him. This is how the liberals in our government try to fool us into letting them do things we normally wouldn’t allow. When are we going to wake up and question their every action? And I mean even when the Republicans are in power because they do it, too. (American Thinker)

HALAL Turkeys?

Butterball Turkeys are killed in accordance with Islamic standards, though without the ritual prayers required for Islamics to eat them. You’d be surprised how far “Islamic standards” have wormed their way into American manufacturing. What the hell FOR? Yes, it isn’t illegal, but WHY? We don’t Need “HALAL certified” meats. We don’t WANT them. I won’t EAT such products if I'm aware of it. I’m getting sick and tired of how many ways and in how many places Islamic practices have “wormed their way” into our lives. Islam is a phony “religion,” founded by a pedophile to cover his “marrying” a nine-year-old. I won’t have anything to do with it. Call me an “Islamaphobic” (another phony word) if you want. I don’t care. It means nothing to me. (American Thinker/Pam Geller)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Iran Asking For It

Iran has been “Asking for it” for a long time, beginning with their kidnapping of American diplomats while that wimp, Carter was in power. I think Carter surprised them with his attempt at rescue, but not with his incompetence in the attempt. They’ve been “picking at us” for many years, including several kidnappings for ransom and many things that under a REAL president (not Carter-like Obama) would result in Iran becoming a steaming pile of rubble. What galls me is the guy making the most noise today was SEEN among the kidnappers of the diplomats before they “chickened out’ and released them when Reagan was elected. Like Saddam Hussein, Ahmadinjerk will end up in a “deep hole,” hiding from the people he used to “rule” after we “take him down.” This is how people like him end. (Yahoo News)

Elect Competent People

In the last few years we have elected nothing but INCOMPETENT people to run this country, and then we wonder when they screw up so badly they spend more money than there IS on their “flights of fancy.” Things they call “compassion.” Newt Gingrich says “we need to drill HERE!” while the other candidates keep that self-defeating policy of banning drilling for oil in areas we control. This is the kind of candidates we need to elect. People who have mostly COMMON SENSE and intelligence. Admittedly, Newt “stumbled” when he made that commercial with “Princess Nancy” pushing AlGore’s global warming swindle, but I believe he’s seen the error of his ways, there. He has admitted it. The last intelligent politician I know of we sent to Washington was Ronald Reagan. It’s too bad he’s dead and can’t be elected again. But we need to search out people of INTELLIGENCE and competence to elect. It’s the only way to survive (I am NOT saying Newt is “my guy,” but he is close.). (Rush Limbaugh)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Incompetents in Washington

We need to get some competent people in charge in Washington. People like Ronald Reagan, who undid most of the damage done by liberals before him. Unfortunately, in doing so, angered a lot of people who were getting a "free ride" which resulted in more liberals being elected after him. This will inevitably happen because some people want only to be "kept." That allowed them to not only undo just about everything HE did, but do many worse things. It's a political truism that what intelligent people do in Washington will anger others and cause them to elect many incompetents to replace the intelligent people. We haven't had a competent politician in the white House since Reagan and we've suffered for it. The only competent Republican I can see still in it is Bachmann, and she will get her share of poison from Democrats if she again rises to the top and especially if she gets the nomination. She's already had a sample of it when she WAS on top. She's the only GOP candidate whose WORDS show her to be an unashamed conservative. Hopefully, if she comes to the top, her words will be translated into action. But I've learned, many times, never to depend on a politician to do what he/she says will be done after gaining office. (Just common sense)

Supressing the Evidence

In George Orwell’s “1984,” a prophetic novel written (strangely) by a liberal, the “hero’s” job was to change history to reflect current thinking. But he finally figured out his lie and stopped doing it. That got him in trouble with “Big Brother,” the ubiquitous “leader.” But today, the government doesn’t NEED to pay people to change history. Today, the “foremost historians” who write the history books do it willingly. And are ready and willing to hide the evidence otherwise. Example: “In October 1914, over 5 million Belgians faced starvation. The German Army had invaded on August 4 and swept across the country in three weeks. Revisionist historians would later snicker about "atrocities" invented by the British, but the Kaiser's troops executed over 5,500 Belgians, women and children as well as men, though there was no civilian resistance to the invasion.” This is how revisionist historians “bend” the news to suit themselves. (Media Research Center)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

China Protits From the Dead

They have a fleet of high-tech trucks that go places where people are killed and harvest their organs for sale to people with more money than they can spend otherwise (in China, mostly looted from by politicians from people of lesser wealth that them, which is usually most everybody) to stay alive at the expense of the dead. China murders Falun Gong members and steals their organs; they kill prisoners and these ubiquitous trucks show up to take the organs. Nobody knows how many other people the communist Chinese government murders so they can profit from selling their organs. But they’ve been doing it for a long time and are good at it. (Ouyang Fei, Sun Sixian, Lin Zhanxiang)

Supercommittee Fails

“The Supercommittee is now officially a failure. On balance, I think that is a good thing, in part because the whole approach of trying to solve our country’s deep-seated fiscal problems with a closed-door, back-room deal is fundamentally wrong.” (John Hinderacker/Power Line) But this is how Obama does business: behind closed doors; even though he promised (like a lot of other Democrats) a “completely open and transparent administration (which, like all those other democrats, he didn’t deliver).” The whole idea of this “supercommittee” is illegal and unconstitutional, and is PLANNED to fail so Obama can emasculate the Defense Department and Medicare without having to accept the blame, which will make a lot of people mad. These people will put pressure on to reverse these cuts and he can blame the Republicans while advancing his agenda to move us ever closer to socialism. (Power Line)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Terrorist Supports Obama

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked (Obama’s then press flack Robert) Gibbs point blank if home-grown terrorist bomber Bill Ayers had hosted a fundraiser for "your candidate" (Obama) in his race for Illinois State Senate. (Breitbart TV) Then Gibbs lied outright: "No he did not have a fundraiser for our candidate," said Gibbs, who then repeated, "He did not have a fundraiser for him." Gibbs elaborated that the claimed fundraiser was "another myth propagated by the McCain that has been debunked both by people in the Chicago media and in the national media." Matthews did not press him on that lie. Then later Ayers came right out and told an audience he DID. (American Thinker)

Marry Your Rapist!

Or go to prison for 12 years for “the shame she has brought on her family by her immorality,” even if it was forced. This is how Sharia law works. They blame the woman when she gets raped, and blame the man not at all. This follows the system of subjugating the woman to the man in all things, even to the point of MURDERING her if she so much as has a DATE with a non-Muslim. Switching from Islam to ANY other religion gets a DEATH sentence for a man OR a woman. In my opinion, this is one of the most screwed up religions in the history of the world. They are so afraid someone will take their women away from them they force them to go about in public only with a male family member, covered from head to toe for fear somebody will see them and lust after them. (Atlas Shrugs)