Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Unlawful Crime Reports

It started (I think) with “Mothers Demand Action,” who put out an item telling their fools to “report a crime” whenever they see anybody carrying a gun, if they were “doubtful” about their intentions and make the cops think a crime is in progress, or about to be. In at least one case, such a report resulted in an honest man's DEATH at the hands of the cops, who believed the “report.” That's about the crappiest, underhanded thing they could do, to use the cops to advance their agenda. That's more than “activism, it's a vile CRIME. And the cops, who never know whether or not the report is real until they get there and assess the situation often get into shooting scrapes with innocent legal gun carriers because of such nefarious “reports,” and sometimes KILL them. Those people who call in such reports ought to be charged with MURDER. Laws are in the process to make such reports, called, “SWATing,” illegal. When they call, they always make comments like, “He is acting very threatening,” which make the cops very “trigger happy.” These people are FOMENTING VIOLENCE and should be punished. Under a federal law now being considered in Congress, such people would possibly face up to 20 years in prison and a hefty fine. (Constitution)

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