Saturday, October 10, 2015

A "Good Crisis"

Former White House staffer and current Chicago mayor, Rahm Emmanuel once infamously said (which I'm sure he didn't mean to become common knowledge), “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” which is one reason there'll never be a mass shooting, no matter what the circumstances, without a general call from all liberals (and some conservatives) for more and tighter gun control. Never mind the laws they always make do NOTHING to “stem gun violence” and ALWAYS further erode the right to self defense (and to own and carry the means to that end, a gun,that is guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States). Mass shootings (always in their “gun-free zones”) are increasing. Shootings breed more shootings, and more shootings breed even more shootings. Politicians ALWAYS blame the gun, being completely ignorant of the fact that it is the PEOPLE who need to be controlled, NOT the guns. Will that ever change? Probably not. Politicians aren't smart enough. They think if they can “get rid of guns,” killing will stop. It's an impossibility, but they won't accept that. Even though all they have to do is go back a few years when there were no guns to find out that people who want to kill will ALWAYS find a way, if they have t use their bare hands.

Will they EVER start making laws to punish the USE of a gun in a crime? Not likely. They already have some, but they don't enforce them. They use them as “bargaining chips” to get convictions in other crimes. Then they “toss them.” They need to make laws to prevent that, but they'll never know that. They're incompetent, and will stay that way. Newcomers will “take tips” from those already there, and the kind of laws they always make, they will CONTINUE to make, they will not “solve” anything, and the fight will continue. At least in this country, there still IS one impediment to simply BANNING GUNS altogether, which they pretty much did in Australia to the INCREASE of gun violence in general. But, like our politicians, they look for OTHER REASONS for that increase so they can ignore their own ignorance in the matter. So we're safe from COMPLETE gun bans in this country until they gain the strength to repeal the Second Amendment, or properly misread it, and they're working on that. One day they will succeed,and we will have lost the most valuable thing we ever had. The right to “keep and bear arms.” A dictatorship will soon follow after we're completely disarmed (except, of course, for the criminals). (Town Hall)

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