Monday, August 13, 2018

Anti-Cops Are Stupid

There are only two reasons to be anti-cop. You must be STUPID, or just a criminal, who thinks if he can get rid of the cops he can have a “free hand” at victimizing people. There isn’t anything else. Yes, many of those who have bought into the anti-cop “movement” are not crooks. And if not, they MUST be stupid to buy that crap. At least, very misinformed. If there were not cops, there would be chaos, as the bad guys would “go wild” victimizing the law-abiding. What their reasoning is, is a mystery to intelligent people. The most anti-cop people are the “Black Lives Matter” fools, almost ALL of whom are criminals, and the Antifa bunch, who the Dumocrats created to be their violent arm. And they aren’t too intelligent if they actually think they can accomplish that stupid goal. The anti-ICE crowd aren’t much smarter. I don’t care how much the Dumocrats finance “demonstrations” for their dupes to attend, it is NOT going to happen. And if they think it can, they’re STUPID. You might as well “demonstrate” for the abolition of GOVERNMENT. Not just the American government, but government, itself. (Breitbart)

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