Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Can't Always Trust Cops

Judges will usually take a cop’s word over the word of a citizen, and many of them use that to their advantage, thinking that, since they “know” the subject is guilty, it’s okay to “falsify evidence” to get ”one more bad guy off the street.” One problem is, sometimes their “bad guy” isn’t a “bad guy,” THEY are. In this case, the cops are heard on their own dash camera feed admitting they had no search warrant, and talking about “planting” drugs they had in their car to make it look like a “righteous search,” which is wasn’t. They did this in such a routine fashion, it makes you wonder how often this has been done. But they forgot their own dash cam and got caught. They even phonied-up blood tests, according to the victim. This case points up the fact that such raids must be looked at a lot closer than they are, to uncover the illegal acts of overzealous, if not criminal acts of the cops, themselves. In any case, it shows that their unsupported word should not be accepted, unquestioned, by ANY court. (Last Resistance)

Punish the Majority

That’s the military way. When ONE member of a unit does something wrong, they punish the whole unit, hoping members of the unit will punish the “evildoer” for making the whole unit suffer. But that doesn’t work in the matter of keeping soldiers on military bases unarmed because 20% come back from Iraq or Afghanistan as “damaged goods” likely to take their guns and shoot their fellow soldiers. To solve that problem, let the 80% responsible soldiers be armed so they can defend themselves. As in the private sector, you don’t buy self-defense by DISARMING us. But they don’t know that. In government, the most simplistic method is the one used. And it IS “simplistic” to disarm ALL military personnel on base rather than disarm only those likely to misuse their guns, so that 80% can put a stop to any of their number who want to shoot up the place before they can kill as many people. People around with their own guns that a would-be shooter don’t necessarily know are armed is the answer—not disarming everybody. But that’s their way, which is why so many die. (Just common sense)

NY Times Alters Sign

In its story about the sign a SC bar owner posted insulting gun owners, they showed a completely different sign than the one in which he called gun carriers “losers” who are so afraid to go out without a gun, he didn’t want your business. ´Well, okay. He won’t get ANY of mine and I think I’ll try not to insult HIM. But he doesn’t need to insult me, and other gun owners if he’s so big and brave he doesn’t need one. This sign reflects the arrogance of most anti-gun fools, and the NY Times, owned by a concealed carry holder, is afraid to post his REAL sign while they make him out to be a victim. It’s typical cowardice on their part, shielding this coward from the righteous wrath of people who wish simply to be able to defend themselves against CRIMINALS, who get their guns ILLEGALLY, anyway. (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Muslim Rapes Small Boy

A Muslim man, member of the Muslim Brotherhood, RAPED a six-year-old boy because he didn‘t agree with something the boy was saying. This is how Muslims think they have a right to act, under Sharia Law. I think this guy just has a “thing” for small boys, and not agreeing with him was just an excuse. Can anybody show me an instance where a NON-Muslim has done such a thing and not been put away with the key thrown away? Just when you think you’ve heard the worst about Muslims, they do something even worse than that! And these people want to rule the world, and bring their “values” to us! Such stupidity knows no bounds! You can’t make this stuff up, folks! Human minds just can’t conceive of the depravity of what Muslims DO! And Obama APPROVES of what these people do! (Pamela Geller)

"Obama Wants to Pay....."

You could end the statement right there and always be right, so long as we’re talking about “other people’s money,” other wise known as tax money. In this case, he wants us to pay a larger amount to the UN and other USELESS international organizations like it. I think we should PULL OUT of the UN because it IS useless and throw them out of New York. Our politicians seem to be totally ignorant of just how much of our money they “suck up” while doing NOTHING for us and a LOT for other countries, mostly dictatorships. It’s amazing to me how much politicians can ignore and still get elected or appointed to powerful offices. When it comes to spending our money, they’re the best. (CNS News)

Jailed for Legal Carry?

“A person can legally open carry without any kind of permit in the state of Michigan. But if someone wants to carry concealed, he needs a permit. I frankly don’t understand these laws or why any kind of government permit needs to be issued in the first place whether you want to wear a handgun hidden inside your pants or carry it out in the open on your hip.” The reason is that politicians want it to be so, and they set out to make laws to MAKE it so. Besides, there's also those "license FEES." Never mind their laws are unconstitutional, they will be enforced right up to the minute a court declares them unconstitutional. There are people in prison TODAY for violating a law that was subsequently declared to be unconstitutional, but they’re still there.

It takes years of effort and lots of money to get them released, even though the law they were convicted under is no more. In this case, apparently the cop decided on his own that this man’s gun was not “open carried” and arrested him. This is typical over response for some cops. Some cops are viciously anti-gun and arrest people on gun charges every tine they get a chance. Other, smarter cops do not. They wish EVERYBODY could be armed to make their jobs much easier. This guy spent Christmas in the pokey because of this cop’s stupid action and was released without charges when “wiser heads” intervened. But that doesn’t help his ruined Christmas and the cop most likely will NOT be punished. He’s suing, and if he wins, the money will be paid by the taxpayers—not the people responsible. (Last Resistance)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Racists Under Every Bed

Things today remind me of the fifties, where liberals said conservatives “saw communists under every bed.” Only the communists aren’t “under beds” any more. They’re now running the country, starting with Barack Obama (And if you don’t think he is a communist, at least in his thinking, remember, he was BORN to communists, raised by them, had communist mentors and best friends so it’s not surprising that he thinks like a communist. Now they speak openly of their communist principles of “sharing the wealth,” “equality of outcome,”  “raising minimum wage” for people with no talents or abilities, etc. They now call themselves “progressives” in an attempt to fool us.) Add to that being raised in Muslim schools, and you shouldn’t be surprised if he also thinks like a Muslim) But I digress; this is not about communists. This is about racists. I was surprised it took so long for liberals to “play the race card” in their dispute with Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

They weren’t succeeding in their bullying attempts to take over control of his land, so they had the New York Times “doctor” some of his words to make it SOUND like he is a racist, while in actuality, he is a great SUPPORTER of black interests and an ACTIVIST, commiserating with them over their treatment by this government. Lloyd Marcus (a black writer) doesn’t believe Bundy is a racist and, like me, is surprised it took liberals so long to use their favorite “dirty trick.” Tarring Bundy with the “racist” label. Bundy’s only problem is that he is not “media savvy” and made a speech in which he commiserated with blacks about their treatment at the hands of this government, saying he wondered if that hadn’t been “better off under slavery” than now. He doesn’t understand how horrible their treatment WAS under slavery, with them being “owned” by another man, whipped, beaten, and killed at his whim. That’s not racism, that’s just ignorance. But Harry Reid wants his land for his “sun power” installations, to be run profitably by his son, and he isn’t afraid to “bully” him to get it; or to ruin him.

Reid needs to be “shut down,” along with his “progressive” (communist) friends who are trying to take over land all over the country, not just in the West. Marcus says, “Black relatives of mine (several died young) lived wasted lives because they were addicted to government dependency. They were Democrat party slaves, enslaved with chains far more powerful than steel; mental and emotional slavery. My relatives were robbed of the self-esteem, pride and joy of individual achievement and earning ones way. Democrats and liberal media, I trump your race card against Bundy with my Truth and Righteousness card. You lose! Go peddle your despicable crap elsewhere. I am a black conservative whose admiration and respect for Cliven Bundy remains unwavering. Mr. Bundy, myself along with millions of good decent Americans have your back. Hang in there my patriot brother. God bless.” Then consider the black employee of Clive Bundy who told an aghast CNN reporter he “would take a bullet for that man,” that he had “always treated me like a member of the family,” and I’m convinced. Harry, leave this man alone! Go peddle your papers elsewhere. (Right Face!)

They'll Call It Racism

An out-of-control black thug attacked a man on the street and rightfully got the hell beat out of himself. Liberals will call it racism because the man who did it was white. They’ll ignore the fact that the man tried to ignore him in his rants until he threw the first punch. Only then did the white man DEFEND himself, leaving off when his friend got through to him in his fury and he stopped while the black man WAS still conscious. But like with Trayvon Martin, him being the aggressor makes no difference. They’ll call it racism, anyway, though neither of the white men involved showed ANY racism, whatsoever. The race whores use every situation possible to promote their imaginary racist agenda. This is how these fools get things started. By twisting facts until they're unrecognizable.(American Overlook)

Bloomberg Defunds "Moms"

Former New York Mayor, billionaire anti-gun fool Bloomberg has “defunded” “Moms Demand Action for Gunsense” because he “thought I was paying…for something else.” But he doesn’t say what he THOUGHT he was paying for. He admits he enjoys bossing people around and “Moms” always did what they were told. He says he didn’t realize he was funding a redundant second gun control organization. Maybe he just liked bossing a bunch of ignorant women around. Mark Glaze, director of “Mayors Against Guns” was going to say something else at this press conference, but Bloomberg yanked the chain attached to his suit and he went away. All this makes you wonder: just what did he THINK he was buying? (Bearing Arms)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

What Kind of Damned Fools ARE We?

To believe that load of lying crap being fed us by the New York Times (which lost all its credibility a long time ago) about Cliven Bundy? Bundy is NOT a racist, and never will be! He was an ACTIVIST for black betterment! One of his black employees told a CNN reporter he would “take a bullet for that man.” That “he always treated me like a member of the family.” But they don’t want to hear things like that. All they want to do is react to a NYT “cherry-picked” report that makes it LOOK like Bundy is a racist when his FULL comments, when heard, tell you he was COMMISERATING with blacks and Hispanics over their treatment by this government. But they don’t want to hear that, either. So, in one fell swoop, Bundy’s fight is lost (They will call ME a racist for this).

People who supported him but didn’t really know him, including some top-rated politicians who SHOULD know better, have now distanced themselves from him and ceased to support him in his fight to save his ranch from the greedy fingers of Harry Reid and the feds. I really hate the dastardly tactics of the liberals who use phony racist charges to win their battles. And Bundy is not the only one being tarred by this brush. Even the owner of the Clippers, who probably IS a racist, is being used as a bad example that is being (as usual) attributed to the REPUBLICANS, completely forgetting it was the DEMOCRATS who were (and are) the racists in the picture all along, fighting against the civil rights act, holding memberships in the KKK, turning fire hoses on Martin Luther King’s marchers, etc. This is a fool world we’re living in, and I’ll be well out of it when my time comes. (Just common sense)

Democrat Ousted In DC

Ho, hum…another Democrat caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Democrat Mayor Vincent Gray was ousted by a young, good-looking female council member because they found out a $668.999.00 “slush fund” his supporters conned out of citizens was done illegally and he knew about it. It’s not quite the drug bust and prison term that derailed a previous DC mayor, but it’s indicative. Is it just my imagination, or are more Democrats being exposed as election cheats now than before? Maybe their “dirty tricks” are just getting too old and too many people know about them. But it seems the Democrats who claim there is NO “election fraud” are proven to be lying. (Mail News)

Voter ID ...Not

Restricting ownership of guns in New York is okay, according to the New York Times (whose owner is a “carrier”) but requiring people to prove who they are in order to VOTE is not. It would seem to me that requiring proof of identification in order to vote is  “no brainer,” but to the New York Times apparently it is not. So I guess the Democrats are still free to have their people vote ten times (or more) each to elect Democrats. Meanwhile, the “Safe Law” that is DE FACTO gun ban in New York is also okay. Both are constitutionally protected but NYT apparently doesn’t care. They LIKE gun control but they DON’T like ID control for voters. So I guess Deocrats will just keep on stealing elections, as they did in both of Obama’s elections. That DOES explain how Obama got re-elected when he was so roundly disliked by most Americans. He’s “got the fix in.” (The Truth About Guns)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sorry Folks

I had to bury my wife of 40 plus years yesterday and I was sick all day in the bargain, starting at 3 AM. I just didn’t feel up to working.

Cliven A Black ADVOCATE

As I thought, the New York Times “cherry-picked” words from Cliven’s statement to make it LOOK like he was a racist when he has always been an ADVOCATE for blacks AND Hispanics and has always worked for their betterment. His comments were COMMISERATING with them on their being “held down” by a government who gave them JUST ENOUGH  to stay alive, but little more while making sure the only work available to them if they DID work was low-paying and like slavery. Damn, I get tired of the continual attempts by liberals to demonize good people. They have abdicated their responsibility to bring us REAL news, and bring us only their idea of what it SHOULD be. They need to be shut down through nobody reading their trash any more. Like most other liberal dominated newspapers are today. Click the link below and read what he DID say; ALL of it, compared with the “finely edited” New York Times version. (Pat Dollard)

CCW Holder Stops Stabbing

A man stole a drill from the Home Depot in Roseville (I presume Michigan, they didn’t say) and when security stopped him, he started stabbing them with a possibly contaminated syringe. A man with a concealed carry permit saw this and pulled his gun, stopping the stabbing. He made the attacker “get on the ground,” but he ran when he heard approaching sirens and was apprehended by Roseville cops. This proves yet again my contention that ONE person with his own gun can stop crime and apprehend criminals. This guy did it without firing a shot. (Detroit Free Press)

Even A Second Grader Knows

Even a 7-year-old can see how stupid “Common Core” math is, and does what they make into a complicated system IN HIS HEAD. As with “new math,” which liberals tried to palm off on us way back when, he rejects it, and will CONTINUE to reject it as his intelligence level grows. I don’t know why liberals keep trying to mess with simple math, but they think they’re the sharpest knife in the drawer, I guess. That’s common with stupid people. They have no idea how stupid they are, and think they’re the smartest people around. This kid probably got a bad grade because he didn’t do it “their way.”  I remember when I was in school. I usually got the right answers, but got low grades because I didn't "do it their way." (The Blaze)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Signing Up"

Obama is proud of the numbers of people “signing up” for his abortion called Obamacare. It’s actually called, “The Affordable Health Care Act,” buy it’s far from “affordable,” no matter what he calls it. The premiums are two to THREE times as high as any plan before it and the thousand dollar deductibles makes it USELESS as insurance unless there is a catastrophic illness or accident. But people “signing up” at the point of a gun does not count in my book. Furthermore, as the “keeper of the figures,” I think he is claiming many more “signups” than reality. Glenn McCoy often gets it right, but this is so "right on" I hope he doesn't mind my using it to illustrate my point.  (Just common sense)

This Used To Be Me

They did a video called, “Wall Dogs” to illustrate the dangers involved in creating those amazingly detailed and photographically real signs on walls many feet above the sidewalk. The “wall dogs’ illustrated don’t look like much, but they’re not only very brave, they're amazingly talented. I can’t do it any more, but I respect those who still do. Most of the sign painting field no longer exists, due to the emergence of sign making computers. People no longer hand paint window signs, trucks or automobiles or even show cards. It’s all done now by a computer, using people who have no idea how to really DESIGN a sign to lead the eye where it’s supposed to go. Today, you get perfect letters, but that’s about all. And the buyers wonder why signs no longer are as effective as they used to be—except for the ones on walls, which will always have to be hand-painted by the “wall dogs” until they invent something other than paint that will adhere to a wall. Then the “wall dogs” will go into the “mists of history” like all other sign painters, including me. (The Blaze)

Whipping Up Business

Leland Yee was a well-known anti-gun fool in California until he was caught “running guns” to terrorists. What a way to whip up business than to get your product banned to make it easier to sell to criminals WITHOUT the controls put on legal gun sales? And this is a California LAWMAKER doing these things. He’s an elected official in that state, and a TRAITOR to boot, selling guns, and even shoulder-fired MISSILES to Islamic TERRORISTS so they can kill more people with them. Every American (or anybody else) who dies from something he sold is “blood on HIS hands.” How many more are out there like him who haven’t been caught yet? I think a close look at ALL the anti-gun fools is in order. Especially the ones who themselves carry guns or hire gun-toting bodyguards while denying us he same right. This kind of stuff really raises my bile! “Hasten Jason, bring the basin! Erp, slop, bring the mop!" (Bearing Arms)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Don't "Sign Up"

Obama wants every American to “sign up” for Obamacare. But he doesn’t care about your health care, he wants your private information so he can later LOOT your bank account and you won’t be able to do anything about it once he has that information. In the “source code” for his highly vaunted, but unworkable web site, it tells you that you “have no expectation of privacy” with regard to ANY information you give them. What that means is they can give the information you give them to ANYBODY or use it in any way they desire. Couple that with the fact that the web site DEMANDS your personal information BEFORE you can even SHOP to see what plan suits you best and “signs you up” for whatever plan you merely ASK about without allowing you to “opt out,” and you can see why I say, “Don’t sign up” on that web site. Ever. Yes, Obama’s thugs will come after you and try to FINE you if you don’t. But that fine is still less than “signing up” will cost you, period.  If you MUST sign up, do it "man to man," not on this web site and DON'T give them your personal information (And yes, NSA readers, I didn't advise them to violate your stupid law, so stay off my back).. (Eagle Rising)

"Communist America"

That’s what Obama is building. Pro communists will ridicule me for saying his, of course  (that’s how they work), because the communist word is that “communism is dead” since it  “collapsed” in Russia. But it didn’t. That was a ruse to “put us to sleep,” and that’s what Gorbachev told his lawmaking body. And it worked. Just suggest that communism is still “alive and well” and you get laughed at. And you will continue to be laughed at until this is “Communist America.” Has anyone noticed that THE SAME PEOPLE are “in charge” in Russia and they are still a SOCIALIST government? Socialism is just ONE kind of collectivism. Communism is another. Obama was born to a communist mother and father, his mentors were all communists, all his friends are communists (or Muslims) or both.

Why is anybody surprised that his THINKING is communist? He talks the communist line of “income redistribution” all the time and all his policies are communist. His “signature legislation,” Obamacare, is a “communist wet dream.” Why can’t people SEE that? Why does Congress give him a “free pass” on his continual ignoring of the Constitution? How are we ever going to get rid of him with more than 50% of Americans on one kind of a “dole” or another with him controlling things? Like Germany and Russia before us, we (not me) are “voting ourselves into slavery.” Give us another few years and we will be communism’s next “showcase country.” Just as Russia was for 75 years until they could no longer keep up the scam. (Eagle Rising)

Obama's "Protection Racket"

There’s no doubt about it: Obamacare IS a “protection racket” run by the government and enforced by the IRS, one of the most corrupt and lawless organizations there is. Picture this: a couple of thugs carrying baseball bats walks into a business and starts breaking the place up. The owner objects and the thugs tell him if he “pays them off” on a regular basis, they’ll stop breaking up his place, so he pays. In Obama’s case, he ruins a perfectly good medical profession with a flawed and unconstitutional law that forces insurance companies all over the country to cancel millions of health insurance policies, which forces them to look elsewhere. Somewhere APPROVED by Obama. The prices for these policies ate twice to three times higher because they are forced, by this law, to include coverage people neither need, nor want. Included is a “deductible” that amounts to THOUSANDS of dollars, making it USELESS as insurance. All this backed up by the THREAT of being FINED by up to one percent of their income if they don’t “sign up” by a date certain. That’s what a “protection racket” is, and Obama’s running it. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Criminaliing Free Speech

Recently “Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) introduced ‘The Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014’ (S.2219), which seeks ‘to examine the prevalence of hate crime and hate speech on the Internet, television, and radio to better address such crimes.’ Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) introduced a companion bill in the House – H.R. 3878.” This bill basically enacts a “Sharia-like” law that bans ANY criticism of Islam, true or not, as “hate speech.” And who decides what CONSTITUTES “hate speech?” The complainant, of course, and the ENFORCER of this very SUBJECTIVE law which will be so obviously AGAINST the Constitution it should not even be CONSIDERED. But with Democrats and Muslims in the Congress, it will be. But hopefully “wiser heads” will prevail. Especially if this bill (or bills) become as controversial as I hope they will be. What I can’t understand is why we allow representatives of our ENEMIES to make laws for us. Why would ANYBODY with a lick of sense elect a MUSLIM to be a lawmaker?Muslims hate everything that is American! Somebody who was brought up from BIRTH to hate America and NOT understand how our system of laws works? (Freedom Outpost)

Kobe Waits for Facts

Kobe Bryant refuses to join in the literal lynching of George Zimmerman for killing  a young black thug who was trying HARD to kill HIM, without knowing the FACTS. Apparently, if you’re black, you have to “toe the line” and agree with the things other blacks demand of you or you’re in trouble. “I won’t react to something just because I’m supposed to, because I’m an African-American,” he said. “That argument doesn’t make any sense to me. So we want to advance as a society and a culture, but, say, if something happens to an African-American we immediately come to his defense? Yet you want to talk about how far we’ve progressed as a society? Well, we’ve progressed as a society, then don’t jump to somebody’s defense just because they’re African-American. You sit and you listen to the facts just like you would in any other situation, right? So I won’t assert myself.” The “black community” doesn’t like this. They want him to go ahead and condemn George Zimmerman WITHOUT facts, and he won’t. Good for him! Of course, that same “black community will call me racist for agreeing with Kobe. But that means NOTHING to me. Obama has already done it because I disagree violently with his policies. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS and skin color means NOTHING to me. I judge Obama to be a fool and a jerk and I don’t care if he’s black, white, or PURPLE. Kobe is right, he is WRONG. (Eagle Rising)

Mafia Making Laws?

If the Mafia managed to get a law passed FORCING every American citizen to pay “protection money” and it was then “the law of the land,:” would politicians enforce that law even after its architects were out of office? That’s what is happening today. Maybe it isn’t the mafia, but it IS a “protection racket.” And it IS being FORCED upon us even if that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Yes, I know it has been “judged” constitutional, but that’s by a “bought” justice in the Supreme Court, who IGNORED the fact that NOWHERE in the Constitution is Congress and the president allowed to FORCE us to buy ANYTHING. They call it “settled law,” but there is no such thing. SLAVERY was “settled law for a long time,” but has wisely been outlawed. This “law” is just as wrong and should be REPEALED. But it won’t be, because today’s politicians are to “weasel-necked” to do it  They have allowed Obama to prostitute the Constitution every day since he was "elected." (Just common sense)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Retroactive Abortion

Megan Huntsman wanted to abort her babies but she waited too long. If she’d killed them a few minutes earlier, while they were still in the womb, it would have been okay because that would have simply been abortion. But she strangled or otherwise suffocated six of seven babies AFTER birth, giving the term “afterbirth” a whole new meaning. One child was already dead, so she didn’t need to murder him/her as she did the others. To me, however, a parent who murders their baby while still in the womb is STILL just as guilty of murder as she, no matter what nine old men (and maybe one or two women) wearing black robes said, twisting the Constitution completely out of proportion. Abortion for medical reasons is okay, even to me. But for CONTRACEPTION purposes. It is NOT. This would be MURDER for the CONVENIENCE of the parents. And not for the result of rape, either. There is such a thing as ADOPTION, not murder.  What she did was a very loose look at what those “black robed fools” said. (CNN)

"Environmental Concerns" ...NOT

They can’t get rid of gun parts manufacturers by laws against guns, so now they’re trumping up “environmental concerns” to use in closing them down or causing them to have to spend so much money defending themselves against  phony environmental accusations they go out of business. The claim here is “high lead levels” from dealing with once-fired cartridges. Of course, those high levels are only detected in “studies” controlled by the ATF and other government anti-gun fool organizations. Are they going to start raiding private reloaders because THEY also are subject to those high lead levels? How about taking loaded guns away from people to “keep them safe” from lead? These people will do anything, try anything, no matter how much of a stretch to get our guns away from us on SOME pretext. (Bearing Arms)

Terrorists Afraid of Elections

Terrorists are deathly AFRAID of elections. Especially when nobody can know who voted for what, so they can’t retaliate for a vote that goes against them. So they attack the elections themselves, in hopes of stopping a vote they KNOW will go against their interests. They did that, and HAVE done it before in Afghanistan, where our POLITICIANS (notably Ovomit) are fast LOSING the war for us by “cutting and running.” We’re probably better off OUT of that war because of the INSANE “rules of engagement” forced on the troops by this damfool president. Those “rules” have caused the death toll for our troops to TRIPLE since he took office and imposed them. (Mail News)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

"It'll Cost You More"

But it WILL. Obama said, “Nobody should go broke because they get sick!” So now he’s making them go broke when they DON’T get sick. Doubling and tripling their premiums while applying multi-THOUSAND dollar co-pays and deductibles does NOT “lower their costs for health insurance,” making the entire NAME of his stupid law a LIE. And his words made it worse. He called it “The AFFORDABLE Care Act,” but it is ANYTHING BUT affordable It will cost you more at every turn by making it “one size fits all” coverage that increases your cost immeasurably. But he still insists it will cost you less while it is, in reality, costing you more at every level. Just think about the 20 or more new TAXES that have been laid on in that law. That will cost ALL of us a lot more even if we don’t “sign up” for his con. This is the biggest “bill of goods” ever foisted upon the American people by a con man. It’s even bigger than AlGore’s global warming scam which held that distinction until until this law was passed. (Daily Kos) Remember, this is the "Daily Kos," one of the most liberal sites there is. so don't believe the drivel they put out. Especilly that crap about the Koch Bros.

"Retrograde Idiots"

Writing in the Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf “lets the anti-gun cult have both barrels.” Of course, he was using his pen (figuratively), rather than a gun.” After the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, many in the American media insisted that the tragedy should prompt a ‘conversation about gun control.’ These articles were written as if there had never been such a conversation. In fact, the issue has been debated for decades. Given the results, I argued, there was no reason to presume that a new conversation would end in more gun control. That conversation has now come and gone. The result? More laws to take guns away from honest people and NO action to make it more costly in terms of punishment for criminals who USE guns in the commission of a crime.” This is “business as usual” for the “anti-gun fools.” (Bearing Arms)

This Is A Crime!

This paper was written by a COLLEGE student and got an A-. It should have gotten an F because it is full of misspellings and misused words plus grammatical errors. It shows complete ignorance of the English language. But it is an example of the kind of school work that gets passing grades today, which is why many college graduates can’t even read their own DIPLOMAS. The lack of educational excellence today is pathetic. And Democrats (liberals) want it that way. Ignorant people are easier to manipulate. (The Blaze)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Overgunned, Undertrained

That’s the problem with many cops. That’s why we’re seeing so many stories about cops shooting unarmed people (sometimes in the back, while their hands are raised) or killing dogs who come up to them wanting a little loving. They’re so afraid of dogs, you’d better hide your dogs if you call them. In other cases, you call them to protect someone you love, and they KILL him/her, thinking (erroneously) that they are a danger to them. But anti-gun fools never take such things into consideration. They think cops and feds are the only people who should be armed, even though they have proven themselves to be MORE liable than private citizens to use their guns in a bad way—and get away with it because their superiors know they, themselves, might need to be “judged” for the same thing later by their compadres. (NBC)

Does It Reduce Crime?

This article asks the question: “Does the increase in self-defense killings of criminals in Detroit mean a decrease in crime?” It certainly SHOULD. Unless the number of armed criminals rises significantly, it HAS to. For two reasons: one, there’ll be fewer violent criminals alive; and two, those left alive will find something else to do. That’s only common sense, and the new Detroit Police Chief agrees. Violent crime has gotten so high people are arming themselves in droves. Sometimes their guns are “illegal” under current anti-gun laws, but the criminals aren’t any deader than if they were shot by a “certified” gun. Intelligent politicians will notice this and make laws accordingly. Stupid ones (in the majority, unfortunately) will not, and more honest people will die. (The Blaze)

Koch Brothers "Attacks?"

KOCH BROS. “ATTACKS?” That communist-inspired magazine, “The nation,” says the Koch Brothers are “attacking” Democrats, and they’re right. But what they don’t tell you is that anything the Koch Brothers does against Democrats is IN RETALIATION for Democrat false attacks on THEM. This is how these fools always work. They show us examples of the ‘Koch Brothers’ Attacks” on Democrats while IGNORING the many Democrat false attacks on the Koch Brothers. You can hardly look at the liberal media every day without seeing MANY false Democrat attacks (some in Congress itself) on the Koch Brothers. Aren’t they entitled to ANSWER those phony Democrat attacks? Cmawn! They SAY the Democrat ads are "pushback" to answer Koch "lies," but it's just the other way around; Koch Brothers ads are to answer DEMOCRAT lies. (The Nation)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Blooberg's Pipe Dream

BLOOMBERG’S PIPE DREAM: Former NY Mayor Bloomberg continues his epic war on guns and gun ownership. He is now investing $50 million dollars in a new group called, “Everytown for Gun Safety”  (what a STUPID name!) that he hopes will crush The NRA (National Rifle Association). But it won’t. It will not even make a DENT in the NRA because the whole thing is based on a FALLACY. The fallacy that you can ELIMINATE guns from the landscape and thus reduce gun violence. It was PROVEN to be a fallacy by recent happenings in Chicago, where the court shut down Chicago’s effective “gun ban” and violent crime predictably (to intelligent people) dropped like a stone. Chicago had the kind of laws he wants, and had the worst violent crime in the nation. It now has laws like the NRA wants, and violent crime went down, thus proving my point. (NBC News)

I May Move to Idaho

The governor there is smarter than most. His legislature has passed a measure PROHIBITING federal agents from “confiscating” (stealing) guns from Idaho residents and he has signed it. So if you’re a legal gun owner in Idaho, they can’t TOUCH you or state cops will arrest THEM. It was a unanimous vote in both houses. Basically, Idaho is telling Obama’s thugs to “go to hell.” Alaska and Kansas have similar laws, and I’m sure many other states will follow suit. Now they should go right ahead and pass similar laws banning Obamacare and telling the feds they will be in trouble if they try and enforce it on their citizens. It’s time the states told Obama who IS “in charge.” What part of “shall not infringe” does Obama and his goons not understand? (Breitbart)

"Right-Wing Conspiracy"

That’s what Democrats will call it because no less than THREE California  (Democrat) legislators have been indicted for corruption. Of course, that doesn’t even include the Charlotte, NC mayor, yet ANOTHER Democrat who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. We’ve been seeing more and more Democrats caught lately (and even a few Republicans), but mostly Democrats, like Ray Nagin, former New Orleans mayor and a NJ mayor. Then there’s the former San Diego mayor, also a Democrat and former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. I don’t have room here to mention all of them. I guess the current crop of Democrats aren’t as good at hiding their thievery as the old ones were. Leland Yee, the latest Democrat caught, was a known anti-gun fool, was caught selling guns illegally. (IJ Review)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Worse Than A Poke In the Eye

Obama says al-Qaida is beaten. That they are running for the hills. That bin Laden is dead and we are having a party. That’s a LIE. One of the biggest he’s ever told. It’s the reason why he will NOT call the Ft. Hood and Navy Yards shootings terrorism. It’s why he allowed terrorists to MURDER four of our embassy personnel while he falsely blamed it on a little-known (at the time) video nobody had, up to that point, ever seen. Now al-Qaida is “poking him in the eye” by having a “party” attended by most of the most infamous killers they have, right out in the open, with the CIA knowing nothing about it until it was all over.

Obama and Bush have both “trampled the Constitution” in order to know such things as this in advance, but it hasn’t worked. This gathering was the biggest prize we could have found, and we didn’t find it. Even CNN couldn’t find it. With one drone we could have “taken out” ALL of al-Qaida’s top leadership and we missed it. The highly vaunted, but largely useless CIA never saw it coming and al-Qaida has a big PR victory. If this keeps up, our politicians will have LOST us another war. This one will be one that DOOMS us as a non-Muslim country. They have a “message for America: 'We’re coming after you'.” But I have a message for THEM: You’ll DIE when you get here. You’ll run into armed Americans not run by Obama’s rules of engagement. (Onan Coca)

Founders' Major Mistake

The Constitution of the United States is the GOVERNING entity of the law of the land in America. But politicians all over the land IGNORE it, with impunity. They DAILY make unconstitutional laws and ENFORCE them until a court declares them to BE unconstitutional. There is NO penalty attached to introducing, OR passing an unconstitutional law and enforcing it. That was a MAJOR MISTAKE on the part of the Founders. They never envisioned ANY politician being so arrogant as to IGNORE the Constitution in their lawmaking so they laid on NO PENALTY (aside from being reversed) for so doing. Obama and other politicians all over USE that to their benefit, and our deficit. There needs to be a new amendment to the Constitution PROVIDING FOR such a penalty. But will it ever happen? Not a chance; the very people it would be designed to stop violating it would have to vote it in—and they aren’t going to do that. The time to do it was when the Constitution was WRITTEN, and they “missed the boat.” (Freedom Outpost)

Orwellian "Double Speak"

In George Orwell’s “1984,” the government had what was called, “newspeak,” but what it was, was “double-speak,” where just the opposite of what was said was the truth. We’re getting to that point today in our OWN society. For instance: The government in Maryland touts its “spending cuts,” but strangely, taxes have gone up! “Taxes increased: Income taxes, property taxes, flush taxes, rain taxes, fuel taxes, toll taxes, sales taxes, vehicle taxes, food and beverage taxes, bottle taxes, bag taxes, title taxes, death taxes, healthcare taxes. You name it. This raises an interesting question. If the government is making all of these ‘spending cuts,’ why is the government continuing to grow, and why are taxes continuing to increase?” Politicians think we’re too stupid to realize this, so they continue to LIE to us and expect us to believe it. In fact, they operate as if their words were true and ridicule us of we point out their lies. Any politician who ridicules his voters should be removed from office, immediately, for stupidity. (Freedom Outpost)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One Saved, One Dead

A six-year-old Muslim girl was sold to settle a debt by her family and was to be married to a 19-year-old man. She was saved from that “marriage” by a “crusading lawyer. “Clarion Project:  After finding out about the case, U.S. rights groups contacted American Lawyer Kimberly Motley who has been working in Afghanistan for the past five years. Motley was able to raise funds to redeem Nagma and, with the blessings of Nagma’s parents, now intends to put Nagma and her brother into Afghanistan’s National Institute of Music, a school that takes orphans and underprivileged children. Other Muslims may try to kill her for going to ANY school. The other case didn’t end as well. Her “husband,” an IMAM, was 60 and had a big penis. On finding he couldn’t push it into her tiny vagina, he just cut it open from top to bottom, including her anus. And had sex among the blood and gore while she screamed from the pain. Then he ”cleaned himself up” and left her to bleed to death, which she did by morning. Her family never knew why she died and didn’t ask. This is one of the practices that make Islam a evil “religion.” But they’re conditioned to accept it. It’s their “way of life.” If you ask about it, they say, “It’s a Muslim thing; you wouldn’t understand.” I hope I NEVER understand that kind of thing. (Bare Naked Islam)

Arrogant Cops

This is not an “anti-cop” item. It IS an “anti-officious, arrogant cop who thinks he’s king” item. This man was standing in a parking lot on private property in Fayetteville, NC drinking well-labeled ICED TEA and was confronted by a plainclothes cop who FAILED to identify himself as such, who ordered him to leave the area. When he refused, which was his right, being ordered by a STILL unidentified stranger to leave, he was thrown to the ground and “arrested” for trespass AND resisting arrest. The prosecutor wants him to take a “deal” so he can get a conviction on a SPURIOUS “CHARGE.” The whole thing was videotaped and he will ultimately win. But it will still COST him lawyer’s fees, loss of free time, lost wagers from his work, and being the victim of an unwarranted assault by that STILL “officially” unidentified cop. The whole thing hinges on whether or not the cop identified himself, which he did NOT, and that is shown on the video, which, fortunately, is not in ”the custody” of the cops. So it can’t be “mysteriously” erased before being returned. If an unidentified stranger came up to me and demanded I give him something and then attacked me, I’d slap him silly and DARE him to charge me with something. Damn the actions of SOME cops infuriate me! And their departments usually “clear” them, saying their actions were “legal,” even when they are clearly NOT. (Freedom Outpost)

These Are Muslims!

They are defined by the words of their theists: "Like all unbelievers and polytheists, Christians are filthy. They are najusa (feces, urine) — a filthy impure dirty substance.” [Yasir Qadhi, faculty member,” Rhodes College, Memphis, TN.] This is the opinion of a Muslim in a U. S. COLLEGE! They think they Are better than us, but they go out and attack PRISONS to get their people released, and BEHEAD the guards and boil them. These are the people who THINK they’re better than we are! And they’re BACKED by Barack Obama! They force their women to go about wearing what amounts to TENTS because they are so afraid somebody will want them and they’re not man enough to keep them. They treat their women like SLAVES while there is no difference for the MEN in how they dress, or where they may go without specific accompaniment. They “marry” children at 6 years of age, and that’s LEGAL in their societies. If they can't get it in, they just cut on them until it will fit. Yet they think we’re worth about as much as a puddle of URINE! How arrogant are they? How many people do WE behead and DISPLAY their severed heads in a bucket? I’d say these people are “animals,” but I don’t want to insult the animals by such. They are simply CRIMINALS and FOOLS pretending to be members of a REAL religion. They’re NOT. They’re WORSE than a pile of feces or a puddle of urine! they can call me names all they want, but that doesn't change what they ARE. (The Muslim Issue)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Holder's "Fine Whine"

Seems like whine about the way he’s treated by Congress is all AG Eric Holder does these days. After trying to shut a congressman down when he told him “You’d better not go there, buddy,” That congressman shut HIM down, instead. Then he went before race whore Al Sharpton’s group and complained about how he was treated by Congress. It’s like Congress isn’t on his level of importance. But it’s congress’ job to make sure criminals like him don’t get away with the things he’s accused of and he is NOT entitled to “kid glove” treatment at their hands. When he stops “stonewalling” them and refusing to respond to their information requests, maybe he’ll get better treatment. Until then, whine on, Eric, buddy! Imagine referring to a congressman as “Buddy!” what kind of disrespect is THAT? (City-Data)

A Constitution Class

There needs to be a CLASS on the Constitution for lawmakers at all levels. Most of their efforts today involve making UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws. It seems almost as if none of these lawmakers have any idea of what’s FORBIDDEN by the Constitution, which is the BASIS for ALL of our laws. The unfortunate thing is, most of them are fully aware of what’s in that august document. They just IGNORE it in their lawmaking efforts. Like Obama, who is supposed to have been a “constitutional scholar” and who ignores it on a daily basis. It is a major FAILURE of the Founders that NO PENALTY for ignoring the Constitution in making laws was included. This leaves dishonest politicians free to violate it at will without fear of punishment, of any kind. We need to add another amendment PROVIDING for a stiff penalty for even introducing a bill that is an unconstitutional law, once made. (Just common sense)

Dead Babies Trashed

In England, they kill so many babies they use them as fuel to run their furnaces: “One of Britain’s more important newspapers, The Telegraph, is reporting that some 15,000 aborted or miscarried babies were incinerated as ‘clinical waste.’ Officials from Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) have admitted that thousands of [unborn –RT] children were incinerated with the garbage in a gross display of their disrespect for life.” Shades of "Solyent Green!" It’s a sad day when DEAD BABIES are used for FUEL! How little do they revere life to do this! I wonder what they do with the corpses of the babies they MURDER in the United States? Probably the same; they have to dispose of the corpses some way. They kill so many, you know. Frankly, I just can’t understand the mindset of people who think murdering BABIES is not only okay, but to be DESIRED, over using a rubber. (Liberty Voice)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Feds Screw Up

They miscalculated what they would face when they confronted a Nevada rancher and started rustling his cattle. They thought they would be only up against one rancher and maybe a few neighbors when they moved in to BULLY him. But THEY got bullied instead. Hundreds and hundreds of people showed up, from all over the country. And that included some ARMED “militia members.” All to “protect” an “endangered turtle” that had been living for a long time alongside those cattle with NO problems. There was NO danger to that turtle having cattle also living on that land, but Harry Reid (to benefit his son) wanted some land to build some “sun power” plants and he didn’t care who he hurt to do it. So in they went, and were “run off” by those “hardy westerners” who don’t understand “backup.” They’ve been defending their land from many sources, starting with Indians way back when and including the feds before. They know how to fight those “tight-pantsed bureaucrats,” and they won’ again. Of course, now they have to fight again, this time in Obama’s “bought and paid for” courts. The bullies will “be on them” for years, but now from their comfortable offices. (News Max)

More Fodder for Gun Haters

A hate-filled former (?) high-ranking Klan member shoots up some Jewish Centers in Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City, killing several people. He’s probably pretty pleased with himself. Frazier Glenn Cross, 73, has a long history of anti-Semitism and hate for Jews, as well as other groups you’d expect. Since this is not a black on white shooting, AG Holder will probably do his job and prosecute the shooter, since they are not “his people.” The funny  (odd) thing is, the 14-year-old victim wasn’t even Jewish. He was Methodist—or did Frazier hate them, too? The anti-gun fools are probably already mobilizing to take advantage of this, and will no doubt blame the gun. It'll be hard for them to blame Republicans fot this, although they'll try because he once ran for office (and lost) as a Republican. What they won't tell you is previously he ran as a DEMOCRAT and lost then, too. (Reuters)

Why Isn' He In Prison?

In Aurora, CO (Denver suburb) recently, an innocent 17-year-old died of ignorance and apathy. Not on his part, but on the part of the Aurora “authorities,” who didn’t recognize the danger in allowing the driver of the SUV that killed him to even BE on the road. It seems he is a “serial traffic offender” and will NOW face charges in numerous OTHER traffic offenses—AFTER this child was KILLED. According to news accounts, the SUV was going about 80 when he ran a red light and killed this boy. Why he was even allowed to BE driving is a mystery. It was a similar story in Thornton, CO some time ago when a teen who had a long history of DUIs was being chased by cops and killed a child to end the chase. So it’s not JUST Aurora authorities. Such stupidity seems to be wider than that. Such drivers are a “clear and present danger” to other drivers. So why are they still out there? Somebody’s “dropped the ball.”

They SAY this latest killer will face charges in his other traffic offenses—now—after he has KILLED a child. Why not BEFORE somebody dies? But that’s the way it is in politics; somebody usually has to die before they get off their butts and DO something about a bad situation. I was INVOLVED in such a situation a long time ago (as a paramedic) and fortunately was able to get something done AFTER somebody died. This seems to be a pattern: politicians ignoring a bad situation until somebody DIES because of it; then they “do something” with great fanfare, taking all the credit for closing the barn door AFTER the horse is gone and somebody died while they IGNORED it, before. My own experience was in West Palm Beach, FL, which tells me this situation is not confined to Aurora. It is "systemic" and is probably world-wide. (9 News Denver)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

BLM Backs Off

The attempt to evict Nevada Rancher Bundy from land he has used WITH PERMISSION for many years for the benefit of a turtle that has lived “cheek and jowl” with cattle for a long time, too, sputtered to a halt when word of the connection to it of Harry Reid came to light. They’re USING the existence of this turtle to grab land he has been PAYING to use for many years. They claim he owes them a MILLION dollars for “grazing rights” on land they SAY is not available for grazing because of this mythical turtle. The REAL story is that Reid wanted to use the land to establish the solar power stations required for Harry’s pipe dream. BLM “backed off,” saying that they hope this ends peacefully. If they wished that, they wouldn’t have started it in the first place. But they have realized they have “bitten off more than they could chew” and have backed off—for now—while they continue their efforts to collect more money than they are owed through the courts. They’ll still be holding Bundy “under LEGAL siege” until they either get their money or run him out of business. But now they’ll do it without “rustling” his cattle. This reminds me of an old "Western" where powerful interests in Washington try to "take over" some territory and are rebuffed by the locals. (World Net Daily)

"Guns Shock and Sicken Me!"

“That’s what a Washington State Senator admitted during a hearing there. During the hearing, State Senator Jeannie Darneille of Tacoma frankly revealed what lies behind much of the support for I-594 and other gun control measures across the country.” And this is the kind of person who works tirelessly to PREVENT other people from owning and using guns in defense of their person, property and lives because they frighten her. Defense against the illegal guns in the hands of criminals, who obey NO laws. She apparently has an irrational FEAR of guns, for no reason except they’re guns. The fact they can do NO ONE any damage until some PERSON takes then in hand AND uses The doesn’t seem to matter. These are the kind of people who MAKE our laws. They should not be allowed to do so. (Daily Caller)

"Militarized" Cops

Cops in Oregon burst into a man’s home with a battering ram and shot him to death. But that’s called okay because he was shooting at them at the time, which he thought was right because heard NO “announcement” of just who they were. One cop died, and so did he, The cops all looked like soldiers, and had their faces covered behind masks under military-style helmets. They were heavily armed, and put 250 bullets in the homeowner, who was actually growing a small amount of pot in his basement. For which he got a death sentence for defending his property from what he thought were invading criminals. He was right. They were “criminals with badges” and wore “hob-nailed boots. This is happening more and more today: cops dressed like soldiers (and similarly trained) burst into a private home and murder the owner because of a SMALL violation of the law. Correction: after firing 250 bullets at him, he survived, only to commit suicide later after a court upheld the legality of that raid. What’s next? A SWAT raid over an unpaid traffic ticket? (Wall St. Journal)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Black Robed Dictators

Who controls the courts? Who oversees their decisions to see that they ARE following the CONSTITUTION when they stretch the law out of all recognizable shape to accommodate power grabs by people who are “their friends?”Article 1.8.17 (“Enclave Clause”) granted power to Congress 'to exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such district (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the government of the United States [i.e. the District of Columbia], and to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings'. Crystal-clear what the original meaning is here despite the shamelessly self-serving litany of subsequent spin on the part of our judicial overlords, lap dogs of the federal government.” Harry Reid and his accomplices in the Bureau if Land Management are using this clause, approved by these judges, stretching its intent by DEFINING “other needful buildings” to include Harry’s solar power stations. Not a “needful building,” but one devoted to one of Harry’s (and other liberals’) pipe dreams. (Patriot Action Network)

Ah Shoulda Knowed It!

Guess who’s behind the feds “legally” rustling cattle on land used for hundreds of years with PERMISSION and paying reasonable “grazing fees?” Three guesses: If Harry Reid is your first guess, you don’t need the other two. He wants the land so he can build some solar power stations. And guess who profits from that? I’d give you another three guesses if you needed them: Harry Reid. He’s doing his “usual thing,” using his position in the Senate to line his pockets with other people’s money, and USING taxpayer money. I hope nobody dies for Harry’s corrupt greed. Don’t believe me? Do your own research. The Internet makes it easy. (Info Wars)

Cops? Or Soldiers?

Posse Comitatus FORBIDS the use of soldiers as policemen. But what about the use of cops AS SOLDIERS? In this case, this is what happened: “From the way police entered the house—helmeted and masked, guns drawn and shields in front, knocking down the door with a battering ram and rushing inside—you might think they were raiding a den of armed criminals. In fact they were looking for $1,000-worth of clothes and electronics allegedly bought with a stolen credit card. They found none of these things, but arrested two people in the house on 'unrelated' charges” (Charges designed to legitimize the raid). The homeowner’s son, a legally-armed ex soldier, put his gun away when he heard them say they were cops and thus was not shot to death by this “invading army” of blue-clad soldiers. Of course, even though they found nothing, they still came up with some phony ‘charges” to justify this “hob-nailed boots raid” on innocent people. This happened in Ankeny, Iowa; not a region of massive crime, but this tiny police force still had this SWAT Team to use on a “CREDIT CARD VIOLATION.” What's next? A SWAT raid to break up a bar fight? (The Economist)

Friday, April 11, 2014

The "Wicked Witch Is Gone!"

Ding, dong! One of them, anyway. HHR Secretary Kathleen Sebilius has resigned under pressure because of her incompetence. They will CLAIM otherwise, but those of us who do pay attention to politics ALL the time, not just at election time, know better. Maybe they want her to take over for Letterman. She HAS to be better than the one they chose, even in her incompetence. In the same amount of time she has been there we have accomplished much, including sending men to the moon (not necessarily concurrent with her tenure). But she couldn’t even find somebody to save Obama’s health insurance web site. I think they fired her because she couldn’t seem to come up with a believable excuse why so she just kept pretending it was working, when we all knew it wasn’t. People like her need to return to private life where their decisions and incompetence don’t hurt as many people. Last week she said 7.5 million people have “signed up” for Obamacare, but I don’t believe her. It’s too convenient that suddenly, “just enough and a little more” have “signed up, right after the deadline for this year. Of course, those who didn’t “sign up” now have to wait until January 1 before they can, again. Will they be fined? Now all we need to do is get rid of Ovomit. (USA Today)

Democrats Blow It

Wherever they run things, things go to hell in a handbasket. It’s a proven fats, not just my opinion. Just look at Detroit. Look at New York a few years ago (before other Democrats who still had money bailed them out). You look at any city or state that has economic woes, it’s run by Democrats. Wisconsin is a “blue state,” but is run by a conservative governor and today has a billion dollar surplus, the unions are OUT of the running of schools, and a lot of other good things. When he did those things, the Democrats tried their best to destroy him. They sued him; they tried to recall him. They tried every trick in the book to reverse everything he tried to do, and FAILED. Why did they want be rid of him? Because he was doing LOGICAL things to improve things in his state, and they didn’t like it. They were afraid people would look at what he was doing and start to do the same. That would spell DOOM for liberals and Democrats (a repetition, there). (Just common sense)

"Zero Tolerance Plague"

If you don’t believe “zero tolerance” is bad, look at this: an innocent  student wanting to become a fireman and who IS a “medic,” was arrested, his car searched illegally, and he was kept in jail for 13 days without charges. All on the strength of a “university official’s” BELIEF that, considering what he was studying, he MIGHT have a weapon in his car. He did. A knife he used in his paramedic work. But the cops used it as an excuse to arrest and imprison him, costing him his career. If he’s convicted of a weapons charge, he can NEVER be a fireman OR a paramedic. All because of the “suspicion” of a “university official” and a bunch of stupid cops. (Truth and Action)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

That's Jist Orful!

Apparently, Attorney General Holder doesn’t think much of the Congress’  attitude toward an AG who has been cited in Contempt of Congress. He thought that was “jist orful!” That Congress would treat an Attorney General that way! Tsk, tsk! He even tried to call a Congress member down for his questioning, and got shut down himself. That really pissed him off. Somebody ought to tell him the Congress has the right to do that to an incompetent AG who has many crimes to be laid at his door and has “investigated” many of Obama's scandals and come up with NOTHING.. But like most stupid people who have no idea how stupid they are and think they’re the sharpest knife in the drawer, he’ll never learn. Holder should be in JAIL by now, having IGNORED a congressional subpoena, but he isn’t. If I had done that, I’d be in the deepest, darkest dungeon there was, but not this arrogant fool. (Human Events)

Islamic Caliphate

Islam’s “wet dream.” As with unions everywhere, they give you two choices: either convert, or pay them anyway. They say “Islam is Peace.” Their idea of peace is death. Your death if you don’t convert. They demand you convert to Islam even if you do not wish to do so. Or they’ll KILL you. That say they must “talk about Islam on the streets.” Like that man did in England when he stabbed a man to death on the street and stood, with his hands covered in blood, and talked about Islam. They SAY they’re “peaceful,” but NOBODY is more violent. Other “religions” don’t behead people for violating their customs; Muslims do. Other “religions” don’t murder innocent people to make a point; Muslims do. They want to run the world. This is not a “religious goal,” it is a POLITICAL goal. They are a political outfit PRETENDING to be a religion so they can obtain the “cover” that will give them. I will NEVER convert to Islam. I’m not that stupid. They can kill me and make me a martyr if they want. They’re FOOLS if they think they can “take over the world” with their ancient ideas and methods. Obama favors them and works tirelessly to allow them “free rein” in this country. Obama is a traitor to all that is American. (YouTube)

Presidential Swindle

Obama conned his way into the presidency, then swindled his way into re-election after doing NOTHING good for us, and a LOT bad. He told us he could do everything, including lowering the level of the oceans, to get elected in the first place; then he swindled us (not me) into believing his Obamacare swindle would REDUCE our payments by $2,500 a year and we could keep our doctor and insurance if we liked it. Nancy told us we needed to “pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” We’re finding out now, and we don’t like it. It’s DOUBLING or TRIPLING our payments while REDUCING the coverage while giving us coverage for things we don’t need (such as pregnancy coverage for 80-year-old MEN). The “one-size-fits-all coverage” is GOING to cost more with less coverage for what we really need. We can’t keep doctors if they have quit their practice because they can't make enough money, or hospitals if they’ve closed for the same reason, or refused to take part. Without this swindle, Obama would NEVER have been re-elected. That’s a FACT. Not somebody’s opinion. He LIED his way into the presidency and lies to stay in office, while spending more money than ALL former presidents, COMBINED.  This man is a DISASTER and needs to be removed, as soon as possible. We can’t wait for another election. We’re ALREADY broke because of him. And he continues to lie. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

12 Years Without An Attack

Then Ovomit gives “preferred travel status” to Saudis. Three weeks later Boston is bombed; Texas is bombed; terrorists shoot up an electrical plant; AT&T fiber optics plant is sabotaged. That was probably Bush’s fault, huh? Saudis are involved. Did you hear about that in the liberal media? Not likely. It’s almost like they WANT us to lose to the Islamic terrorists, many of whom are Wahabi Saudis. Remember, most of the terrorists who did the World Trade Center atrocity were Saudis. Saudis say we can’t blame them when one (or even 18) of their CITIZENS do things like this. But the Saudi lifestyle PROMOTES Islamic terrorism, and we CAN. (Just common sense)

A "Lone Voice"

A lone police chief in California advises people in his county to get and use guns in self-defense because his people cannot defend them. All they can do is “write up” the incident and dispose of the body or bodies, if any. The Desert Springs police chief, one Dan Bressler, has so stated. I say “lone voice” because he is “at odds” with almost every other cop or politician in California, which is one of the most rabid anti-gun states in the nation. I’m not even sure if state laws will allow what he suggests, even if he does say it. He has a lot of guns displayed on his wall, most of them confiscated from criminals, and many of those stolen; all of them illegally owned, showing just how ineffective California’s anti-gun laws are. (Mississippi Gun News)

They're Gonna Need More Jails

 Connecticut and Maryland have both made laws that make CRIMINALS of law-abiding citizens who have done nothing except refuse to abide by a “non-existent,” unconstitutional law (non-existent by order of the Superme Court. Mabry v. Madison) to register certain types of guns so they’ll know who has guns, how many they have, and what kind, to facilitate gun confiscation later, when they’re ready. But it ain’t agonna work. Way too many honest citizens are rebelling against being made to be criminals at the stroke of a pen and are refusing to comply. Good luck on imprisoning 100,000 to 300,000 people, all at once. Don’t forget what the British learned before the American Revolution: Americans won’t “surrender their guns easily.”  It was attempted gun confiscation that was the DIRECT CAUSE of the fight for independence for America. Do we need yet another revolution? (Freedom Outpost)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mexicans Hold Americans At Gun Point

“The U.S. government is taking no action on an ‘unbelievable foray’ in which two Mexican soldiers came across the border near Sasabe, Ariz., and held U.S. Border Patrol agents at gunpoint for half an hour, according to a government watchdog organization. Judicial Watch, in its Corruption Chronicles file, said that after the 35-minute ‘tense confrontation,’ Jan. 26, the Mexican soldiers retreated south across the border ‘as if nothing ever happened,’ and the Obama administration just let it slide.” They should have hunted them down and killed them, or at least arrested them IN Mexico. You can’t come across our borders and hold our agents at gunpoint, without consequences. What would have happened if those positions were reversed? According to Judicial Watch, this sort of thing happens all the time, and the Obama administration does NOTHING. So the Mexican Army, which is usually HELPING the drug cartels smuggle their goods, feel they can get away with such things. We need to teach them otherwise. (World Net Daily)

Congress "Complicit"

A Democrat congressman (who else?) says, “Congress is complicit” in all the “gun violence” because of a “lack of action.” What a bozo! They are NOT guilty of “lack of action.” They are guilty of not AGREEING with the damned fool gun laws Democrats want to make and refusing to pass them, or on some cases, even DISCUSS them. This is also why OBAMA calls this a “do-nothing Congress.” It “does nothing” to advance HIS objectives. The truth is, Congress is NOT “complicit” in ANYTHING. It’s doing its job (somewhat) in blocking most of what he wants to impose on us. Unfortunately, Congress is not going far enough to be able to stop EVERYTHING he does, and that’s bad. If they’re “complicit” anywhere, it is in not “rising up on their hind legs” and saying a resounding NO to all his initiatives. (CNS News)

Abortion "Fall-Back"

Accusing anybody who criticizes pro-abortion people of murdering little babies still in the womb of being a “religious fanatic” seems to be the “fall-back position,” hoping to discredit them in that way. They want to treat these babies as “a puddle of goo.” How insulting to human life! People who think this way should probably be the subject of “retroactive abortion.” That’s the only fair thing for such fools. We think Islamics are bad with their Imams (priests) raping, torturing, and murdering their own children, but this falls into the same category. The only difference is the age of the victim. I just don’t understand the mindset of people who think killing babies still in the womb is okay. They’re beyond understanding, and religion has nothing to do with it. Common decency does.. (ACT! For America!)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Jump Right On It!

That’s the anti-gun fools. Less tan 24 hours after some fool took a LEGAL gun and shot up Ft. Hood again, they’re out there using that to promote their USELESS laws to limit gun ownership. “Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group put out a statement last night quickly turned from condolences to politics: ‘Days like this remind us that killers with illegal guns murder 33 more people every day across America’.” What he doesn’t mention is this was done with a LEGALLY-obtained gun. None of the laws they propose would have stopped this crazy from shooting up Ft. Hood. All they would have done was give him a steady stream of UNARMED victims (which he has, under current law). “The founder of ‘Moms Demand Action’ tweeted last night, ‘When will Congress take action to end the war at home’?” But what this fool outfit suggests will NEVER reduce gun violence. It will only keep honest, responsible people from having guns to use in defending themselves. Maybe they’ll learn that someday. But I doubt it. (Cowboy Byte)

Preaching Your Message

That’s how a president gets more “ink” about his favorite subject. Hire more and more people you KNOW agree with you. So now Obama has hired a Surgeon General who thinks “gun control” is a “health issue,” even though it isn’t. Now this known Obama disciple can go out and lie to the nation with the US Government firmly behind him. This guy was a member of the “Doctors for Obama” and was president and founder of the later –named organization “Doctors for America,” that was an outgrowth of this organization. This article doesn’t say it, but I’d bet he and his organization have given much money to Obama efforts. He has certainly APPROVED of all Obama’s liberal/socialist policies. (Town Hall)

Cops? Or Army?

Posse Comitatus banns the use of the military against Am police like an army. When you see them coming, it LOOKS like the army, but is not DEFINED that way. Check out the picture above. Does that look like cops? Or an invading army? What’s Obama preparing for? Is this our coming SS (Secret Police/Thug Brigade/Jack-Booted Thugs)?” Obama gets away with a lot by mis-defining things. (Just common sense)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sorry About Yesterday

No update. I'm sorry, but it just became too late and I just ran out of energy.

War On Christianity?

The Muslims complain long and loud about “religious tolerance,” but they are the most religiously intolerant people on the planet. When did a “Christian mob” ever attack and murder a Muslim woman for BEING Muslim? Muslims certainly did that to a young CHRISTIAN woman in Egypt. They beat her, stabbed her multiple times, and she died. Her “crime?” Being a Christian in a Muslim country and delivering medicine to an elderly woman while displaying a Christian cross in the back window of her car. This is how Muslims treat Christians—and they expect US to be “tolerant” of them? What FOOLS they are! A Coptic Christian source said she had been stabbed more than 12 times. This murder got scant coverage in the Egyptian press. Christianity is disappearing from the Islamic world because of attacks like this. Surprise, surprise! (Eagle Rising)

"Porn Professor" Blows!

Yes, Virginia, there ARE such things as “porn professors! People who are so steeped in porn they actually TEACH it at a university! This is the kind of thing university “authorities” ALLOW to be taught to your innocent kids in their high-priced colleges, to which you innocently send them, HOPING they’ll learn what they need to live. Morality aside, do we really NEED to pay a PROFESSOR’S salary to teach our kids about PORNOGRAPHY? Damn, are they STUPID!  I think kids learn about pornography quite well, thank you, from their friends. And because she hates the idea of NOT being able to KILL the result of unprotected sex instead of using a rubber, she created a “one-person RIOT” because of an anti-abortion sign! (Sorry, “PC Police,” I REFUSE to call it “pro-choice” and use your silly PC terms) Sounds like a fool who took me to task on Facebook a few days ago because I expressed disapproval of killing babies instead of using a rubber. He automatically figured I was a “religious fanatic,” which I am NOT. That’s pro-abortionist’s “fallback position” whenever anybody questions them. My question is this: Do we send our children to the university to learn about PORN? Looking at this “professor’s” picture, it seems to me she’s simply an ex (or maybe current) porn actress herself and doesn’t like ANY effort to make her use real contraceptives instead of condoning MURDER of tiny children. The tendency she exposes (among other things) really troubles me, and ANYBODY with any degree of intelligence. (World Net Daily)

What Can't They Understand?

What is there about the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States that liberals, and especially anti-gun fools don’t understand? How clear can it be? “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Simple and direct. Yet the liberals and the gun haters still manage to twist it beyond belief by citing the reference to “militias.” They want you to believe that if you aren’t a MEMBER of an “organized militia,” you don’t have the right to have a gun for self-defense. Never mind that the concept of an “organized militia” wasn’t even known when the  Second Amendment was written (At the time, a "militia" was ALL the people, male and female). Consequently, ANY law made to limit your right to carry and use a gun is not a law at all, and you are not required to obey it. That, according to the Supreme Court, itself (Mabry v. Madison). But they continue to make, and ENFORCE laws that, according to the Supreme Court, do not exist. And nobody stops them, so they get away with it.. EVERY "gun law" that restricts your right to own, use, and carry a gun does NOT exist! (The Blaze)

Friday, April 4, 2014

It's A Police State

It’s become evident by the many reports of cops all over the nation going WAY too far in their attempts to “enforce the law.” They shoot unarmed people, claiming they “feared for their lives,” when the victim had his back to them with his hands up at the time. cops are becoming way too officious, and disregard the law in their actions. Now it’s the U. S Marshals in (where else?) Albuquerque, NM, who shot an unarmed man, then tried to “confiscate” (steal) the cell phones of all bystanders who might have videoed their crime, saying those phones “contained evidence.” Yeah, “evidence” they wanted to delete. The cops stopped the man, hollered “hands up,” and immediately shot him before he had a chance to do anything.

Then they tried to bully bystanders so there would be no “evidence” of their wrongdoing. This is not a piece against cops. It IS a piece against cops who act too fast and kill people without real cause, then try and intimidate bystanders, as well  as against cops who shoot people in the back while they have their hands in the air. This victim did survive (so far), but that’s no thanks to the marshals on the scene, who did give him first aid, but apparently waited a long time to call an ambulance. The video I saw showed them just “standing around” while ONE cop tried half-heartedly to stop his bleeding. Cops today are too arrogant and seem to think THEIR WORD is law, not the laws passed by congress and their own legislators. (News With Attitude)

Gun-Hating Cop Suspended

Remember that Conn. Cop who told a war hero “He’d give his left nut to kick down your door and take your guns?” He’s been suspended (as he should be), but not before he “spilled the beans” on the PURPOSE of registering guns. It is so the government will KNOW where the guns are, who has them, how many and what kind they have when “confiscating time” comes, as it surely will when they’re ready. It has always amazed me that there are always people like this cop within law-enforcement organizations, who are not only willing, but are ANXIOUS to violate the law if their bosses tell them to. Similar people were in the SS in Nazi Germany. But there will always be SOME people with that kind of mindset, ready to do the bidding of tyrants. (Freedom Outpost)

Preaching Politics Okay--Or Not

Obama told preachers everywhere he wanted them to “promote Obamacare in their pulpits”. That’s “preaching politics.” It’s illegal—UNLESS you’re talking about things Obama approves. If you preach anything else, you may expect to be visited by Obama’s goons from the IRS with a view toward taking away your non-profit status and maybe even shutting you down, altogether. It’s only illegal if Obama doesn’t approve of what you’re preaching. I’m sure Obama says preaching about Obamacare ISN’T “preaching politics.” I guess it’s all in how you define it, or WHO is defining it. (Watch Men News)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another Obama Lie

He says the “debate on repeal of Obamacare is over.” That’s just an opinion. But when he said he didn’t spend billions of taxpayer dollars promoting it, he LIED. If you combine all the advertising for Obamacare, the amount exceeds a billion dollars—and he’s not finished spending, yet. He claims success by “signing up” more than 7 million people, and he really thinks that’s success. Just as a thug who meets his predictions on “protection racket” extortion collections claim success after they broke a few legs and tore up several businesses. He doesn’t “trash businesses,” he just threatens everybody who doesn’t “sign up” with a fine and trouble with the IRS, his thug organization. If he thinks 7 million “signups” is success, he has another think coming. The law itself is flawed, and the system he has put in place will inevitably collapse of its own weight. It’s only a matter of time before young people tumble to the communist scam that is victimizing them. (The Blaze)

Really Frightened Them

Martin Mawyer of the Christian Action Network wrote a book exposing the many Muslim training camps IN the United States, preparing locally-recruited Muslims and training them for a new “Jihad” in the United States itself. And Obama is letting it happen by IGNORING it. The Muslims are SUING Mawyer for $30 million dollars. He must have really gotten to them! You know, close to the truth? They'll probably try to kill him, next. They’re preparing to make the United States another Afghanistan with “home-grown” terrorists creating mayhem and murder on EVERYBODY who doesn’t believe the EXACT same way they do, in every jot and tittle. Damn, I’m glad I’m old enough to be dead soon and will not have to live through this Obama-created “holy war.” (WND Superstore)

Muslim Human Sacrifice

 In America! They have instituted zones where Sharia Law “rules,” and are murdering many people in the name of “Allah.” And nobody seems to be doing anything about it. They record their own executions. In one linked below they murder more than 20 men with bullets to the back of the head, In the other, they almost behead a man with a rusty knife, and then leave him to writhe in a ditch while he dies. But Obama does not investigate these things, nor does he even take NOTE of them. He is going out of his way to HELP the infiltration of Islamic terrorism into this country on the “QT” by ignoring it. Why does SOMEBODY not do something about this murder and mayhem in the name of “religion?” We either have  Musim, or a Muslim SYMPATHIZER in the White House who is ENABLING the infiltration of Sharia into the United States. Can’t SOMEBODY do something about it? (Patriot Action Network)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why Weren't They Fired?

The ATF SAID they were. They LIED, which is the usual thing when a government agency (especially in this administration) gets caught with its pants down. They told the House Committee investigating “Fast & Furious” the people involved with Obama’s “gun-running scheme” weren’t working there any more. But that’s a LIE. Not a single person connected with this crime has lost his job because of it. Yes, a few retired or resigned, but NONE have been fired, in spite of this LIE. Not only were they NOT fired, they retaliated against whistleblowers in the agency. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them were quietly promoted and given bonuses. That's how it works in DC. (Town Hall)

"Worse Than Bloomberg?"

I thought New Yorkers couldn’t find a worse mayor than Bloomberg. I was wrong. Bloomberg only wanted to get rid of large pops, transfats and guns. and whatever else he, in his wisdom, disapproved of. DiBasio wants to get rid of the very people whose money pays for all his liberal giveaway programs: the “rich.”  He freely admits the “rich” pay 30% of ALL taxes paid, that they do most of the charitable giving that is done. But he wants to “get rid of the goose that lays the golden eggs.” That’s not logical. But then, liberals are not known for their logic. I guess New Yorkers are just prone to electing stupid people who will make life miserable for them. They’ve done it many times. About the only recent exception is Rudy Guilani, who, while not a “conservative” per se, has shown himself to be much smarter than the average New York mayor. (New York Post)

"Laws for Thee But Not for Me"

"Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others." California makes many laws to limit gun ownership for its citizens; but those laws do not apply to cops and politicians. One of the most notorious (armed) anti-gun senators, FORMER San Francisco mayor Diane Feinstein, who is best known for waving an automatic weapon around in a crowded meeting with her finger on the trigger, doesn’t want ANY of her constituents to have the right to the means of self-defense, although she reserves that right for herself. Stories are rife about well-known anti-gun fools who have used their own guns in self- defense. Some are politicians (those who carry their own guns rather than hire security guards to carry their guns for them), and others are pundits who preach “gun control” for the masses, but not for them. They’re “special.” (Ammo Land)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Things Dempcrats Do

There are many things the Democrats do to guarantee themselves a winning vote in any election. All are “dirty tricks,” but this one is one of the dirtiest. According to Brian Cook, with the Medicare and Medicaid Services, all “health exchanges” are required to offer voter registration in compliance with the 1993 Voter Registration Act (passed under a Democrat administration). One even got sued by the government when it hesitated to do it. But here’s the kicker: each card handed out is PRE-CHECKED to make registrants DEMOCRATS. They’re not REQUIRED to use these cards, but many people will not even notice this little check. It reminds me of the voting machines that were programmed (by DEMOCRAT election workers) to automatically change a Romney vote into an Obama vote in the last election. This is how they win certain losing elections. (Last Resistance)

it's Okay When They Agree

 The “9th Circus,” better known as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rules one way when it involves something with which they agree and the other when it involves something they oppose. Such was the case recently when they ruled that a school violated the Constitution when they banned students from wearing black arm bands to protest the Vietnam War, and the other way when it involved students wearing clothes that promoted CONSERVATIVE values. I guess their opinion of the details is what decides the issue, not the Constitution, which is probably why they are the most reversed court in the land. In the old case, they approved of protesting the Vietnam war. In the more recent case, they did NOT approve of conservative values as being displayed. They apparently made the difference in similar cases involving different details. This is not how they are SUPPOSED to rule. The Constitution SHOULD be supreme. Their ONLY source for a ruling is supposed to be the Constitution, not their opinion on what side of an issue the students displayed. (Eagle Rising)

Gullible Anti-Gun Writer

A writer who works for gun-hater Michael Bloomberg, apparently thinks all you have to do is ASK people if they have guns and they’ll tell you. (Hearty har-har!) How stupid IS he? That employee, one Paul Barett, thinks people will give an anonymous pollster true details about their lives, including how many guns they have, just for the asking. Torrid gun sales in the first Obama term tell a different story than that “learned” by this pollster; which means they’re NOT telling him what he wants to know. But he believes it. The furor to buy guns has “leveled off,” but only because everybody who wants one now has it. This guy thinks gun owners will be honest with a stranger who calls on the phone and asks them how many guns they have. I sure wouldn't. it's none of their business.  And I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn I want to talk to him about if he calls me. (Bearing Arms)