Friday, August 31, 2018

Swamp Identifies Itself

Lots of people (liberals) are irritated at what they call “The Trump Derangement Syndrome,” but I’m not. I know it doesn’t hurt Trump in the least, and it helps him identify the “swamp members” who are trying valiantly to “get rid of him.” Every time I hear a “Trump hater” insult him and make silly claims about him like, “he’s insane,” or “he’s got Alzheimer's disease.” Or that he “wanders the halls of the White House humming to himself, talking to the portraits of past presidents” I wonder if they’re sane. They don’t even realize how silly those accusations are, nor how they are revealing themselves by making them. Liberals (Dumocrats) even commit VIOLENCE on people for having the audacity to wear a “MAGA” hat. They’re whining for a boycott for a hamburger chain that supports Trump. They really think they’re doing something to “stop Trump” by grabbing those hats off the heads of Trump supporters, and even assaulting the wearers, and calling for those boycotts. Antifa was CREATED by the Dumocrats to DO violence for them, while they maintained “deniability” in that violence. They created them for the same reason they created the KKK years ago. To do the violence they didn’t dare do themselves while they cried “crocodile tears” about it and pretend they had nothing to do with it. (Just common sense)

Hypocrisy Never Sticks

Not to Dumocrats, anyway. A Fox personality dates the son of President Trump and is separated from her job because of it (maybe). And the left goes completely “lowbrow” in their comments about her, calling her a whore and intimating that she’s “giving blowjobs” to him. Frankly, whether she is, or not, is her own business. And the hypocrisy is that many more liberals than conservatives are guilty of sexual harassment, yet they pontificate as if it were only Republicans who had sexual escapades. Chief among the Dumocrats who are guilty is their hero, Bill Clinton, infamous not only for using his high office to RAPE women for years, but also to infamously get his own blow job IN the White House. Then there are the many Hollywood celebrities, whose political persuasions are ultra-left, who have, for years, been using their positions of power to sexually abuse the women they work with, many of whom pal around with liberal politicians, most notably Bill Clinton—who has even been rumored to have been seen going to a private island where child sexual activity is practiced. (Liberty Bugle)

They're Losing Their Minds!

Whoopi Goldberg’s tirade during the “interview” on “The View” with “Judge” Janine Piro is just an example of the frustration all liberals are suffering because a man they want to think of as an imbecile is “running rings around them” at every turn. There is no way they can tell the truth about what they plan for the American people, so all they have left is to scream at conservatives and “drown them out,” so nobody gets to hear what they have to say. Beyond that, their only recourse is VIOLENCE, and they have formed the “Antifa” crowd to accomplish that. Antifa is today’s KKK, founded (like the KKK) to create VIOLENCE upon those who do not agree with the Dumocrat politics. Antifa, like the KKK, hides behind masks while they commit their crimes in support of the Dumocrats. I would be happy if I ever heard a SINGLE real argument come out of the mouth of a Dumocrat. But they have no cogent arguments, and thus resort to screaming, and violence to (they hope) to win their arguments with conservatives. It was actually FUNNY recently to hear a Dumocrat say he “believes in the free market,” but also believes in socialism, which reveals the unalterable fact that he knows NOTHING about what the free market is, or what socialism is. The two are mutually exclusive, being “polar opposites.” Another unalterable fact is that MOST Dumocrats are equally as IGNORANT as to what either means. (Clash Daily)

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Unreliable Sources

One of the biggest SCAMS in today’s liberal media is the “anonymous source.” It allows them to MAKE UP stories, BASED on a “source that is unnamed, and reported as gospel. The best recent example of this is the “media explosion” that Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, was going to testify to information that would “implicate Trump” in criminal activity! Based, of course, on an “unnamed source.” Which turns out to be false, given them by Lanny Davis, Cohen’s lawyer. Lanny “fessed up” later, saying he had “made a mistake.” Of course, that “mistake” got the “Go Fund Me” page for Cohen $400,000.00, most of which will go to Lanny Davis to pay for his “legal services.” Every time I see a “news story” based on an “anonymous source,” I discount it, until, or unless, I see other, NAMED sources for the same information. Yes, I can see the need to “protect” their sources, but the practice of basing such stories completely on UNNAMED “sources” leaves it open for much false reporting. Any story that comes to them from an “anonymous source” needs to be “fact-checked,” and other sources need to be consulted, to verify the information. I can think of countless “stories” I have seen, in “the news,” that are based ONLY on an “unnamed source.” Most news stories, in fact, are so based, and are thus questionable. (Just common sense)

Why Can't They Learn?

The anti-gun fools kill more people than they save. That’s an unalterable FACT. They make laws that, if followed, get people KILLED. The law-abiding obey them, and then are injured or killed by those who IGNORE them. These people have to know that, but they insist on making even more of them. Are they just STUPID, or what? Or are they just against self defense, and getting rid of legal guns accomplishes that goal. There are many good examples of this. For instance, history PROVES that waiting periods re stupid and USELESS in reducing gun violence. In fact, they INCREASE it by keeping those people who have been threatened by somebody who IGNORES their stupid laws DISARMED, thus making it easier for that fool to carry out his threat. One solution is to ignore those laws, as one woman did some years ago in Denver. She applied for a gun permit after she was threatened by an ex-boyfriend, and was told she had to wait, during the mandated “waiting period.” So she went out and bought a gun ILLEGALLY, becoming a criminal to stay alive. When the ex boyfriend came to kill her, she shot him to death. It’s better to be alive and in jail for a short time on gun charges than dead on a slab at the morgue. In Illinois, the governor just signed a bill into law EXTENDING waiting periods for all gun purchases, thereby exhibiting his STUPIDITY, proving that stupidity isn’t just among Dumocrats. (The Hill)

Socialists Taking Over

I have said in the past that the Dumocrats should change the name of their party to The Socialist Party in a move toward truth in advertising. Something politicians, particularly Dumocrats, have never been accused of by anybody with any amount of INTELLIGENCE. We recently had a self-described socialist running as a Dumocrat for PRESIDENT (and they wonder why they lost)! Another self-described socialist beat a Member of Congress everybody thought couldn’t lose, and now she, AND that other socialist is supporting yet ANOTHER socialist in the upcoming election! They’ve ripped off the disguise, folks. They think being a socialist can help them win in 2020. they’re wrong, of course. The only reason they’ve gained as much as they have is because the silly, stupid Dumocrats (who have always been socialists at heart) have been pushing them, and they took America by surprise. Americans are “waking up,” and will soon start sending them packing, as they should. Just look at what they are promoting. “universal income” for everybody. The government paying the tuition for all college students. Increased welfare payments. Social Security and Medicare for all. Socialist ideas that can only BANKRUPT America—but they discount that. They think the “money supply” is endless, since the government can PRINT money, at will. Never mind that dilutes the value of ALL money in circulation. Socialists are IGNORANT, but they’re too dumb to know it. They think they’re the “sharpest knife in the drawer.” (Just common sense)

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

It's Way Too Much

I realize that John McCain was many things, to many people. And I appreciate that even more people want it to SEEM like they liked, and respected him, even though they may have disagreed with him on many issues. I’m the same. I respected him as a man who was “up front” in all things, and made no “bones” about it. I also believe it was tragic, the way he died. But no more. I won’t pretend that I “revered” him, as many do. That being said, I think the news media, including Fox, are making way too much of the “outpouring of sympathy” at his passing. I think most of those people who claim to have “revered him,” even if disagreeing with him are not serious, and should not be given a platform to express this false sympathy. Such intensive attention to his passing is usually only reserved for presidents or former presidents. Even if he was as important as they say he was, keeping the attention on him for so long, and so intense, is way over the top. I think McCain himself, would agree. Right now on Fox, I’m looking t a procession of people walking up to his coffin, touching it, and walking on, in perfunctory fashion. Wasting television time for that’s going way too far. (Just common sense)

Didn't Work With Stormy

So they're doing it again. It didn’t work with Stormy the aging whore, so they’ve now found yet another gal who is willing to CLAIM she had (consensual) sex with Donald Trump, YEARS before he even thought about running for president (And what the hell would this have to do with his fitness to be president?). They found her by illegally raiding the offices and HOME of Trump’s lawyer, to get what would usually be privileged INFORMATION. In a MURDER case, raiding a defendant’s LAWYER’S office to get “evidence” would never be allowed, and any “evidence” so found, would be thrown out, as “the fruit of the poisoned tree.” Why then, is it allowed in the faux “investigation” that is trying valiantly to “frame” Trump? And what is this newfound “concern” about Trump’s POSSIBLE assignations while they IGNORE Bill Clinton’s REAL assignations, and RAPES while lauding Clinton as a hero? In DC only those who are not liberals (Dumocrats) get punished for their crimes, or their IMAGINED crimes (Meanwhile, Dumocrats who do the same for real are not punished). For liberals, our nifty “crime fighters” become criminals, themselves, by breaking all kinds of laws in their zeal to frame Trump for anything they can “drum up.” And they don’t even care if we know it, as long as their accomplices in DC can twist things so their crimes are ignored, or “explained away.” The new accusation, like the others, is based entirely on the UNSUPPORTED WORD of one person, with NO PROOF even offered. (The Mail)

Anti-Gun Nonsense

In Great Britain recently, a man fired a paint ball gun as a “warning” to an intruder—and got charged with attempted murder of the intruder! A PAINTBALL gun! The intruder arrogantly told the farmer that, “I’m going to take your farm,” as he proceeded slowly toward the man brandishing a large stick. Whereupon the homeowner fired into the ground, stopping the man, who was carrying that stick in a threatening manner. After the homeowner had to have a private security firm to find and arrest the man, he later found the man (who was illegally trespassing on his property and threatening him with physical harm) had actually charged him with attempted murder, and the cops “bought it.” Talk about stupid cops! It is this kind of thing that gives the cops a bad name. In the trespassing attempt, the intruder told the man “the cops won’t arrest me,” and apparently, he was right. He must have “had the fix in,” and he knew it. The question being asked is, “How could there be attempted murder since the paint ball gun is NOT a deadly weapon?” The answer is that their law is so vague that a paintball gun COULD be labeled as a “deadly weapon.” That’s how anti-gun fools write the laws they con lawmakers into making and, since Britain has no Second Amendment, they get away with it. (Krugersdorp News)

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Climate Change Is Real

Global warming is NOT. Global warming fools keep trying to claim things are “the result” of “climate change” (name changed from global warming because that term didn’t work any longer) when that is a silly claim. Yes, “climate change” is real. But it is NOT the result of anything man did. Or CAN do. Climate change is CYCLICAL. At times the globe warms. At other times it cools. That’s a given. Nothing man can do is going to change that, no matter how much greedy politicians want to USE it to con more money out of taxpayers for specious excuses. Global warming is not because the globe has NOT been warming, for almost 20 years. All the time global warming fools want to convince you it is. But the climate HAS been changing. It will continue to change in its own way, no matter how much more money politicians can con out of taxpayers they convince they can use that money to change the unchangeable. It mystifies me that otherwise intelligent people can’t grasp this simple fact. Or maybe they just don’t WANT to grasp it. They can make more money by NOT grasping it. Former VP AlGore has made BILLIONS conning people about global warming. When it was discovered that the globe had not been warming for almost 20 years, he decided to change the name of his swindle to keep using it to make money because calling it “global warming” wasn’t working any more. (Just common sense)

"Mad Max(ine") Gets A Taste

Of her own medicine. She’s very vocal about advising the anti-Trump fools to harass Trump people. Sometimes even if they’ve just been seen talking to him, or one of his staff. Unfortunately, for her, she has now begun to suffer the same harassment from non-liberals, and she doesn’t like it. She’s whining and moaning about “the danger” of being a Member of Congress and looking to get ARMED security. She’s warning her constituents about “armed extremists” (Oath Keepers) who plan to demonstrate outside her office. Where she gets that “armed” thing is a mystery. There has never been an indication that Oath Keepers is ARMED, anywhere except in her fevered brain. She says that Oath Keepers has a “track record” of violent behavior. Where she gets that is also a mystery, because it is just a LIE, typical of her. I guess she thought she could advocate that kind of harassment, which can only end in violence, for Trump people, WITHOUT any for herself. She was wrong, as she is on everything. I hope she gets the full experience of what’s coming. (Great American Republic)

Surprise, Surprise!

Gallup had a poll about how Americans viewed the NRA and gun control and, wonder of wonders, they found out most Republicans viewed NRA favorably, while most Dumocrats viewed them unfavorably. They also found that the “party gap” has QUADRUPLED since they began asking those questions in 1989. No kidding! Seems to me they just didn’t find as many people to ask their questions in 1989 and, as they continued to ask them, they got more answers, leading to the “quadrupling” number. Frankly, I believe just as many people had similar opinions in 1989, but were not found and asked those questions. The anti-gun fools would have you believe that a majority of Americans are in favor of gun control. In fact, that’s what they tell you, among their other lies—such as the one that says people do NOT effectively defend themselves if they’re allowed to have guns for self defense. Fact is, it happens all the time. But the liberal media refuses to cover it nationally, such instances remaining a “local story,” so the national consciousness is not told about them. Gun control is not about controlling the use of guns. It is about CONTROL. The ability to tell you that you CAN’T have, or use a gun for self defense. Yes, they CAN put criminals in jail when they find them with their illegal guns—when they find them, and IF they actually ENFORCE the already existing laws against getting guns illegally—which they often do NOT. They use those laws as “throwaways,” often dropping them in return for convictions in other crimes. If they would actually ENFORCE them, there would be fewer and fewer illegal gun owners on the streets. They’d be in jail for longer periods. But they’d rather take the “easy route.” (Town Hall)

Monday, August 27, 2018

"A Good Republican"

“Is a dead Republican.” At least that’s how it seems while so many of Sen. McCain’s most critical opponents—those who have said the most insulting things about him—are now “singing his praises. That usually happens every time a Republican dies. The very people who have roundly insulted him when he was alive, now “sing his praises.” The only exception up to now was Ronald Reagan. They still hate him, as they will when Trump’s time comes to die. They would never be caught “singing the praises” of a man they hated so hard. I almost fell into that trap when I wrote about McCain refusing further medical treatment for his cancer. My comment was that, even though he and I disagreed on many things, I was sorry he had to end like that, just as my father did, many years ago, from the same malady. But I “sang no praises.” Yes, he was a “war hero,” in spite of what Trump said about “not being proud of “someone who got captured,” even though getting captured was not his fault. From what I’ve heard, his time in that “war prison” was exemplary, and that makes him a hero, in my book, regardless of his political views, most of which I still do not share. (Just common sense)

Obama Still Meddling

As if he hadn’t done enough damage while president, Obama has “come out of hiding” with a new threat: “universal income for all Americans.” A SOCIALIST measure that is not even CLOSE to being economically feasible. One of the things Obama and his henchmen want to do is BANKRUPT America, and if he somehow SELLS this to enough voters, he will have accomplished his goal. There is NO WAY this country can afford to give every American a minimum salary to do NOTHING. That’s just one thing wrong with this suggestion. The other is this: if I’m going to get paid a salary without working, why SHOULD I work? The only answer then is to FORCE me to work, which is just one more layer of CONTROL over Americans by the government—and that is the basic goal, whether or not they admit it—and they don’t. And with the resulting reduction In people working, how is ANYBODY going to accomplish anything? Not only that, if you FORCE people to work, there is no INCENTIVE in that work, and you can’t force incentive. That will cause a systemic REDUCTION in production that you can’t solve. Such things as this DEPEND on he fruits of those who DO work, to provide money to STEAL to “redistribute” to those who produce NOTHING. Soon, those willing to earn, only to have that earned, STOLEN from them, will stop earning, and the whole thing will collapse. That is the basic flaw in socialism, and they can’t change it. (Liberty Park Press)

"Cruel and Unusual Punishment"

The Constitution prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment.” But that doesn’t stop liberal “lawmakers” from passing laws that ARE “cruel and unusual punishment,” and they remain in force until they are declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. But by then, the damage has been done to many people. Such a law has been passed in Seattle, Washington. It requires that all guns be “properly secured” according to state guidelines, or a $10,000.00 fine will be assessed. If that’s not “cruel and unusual punishment,” I don’t know what is. And when that laws is DECLARED unconstitutional after many years of being enforced, there will be many people who are “wiped out” by a “technicality” if their attempts at “securing” their guns are not perfect, according to state inspectors. Forgetting ONE small thing can get you a fine that will RUIN you if you pay it, or get you in MORE TROUBLE if you can’t. This is how would-be tyrants control the populace, even if their actions are ILLEGAL. Their “rules” for “securing” your guns make them USELESS for self defense, as much as if they didn’t exist. When someone comes at you wielding an ILLEGAL gun, it will inevitably take you too long to get your gun into action and he will KILL you. (Gun Alerts)

Friday, August 24, 2018

Only In America

Could a known anti-Trump “member of the swamp” like Robert Mueller be allowed “free rein” to spend $millions in taxpayer dollars to “get” a sitting president. To be able to appoint (at government expense, of course) 13 other anti-Trumpers to his staff, with orders to get anything they can to “dump Trump.” Be allowed to select former Trump employees and subject them to months, even YEARS of intense pressure, even prosecute them for crimes they were supposed to have committed many years BEFORE they even knew Trump, and use those “crimes” as more intense pressure to get them to say anything they could to get their “sentences” reduced, even to LIE to accomplish that aim. This is what they did with Manafort, who did NOT “crumble,” and so is subject to a sentence that will be, in effect, a LIFE sentence in prison for his silence. Michael Cohen, on the other hand HAS “crumbled,” and is even now INTIMATING that he has something Mueller wants, SOMETHING that can be used to fuel a push for impeachment of the president, if not make him liable for CRIMINAL charges after he leaves office .

Cohen, once Trump’s lawyer, was ILLEGALLY RAIDED, and “privileged information” seized. They wouldn’t do that to a MURDERER’S, lawyer, but they did it to Trump’s lawyer. Anything seized in that raid should be THROWN OUT, as “fruit of the poisoned tree,” which is what lawyers call that sort of ILLEGAL overreach. This is an “open coup” on President Trump. Now they are giving immunity to many people, including the publisher of the National Enquirer and Trump’s CFO in his business, supposedly to get them to testify against Trump. That this is far afield from their original mandate, (which, was, in itself, illegal, because there was no “crime” for them to “investigate”) to look for “Russian collusion” in Trump’s election. They found none on the Republican side, but there was lots on the Dumocrat side, which they have IGNORED. Only in America. If such things had happened in many other countries, Mueller and his “band of merry men” would even now be in prison, awaiting their own charges. (Just common sense)

Absolute Fool Ideas

Liberals are responsible for most of them. Like letting MEN into women’s restrooms and changing rooms if hey think they’re women today. Or believing that CRIMINALS will somehow obey their anti-gun laws when they don’t obey any others. They’re CRIMINALS, after all. What is a criminal? Someone who breaks the law. Another damned fool idea they like is SOCIALISM. Socialism is BASED on the THEFT of the fruits of their labors by those capable and willing to EARN their own way, so they can GIVE that stolen to those who, for whatever reason do NOT earn their own way. One of those socialist ideas liberals are trying to impose on us today is the “universal basic income,” which, like socialism, is based on taking money from people who EARN it, and GIVING it, UNEARNED, to those who are not willing to earn it for themselves. They’re toying with that idea for real in Chicago, which is one of those ubiquitous liberal-run cities that is already in money trouble, along with their “gun crime” problem, caused by all their liberal anti-gun laws that DISARM all law-abiding citizens, making it easier for lawbreakers to victimize them. Liberals in the federal government have been talking, for years, about imposing “universal basic income” on us, but nobody has taken them seriously. Now the liberal fools running Chicago ARE. (Legal Insurretion)

ATF Gun Trafficking

The ATF, under Obama’s administration, RAN GUNS to Mexico while trying to blame local border gun shops. It didn’t work, because they forgot (?) to consider that the cartels would find, and remove their tracking devices. This is the kind of STUPID things they did on Obama’s orders, for eight years, all the time ignoring, and DENYING the threat from Islamic terrorists, and allowing thousands of Islamic terrorists to cross our borders illegally with their “catch and release” policy, which a liberal judge forced us to return to on the PRETENSE of “being disturbed” about “separating” the illegal aliens from their children (for a time). So now they can go back to IGNORING their court dates and staying illegally, in this country. And their children WILL be released, after 20 days, and I’m sure they have a system set up for them to be reunited with their parents. Yes. They have those ubiquitous “leg devices” that are supposed to tell us where they are. But they are easy to remove, and WILL be, as these people predictably disappear into the “hinterlands.” (Captain’s Journal)

Thursday, August 23, 2018

I'da Baked A cake

Riddle me this: If banks and other corporate entities have the right to refuse to do business with anybody who is in favor of owning a gun or self defense, or who actually OWNS a gun, how is that different, in any way, from the bakers who refuse to do business with gays or Islamic terrorists? Gays who go into a bakery and DEMAND the baker bake a special cake, CELEBRATING their lifestyle, even when the baker is diametrically OPPOSED to their lifestyle on religious grounds can and have SUED those bakers into bankruptcy for refusing. Meanwhile, corporate entities GET AWAY with doing the same thing to anybody involved with guns, in any way. This is an excellent example of the double standard there is in our courts, SUPPORTING what liberals want, while STIFLING what non-liberals want. It’s illegal, but that’s how they operate, so long as they are CONTROLLED by liberals. They know they can’t do it by government action, so they hope to BANKRUPT the gun industry, and anybody who owns, or wants to own a gun. Thereby, they hope to stifle that constitutional right by going OUTSIDE of government action to gain their goals by nefarious means. (Bearing Arms)

No Matter What He Does

Donald Trump will be accused of being stupid, mentally deranged, and even a Russian undercover agent, for years. They accuse him of “wandering the halls of the White House, talking to the portraits of former presidents,” or of spending too many hours watching TV. When he went to Helsinki to talk to, Putin, we (who have intelligence) KNEW what would be said about the meeting. Whatever he did or said, “the swamp” members would say was the worst possible thing he could do—and we were right. The Mueller indictment of 12 Russian businessmen was very well timed to force Trump to CONFRONT Putin, and he didn’t. He brought up the DNC server that they never allowed the FBI to look at, even though they ADMITTED it was hacked. You’re not supposed to do that. You’re not supposed to bring up “old stuff” the liberals thought had been buried in the “mists of history,” but he did, and they’re infuriated. Surprise, surprise! They even accused him of TREASON! They’re also mad that he “criticized his own intelligence services.” Never mind those “intelligence services” have been working HARD to derail him, at every turn. (Just common sense)

Why No CNN Demonstrations?

There were no “Town Hall Meetings” on gun control, nor were there many other kinds of “demonstrations” after the Annapolis shooting. Why is that? Because they would not advance their narrative, that’s why. It would be a real stretch to try and ban shotguns, and Annapolis is right in the middle of a state that is a “hotbed” of anti-gun laws. ALL their “precious laws” against guns are in effect there, but this guy still got his gun legally, in spite of being a felon. So it can’t be blamed on “lax gun laws,” one of their IMAGINARY things. It’s like a mass murder committed with a knife. You won’t see much about it in the liberal media, for the same reasons. It won’t advance the anti-gun narrative in the liberal media. The Maryland anti-gun laws notwithstanding, this felon still bought his shotgun LEGALLY, and used it to kill several people. Their laws don’t work That much is OBVIOUS to anybody who pays attention. Apparently, the anti-gun fools don’t pay attention. Or they don’t WANT to know these things because it would take away their very reason for living. Their whole reason for their existence is to gain the ability to tell us we CAN’T have, or use guns for self defense. Their ultimate goal is the REPEAL of the Second Amendment, even though they strongly deny that is so—in their attempt to keep Americans ignorant of their purpose. (Truth About Guns)

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Finally Wore Cohen Down

Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, resisted Mueller’s intense pressure as long a he could, and when he saw Manafort convicted on 8 of 18 “charges,” he finally broke. He saw the handwriting on the wall, and has pleaded guilty to some of the charges Mueller laid against him to get his “cooperation,” and had indicated that he was “ordered” to commit a crime by “candidate in an election,” pointedly NOT naming Trump, but INTIMATING that the politician was Trump. There will predictably be no real proof of anything, beyond his unsupported word, but that will be good enough for Mueller. But not NAMING Trump didn’t set well with Mueller, so Cohen has been subpoenaed in yet ANOTHER case which, I’m sure, will be quashed if he does name Trump, in any way, with, or without proof, allowing Mueller to further libel him. Something which they don’t need, in DC. The liberal media can take just about ANYTHING and make the country think it is true after incessantly blaring it out, day after day, week after week, and month after month. (Fox News)

They're Reaching Hard

The liberals are really reaching. Now they say that the Russians sent one “flame-haired girl” to “get with” the NRA with the specific mission of getting Donald Trump elected president. How this one girl is supposed to accomplish that is in question. This girl (whose origin is NOT proven to be Russian) is supposed to have done that by… what? And how is Trump supposed to know about it? They’ve tried everything else in their quiver and it hasn’t made a DENT in Trump’s support, nor has it given them ANY grounds for impeachment. They’re frustrated, and grasping at straws. Red haired straws, at this point. This shows the futility of their accusations of “Russian collusion” with Trump, which has not been proven after more than a year of “investigating,” while RUINING good people by making them spend every dime they own to pay the lawyers Mueller and others have made necessary. And all they have found is a few minor “process charges” and a few banking problems from DECADES ago—again with NO CONNECTION to President Trump. They insist that it is “only a matter of time” until they come up with something, if they just “keep digging.” If that ever happened in a normal criminal investigation, that investigation would have been stopped, long ago. But not in a POLITICAL “investigation” with a Republican (Trump) as its target. Proof of Russian collusion with Dumocrats is rife, on the left, but they ignore it. (The Sun)

Shannon Watts Screws Up

She unconsciously told us the Second Amendment was constitutional. Something everybody with INTELLIGENCE knows, but she tries to make us think she doesn’t. But the Second Amendment IS constitutional, but she doesn’t want to admit it, as she goes about in her attempts to subvert it. The fact that the measures she pushes never work seems to be lost on her. She wants to push her unconstitutional measures, anyway. Now she seems to have ADMITTED that gun control IS unconstitutional. Why the Court should take into consideration the affect on ANYTHING but the constitutionality of the measures is WRONG. The only thing that the Court is BOUND to consider is the CONSTITUTIONALITY of a measure. Not foreign law, and not his or her PERSONAL prejudices should be considered. This is clearly laid out IN the Constitution, whether many people realize it, or not. The Constitution clearly GUARANTEES each and every American who has not committed a felony the right to own and use a gun for self defense. That is a GIVEN. It can only be changed by changing the Constitution, itself, by means of the method set out IN the Constitution. Shannon and her cronies want to “get around” that. But she slipped up in her “Tweet.” (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Mueller Got Another Scalp

Barely. Out of 18 “charges,” Manafort was found guilty on 8, and got a mistrial on the other TEN. After YEARS of effort, Mueller now has his second “scalp,” neither having ANYTHING to do with Trump, OR “Russian collusion” in the 2016 election. Next on his list is Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who might or might not be able to provide some “concrete proof” that Trump did something wrong—but maybe not. I’d take odds that he has NO such “evidence” to give. If he did, Mueller would have long since shouted it from the rooftops. They MAY convict him of some wrongdoing having (again) nothing to do with Trump, because he does not provide them with such “evidence” because he CAN’T. There is none for him to give them. He MIGHT ultimately CLAIM that he did some dastardly things “on orders from Trump.” But it will be hearsay, “He said, she said,” gained by months of severe pressure and the ruination of them financially and mentally. Manafort has already been reduced from his former “lavish lifestyle” to a prison cell, with the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison if he doesn’t give Mueller “something,” anything he can use against Trump. Meanwhile, nobody has ever given a serious look at all the CRIMES committed by Hillary Clinton in her effort to BUY the presidency. At the same time he is causing ALL potential Trump staffers to wonder if they really want to take a chance on such an anal inspection for themselves, just because they worked for Trump, making it impossible for Trump to find people to work for him. (Just common sense)

Two Kinds of People

I’ve always disdained people who say there are only two kinds of people, for saying that so they can LABEL people for their own purposes. But, after a lifetime of study and a lot of thought, I have discovered that, truly, there ARE really “only two kinds of people.” It has to do with the philosophy that runs our lives, and there are only two VIABLE philosophies that run people’s lives: objective philosophy, or SUBjective philosophy (not Ayn Rand’s copyrighted “Objectivist” philosophy, although I fully agree with most if it). Under objective philosophy (small “o”) what is IS. A thing is a thing because it cannot be something else. A is A because it CANNOT be b or c, or any other letter because somebody wishes it to be so. That objective philosophy is REALITY is obvious. Under subjective philosophy, everything is subject to the whim of the observer.

Things can be MADE to be something they are NOT because somebody wishes them to be so. Under subjective philosophy they say “there are no absolutes.” To that, objectively, they could add the word, “absolutely.” In other words, they are denying their own basic premise. I am an objective philosopher. I’m not an expert in all tiny divisions of objective philosophy, by any means. I’m sure there are many divisions between one thing and another some people could call me on. But it is unalterably true, an ABSOLUTE, if you will, that objective philosophy is the one that should RULE all our lives. Because it is REALITY. Not the “fondest wish” of someone who WISHES something to be what it might be, but isn’t. Now we get to politics. Many people say my blogs are about politics. And they’re right. You cannot divorce philosophy from politics, so that makes them right, That IS an ABSOLUTE. But I think them more about philosophy and the result thereof, than politics. Philosophically, politics IS philosophy.

The difference between liberalism, and conservatism, for instance. Liberalism is BASED on subjective philosophy, while conservatism is NOT. Therefore, it MUST be based on objective philosophy. Just look at the things liberals propose, and try to impose on the rest of us: that there are more than two sexes, for example. That is a subjective notion. And it’s WRONG. There are only TWO sexes, determined by the sexual equipment with which each person is BORN. If the baby has a penis, it is a MALE. If it has a vagina, it is FEMALE. Sex is NOT “assigned” at birth, as liberals would have you believe, it is DISCOVERED by observing the sexual parts. Any “other sex” they claim is IMAGINED. Truly, using subjectivism to run your life can kill. Subjectivism is what caused the Supreme Court of the United States to make a tragic mistake in “Roe v. Wade,” condemning millions of defenseless babies to a painful death, while still in the mother’s womb.

All for the CONVENIENCE of the parents, who couldn’t be bothered to use protection when they had sex, and wish to MURDER the result, rather than raise it, or put it up for adoption. The unalterable ABSOLUTE is that abortion IS murder because it stops the beating heart of a LIVING being. Liberals can deny that all they want, but it is true. They CLAIM that abortion “retains a woman’s right to control what happens to her own body.” But what about that same right for her offspring, who cannot speak up for it? Truly, if that were true, prostitution would be legal because that denies prostitutes the right “to control what happens to their own body.” But prostitution being illegal is what they call “settled law,” if there IS such a thing. (Just common sense)

Tinsley's Got It Again

I’ve always loved “Mallard Fillmore” because he can encapsulate an entire political theory in one picture, as he has done for the anti-gun fool movement, here. In Denver, some years ago, the Denver Post editorial page editor removed Mallard from their pages, and I mounted an effort to get him back, which was successful, partly. He returned, but on the editorial page, not the comics pages. (Mallard Fillmore)

Monday, August 20, 2018

Typical Corrupt Democrat

That’s Alcee Hastings, that “stalwart champion of law and order,” who was IMPEACHED from his judgeship as a Federal District Judge, and subsequently somehow got himself elected to Congress. Being impeached because he took a $150,000 bribe in return for a lenient sentence and a return of assets for Frank and Thomas Romano, and because of his own perjury in the case didn’t seem to matter to the Dumocrats when he ran AS a Dumocrat for Congress, taking advantage of the oversight made by the Founders when they did not specifically PROHIBIT such people from running for office later. He escaped prison by the refusal of his accomplice, William Borders, to testify against him, although to the credit of the Dumocrats, it was a Dumocrat-controlled Congress that impeached him and subsequently convicted him in the Senate. Now Hastings is a loud voice for Dumocrat policies… even though this man, who was a corrupt judge, should have never been elected to the Congress after being IMPEACHED as a judge. Somebody wrote, and I later read, “Find corruption, and it will usually be a Democrat behind it.” Truer words were never spoken. The Dumocrat Party is the party of corruption, whose only interest is to achieve, or maintain, their own power. And they will do anything, legal or illegal, to do that. Hastings fits in with them nicely. (Wikipedia)

"The Sky Is Purple!"

That’s what today’s liberals want you to think. They use subjective “reasoning,” where you can just DECLARE something to be true, and it IS (THEY THINK). They get angry at a doctor who says there are only TWO SEXES. That the sex of a child is NOT “assigned” at birth, it is DISCOVERED, by looking at the child’s genitals. If the child has a penis, it is MALE. If it has a vagina, it is FEMALE. There are no other possibilities, except those INVENTED by subjectivists, to suit their own purposes. They SAY that men who think they’re women ARE women, and that’s a THIRD SEX. That’s ABSURD! You might as well insist that the sky is PU4PL3 when it is BLUE. Another thing is abortion on demand. The Supreme Court, when it was peopled mostly by liberal justices, decreed that the Constitution said that murdering the result of unprotected sex was okay, and lawful. Which created a murderous industry for murderers to KILL their offspring, rather than take the trouble to raise them, or even put them up for adoption. Actually birthing the baby is no more trouble than an abortion would be, and that child could easily be put up for adoption without KILLING a human being. But they don’t want to be bothered, so they MURDER that child, And liberals want you to think the whole abortion “controversy” is about women’s “health.” It is about murdering their child, and that’s it. (Just common sense)

Swiss Cheese Carjacker

This guy was out of control. He went through 2 counties shooting t people, finally ending up in El Paso County, where he tried to carjack a man. Bad idea. that man made him look like Swiss cheese, shooting him multiple times. It's a wonder he's still alive--but he is. He's in the hospital, facing charges in two counties, that include attempted murder. This is what happens when law-abiding people are able to have their own guns to defend against people like this. This is yet more evidence that the anti-gun fools are just that: fools. They want to DISARM all law-abiding people, leaving the way completely open for guys like this wannabe carjacker to victimize them. They think the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself, to "prove to the bad guys you mean them no harm." That's a really STUPID thought, but that's the way anti-gun fools think. You can't defend yourself by making yourself defenseless. But that's something the anti-gun fools will never understand. They criticize Congress for not making more of their stupid, useless laws that do NOTHING to decrease "gun crime." But I have to ask them: what law would YOU make that is more effective than the ones commonly in use today? (KKTV)