Wednesday, October 31, 2018

"He's Democrat! It's False!"

When a woman accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual impropriety 40 YEARS AGO without a shred of evidence, and a very spotty memory of the whole thing, Dumocrats treated it as if he had been CONVICTED of it, and went after him with all the daggers out. They lost, but they still pushed a couple more unprovable accusations that were OBVIOUS fabrications, even while he was being confirmed as a Justice of the Supreme Court. Then similar accusations of sexual impropriety came up against Special Counsel Robert Mueller and they were instantly described by every Dumocrat as being FALSE, and an FBI “investigation was demanded. He’s a DUMOCRAT, after all. He’s not a Republican, about which any such accusation should be regarded as Gospel. No such accusation against a Dumocrat could possibly be true! It’s just not right that a Dumocrat should be subjected to such a damning accusation! They’re such good people, ya know! (I write this with tongue firmly in cheek, and does my tongue hurt!) Any such accusation against a Dumocrat should be disregarded, and “investigated” as a crime. But those against a Republican should be BELIEVED, without reservation. (NBC News)

Turning the Tables

I don’t know if he can win or not, but the baker who was sued by a couple of gay guys because he would not bake a cake for their wedding, celebrating their life style because he was against that lifestyle on religious grounds, and won, is now suing the State of Colorado for “anti-religious bias.” Depends on who he gets as a judge: a liberal or a conservative. Liberals will solidly vote against him, while conservatives are more likely to support this constitutional right the state has attempted to ignore. Gays are using the courts to “get around” the Constitution with their silly ideas, and so are Islamic terrorists, who are using the same scam to force bakers to bake cakes celebrating their ideas, too. And both have, in the past, gotten such huge “judgments” as to bankrupt that baker, while getting a big payday for themselves, and FORCING people to recognize and APPROVE of their lifestyle, or their phony religion. (Daily Signal)

The Ninth Strikes Again!

A three judge panel on the Ninth Circuit (9th Circus) Court of Appeals, one of the most liberal courts in the land, has decided that the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to California. That states can override the Constitution in its control of the law. Never mind that the Constitution is the very BASIS for ALL LAWS made in the United states. And so far, California is STILL part of the United States, and thus the Constitution still RULES there, no matter what a few judges think they have to say to the contrary. The second DOES apply there, no matter what a few liberal judges may think. Their opinion doesn’t count, because all a lower court can do is affirm or deny the constitutionality of a law that is presented for a ruling. This ruling by them creates a very important concept: whether or not a lower court judge can change the meaning of an Amendment, just by making a ruling. They cannot. Their rulings MUST adhere to the Constitution, and CANNOT change the meaning of an Amendment. This arrogance by a small number of judges cannot be abided, and a higher court MUST reverse them, IMMEDIATELY, before this “ruling” can take effect, and ruin a number of lives. (Liberty Headlines)

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

"Hey, Look At Me!"

I’m a Trump supporter! See! I run around, going to Trump rallies, and I wear my little red “MAGA” hat! I’ve got a van with pristine Trump stickers all over it, in a state known for humid heat and rainstorms! Not a sticker out of place, or faded! I collar everybody I can and tell them all about how I love Trump so much! He’s like a FATHER to me! Don’t tell anybody, but I’m going to send a bunch of unworkable bombs to a bunch of Democrat politicians! That’s how much I love Trump! Of course, those “bombs” aren’t meant to go off and hurt anybody. All they’re for is to “send a message” to other Trump supporters! Do any of you believe that crap? I know this guy is a few bricks short of a load, but is he really THAT stupid? How does a guy with this kind of stupidity even know HOW to make up a bunch of workable pipe bombs in his little rolling piece of the “hot state?” Much less actually get them TO their intended targets? It sure looks like a scam to me. He wants the world to think that he loves Trump so much he’s willing to KILL a bunch of Democrats! I don’t buy it. I think he’s a really dumb Dumocrat who thinks he can affect enough votes in this next election to get control of the congress back, for Dumocrats, by running this scam. I don’t know if he’s working with the Dumocrats, or not. But I doubt if he has the brainpower to do this without help. I’m just sayin’. But if he’s a REAL Trump supporter, I don’t want anything to do with him, or anybody like him. And I’m a REAL Trump supporter. I only deal in the TRUTH. (Just common sense)

Social Security Ponzi Scheme

I’ve said that Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme for a long time, and some people think I’m crazy. But a Ponzi scheme takes money from one person and “gives” it to another. The early participants benefit handsomely, but later participants, not so much. And one day there comes a time when it would take more people than there are in existence to support the payouts. Social Security FORCED the participants to participate, and early participants benefited handsomely. Later participants, not so much. And today you hear the “echoes of failure” every day for Social Security, as they now reach that “tipping point” where more people are required to support it than there are alive. Like all other Ponzi Schemes. I say this as a man who is now “surviving” on Social Security, as I watch the money begin to disappear, as expected. Politicians say the government will make up the difference out of the General Fund, but there soon won’t be enough money there, either, and it will fail when they run out of “other people’s money.” They have even published a DATE when the money will run out, and are even now trying to raise the age at which you can collect your “due.” I say “due” because that is the PROMISE made by now dead politicians who stole the “special fund” as quick as it came in. (Daily Signal)

They're Against Self Defense!

That’s the only reason I can think of as to why the anti-gun fools exist. They do not want Americans to be able to defend themselves against criminals and other “bad guys” like Islamic terrorists (who seem to be a “protected class” these days) and, one day, the anti-gun fools in government. They see a day when the government will come to take the property of all Americans, and they don’t want their thugs to be met with a gun when they do. It worked in Nazi Germany during WWII. Hitler disarmed all Germans, then began systematically MURDERING millions of Germans, who happened to be Jewish. Being an anti Semitic, he hated Jews, and used his power to “get rid of” as many as he could. Stalin did it in Russia, and then began murdering millions of Russian citizens that he viewed as opposing communist rule. It’s as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning and going down at night. The government disarms its people, then MURDERS them. One of the most ubiquitous of their laws is the “gun-free zone,” telling all LEGAL gun owners not to bring their legally-owned guns there. The law-abiding obey and leave their guns at home. The lawbreakers IGNORE it and enter with their ILLEGAL (usually) guns and kill people, unimpeded, until the cops eventually show up with THEIR guns. (Just common sense)

Monday, October 29, 2018

An Obvious Scam

The “bomb scares” are an obvious liberal scam to slow down the “Red Wave” that is forming for the upcoming elections. The guy who is accused of sending all those “bombs” (none of which went off, and none of which contained any means of SETTING them off) to Dumocrats, which CNN described as “Trump targets.” Of course, later “investigation” showed that he followed ONLY liberal web sites on the Internet. So why should a guy who followed liberal web sites drive around in a crappy old van not worth much, covered in TRUMP stickers? And send “bombs” only to Dumocrats? I think somebody conned this guy, who obviously is a few bricks short of a full load, to do just that, in an effort to convince the world that this is how Trump supporters act. I wonder if that is really his van, or if it was provided to him for this stunt? It really makes you wonder: why a supposed “Trump supporter” would, all of a sudden, just before an election the Dumocrats feel they MUST WIN, do such a thing, when no Trump supporter, EVER, did such a thing in the past? Those are questions that are not being asked (to my knowledge) by “investigators,” who are taking him at “face value” as a “Trump supporter,” when he may not be. When he may be a Dumocrat supporter trying a “dirty trick” to help Dumocrats win their election? And why are they ignoring the bomb sent to Republican Jan Brewer in Arizona, that DID go off? (Just common sense)

Not "Filled With Guards"

Pittsburgh mayor says, “The answer is not filling synagogues with armed guards.” And he’s right. But nobody with any brain power ever suggested that. What HAS been suggested is, simply ALLOWING people who are LICENSED to carry guns to bring them with them when they attend services, therefore being armed, and able to defend against such things as this foul shooting by killing the shooter before he can kill any more people. The shooter will not know they are there, nor who they are. Allowing people who are legally allowed to carry guns, who have, it is supposed, been vetted for their mental stability, to bring their guns with them is COMMON SENSE. If nothing happens, nobody will even know they are armed. If some fool decided to shoot up the place, they can stop him. Without them, they have to WAIT for the police response, which gives the shooter valuable MINUTES in which to kill people before the “good guys with guns” appear. This is a simple solution, but one the anti-gun fools will not even entertain. This tells me there is something missing in their brains. They KNOW their laws don’t do a thing to stop “gun violence,” but they continue to insist on making even more of them. (Breitbart)

Today's Gun Save

Anti-gun fools say it never happens. They say concealed carriers are more likely to shoot themselves than anybody else. They say that the average person carrying a gun NEVER is able to stop violence from being committed. They're WRONG. And today's “gun save” proves it, again: A father and his children were eating in a MacDonald’s, close to closing time, when an armed fool forces his way in and begins shooting. The father, a concealed carrier, opens fire on the gunman, killing him. This was not a time to wait until the cops arrive with their guns—usually AFTER the shooter has killed a bunch of people. In this case, there WAS a gun already there, in the hands of a private citizen, who used it to protect his kids, as well as everybody else in that restaurant. Thereby ENDING this crazed gunman’s wish to kill a bunch of innocent people. The Philadelphia mayor says armed people in the crowd is NOT the answer to this sort of thing, but this proves him wrong. There were a few minor injuries among the customers, but no one (except the shooter) was killed. Good riddance to bad rubbish. (Clash Daily)

Friday, October 26, 2018

This Is Priceless!

As if it weren’t obvious that the sender of all those “bombs” to Dumocrats MUST have been a Trump supporter, now they “find” a suspect, who was already KNOWN to law enforcement, having written letters to judges and law enforcement, and had done many other things a “damned fool Trump supporter” would do, and when they found a van supposedly belonging to him, it’s covered with Trump stickers! Could these fools be more obvious? They weren’t satisfied with media innuendo that the “bomber” has to be a Trump supporter, they just had to “put icing on the cake” with a van covered in Trump stickers! I’ve said all along that this is a Dumocrat PR stunt, designed to “make Trump supporters look bad.” And it seems to have been somewhat successful, in that Republican voting has “slowed somewhat.” They must really think this will cause a “massive backlash” against Republicans. They must really think we are stupid to buy this damned fool stunt. But then, they’ve always thought we were stupid, even while Trump has been “running rings around them.” They’re stupid that way. Anybody with a lick of common sense can see though this ploy. (Raw Story)

Highway Robbery!

In California recently, bandits stopped a man who happened to have $500,000.00 in cash in his car. The bandits stole all that cash. The bandits wore uniforms, and badges. They were “sworn officers” who saw a lot of money, couldn’t prove this guy got it illegally, but stole it, anyway, with NO CHARGES being filed. The very idea of allowing the cops to just “confiscate” any money they find in the possession of an American citizen is really crappy, and unconstitutional. The RICO Laws, that were clearly passed in order to DENY drug dealers the money they needed to defend themselves if arrested, are unconstitutional on their face, because of the fact that no charges and no convictions for any crime are required for the “authorities” to take their money and spend it as THEY wish, IS unconstitutional. The Constitution says we have the right to be “secure in our possessions,” and that RICO Law is in direct opposition to that. And that is the law under which these “highway robbers” disguised as cops took that money. It wouldn’t be as bad if this were the only time this has happened. But it has happened many times. The “law” allows the owner of that property to sue (at his expense after the cops stole all his money) to get it back, and they usually lose, or have to agree to “share it” with the agency that stole it. That’s what happens in DICTATORSHIPS, not in the United States. But it does happen here, and has been for a long time. Think about it. Should a cop who stops you for a minor traffic violation be able to BANKRUPT you by taking all your money, without charging you with a crime, or getting a conviction for any crime? (The Blaze)

Keeping People Defenseless

I've come to the conclusion that this is the main objective of the anti-gun fools in governments in the United States. It seems like every time a citizen shoots somebody, even in self defense, the cops TAKE the gun they used, calling it “evidence,” and often do not ever give it back. That occurs even if that person is still in danger and NEEDS something for self defense. Furthermore, any time a citizen uses something, like a metal flashlight, in self defense, they take that away, too. One time, I was in the line at a convenience store and a cop standing behind me saw the metal flashlight in my back pocket. He said, “That could be considered a weapon, you know.” To which I replied, “Yes, and if I ever DO use it as a weapon, we can discuss it then.” He just laughed, but his comment points out an unfortunate fact: If I DID use it as such, they WOULD take it away from me. I have an item that is weighted at both ends I use to hold the pages down while reading and eating, when I have to use both hands to eat. I don't carry it as a weapon, but if a cop ever saw it in my pocket, he would ASSUME I carry it as a weapon and take it away from me, maybe arresting me in the bargain. It has become evident to me that they want to remove ANY means we might have for self defense so we will be DEFENSELESS. Logic confirms that. (Just common sense)

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Liberal Contradictions

Liberals say one thing, then do another. They condemn gun owners and those who simply wish to defend themselves while making fabulous livings using guns. One good recent example is actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who is a big anti-gun fool. Her latest movie portrays her as a “gun-toting grandma” who owns an arsenal and who taught her daughter to be a marksman with a rifle. That movie has (so far) grossed $80 million dollars (the first weekend). It appears as if, even though she hates guns, and wants to deny their use to others, she has no problem making a handsome living promoting them. Matt Damon, star of the Jason Bourne franchise, “has a gun practically glued to his hand” all during the movie. In George Clooney’s latest, he is cast as an assassin, and uses guns throughout. You can never tell what a liberal really wants, because that changes, almost hourly. To them, down is up, and up is down, depending on what time of day it is. There are only two sexes biologically, as evidenced by their sex organs. But liberals are trying to convince us that there are many sexes, and call us bigots if we disagree. They want us to think Trump is our Hitler, but then they want him to confiscate all guns (except the ones they use in their movies, and the illegal guns that criminals use, of course). I could go on and one with this, but this is enough. (Off The Wire)

Don't Understand Socialism

I saw a comment to a comic strip today, that supported socialism and said other people don’t understand that socialism is “people cooperating together” to accomplish things. That shows an abysmal IGNORANCE about socialism. Socialism is, in NO WAY “people cooperating together.” It is the government STEALING the fruits of the production of those who PRODUCE new wealth, so they can give it, UNEARNED, to those who produce little, or nothing. Their very MOTTO reinforces that. It is: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED.” Making need a DEMAND upon the earnings of those capable and willing to EARN their own way. Socialism is a way to rip off part of their earnings for the benefit of those who have earned NOTHING, because they have earned nothing. It has only survived for all these years because of the LIES told by those promoting it for their own purposes. Socialism is always doomed to failure because it produces nothing, and depends on the production of those capable and willing to earn their own way, to create new wealth for them to STEAL and “redistribute” to those who produce NOTHING. (Just common sense)

It's A Democrat Thing

It’s almost a “litmus test.” to be a Dumocrat you MUST be in favor of “gun control,” abortion, and same sex marriage, among other stupid things. A FEW Dumocrats don’t fit this bill, but it is VERY few. Arizona Dumocrat Anne Kirkpatrick made a lot of noise about her high NRA rating in 2010, but not this year. She says she “gave away” the guns she inherited from her grandfather and is now “no longer a proud gun owner.” She succumbed to pressure from the Party and now supports such USELESS laws as background checks and bump-stock bans. Other than that, nothing has changed. Dumocrats generally support ALL the useless, unenforceable gun laws. Laws like those supporting “gun-free zones,” which directly get people killed, as would-be mass shooters SEEK THEM OUT in which to do their “dirty work,” because they figure they can be pretty sure there won’t be any law-abiding people there with guns to oppose them. If you can find something STUPID to promote to the electorate, the Dumocrats will “pick it up” and run with it. They’re stupid that way. Not a single one of their highly touted “gun laws” do ANYTHING to cut down or eliminate “gun crime,” and I’ve told them time after time, while they ignore me as if I don’t exist—or they call me names and try to get somebody to shoot me. (The Crime Report)

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

It's So Obvious

At least, to intelligent people. All of a sudden, right before the election, “somebody” sends some pipe bombs to whom? Dumocrats. All Dumocrats. Nobody has ever sent a bomb to a Dumocrat before, have they? Well, maybe once in a while, just before an election, designed to make people (preferably voters) look at Dumocrats with sympathy, and vote for them. None of them went off. Most were packaged so as to be found, creating a media frenzy. Yes, somebody also sent one to Jan Brewer, former Arizona governor—and this one did go off, although it did no real damage, nor did it injure anybody. It’s probably not connected to those sent Dumocrats. The reason I blame Dumocrats for these bombs sent to Dumocrats, is that this is just the sort of thing Dumocrats do when their backs are against the wall. When they get desperate, as they are now, looking at what’s happening already in this election, they “go bananas” and DO stupid things like this. Of course, they will attempt to blame conservatives (“right-wingers”) for these bombs. Note that none of the bombs sent to Dumocrats actually went off, while the one sent to Jan Brewer, DID. That tells me the ones sent to Dumocrats were a publicity stunt. They weren’t meant to go off. They were meant to be found, and blasted all over the media—and they were. The one sent to Jan Brewer got the barest amount of LOCAL coverage, and that’s not surprising, at all. I did a search on Jan, and saw one of the most hideous pictures, supposedly being of her, obviously posted by her political enemies. (Google)

"Other People's Money"

California governor candidate Gavin Newsom wants to give illegal aliens “universal health care” at taxpayer expense. That means giving money to CRIMINALS while STEALING the money from American citizens through excessive taxes. This is a typical position of a liberal politician. Giving away money that belongs to somebody else. Never their own, and giving no consideration to how they are going to pay for it. Universal health care, even if it is just for illegal aliens, will COST TRILLIONS. California is already in money trouble, because of past giveaway programs, and now they want yet another. At least Gavin Newsom does. How people like him can get elected would be a mystery if I didn’t know that today’s voters were subjected to mass conditioning in liberal “values” every day in school, from kindergarten, right up to college, in schools run by liberals, who teach their version of truth, which is false. By the way: the “political correctness police” don’t like me calling them “illegal aliens.” They’d rather I call them “undocumented immigrants,” to mask the fact that they are CRIMINALS. (Legal Insurrection)

Junk Science On Guns

The “Violence Policy Center,” (VPC) which has been caught “phony-upping figures” before, has come out with a “study” that links licensed gun owners to a large number of gun killings. The truth? Licensed gun owners are 15 times LESS LIKELY to commit gun crimes. But that figure comes from a non-suspect source. That is according to the government, itself, which would have no reason to lie in favor of gun owners. VPC ignores 30 years of accumulated figures while “cherry picking” two states where those figures do happen to be higher than usual. This is a typical example of the fraud that is prevalent in the figures offered up by anti-gun fools. They have no real figures to offer to support their position, so they give us FALSE figures. It must be hard to be an anti-gun fool because there’s nothing REAL to support their position. Making a LAW does not stop the bad guys from getting their guns. They just IGNORE them. There is no reason to suppose a LAWBREAKER will OBEY a law that says they cannot be armed while committing their other crimes. The very PROMISE in their goal is WRONG. (Second Amendment Clergy)

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Boo Hoo! Poor Liberals!

Liberals loved Kayne West when he “knocked” President Bush, and spouted their phony lines. But now that he has expressed admiration for their “arch enemy,” President Trump, they hate him, and they have responded with the most hateful rhetoric possible. Rhetoric that would be called racist if anybody but a liberal spouted it. They say that, “Like most negroes, he doesn’t read,” without any knowledge of his reading habits (They said that, I didn’t). And they called him “The token negro of the Trump administration.” All because he revealed opinions with which they do not agree. Next, they’ll be sending him nooses, or just pictures of nooses, indicating that they’d like for him to be lynched, something that happened to black people often during our shameful racist past. They accused him of “being used” by Trump, as if he wasn’t smart enough to have opinions of his own. (Clash Daily)

The Daily Din

The liberal media tells us daily how bad things are, and continue to be. They call Trump’s tax reductions “small change,” and fail to report all the GOOD THINGS he has done toward “draining the swamp.” They pick at him daily, and find fault with everything he does, and the liberal media “runs it.” Lies, or not. They tell us all about how many “investigations” he has “over his head,” without telling us every one of them are BOGUS, and Dumocrat-fostered, with no basis in fact, in order to reverse the results of the last presidential election. They find “reasons” why his tax reductions are actually BAD for us, rather than the good thing they really are. When the weather is bad, they blame him. When somebody gets shot in spite of all THEIR anti-gun laws, they blame him. If somebody FARTS, they blame him. He does something “outlandish” to support his negotiations with other countries (remembering that, when negotiating, if you want the horizon, you ask for the sun), they jump on that, and say he is “destroying the country,” never mind that Obama was actually DOING it. The stock market reflects the success of what he has done, reaching high records just about every day, and the Dumocrats belittle it, saying it is “just a bubble” and that we will soon experience a “downturn” such as we DID experience under Obama. They’re talking about a “blue wave” in the next election, and they really believe it. Aren’t they going to be surprised when the “red wave” appears and the “Blue Wave” becomes a “Blue Dribble.” Just as they were when Trump actually WON an election they told us he could NEVER win. (Just common sense)

"We Can Ban Anything"

As long as it isn’t a gun. So let’s ban GUN PARTS. And BULLETS. Things guns must have to be used, so as to make the guns people have USELESS, without banning guns, which are constitutionally protected. That’s what they say in Charleston, NC (No, not all that. Just that they can ban anything that is NOT a gun. I added the rest to make their scheme more clear). In this way, they figure they can “ban guns” without banning guns. They are now out in the open with their goals, and that is to BAN SELF DEFENSE by banning the means to that end. They’re doing everything they can to “get around” that constitutional protection for American’s right to be armed. But they’re wrong. They CANNOT ban gun parts because that would be an abridgment of that right, which is PROTECTED by the Constitution. Making it impossible to USE a legal gun IS an abridgment, although as long as liberals run the courts, that will not be recognized. Maybe when the makeup of the Supreme Court changes and stops being a liberal majority, that may change nationally. We can only hope “wiser heads” are successful in the future. (ABC News 4)

Monday, October 22, 2018

Happening Just In Time

Why don’t the people “who count” notice the unalterable fact that those “mass migrant movements” are happening just before the midterm elections? Why don’t they ask, “Who is paying all the bills for these people?” The cost of food, water, lodging, and transportation? Who ORGANIZED them? This kind of thing: thousands of people, all “suddenly” deciding to “storm the borders” of the United States.” all at once? It’s an election time CON, designed to make Republicans look bad. It is so obviously a Dumocrat election scam, they have to be able to recognize it. Why don’t they? Why do they leave it up to the president to call it what it is? Is it because they are complicit? Or because they are just incompetent? I often wonder about this, in many Dumocrat scams, that are treated as normal and logical occurrences that should be treated as such. It is this ignoring of the obvious that allows those Dumocrat scams to be sometimes successful, as those “sexual impropriety” accusations sometimes are—without any kind of proof, as usual. (The Patriot Post)

Just Making It Worse

Outfits like “Black Lives Matter” preach hatred for the cops. They CLAIM that cops shoot black men 21 times more than whites, which is a phony number, not backed up by facts. They say cops are way too “trigger happy” and should be called to account for that. But what they are pushing—killing cops from ambush” is doing nothing but making the “problem” worse, by making ALL cops “very nervous” as they go about in their distinctive cars, wearing their easily identifiable uniforms, doing their duty to protect us all. they’re doing that by turning a simple traffic stop into a killing, with the cop being the victim. They’re making cops “look over their shoulder” all the time, since every time they go around a corner there might be some fool with an ILLEGAL gun, ready to shoot and kill them. It would be stupid NOT to think they will be a LOT more “trigger happy” than they were even claimed to be by the fools in ”Black Lives Matter” (BLM). Of course, the leadership of BLM aren’t too smart, and neither are the people to whom they’re preaching. They think if they can “get rid of the cops” they can rob and kill at will, and that’s how they want it. But it isn’t going to work. The cops are not going to “go away.” And think about it. Who do these people call when some crook victimizes THEM? The cops, of course. They call the very people they profess to hate with a passion, and want to kill, which isn’t too intelligent. But that’s not too surprising. In Arizona the other day, a cop was shot during a traffic stop. The shooter was also shot when the cop returned fire. The BLM will probably tell us this fool was UNARMED when he got shot. That’s how they whip up cop hate. (AZ Central)

"Attention Hogg" Not There

Teenager and attention Hogg David Hogg isn’t interested, so he stays away. Him and his ARMED escort (paid for by whom?). Why isn’t he interested? Because finding out that the killer in Ft. Lauderdale was REFUSED HELP when he asked for it, long before he MURDERED a bunch of people is not in his interest. He asked for help in being returned to school, and was refused. This, found out in a heavily redacted report commissioned by the Broward County School District. Heavily redacted to cover up their mistakes, but the Sun-Sentinel got hold of an unredacted version which is what told the story. This is how they cover up their mistakes. Redact any and all “reports” that come out to keep important, damaging information from coming out. They don’t often fail to keep them redacted, but they did in this case. So David Hogg is not interested because it doesn’t fit the narrative given him by his “handlers” in the anti-gun fool “community.” (Great American Republic)

Friday, October 19, 2018

They Keep Losing

So why do they keep trying? Dumocrats have thrown many things up against the wall in their quest to get rid of Trump, and they have all failed: Kavanaugh slander; Trump slander by “Stormy”; Pocahontas failure, and many more. They keep trying to come up with something, ANYTHING they can use to reverse the effect of the 2016 election, that put Trump in the White House. What amazes me is that the “Go Fund Me” account for Christine Ford is still coining money, sent them by the deluded idiots who think they’re liberals. Now they’re “talking up” the “fact” that Mueller is “going to release a report on his findings AFTER the election, but you can be free to speculate on it while voting, of course (We know there isn’t anything there, or it would have long since been leaked). They can’t find anything real, so they keep making things up, and fail, every time. They confidently predict a “blue wave” in November, and they’re pinning their hopes on it. They hope to take back control of the Congress so they can continue to screw things up, and blame it on President Trump, so as to beat him in 2020. But it ain’t gonna happen. And when it doesn’t, they’ll come up with yet another excuse for their loss that absolves themselves of any blame, while they hatch even more scams and schemes to “take Trump down.” (Just common sense)

Doesn't Fit Their Narrative

In New Mexico, the son of an Islamic Imam was training CHILDREN to become school shooters and KILL children. One would expect the anti-gun fools to be all over that, but they’re not. Why is that? The answer is simple: this situation doesn’t fit their narrative. Yes, guns are involved, but this is obviously Islamic terrorism, which is a little “out of their territory.” If this fool had been successful, and one or more of his “students” had invaded a school and killed a few children, maybe they’d get interested, even though there is NO WAY those children could ever get a gun, legally. There’s another aspect to this story that is a reason the liberal news media barely covers it. The Islamic terrorism angle. The liberal media, for some stupid reason, is bound and determined to “cover up” anything Islamic terrorist, and this fits that narrative. They don’t even make much of the fact that one three-year-old child was KILLED during their “training,” after being KIDNAPPED from his home, by his FATHER, fergawdsakes! (Gun Free Zone)

Chicago Death Toll

One weekend alone in Chicago recently, 12 people were KILLED and a total of 66 were shot. The mayor says they have reduced shooting stats 17%, and STILL their death toll is as high as it has been elsewhere in WAR ZONES. He can’t tell you the reason for such high shooting numbers, but he says “we’re working on it.” That’s “code” for we don’t have any idea of what to do. And they don’t. Every anti-gun law in existence (except those that have been found to be unconstitutional) is in effect there, but have not made a DENT in the number of gun crimes. Yes, the numbers are down slightly, but they are still way too high. They say SOME of the shootings come from gang activity, but I say MOST came from gang activity. Gang members don’t bother to obey gun laws. They mostly get their guns illegally, either by buying them from other criminals in a back alley somewhere, or just STEALING them. A FEW get them legally if they have no record—although very few of them don’t have records. The mayor says one of the problems is “we slap them on the wrist when we arrest them,” and he’s right. Gun violations are routinely “bargained away” to get convictions in other crimes—which is sloppy police work. There are other ways to solve crimes. If they’d stop doing that, they’d be surprised at how the gun crime numbers will drop as armed criminals figure out carrying a gun will get them longer prison terms. (ABC Eyewitness News)

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Selective Memory

At least it seems that way when Dumocrats talk about how the Republican leadership “broke the Senate.” They seem to forget all the times THEY “broke the Senate” in the past—or they fervently hope YOU will forget all their LIES in the past, present, and future. The former aide to former Senate Majority leader (at the time) Harry Reid wrote an Op-Ed saying current Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “broke the Senate and hurt the country.” Which completely ignores what Reid did when we tried to get a latino judge confirmed: “Somehow, Manley was not so upset when Reid (and/or Kennedy) broke or changed all sorts of Senate rules and traditions, without showing any remorse for doing so. Reid and Kennedy broke 215 years of Senate practice in 2001-03 by using a minority filibuster to permanently kill a judicial nomination, that of brilliant lawyer Miguel Estrada, for the first time in history. (The real reason they did it was “because …he [was] Latino,” and they didn’t want Republicans to get credit for appointing a Latino.)” They forget their many actions that actually DID “break the Senate.” (Liberty Headlines)

Rally to Support Racism

That‘s what they had in DC recently. It was to be a counter demonstration against “white supremacy,” but only a few of the people supposedly in favor of “white supremacy” showed up, while THOUSANDS of those AGAINST it showed up, making it a demonstration in favor of racism against white people. This shows plainly that there IS no such thing as “white supremacy.” It’s only in the “fevered brains” of liberals. It’s just another MANUFACTURED “PROBLEM” they use to maintain or increase their power. Liberals are in the process of CREATING racism, against WHITES. They’re even teaching it in college courses, and in the lower schools where liberals teach, which are most of them. Soon we’re going to have two drinking fountains and restrooms, with the better ones being for “black only.” Employers won’t be hiring white people, and white people will be forced to ride at the back of the bus. Landlords will refuse to rent to white people, and some areas of the city will be RESERVED for black people, with no white people allowed. I’m glad I’m as old as I am, because I don’t want to live in such a world. It was bad BEFORE, when it was aimed at black people, and I don’t want to suffer it. I’ve always judged people as INDIVIDUALS, and thus never succumbed to the insidious racism of the fifties. Black, white, yellow, or red, if they were “good people,” I treated them as such. If they were bad people, the same. Of course, the liberals probably have my name on several of their “racist lists,” for that reason. If it’s wrong, and a black person does it, I say so. Same for whites, yellow, and red. Also, I do not recognize “politically correct” parameters. Which gets me on many “lists.” (Just common sense)

Anti-Gun Fools Celebrate

New YORK Governor Cuomo has cost the NRA tens of millions of dollars, and that has threatened their very existence—according to a court filing recently, anyway. Cuomo “offers thoughts and prayers” to the NRA as if he wasn’t responsible for threatening the very existence of an organization that promotes COMMON SENSE in approaching the “gun crime problem.” The things people like Cuomo propose certainly do not. Not a single one of their highly touted laws has done ONE THING to reduce gun violence. Many of the things the NRA has done, HAVE. But fools like Cuomo don’t realize that, Their one concern is the foolishness they CALL “gun safety laws” that do no such thing. Sending thoughts and prayers is the same snarky thing the anti-gun fools always do when another of their fool laws does NOT stop a fool with an ILLEGAL gun from killing a law-abiding American who is DISARMED by their laws and has no defense. “Don’t send money,” added one fool, “thoughts and prayers should suffice.” Then Cuomo said, “l’ll see ya in court.” Then laughed as he went into his lavish office. (NY Post)

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

They Can't Hide It!

Dumocrats and their dupes in the liberal media work HARD to keep us from knowing just how great the economy is, right now. They refuse to report it when the unemployment figures go down to just above 3%, something that hasn’t happened much in the past. Nor will they report the fact that employers are having trouble finding enough workers to fill their open positions, or that after Trump’s tax cuts, the IRS is “going great guns” and collecting more money than ever. The media, if they report it, at all, say, “In Spite of Trump’s Tax Cuts” the IRS is collecting more money than ever. They can’t believe it, even though it happens every time the government (usually under Republicans) cuts taxes. When Reagan did it, he almost DOUBLED the “tax take” because his tax cuts prompted more activity that CREATED more tax income. We are winning so much that we actually are “getting tired of winning.” President Trump is making so much progress in “draining the swamp” that Dumocrats are tearing their hair out in frustration. They want to raise taxes so bad, but they can’t, as long as Trump and his people control so much. In a real world, the news media would be popping champagne corks and celebrating into the wee hours about the “booming economy.” But since they would have to credit President trump for it, they just find excuses to avoid covering it. (Just common sense)

Who Pays for It?

The big news right now is that “Honduran mob of illegal aliens” coming to “storm our border.” They SAY it’s a “spontaneous movement.” But is it? Who organized all those people to walk so far to cross our border? Who is paying for the food they consume? How about toilet facilities for that many people? Are they just leaving their bodily waste on the ground in Mexico as they walk through that country? And why don’t they just stay in Mexico? Mexico says they don’t want those people in their country, so why are they ALLOWING them to walk through their country? It couldn’t be more obvious that the whole thing is an ORGANIZED invasion of this country in the GUISE of people “fleeing violence and unrest.” SOMEBODY is paying for it, and somebody has organized it, while getting Mexico’s agreement not to put roadblocks in the way of the walkers, so they could reach America’s border, unopposed. Even liberals should be intelligent enough to see this, but they aren’t. They criticize anybody who objects to this “invasion” and call them names—their usual scam when they support the unsupportable. (The Daily Mail)

They Just Don't Know

People who make laws must know about the things they’re making laws against, wouldn’t you think? Not a chance. And I’ve seen way too many examples of how lawmakers know NOTHING about guns, yet they pretend to know about them. Dumocrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal, of Connecticut, when he holds up a picture of an “AR-15 style rifle” and tells you it is an “undetectable gun,” since it might have some 3D printed plastic PARTS in it. Have you ever seen a RIFLE that was “undetectable?” This is the guy, you’ll remember, who previously talked about “.30 caliber clips.” Then there was the time anti-gun fool Sen. Diane Feinstein waved an automatic rifle with her finger on the trigger around in room full of people who were cowering because they were afraid she might accidentally shoot them. The entire PREMISE of the anti-gun fools is ignorance. They think all you have to do is make a LAW against something and it will magically disappear. They think CRIMINALS, who break laws for a LIVING, will somehow decide to OBEY their stupid laws. They now want gun part makers to put tiny NUMBERS on their parts, which has proven to be almost impossible. They know they can’t just BAN guns, so they make laws that, if followed, make guns impossible to use in time. Some just want to make guns excessively expensive to buy. (Conservative Tribune)

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

L. A.'s "Yellow Badge Law"

In Nazi Germany, “authorities” required Jews to wear the “Star of David” (a "Yellow Badge") so they could be “easily identified.” Wearing it became a death sentence for six million Jews. Now the Los Angeles City Council wants those with ties to the NRA to “disclose their connection to the NRA” so they can be “identified.” That also means they can be banned (under the table) from receiving city contracts, or required to obey rules not forced upon those without such a connection. And maybe later targeted for gun confiscation. The law’s pusher says, “We must pass this because the NRA is the biggest roadblock to more gun legislation.” As if that makes them criminal, to be banned by law for opposing their stupid, unconstitutional laws. Who knows what’s in the minds of some politicians? They do nothing to make it harder on criminals who use ILLEGAL guns to victimize the law-abiding, and even routinely drop gun charges to get confessions to other crimes. One of the most effective laws is to give criminals longer sentences if they use a gun in their crime. And dropping those gun charges make that moot. Cops say they can solve more crimes that way. But I call that “sloppy police work.” They also mostly routinely oppose the very best method for self defense, the constitutional right of all Americans to be armed (if they’re not felons are crazy) for self defense. Meanwhile, they ignore those already out there with ILLEGAL guns. (The Gun Feed)