Friday, January 27, 2017

"There's No Voter Fraud"

That's what the left always tells us. Or that "There's NO EVIDENCE of voter fraud. But there is. Lots of it. They just ignore it and poo-poo those of us who point it out. The reason there might not be a LOT of evidence of voter fraud is that they are so good at covering it up. Much of it involves illegal aliens using Clinton's "Motor Voter Law" to register to vote at the DMV--and the DMV does NOT check to see if they are actually residents. Then those "newly minted" voters go out and vote mostly Democrat. Add to that the FELONS who vote illegally, and the dead people still voting, and if you bother to check on it, you will find MUCH voter fraud--IF you actually LOOK for it. Then there are the places where more people vote than LIVE there. Saying there is no voter fraud reminds me of the time they asked the President of Iran about gays in his country. He immediately replied, "There are no gays in Iran. Do you know of some? What are their names and addresses?" What he didn't mention is that those gays that are left after he ordered them KILLED are in hiding, so he can't find them. Liberals saying "There is no voter fraud" simply tells me there IS, and they have it so well hidden that it can't be found, for the most part. (Just common sense)

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