Friday, February 26, 2016

Now It Is Told

Hillary is a drug-using lesbian who wants to kill a former lover of Bill's because she's about to publish her memoirs, which include many things Bill told her about Hillary—and which might explain his “zipper down” policy regarding other women. Maybe he feels that if he can't get it at home, he should be able to get it elsewhere. According to Sally Miller, a former beauty queen, his purported former mistress, he not only revealed Hillary's sexual preference to her, he also did what appeared to be cocaine in her presence and told her Hillary did drugs, too, and that she didn't like sex (with men, apparently). I don't know how true this is—you know how Bill lies to make himself look better. But this does explain the fact that, while Bill is screwing every woman he can get into his bed, there has never been a breath of scandal about Hillary's sex life. She's apparently a lot more discreet about it than he is,, if this is true. She says Hillary doesn't care what is said about Bill, but she's afraid of what he may have told Sally. So Sally sleeps with a gun by her side, with a “guard dog” close by. (World Net Daily)

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