Thursday, October 11, 2018

Why the Left's Unhinged

The left is becoming unhinged. They’re really going buzzoid over current events, and people with intelligence know why. America is WINNING! Trump said we’d “get tired of winning,” and he’s right. Some people have already started “bad-mouthing” Trump, and all he is doing to make things better for all of us, liberals included. But then, there are some people who will see the negative in everything they see. For years, liberals told us that a bad economy was “the new normal” so they wouldn’t have to do anything about it—until Trump came along and showed the world that a bad economy was NOT “the new normal,” and that we COULD have a booming economy, the like of which we have not seen since Ronald Reagan left office and the liberal influence on our government took over. Nobody seems to notice (except those of us with intelligence) that ALL the cities that are “in trouble” are run by Dumocrats, and have been for years. That’s because the liberals are good at covering up their mistakes. The point is, that liberals only succeed when the economy is bad, and they can blame that on the Republicans. They just don’t know how to react when things are good, and they’re not responsible (which is always the case). (The Blaze)

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