Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ignorant Legal Action

This happened in Austria, not the United States, thank goodness. Dr, Georg Zakrajsek, a pro-gun worker, said publicly that "Islam has declared war on the rest of the world." While not precisely correct, his statement should not have earned him five months in jail, but it did. They don't have a First Amendment in Austria, so they can put somebody in jail for what they say. I say his statement was not precisely correct because ALL of Islam is not "at war with the rest of the world." Only the RADICALIZED Muslims. While we may not approve of their treatment of women and their efforts to impose Sharia Law on us, that's NOT "being at war" with us. However, such an action, even in Austria, is IGNORANT. No matter where it is done. (Breitbart)

More Murders Than Chicago

The absolute total of murders by all means, including guns, knives, and other instruments, including bare hands, is less than in Chicago. But the true count is the number of deaths per 100,000 residents DOUBLES Chicago's total. Chicago's is 28 per 100,000 population, Baltimore's is 51. And the spike STARTED with the "Freddy Gray" incident, where an overly-officious prosecutor falsely charged six cops in his death, while in custody. A death he accidentally accomplished, himself, in an attempt to criminalize those cops. As far as I know, that prosecutor, a Democrat, is still on the job, making more and more bad decisions. And, like most Democrats, she's blaming everybody and everything else but herself. We need more prosecutors like her--in prison! (AMI News Wire)

"We Must Disarm Everyone!"

That's the opinion of a local Democrat in Florida. Fla. Rep. Evan Jenne doesn't even think how helpless people feel if they're all unarmed while some fool is shooting everyone in sight. Ft. Lauderdale is considering making it legal for concealed carriers to bring their guns into unsecured areas of airports, as is done in 44 other airports without appreciable problems. I guess he thinks if the average person was "allowed" to bring their guns there they'd "go crazy" and shoot the place up, as this guy did. Even if it was illegal to carry a gun into unsecured areas, this guy would have done so, anyway. A man bent on killing a bunch of people isn't going to be bothered about violating a piddling "gun-free zone" policy, and most mass shooters actually LOOK for gun-free zones in which to do their killing because they figure that will be a safer area for them if no one else is armed. Jenne thinks (he says) if there were numerous armed people there, it would confuse the cops as to who the shooter was. I disagree. It wouldn't be hard, since that mass shooter would be DEAD. He also thinks a lot of guns around would get a lot of people killed, which is the usual horse manure put out by anti-gun fools. These are the kind of lawmakers we elect, which is why we get so many ATTEMPTS to violate our constitutional right to be armed. (Breitbart)

Monday, January 30, 2017

No Muslim Ban, Dammit!

I can't believe the colossal FOOLS there out there in the Democrat Party! And even some in the Republican Party, who swear that Trump's order for further questioning of some people coming in from certain countries was a MUSLIM ban. They also ignore the fact that ALL of those affected have been released, and allowed to come into the country. They've been told, over and over, that is is NOT, and the order has been logically explained that it only affected Muslims who want to KILL Americans for not "converting" to their phony "religion." Additionally, it does not affect people COMING BACK from visits to these countries, or others who LIVE here, but it was read to include them to make trouble. It is only incidental that those affected are Muslims, because ONLY Muslims want do do that. It is NOT a "religious test," and never has been. But these people just WON'T accept that, so they can complain. Only IGNORANT people just cannot understand that, or simply don't WANT to. The big problem with the action was that it was properly issued, but badly EXECUTED by "holdover" Obama officials who want to do everything they can to disrupt Trump's administration, from the very first day. (USA Today)

Things Gun-Grabbers Hate

A cop was shot by a perp and wounded. It is quite possible the perp was about to kill that cop, when a legally-armed citizen shot and killed him. Some liberal fools would say that assaulting a cop should not rate a death penalty. But taking that cop's gun and trying to kill him DOES. And that's what this perp got: a SUMMARY death penalty, without the months waiting for trial and YEARS waiting for execution. Simple law: "an eye for an eye." This action on the part of a citizen not only saved that cop's life, it reduced gun crime by ending the criminal career of this man. And criminal he was, or he would have just taken his ticket and gone on, as law-abiding people would in a similar situation. (The Arizona Republic)

Many "MOMS" Lies

Shannon Watts, boss of the Bloomberg-funded MOMS Against Guns (or something like that), recently had an article in Vogue in which she told their young readers (who haven't been on this Earth long enough to see through her lies) to "hate the NRA" because they work HARD to keep her from stripping Americans of their right to be armed in self defense. She says we have one thing other countries do not: the NRA, What she doesn't say is we have another thing other countries do not: The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which very clearly says, "the right to be armed shall not be abridged." This knowledge seems to escape her as she goes about spending Mike Bloomberg's money trying to violate it. The Constitution is the VERY BASIS for ALL our laws. NO law can be made that conflicts with its provisions. Many of today's youngsters don't even know that, because it is not taught in schools, today--except for places like Hillsdale College, which REQUIRES every one of their students to know the Constitution and all its precepts, and even teaches a FREE multi-lesson class in the Constitution on the Internet. Hillsdale is the ONLY college that takes not a single penny of government money--even to the extent of disallowing a government-provided bus pass to school. To people like Sannon Watts, the "mother" of "MOMS Against Guns" (or something like that), the younger the person listening to their lies, the better. Lack of life experience is VALUABLE to Watts in getting them to accept her lies. (Just Common sense)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

It's Not About Religion, Dammit!

I'm getting sick and tired of liberals (Democrats) calling Trump's delay at the border a "religious ban! It's a LIE! Democrats and other liberals, and other gullible Americans who know nothing keep referring to Trump's "religious ban" when it is nothing of the sort. The fact that it affects mostly Muslims is only a happenstance because the people it attempts to stop from coming in if they can't be properly vetted ARE mostly Muslims. That is occasioned by the unalterable FACT that it is misguided MUSLIMS who threaten to KILL as many "unbelievers" as they can, and are "invading" this country by the thousands under the guise of "refugees" from the countries mentioned, and others, not mentioned. If Christians made similar threats, we would include them, as well. But liberals and Democrats (a redundancy, there) don't take that into consideration. They want, falsely, to make America think we are stopping these people at the border because of their religion. We are NOT. We are stopping them because so many of them are Islamic TERRORISTS who want to do us harm, and there is no good way to vet them yet. Don't believe the stinking horse manure put out by the Democrats! (Just common sense)

One-Line Propaganda

The Houston, TX police chief is obviously an anti-gun fool. He recently thanked local members of "MOMS Hate Guns" (or something like that) for all their efforts in SUPPORTING the Second Amendment. Even though their every action is in OPPOSITION to the Second Amendment. This guy is obviously deluded, and he proves it every time he opens his mouth (or sends out a Tweet). He LIKES the BLM (Black Lives Matter), and regularly throws his fellow cops "under the bus." Somebody needs to fire this fool and get somebody with BRAINS in his head to take over the Houston Police Department. (Gun Free Zone)

"Most Americans Hate It"

"But we like it, so we're gonna promote it." That's what the NY Times says (hidden meaning in what they DID say). They decided to do a piece supporting "gun control," so they brought in (hired) a bunch of "experts" to examine all the things that have been done to promote gun control and decide if America was "with them." Of course, EVERY one of those "experts" is a well-known ANTI-gun fool. So you know what their "determinations" are going to be. Strangely, they determined that a majority of Americans did NOT like "gun control," but that they should continue to promote it, anyway. They only brought these "experts" in so they could SAY they based their "findings" on the work of "experts." They did not say what KIND of "experts they were. They CLAIM that a"majority of Americans support gun control," and that is an absolute LIE. They do NOT. They HATE it. But NYT refuses to admit that. By gathering a bunch of KNOWN anti-gun fools together and CALLING them "experts" while excluding everybody who knew ANYTHING about guns, they have produced an excellent piece of anti-gun propaganda. Which, I'm sure, was their goal. (Truth About Guns)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Are They THAT Stupid?

They obviously are. The NY Times editorial board is "horrified" that Trump wants to fight the Islamic terrorists of ISIS and other organizations. They say it will "inflame the hatred of Muslims around the world and make America less safe." Frankly, I don't buy it. I don't know how the Islamic terrorist fools could BE more angry than they are. And WE are very angry at THEM! There is no way of "negotiating" with people whose only wish is to KILL as many people who don't subscribe to their phony "religion" as they can. They don't like Trump's use of the term, "radical Islam," which, according to them, insults Muslims everywhere. It does NOT. Not Muslims who aren't "radical Muslims," and we don't care about what they think. They need to be eliminated from existence, as quickly as possible. Making people who already want us dead angry should not be a consideration. We just need to make them DEAD. (Daily Caller)

Blood On A Bun

I can't believe how EVIL some people are. The writer of this item says it's Obama's fault. I don't see how, except to figure she just had hate in her heart that was put there by Obama. Notice the woman who put menstrual blood and saliva on a customer's cheeseburger is black so you won't see much reported about this violation mentioned in the liberal media. And I will probably be labeled racist for reporting it. If she had been white, it would have appeared on the front page of many newspapers, and been a top story on television news. I don't know what specifically caused her to do such a damned fool thing, but she has been arrested for it, fired from her job, and faces five years in the pen. It should be TEN years. Anybody who would do such a vile thing has no business being in a position to work as a food service provider--EVER again--anywhere. But once she gets out of prison, she probably will, since she probably doesn't know any better. Unless she's too old. (DC Clothesline)

"I Know! It's Veterans!"

The anti-gun fools have thrown something else up against the wall, hoping it will stick, seizing on the fact that the mass shooter at the Ft. Lauderdale airport was a veteran. They constantly admonish us not to blame a lot of people for the actions of a few--then they blame all veterans on the actions of ONE man. The Ft. Lauderdale airport shooter. No, they never did a "timeline" to figure out just how many mass shooters were veterans--they just say it, and hope we'll believe it. That's their standard modus operandi. Truth is, the chances of a mass shooter being a former military man is high, since such a large percentage of young males have been in the military. That does NOT mean that being a veteran makes them predisposed to mass shootings. Being a veteran is NOT a "causative factor." But not to the anti-gun fools, as they "flail about" trying to find something, ANYTHING to blame it on. (Mediaite)

Friday, January 27, 2017

"There's No Voter Fraud"

That's what the left always tells us. Or that "There's NO EVIDENCE of voter fraud. But there is. Lots of it. They just ignore it and poo-poo those of us who point it out. The reason there might not be a LOT of evidence of voter fraud is that they are so good at covering it up. Much of it involves illegal aliens using Clinton's "Motor Voter Law" to register to vote at the DMV--and the DMV does NOT check to see if they are actually residents. Then those "newly minted" voters go out and vote mostly Democrat. Add to that the FELONS who vote illegally, and the dead people still voting, and if you bother to check on it, you will find MUCH voter fraud--IF you actually LOOK for it. Then there are the places where more people vote than LIVE there. Saying there is no voter fraud reminds me of the time they asked the President of Iran about gays in his country. He immediately replied, "There are no gays in Iran. Do you know of some? What are their names and addresses?" What he didn't mention is that those gays that are left after he ordered them KILLED are in hiding, so he can't find them. Liberals saying "There is no voter fraud" simply tells me there IS, and they have it so well hidden that it can't be found, for the most part. (Just common sense)

A Glutton for Punishment

Hillary has disappeared from view since her appearance at the Trump inauguration. It is said she's "in hiding." I don't believe it. She's just "licking her wounds" and scheming further outrages. For one thing, she's talking about starting her own liberal TV show. Which, as is usual with liberal-oriented shows, will quickly go "down the tubes." What a way to spend some of those millions deluded Americans gave her for her campaign. And she's planning to run for president again in 2020! Damn! She is really a glutton for punishment! How many times has the nation told her they want no part of her? Three, four? She was the loser in one of the biggest presidential landslides since Reagan. And she wants to do it again? She's almost 70, and she wants to be president at 74? If, by some miracle, she should win, I guarantee you she will die in office. If she MAKES it to 2020, at all. (Conservative Daily News)

Gun Crime A Virus

And the anti-gun fools think they have the cure. They've always thought they had the cure, as they "flail about," making law after law that does NOTHING to "stem gun violence" and instead, INCREASES it by disarming law-abiding people. This makes those people DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there, and they just can't see that. They're too incompetent. We keep giving them LOGICAL information showing how wrong they are, but they aren't listening. Now they're preaching that people who want to keep their constitutional right to be armed in self-defense are victims of a "virus." They "flail about," throwing things up against the wall, hoping something will stick. Shannon Watts, boss of "Moms against guns (or something like that)," is now touting their "successes" in taking away our gun rights. Those "successes" number ONE, and that fizzled. Everything else is LOSS for them, but they try to ignore that. (Huffington Post)

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Raging Against the Law

There is a kind of idiocy in this country I just can't understand: normally law-abiding people who think abortion is okay. Abortion is MURDER! It's infanticide! Killing an infant is just about the most EVIL thing you can do, but way too many people not only condone it, they PRACTICE it. My views on abortion are well known, and they have cost me the friendship of many people, who think abortion is okay--some of whom have DONE it. Some more than once. How they can justify this is a mystery to me, since I abhor murder. Nazi Germany condoned the murder of MILLIONS of Jews. You can't convince me that the average German had no idea what was going on in those ovens. Abortion is our holocaust. It has cost us MILLIONS of innocent lives, and for what? For the CONVENIENCE of the parents, who want to have unprotected sex, but would rather KILL the result, rather than take the responsibility of raising that result. Yes, there are cases where abortion is morally required--like to save the life of the mother. Rape and incest is NOT. Just because the mother was raped should not dictate a death sentence for the child. The child can be adopted--and there's no shortage of willing adopters. Favoring abortion over birth control is favoring MURDER. How can ANYBODY of even average intelligence, approve of it? Yet people do, and others simply ignore it. (American Patriot Daily)

The 40% Myth

Some reports state that "40% of guns are sold without background checks." That is absolutely right, but the anti-gun fools leave out one small fact. 40% of LEGAL gun sales are NOT done without background checks. But NO gun sales done ILLEGALLY require the buyer to undergo a background check, and those are the ones they should be referring to, not the LEGAL gun sales. To ignore this fact is dishonest, at best, but not unexpected of the anti-gun fools, since they lie a lot to support their narrative, which cannot be supported by the truth. Such twisting of the facts is part and parcel of their narrative. They have to do that, because their entire narrative is based on an untrue assumption that you can reduce gun crime by making a law against gun ownership, in spite of the constitutional prohibition against it. (NRA-ILA)

Gun Laws Don't Work

I've written items with this title many times. That's because, time after time, evidence emerges that none of the "gun laws" liberals make do ANYTHING to reduce gun violence. And now we have more evidence: The Ft. Lauderdale airport killings. The shooter first, obeyed all applicable laws in packing his gun, unloaded, in a suitcase that went in the luggage compartment of the plane. Then he recovered his luggage in that area of the airport that was not a "security area," loaded it, and began killing people. Most airports, even in non-security areas, are "gun-free zones." So we have, yet again, an instance of a killer shooting people in a "gun-free one." The guy should have been BANNED from having a gun because of mental issues. They previously took it from him, but gave it back to him. His gun had no "gun lock," was not "stored in a safe place." None of the "gun laws" passed did ANYTHING to stop this guy. Nor would they stop any other would-be mass shooter. Laws that limit the size of magazines would have done nothing. This guy reloaded, at least once, maybe several times, which obviates the need for a high-capacity magazine. (Say Uncle)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Wall Is Symbolic

Trump has long talked about building a WALL at our southern border. But a wall, by itself, will not keep illegal aliens from sneaking into this country. To work, that wall must be seriously patrolled, and those attempting to climb over it or tunnel under it must be ARRESTED, and imprisoned. Not just "sent back home." IMPRISONED, and THEN sent back home. And if they return, even once, given an even LONGER prison term before sending them home, again. That's what Mexico does, yet they will whine mightily if we do something similar. And those who commit crimes here should be dealt with severely. Under Obama, illegal aliens could even get away with MURDER, and have nothing happen to them except to be "sent home," repeatedly. They come here and drive drunk, and kill people, and only get "sent home," often coming back, time and time again. And nothing is done except to "send them home"--sometimes. All that is going to change under Trump, and it's about time. He'll probably build it, as promised. He does that. But without the rest, it is USELESS. (Just common sense)

Only the Liberals

Only liberals--only women--could get away with a misogynistic march billed as "The Pink Pussy" March, basically against guns (what else?). What would happen if some MEN came with a march named, "Pink P-cker March?" They'd be laughed out of town at the very least, and JAILED at worst. Combining for this march are many lefties, including Planned Parenthood (baby killers), LGBT (they lost their "Q" somewhere), anti-gun fools (of course), CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), Muslims trying to help anybody who wants to make trouble, and other lefties. These people come up with the stupidest concepts for their silly demonstrations and think they will DO something for their "cause." They won't. They only make them subjects for ridicule. Somebody they respect needs to tell them they LOST. But even that wouldn't do any good because there ISN'T anybody they respect who isn't as stupid as they are. Notice, the woman featured in this article is the wife of a DEMOCRAT Congressman. Surprise, surprise! (The Hour)

Appointing Gun-Haters

If anybody wonders why thee are so many silly gun laws out there that just don't work, it's because we tend to elect gun-haters to office, and they predictably appoint more gun-haters to their subsidiary offices. As has happened many times in California, and is happening again, as Xavier Becarra has been appointed California Attorney General, and Eric Holder, former US Attorney General is appointed to another office which is specifically designed to oppose and fight any and all of Donald Trump's actions. Both are confirmed gun-haters. Becerra has consistently voted, in Congress, to take away your gun rights, so there's no mistaking his position on gun rights. Trump's new attorney general will be one of the few such to be in the gun owner's corner, which makes Holder's new position that much more important. (America's First Freedom)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It's Not About Crowd Size!

It's about media HONESTY! in his very first press conference (at least, that's what he called it), the new press secretary spent a long time giving them hell about their coverage of the inauguration, as well as the entire campaign. The media seized upon his criticism of their underestimating the crowd size, saying it was a "petty point." But it's not about that. It's about media HONESTY. And that is NOT what the media has displayed in many ways, before, and since, Trump was inaugurated. One of their phony stories was the one that pretended Trump removed the Martin Luther King bust from the White House without checking, after a reporter thought it was, when someone stood in front of it. That's an example of the "fact checking" in this media, to run with a story based on nothing more than that, because it made Trump look bad. (Yahoo)

The Next Gun Law

As usual, Chicago's mayor blames laws from other states for his "gun problems." It doesn't occur to him that disarming his citizens and making them DEFENSELESS in the face of an ILLEGAL gun in the hand of a criminal just MIGHT be responsible. It's not LEGAL gun owners that are the problem. Most of the people shot are criminals, themselves. It's always "the next gun law" that's going to "fix" the problem. But it never does, and that means nothing to him. He goes out and looks for yet something else to blame for his own INCOMPETENCE. It also doesn't occur to him that criminals don't obey laws, so no amount of laws preventing BUYING a gun legally will EVER "stop gun violence." They will just get their guns ILLEGALLY, and usually do. Any laws made must be to more stiffly punish criminals who USE guns in their crimes, thus keeping shooters off the streets for longer periods, which WILL "reduce gun crime" while they're in prison, because of fewer shooters on the streets. Chicago Mayor Emanuel is calling for more FEDERAL gun laws--laws of the same type that do not work on a state or local level, and won't work on a federal level, either. (America's First Freedom)

Second Amendment Threats

Even though Donald Trump, who has signaled that he is a "friend to gun owners" won the biggest landslide presidency recently, there will still be many threats to gun ownership. They will come from "academia," mayors, and other LOCAL "authorities," many of whom have ANNOUNCED that they are "targeting" gun ownership. Like those mayors, who claim "sanctuary city" status in SPITE of federal laws making them lawbreakers, they will still keep making their antiquated, USELESS "gun laws." Anti-gun fools are like roaches. They appear everywhere, and make their silly laws that do NOTHING to "stop gun crime," but DO make it harder for law-abiding citizens to have the means to defend themselves, thus causing the deaths of many. We keep telling them this, and they keep IGNORING us and making their stupid laws, and it is difficult for presidents to stop them. (Daily Caller)

Monday, January 23, 2017

New Suit Agaibst Trump

Liberals are still trying to put a crimp in Donald Trump, after all their previous attempts have failed. A well-known liberal outfit, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, has filed a suit against Trump, alleging he violated the Constitution because he hasn't YET "filed the papers" to divest himself of his interest on ONE company that does business with foreign sources. Which begs the question, "Where were these people when Obama REPEATEDLY violated the Constitution throughout his eight year administration? The BIAS is indisputable. They were LOOKING for something they could mould into a violation of the Constitution, when all it was, was a delay in accomplishing a goal. Meanwhile, they IGNORED Obama's REPEATED violations of the Constitution. (The Blaze)

Libs Ain't Gonna Like It

Obama had the Centers for Disease Control (of all organizations) to do a study on gun control, and their determination is something anti-gun fools (of which Obama is one) ain't gonna like. They found that "self-defense is an important deterrent." Not something Obama wanted to spend $20 million dollars (of our money) to find out. He could have simply called me, and I'd have told him, with NO cash outlay. Or he could have called any other pro-gun person and THEY'D have told him. But he isn't interested in that. He thinks we don't know anything. He thinks HE is the only one out there who knows ANYTHING. The many times he has been proven wrong do not make a dent in his confidence that he knows it all. Meanwhile, other anti-gun fools continue to make USELESS "gun laws" that do NOTHING to reduce gun violence, but INCREASE it, by disarming honest people, making it easier for ILLEGAL gun owners to victimize people. (Rare)

Brains In Congress

At least one man in Congress has a brain, and doesn't "gobble up" all the lies the anti-gun fools tell. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has RE-introduced a previously killed bill to get rid of all the "gun-free zones," with a federal law, that will kill them all over America. He realizes, as do ALL intelligent Americans, that gun-free zones get people killed, contrary to what anti-gun fools tell us. EVERY mass shooting in America has taken place IN a "gun-free zone." We read about DAILY shootings in gun-free zones such as the parking lots at Wal-Marts and Target Stores, bars and restaurants. Gun-free zones are USELESS to "contain gun violence," yet incompetent liberal legislators keep making laws to create them. I doubt if this measure will pass yet again, because there are too many STUPID Members of Congress who will vote against it, having "bought the BS" the anti-gun fools put out. (Gun Watch)

Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Blowing Up the White House"

Madonna is getting older, and maybe senility is responsible for her saying she "fantasized about blowing up the white House" in public. The Secret Service takes things like that seriously, even if said in jest, or just for effect, and to get noticed in the media. which is something this has-been former pop star wants, since not nearly as many people are fawning over her as they used to. The Secret Service is "opening an investigation into her." This "aging former star" is trying very hard to be noticed, as do many other former stars. Rosie O'Donnell comes to mind. How much work have either of these "elderly" (Rosie is 54, Madonna is nearing 60) former stars done lately? Most of the appearances I've seen for either are NOT paid appearances. And that "pussy hat" Madonna is wearing doesn't look like one, at all. Maybe that's just what she thinks one should kook like. (Blabber Buzz)

Democrat Delaying Tactics

The Democrats no longer have the power to dictate the appointments to a new president's Cabinet. All they can do is delay, delay, delay. SEVEN of Obama's appointments had already been approved the day he took office. Not so much for Trump. Only TWO of them, so far, have been approved, and way too many departments have no heads, until the Democrats quit playing around and making up phony excuses for holding things up. All of Trump's appointments WILL be approved, unless something bad that's REAL is discovered in somebody's background (which is not likely). The Republicans have a big enough majority to make that happen, if the Democrats will stop "dragging their feet," as they must, soon. Mitch McConnell says the Democrats are doing it because they're frustrated at having lost the election, and should "grow up." (Face the Nation)

Banning Gun Sales

Leave it to New York liberals (a repetition, there). Liberals all over the world would love to BAN guns altogether. In places where they have no Second Amendment, they sometimes succeed, and it is quickly followed by "gun confiscation" programs, and increased intimidation of citizens, followed by the KILLING of those citizens, who no longer have a means to defend themselves from anybody, including their own government. Just look at Nazi Germany, the old Soviet Union, N. Korea, and numerous other places. Meanwhile, the "bad guys" take full advantage of the lack of guns in the hands of law-abiding people to victimize them, too. In America, they can't do that. They can't just BAN guns, altogether. So they flail about and do everything they can to make it harder for honest people to buy guns first, and after that, do everything they can to make the guns they DO buy impossible to get into action fast enough for self defense against the "bad guys" who don't obey ANY laws, much less gun laws. In New York, they're trying to BAN all gun shows on county property so people can't buy guns. They really think that will keep the "bad guys" from getting guns illegally. It will NOT. And the harder it is for law-abiding people to get guns legally, the more of them will get them ILLEGALLY, forcing them to become law-breakers in order to be able to defend themselves. (White Plains Examiner)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

How LOW Can You Go?

For Democrats and other liberals, pretty low. They accuse Trump of being a Nazi with NOTHING to back it up. They intimate that he is "in collusion" with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), and is a "dictator wannabe." That and a lot more, all LIES. They just can't accept that the citizenry of this country REBUFFED them and their socialist wishes. That America no longer will stand aside and allow itself to be RAPED by liberals and Democrats. Democrats have worked HARD to move us ever closer to socialism and they resent the fact that we wish to no longer allow them to do that--that we intend to move us BACK toward a free society with fewer "controls" placed upon us all. They regard that as Naziism, racism, sexism, and a lot other nasty stuff. One rabid liberal, Ashley Judd, intimated that Trump lusted after his DAUGHTER. That's the kind of filthy minds these fools have--and they BELIEVE this crap. (Breitbart)

More Stupid Laws?

In Virginia, where many stupid gun laws are made, in spite of the legislature being controlled by Republicans, they're now considering a measure to put "warning labels" on guns, telling people they can kill. NO kidding. You mean people don't KNOW guns can kill? Like most of the silly "gun laws" made in Virginia and elsewhere, this measure will not do ANYTHING to "stop gun violence," but will make legislators think they have "done something" about gun violence, even though they have to KNOW it will accomplish NOTHING. And Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe will sign it, for the same reasons. There are many other "anti-gun measures" among the hundreds lined up to be considered, and I'm sure he will sign them too, whether or not they will ever stop a single gun crime. (WTOP)

The Lies Gun-Grabbers Tell

Gun-free zones are a farce. They haven't stopped a single gun toter (except the law-abiding ones) from bringing their guns in and killing people. 92% of mass shootings have happened in "gun-free zones." Gun-Free Zones ATTRACT mass killers like candy attracts flies because they can be pretty sure there won't be any LEGAL gun owners there to oppose them, so they can kill as many people as they wish before men with guns come to kill THEM. The "gun show loophole" the anti-gun fools like to tout does not exist. There is not a SINGLE thing allowed at gun shows that is not allowed everywhere. Guns were used 2.5 million times last year to stop criminal activity, but we never read about it in the liberal media because they refuse to report it. They like to tell you that there is an "epidemic of gun crime" today, ignoring the fact that the Department of Justice reported that gun crime has DROPPED 50% since it's peak in 2003. The entire platform of the gun-grabbers is based not only on a LIE, but on a damned fool notion. One that says if we make a law, that will stop CRIMINALS, who obey no laws, from carrying their ILLEGAL guns. There are many more misconceptions in their campaign, but I haven't room enough here to list them all. (Bullets First)

Friday, January 20, 2017

I Never Watched An Inauguration

This is the very first inauguration I've ever watched. For many years I purposely ignored them as unnecessary pomp and ceremony. A "dog and pony show" to make the peasants think something important is happening. And in many cases, I was right. Nothing ever seemed to change, no matter who was inaugurated, no matter what party was in the majority. But today is different. If Hillary was the one being inaugurated, we would be in for four more years of ignominy while she went to work to destroy this country as a constitutional republic, changing it into a "socialist utopia." As Trump is inaugurated, we see a "ray of hope" as he sets out to UNDO everything the traitor Obama did that he can. This is TRULY the most important inauguration in memory, maybe in history.

So this time, I watched it, so I could tell my grandchildren (some of whom tower over me) about it, if I still have enough time left. I've seen too many people younger than I pass away, one of the latest being actor Miguel Ferrer, and I hope I last long enough to see Trump "change" this country, for the better. The Democrats hate him with a passion, which tells me he is the best thing to happen to this country in a long time (if I didn't already know it). They SAY he will become a dictator, which shows their stupidity. They're terrified that all their work towards creating a "socialist utopia" in this country will be destroyed, and they're right. Trump has PROMISED to do that, and he usually keeps his promises. To quote an infamous American, "I finally am proud to be an American." (Just common sense)

"If It Saves One Life"

That's a well-known mantra for liberals (Democrats). But in reality, they could add a few words to it: "Unless it disagrees with our preconceived notions." People with their own guns have stopped ILLEGAL gun use at least 11 TIMES, just in December. But the anti-gun fools aren't listening, nor is the liberal media reporting it, nationally. Such instances remain "local news" and only the locals get to hear about it. They don't care that arming law-abiding citizens saves a lot more than "one life." It disagrees with their preconceived notions, so they ignore it. Never has anything been so often proved, nor so often IGNORED by the "powers that be." (Crime Prevention Research Center)

Gabby's Defenseless Ship

Gabby Giffords now has a Navy ship named after her. Appropriately, the ship's best feature it its ability to run way if attacked. It's guns are HALF as able as the guns mounted on most warships. Gabby is best known for her anti-gun efforts after being shot in the head and surviving, thus getting her brains scrambled. That fact has become obvious by her subsequent actions, which are basically to make honest, law-abiding people DEFENSELESS against people like the man who almost killed her. She just can't tell the difference between DEFENSIVE gun use and CRIMINAL gun use. So naming a ship whose best feature is it's ability to OUTRUN the enemy after her is very appropriate. She's probably happy about that, as an effectively ARMED ship is against her newfound principles. A mostly disarmed ship is something of which she would approve. The ship is one of several whose very existence is a monument to governmental inefficiency. This is an example of the kind of story liberals (Democrats) hate, because it reveals truths they wish we didn't know. (Breitbart)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Racist Exercise

You’ve all heard about that new “knockout game” where you’re walking along, minding your own business, when someone in the crowd around you runs up and “clocks you,” usually knocking you cold, then runs off, laughing. This is how kids who are “bored” relieve that boredom. They don’t care if they just knock you out, or KILL you. You’re just some jerk walking along. And if a white guy knocks out a black guy, it’s news; if a black guy knocks out a white guy, it’s not. Does that tell you anything? For my part, I plan to be aware of my surroundings at all times and if somebody decides to clock me, he’s going to learn what time it is—and I don’t care if he’s black or white. I’m going to HURT him. He may THINK I’m just an old man and an easy target to relieve his boredom, but he’ll soon learn otherwise. (The Daily Sheeple)

The Fallacy of Gun Control

The anti-gun fools tell us their machinations are designed to "stem gun violence," but they're not. They'll deny it to their dying day, but gun control, as we know it, only serves as "occupational safety laws for armed criminals." The THOUSANDS of times people have STOPPED armed criminals dead in their tracks without firing a shot, prove this contention, but the anti-gun fools will not admit it. And those thousands of incidents somehow never get reported in the liberal media because they do not advance their wish to disarm all (honest) Americans while doing NOTHING to disarm criminals, who don't obey ANY laws. If armed criminals could not be pretty sure their intended victims were not armed, they might find another crime than "gun crime" for their careers. There has never been a successful "mass shooting" at an NRA rally or a gun show for obvious reasons. Moreover, what usually puts a stop to mass shootings? The arrival of MEN WITH GUNS! Yes, we're talking about cops. But they can't be everywhere, so it usually takes some minutes for them to arrive, and in those few minutes, a mass shooter can kill many people, as we've seen. One person with a gun and the knowledge of how to use it can make all the difference. They can't deny that, but they do, irrationally. (Thomas Sowell)