Thursday, January 12, 2017

"Obama Failed"

Obama's biggest failure is that he wasn't able to strip our right to be armed away from us (he thinks). Many times he tried, and many times he failed. That should have told him something, but it didn't. He hasn't the intelligence to realize he is not only attempting to legislate against the Constitution, but against the will of the American people, as well. Like a savant, he is very smart in some ways, but completely IGNORANT in others. The whole idea that he SHOULD "strip way our gun rights" is one of those. Fully 16 times, he has had to speak about "mass shootings" that have occurred, and he thinks that requires him to take away LEGAL gun rights, completely ignoring the fact that mostly, the "bad guys" who commit gun crimes are NOT legal gun owners. And the MAJORITY of gun crimes happen in "gun-free zones," where the presence of a LEGALLY armed person might have saved some lives. Now we have someone in that office (After Jan. 20, anyway) who might make a difference. We shall see. You'll notice the source for this is the John BIrch Society. That should not discredit it, for I've found, over the years, that they have been a reliable source, no matter how much liberals hate them. In fact, if liberals DIDN'T hate them, I would be some suspicious of them as a source. (JBS)

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