Monday, February 29, 2016

They're Really Frightened

All the pundits (on both sides) have been wrong for so long, nobody even reads them any more. They've tried everything they could think of to derail Donald Trump in his quest for the presidency. Every time he makes an outlandish statement, they say,”That's it. He's done.” But he wasn't. He “doubled down” and kept on “steaming” onward to his destination. Now reality is setting for most pundits and they realize he just MIGHT be the Republican nominee, after all, in spite of their best efforts. Now they're beginning to paint him as a CRIMINAL, and in cahoots with "The Mob." One of the latest articles is titled, “Donald Trump, King of Sleaze,” citing dubious “facts” to back themselves up. But I predict that that will not work, either, since most of the people now in office (mostly on the Democrat side, but some Republicans, too) ARE criminals. Some nearing being “found out” and prosecuted, Like Hillary, and Leland Yee, the California senator known for his anti-gun activities, who is now sentenced to Five years in prison for “running guns.” so they're “pulling out all the stops,” and you can only expect it to get worse as he progresses toward being elected.(Rebecca Hegelin)

Anti-Gun Hypocrites

I've written a lot lately about anti-gun hypocrites and their circle of ARMED guards that surround them. Yes, they don't carry guns, themselves (mostly), so they can say they don't. But they either can AFFORD to PAY for other people to carry their guns for them, with OUR money, or with their own. But rarely with their own, especially in the case of government employees. But some private citizens who happen to be rich can pay for their own, and DO. As witness the anti-gun fools at the recent Golden Globes event, who showed up, SURROUNDED by armed security. As usual. There were bomb-sniffing dogs; the “red carpet” was “cleared” by security, and there were even snipers on roofs (hopefully, all of them to PROTECT attendees). The same was evident at the Oscars, while they touted “gun control (their kind).” They don't even TRY to conceal their hypocrisy. They had soldier-looking guards with automatic weapons, and even had an armored vehicle. This, from people who SAY guns in YOUR hands won't stop victimization by criminals, crazies, and terrorists. (Twitchy)

Why Do They Do It?

In Michigan, a man randomly walked around in several parking lots, shooting and killing people he didn't know. Six, maybe seven people dead because of—what? All mass shootings are not Muslim-inspired, and this one probably isn't, either. But what motivated this fool to go around killing indiscriminately? Nobody knows, and probably never will, for sure. But what is common to ALL mass shootings, in schools, churches, or parking lots? Answer: a gun. But in most mass shootings, the gun was not bought legally. And since most mass shooters are not necessarily repeat offenders, no amount of laws DISARMING law-abiding people will stop them from getting guns.

They will only inspire them. Many have nothing yet in their backgrounds to stop the purchase. And after they perform a mass shooting, it's too late, with ALL the possible defenders DISARMED by law by fools who still think the way to self defense is to make yourself defenseless. The answer is as obvious as the nose on the faces of lawmakers: allow ALL people to be legally armed. 3 out of 4 people ARE illegally armed, anyway. So why not allow law-abiding people the arms needed to defend themselves, and others? But our fool politicians are too damned stupid to realize this. They think if we have guns in our pockets, WE will go around shooting people at random. One recently said that ALL gun owners are willing to become lawbreakers. Why do we keep electing such fools? (MSN)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Did Obama Kill Scalia?

t's really strange. Obama swore that gun control would be his focus in his last year in office. Then the “rock against gun control” in the Supreme Court went on a hunting trip to Texas, staying at a ranch known to be owned by an Obama friend, where he was found conveniently dead by that Obama friend, with a pillow over his head. Releasing a body that was not under a doctor's care at his death was contrary to police procedure, everywhere. But this body was sent to Washington for burial with NO auriopsy, in the possession of the federal government, just as if nobody suspected that this VERY convenient death was under NO suspicion, at all. The body was put into the possession of the very people who MIGHT have murdered him after NO AUTOPSY was performed to find out if he really did die of a heart attack, or was murdered. That was either very careless on the part of local authorities or it was a murder coverup. You decide. The decision not to perform an autopsy was made by a justice of the peace who was NOT on the scene and an inquest was held BY PHONE by a judge with NO medical training whatsoever. This is a CLASSIC government coverup of a political murder, or it is a classic case of INCOMPETENCE on the part of the locals? Or both? (Preserve Freedom)

Pakistan Politicians Smart

Smarter than ours, anyway. They have ARMED their teachers as a means of protecting their students. Ours aren't that smart, apparently. They still cling to the fool belief that DISARMING yourself is the way to self defense. That belief persists in the face of MANY school shootings, where crazies bring both ILLEGALLY carried, and LEGALLY carried guns into schools, that are supposed to be “gun-free zones,” for whatever that accomplishes beyond telling the fools who want to shoot up schools that there will be no guns there to oppose them. Except for the UNIFORMED cop assigned there, who can be disposed of before any other shooting begins. It sickens me that a “backward nation” like Pakistan has more intelligent politicians than does America. (Gun Watch)

Definition of Insanity

There are many definitions of insanity, but the best known is, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.” That's something the liberal Democrats (and even some Republicans) do all the time. But yet another definition of insanity has come to the fore: “Raising tax rates and expecting to collect more money from taxpayers.” That has been proven to be a proper definition many times, in practice. But liberals still think simply raising taxes will get them more money, which has been proven wrong so many times it's INSANITY to expect anything different than a REDUCTION in collections, as people take steps to reduce their tax liability. Such as hiding some of their profits overseas and keeping two sets of books: one for themselves, and one to show the tax man. Yes, that's illegal. But with the confiscatory taxation now in this country, it's logical. (Town Hall Finance)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

"Toughest Job In the World"

It only pays, what? $200,000 a year? But people spend MILLIONS to get it. If they win. Their lives are forever changed. They can never again just “jump in the car and stop by the grocery for a gallon of milk.” Everywhere they go has to be particularly covered by the Secret Service. Somebody (a whole TEAM of somebodies) has to go there FIRST and check everything out so that some fool won't be able to kill the president. And this extends to AFTER their presidency ends, too, because everything a president does makes an enemy of SOMEBODY, and some of their enemies are fools who will KILL if they don't like what you do. And some of those people hold grudges long AFTER the president leaves office.

The workload for a president is IMMENSE. He/she's lucky to be able to get a good night's sleep, not only from worrying about what to do to solve a problem, and thinking about how his/her decisions can mean DEATH for somebody. His/her every move is examined, analyzed, criticized, often unfairly, and the things said about him/her are really bad. They have to worry about the safety of their CHILDREN, who HATE being accompanied everywhere by men and women with guns, and having no privacy, at all. Hillary has an ad running right now to point this out, where she says SHE is the one (intimating that she is the ONLY one) who can “do this job.” She couldn't even handle the job of Secretary of State without getting a lot of people killed, unnecessarily. What makes her think she can handle the PRESIDENCY? (Just common sense)

Who's "Dying In the Streets?"

Trump says he favors universal health care of some kind because he “doesn't want to see people “dying in the streets.” The liberals, who are pushing universal health care, the harbinger of socialism, push the idea of people “dying in the streets,” and he has bought it. There's one problem: NOBODY is “dying in the streets” except those who have run up against “liberal policies.” It's a MYTH, created to support the government (YOU) paying for the medical care of everybody else. Another of the STUPID things the liberals have foisted upon us is the belief that you shouldn't be refused insurance on the basis of “pre-existing conditions.” It's stupid because, under that concept, a person could wait until he gets cancer, and THEN buy health insurance. That's not “insurance,” it's WELFARE.” If I were to write a book entitled, “Introduction to Socialism,” the first chapter would be about eliminating pre-existing conditions as a bar to getting health insurance. Selling health insurance to somebody who already HAS cancer is the HEIGHTS of stupidity. (Just common sense)

Who Wants Bernie?

Bernie Sanders has a good chance of getting the Democrat nomination, since Hillary is in serious danger of being indicted for several felonies. He has drawn many people to his rallies, and that scares me. That means there is a great danger that he MIGHT be elected president. Bernie is not “just a Democrat.” He is a dedicated SOCIALIST who, if he is elected, will finally BANKRUPT the United States.He offers FREE college tuition and FREE Medicare for EVERYBODY without saying how he intends to pay for them. I'm sure Adolph Hitler got large numbers of adoring acolytes at his rallies before he was elected chancellor (equivalent to president) of Germany and, after consolidating his power, became it's DICTATOR and that resulted in World War II and many deaths. Similarly, Vladmir Lenin got large, adoring crowds at his rallies, got himself elected as “boss” in Russia, and caused 75 years of misery for Russians. All preached the same things: “free everything.” And that fooled those who are too lazy to fend for themselves and want OTHERS to pay their way.
It remains to be seen if there are enough of those in America to get Bernie (or Hillary, who is just as much a socialist, even though she denies it) elected. If either are elected to our highest office, we're DOOMED. Hitler was a Nazi. Which is an acronym for “National Socialism.” Lenin was a COMMUNIST. Both are slightly different forms of COLLECTIVISM, which is BASED on THEFT from the PRODUCER of new wealth, for the benefit of those who create NO new wealth, but only “ride on the coattails” of those who do, with the government making laws to TAKE ever larger portions of their EARNING to support these people. Both Bernie and Hillary want (among other things) free tuition to college for EVERYBODY. And who gets to pay for it? You and I, if we are “producers.” Free college is NOT a “requirement” in order to survive in this world, and it is NOT a "right.". Only liberals think so, and push that idea on the rest of us, so we will not object to paying the bills, among all the others. Bernie and Hillary are BOTH socialists, of one brand or the other. Socialism is DEATH for us. (Just common sense)

Friday, February 26, 2016

Scalia Wanted An Anti-Gun Judge

That's what the liberal media is saying. In a little known interview on CSPAN in 2012, he is supposed to have said that if he could choose the judge to replace him, it would be Judge Frank Easterbrook, of the 7th Circuit. Only one problem. Easterbrook is an “anti-gun nut” the NRA once described as “trying to unravel the Bill of rights.” Apparently, Scalia doesn't remember that. he said Easterbrook “thinks the same way I do.” But a perusal of his (Easterbrook's) rulings says different. That he was an ENEMY of “gun freedom,” despite what the Constitution says. The constitution says, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed.” That's very simple, even though liberals have tried for years to use the reference to “organized militias,” which did not exist when the Constitution was written, to obfuscate it. ALL THE PEOPLE were considered to be a "militia." Senator (and GOP presidential candidate) Ted Cruz said, “We are one Justice away from the Court reading the Second Amendment out of the Constitution.” (ABC News)

Now It Is Told

Hillary is a drug-using lesbian who wants to kill a former lover of Bill's because she's about to publish her memoirs, which include many things Bill told her about Hillary—and which might explain his “zipper down” policy regarding other women. Maybe he feels that if he can't get it at home, he should be able to get it elsewhere. According to Sally Miller, a former beauty queen, his purported former mistress, he not only revealed Hillary's sexual preference to her, he also did what appeared to be cocaine in her presence and told her Hillary did drugs, too, and that she didn't like sex (with men, apparently). I don't know how true this is—you know how Bill lies to make himself look better. But this does explain the fact that, while Bill is screwing every woman he can get into his bed, there has never been a breath of scandal about Hillary's sex life. She's apparently a lot more discreet about it than he is,, if this is true. She says Hillary doesn't care what is said about Bill, but she's afraid of what he may have told Sally. So Sally sleeps with a gun by her side, with a “guard dog” close by. (World Net Daily)

"Shouldn't Own Guns"

Obama says he doesn't want to take your guns. That's right before he signed an “executive order” to take your guns. It's a little hard to take his words seriously when that happens. But, of course, those of us who can see through this con artist know that if he says it, it MUST be false. Another factor is a statement he made in 1996 to writer Jazz Shaw: “I don't think people should be able to have guns.” That seems like more of an honest statement, since it was said in private, to a colleague. Compare it with his current actions designed to take your guns and his current lies that he “respects the Second Amendment,” respect the right to bear arms,” and “respect people who want a gun for self protection.”

But none of those comments made recently, jibe with his earlier statement, made when he didn't think it would ever be quoted. Basically, he thinks nobody should be able to have a gun—except him or his cohorts. He wants to deny us the right to the means of self defense while he runs around SURROUNDED by ARMED gunmen. He thinks because he doesn't carry a gun himself, he's not a hypocrite. But, like all the other anti-gun fools who run around surrounded by armed thugs, he IS a hypocrite. He thinks he, and his cronies, are “smarter than the average bear” and should be allowed guns, while we're too stupid to do likewise. (Hot Air)

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Gullible Americans

You'd think Americans, who have “lived free” all their lives, would be able to spot the irregularities in the blattiing of the Democrat politicians who are fighting to become the most powerful socialist in the nation. But they can't, if all they want is a “free ride,” and to hell with everything else. Hillary and Bernie are elbowing each other aside to promise the most “freebies” that WE have to pay for. Hillary denies it, but Bernie ADMITS that he is a socialist, but just listen to what they are BOTH promising: all kinds of “freebies” if they get elected. They never say how they will PAY for such expensive freebies, but those of us smart enough to see it KNOW it will be those of us willing and able to EARN for ourselves that will be LOOTED by the government looters, to pay for what they have promised the moochers.

Bernie is promising free college educations for EVERYBODY. A college education is NOT necessary in order to live a good life. That's one reason it is so expensive. It's only for those who have the money to pay for it. Another reason it's so expensive is that it is even now mostly paid for by the government, so colleges raise their prices to con us out of more money. He's also promising Medicare for EVERYONE! What better way to BANKRUPT this nation! Hillary is promising many other “freebies,” all paid for by those willing to WORK and EARN money, giving it, UNEARNED, to those whop are NOT. The problem today is we are nearing a MAJORITY of “freebie hunters” out there, who continue to vote socialist FOOLS into office so as to get their “freebies,” and keep them coming. As long as their freebies keep coming, they don't care if we end up under a socialist/communist dictatorship. That we will become socialism's next “showcase country” for the next few years until it inevitably crumbles, as did the Soviet Union. (Professor Walter E. Williams)

How Stupid ARE They?

Liberals think all they need to do is raise the minimum wage to make things okay. They refuse to know that raising the minimum wage to such astronomical levels as $15.00 and even $30.00 an hour will make it impossible for businesses to hire beginning employees with NO SKILLS, which will first, cause them to FIRE those employees, and second, after finding they cannot operate without them doing their mundane, no-skill jobs, go out of business. Now a liberal Representative from Illinois says, he “has no problem with raising the minimum wage to $30.00 an hour! You just CANNOT pay unskilled beginning employees that much and stay in business. They learned that in Seattle, where they raised it to $15.00 an hour, and immediately lost 700 jobs in the city by restaurants that could not pay that much for people to carry food to their tables, by firing people and then going out of business. This is obvious, but they IGNORE facts and keep on making their STUPID laws, which destroy employment and make the economic picture worse. It's like the liberals WANT to do that! (CNS News)

The "Wide-Open Spaces"

Most of which is “owned” by the federal government. And how did they GET it? Mostly by “ponying up” false charges against land owners, or through “brutal land-grabs, so they could just TAKE their land and make it look legal. The “grazing fees they claim are owed are on the land they “grabbed by simply “deciding it was theirs.” Look at the map in the linked story and you'll see the amazing amount of government-owned land in the West. They “own” almost ALL of Nevada. They could NOT have obtained that much land legally. One way is to claim “grazing fees” that ranchers don't really owe, and can't afford to pay if they did. One rancher set fires on their own land, which is CLAIMED by the feds, as a safety measure, and went to jail for a short time. The feds weren't satisfied, though, and in direct contravention of the Constitution, re-arrested the rancher and his son and put them BACK in prison for a LONG time. An action GUARANTEED to RUIN them, and causing a deadly response (deadly to a rancher, that is). (Town Hall)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why A Socialist?

Why is the Democrat Party running a SOCIALIST (Bernie Sanders, an ADMITTED socialist, and Hillary Clinton, an UNADMITTED socialist) in the presidential race? What makes them think a socialist can WIN the election and become president of this great FREE nation that was BUILT on the free market? A nation that has watched the beginning and the END of several socialist governments, the most notable that in Soviet Russia? A nation that watched Cuba descend into poverty under “rule” by communists (a different form of socialism) while thousands risked their lives (and some of them LOST them) to get out of that now backward nation? It's because they are so immersed in their collectivist (socialist, communist, Fascist, Progressivist) culture that they just can't SEE anything wrong with socialism. They think everybody agrees with them because they only associate with people who do. They think those who don't are too stupid to understand. Socialism is based on the THEFT (by the government) of the proceeds of honest work and originality for the benefit of people who only want a “free ride” at the expense of others. But they either can't see this, or they plan on being among the receivers of that stolen. (American Thinker)

Victory for Gun Owners

The Fourth circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that to ban the purchase and ownership of “assault weapons” is a “blatant violation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.” Of course, Obama's fools will oppose that, and take it to a higher court, hoping by that time Obama will have nominated, and the senate will have approved another liberal, gun-hating Justice to replace Justice Scalia. This just makes it even more important to PREVENT Obama from nominating Scalia's successor. To allow him to nominate Scalia's successor would let the democrats completely change the makeup of the Court for generations to come and make life worse for people who simply want to be able to defend themselves against ILLEGALLY armed criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, none of whom OBEY laws, of any kind. (Second Amendment Insider)

Jeb: "Leave My Family Alone!"

Jeb Bush whined about Trump (and others) going after his family. I got a clue for ya, Jeb. You can't “sling political mud” at somebody without getting some in return. And with Donald Trump, it comes back “doubled in spades.” Nobody said anything about members of Jeb's family until he introduced them into his campaign. Most members of his family who spoke out are “political animals,” themselves, and surely can take a little criticism after hurling some in the direction of his opponents. Demanding their families be “left alone” is so common, I couldn't even locate an article about Jeb doing it on Google. It seems there isn't a politician going who has not made this spurious demand, from Rudy Guliani to JFK. George (Senior) and George (Junior) realize this, and they don't react to it. So stop whining, Jeb, and just campaign. You can't jab at people without getting jabbed in return. Criticize somebody and that makes you “fair game.”KNOW that, and stop “coming off” like a baby. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Typical Stupid Democrat

Mayor Svante Myrick, of Ithica, NY wants to allow addicts to “shoot up” in a “hospital setting” where they can be safe, instead of a back alley or a restroom stall,and legally. He's an ex-addict, himself, and knows what those addicts face, he says. Seems to me an ex heroin addict ought to be smarter than to want to HELP heroin addicts kill themselves. Slowly, but a bit more quickly than before. He wants them to live long enough to die from heroin use. Myrick is a Democrat, of course, in New York, where a bunch of other STUPID liberals live. It pains me when such stupid people get elected to political office. It seems like there is nothing that could be in their background that will bar them from political office. So Ithica elected a Democrat “cleaned up” (maybe) mayor and now he's (as usual) pushing his stupid ideas on the citizens of that city. (Mail News)

Stupid Liberal Cop

The stupidity of liberals in all positions doesn't surprise me, usually. But when the ten year police chief in Mercer Island, Washington comes out and says, “Americans WANT us to confiscate their guns,” I get a good laugh out of it. He says, “They depend on us to protect them,” when he KNOWS, from experience, nothing could be further from the truth. A gun in the hand of a potential victim is ten times better than in the hand of a cop, who may be anywhere from five to TEN minutes away. If he DOESN'T know that, he has no business being a COP, much less a police CHIEF. You can't protect someone if you are MINUTES away, while the armed CRIMINAL is THERE, and can do much damage in those few minutes it takes a cop to GET there. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out, just common sense. Which, apparently, this police chief doesn't have. (Eagle Rising)

Obama's Bad News

He's finally being “called” on one of his unconstitutional orders. The one further limiting our right to own and use guns for self defense. Freedom Watch has filed suit against him personally, for circumventing (bypassing) Congress. A president cannot do that, just because he doesn't like the actions of Congress. Congress is NOT “subservient” to the president, they are EQUAL to the president. If they don't act like he wishes, there's nothing LEGAL he can do about it. He can whine and cry all he wants, call them a “do-nothing Congress,” or just “lazy.” But he can do NOTHING oh change what they do, under the law. Of course, Obama is the worst lawbreaking president in memory, so he doesn't care about that. But it's going to take somebody with GUTS to “bring him down.” I think Freedom Watch is that. They had the guts to file the suit, and he's going to have to GO to court and testify in his own behalf, unless he finds a way to “squirrel” out of it. Obama thinks he's a king, and he must be disabused of that notion. (Q Political)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Ignoring the Obvious

Pittsburgh TV station ran an editorial that said “Obama's appointment of a replacement for Antonin Scalia deserves serious consideration.” They're right. If he nominates one of his “wild-haired liberal” friends, it DOES “deserve serious consideration,” and then REJECTION, as the Congress has the right to do, as a “co-equal” branch of government. Congress is NOT “subservient” to the president. It has exactly as much power (as a group) as he does, and as does the Supreme Court, under the Constitution. They can vote his appointment up or down, and should vote it down. Why? Because this is a 'pivotal nomination” that can create COMPLETE CONTROL of the Judiciary by the Democrats for generations. Forget the First amendment. Forget the Second amendment. Forget freedom. They'll soon be gone if a Democrat wins the presidency in 2016 with another liberal fool on the court. Whoever is the Democrat top dog will become a DICTATOR and we will be the next “Socialist Republic in the world. Communism's next “showcase nation” until it, too, collapses, as it did in Russia, and has in other socialist countries as the socialist countries propping them up themselves, collapse. (Town Hall)

"Threat to Cops Not Over"

That's what they're saying about the “threat to police in Philly.” Which shows a COMPLETE ignorance of what things are! The “threat to police” is just BEGINNING! The Philly shooting is just ONE of the instances, SO FAR. There will be more, as misfits all over the world target the cops, and ambush them when they least expect it. Of course, what's going to happen is that more thugs are going to die as cops, whose nerves are on edge, react quickly when the thugs think they aren't paying attention. They SAY cops kill too many black men, but now they're going to get that, in spades, as cops are MUCH quicker to shoot than ever before, and it will be mostly black men why try it. And nobody with any intelligence at all, will blame them. They want to stay alive, after all. (Conservative Byte)

Not A Surprise

Chicago just announced that homicides are up. Again. Which is not a surprise, with their tight gun laws that keep everybody BUT the criminals unarmed. It's like a FORMULA for lots of killing by criminals, who don't obey laws. You'd think a “smart guy,” like Rahm would learn his lesson and let more HONEST people buy and carry guns. The murder rate would go down fast after that, although the HOMICIDE rate would go up for a while, as honest people kill the criminals who come to victimize them. Then THAT would go down, too. But don't expect Rahm to “get smart” any time soon. He's not really a “smart guy,” he's an Obama Democrat, after all. He just wants to disarm honest people so the illegally armed criminals will have it all their way. (Mail News)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's A Pivotal Point

The nomination of a replacement for the now deceased Justice Scalia is a “pivotal point” in our history. It means more than any other appointment in memory. If Obama is allowed to appoint another “wild-haired liberal” to replace him (and he WILL), it will give Obama (and his Democrat successors, if any) complete CONTROL of the court, which means liberals can get ALL their “flights of fancy” declared constitutional, whether they are, or not. And that effect will last for decades. Democrats call the Republicans blocking him from that nomination “obstructionists.” But they didn't call it that when DEMOCRATS did it to keep Robert Bork off the Court. It's only obstructionism when it impedes THEM, it seems. We cannot AFFORD to allow Democrats to take full CONTROL of the Supreme court. If we do, that will signal the END of this as a “free nation.” And it is Congress' RIGHT to stop such a nomination from happening. They are NOT “subservient” to the president. They are a “co-equal” branch of government. Which means they have EQUAL power to the president. They don't have to “knuckle under” to the president. (Wikipedia)

Creating Democrat Voters

How do you “cure” the problem when the voters in your state rebel against your policies and vote in a Republican governor in a state where Democrat voters outnumber Republican voters 2 to 1? Do you change your policies? Not a chance. They think their policies are the only ones that are right, and the voters are just too stupid not to know that. So how do you change things? Easy. Let convicted felons vote after they get out of prison. That'll fix things! Convicted felons who have had their right to vote returned to them after they get out of prison can mostly be depended upon to vote Democrat, can't they? So that's what they did in Maryland, a “blue state” that is STILL a “blue state, with a shiny, brand new Republican governor. Their new GOP governor vetoed the measure, but they overruled him, so it became law against his wishes. Democrats in that state knew right where to find new Democrats who would keep them in office and continue to vote their “flights of fancy” into law, and that was in PRISON, where convicted malcontents were incarcerated. (Hot Air)

We Need to Get Serious

There's a good reason why the Islamic terrorists are making such progress. That's because nobody's taking them SERIOUSLY. Obama just wants to “contain them.” Other countries are following suit. France is taking them seriously after the Paris killings, but France just isn't big enough to DESTROY them, as devious as they are, and that's what we need to do. As quickly as possible. I remember George Bush talking about “shock and awe” in going after them, destroying everything they have, everything they ARE. What we need to do now is destroy everything they ever HOPED to be. Leave NOTHING of them left, not even an idea. We need to wipe them off the face of the Earth, root and branch. That includes expelling all the “peaceful Muslims” from America so they can no longer make trouble for us by being “offended” by what, for us, is NORMAL If ever there were a group that needed to be COMPLETELY destroyed, they are it.

They have done nothing, EVER, but screw up the works everywhere they are. Way back when this country was in its infancy, they were PIRATES. We destroyed what they were, back then, by sending in the Marines. But the infusion of money into their lives by the oil WE helped them bring up from the ground (they didn't know how), allowed them to start paying for their atrocities again, on an even larger scale. And America helped, after Obama got in charge, by “cutting and running” from Iraq and Afghanistan after we had WON in both places, leaving billions of dollars' worth of ordinance, equipment, and guns for them to steal and use to kill even more people. After we helped them get “filthy rich,” they STOLE what we had built, and used it against us. They are the “scum of the Earth” and need to be wiped out, to a man. (Constitution)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Blaming Someone else

Liberal Democrats blame Indiana for THEIR "gun problems." As usual. Valerie Jarrett, former Chicago resident, and current senior adviser to Barack Hussein Obama, blames INDIANA and it's “lax gun laws” for all the gun violence in Chicago. Never mind that Indiana, with it's “lax gun laws,” has a lot LESS GUN VIOLENCE than does Chicago, with it's TIGHT gun laws that only keep honest people DISARMED. She fully supports prosecuting those who bring Indiana (and from elsewhere) guns to Chicago to sell out of their trunks in back alleys, as do I. But the problem is NOT with LAW-ABIDING people, it is with ILLEGAL gun sales, whatever the origin of the guns. Forcing people to go through background checks and jump through all kinds of other hoops to get a gun is NOT the answer because criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists don't usually GET their guns in a legal gun store, nor do they usually submit to a background check, because they PLAN on using their gun to kill innocent people and don't want the government to know who they are. (Daily Caller)

Racist Organizations

One of the best known is the “Congressional Black Caucus.” Another is the “Black Actor's Guild (whatever name it uses).” A racist event is the “Black History Month.” How do I arrive at the definition of “racist? Because the creation of similar organizations substituting “WHITE” FOR BLACK? . What would you think of a “Congressional WHITE Caucus?” How about a “WHITE only college?” Or “WHITE History Month?” To allow such organizations for blacks while calling similar organizations for whites racist, is racist in itself. Then we get into “Islamaphobia. Why is criticizing Muslims bad while Muslims criticizing and KILLING Christians good? That it just as much racism and religious intolerance. Truth is, Muslims are the worst religiously intolerant people going. Meanwhile, it's just COMMON SENSE and LOGIC to criticize Muslims. They have practices (even if they're “peaceful Muslims”) that are abhorrent to Christians and every other religion in the world. Such as killing their own daughters for being RAPED. Or beating them for being seen with a non-Muslim man or being out in public by themselves, or not wearing their “tent.” (Just common sense)

No Guns, Still Murders

What the anti-gun fools will not tell you is that if guns suddenly didn't exist, those who want to kill will still find a way. Back when the “weapon of choice” was a sword, guess what? Everybody who wanted to kill, as well as those whom they wanted to kill carried swords. Enter, “sword fighting.” People were still murdered. Back in the cave-man days when there were no swords OR guns, the “weapon of choice” was a club. So everybody carried a club, and there was no “anti-club movement.” Murders still happened. Anti-gun fools are convinced that, without guns, murder rates would go down. But just the opposite is true. The more guns out there, the less murders. The number of HOMICIDES would increase, for a while, as law-abiding people with guns killed criminals who had ILLEGAL guns and tried to victimize them. After the number of armed criminals thus were reduced, homicides would also go down. As the chart linked below shows, violence has been steadily going down recently. The anti-gunners won't tell you about that, because it's mostly because a majority of states have passed “shall carry” laws and many more honest people are armed, making life difficult for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. (Info Wars)

Friday, February 19, 2016

Is Scalia's Death Murder?

I don't know whether or not Justice Scalia was murdered. But it seems to me this government has a positive TALENT for raising questions about such things. It's a well-known fact that Scalia's death gives Obama a priceless chance to “pack the Court” with liberals so Democrats can CONTROL the supreme court for generations to come. I'm not saying he DID engineer Scalia's death, but it seems to come at a very convenient moment for him. And Obama and all the liberals are making a big effort to make sure Obama gets to nominate his replacement. That, coupled with the IGNORING of upholding of the USUAL process after a death unobserved by a doctor to at LEAST have an autopsy, especially after he was found with a pillow over his face raises a lot of “red flags.”. Add to that having an inquest BY PHONE and putting the body into the custody of the feds, IMMEDIATELY, and there are serious questions raised. We'll probably never know, now they've got the body and you can BET they won't allow an autopsy. (Just common sense)

"Islamaphobia Tracker?"

That's what the Huffington Post is about to launch. As liberals always do, they line up with the wrong side. They completely ignore the fact that radical MUSLIMS are KILLING people for not being Muslims. Or worse, the KIND of Muslims of which they approve. They consider being against Muslims as “irrational,” when it is ENTIRELY rational to dislike and fear people who are KILLING people like you for not “knuckling under” and becoming a Muslim. Will they continue this idiocy after Muslims start killing Huffington Post employees? Will it continue after Islamic terrorists kidnap and kill a Huffington Post reporter? As usual, they completely forget the crimes committed by Muslims, not only against US, but against other Muslims, as well. Like murdering their own daughters for being seen talking to the wrong man or showing so much as a bare ANKLE in public, or beaten (sometimes to death) for that “terrible crime.” They ignore the fact that it is a “cultural thing” among Muslims to screw little BOYS (and girls). That Islam was STARTED by a pedophile who had a NINE-YEAR-OLD WIFE. And that he incorporated approval of pedophilia into his “religion” so he could continue to screw little girls. And he also incorporated MURDER of people who refused to “convert” to Islam or, once converted, convert to a different religion in his single-handedly written MANUAL they call the Koran, which is supposed to stand beside our BIBLE as religious instruction. (Just common sense)

Rubio: "Obama Not Incompetent"

Trump has attacked Rubio for repeating a “20 second prepared speech” about Obama not being incompetent. And he's RIGHT. He's just not doing a very good job of disclosing the LOGIC in that. Nor is Trump getting the point. The statement is NOT a “memorized “20 second statement repeated over and over." The point is that it is NOT “a memorized 20 second statement to be repeated over and over." It is repeated over and over to bring out the IMPORTANT point that Obama is VERY competent, and the crappy things he does while making people THINK he is incompetent is a MASK for the very real fact that he is working HARD to “bring this country down” as a FREE-MARKET NATION so he can transform it into a SOCIALIST nation. He doesn't care what people think of him, he can't LEGALLY RE-ELECTED. He gets away with it because he has been successful in convincing people he IS incompetent. But everything he has done that will “bring this country down” economically has been done purposefully. When Trump attacks a man for that, I begin to wonder if he really IS a good prospect to be president, if he can't spot that obvious scam. Of course, a KNOWN left-wing nut paper (NY Times) says what Rubio says is, “code talk to right-wing conspiracy nuts." Of course, what he said couldn't POSSIBLY be true, to them.(NY Times)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Obama Claims Kill

As usual, Obama is claiming responsibility for kills the British made. Just the other day, a British sniper literally blew the head off an Islamic terrorist who was teaching new recruits how to behead prisoners, from a quarter mile away. One minute he was demonstrating how to behead somebody, the next, he was standing there (for a second) without a head, that body part being many feet behind him, in pieces. And Obama, in a news conference (without specifically mentioning this specific kill) talked about OUR advances against Islamic terrorists (never using the words, “ISLAMIC terrorists,” of course). He continues to take credit for the actions of “Seal Team 6” in killing Osama bin Laden (the “butcher of 9/11), who all died, to a man, in a plane crash, soon after (Obama probably "outed" them). Of course, all he did there was say, “yes or no” when asked for permission to do the raid. (Just common sense)

The "Race Card"

It's getting kinda old. Liberals attributing every opposition to Obama's policies to people hating him because he's black, just as if there were NO REASONS otherwise. Forget he has spent more money than there IS; more than all previous presidents, COMBINED. Forget he will not admit Islamic terrorists even EXIST, while they continue to behead, rape, and otherwise murder people world wide for not believing in their phony “religion.” Forget he's working HARD to make this country, which has been a world leader in a very short time through the free market, into a socialist country.

Now Joy Behar, of “The View” says the only reason the Republicans are blocking Obama from another Supreme Court nomination is because they don't like his color. This bimbo shows her ignorance every time she opens her pie hole. Forget the same people ELECTED this half-black man who CHOOSES to be black, TWICE, in spite of his fool actions and policies. What's different now, from then? The fact that one more liberal Justice would turn the Court liberal for generations doesn't seem to faze her. Probably because that's what she WANTS. (News Busters)

GOP Just Doesn't Get It!

They have a “dream candidate.” One who meets, and BEATS every trap the Democrats (and Republicans) set for him, coming out better each time. He beat them ALL in New Hampshire. He won every category by HUGE margins. Meanwhile, the Democrats have two “old folks” vying over how much each can give away the most taxpayer money (nothing against “old folks, I'm one of them). To the “drones” of society. Two WHITE socialists (no blacks here, folks), one of which ADMITS it, the other of which DENIES she is a socialist, but who claims to still be a leader by virtue of her SECOND PLACE finish in New Hampshire, in a two-person race. Trump won BIG against seven or eight strong candidates, who are ALL against him.

Meanwhile, the Democrats rail against the problems THEY created, pretending they had nothing to do with it. The GOP is “steaming steadily” toward RUIN if they're successful in “getting rid” of Trump,who is the strongest candidate they've ever had, beating not only the Democrats, but the Republican establishment, too. Such an action guarantees LOSS in November if they do manage to scrape Trump off the board, but I don't think that's going to happen. Nobody thinks anything about the Democrat WINNER in the New Hampshire primary meeting with known race whore Al, uh, Sharpton the very next morning (Bernie couldn't even stomach one cup of COFFEE with Sharpton on the other side of the table). If the Republicans are successful (or if not), they WILL “go the way ot the Whigs,” off into political history, where they belong, leaving the way clear for the Tea Party to become the “opposition party” with gonads. Trump is going to make political history, and that's a fact. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Congress: Do Your Job":

That's what Obama is telling Congress as he tries valiantly to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice that will make the Court a “liberal bastion” for many years to come. What he doesn't tell you is is it the JOB of Congress sometimes, to BE “obstructionist” in order to stop a president from taking over completely. So go ahead and appoint somebody, and send it to them for their “advice and consent.” If they vote that appointee down, as this Congress is expected to do, they ARE “doing their jobs.” It is NOT their job to “rubber stamp” what the president wants. They are a “co-equal branch” of this government, with as much power between them as that of the president, and it is their RIGHT to disagree with the president, and make it stick. Obama needs to remember this. He SAYS he is a “constitutional scholar” but he really knows NOTHING about the Constitution, and uses the Constitution to suit his whims. That he gets away with it is a testament to the number of his “”henchmen” that  are in his administration. When people disagree with him, he whines about them “doing their job,.” which they ARE doing. Or he calls them racist. (Hot Air)

She Just doesn't Understand

Hillary's biggest reason for voting for her (though she denies it vehemently) is she's a woman. She has nothing else to offer. She used to shout it to the rooftops, saying, “Isn't it time a woman became president:?” Former Secretary of state Madelyn Albright says, “There's a special place in hell for women who won't support a woman for president.” Meaning Hillary, of course. She sends out her rapist, womanizer husband to campaign for her, then says, “Give me one reason people don't trust me?" After she tried valiantly to DESTROY the many women who accused Bill of sexual misconduct, even rape. Then, watching the Bill Cosby episode, she says, “All women who claim rape should be believed.” Except those, of course, who accuse Bill. And now she wonders why people don't trust her? Gimme a break! (Gary Varvel)

What's a "Social Democrat?"

One that's a collectivist (socialist, communist, Marxist, etc.) and doesn't want to admit it. Though Bernie Sanders does admit being a socialist, but he calls that “social Democrat” to avoid equating it with the flawed system that has FAILED in so many places when tried, like the Soviet Union, for instance. It took them 75 years to collapse, but collapse, they did. As will ALL regimes based on collectivism, eventually, since collectivism produces NOTHING. It merely STEALS the product of the production of people with the WILL to produce new wealth by their ideas and labors, to give that stolen, UNEARNED, to those who will not, or can not produce. Those who cannot produce whine about all the “rich people” who DID produce new wealth, and thus profited from it. But those people did them no wrong. They did THEMSELVES a wrong by refusing to go to school, or to learn a trade that is in demand. So now they whine about those who DID. They made the wrong decisions in life, and now they're paying the price,” and blaming “the rich” for their woes. (Town Hall)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Was Scalia Murdered?

I don't know. It just seems to be WRONG that they didn't perform an autopsy on him and even conducted the inquest by phone! If I died without a doctor in attendance, there WOULD be an autopsy. Especially if I was found with a pillow on my head, unless the cops were ORDERED to ignore this “red flag” by the feds. Same with anybody else. But not for Scalia. Why? One of the factors the judge who certified his death as “natural” talked about was that his doctor thought they didn't want to take the chance of killing him with an operation to fix his shoulder injury because he was “too weak.” That his high blood pressure and possible heart problems prevented it. I have exactly the same problem. I need operations on two of my legs to correct the reasons why I can barely walk. They would be simple operations, but the doctors don't want to take the chance. I could probably use a coronary bypass, but for the same reasons, they don't want to do it (Neither do I).

I don't want to go through that again) But otherwise, I am NOT “sickly” or “weak.” Except for being unable to do much walking, I'm in seemingly good health. But if they found me dead with a pillow over my face, would they depart from usual ROUTINE and forego an autopsy? And have an inquest by PHONE? Not a chance. I'm not saying he was murdered. But under the circumstances, where his opinion is as important as it is to the liberal intelligentsia, murder is an obvious possibility, since there is ample evidence that liberals have killed before to advance their ideas. Killing Scalia would give Obama a chance to change the makeup of the Court, making it heavily LIBERAL for generations, and Obama is just the sort of man who might actually resort to murder, justifying it as “necessary” so he can “get on with his agenda” by removing a major blockage to his ideas. He thinks he is right on all issues, and that people who are against him are criminals or racists. With Scalia right in front. So why did Texas officials depart from “routine” and refuse to do an autopsy, which they would do on anybody else under similar circumstances? (The Blaze)

Has "Trump Fever" Broken?

That's a question asked by Ed Morissey, writer for Hot Air, a pretty much conservative web site I go to on a regular basis. But has it? I don't THINK so. In places like Iowa, they're suspicious of “big money boys,” and he lost by a “thin margin.” I won't call it “razor thin” because it's a little wider than that between Hillary and her only REAL opponent, admitted socialist Bernie Sanders. Note the results from New Hampshire, where he has a LOT of support. Trump haters LEAP on ANY “bandwagon they can find to say he's “losing it.” But he's not used to losing, and he will “pull out all the stops after this, his first loss. He keeps pushing about the Cruz “Canadian birth,” but that didn't work with Obama and his “Libyan birth,” and it isn't going to work here, either. Unlike Obama, Cruz has a clear claim to American citizenship, because his mother was an American citizen. (Ed Morissey)

Unlawful Crime Reports

It started (I think) with “Mothers Demand Action,” who put out an item telling their fools to “report a crime” whenever they see anybody carrying a gun, if they were “doubtful” about their intentions and make the cops think a crime is in progress, or about to be. In at least one case, such a report resulted in an honest man's DEATH at the hands of the cops, who believed the “report.” That's about the crappiest, underhanded thing they could do, to use the cops to advance their agenda. That's more than “activism, it's a vile CRIME. And the cops, who never know whether or not the report is real until they get there and assess the situation often get into shooting scrapes with innocent legal gun carriers because of such nefarious “reports,” and sometimes KILL them. Those people who call in such reports ought to be charged with MURDER. Laws are in the process to make such reports, called, “SWATing,” illegal. When they call, they always make comments like, “He is acting very threatening,” which make the cops very “trigger happy.” These people are FOMENTING VIOLENCE and should be punished. Under a federal law now being considered in Congress, such people would possibly face up to 20 years in prison and a hefty fine. (Constitution)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Back to Business

For the last week or so, I've been suffering from a very painful eye infection. One that prevented me from opening my right eye, and made what I COULD see from my left eye out of focus, causing pain when I tried. That made it impossible to type on this computer. Add a missed follow-up appointment with the eye doctor caused by my son's misreading of the appointment notice (which I was in no shape to correct), and we're still trying to get this episode finished. This was not my son's fault, as I could easily have corrected it. But my eye is well enough now so that I can continue my efforts to make liberals wet their panties, so here goes:

Stop Obama NOW!

The Senate GOP can, and MUST stop Obama from appointing a replacement for Justice Scalia. He can appoint as many prospects as he wants, but the Senate doesn't have to ratify them. That's their right, under the Constitution, as a “co-equal branch of government.” They can refuse to ratify every candidate he sends up, until he is no longer in power—IF they have the gonads. If he is allowed to appoint Scalia's successor, and get him/her ratified, he will make the Court a liberal “rubber stamp” for decades to come. That's unacceptable for a :”lame duck president” to do so, and the Senate GOP has the power to stop him, as they must. The Obama forces will “pull out all the stops” because they know this is their chance to “have their way” for years to come. They will try every dirty trick there is to accomplish it. Scalia was the main block to many of their “flights of fancy” they called “laws” and “rules” that were blatantly unconstitutional. Things like Roe v. Wade, which resulted in the DEATH of millions of innocent babies for the CONVENIENCE of the parents. (He was unsuccessful in this case) There IS precedent for this. The Democrats did it to keep George Bush from nominating a Justice. In fact, they blocked ALL appointments for a time. As usual, they want to stop the GOP from doing what THEY, themselves did. (Town Hall)

Denying Self Defense

Hillary wants to deny everybody who isn't using guns for hunting, shooting practice, or collecting, the right to have a gun. That “list” suspiciously leaves out “self defense.” Seems like every “gun law” they make makes it harder on law-abiding people to defend themselves, while IGNORING the very obvious fact that criminals are NOT affected. I think they WANT us to be defenseless against criminals because they feel an affinity with them, being criminals, themselves. It's becoming obvious, even to those who pay no attention at all, that every “law” they make makes it easier for criminals to victimize honest people. They HATE laws allowing us to be armed and well able to repulse criminals and their ILLEGAL guns. Every time we suggest anything that will help us defend ourselves, they not only oppose it, they ridicule the people supporting it, calling them paranoid. But it's not paranoia, if people actually WANT to hurt you, which they do. Not just criminals and crazies, but Islamic terrorists, too, which Obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands, many at OUR taxpayer expense. And I think that begins with the “gun-grabbers.” Who, of course, go around SURROUNDED by gun-toting “security.” (Just common sense)

Justifiable Homicides Spike

In Albuquerque, NM, criminals are increasingly being shot to death by their intended victims. From ZERO in 2011 to EIGHT in 2015. It's like I predicted. Shootings WOULD go up for a while, while armed citizens “killed off” the ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. Criminals there are learning, to their consternation, that violent crime is a good way to “get dead” in a hurry. Six of the eight justifiable killings happened during attempted burglaries. One involved a gunfight involving two former CNN employees and another shooter. at a hotel.“ There are now more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens than ever before. It is hardly a surprise that as more good people have firearms and good firearms training, that armed bad guys who are often under the influence of drugs and who have no firearms training are over-matched and defeated when they target a gun owner.” (Bearing Arms)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sorry About Last Few Days

I'm suffering from a very painful eye infection that started last Wednesday and got to the nasty point on Thursday. I spent Thursday running back and forth between doctors with my son driving, since I still can't drive with only one eye. It's a little better now but I'm still only down to mostly a half an eye which makes it hard to type, or drive. Its slowly getting better (emphasis on SLOWLY), but I still can't type very easily. It's still painful to keep even one eye open (or closed) It'll be another few days before I can get back to work. Even typing this is hard to do. Keep watch. I'll be back to work as soon as I can. Hopefully by Monday. You know how it is with us “old folks.” Things go wrong.I don't have a big staff. My staff is three: me, myself, and I.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hillary Wins Iowa

Which is not surprising on several counts. First, she only had TWO opponents, fighting over the total percentage points, while the Republican winner (Cruz) had NINE, or more. Still she only won by a “razor thin margin” over an ADMITTED socialist. Which Democrats usually do if the race is close. And the Democrats who run things behind the scenes want her to win BADLY. It's easy to finagle the votes if the race is close, and the Democrats are good at stealing close elections. Things will get closer in the next election, as other candidates drop out. As “Whosis” did, and Huckabee did, when both found out the miserable smallness of their results.. I did finally find out “Whosis was named O'Malley, although I still can't find out what state he used to govern. I'll have to dig deeper. I expect even more, on both sides, to drop out, making it even easier to win with NO competition.. People say people like me just hate Hillary, for no reason. WRONG! I have many good reasons not to like this bimbo. But I don't “HATE” her. I just have no use for her, for many good reasons, chief among them is that she thinks the rules do not apply to her. Second, she IS a socialist, even if she vehemently denies it. At least, Bernie ADMITS it. Just listen to what both support. They're all socialist positions. Third, she will probably go to PRISON if the FBI ever gets off it's butt and indicts her for playing “fast and loose” with government secrets. But they probably wont, at least until after the election when it's even harder to "get" her. (Town Hall)

No God In Islam

Muslims insist that Allah is not the “same God Christians worship,” and they're right. There IS no God in Islam. Islam is a POLITICAL MOVEMENT DISGUISED as a religion, so they can take advantage of the “perks” we offer to religions. It was started by a pedophile who had a nine-year-old “wife,” and APPROVED of screwing little children, thus creating a “rape culture” where screwing little boys (and girls) was “a cultural thing.” Where they're so afraid of another man wanting to have sex with their women they insist on them never going outside by themselves, and must be accompanied by a male member of their family, and wearing what amounts to a TENT. They know that, in their “Rape culture,” that is an easy possibility. Allah does not exist. He is a “made-up entity” to facilitate worship by ignorant people, and Muslim leaders work HARD to keep most Muslims ignorant, especially the women, who are barred from going to school, by law, in Muslim-run countries. In addition, the Koran instructs Muslims to KILL people who follow other religions, or convert them to Islam. (CNS News)

Gun Hater Gets Shot

She needed a gun, desperately. But she didn't have one, so she got shot. Unfortunately, even though she survived, she will probably not learn a lesson from being shot. The only reason she and her daughter survived is because the criminal allowed it, and didn't finish the job. Andrea Koller, a teacher who is very vocal in her opposition to guns (saying nothing about the criminals and their violence) tried bravely to stop the criminal from pistol-whipping her daughter, and got shot. Why the criminals didn't finish the job, I don't know. Maybe her fighting them frightened them off. Most criminals are cowards, of course, so that's quite possible. She'll probably redouble her efforts against guns, but not against the criminals who USE guns to commit violence. As with most people who hate guns, this woman had NO “situational awareness” as the criminals “shadowed her” right to the hotel entrance while she was blissfully unaware of their presence until they started pistol-whipping her daughter. THEN she woke up and ran out to help her daughter, and got shot. If she had HAD a gun, the situation might have turned out differently, But she will not realize that. The chances that the gun used by the criminals was registered is very small, so no law would have made any difference—except one that allowed HER to be armed. (Bearing Arms).

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The New ISIS "Tank"

THE NEW ISIS “TANK”: Funny. I thought tanks weren't made out of wood, didn't run on wheels, and didn't use drain pipes with a cork in it as a long gun. This is a good example of the scams ISIS (and whatever other names they use) run on gullible Muslims to “strike fear into their hearts.” I laughed until I almost had a stroke when I saw it. Damn! I really NEEDED a good laugh! (Twitchy)

Repealing the Second Amendment?

That's what some liberals are talking about. They remind us that the 18th Amendment was repealed when it was found to be WRONG. But the Second is NOT wrong. If it ever got repealed (and that's a distinct possibility, with all the stupid people out there are who vote—and many of them are in the Congress). Of course, if it happened, a lot of honest, law-abiding people would have to become criminals, and buy their guns ILLEGALLY, like criminals do. So they can defend themselves against the ILLEGAL guns the criminals all have. The short-sighted people who would vote for this abomination should be the FIRST people to be shot by those criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists whop don't care about ANY law. (Bearing Arms)

Peaceful Race Relations

Hope for peaceful race relations is bleak. Why is that? Because that's how Obama wants it. It makes him more powerful if one group is pitted against another. He can make more laws and regulations to control people more completely if they're fighting amongst themselves. In addition, they don't pay any attention to the fool things he does. He USES racism for his own purposes. He told us that, if we elected him, that would forever destroy racism. That was one of his first lies to the nation on a presidential level. Further, he does all he can to FEED what racism still exists. Aside from CHOOSING to be black (he's only half black) so he can blame ALL his opposition on racism, he works tirelessly to “whip up” racism by reading racism into many innocent activities.

The rise of the “Black Lives Matter' movement is all part of that. Another example is the black boycott against the Oscars who are whining that no blacks have been nominated this year, calling THAT racism. Today's racism is not the same as your father's racism. Today, it is BLACK racism against WHITE people. White racism against black people was almost gone when he took over. Otherwise, why would America elect a half-black man rumored to have been born in Yemen, president? But now it is increasing because of the black racism against whites, which is now in danger of overrunning the nation. It is now in danger of being “enshrined” into law, as the old “white against black” racism used to be. Blacks used to be resentful about “black only” water fountains. Now, flushed with success, they're now DEMANDING “black only water fountains.” (Town Hall)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Dedicated Cop Disarmed

A decorated cop disarmed: Why? Because he can't sleep at night, and sought treatment for it. So now he has to give up his guns. A decorated cop and a Navy veteran who has never misused a gun, not even while he can't sleep. This 30-year retired cop had his guns confiscated after an obviously incompetent doctor mistakenly diagnosed him as “unstable” during a hospital stay to treat INSOMNIA. He is now suing the State of New York, alleging that Gov. Cuomo and other officials violated his Second Amendment rights. This is an example of what can happen in today's INSANITY over “gun control.” It's unconstitutional as hell, but they do it, anyway, and force those injured by their actions to spend money to go to court and get it reversed—after MONTHS, sometimes YEARS of enforcing their “flights of fancy” on many innocent people. They'll try ANY TRICK to take your guns away. In the North East now, and where YOU live, next. (Survival Joe)

Living In A Dream World

That's how professionals describe Obama as he assures us ISIS is NOT an “existential threat” to the United States. Many people today don't even know what an “existential threat” IS, considering the state of America's schools, today as they go about teaching the kids “political correctness” and all about the Koran—but NEVER the Bible, which is the handbook of OUR religion, OR about real history. They say he should ask some of the millions of innocent people they have killed—Oh, yeah—he can't. They're dead. And they note that there have been more Islamic terrorist acts IN America during his administration than during ANY previous one. If this fool would ever “wise up” I might even support him. But that ain't gonna happen. He's too incompetent. (CNS News)

Typical Lying Poll

You've probably heard about the “poll” that says MOST Americans would be okay with buying a “smart gun.” the TRUTH is, they didn't poll “most” Americans. They polled anti-gun people who wouldn't own guns, and are afraid of them. As with most liberal “polls,” they ask questions guaranteed to get the responses they want, and they only “poll” people they KNOW will be on their side. Like one poll one day where they “found” that “most Americans” WANTED the Democrats to win the election. What they didn't tell you is that they “polled” the people who lived in a heavily liberal, Democrat voting area, or held their poll in the lobby of the Democrat headquarters, and ONLY them. If ANYBODY answered “wrong,” they left that out. The questions might be something like, “When did you quit beating your wife?” with nowhere to answer otherwise. This is how “polls” MAKE the news, not report it. Never believe ANY “poll.” Not even on the conservative side. (Hot Air)