Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Sauice for Thee, But Not for Me"

Obama and his judicial thugs have shown no mercy for Christians who wish to adhere to their religious principles, in not providing cakes or other services for “gay weddings.” But when a bunch of MUSLIM truck drivers do the same thing by refusing to deliver beer and other forms of alcohol, even though they knew, when hired, they would be required to do so. The court, backed by Obama's love for Muslims, ruled in favor of the truck drivers by awarding them $240,000.00 in damages for being fired for refusing to deliver it. Those “peaceful Muslims” have only moved here \so they can make as much trouble as they can. Obama CLAIMS to be a Christian, but that's yet another of his LIES Every time he (or his thugs) is asked to do something for MUSLIMS, he does it, while doing everything he can to BLOCK anything wanted by Christians or Jews. He sat in a pew for 20 years listening to a crazy preacher who says, “God DAMN America!” and claims never to have heard anything like it, in those 20 years. The man is a stupid, damned LIAR in everything he says. He CONNED his way into the presidency and continues to con America, every day. We'll be well rid of him on Jan. 20, 2017—IF he doesn't find a way, legal or illegal, to stay in office forever. Which I wouldn't be surprised if he did. (Conservative Tribune)

Communist Goals

Everything I hear from the Democrats speaks to me of communism. Now, I know that makes most people's eyes glaze over when I talk about communists or communism, because they were conned into believing “communism is dead” when the Soviet Union “collapsed.” But it didn't “collapse,” it was made to LOOK that way to “put us to sleep,” and it succeeded. But notice that the same people are still running things over there. Communism is just one form of COLLECTIVISM. Socialism is another, with only cosmetic differences. The very BASIS for collectivism is revealed in their motto, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” making NEED a DEMAND on the EARNINGS of those willing and able to PRODUCE new wealth. It's a philosophy of THEFT. The same motto fuels socialism, and collectivism. And everything that comes out of a Democrat mouth SPEAKS of communism, socialism, or collectivism. Like “income inequality.” Or, 'soak the rich,” “make the rich pay more taxes,” although they NOW pay the most income taxes of ANYBODY.

Then there's the “sharing” theme, which is one of the things I remember the most about grade school as well as high school. They say “the middle class pays too much, (which they DON'T). They want to raise the minimum wage to the stratosphere, even though that will run a lot of people out of business because they can't pay that much for “entry level” employees requiring a lot of training to do the simplest things, and will cost many people their jobs, One of their candidates is an ADMITTED socialist, and another spouts all the communist goals (though she denies being a socialist) and nobody calls her on it. This is how the communists took over Russia and put them through 75 years of misery until their system did “collapse” of its own weight. Yes, COMMUNISM did collapse in Russia. But SOCIALISM did not. Russia is STILL a socialist country, run by the same people who held power under communism. Read the words of Thomas Sowell, professor of economics at Hoover Institute, who lays it all out for you in layman's terms. Even an economic dolt like me can understand him, so you should have no problem. (Thomas Sowell)

New Brainwashing Agent

The comics. In particular the “new Captain Marvel.” I read comic books a lot as a kid, and I'm sure many of the plot lines shaped a lot of my thinking and I didn't realize it. But this is going much too far when the “super hero” fights “right-wing extremists,” or the writer's idea of what right-wing extremists are. Then the super hero FAVORS illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is....well....ILLEGAL. And a “super hero in a comic book that is read by impressionable youth should not PROMOTE illegal activity. I shudder to think what Captain Marvel will FAVOR in the future. “sanctuary cities?” Funding Planned Parenthood while they murder millions of defenseless infants before they even have a chance at life? Murder, itself? I read a story once where Nazi Germany used comic books to “get to” young children, and liberals here are taking a page out of his book. (CNS News)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Jindal Was Right

He told us some time ago about Muslim “no-go zones” in other countries, and was instantly derided, and it damaged his presidential hopes. But now it turns out he was right, since journalist Valentina Xhafen went into one of those “non-existent” zones to report on somebody being “stoned” just for being there and was stoned, herself. This happened in the City of Tensta, Sweden, as she entered an area KNOWN to be a “Muslim no-go zone” for non-Muslims. More than 70% of the residents of that city are “foreign-born,” and most of those are Muslims.

There are such “zones” in America, too, where no non-Muslim dares to go. There, they use cell phone trees to gather gangs to assault anybody who “violates” their “turf,” just like American street gangs. I personally witnessed one instance where a Muslim came up to a car containing some non-Muslim men and personally hit one of the men with his fist, then was joined by a horde of Muslims to attempt to “beat up” all those in the car. The car sped away and they were unsuccessful, but not for want of trying. This is the kind of thing you can expect, as Obama's “Muslim hordes” get here. Be ready to repulse them. Of course, they'll call me an “Islamaphobe” (a false accusation, using a phony, made-up word) for saying this, but I don't care what Muslims say. That's how they try and limit criticism. (Eagle Rising)

Open Season on Cops

What do you do if you're a cop who stops a young driver (white or black) for a bona-fide violation and he (or she) refuses to cooperate, deciding to attack you and get your gun? If it evolves into a life-threatening situation, as it did with that giant "kid" in Ferguson, MO, who is trying his best to kill you? What do you do? Let him/her kill you “because it's just a kid?” You can get killed by a kid as easily as by an old, grizzled man. You're just as dead. He doesn't have a gun, you say? That Brown kid didn't have a gun, but he still could have killed the cop. Trevon Martin was “just a kid,” too. And while he was banging George Zimmernan's head against the concrete sidewalk, beating his brains out, he got shot. (Yeah, I know, Zimmerman was not a cop, but Martin WAS “just a kid” who could have killed him. I know there are other cases like these—many of them.

We don't know all the intimate details of them. Cops are out there with “targets on their backs” and, if they overdo it, there are ways to deal with that without killing them from ambush. That will only make things worse. They'll become “super conscious” of the danger and WILL “shoot first and ask questions later,” which will make it a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” And even more people will die, black AND white. Yes, don't stand by and let such things happen. But DO wait a bit until ALL the facts are in before you “go off the deep end” on an individual case, unlike the “authorities” in Baltimore did when they indicted six cops in the death of Freddy Gray, who killed HIMSELF while trying to incriminate cops by banging his head against the wall, soon after his back surgery. The point is, going out and killing cops is the wrong answer, and one proffered by the criminals, themselves, to “get the cops off their backs.” Don't buy into it. (Town Hall)

More Evidence They're Stupid

Yale has come out with yet another study that shows that Fracking does NOT contaminate drinking water (the biggest claim of the opposers). Will they take notice and back off? Doubtful. Like anti-gun fools, their minds are made up, and we can't “confuse them with facts.” They don't know what a fact looks like, anyway. Yale found that the contamination did NOT come from fracking, but from surface spilling of dangerous chemicals from other sources. Additionally, the EPA has determined that even THOSE chemicals are not present in amounts requiring a “cleanup.” By the way: remember the stories about water catching fire? Well, that's been happening since the 17th century. Well before fracking began. (Town Hall)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Taking It To Them

Republicans FINALLY “took it to them” when the Democrat moderators of the most recent Republican debate tried to “take them down” with their questions. They abandoned any pretense of fairness in the very questions they asked—and the debaters “called them on it.” Now they're whining about the Republicans complaining about their “simple hard questions,” when that's not what they were, at all. One of them was about the Republicans being “comic strip politicians” when it was the moderators themselves were “cartoonish.” They SET OUT to make the debaters look foolish, and what they accomplished was to make THEMSELVES look foolish. Why anybody would schedule a REPUBLICAN debate on a blatantly partisan LIBERAL TV network is beyond me. That sounds like an incompetent decision, to me. But I think the debaters handled themselves quite well, and made the moderators look as foolish as the moderators wanted to make THEM look. I'd like to say, “they won't try that again,” but I know they will. They're too stupid to know they've gotten several Republican fists in their faces. They think they won, but they didn't. (Conservative Byte)

They Have The Right Idea

In response to the wave of Palestinian (Islamic terrorist) personal violence against individual Israelis, the government in Israel is “relaxing” the requirements to get a “carry permit.” Would that our politicians be as intelligent. But not a chance. They don't care about how many people get killed by the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals and crazies—and soon in the hands of all the Islamic terrorists Obama is importing by the thousands. Our politicians are only interested in disarming the HONEST people who OBEY their useless laws. It would be smart to elect politicians who REALIZE that we need more guns in the hands of honest, reliable people to counter the millions of guns in the hands of fools, But it ain't agonna happen as long as people who pay NO attention to politics keep voting in those idiots who think a LAW is going to stop the fools who don't OBEY laws from getting their guns. I got it! Declare Israel a “gun-free zone!” That'd do it! Er.... (Town Hall)

"He Needs to Be Shot"

HE NEEDS TO BE SHOT: By his own thinking. D. Watkins is a fool who thinks EVERYBODY who buys a gun, legal or illegal, should be shot. Meanwhile, he admits to owning at least TWO guns, bought illegally. He was under age when he bought his first one, “on the street.” And he daily took it to school with him, in Baltimore, a city with some of the tightest “gun laws” known to man. He apparently doesn't understand that he agrees with me that EVERYBODY ought to be able to be armed, just to stay alive. He says, “I'd prefer to be caught WITH a fun than without one. But in his muddled thinking, he thinks everybody who buys a gun (except him, of course) ought to be shot, just for buying it, Of course, he, by his own admission, still has at least TWO guns. He says, “It's easier to get guns than jobs in East Baltimore.” He thinks that proves that the guns, themselves, are to blame. But it is the PEOPLE who MISUSE them that are to blame.
He just can't see it. He says, “we got our guns, too” (ILLEGALLY, in spite of the law, which again proves that laws against buying guns don't stop illegal gun buying). He thinks that's justification for people buying guns for self-defense (like he did) should get them all killed. Such muddy thinking is what PASSES for knowledge where he lives. He can't see that it is the PEOPLE where he lives that make guns dangerous, not the guns, themselves. It's the ILLEGAL buying of guns and the willingness to shoot and kill over trifles that makes it wrong. Most people aren't that way. They don't go around killing people for imagined dalliances with girls. What we need to do is teach people that killing others over small things is NOT “normal” and to keep their guns in their pockets unless threatened. I have owned guns, and have had a “carry permit.” And I have killed NO ONE. And I have lived in the same world as he has, for a lot longer than he has.

I have never seen anybody murdered, except on TV (and that was phony) or in one of those abominable Islamic terrorist beheading videos. Maybe Watkins should “wake up” and understand that it is HIS society that promotes not only ILLEGAL gun buying, but promiscuous murder and self-defense with a gun, as well. Intelligent people don't go around shooting each other over the “smallest slight,” imagined or not. He's right that they should do a better job of “rooting out” the illegal gun sellers, and they could if they didn't have to spend their time and money monitoring and controlling LEGAL gun sales while the ILLEGAL gun sales continue uncontrolled. It appears, looking at the photo accompanying this article, that he knows as little about gun safety as does the best-known,”anti-gun fool,” Sen. Diane Feinstein as he has two guys point guns at his head with their fingers on the triggers. He's probably lucky to be alive, since their fingers didn't slip. (Bearing Arms)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's Gonna Happen Here

In Germany, rampaging Muslim mobs are raping and killing women and CHILDREN. Fortunately, it is still being mostly restricted to “refugee camps” where “refugees” are held for processing before being allowed into the general population. So far, they've only victimized other Muslims. I shudder to think what's going to happen when they're released. Currently, German authorities are “looking the other way” as they did during the holocaust, and are actively covering it up. Chancellor Merkel's “open door policy” is responsible for the outrages, fortunately, so far, only among Muslims. But you can look for it ti continue, and be visited upon German citizens when Merkel throws open the gates to the “refugee camps.” There seems to be a massive use of “blinders” to the atrocities committed by Muslims, worldwide. And especially troubling here in America, is Obama's refusal to see the danger posed by allowing those “refugees” (Islamic terrorists) to come here. Is he stupid, incompetent, or “in the pocket” of the Islamic terrorists? (Liberty Alliance)

Repeal Second Amendment?

That's what Hillary, and many other liberals want. Why? Do they really think repealing the Second Amendment will stop criminals—who don't obey ANY laws—from getting their guns? They SAY their goal is to “stop gun violence,” but all the laws they have been passing, and the ones they envision for the future don't have a prayer of “stopping gun violence.” They have [PROVEN that. But they keep making those laws, and threaten to make worse ones, like the one Hillary is suggesting now. I think their wish is simply to DISARM HONEST people for their own nefarious purposes. That's the only thing I can think of that so many politicians (mostly Democrats, but some Republicans, too) want to keep the American people from being able to defend themselves while most of them go around behind a WALL of armed security agents. Repealing the Second Amendment is like repealing the Constitution, itself. It's the BULWARK of our system of government. The system that has made America the “destination of choice” for MILLIONS of people who wish to live in freedom and prosperity, not to mention real security. That won't get that last if the politicians take away their right to self-defense. (Conservative Byte)

ObamaCare In Big Trouble

Obama worked hard to put a good face on it, but his highly touted health care system is “going to hell in a handbasket." The Colorado co-op is the SEVENTH one to fail. And I'd bet that the prohibition on pre-existing condition barring payment is behind it. The whole idea of letting people buy health insurance AFTER they've been diagnosed with a costly disease is “courting bankruptcy” and the insurance providers know it, even if Obama and his cronies don't Then there's the multiple instances of fraud and deceit, Obama's illegal changes for people who give him a lot of money and would be adversely affected. The New York Times had just THREE stories about this listed in a recent check. I don't know how many other news sources have ignored it because I can't find any reference to it. Obamacare is an abject failure, but he won't let it go down. He keeps throwing YOUR money at it in an effort to keep it alive. (Daily Caller)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You're A "Potential Terrorist!"

At least, according to the feds. If you are a conservative, a Christian, a libertarian, or a gun owner, you're “potential terrorist.” If you're opposed to abortion, communism, illegal immigration, or the United Nations, also. And if you believe the “new world order” is a danger, if you think “we are in the end times,” or visit “alternative news sites” like Fox News or this one, you're a “potential terrorist.” All of those apply to me, so I must be a “potential terrorist,” although I've never contemplated killing innocent people to make a political or religious point. I've never raped or beheaded anybody or otherwise murdered them for not agreeing with my “directives.” Meanwhile, Muslim extremists, who HAVE, are NOT, according to the feds. Being a “terrorist,” means you have no rights, and can be treated just like they treat the Muslims at GITMO. That list includes all those who talk about individual liberties. So you can expect them to “come for you,” soon. And don't expect a fair trial. Trials aren't for “terrorists.” There are actually 72 listings on the government's list. Click the link below to see all of them, and be afraid....VERY afraid. They may come after you for reading this. (Activist Post)

Creating Phony Rape Stats

Anti-rape activists have redefined rape so much that they can cry “rape” if you don't get a signed contract to allow you to remove a woman's bra while engaged in consensual sex. Consensual sex being when she is as excitedly removing YOUR clothes as you are hers. If you, in your excitement, forget to get her name on the dotted line, you've raped her—if she wants to claim it. Tell me—in the “throes of sexual excitement," who would ever remember to do such a 'mood-killing thing' as bringing out a piece of paper and demanding a signature?” This is common on college campuses, where such fool activism is rife—which is another reason I will never again set foot on a college campus—with the possible exception of Hillsdale College, which still has sane policies. I'm talking about the case of Annie Teriba, who was an anti-rape activist at Oxford, and had sex with SOMEONE (whose sex she does not even divulge) and “forgot” to get a signed contract for every step in the assignation. Ant this happened once before, too! So she has resigned her positions as a rape activist and as a gay rights activist (which, I guess, answers the question about the sex of her “rape victim”) because she's “terribly disappointed” in herself. This is the kind of stupid things liberals do. (Right Wing News)

Talk About Deja-Vu!

Evita Peron took a thriving democracy in Argentina and made it into a struggling “socialist utopia,” and then the “people,” who seemed to idolize her, tried to re-elect her and Juan after he had left office. She was certainly good-looking enough. I wrote an article about that several years ago, as Hillary seemed to be moving things in the same direction, and it seems now to be prophetic. She's trying her best to follow Evita's script. If she's successful, we can only hope she follows it to the end. Evita died of cancer, I believe (there are already rumors about Hillary's health), before she could COMPLETELY destroy the economy of her country. But the damage she did was major, and took YEARS to partially reverse. She never quite made it to the presidency, succumbing to cancer while running for vice-president. Most of the damage she wreaked on the Argentinian economy was done as the “First Lady” to President Juan Peron, who appointed her to several important positions, which she used to promote her Fascist ideas (Fascism is one form of collectivism, socialism is another, as is communism), which pretty much destroyed the economy of the country. (Wikipedia)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bernie: "Obama Lite?"

No. Bernie is “Obama, MoreSo.” Obama promised “change..” From what to what, he never defined. But now it has become evident he meant to “change” us from the free market (which is what made us great, and the destination of choice for people who wanted to better themselves) to socialism, the system of failure. But he hasn't quite “finished the job,” and Bernie (an ADMITTED socialist) means to finish it. He talks of “transforming America,” which is just another way to say, “change.” Hillary is as much a socialist as either of them, but she tries to hide it. Although you can see it in everything she supports. Such as free college for everyone. Increased welfare. Everything she supports are more “freebies,” paid for by those who are capable and willing to produce new wealth. She wants to TAKE some of that new wealth for the unearned benefit of her supporters.

That IS socialism. The system that kept Russia in slavery for 75 years before it “collapsed of its own weight.” “But that was COMMUNISM, you say?” Communism is just one form of COLLECTIVISM. Socialism is another, with only “cosmetic differences.” Both are based on the same motto: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, ans TO each according to his NEED,” MAKING need A demand ON THE EARNINGS OF OTHERS. Communism “collapsed” in Russia, proving it was a “system of failure.” But Russia is STILL socialist, and the SAME PEOPLE are still in charge. Vladmir Putin is a former leader in the KGB (whatever name it used at different times) and the other “leaders” are also former communist “officials” who say they're “no longer communists. Mikhail Gorbachev infamously told his lawmaking body as Russian communism was “collapsing,” “Don't worry. The supposed “collapse of communism here is simply a ruse to put America to sleep. Socialism remains.”

And he was right. It DID “put us to sleep. Ask the “Average American today, and he will tell you “communism no longer exists in the world,” and that was Gorbachev's plan. “One step back, then two steps forward.” (A usual communist scam). The sad thing is that most of our top politicians also believe it. In their incompetence, they were easily fooled. You mention communism today, and people's eyes “glaze over.” But communism remains as a powerful foe in many countries, China the biggest. One of the smaller ones is Cuba, and Obama is in the process of “normalizing relations” with them. It exists in many other countries, as well, under many names (to fool the world). Communism remains the biggest threat to our freedom, with Islam a close second. If we don't wake up soon, one or the other is going to engulf us. Obama refuses to even USE the words, “Islamic terrorism.” You can't fight evil if you won't even name it. The same thing applies to communism, or socialism, two forms of the same failing philosophy. (Twitchy)

Damned Fool Politicians!

It's damned foolishness and incompetence to disarm honest, reliable Americans while doing nothing to keep guns away from criminals. They can't do much about that, you say? Then why DISARM us while the criminals, crazies, and terrorists have free access to their guns? Another thing that's damned foolishness is thinking that a LAW will keep criminals and other evil-doers from getting their guns, with which to victimize us. All that does is make “sitting ducks” of us all, leaving us no way to defend ourselves when confronted with a criminal holding a gun. You'd think politicians would be smart enough to know these things. But apparently they're not, because they keep making those fool laws such as declaring “gun-free zones.” in which most mass shootings occur, gun registration schemes, in which ONLY honest people register their guns while the “bad guys” ignore it, “gun locks,” which crooks also ignore, etc. I keep saying most politicians are INCOMPETENT, and this is but one illustration of the truth of my opinion. There are many more that ALSO cost people their lives, but this is just one of the most obvious. (Just common sense)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Lawbreaking With Impunity

How can you break the law and not be prosecuted? That's simple. Work for the IRS in the Obama administration. They flout the law all the time, and when their people get caught out, they “circle the wagons.” that's what they've done for Lois Lerner, the woman who headed the department that held up the applications of conservative organizations for tax-free status while “fast-tracking” those of liberal, left-wing organizations, thus crippling them when it comes to fund-raising. The Justice Department recently announced that there will be no charges filed against her for her complicity in this scam. "The investigation into her actions, according to DOJ showed much mismanagement and poor judgment, but they didn't rise to the level of lawbreaking." Of course. Not to them, anyway. And who, in this administration, at least, is going to argue with them?

Yes, Lerner lost her job (she resigned). But losing your job to a government employee is not the same as it would be to us peons. She left at full pay while on suspension, then retired at a VERY nice pension before charges could have been filed. So she gets to laze around at home and enjoy life with a comfortable income for the rest of her life. Treasury Inspector General found that IRS WAS “targeting conservative organizations,” and Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz says Congress will “continue to investigate and seek accountability for the American people.” Watch out, Chaffetz, you'll probably be audited soon. Chaffetz said further that “This is a reminder that the Obama administration continues not to hold anyone accountable at the IRS.” Truer words were never spoken. (Daily Caller)

Democrats Will Rejoice

Denny Hastert is in trouble. He's pleading guilty to corruption. He's a Republican. So Democrats will have a lot of fun with it. The story won't go away for weeks, months, years! Because he's a Republican, not a Democrat. If he were a Democrat, they'd ignore it, or if they talked about it at all, they'd make excuses for him, "circling the wagons." That's the way they operate. If a Democrat gets caught with his/her hand in the cookie jar, it's “just an aberration, nothing here, folks! Move along.” If it's a Republican, they go completely bananas and try to use it to destroy as many Republicans as they can. It's really too bad we allow such people to operate in a civilized society, and let them be such things as president, Secretary of State, etc., so they can screw everything up, and blame it all on Republicans. (NBC News)

A Better Attorney General?

I don't know if being a lawyer is required to be Attorney General, but in any case, I know a much better prospect to be the next one than Holder or the current office-holder. It is Milwaukee county Sheriff David Clarke. Which is why his name will NEVER be uttered in any search for a new Attorney General BECAUSE he is a “no-nonsense law officer” who is REALLY concerned with PROPERLY enforcing the law, on ALL crooks, even those who carry their own badges and guns. He recently made a statement about the “Black Lives Matter” fools: “It's a phony campaign, based on the phony assumption, promoted by them, that there is a “rise in cops shooting unarmed black men (paraphrased).” And he's right. The only reason it SEEMS true is because they (and the liberal media) emphasize, and “play up” every instance of a cop shooting a black man (for ANY reason), while IGNORING shootings involving white victims or black cops. And they give away their complete bias by refusing to accept it when others say, “ALL lives matter.” It makes their heads explode. (The Blaze)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Seattle's Failing Job Market

Seattle, which has one of the most liberal city governments in the country, approved an ordinance FORCING employers to pay a $15.00 minimum wage. Of course, they were the first in the nation to fall for this nonsense, and now they have lost 700 restaurant jobs from January to September of just this year. Meanwhile, restaurant employment in the rest of Washington state is booming. There has been an INCREASE of restaurant employment everywhere in Washington State EXCEPT Seattle of 5,800 jobs. In the past three years, UNTIL they raised that minimum wage rate, they saw an INCREASE of 4,000 jobs. Will the liberals in charge take note of this and reverse themselves? Doubtful. They're too incompetent. Likely they'll find something else to blame, as Obama usually does. Raising the wages for people who need training to do the most simple of jobs will ALWAYS cost jobs and put people out of business. But don't try and convince those buffoons making their laws. (Conservative Byte)

Gun Control....NOT!

Obama talks a good game about “reducing gun crime," but the things he does INCREASE it. For instance, he's seeing to it that 6,000 prisoners who have been drug offenders are released shortly. Many of whom have used guns in their “work,” some even using automatic weapons. We're talking about “semi-autos” here, not just automatic handguns. Literally “machine guns.” Many have been convicted of gun violence. The writer of the article linked here says, “Releasing so many “hardened criminals” in a short time will CERTAINLY send the crime rate, specifically the GUN crime rate skyrocketing.” But Obama doesn't care. He's got a “societal experiment” in mind, and he will not be dissuaded from it. He's sending some to “halfway houses,: for all the good that will do in keeping them from resuming their life of crime. He's sending others to “immigration authorities,” for “eventual deportation.” You know how well THAT works. They'll probably disappear into the populace and never be heard from again until their next violent crime. If he IS deported, he will be back, as soon as he can. It's obvious to INTELLIGENT people that this is a very BAD move, but it's NOT obvious to such as Obama. They call them “small time crooks,” but many of them are repeat offenders. And when the crime rate predictably skyrockets, they will; blame it in the Republicans, or one specific Republican, George W. Bush. (Bearing Arms)

The Lesson of Gun Control

Ben Carson was right when he said “gun control, plus propaganda dissemination” was largely responsible for their success in subjugating the German people. When a would-be dictator wants to “take over,” the first thing he does is DISARM the people, as Obama and all the current Democrat presidential candidates want to do. They whine about “gun crime,” but all the laws they propose (and pass) do NOTHING to stop gun violence. All they do is DISARM people who OBEY such laws, wrong though they may be. So what is their purpose? Each one of the Democrat candidates, AND Obama want to be a dictator. The “limitations” they all promote on the American people show that, every day. Hillary, for example, is a “firm believer” in their brand of “gun control,” as is Bernie Sanders. You KNOW Obama's position on it. Yes, I know, the Jews didn't like guns, anyway. But the rest of the German people DID. And Hitler effectively used the lack of guns among the German people as a means to subjugate them. The only bright spot was the Warsaw Jews, who fought them hard and long before they were beaten. (Eagle Rising)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

He "Ended Two Wars"

Obama brags about “ending two wars,” though all he did was 'SURRENDER” and order his troops to “cut and run,” leaving millions (billions?) of dollars' worth of guns, ammunition, and equipment behind for the Islamic terrorists to capture and use to kill more and more people. So now he's starting his OWN WAR in Cameroon, where he's sending troops to fight the same people (under a different name) Bush was fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. He's too stupid to realize that's the SAME WAR Bush was fighting, and it IS “worth fighting,” wherever it “pops up.” He's doing the SAME THING he and his accomplices criticized Bush for doing, and even though he's right to do it, he will claim, “it's different this time.” If it's right now, it was right, then, whether he will recognize that, or not. If he imposes the same “rules of contact” in Cameroon as he has elsewhere, he will cause the deaths of many soldiers without making a dent in the enemy, as he didn't do elsewhere. (Town Hall)

Their True Intentions

The Muslim “refugees” are giving away their true intentions by SUING the German government for “not providing perks quick enough.” Which, of course, tells me they're there for one reason: to make as much trouble as they can, and cost people as much money as they can, fighting frivolous lawsuits. Look for lots more of such suits, for MANY imagined slights in the near future, while at the same time they are “breeding like rabbits” so as to OUTNUMBER the real citizens in the future so they can vote in their own ignorant ideas, regardless of what the REAL citizens think. They've already succeeded in several countries, among them France, where they now OUTNUMBER real French citizens and are going around merrily screwing things up. (American Thinker)

"Someone Else's To Blame"

In clear Obama fashion Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel (Obama's former “go-to-guy” in the White House—the one who infamously was heard to say, “Never let a good panic go to waste”), blames his “gun violence problem” on the cops “going fetal” after the Ferguson debacle. Which may be true, in part, but can you blame them? But I don't think so. I think many more thugs are going to die trying top kill them. Liberals like Rahm unfairly blamed the death of a gigantic thug who was trying to kill a cop for the cop killing him in self-defense in Ferguson, MO, while ignoring the fact that it is his “extremely tight gun laws that keep guns out of the hands of honest people in Chicago and makes them “easy targets” for the gang members and crooks (a repetition, there), who get their guns ILLEGALLY, thus bypassing his silly little laws. That's the REAL cause of the increase in gun crime in Chicago. But he isn't intelligent enough to realize it—or he just refuses to accept reality. (Twitchy)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The "No-Bell Peace Prize"

Sarah was in the fertilized egg business. She had several hundred young pullets and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs. She kept records and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced. This took a lot of time, so she bought some tiny bells and attached them to her roosters. Each bell had a different tone, so she could tell from a distance which rooster was performing. Now, she could sit on the porch and fill out an efficiency report by just listening to the bells. Sarah's favorite rooster, old Butch, was a very fine specimen but, this morning she noticed old Butch's bell hadn't rung at all! When she went to investigate, she saw the other roosters were busy chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing, but the pullets hearing the roosters coming, would run for cover. To Sarah's amazement, old Butch had his bell in his beak, so it couldn't ring. He'd sneak up on a pullet, do his job, and walk on to the next one. Sarah was so proud of old Butch, she entered him in a Show and he became an overnight sensation among the judges. The result was the judges not only awarded old Butch the "No Bell Peace Prize" they also awarded him the "Pulletsurprise" as well. Clearly old Butch was a politician in the making. Who else but a politician could figure out how to win two of the most coveted awards on our planet by being the best at sneaking up on the unsuspecting populace and screwing them when they weren't paying attention? Vote carefully in the next election. You can't always hear the bells. (Author Unknown. Sent me by my sister)

An Intelligent Judge

Lonnie and Sandy Phillips sued several “deep-pockets” people, based on the Aurora Theater shooting, and lost. And they lost more than the suit. The judge decided they were to pay the legal fees of the plaintiffs. They may even lose their HOME. The suit was an “expensive mistake” on their part. It was filed by the “Brady Bunch," which left town without comment when they lost. Brady goads many people into frivolous suits, and loses with a regularity beyond belief, but usually not without punishing the victims of the suits with court costs and their own defense costs, win or lose. And a law should be made making the “suer” responsible for court costs in ALL “frivolous lawsuits” when they lose, to make people think twice before starting them.

As I've said before, (and recognized in the article linked below), suing gun-makers when people MISUSE their LEGAL produce is the same as suing auto makers when a drunk or incompetent driver misuses a car. This would be DEATH for retail or wholesale sales in this country. Of course, Congress has “ridden to the rescue” with the passage of the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” that protects gun sellers from such frivolous suits that deplete their assets without merit. A law making it mandatory for the losing side to pay the court costs in all cases would work even better, and remove the incentive for people to file suits they KNOW they will lose, just to hurt the other side by making them pay court costs. (Bearing Arms)

Total Incompetence

I've said a number of times that the people running things in this country are largely incompetent. One of the areas of their incompetence is in their reaction to “gun violence.” Instead of going after the real causes of it, they try and eliminate guns—something that is impossible to do, and wouldn't stop the “gun violence,” anyway. Criminals, and people who want to do mass shootings will still get their guns, as they always have, in spite of tight “gun laws.” Take Chicago, for instance. They have laws so tight the courts are declaring many of them unconstitutional. Yet, at the same time, they have one of the highest “gun crime” stats in the country. Right now, they're suffering from an “epidemic of gun violence. The same thing is true of many cities with tight gun laws. Cities like Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, etc. But do these politicians learn from this? Not a chance.

They're completely myopic on the subject. Australia all but BANNED guns, entirely, and their gun crime rate went into the stratosphere. Meanwhile, instead of going after the SHOOTERS, they go after the guns. That's where incompetence comes in. If they were COMPETENT, they'd see to it laws were made to punish USE of guns in crime and STOP the practice of using existing gun use laws as “bargaining chips” to get convictions in other crimes. They'd find better ways to figure out who is more prone to doing such things and make laws that would stop them from being able to do gun violence. There are many other ways to do this, but they never even TRY to use them. They just try the impossible, to “eliminate guns,” which is an impossibility. Their answer is always to take guns away from HONEST, law-abiding people, and leave them completely defenseless in the face of ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. Their incompetence gets people killed.

Their incompetence is shown in this, and other situations, such as their handling of the Islamic terrorism problem. Obama will not even SAY “Islamic terrorism,” much less DO something about it. He makes a few feeble efforts in that direction to make us think he is “doing something,” while Putin (another armed criminal) actually DOES something in Syria. Unfortunately, what Putin does is to bomb the terrorists fighting a bloody dictator. He makes a deal with the Mullahs in Iran that FACILITATES their sponsorship of Islamic terrorism by allowing them access to billions of dollars we previously kept them from using, while guaranteeing them to get “the bomb” in fifteen years so they can wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. He spends money like water, and his cronies work night and day to scam more and more money out of us to pay for it all. He thinks socialism is the proper system for us, when it isn't. It is a system based on THEFT of the things PRODUCERS have produced, for the benefit of those who can't, or WON'T produce anything, themselves.

And it's not just Obama. Democrats have been running things in many places in this country for years, and things have been “going to hell in a handbasket.” They don't know what to do, but they're good at one thing: getting elected by “hook or crook.” They SAY there is NO election fraud in this country, while I can name many cases of it. They're simply blind to it. They are adamantly AGAINST one of the simplest cures for that, “picture ID to vote,” because that will limit their election fraud programs. Programs that get them elected so they can screw us some more. At the same time, we keep electing them, based on their promises, even if those promises are “pie-in-the-sky” and patently impossible. Like Obama's promises to “lower the sea levels” and cut the national debt in HALF within the first four years of his administration. Instead, he TRIPLED it, spending more money than there IS. More than ALL previous presidents. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Constitution "Just A Decoration?"

That's apparently what this court thinks when it upheld the arrest of some people for ignoring an order by the cops to stop carrying a sign on federal property, in front of a court building. They recently made an UNCONSTITUTIONAL law banning handing out leaflets or carrying signs in front of a federal building, and that's what the cops were enforcing. In support of their appeal, his lawyers said, ““If citizens cannot stand out in the open and voice their disapproval of their government, its representatives and its policies without fearing prosecution, then the First Amendment is little more than window-dressing on a store window – pretty to look at but serving little real purpose,” The funny thing is that this “contretemps” happened in front of the Supreme Court building, where freedom of speech should be revered, but apparently, isn't. (World Net Daily)

Constitutionalists "A Threat"

Many federal agents consider people who believe in the constitution and demand it be followed to be a “threat.” Which tells me those feds who think this way are CRIMINALS, getting ready to commit crimes against citizens, the first being to attempt to penalize people for BEING constitutionalists. Those thinking that way ARE criminals, who wish to VIOLATE the Constitution, which is the BASIS for the laws of the land. I guess they'd better come after me, because I'm DEFINITELY a “constitutionalist.” And I KNOW my Constitution and WILL demand it be observed, and to hell with them. In some “training” sessions for local law enforcement run by the feds, they teach that just CARRYING a copy of the Constitution should be considered a threat. Based on what law, I don't know. I carry one, and have many in my office. I even have a link to it on my main web site. So I guess I'm guilty of violating whatever imaginary law that is. (Minuteman News)

"Peaceful Muslims"

People wonder why I have no use for Muslims. Muslim apologists say they are just like us, people working hard and just trying to get along. Yeah. If a Muslim marries a woman she is his PROPERTY. She must have a family male escort ANY time she leaves the house.. She is obliged to wear headscarf that completely covers her head and clothes that do not allow ANY glimpse of skin. In many cases she is required to wear what resembles a TENT with only her EYES visible. If, in spite of all those restrictions, she gets raped, SHE is the one who gets the blame. It is said she “seduced” the man. If she REPORTS the rape, she gets 95 lashes with a whip. If her family finds out she was raped, she is ostracized, and sometimes murdered by a family member, since it is said she “shamed” them. In many Muslim societies, rape of LITTLE BOYS is not only condoned, it is considered a “cultural thing,” as is keeping the boy chained to a bed so as to keep him around as a sex slave. Rape is an important thing in the Muslim “culture” and especially in time of war. Rape is a “war tactic, as is beheading. These are not things human beings do, they are what BARBARIANS do. So whether or not they are RADICAL Muslims, the things they do, just to women and boys, are an anathema to thinking people. Muslims will want to KILL me for reporting this, truth or not. But that's okay, they want to kill me anyway, for not being a Muslim. (Conservative Tribune)

Monday, October 19, 2015

"We Can't Have That!"

Fracking (shale oil, something Ayn Rand predicted long ago) has made America number one in oil production in the world, according to the Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, an “environmental group” backed by Obama has released a report that movers us in the direction of putting a stop to that, and return us to being dependent upon Arabs, who HATE us, for the bulk of the oil we use. Meanwhile, while we depend on oil for our very survival (with NOTHING in the offing to replace it) he wants to shut that industry down, too. At the same time, he has BRAGGED about the fact that he wants to BANKRUPT the COAL industry, which we depend on (again, with nothing in the offing to replace it).

It seems like this man seems bound and determined to RUIN the energy business, with not only all the jobs and money it creates, but the things we NEED to stay alive, as well. Is he STUPID? Or does he just hold an unreasoning hatred for the American people and all they stand for? He already has put MILLIONS out of work, while causing more millions to lose their health insurance, while spending more money than there IS! What MORE does he want to do to DESTROY us? (Town Hall Finance)

Was It A Gaffe?

Liberals are saying Dr. Ben Carson (presidential candidate on the Republican side) made “another gaffe” when he compared America to Nazi Germany. Only one problem. He didn't. He did NOT say the “holocaust” was CAUSED by gun control, only that gun control FACILITATED it, even though Warsaw Jews did have guns and it took him a long time to beat them. And there IS a comparison between the holocaust, where the German people either closed their eyes to the unwarranted killing of the Jews or actively participated in it. Our OWN holocaust is at Planned Parenthood, where they have MURDERED millions of babies, primarily black ones. American citizens are actively “looking the other way” while this killing and selling of tiny body parts is going on, and some are , like in Nazi Germany, PARTICIPATING. I know that gun control wasn't a “causative factor” in the German holocaust, but it WAS a “contributing factor” in the overall. The Holocaust was CAUSED by “unreasoning hatred of Jews, PUSHED by the Nazi government, and carried out by them. Today's holocaust was ALSO caused by an unreasoning hatred of blacks by an organization STARTED by a racist, who wanted to “get rid of” as many black babies as possible. There's a REASON why most of their “clinics” are located in black areas. That's where most of their customers are. Of course, liberals will miss the point of this item altogether and call ME a racist for MENTIONING “black people.” But truth is truth, and I only deal in truth. (Allen West)

Are Voters Stipid, Or What?

They're turning out in droves to hear Bernie Sanders (the admitted socialist) speak, and he's getting a lot of support from those ignorant Democrat dupes. They just don't understand that socialism would mean the DEATH of this country. As we know it, or any other way. Socialism and communism are “close cousins” and communism DESTROYED Russia economically. It only took 75 years. They don't have much money left, and there is no longer a communist country left who can effectively prop them up (except maybe China, whom they hate). Socialism AND communism are both COLLECTIVISM, whose base motto is, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED.” Making NEED a DEMAND on the EARNINGS of those able to earn their own way. It's based on THEFT of the gains of the ABLE for the benefit of those UNABLE. Some people just can't understand that, or they're ignorant of it. The problem is, there are too many people who “don't pay attention to politics,” but who still vote. There should be a bar to voting for people ignorant of the most basic things such as what socialism, communism, or collectivism IS. (Rush Limbaugh)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Good for Them!

Virginia residents are refusing to return the license plates that contain an image taken from the Confederate Flag. They realize that the “prohibition” on the use of that flag that's now raging in liberal (Democrat) circles is a “straw dog” and a “red herring” that is designed to take our attention off the REAL problem, which is black bigotry against whites. Nobody seems to remember that the Confederate Flag was once a symbol of DEMOCRAT politicians, Bill Clinton, in particular. You know, the “master criminal” who is said to be “the most popular politician in the country." But try to elect him to ANYTHING except the “FBI” (Federal Boob Inspector) and he'll steal the election like he has done before. It's also helping to disguise the fact that it was the DEMOCRATS who were the racists in the past (present, and future). It is the DEMOCRATS that Martin Luther King demonstrated against. And it was DEMOCRATS who filibustered AGAINST the “Equal Rights Amendment.” (1776 Coalition)

The "97% Myth"

AlGore's “believers” will quickly tell you that “97% of scientists “believe” in global warming (or climate change, or whatever he calls it this week). That's supposed to convince you that this con is real. But what they mean is they “cherry-picked) 77 “scientists,” most of whom have gotten “grants” (bribes) from global warming promoters to back up their computer models as fact, and 97% of THEM agreed that “climate change” was man-created. Another one of their cons is to say that “Climate change is settled science” because a MAJORITY of “scientists” agree it is real, and man-caused. What they don't tell you is that scientific truth is NOT “a consensus” of scientists' “beliefs.” What is, IS. Regardless of somebody's “belief.” That's a fact. This is a typical con man's scam to convince non-believers. Failing that, he (and his acolytes) want the government to JAIL non-believers who have the temerity to SAY so. Which tells me they've run out of arguments. (Steyn Online)

"No Voter Fraud?"

Liberals (Democrats) like to tell us there IS no voter fraud in this country, so no voter ID is needed. Linked below is just a “sampling” of the cases of voter fraud that have been DISCOVERED by authorities. It is NOT an “exhaustive list.' There isn't enough paper, nor enough computer memory to list them ALL. This shows how “honest” Democrats are. They fight, “tooth and nail” to PREVENT anything that might make it harder for them to steal elections, and call it “disenfranchising” of a “segment” (usually black) of our population, when it is NOT. But they don't care. That's their story and they're stickin' to it. I'm sure this is how a known communist Muslim who hates everything American made it to the presidency and managed to win re-election in spite of all his criminal actions while in office. If a Democrat wins in 2016, that will be the reason, too. There are two KNOWN socialists running on the Democrat side, and that should be the ONLY reason they would survive a general election. (THF Media)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Churches Bless Abortion

I always wondered how Hitler got away with killing so many Jews during his “reign,” but now I know. I can see the same thing unfolding in the Planned Parenthood scandal. We all KNOW they're MURDERING BABIES by the millions. It doesn't matter if they sell the baby's body parts or not. The first crime makes the second understandable (if not condoned). What ISN'T understandable is the (mostly Democrat) politicians who have come out in SUPPORT of Planned Parenthood in SPITE of their murderous crimes. I suspect it was a similar thing in Germany, especially since Hitler's people controlled the press (here, the press controls itself). Now multiple CHURCHES are “blessing” abortion clinics, even though I don't know of a single church group (that is not Muslim) that doesn't CONDEMN abortion. They've got their blinders firmly in place. (Last Resistance)

They Meant It That Way

“Fingerprint databases; statist licensing schemes; hefty fees; the never-ending bureaucratic application and reapplication process; plastic-coated permission slips. Sometimes it seems the roadblocks and regulations anti-gun activists and their political minions have thrown up to discourage law-abiding citizens from carrying a concealed firearm are endless.” It almost seems they do that on purpose. Guess what? THEY DO. They can't just BAN GUNS. So they put up all kinds of “hoops” for us to “jump through” before they, in their “goodness,” give us their PERMISSION to do what is our constitutional RIGHT. That earlier quote came directly from an e-mail I got from Dudley Brown, of “Rocky Mountain Gun Owners,” and it's very correct. It's their way of MINIMIZING the number of people able to exercise that constitutional right. (RMGO)

Bounty for Zimmerman

These fools need to be “reined in” before they get more people killed. The “New Black Panthers,” wearing phony “military-style” uniforms (all with :”officer's brass” they never earned), made a video offering a bounty for George Zimmerman's “capture.” I couldn't watch the whole video because I refuse to “suffer fools” gladly. But I wonder what they mean by “capture.” What will they do with him when (IF) they “capture” him? “Try” him, and KILL him? It's supposed to be illegal these days to offer “bounties” on people. Will anybody do anything about these fools? Doubtful. They're “useful idiots” for Obama and his liberal dumb-butts. So he'll put out the word to leave them alone, just as he did when they clearly violated election laws by blocking the entrance to a voting place wearing similar “cop-like” uniforms and carrying “batons.” But the fact remains that IF they “capture” him, that will be a felony for all involved, and Obama will likely see to it nothing is done about it, even if they kill him. (You Tube)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Implementing the Dictatorship

Obama has announced a “new wrinkle” in his efforts to completely silence the opposition and solidify his agenda to create a dictatorship in America with him as the dictator. He has already “globalized” the local cops (against constitutional admonitions against federal police) through the “Strong Cities Network," and now he has appointed a “Chief Thug” (a “czar”) who will have nothing to do except “go after right wing extremists.” Which means ANYBODY who doesn't agree with him. The DEFINITION of “right-wing extremists” will BE everybody to the right of HIS positions, on ANYTHING. This item. Alone, would probably get me a prison sentence (or maybe worse) when this really gets going. He says this “czar” would target home-grown terrorists who plan violence, AND “violent right-wing extremists” who hold bigoted or anti-government views, or who see themselves as “sovereign citizens.” Who gets to DEFINE these people? You guess. Will he go after “Nation of Islam's” (Calypso Louie) Farrakhan for telling his followers to kill cops? Not a chance. Louie is pushing HIS “war on cops.” (World Net Daily)

Symbol For Life

Gary Varvel is my favorite editorial cartoonist, for a good reason. He hits it right on the head very often. This particular cartoon is a perfect illustration of how life IS. A sign saying, “Gun Free Zone” full of bullet holes. A perfect illustration of the STUPIDITY of thinking a law will keep people from doing what they want. That's why there are cops. To arrest those who ignore laws. Who, with INTELLIGENCE, believes a CRIMINAL will not bring his guns into a “gun-free zone?” An anti-gun freak, that's who! They have so little intelligence, I'm surprised most of them are still alive. But they DO have enough intelligence to HIRE their gun-carriers. Most of them go about behind a WALL of ARMED “security.” But us “peasants” can't afford to hire people to carry our guns for us. So we need to be armed, ourselves, so we can start on an “even playing field” (one of the liberals' favorite mottoes) with the ILLEGALLY-armed criminals, who obey NO laws. (Gary Varvel)

How Stupid ARE They?

We've pointed out many times that a “militia” was ALL THE PEOPLE at the time the Constitution was written. NO “organized militia" was in existence at the time, so the term “militia: in the Second Amendment DID not mean that people had to be a MEMBER of an “organized militia” to be able to exercise that RIGHT to self-defense and to have and carry the means to that end, a gun. It could NOT have meant that. But they still insist that ANYBODY, to be armed,. MUST BE a “member of an “organized militia.” What is it about “ALL THE PEOPLE” do they not understand? Likewise, they misread the constitution AGAIN on the subject of “the separation of church and state.” They keep insisting it is IN the Constitution when it ISN'T. That term ONLY APPEARED in a LETTER between two of the Founders.

The Constitution merely says, “NO LAW can be made regarding religion OR the free practice thereof.” Militant atheists keep pushing for ALL VESTIGES of religion being removed from ANY governmental institution, from schools to ALL government buildings. Thus the removal of the Ten Commandments from a state building recently. Of course, when ISLAM is taught in our schools, they are strangely silent. They only protest Christianity. But again my question is, “What part of 'NO LAW against religion or the free practice thereof' don't they understand?" They're either STUPID, or they have another goal in mind--or both. (Washington's Blog)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's All Free Stuff

The recent Democrat “debate” could be summed up in two words: “Free stuff.” Each one lined up and offered his/her own list of “free stuff” he/she was promising, all at the expense of “working America.” Translation: “TAKING from those who EARN it, and GIVING to those who DON'T. That is the BASE of the Democrat “promise.” Giving away what they don't own, but which they can make laws to take away from people who are still capable and willing to earn their own way. Whenever you get a few Democrats together you should make sure you have a tight hold on your wallet. The five involved in the “debate” spent two hours telling you all about all the “giveaway programs” they envisioned, from free college tuition for everybody to single-payer health care, all at the expense of the PRODUCERS of society, the costs for which run to $TRILLIONS of dollars in ADDITIONAL spending. All of which comes out of YOUR pockets, IF you've managed to keep working while MILLIONS of others have not. That's all Democrats have to offer: STEALING from those who PRODUCE new wealth, to GIVE to those who just want a “free ride.” That's how they buy votes to stay in office, or get elected in the first place. Meanwhile, they promise to PUNISH those "producers," whose producing has made them rich. (American Thinker)

"Mission Accomplished!"

Liberals like to make a “big thing” of George Bush's photo op in front of a “Mission Accomplished” sign, even though he DID accomplish the mission he set for himself. He whipped the crap out of Saddam and sent him hiding in his little “rat hole” in about 200 hours. Yes, American soldiers were still there, just as they were still in Japan for a long time after WWII, “cleaning up” as an “occupying force.” The mission WAS accomplished, as was Obama's after he told the troops to “cut and run” from Iraq, and leave a lot of expensive ordinance and equipment for the terrorists, who had yet to take the name they use now, “ISIS.” ISIS is Obama's CREATION and every innocent person they kill splashed their blood on his hands. Every success they obtain is because of Obama's policies and actions. which is something he can't deny, although he will..(Town Hall)

"A Good Guy With A Gun"

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke surprised everybody on Fox when he answered a question asked an Obama mouthpiece what laws could be changed to stop things like yesterday's college shooting from happening. I don't think it was the answer Megyn Kelly was looking for. He told them both that the answer was to allow American citizens to be armed in their own defense. That it was stopped (too late for nine people) when a “good guy with a gun” showed up, in the person of a police officer. What if there had BEEN an armed STUDENT (or more than one) already there who could have “taken him out” before he could kill nine people? Gun-control activists completely ignore such comments. It's not in their milieu. They just can't see the easy solution. They're “hell-bent” on DISARMING all Americans (except for the criminals, of course) and nothing else will satisfy them. It scares them to think of a room full of armed people. They think people will “go crazy” over a wrong test answer if they were armed. They don't know that there ARE a lot of people out there ILLEGALLY armed, simply because they DON'T (usually) “Go nuts” at the slightest provocation. Most are gang members, who ALL go armed, and none of whom are LEGALLY armed, because most of them are too young. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Carson's In Trouble Again

As usual, the liberals are criticizing him for telling the truth. He said, “We shouldn’t give away our values for the sake of political correctness.” Then he added that conservatives have, “no desire whatsoever to hurt the poor ... but I believe in true compassion, providing the poor with a mechanism to climb the ladder of success. False compassion is patting them on the head and saying, ‘You can’t take care of yourself and I’m going to give you food stamps, a housing subsidy and free health care and all the things you need so you can stay dependent and vote for me.’ ” I'm afraid Ben is going to “stay in trouble” with liberals, because, unlike politicians, he doesn't “mince words” in answering ”gotcha questions” from reporters who only want to hurt his candidacy. If Trump ends up “flopping,” as liberals keep telling us he will, Ben is the man I want in the White House. I know I can depend on his word, unlike the present occupant. (Eagle Rising)

Hillary Unqualified?

Town Hall pundit John Hawkins says, “Hillary is about as well qualified to be president as is Paris Hilton, who is famous for being famous, with nothing else, except for her looks, which Hillary lacks, to recommend her. I disagree. She is LESS qualified, considering all the CRIMINAL allegations (most proven already) against her. Otherwise, what qualifies her? Being the wife of a “skirt-chasing president” who got IMPEACHED because of it, and lost his law license for five years? (It should have been made permanent) Being a Senator in a seat that was GIVEN her by “the powers that be” as a reward for “looking the other way” and running the “bimbo explosion” as his excuse?” Or being secretary of State (another “shut up gift”) from Obama) for a few years, where she screwed up royally and even got four government employees KILLED through her incompetence? Rather than sitting in the Oval Office, she is only “qualified” to sit in a cell in a federal prison for racketeering and corruption. She says that “House Panel” was set up only to “smear her.” But the deaths of her four victims and her refusal to answer questions about it says otherwise. (Town Hall)

"It Wuz A Joke!"

That's what a damned fool employee of a “Dunkin' Donuts in Connecticut told a cop who was waiting in line to buy a cup of coffee. His manager stopped the cop as he walked away and apologized, telling the employee to apologize, too, and said “it was a joke.” Pretty crappy sense of humor for that employee, who I'll BET was one of those “Kill The cops” idiots. He was suspended, and the manager was FIRED after that incident. I think BOTH of them should have been fired, summarily, and barred from ever working for a “Dunkin' Donuts” franchise, ever again. This is a serious situation, and not something to be “joked” about. It is this kind of ignorance that helps fools push for such stupid things as this current “war on cops.” If cops are removed from the equation, who are you gonna call when one of those thugs victimizes you? Stupid!, stupid! (Town Hall)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Visits Mosque, Kills Cop

Or at least somebody he figured was a cop because he was coming out of a police station in New South Wales, Australia. What the hell? I thought gun crime was non-existent in Australia, after they effectively banned guns. Of course, nobody mentions that. It would be “politically incorrect.” What else is “politically incorrect” is to mention he visited a MOSQUE just before killing this man. That's probably where he got the gun. It was certainly where he got the IDEA. But the liberal media is not mentioning that. Why? They're apparently afraid to “offend” Muslims. That seems to be a SICKNESS affecting the media worldwide. And there's no reason for it. Who the hell cares what MUSLIMS think? He shot the guy and kept shooting him until the cops came out and KILLED him. A 15-year-old BOY! I guess the Muslims got tired of screwing him and sent him out to get killed. (Conservative Tribune)

"Most Popular Politician"

Alan combs, Fox's chief liberal, says Bill Clinton is “the most popular politician in the country.” My question is, “why?” He's a known skirt-chaser and cuckold whose own wife started the “bimbo eruption” scam to protect him after he left a semen stain on the dress of a White House page after she gave him oral sex in the White House, and he raped several other women. He's an IMPEACHED president who also lost his law license for five years for LYING to a congressional committee. And THIS is “the most popular politician in America?”  If so, Americans are pathetic. If he hadn't known where most of the bodies were buried, and maybe buried a few, himself, he would be a REMOVED, impeached ex-president. That he is so popular (among Democrats and other liberals, of course) is not surprising. This is the party that WELCOMED an impeached (and removed) federal judge into their ranks in Congress, remember. This is the party that was THE racists Martin Luther King marched against, many of whom were KKK members before they were elected to Congress. That he IS so popular tells me a lot about the INTELLIGENCE of most Democrats. (Politico)

Gun Violence Down (?)

In Chicago, despite the bloody weekend, gun violence is still DOWN. Fact is, it had a long way to go to really get below the days before Chicago’s literal gun ban. But in any case, it just shows that gun violence in Chicago is OUTSIDE what can be controlled by ANY law limiting gun ownership by EVERYBODY. Gang-bangers and other criminals will ALWAYS be able to get their guns, so such laws are USELESS. They need to make more laws making the USE of guns to do violence a crime drawing a longer sentence to keep the USERS off the streets longer. Further, such laws will discourage criminals from USING their guns to do violence. Making laws to allow honest, reliable people to CARRY their guns for self-defense is another category where laws CAN do some good. Letting honest people carry guns will NOT “create a wild West atmosphere,” as anti-gin fools say. I used to have a “carry permit,” and I never shot anybody over something trivial—in fact, I never shot anybody, period. (CNN)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Don't Believe the Numbers!

You should never believe the numbers put out by anybody in the Obama administration, especially from Obama, himself. Obama is KNOWN for “fudging the numbers” every time he puts any out. A good example is the unemployment numbers. He tells you they're at, or about 5%, but they're NOT. But for not counting the MILLIONS of people who have GIVEN UP on ever finding another job, the unemployment numbers would be as high as 14%, or MORE! Hillary, in spite of being the subject of at least one CRIMINAL investigation (probably more than one), continues to “lead” the Democrat lists in the president race. Joe Biden, who hasn't even announced yet, is at about 14%--which I think is a DEMAND from Democrats for him to get in the race and give Hillary a hard time. Obama says Hillary's problems are ALL political, just to stop her from being president. In that, he might be partly right. They're not ALL political, but they ARE to keep her from being president. We don't need another socialist president who is incompetent, as hell, and gets people killed in her incompetence. And that goes especially for Bernie Sanders, an UNAPOLOGETIC socialist. Letting someone like Hillary, OR Bernie sit in the Oval Office is the kind of thing that led to Russia being under the “yoke of communism” for 75 years. (Politicus USA)

92% In Gun-Free Zones

Two of the most cherished laws by the “gun-grabbers” are their “gun-free zones” and “background checks.” Both were violated by the shooter in the Oregon college shooting that killed NINE people and wounded another 7. The “gun-grabbers” are making a “big thing” about those guns being "legal,” completely forgetting that the guns he had were first brought onto the school grounds ILLEGALLY because in the U. S., EVERY SCHOOL; is a “gun-free zone.” An he passed every “background check” he was subjected to under their laws, and still was able to collect 13 guns and kill nine people. So NONE of their damned laws had ANY effect on his ability to get his guns and go out and kill people. Which proves, AGAIN, that the laws they pass can DO NOTHING to “prevent gun violence.” The fact is that 92% of such mass shootings HAPPEN in “gun-free zones.” So what the hell GOOD are they? Meanwhile, many of the shooters easily pass their highly vaunted “background checks.” as did this killer and the killer of those television people, and many other mass shooters. So what they hell good are THEY? Fact is, none of their highly touted “gun laws” do ANYTHING to stop these people from their murderous desires. So why do they waste the time and money to PASS them? Why? Because politicians want to DISARM all Americans so their thugs won't meet a gun when they come to take what's ours and enslave us. They couldn't care less about “gun violence.” (Breitbart)

How Could This Happen?

Australia has all but TOTALLY banned guns in the hands of anybody but the government. I thought that was supposed to stop ALL gun violence. The “gun-grabbers” told us so! I guess that was a lie, just like all the other lies they tell us. In Australia, where guns are BANNED, a 15-year-old kid shoots and kills a cop, right after Obama touted Australia as a “gun-free utopia.” What the hell is WRONG with these incompetent fools? How did this son of known radicalized Islamic terrorists get a gun? Probably with his parent's help, while they probably got it with then help of the local Imam. The kid walked right into a police station, one place that is supposed to be safe, and murdered a policeman (at least, he thought it was a cop). That's what Islamic terrorists do. Sneak up and “blind-side” you. Other cops killed the kid, which will probably create a “stink” from liberals about killing a kid, ignoring what he had just done. The kid's family, who probably knew what he was about to do, have “flown the coop.” Cops are hunting them. But like roaches when the lights come on, they have “scurried away” and are probably in Damascus by now. Have you read about this in the liberal media? You probably won't. (Twitchy)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Muslim Rapes Little Girl

She was lucky. It happened in Minneapolis. Had it happened in a Muslim country, they'd have said she “probably came on to him” and let him go. But surprisingly, the Muslim community in Minneapolis went out of their way to catch him. The whole thing was filmed by security cameras, so there's no doubt as to what he did. He is KNOWN to have mental problems, but that doesn't excuse what he did. He may not survive his trip to the Minneapolis jail. Other convicts might just deal out a little “street justice.” Anybody who has sex with a girl that young is a menace to society. But to RAPE her is worse. Whatever happens to him, he has coming. What angers me is that in Muslim-run countries, such behavior is not only ACCEPTED, it's considered a “cultural thing,” which tells me a lot about their “culture.” (Western Journalism Center)

Prosecutopr Bans Guns

If you work for this prosecutor, you can't have a gun—not even at home. In Nassau County, NY, the prosecutor has banned his assistant prosecutors (and all other employees, I guess) from even OWNING a gun at home, much less carry one in their jobs. This when some prosecutors are in a position to make deadly ENEMIES of many felons by sending them to prison, some of which, I KNOW blame the prosecutor and the cops for the trouble they got themselves into, and want to hurt them. To disarm these people is a tragic and ignorant mistake, but one I expect in an area largely peopled by liberals, New York. For some reason, liberals are adamantly AGAINST self-defense, in any form. They don't care how many innocent people get killed by the stupid laws they make. (Second Amendment Insider)

Background Checks Useless

Gun control fools keep saying expanded background checks are “reasonable” and are “common sense.” But they aren't. Did you know that Jared Laughner—the guy who scrambled Gabby Gifford's brains with a bullet PASSED a background check while buying the very gun he used to try and kill her? Vester Lee Flanagan killed a television reporter and her cameraman, and wounded a person being interviewed, with a gun he bought (and passed a background check for) just a few days before. Senator Joe Manchin (Democrat, what else?) touted gun control and background checks after the Sandy Hook shootings. He made speeches about it, held “town halls,” and pushed it as hard as he could. Then he conceded that his background check bill would NOT have done ANYTHING to stop that, or any other mass shooting, but wanted it passed, anyway, calling it, “common sense legislation.” Tell me—what's “common sense” about legislation even its SPONSOR knows will do NOTHING to accomplish ANYTHING? Then think about people who get their guns illegally, and do not register them, at all. A “universal background check” wouldn't even KNOW about them. So what the hell good is a “background check law?” (Breitbart)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

What They Don't Talk About

All those “useful idiots” who constantly talk about cops “shooting black men”who are probably in the midst of committing a crime when shot, never talk about the other things cops do. Like the one pictured in the story linked here, who was “comforting a baby” at an accident scene in which that child was involved. They never talk about things like this. They only want to point out the few times when a cop MAY have shot an unarmed black man. Meanwhile, they create a situation that might make their predictions come true as cops, knowing they're “targets,” become “super touchy” and are prone now to “shoot first and ask questions later.” Cops are human. They aren't “static targets.” They shoot back, and now, knowing they are targets, will probably shoot quicker, thus becoming a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” (Conservative Tribune)

A "Good Crisis"

Former White House staffer and current Chicago mayor, Rahm Emmanuel once infamously said (which I'm sure he didn't mean to become common knowledge), “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” which is one reason there'll never be a mass shooting, no matter what the circumstances, without a general call from all liberals (and some conservatives) for more and tighter gun control. Never mind the laws they always make do NOTHING to “stem gun violence” and ALWAYS further erode the right to self defense (and to own and carry the means to that end, a gun,that is guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States). Mass shootings (always in their “gun-free zones”) are increasing. Shootings breed more shootings, and more shootings breed even more shootings. Politicians ALWAYS blame the gun, being completely ignorant of the fact that it is the PEOPLE who need to be controlled, NOT the guns. Will that ever change? Probably not. Politicians aren't smart enough. They think if they can “get rid of guns,” killing will stop. It's an impossibility, but they won't accept that. Even though all they have to do is go back a few years when there were no guns to find out that people who want to kill will ALWAYS find a way, if they have t use their bare hands.

Will they EVER start making laws to punish the USE of a gun in a crime? Not likely. They already have some, but they don't enforce them. They use them as “bargaining chips” to get convictions in other crimes. Then they “toss them.” They need to make laws to prevent that, but they'll never know that. They're incompetent, and will stay that way. Newcomers will “take tips” from those already there, and the kind of laws they always make, they will CONTINUE to make, they will not “solve” anything, and the fight will continue. At least in this country, there still IS one impediment to simply BANNING GUNS altogether, which they pretty much did in Australia to the INCREASE of gun violence in general. But, like our politicians, they look for OTHER REASONS for that increase so they can ignore their own ignorance in the matter. So we're safe from COMPLETE gun bans in this country until they gain the strength to repeal the Second Amendment, or properly misread it, and they're working on that. One day they will succeed,and we will have lost the most valuable thing we ever had. The right to “keep and bear arms.” A dictatorship will soon follow after we're completely disarmed (except, of course, for the criminals). (Town Hall)

No Guns Around the Pope

When the Pope came to Philadelphia, they BANNED GUNS anywhere around him. Of course, that's unconstitutional, but they don't care. It will be all over before any case can be brought before the Supreme court, or any “inferior court.” so they'll get away with it. It's that old saw, “Better to ask for forgiveness later than ask permission now and be refused.” But did the really think that if anybody decided to shoot the Pope, their “rules” would have stopped him from having a gun in the Pope's presence? Of course, there were a lot of guns around the Pope. They were all carried by his security and all the cops running interference. As usual, “the authorities” deny us “peons” the right to self-defense while ALLOWING it to “dignitaries,” who can well afford to HIRE their own guns and men to carry them, so they don't have to. And, of course, they have armed cops right there to take care of anybody who wants to shoot the Pope. Something us “peons” don't have, as a rule. This is one of the best examples of that “double standard.” (The Truth About Guns)

Friday, October 9, 2015

Mini-Dictator "Rules"

One of the three candidates for Majority Leader of the Senate pulled out. McCarthy decided not to run, and instead of holding the election with the other two candidates in the race, current resigned Speaker immediately postponed the election until who knows when and adjourned the meeting without allowing a vote. Thus keeping the speakership for himself for an unspecified time into the future. Boehner must be taking tips from Obama., even though he has resigned. Mark Steyn (in for Rush today) calls it a “banana republic move," and he's right. There's a lot of finagling going on in DC these days, led by Obama. Most of the actions taken recently ARE “banana republic acts.” I fully expect Obama to do SOMETHING so as to be able to stay in office beyond Jan. 20, 2017. He's poo-pooing that idea, but I think it's solid. If we're not careful, we're going to be saddled with Obama for a long time, yet, until we can manage to oust him. (The Hill)

What Should Be Done

The Islamic terrorists took over the town without a shot being fired. They do that a lot because there often isn't anybody there who even has a gun. Then they started killing people for not denouncing their faith and “converting' to Islam. They brought a man and a boy out, demanded they ”convert,” and they refused. Just as one of the Muslims prepared to behead the man, his head exploded, throwing blood and brain matter all over his fellows, Then two more on his fellows died in the next couple of minutes and the Muslim terrorists fled, as they usually do whenever they encounter ANY real opposition. The boy and his father were saved by a sniper from the British SAS (Special Air Service). Not an American, of course. Obama's “rules of action” prevent it. It takes the British to do what is required. I was going to say, “meanwhile, Americans bomb hospitals,” but then I learned that Islamic terrorists were using that hospital that got bombed as a base of operations, as they usually do. Maybe we need a lot more British snipers in Syria to do what we can't, because of our stupid president. (Conservative Tribune)