Thursday, October 31, 2013

Unimaginable Evil!

If I say what comes next, some Muslims will want to kill me, but I’m going to say it, anyway. “There are not enough descriptive words in the English language to truly describe how unimaginably evil Islam truly is. Rape, murder, terror, and ultimately death are the only things that come from the "religion of peace." But I don’t have to say them. Anybody who knows what Muslims do would say them spontaneously. Anybody but a fellow Muslim, that is. Muslims APPROVE of such things as the “gang rape” of a THREE-YEAR-OLD GIRL! Such a rape anywhere in the world (but Islam) would be hated, but in Islamic-run countries, it is routine.” It is sickeningly ACCEPTED in the Koran (or Quoran, or however they spell it today) I can’t imagine the workings of the minds of people who would condone such as this, much less those who would DO it. These people are EVIL! (and I think I hurt my fingers from typing too hard). If they kill me for saying that (or if Obama puts me in prison for it), so be it. I would sincerely hate to live in a world run by these murderers and rapists of 3-year-olds! They are TRASH and not worthy of being called human beings. This child is still alive, but I don’t know how long. And if she DOES survive physically, what will her life be like after this? (Freedom Outpost)

Didja See This In the Lib Media?

I didn’t think so. It doesn’t advance their agenda to demonize white guys while pretending all black youths are “innocent, abused boys.” Many are, as are white youths. The main problem is, abused white youths are abused by black youths (thugs) in most cases. Liberals whine about blacks being the most-imprisoned group, while ignoring the fact that most CRIMES are committed by black men. They’ll call me a racist for saying this truth, but I couldn’t care less what liberals call me. In this case, three “innocent” black youths (thugs) beat a white boy almost to death because he would not buy their drugs. This will not be reported much in the liberal media. These boys look no more like thugs than did Trayvon Martin until he tried to neat the hell out of a white man and got himself killed. They remain alive because this white kid didn’t have a gun, as Zimmerman did. (Gateway Pundit)

Alternative Self-Defense

With all the stupid anti-gun laws liberals (and some conservatives) make, mostly it’s impossible to be able to carry the means to self-defense, a gun. In fact, some fools even feel uncomfortable doing so. There is an alternative: the stun gun or pepper spray. “The basic idea of a stun gun is to generate a high-voltage, low-amperage electrical charge that has a lot of pressure behind it, but not that much intensity. When you touch the stun gun on any part of an attacker’s body and hold the trigger, the charge passes into the attacker’s body. Since it has a high voltage, the charge will pass through heavy clothing and skin, yet the charge is not intense enough to do long-term damage to the attacker’s body unless it is applied for extended periods of time. If you use the gun for a second, the attacker will feel a painful jolt that will startle him.

"If you zap him for two seconds, he will experience muscle spasms and become disoriented. And if you zap him for more than three seconds, he will become unbalanced, fall on the ground and lose muscle control for 15 minutes to an hour. Attackers who are high on drugs or out of their mind may keep coming at you despite any shock to their system. That is when you zap them again.” These devices work. And they can give you that precious “spit second” while an attacker is disoriented to get away. I’m 76 years old. I was attacked by a man on the street who took offense to my shaking my head at his silly driving antics and jammed my car to the curb and came at me with “blood in his eye.” He reached through my car window to pull me out of the car and beat the hell out of me and I zapped him with my 800,000 volt cell phone-looking stun gun. The last I saw of him, he was standing in the street, wondering what just happened, as I drove away. Think about it. (Personal Liberty Digest)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"The Cart Before the Horse"

What people going to Obama’s web site MUST go through to get their REQUIRED health care insurance are finding that they MUST give personal and private information IN FULL, including Social Security numbers, birth dates, bank numbers, credit and debit card numbers, and such BEFORE they can even ASK about what is available. This is so the government can “lock them in” to any program the government wishes, at will, usually the one they ASK about. If they but ASK about a program this web site “signs them up” for that plan and will not let them refuse it. That is definitely “putting the cart before the horse.” They DO NOT need, nor are they ENTITLED to that information BEFORE the person actually “signs up” for a program and it is unseemly to DEMAND that information, just to allow them to view the programs available. They should not be REQUIRED to provide that information BEFORE finding out what's available. This is unconscionable and is simply “phishing.”  (Just common sense)

Govt Releases 104 Murderers

As a “Gesture” of good faith to the rest of the Palestinian murderers. These murderers promptly went out and murdered some more Israelis. Which proves the lack of common sense shown by the Israeli government in releasing these murderers without even demanding concessions from these animals (as if promising not to kill any more would stop them). This is how many times they have engaged in “talks” with these fools without gaining anything? What infuriates me is that I’m sure the Israeli government wouldn’t do stupid things like this without the influence of the American government. What amazes me is that neither government learns from previous losses. (Israel National News)

Obama Promises To Kill Carry Laws

He seems to think that a MAJORITY of Americans “can’t be trusted” to carry guns after an incident in Milwaukee where two men with “carry” licenses had a “running gun fight” in traffic. He plans to use his “executive order” powers to “cancel out” a state’s right to issue such licenses. He has an inflated image of what he can control under those powers. They ONLY cover federal employees and what THEY may do; not that of the states and what laws THEY can make. This is how dictators are made: misusing limited powers of government and claiming them for himself in an inflated way. National Report is a satire site. this is not necessarily true. But it follows Obama's "modus operandi" so well it is easy to fool people. (National Report)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Harry's Fooling Himself

Harry Reid thinks EVERYBODY, including the rich, WANT to pay more taxes. He said as much in a radio interview recently, thus proving he’s as ignorant as is Nancy Peelosi, who said, “We have to PASS the bill to find out what’s in it” about Obama’s damned fool health care swindle law. I think he really BELIEVES that, which shows not only his IGNORANCE, but his STUPIDITY as well. Ignorance is simply a lack of information. Stupidity is KEEPING your ideas after they have been PROVEN wrong. And THIS is the caliber of people we have RUNNING the Congress? We need to “clean out” the Congress and elect all new people after finding out whether or not they’re intelligent. I can tell Harry for me (and I’m certainly not rich) that I sincerely DON’T WANT to pay more taxes. The rich didn’t get that way by giving money they didn't owe to the government. To believe they WANT to do that borders on insanity. (Freedom Outpost)

Syrian Jihadists Kill 120 CHILDREN

These are Obama-backed terrorists using Obama-supplied arms to kill 120 CHILDREN in an attack in Syria by Syrian rebels whom Obama is supporting by sending them American arms, many of which find their way into the hands of other terrorists. 120 CHILDREN murdered by these Jihadists posing as rebels. Why do we suffer this STUPID president who is, at best, a phony president who LIED about his place of birth (and calls anybody who questions it “birthers” while ridiculing them instead of providing proof of his real birthplace)? When are we going to get rid of that fool sitting in the Oval office? That doddering senile fool, John McCain, was there, taking pictures. (Atlas Shrugs)

This Is What Muslims Do

Muslim extremists attacked a school and, while they were at it, murdered a 10-year-old girl. This happened in front of the Evangelical church (Coptic Christian) in Ain Shams, a suburb of Cairo, Egypt, killing this girl and wounding many others. This is the sort of thing APPROVED OF BY MOST Muslims, even if they don’t perform the attacks themselves. They THINK we attack THEM for no reason, but it is Muslims who attack Christians all over the world. Why do we suffer this fool “religion?” They call it a religion, but it is not. It merely masquerades as a religion to take advantage of “perks” we offer to all religions while doing murderous damage to the community. I refuse to suffer fools and anybody who believes the crap the Muslim “religion” spouts isn’t too bright. There have been (at this moment) 21,400 Muslim attacks since 9/11. (Act! For America)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Not In Business Much Longer

Well, folks—I may not be in business much longer. Obama doesn’t have the power to make a law against saying anything bad about Muslim extremists. But he wants to. And if he manages to get it done, he will come to me with his guns in the hands of his thugs and I will go to prison because there is NOTHING good I can say about these fools who just want to KILL everybody who doesn’t believe the EXACT same way they do, even other Muslims. And I will continue to report the truth about them. If he doesn’t like that, he can go sit on a spear, sideways. I will never allow ANYBODY to tell me what I can say as long as what I say is not a lie—as is most of what comes out of this fool’s mouth. But he has the guns, and the APPEARANCE of “enforcing the law,” even if the “law” he is enforcing is ILLEGAL. He won’t enforce our immigration laws, but he WILL when it comes to controlling our speech. (Just common sense)

You Could Be A Terrorist

If you own and transport a number of guns (which is legal, I might remind you), you’re in danger of being labeled a “terrorist” by the Obama (mis)administration. “This is yet another glaring example, that points to one of the worst presidential administrations, this nation has ever seen. Apparently, if you’re an American that exhibits normal behavior, such as owning or transporting a few firearms, the government chould have their eye on you. Because it’s potential evidence of ‘terrorist activity.’ Nice. John R. Lott is right to ask: Is this just the Obama administration’s effort to make gun ownership difficult and costly?” Remember, under the “terrorist law,” being a terrorist makes you UNABLE to demand your constitutional rights. They can imprison you for as long as they wish, deny you the right to a lawyer, and forever deprive you of your rights. (Gunalizer)

Guns for Teenagers

That’s what the anti-gun fools want you to think the NRA is pushing because they have programs to train teens in proper, safe gun-handling. So what? Remember 100 years ago when EVERYBODY carried and used guns everywhere but in crowded, close-living big cities? And what was the result? Did kids all over kill each other with their guns? NO. they just defended themselves. The first school shooting invasion happened back then and the shooter wound up looking like “Swiss cheese” because ALL the kids were armed, and nobody thought anything about it. It was a “fact of life” that kids could shoot as well as adults, and adults COUNTED on that. Yes, kids carrying guns around today is a bad idea. But TEACHING them safe gun-handling IS NOT. The more kids who understand how to handle guns, the less kids who will accidentally shoot each other. Notice that poster they show is a really OLD one. Showing people wearing 1899s attire.  (Wonkette)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Race "Pusher"

I get so tired of hearing about race whores like Al Sharpton pushing racism where it doesn’t exist, to promote his own “charities,” I get sick each time I see his ugly puss; which seems to be every day as he manufactures race incident after race incident and solicits money in the background. The biggest amount of REAL racism in this country today is that he CREATES (along with his hero, Obama) and it’s “white racism,” which is hatred of whites he “whips up.” Yes, there is some residual black racism left, but mostly because of the “chip on the shoulder” racism against whites HE “whips up.” In the current campaign, Al is crying about a store HE has accused of “profiling,” something that can’t be proved, nor DISproved, and a big rapper is making excuses for doing something that is his RIGHT, buying from that store, HIS choice of stores to buy from. Al needs to have something shoved where it hurts—sideways. (

Bloomberg's Fallacy

New York City (along with similarly gun-law tight Chicago) has some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation but these laws have done NOTHING to “curb fun violence.” Surprise, surprise! This is NOT news, at all. But people like Bloomberg treat it as “big news.” I don’t think it is. In just ONE 24-hour period, 12 people were shot, FIVE were killed, and NONE arrested. This in a city with extremely tight anti-gun laws? This might be an indication that they need to go in another direction to intelligent people; but not to Bloomberg and his ilk. They just keep on making their USELESS laws to disarm innocent people and make them “easy targets” for criminals, who don’t obey ANY laws, much less laws that say they can’t be armed. I get very tired of writing the same words over and over when they “bounce off” these fools like rocks off concrete walls. What will it take to convince these fools they’re going in the wrong direction with their laws? Nothing, apparently, except maybe electing different people to office; people who are more INTELLIGENT than the ones now in office. In Florida, “wiser heads” have prevailed, and have made better gun laws. Gun crime have PREDICTABLY gone down precipitously. Do we have to hit these politicians on the head with a brick made out of these facts? NO; that will do nothing because their heads are stone-strong when it comes to their useless gun laws. Electing more INTELLIGENT politicians is the ONLY ANSWER. (Breitbart)

Again, We Need More Of This

A man came into a music store and started beating an elderly woman with a big stick. Whereupon her husband came in and shot him to death. Anti-gun freaks say this NEVER happens and ignore it when it does. If this man did not have a legally-obtained and owned gun, his wife (and he) would probably have been killed. Instead, the criminal career of this thug was ended, as it should have been. The cops are “investigating” this case of two 70-year-old people being attacked by a 32-year-old thug. Hopefully they won’t find an excuse to charge this man in the case. In any case, whatever happens next, there is one less thug out there with a big stick attacking elderly people on their own property. (KDKA/CBS)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Will You Shoot Americans?

That’s a question being asked of soldiers in the military. It is also being asked of their officers and those who answer “no,” are fired. Obama is preparing for a revolution and is trying as hard as he can to CREATE one so he can have an excuse to MURDER civilians and make it LOOK legal. Boy, am I glad I’m old and tired and will probably not survive the war anyway. Obama is a criminal and a fool. It might just be more of a job than he can handle to “put down” the “Second American Revolution.” This has been Obama’s plan since he came out of nowhere and conned his way into the presidency after “buying off” the Democrat Party and “elbowing” Hillary aside. Every move he has made since reinforces his effort to turn this into a socialist nation and with him in charge. He will soon see that I can see through his scam and will probably soon come after me. But I don’t care. I don’t want to live under what he plans, anyway. Obama is a criminal, like a mob boss and just "gets rid of" his enemies. And that definitely describes me. But I'm old enough not to care. (Just common sense)

Recruiting Terrorists in America

That would be like Hitler openly recruiting Nazis to fight Americans right here in America DURING The Second World War, with impunity. Islamic terrorists are openly recruiting young men (no women, please) to fight in places like Somalia (they say) and promise any applicants the same “virgin wives” if they die as are promised ignorant Muslims who buy into this crap. And there are young men in this country gullible enough to “drink this cool-aide.” Why do we allow this? Because they CLAIM to be a “religion?” What FOOLS we are (not me) to allow our ENEMIES to recruit soldiers right here in the United States and not shut them down! Because they falsely claim they’re a RELIGION while they are a political group which is making WAR on ANYBODY who does not believe the EXACT same way they do. They are swelling the ranks of their “religion” by recruiting gullible American youngsters looking for adventure to make war on the United States, as well as other countries. Why don’t we STOP this? This is the damndest FOOL action for us to ALLOW this. But we do. All because this government (Obama) buys their bullsh-t. (The D. C. Clothesline)

The "Black Hole of Journalism"

In Great Britain they did a poll, asking what were the six things they’d like to see repealed, and the 1996 gun ban was high on their list. Because of this, you won’t see much about it in the American liberal media: “Of the six suggestions that included setting a flat tax and placing a term limit on the office of Prime Minister, what drew more than 86 percent of the reader support was a proposal to repeal the handgun ban of 1997 [Which caused a marked increase in gun violence in the UK. –RT]. Because this is an unscientific poll, the results will be doomed to a media black hole, but it should send a clear signal to gun prohibitionists in the United States that their habitual use of the United Kingdom as an example of domestic tranquility where guns are concerned just took a direct hit in the credibility department.” But of course, those of us who pay attention already knew they HAD no credibility. (Second Amendment Foundation)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Obama Is A Collectivist

That’s the same as socialist, communist, Fascist, Progressivist. They all involve STEALING from people who EARN and giving that EARNED to those who do NOT earn. There are only “cosmetic differences” between them. And if you don’t understand what collectivism is, and why it’s BAD for you, you’d better find out—quick, because if you don’t you’ll fall for the “key words” and propaganda they use to fool you into APPROVING your own enslavement. I used to not be able to understand why many people DID approve of collectivism (until they had to live under it), but that was before I figured out that a majority of Americans PROUDLY “don’t pay attention to politics.” They figure they’ve got other things more important to think about, like living their lives. Combine that with those who only want “a free ride,” And you have a majority voting bloc, able to win elections and NOT holler when their elected politicians exceed their authority.

I really get tired of saying this, and “preaching to the choir.” But the people I really NEED to get to will not listen. They listen to the crap the liberals (socialists) put out and their minds become closed to reason—even to the point where they believe that reason and logic don’t even exist! Young people today have no idea what collectivism IS. They never had to live under it or even side-by-side with it. They’re blissfully IGNORANT. Yeah, I know that sounds like the “prattling of an old man,” but what they don’t know is that this old man LIVED through it and I KNOW what it is—and I want no part of it in this country. But that’s what Obama is pushing, and pushing it faster and faster. If we don’t watch out, we will be a collectivist country before he finishes his second term and gets re-elected to a THIRD term after getting the law changed. Then a FOURTH, and a fifth, or however many he needs to be “president for life.” (Just common sense)

They Want to Disarm Us

And they’re working HARD to do just that. One of the most recent anti-gun laws is in Illinois, where they want to classify ALL guns (except those in the hands of cops and government agents, of course) illegal. “In a bid to fight against criminal and gang possession of firearms on the street, Illinois state rep. Mike Zalewski (D-21st Dist.) is set to propose legislation that essentially labels all firearm possession outside the home illegal.” And what do they hope to accomplish by that? I don’t know of a single gang member who obeys ANY  laws, let alone one that says he can’t be armed. Most of them are ILLEGALLY-armed, anyway, being under age. Of course, this fails (again) to answer the perennial question I ask of anti-gun fools, “What makes you think a CRIMINAL, who doesn’t obey ANY laws, will obey one that says he can’t be armed?” But then, they usually ignore the question, call me names, and walk away. That's because they have NO answer that doesn't negate their theories. (Breitbart)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

An Exercise In Stupid

Obama’s health care swindle is not what he claimed it to be. He told us it would be FREE or lesser cost health care for ALL. It is not. It is a complete DISMANTLING of the health care system in America. The people who don’t have health care insurance do so because they CAN’T AFFORD IT. What part of “can’t afford it” does he not understand? Making a LAW forcing us to BUY health insurance at TWICE as much as it was before with “strings attached” that were not there before is NOT “providing us with free health care.” It is a TAKEOVER of the health care insurance business AND the medical profession. It puts medical decisions NOT in the hands of the PEOPLE involved, but in the hands of a nameless, faceless BUREAUCRAT you can’t pin down for responsibility. Further, what makes him think a LAW will make it more affordable?

As with that failed web site, nobody can tell us (or will not) who made the decision to CRIPPLE the web site by DEMANDING people give them ALL their personal information (INCLUDING Social Security numbers and bank numbers) BEFORE they even allowed them to see what was available, then “locking them in” to any program they so much as ASKED about and not allowing them to change their minds and “back out.” It’s a typical bureaucratic MAZE that deifies belief and guarantees the perpetrators will never be identified or caught. Now they’re demanding SOMEBODY be fired for this fiasco, but they can’t find out WHO should be fired. So whoever IS fired will be a low-level employee who had nothing to do with the mistakes made, but who is a convenient scapegoat. (Just common sense)

Banned Guns--Crime Went Down

Or did it? Great (?) Britain made a very restrictive law that virtually BANNED guns, entirely (except for those in the hands of some cops and government agents, of course) and crime rose—for a while. Then it started going down, they claim. But that’s a lie, to cover up the fallacy of their mistake in making the law they made. “According to Louise Casey in her 2008 survey ‘one in three (33%) had been a victim of crime, or knew someone well who had been, within the last year”, and “nearly half (45%) knew of someone in their community who had been a victim in the last year.” Casey further reported that “a very significant number [of British subjects] expressed concerns about coming forward more generally to intervene, report crime or give evidence’.” In such a small country, when so many people are victims of armed criminals, it’s hard to maintain the LIE that gun violence is going down among intelligent people. (AmmoLand)

There's A Pattern Here

And one I don’t like. And I’m sure you don’t like it, either. Your children are being punished because of the STUPIDITY of their “school administrators.” They “Suspend” them because they chew a pop-tart into a bad shape of a gun; or for using their FINGERS to play “cops and robbers.” And they don’t limit their fool suspensions to things the kids do at SCHOOL. They recently gave a LONG suspension to several kids that played “cops and robbers” AT HOME, but within SIGHT of a school bus. They suspend kids for drawing a Picture of a gun. They’re going STUPID and overbearing with this! And I’d BET they’re being pushed into it by their union bosses, which control their pay. The problem here is, kids will make guns out of almost ANYTHING so they can play “cops and robbers” or “cowboys and Indians.” That’s what they want to do, and they WILL do it, in spite of ANYTHING their school “officials” can do to punish them. Those “School officials” ore only showing their own STUPIDITY by doing this, but they don’t even know it. Stupid people are too stupid to know they ARE stupid. (Huffington Post/Weird News)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ObamaCare NOT "Free Medical Care"

It was sold as “universal health care,” but it’s not. It’s a scam FORCING you to buy a “pig in a poke” paying at least TWICE what you were already paying, and for an inferior product. Why is it an “inferior product?” First of all, it involves unconscionably HIGH deductibles, making it USELESS. Just ASKING about a certain plan on Obama’s incompetently designed web site ‘locks you in” to that plan and you can’t “back out.” They’ll just take the money out of your bank account. They already have your bank numbers (along with all your other private information) that they DEMANDED before they even gave you a LOOK at what WAS available. This is the biggest scam (outside of AlGore’s global warming swindle) that has ever been foisted on the American citizen. (Just common sense)

Fed Constantly Printing "Funny Money"

That's like constantly pouring water in your coke. Only this is your money. Are you outraged that they’re printing a TRILLION DOLLARS a month in “funny money?” That they are using that “funny money” to buy bonds on the bond market and “propping up” that market to make it LOOK LIKE the economy is “coming back” when it isn’t? That your money (money now in your POSSESSION) is daily losing value? That your government is STEALING money from you without even having to pull a gun on you? Aren’t you going to do something about it? Or are you just going to let it happen? They were going to exempt government employees from Obama’s health care swindle law until we hollered. Now they CLAIM they’re not going to do it. Why can’t we similarly stop them from brazenly STEALING our money, right out of our pockets? (Just common sense)

Blaming gun violence for 9/11

How stupid is that? As I remember it, there wasn’t ONE GUN involved in the hijacking of those four airplanes by Muslim Terrorists so they could crash them into the World Trade Center and murder more than 3,000 innocent people. The only weapons they had were a few box-cutters.  Did the government ban box-cutters after that? No; because they are the legitimate tools of many trades and guns are only legitimate, in their eyes, for cops and federal and other government agents. But they somehow connect the two. It’s a stretch, but they try it, anyway. The anti-gun fools will use anything they can find to stretch into a reason to ban guns when they should be working to punish USE of guns more  and get some of these illegal gun users off the streets longer. (GOA)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Obama Emiently Successful

Many people think he is incompetent, and even I did until I figured out what he was up to. And he is absolutely NOT incompetent in anything BUT thinking that collectivism (socialism) is anything but a failed theory. I say he is very competent in that everything he has done since he conned his way into the presidency has moved us ever closer to a collectivist society. It is his intention to screw all Americans and he is halfway there already with the passage of that ABORTION, the “Affordable Care Act.” The very way it is designed makes it EVIDENT that its PURPOSE is to screw us all. First, it does NOT reduce our health care costs; it DOUBLES them, or more while increasing the deductible to THOUSANDS of dollars, making it useless for everyday use. It is MANDATORY, which means we MUST “sign up” for it, even though it is much more than we can afford. If we don’t his thugs at the IRS will come after us. If we but ASK about a plan they “sign us up” for it, and will not allow us to “back out.” It’s a trap, and we’re the targets. (Just common sense)

Stalling, Stalling...

The City of New York is using the time-honored scam to avoid turning over documents about Mayor Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” organization under the Freedom of Information Act, claim they “need more time.” Another scam is to charge an enormous fee for “copying.” Politicians have all kinds of scams they use to avoid telling the citizens what they’re doing. And they call US criminals! Gimme a break! (Second Amendment Foundation)

Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors

You’d think politicians who work to remove our right to carry guns for self-defense would at least be clean themselves. But they aren’t. Eighteen of the current or former mayors in his group are felons and cannot own guns themselves—so they want to remove your right to do so. I wonder why nobody in Bloomberg’s organization did anything about that? I wonder how many other politicians are guilty of the very things they’re trying to make illegal for us? This pretty much proved our contention that corruption is rampant among politicians. (Second Amendment Foundation)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Giving Personal Info

Obama’s web site where people are supposed to go to “sign up” for the health insurance that they are bound to have, by law, is plagued by many problems. The worst is the REQUIREMENT to “create an account” BEFORE any information on what is available and its cost is given. Creating such an account requires you to give them your personal information including your Social Security number, bank numbers birth date, and other information that they have no right to have. With that information, they can “lock you in” to whatever “plan” they wish, and take legal action against you if you don’t pay for it. Further, they can just TAKE the money our of your bank account because they HAVE your bank numbers. They SAY the number of “inquirers” demonstrates the high level of  APPROVAL when it does not. It only reflects the number of people who are INTIMIDATED by the very fact they can be FINED if they don’t “sign up” and allow the cost for the same coverage they NOW HAVE to DOUBLE or TRIPLE, with no way to get out of it. If you don’t believe that’s the way it is, just GO THERE and TRY. (Just common sense)

"No Safer Place in All of CT"

 That’s what the promoter of a special event honoring Starbucks for allowing armed patrons in their coffee shops says about his event, and he’s right. Not wherever there are “gun control laws” ruling things. The average “gun control law” only keeps guns out of the hands of honest, responsible people and makes them “easy targets” for criminals, who are usually illegally armed with guns bought out of somebody’s car trunk in a back alley somewhere. Figures show that illegal guns are easiest-found in places where “gun control laws” are the strongest. In fact, MOST mass shootings are done where there are “anti-gun laws.” Criminals do not usually go where there is any possibility that there might be guns to oppose them in the hands of somebody not in uniform that they do not suspect are armed. Uniformed cops in attendance can be “dealt with” early by a would-be shooter by ambushing them first. (The Blaze)

Don't Mess With Texas--Again

Bank robbers kidnapped a man and his wife because they knew she worked in a bank, then drove them to the bank, forcing her to withdraw a large sum of money for them, threatening to kill her husband if she didn’t, Then they made their SECOND mistake of the day when they left the bank in the husband’s truck, where he kept his gun.. Her husband took it out and shot both bank robbers, killing one. When the cops got there, they found him standing over both robbers with his gun in his hand. The surviving robber may even benefit from this lesson (when he he gets out of prison), while his former friend and henchman won’t, since they buried him soon after. The lesson is, make SURE your intended victim isn’t armed. (Fox News)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lying About the Founding Fathers

Obama is telling more lies today, saying “the Founding Fathers would not have approved” of the finagling that is going on in Washington, today. What? Doesn’t he know about the really crappy politics that went on in those days? Apparently he knows nothing. He is now the AUTHOR of the "crappy politics" he decries. He said, "Let's work together to make government work better, instead of treating it like an enemy or purposely making it work worse.” He said this right after spending 16 days pretending the government was “closed” because he didn’t get his own way, and REFUSING to negotiate on ANYTHING, calling Republicans all kinds of names , including “terrorists” and “enemies.” It amazed me how he tells such OBVIOUS lies with a straight face, and expects gullible Americans to believe his crap. This fool will be remembered in history as the lying SOB he is. (CNS News)

Obama Hates The Cristian Religion

Sec. Of State John Kerry has appointed a head man for his new “Faith-Based Community Initiatives” which means “religion control” who says he is “glad civil religion is dying.” What? No, it’s not. He just THINKS it is, and that’s “wishful thinking” for him. He wants “government-based religion” to prevail, and that’s patently unconstitutional. But absent PUNISHMENT for ignoring or opposing the Constitution by government, he’ll probably get away with it. Obama has demonstrated his enmity for any kind of religion but Islam, and, like most Muslims, wants to be able to ORDER people to be Muslim. They deny it, but it is becoming more and more evident every day to intelligent people. Every decision he makes between Islam and everybody else, he decides in favor of Islam. It has become a crime in this country today to criticize Islam and Obama wants a law to enforce it. Islam is quietly “taking over” here with the tacit approval of Obama (I will not call him president, because he is not a president, to me. He is merely a “pretender” that we must get rid of, soon, in any way we can.). (Alliance Defending Freedom)

Killing Without A Gun

One man wanted to kill a lot of people, but he didn’t have a gun. So he used his car as a deadly weapon and just drove over a bunch of people on the Boardwalk. Viola! No guns involved! So the gun-haters can’t use this action to advance their agenda as they always do whenever a gun is involved in a mass killing. But they will, anyway. This proves my contention that not being able to buy a legal gun will NOT stop somebody determined to kill people. They’ll just use something else—like a car. People who make laws against guns are STUPID. But you can’t convince them of that. Stupid people are too stupid to ever realize they ARE stupid. And that applies to ALL people who think a law against being armed will EVER stop a criminal from armed crime. (Fox News)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

America's "Royalty"

We don’t have any—do we? Sure we do. They’re the children of politicians,. And the relatives of politicians. Politicians make sure of it. How many Roosevelts (and relatives of Roosevelts) have been given high-paying government jobs to get them on the “government dole?” How many have been elected to office in "easy" districts? How many of their descendants the same? Former government employees (above certain grades, anyway) are, by law, paid almost as much in RETIREMENT as they were when they worked for a living. If you can call that work. How many Kenendys? How many Fords? For that matter, how many Reagans have had high-paying government jobs (Not so many, huh? Because they were conservatives)? I’m not going to even ASK about Clintons. Bill gets big money in retirement and so does his wife—not because she’s a former First Lady, but because she’s a former Secretary of State, which she was because she was a former First Lady. Why did she ever become Secretary of State? Because she’s Bill Clinton’s wife. Then there’s BIll's 33-year-old daughter Chelsea, who was just recently confirmed as Ambassador to Japan. She’s a pretty little thing (finally), but what qualifications does she have to be an ambassador?

For that matter, what qualifications did her MOTHER have to be Secretary of State? She’s Bill Clinton’s WIFE, that's what. She was elected Senator in an "easy" district after the strongest opposition candidate was forced out. She's now "double-dipping" by collecting retirement income from being Senator while collecting retirement as Secretary of State (which amounts to more than $200,000.00 a year). Bill thinks his daughter would make a "great president." What? On what imbecility does he base that? Their financial future is assured, through government jobs for which they are NOT qualified by anything but being related to top politicians of the past. Chelsea is 33 years old, and has really done NOTHING in her life except be Bill’s daughter. Remember Sergeant Shriver? He was nothing except brother-in-law to a Kennedy. How many other relatives, either directly or by marriage are in government jobs? To be paid for life in retirement without having to ever do any REAL work? Notice I didn’t even ask about the Bush family. Not because they don’t have relatives and friends in government jobs, but because the “political elite” don’t like them because they’re Republicans, even if they ARE “Progressives.” The point is, if you’re related, in any way, to top government officials, you can depend on the government to pay you to do nothing in your later life (unless you're not a liberal) because of that. Count on it. (Just common sense)

Lose Your Self-Defense Rights?

That’s what will happen if Obama signs the UN Arms Trade Treaty (he signed it, but congress rejected it). It will be presented to you as a “necessary step in curbing gun violence,” but don’t believe that LIE. If he signs it, the Second Amendment will be TRASHED. It’s the ONLY WAY he can do that; the only way he can “get around” the Second Amendment and see to it you’re DISARMED and unable to defend yourself against an armed criminal—even one wearing a federal badge. Congress doesn’t even have to approve it. If he signs it, it will go into effect right then until Congress does approve it. Of course, since they didn't, it won't go into effect this time. But you can count on the anti-gun fools to bring it up, again and again. Until it goes through. Then, any criminal (even ones with badges) will be able to victimize you under that UN treaty. Don’t let that happen! If you do, the gun-haters will have realized their dream. We "dodged that bullet" this time, but the anti-gun fools never give up. (Town Hall)

If They Can Intercept Them

Why can’t they find them and “take them out? Greta Van Susteren of Fox News says they have “confirmed” the source for the closing of the embassies recently (running away) is the interception of a contact between al-Zawahiri and another top terrorist. Why have these men, who have been responsible for the deaths of so many people, remained at large for so long? For that matter, why did bin Laden stay free so long (if we’re to believe Bush didn’t kill him many years ago when he bombed his cave with him in it)? If they can do that, why can’t they trace the location of one, or both, and “take them our?”  The origin of ANY transmission is traceable back to its source. Why don’t they do it? Do they not WANT to? IS the government COMPLICIT in the “terrorist threat?” Ayman al-Zawahiri has been contacting his henchmen every day. Each contact is an opportunity to find and kill him. Whoever fails to do that when they have a chance is HELPING the terrorists kill people. (GretaWire)

Friday, October 18, 2013

How Did Your Life Change?

When Obama pretended to “shut down the government,” only 17% of the government “shut down” and those “unnecessary employees” were sent home (on a "paid vacation"), to be paid later for the days they didn’t work (They plan for that kind of deception). They’ll be paid, as usual. Just a little later. That means 83% of the government was still operating while Obama ordered everything that was important to US “closed down." Like the National Parks and the Passport Office and some of the offices who are supposed to be sending our money for entitlements that some people DEPEND upon to live and eat. Entitlements liberals and Progressivists worked hard to get us to depend upon so they could take them away at will to put pressure on the rest of us.

Things guaranteed to piss us off. But not the part collecting your money. (Don't try and skip an IRS appointment during that time or a scheduled payment TO the IRS). It’s hard, NOT to pay federal workers. If you don’t depend on a government check each month, how did this charade bother you? I was a little bothered when they threatened to stop sending out Social Security checks, but right in the middle of the 16 days of the “shutdown” it showed up, right on time, even though Obama threatened to stop sensing them out. But then, Social Security is not an “entitlement.” It is a “payoff” to people who paid into that Ponzi Scheme for years at the point of a gun (and if you don’t believe that “gun” part, just TRY NOT paying into it). To NOT send those checks would be an ADMISSION that the money for this has been looted many years ago. But just how much government do we need? (Eagle Rising)

Crooks Can Always Get Guns

Incompetent politicians will always use “mass shootings” to get impetus to pass laws to take guns away from all of us. Even if no guns are involved. And there’s never any shortage of them. Such laws don’t work, and intelligent people know that. But ignorant politicians don’t. Or they do, and they have an ulterior motive in trying to disarm us while maintaining their OWN right to own and carry guns to defend themselves. Some just hire gun-toting men to do the defending. But the fact is, they DEPEND on people with guns to keep them safe while denying us that right. In Pennsylvania, a gunman with a long-time grudge in Ross Township in a rural area, politicians had been attempting to “confiscate” (steal) a man’s property for years and their “chickens came home to roost.” He came in shooting and even left to get another gun (and no police yet). He was taken down by somebody inside with a gun, thus proving my theory that ONE guy with his own gun can stop such shootings before they have even more victims. This one claimed four lives. And had wounded more. I don’t know if his grudge was, or was not justified, and and this wasn't justified, in any case.  I wasn’t told if his guns were legally or illegally owned. But this guy had demonstrated that laws didn’t mean much to him, so they were probably illegal. (CNN)

More Guns, Less Crime

That is the name of John Lott’s landmark book; a book that liberals love to hate and love to ignore because he hit the nail right on the head with just his title alone. Florida and other states have made gun ownership and concealed carry easier, and violent crime statistics have predictably gone down while liberal gun-haters try their best to ignore it. This article tells about yet another instance of gun violence going down when laws were made making it easier to own and use guns for self-defense. Virginia law allows citizens to carry concealed AND openly and gun violence went down. Liberals are horrified! They’ve been proven wrong—again. (Breitbart)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Liberal Faulty Thinking

It’s typical liberal faulty thinking that says, since most “carriers” never have to use their guns to prevent crime, they don’t need them: “Liberals are constantly saying that the conservative argument for carrying a firearm for protection is overblown.” Many of us who carry have never had to use our firearm in self-defense and so our argument is invalid, is the way the leftist argument goes. The problem with this rationale is that it is so demonstrably false, as to be laughable. Almost every day guns are used to either stop a crime or to stop a criminal in the act of committing a crime.” What do people who have no guns do when confronted with a criminal who has an ILLEGAL gun? They call other people who DO have guns—and wait, and wait. Meanwhile, the criminal, who already has his gun, does his damage. Later on, AFTER the crime has been committed, the cops come, and “document it,” carry away the body (or bodies), and MAYBE—some day--catch and punish the criminal. This isn’t how I want it, and I don’t think you do, either. If a criminal shoots me, I want it to be the last thing he does in his life. How about you? (Eagle Rising)

NY Times Promotes Racism

Every time a black kid gets hurt or killed trying to rob a white man (or even a black man) the Times (and all the “race whores,” Al Sharpie—er—Sharpton, Jesse Jackson (Jerkson), “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan scream “RACISM” while even their black neighbors tell us they’re thugs and got just what they deserved: a bullet in the gut. In one case in particular, where a black kid tried to rob a cop and got killed. The Times ran a story about “Murder Without A Motive.” Only problem is, it wasn’t murder, it was self-defense against black thugs who wanted to rob him. That was the motive. The court knew it, but the Times apparently didn’t want to know it. It wouldn’t have advanced their agenda to help the anti-gun freaks make more laws to disarm more honest people. I’m ashamed of our liberal news media, who have abandoned truth to support the criminals (in political office and elsewhere). (Human Events/Ann Coulter)

City Makes Big Mistake

The City of Rochelle, NY confiscated (stole) the “Gadsden Flag (“Don’t Tread On Me”) from the flagpole of the United Veterans Memorial & Patriotic Association of New Rochelle. That was a BIG mistake (but a typical one, considering where they are). That flag is a flag of solidarity among people who have “no backup” in them and they have asked the Thomas More Law Center to file a federal lawsuit in their behalf, which they did. The City Council didn’t like the flag because it is being used as a symbol of the Tea Parties. The City Manager first demanded its removal, then changed his mind after being informed (he didn’t know) of the historical significance of the flag. Then the Council, in SECRET SESSION, with the two Republican members excluded, voted to demand it be taken down. There is no legal right for them to do this, but taking a clue from Obama’s routine ignoring of the law in his actions, they did it anyway.

Now they’re fighting a federal lawsuit, which they’ll probably lose. If I had a “Gadsden Flag” and the city told me to take it down an, worse, wanted to “confiscate (steal)” it, I’d tell them to “go have sex with a horse.” If I want to fly such a flag, I WILL do so. They can go take a long walk off a short pier. The city had “granted” the UVMPA-NR and its predecessor organizations the right to fly and maintain flags on its flagpole, yet another imposition of more authority than they had. Americans have the right to fly any flag they wish without going, “hat in hand” to a politician to ask for permission. Other politicians have usurped that right, but that doesn’t make it right. (Thomas More Law Center)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Can't Spend Your Way to Wealth

The very idea that you CAN is damned foolishness and stupidity. But many politicians, especially Democrats, think you can. The main problem is that when you speak truth to fools, it falls on deaf ears. You can speak truth all day to incompetent fools and you might as well be talking to a wall. Like in the current crisis,” CREATED by the Democrats and BLAMED on the Republicans. Anybody with any degree of INTELLIGENCE knows it is OBAMA and Obama alone that caused this “crisis,” but when he lies and says it is the Republicans who did it, they believe this inveterate liar. And they won’t hear otherwise. This is the kind of INCOMPETENCE that abounds in Washington, and will continue to do so until we do something about it. (Just common sense)

Dropping the charges

There is a self-satisfied expression on the ugly face of Ziyad Habid, the Saudi National who faced charges in the murder of an American citizen. This guy is so important to the Saudi government, they even paid his $2 million dollar bail so he could disappear. Why would they do that unless they want him to get away? His accomplice remains in jail on one million dollars’ bond. If Habid is not guilty, why is his accomplice in the crime still in jail? Cops SAY they don’t have sufficient evidence to convict, but I don’t believe that for a minute. This whole thing doesn’t pass the “smell test.” Habid is studying aviation and “wants to be a pilot like his father.” Is he interested in learning landings and takeoffs? Did anybody ask him? (The Blaze)

Supporting the Terrorists

Has Obama done ANYTHING to make the terrorists think we are to be feared if they attack any more of our embassies? No. More than a year has passed. Nothing has been done. One of the top terrorists involved was found sipping a latte in a café by—not an “investigator,” but by a CNN reporter who INTERVIEWED him. The FBI has done NOTHING. All this does is tell the terrorists we are an “easy target” and they can attack us at will without repercussions; and they will, often, and with much bloodshed as long as Obama is in power. Meanwhile, Obama is pursuing Snowden with a passion, calling him a “traitor” when what he is, is a “whistleblower” who “finked” on Obama’s crimes. Obama is STILL doing everything he can to help the Islamic terrorists to kill as many of us as possible, without ANYTHING happening to them. Yes, he kills a few, one in a while, with his drones to make it LOOK like he’s fighting them. He declares them “beaten” just before they launch a massive campaign against us. Somebody needs to wake him up, or get RID of him before he “gives away the store.” (Just common sense)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why Does GOP Hate Cruz?

The Republicans ought to love Ted Cruz with a passion. He’s doing what they SHOULD be doing; standing solidly in opposition to Obama’s wish to make this into a socialist “paradise.” But they don’t. They HATE him with a passion. Why? Because he IS doing what THEY should be doing. By doing so, he is threatening the “leadership positions” of those self-same Republicans, and they can’t have that. The Democrats keep “moving the goal posts” every time the “establishment Republicans” seem ready to SURRENDER and Cruz KNOWS it and stands FIRM. That angers the “establishment Republicans,” who just want to stay in power and he threatens that. Other than that, they care not. (Just common sense)

Liberals Lying, As Usual

Rachel Maddow and NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, talking about mass shootings, say, “It only happens in America.” That’s an easily refuted lie. It happened in Utoya, Norway in 2011, where a gunman killed 69 and wounded 110. Then there was Winnenden, Germany in 2009, where a gunman killed 15 at a school; and Mumbai, India in 2008, where terrorists killed 164 and wounded 308. How about 2002 in Erfurt, Germany, where a gunman killed 18 in a high school? Or Dunblaine, Scotland in 1996, where a gunman killed 16 kindergartners and their teacher. Only happens in America? Come on, people! If you must lie, don’t tell those that are so easily refuted. (Just common sense)

Gun Permits Skyrocket in Newtown

In Newtown, CT, the place where a number of CHILDREN were murdered by a man with an ILLEGAL gun, the number of new gun permits demanded has surged. With residents hoping to get their guns before tighter gun controls demanded by incompetent politicians go into effect. And this is not restricted to Newtown. There is an increase in gun purchases all over the country, for the same reason. Politicians are working overtime to pass more and more laws to take guns away from honest people while criminals, who obey NO laws, will still be able to get their guns out of the trunk of another criminal’s car in a back alley somewhere. (Wall Street Journal)

Monday, October 14, 2013

"Most Hated Man In America"

Megyn Kelly, on Fox, asked Ted Cruz what it felt like to be “the most hated man in America” and he answered, “feels good,” or words to that effect. The point being, that he is only the moist hated man in America to the liberals, who only hate him because he tells the truth. But I don’t is he is THE MOST hated man in America. Even among liberals, who hate ANYBODY who tells the truth. Among others they hate are Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and way too many others to even remember. I certainly can’t remember them all, because there are too many. And the liberals hate THAT. Bill O’Reilly is on most lists, but I don’t consider him a real conservative because he has way too many liberal opinions. But he LEANS right, and that’s important. Rush Limbaugh is by far at the top of MY list and Ayn Rand is up top too, though she’s more a philosopher than a pundit. The emergence of the “alternative media” is also something they hate, and with good reason: the “alternative media” is responsible for the destruction of many of their plans, and that did not happen before, when they CONTROLLED the media, absolutely. (Just common sense)

Gun Sales Skyrocket

 Which makes a lie our of news reports that gun sales are going down. They’re not. For Sturm-Rueger, they have increased 50%! The highest that sales have been since 1990. Which tells you a lot about how “out of touch” the news media is—ON PURPOSE. It’d be interesting to know how many of these guns are registered and can be STOLEN by the government in its effort to get guns out of the hands of civilians. I’d bet that most will be “hidden away” in anticipation of the government taking away our guns. And I don’t blame them. England made a big mistake when it tried to disarm Americans before the American Revolution. What many people don’t even know is that gun control attempts are what STARTED the war that CREATED this republic. Congress (and Obama) should take notice if they want to stay in office, and maybe even alive. (Bloomberg News)

How Hard They Fight

To keep us unarmed and helpless before the illegally-armed criminals. Now the Attorney General in Arkansas says schools can’t use that “little-known law” to allow them to arm their teachers so there will be somebody (not in uniform and easily dealt with by ambush) with a gun and the will to use it. Democrat Attorney General in Arkansas Austin Daniel, wrote an “official opinion” that schools could not use that “little-known law” to arm their teachers. Where the HELL does he get off saying that? It’s a LAW, little-known, or not. And as such CAN be used to arm teachers, Daniel notwithstanding. He can’t stop them from arming their teachers by SAYING they cannot use a LAW that’s “on the books.” What a FOOL he is! (Fox News)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm Sensing A Pattern Here

They recently edited Jesus out of a “reality show” to avoid :”offending” Muslims. What? I’ve seen things like that happening a lot lately; banning the 10 Commandments while allowing the “Five Pillars of Islam” in schools and things like that. Banning pictures of Jesus while allowing pictures of Mohammed. Tell me: how many times have pictures of Mohammed been taken down and replaced with a picture of Jesus in a Muslim-run country? None? I didn’t think so. So tell me again, why are worried about “offending Muslims?” What a damned fool notion! Islam is :”oozing” slowly into our culture and Islam-lovers are pushing it, through the false notion of :”not offending Muslims.” Who CARES if we “offend Muslims?” Do they EVER worry about “offending Christians,” anywhere? (Just common sense)

Hiding Benghazi Survivors

What the hell is going on? Obama is not only hiding the survivors of the Benghazi killings, he’s moving them around the country and changing their names while threatening their families if they talk. What is he hiding? I knew there was a coverup going on, but this confirms it. What kind of criminal activity was going on there? There are many rumors about a “gun-running” operation there. Maybe that’s it. But you don’t hide people if there is not something CRIMINAL to hide. It’s about time somebody who was there came out and told us what was going on—or are they afraid Obama will send a drone out to kill them if they do? This is not a president—this is a “crime boss” who will KILL YOU if you “cross him! (Gateway Pundit)

Proving Their Bias

Many liberal reporters are confirming what we already know about them: their pro-Islam bias by going to work for al-Jazeera in droves. Led by MSNBC former newsperson Jennifer London, they have hired many local personalities including Paul Beban (who?) in Denver. I don’t know why more of them don’t go to work for al-Jazeera because their bias is so clearly pro-Islam. Maybe it’s because this network controls so tightly what they can say on the air. They recently shut down their station in Rabat because of what they call “numerous failures in following the rules of serious journalism.” (Translation: telling the truth about Islam) They must have criticized Islam in some way. Considering where they are, they may be executed and their severed heads displayed in their newsroom. (The Blaze)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

No 10 Commandments, Islam Instead?

 They commonly won’t let ANY school in the United States display the Ten Commandments of Christianity in their schools because they SAY it “violates the separation of church and state,” which is not a Constitutional issue, but only a reference made in a LETTER between the Founders. But now a school in Tennessee allows the display of the “5 Pillars of Islam,” which is their equivalent of the Ten Commandments. “On display on the freshmen hall wall of the Robertson County TN school, the 5 Pillars of Islam were pasted “up and down” the hallway proclaiming the “rules” to be a good student of Islam, much in the way the 10 Commandments direct Christians.” Is this too, not a “violation of church and state?” Worse yet, is it not a representation, not of a foreign religion in a Christian country, but the representation of the so-called “religion” that wants to KILL Christians for not being Muslim? Where the HELL do they get off allowing THAT when they will not allow a representation of OUR religion in a Christian country?

What FOOLS are these? Islam is “creeping” slowly into American culture and, if we don’t stop it, it will one day TAKE OVER our culture, KILLING people who refuse to convert to this abomination of a so-called “religion.” It is FOOLS like those who allowed this in the Tennessee school that will be responsible and will probably be among the first Christians killed by Muslims for not converting. As to “equality,” try and post the Christian Ten Commandments in ANY Muslim school in a country run by Muslims. Try to even bring a Bible into that country, OR that school. While you’re at it, try and enroll a girl in that school. "Allowing one religion to be promoted in our public schools and not any others shows a deliberate bias and a deliberate attempt to make one religious concept acceptable over another." It should NEVER be allowed.  (Sharia Unveiled)

Customer Surprises Robber

Ashton MacAffee decided to rob a Waffle House. He went in, flashed his gun around, and demanded money. Whereupon an off-duty cop sitting in a back booth shot him. What a surprise! Atlanta is pretty good at disarming its citizens, so he didn’t expect any armed resistance when he went in. And if there hadn’t been an off-duty cop in there, he’d have been right. Instead, he’s in the hospital and will soon be in prison. He’ll likely have a long time to think about his chosen field of “work.”  There are no charges being considered against this cop, and that’s only right. (The Blaze)

A World Without Winners

That’s what liberals want. I just finished watching (as this is written) Ryan Newman win the “Brickyard 400” in my home town and his, Indianapolis, IN (South Bend, actually for him), and I wonder what they would do if winners and losers were eliminated from the equation. An auto race without a winner is an effort in stupidity and futility. Just as are sports events without winners. Liberals come up with some really STUPID ideas, but this is one of the ABSOLUTE stupidest. What liberals want is to enshrine MEDIOCRITY. What intelligent people want to do is enshrine EXCELLENCE. Everything the liberals do is to promote mediocrity and penalize excellence and achievement. They want to “make all people equal” by lowering the standards everywhere. That does not advance ANYTHING, anywhere. That is the main difference between liberals and the rest of us: conservatives, Libertarians, or “rational individualists” like me. We want to promote EXCELLENCE while they want to promote MEDIOCRITY. And that’s wrong. (Just common sense)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Libya Out Of Control

Yes, we got rid of a tyrant. And, so far, another tyrant hasn’t arisen. But in the absence of any kind of an effective government, Muslim extremists have gone completely crazy, abducting the Libyan Premier. Fortunately for him, another “militia” rescued him. But the very IDEA of kidnapping the LEADER of ANY country shows an almost complete LACK of competent government. Can you imagine somebody kidnapping our PRESIDENT? NO matter how bad he is, at least there is, in place, a competent security system. Attacking the American embassy and murdering its staff was bad enough, but kidnapping their own Prime Minister? I’d hate to live in such a place. I feel sorry for the people who live there who AREN’T extremists, Muslim or otherwise. (Just common sense)

Take A Hint, Congress

A government trying to remove guns from its citizens triggered a successful revolution that REMOVED that government from power over them. That’s a hint, Congress. The more you pass laws to take guns away from Americans, the closer you get to yet another successful revolution in America. Most people have no idea that it was GUN CONTROL that caused THE American Revolution. The one that created this country, remember? Take a hint, Congress (and Obama). We’re not going to allow you to take our guns away. The idea that there would be a gun behind every blade of grass is what stopped the Japanese from invading the mainland in WWII. Keep that in mind as you think of more and better ways to disarm Americans. (Just common sense)

It Happened Again!

A guy tried to rob a gun store and he didn’t even have a gun! He had a baseball bat and a knife. The result is completely predictable. The store clerk pulled his gun and detained him until the cops arrived (sometime later). He is now a resident in the local pokey. I’ve talked before about the “half-brains” who try to rob gun stores or even police stations. I might like to interview one of them, but they’re all in jail and aren’t talking—if they aren’t dead. One wonders about the intelligence of someone who would try to rob a GUN STORE. But even moreso a guy who tries to rob a gun store with a BASEBALL BAT. I wish all criminals were this stupid. We could rid ourselves of them quickly. (CBS Seattle)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blaming the Founders

Not satisfied with showing his ignorance otherwise, Professor Peter Singer, at Princeton University, wrote an article for "Project Syndicate” in which he blames the “Founding Fathers” for the current shutdown. He says they made a “fatal flaw” in writing the Constitution, and that was the “separation of powers.” The Congress sets the budget and its ability to borrow but cannot remove a president or Cabinet Members. He may be right in blaming them, but for the wrong reasons. They CAN remove a president AND his Cabinet Members by impeaching him and having the new president fire each and every one of them (each one is required to resign when a new president is elected). The mistake they made was in not providing an AUTOMATIC penalty for ANY politician who violates the Constitution in word, or deed, therefore not requiring someone with gonads to file charges on his/her own and suffer the consequences, politically or physically. The separation of powers was the best thing they did in the Constitution. But it did not get rid of the CAUSE of all our trouble, Barack Hussein Obama, the Kenyan-born criminal who conned his way into the presidency and is out to loot this nation for all it has. (Money News)

Message to Today's Youth

“Hey kid: yeah, you; the one with those tattoos and piercings that are supposed to make you look big and tough. Yeah, you; the one that never finished college, the one that’s still living free with Mom and Dad in their basement. Yeah, you; the one who likes his pot early in the morning while the rest of the world passes you by. Yeah, you; the one who voted for Barack Obama! Okay genius let’s take a retrospective look at your life over the past five years. Oh, and to help you out, the word retrospective means going back and evaluating. Listen up numb-nuts! Have there been any changes in your life and for that matter your family’s life since you helped elect President Obama? Let me jog your clouded memory to give you some help. Remember that beautiful home you used to live in a few years ago before it was foreclosed on by the bank after your father lost his job? Remember when your father never drank, but after being unemployed for two years he just couldn’t take it anymore?

Remember the once fat 401-K your parents had but were forced to withdraw it to keep food on the table, food for you? Remember when you used to go to college but your Father said he could no longer pay of your tuition? Remember after he told you that you dropped out, smoked 5 joints and never got at least a part time job to help yourself through college? And let’s not forget the car you used to have. You remember the one you were able to fill up every week for $25 but now would cost you $60, so you sold the car for scrap. Are you getting any of this pal? Your life has turned to sh-t, you have no idea why, you have no future and frankly you could care less while you helped reelect the same POS that put you and your family in this predicament. When will you wake up? When it’s too late? But it’s already too late you dumbass!!! (Thanks to N.P.Contompasis)

Using Gun Violence to Promote Laws

Obama tells the country that since Zimmerman was acquitted, the law has spoken “And we are a nation of laws.” Then he says the feds need to get the not guilty reversed by finding him guilty of violating Trevon’s “civil rights” by defending himself from being killed by this “mixed martial arts” trained man who was bigger than him and in better shape, and was a KNOWN burglar. He’s trying his best to LYNCH Zimmerman while making sure others do the talking in favor while he pretends to be against it. This is our “anti-gun” president. (Reston Connection)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Obamacare" Closed Us

This sign, on a recently closed Carl’s Jr. restaurant, blames Obamacare for its closing. I don’t know how true it is in this case, but “the blame game” works both ways. Obama blames everybody else besides himself for all his troubles, so why can’t we? Especially since it IS plausible with his “insurance plans” costing two to three times as much as people’s previous plans for the same coverage. There may have been other factors involved in this closing, but I’d bet Obama’s health care swindle law had something to do with it. (The Blaze)

CAIR Outraged

by “fill in the blank.”  In this case it’s because an Orlando, Florida bus company has refused to run its phony “MyJihad” bus ads. So what? Who cares about what “outrages” this terrorist front outfit? They’re constantly trying to push “Jijhad” on us in one phony guise or another and get “outraged” when we realize it and stop them. It’s time we refused to cooperate in our own destruction even more. We need to put a ban on new Mosques and start demanding to know what they preach in the ones that remain. The reasoning here is that those Mosques can be used as a meeting place for terrorists planning our destruction. Islam is NOT a religion, it’s a COVER for their war on anything not Islam. (Bare Naked Islam)

Illegal Mayors Against All Guns

That’s what they need to call Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” when you think about the lawlessness that prevails in this organization. The Examiner says, “Many have noted that the rabidly anti-gun group Mayors Against Illegal Guns (a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc.) is inaccurately named, with "Mayors Against Guns" being far more honest. Some wags note that given this group's disturbing pattern of illegal behavior (which is ongoing, and more sordid every day), something like "Illegal Mayors Against Guns" would be the most honest.” There are many examples of this, not only their adding the name of the Boston Bomber (killed by the cops) to their list of “victims of gun violence.” As usual, I have to ask the question: “What makes them think a CRIMINAL, who obeys NO laws, will obey one that says he can’t be armed when he commits his crimes?” No one has been able to answer it yet, because to do so would undermine their agenda. they just call me names and walk away when I ask it. (Examiner)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Penalized for Doing HIs Job

Shades of “Atlas Shrugged!” A federal judge has (predictably) ruled against Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio saying that because most of the people he arrested were aliens, he was “racially profiling” them and assigned a “monitor” to see that he didn’t continue that. But that’s a phony ruling. The REASON most of his arrestees are of Spanish origin is because most of the LAWBREAKERS are of Spanish origin! (Should I repeat that? Or is everybody smart enough to understand me?) Black agitators claim that a majority of prisoners in our prisons are black, so that must mean cops are profiling blacks. But what it REALLY means is that most crimes are CIMMITTED by blacks. It’s easy to twist such things. As to his “monitor,” who has no authotity to do anything except watch him and “fink” on him, I’ll bet Joe can find him a desk somewhere in smelling distance of the latrine. Of course, they'll call me a racist for reporting this, even though it's true. BUt I couldn't care less what liberals and other crazies call me.(The Blaze)

Why Is Sharia Bad For Us?

Muslims are trying HARD to bring Sharia Law to the United States. This is WRONG! Don’t allow it. Do you want to live under a law that forces you to BECOME Muslim or die? One that imprisons women for having sex outside of marriage, even if they were RAPED? Or that lops of your head for switching from Islam to any other religion? One that treats women like chattel slaves? One that will cut off your hands if you’re “found” to be a thief? One that allows any man to BEAT a woman that shows so much as an ankle while allowing men to screw little CHILDREN? (under Sharia Law, you can sell your children, male or female to be married, with it being consummated, from birth on) Islam is an ABOMINATION and should be BANNED from America with ALL Muslims being deported or NEVER allowed to vote. Of course, they'll call me an Islamaphobe (a phony term invented to blunt criticism from anybody) for saying this, while vehemently denying what I say, true or not. (American Thinker)

Obama Is Completely Stupid!

We all know about his practice of blaming others for his own mistakes. But to blame the crappy economy, which was CAUSED by his own “free spending” and incompetence, which spent more money than ALL the previous presidents put together on all the “phony scandals,” shows complete stupidity in expecting ANYBODY who has ANY intelligence to believe his crap. “Phony” scandals? Ask the family of the four people killed in Benghazi because of his INACTION and the conservative organizations whose applications for tax exempt status were delayed while the applicants were asked STUPID questions; or the conservatives who were audited because they were conservatives. And don’t believe that crap about “renegade operatives” in Cincinnati, either. That’s just another one of his lies. (Freedom Outpost)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Why Did They Kill Her?

The Capitol Police chased down and KILLED a disturbed young woman who rammed one of their cars and ran. Why? Why did they aim their guns at this WOMAN? She had no guns. All she had was a 2,000 pound missile that was of no use to her if they shot out her tires or disabled her engine. Why did they have to KILL her, and right in the presence of her small CHILDREN? Are they “trigger-happy?” I have nothing against cops doing their duty, but this seems to be EXCESSIVE. Couldn’t they have stopped her in any other way? they SAY they didn't know if she had explosives, but terrorists rarely bring their children along when they blow things up. Did they HAVE TO make her two children orphans? (American Thinker)

"Getting Around" Gun Laws

The feds are trying many ways to “get around” the laws passed in the victory the “pro-gun” crowd have enjoyed recently in Congress. “First of all, it’s pretty clear by now that the goal of Obama and Schumer is, in the words of the Brady Campaign, to put “points on the board” so they can maintain their momentum for more gun control demands.  Mark Glaze of Mayors Against Illegal Guns said on MSNBC that they would be back with new demands “the day after” background checks are signed into law. So, now that we are on the verge of winning, why, in heaven’s name, would Pat Toomey try to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory, hand a “win” to Barack Obama so he can credibly say he “broke the back of the gun lobby,” invigorate fundraising for anti-gun groups in 2014, let red state Democrats who are up in 2014 off the hook, and create a platform for unending gun control demands that will resume the day his bill is signed into law?” They will NEVER give up. No matter how many victories we get, they’ll be ready, the next day, with their next try. (GOA)

Muslims Screw Little Children!

And they’re proud of it. But if we mention it, we’re “Homophobes,” that made-up word they use to stop all criticism of Islamic practices and truth about them. The amazing thing here is this Imam (a “holy man”) doesn’t worry about hurting children, he’s worried about the doubt among some Muslims destroying this practice. They want to kill us when we say their “prophet” was a child-screwing hypocrite.” They can’t see it because they think that’s approval for them doing it themselves. They think because he “married” this girl at SIX, and (said he) waited three years before screwing her, it’s okay. This only proves what FOOLS they are. Islamic extremists are fools in many ways. This is but one of them. they'll want to kill me for reporting this truth. They're too stupid to realize that would make ME a martyr AGAINST their "cause." (ACT! For America)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Did They Need to KIll Her?

That young dental technician the cops killed when she ran from them probably didn’t need to die. The cops say they didn’t know whether or not she had explosives and was a terrorist, and when she got close to the president in the chase, they shot her to death. But an examination of the details of the case show that she had her two infant children in the car. Do most terrorists bring their kids along when they want to blow something up? I know I was not there. But even if I was, I would use deadly force only as a last resort on a small woman with two kids in the car, no matter how close she got to the president. The whole story has yet to be told. Unfolding facts may yet change my opinion. But right now, I still don’t think they needed to shoot her to death. (CNN)

The "Media Lynching"

The attempted lynching of George Zimmerman (which still goes on, with every day something in the media showing Zimmerman (who was raised with black people and was the only one who objected when another young black boy was beaten) in a bad light and Trayvon, who was a mixed martial arts-trained thug trying to make some cheap drug with his purchases and was a known thief and burglar (for whom the cops covered up to make themselves look better) who go himself killed. He was WAITING for Zimmerman—laying for him, attacked him, and was in the process of killing him when he was, himself, rightfully killed. This video gives facts the media HID from us and continues to hide from us, still hoping for a now FEDERAL lynching. (The Afterburner/Bill Whittle)

Good Reason to Fear Blacks

 This is not a "knock" on black people as a people. It is the realization that more black people than white commit crimes, which is why there are more blacks in prison than whites. It has nothing to do with "race hatred." It has more to do with what INDIVIDUALS do, black or white. Black race-baiters are going to call me the worst kind of racist for revealing these truths. But I couldn’t care less what these race whores call me. I have nothing against blacks, Indians, Chinese, or any other race or people, AS a people. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS and I judge race whores who spend their lives “whipping up" race hatred (like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan) as being REALLY the worst kind of racists. They like to point out that blacks outnumber whites in prison; there’s a good reason for that. Blacks commit far more crimes than do whites (they HATE people who point that out). They talk about “hearing door locks click” as they walk by; and there’s a good reason for that, too; more blacks carjack cars than do whites. There’s a lot of hatred for whites out there among blacks, and it’s being “whipped up by Barack Obama and the three I mentioned before, to make money and take power. They’ll call me a racist, just for using the term, “black,” rather than the phony PC term, “African-American.” I don’t use PC words; sorry about that, PC Police; take it and stick it. (Just common sense)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Park rangers Block Private Drive

I didn’t know there was any law requiring the closure of private businesses in a “government shutdown,” but Obama seems to think so. He sent out Park Rangers to block the entry of a privately-owned inn and turn customers away during Obama’s “shutdown.” What kind of a fool notion makes him think he can do this? His thuggery, that’s what. He figures he can do ANYTHING he wants as long as his people have the guns. And if somebody wants to push their way into that lot, watch how quick the guns come out. Maybe that woman Capitol police killed was trying to get into a federally-blocked parking lot when the chase began. I don’t know. But it really seems to me Obama is going overboard. He hasn’t the powers to do the things he does, but his people have the guns, so they do it. And even if it goes to court later, it is still done. (The Blaze)

Truth Is "Inciting Hatred"

Britain bans Islam-fighters Pam Geller and Robert Spencer, but welcomes the daughter of a mass murderer, Che Guevara. This is the way things are going all over today; they ban people for telling the truth about Islam, and welcome the daughter of a mass murderer in the same breath. This is what our incompetent politicians have wrought. Live with it. You can’t change such stupidity as long as they stay in power. It has now become “inciting hatred” to tell the truth. This is how they inhibit our right to free speech. Closer to home, Ann Coulter was denied the right to speak in Canada (a British colony) for the same reason. Telling the truth. (Loonwatch)

"Atlas Shrugged" All Over Again

Ayn Rand wrote her landmark book as fiction; but it has become fact. This is a partial description of her fictional “Starnesville,” home of the fictional “Twentieth Century Motor Company” where an experiment in local socialism that mirrored what was happening world-wide caused the inventor (finally) of a “perpetual motion machine” to “withdraw from society” and begin calling upon other key people to “go on strike” and stop allowing themselves to be looted by the moochers of that society: “What isn’t dumped is stolen. Factories and homes have largely been stripped of anything of value, so thieves now target cars’ catalytic converters. Illiteracy runs at around 47%; half the adults in some areas are unemployed. In many neighborhoods, the only sign of activity is a slow trudge to the liquor store. Now have a look at the uncannily prophetic description of Starnesville, a Mid-Western town in Ayn Rand’s dystopian novel, Atlas Shrugged. Starnesville had been home to the great Twentieth Century Motor Company, but declined as a result of socialism:” Detroit is today’s Starnesville, and is crumbling to dust as we watch, as we all slow down to watch a wreck on the highway.

Further description of Starnesville fits Detroit today: “A few houses still stood within the skeleton of what had once been an industrial town. Everything that could move, had moved away; but some human beings had remained. The empty structures were vertical rubble; they had been eaten, not by time, but by men: boards torn out at random, missing patches of roofs, holes left in gutted cellars. It looked as if blind hands had seized whatever fitted the need of the moment, with no concept of remaining in existence the next morning. The inhabited houses were scattered at random among the ruins; the smoke of their chimneys was the only movement visible in town. A shell of concrete, which had been a schoolhouse, stood on the outskirts; it looked like a skull, with the empty sockets of glassless windows, with a few strands of hair still clinging to it, in the shape of broken wires.” Many people like to ridicule Ayn Rand, but she had an uncanny way of seeing what’s in our future while others refuse to believe it. It pains me to see this happening, and makes me glad I'm old enough that I won't have to live through what I know is coming. It does concern me that my descendants will have to live through it. (London Telegraph/Daniel Hannan)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Poster Boy for Failure

Obama’s highly touted “sign-up day” for his health care swindle law failed miserably all over, mostly due to incompetent computer programmers who couldn't figure out how to handle the expected traffic, even if it WAS way below predictions. “What's a leftist to do when a cherished program fails embarrassingly? Of course, create a phantom success, and publicize it relentlessly. And that is exactly what has happened with the disastrous launch of and the assorted state websites intended to enroll people in Obamacare. Obamacare found its poster boy for ‘success’ in one Chad Henderson, who claims [emphasis on “claimed –RT] to have successfully enrolled where others have encountered nothing but frustration.” Of course, his claims have been touted to the skies by just about every liberal "news" media source out there, blatantly OVERESTIMATING the “success” of the “sign-up day.” Oh by the way: this guy is a "volunteer for Obama's"Obama for America," an outfit promoting Obama's "vision" for America. He doesn't think you know that.  (American Thinker)

Surprise, Surprise!

Thugs tried to victimize Jaquetta Lattimore as she came home with her children. They thought they had it covered, but they did not. Her boyfriend, Johnny Bridges, saw what was happening, and shot one of them. They all took off for the “tall timber” but were soon captured by the cops. Nowadays, with all 50 states making laws to make it easier for honest people to be armed for self-defense, they really ought to make sure nobody there is armed before they try to use their ILLEGAL guns to victimize them. They’ll stay alive longer. (NRA/ILA)

Trayvon No Cause For Gun Control

Trayvon Martin was a local thug who was known to be a petty thief who had broken into more than one house to steal things (even though cops were KNOWN to have covered it up to make themselves look better). He attacked Zimmerman for doing no more than watching him and was in the process of beating him to death (pounding his head on concrete) when Zimmerman shot him to death and ended his criminal career. Zimmerman was LEGALLY in possession of that gun. NO gun laws were violated and Trayvon was in the process of committing a felony. So where is the need for new gun laws? Only crazed anti-gun fools would think so. They twist ANYTHING to suit their agenda. (The New American)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Government Shutdown A "Shakedown"

It’s NOT “shut down.” It’s all a scam to get more money and more power out of us. "Some über-clever aid over at had the brilliant idea of posting a cute caveat on the White House web page which read: 'Due to Congress’s failure to pass legislation to fund the government, the information on this website may not be up to date. . . .' [Boo hoo.] Any reasonable person would gather from this grave pronouncement that 'the government' was left entirely devoid of financial support, hobbling along feebly on federal reserve fumes before finally collapsing completely. Well, we aren’t so lucky. The sky isn’t falling, and 'government shutdown' doesn’t mean… Well, let’s just say it means very little. Because the government is not unfunded. In fact, the most useful and necessary government functions have not been affected at all. For that matter, many of the most unnecessary government functions have not been affected at all.They're AWASH in money! " Except, that is, for those most visible "services" that create the most hardship on the people, which is designed to get us to “knuckle under” to Obama. Meanwhile, millions of people go to Obama’s Obamacare web sites to “sign up,” not because they want to; because they MUST, or be fined and ostracized, the money even taken right out of their bank accounts by the biggest criminal enterprise out there, the IRS. (Eagle Rising)

Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Fools

Like most anti-gun freak groups, they can’t come up with statistics to support their claims, so they make them up. Apparently they couldn’t get enough names of “gun violence victims” for their list by simply taking names of people shot by criminals, so they included at least one “victim” who was shot by cops as they tried to apprehend him for the Boston Marathon bombing and the murder of a cop while trying to get away. The inclusion of this name is not surprising to me, as I know they twist all kinds of stories to suit their purpose to disarm all Americans so we won’t be armed when their thugs come to take what’s ours. We should make a detailed check of EVERY name they mention to find out the details of the shooting to make sure they weren’t shot by the cops or private individuals with legal guns, in defense of their lives or property. (Pat Dollard)

Detroit Is Bankrupt

This is a further example of the incompetence of the politicians who are running this country, as well as most of the countries in the world. This incompetence is evident when you look at it and see the rampant bankruptcy in the world. And it’s all because of collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism). This economic theory depends, not on  creating new wealth, but on taking from those who EARN and giving to those who DON’T, or WON'T. It creates NO new wealth and PRETENDS to “distribute that earned by others, to people who don’t, won’t, or can’t earn for themselves. Adding to that is the lavish "retirement programs" they created back when they thought the money would never run out. Now they can't "pay up" and it's time to "pay the piper" and they're declaring bankruptcy and defaulting. Creating no new wealth is a GUARANTEE that, sooner or later, (most likely sooner) you’re going to go bankrupt. Detroit, and the federal government of the United States, are ample evidence of that incompetence. To mask that incompetence and keep it from view, they concentrate on unimportant things, like the “baby watch” in England, devoting many resources to keeping an eye on the royalty there, breathlessly awaiting the birth of the next heir to the British throne so they don’t have time to watch what’s going on right here. Another “diversion scam” is “Twinkies.” While we’re watching to see when “Twinkies” return, we’re not watching anything else. Meanwhile, the fate of Hostess Bakeries, original owner of "Twinkies," is still further evidence of incompetence. They committed themselves to more than they could ever pay and went out of business trying to pay it. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How It Works

You go to Obama’s “sign up” web site for his health care swindle and you have to give them all kinds of personal information, including your social Security number and your credit or debit card numbers before you can even LOOK at the plans available! One woman did that and found that the plan she thought might work for her family would cost more than $900 a month (which is more than I get TOTAL from Social Security) so she didn’t sign up and left the site. Soon she got a “thank you” from that company for “signing up” and was told the “fee” would be deducted from her account monthly. She told them she did NOT sign up and didn’t want it. They told her she could NOT cancel and she was stuck with it whether or not she DID sign up. This is how Obamacare works. What part of “can’t afford it” don’t they understand? Don't go there! You'll be ripped off! (Just common sense)

It's Hopeless If We Don't Wake Up

I’m reading a very prophetic book by (now deceased) author William W, Johnstone, by the name, “Phoenix Rising.” The plot closely follows what is happening NOW under Obama, albe it a little further along. The new president is an Islamic, from an Islamic country, allowed by a foolish electorate that repealed the Constitutional Amendment that prevented the foreign born from being elected president (a very slight difference from reality) He is quickly making this into a dictatorship with himself as dictator while destroying this country with his fool edicts. This plot is only one step forward from what we’re experiencing now. All the things this fool enacted were APPROVED by a liberal Congress, including the law that DISENFRANCHIZED themselves! You can probably find copies of this book in used bookstores, and you should find, And buy it, and read it before it’s too late. I’m very sorry this author is dead, and I can only hope his nephew (J. A. Johnstone), who worked with him in has last years, is as good a writer and is as prolific as he was. So he can continue the important work he did in his novels. I am going to try and buy up as many copies as I can, and I hope you can get one from me soon. Let me know if you want one. The price will be right. (Just common sense)

Something Wrong In Liberal Media

All we hear about recently in the liberal media is the backlash from something a television cook, PaulaDeen said twenty years ago because she has a restaurant that is non-union. I think what she said 20 years ago is not the problem; it is that she has a NON-UNION restaurant and the pro-Obama unions don’t like that. So I guess she makes a good pawn to keep our minds off four victims of Obama’s incompetence and inattention in Benghazi, Libya, and their attempts to hide the facts surrounding it; the IRS “targeting” conservative organizations and delaying their applications for tax-exempt status while asking hundreds of inane, unanswerable questions, the author of that outrage “taking the fifth” and walking out on a congressional investigating committee after refusing to answer any questions; the government spying on all Americans, using the terrorists as an excuse, while insisting they have WON the war on terrorism. Her problems also keep our minds off Obama’s “war on power” and his promise to “bankrupt the coal industry,” which, if he is successful, will be a disaster. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cops Cover Up Trayvon's Crimes

Zimmerman was right when he said he thought Trayvon Martin was a criminal, though when he saw him he wasn’t necessarily OPERATING as a criminal. Martin had been involved in many instances of petty crime, but the cops covered it up; not to help Trayvon, but to make their “arrest numbers” go down to make themselves look good. Then when Trayvon was killed and the “spotlight” was on them, they had to continue that cover-up to hide their connivance. So they did. And nobody ever heard about Trayvon’s criminal record while Zimmerman was being tried for killing him. Without that evidence, showing Trauvon’s criminal history, they could portray him as an “innocent teenager” and demonize Zimmerman for killing him. (Freedom Outpost)

Mexico Doesn't Want to Capture Drug Lords

Mexico just recently captured the head of the Zeta Cartel in Mexico; a man responsible for HUNDREDS of murders only since last October, who used the guns Obama ran to him in many of his killings when he wasn’t “boiling them in oil.” They hope to extradite him to America, since many of his murders happened here. Will he actually BE punished, or will Obama find a “logical reason” to let him go? Mexico’s president doesn’t like capturing the drug lords because “they can always be replaced, leading to a power vacuum and many more murders.” What a fool statement THAT is! Should we stop putting murderers in jail and executing them for the same reason? The Islamic terrorists offer the same “logic” for not punishing terrorists, saying punishing them only helps the terrorists recruit even more fools. And our ignorant politicians (led by Obama, the “King of Stupid”) fall for it. (Just common sense)