Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Creating Phony Rape Stats

Anti-rape activists have redefined rape so much that they can cry “rape” if you don't get a signed contract to allow you to remove a woman's bra while engaged in consensual sex. Consensual sex being when she is as excitedly removing YOUR clothes as you are hers. If you, in your excitement, forget to get her name on the dotted line, you've raped her—if she wants to claim it. Tell me—in the “throes of sexual excitement," who would ever remember to do such a 'mood-killing thing' as bringing out a piece of paper and demanding a signature?” This is common on college campuses, where such fool activism is rife—which is another reason I will never again set foot on a college campus—with the possible exception of Hillsdale College, which still has sane policies. I'm talking about the case of Annie Teriba, who was an anti-rape activist at Oxford, and had sex with SOMEONE (whose sex she does not even divulge) and “forgot” to get a signed contract for every step in the assignation. Ant this happened once before, too! So she has resigned her positions as a rape activist and as a gay rights activist (which, I guess, answers the question about the sex of her “rape victim”) because she's “terribly disappointed” in herself. This is the kind of stupid things liberals do. (Right Wing News)

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