Sunday, January 8, 2017

What Are "Superdelegates?"

Hillary knows, and so does Bernie Sanders. They're the Democrat Party's way of making sure the candidate THEY want to win the primaries gets the most delegates, no matter how many primaries the other candidate wins. That's how they screwed Bernie out of the nomination, even though he won the most primaries. Not that I wish Bernie had won--I don't. But I wish he had lost FAIRLY. If he had won, he'd been even easier to beat than Hillary. But I hate cheaters, and that's plainly what the Democrat Party is. Hillary should NOT have gotten the Democrat nomination, so "winning" more popular votes than Trump just doesn't count. She probably got those the same way she beat Bernie.

That's how Hillary and the Democrat Party operate. They "fix it" in ways we can't even think of so they win as often as possible. They think nothing of lying, ballot stuffing, cheating, and I'd even bet murder to attain their goals. And their main one is changing this country from a free market country (which has allowed us to outdo countries that have been around for thousands of years, in little under 300 years) into a socialist country (socialism being a THEFT culture based on STEALING from the PRODUCER of new wealth for the benefit of the "drones" of society), a system that has NEVER worked. Russia is one example, Venezuela is another. (Just common sense)

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