Wednesday, October 7, 2015

""Move On, Nothing Here"

Hillary is now telling us we ought to “move on” from her e-mail scandal. She WISHES! We'll “move on” when we get some answers. After we deal with the crimes she committed. Then we'll move on to her NEXT crime and keep at it until we learn the facts there, too. Then on to the next one. They'll be investigating her crimes after we're all dead. She “Dances and twists,” grins and cackles, makes jokes and otherwise keeps from answering a single question about ANY of them. When asked about Benghazi, she says, “What does it MATTER? An answer that should have caused her electoral demise a long time ago. She really thinks she can “wear us down, but she's wrong. We'll either get some answers or toss her in the “dustbin of history" where she belongs. There has never been a better candidate for a jail cell. And I, for one, am determined to put her there.(World Net Daily)

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