Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ignorance Strikes Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg, former NYC mayor, and well-known anti-gun fool, spent $20 million dollars to get a background check law passed in Nevada. But the very wording of the law made it unenforceable. Instead of requiring either state OR federal authorities to conduct those checks, it required ONLY the NICS to do them--which it has refused to do. So, for the law to ever work at all, as much as it is CAPABLE of working (which it is NOT), more money must be spent in an effort to get the law changed, to alleviate the incompetence with which it was written. Mike probably ain't too happy, folks! In addition to the fact that such laws NEVER do anything to "stem gun violence," now it has to be changed in order to even get any background checks done, at all! (Gun Free Zone)

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