Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Not “Happy Holidays” as the liberals prefer. I don’t follow their “political correctness” scam to limit what we can say in any way. I say “Merry Christmas” and “happy New Year”. This is the end of 2009. Hopefully, 2010 will be the year when we foil Obama’s plans by taking away his voting base in Congress. He currently has a voting majority there, and the Republicans can’t do much more than whine and gripe, and attempt filibuster of his idiot plans. This doesn’t work very well when he has the votes to invoke cloture. So when the election comes, vote AGAINST all Democrats and every Republican who is acting like a Democrat. Get those people OUT of there and, hopefully, Obama won’t be able to complete his planned takeover and collectivizing of this government. It’s up to you. Unless you vote them out, he will continue to destroy this country a little at a time, until we can elect Sarah Palin in 2012. (Just common sense)

Nary A word

A Democrat member of Congress (William Jefferson, D-LA) was sentenced to 13 years in prison and the liberal news media uttered nary a word about it. If that had happened to a REPUBLICAN, they’d be “shouting it to the skies,” as they were when a Republican congressman was railroaded by a gay-hating cop for moving his foot in the wrong way, even though one of the most prominent Democrats in Washington is an ADMITTED gay (Barney Frank). This is how they “slant” the news. They ignore completely anything they wish to hide from the public while trumpeting that which advances their “template.” The Republican had to resign after the news media attacked him for what they called "soliciting gay sex" while doing not much of anything to Barney when it was discovered his boyfriend was running a gay whorehouse out of his apartment. He said hr didn't know about it. Do you believe that? (Brent Baker)

Why Do They Do This?

Why do they allow jerks like Al Franken “shut down” his betters? I’ve seen this before, where a JUNIOR Senator is allowed to sit in the chairman’s seat in congress and crap on better senators than he could ever hope to be. Junior senators should not be allowed to take a turn in this position until he/she has been in the Senate long enough to become a REAL senator. Lieberman handled it well, being used to being crapped on by Democrats, since he “whupped” them in the last election. I’m surprised he even CAUCUSES with them, considering what they’ve done to him. I don't like Liebermann's politics, but I like HIM. He's got gonads. I love to watch him give Democrats "what for." (Media Research Center)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Not Us, Stupid!

Ahmadinijerk and his Mullah bosses think America is responsible for the “unrest” his country is suffering. It doesn’t enter their minds that it might be the oppression to which their people are being subjected just might be responsible. They don’t even consider that their people might just be tired of the ruthless dictatorship that is their government, and are afraid that the “death wish” from which their president is suffering just might take them with him when he dies. They think their people should be HAPPY to be ruled by such as Ahmadinijerk and his Islamic bosses. They can’t understand anything else. Ahjmadinijerk says if the West continues to support the demonstrators, we’re going to “get a punch in the face.” I’ve got a clue for mister stupid: Any “punch in the face” he gives us will be met by a brick wall falling on him. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Waiting and Hoping

This comic strip illustrates beautifully what Obama’s fans are waiting for: Obama as Santa Claus, bringing them presents. But it ain’t gonna happen. Not in this lifetime, anyway. Obama is good at promising, but lousy at delivering on his promises. He has made so many promises since he was nominated, nobody can remember them all; and that’s the way he wants to keep it. If you can’t remember them, you certainly can’t insist on him keeping them. (Baldo)

He's Asking for It

Apparently Ahmadinijerk either doesn’t remember what happened to Saddam when he poked a stick into that sleeping giant called America, or he has a death wish. In any case, we would be happy to help him do whatever he wants. He can’t really think he can BEAT the United States in a war unless he's insane. I personally think he IS insane. Maybe he can do some damage in his local area, but if he wants his entire country to become a steaming pile of stinking brown stuff, he’s doing all the right things. Or maybe not if he can frighten Obama enough. (Yahoo News/AP)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"The System Worked"

That's what Janet Incompetano told us confidently, “The system worked” when a disaster was averted when the detonator didn’t work, and the passengers didn’t do what earlier administrations advised them to do when an airliner was attacked; nothing. “Just sit quietly and you’ll eventually be released when it’s over.” But that didn’t happen on four airplanes on September 11, 2001. Everybody, on all four planes, died, along with thousands of people in the three buildings the terrorists flew them into. This changed forever how passengers reacted to a hijack attempt, to their credit. There have been several such attempts since, and all have been foiled by passengers who pulled a “let’s roll” action on the would-be hijackers. One hijacker even got severely beaten.

If that’s the ”system” to which she referred, she’s right. But it isn’t. The “system” failed miserably. They were warned several times, beginning with the warning the hijacker’s own FATHER gave us a month before his attempt—which was ignored, except to put his name on a “no-fly” list with hundreds of thousands of names on it. A list that was not consulted when he forced his way onto the plane without a passport with (hopefully, for him) exploding jockeys. Thanks to brave passengers, he was restrained after burning his legs and genitals; which I consider “providential.” (Town Hall)

Gore Just Makes It Up

Today he’s saying the polar ice caps will be entirely melted in five years. He has no proof of that, but that has never stopped him in the past. He thinks up something that will cause more people to give him money and he touts it. That’s AlGore. If you question him, he says you’re a “denier.” Then he denies “living proof” that his scientists are lying about “the science.” This guy must think people are incredibly ignorant; and he’s right, because most people don't pay enough attention to know the truth. Even some otherwise highly intelligent people have bought his bull crap. That list includes several presidents and many other politicians. They’ve either “bought it,” or figure APPEARING to buy it will help their political (or monetary) fortunes. (Just common sense)

Limiting Carbon dioxide Emissions

That’s one of the things they wanted to do to airlines at the Climate Conference dog and pony show in Copenhagen. Of course, those airlines can “buy carbon credits” that cost billions of dollars so they can continue to emit as much as they’re willing to pay for. You can bet AlGore has an interest, however well hidden, in those who SELL those “carbon credits.” Will they soon limit how much carbon dioxide we can breathe out? And charge us for “carbon credits” to allow us to continue breathing? Of course, they want you to forget (or not pay attention to) the 4,000 limousines and 150 PRIVATE planes they used to GET to the Copenhagen Conference and the emissions they put out. (Just common sense)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas, Gun Owners

There; that should make all liberals mad as hell, and that’s what I like to do. Mainly because every liberal idea they come up with is not only illogical, it is dangerous. Yet they think they’re the smartest people in the world, and should be allowed to run OUR lives. You know, ideas like declaring what we breathe out every time we take a breath to be a “poisonous emission” that needs to be “controlled.” How? Taxed and limited. How they’ll do that, I don’t know. They also believe that the way to self defense is to DISarm ourselves. That CRIMINALS, whose very lives are devoted to breaking the law, will OBEY one that says they can’t be armed. They actually think that they can ELIMINATE guns from the world. This is not only illogical, it’s STUPID! But they, in their “wisdom,” won’t even LISTEN to those of us who try to tell them different. They try and eliminate the word “Christmas” from the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. They say it “offends” certain people, as if we cared. Those who are offended by Christmas can go pee up a rope, for all of me. (S. E. Cupp)

Blagovich "Evidence" Stolen

What did you expect? This in the sort of thing you can expect when a top Chicago thug is threatened with prosecution. Yes, the “evidence” stolen from Blagojevich’s attorney’s office is not the only evidence against him, but the very fact it was stolen can be used by his lawyers to help his case, and that can ultimately get him off on a technicality. (Chicago Breaking News)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Who Knows What's In It?

The health care swindle bill has been passed in the Senate, AND the House. There’s a big hooraw about the number of pages in both. But still, nobody knows what’s in either. There have been revelations about bits and pieces in both, and they have been duly debated (true or not) while Democrats ignored it. The Congressional Budget Office “scored” both bills and made up numbers which still showed neither bill would lower costs significantly. The nation has signified that it wants nothing to do with Obama’s biggest swindle, but Obama, his “gang of thieves,” and his captive Congress press on, committing political suicide in the process. They continue to laugh at, and point fingers at Sarah Palin, today’s political reincarnation of Ronald Reagan (just as they did Reagan himself, while he whupped ‘em at every turn), a woman who is going to “whup ‘em,’ in the 2012 election while Clinton bozos say “The Reagan era has been completely destroyed.” They wish. The “Clinton era” will NEVER be destroyed because it is based on basic VALUES. (Just common sense)

Democrat Looters Agree

I was happy when Democrats were fighting amongst themselves on how to loot Americans by taking over the health system, because as long as they were arguing, nothing was getting done. Now they agree, and soon they will be looting us even more than they are, already. Of course, they’re still blaming the Republicans for not agreeing with THEM. I wonder if they even realize what an “opposition party” is supposed to do. If it always agrees with THEM, what kind of opposition is that? (Fox News)

This Is How They Do It

How the liberals con you into things. They just hit it, and hit it, everywhere you look, telling the lies they want you to believe. Even in the comic strips, where Doonesbury established that he “didn’t need to tell the truth, it’s a comic strip.” This strip DEFINITELY doesn’t tell the truth, but it tells the lie, again. Using a polar bear to illustrate the lie just compounds it, since the biggest lie they tell is about polar bears. They AREN’T “disappearing from the earth.” There are more polar bears now than ever before. But they’ll never tell you that. (Non Sequitur)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I will not bow to the liberals’ political correctness dictate that I not mention “Christmas” in my greeting to you on Christmas day. The whole idea of eliminating the word “Christmas” from a greeting concerning the birth of Jesus Christ is stupid. But then, everything the liberals in Washington (and other government centers) do or say is stupid, so I expect it of them. Whatever your religion, using the name of Christ in a reference to His birthday is logical, and I am logical if nothing else. I respect ALL religions, even though I may not agree with all their tenets. So Merry Christmas to all, whatever your religion. I realize that may “offend” some, but that’s too bad. Trying to limit my free speech offends ME. (Just common sense)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nary A Word

A Democrat member of Congress (William Jefferson, D-LA) was sentenced to 13 years in prison for corruption in office and the liberal news media uttered nary a word about it. If that had happened to a REPUBLICAN, they’d be “shouting it to the skies,” as they were when the Republican congressman was railroaded by a gay-hating cop for moving his foot in the wrong way, even though one of the most prominent Democrats in Washington is an ADMITTED gay (Barney Frank). This is how they “slant” the news. They ignore completely anything they wish to hide from the public while trumpeting that which advances their “template.” The Republican had to resign after the news media attacked him for what they called "soliciting gay sex" while doing not much of anything to Barney when it was discovered his boyfriend was running a gay whorehouse out of his apartment. He said he didn't know about it. Do you believe that? (Brent Baker)

Fleecing America

When communism “collapsed” in Russia (the same people are "in charge," they just SAY they're not communists any more), a lot of communists in this country were out of work. So they adopted radical environmentalism as their “religion” instead. The whole purpose of radical environmentalism is “fleecing” America, both as to rights, and the money to make it happen. The “dog and pony show” held in Copenhagen, Denmark, is designed to make that happen. They used 4,000 limousines and 140 private jets with all that “carbon” shot into the air for all those people to get there (at somebody else’s expense, of course) instead of teleconferencing. If anything comes of it, it is YOU that is going to foot the bill while your country’s economy is coming down around your ears. (Investor’s Business Daily)

"Warmest Decade On Record"

That’s what the UN says about the 20th Century, in spite of the undeniable evidence that they have been falsifying the “evidence” for years, to disguise the fact that the globe has NOT been warming since 2000. So what? So it was warming during the 20th Century. But we didn’t cause it to warm. It takes a lot of arrogance to believe that puny man could have much of an effect on the temperature of this globe. The warming and cooling is CYCLICAL. The SUN is the biggest cause of the cycles. It doesn’t matter if the globe IS warming or cooling. It’s a natural phenomena. We can’t affect it. So why spend so much money trying? Because it makes people like AlGore into a billionaire, that’s why. (Yahoo News/AP)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

They're Frightened

The liberals will always tell you who scares them the most. They’re the ones they ridicule the most often, and the ones who get pilloried on “Saturday Night Live” the most often. The ones liberal “news” hosts go out of their way to insult and make fun of. David Brooks, for instance, calls Sarah Palin “a joke,” in hopes that voters will believe him and ignore her in the 2012 election. But that’s not going to happen as more and more Americans wake up and pay attention to the “steal-fest” that’s going on in Washington. Obama and his criminal friends think they can rape America and we won’t notice. But he’s wrong. America IS noticing, as shown by his sinking approval numbers. I’d bet even the lady who told me she liked Obama and didn’t want to hear anything against him is waking up. She’s mostly a smart lady, and he can’t fool her for much longer. (Media Research Center)

It's Never About Race

Unless somebody’s criticizing Obama. Not when a black man walks into a restaurant and murders four white cops, it isn’t. Not a peep in the media about it being a possible “hate crime.” But if other cops had shot the black man down, THEY would have been called racist. At least, his killing was so obviously self-defense on the part of the hero cop who killed him that it would be hard to do so; but don’t be surprised if one or more of the “race swindlers,” such as Jesse Jackson or ”Calypso Louie” Farrakhan try it. (Just common sense)

"Vicious Lies"

The Democrats say there have been more “vicious lies” told about Obama than about any president in recent memory. What a load of crap! What has been said about Obama is nothing but truth. I’d like to see them give me some examples of what they SAY are lies. Compare that to the lies they told about Reagan and both Bushes and you have the proof of THEIR lies. Obama and his “gang of thieves” haven’t told a “truth” since they emerged from the “Chicago Ooze” before the 2008 election. They wouldn’t know how. Now they’re gaily stealing everything we have under the guise of “fixing” the problems THEY created to get elected while blaming it on Republicans. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shame, Shame, Shame!

Democrats cry ”shame” at the Republican efforts to at least slow down their efforts to screw this entire country, but they didn’t call “shame” when Democrats were FILIBUSTERING Bush’s Supreme Court nominees. It’s funny. They call “shame” when Republicans use the very same tactics THEY used in the past. Either they have no memory of that, or no shame at all Do they really think we don’t remember this? How stupid are they? (Media Research Center)

Not Even With Help

Can the deadbeats the Democrat’s “Citizen Reinvestment Act of 1986” was SUPPOSED to “help” pay their mortgages? Liberals passed this insane law to guarantee the election of Democrats in 2008 and it did. The Democrats “took over” the government after the “safety valves” they also created (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) were tripped, just before the election. Now they say they’re trying to solve the financial problems they created, but every action they take only makes it worse. All this has done (besides give us this insane bunch of incompetent jerks now in office) is show us, again, how incompetent liberals (Democrats) are to govern while giving THEM another chance to make this into a socialist nation whether we like it or not. Fully 25% of those who have received "help" from Obama's government are STILL behind on their mortgages and many are just "walking away" from them. (CNN Money)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It Isn't "Politics"

The liberals tell you that their policies (mostly the health care swindle, but including AlGore’s global warming swindle and others) are having problems because the "Republican PR machine” has convinced more people to be against it. In truth THEIR “PR machine” has failed. The media has lost its monopoly on what news gets out. Now, more and more people are finding out what the liberal policies MEAN to them, and they want no part of it. THAT’S why they’re against them. You don’t have to be a conservative to be against them. You just have to realize how they’re conning you out of your socks with everything they do. (Just common sense)

What Is A "Truther?"

Is a “truther” someone who insists on hearing the TRUTH? What is there to ridicule about that, unless you’re lying and don’t want someone to insist on the truth? They call people who insist on Obama proving he IS actually qualified to be president a “birther.” What is that? They call us names to keep us from questioning their lies. Climate liars call us names to keep from having to answer our important questions while they continue to lie to us about “global warming” or “climate change,” as they now call it because the globe stopped warming in 2000. This is so typical liberal that I’m surprised more people don’t notice it. (News Busters)

What Does THAT Have to Do With It?

Rachel Maddow actually showed a picture of one man “teabagging” another to illustrate her disdain for the “Tea Parties. So she has disdain for them. So what. Who cares what she thinks, anyway? It’s a typical liberal putdown. A "low blow." This is the kind of thing you can expect from liberals; the lowest common denominator, and something that only SOUNDS similar but has nothing to do with anything. They never try to argue against facts. They just insult and degrade you in the sickest possible way, hoping you’ll forget the facts. (If a conservative tried that, Liberals would still be screaming about it ten years from now). They can put it out, but they can't take it. (Rachel Maddow)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obama Hates Business

Even though private enterprise is what makes this economy run. There’s nothing about the “private sector” he likes. He has vowed to BANKRUPT the coal industry, which SUPPORTS the energy business. Without it, we have NO electricity and would be living in unlighted huts, like his brother. We would all be living at the expense of others in a socialist nation (and non-workers would be living at the expense of those of us who work). He constantly craps on Wall street, where ALL the money that create the opportunities that create jobs comes from. He criticizes the drug companies that invest BILLIONS in every new medicine, because of federal regulations that costs them a lot of money to bring it to market. He doesn't talk about that when he talks about "overpriced drugs." He wants to LIMIT how much can be made by ALL executives; no matter how much money they bring to their companies. He thinks he has the ability to RUN such companies, but he has never demonstrated an ability to do so.

Everything he has done or suggested makes the economy WORSE. Unemployment continues to go up, while he makes excuses and “crows” about ANY 2% temporary improvement, trying to make us think it is a “signal” that the economy is getting better when it isn’t. This guy is one of the best con men who ever conned his way into the presidency. Now he intends to use his election to make himself into a dictator if he can. Meanwhile, like most politicians, he is becoming a millionaire. He hates profit, even though profit is absolutely NECESSARY for this country to continue to exist. We must make a profit for him to have anything to LOOT from us. Profit is the lubrication that makes this country (and the world) work. Communist China keeps its citizens from making a profit, but IT makes a profit when it sells the fruits of their labor to other countries. (Just common sense)

We'd Be Speaking German Now

A writer asks “What if we fought the Nazis like we are fighting the Taliban and other Islamic terrorists?” That’s a simple answer: “Ver shlaben hagen?” Oh; I forgot. We didn’t. And we won. And that’s the last real war we won because most others have been fought under “rules of engagement” dictated by incompetent (liberal) Democrats. Those wars COULD have been won, but the politicians lost them for us with their stupid policies. (Diana West)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's WRONG With These People?

Several weeks ago, Nidal Hassan screamed, “Allah Akbar!” as he opened fire on unarmed soldiers just back from deployment. Earlier, he advocated beheading all Infidels (people who don’t believe the way HE does) and pouring boiling oil down their throats. He had business cards with “SOA” (“Soldier of Allah”) printed on them; he contacted several Jihad web sites and exchanged e-mails with a radical Islamic cleric in Yemen. Killing George tiller was a terrorist act; killing a census taker in Kentucky was, too (even though it was later found to be an insurance scam); but people who suggest Ft. Hood is an Islamic terrorist act are dismissed as “racist cranks” and should be forced to take a sensitivity class. Keith Olberman (MSNBC) says Ft. Hood couldn’t have happened because of all the armed people on military bases. Apparently he is ignorant of the fact that military bases are “gun-free zones” except for some on duty personnel who are armed. Olbermann has again embarrassed himself by his ignorance, as have many other dedicated liberal newspeople. (Ann Coulter)

Only Temporary

The unemployment numbers have gone down. “Slightly.” Liberals are hailing that as the “success of the president’s plan.” But it is not. The highest increase is in temporary workers, most hired for the Christmas season—Oh! I forgot. We’re not allowed to call the celebration of the birth of Christ “Christmas.” It’s stupid, but what can you expect from the incompetents Obama has put in his government? This is the same bunch that won’t let us call the “war on terror” the “war on terror.” They want us to call it “man-caused violence” or something equally stupid. They just don’t want to admit we are at WAR with militant Islam. The only difference between Bush’s “surge” and Obama’s, is that Bush's was meant to WIN the war. Obama’s is not (He has SAID so, right out loud). He only wants to get ahead of the Taliban temporarily so he can “get out” and CLAIM victory. His troops are now meeting little resistance in Afghanistan because they’re just waiting until his “pull-out_ date. (Yahoo News/AP)

A UN Gun Control Scheme

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has signaled that the Obama administration would “work hand-in-hand: with the UN to get the global arms treaty signed. “Disguised as legislation to help in the fight against “’terrorism,’ ‘insurgency’ and ‘international crime syndicates,’[ the UN Small Arms Treaty is nothing more than a massive, GLOBAL gun control scheme.” Like most ignorant gun-control freaks, Hillary, Obama, and the UN still think criminals, whose whole reason for being is to breaks the law, will OBEY a law that says they can’t be armed.; when are these people going to get some COMMON SENSE? I, and others, hjave been trying to get through to these people for years. But they aren’t listening. They think they’re smarter than anybody else. (Town Hall)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A "Beating Heart"

Sen. Boxer compares the feds not paying to kill unborn infants to not paying for Viagra pills for men. What she ignores it there’s a little matter of a “beating heart” involved in the abortion question; something that’s not involved in supplying Viagra to men who have trouble getting an erection. I don’t see the connection between helping impotent men get an erection and killing an innocent, unborn baby, do you? How stupid IS this woman? And how quickly can we get rid of her? (Mercury News)

Down the Niagara River

The way this country is going is very much like drifting down the Niagara River in a canoe, now knowing, and not caring that a waterfall that will kill us is waiting at the end. People (like me) are screaming about it, but the occupants of the canoe are not listening. They’re depending on someone else to paddle the canoe, but when “dying time” comes, ALL will die. Nobody knows that, and all they’d have to do is listen, but they won’t. It’s a “self-solving problem.” When they go over, nobody will be left to warn. Those who “pay attention” will be the only ones left. (Prof. Thomas Sowell)

Iran Thumbing Its Nose Again

The IAEA voted to “censure” Iran for building uranium enrichment plants and not cooperating with their inspections. Like that “censure” means anything to Iran. Now Iran has announced plans to build TEN new plants in the near future. We need to bomb Ahmadinijerk, wherever he is, as quickly as possible. MAYBE that will send a message to the Mullahs who are behind him that building more nuclear plants is not a good idea for Iran leaders. (Guardian)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Obama Prays To Allah

In the White House. I’m surprised his people allowed a camera in there while he was doing it, unless he figures he’s so solidly in power such a photo can’t hurt him. He’s wrong. There is a move afoot to defeat him in 2012 and replace him with Sarah Palin. There is also an impeachment movement. I’m all for that. Almost ANYBODY would be a better president than him—or Joe—or Nancy—or Harry. Obama has the best insurance against assassination there is: all the people next in line to the presidency are just as bad than he is. If such a thing is possible. (Soda Head)

They're Not Paying Attention

A noted financial expert appeared on CNBC and said we’re in a “deep recession,” maybe even a depression, that the dollar is going to collapse, that there will be a new “world currency” and a “new world order” and nobody, not even the anchor questioning him, reacted. I don’t think they don’t care, they just don’t pay attention! That’s how things like this get by without the outrage it deserves. Obama has spent more money in one year than this entire country has spent in its entire existence, and THAT gets no reaction. Why? Because they’re not paying attention! He’s printing money as fast as he can, and that is creating inflation the like of which we’ve never seen before because you just can’t print money with nothing valuable behind it without making ALL the money already in existence worth less. That’s THEFT on a humongous scale! And nobody cares. Or just do not know. (Just common sense)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Terrorist Attacks Since Obama

After seven years (under Bush) without a terrorist attack on U. S. soil, there have been EIGHT such attacks or attempts since Obama took over as president. And you can expect even more as Islamic extremists purposely get themselves put in prison so they can recruit from among the misfits and screwups they find there. Prison is just one place where they recruit. Another is colleges, where other misfits go to “party” and are like ripe, low-hanging fruit to these terrorists. A good example is the five men who went to Pakistan to train as terrorists, one of which is known to be a college student, and whose own parents “turned them in.” another is the Ft. Hood killings. (Politico)

No Guarantees

The Declaration of Independence states: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." The key word here is “pursuit.” Not “guarantee.” You are not GUARANTEED happiness. You are only given the right to the PURSUIT of happiness. Liberals read this and see a GUARANTEE of happiness, and try their best to provide it. It’s not possible, but they aren’t smart enough to realize that, especially when their feeble efforts to PROVIDE a “guarantee of happiness” do not work out. They think it’s because they didn’t try hard enough. They didn’t tax us enough; they didn’t make enough laws to REQUIRE happiness for us. They weren’t able to convince us that they’re smarter than the rest of us so we would listen to their edicts. They just can’t accept the concept that if they’d just GET OUT OF THE WAY, we’d provide for our own happiness. (Just common sense)

Way Too Much

I’m getting real tired of writing about what politicians and bureaucrats are doing to us. The material is endless. At one time, I was worried about having enough material for my blogs. No more. I’m INUNDATED with material and have to “do triage” to figure out what to eliminate. That’s a hard job, because everything I come across is important. I just have to figure out what is the MOST important. As I get older, I lose energy and the list of things I cover gets smaller because I don’t have energy enough to sit here and type. There are just too many scams and schemes being worked on us for me to be able, as one man, to keep you informed on all of them. You need to do some of it yourself.

Don't; please DON'T continue electing people like Obama and his gang so they can loot us as well as they do. Don't just read the headlines and "buy," hook, line, and sinker, what your governments tell you. They're lying. They've ALWAYS lied to you, and I don't expect them to stop any time soon. Many people start out as honest people, but end up con men because that's what they have to do to get elected. One exception was Ronald Reagan, who REMAINED honest to the day he died. Another is former U. N. Ambassador John Bolton, who ALWAYS says the truth. The liberals "pulled out all the stops" to stop his nomination for that reason. He is not a Fox News analyst because that's all he can get in a world run by liberals. I think he should run for president if Sarah Palin doesn't, in 2012, or vice president if she does. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Feds Get 2% Raise

The rest of us are hoping we’ll still have a job next year (those who still DO have one, that is) and federal employees are getting a 2% RAISE. Social Security recipients (of which I am one) are not going to get a “cost of living” increase for the next TWO years (while what I DO get isn’t nearly enough), but the bureaucrats who decide whether or not we DO, themselves get a raise. How is that fair? Mama told us “life isn’t fair,” and she was right. Especially when you include the federal government in it. (Washington Post)

"They Hurt That Poor Terrorist!"

Three guys who captured the man who murdered several people and strung their bodies up on a bridge for the media to take pictures of are being charged, because this murderous terrorist got some bruises on his precious body in the process. Was he fighting? Did they look to see if these men had any bruises? Were they interested? Talk about telling the enemy we are “weak sisters! If I’d have captured him, I’d have beaten him to death. If he’d have captured me, he’d have BEHEADED me. (Just common sense)

ACORN "Dumped" Sensitive Documents

Right after an investigation into their activities began. The documents were found by a private investigator who went through their trash. They’ll “attack” that PI for going through their trash, even though trash, placed outside, does not require a search warrant (they're not smart enough to shred them). They won’t even TRY to answer the charges against them. They’ll just attack the PI who found the documents they “dumped,” as they did the videojournalist who caught them violating the law. Oh yes. They’ll also attack Fox News for reporting it. (Fox News)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

They Are Heroes!

Those Navy Seals who captured the terrorists who killed four soldiers, dragged them through the streets, and hanged their bodies upside down from bridge struts are HEROES! To ruin their lives by charging them for giving one of the terrorists a “fat lip” is a travesty. They should have given him a lot more than a “fat lip.” These people are TAUGHT to FORCE their captors to hurt them, and claim abuse. They should have shot them on the spot and hung THEM upside down for their friends to see, sending a message to them they would not forget; that we are not the “patsies” we will have become if we follow Obama’s “rules of engagement.” Waiting until someone is KILLED before firing back is plainly STUPID! What the hell is WRONG with the people now running this government? Maybe the Secret Service needs similar “rules of engagement.” But that wouldn’t work, either, considering who is right behind Obama in the succession list. The last thing I’d want is for Obama to die, considering who is vice-president, and Speaker of the House. (Just common sense)

The Great Global warming Hoax

Scientists at England’s University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) falsified data, destroyed documents rather than release them under the Freedom of Information Act, manipulated data, etc., etc. sure PROOF that global warming is a hoax, designed to “fleece America,” taking away our rights and forcing us to finance it by laying on many “climate taxes.” This proves what I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to tell people for years. But, like most people who SEE what’s going on before others, I have been ridiculed. Now let the ridiculers try. (London Telegraph)

The "Carbon Credits" Swindle

For a long time there I wondered how AlGore could profit from screaming “the sky is falling” over an imaginary ONE DEGREE increase in global temperatures over 100 years. Then I found out how much he charged to give a speech on the subject, and later found out about his “investment” in companies that sold “carbon credits” to people who wanted to keep on polluting at the same levels by buying “carbon credits” from those who did not. This “carbon credits” swindle is one of the biggest and most successful swindles in the history of the world (outside of Obama’s “too big to fail” swindle).

The “personal carbon allowance” in Britain will soon come here, and each one of us will be required to carry a “personal carbon allowance” card to keep track of out personal “carbon usage.” When it is used up (having been arbitrarily set by a faceless, nameless bureaucrat somewhere), we will not be able to function in society unless we pay some bureaucrat somewhere for the right (a right he should not be able to grant or deny). It will also function as a “national ID card,” something liberals have lusted after for a long time. (Common Sense/Paul Jacob)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

"We Lied, But It's True"

The UN Climate Chief says, “. . . hacked e-mails from climate scientists had damaged the image of global warming research but said evidence of a warming Earth is solid.” What the hell is he talking about? The “evidence” of global warming” has NEVER been “solid,” and these hacked e-mails makes it plain that they've been falsifying things. They really expect us to believe a big load of crap, don’t they? AlGore’s people are now pointing out what I’ve been saying all along, that global temperatures are “cyclical.” But he has a quite different “take” on it. He says that “explains” the fact that the globe hasn’t been warming since 2000, but his silly notions are still true. AlGore will go down in history as the second biggest con man in history, right behind Barack Obama. Gore only conned us out of billions. Obama has conned us out of TRILLIONS and the presidency. (Yahoo News/AP)

Mallard Again

As usual, Mallard Fillmore hits it right on the head in three frames. This time the subject is “everything’s racist if it’s against Obama.” This time showing how his “captive media” does a lot of the work for him. This is how they convince us of something: repeat it over and over again and “investigate” it to death. Soon they have us believing the lie and people will FIGHT you if you try and set them straight. (Mallard Fillmore)

It's A Fantasy

Funny how comic strips can “hit it right on the head.” This one does it nicely. Other times they miss it altogether. One thing I like about Crankshaft is that he has a definite flair with words. He can say more with a twisted statement than if he made any sense at all. I am a lot like him in some ways, but not others. I can always count on him to get right to the root of the matter. (Crankshaft)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I don’t know for sure that Obama is incompetent, or if he is “purposely incompetent.” But everything he does makes this economy WORSE. If he doesn’t realize it is his actions that are driving us deeper in recession and closer to depression, he is incompetent. If he DOES realize it, he is EVIL. He has not only done incompetent things, he has surrounded himself with equally incompetent people who support his actions, which every day, with every action, make this economy worse and worse. The American people, most of whom “don’t pay attention to politics,” don’t realize this, which leads to things like a woman telling me frankly that she likes Obama and doesn’t want to hear anything against him while another accused me of “slandering” our president (how telling the truth about him is slander, I don’t know). (Just common sense).

Comics Tell The Tale

Sometimes. This one shows a couple of really stupid “solutions” to AlGore’s imaginary “global warming” swindle the cartoonist has apparently” bought,” hook, line and sinker. They really oughtn’t give Al any stupid ideas. Next week there’ll be a speech somewhere about these “solutions,” during which three journalists who ask him “tough questions” will be thrown through the front windows. (Adam @ Home)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Navel Gazing

NAVEL GAZING: Scientists at the University of East Anglia are mounting an “investigation” to see if their scientists really did falsify the data they’ve been feeding AlGore and others. “The university said in an e-mail statement that its review will examine the e-mails and other information ‘to determine whether there is any evidence of the manipulation or suppression of data which is at odds with acceptable scientific practice.’ “ They’re going to “examine” e-mails that show without a doubt that they were heavily involved in the global deception to see if they really are. They still insist that these e-mails notwithstanding, their findings will not change their original findings. They say this BEFORE examining them. Does that tell you anything about what their “findings” will be? “The university said former civil servant Muir Russell would lead the inquiry. Russell said in the statement that he ‘has no links to either the university or the climate science community.’ " Yeah, riiight! The upshot is, AlGore’s massive swindle has been exposed and they are now engaged in “damage control.” (Yahoo News/AP)

Does He Really Think We Care?

Ahmadinijerk says he’ll “clasp the hand” of America. All we have to do is “throw Israel under the bus” and stop trying to get him to stop trying to get nuclear weapons. Does he think we’re STUPID? What has he got to offer in return? With Obama in office, he might be right. But there are still many people in this country with common sense, and with enough power to give Obama a lot of trouble if he tried these things. Doing them might just be enough to get him impeached. Frankly, I hope he tries it. That would be one of the quickest ways of getting rid of this bloodsucking looter. (IBD Editorials)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What Part Does He Not Understand?

We’re AT WAR with Islamic terrorists! That’s a fact! But one Obama and his “gang of thieves” just don’t understand. Apparently there’s a lot he doesn’t understand (or would use to his own advantage). For instance, he can’t understand how capitalism and the profit motive led this country to do more, and be more successful in less than 300 years than countries that have been in existence for THOUSANDS of years. He has been heard to say “Victory in Afghanistan is not a goal.” Why then, are we over there letting Islamic terrorists kill our young men and women while he spends more money at home than this country has spent since its inception? I don’t think the man is stupid. I think he is VILE! He will DESTROY this country and its economy and we will end up with a collectivist (socialist, fascist) government (the next Soviet Union). Hopefully, I’ll be dead by then. If not, I’ll be in prison for telling him to “go to hell” when his people come to steal what’s mine.(Just common sense)

Jumping to Conclusions

Obama says we shouldn’t “jump to conclusions” about Muslim Major Nadil Malik Hasan’s reasons for murdering 13 people in a “gun-free zone” on a military base at Ft. Hood. This, from a man who rushed to call a sworn police officer who arrested a mouthy professor to “shut him up” so he could leave this jerk’s house without his lip wrapped around his shoulder. Now he’s “chiding” us for “jumping to an OBVIOUS conclusion that Hasan’s actions WERE an Islamic terrorist act. What a stupid jerk this president is! We need to get rid of this idiot as soon as possible. Hopefully, some time BEFORE he destroys this economy and “changes” this country into a collectivist (socialist, fascist) state. (Ann Coulter)

Laughable If Not So Serious

“TEHRAN, Iran – Iran on Sunday denounced as 'disgraceful' U.S. moves to seize four mosques and a New York City skyscraper owned by a Muslim nonprofit organization suspected of Iranian links. Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the moves show that President Barack Obama's slogan for change was deceitful and he was no different from his predecessor George W. Bush.” This, from a country run by a man who was intimately involved in his country’s kidnap of hundreds of American Diplomats. What a stupid con game diplomacy is! (Yahoo News/AP)