Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Better Attorney General?

I don't know if being a lawyer is required to be Attorney General, but in any case, I know a much better prospect to be the next one than Holder or the current office-holder. It is Milwaukee county Sheriff David Clarke. Which is why his name will NEVER be uttered in any search for a new Attorney General BECAUSE he is a “no-nonsense law officer” who is REALLY concerned with PROPERLY enforcing the law, on ALL crooks, even those who carry their own badges and guns. He recently made a statement about the “Black Lives Matter” fools: “It's a phony campaign, based on the phony assumption, promoted by them, that there is a “rise in cops shooting unarmed black men (paraphrased).” And he's right. The only reason it SEEMS true is because they (and the liberal media) emphasize, and “play up” every instance of a cop shooting a black man (for ANY reason), while IGNORING shootings involving white victims or black cops. And they give away their complete bias by refusing to accept it when others say, “ALL lives matter.” It makes their heads explode. (The Blaze)

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