Friday, December 29, 2017

Social Security Not Sustainable

They're going to run out of money soon. Ever since the Congess STOLE the money in the "Social Security Fund," as soon as it was identified, they've been paying Social Security out of the General Fund. And the General Fund is running short. Now they're talking about added taxes, cutting benefits, or finding other sources for the money to pay the ever-rising number of people on Social Security. all this to "make up for" the THEFT of the Social Security money by the government. It must be nice to be able to steal from people and then make them cough up the difference later when the bill comes due. That's exactly what they're doing when they raise taxes to pay for their THEFT. And again when they cut benefits.

Those benefits were part of the agreement with America made when Social Security was created. To reduce them now is to abrogate that contract. Then consider how much more money Social Security recipients could have made on the money they were FORCED, at the point of a gun, to pay into the program if they had invested the money elsewhere. The money I paid into the program alone would have made me a millionaire by now, had I been able to invest it into the lowest-paying, but reliable investments. But NO! They forced me to give it to them, and kept it without paying me ANY interest, until they were good and ready to give me back some of it. Now they want to reneg on the agreement! By the way: if you don't believe that "point of a gun" statement, just try and NOT pay into Social Security while you're working. (Glenn Beck)

The "Fox News Conspiracy"

No, I'm not talking about Fox being in a conspiracy against anybody. I'm talking about the obvious conspiracy to destroy Fox at any cost. It began, for most folks, when they got the scalp of Roger Ailes with a phony sexual predator accusation, sans any kind of proof. They "lucked out" when he fell shortly after and died from his injuries. It gave him no time to fight. Then they went after their biggest ratings-getter, Bill O'Reilly, and Ailes' co-worker, Bill Shine. They went after O'Reilly, using a woman he had never met, quoting him saying things he never said. again, without a scintilla of proof--only the unsupported word of one woman who had a RECORD of such false accusations against various conservatives. Then a bunch of greedy women who wanted a payday jumped on the bandwagon.

Then they went after Sean Hannity, but he fought back, and stopped them in their tracks. Last year (before all this) Fox was atop the ratings, in an "unassailable position." They appeared invincible after 15 years of ratings dominance, while CNN, their closest rival, languished with fast-dropping ratings. Then came this series of false charges, which Fox's new bosses quickly "bought," and their ratings dropped so fast they were THIRD for the first time in many years. During this time, NOBODY claimed sexual misconduct on the part of CNN employees. Isn't that strange that only conservatives were so accused? With Media Matters being behind it all. If you can't see the conspiracy, I feel sorry for you. But if you're reading this, you're "smarter than the average bear," and CAN see it. (Yahoo News)

Chicago's A War Zone!

I don't know how many were shot this most recent weekend, but over the Fourth of July weekend, 84 people were shot, and 11 died. Rahm Emanuel, the liberal Dumocrat mayor, has asked for the assistance of the National Guard, to help keep the peace. That's just one step below declaring full martial law in Chicago. Now he's asking the UN to "occupy" his city. I've been in Chicago on business, and at the time had no idea how dangerous it was just to be there. Many people are actually calling Chicago as much of a war zone as Iraq or Afghanistan. That's saying a lot. And the Dumocrat leadership (Obama's former left-hand man) has no idea how to stop it, save to make more of the kind of laws that have FAILED to stop it, so far. They aren't smart enough. (The News Nerd)

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Obama: The Saboteur

Barack Hussein Obama was the worst thing that ever happened to the United States of America. He did everything he could to UNDERMINE us, in as many ways as he could. He spent $7 TRILLION dollars in just 8 years. More than ALL previous presidents, combined. He allowed the Islamic terrorists to smuggle drugs into the United States so as to not "interfere" with his disastrous "peace agreement" with Iran. He flatly refused to recognize the threat that Islamic terrorism was to us, and allowed them to proliferate, all over the world, through his inaction in stopping them. He fostered unlimited Muslim immigration--all young men of fighting age, DISGUISED as "refugees." He "gutted" the military budget, so the military could not do what they are supposed to do.

Stories of flight squadrons that had only one or two planes that could take off because of lack of parts to repair their planes are rife. And not just in flight squadrons. Parts are unavailable in all parts of the military. The SIZE of the military is down so far that we couldn't fight two wars at the same time--and maybe not even ONE. Thank God for Trump, who has made it a plan to bring our military back to strength, and has invested the money to make it possible. Plus, he rescinded the Obama "rules of conflict" to stop allowing the enemy the "first kill" before we were allowed to respond. He is a saboteur and should be in PRISON, not gadding about the world on the taxpayer's dime, trying to undermine everything Trump does. (Just common sense)

Operating Against Logic

Liberals insist there is no such thing as logic. And everything they do DEFIES logic. Like punishing achievement. Most intelligent people would like to become rich. And high achievers are the ones that usually end up rich. Why then, do liberals constantly want to "tax the rich" at higher rates than everybody else? (All the rich except for them, that is) Most of the liberals who want to punish the rich are rich, themselves. They just exempt themselves from the rules they set for others. They push programs to allow MEN to enter women's most private places. Places where young girls are NAKED, if they SAY they think they're women that day. That is a major rejection of logic. Intelligent people refuse to accept this, and they're accused of bigotry, and all kinds of other names for their opposition. They want to change the definition of marriage to include their "unions." I have no problem with what they do to each other in private, but I will NOT allow them to usurp the meaning of the word marriage. They have been offered the exact same rights as those enjoyed under marriage, but under another name, and have rejected it, proving that all they want is to destroy the meaning of the word marriage. (Just common sense)

Creeping Stupidity

Great Britain, having already made the fool mistake of almost banning ALL guns and finding that doesn't “solve the gun problem,” are now poised to make an even bigger mistake—banning all knives. What's next? Banning stones? Having mostly banned all guns, they now say “Knife crime is now a scourge on our society.” They call even self defense with a knife a “knife crime.” In England, as here, the anti-gunners are more interested in eliminating all means of self defense for the citizens—unless, of course, you work for the government, then, of course, you need to have the means to defend yourself from all those wascally ILLEGAL guns—and to oppress those who have none. What they are finding, of course, is the triumph of the right to self defense. After they ban all knives, people will find something else to use to defend themselves. And when they ban that, something else. And so it goes. I recommend somebody start teaching people how to use everyday objects in defending themselves. They can't ban EVERYTHING. (Captain's Journal)

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

One Problem; It's True!

I recently heard a left-leaning Fox News "contributor" say that, the only reason so many of Trump's people believe the media is biased against president Trump is because he says so. There's only one problem with that. What he says is TRUE. The liberal media IS biased against him, and has been since the day he came down that escalator and announced he was running. They flatly REFUSE to run any story that is complimentary to him, and continually run false stories AGAINST him. Their "commentators" have constantly said, from that "escalator moment," that he might as well give up, he'll never be president. And when he BECAME president, they said he'd never be able to accomplish anything. Then in the FIRST YEAR of his presidency, he accomplished more than ANY previous president accomplished in their entire terms. Unemployment is down, but they keep telling us it is UP. The economy is booming, and the media keeps "reporting" stories about how BAD it is. It is so obvious, it is sickening, and to hear them deny it is hilarious. (Just common sense)

Jumping to Appease Liberals

It didn't start in Ferguson, MO, but it escalated into a cause from there. The linked article paints Michael Brown as an innocent child, only interested in "chilling" with his friends, who never did anything wrong, who was MURDERED by a "rogue cop" while walking down a street. What is not mentioned is his intimidation of people who are smaller than he, including the clerk in the convenience store he was leaving after stealing some cigars. Walking down a street? Yes; right in the middle of the street, screwing up traffic, and when a cop asked him to stop, he ATTACKED that cop, hoping to use his size to overpower him. It didn't work.

 When he continued attacking, the cop shot him, as would any intelligent person with a giant such as this attacking. The city, anxious to appease the liberals, charged him, tried him, and found him innocent, which sparked RIOTS by disaffected criminals who thought this was an opportunity to "get" a cop. In Baltimore, MD, six cops were charged with murder when Freddy Gray, a recent back surgery patient, accidentally killed himself by banging his head against the wall of a police "wagon" on his way to jail, in an attempt to incriminate those cops. As in Ferguson, wiser heads prevailed, and three of them were found innocent, and the charges were dropped on the other three.

But their careers were ruined, as was that of the cop in Ferguson. Today, they're rioting in St. Louis after a cop was acquitted in the death of a black man. Never mind it was after a chase, and that black man was fighting for all he was worth. This situation is becoming all too common as people like those in "Black Lives Matter" twist facts unmercifully to incriminate the cops, who were doing their jobs. Yes, there ARE instances where cops shoot people (black and white) unnecessarily. But those cases are rare. The problem is created when "authorities" jump to appease the liberals, whose only purpose is to give the cops a black eye. Nothing is ever said about the cops who have been killed from ambush without warning, usually by a black man. Mentioning that would not advance their rhetoric. Such instances make other cops VERY nervous. They know they're right out there, in a conspicuous uniform, easy to identify, while the bad guys are difficult to tell from honest people. (The Guardian)

Gun-Grabber's Ignorance

“Letting female victims of their men's beatings have guns for self defense is bad, because it adds the possibility of deadly action to the equation.” That's what this “gun-grabber” who writes for Huffington Post thinks, anyway Maybe she should find an abusive boyfriend. Maybe her opinion might change, but that's doubtful. Anti-gun fools aren't smart enough to recognize reality. She really thinks abuse victims should have NO WAY to avoid serious injury, or even death at the hands of their abusers. Does she have a better answer? No. She just tells people what to do or not to do and is willing to take the risk--for other people. The unfortunate truth is, she is right, at least that anti gun fool cops and prosecutors will more than likely arrest and imprison her when she DOES defend herself with her gun, legally carried, or not. They shouldn't have the power to do that, when it is clearly self defense. But they do. In any case, I'd rather be in prison than in a coffin. (Truth About Guns)

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Watching His Back

There is a former FBI informant ready to testify against Hillary Clinton on the uranium deal. Victoria Toensing is his attorney, and she won't reveal his name. This article, too, goes out of its way to avoid naming him. This is a good thing if he is ever expected to really testify against her. People in that position have a way of DYING, before they can testify. And the ways they die are sometimes IMPOSSIBLE. Like the one set to testify against Bill who "committed suicide" by shooting himself in the head, TWICE. How he did that is a real mystery, But not to the local "authorities," who did a very sloppy "investigation." People dying before testifying against BOTH Clintons has become so common that some people have compiled LISTS of their names, and the supposed "causes of their deaths." But nobody "official" seems to be interested in looking into that. Maybe they're afraid of ending up on that list. And I'd advise Victoria Toensing to "watch her own back." (Steadfast and Loyal)

Cop Haters Are Stupid

Black Lives Matter thinks they are onto something. They're tapping the built-in hatred for cops that is in ALL criminals. They think they can translate that to others who don't intrinsically hate cops--and incidentally white people. They take each and every case where a cop shoots and kills a black person while he/she is committing a crime, and twist it into a case of a cop shooting a black person for nothing. Never mind it was for SOMETHING. They promote that hatred, claiming that cops routinely "go hunting" for black people to kill for sport, which is patently STUPID. Even their basic premise is wrong. Yes, black lives matter. But so do white lives. ALL lives matter, but they won't hear of that. If somebody has the temerity to think ALL lives matter, they ridicule them and try to discredit them by calling them names, chief of which is "racist." It's STUPID to even THINK that cops routinely "hunt" black people. They DO shoot white criminals, too mostly to stay alive. But BLM ignores that. Black officers shoot people, too. But they ignore that, too. (Just common sense)

"Real Men Don't Need Guns"

That's what the female gun-grabbers say, but they don't want you to know that THEY do. Recently, they did a “march” from Fairfax, VA to Washington, DC to PROMOTE anti-gun legislation, PROTECTED BY ARMED GUARDS. This is a typical contradiction they don't even seem to understand. They're not too bright. If they were, they'd KNOW that the laws they support are USELESS to stop, or even slow down gun violence, because the perpetrators of gun violence don't OBEY laws—ANY laws. So why do they expect them to suddenly obey theirs? They need to find some kind of solution the worst criminals can't ignore, instead of continuing to insist on making USELESS laws nobody obeys. But that will never happen. These people are too STUPID to come to such a conclusion. They just keep on making laws than only make law-abiding people defenseless, and getting them killed, while being blissfully unaware of that. (Keep and Bear)

Monday, December 25, 2017


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Friday, December 22, 2017

No Credit At All

President trump has had his best year possible, but not a peep out of the liberal media to give him credit. Previously, Harry Truman had the record for the most legislative achievements, but now that record is held by President Trump, in just his first year. There's no telling what's going to happen as time goes on. He has eliminated many, many of Obama's oppressive "regulations." Regulations he imposed by Executive Order, so it was easy to get rid of them the same way. He has brought the unemployment figures down to their lowest in level in years, and has seen 100.000 new jobs, just this month. In some places, 200,000. He got rid of Obama's requirement that everybody MUST buy his high priced health insurance, and thereby "gutted" Obamacare. The premiums are rising right now, but as the necessity for them to compete increases, they will go down very soon. Yet those politically oriented cartoonists are still talking about how BAD the economy is, and this "rough year." They obviously have no idea about what they're talking. The economy is "singing," with 70 "record closings" in the stock market since his election--and still not a peep out of the liberal media. But soon, they'll be FORCED to recognize some of his accomplishments because they will become so obvious. The Atlantic is not a well known conservative publication, but even they are forced to acknowledge his success, if grudgingly. (The Atlantic)

Ir's All Obama's Fault

Politicians are wondering why the military is having so many accidents recently. From ship collisions with private shipping to air crashes due to lack of good maintenance, and the lack of spare parts, to deaths of soldiers in training accidents. I'm sure the politicians will not even CONSIDER the fact that all this is due to Obama's stupid policies with regard to the military. They will want to fire some generals, and even some lesser politicians or bureaucrats. They will never go after the "Obama factor," always "missing the mark." They will get rid of a lot of generals, but that will not solve the problem. What WILL solve the problem is Donald Trump, who is increasing the financing for the military a LOT. Eventually, that will take care of the problem, even if most politicians never realize what the problem really is. (Just common sense)

Gun Lies and Damned Lies

The anti-gun fools are spreading the MYTH that a majority of Americans WANT gun control. Evidence that this is a lie is the fact that MOST of those silly “gun laws” are defeated. The very fact that there is a big fight over gun rights should be an indicator to intelligent people, but doesn't make a dent in the stone-like sculls of the anti-gun fools. What Americans want is “gun SAFETY.” The laws that have been made, and are currently in place have done NOTHING to stop, or even slow down “gun violence.” They are NEVER going to stop gun violence with these laws because the people who use guns for ill simply don't OBEY laws. To think that, all of a sudden, they will obey THESE laws is imbecilic. But the anti-gun fools will never “Tumble” to that. (Orlando Sentinel)

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Democrats Are Pissed!

They're going out of their minds! The Senate passed Trump's tax bill and they HATE it! They hate ANYTHING that is good for America because whatever is good for America is bad for them. They rely on things being bad because they can claim to "fix it." But they never do. Whatever they do always makes it WORSE. The Dumocrats are good at stealing elections because they have been doing it for so long. But they're miserable failures at governing. The proof is in every city that is run by Dumocrats. Take Detroit, for instance. The infrastructure there is crumbling fast, and everything Dumocrats do makes it worse. Look at the "gun problem" in Chicago. Dumocrats have passed the tightest gun laws in the nation, while gang members fighting over their "turf" have caused the number of gun crimes to be also the highest in the nation. That is a TESTAMENT to Dumocrat "governing." Everywhere you look where Dumocrats run things is misery, while they try to convince people that is "the new normal." Meanwhile, where Republicans run things, things are much better. (The Hill)

Give It Away Free

Liberals are good at giving away money--other people's money, not theirs. It's the way they sell socialism. Offer something for FREE. Just vote for me. Bernie Sanders (an admitted socialist) is proposing and pushing an idea to offer FREE college tuition. Never mind it is going to cost 23 TRILLION, more money than ALL previous administrations have spent, on EVERYTHING. We don't have it. We'd have to borrow it. Our grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren would have to pay for it. But he doesn't care. It's just OUR MONEY, not his. The same is true of other liberals insisting on giving every living being a paycheck, whether or not they work There's no telling how much THAT will cost, but they don't even consider that. And they're not considering what that will do to the economy if people have no incentive to work because they'll get paid, anyway. That's what socialism IS: stealing from the producers of new wealth for the benefit of those who, for whatever reason, produce NOTHING. But there are always those who want something for nothing--to live at the expense of others, and they care NOT from where the money comes. They want to "ride in the wagon" without ever taking a turn at PUSHING the wagon. so socialism thrives, even though it will always be destined to FAIL eventually, because it produces NOTHING. (Just common sense)

"Guns Are for Killing"

Anti-gun fools say that guns are manufactured ONLY to kill. They're wrong—guns are also manufactured to SAVE people from being killed by “bad guys” who MISUSE them. Without guns for self defense, many more INNOCENT people will be killed by those who MISUSE their guns for criminal purposes. What they don't know, or ignore, is that ANYTHING can be used for good OR ill, and guns are no different. They can be used to kill an enemy, or to provide food for the table. Fire is another thing. It can be a big help by keeping you warm and by allowing you to cook food to eat, or it can destroy huge areas and kill many people if it is MISUSED. Then there's the hypodermic needle. It is commonly manufactured for medical use, where it is used, every day, to save lives, and make the lives of sick people more comfortable. It can also be used by “druggies” to slowly kill themselves by injecting poison into their veins to “get a high.” Drug users commonly use “dirty needles” and often kill themselves without knowing they're doing it. The point is, most everything can be used for good or ill, including guns. (Quora)

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Lots of Empty Shelves

That's what socialism means to a country. The Free Market, which collectivists (socialists, communists, progressivists, Fascists, etc.) call capitalism, as an insult, means not only full shelves of goods available, but the need for even more shelves to hold the overage. Collectivism means children starving, and that has become obvious in Venezuela, where the socialist society is crumbling before our eyes because it produces NOTHING. There are riots in the streets over the lack of such staples as toilet paper in stores, let alone food. And luxuries? Only the top "government officials" still get them, as is usual in a socialist society. Socialism means failure. That has been proven in many places. Some socialist "showcases" only survived through "contributions" from other socialist nations that still had some of their people's money left. One such example is Cuba, which only survived for many years while communist Russia "propped them up." Now they're suffering, and may not last another 20 years, now that Russia can no longer give them their people's money. Then there's Russia, which for 75 years was collectivism's "showcase state," until its collectivist state collapsed. And like dominoes, other collectivist states are going down, one after the other, while dedicated collectivists con people into creating new ones, to fail later after sucking the life out of failing collectivist states. Collectivism is one big con, and has made trillions of dollars for the collectivist scams. (The Patriot Post)

"Thou Shalt Not Speak"

Students at Berkeley are deathly afraid that a "conservative speaker" will say something that resonates with people, with which they don't agree. So they RIOT to keep ANYBODY with whom they don't agree from making a speech, anywhere they can. Which only shows the EMPTINESS of their positions. When Breitbart's Ben Shapiro came to speak, it cost the university $600,000.00 for SECURITY so he COULD speak. They have to know their ideas are meaningless, and they want to keep people from finding that out, so they RIOT every time a "conservative speaker" is scheduled to speak there. They did so when Ann Coulter came to speak, and successfully kept her from being able to say a word--there. But she had lots to say elsewhere about her treatment by those campus liberal fools who know nothing. They stopped her from talking on their campus, but students there are able to hear what she says, elsewhere. They THINK they're censoring her, but they are only making her words more meaningful. (Newsweak)

"Common Sense Gun Control"

Anti-gun fool activists are asking, “Will Trump's new FBI Director support common sense gun control? Good question. When will they come up with some? They certainly haven't yet. Every “gun control “ measure they have come up with so far does NOTHING to stop, or even slow down “gun crime.” In fact, all they do is make it worse by making honest, law-abiding people who actually OBEY laws defenseless in the face of all the NON-law-abiding people who do NOT. That's NOT “common sense,” that's a tragedy, since it gets innocent people KILLED. “Gun-free zones,” for instance. There isn't a single mass shooting that hasn't occurred IN a “gun-free zone.” Criminals candidly tell us that they SEEK OUT gun-free zones in which to do their “dirty deeds” because they can be pretty sure there won't be any “law-abiding person” there who has a gun with which to shoot back. Things like “gun locks,” and “safe storage” that involve locked boxes that take MINUTES to open when the “bad guys” already have their guns out and ready KILL people. All their other “common sense gun laws” are just as bad. We will do well NOT to support them. (Outdoor Life)

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Drmocrats Are Freaked!

Trump isn't failing! In fact, he's succeeding beyond our wildest dreams, in SPITE of all the impediments the Dumocrats have put in his way. We have had a string of record high closings in the stock market since January (when he was inaugurated), the unemployment numbers are also new records down, some of them the lowest numbers in the history of the United States. The number of new jobs are in the hundreds of thousands, in some places in the TWO hundred thousands. Manufacturers who have moved overseas are coming back, and some who have said they were moving overseas now say they are NOT. The economy is booming at a rate in Trump's first year that exceeds ANYTHING in Obama's entire eight year administration. And instead of just "containing" the Islamic terrorists, we're DEFEATING them. All this to the consternation of the Dumocrats, who want things to get worse than they've ever been so they can take back the Congress, and even the presidency. But it's not going to happen, because Trump is doing just what he promised, and America is noticing. (Just common sense)

Racism Is Ignorance!

Liberals like to attribute racism to ALL their opponents because they have no cogent arguments in favor of their positions, so they hide that by calling their opponents names. But what they're actually saying is, "You're ignorant." Because being a racist IS ignorance. To dislike someone because of something they neither created, nor can stop, such as the color of their skin, is ignorance. Disliking someone because of their religious beliefs is just as ignorant, And to put somebody down because of their sex organs being different than yours is the HEIGHTS of ignorance. We should all judge each person as an INDIVIDUAL, treating them according to what they DO, and not what they ARE. It is a fact that some black people are brilliant, and some are ignorant, themselves. Same with women and members of a different religion. If you judge people by the group they are in, YOU are ignorant. (Just common sense)

"Gun Control Is Racist"

That's what a writer at Salon thinks, anyway. She talks about Trump's “heavy handed” enforcement of gun laws, which is completely non-existent. She compared gun violence reports to the old “red line” policies of the past (80 years ago), and found similarities. Thus, she determined that gun control was racist. I really get tired of liberals always coming out with new things that are “racist,” based on the thinnest “evidence” possible, and which stretch the definition of racism to the limit. She “found” that neighborhoods red lined 80 years ago have higher incidences of gun violence than anywhere else. That does NOT indicate racism. It indicates the FACT that more people LIVING in those neighborhoods COMMIT gun violence. It has nothing to do with the fact that the neighborhood was “red lined.” Liberals work HARD to try and convince the rest of us that as many things as possible are actually racist, even if they have to twist the truth unmercifully to accomplish it. By so doing, they cause the word “racism” to become meaningless. (Salon)

Monday, December 18, 2017

They're Scared to Death

Have you been wondering why there is so MUCH opposition to Donald Trump as president? Most of it comes from the liberals, who CREATED the problems that would, if allowed to continue, destroy this nation, physically and financially. The rest comes from their dupes, some of whom are in the GOP. Trump promised to "drain the swamp" in DC, and he is proceeding to do just that. and that scares the "swamp dwellers" to death. They're sorely afraid he is going to destroy their little swindles and schemes--and he will, given time. He has already made a significant amount of progress, and many swamp dwellers no longer dwell there. This frightens the rest, and the more frightened they become, the higher the level of their panic. They raise the level of opposition higher, and get more and more desperate. Then they start making mistakes that will destroy THEM. The recent rail tragedy in Washington State is a good example of what he talks about, regarding the infrastructure, and he WILL do something about it. (Town Hall)

Big Mouth Sharpton Again

If there were ANYTHING to legitimize "Kid Rock"s" candidacy in the mind of thinking Americans, it is the opposition of people like Al Sharpton, one of America's biggest racists, who pretends to be ANTI-racist, spending his time extorting big money people by threatening to accuse them of racism if they didn't give him money. Sharpton is the bane of existence for anybody who has money. Sooner or later he or Jesse Jackson will be on their doorstep, demanding money not to accuse them of racism. What he says doesn't mean anything any more, but he keeps on braying, trying desperately to remain relevant. I laughed when I first heard of Kid Rock's political ambitions, but after, Sharpton objected to his candidacy, I started to take it seriously. Sharpton can jump up and down as much as he likes, and it will only make Kid Rock's candidacy that much stronger. (Off the Wire)

Only In Chicago

Chicago has some of the toughest “gun laws” in the country, ALL of which violate the Second Amendment, but do NOTHING to stop those who wish to do us ill from getting a gun. The Second amendment clearly says, the right of ALL Americans to be armed, “shall NOT be infringed.” But they make laws and regulations all the time that DO “infringe” on that right, which is guaranteed by the Constitution. Example: In Chicago, there has been a STRING of armed robberies, one of them featuring a SIX-YEAR OLD, brandishing a gun. Show me ANYWHERE it is legal for a six-year old to have and use a gun, never mind what this one used it for! And somehow I suspect the guns those ADULTS used in their robberies were NOT legally bought. It is obviously very easy to get guns in Chicago, and the “bad guys” take full advantage of it. That's in SPITE of those “tough gun laws. So what the hell good are they? One day, the anti-gun fools will find a law that really works, and I'll be right with them. But I'm not holding my breath waiting. I'm not fond of turning blue. (NBC Chicago)

Friday, December 15, 2017

Invesigate the Investigators

And while you're at it, investigate the accusers. The Dumocrats are all out to "investigate" something for which there has never been ANY proof, the idea that Trump conspired with the Russians to get elected. Meanwhile, nobody's interested in investigating Hillary's KNOWN collusion with the Russians to get elected. She bought and paid for that "report" that claims Trump hired prostitutes to pee on the bed Obama had slept on in Russia, nor her involvement in the scheme that gave the Russians control over 20% of our uranium supply, nor anything else for which there IS proof on Hillary's side. At the same time, nobody's interested in checking out the backgrounds of all those women who CLAIM to have been sexually abused by several Republican politicians, including Donald Trump and Roy Moore. There is not a SHRED of real evidence in any of these cases, and many of the accusers have been IDENTIFIED as former Hillary staffers and supporters otherwise. Others are KNOWN Trump haters. Why is nobody interested in finding out about any bias they might have? (Just common sense)