Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Criminal's Big Mistake

Criminals are making a BIG mistake by “declaring war” on all cops. Yes, we know, most of those criminals have guns, and are willing to use them to kill as many cops as possible. And cops have to wear uniforms, with those shiny badges pinned right over their hearts. They’re “sitting ducks” for criminals bent on killing them. But so are the criminals. They don’t THINK a cop can spot them from a block away as an armed criminal, but they can. And now, with their heightened attention caused by the “war” declared upon them, they will now shoot quicker, and go in with guns drawn where before they would remain in their holsters. More criminals will die, just by REACHING for their illegally carried guns. Some without guns will die, too. Just because the cop THINKS he is armed. They have created a “self-fulfilling prophecy” that cops are too quick with their guns by threatening to kill them out of hand, and soon they WILL be quicker to shoot and kill them. Instead of REDUCING the chances of being killed by a quick-shooting cop, they have INCREASED the chances. Good luck, guys! (Just common sense)

Reinforcing His Dictatorship

In America, there is only ONE entity allowed to MAKE laws. That’s the Congress. All Obama is allowed to do is accept or reject what they pass. He seems to think they’re obligated to pass the laws HE wants them to pass, and if they don’t, HE can do it “administratively,” meaning by FIAT. He can’t, under the Constitution, but he does it, anyway. And he gets away with it because the people responsible for ENFORCING his bogus laws don’t tell him to “go to hell” and refuse to enforce his ILLEGAL laws. And nobody does anything to stop, or punish him for exceeding his authority. This lawless fool should have been removed from office a long time ago, but apparently nobody has the gonads to try it. Why ANYBODY is afraid of this wimp is a mystery to me. He’s the weakest president we have ever had, except for dealing with people who disagree with him. (Tea Party News Network)

Top Lying Politicians

The Washington Post (NOT a big conservative paper) has issued its “Pinnochio List,” named for that character whose nose grows longer every time he tells a lie. And not surprisingly, Barack Hussein Obama tops the list, placing number ONE. At one point, he said, “Republican cuts to Ebola research are killing people.” I thought his lie about being able to keep your insurance under Obamacare was a “biggie,” but he sank even lower with this one. I could go on and on, listing lie after lie, on both sides of the aisle, but I won’t. You can read about them in the article linked here. (Patriots and Politics)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Withdrawing From Normandy?

Normandy, France, was pivotal to the Allied winning World War II. The invasion of Normandy signaled the end of the war in Europe. Would we have announced a date certain for withdrawal from Normandy, and France while the war was still on? Not a chance. We had competent leaders then, who knew what was important in order for us to win that war. Not so, today. Obama refuses to even CALL it what it is: a world war against Islamic terrorism. He prefers to label terrorist attacks in America as “workplace violence” and “local demonstrations,” and such, to avoid admitting that Islamic terrorism is at the bottom of it. After we lost many American lives in liberating Iraq from Islamic terrorists, he announced a “date certain” for our withdrawal from Iraq, Then he told his troops to “cut and run.” Now Iraq is again being overrun by Islamic terrorists under their NEW name, ISIS.

They are even calling themselves a “government,” and have the temerity to actually THREATEN the United States, saying that, “One day the ISIS flag will fly over the White House.” All the territory we won in Iraq, at great cost in human lives, is now again in the hands of Islamic terrorists, who are gaily raping, murdering, and beheading people, INCLUDING CHILDREN. The “scum of the Earth” have again taken over in Iraq, taking advantage of the abject STUPIDITY or COLLUSION of our president. Now he has announced a “date certain” for our “withdrawal” (cutting and running) from Afghanistan, and the Taliban (another made-up name for Islamic terrorists) are waiting to take over again in Afghanistan. Obama is either STUPID, or he is a saboteur for Islamic terrorism—and I don’t think he is stupid. (History Channel)

Respect for Cops

What’s happening now is a complete breakdown in respect for police. These are the guys (and gals) who put their lives on the line every day to protect us. Criminals do not wear a uniform and are not thus easily identified. Cops do, and are. That puts a “target on their backs” as they go about their necessary DUTIES in our protection. Any uniformed cop is subject to being executed in the same manner as those two hapless New York cops who were murdered by a known criminal. Yes, some cops DO make mistakes. Those cops in New York made a mistake in “taking down” a man who had trouble breathing, anyway, in such a rough manner. But he WAS “resisting,” which, in itself, is a crime. The cop in Ferguson, MO did NOT. That kill was “righteous” in that he was defending himself against an out-of-control LARGE man who was attacking him, and didn’t NEED to be armed to be a danger to the life of the cop.

But they have scant seconds to make life or death decisions, and there WILL be mistakes made. But if we don’t have a modicum of respect for cops, they can’t do their jobs. They’re forced to walk around with that “target on their backs” every day and nobody with INTELLIGENCE now would blame them if they are much more quick to shoot when attacked, which will lead to yet more confrontations about “police brutality” while NOBODY talks about CRIMINAL brutality toward cops, as well as private citizens. Only a CRIMINAL would demonstrate while screaming, “Kill cops!” Or “What do we want? Dead cops!” Don’t succumb to the “criminal element” that want to eliminate the cops as a detriment to their criminality. Don’t make the cops into victims. You will suffer for it if you do. (Just Common Sense)

Democrat Billionaires

For as often as Democrats attack the conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch, for their heavy spending on politics, it's actually the liberal-minded who shelled out the most cash on the just completed midterm elections. At least, that is, among those groups that must disclose what they raise and spend.” Democrats LOVE to excoriate the Koch Brothers for their spending for Republicans, completely ignoring their own utter dependence on DEMOCRAT billionaires such as Tom Steyer, who has pledged to spend $50 million to elect Democrats, even though the ultimate Democrat goals will take his billions away from him under socialism. Apparently he doesn’t realize that, or POWER is more important to him than the OWNERSHIP of money. Among the top 100 people giving large amounts of money to politicians, they gave $128 million to effect this year’s elections. And most of it went to Democrats to support their socialist aspirations. Among the top 10 donors, they gave money to Democrats more than Republicans by a three-to-one margin.(NewsMax)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Muslims HAVE "Contributed"

They HAVE “contributed to our history.” Just not in the way Obama says they have. They have “contributed” in negative ways for as long as we have recorded history. ““From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli, we fight our country’s battles, in the air, on land, and sea.”- Official Hymn of the U.S. Marine Corps. Have you ever wondered what is Tripoli doing in our Marines’ official hymn?” Muslims have been terrorizing the world for a long time and costing us many American lives while we fight them. They were probably bedeviling us even BEFORE we started recording history, which DID “contribute” to our history. The “Barbary Pirates” were Muslims. And how many other groups that we don’t even know about? Muslims have been rapists and murderers as long as any of us can remember, and even before. “Ambassador Thomas Jefferson had a wake up call the day he met with Muslim leaders. Thomas Jefferson asked why are Muslims attacking American ships when we are doing nothing to incite any form of violence?

“To his shock, he recorded the following words spoken by the Muslim ambassador Abd Al-Rahman: “it was written in the Qur’an, that all Nations who should not have acknowledged the authority of Mohammad were sinners, that it was the right and duty of every Muslim to make war upon non-Muslims they could find and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Muslim who should be slain in battle was believed to go to Paradise.” This statement alone, should have woken us ALL up, but it apparently did not. We helped Muslims take advantage of their oil reserves which made them rich as Croesus and well able to FINANCE Muslim terrorism, all over the world, after they “took over” the oil refineries and oil drilling operations WE showed them how to use. Then they used the money to finance Muslim terrorism, all over the world, causing mayhem wherever they could, to “punish” those who don’t believe the way they THINK we should. (Patriot Statesman)

"Closest Thing to Royalty"

CNN’s don Lemon says “The Obamas are the closest thing we have to royalty.” Really? I thought the KENNEDYS were that, for a while, and later on it was the Clintons. I guess liberals are like the “Tories” during our war for independence from England. They still miss having a “royal family” they can “worship” in place of God. Some people just can’t operate without SOMEBODY they can consider as “superior” to them. Well, we fought a war to GET RID OF royalty in our lives. We don’t need to “elevate” certain politicians to that status, no matter how much liberals (Tories) wish it. (Media Research Center)

Running Itself Into Ruin

Russia is running itself into the ground and nobody knows it because all but a few TV systems are “towing the government line” and are being told, every day, that “things are fine and nothing is wrong.” Meanwhile, Russian citizens are suffering from the economic problems Putrid…er, uh, Putin has caused and soon it will be too late for him, as people wonder why, if things are so great, why are they starving, and why can’t they find anything to buy—if they had enough money to buy anything. The same thing is happening in America as Obama tells us how good things are while they’re going to hell. But he isn’t in as complete a control over the media, so we’re better aware of it. Neither Putrid…damn, Putin nor Obama can keep it quiet much longer. No matter how hard they try to keep the populace from knowing how incompetent they are. Lack of money and lack of decent jobs (that makes it necessary to demand more money for jobs that require no talent). (The Blaze)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Blacks CREATING "Race Problems"

They talk about the “oppression” of black people and they riot, loot businesses, beat people up, KILL people, and DISRESPECT white people all the time, and they wonder why racism is rising today as a problem. You can’t flay at something or somebody without getting a backlash. Racism WAS a lot less than it was in, say, the fifties. Then, I lived in the south and I heard constant murmurs about a race war that never happened. Today, they elect many black people to high-ranking positions they never could have wished for then. There are more black mayors (in the south) than ever before. The same is true of black Senators and Representatives, and we now have a black PRESIDENT.

One who said if we elected him, we would get rid of race problems, forever. But as soon as he got in he began flaying at white people and saying the only reason they ever disagreed with his stupid policies is because he’s black. Nothing could be further from the truth. If we were such a racist country, how did HE ever get elected? Right in the middle of his racism tirades we elected a black WOMAN to Congress, again in the SOUTH. Facts do not bear out their claims of black oppression, today. The biggest part of racism today is black hatred of WHITES. Meanwhile, liberals will label THIS item as racist. That's how they attempt to quash any opposition to their aims. (Just common sense)

The Cuban Embargo

Republicans (and Democrats) are hollering at Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) because he feels Obama was right to end the Cuban Embargo because it isn’t DOING anything. The same thing is true of the “war on drugs,” but nobody seems able to understand that more people are abusing drugs today than before the “war on drugs” began, a long time ago, and the very EXISTENCE of the “war on drugs” allows them to make onerous laws that allow them to just TAKE our money because it “MIGHT” be drug money. They refuse to see that Prohibition didn’t stop a single person from drinking, and just created an illicit industry that made the mob stronger.

 So the Cuban embargo did NOTHING except give Castro an EXCUSE to explain to his people why his “communist paradise” isn’t producing enough wealth for them not to starve, and be able to buy cars newer than the fifties cars they’re still holding together now with Duct tape and chewing gum. His entire infrastructure is crumbling because communism produces NOTHING, and relies on PRODUCERS (which he eliminated from Cuban society) to produce wealth for the communists to steal, and “redistribute” in just enough quantity to keep them living at a starvation level. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the very DEFINITION of insanity, but that’s what our incompetent politicians DO. (Yahoo News)

Should I Run for President?

The question is not a silly one. I have just about as much chance as any of the ones now lining up to “go for it.” I’m 77, can barely walk, and can barely stay up later than nine of an evening, though I find it hard to stay asleep past 5 AM. I spend my days (and sometimes my nights, in my dreams) seeing how incompetent most of today’s politicians are. I pay enough attention that I know the real answers to most of the world’s problems, as most of those hopefuls don’t. I don’t think a LAW will stop criminals from getting guns. That’s just STUPID, but most of today’s politicians think so, even if some of them (not enough) don’t try and make real laws. I have no wish to kill anybody, though most presidents sometimes must. I DO want to kill ALL Islamic terrorists, not put them in prison and waterboard them. I just want to shoot them, on sight. That’s what they understand. Although I’m not interested in “gaining their understanding.” They have nothing to understand. They just want to kill EVERYBODY who doesn’t believe the way they think they ought to. That’s not going to change. It’s in their “Bible” (The Koran).

That leaves no room for discussion. I would lift ALL STUPID “environmental” laws, and most of them are STUPID, and hurt our economy. I would lift all impediments to the operation of the coal industry as long as coal is the most important thing in the production of energy. Same for nuclear energy. Yes, there is a POSSIBILITY of a “nuclear disaster.” But there is the possibility of a disaster everywhere you look. And it CAN be, and HAS BEEN, made safe. We have had nuclear reactors in this country for years, and mostly no accidents. The nuclear accidents we have SEEN occurred in other countries, where safeguards are not so strict. I would throw oil production wide open as long as oil is the major source for power. I would NOT hinder it, in any way. That would be hard on the environment, you say? Not nearly as much as environmentalists would have you think. Same applies to global warming (whatever AlGore calls his con today).

Global warming has been proven to be false so many times, in so many ways, you’d have to be really STUPID to believe in it. I find the most damning proof in the fact that the “globe” has NOT been warming for many years; a fact ignored by the scammers, whose ranks include Barark Hussein Obama. Most of all, I would eliminate ALL laws and regulations that would lead us to collectivism (socialism). That is the stupidest part of the thinking of way too many people. There are many things today’s incompetent politicians do that I would NOT do; too many to mention, in fact. But finally, I would run things for the good of AMERICANS, not for myself. But I have NO chance of being elected; so all you people who pay no attention to politics (thinking politics will not pay attention to you) can relax. Rest assured I will not raise and spend millions of dollars to gain a job that only pays a couple of hundred thousand a year. That’s probably the silliest thing about most people who do. And anybody who does is not, in my opinion. Smart enough to be qualified. Neither are those who wish to have the job. (Just common sense)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Proving His Complicity

I’ve said many times that Barack Hussein Obama is COMPLICIT with the Islamic terrorists and he proves it every time he decides IN FAVOR of Islamic terrorists when called upon to “rule” for or against them. One of the best known wishes that he has stated many times is the closing of GITMO, where we keep Islamic terrorist rapists and murderers until their friends stop killing innocent people (instead of shooting them, as we should, and why would we WANT to close it?). Some ignorant liberals are, oh, so worried about how we treat them in an effort to gain information we can use in saving some of the lives their friends plan to take. There is only one real reason to want to close this prison besides stupidity, and Obama isn’t stupid. So he is a collaborator. A fellow terrorist. To release these rapists, murderers, and beheaders to kill again and this, they do, on a regular basis is NOT stupidity on his part. It is his PLAN. Most of the top terrorists beheading CHILDREN are former inmates there and were released on one excuse or another. But the STUPIDEST excuse of all is to “ransom” ONE military deserter by releasing FIVE top terrorist GENERALS to go back and mastermind many more murders of innocent people, including innocent CHILDREN, and not PUNISH them for their PAST crimes. These people are the SCUM of the Earth and the only way they should be “released” is with a rope around their necks or a bullet in their heads from close range. We’ll never win the “war against terrorists” as long as ONE OF THEM is sitting in the Oval Office. (Just common sense)

Multiple False Birth Certificates

They’ve found multiple false Obama birth certificates in an Alabama case, and nothing’s being done about it. Legally, we COULD negate everything Obama has done in his six years “in office” using these birth certificates to prove his very election was illegal. But nobody will do anything about it. The “fix is in.” These birth certificates were presented in court, and are prima facie proof that Obama was illegally elected president by falsifying his birth records. They’re now a part of court records, and SOMEBODY ought to use them to challenge his election in court. But nobody has “stepped forward” and probably will not, thereby allowing all his nefarious acts to remain. (Freedom Outpost)

Fighting Back

It’s a well-known fact that communist China and North Korea are behind most of the “cyber attacks” we have suffered recently. So why aren’t we fighting back on the same terms? Rocker Gene Simmons was right when he said (on “Outnumbered”), “We have people just as talented as theirs” (Moreso). We can mount a cyber attack on them, just as well as they can on us. But we’re too good to do that, aren’t we? To do so would mean “going down to their level,” wouldn’t it? That’s about the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard. If we DON’T “lower ourselves to their level” we’re giving them a big advantage over us. We have to “answer shot for shot,” using the SAME tactics they use. If we don’t, we’re giving them a BIG advantage. Most recently, Sony “caved” to the North Korean hackers and cancelled the release of a movie when they hacked them. So why can’t we hack them? Surely their hackers aren’t better than ours. (Just common sense)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Finding Racism Where It Isn't

That’s what they do these days. Especially when it concerns Rush Limbaugh. And the source I got this from can’t even spell his name, which should tell you something about his (or her) intelligence. I got it from DJ Rich on “One Political Plaza.” This fool alluded to Rush pointing out that James Bond probably shouldn’t be played by a black actor just to be “politically correct” and that saying this will be considered racist. As usual, he misquoted to him make him “admit” he’s racist. I HEARD the comment live, and he did NOT say, “IT’S racist to say this. He said, “They’ll CONSIDER it racist to say this.” His comment is only pointing out the truth that Ian Fleming wrote Bond to be WHITE and Scottish.  Are they going to make him Muslim to appease the murderers, too? They’ll probably call ME a racist, too. But I am NOT “admitting” to racism, no matter how much they’d like for me to be doing so. The only racism displayed here is anti-WHITE racism by DJ Rich. Even the black actor in question doesn’t like the idea. Does that make HIM racist? (Just common sense)

Blabbermouth Feinstein

The “CIA Report” is not the first time Ms. Blabbermouth Feinstein has endangered lives. I remember the time she waved a loaded automatic weapon around a meeting being held to condemn guns, endangering everyone in range; then there’s the time she told Richard Ramirez, the “Night Stalker,” several pieces of secret information (“hold-backs”) the cops knew about him which may have allowed him to murder again before they could catch him. Now she’s giving the Islamic terrorists valuable information about our “enhanced interrogation techniques” so they can prepare their people to withstand them, then go out and murder more innocent people. This bi…uh, witch never could keep her mouth shut. There’s no telling how many people have died because of her wide open mouth with lips flapping. (American Thinker)

What About "Black Violence"

If everything you knew about racial violence came from CNN, et al., then you would know that black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism and violence. Especially from cops. In the real world, cops are the target of racial hostility, resentment, and violence every day.” Many black cops have been murdered by both white and black killers. Those pretty badges make good targets, being worn right over their hearts. What the press doesn’t report is the relentless racism against WHITE people. Especially white cops. You don’t hear about that, it doesn’t advance their agenda of starting a race war while blaming “white folks.” All to please Barack Hussein Obama, their “dear leader.” Just as many white men are killed by black cops, but except for local coverage, the media ignores it. (AmericanThinker)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

No Posts Today

There will be no regular posts today or tomorrow, in honor of the Christmas holidays. The same will be true on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day to observe that holiday. This will be true unless something terrible happens that needs to be reported right away, on those days. Otherwise, today, I wish all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! (None of that “Happy Holidays” stuff, here.)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Climate Change: Significant Achievement"

Democrat strategist David Gergen says “Climate change is Obama’s most significant achievement.” He lists that even above the killing of bin Laden (which I think Bush “accomplished” years ago, killing him with a cluster bomb in one of his cave hidey-holes) I always stand back and let stupid people illustrate their stupidity, and I do so in this case. Climate change (or global warming, whatever AlGore calls his swindle today) has been DISPROVEN so many ways, so many times, it isn’t even funny; mostly by the FACT that “the globe” has NOT been “warming” for more than 15 years, and “phony science” has been ADMITTED TO by “scientists” who have falsified their figures to support it. Gergen should know that. But he still tries to push that fantasy because it allows Obama to make more laws and further enrich himself to “fight” an IMAGINARY malady. This swindle has made Gore a billionaire and continues to enrich him and others. I’m sure Gergen is also working to benefit from it.  Others are just “glittering jewels of colossal ignorance.” (Media Research Center)

Lining Up to Lie

People are “lining up” to give us the next Michael Brown, whether it’s true or not. Just like women are “lining up” to tell their stories about how Bill Cosby raped them all those many years ago, mostly without any outcries from them. I’m not saying ANY of this is not true. I’m just saying most of it can’t be proved, and only serves to sully the reputations of the people involved. Unfortunately, this is how people react to things like this. They see an opportunity and “go for it.” Which usually creates a “circus atmosphere” that lends itself to people condemning innocent people without proof. Cosby, for instance, will be forever sullied by the “rapist” label, whether or not it’s true. And all cops will be sullied by the label, “racist killers”—again, whether true or not. (American Thinker)

Lying Ferguson Witness

“Witness 40,” identified as Sandra McElroy, a known bi-polar patient who had lied in a previous court case (and was caught), told a story that dovetailed perfectly with news stories about Michael Brown’s killing and supported the cop’s story. McElroy is a known racist and probably wanted to bolster Wilson’s story, which needed no bolstering and was supported by the evidence. McElroy is known to have injected herself falsely in other cases and has given false testimony there, as well (but was she punished?). Apparently that makes her feel important. Her past is dotted with legal actions over unpaid bills, several times over non-payment of rent. Apparently she was attempting to raise money purporting to be in support of officer Wilson and others. Nobody knows how much she collected, nor how it was spent. The Facebook account she used to do it was closed soon after questions were asked about it, but those questions were not answered. This is a typical example of a scam artist taking advantage of a situation in which she was NOT involved. And I'm sure she's not alone. (The Smoking Gun)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Paying the Price

Cops are “paying the price” of the damned fool crying of thugs and criminals who are trying valiantly to convince the world that they are evil. That they PREY on black men who are doing nothing but minding their own business, “as Michael Brown was when he was shot without cause by a racist cop.” Bull dung! Brown had just strong-arm robbed a convenience store for a few cigars and was strutting up the middle of the street when he was accosted by a cop doing his duty. Big as he was, he thought he could “strong-arm” the cop, too. But the cop had a gun and was used to being opposed by criminals. So he shot him. Other thugs lied, and said he “had his hands up” trying to surrender when shot, which was another load of horse dung. Other cops in New York City went a little too far on an asthmatic man who was also breaking the law, albeit in a minor way, as was Brown, even though he was terrorizing smaller people to steal his cigars and the NY guy was not.

They accidentally killed the guy in NY because of his asthma. Did they use a choke hold? Maybe. But he shouldn’t have been resisting. And he was big, too. Unfortunately, that man was subject to breathing problems the cops didn’t know about and he died. He shouldn't have resisted. Thugs everywhere “sensed blood in the water” and went after cops all over the country. In New York City, one such thug went out and murdered two innocent cops who WERE “minding their own business,” then killed himself, robbing us of the power to do it for him. Cops are paying the price for the stupidity of criminals, but cops are NOT “easy prey.” Yes, every once in a while a cop “goes too far.” There are “bad apples” in every bunch, and cops have guns—which our politicians have made sure that honest people do not. Criminals do, albeit they are ILLEGAL. But since cops have become victims of this damned foolishness, they will not take it “sitting down.”

They will now go out with their guns in their hands where before they would have been in their holsters. They will be SUPER alert, and will tend to “shoot first, and ask questions later” if anybody’s left alive to question. Thugs say they do this now, but they do not. The number of police killings of criminals is DWARFED by the numbers of COPS killed by thugs, ANY day. And the number of BAD shootings (or killings) of thugs by cops even more rare. But they make the news more often because of the anti-cop bias of the liberal news media and it LOOKS otherwise. Soon the thug’s “pigeons are going to come home to roost.” Cops, who fear for their lives when they’re doing nothing more than having a conversation with each other will be more alert and much quicker to shoot, and rightly so. More criminals will DIE, rather than just go to jail. And they will have brought it on themselves. (Just common sense)

Lunatic Ideas

Predictably, after the hostage-taking in Australia by an Islamic lunatic, they’re worried about “backlash” against “peaceful Muslims.” Ben Rich, a researcher into political violence at Monash University’s School of Social Sciences says, “Some Muslims could face reprisals.” As well they SHOULD, because a MAJORITY of Muslims AGREE with this fool. They’re COMMANDED to in their BIBLE, the Koran! Some (very few) don’t agree, but way too many do. And those who don’t agree keep their mouths shut, lest they by MURDERED by their FRIENDS. Any group of people who would murder their own DAUGHTERS for marrying the wrong man, don’t deserve consideration from human beings. Yet way too many people, including our politicians and bureaucrats, are “bending over backwards” to “accommodate” Muslims. We need to stop that, and start treating them the same way we do Nazis, and for the same reasons. (American Thinker)

CIA Should Apologize?

Not EVEN! Islamic terrorists have rejected all rights of man they used to have because of what they do. They’re worse than dog puke on the bottom of my shoe. The only reason they were subjected to “enhanced interrogation methods” at all was because those wimp Democrats weren’t in charge at the time. And, contrary to the LIES of Democrats, we DID get a LOT of “actionable intelligence” out of those bloody murderers, who like to rape women in front of their husbands, then murder them both in front of their children, then murder THEM after raping them. They love to behead people, including children, who are the essence of innocence. They like to “marry” little girls as young as SIX, then take them home and screw them. These low-life scum have no RIGHT to ask for consideration from human beings. And liberals say the CIA should APOLOGIZE to them for the minor irritations to which they’ve been subjected? What kind of damned FOOLS are these idiots? (American Thinker)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Will It Slow Things Down?

Not a chance! Thugs shooting cops from ambush will only make cops quicker to shoot when they run into somebody they even THINK may have a gun. And believe me, they KNOW. They can tell if you’re “carrying” just by the way you stand, and walk. They can SEE the “imprint” of a gun in your pocket. And no longer will you get the benefit of the doubt. If you make ANY move toward them, They’ll KILL you to keep you from killing THEM. Thugs of this type have no logic. And they don’t OBEY laws. They don’t even know the MEANING of the word. Liberals (many in elected or appointed office) don’t either. Some deny the EXISTENCE of logic. If this keeps up (And Obama and his thugs will see to it that it does), there is GOING to be a race war. He will keep whipping at it until it begins, then make his laws and regulations to further limit our freedoms and steal the money to finance it from us. There are far too many STUPID PEOPLE he can use for his own purposes.  Some because they didn’t bother to gain an education, and others who just don’t pay attention to what their POLITICIANS are doing to them, by “hook or crook.” And if you don’t believe Obama is the CHIEF CROOK, I feel sorry for you. (ABC News)

Attacked for Doing His Job

The “usual suspects” are attacking Ted Cruz (R-TX) for doing his job. His job requires him to be what they call a conservative, which they’re afraid of. They’re dumping on him for insisting they publicly take sides about Obama’s shameful flaunting of the Constitution in his ILLEGAL action about illegal immigrants. Apparently, you’re not supposed to support opposition to illegality these days. This is how they “marginalized” one of the BEST presidential candidates, Sarah Palin. Even my doctor, who is a staunch conservative (as well as a fellow Hoosier) thinks she’s too “far out there.” Apparently, he spends too much time paying attention to his patients, and not enough paying attention to what his politicians are doing to us. It’s about time people started paying attention to what their politicians are doing to them. They think that won’t affect them, but they’re wrong. What politicians do, DOES affect them, whether they know it. or not. I know more than most, because I DO pay attention. (American Thinker)

Nothing New Here

Terry McAuliffe, former Democrat Party Chair, and current Virginia Governor, is virulently anti-gun. But he has no new ideas, at all. He just announced several new anti-gun measures, including expanded background checks, limits on how many guns a person can buy in a month. That one was passed by a previous governor, but repealed by a subsequent Republican governor. Now he’s reviving it. He says the gun buying limit will “prevent criminals from ‘stockpiling’ guns.”  It won’t, since all they have to do is buy them illegally, since they don’t obey laws. Nothing about making it a more serious crime if a gun is used, or any other measure punishing the USE of guns in crime. Democrats always come up with these tired, old ways they HOPE to “curb gun violence,” while gun violence predictably (to people of intelligence, at least) continues to rise. They know their ideas don’t work, from experience. But they keep making laws that never work, saying they’re “doing something” about gun violence. They aren’t, but you can’t convince them of that. Logic is foreign to them, as is intelligence. (Washington Post)

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lots of Stupid People

There are many stupid people in this world, and most of them are in our universities, having been taught hatred by their liberal, sometimes even communist or terrorist professors. Some are simply terrorists who have either somehow escaped punishment for their actions, or have just “waited out the system” and gotten out of prison. In any case, they pump POISON into the heads of these impressionable youths, who have not been ON this Earth long enough to have the wisdom to see through their BS. So you get the kind of answer to “polls” as is illustrated in this article, where they are told that people who oppose ILLEGAL immigration are against ALL immigration and should consequently be deported INSTEAD of those who are here ILLEGALLY. Why the universities keep hiring these fools would be beyond me if I didn’t understand that the people who DO the hiring are just as stupid as they are. (Freedom Force)

Hurting Muslim Feelings

We (not me) are doing way too many things to avoid “offending Muslims.” What the HELL for? Who the hell cares what Muslims think? This is a CHRISTIAN country. Started by Christians under Christian precepts, Yes, we DO observe “the separation of church and state (which is NOT “freedom FROM religion”). But there is nothing in our rule book that says we must avoid “offending” Muslims, at all costs. They knew this was a CHRISTIAN country when they came here, so they have no right to SAY anything. Whatever makes them think they can control what we say and think, simply by being “offended,” I don’t know. But until they start having some consideration for CHRISTIANS in the countries THEY control, I will NOT take them seriously when they complain about their treatment in OUR country. For that matter, they have LOST all right to ANY consideration by their murdering, beheading actions. (Just common sense)

Separation of Church and State

Many people think this concept should keep church and state completely separate. That ANYTHING “religious” should be kept away from ANTYTHING owned or used by the state. But you know what? It is NOT in the Constitution. Never has been. The concept was only mentioned ONCE in a letter between two of the “Founders.” And even so, it only says the “state” should not DICTATE religion. The concept DOES NOT mean “freedom FROM religion.” Too many people think this concept IS in the Constitution and treat it as if it were. Can ANYBODY find a mention of it IN the Constitution? There’s a link below TO the Constitution. Please study it and tell me where, in the Constitution, the “separation of church and state” is even MENTIONED. I certainly can’t find it. (The Constitution)

Friday, December 19, 2014

No Good Deed...

Goes unpunished. After three deployments to Afghanistan, Jeremy Hewood came home unharmed, and became a cop in San Diego. He thought danger was over, having survived three deployments. But NO! He was the victim of a “suicide by cop” (the killer left a suicide note) of a small-time crook who shot him at point-blank range through the window of his squad car right after he bought lunch for a ten-year-old black boy he could see didn’t have enough money to buy it himself, thus changing that boy’s previous opinion (engendered by liberal propaganda, no doubt) of all white cops. The killer was also black, negating the liberal propaganda that all white cops hate black kids and black kids hate nobody. This kind of story rarely gets national press attention because it does not conform to their agenda to make white cops look like black haters. The killer was, himself killed, later by other cops while resisting arrest; which will probably be reported as an “unprovoked killing of a black man by white cops.” (You Tube)

Is Cosby Guilty?

I don’t know. I haven’t seen the “evidence” these women presented (if any), and I will make no determination until I do. In any case, several of them have “scruffy” pasts. Some have long “rap sheets,” Some of their "crimes" include attempted extortion of people with “deep pockets.” Cosby fits that bill. One woman is demanding Cosby “ante up” $100 million dollars and renounce his rights. He’d be a FOOL to do either, and Cosby is no fool. The sheer NUMBER of women complaining tells me one thing or another. Either the allegations are true, or this is a well-organized extortion attempt. It’s not too hard to find a number of women who just want to get in on a “bonanza” in thirty years on something in which the authorities don’t require very much in the way of proof, and the media requires NONE. I DO have a problem with Cosby’s response (or lack of it). I’d be denying it daily if it were me. But that doesn’t make him guilty—or NOT guilty. As in many cases like this, I will wait and see what comes up. (Daily Caller)

First Blood

Obama wants delay, delay, delay in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s suit to stop Obama from illegally allowing illegal aliens to stay, work, get driver licenses, etc. by FIAT, but the judge said, “Let’s get on with it. Quit stalling.” Stalling and stonewalling is a regular part of Obama’s answer to ANYTHING that legally stops him from doing whatever he wants, in spite of the law. But it didn’t work in this instance. The judge saw through it, and ordered him to come up with whatever he has, NOW. Whether he will or not, is in question. He’s a master at stalling and foot-dragging whenever he wants to delay things. But if he wants it to get done now, it happens. (Freedom Outpost)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Legislation "Acceptable to HIM"

Those are the key words in this: “Obama ‘contended that although legislation is the most appropriate course of action to solve the immigration debate, his executive action was necessary because of Congress’s failure to pass legislation, acceptable to him, in this regard’.” It’s not the job of Congress to provide legislation “acceptable to him” or have him “go rogue” and attempt to unconstitutionally make law without them. They are an EQUAL PARTNER in this, not his slaves.  Following his reasoning, if HE did not provide legislation acceptable to CONGRESS, they could then go ahead and legislate without his signature. They’re not REQUIRED to provide him with legislation of which HE approves or have him do it, anyway. He's not a dictator, even if he thinks he is. He can do NOTHING without THEIR approval, any more than they can legislate without HIS approval. His actions ARE unconstitutional and should be rejected. (World Net Daily)

Some Politicians Just Imbeciles

They’d have to be, to invite an ATHEIST to “give an invocation” for a meeting. But they did at a Lake Worth, Florida City Commission meeting the other day. And, as expected (by me, anyway) he called on Allah, Zeus, and Satan (but not our God) for inspiration and blessing. To their credit, the mayor and several city commissioners gave their opinion of the proceedings: they walked out. Tim Brown of the Freedom Outpost called the “prayer” moronic, and he’s right. Whoever thought of calling on an ATHEIST for an invocation prayer has lost his/her mind—if, indeed, he/she had one in the first place. This is all part of the ongoing “war on Christianity” liberals are waging all over America. This fool’s speech has prompted another atheist to request permission to give an “invocation” at a future meeting. If he gets it, somebody needs to be FIRED. (World Net Daily)

No Difference Between Parties?

That has been said a lot of times, and has been poo-poohed each time. But now it is proving to be true and Bohner and the Republicans APPROVE the spending measure that finances his ILLEGAL enforcement of all his nefarious programs. We know that if this measure had not been approved, he would be stymied, and the Republicans could not allow that. Right after a stupendous victory at the polls, the biggest DEFEAT a political party has even suffered, it’s “business as usual” as the GOP acts like LOSERS again. We need to get rid of the top REPUBLICANS, too. Why can’t we get some courageous Republicans who will actually STAND UP to the Democrats, and let the “chips fall where they may?” We’re certainly not going to find them in the next election with the current criminals. (Patriot Action Network)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ruble Loses Its Value

Nothing Vladmir Putrid…er, uh, Putin is able to do seems able to stop the plummeting value of the ruble recently. It has lost 36% of its value against the Euro and 42% against the dollar. This has made it a bit more difficult for, Putin to “take over” more and more former Russian “colonies” in his effort to return Russia to its former “Soviet Union” glory. The Russian Central Bank has taken action to stop the slide, but its action was only minimally effective, only slowing it some. The main problem for Russia is that, even though it is no longer communist, it is still laboring under SOCIALISM, a close cousin of communism, neither of which produces new wealth, and instead is based on stealing the wealth earned by others. Lower gas prices, coupled with the effect of the sanctions placed on them for their intervention in the Ukraine, haven’t helped them in their “recovery.” (Live Trading News)

"What Difference Does It Make?"

Benghazi proved that we could not even protect our diplomats in a place where we had PLENTY of assets. But we didn’t use them--because our president didn’t dare; and didn't CARE. And our Secretary of State (Hillary) didn’t bother (she was under orders NOT to). Then she had the unmitigated GALL to ask Congress, “What DIFFERENCE does it make?” (And this fool dame wants to be president!) It makes a helluva lot of difference in this world when a few scruffy fool terrorists can lay waste to one of our diplomatic missions WITHOUT PUNISHMENT! It shows we ARE the “paper tigers” the Chinese communists once accused us of being since we now have such a WIMP as president. If we can’t protect our diplomats, why would ANYBODY respect us?

We aren’t really the wimps that makes us look like, but we ARE fools (not me) to have elected this incompetent FOOL in the first place. And the longer we allow him to stay in office and make us the laughingstock of the world, the more wimps we are. And yet, NOTHING has been done to punish the crapheads who did it. One of their leaders has even been known to give an INTERVIEW to a CNN reporter in a café, while the “best men” of our clandestine services can’t find any of them—and Libyan “authorities” do nothing. Some say the whole thing was SET UP BY OBAMA to cover up his “gun-running” to Syrian “rebels (Islamic terrorists)” Which is the kind of thing that is done by the Mafia. This president is WORSE than the Mafia, and we can’t seem to get rid of him.

Why? Because of his “friends in high places” that we don’t even know about. And we are in danger of getting an “Obama clone” to REPLACE him. That’s one main drawback to our system of government. We can be made to elect a CRIMINAL to the highest office in the land, and can do nothing about him because “the powers that be” will not cooperate, and we have no way of knowing WHO they are! And Congress has long-running (and big money spending) “investigations” that run on forever, and find out NOTHING. Meanwhile, Obama goes right along, moving us ever closer to a collectivist (socialist) state. (Liberty News)

Obama's Crimes

I was going to write an article with that title, listing all the obvious CRIMES Obama has committed, but I can’t. There isn’t enough paper to print it out. Not enough computer memory to contain it. The list is so long, it would take a book. Or several books. How a man like Obama gets away with so many obvious crimes, I don’t know. Except to note that way too many people who could do something about his crimes, do nothing. And neither does Congress. Maybe they’re complicit, I don’t know. But the fact that he can do it and NOBODY does anything about him is disturbing and disgusting, to me. Yes, he is the president. But he should not be. It’s way too late to impeach him, and I doubt if we could get enough votes in the Senate to convict him, anyway. He knows where too many bodies are buried. Hell, he probably buried a few, himself. Damn, I’m glad I won’t have to live in this world much longer with such people in it. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yet Another Bush?

Unlike many others, I tend to think the two Bushes who have BEEN president didn’t do too bad a job. I DO have my problems with both. though. Higher taxes with the elder, and being against stem cell research and the "we'll buy your medicine" (Part D) for the younger. Certainly, neither are conservatives. But do we need yet ANOTHER BUSH in the presidency? If somebody hadn't killed two Kennedys and scared the hell out of the third, we might have had three Kennedys in a row in the White House. To elect Jeb Bush is the heights of laziness on the part of Republican voters. They rejected Sarah Palin out of hand because the liberals told them to. Her first speech before the convention was the best I’ve ever heard from a candidate, before McCain “muzzled” her. I never heard much good out of her after that during the campaign. But to nominate yet another Bush is laziness on the part of the Republican “ruling class.” They probably think it’s “his turn.” The Republicans better start looking at REAL Republicans, instead of the “party hacks” they’re looking at, now, if they want to win. They’re SQUANDERING a “landslide victory” by continuing to look at things as LOSERS do. They’d better “wake up.” (News Max)

A Bunch of Bulldung

I get really tired of watching the way the government operates. It’s all a big bunch of bull dung. A big CON. Remember the “government shutdown” that was blamed on the Republicans? It was the DEMOCRATS who “shut it down.” But they didn’t REALLY “shut it down.” They only shut down things that meant something to a lot of people while falsely blaming Republicans so they’d gripe about it. They’re doing it again. The only people talking about “shutting down the government” are the DEMOCRATS. They recently had a “vote on the rule,” which, if passed, would have “shut down the government. 214 DEMOCRATS voted for it. Not a SINGLE Republican voted for it. They lost. If it had passed, and the “government shut down,” Republicans would have been blamed. Likewise there’s the “baseline budget rule.” In which, if 10% INCREASE is expected and they only GET 7%, it is called a 3% CUT. All designed to fool the public, and both sides do it. It is so ingrained, that nobody even QUESTIONS it any longer. They purposely make it so complicated, NOBODY could understand it. And they go right on, day after day, conning us out of a LOT of money and taking away our rights. (Just common sense)

"Sadistic Pleasure"

Chris Matthews says “Dick Cheney takes sadistic pleasure in torturing GITMO prisoners.” What pile of crap is he living in? The people he’s talking about BEHEAD CHILDREN for fun. They “marry” 6-year-olds and screw the with abandon. They kill and maim people with impunity in most parts of the world because they don’t believe the way they think they should, and he feels sorry for them? What kind of a FOOL is he? Frankly, I think these people should have been shot when found. If I were in charge, they would not have made it to GITMO. These people have destroyed any claim they might have had on “rights” as human beings because they are not “HUMAN BEINGS.” If the Islamic subhumans win, it will be because of people like Chis Matthews and their “pity.” (Eagle Rising)

Monday, December 15, 2014

UN Sends Muslims to US

It has “hand-selected thousands of “Syrian refugees” who are SUPPOSED to be our friends to America. But you know how these things work. Terrorists CLAIM to be friends and  refugees and slip in WITH the real refugees, then form their “cells” and later do their “dirty work.” Of course, incompetent bureaucrats don’t believe this. They think “they know best” and we know NOTHING. So they go on their merry way bringing thousands of MURDERERS here to kill people. We haven’t had a major terrorist event in America in 13 years. But as these people come in and LOOK like they’re “assimilating,” the killings will begin. And it’s all on the Democrats. (World Net Daily)

Obama "Rules" for Muslims (Again)

As I’ve noted in the past, every time something comes up regarding Muslims, Obama “rules” in their favor. And that’s what happened here. This city stopped Muslims from building a mosque just anywhere they wanted, against city zoning, so they told them, ”no.” So Obama’s DOJ got involved (in a local zoning issue), and told them they couldn’t stop them. Muslims, as usual, think their wishes should be paramount, and local ordinances should not apply to them. “It speaks volumes about the three pillars (more like clubs) of the Islamization of the West – ‘interfaith dialogue,’ ‘mutual respect’ and ‘mutual understanding’ – that they are absent when it comes to Muslim demands.” It is instructive that Islam is THE most INtolerant so-called “religion” in the world. They don’t ALLOW any other religion to proselytize in countries they run. They want to KILL non-believers. Yet they’re quick to scream “religious intolerance” whenever THEY are blocked in THEIR wishes. And when Obama hears about it, he always “rules” in their favor. And don’t think the DOJ isn’t doing HIS bidding. (Freedom Force)

"Mentally Unstable"

The State of New York is going to “deem” 278 gun owners as “mentally unstable” so they can confiscate their guns. Remember when the Soviet Union declared many of their “enemies” as insane and put them in asylums? Therefore not having to prove them to be criminals, but simply mentally deficient and thus shutting them up. Now it’s happening here. They did it by cross-referencing gun owners with names on a database list of “mentally unstable people.” Which, of course, it can appear on those lists whenever somebody has an OPINION that they’re mentally unstable. No legal system is required to get on such a list, and it’s almost impossible to be removed, once there. They say, “It takes only one person to wreak havoc and tragedy if they have access to a firearm,” One problem with that: they DO “have access” to a firearm, ILLEGALLY, if they want to. Declaring them insane isn’t going to stop them from getting a gun if they really want it. Laws and regulations never do. But it WILL allow them to confiscate many guns on somebody’s OPINION. (Fox News)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

What The Hell's Going On?

Who the hell cares what Muslims think? How did their interests become so strong that cops would let a car full of them just “drive away” with a dead baby in the trunk of their car so as to “avoid offending Muslims? What kinds of FOOLS are patrolling the highways in Tennessee, anyway? I’m an American. If I was stopped by a cop with a dead baby in my trunk, I’d be in jail so fast, I’d wonder how I got there. It’s no damned wonder we’re losing to this medieval bunch. It’s not that they’re so smart, it’s that we’re so STUPID. How STUPID must the police politicians in Tennessee be to allow something like this? Worse yet, the car had paper tags and a registration violation, which were apparently ignored. They said they were going to a mosque in Franklin for Muslim services for the baby, but it seems there IS no mosque in Franklin—which means SOMETHING is up. They TOLD the cop they had a permit to transfer the body of the baby, whom they SAY died at birth. But “language difficulties” prevented them from showing it to the cop (how convenient). They don’t respect our laws, so why should we bother to “respect their beliefs?” This is OUR country, not theirs. (Freedom Force)

White House Can't Understand

This is further evidence that Obama (and his accomplices haven’t a clue what’s going on. Fox’s Ed Henry absolutely stumped WH spokesman Josh Earnest when he asked what the WH’s opinion was about the reports that race relations are much worse than ever before. Obama recently made a statement that racism was ”deeply rooted in our nation’s history and culture. ” Which shows plainly that Obama hasn’t a clue that it has gotten worse BECAUSE he made it worse by blaming everything from an accidental fart to disagreeing with him on policy on racism. Not only did he PROMOTE racism, he has no idea he IS the cause of it. Damn! How did we manage to elect such a STUPID fool as president, TWICE? The first thing he’s stupid about is his firm belief in SOCIALISM. He’s clever in the way he cons us, but that doesn’t make him SMART. (Last Resistance)

DiBlazio Hates Horse Drawn Carriages

So he wants to BAN them and put 300 people out of work. The drivers of those carriages are mounting a strong resistance, not only to keep their jobs, (DiBlazio is saying they’ll give those drivers cab licenses, but if they had wanted to drive cabs they wouldn’t be driving horses) but because outside of the mayor’s opinion, there’s no reason to destroy a particularly New York industry to make him happy, while putting a lot of people out of work and deprive New Yorkers and tourists from their enjoyment of riding in horse-drawn carriages. DiBlazio is a typical liberal. If he doesn’t like something, he wants to keep EVERYBODY from doing it. (New York Times)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

"Immature and Stupid"

That’s how Dr. Ben Carson describes the release of the “torture report” by Democrats (liberals). First of all, what was done to these murdering bastards did NOT “rise to the level of torture.” It as only “torture” in the fevered brains of the liberals. Second, I have NO sympathy for people who kill indiscriminately; who BEHEAD CHILDREN, and rape and murder their mothers in front of the children and their husbands, simply because they do not believe the way they think they ought to. I think this “report” plays right into the PR hands of the terrorists, and will result in the deaths of many more people. I CONDEMN all those associated with it, especially well-known anti-gun fool Senator Diane Feinstein. People who do what they do deserve NO CONSIDERATION, and NO RIGHTS. They’re not “human beings.” They’re less than ANIMALS. They’re like whale dung on the t war really should be not up for public discussion,” (Daily Caller)bottom of the ocean—LOW. One of his comments was this: “The tools that we use to fight a war shouldn't really be up for public discussion." (DailyCaller)

"Honoring" Bloody Murderers

Abu Jamal and his cousin Ghassan murdered five Jews in a synagogue and were killed by Israeli cops. Now Palestinian “Authority” wants their bodies back so they can “honor” them. Talk about BRASS! You send killers in to massacre people in a place of worship, and when they’re killed, you demand the bodies back so you can “honor” them. Muslims really take the cake in their arrogant attitude. For my part, the bodies can be thrown out in the dumpster with the rest of the trash, then covered with bacon. Then jump on them with both feet (a major insult to a Muslim). They deserve nothing better. Or maybe they could make a display of those bodies, with a couple of pigs beside them and have it travel all over Israel. Then spread bacon all over the border crossings from Palestinian territory into Israel and DARE them to cross. Meanwhile, locate their rocket firing places and bombard them with bacon. (World Net Daily)

"Making Guns Available"

It’s a “revolutionary concept” in today’s “anti-gin atmosphere,” but the School Board in Logan County, Ohio, has become the second batch of school “authorities” to “make guns available” to teachers and staff that can be used in case of a “mass shooter” coming into their school. This is move in the right direction. I’d hate to think of a bunch of teachers who don’t know which end of a gun the bullet comes out of flinging bullets in all directions and hitting NOTHING they aim out, and possibly hitting students or other staff. Then there's the difficulty of them GETTING the guns in an emergency, ANY delay could be deadly and "school officials" are known for their obtusity. They SAY they’re going to be doing “intensive training,” but what does that mean? Give a politician a choice of two solutions to a problem, and he/she will always choose the one that costs the most money so he can “siphon off” some of it. Simply ALLOWING teachers and staff who are concealed carry permit holders to bring their guns to school would cost them NOTHING, so they go “halfway there,” and claim to be “solving the problem.” (The Right to Bear)

Friday, December 12, 2014

The War Against Christianity

You think there isn’t a “war against Christianity” going on? Why then, do some pastors allow Muslims to pray in Christian churches? Why does CONGRESS allow a Muslim Imam lead prayers in Congress? Why is a Florida city commission meeting given an "invocation" by an ATHEIST who cites Allah, Zeus, and Satan? Why is a cop allowed to “body slam” an EIGHTH GRADER for wearing a Rosary to school in honor of his dead brother? All because the school has a ban on Rosary beads, in violation of the Constitution? What’s a COP doing arresting someone for violating a SCHOOL RULE, anyway? That cop should be prosecuted and IMPRISONED for felony ASSAULT on that student, that sent him to the hospital, all while he was practicing constitutionally protected religious expression?

Then that cop should be FIRED, and never allowed to be a cop again in his life, But does ANYBODY think that will happen? Don’t hold your breath, unless you like turning blue. What really infuriates ME is that Rosary beads have been “deemed” gang apparel, and that’s the twisted logic on which they are banned. Some cops (not all) take their jobs way too seriously, and these cops should be gotten RID of, as soon as possible. There should be a new rule made in the “cop shops” to FIRE any cop that exceeds his authority, IMMEDIATELY. Again, that’s never going to happen. But we can hope, can’t we? (Freedom Force)

An Outrage Every Day

In a way, it’s too bad I’m “pushing eighty.” That means I won’t be able to chronicle the daily outrages I see for much longer. I thought, when I embarked on this “mission,” that it would be harder to find things to write about. WRONG! What’s difficult is figuring out what NOT to write about because my energy is waning due to age. Sometimes I don’t even get out of my e-mail without being very tired from writing up what I find there. I’ve been steadily writing since I woke up this morning at 7:30, and I’m not done yet. I never WILL be done, at this rate. An example: now a Sony executive has called a female actor a “whore.” This is something we shouldn’t be concerned with, at all. But in today’s world, Obama sees to it ALL such things are made into a “big thing” to keep our minds off his many crimes. Every day, Obama gives away more billions of our dollars to our enemies. Every OTHER day, Obama again violates the Constitution. And with the APPROVAL of Congress, he gets away with his crimes. It’s a lot of work, keeping up with this, but I will continue to do it until they “turn off my chip.” Or I die first, which I doubt. I just wish I could get to more people. (Just common sense)

Killed A "Big Fish"

Among the dead in a recent raid was the man who replaced Khalid sheik Mohammed, one of the masterminds of 9/11. He was a nuclear expert and was involved in killing many innocent people in his bloody career. He was one I would never recommend be imprisoned, but should be killed as soon as he is discovered, to save many innocent lives. People like that have, in my opinion, “thrown away” any claim to “rights” they might have ever had. A Saudi Arabia native, he was educated in the U. S, (as usual), and has been a plotter in killing many innocent people. He is the third major terrorist figure to be killed since June, when Pakistan began an offensive against those who were previously thought to be “in sanctuary” there. This had been a major “hidey-hole” for fleeing terrorists, until America gave Pakistan a billion dollars to finance hunting them down.

This guy had been “personally selected” by bin Laden to mastermind the next major attack within America, which will not happen, now. Previously, he ran a mosque in New York, that was a major planning and organizing center for terrorist operations. This proves again that we should take a page from their book and close ALL mosques in the United States, since all are potential terrorist centers and we have no way of knowing which are, and which are not. Better they should not be there. That’s not “anti-religion,” because Islam is NOT a “religion,” and is only PRETENDING to be one for the perks we offer to real religions. Real religions do not command their followers to KILL people who do not believe the right way as part of their teachings. (World Net Daily)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wrong Fixation

Republicans completely forget the TWO “landslide” election WINS by CONSERVATIVES that put, and KEPT Ronald Reagan in power for TWO TERMS, and the GOOD THINGS that happened because of it. Republicans only remember the big Goldwater debacle. A big election LOSS in 1964. So they “shy away” from putting conservatives up to be elected. They actually COOPERATE with liberals (Democrats) to dispense with people like Saragh Palin and Bobby Jindal. It doesn’t seem to matter that Republicans have won the last TWO elections by a large margin due to the work of CONSERVATIVES. They’re so AFRAID of the Democrats, and what they SAY about conservatives they keep nominating nobodies to put up for office. Then they wonder why they lose. Democrats are the biggest CON MEN out there, and they “run rings around” Republicans. That’s why they often win. They NEGATE the effect of those two elections by “playing on” the fears of the Republicans and still come out on top. But unfortunately for them, more and more of us are “waking up” to their cons. That’s what the “Tea Party” is all about, and it scares them to death. That’s why they’re “pulling out all the stops,” even to the extent of calling the Tea Party “Nazis.” Of course, they give no examples, but that’s not necessary. They say it often enough, even without proof, some people will come to believe it and if there are enough of them who don’t pay attention and still vote, they win. (Just common sense)

Pushing the Race War

Obama wants a race war. He wants it so he can make laws and rules that further restrict our rights and take away more of our money to pay for his “flights of fancy.” He doesn’t care how many people DIE as a result. That’s what the current campaign about “black lives don’t matter” is all about. They think if they SAY it often enough, people who “pay no attention to politics” but still vote, will believe it, and vote accordingly. It seems that no amount of COMMON SENSE gets through their thick skulls. Ferguson, MO, is part of it New York cop’s killing of a man for selling untaxed cigarettes (NY taxes are $5.95 A PACK) is also part of it.. In reality, a small-time THUG in Ferguson got killed by a courageous cop, shooting in self defense, and people LIED about it, making it into a racist thing, causing massive riots and looting by other thugs. More thugs rushed in from all directions to take advantage of it, and it grew more and more out of control, aided by the STUPID actions of the cops there, such as “running off” those who came to PROTECT business owners from the thugs. Then Obama and his DOJ horned into what was a LOCAL problem and made it even bigger. Those of use who DO pay attention are “onto them.” But are there enough of us? The road to Obama’s race war is well started. (Just common sense)

"Cops Want to Hurt You"

New York Mayor, well known socialist DiBlazio, just “threw his cops under the bus” when he told reporters he warned his kids, who are PROTECTED by his cops, to be AFRAID of the cops. After that black guy was accidentally killed by an overzealous white cop (and his buddies) he told them he was requiring his cops to attend THREE DAYS of “conditioning” to get them to “adjust to the thugs” and stop hassling them so much over small things. It doesn’t matter that Giuliani brought the New York crime rate to record lows by STARTING to enforce “small things” to get them used to the fact that the cops would ‘”come down on them HARD” if they got out of line. They got the message and crime went down. He didn’t do it by creating unconstitutional gun laws, he just “gave them a message” that his cops weren’t going to be as “easy” as they had been. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Di-Fi Investigated--Boy Is She Mad!

Republicans recently investigated Diane Feinstein and some other anti-gun fools. This pissed them off, so they started the “investigation” of the CIA’s treatment of those mass murderers in GITMO. They came up with a few liberals who told them we really “hurt” these guys (poor babies!), and it was unfair! But their findings were completely wrong. This “enhanced interrogation,” which did not rise to the level of torture (except in the fevered brains of the investigators) and DID lead to some spectacular victories over the Islamic terrorists. Unfortunately, they can’t reveal anything about most of them without revealing things better kept secret. So the liberals have a field day trashing them without response. This is how they work. Investigate their “enemies,” come up with some phony results, publicize those results, and DARE their target to refute them. Which, of course, they can’t, because that would require revealing secrets that should be kept secret. (Real Clear Politics)

How Long Before It Comes Here?

In England, a private school headmistress (principal) has DEMANDED her 8-year-old students attend a Muslim teaching “field trip” to “learn about other religions.” And if they refuse to go, they will be labeled “racist” in their “permanent record.” Any parent who does not want their impressionable children to be exposed to this evil and subversive doctrine seem to have no choice but to expose them, or be unfairly labeled “racist.” This is an example of how “school; officials” exercise more power than they have because nobody in power does anything to set them straight. Yes, this is in England, where they don’t have religious freedom (that’s why we went to war to become a free nation). What worries me is that this kind of thinking on the part of “school officials” might come here, and effect our children, in SPITE of our constitutional right to select OUR OWN religion. Liberals are known for regularly violating the Constitution, telling “twisted tales” about how they are ALLOWED to do it. And until somebody with a little authority does something about it, they do what they want with impunity. Islam is, in fact, NO “religion,” but is plainly a political organization PRETENDING to be a religion for just the sort of foolishness as this. No religion I know of advocates KILLING people who don’t believe in it. The parents here need to do more than just refuse to allow their kids to go to this meeting. They should work to REMOVE this person from her position for cause. (Eagle Rising)