Thursday, October 15, 2015

"A Good Guy With A Gun"

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke surprised everybody on Fox when he answered a question asked an Obama mouthpiece what laws could be changed to stop things like yesterday's college shooting from happening. I don't think it was the answer Megyn Kelly was looking for. He told them both that the answer was to allow American citizens to be armed in their own defense. That it was stopped (too late for nine people) when a “good guy with a gun” showed up, in the person of a police officer. What if there had BEEN an armed STUDENT (or more than one) already there who could have “taken him out” before he could kill nine people? Gun-control activists completely ignore such comments. It's not in their milieu. They just can't see the easy solution. They're “hell-bent” on DISARMING all Americans (except for the criminals, of course) and nothing else will satisfy them. It scares them to think of a room full of armed people. They think people will “go crazy” over a wrong test answer if they were armed. They don't know that there ARE a lot of people out there ILLEGALLY armed, simply because they DON'T (usually) “Go nuts” at the slightest provocation. Most are gang members, who ALL go armed, and none of whom are LEGALLY armed, because most of them are too young. (The Blaze)

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