Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ignorant Ideas

What are these politicians thinking? How STUPID are they? Mandating insurance companies insure people for PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS! That’s like insuring your car for accidents AFTER you’ve wrecked it! Or insuring your horse against theft AFTER it has been STOLEN! This, like their law forcing lenders to loan money to people who cannot repay it is an exercise in STUPIDITY. But these people force it on insurance companies with a straight face, just as if it were a LOGICAL thing. It is NOT. It is evidence of IGNORANCE of how the world works—and this in the people who are RUNNING things. How do we get such people running things? By “not paying attention to politics” and voting anyway. Does ANYBODY really know ANYTHING about Obama’s past? Where he was born, and if he adheres to the Muslim philosophy whether he IS a Muslim, or not? We know NOTHING about this guy who came out of NOWHERE and with the liberal media solidly behind him beat a woman who is just as bad, but whom we could at least say we knew something about. Why did we elect him to the highest office in the land without knowing ANYTHING about him? We’re learning about him now, not through his past: he has seen that his past is “locked away” forever.

We have learned about him through his ACTIONS, which we abhor. We will kick his rear end out in November, but that may be too late. Elite liberals think Obama is not a socialist. We think otherwise because we don’t have our blinders secured tightly in place as they do. They say “Only irresponsible fanatics carelessly throw around such epithets.” But is that true? Or its it simply liberals, who think they’re better than us “muggles,” “poo-pooing” what others think. We think he is a socialist because he has SAID he is a socialist. Because everything he has done since being inaugurated promotes socialism. The evidence is IN. He IS a socialist. There is no doubt about it, and those elite liberals are full of dung. They WANT socialism because they intend to be in positions of power when it comes, so they don’t have to EARN money to get the benefit from it. They know you don’t have to OWN the money to benefit from it. They hope to be like those “commissars” in the old Soviet Union running around in state-owned luxury cars, back and forth between their sumptuous homes to their sumptuous “offices,” all paid for by the “collective,” but which they treat as their own, while the “serfs” stand by, hat in hand, and envy them. (Forbes)

Obama's "Flat Earth Society"

Obama equates people who don’t believe his bull sh-t about the “energy problem” with being members of the “Flat Earth Society. But in reality, it is OBAMA who is a FOUNDING MEMBER of the Flat Earth Society and he proves it every day with the ignorant crap he preaches. I can’t remember a more STUPID president during my lifetime. Not even Jimmy Carter (and he came mighty close). Until Obama came along, Carter was my model for a stupid president, but Obama has FAR outstripped his stupidity. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"New Black Panther" Crime

The “New Black Panthers are CRIMINALS. They have been for a long time. Probably before Obama’s attorney general refused to prosecute them for intimidating voters in the 2008 elections because they were “my people.” Now they have put out “a hit” on George Zimmerman with their “Dead or Alive” poster offering $10,000 (now a MILLION dollars) for George Zimnerman “DEAD OR ALIVE.” That’s inciting people to MURDER and the people involved in the New Black Panthers putting that out should be arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned, forthwith. Does anybody think that will happen? Not with Obama in the White House and Holder as AG. These people are on THEIR SIDE, so they’re not going to do anything about just about anything they do, legal or ILLEGAL. If somebody murders Zimmerman, will anybody prosecute any New Black Panther in his death? No. Obama will prevent it, as most thugs protect those who do their bidding. (The Blaze)

What's Wrong With Wal-Mart?

Wal-Mart is a good company. Even if they DO sell mostly communist China slave-made goods in order to get their prices down to the point Americans will actually BUY them. They TRIED the “made in America” thing when they first started, but it didn’t work. Americans, who DEMAND high salaries, will not pay the prices required when the goods are made in America. So while paying high prices required by the high wages demanded by Americans, they could not compete with companies who imported their goods from countries whose people would work for a lot less, plus from a country where all the workers were slaves, anyway, and HAD to work for low wages, communist China. Now the SAME Americans who demand ever higher wages will not pay for American-made goods because prices are too high accuse Wal-Mart of “outsourcing” the manufacture of their goods while paying low wages themselves.

What did they EXPECT? And the accusation about paying low wages is a LIE. People flock to Wal-Mart’s employment office ANY time there is an opening because they pay a “living wage” WITHOUT being TOLD to by a union. They bring hundreds of new jobs to ANY community to which they move, but many locals obstruct them on these specious motives. Instead of obstructing them, they SHOULD be WELCOMING them and all the new jobs they bring while paying lots of taxes. They wouldn’t stay in business if people didn’t shop there. And why do they shop there? Because they keep their prices low in SPITE of hell. People come up with all kinds of phony excuses why they don't like Wal-Mart, but they shop there, anyway, once Wal-Mart gets by their detractors and actually get their store opened. The "mom and pop" store owners who get run out of business can go to work for Wal-Mart and make more than they ever made while in business. (Forbes)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Obama "Whips Up" Racism

Along with every other liberal race-baiter out there, including Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan, and many others, they are making a “mountain out of a molehill” about the killing of a black teenager in Florida. I don’t know ALL the details, and nobody else does, either. The incompetence of the cops “investigating” this situation has GUARANTEED nobody ever will. In any case, George Zimmerman has been “judged” guilty of premeditated murder by everybody concerned, right up to the President of the United states, who took the time and trouble to CALL the parents of the “victim,” something that, while not unusual for this president, is not proper in a local incident. While he didn’t make a stupid remark, as he did in the case of a black professor who was arrested in the break-in of his own home, just the fact of WHO he called tells us his opinion, all the “race-baiters” mentioned above have jumped in the fray, condemning Zimmerman to death, even if an “investigation shows he is innocent of guilty intent.

The “New Black Panthers” have “put out a hit” on Zimmerman, and if he IS found not to be guilty of a crime likely will not change their $10,000 offer for him, “”DEAD OR ALIVE.” (I will watch carefully to see if Obama or his black attorney general charge them with a crime for ordering this murder or if they will reject any charges against them, since they are “their people"). If people would just SHUT UP about this (which will not happen), maybe some REAL investigation could be done and some real facts be unearthed. Although any facts finding Zinmmerman not guilty of a crime will not be believed by these “race-baiters.” I looked at just the CNN web site and EVERY story on the side was about this shooting, and ALL were against Zimerman. The unappointed judges have decided he's guilty of murder, without facts. (Just common sense)

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Israel has killed some more Palestinians while the Palestinians are trying hard to kill as many Israelis as they can. The Palestinian are “at war” with Israel, no matter how much they deny it. Why else would they daily lob rockets indiscriminately into Israel territory? The Palestinians send out pictures of “families” crying over the loss of their loved ones, usually standing right beside the rocket launchers they use to bombard Israel. I have no mercy for them. Maybe the news media should publish the pictures I KNOW exist of Israelis sobbing over their loved ones that were killed by a Palestinian rocket? Israel is simply defending itself against the constant unwarranted attacks from Palestinian territory. And don’t try and tell me Israel started it. I know better. I read history. Real history. Not that biased crap fed Americans by their liberal media. (Freedom’s Phoenix)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Individual Right?

A history of the Second Amendment will show you it recognizes An INDIVIDUAL right, not a collective one. Having the right to carry a gun for self defense does not require membership in a government recognized “militia.’ Every citizen was ASSUMED to be a member of the “militia” and required to help the “recognized authority” enforce the law. Somewhere that idea has been lost and they now say the only reason for the “right” to carry a gun is to defend ourselves against the GOVERNMENT, which they don’t want. All the cops seem to be be able to do today is RECORD the crime after the fact, and MAYBE apprehend the criminal. But if everybody carried a gun, it would be a much more dangerous profession to be an armed robber. (Patriot Action Network)

Energy Sec Rides Bike to Work

But what Stephen Chu doesn’t tell us when he assures Congress he doesn’t own a car is that his wife DOES (wonder who bought it). She drives a gas-guzzling BMW while he rides his bike to work to make a big show about how “energy conscious” he is. This is a typical Obama administration LIE by omission. This car was reported to get 18 MPG when it was new, and now is reported (by her husband’s agency) to get 21 MPG. Did he fiddle these figures to minimize the damage if we found out about his wife’s car? Probably. During his testimony before the Congress, he complimented the failing Chevy Volt, saying: “it’s a good car (then why doesn't he own one?).” Yeah, if you never go more than 40 miles at a time and don’t care about having it sit for 8 hours at a time to recharge. Oh: did I tell you that the government-owned General Motors has stopped making the Volt (they SAY “temporarily”) because of lack of viable sales numbers They blame Rush Limbaugh for that, forgetting that it has NEVER been a big seller because of its fantastically high price and VERY limited range. Who wants an electric car that costs $100,000.00 and will only go $40 miles between “feedings?” In any case, this is how they fool you, a little bit at a time. (The Daily Caller)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Kind of FOOLS Are They?

What kind of fools do they think WE are? Some time ago the then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said of Obama’s health care swindle act, “We have to pass this bill . . . to find out what’s in it.” What? That’s not how we do business in this country. Here, we find out everything there is to know about an act before we vote it into law. Does she really think we’re stupid enough to buy this bull? Maybe she’s going on the fact that we elected a president so we could find out who and what kind of a man he is, We’re now finding out both, and we don’t like what we’re finding out. But it’s way too late to find out these things. Liberals in our government have said many things just as stupid as this, but nobody (not even the press, who should be calling them on it) calls them on it. What kind of fools are WE if we don’t get rid of fools like Pelosi and Obama and their friends at the first opportunity? This statement is something that would be said by a dictator who doesn’t CARE what we think. (Just common sense)

Energy Sec Rides Bike to Work

For show. But what Stephen Chu doesn’t tell us when he assures Congress he doesn’t own a car is that his wife DOES (wonder who bought it). She drives a gas-guzzling BMW while he rides his bike to work to make a big show about how “energy conscious” he is. This is a typical Obama administration LIE by omission. This car was reported to get 18 MPG when it was new, and now is reported (by her husband’s agency) to get 21 MPG. Did he fiddle these figures to minimize the damage if we found out about his wife’s car? Probably. During his testimony before the congress, he complimented the failing Chevy Volt, saying: “it’s a good car (then why doesn't he own one?).” Yeah, if you never go more than 40 miles at a time and don’t care about having it sit for 8 hours at a time to recharge. Oh: did I tell you that the government-owned General Motors has stopped making the Volt (they SAY “temporarily”) because of lack of viable sales numbers. They blame Rush Limbaugh for that, forgetting that it has NEVER been a big seller because of its fantastically high price and VERY limited range. Who wants an electric car that costs $100,000.00 and will only go $40 miles between “feedings?” In any case, this is how they fool you, a little bit at a time. (The Daily Caller)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Muslims Destroy Hero's Graves

And they get mad if we so much as draw or print a PICTURE of their “hero. If we so much as SAY the TRUTH about Mohamed and his crimes, they go KILLING mad. What a bunch of HYPOCRITES! You just can’t take such people seriously, though we have to, because all they seem to want to do is KILL us. It’s even in the Koran to “convert” people to Islam WHETHER OR NOT THEY WISH IT. It’s even okay for a Muslim to LIE to “serve Allah. But if we so much as tell the truth about their atrocities, they get “offended.” It pains me to see Muslim HOLY MEN standing about encouraging this mob. Probably some of the same "holy men" who COMPLAIN about us “desecrating Allah.” This is one of the most brazen things I’ve seen them do. I could not even watch this whole clip. Had I been there, these thugs would all die. (Conservative Byte)

"Investigating" Muslims

New York City is “watching” Muslims closely; surprise, surprise! And they’re getting in trouble for it with some of our own people (liberals, mostly, but other kinds of dupes, too) If I lived in New York City, where MUSLIM terrorists MURDERED 3,000 innocent people without warning, I’d want to “watch” Muslims closely, too. I wasn’t old enough when the Nazis were doing their “dirty work” before WWII, but I’d bet Americans were closely watching Germans at the time. FDR even “rounded up” Japanese and put them into “concentration camps” because they could recognize a Japanese on the street. Today they can recognize Muslims on the street, but they’re not “rounding them up” to be placed in “concentration camps.” They’re simply keeping a close eye on them so that if they DO something that indicates they’re terrorists, we can “scotch” their schemes. Yes, there are many “good” Muslims here, but if they are NOT Muslin terrorists they have nothing to fear. But to keep a close eye on Muslims is only common sense and logic since, while not ALL Muslims are terrorists, ALL those terrorists who have wreaked havoc all over the world ARE Muslims. (Freedom’s Phoenix)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Many Fools Gather Together?

The answer to that question is easy. Go to the nearest OWS (Occupy Wall Street) gathering and count them. Those there are FOOLS to a man (or woman). What they want is simple: a “free ride” at other’s expense. Which translates into collectivism (otherwise known as socialism, communism, Fascism, Nazism, progressivism, and many other names, with only cosmetic differences between them, a system that has VICTIMIZED millions of people, and not just the people they feed off of.). They want others to pay for their college, and others like them say “music should be free,” forgetting entirely that musicians put their heart and soul into that music and deserved to be paid. People who want a “free ride” want others to pay for their every expense without the bother of having to work for it. Like the communist motto: “FROM each according to his NEED, and TO each according to his ABILITY,” MAKING need A DEMAND upon the EARNINGS of those who can, and WILL earn their own way. Those able-bodied people who demand that are EVIL and lazy. They “feed” off the work and sweat of others. They are worthless and a drain on this society and always will be. (The Blaze)

Anti-Gun Laws Contribute to Mass Shootings

There was another mass shooting on a campus the other day; where it is KNOWN that guns are not allowed to be in the hands of honest people to allow them to defend themselves against such attacks. Such shootings and killings will not only continue, but will increase in numbers and intensity as long as we continue to deprive honest people of the right to carry the means of self defense, their own guns. It can only get worse. The “anti-gun fools” think making a LAW against gun ownership will stop CRIMINALS, who break laws for a LIVING will obey one that says they can’t be armed. Anti-gun laws do one thing: create an abundance of unarmed victims that illegal gun carrying criminals can exploit, while crazies go into crowded spaces with their ILLEGAL guns and start shooting everybody in sight, with no fear that someone close by might have their own LEGAL gun and shoot them dead. That’s the SINGLE RESULT of keeping guns out of the hands of honest people so they can’t defend themselves. And don’t tell me the cops can do it; they can’t. All they can do is document the crime and identify the body or bodies killed by illegal criminal-carried guns AFTER the fact. John Lott (“More Guns, Less Crime”) said that if armed criminals feared death at the hands of an armed potential victim, they’d go into another line of work. That depriving honest people of the means to their own self defense was tantamount to saying to criminals, “Come on and victimize us. We won’t shoot you, we have no guns.” That’s common sense and logic, but is denied by those who want to get rid of all guns. That will never happen, but they deny that, too. They even deny the very EXISTENCE of common sense and logic! (University of Chicago)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Media Lies Again

They’re portraying Obama as the “gas price savior” because he “announced” he was going to release oil from the Strategic Oil Reserves. He hasn’t even DONE it yet, but they’re saying he’s going to be responsible for a drastic reduction in gasoline prices. What they don’t say is that releasing these reserves will make the difference of a few pennies for about 30 days. Then they’ll go back up again, probably higher than ever. What he could do that would REALLY bring them down is to GET OUT OF THE WAY of drilling and new refinery building (There hasn’t been a new one built in more than 30 years, and the old ones are beginning to crumble). Those that are still in business can’t get enough oil to refine. He says we’re “drilling more than ever,” which is a typical Obama LIE. (Rush Limbaugh)

And They Wonder Why It's Getting Worse

Obama Will Make Taxpayers Guarantee Mortgages Without the lenders Checking Borrowers' Incomes or Employment. Just like before the 2008 election when the 1976 law that forced lenders to loan money to deadbeats was first in force. It’s STILL in force with Fannie and Freddie again keeping the lid on until they need another “bump” in the bad economy. They FORCE them to loan money without regard to their ability (or non-ability) to pay it back, while now FORCING the taxpayers to guarantee the loans. The economy predictably gets worse, allowing Obama to say the free market doesn’t work so I’m going to change to socialism. Making loans to people who cannot pay it back is a “recipe for disaster” and one that forced the banker in Ayn Rand’s prophetic “Atlas Shrugged” to “zero out” his businesses and disappear to avoid being FORCED to do it. He started his own little town in the mountains of Colorado (he could do it in the time this story was set) run on his own ideas of economics, aided by John Galt’s “perpetual motion machine” invention. But we don’t have such a giant of finance today who can start a “strike of “the men of the mind” and destroy the liberal’s economy so we could “start over” with economic ideas that WORK. (CNS News)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Guess I'm A "Hater" Then

Southern Policy Law Center (SPLC) says, “If you’re not left-wing, you’re a hate group.” Oh gee, I guess this organization has the right to label everybody else but themselves . Frankly, from what I see, it’s the LEFT that is the “hate group.” There; I have as much right to brand others as a “hate group’ as the SPLC does, so I guess the left IS a “hate group.” Where the hell does this group get off branding people as a “hate group” because they don’t agree with them? This a sign this organization needs to be voted out of office as soon as possible. Oh; I forgot: you can’t vote a “hate group” out of office. You can just refuse to send them any more money and they will “wither and die.” (World Net Daily)

UN Wants to Regulate Anything It Can

Anything it can con its members into ceding to them. Regulating planetary food and water sounds innocent enough, but what happens if, while “regulating” planetary food and water, they decide to put “strings” on it? If they “regulate” it, and withhold food and water until we do what they dictate, what does that make them? Don’t give them any more power than they now have. To do so is to create your own disaster. In fact, we need to get RID of them, altogether. They’re certainly not good for anything. They claim to be here to “keep the peace” in the world, but have they? Any time? What about the countries in which UN operatives have been screwing little girls under duress? What about the other atrocities UN people have committed? (Cowboy Byte)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Feds Block Taxas Law Requiring Picture ID

I have to show a picture ID to get a driver’s license; to buy insurance; to buy a pack of cigarettes; to get into certain buildings, INCLUDING Eric Holder’s Justice Dept. building. To do many things: so many things, in fact, that I no longer even think about showing it. Everybody gets ONE VOTE. But nobody is required to show “proof of ID” to exercise that right; to PROVE they are, in fact, who they are, and to guard against voting many times. A person could go from voting place to voting place voting many times, and I’m sure some do, without this requirement, which is simply a way of VERIFYING their identity. Except in Texas (and Indiana), where there’s a law requiring picture ID to be allowed to vote. Or there was, until Eric Holder, an un-elected bureaucrat, decided to BLOCK that requirement. What are the Democrats AFRAID of? That stealing elections will be harder for them to accomplish? They SAY it would be “hard on Hispanics.” Do they mean those Hispanics who are here illegally who CAN’T legally GET a picture ID? (Reuters)

What's Next?

Gays want to use the term “marriage” to describe their “arrangements.” I have nothing against their “arrangements,” but not under the name, “marriage.’ They’ve been offered everything they want EXCEPT the use if the term “marriage” and have turned it down. Some people say if that’s allowed, what’s next? “Marrying” their dogs? Apparently, one guy in Canada thinks that would be a good thing. He calls his dog, “my girl.” I’ve heard of guys calling their girls “dogs,” but this is ridiculous. I look for guys like this to be pushing for laws to allow them to “marry” their animals, soon. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No Guns Involved

The anti-gun freaks hate it, but the most recent school killing happened in Chicago, WITHOUT a gun involved. So they can’t use it in their passion to get rid of every gun they can in the hands of good, honest people so they can use them to stop such things as this school killing, with a KNIFE. I’ve always wondered about the stupidity of people who think a LAW will stop a CRIMINAL, who breaks the law DAILY, from having a gun. All their laws do is give criminals a steady stream of unarmed victims for them to use their illegal guns to victimize.(Breitbart)

"Equal Justice" Under the Law

Last fall, a Muslim attacked a Pennsylvania man named Ernest Perce who had dressed up like Mohammed for a Halloween parade. The attack was caught on film, witnessed by dozens of parade watchers, and verified by a policeman. The Muslim was charged. But when he was brought before Cumberland County Judge Mark Martin, the judge dismissed the assault charges against the Muslim and dressed down the Pennsylvania man for being insensitive to the Muslim religion. Not only did Martin rule in favor of the Muslim attacker, he lectured Ernest Perce for insulting Islam: "Islam is not just a religion, it's their culture. It's their very essence; their very being… And what you've done is, you've completely trashed their essence, their being. They find it very, very, very offensive. I find it offensive." Would this judge say anything to a Muslim who trashed the Christian religion? I don't think so. He's too stupid. I find his finding offensive. (Thanks to Conservative

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What About Americans Killed By Taliban?

The Taliban in Afganistan have vowed “revenge” for the Afghans supposedly killed by an American soldier whom Afghan “witnesses” (who might be Taliban themselves) say just “started killing people for no reason.” I doubt it. He was probably defending himself from a Taliban attack and accidentally hit some women and children while doing so. Or the Taliban themselves killed them so they could blame it on that soldier. This is classic PR stunt of the kind usually used by the Taliban and other kinds of Islamic terrorists (Sorry, PC Police, I use my own choice of words. I don’t allow others to choose them for me.). My question is, how do you tell the difference between Taliban and “civilians?” You usually can’t, except the Taliban are probably shooting at you. (Detroit Free Press)

Fast & Furious

This should be a defining moment in politics and the men responsible FIRED, including Obama: the government “running guns” to the Mexican drug cartels and getting a Border Patrol agent KILLED. This is NOT “just” a political thing. It’s Brian Terry’s DEATH, and Obama is ultimately responsible because it couldn’t have happened without his knowledge and approval, no matter how much he may deny it—if he’s ever asked, which I doubt. The thug he’s got in charge of the DOJ says when he found out about it he STOPPED it. But when did he find out about it? Didn’t something like this REQUIRE his approval BEFORE it was done? If he didn’t know about it, he is INCOMPETENT, as is Obama. But neither will ever take the blame for this man’s death. Mark it. (Mary Chastain/Big Journalism)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Congress Passes Obama Impeachment Bill

But there has been no action on it i the Senate. I guess they’re hoping they can stall it in the Senate until after the election, hoping Obama will win and he can better quash it. One thing always in Obama’s favor is the tendency of Congress to “drag their feet” on anything “controversial.” But what’s “controversial” about impeaching Obama? The subject of this impeachment is but ONE reason we have to impeach this travesty of a president. What about spending more of (our) money than there IS on his “flights of fancy” masquerading as “green energy companies? Companies who quickly “take the money and run? Companies whose people have donated millions of dollars to his campaigns. Obama’s scam is so transparent we can all see how he is paying back his contributors by giving BILLIONS of OUR money to them while they go bankrupt and never pay it back while we can’t touch them because of the bankruptcy laws. Well, he DID promise to be “transparent.” And why is our source for this a patently conservative one? Because you’ll never read about this in the liberal media. (Conservative Papers)

What's WRONG With These People?

We’re suffering under extremely high gasoline prices and environmental idiots are still working to BLOCK any attempt to drill, anywhere, any time. In Erie, Colorado, a town so small they have a double-sided sign reading “Welcome to Erie” on both sides, they’ve banned “fracking” anywhere near town. Other towns in Colorado, including Longmont and Boulder have done likewise. I expect such stupidity from the “People’s Republic of Boulder,” but not from Longmont and Erie. I’ve always thought they were smarter than that. But apparently they aren’t (The Denver Post)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Town Hall Spikes Arpaio's Report

I can’t figure it out; why would Town Hall, a CONSERVATIVE outfit, “spike” Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s report that PROVES the “birth certificate” Obama released was a FORGERY. On the one hand, they rail against Obama and his refusal to release many of his records of his early life, including his birth certificate, but on the other hand, “spike” an article that PROVES Obama’s up to something and really MIGHT not be eligible to be president of the United States. I don’t know if they DID “spike” it, but if they didn’t, they should take steps to return it to their site. It’s VERY popular and its disappearance raises many questions—ones I’d rather not have to ask of the site that hosts one of my blogs. (World Net Daily)

Is Watching Muslims Wrong?

Muslim extremists murdered 3,000 innocent Americans on September 11, 2001. Since then, many people, almost ALL of them IDENTIFIED as being Muslims, have tried to murder more “in the name of Allah.” There have been countless murder attempts, some successful, some not so successful, with the perpetrator shouting “Allah is great!” At Ft. Hood, a Muslim SOLDIER took a gun and killed a lot of people and was even carrying a card saying, “Soldier of Allah.” A Muslim attempted to murder a Danish cartoonist for drawing a PICTURE of Mohammed. A Muslim tried to murder the POPE. What ELSE do we need to justify keeping a close eye on Muslims in this country? They’ve proven a penchant for using “deep cover agents” to kill people. People who are told to do nothing untoward, make no noises about “Jihad,” etc. until the time comes for them to act, who when captured spout Muslim extremist phrases. Watching Muslims is NOT a bad thing; it is COMMON SENSE and logic. Watching them closely is the only thing that has kept them from “overrunning” us. We’re not “rounding them up” and putting them in concentration camps as we did the Japanese under liberal FDR. We’re merely “keeping an eye on them.” There’s nothing wrong with that, and never will be, so long as militant Muslims continue to kill innocent people for not believing the same way they do. (Daily Mail)

Friday, March 9, 2012

In The Hospital

Been there since last Tuesday. The “official diagnosis” was, “idiopathic abdominal discomfort,” which translated means, “He had a stomach ache but we can’t figure out why but we’ll give it an official-sounding name.” It went away on its own after they subjected me to every painful and intrusive test known to man, and a few that haven’t even been invented yet. So I’m okay. The liberals can’t claim I’m out of business as they’re trying to do with Rush.

Media Lies About Rush Sponsors

They say he has lost 28 sponsors. That’s an out-and-out LIE and misinterpretation of the facts. He originally lose THREE sponsors and TWO of them have asked to come back. But was that reported? Was it also reported that he has three NEW sponsors since this debacle? I think this is just something else the liberal media has decided to “jump on,” true or not. It’s too bad our supposedly trusted media no longer think facts are important. I take ANYTHING the media says about Rush with a BIG “grain of salt. It’s usually a lie. The figures in this case came from George Soros’ Media Matters, whose output is ALL a lie. There’s even a rumor that Rush will be “suspended” for one week. That’s another lie. He'd have to “suspend” himself. (Rush Limbaugh)

How Cocky Are They?

The “Occupy (Everywhere)” movement and Muslim extremist leaders have come together for a strategy meeting and rally. They probably call it something else, but that’s how politicians (and that’s what they are) operate. Have meetings to screw the pubic right out in the open while calling their meetings something they aren’t, to fool the people. But the very fact that they are holding a meeting together tells me a lot about the OWS bunch. Not that I’m surprised. I’m only surprised they didn’t even try to keep their collaboration secret. The OWS bunch wants a “free ride” and the Islamic terrorists want to foment as much trouble as they can. So who’s surprised they’re now working together? (World Net Daily)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why Isn't This Guy Unemployed?

Chris Matthews once famously said listening to Obama speak “sent thrills up my leg.” that was the best way I know to reveal his bias. Now he’s saying all Americans should get such a thrill when listening to Obama speak. What I want to know is, does he have an orgasm? And should we? How does somebody this STUPID keep his job? Because his bosses are just as stupid. Employing people as stupid as this guy is reveals just how stupid his employers are. They can no longer hide it after this fool blathers. (The Blaze)

Truth Is NOT "An Incindiary Attack"

The truth is NOT an “incendiary attack,” no matter what politicians like Mitt Romney call it. When he DOES start telling the truth about Obama he will insist on calling it something other than an “incendiary attack,” but that’s what it will be under his original definition. This is what I hate about politics: they redefine words to suit themselves, and we let them get away with it because too many of us just don’t pay attention—so we buy their bullsh-t. (Rush Limbaugh)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mosques Nearly Double In US Since 9/11

This scares the hell out of me. It tells me the Muslims are trying to take us over by having children all over the place so they will soon OUTNUMBER us. What that happens, they can vote to do anything they want after a while. We need to start realizing that Islam is NOT a religion. It is a political philosophy MASQUERADING as a religion, and is bent on taking us over, one way or the other. If they can’t do it by force of arms, they’ll do it by outnumbering us in our own lawmaking bodies. That scares me. Because there isn’t much we can do to stop them under our current rule of law. And they realize that. So they just keep on having kids IN America and one day they’ll have enough votes to do what they wish. Fortunately for me, I’ll be dead (I hope) by then. (World Net Daily)

Chicago Gun Sales Up

They got rid of the ban on gun sales to private individuals in Chicago and gun sales went up accordingly. Even though they coupled it with onerous licensing, the number of licenses “granted” increased, a lot. People were arming themselves to defend their homes and families against illegally armed predators. But did you notice that the item announcing it made NO mention of whether the crime rate went up or down? Not surprising. Anti-gun crazies don’t want you to know that the violent crime rate probably went down. It usually does when honest people are allowed the means to their own defense. (CBS Chicago)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Narural Causes?

Andrew Breitbart is dead; of “natural causes.” At 43. Do you really think his death was from “natural causes” at age 43? Breitbart was a “thorn in the side” of most liberals, and I’m sure they are “dancing in the streets” at his death. But you know there ARE ways to kill somebody while leaving no trace. Is that what happened here? Will we ever know? We’re waiting for the autopsy, but will it tell us anything? Doubtful. People who are “thorns in the side’ to liberals sometimes end up dead from suspicious causes. God knows, enough of them died when Clinton was president, just before they were to testify to crimes he had committed. Rest in peace, Andrew. We hardly knew ye, but we loved what you did; those of us who love truth, that is. As an example of what to expect from liberals, I got a Tweet from a liberal troll fool pretending not to be liberal saying he's "dropped better turds than Breitbart was. (Newsday)

Obama Using IRS to Intimidate Tea Partiers

How brazen is this? Obama has directed the IRS to require Tea Party members to “jump through several hoops” including sending printed copies of their Facebook pages. They wanted information about their politics, contributors, and even family members. It’s a “sneaky trick” to “bury them in paperwork” supposedly to legitimize their actions. I’m just glad I don’t ask for permission to do what I do, but nevertheless, I expect a visit from the IRS one day with demands for information I’m not willing to give them. (Fox News)