Friday, January 27, 2017

A Glutton for Punishment

Hillary has disappeared from view since her appearance at the Trump inauguration. It is said she's "in hiding." I don't believe it. She's just "licking her wounds" and scheming further outrages. For one thing, she's talking about starting her own liberal TV show. Which, as is usual with liberal-oriented shows, will quickly go "down the tubes." What a way to spend some of those millions deluded Americans gave her for her campaign. And she's planning to run for president again in 2020! Damn! She is really a glutton for punishment! How many times has the nation told her they want no part of her? Three, four? She was the loser in one of the biggest presidential landslides since Reagan. And she wants to do it again? She's almost 70, and she wants to be president at 74? If, by some miracle, she should win, I guarantee you she will die in office. If she MAKES it to 2020, at all. (Conservative Daily News)

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