Wednesday, October 21, 2015

An Intelligent Judge

Lonnie and Sandy Phillips sued several “deep-pockets” people, based on the Aurora Theater shooting, and lost. And they lost more than the suit. The judge decided they were to pay the legal fees of the plaintiffs. They may even lose their HOME. The suit was an “expensive mistake” on their part. It was filed by the “Brady Bunch," which left town without comment when they lost. Brady goads many people into frivolous suits, and loses with a regularity beyond belief, but usually not without punishing the victims of the suits with court costs and their own defense costs, win or lose. And a law should be made making the “suer” responsible for court costs in ALL “frivolous lawsuits” when they lose, to make people think twice before starting them.

As I've said before, (and recognized in the article linked below), suing gun-makers when people MISUSE their LEGAL produce is the same as suing auto makers when a drunk or incompetent driver misuses a car. This would be DEATH for retail or wholesale sales in this country. Of course, Congress has “ridden to the rescue” with the passage of the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” that protects gun sellers from such frivolous suits that deplete their assets without merit. A law making it mandatory for the losing side to pay the court costs in all cases would work even better, and remove the incentive for people to file suits they KNOW they will lose, just to hurt the other side by making them pay court costs. (Bearing Arms)

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