Saturday, October 31, 2015

New Brainwashing Agent

The comics. In particular the “new Captain Marvel.” I read comic books a lot as a kid, and I'm sure many of the plot lines shaped a lot of my thinking and I didn't realize it. But this is going much too far when the “super hero” fights “right-wing extremists,” or the writer's idea of what right-wing extremists are. Then the super hero FAVORS illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is....well....ILLEGAL. And a “super hero in a comic book that is read by impressionable youth should not PROMOTE illegal activity. I shudder to think what Captain Marvel will FAVOR in the future. “sanctuary cities?” Funding Planned Parenthood while they murder millions of defenseless infants before they even have a chance at life? Murder, itself? I read a story once where Nazi Germany used comic books to “get to” young children, and liberals here are taking a page out of his book. (CNS News)

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