Saturday, October 31, 2009

Showcasing Their Incompetence

Obama and his accomplices think they’re “showcasing” the need for their health care swindle with their "swine flu pandemic" scam; they’re not. They’re showcasing the incompetence of government to do ANYTHING with the shortage of vaccine they’re suffering. If they were COMPETENT, there would BE no shortage of vaccine and no “controversy” over whether or not to even GET the vaccine. It would be produced in a timely fashion and their PR campaign would have long since convinced those who are “on the line” of its efficacy and safety. (Town Hall/Dick Morris)

Idiot Obama Appointment

Anita Dunn, who claims to be “impressed” by two philosophers, Mao Tse Tung and Mother Theresa, is just stupid. If you’re “impressed” by one, you cannot be “impressed” by the other. Mao said things like, “[T]he death of ten to twenty million people is nothing to be afraid of", while Mother Theresa said things like, "Human rights are not a privilege conferred by government. They are every human being's entitlement by virtue of his humanity. The right to life does not depend ... on the pleasure of anyone else." Anita Dunne is as incompetent as are most of Obama’s appointees. And she’s a “Mao lover” to boot. You cannot like Mao Tse Tung AND Mother Theresa. You’re lying about one of them. (Dr. Paul Kengor/Town Hall)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Reaganism Is NOT Dead!

They tried to say “God is dead,” a few years ago. They were wrong then and they’re wrong now. They KNOW they’re wrong, which makes it a lie. Reaganism is a “way of thinking.” It’s as timeless today as it was in the eighties. He LOWERED taxes and created one of the biggest, longest-lasting economic booms in recent memory. Bush did it, too. With smaller, but similar results. He DEFEATED the Soviets; something the liberals said never could be done. By a simple system: capitalism. It is NOT “Reaganism.” It is INDIVIDUALISM and capitalism. Don’t buy their lies. There is not another Reagan out there. But Sarah Palin is as close as we can come. An unabashed conservative who values capitalism and the free market. A woman who believes what she says and says what she believes. Not your typical politician. Both Republicans AND Democrats hate her for that reason. If she runs as an unabashed conservative she will win in a landslide. Republicans have forgotten what that’s like. (IBD Editorials)


That’s what Obama promised us But what we got is “closed-door sessions” to decide how best to take away our right to make our own decisions about our health care. "Senators Chris Dodd and Max Baucus emerged from their secret, closed-door ObamaCare meetings with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Obama Administration officials just long enough to brag about their openness and transparency. Two senators at the forefront of health care reform went to great lengths Tuesday to brag about how open and transparent the legislative process has been. Then, they resumed prepping for another closed-door meeting. Addressing the press Tuesday afternoon, Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee [One of the men who CREATED the economy problem –RT] patted themselves and each other on the back for writing their health care reform bills in public view even as they remained tight-lipped about their private meetings with Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and White House officials...." They think we’re too stupid to realize what a lie this is. (Center for Individual Freedom)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Like A Horror Film

In horror films, the “monster” gets killed many times—and always comes back, usually at the worst possible time, and at a time nobody expects. Such is ACORN. “You probably heard that, as a result of the overwhelming scandals that the radical left-wing group "ACORN" is involved in, and after a HUGE public outcry, Congress recently voted to de-fund them. WE WERE LIED TO! [What else is new? –RT] Congress only voted to de-fund ACORN for ONE MONTH -- which means we have to fight hard AGAIN to FORCE them to defund this far-left group... PERMANENTLY! (RMCPAC/ACORN)

Controlling the Internet

One of the biggest “thorns in Obama’s side” (outside of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, of course) has been the Internet. So he wants to take over control of it so he can dictate what appears there as he does the liberal news media. He calls it “net neutrality.” But what he wants is the “neutrality” to lean decidedly to the left. He wants to get rid of ALL the criticism of his actions. If he succeeds, you won’t see blogs such as this because he will ban them outright. He can’t do that legally, but that has never stopped him from doing just whatever he wanted before. He wants to “fix” the Internet. But the Internet is NOT “broken” (no more than is the health care system) and does not need “fixing.” He wants to “fix” it, anyway. "The issue is not access, but control. In February 2008, FCC diversity czar Mark Lloyd, an admirer of what Hugo Chavez did to silence Venezuela's media, wrote about net neutrality in an article titled 'Net Neutrality Is A Civil Rights Issue'" (it is not, the way he wants it) and published by 'Unfortunately, the powerful cable and telecom industry doesn't value the Internet for its public interest benefits,' Lloyd wrote. 'Instead, these companies too often believe that to safeguard their profits [There's that PROFIT bugaboo, again. -RT], they must control what content you see and how you get it." Lloyd feels government should be the voice controlling what you see and hear." But the cable and telecom industry CANNOT control what you see and hear on the Internet. But if laws are made, OBAMA can. (IBD Editorials)

Obama Attacking Fox

Obama doesn’t like Fox News. Mostly because Fox doesn’t “knuckle under” and praise everything he does as do most of the other news outlets. “The Obama administration has attacked Fox News in order to prevent government corruption stories broken on Fox from bleeding into the other media, which are all-consumed with daily updates on Levi Johnston's Playgirl spread and Carrie Prejean's breast implants.”(Ann Coulter) He’s attacking Rush Limbaugh, too. So he can discredit anything Rush says (he hopes) since Rush isn’t afraid to tell the truth about him even if he IS black (he claims). I’ve always wondered why he makes a big thing out of being black, since he’s as much white as he is black. I guess it’s just because it allows him to accuse anybody who criticizes him, in any way, of being “racist.” He forgets, the same people he accuses of criticizing him because he is black, ELECTED him president. (Ann Coulter)

"Open Administration"

Obama promised an “open administration.” So did Bill Clinton, and neither kept that promise (but who is surprised?). "Even the very liberal Washington Post is raising an eyebrow, wondering aloud why President Obama, who promised transparency and even televised discussions so 'people can see' what is going on, has taken everything underground so the American people (who don't want this bill) can't angrily react to it: A gutting of Medicare Benefits; Skyrocketing insurance premiums; Soaring tax hikes. Health care rationing." ( Not to mention FORCED participation. Obama’s health care swindle will be released, within HOURS of a scheduled vote on it, so NOBODY, not even the congresspeople who will vote on it, will have a chance to read what will no doubt be more than a thousand pages. Congress should REFUSE to vote on ANY bill they are not given sufficient time to read. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why Are They Surprised?

Obama has PROMISED to “bankrupt the coal industry.” So why are they surprised that he is implementing policies to ensure it? “(H/T: Instapundit) They’re particularly indignant that the President that so many of them supported has decided to let the EPA strangle their state’s core industry via the selective refusal of permits. Which is not surprising, given that this administration’s hatred of the coal industry was not precisely a secret - but still, they’re upset.” Omama has proven, in may ways, that he is an ENEMY of the free market, yet people are SURPRISED when he does things geared toward destroying it. What a bunch of klutzes they are! If they allow him to continue, America will be the new Soviet Union. Think I’m wrong? Prove it! (Red State)

"Cash for Geezers"

Obama may regret that “Cash for Clunkers” campaign. In addition to its dismal failure” (it lasted but a couple of weeks when they discovered that if you offered some people “free money” they’d line up around the block to get it) it gives his opponents a “ready-made” campaign based on the idea of “getting rid of geezers” so they won’t “drag him down” (By the way: I can use the term “geezers” because I AM one, even if I DID fall for that “political correctness” crap, which I don't). (Scott Stantis)

They Can If They wish

The question is, “Can Obama and his crowd order you to eat broccoli?” By law, they cannot. But that hasn’t stopped them yet. Everything they’ve done since Obama was elected by misguided and misinformed voters is unconstitutional and/or illegal. But they do it anyway, and nobody (with muscle) objects, so they get away with it. I just wonder why Obama doesn’t just announce a dictatorship and be done with it. He’s acting as if he is a dictator, anyway. (Terry Jeffery/Town Hall)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fiddling While Rome Burns

That’s the equivalent when Obama spends the day playing golf while his generals are anxiously awaiting his decision about sending them the troops they need to keep those there alive and win the war. Of course, since he and his cronies have uniformly said “this war cannot be won” many times, they are now setting out on a course to make it true. (Red State)

Obama's "Tired of It"

He says, “Every time we are ready to pass ‘health care reform,’ the insurance companies come up with a phony ‘study’ (he says, without proof) to derail it, and I'm tired of it.” Funny. He never mentions the “phony studies” HIS people come up with to support it. What’s he gonna DO about those who oppose his health care swindle? Shoot them? Imprison them? Does he think he is a DICTATOR who can SHUT UP such people? If so, he should BRING IT ON! I oppose his swindle. So sue me. I'm tired of FIGHTING his silly ideas. (Just common sense)

Pigs Still Can't Fly

But the mayor of Moscow has promised a “snow-free winter” in Moscow. This is eerily similar to AlGore’s promises about global warming. Hizzonor hopes to have planes drop a chemical on the clouds before they reach Moscow, forcing them top drop their loads of snow before they reach the city. The people living where he wants to drop the snow are aghast, but objecting will do them no good in this socialist-run country. I’ll be waiting to see if he is successful. IF the Russian media reports it if he isn’t. (Yahoo News/Time)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Are They Stupid, Or What?

“The American Experiment has produced the greatest living testament in history to the glory of man. How is it that so many 'progressives' desire legislation that can only destroy what we've created?” (Prof. Walter E. Williams) We have come further in about 300 years than have civilizations that have been around for THOUSANDS of years because we operate under CAPITALISM, which gives each INDIVIDUAL in our society the INCENTIVE to better him/herself, as other countries (that operate under some form of socialism or a dictatorship) cannot. So why do so many people want to change it? Mostly because they’ve been taught in our schools, from a very young age, that socialism (under whatever name they use today) is the “ideal” before they’re old enough to know it’s bullsh-t. Why have they been taught that? Because the people running the schools are themselves a product of such schooling, and generations have similarly been taught. Why have they been taught this? Because those who started this wanted CONTROL over as many people’s lives as possible. Imposing socialism is the way to that power. (Walter E. Williams)

Don't They Understand?

Damn! The Stock Market has finally topped 10,000. But do the fiscally incompetent bureaucrats and politicians understand why? People ON wall Street make MONEY by helping stocks go up; and for that, they get BONUSES. But those fiscally incompetent politicians and bureaucrats, who have NEVER taken a PENNY that didn’t belong to someone else, want to LIMIT those bonuses. They just don’t understand that those bonuses are RESPONSIBLE for the Stock Market going back up; they just want that money for themselves to spend in buying more votes. (News Busters)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Somebody Else's War"

That’s how some people describe the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. What abysmal IGNORANCE that shows! They just can’t understand that these Islamic terrorists are DETERMINED to KILL every “Infidel” they can (“Infidels” are those who don’t believe the same way they do, even some Muslims) and both countries "harbored" Islamic terrorists. Nothing else will satisfy them. The only way to stop them is top KILL them where they stand. And hope they’re standing in Iraq or Afghanistan, not Cincinnati, Indianapolis, or Denver. This is why we’re fighting these wars, THERE. So we won’t have to fight them HERE. Some say “that’s an old argument,” and they’re right. But there’s a REASON why it’s an “old argument;” we’ve been trying to “dent” the ignorance of those who say that for years, with no success. Maybe the next atrocity the terrorists commit, if it’s in an American city (which Bush prevented for 7 years), will convince them. Maybe not, if they’re really stupid. (Ann Coulter)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Paying for Murder

I firmly believe killing the result of unprotected sex for the benefit of the sex partners is murder. That’s not a “political stance,” it’s MORALITY. It is IMMORAL to murder an innocent, unborn infant, still in the womb. What could be more innocent than that? But Obama’s “health care swindle” will FORCE you to pay for it. For that alone, (and I hate the whole idea of government-run health care, on principle) I will NOT participate. If they want to fine me for not participating, that’s fine with me. I will not pay the fine. If they want to send me to prison for not paying the fine, okay. Then they’ll have to feed me and pay all my medical bills. If they want that public relations disaster that will come from imprisoning an old man for not paying their fine, that’s okay with me. I will NOT pay for MURDER. Not even if it is the government doing it. (The Heritage Foundation)

We Lie!

But we didn’t. After an American newsman said England’s violent crime rate was more than ours, British politicians screamed “bloody murder.” Then they admitted he was right. That their crime rate outstrips ours in many areas. Mostly because carrying guns is effectively banned there. But criminals do not obey laws, so they keep their guns. They buy them out of the trunks of cars in alleys and on the street from illicit gun dealers, whose business only gets better where anti-gun laws are tight. Australia learned that, when they effectively banned guns in the hands of honest people and their crime rate went up 300%. (Reason Magazine)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"You're A Racist"

If you criticize Obama or anybody in his crowd, in any way. That’s how they “shut you up” without having to answer your criticisms with facts. Something they don’t have. Example: their current “attack” on Rush Limbaugh, using “quotes” he never uttered. “Any listener knows that Mr. Limbaugh wants all Americans to succeed, and that he has a twenty-year record of consistently urging his listeners to follow the words of Dr. Martin Luther King [a black man -RT]—to judge people by the content of their character not the color of their skin.” I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, not by the color of their skin or by any other thing except for what they ARE. So does Limbaugh. “So how can Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others in the media honestly charge Mr. Limbaugh with racism?” The operative word here is “honestly.” They can’t, so they lie and make up “quotes” so they can criticize him, based on those phony quotes. The one TRUE quote was a criticism of sports writer’s treatment of a black man, not a racist statement. (Frank Turek/Town Hall)

"Just Vote it In"

We’ll write it later.” That’s what Obama is demanding of Congress. The “health care swindle” bill hasn’t even been written yet, but he wants Congress to vote it into law. Then he can write what he wants into it. This is an example of the cons and scams that have been used on us for years, but Obama’s arrogance allows him to do it right in front of us without us noticing (he thinks). This will, I predict, be his downfall as more and more Americans “wake up” and start paying attention to the “Obominations” he’s forcing upon us. (One News Now)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let the Experts Do It

Obama and his gang know NOTHING about brain surgery, but he wants an unnamed bureaucrat he employs to be able to make life-and death decisions about YOUR health care. He knows nothing about how to wage a war, yet he “second-guesses” his top generals in the field stalling when his generals BEG for more troops. Then he sends a message to the enemy that he doesn’t even WANT to win the war when he said publicly that “Victory is NOT necessarily an option.” And he said this with NO outcry except from people like me, Limbaugh, Hannity, or others HE considers “not worth listening to.” (Just common sense)

Stupid vs. Ignorance

I like Wiley. His “Non-Sequitur” comic is one of the funniest going. I especially liked his “Obviousman” strip where his character made the head of a bearded old man with a sign saying “There are no absolutes” blow up by showing him a clear and undeniable example of an absolute. But this particular strip has it backwards. IGNORANCE is a “condition.” STUPIDITY (the unwillingness to learn when facts are presented) is a “choice.” In this strip, the TV talks about “them” wanting to tax your use of gravity.” The unholy truth is, they DO. They just won’t call it that. They’ll give it a good-sounding name and hope you won’t notice. And if you’re “not paying attention to politics,” you may not. (Non-Sequitur)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A "Sop to Us "Old Folks"

The Obama gang now wants to send each and every “old person” on Social Security $250.00. That’ll cost the government $14,250,000.00, which is “pocket change to liberals (unless they want to collect that much from us). Now I’d like to get a $250.00 gift as much as anybody who has the normal troubles paying the bills. But I don’t think YOU ought to have to pay for it. This “gift” is a “sop” to us “old folks” because there will be no “cost of living” increase this year, and maybe next year, too. Of course, that would cost the Obama gang a LOT more. But us “old folks” mostly don’t work any more, and don’t pay taxes. So we’re a “drain” on his ability to steal money from the American citizens, so he doesn’t really care about us. (Paul Jacob)

"Climate Change"

AlGore has changed the name of his “global warming” swindle to “climate change.” He’s been having a hard time of it selling his “global warming swindle” lately, since the globe is no longer warming. That long ago, people were saying “the sky is falling” because of “global COOLING.” They were warning of the “coming of another ice age.” Well, it’s baaaaack! I expect Al to start warning of another “ice age” pretty soon, since his “global warming scam is over. Of course, some fools are still sending him money, but not as much as before. I understand he’s worth $100 million now, most of it from his “global warming” scam. But if he doesn’t “get it in gear,” all that will “go away.” (Investor’s Business Daily)

Kill the Boys, Not the Girls

Apparently, that’s Hillary’s opinion. She’s a “little disturbed” about abortion. At least, where girls are concerned. Bottom line about abortion. A baby is dead. You can’t change that, and there is NOTHING that justifies it. But Democrats (and even some Republicans) try to justify it. Bottom line: abortion stills a beating heart. Many people use abortion instead of a rubber or other ways to avoid pregnancy, and they think that’s okay. Contraception does not “still a beating heart.” So that argument is specious. But those who think killing innocent infants for their own convenience is okay, and Hillary is one of them. For boys, anyway. (American Spectator)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Freedom FROM Religion

This is a statement that was read over the PA system at the football game at Roane County High School, Kingston, Tennessee, by school Principal Jody McLeod "It has always been the custom at Roane County High School football games, to say a prayer and play the National Anthem, to honor God and Country." Due to a recent ruling by the Supreme Court, I am told that saying a Prayer is a violation of Federal Case Law. As I understand the law at this time, I can use this public facility to approve of sexual perversion and call it "an alternate life style," and if someone is offended, that's OK. I can use it to condone sexual promiscuity, by dispensing condoms and calling it, "safe sex.." If someone is offended, that's OK. I can even use this public facility to present the merits of killing an unborn baby as a "viable! means of birth control." If someone is offended, no problem... I can designate a school day as "Earth Day" and involve students in activities to worship religiously and praise the goddess "Mother Earth" and call it "ecology.." I can use literature, videos and presentations in the classroom that depict people with strong, traditional Christian convictions as "simple minded" and "ignorant" and call it "enlightenment.."

However, if anyone uses this facility to honor God and to ask Him to Bless this event with safety and good sportsmanship, then Federal Case Law is violated.. This appears to be inconsistent at best, and at worst, diabolical. Apparently, we are to be tolerant of everything and anyone, except God and His Commandments. Nevertheless , as a school principal, I frequently ask staff and students to abide by rules with which they do not necessarily agree.. For me to do otherwise would be inconsistent at best, and at worst, hypocritical... I suffer from that affliction enough unintentionally. I certainly do not need to add an intentional transgression. For this reason, I shall ‘Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's,’ and refrain from praying at this time. "However, if you feel inspired to honor, praise and thank God and ask Him, in the name of JESUS, to Bless this event, please feel free to do so. As far as I know, that's not against the law----yet."

One by one, the people in the stands bowed their heads, held hands with one another and began to pray. They prayed in the stands.. They prayed in the team huddles. They prayed at the concession stand and they prayed in the Announcer's Box! The only place they didn't pray was in the Supreme Court of the United States of America- the Seat of ‘Justice’ in the ‘one nation, under GOD.’ Somehow, Kingston , Tennessee Remembered what so many have forgotten. We are given the Freedom OF Religion, not the Freedom FROM Religion. Praise GOD that HIS remnant remains! JESUS said, ‘If you are ashamed of ME before men, then I will be ashamed of you before MY FATHER..’ If you are not ashamed, pass this on.” I’m not big on organized religion, but this is clearly the right way to handle a WRONG decision by the Supreme Court. I'm not one bit ashamed to pass this on. Are you? Thank God we still have some intelligent people running SOME of our schools. (Just common sense)

Fox News SCARES Obama

They tell the TRUTH about him, so they are “an opponent.” We can always depend on liberals to name the people who most frighten them, They are the people they attack. Fox is the best known truth-teller, so that frightens Obama and ALL liberals. So they’re to be treated as “an opponent.” I guess they top Obama’s “enemies list.” Funny. I though Rush was at the top, or at least second. I wonder where Palin sits now. (News Max)

Hateful Democrat Slander

Liberals (Democrats) are constantly making slanderous accusations against Rush Limbaugh. Once in a while he gets enough of it and applies logic to what they say: “If I had said what they say I said about slavery, I would be gone. Snerdley would have resigned on the spot. It's an outrageous slander. One of the things that I am proudest of this country is that we went to war with ourselves to end slavery. There is nobody I know in the whole population of this country who wishes to revive it or who defends it." That’s the usual liberal system. Make up a phony quote by an enemy, then refute it with lies. (Rush Limbaugh)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Letting You die

That’s the democrat plan if you’re so old anything they do won’t keep you alive much longer. That’s what Bill Clinton’s former Labor Secretary Robert Reich (now an economic adviser to Obama) says: “"We're going to have to, if you're very old, we're not going to give you all that technology and all those drugs for the last couple of years of your life to keep you maybe going for another couple of months. It's too we're going to let you die." They deny it, but here it is. Right out of the mouth of an “insider.” Hear it for yourself. (News Busters video)


Obama says "If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it (which presupposes it will still be around). Obama is “fixing things” to kill the insurance industry by “eliminating pre-existing conditions” so people can DROP their health insurance, businesses can DROP the insurance they buy for employees and only buy insurance (if it’s still around) AFTER getting sick or injured. Then he’s going to lay an “excess profits tax” on the insurance companies, concentrating on DOLLARS, not percentages. Yes, they make millions in profits. But they have to SPEND millions to do so. Their profit margins (percentage-wise) are in the single digits. Next, he’ll make a law INCREASING the amount of coverage they must give for less money. Everything Obama is doing is designed to ELIMINATE the insurance industry. (Breitbart)

The "Pretend President"

Obama was elected president. But he is really not our president. He CLAIMS to be doing things to help our economy, but everything he does makes it worse. He claims to be fighting the war in Iraq and Afghanistan but when his top general PLEADS for more troops to avoid losing it, he stalls. While telling the nation we need to pass his health care swindle NOW (but it won't take effect for years)! Without even letting anybody READ the bill that will make it “the law of the land.” He then suggested we send fewer soldiers than the general asked for, but what the hell good will THAT do? He announces to the world that “victory in Afghanistan (and presumably Iraq) is not the goal.” Then what is the goal? If we’re going to fight that war, let’s FIGHT it. Some have said it’s “somebody else’s war.” It isn’t. It’s ours, fought in somebody else’s country rather than ours. If we pull out and let al Qaida and the Taliban win in Afghanistan and Iraq, how long will it be before we’re fighting in OUR streets? They’re not going to stop until they’ve killed every “unbeliever (that’s us).” Or until we have killed every one of THEM. Yes, that’s extreme. But it TAKES extreme measures to deal with extreme threats. If our president doesn’t have the guts to deal with the Islamic terrorists, get RID of him and elect one that does. If we do, maybe we might even have an economy left in ten years, as well as being alive. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't Ask Gore REAL Questions

They call AlGore “the death of journalism.” He was speaking before a meeting of the Society of Environmental Journalists when one of them actually had the temerity to ask him a REAL question about the NINE ERRORS of fact a British court found in his “documentary,” “An Inconvenient Truth.” Apparently that was “an inconvenient question” because those attending went “out of their minds” and shut him up. They cut off his microphone and hustled him out of the hall, telling him, “you’ve got all you’re going to get.” Funny, he didn’t get ANYTHING except the story about how “the fix is in” on AlGore and global warming (or “climate change,” as he’s calling it now). Somebody needs to start a fraud investigation into AlGore’s swindle. It won’t be hard. He’s told so many blatant lies, all they’d have to do is collect them and publish them. Why nobody has done it before now is beyond me. His is one of the biggest, most successful swindles ever (that we know of, beyond the one Obama’s running). (Big Hollywood)

Chavez "No Threat," Huh?

Many liberals say Hugo Chavez (President-for-Life of Venezuela) is not a threat to the United States, so why “mess with him?” Meanwhile, he controls a large portion of our oil and can “cut us off” at will (though I don’t think he can afford to, but there's no accounting for the actions of a crazy man). He’s trying to supply Iran with uranium to bring it closer to having a nuclear bomb to use on Israel and maybe an American city (which will bring him doom, along with everybody in his miserable country). But he doesn’t think so, which proves his insanity. “When Venezuela's Mining Minister Rodolfo Sanz walked into a televised Cabinet meeting this week, President Hugo ChÁvez impishly asked, "So how's the uranium for Iran going? For the atomic bomb." ChÁvez was joking, but few were laughing outside Caracas and Tehran. Ever since ChÁvez announced last month that he was seeking Russia's help to develop nuclear energy in Venezuela - and especially since Sanz turned heads a couple of weeks ago by disclosing that Iran is helping Venezuela locate its own uranium reserves - the South American nation and its socialist, anti-U.S. government have become a new focus of anxiety over regional if not global security.” We need to quit “pussy-footing around” Chavez and do something that will mean something to this overbearing dictator who thinks he is “dictator of the world,” or wants to be. Of course, he’ll have to depose Obama, who thinks he already is. (Yahoo News/Time Magazine)

The "Thought Police"

I don’t have anything against gays. What they do in private is not my business. But I don’t think this country should make a law against what you’re THINKING. There are laws against hurting gays, or anybody else. Why don’t we just use them? We don't NEED an "extra law" to punish people for their THOUGHTS. (Mail Times/AP)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bailing Out Foreign Companies

What the hell does Obama think he’s doing? He has spent more money than is in existence to “bail out” AMERICAN companies so he can control them. Does he now think he can control FOREIGN companies? Obama is fast becoming a one-term president, by his foolish policies. Maybe Americans will not “wake up” to him by the next election, and maybe they will. If they do (and I’m doing all I can to help wake them up), they’ll send him to the “trash heap of history” along with Jimmy Carter, and for the same reasons. Only he has done even more than Jimmy to destroy this country. (America Spectator)

Should We Just Bomb them?

“MOSCOW – Threatening Iran with more sanctions would be counterproductive, Russia's foreign minister declared Tuesday, resisting efforts by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to win agreement for tougher measures if Iran fails to prove its nuclear program is peaceful.” He may well be right. But liberals in America are still resisting the whole idea of “taking them on.” How DO you deal with a head of state who is insane? You “take him out” any way you can. I know there are many who will call ME insane for even suggesting it. But they can’t answer that question, either. If Iran ever gets nukes, you can bet it won’t be long before Islamic terrorists have them, too. That’s not a “pipe dream,” it’s truth. So what do we do? Wait until it happens and we die? Or “take Ahmadinijerk out first? (Bloomberg)

Obama is Laughable

He really thinks assembling a few doctors (if they WERE doctors and not actors) in white coats (many supplied by him) who SEEMED to “approve” his health care swindle will convince America that his (currently nonexistent) “health care plan” (swindle) is approved by doctors. Even if all 156 “doctors” there (if they were, in fact, doctors) approved his plans, that’s only, what? .0001% of the doctors in this country? I have personal knowledge that the big majority of doctors HATE his plans and so do most Americans. The New York Times did a “study” that shows 40% against, and 40% (of Americans) FOR his plans, and billed it as “an improvement." Forget the many other studies that show 80% OPPOSITION from Americans. All you can do is laugh at his feeble efforts to “snow” us. (Just common sense)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Children Killed in Foster Care

These are the worst cases imaginable. Children taken from their parents because the “child protectors” say they will be abused, and are killed. The “child protectors CLAIM to “protect the children but, more often than not, the children are not “abused” by their parents, but are KILLED by “the system. If they’re not killed by” the system, they are ruined for life by it. The “systemic problem here is “the system” taking the child as a FIRST OPTION, and often (a MAJORITY of the time) finding NO abuse on the part of the parents, and getting the child KILLED by “the system. Studies have shown that THERE IS NO abuse in 80% of all cases. Which means “child protectors” are so busy pursuing false abuse cases, they don’t have time to find REAL cases of child abuse, either at home, or especially not in foster homes. They are “hard-wired” to suspect abuse at home, but not in foster homes.

So they miss much and torpedo their efforts to find REAL child abuse. If they’d just RECOGNIZE it when no abuse is found, rather than pursuing ALL cases as if the “report” itself was “prima-facie evidence” of abuse, they might actually uncover REAL cases. The “child protectors” say I’m “against child protection.” I’m not. I AM against child ABUSE in the GUISE of child protection. I am against the oppressive means they use to harass innocent parents unconstitutionally. Against child protection? No. Accusing me of being against child protection is their means of discrediting the truth I tell about them and their scams. But the numbers speak for themselves. (Physical abuse in foster care, 160 to 59 at home). That’s THREE TIMES the abuse children suffer at home! Sexual abuse? 112 in foster care to 12 at home. You cannot argue against these numbers, and they come from The National Center on child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN). These aren’t coming from me. I’m just passing them along. (SUNCANAA)

Did You Know

The Federal Reserve has NEVER been audited? The private company the federal government set up to CONTROL our economy is “above the law?” They’ve handled TWO TRILLION DOLLARS (of OUR money) in recent years and flatly REFUSE to tell us how they spent that money. Their meetings are secret. Nobody outside of the Fed is allowed to read their minutes. Yet there is no law to force them to be accountable to the public, whose money THEY control. Ron Paul wants to pass a law REQUIRING them so submit to an audit. Something that should have happened before they were created. You can sign a petition to help that happen. Just go here: (Choose Liberty)

Ever Wonder Why...

the Post Office raises its rates every year? Why what once cost us 3 cents now costs us 44 cents? Maybe it’s because of those stupid union rules their incompetent bosses have agreed to. Such as the one that says they can neither lay off, nor reassign workers unneeded in one place to another place where they ARE needed. That they must just sit quietly in a room and collect their pay. They can’t even read post office literature. They have to do this until it is decided that they ARE needed. What stupid post office boss agreed to this stupidity? I don’t know. But he (or she) needs to be forced to sit in a room with nothing to read and wait until he (or she) is needed. Of course, he/she is probably dead by now, and no one currently bossing this atrocity of a government operation is smart enough to change things. I wonder how many other stupid things they’re doing to push their costs sky high, “forcing” them to raise rates again next year. (Daily Outrage)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

What Happened to Global Warming?

AlGore (the “Pope” of the “Global Warming religion) doesn’t want you to use that term any more.” that’s because the globe hasn’t been warming since 1998 (the most recent “warmest year on record”). It’s kinda hard to sell a “global warming swindle” when the globe isn’t warming any more. So he changed the name of his swindle to “climate change.” Now, if you call it “global warming,” he corrects you. But his rhetoric is the same. He still blames EVERYTHING on “climate change,” even unusually COLD temperatures. This keeps the bucks “rolling in” to his bank account. You wouldn’t believe how much money he has been given him by various governments (including ours), and how many repressive laws have been made likewise to “stop climate change.” They’re now saying carbon dioxide, which is necessary for our survival (plants breathe it in and exhale oxygen) is a pollutant.

They really must think we’re stupid. Way too many politicians have either bought his bulldroppings or have simply joined the scam. But “global warming” is gone. Replaced by “climate change.” A name that isn’t proven a lie by that pesky climate not cooperating. You can even buy the “right” to keep polluting, simply by giving any one of his companies money to grow more trees (a potent source of carbon dioxide). He even got a lot of money from the Nobel Committee a few years ago. Ain’t that a kick? That was almost as stupid as giving their “Peace Prize” to Obama for “saying” he wants to do away with nukes. (But don’t expect anything real to happen in that direction). It never has, after many presidents have “given lip service” to it. Most of the “warming” we DID experience for a while was due to the sun being hotter. Is it possible he thinks (in his arrogance) he can stop that? (BBC)

A "Foot in the Door"

The FTC is making regulations that bloggers must disclose any ”freebies” they get. Which will not affect me, as I don’t get freebies. But there will probably be some federal forms to fill out, which I won’t—and for which they’ll probably shut me down. If all bloggers refused to fill out their forms, they wouldn’t have enough people to enforce their silly regulations. In any case, this is just an excuse to get their “foot in the door” on “regulating” (controlling) bloggers. (Washington Examiner)

Didja Ever Wonder?

Why your money is worth less today than it was yesterday? And why it was worth less yesterday than it was the day before? Why it costs 44 cents today to send a letter that cost just 3 cents a few years ago? It’s as if your pocket had a hole in it and money was “slipping out,” penny by penny, until the slippage amounts to dollars after a while? The cause is INFLATION, which, in itself, is caused by the government “printing money” with nothing valuable behind it. When a citizen does it, they call it “counterfeiting,” and put him in jail. When the government does it, it’s called, “increasing the money supply” and no one is ever punished, even though the effect is the same: reducing the value of every dollar in existence. Meanwhile, you have to get more money for your time spent working so you can still pay your bills because every dollar printed with nothing valuable behind it makes every dollar then in existence worth a little less.

Then your employer has to CHARGE more for what he/she is selling, which forces him/her to pay a bigger tax bill. When this happens over and over, they call it “the wage-price spiral” and blame IT for inflation to keep you from knowing the REAL cause; the government counterfeiting money to pay for all their grandiose schemes to buy more and more votes. People who “pay no attention to politics” refuse to believe this when people like me, who DO pay attention, tell them while they keep on gaily spending more and more of our money. This is what government counts on. Our ignorance, caused by our IGNORING them as they “pick our pockets.” They win both ways. They get to spend more of our money and tax us more at the same time. If you don’t “wake up,” soon your money will be worth nothing. (Just common sense)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Giving Money Away

In Detroit, Michigan, the government is giving away money. When asked, one person in the line (that stretched around the block) was asked where she thought Obama was getting the money and she couldn’t answer. “I have no idea,” she answered. Seems to me the most ignorant person out there knows there’s only ONE SOURCE for the money Obama is giving away, and that’s other Americans who are forced, at the point of a gun, to pay taxes on everything that moves, and some that do not. If you don’t believe it’s “at the point of a gun,” just try NOT paying taxes and see how quick the guns come out. I’m not making this up. I COULDN’T make this up. I don’t have that vivid an imagination. They ran out of applications and almost had a riot. People who don’t have enough initiative to go to work and earn a living have enough to riot when those giving away money run out of applications. This “program” ends tomorrow, and there probably WILL be a riot, unreported in the liberal media. If you ask those in line who they will vote for, for president, I’d bet money they, to a man (or woman), say Obama. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more blatant effort at “vote buying” with YOUR money. (Click On Detroit)

"Get sick, Die Quick"

That’s what Republicans want for you, according to Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson. I couldn’t make this stuff up, folks. Hear it from his own mouth as he speaks before Congress. This is what the Democrats think, even though their hero, B. Hussein Obama, has actually SAID that's what HE wished. One reporter asked him about “rationing” health care to “old folks” and he said “Just send Granny home with an aspirin so she could just die in peace (paraphrasing, but the meaning is the same)." A former governor of Colorado once said, “old people have a DUTY to die and get out of the way.” And these fools think they’re smart enough to run our lives! (Alan Grayson)

"Been There, Done That"

"Didn’t like it.” That’s what Canadians are saying about their government-run health care system. “A return to private health care is rising from the grass roots north of the border. While we rush headlong toward socialized medicine, Canadians are saying, "No, thanks — been there, done that." And they apparently don’t want it any longer after seeing how it (doesn’t) work. So why are our politicians too ignorant to know what they’re trying to impose on us? Are they fools, or what? (IBD Editorials)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Iran to Con Us Again

Like North Korea, Iran is “talking to the six powers" that include the U. S. And, like N. Korea, they will agree to only as much as they have to, to avoid more sanctions. But when “push comes to shove,” they will, again like N. Korea, do just what THEY want, regardless. “Talking” is merely a ploy to gain time. You’d think we would finally “tumble” to this. But we won’t; Obama desperately wants an “agreement,” ANY kind of an “agreement,” so he can tout it later, whether or not it means anything, just as Clinton did with N. Korea. (Yahoo News/AP)

"Right-Wing Violence?"

That’s a load! What has Pelosi been smoking? "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi berated town hall and tea party protesters this month, tearfully warning they'd incite violence [What an actor she is! She missed her calling. -RT]. Well, there's been violence all right, at Pittsburgh's G-20. But it wasn't the Tea Partiers. It takes gall to characterize ordinary Americans, freely exercising their rights of speech and assembly in civic forums, as 'mobs' while ignoring a pack of leftist thugs now smashing a U.S. city. But that's what Pelosi did,” It looks to me like “left-wing violence” disguised as “right-wing violence.” But that’s the liberal method; accusing us of what HER people are doing. (Patriot Post)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Silencing the Press

"Radical Muslims are using our court system to try to silence those who expose their terrorist connections. They've done it in Europe and Canada - and now they're trying it here in America. In the case of investigative reporter Joe Kaufman, they're not giving up - even though their case is completely bogus” They’re using the very system they want to destroy to silence those who tell the truth about their murders and atrocities, hoping that will make others afraid to talk about it. Well, no matter what happens, I will keep on telling you the truth about their atrocities. I have nothing their lawyers can levy on, so if they want to waste their money trying to sue me, bring it on! (David Horowitz)

Sports Sponsorship is Cost-Effective

The news media asks General Motors why it is able to spend a million dollars to sponsor the Texas State Fair in a “down economy.” This illustrates a complete ignorance of how business works. They don’t do these sponsorships as “charity.” They do it to get their name out to as many people as possible, as cheaply as possible. GM says it would have to sponsor as many as a dozen other events to get their name out to as many people as they do in just a few days by sponsoring one event. They’re not GIVING this money away. They’re spending it to improve their business, just as they spend money for TV ads—and for the same reason. If you don’t advertise, you’re going to go out of business. I sure hope Obama doesn’t start barring such sponsorships in a short-sighted effort to save money. That would be disastrous. (Just common sense)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Slapping Obama Down

Everybody thought it was “in the bag.” Obama would go to Copenhagen and “Mesmerize” the IOC folks, and they’d give the 2016 Olympics to Chicago, his “home town.” Didn’t happen. They “bitch-slapped him” and eliminated Chicago in the first round of voting. Apparently, he couldn’t get ACORN involved in the voting. Not only didn’t Chicago get it, Chicago was eliminated in the first round, showing that Obama’s “golden tongue” meant nothing in Europe. The expressions on the faces of Chicagoans were priceless when the word came out (overconfidence will do that). I’m sorry this country didn’t get another Olympics, but I’m not surprised. Obama’s overconfident attitude when he took the podium and talked, not about his country, but himself, didn’t help much. He thought it was “in the bag,” too. But it wasn’t. It was a “small thing” in the grand scheme of things, but Obama needs to find out that he can’t “rescue” things by simply making a speech. Things such as Iran making nuclear bombs to use on Israel. When they do, what’s he going to do, give a speech?

He needs to learn that he isn’t as popular worldwide as he is (so far) in his own country. As Jesus (with whom he and his “followers” have compared him) learned, “A prophet is without honor in his own home town.” His numbers are slipping fast as he reaches out and takes control of one thing after another, and ruins our economy. Even his most stout supporters are starting to ask him hard questions, while he “shuts down” ANY opposition. He even wants to “shut down” talk radio, saying it has “undue influence.” But you can bet that the only talk radio he wants to shut down CONSERVATIVE talk radio. Liberal talk radio (and TV) will be left alone (such as it is, because it touts his line), and will be called, “mainstream” talk radio and television (as it is being called, now). He’ll “go after” conservative talk radio because it doesn’t, and it is EFFECTIVE. He thinks Americans don’t notice this. But if he doesn’t learn that we do, fast, he’s not going to be president past 2012. (Rush Limbaugh)

Gore Getting Richer

America getting poorer. The Obama administration has given half a BILLION dollars to a company started by former vice-president AlGore, who still holds an interest in it. Is there no end to the amount of money Gore can swindle out of America? The whole idea is to manufacture a “green” car to sell in Finland, not America. Why do we care about a car to be sold in FINLAND? Why doesn’t Obama give that money to an AMERICAN company if he just HAS to give it away? Maybe Because he’s already given them too much money. All this fiddling with the economy is just making things worse, while his butt-kissing Fed chairman tells us the recession is soon to be over. Gawd, the fools we have running things in Washington! (News Max)

"Repairing Strained Relations"

Muslims have hailed Obama’s speech in Egypt as “a giant step in repairing American-Muslim relations.” Okay, fine. Now how about some high-ranking Muslim leader making a speech that WE can regard as “repairing relations” between Muslims and those innocent Americans (and their families) who have been killed in atrocities committed by extremist Muslims who want to KILL anybody who doesn’t believe the same way they do? I have nothing against Muslims, per se, except for the way they treat their women and want total control over their adherents. But when a large percentage of them go out of their way to murder innocent people, just to make a point, we “part ways” and no amount of “repairing relations” will help. Frankly, I don’t care about the opinion of Muslims about us. They’ve tried hard enough to kill us, now they want US to “repair relations.” Sheesh! (Taranga)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Outrageous Lies

I’m really getting tired of the outrageous lies we’re being told by politicians and bureaucrats (on both sides, but mostly by Democrats) to push their fantasies. Fantasies they want to impose upon us as “programs.” They tell us these “programs” will cut costs and be done with NO increase in the national debt. Meanwhile the national debt is approaching a TRILLION dollars. Soon I’ll be talking about MULTI-trillion dollar deficits which our great grandchildren will have to pay. They don’t give a damn. They’re feeding us so full of bulldroppings that we’re overflowing. They’re insulting our intelligence so badly we wonder what they’re smoking. They think we’re so stupid we don’t know what they’re doing. And many people, who “don’t pay attention to politics ARE. Not stupid, just ignorant, through lack of knowledge. Knowledge not gained, since they “pay no attention. They tell us these “programs” will “only cost a little bit,” but when the reckoning is complete, it costs billions, even TRILLIONS more than they assured us it would. By then, it’s too late, The money has been spent and they have more power. And they’re off on another jaunt to fool us again. Why do we (not me) keep falling for their lies? ARE we as stupid as they think we are? (Just common sense)

Obama Destroys Auto Market

His “cash for clunkers” scam raised the prices of ALL cars by destroying thousands of perfectly good cars. His “new rules for automakers” after he “took them over” destroyed the livelihood of thousands of new car dealers by forcing the car makers to “cut them off.” Not only that, it caused many thousands of employees of those dealerships to lose their jobs when their dealerships went out of business. Is this what Obama calls “saving or creating jobs?” The only jobs this creates are for those bureaucrats who process unemployment claims. They’re certainly going to need a lot more of them. The specter of empty lots that used to be thriving businesses until Obama interfered with their business is sad. Why aren’t more people incensed over this? Maybe it’s because Obama and his crowd worked so hard to “demonize” both car makers and car dealers before they “moved in” and destroyed their business, unconstitutionally. Soon the prices you will have to pay for ANY kind of car will be so high nobody will be able to afford them. This is what Obama has wrought. So my source is Rush Limbaugh. So what? That’s because there hasn’t been a peep about this in the liberal media, and probably won’t be any time soon. Why has nobody (who counts) done or said anything about this? Everything Obama has been doing since he was elected is unconstitutional, but since nobody is doing anything about it, he gets away with it. It's one thing to be unconstitutional; somebody has DO something about it. (Rush Limbaugh)

Mt. Vernon People Show Their Ignorance

Glenn Beck tells us the truth on his daily show on Fox, but many in the Mt. Vernon, Washington area are not only unaware of this, they have “bought” the liberal line of crap about him. The mayor of neighboring Bellingham is so stupid he offered the “key to his city” to Jon Stewart, a comedian, not either a newsman OR an opinion person. He said, "For me the bottom-line issue is, is somebody adding to the national conversation in a good way, are they adding to civic culture and civic discourse or not? I don't think Glenn Beck does. I think Jon Stewart does," Jon Stewart does nothing of the kind. He is a comedian and is only interested in getting a laugh, using the liberal-conservative debate as a foil. Beck brings us real information. I think one of the proofs of his effectiveness is that Obama has him on his “hate list.” He’s probably never even heard of John Stewart. (News Max)