Thursday, November 28, 2013

Still Fighting Eye Problems

Turns out it wasn’t conjunctivitis after all. It was something in my eye, digging in. My doctor took it out after almost a week of suffering under the mistaken diagnosis reached at University Hospital—which made it better. But here is still something in there she missed (it wasn’t hard), on the other side of the eye and I can’t get to her until tomorrow. Thanksgiving, you know. The article below was written just before it struck, and was written for today so it MUST go up.

Indians Didn't Save Pilgrims

The Free Market did. Yes, the Indians may have taught them a lot of things, such as how to grow corn. But that would not have saved them under their original system, which amounted to SOCIALISM. With INCENTIVE thus eliminated, many people didn’t work because they still got s full “share” of any bounty there might have been whether or not they worked. So many didn’t, and the colony starved. Many died, including the governor’s wife. So he set out to change things and return INCENTIVE to the equation. He let them keep their plot of land, but allowed them to keep and sell (at a profit) what they grew. This gave them the INCENTIVE to work hard, and they did. They grew so much there was a surplus, which they sold, at a PROFIT. The first Thanksgiving was not to ”thank” the Indians for saving them, it was a gesture of FRIENDSHIP to their neighbors. As with the story of Robin Hood (That’s another story. Robin Hood did NOT steal from the rich to give to the poor, he stole BACK from the nobles and gave what was rightfully theirs to the peasants), this has been lied about and twisted over the years by people who wanted to reinstitute socialism and the power it gave to a few.
 (Just common sense)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Can't Work

Sorry to anybody who has missed my posts to my several blogs the last few days. Last Friday just before I was to update “Ray’s Shorts,” I was unable, as I could not even keep my eyes open. I had to go to the hospital. Seems I have conjunctivitis, otherwise known as “pink-eye.” Some may think that is a minor ailment, in that it’s not going to kill me. But take my word for it, it is NOT. It can be very painful and debilitating. For me, several days later, it still IS. I still mostly can’t open my right eye, and it is hard to do this work with only one eye, whose movement effects the other eye. I’m hoping it will clear up soon and I can resume my work. Until then, Aaaaccckkk!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Texas Didn't Kill Kennedy

When a sniper took aim and blew President John Kennedy’s brains all over the back of the front seat of that open Cadillac limousine that day, he “changed the world,” according to legend. That happened in Dallas, Texas and many attribute that killing to Texas. They’re wrong: Texas didn’t kill Kennedy, somebody who hated him, rightly or wrongly, killed Kennedy. Kennedy’s POLICIES killed Kennedy, but his death has long been blamed on the State of Texas. His death has spawned a “cottage industry” making a LOT of money for people arguing about whether his death was due to ONE SHOOTER or several. The “Warren Commission, after much talk and spending much money, decided it was. It may or may not have been. But Texas didn’t kill Kennedy, WASHINGTON did. I had my own problems with Kennedy’s policies. They were the subjects of the FIRST pamphlet I wrote to comment on political actions, entitled, “I Am An Extremist!” It detailed the many things about which I was extremely angry” and lampooned the extremists who called ME an extremist for them. But my objections to his policies didn’t rise to the level of wishing him dead. Today, many have decided there WAS, in fact, a second shooter; that Oswald was a lousy shot and missed THREE times, leaving it necessary for a second shooter to fire the lethal shot and get he job done (I still find it hard to imagine Oswald as a Marine).

We will never know because the “investigation” into the Kennedy killing was one of the worst botched “investigations” in memory. Evidence was altered, the very AUTOPSY done on his body is said to have been botched, and the only man who really KNEW if there was a second shooter was MURDERED by a man who had some strange “friendships” among government people, before he could be properly questioned. Yes, his murder did change many things: for one, the president has never paraded around in an open limousine since. Presidential security has increased considerably. Kennedy was a liberal, as liberals were known then. Some of his policies would have made today’s politicians call him a conservative. One of those was to LOWER the tax base and by so doing INCREASE the “tax take,” an action repeated by one of his successors, Ronald Reagan, with similar results, almost DOUBLING the “tax take” in the following years until liberals managed to raise it significantly since, thus LOWERING “the tax take,” while bemoaning that decrease without ever admitting it was THEIR ACTIONS that had done it. Even though most of Kennedy’s actions WERE liberal, this is just ONE that I would have heartily approved of, though I was not yet sufficiently knowledgeable to know that.

I disapproved of his actions toward Cuba, including his attempt to kill Castro, though I am not, and never will be a Castro supporter. I merely thought his action in APPROVING the “Bay of Pigs invasion, then “pulling our support out,” leaving his troops to die, and creating a situation where we had to pay a LOT of money to get some of his prisoners released, though he and other politicians denied that ever happened. There were other things to which I objected, but I will not enumerate them here. Yes, I’ve been observing politics that long, and things have not gotten better since. In fact they have gotten “progressively” worse. Terminally worse, in my opinion, and that leads me to wonder why Barack Obama is still alive. Maybe it’s because only a right-winger would want to kill him and only leftists do that(maybe it is the specter of Joe Biden as president that is good insurance against assassination). They tried to convince the world Kennedy was killed by a right-winger when it happened (as usual). But it was not to be, since Oswald (his presumed killer) was a “dedicated leftist and known communist,” which somehow could NOT be hidden from the world. Progressivism (communism) was in decline then, and they started calling themselves LIBERALS to fool us. Liberalism is now KNOWN to be a “cover” for those who wish this country to be a COLLECTIVIST (communist, socialist, etc.) nation. Progressivism has regained its prominence as an “alternate name” for communism since its real definition has been forgotten.

Yes, Kennedy’s murder did “change the world,” but not for the better, because politicians have so messed things up since. We have slipped ever closer to becoming the “Soviet Union” of the 21st Century as politicians worked tirelessly to create a “collectivist (socialist) society.” Obama is the “front man” of that effort, having been BORN to communist parents, RAISED as a communist, schooled by communists, and mentored by communists. How could he be ANYTHING but a communist in his thinking, even if he might not be a “card-carrying member” of the communist party It is his collectivist THINKING that counts, reinforced, as it has been by his communist mentors over the years after his communist upbringing. His support for Muslims, however, is strange, if you didn’t know that Islam has ALSO been a big part of his upbringing, having been born (whether he will admit it or not) in a Muslim country and raised in Muslim schools. It would be amazing to me if he WEREN’T a Muslin sympathizer. All that aside, it is his ACTIONS that tell me he is both a collectivist (socialist) and a Muslim sympathizer who would make this country REPLACE RUSSIA as a collectivist “showcase nation” for a while, until it collapses of its own weight, as did Soviet Russia. Collectivist nations can NEVER survive for long because they produce NOTHING. Russia survived longer than it would have without America’s financial support..

They DEPEND on the labor of those capable and WILLING to earn for themselves to provide money and property to steal and redistribute to others, who are NOT “producers.” Collectivism destroys INCENTIVE, which is NECESSARY for progress, and that will kill collectivism in this country ultimately, as it did in Russia, though probably not in my lifetime. I am glad I am as old as I am (76), and will not live to see most of what is coming. But I am sad to know that my progeny will. I have tried my best to stop it from happening, but I fear I’ve failed. So I will just have to watch it happening until my time comes, which I fear will not be long, with Obama controlling the health profession in his ignorance. (11/22/13)

Reprinted from “One Man’s Opinion with permission.

What Liberals Beieve

“Liberals believe the Constitution gives citizens the right to an abortion, even though the Constitution says nothing about it; but they don’t think the Constitution gives you the right to bear arms, even though it says so explicitly. Bottom line: liberals don’t actually believe in the Constitution at all. They just want to impose their will on everyone else.” This comes from the Twitter feed of Bert Bartlett and is copyrighted by Dixon Diaz. I tried to copy it as a photo but couldn’t. But it was too good not to repeat so here it is. The only part with which I disagree is where he says the “Constitution GIVES us the right…” The Constitution GIVES no rights. It only recognizes them and guarantees the government must do so, too. I thank them both for bringing this truth to my attention. (Just common sense)

"It Happens First in California"

That’s the claim made by California advocates. But what happens FIRST in California is not always good. Like the way their anti-gun laws used to be written (it may still be the same, I don’t know) is that “Anything that can be projected at a person that can make him or her uncomfortable” is banned.) Now, since they are constitutionally barred from going after people’s guns, they now want to make guns useless by banning lead bullets. But what they’re too dumb to know is that lead is not the only substance a bullet can be made from. This is a typical example of how liberals “get around” that pesky Constitution.). They HATE the Constitution because, more often than not, it “ties their hands” when they want to make laws that further limit our rights. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's Not Racial Profiling

When most of the people who commit crimes in your area are Mexican. It’s common sense to arrest them and put them in prison. It’s only illegal immigration-loving judges like Murray Snow who think so. Unfortunately this judge is in a position where he can do some damage to people like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who ENFORCE the laws, FOR enforcing the laws. He accuses Arpaio of “profiling,” which is something that is very SUBJECTIVE and subject to DEFINITION by those accusing him. Unfortunately, this fool judge is in a position where he can hurt Arpaio—at least, until somebody with BRAINS gets rid of him. (Stand With Arizona)

Typical Liberal BS

Angela Giron had a “breakdown” on TV the other day after a disgusted anchor cut her off in mid-rant while she was claiming she only lost because her supporters “couldn’t make it to the polls.” Why is that? Maybe because they had “seen the light” and didn’t support her Nazi-style law any more. In any case, her statement is “typical liberal BS, making a broad statement without ANY proof, expecting people to believe it on her unsupported word alone. Her supporters, if they did WANT to vote, would have had no more difficulty in reaching the polls than would ANYBODY. “Voter suppression” is only in her imagination—or at least this election showed her own voter suppression didn’t work. And it’s common for the Post to publish this kind of BS without comment from the other side. Why they allowed it in this case, I don’t know. (Denver Post)

How Liberals Operate

When a vote didn’t go his way, a liberal Democrat just stopped the vote, while in progress. This is, of course, against the “rules of order,” but he doesn’t care. He wanted to avoid LOSING the vote so he “took his ball and went home” like a little kid. They were trying to pass another stupid anti-gun law and they were seeing that it would not pass, so they got mad and illegally stopped the vote so there would not be a recorded vote against their measure. This is “business as usual” for liberals. It’s just usually done behind the scenes. (YouTube)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Somebody Needs to Pay

And it's NOT "the gun." Remember that TSA officer who was killed at the Los Angeles Airport? He didn’t have to die. He laid there bleeding for more than a HALF HOUR before para-medics were ALLOWED to treat him. Yes, I know; the “authorities” hadn’t yet declared the area to be safe. But as a former para-medic, I know they would have gone in and done what they could even if the shooter was still putting bullets in his dead body. There’s no excuse to allow a man to DIE because the area was not yet declared “safe.” They should have MADE it safe as soon as possible. As with one situation I was mixed up in one time in West Palm Beach (FL) where a man was allowed to die because my ambulance was not the one serving the “zone” in a city that demanded ONE AMBULANCE in each zone. I was on my way BACK to my zone after delivering a patient to a hospital ONE BLOCK into the next zone. I could have saved the man’s life, but they wouldn’t let me because I was in the “wrong zone.” I went to the city after that and got the rules changed to allow the senior medic on the scene to order a patient transported regardless of “zones” and the bureaucrat in charge of emergency medical services fired. This situation is just as bad, and is foolish. It led to this man’s death. The senior medic on the scene should be able to treat a patient on his own responsibility as soon as HE thinks so.. (

Obama's Vendetta

Obama has taken out a “hit” on George Zimmerman. Basically, he has told law enforcement officials of the liberal kind that he wants Zimmeman’s hide and a lot of them have taken him up on it. They’re giving Zimmerman a hard time every time they get a chance and he seems to be doing his best to make it happen. He has a disagreement with his ex-wife and she lied, telling the cops he had a gun and was threatening her and her family with it. When the cops got there, no gun was found and she recanted. They still “roughed him up” and put him in irons. Another time he was stopped on the road and was again “roughed up” and put in irons. Now he has a problem with his CURRENT girlfriend and SHE accuses him of threatening her with a shotgun. You'd think, if this is true, he'd learn that they're "after him" and "settle down." I figure they’ll keep it up until they get something they can make stick, which will please Obama, the top mobster in the country. This latest one may do it.The media says Zimmerman is a “publicity hound,” but he isn’t. He only makes the news when some cop “roughs him up” and cuffs him for some phony reason or another. He has refused all requests for interviews and his lawyers do not return calls from people wanting to know about him. That doesn’t sound much like a “publicity hound” to me. It sounds more like HE is being “hounded.” (

Dad Charged for Beating Window Peeper

This dad found Dylan Maho outside his teenage daughter’s bedroom window naked and masturbating and beat the hell out of him. So the cops charged HIM with “aggravated assault.” What a bunch of crap! That’s what I would do to a fool I found masturbating outside MY daughter’s window, as would ANY good father. Somebody who would do that DESERVES a good beating not of his own making. Somebody who would do this is only one step away from entering that window and raping those children. What this father did was one good way to dissuade him from doing that while protecting his daughter. I'd have done the same. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Non-Disclosure "Agreements?"

Why are CIA people being asked (ordered) to sign non-disclosure agreements about the Islamic terrorist attack on the embassy property in Benghazi? Can those agreements be enforced? If so, maybe robbers and murderers can get their victims and witnesses to sign similar agreements, and enforce them. How is it that guilty politicians can force people to sign these promises not to tell what they know about that politician’s crimes? Boy it sure would be nice for CRIMINALS to be able to force their accusers to do likewise as it is for crooked politicias. It sure would make for a lot fewer convictions for the crimes they commit. Why do we allow politicians to do this? Because they have made laws to allow it, knowing they’ll need them later? (Fox News)

"Don't Mess With Our Guns!"

That’s the message sent to anti-gun fanatics who think they can “willy-nilly” remove our gun rights with impunity. They can’t. The two Colorado lawmakers who were in the forefront of making the most recent tight gun laws have been FIRED by the voters. They thought they could further limit our constitutional right to “keep and bear arms,” the means to self-defense. They couldn’t, and voters told them that in Colorado’s FIRST successful recalls in history. They still bluster that they did nothing wrong, and blame their recalls on other things, like low voter turnout. But the voters told them otherwise. That’s a fool idea. Hopefully this will “Send a message” to other anti-gun fanatics” who think they can “do their thing” without a response from the people. (

Spitzer and Wiener Lose

They thought, as Democrats, their sexual activities could be used as “resume enhancements” they could use to reclaim their political careers. Anthony Wiener, of the “wiener pictures” and former Governor Spitzer, who spent thousands on prostitutes while governor, tried to run for office in New York again, Wiener after being caught TWICE sending pictures of his “junk” to women. Both lost, BIG. Spitzer as Comptroller and Wiener as mayor. Democrats have, in the past, returned to win elections after such scandals, one of which is the former mayor of Washington, DC, Marion Barry, who won the mayorship AGAIN after being sent to PRISON. It didn’t work this time. (

Monday, November 18, 2013

Gun Law Won't Work

"On Oct. 1, SB281, passed by both houses of the Maryland legislature and signed by Gov. Martin O’Malley, will become law. This bill reinstates the so-called assault weapons ban, makes it even more stringent and adds other measures restricting the purchase, ownership and transportation of covered firearms in Maryland. While there are significant Second Amendment issues with this bill, such limitations might be at least somewhat justified if there were clear evidence that they would result in a significant drop in firearms-related crime. The problem is, there is no such evidence. In fact, most of the association between what have been dubbed “assault” weapons and violent crime is a mirage, or perhaps an extrapolation from TV and movie drama." Nothing more. (Carroll County Times)

This Is Islam

An eight-year-old girl was sold by her family to a 40-year-old man in “marriage” and died of internal injuries after he attempted to have sex with her. Local “authorities” deny it ever happened; not the marriage, nor the girl’s death. They even brought a girl to the cops who CLAIMED to be the girl in the story. They SAY they have EVIDENCE this did not happen but, as usual, have produced none. They SAY the practice of selling their daughters does not happen, but a law, recently passed, setting the age at which a girl may be sold for marriage at 17. But it was repealed soon after an outcry, saying the law was “un-Islamic.” So they can gaily sell their small children to grown men for sex. And Islam expects Americans to accept their ways. Damn fools are they! Of course, they’ll call me a “homophobe” for reporting this truth. And they’ll want to KILL me for it, too. (The Blaze)

Recalled Senators Defiant

It's obvious they haven't learned a lesson. The two Colorado state senators who were recalled because they pushed the anti-gun fools’ cause are still defiant. They say “We’ll win in the end because we’re on the right side.” But they’re not. Their laws don’t work. All they do is penalize honest, reliable gun owners for wanting to have the means to self-defense, a gun, while still allowing it to be easy for criminals to obtain theirs illegally. They’re now talking about the governor being recalled next. They’re “sending a message” to the anti-gun zealots that their gun rights will NOT be messed with. Colorado Governor Hickenlooper better start listening, or he WILL be the next to be recalled. He has added MILLIONS of dollars in taxes to Coloradans and they don’t like that. To mess with their gun rights on top of that can mean his political death. He “came out of nowhere” and became Denver’s mayor, then was elected governor. He can go back to obscurity just as quickly.(The Blaze)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Blaming Fox--As Usual

Ezekial Emmanuel (brother of Rahm Emmanuel, former Obama Chief of Staff) and a principal architect of ObamaCare, came right out, in an interview with Megan Kelly and said, “You and your colleagues were constantly criticizing, trying to underfund it and trying to make sure it didn’t work.” One problem with that. It IS, and HAS BEEN a “trainwreck,” from the "gitgo," even before Fox and others told us it was (the truth). They didn’t cause it to fail, they just told Americans it DID, which cannot be said for the liberal media. She dismissed what he said sarcastically. I don’t know why she didn’t just fart on him. She’s known for farting on the air as well as telling the truth that liberals avoid like the plague. (News Busters)

Interesting Comparison

The organizers of the “Million Muslim March” were sorely disappointed by the fact that only a few hundred showed up. But it’s a “whole different animal” when you talk about the “2 Million Bikers march on Washington” where there are bikes and riders as far as the eye can see. But you won’t see anything about it in the liberal media because Obama has decreed it so. Not even on Fox, for some reason. Meanwhile, Obama and his accomplices are STILL refusing to allow Congress to talk to Benghazi survivors while Republicans (Why only Republicans? Because Democrats aren’t interested) are talking about issuing subpoenas. I’ll believe it when I see it. (The Blaze)

Legislative Stupidity

In Iowa, they want to allow the BLIND to carry guns. They say “discriminating” against people who can’t see is in violation of the “Americans With Disabilities Act.” That’s a stupid as forcing banks to put Braille on DRIVE-UP WINDOWS to accommodate blind DRIVERS! And they DO it! Can you imagine a blind person trying to hit a target that he can’t even SEE? I wouldn’t want to be anywhere in range of his gun. They keep honest, responsible people from having the means to self defense, but they want to allow people who can’t SEE to have guns! Damn, we (not me) have really elected some STUPID politicians! (The RAW Story)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Putting Toothpaste Back in the Tube

After spending three years getting Obamacare started, running into a “brick wall” and not being able to get it done, Obama has just told the insurance industry they now have THIRTY DAYS to “turn it all around” and UN-cancel millions of insurance policies they were FORCED to cancel because they “didn’t meet the guidelines (orders) given them by Obama. It can’t be done, and WON’T be done. Can you imagine how much it will cost THEM (not Obama) to do the paperwork (pay all the workers, buy all the printing and postage) to send out millions of letters notifying policyholders? Consequently, they will get the blame when it doesn’t happen and Obama will be able to continue to blame others for his own shortcomings, make them do all the work and spend all the money while “coming up smelling like a rose” while screwing everybody else. (Just common sense)

Did You See This?

A black man shouting “I hate white people” beat a white man to death (or at least brain dead) and what did you see about it in the liberal media? NOTHING. A black man killing a white man and shouting that he hated white people just doesn’t fit their narrative so they don’t report it. But if a WHITE man did the same thing to a BLACK man, it’d be splashed all over the liberal media for a week. The UN is putting pressure on for the feds to “investigate the Zimmerman killing of a black thug who was trying to kill him as a “hate crime,” but they couldn’t care less about this. Of course, I’m a racist for bringing this to your attention. Too bad this white man didn't have a gun. Maybe he could have been the next George Zimmerman. (Last Resistance)

Terrorists Want to "Negotiate"

And Obama “took the bait,” just as they thought he would. Just SAYING they wanted to talk gained the release of FIVE top (murderer) terrorists. But don’t worry. He made them “promise to be good boys,” and they ALWAYS keep their word—don’t they? Obama has SAID he “has no tolerance” for negotiations with terrorists, but all they have to do is “express a willingness to talk” for him to “jump up” and let murderers go free to murder again to appease them. What? You say they PROMISED to be “good boys?” and you believe that? If so, you must be as gullible as Obama! Meanwhile, the liberal media in America is not reporting these releases; but they ARE reporting the “negotiations.” Do you need any more evidence of their bias? Yes, I got this from a “right-wing” source; but where else am I GOING to get it? The liberal media is more interested in Wiener's wiener. (Freedom Outpost)

Friday, November 15, 2013

"We Don't Do That Here"

That’s what Rutgers University (First Transit) “officials” told one of their best bus drivers who talked a lot to students about faith, and God. Then they fired him after he prayed with a wheelchair-bound student/passenger. They SAY the praying wasn’t the reason for his firing, but we know better. We can put two and two together. They SAY he violated an important safety rule ( he didn’t use the right number of straps on a handicapped passenger) for which he could be immediately fired. That’s a standard bureaucratic tactic: “trump up” something OTHER than the praying to justify the firing. Something that can’t be easily disputed. Students are rallying to get him rehired. Nothing was said about him suing for wrongful termination, but I think he should. Students say they all “enjoyed” being on his bus.” I think it’s a typical anti-religion bureaucrat “exercising” his (or her) limited range of “authority.” (Fox News)

Don't Mess With Our guns!

Two Colorado lawmakers who supported the passage of tough gun laws in Colorado have now been recalled. Coloradans are very adamant that they want to KEEP their right to bear arms. State Senators Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) and John Morse (D-Colo Springs) have lost their jobs over this vote. The NRA is for it and NY Mayor Bloomberg is against it (what is HE doing messing around in Colorado politics?). Surprise, surprise! The Colorado legislature passed several restrictive gun laws last year without ANY Republican support and the bills were signed into law by Democrat Governor Hickenlooper (I don't think he can be re-elected). It was an ALL-Democrat move and they will probably suffer for it. This sends a definite message to the anti-gun fools: “Don’t mess with our right to self-defense!” I predict there will be more recalls of anti-gun fools in the future. (

It Isn't About Racism!

Barack Obama notwithstanding, it is NOT racism for people to oppose what he does. He and his fools claim that EVERY criticism of the fool is racism; it is NOT. Their “reasoning,” if there is any, is faulty. If the American people hated him because he’s black, they’d only HALF hate him because he’s only HALF BLACK. But he CHOOSES to be black because in today’s world, it gives him an advantage over the ill-informed voters that voted him in—twice. If people don't like him because he's black, he’d have never been elected, even once. But people don’t think about that. They buy his fiction (lie) that people only oppose him and his piss-poor actions because he’s black. In reality they oppose him because he is SYSTEMATICALLY destroying this economy in order to con us into becoming a socialist (collectivist) society.

He figures if he can make capitalism (the free market) fail, we’ll believe him when he tells us socialism is the way to go (which it isn’t), but he figures enough people want a “free ride” (at somebody else’s expense) and won’t pay any attention to politics that he can fool us all the way. He figures he doesn’t need to OWN the money if he can control how it’s spent, and on whom. Then he can continue to live like a King on other people’s money as he has for the last six years (as this is written in 2013). Obama is a pestilence on the Earth and needs to be “wiped away” with the other “droppings.” (Just common sense)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Obama "Bad As Bush?"

People like to criticize Obama now as “being as bad as Bush.” But what does that mean? I don’t see George Bush as being a “bad president.” I do have my problems with him, as I did with other presidents before him. Like his refusal to allow stem cell research on government grants, for instance. But that’s a “difference of opinion on policy.” But people never say WHAT makes him a “bad president.” When questioned, they usually give as examples various differences of opinion on policy. That doesn’t necessarily make him a bad president. It takes more than that to be a “bad president.” Differences of opinion on policy are part and parcel of BEING president. What Obama has done is to violate the very Constitution he swore to uphold. Did this oath mean NOTHING to him? If so, what is it FOR? THAT is something that MAKES a “bad president.”

People who say Bush is a bad president never offer any examples of HOW he was a bad president, unless pressed. Then they offer disagreements on policy. Nothing there makes Bush a “bad president.” Was starting the war in Iraq that took Saddam down being a “bad president?” No. Those who think it was are merely stating a difference of opinion on policy. Iraq was a major sanctuary and training center for Islamic terrorists and invading Iraq and taking the murderous dictator Saddam Hussein down eliminated it. He went to Congress to do so, which makes that invasion LEGAL. Were there “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq? We’ll never know. He gave them enough warning they could ship any they had out of Iraq (which might have been bad tactics, but didn’t make him a “bad president.”). I can say that there have been some WMD’s FOUND in Iraq after determined search. I have yet to hear a viable example of WHY Bush was a bad president. If any of you “Bush-haters” out there have one that’s not a simple disagreement on policy, I’d love to hear it. (Just common sense)

Study "Finds" Common Sense

The Journal of American Surgeons and Physicians did a survey, and guess what? They found out that guns do not cause crime; PEOPLE do. Why did they need an expensive “study” to find that out? Intelligent people already know that. But apparently those doctors and surgeons are educated beyond their intelligence if they didn’t already know that. It’s people ( mostly liberals) who DON’T know that who will cause the demise of this society by DISARMING us to “protect” us. What is a bunch of doctors doing running a survey abut guns, anyway? They should stick to their own knitting. (AmmoLand)

Dennis Rodman Is A Fool

And he’s busy telling the world he is. Dennis Rodman is again making a much-heralded visit to the fat little dictator of North Korea to reinforce the information that he IS a fool. He says Kim is his “friend forever.” Unless Kim decides Rodman is his enemy, that is (Kim recently executed 80 people for owning a Bible). If Rodman has not seen the news about N. Korea, he’s been living in a cave. If he doesn’t know Kim is the kind of person who will MURDER his ex-girlfriend if his current one asks him to, he’s deaf and blind. If he doesn’t know Kim’s people are STARVING so he can build up a nuclear arsenal with which to threaten the world, he’s a damned fool. Does he think his actions are endearing him to Americans? Maybe so. But they aren’t. I think this government should revoke his citizenship and make him STAY in N. Korea. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

10 Pounds in a 1 Oz. Container

 That’s what Obama’s wishes in his health care swindle amount to. He told everybody they could keep their insurance if they liked it, then started MANDATING more and more coverage than they had (and liked), and expected the insurance companies to cover the new mandates without raising rates, which killed their policy under Obama's rules. Such as expecting them to cover “pre-existing maladies” and allowing their children to remain on their policies until age 26. This is damned foolishness! Yet it’s typical government bureaucracy: give them less money while demanding more performance. Except in this case, not allowing them to charge more while DEMANDING more coverage without allowing them to raise rates. And he wants us to think he didn’t see this coming. Actually, his plan is five years ahead of schedule. Those people couldn’t be really EXPECTED to lose their insurance do to the government overloading the insurance companies with coverage this soon. The crappy web site on which they spent way too much money (and on which they’re spending even more) just helps it along. Meanwhile Obama claims to be “above it all,” and as angry as we are at the fiasco HE created. The only problem (for him, he thinks) is his approval numbers, which are “in the toilet.” But he doesn’t have to run for office any more, and he couldn’t care less about other Democrats. His plan to take over the health care industry and thus control ALL of our lives is proceeding apace and I’m sure he is well pleased.(Just common sense)

Gun Control Myths and Realities

The anti-gun fools tell a lot of lies to promote their fool actions and the laws mistakenly made by lawmakers that are taken in by their lies. This article has been written to “wake people up” to those lies and stop the move towards DISARMING us in order to defend us: a damned fool notion. But one that prevails among anti-gun fools. The main problem is that “what you know” about gun control is not true if you get your information from the liberal media and you need to learn the true facts about the ADVANTAGES of gun ownership. Not hunting, which even PRO-gun people promote, but self-DEFENSE, which they do not. Yes, lots of people hunt, and don’t want to lose the right to own and use the tools for hunting. But more important is that there be more guns in the hands of honest, reliable people who can “balance out” the proliferation of guns in the hands of criminals and crazies which is not going to be stopped by disarming their victims. More importantly is that the criminals and crazies should not know which people are armed (as with uniformed cops, who can be targeted first). It takes a lot of truth to counter the lies told by the anti-gun fools, and this article is just a start. (CATO)

Why Not Here?

One of Obama’s many Muslim brothers is about to be put on the Egypt terror watch list. Why isn’t he similarly being considered to be put on a list of possible terrorists here, too? The answer is easy: he’s Obama’s brother and Obama’s not going to let that happen—ever. Not because he loves his brother, but because such an action would reflect poorly upon him and embarrass him. Nothing is more important to Obama than keeping from being embarrassed—not the death of his diplomats, or even the damage one of his brothers could do if he is not added to this list and watched if he comes here. Other people mean NOTHING to Obama. He’ll let them die as easily as he’d crush a roach if to do so will advance his agenda. (Patriot Action Network)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Communism In America

Communism (as is all collectivism, including socialism, Fascism, and Progressivism and whatever other names it uses to confuse us) is being actively PROMOTED by our president with his doomed health care swindle law (among other things). It is BASED on the Communist manifesto’s basic direction, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED.” The whole program is DEPENDENT on stealing from the young and healthy to pay for the health care of the older people who :”need” more health care. This is COMMUNISM personified, and if you don’t know what communism is, you’d better find out, quick! If we become the next “Union of Socialist (American) Republics,” which is Obama’s aim, we’re DOOMED. You can call this a "conspiracy theory" if you want, but remember this very country was BORN out of a conspiracy. There are MANY conspirscies out there, running all the time. To deny that is ignorance. (Just common sense)

Letter to Anti-Gun Fanatics

This letter is an attempt to overcome the very effective tissue of lies told by anti-gun fools designed to demonize gun ownership and make those opposed to it seem like fools, and thus not worthy of listening to. It is written by a doctor who is unalterably AGAINST restrictive gun laws that DISARM honest people while criminals, who obey no laws, get their guns easily in the back alleys of cities. He hopes to reverse the trend created by earlier works by the American Psychiatric Association AGAINST guns, hoping to correct the misinformation (lies) they have provided the world. Of course, he will be called a fool, but if you read this letter completely you’ll realize the real fools are those who try to DISARM us in order to defend us. (JPFO)

Obama Lies Again on Benghazi

A local reporter in Denver asked the fateful question: “Were they denied requests for help during Benghazi” This is his answer: “This is the blatant lie that condemns the liar.  The president says here that immediately, ‘the minute I found out what was happening,’ he gave the order to the military, the CIA, to everyone, to secure our personnel in Benghazi and do ‘whatever we need to’.” But nothing happened. Obviously he gave no such order. The State Department does no ignore orders from the president. He had SOME compelling reason that the ambassador in Benghazi had to die. Probably to cover up his “gun-running” activities in the region. The CIA had resources in the area but was TWICE told to “stand down.” This is absolutely a LIE on the part of the president. Why doesn’t SOMEBODY “grow a pair” and do something about it? Damn! He has his gall to say this IS a lie, with all his KNOWN lies. (American Thinker)

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Very Title Offends Me

The man has an active imagination if nothing else. He really believes that liberals ”saved America.” I haven’t read the book, and I probably won’t because the only way to back up such a title is with lies and misconceptions and I refuse to suffer fools gladly. The Examiner says about it, “Alan Colmes’ book, ‘Thank the Liberals for Saving America,’ is a Leftist’s fantasy about the philosophy of Atheist liberalism being responsible for the establishment and success of America and not Christian conservatism. He believes liberals, progressives, or one of many other names by which Leftists in modern America are called, is the philosophy that his the source of all that is good and righteous. The basis of his reasoning is as flawed as his philosophy.”

One of his ideas is that “the nation was based on a liberal idea.” In that, he is right, in a way (to begin with, anyway). The original colonists first operated under the collectivist (socialist, communist, Fascist) idea of giving each colonist a plot of land, to be held in trust by the entire community and what he produced was OWNED by the community to be distributed among them regardless of what they produced themselves. What he doesn’t tell you is that this idea caused the death by starvation of most of those first colonists, including the wife of the governor by removing INCENTIVE. It was when the governor changed it to let the colonists keep what they produced and sell it at a profit that the colonies prospered. This is the kind of misdirection this book includes, and that offends me.

He talks about FDR’s starting Social Security (you know, that Ponzi scheme we all had to pay into at the point of a gun that (maybe) gives us back one-TENTH of what we could have made in interest on the same money if we could have invested it ourselves and for which liberals are even now plotting to decrease the payouts) and other ideas like Medicare, (that CLAIMS to pay “up to” 80% but never pays even 40% of costs) that CAUSED most of our economic troubles. Most of what he praises is the liberal “giveaway” programs that have made INCENTIVE go away. The only things he praises are the SOCIALISTIC things liberals have done that are DESTROYING this nation’s economy by sapping its INCENTIVE. I will never BUY this book because I will not put a penny in his pocket to read it. If someone GAVE me a copy I MIGHT read it for comedy relief. (The Examiner)

You'd Have to Be Brain Dead

Nothing you can prove, of course, but not to know that Gregory Hicks, former chief of mission in Benghazi, who actually had the temerity to testify before Congress about what happened in Benghazi is being punished for it. He was “recalled” from Libya even before he testified, but his application for a new assignment has mysteriously gone to the bottom of the pile after he testified. They SAY they’re “working on reassigning him.” Yeah. I believe that; like Securitas (formerly Pinkerton) is “working on reassigning ME after I had quadruple bypass surgery” in 2005. Nothing yet, but they’re “still looking.” Took me a year to tumble to that. There won’t be a “remembrance of Benghazi” in this government because the people killed there are now “non-people.” I don’t look for Hicks to get a new assignment any time soon—at least, not as long as Obama is in charge. (American Thinker)

Stop Muslim Immigration

Not because of racism or bigotry, but common sense. Because he very act of coming here to live condemns them to death under Sharia Law (unless they come here to advance Muslim interests). Sharia Law forbids co-existence with non-Muslims (Infidels) under penalty of death. It commands them to obey NO LAW but Sharia. So the very act of living here subjects them to a death penalty under their scriptures. To live here, they MUST “co-exist with Infidels” and they cannot live here without obeying OUR laws; and to stop being a Muslim is ALSO a death sentence. So they can only come here to live with a very strong motive: to one day become more numerous than we (and they are very prolific baby-makers) so as to make America into a Muslim nation. This cannot be allowed, so their immigration must be stopped. And no Muslim should ever be allowed to be elected to office. There is no other logical reason for them to move here. (Just common sense)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Far From God"

Rev. Billy Graham said, in what was billed as his “Final Sermon to America,” I wept when I saw how far people have wandered from God.” And he’s right. But more frightening to me is how much they have wandered from REALITY. Some groups (subjectivists and liberals) even deny the very EXISTENCE of reason and logic; and they are LISTENED TO by many. Further, many groups go out of their way to PREVENT anybody from expressing their Christian beliefs while also going out of their way to PROMOTE a Godless religion, Islam. This is idiocy. The “religion” of Islam is simply a political movement PRETENDING to be a religion to be able to stop their enemies from talking about them for fear of being called intolerant. Meanwhile, there is no MORE intolerant “religion” than Islam. Their entire mission in life is to KILL Infidels, which is what they call EVERYBODY who doesn’t believe EXACTLY the same way they do, even other Muslims whose beliefs are slightly different. They KILL people who convert FROM Islam to other religions. Some Islamic militants even kill people who do not convert TO Islam. They kill women who marry other than Muslim men. They allow ANY man to BEAT women who show so much as a bare ANKLE. They are completely INTOLERANT of ALL other religions and do not even ALLOW them in countries they control. They allow their men to “marry” girls as young as seven and have sex with them, as their prophet did when he “married” an 8-year-old girl, then had sex with her when she was NINE. This “religion” is an abomination on the Earth and should be treated as such. They will want to kill ME for telling this truth about them. (Just common sense)

Liberal "Snake Oil"

Brooke McEldowney, writer and artist in the very different comic strip, “Pibgorn,” was absolutely right when she (I think, she) wrote about the simple mechanism of not calling it war when a president decides, on his own, to send young boys into battle to support his (that president’s) whims. The Constitution clearly states that he MUST get Congressional approval to "go to war.” But to call it something else such as a “focused military action” makes it okay without it. Typical liberal circumlocution and “snake oil.” But this isn’t the only place this system is used. Liberals in our government commonly change the names of unpopular programs so as to confuse us and "dance around” the law. They do it all the time and you have to be alert to keep track of them all. (Just common sense)

Black Teen Thugs Get Beat Up

They picked the wrong victims.They attempted a home invasion with three thugs. The people in the home took their guns away and beat them bloody and held two of them for the cops (Who got there way later). If you think the picture accompanying this story looks bad, you should see what his buddy looks like with his right eye swollen clear closed and other assorted bumps and bruises. The one pictured asked for bail because he “had panic attacks” when he was in jail. Maybe he should have thought about that before he set out to rob this home. I have no sympathy for him after the judge denied him bail, which means he and his friends can’t gang up on the witnesses to keep them from testifying. (NBC29)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Off the Internet

Sorry folks: my Internet was down all day yesterday and I could not post. It was caused by an upgrade my provider made that was “too much” for my old router. We had to get a service call and couldn’t get it until this morning. I now have a new router and I hope the problems are over.

What IS Socialism?

Many people don’t even know what socialism is, even though others are working hard to impose it upon us. My own SISTER didn’t know until I explained it to her, and she is now one of the most implacable enemies of socialism there is. It’s really very simple: there are TWO basic economic systems operating in the world: the FREE MARKET, and COLLECTIVISM. They are opposites in every way. You are operating yourself under one or the other, to dome degree, whether or not you know it. Under the free market, people are encouraged to “fend for themselves,” find a need and fill it, and therefore prosper on their own efforts. Under collectivism, they are encouraged to find someone operating under the free market who is prospering, and con him out of part of it, using “need” as a CLAIM on part of his earnings. Under collectivism, the GOVERNMENT does the conning, making LAWS and REGULATIONS to accomplish it, To do this, the government must con the free market people (the producer) into believing he has an OBLIGATION to give part of his earnings to the “collective.” To disguise themselves, they come up with all kinds of “aliases” hoping we won’t figure out they are one on the same, with only cosmetic differences.

Some of those “aliases” are socialism, communism, Fascism, and Progressivism, with Progressivism being a direct name for communism. There are others, too numerous to mention here. But these are the major ones. They keep telling us these names all mean something different, and are NOT collectivism. That’s a LIE. They ALL come from a simple saying that comes from Karl Marx, the “father of communism.” That saying is, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED.” This makes NEED a CLAIM on the EARNINGS of those capable and willing to PRODUCE new wealth. Collectivism, under none of its “aliases,” PRODUCES nothing. It is a LEECH on the production of the PRODUCER. Basically, it is THEFT of the PRODUCTION of those people. Communism (one of the “aliases”) was instituted in Russia and allowed to “run its course,” and it did. It only took 75 years for it to collapse when it could not compete with the free markets in other countries, such as America. In Germany and Italy, Fascism lost in a war.

But if they had not “gotten too big for their britches” and tried to take over the world, they would have eventually succumbed to the same thing that happened in Russia. The basic thing that will eventually kill ALL collectivist governments is lack of INCENTIVE to produce. Without that INCENTIVE, the government must FORCE people to do ANYTHING but TAKE from one another through the government. Dedicated communists say the reason communism failed in Russia is because they never got REAL communism. That’s just an excuse. They got as REAL a communism as they could impose, and it failed, as collectivism always will, eventually, when they run out of other people’s money. The basic thing you can draw from this is that without INCENTIVE to produce, people will NOT produce new wealth. That is the basic flaw in collectivism under whatever name it hides. Collectivism is BASED on the THEFT of earnings, taken from the PRODUCERS of new wealth, and that will NEVER work. Therefore, it is MORALLY wrong.

Meanwhile, President Barack Hussein Obama is trying his best to impose this failed philosophy (economic philosophy) upon this country. Everything he does is designed to “spread the wealth” (as he told ”Joe the Plumber” during his first election campaign). What he means to do is to TAKE from the wealthy (who have mostly EARNED their wealth) and GIVE that taken to those who will NOT earn for themselves. His “signature law, “ the “Affordable Care Act,” better known as :Obama’s Health Care Swindle,” is very simply “collectivism in disguise,” since it DEPENDS on the YOUNG buying health insurance they don’t need at inflated prices to pay for the higher health care needs (“NEEDS”) of older people. Without those young people buying into the program, the whole thing collapses. Everything else he does promotes collectivism in some way. Collectivism will never work, especially in this country, which was BUILT on the free market and the will to create new wealth (profit). It is the free market that allowed this country in several hundred years, to EXCEED the wealth of countries that have been in existence for THOUSANDS of years. Yet he wants to IMPOSE that “failed system” that has failed everywhere it has been tried, upon the freest, richest country in the world. (Just common sense)

John Lennon's A Criminal

And he supports “gun control.” At least, the kind of gun control that keeps guns out of the hands of his intended victims. We’re not talking about THE John Lennon. We’re talking about a career criminal of the same name, who is now touting the “gun control laws.” I guess he figures they can make life easier for guys like him by disarming his potential future victims—and he’s so right! Most criminals are in favor of “gun laws” for the same reason. It makes their jobs easier and they can always get their guns in some back alley somewhere from some guy who sells them out of the trunk of his car; and the tighter the gun laws, the easier it is to get illegal guns. (Examiner)

ObamaCare Is Anti-Gun

One of the relatively unknown provisions in Obama’s health care swindle law is the one causing the removal of gun rights from ANYONE ever diagnosed with PSTD or anything else, including simple nervousness; people who have served honorably in our armed services carrying guns and killing our enemies—heroes. But Obama wants to take away their right to have and carry a gun in their own self-defense after returning home safe. Most people who suffer from PTSD never do anything violent, but that makes no difference to Obama—it’s an EXCUSE to take guns away from a large segment of our population, the very ones who USED government-issued guns to defend our rights. He hides stuff like this in larger issue laws. (GOA)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Muslims In the White House

I’ve never seen anything like this. Could you imagine a German Nazi or a Japanese in the White House during World War II (You remember that war don't you?)? That they would ALLOW such a person to be a close adviser to the president? Mohammed Elibary, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (who are at WAR with us in several places) and is a Homeland Security Adviser to Obama says, “This is an Islamic country.” I don’t know where he gets that. Probably from his “crystal ball.” But such a man should NEVER be a close adviser to the president. To allow it shows Obama’s traitorous bias in FAVOR of Islam. That’s bad enough, but making it worse it the fact that he is not the only Muslim who is an adviser to the president. This president is so totally INCOMPETENT, I can’t imagine it. And that’s OUTSIDE of his ill-advised health care insurance issues. (Minuteman News)

He Didn't Know He Was Armed

The guy who tried to mug a man in Pasadena didn’t think his intended victim would be much trouble, and that was a mistake—his last one. His intended victim was a cop and shot him to death. Of course, he didn’t need to be a cop to make this work. He could have just been an armed civilian. But the way our fool lawmakers look at it, none of us should be armed and able to defend ourselves against an armed criminal. So if this guy hadn’t been a cop, he’d have been robbed. More proof that more honest, responsible people with their own guns would slow crime a lot. Either by putting crooks in prison or the morgue. (Pasadena Star-News)

Self Defense Is A HUMAN Right

Self-defense is a BASIC human right and no politician, anywhere, should have the power to deny it to you. Which makes what anti-gun politicians are trying to do morally WRONG. They all go around with armed security all around them to keep them safe, while denying the same right to us. All efforts to limit your right to own and carry the means to self-defense, a gun, are misguided and WRONG. But don’t try to tell those fool politicians that. They won’t even bother to argue with you on the merits. They will simply call you names and walk away. If you try to get a liberal to argue on the merits of ANY case, that’s what they do. They won’t argue on the merits because they HAVE no arguments and they know it. Their position is untenable because it’s the position of a FOOL and they know it, But they’ll never admit it. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dictators In Waiting

We have at least two “dictators-in-waiting” in this country. They decide what’s “good for us” and make laws to FORCE us to “see it their way.” Obama, for instance, wants to make it ILLEGAL for an insurance company to drop your coverage because that makes him look bad. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn’t like smoking. So he wants to pass an ordinance making tobacco companies charge a MINIMUM of $10.50 for a pack of cigarettes, to drive smokers out of the market. This is what dictators do: make an arbitrary decision as to what’s good for you or what makes them look bad, and BAN it. Never mind neither of these FOOLS have the power to do what they’re doing, they want to do it anyway. There should be a law made making such ILLEGAL actions by politicians in office grounds for AUTOMATIC removal from office, and imprisonment. That would make fools like these think twice before making their ILLEGAL laws. (Just common sense)

Homeowner Kills Escaped Shooting Suspect

What if this homeowner (who was not named in the news report) had not been armed when 38-year-old Rodney Long (an escaped prisoner who had already shot a deputy in the face) broke into his home in Bedford, Idaho recently? Rodney had already tried to kill this deputy. How long would it be before he killed this homeowner if he had not had his own gun? More evidence that responsible people who are legally armed can lower crime rates—by either killing or capturing criminals, rather than being victimized by them. Something ignorant politicians who spend their time DISARMING such people and making them “easy targets” should take note of; but they won’t. These politicians are too ignorant to notice any evidence contrary to their preconceived notions. Rodney will never shoot another deputy in the face. (Quad City Times)

No Respect for Life

It began with the Supreme Court creating law (Roe v. Wade) in the case that allowed people to use murder as a substitute for using a rubber. The respect for life in this country has gone down and down ever since and more and more people are dying for insignificant reasons, killed by people who have no reverence for human life. They figure if their parents can kill them before they are even born, why can’t they kill, just for fun? That seems to be the reason for killing in the case linked to here where a gang randomly shot a student dead, “just for fun.” Well, those teenagers who murdered him for no real reason will die themselves, but for a very good reason. They acted “for fun” and ended their own lives. All because the Supreme Court said it was okay to murder babies while still in the womb, and that decision has progressed to the point where they can be murdered on the table after surviving the original murder (abortion) attempt. Youth gangs are notorious for their disdain for human life. They KILL people to get into the gangs, and kill more people as gang members. They ALL carry guns illegally because most of them are too young to be able to buy one legally. This is a sad day for America, (The Blaze)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Muslim Fools Bray

Yasir Qadhi said, “Jews and Christians are filthy. Their lives and property can be taken in jihad.” This from a representative of a “religion” that condones the rape of a 3 -year-old girl. The MURDER of young women who so much as SPEAK to the wrong man, or MARRY the wrong man; from a “religion” that will KILL you if you convert to any other religion, which wants to kill everybody who is NOT a Muslim, for nothing but not being THEIR KIND of Muslim. A “religion” that APPROVES the murder of young women for refusing to marry the old men their fathers sell them to. Does ANYBODY with any intelligence put ANY credence in the BRAYING of such FOOLS? I’d call him an animal, but that would be an insult to the animal. Somebody needs to slap this big-mouthed SOB down. If this gets me in trouble with Obama, nasty break. I couldn’t care less. (Patriot Action Network)

Ex Navy Seal Gives Gun Haters Hell

The first thing he says is that they don’t have any idea what the hell they’re talking about. He brings out the fact that they all have their own agenda that has nothing to do with “gun safety,” but everything to do with DISARMING Americans so they can get away with anything without fearing a gun in the hands of their intended victims. Intelligent people know you can’t stop criminals (including those who wear badges) by making a law against what they do because they break laws as a matter of course. But the people who want to take away our ability to defend ourselves aren’t intelligent enough to know that. (YouTube)

Talk About "Death Panels!"

Sarah Palin was right about the “death panels” that would arise under Obama’s health care swindle law. But not as right as she thought. In addition to the “death panels” that already exist, Democrats are circulating petitions to require euthanasia (murdering) for senior citizens on Obamacare. And many stupid Americans signed them. But usually not old people, except the very stupid—only the very young and very stupid. What this means if it is adopted is that it will be a “death sentence” for people to get beyond a certain age. Not a natural death, but a DICTATED murder by euthanasia. I would already be subject to this edict because I’m 75, which is past my estimated time of death in Obama’s world. (Freedom Outpost)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sebilius: "Blame Me"

She says we need to blame HER for the abortion that is Obamacare. In the real world, she would have long since be fired. But will that happen to her? Not a chance. She has done, and IS doing; everything Obama wants her to do, just as Janet Reno did at Waco for Clinton. She was directly responsible for the DEATHS of almost 100 people, including 14 CHILDREN, and SHE “took full responsibility (absolving Clinton).” But did anything happen to her? Nope. She continued in her job until Clinton was out of office, and then went into well-deserved obscurity. But she never suffered ANYTHING as a result of those deaths. Neither will Sebilius if Obama has anything to say about it. And until we send him back to Chicago with his tail between his legs, he will.

Florida Sheriffs Keep "Stand Your Ground"

As liberals try and try to stop you from being able to defend yourself against illegally-armed criminals and crazies, Florida sheriffs speak out on “keeping stand your ground” laws as they are so Florida residents will not be required to “run away” when confronted with an illegal gun (while the criminal shoots them down). They will be able to pull out their own guns and plug the criminals. Requiring innocent people to “run” when confronted with an illegally-armed criminal is stupid; but it is something you can expect when dealing with a liberal, most of whom are irrationally afraid of even being AROUND a gun, thinking that gun will, with nobody touching it, hurt them. Florida sheriffs are smarter than that. (NRA-ILA)

Newtown Grandma Arms Herself

Unlike fool liberals, this grandma knows the best way to self-defense is to be able to defend YOURSELF. Liberals almost ALL think the way to self-defense is a quick phone call to people who have guns to come and rescue you when an illegally armed criminal attacks. It’s not; cops are usually always minutes away (except in Chicago and Detroit, where they’re almost an HOUR away), while that armed criminal is THERE. So the only sure way to defend yourself is for someone (you) to be armed, who IS there. Waiting on the cops to save you will get you killed. (AmmoLand)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

ObamaCare A Success

Surprises you that I would say that, huh? But it’s true: IF the whole purpose of Obama’s health care swindle is to DESTROY the health care industry so we would have NO OPTION but to go for a “single-payer” system, which is what he really wants Yes, his highly-vaunted web site is a failure. But that’s only a “bump in the road” to the success of the whole operation and illustrates the incompetence of the people running this whole show. They’re saying now they’re “bringing in the best and brightest” people to “fix” the web site, which begs the question: “Why didn’t they USE the “best and brightest” in the first place? Obama SET OUT to destroy the health care insurance industry in the first place, and the gullible people in charge there worked right along with him because they could not see beyond the higher rates they could charge to provide the things REQUIRED BY LAW in the program.

We’re seeing now the results of those higher, sometimes DOUBLED or TRIPLED charges added on to way too high rates already. People who could not afford the CURRENT rates are now finding them so sky high they will NEVER be able to afford them, and that’s according to plan. This will cause them to decide to pay the FINE (not a “fee” or “tax”) for not having insurance by a certain date and STILL not having insurance. This does NOTHING to solve ANY “problem,” But CREATES another; one that Obama plans to “fix” by offering the “single-payer” plan he wanted in the first place. Meanwhile, a lot of people will suffer, and some will DIE. But he doesn’t care about that, as long as he gets his way. Even if he DOES have to leave office in 2017, BET he will have fixed things so he will be in charge of the health care thing, whatever it is by that time. That way, he can still control the lives of all Americans by controlling their health care.  (Just common sense)

Saudis "Warn" the West

“We won’t forget your stance on Egypt.” What does that mean? Will they cut off access to the oil WE helped them find and which they “nationalized,” freezing out the people who helped them discover it? Or will they send some more people to take over more airplanes and fly them into more tall buildings, as Saudi citizens have done in the past (9/11)? Yes, our government (in the person of that ignorant fool in the White House today, Barack Hussein Obama) DID favor the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization when they took over the presidency when a top MB man was elected president in Egypt by fools who bought their crap.  Remember, it was similar fools that put Obama in office: not the “American people.” Just being elected does not make a person a good choice, which has been proven by elections in both countries. We need to get rid of OUR mistake, just as Egypt did theirs. Maybe not by the same method, but in some legal manner before he totally ruins this country as the MB did Egypt. (CNS News)

"Separation of Powers?"

Apparently Obama (who TAUGHT Constitutional studies in college) doesn’t understand the “separation of powers” written into the Constitution. He also doesn’t understand that the Constitution is the FOUNDATION on which ALL our laws are based. He thinks the Constitution was just a “suggestion.” It isn’t. It. Is. THE.  LAW! All laws must CONFORM TO IT! He thinks the “separation of powers” is a “design flaw” in the Constitution. He could NOT be more wrong! The “design flaw” in the Constitution is that they provided NO PUNISHMENT for those who ignored it outside of occasionally (if somebody put up enough money to oppose an unconstitutional act) being declared unconstitutional and reversed. Obama’s excessive use of executive orders should be punished and every other time he ignores the Constitution ought to be punished, as well. The Constitution is very plain about the fact that ALL taxation measures should originate in the Congress and be VOTED upon there. Now he thinks he can place a tax on cell phone users WITHOUT the participation of Congress, in any way. Damn, we need to get RID of this usurper of power and put his skinny butt in PRISON! (Town Hall)

Friday, November 1, 2013

LAX Shooting

It’s happening right now, as I write this. Early reports say multiple people shot by at least one man with a rifle at the Los Angeles Airport. Anti-gun fools will use this as yet another excuse to make yet more crappy laws that make it more difficult to get and use guns for self-defense. They don’t know yet if there was more than one shooter, who has been wounded in the leg and “taken out.” They STILL think the way to self-defense is to make laws that DISARM everybody but the criminals, who never have any trouble getting their guns. Stupidity remains among the anti-gun fools. Stupid people are too stupid to know they’re stupid and they think they’re smarter than anybody else. They deny the whole idea that ONE person in the crowd with his own gun and the will to use it could easily stop such a shooter who, in the absence of that person, could kill at will as people cower under benches until he gets to them. Politicians NEVER LISTEN to reason and some even deny the very EXISTENCE of reason and logic. It’s time we elected some INTELLIGENT politicians who can see reality and make laws punishing the USE of guns in crime and so make sure such people are in prison for longer periods. They currently use such laws as DO exist as “throwaways” to get convictions on other charges. They need to stop doing this. (4 NBC LA)

The Scandals Mount

Obama says the Republicans talk a lot about “phony scandals.” Does he really think intelligent people will BELIEVE they are “phony?” Obama is creating REAL scandals faster than any other president before him and he REFUSES to face up to ANY of them. Ignoring them is not going to make them go away. It will only cause them to remain and fester until somebody actually DOES something about them and that probably won’t happen until Obama is no longer in charge of the means of prosecution. The Benghazi mess  alone should cause Obama and Hilary to go to PRISON for complicity in the MURDER of our ambassador and three other embassy personnel, who BEGGED for help and got NONE. People ask and ask, “WHO gave the order” to “stand down” while they were being murdered? They get no answer, but we know.

Hillary might have CONVEYED the order, but it could have been originated by ONE MAN. That man is Barack Hussein Obama. That order caused the DEATHS of four good men and that told the Islamic terrorists our president was a “spaghetti-spined” fool and they could do what they want while he does NOTHING except maybe kill a few with his drones, mostly just to prove to people who pay no attention that he’s “doing something” while he is NOT. Then there is “Fast & Furious,” where Obama ran guns to the drug cartels in Mexico; guns that have killed many people, including some federal employees. He has been ignoring questions about that ever since it happened. The IRS scandal can be traced back to ONE source: Barack Hussein Obama. NOBODY could have given an order to block the applications of right-wing organizations for tax exempt status EXCEPT Obama.

No matter which lower-level people he blames for it, it didn’t happen because of a few “rogue employees in Cincinnati.” To ask us to believe that is to say he believes we’re STUPID. Then there’s the NSA spying scandal where Obama is listening in on your phone calls and reading your e-mails. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he was reading your “snail-mail,” too. All these, and more are REAL SCANDALS, no matter how much Obama protests otherwise. But nobody in Washington seems to have the gonads to do anything serious about ANY of them. So he continues to get away with it, INCLUDING ignoring the Constitution every day. I get tired of talking about Obama’s crimes while he goes right on with “business as usual” as if they didn’t exist. And then he insults my intelligence by referring to them as “phony scandals.” His “chickens will come home to roost” one day, and I’ll rejoice. (Just common sense).

Why Is Socialism Bad?

I’m getting very tired of repeating this, but I will again, because there are too many people in this world who not only do not know why socialism is bad, but don’t even know what socialism IS! My own SISTER asked me one day, “What is socialism?” I couldn’t believe she didn’t know. She know now, and is one of the most implacable foes of socialism on the planet. From that I learned a basic truth: many people have no idea what socialism is, and thus have no idea why it is bad for them. It’s bad because it is BASED on STEALING money and property from those who earn their way and GIVING, unearned, that stolen to those who do NOT earn their own way. Their basic premise is this, from the Communist Manifesto: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” making NEED a DEMAND on the EARNINGS of others, with or without their permission. Communism is but ONE FORM of collectivism. Socialism, Naziism, Fascism, Progressivism are other forms, differing in only the details. But ALL conform to the basic premise in one way or another. ALL depend on people who EARN their own way, to provide them with other people’s earnings they can steal for the benefit of their “needy.” This creates NO new wealth, and only sucks the life out of those who DO earn their own way. If you don’t know what socialism (collectivism) is, you’d better find out, before Obama makes this into the next “Soviet Union,” enslaving us for the next century. (Just common sense)