Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Man Shoots Armed Robber

A man who says he only tried to rob the store because he was unemployed and needed money was shot as he ran away from the robbery, which he did with a shotgun held to the store owner’s head. The store owner pulled his own gun and shot the robber, who then went home where he and the shotgun, plus the loot were found by police. The store owner says the robber’s story is bogus because he, himself, lost his job, but did the HONEST thing and opened his own business. He didn’t try and rob somebody for his own good. Anti-gun freaks will hate this story because it does not support their phony theories that people who own guns will more than likely shoot THEMSELVES or “go wild,” shooting others, just because they have a gun. They say stories like this don’t happen, but I find them every day—although not in the liberal media. I guess they figure if it isn’t covered, it doesn’t happen. (The Blaze)

The Gun Scam

What the politicians are doing right now is simply part of the scam to disarm the citizens of the United States so they cannot defend themselves when criminals (some wearing badges) come after their property. Those politicians don’t care about getting guns out of the hands of criminals, NOR stopping violent crimes. They just want to DISARM as many HONEST people as they can. They KNOW their laws so nothing to disarm criminals, who will get their guns in any case. Frankly, I don’t think there is a SINGLE criminal whose gun is legally owned. Nor do I think criminals REGISTER their gun ownership. But that’s what politicians concentrate on: taking guns away from RESPONSIBLE people. They KNOW increasing the penalty for USING a gun in a crime DOES work, but they ignore it and even use the CURRENT laws that do that as “throwaway charges” to obtain convictions for other crimes. There should be a law PREVENTING deals that cancel convictions for gun use. That targets GUN USE instead of DISARMING their victims. (Just common sense)

Monday, April 29, 2013

"Mission Accomplished!"

The liberal media had a good time LYING about George W. Bush. One of their biggest lies is when they criticized him for going on a Navy ship and saying “Mission accomplished” after WINNING in Iraq, DEPOSING the dictator and “putting him in the run,” to be found in a “rat-hole” sometime later and executed by his own people for his crimes. They continued that lie when they refused to accept his victory in Afghanistan, forcing the Taliban, which had more recently been RUNNING things there into hiding. They continue that lie to this day by saying “Bush LOST the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.” Are they really that STUPID? The mission WAS accomplished in both places, but they refuse to admit it. Saddam Hussein was toppled and ultimately executed. The leaders of the Taliban were sent running for their “hidey-holes” and new governments were established in both places.

All that was left was the “cleanup” and that was left to the politicians—who WERE the ones who LOST in both places with their STUPID decisions and actions. They should NEVER tried to “democratize” countries whose very HISTORY showed their people didn’t want it. Our PURPOSE there was to remove two “sanctuaries” the Islamic terrorists were using to train and prepare to kill innocent people all over the world while getting rid of a lot of their financing. We did that. “Mission accomplished.” We presented them with a new “slate.” What is written on that “slate” is up to them. What do WE care if they vote themselves into slavery as we (not me) seem to be doing with Obama? The liberal POLITICIANS lost both wars for us. Not George W. Bush. If we don’t do something about THAT, we will be the next Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. And if you don’t know what that means, you’d BETTER find out, or BE the cause of us moving into slavery.

Many people in the United States don’t even know what socialism is through lack of interest in finding out. Yet socialism (a form of collectivism) is at the bottom of ALL the wars and intrigue we’ve suffered for many years. The whole idea of taking from those who EARN and giving to those who DON’T EARN is ruinous and has done so everywhere it has been tried, eventually. It caused the “collapse” of the government imposed upon them for 75 years by the followers of Vladmir Lenin in Russia. Cuba used to be one of the richest countries in the Western Hemisphere until Castro and his socialist accomplices took over. Since then it has “gone down hill” fast and he and his brother have found it necessary to MURDER millions of people to “prop it up” while it goes “downhill” while many flee from it. Today, the average age of cars in Cuba (except for those driven by government officials) is the 1950s and the infrastructure is crumbling. When Castro dies (soon, I hope), his “communist paradise” will collapse, too.

There are many other countries run by collectivists (under whatever name including, but not limited to socialism, communism, Fascism, and Progressivism). They’re being “propped up” by newer collectivist governments who still have some of their victims’ money left and when that ends (and it will), it will be “all over” for them, too. As deceased former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said, “The trouble with socialism is that you soon run out of other people’s money.” Hugo Chavez, communist dictator in Venezuela, was quickly going through the money he made from nationalizing (stealing) the oil industry there, which American companies developed, only to have it STOLEN from them, was well on his way to destroying his country when he mercifully died. Other countries are in various levels of collapse due to socialism and I predict they WILL fail. Maybe not in my lifetime, but soon. (Forbes)

Raising Taxes

The politicians think their ONLY job is to RAISE TAXES. They stay awake nights trying to figure out new and better ways to suck more and more money out of us to support their “vote-buying” to get more and more gullible people to vote to keep them in office so as to “keep the goodies coming.” It pains me to see cars, even today, wearing “Vote Obama” stickers, from 2008 and 2012. I wonder why so many people are not only ignorant, but are PROUD of it. I love that story about the factory owner who had to lay off 60 people, so he went out in the parking lot and wrote down the license numbers of those cars sporting Obama stickers, figuring their votes made them responsible for his problems, then laid THEM off. (Just common sense)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to Keep A Big Secret

Publish a magazine and put it on the Internet. This magazine will show you the best way to use just about anything to build a bomb you can leave on the street in a crowd so you can kill a lot of Infidels and maim many more. Don’t worry; the authorities will never notice and if they do, in America there’s nothing they can do about it because of their First Amendment to the "Bill of Rights." Not even if it shows you how to kill people by the hundreds, even thousands. That doesn’t matter. These fools don’t even understand that they make it possible for you to learn how to kill people, and do it openly, without opposition. Aren’t they stupid? But you can take advantage of America’s stupidity before they get smart enough to make a law against certain kinds of content so they can arrest those responsible without violating the First Amendment under certain kinds of circumstances. The Islamic terrorists did this, and the two men who bombed the Boston Marathon used information from this magazine to kill and maim people who were doing nothing inimical to Islam, but were just running around in skimpy outfits. No, I’m not going to tell you the name of this magazine, nor tell you how to find it so YOU can kill people. This is just to alert you to its existence. (Just common sense)

Blaming Others

Obama has taught us to blame others for our mistakes. After a full five years as president, he STILL blames Bush and all other Republicans for the stupidities HE creates, just as with Clinton’s teaching us that “oral sex is not sex,” he has taught us NEVER to take responsibility for our own actions. One of the best current examples is a drunk driver blaming his “drinking buddy,” the bartender, the bar, etc. for not stopping him from getting drunk and getting a DUI. How STUPID is this? Nobody FORCED him to drink or get drunk, or to drive in that condition. HE did that. He’s a “grown man” and is responsible for his own actions. To sue someone else for them is about as STUPID as it gets. But that is what Obama has taught us. (Just common sense)

Friday, April 26, 2013

How STUPID is Obama?

Does he really NOT think we know what he’s doing? His own idea was the Sequester and he foisted it upon us. It represents about .0l% of the amount he is spending in a year. It is TINY, yet he treats it like a CALAMITY and is ORDERING unnecessary cuts that are DESIGNED to be very painful and blames it in the Sequester. We all know that’s what he’s doing, but he still does it. He stands by and watches while Islamic terrorists KILL one of his ambassadors among other people, and “stonewalls” us, telling us falsely that the attack that killed them was caused by a VIDEO no one had seen and most people have YET to see to support his LIE that al-Qaida is beaten, when it is NOT. He put the maker in PRISON on a trumped-up charge to make it LOOK like he’s telling the truth when we all KNOW he’s LYING. He revives a FAILED Bush program to allow guns to be sold to the Mexican drug cartels so we can “keep track” of the guns’ wherabouts, this time with NO WAY to trace them, while blaming Bush for it. He forces through an unworkable plan that gives him CONTROL of the medical profession when he has NO IDEA how to run it and will RUIN it. He passed it with the specious notion that “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” (Nancy Peelosi). .He thinks we BUY all his lies and stupidities on his way to a dictatorship. There’s something wrong with this man’s BRAIN, but nobody will admit it and “rein him in.” They’d better do it before he destroys us. (Just common sense)

Bloomberg to Ban Headphones

He thinks they are too loud and will hurt your hearing, so he wants to ban them. Typical liberal thinking: blame the device, not the PERSON. If he REALLY wants to do something about that “problem,” he needs to cut off the fingers used to turn up the volume to “bomb explosion loud.” He forgets that most of these people are adults, and have the right to be STUPID without his intervention. New York needs to ban loud-mouthed mayors who think they know more than anybody else. What’s next? Cars? They kill more people than anything else. (Town Hall Video)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The New World Order

That is something that was only whispered about when I came to my majority in the late fifties. To be exposed as being a person who FAVORED it was to be RUINED in politics—and sometimes in business, as well. Today, politicians OPENLY talk about “working toward a new world order.” The first President Bush called it openly “our fifth objective.” Vice President Joe Biden said, “The task we have now is to actually create a new world order.” But what they DON’T say is that a “new world order” means COMMUNISM; something most people growing up today know nothing about and don’t even realize how dangerous that is. Communism is what RUINED Russia. Admittedly what they had wasn’t all that great, but a real examination will tell you it was STILL better. Communism (and all other forms of collectivism) has FAILED everywhere it has been tried, eventually; After all the money STOLEN from citizens of other countries that is used to “prop up” FAILING collectivist (communist) governments runs out.

My advice to kids today becoming adults is to research communism and what it did to Russia. The millions of people it MURDERED to stay in power until it ran out of its people’s money. Progressivism is another word for communism. It is an insidious cancer on the world, and America is in the process of “catching” it. It is growing like a tumor and must be “cut out” before it kills us. Socialism is a paler form of communism and IT is growing, too. If it wins, communism will be the later result. I can’t understand the APPEAL for collectivism in today’s world, except for the “promise” of a “free ride” to all who wish it to those who just don’t want to take care of themselves—and the number of those people voting is increasing apace. And they ARE voting. The evidence is the re-election of Barack Obama, something I consider to be one of the WORST moves this country (not me) has ever made.

My sister didn’t even know what socialism WAS, until I explained it to her. Now she is one of the most ardent foes of socialism on the planet. We need to bring this knowledge to more emerging adults before it is too late. Informing these youngsters is the most important thing you will ever do. If you do not, you will suffer one day under the same thing that inflicted the people who lived for 70 some years under the Soviet Union. Don’t let it happen. I won’t care for myself. I’ll be six feet under. But I sorrow for my descendants, who will have to live under communism, whatever they call it. This item began as a short item for “Ray’s Shorts,” as do many of the posts for this blog do. But somehow I just can’t stop writing, in hopes of convincing SOMEBODY that we live in a dangerous age and are (not me) bringing it on ourselves, as usual. The “Ray’s Shorts” blog is confined to SHORT items of (my) opinion so this had to be moved. I’m thankful I HAVE this one for this purpose, if nothing else. (Just common sense)

Who SABOTAGED the Investigation?

Word was that the younger brother in the Boston bombing was blabbing (as best he could) to FBI questioners until a federal judge showed up and read him his rights just HOURS after formal charges were filed against him. He immediately shut his trap (figuratively). Who sent this judge, and why? He was a recently naturalized citizen and should have NEVER been treated as a citizen. He IS a FOREIGN COMBATANT that was MISTAKENLY made a citizen just before bombing the Boston Marathon and should have been so treated. Do we “give their rights” to combatants captured on the field of battle (which was what the Boston Marathon turned out to be) and should have been treated the same way we treat enemy combatants: that is, sent to GITMO and questioned until he vomits up everything he knows before being “tried” in military court and executed. SOMEBODY in the Obama administration didn’t want him to talk any more and did something about it. We need to know who it was and WHY. I think the order came DIRECTLY from Obama even if that may not be “official.” Whoever “officially” gave that order should be arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. If it was Obama, so be it. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hllary WILL win

That’s what liberals are saying. “If she runs for president, she will BE president.” And they’re HAPPY about that! Which shows their abject STUPIDITY. A simple perusal of the news (real news, not the pap put out by the liberal media) would tell them the Democrats (led now by Obama) will be the ruination of this country if they’re allowed to continue their ruinous policies. And Hillary is one of the most obvious causes. If the MOOCHERS in our society (the able-bodied welfare collectors who only want a “free ride”) are allowed to continue to vote that will be true. But if enough INTELLIGENT Americans “come out of the woodwork” and outnumber them (which didn’t happen in 2012, and is why that incompetent FOOL, Obama won) that will not happen.  I just can’t understand the IGNORANCE of voters who put such FOOLS in office time and time again. Either they don't know they're destroying this country, or don't care as long as the collapse doesn't happen in their lifetime. (The Hill)

Kim Wants to Die

And he’ll take most of his citizens with him if he DARES to carry out his threat to “nuke” America. He’s all pissed off t the sanctions we’ve put on him for continuing his nuclear experiments and has threatened to “nuke” America. If he does, his entire country will be a smoking nuclear waste pile that no one will be able to approach for a thousand years. He thinks his one or two MAYBE functioning nukes makes him “king of the hill.” If he tries to use them on America, which has THOUSANDS of well-functioning nukes, he, and his entire country will die. There will no longer BE a North Korea. S. Korea will be the ONLY Korea left, and the N. Korea “problem” will no longer exist. (Mail.com)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Obama Trying to Destroy Us

He has VOWED to bankrupt the coal industry when he KNOWS there is no VIABLE industry to take up the slack and provide the ESSENTIAL service and product to the energy industry coal provides. He has provided FREE PHONES at taxpayer expense that CRIMINALS use to plan and commit crimes while WE pay for the time. He supports the uncontrolled MURDER of INFANTS still in the womb who have NO chance against these MURDERERS in doctor’s clothing. He KNOWS we can no longer survive if we depend upon people who HATE us to supply our oil. Yet he fights every effort to drill on land the United States controls, blocks efforts for an oil pipeline from Canada to the southern United States. It seems like everything he does hurts us, yet the ignorant fools in this country that want nothing more than a “free ride” keep electing him and his accomplices. We need to GET RID OF this nemesis in president’s clothing and elect somebody who actually LIKES this country and wants it to succeed instead of this man, who is KNOWN to HATE this country and all it stands for (and he's our PRESIDENT!).

He is a man who is at the very least is a SUPPORTER of the Islamic terrorists (if not an Islamic terrorist himself) and does everything he can to FACILITATE their war against us. Whenever a question comes up involving an Islamic terrorist, he “rules” in favor of the Islamic terrorist position. He provides guns to the Egyptian Islamic terrorists, and Mexican drug cartels which, I’m sure Islamic terrorists share in and “stonewalls” any questions about the Islamic terrorist attack in Benghazi that took FOUR lives of diplomatic employees including an ambassador, even to the point of ordering Benghazi survivors to “shut up” and answer NO questions about it. He does everything he can to DISARM the American people and provide CRIMINALS with a steady stream of UNARMED victims at all times. He refuses to control our borders so Islamic terrorists can slip in unnoticed and even goes so far as to SUE Arizona for making a law DEMANDING he enforce immigration laws. This fool is out of control and needs to be REMOVED from office for “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” (Just common sense)

Liar Lies About Being "Lied To"

The next day after the Congress “got a backbone” and rejected his fool gun control legislation, he went right to the rose Garden and whined and bitched and groaned about it, saying the Congress was manipulated and lied to by the “right” and needed to be “bypassed.” Of course, “bypassing” Congress is illegal and unconstitutional, but Obama has never cared about that. He bypasses Congress all the time. He “lied through his teeth” in that speech. Especially when he said “90% of Americans are FOR universal background checks.” He calls those laws that were not passed, “common sense compromise that didn’t infringe on our Second Amendment rights.” That’s ANOTHER lie. He used Gabby Giffords (a Democrat) and Sandy Hook families as “props” in this speech, He said people lied about this bill, which they DIDN’T. the only one LYING about this bill is Obama. The Bill of Rights was upheld when this legislation was rejected. You can’t stand a free people telling you to “go to hell” with your useless legislation that did nothing but take our rights away from us. If you ever come up with some REAL legislation (doubtful), maybe we’ll listen to you. Legislation such as you present will NEVER do anything to stop criminal gun violence. All it will do is give CRIMINALS a steady stream of UNARMED victims. (The Right Planet)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Muslims Are Good People

It is some of their leaders who hate ANYBODY who doesn’t believe EXACTLY the same way they do, and those leaders spend most of their time “radicalizing” other Muslims. American people are “okay people.” Some of them get so mad at Islamic terrorists for killing indiscriminately they want to kill them. Their leaders add to the will to kill Muslims. Not just Muslim terrorists. This adds to the problem created by Muslim leaders. People wanting to kill Islamic terrorists is the natural result of Islamic terrorists killing innocent people, which they do all the time. Muslims call this “Islamaphobia,” trying to make it look like people wanting to kill IN RETURN for Muslims killing indiscriminately are crazy Muslim haters and killing Islamic terrorists (which Islamic terrorists say do not exist) is evil. But innocent people not so much. It’s easy to stop Americans from wanting to kill Muslim extremists: stop killing innocent people for not being Muslim. (Just common sense)

Killing YOU!

“King” Obama has asserted his opinion that he has the power to KILL you without any kind of trial, just on HIS opinion that you are a terrorist. He can decide, on nothing but his own opinion, that you are a terrorist and send a “drone” to find, and KILL you. This is the action of a man who thinks he is a DICTATOR, who is ALL-POWERFUL. He is NOT  There is NOTHING that would give him the right to kill Americans without a trial in our Constitution, which is the BASIS for the “law of the land,” even if Obama does deny it. He’s saying he could arbitrarily DECIDE you are a terrorist and send one of his drones out to KILL you—without any kind of trial. If you do nothing more than DISAGREE with him, he could do so. Or he could do it WITHOUT a reason, according to his opinion. Do you want to live in a country where your government could KILL you, at WILL? (Just common sense)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

When Is Obama Going to "Open Up?"

He has “stonewalled” us for a long time about “Fast and Furious,” where he approved selling guns to Mexican Cartels SUPPOSEDLY to “trace where they go” with NOTHING in or on them to find out where they go. Likewise with the “Benghazi incident,” where four diplomatic personnel DIED, including an ambassador. He has even given ORDERS to the survivors to “keep their mouths shut,” which they have. What is he HIDING? Is there ANYBODY in Washington or anywhere else with the GONADS to pursue the questions about these incidents, either one of which would have SUNK a Republican if they had done likewise? (The Blaze)

Cutting Most Impoortant and Visible Things FIRST

Obama is going about, gaily cutting the most important, or the most VISIBLE things. One of those is “White House tours” which he blatantly blames on "The Sequestration." But will he stop his wife’s million dollar vacations, or his own golf outings that take him across the country, sometimes to play with famous people like Tiger Woods (for whom he pays all expenses to show up)? Will he replace his expensive fleet of Cadillacs and Lincoln Town Cars (or Mercedes’ and BMWs) with smaller cars that drink less gas? Or those ubiquitous black SUVs used by the Secret Service and other government agencies? Doubtful. Every “cut” he makes in services is designed to make “The Sequesteration” as hard on the people as possible, in the most VISIBLE way possible. This is how he operates. (Just common sense)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pissant Bastard's Mad

Obama made yet another attempt to pass legislation that will do NOTHING to stop gun violence, but which WILL make it harder for reasonable, HONEST people to get the guns they need to defend themselves against CRIMINALS and crazies who don’t obey ANY laws. And he lost, after he told multiple LIES like the one about 85% of Americans FAVORING a universal  gun registration, which is a list of gun owners that can be used later to CONFISCATE guns when they’re “ready.”. They DO NOT favor it. Only in his TWISTED “studies” does it SEEM like they do. I’ve asked the same question for years of everybody I can think of including "anti-gun" politicians: “What makes ANYBODY think CRIMINALS and crazies will OBEY a law that says they can’t be armed when they don’t obey ANY other laws? NOBODY will give me a credible answer because they can’t.

The “anti-gun Nazis” just call me names and walk away, Other people just ignore the question and change the subject. Why do these FOOLS continue to bring out those old, tired laws they’ve had in their desk drawers for YEARS and try again and again to pass them, taking advantage of today’s calamities? Obama’s former chief of staff (now mayor of his home town, which has some of the tightest gun laws, combined with the WORST gun murder rate in the nation), who once famously said, “Never let a good panic go to waste,” Obama and his “gang of thieves” never do. I don’t EVER expect to get an answer to my question because there IS no answer an honest man can give. Obama accuses the NRA of lying when they say gun registry will lead to gun confiscation. That is simply a DIFFERENCE OF OPINION, not a lie. Not like the MANY lies Obama told in his attempt to pass this useless legislation. (Washington Post/Jennifer Rubin)
GUNS SAVE LIVES: Don’t tell liberals, but guns SAVE lives. Oh, hell. Go ahead and tell them. They won’t believe you, anyway. They believe too much in THEIR truth. They still think guns kill people on their own, without the intervention of those eeeevil humans. They still think a CRIMINAL, who does not OBEY laws, will OBEY a law that says they cannot be armed. They still believe a CRAZY, who wants to shoot up a school or a shopping center will be deterred by the though of breaking a law, from his plans to break MANY laws. What FOOLS they be! And no amount of logic will change their minds as they go about making more and more laws that keep guns out of the hands of RESPONSIBLE and law-abiding people, but which do NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS. This illogic is lost on them. (Gun Owners of America)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Obama Cuts Anti-Bombing Budget

BEFORE the “sequester, the Obama administration (I’m sure on Obama’s orders) quietly CUT the budget for stopping improvised bombings by 40%! These are REAL cuts, not the “reduction in increases” as in the “Sequester.) Funny that right after he does this, we have our FIRST major bombing of crowds in Boston. Did he do it so that could happen? The liberals, who are predictably blaming the “right” for Boston, are PRAYING the bomber will be a “white American” to bolster their phony narrative. If (and when) we find out it’s NOT a “white American,” will they apologize? Doubtful; they have never apologized for being wrong before. They just ignore it and go on as if nothing happened. If they’re wrong, they just ignore it and hope we won’t notice. (The Mail Online)

Another Crime Stopped

A son used his father’s gun to stop a home invasion in Texas, where criminals ought to know better. Three men pushed their way into this home and started pushing people around, starting with this boy's mother.  Meanwhile, the son was in the bedroom, getting his dad’s gun, with which he shot and killed one of the intruders while the others “lit out for the tall timber.” The cops found them soon after and they are now in jail, feeling lucky to be alive. They found out what ALL criminals need to learn, that not every one of their intended victims will be unarmed, and thus defenseless. I’d wager the two who survived will go into another line of work after they get out of the slam in a few years. The lesson here is, “Don’t mess with Texans, most of whom are armed.” This father laments the loss of a young life, but I don’t. This “young life” was lost the minute he decided to go on a life of crime and it would have happened sooner or later.(KHOU TV)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Explosions

I’m not going to try to “report” that they suffered TWO explosions close to the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Our media is, as usual, obsessing on it. I AM going to analyze it. One thing to note is Obama’s refusal to use the word “terrorism” to describe it. Today (Tuesday) he DID use the words “terrorism” and “an act of terror,” but as usual completely ignored the possibility it was ISLAMIC terrorism, even though it is the kind of action Islamic terrorists are KNOWN for: killing INNOCENT people to make their ignorant points. This attack has the “fingerprints” of Islamic terrorism on it, but will probably never be acknowledged by this president, even if it is PROVED to be such. For some reason, Obama refuses to face reality about Islamic terrorism. I think he is a SYMPATHIZER or worse, a participant. But I can’t prove it, but his ACTIONS show me his sympathies. Research this yourself; it isn't hard to find, but not much on liberal media.

No, I don’t say he actively PARTICIPATED in the planning and execution of the attack, as liberals said about Bush and 9/11. But I think he SYMPATHIZES. Islam has said that “All you have to do is SAY ‘I am a Muslim’ to BE a Muslim” and Obama has said it more than once. One time he said it to George Stephanopolous on his show. That was a slip. He has said it many times. He has been seen to BOW to a Muslim King (the FIRST American president to do so), though he did not bow to Queen Elizabeth. This man is OBVIOUSLY a Muslim or at least a Muslim SYMPATHIZER. He has said that Muslims have contributed much to America. They have not, though a FEW Muslims may have. And to SAY so is to PANDER to Muslims, which he does on many occasions. Way too many for the usual American, but not too many for a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer. He has said, “America is not, and will never BE at war with Muslims." While that is “technically true." We ARE at war with Muslim terrorists. Something he will not admit (even though his unmanned drones kill Muslim terrorists regularly), and will not allow his “accomplices” to acknowledge it. That’s good enough for me

The Boston Atrocity

Obama will not call it “Islamic terrorism.” Yet it has Islamic terrorist “fingerprints” all over it. If this were Baghdad or some city in Afghanistan, it would not be unusual, It happens there every day, and nobody even wonders who the murderers are. But Obama, even if he DOES call it “terrorism,” he did not (and will not) call it MUSLIM terrorism. He will use this as an EXCUSE to “tighten restrictions” (translation: limit more freedoms for Americans, no matter what THE Constitution says saying, “It’s for our own good,” a common excuse to take away our freedoms. This has not happened in America since 9/11, thanks to the vigilance of George Bush (something he hasn’t gotten much credit for; in fact, some people blamed HIM  FOR 9/11). I’m surprised it has taken this long after Obama’s election, since he has PANDERED to Muslims so much, even saying, on many occasions, in English and Farsi (or some other language recognizable to Muslims), “I AM a Muslim!” I’ve been expecting another Islamic terrorist attack in America, since Obama has made it so easy for them by REFUSING to “secure our borders” and even going so far as to SUE Arizona for passing a law DEMANDING he enforce the laws about securing our borders. I expect him and/or his thugs to call me a racist for saying this, but that’s predictable, too. This man is a DANGER to this country as long as he sits in the Oval Office and it’s time Americans realized it and got RID of him, one way or the other. (The Northern Echo)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

No Sympathy for a Lawyer/Criminal

“The jihadists’ favorite American lawyer, Lynne Stewart, reportedly has stage-4 breast cancer. Her radical friends — ranging from the “Party for Socialism and Liberation” and “Workers World” to Pete Seeger, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal — want her freed from jail. There’s only one decent response to the Lynne Stewart Fan Club’s criminal-coddling demand: No, hell, no!” Or “go to hell.” She helped the “blind sheik” give orders to his killers from behind bars when she was SUPPOSED to be helping him get a fair trial and was sent to prison on her own for it. So she has breast cancer; too bad for her. Let the b-tch die in prison and rot in hell. I have no sympathy for her, and neither do most Americans who know what she did. I hope her cancer is very painful and long lasting. And I hope we don’t wind up paying for her pain-killers. (Michelle Malkin/Human Events)

The Sky IS Falling!

Because the voters in this country (a majority of whom seem to be ignorant MOOCHERS who want only to live at the expense of others), and elect FOOLS who will “keep the goodies coming” while our economy collapses from incompetent governing. And really ignorant people do things like “gun buyback programs” for not only REAL guns (which allows criminals to sell their broken guns to others and use the money to buy guns that WORK on the black market), but also for TOY GUNS, which is about as STUPID as I can think of. Soon this country’s government is going to collapse from incompetent governing and we will sink into COLLECTIVISM, which is a STUPID system that has been DISCREDITED in practice, everywhere it has been tried. Most notably lately in Russia, where its socialist “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics" collapsed because there was no longer any INCENTIVE to produce anything, and everybody was just TAKING without producing and they ran out of other people's money. (Just common sense)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I don’t know why they call Joe Biden Vice-President. It’s clear that he is the “Court Jester” for the Obama administration. Every day or so he comes out with more and more stupid and funny statements. They're funny BECAUSE they're so stupid. His latest is this: “Gun control opponents are mostly ‘black helicopter stuff’.” The funny part is that gun control opponents are talking about COMMON SENSE while administration politicians are talking about punishing responsible people who only want to be able to defend themselves against ILLEGALLY armed CRIMINALS, who don’t OBEY any laws. He can make fun of them all he wants to, on specious lies about them and their wishes, but it’s true. They’re not about HUNTING. They’re about SELF-DEFENSE; something Joe just doesn’t understand (He's got his own armed bodyguards). Come to think of it, there isn’t ANYTHING Joe DOES understand. He’s a FOOL, but that’s the main qualification for “court jester.” (Glenn Beck)

Bad Guy Learns Lesson

The lesson is, not everybody is an ”easy target” for a home invasion. But the lesson is lost on this criminal; he’s dead. But it is a lesson other criminals can learn from; don’t break into this guy’s home and start beating him up. He’ll KILL you. This is a lesson that needs to be learned by more criminals, hopefully, for them, without them being killed. This criminal broke into a man’s home in Hickory, NC, and started beating the owner, one Paul Ohla, who had a gun and shot him. Ohla is a “senior citizen” and was slightly injured. But the intruder and attacker is dead. More proof my contention that more guns in the hands of “goods guys” will either convince criminals to go into another line of work, or make them dead. The criminal’s family will probably say Ohla should have “warned” the criminal that he had a gun and would shoot him, which says it was HIS fault, not that of the criminal. Some things never change. (The Blaze)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Radio Host: Your Child Is NOT Yours!

How STUPID is this woman? She has her own radio show, which doesn’t make her smart. She’s a college professor, which also does not make her smart today, when college graduates can’t even read their diplomas. But LEVELS of stupidity? Hers is about the HIGHEST. She maintains that the “thing” in your tummy is yours UNTIL it is born, and THEN it becomes the “PROPERTY” of the government. She says “everybody knows” this. But they don’t. By whose authority is it true that the government OWNS your child? Nobody's. The government does NOT “own my child.” Let them come to take possession of my child and find out how to die fast. They did it once when I was too young and dumb to know how to stop them. Never again! How do these STUPID PEOPLE get these jobs? Mostly because the people who hire them (liberal socialists all) AGREE with their zany and stupid ideas. (YouTube)

Obama Really Believes It!

He really DOES think if we disarm ourselves, crazy, power-mad dictators like Kim Jong Un or Ahmadinijerk will say to themselves, “Self, if Obama is willing to cut his nukes, maybe we should do so, too.” Obama has shown his abysmal STUPIDITY by just MENTIONING such a thing. People like Kim and Ahmadinijerk are BULLIES. They don’t respect anybody’s “moral rights.” If we disarm ourselves, these CRIMINALS, like ALL criminals, will take advantage of our weakness and take what they want from us, killing us while they do it. I always thought he knew that disarming ourselves was NOT the way to self defense while he disarmed US to keep himself and his thugs safe.. But it has become obvious in his handling of the N. Korea-Iran situation, that he is not smart enough. (Patriot Post)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Weenie Wagger" Wants to Run

He wants to run for mayor of New York—and knowing the way N’Yawkas think, he’ll probably be elected. Things like sending pictures of his weenie to several women are “resumé enhancements” to liberals, and New York is a “hotbed” of liberals and moochers who want nothing more than a “free ride.” You may know that Weiner (appropriately named) is most famous for sending pictures of his weenie to several women (not his wife) and had to resign from Congress in shame. That’s because Congress is made up of more than just liberal Democrats. Now he wants to run for Mayor of New York City and will probably win. Bill Clinton, one of the most notorious “weenie waggers” in politics (a Democrat, of course) was elected president TWICE, even though it was common knowledge he was a confirmed “skirt-chaser” who RAPED his way to the White House. (RT)

What FOOLS They Be (Again)

 I think I’ve used that title before. But this story illustrates it better than anything else out there so far. I thought there was no limit at how STUPID liberals could be, and I was right. Now a St. Louis pastor is sponsoring a “gun buyback program” . . .for children’s TOY GUNS! That’s right. You read it right—TOY GUNS! How STUPID is that? Buyback programs for real guns are stupid, but this is breathtakingly stupid. This is an obvious attempt to BRAINWASH children against guns. It has no other purpose. Why do I automatically name them as liberals? Because only a liberal would be this stupid. As usual, they blame the gun, not the gunner. The true solution to gun violence is more guns in the hands of honest, reliable people. Then criminals would more often run into an ARMED person when they tried to victimize people. They would either change their way of living, or be dead and no longer a problem. Current gun laws do nothing but assure a criminal his intended victim will probably not be armed, and will be a defenseless victim. But don’t try and tell a liberal politician that, they’ll laugh at you and continue making their stupid laws to disarm the victims. I ran around "shooting" toy guns when I was a child, and I've never shot anybody with a real gun. Playing with toy guns does not pervert minds. The only perverted minds here are in the heads of people like this ignorant pastor. (The Blaze)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Stop Killing Muslims!!"

That’s what militant Muslims keep saying, as if there were no reason to kill them. The main reason we kill them is that militant Muslims keep killing innocent Christians! For no reason other than they are not Muslim. Maybe if they stopped doing that, we’d stop killing THEM! This is their “modus operandi”: accuse us of doing to THEM what they’re doing to US, and criticizing us for it. The same is true when they whine about us not being tolerant of their “religion.” Theirs is NOT a religion. It is a political movement MASQUERADING as a religion. At the same time, Muslims are the most INTOLERANT people in the WORLD of other religions and make laws giving the DEATH penalty to people who try to spread ANY other religion in countries they run. They’re too stupid to even realize that we can realize this. (Just common sense)

Liberal Media Downplays Muslim Terrorist Threat

Simply by not reporting incidents where Muslim terrorists rape, beat, and murder people “in the name of Allah” all over the world. It’s almost as if the Muslim terrorists OWN the media worldwide. Or are the media members so afraid of retaliation from Muslim terrorists they stay away from reporting their outrages? The last point in this report is the one that frightens me the most: When Obama’s administration put out a warning about terrorist activity in the world, that warning did not include the words jihad, Muslim or Islam. Obama maintains his refusal to “own up” to reality in our current war with Islamic terrorists. Is that because he’s frightened, too, or because he is a Muslim terrorist SYMPATHIZER? It’s a dangerous thing when your own president SYMPATHIZES with the enemy, and the media goes right along with it. (Creeping Sharia)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Swagger SINKS

A WWE wrestler made a “big splash” for a while with his PHONY act as a “Tea Party” member while spouting all the stupid things liberals SAY we’re all for, such as racist sentiments and such. It was such an obvious attempt to connect the Tea Parties with racists and other things like it by a LIBERAL pretending to be a conservative, nobody but a few STUPID people ever bought it and Swagger’s act SANK. He has been hardly heard from since. And that’s a GOOD thing. It was a STUPID idea in the first place, and it didn’t work. (Patriot Action Network)

Is Obama STUPID, Or What/

Lending money to people who were bad credit risks is what CAUSED the economic problems we have now. When those people couldn’t “pay up,” many lending institutions who made those bad loans at the DEMAND of the government “went under.” Now Obama wants them to do it again, and they should tell him to “stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.” Obama is the most recent INCOMPETENT politician to hold the office of president. Why do we (not me) keep electing these fools? If these incompetents keep getting elected, we’re going to “go down the tubes” with Europe, which did the same and is suffering the consequences. Obama’s incompetence is bigger than just this; his incompetence is BELIEVING collectivism (socialism) is the way to govern and that “Keynesian economics,” log discredited, is the economic theory to use. Keynesian Economics says you can SPEND your way to prosperity. What a FOOL NOTION! Yet Obama and WAY too many others believe it. He calls it “ensuring  sound lending practices,” but it is just the opposite: it will ensure another, DEEPER recession in the future. (Real Estate Bloggers)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Somebody Did Something STUPID

A new update to the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and, EVERYWHERE there is a video they have put a gray colored “notice” that requires you to “activate” that plug-in to see the video. So you do, and happily watch the video. Next time you encounter a video you have to “activate” it again. This “gray notice” replaces many advertisements. It makes the ads useless, since nobody sees them unless they “activate” that plug-in. Whoever forgot to make it so the software knows when people have “activated” this plug-in should be FIRED. I’ve “activated” it so far, 86 times. I’m getting TIRED of it, as I’m sure many people are. This can only mean trouble for Adobe, and they deserve it. (Just common sense)

Obama's Insatiable Appetite for Tax Money

Obama spends most of his time and effort trying to figure out more and better ways to con us out of ever more taxes. Every day, in every speech he gives (and he gives many) that is a theme that goes through them all; his quest to con us out of ever more bucks so he can continue to spend, spend, spend, after already spending more money than there IS. He cries about the necessity to reduce spending by a TINY amount (the Sequester), giving us the “the sky is falling” scam to convince us that those reductions in FUTURE spending will CRIPPLE the country. They will not; they are like taking a QUARTER away from somebody who has $200,000.00. In short, it’s a PITTANCE; but not to Obama. He spends little time actually GOVERNING, preferring to spend his time trying to con us out of ever more money to support his “give-away programs” designed to buy ever more votes for himself and other liberal Democrats. So while we’re spending our time worrying about who won an Oscar, who won the super Bowl, or the Daytona race, he’s “skinning us” while we’re not paying attention. This guy is the most effective con man in history, way ahead of AlGore, whose "global warming" (now climate change) scam netted him $billions.(Just common sense)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Fart in a Whirlwind"

That’s what the “Sequester” is. $85 billion dollars out of a five TRILLION dollar budget is a “pimple on the butt of the American spending. But Obama and his “gang of thieves” blame EVERYTHING bad on it. It has replaced Bush as the chief “whipping boy.” And it’s PHONY. It’s about what the federal government would spend in a FEW DAYS. It’s an INSIGNIFICANT AMOUNT compared to what the feds spend. Yet Obama and his “gang of thieves” touts it as THE CAUSE of everything bad that happens and the INTERNATIONAL media is taking up the lie. The Mail of London recently published an article BLAMING the “Sequester” for POVERTY in America. How STUPID is that? How do otherwise smart people BUY this kind of bullsh-t? They should be smart enough to know better, but they’re not. Or they’re KNOWINGLY promoting the lie. The truth of the matter is that they started the “War on Poverty” in the SIXTIES and, percentage-wise, there are AS MANY, or MORE people “in poverty” today. Just as with the “war on smoking.” They’ve been “waging” it for a long time, but just as many people, percentage-wise, are still smoking. The “drug war” started long ago, but MORE PEOPLE are abusing drugs today than the day it started. This proves nothing except that the people running ALL these “programs” are INCOMPETENT and are accomplishing NOTHING. That "drip on your nose" they call a "waterfall" has not CAUSED anything! (The Mail)

Baretta To Leave Maryland?

That’s what they’re threatening to do over Obama’s new gun laws. They say, “Why should we stay where the people who MAKE our guns can’t buy then?”  I agree wholly with that. More than 40 other gun companies are refusing to sell guns to the government. They say they won’t sell the government guns their customers can’t buy. Of course, you KNOW that’s going to “raise the ire” of our thin-skinned King—er, uh, president and he will make some new laws to FORCE them to sell to the government—or maybe even GIVE them to him. I think this kind of reaction will DEFEAT “King” Obama’s effort to DISARM Americans so his thugs can “screw them over” at will, without worrying about maybe being shot. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Too Far the Other Way

Incompetent politicians in Nelson, Georgia, instead of simply making it easier to get a “carry permit,” want to FORCE residents to BUY a gun. That’s how incompetent politicians with delusions of grandeur ALL seem to think: got a problem? FORCE somebody to do something, even if it’s the right thing. Thinking of the RIGHT WAY to limit gun violence, such as punishing USE of guns in crimes with no ability to “drop those gun charges” to obtain the criminal’s cooperation in convicting him on other crimes just seems to be something they cannot even THINK about. When are we going to start electing COMPETENT people to office? The new Nelson, GA ordinance specifies NO penalty, which makes it useless. And all you have to do to be allowed to ignore it is to object. They say they’re “just making a point.” What point does a stupid, AND useless ordinance make? (Mail.com)

"No Will in Congress

Liberals say “there is no will in congress to pass an assault weapon ban.” And there should NOT be, because it is STUPID. People keep saying the shooter in the Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting used an “assault weapon.” He did NOT. He had one in his CAR, but did not take it inside. And tell me, if you can, how much effect a law would have had on his shooting? Anybody who thinks it would is ignorant. He used HANDGUNS, which are easily available on ”the street.” I know. I live only about a mile away from this theater and have access to LOCAL media, which told the truth, before the national media were able to distort all reports. (Just common sense)