Thursday, February 28, 2019

Fake Hate Crimes

Liberals can’t find enough real “hate crimes” to promote to make Trump look bad, so they CREATE them. One guy even burned his own house down so he could claim a hate crime. Others deface various places with phony pro-Trump messages and scream “racism!” Meanwhile, Dumocrats assault people for having the temerity to support our president and wear one of his “MAGA” hats. One woman slapped one off a man’s head and made racial slurs against him. You know, those “white privilege” imaginary slams. ICE found out she was an illegal alien in this country illegally, and are now in the process of deporting her. She’d have done well to keep her “Trump hate” to herself. ANTIFA thugs who are afraid to show their faces regularly assault people in the name of “fighting Fascism,” which shows they know NOTHING about what Fascism really is. They think it is somehow a “right-wing thing,” but it is NOT. Fascism is but one more kind of SOCIALISM, as it was practiced. That’s on the LEFT, whether or not they know, or like it. And even if it were a real “thing,” they would not be able to do anything to stop it by assaulting conservatives. At UC Berkeley, one leftist actually punched a young conservative student in the face because he didn’t agree with his politics. The cops have yet (at this writing) charged him with a crime. The left CLAIMS we commit violence, but THEY are the ones who really do, whether the liberal media reports it, or not. (Just common sense)

Fighting For Your Faith

I don’t necessarily believe the same things as the management at Chic-Fil-A does. I have my own beliefs, and I don’t need to defend them against anybody. They are my beliefs, and nobody has the right to “take me to task” because of them. Chic-Fil-A famously closes their fast-food stores on Sunday, so their employees can rest, and, if they so choose, worship their God. That is their right, and I wouldn’t think of criticizing them for it, even if I may have different beliefs. The “sports writer” who tried to institute a boycott of Chic-Fil-A because of their “carry it on your sleeve Faith” is a fool if he thinks he has any chance, at all, of hurting Chic-Fil-A through his actions. The numbers prove it. Chic-Fil-A has continued to grow, in spite of efforts to hurt it. They gave up millions of dollars in revenue by closing during the super Bowl because it was on a Sunday. But that is their right, too. They are still one of the top fast food franchises in the country, maybe the world, and are still growing apace. That must frustrate that sports writer. Maybe he should just concentrate on writing about sports, and leave politics to those with a little more intelligence. (Off the Wire)

Gun Control Trivia

There are many cases of gun control ignorance. These are some of them. It doesn't make any difference that "bump stocks" are being banned. Inventive people will have them, anyway. You can 3D print them, and they are now making a "bump stock" for a Glock handgun. And I expect there will soon be even more out there as more and more inventive people design and make new ones. Yes, they will be illegal. But what "bad guy" cares? They just get them illegally. And there are plenty of people willing, and able to make them, illegal, or not. The stories about anti-gun fools showing up at anti-gun events with ARMED security are numerous, too. Now we hear of Ellen DeGeneris showing up at an anti-gun rally with SIX armed bodyguards. At an anti-GUN rally! And, of course, whenever a major (or often a minor) politician shows up, they will have a bunch of armed people surrounding them. Politicians are using any and all excuses to take away the gun rights of as many people as they can. In one city, getting a traffic ticket can cause you to lose your gun rights; and in some other places, if your marriage is in trouble and you see a marriage counselor, THAT will get your guns taken away. Seek help for ANY "mental problem," or just a "behavioral problem," and THAT loses you your gun rights in some places. And this trend is spreading, rapidly, because they seem to be getting away with it. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Cohen Dog & Pony Show

Apparently, they didn’t get enough lies out of Michael Cohen the first few times, so they’re giving him several more chances to lie before he goes to prison for lying. I had to mute the sound on my TV as I watched him tell lie after lie, based on the obvious script from which he was reading. How obvious can you get? The lies became more and more damning, again with NO PROOF of anything, only his unsupported word. The word of a PROVEN liar. I think it’s instructive that the chairman of the committee before which he is lying today has, himself, been impeached as a judge, for corruption. Yet he pretends to be “investigating” corruption in others. Cohen claims to have been Trump’s go-to man” (fixer) for a long time, but in actuality he was only a peripheral figure in Trump’s life, for a very short time, actually not doing much of anything important for him. Yes, he has lost everything, but that loss is his own fault, because he was once “associated” with Trump in some small way. Add to that, what he is “testifying” to today is a complete violation of “client privilege,” for which he would be disbarred, if he had not been disbarred already for lying to Congress. This is a low-life fool who is obviously trying to lessen his time in prison by lying about the president—and the Dumocrats are letting him lie, so they will have another narrative to pursue, true or not. (NBC News)

Child Protection Racket

I’m one of the biggest enemies there is of the “Child Protectors” because they ruin people’s lives over PHONY “child protection charges” and pursue them in spite of the fact that there is no proof any exists. Meanwhile, they IGNORE obvious assaults on children such as the LGBT parents who are forcing their FIVE-YEAR-OLD into “becoming a girl.” At the age of 5, there is NO WAY this child has lived long enough to make such an important decision in his life. To force it upon him is child abuse, but don’t look for the “Child Protectors” to act on this soon. Yes, I said, “his.” Sue me. The child protectors have their own ideas of what constitutes child abuse, and they have no relation to reality. But they have been given the power to enforce them extra-constitutional. They claim what they do is not “criminal,” so the Constitution doesn’t cover it. That’s a lot of bull droppings, but it seems to work, for them. This is one of the dangers of allowing sexual deviates to raise children. They impute their ideas into them. And transgenderism IS sexual deviancy. Don’t like my saying that? Sue me. Maybe a liberal judge will award you some money I don’t have to pay and you can whistle for the money. (Mommy Underground)

Florida Gun Show Record

They held a gun show in Florida, and in spite of all the anti-gun propaganda spewed by the anti-gun fools, they had record attendance. Seems most people don't fall for the horse droppings the anti-gun fools drop about making even more of their useless, ineffective "gun laws" that never work. They call these people "gun enthusiasts," but they just want to defend themselves. They want to buy guns, anyway. I guess they just want to be able to defend themselves, no matter what ignorant politicians think. Another gun show, in Ft; Lauderdale (Broward County) was canceled after deluded politicians there demanded it, "to show respect for the victims" of that school shooting. As usual, they blame the guns, completely forgetting that the "law enforcement community" completely dropped the ball in dealing with NUMEROUS "red flags" concerning the boy who ultimately became the killer of 17 people, mostly kids, and injuring another 14. Trump rightly advocates arming teachers and other staff so they can defend the kids in schools, although he seems to have "bought" other "road apples" dropped by the anti-gun fools, such as strengthening background checks (The killer passed one) and banning certain guns, none of which have been used in many mass shootings. The liberal media are still misusing teenage survivors of the Broward County killings, feeding them their tired, old, propaganda, and getting them to spout it. I feel sorry for those kids, but taking advantage of them as they are is crappy. (WTSP)

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Moving the Goalposts

Dumocrats, when they lose, like to “move the goalposts” later so they can win. We have used the Electoral College ever since the beginning to elect our presidents, and it has worked for us. But Dumocrats noted that they got more “popular (liberal) votes” in the 2016 election, but lost to the Electoral College vote. The Electoral College was put in to make sure the coastal liberal states could not determine the presidency because of the plethora of liberals (Tories) who live there. That is why they see a “popular (liberal) vote” victory, yet they lose the elections, which is exactly what the Founders planned. Winning the liberal vote in states with wide liberal residents is NOT he way they wanted it to work. Now several states (run by liberals) are trying to change all that, so more liberals (socialists) can win their elections, and impose their silly, unworkable ideas on the rest of us. The Electoral College was instituted by our Founders, and it is in the Constitution. It should not be made ineffective by “laws,” as liberals are trying to do as a “get around” the Electoral College, a constitutional institution). Colorado, for instance, has made a law to change how they count their votes to eliminate the effect of the Electoral College. An obvious cheat. Liberal newly-minted governor Polis is expected to sign it. Goalposts effectively moved, with a law, not a constitutional change. This is WRONG, and should not be allowed. (The Hill)

Taxing the Wealthy

It's just jealousy. They’re offering that old saw. “Tax the wealthy and solve all our problems.” One little problem. It won’t work. They taxed the wealthy up to 90% in the past, and it never brought in enough money to make stealing what they EARNED worthwhile. Truth is, there just are not ENOUGH “super-rich” to make that work, even if it were moral to take most of what they earned. Taxing the rich is an old, old, socialist scam, and, like socialism itself, doesn’t work. In New York City, the mayor says, “There’s plenty of money here. It’s just in the wrong hands.” WHAT “wrong hands?” The hands of the people who EARNED it? What’s more, what gives this fool the right to DECIDE whose hands ARE “right?” Socialists are always trying to “redistribute the wealth.” Other people’s wealth, not their own. The unalterable fact is that most of the liberal elites are AMONG the “super rich.” They just don’t want you to know it. Nancy Peelosi, for instance, is one of the richest women in California. But she “plays the pauper” to get votes.

Likes Muslims, Not Students

Apparently the Broward County Sheriff prizes Muslims more than he does our children. One of his deputies tells Muslims to "go armed" to defend themselves, but he PROHIBITS the school students from being similarly protected by arming their teachers and other school staff. This reflects the ignorant opinions of other anti-gun fools who think the cops can protect us when they can't) and prohibit us from being armed to defend OURSELVES. Police politicians are often anti-gun fools, many having never been "in the trenches." But the "rank and file," who have, don't agree, and wish more law-abiding people WERE armed--not only for self defense, but often to help the cops, too. My question to Sheriff Israel is, "Why are Muslims more important to you than our children?" Israel persists in believing the anti-gun fool LIES and wishes fewer law-abiding people were armed. That the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself. In that direction lies DEATH. But apparently he isn't intelligent enough to realize that. Or does he? He carries a gun, doesn't he? Apparently he, like many politicians, wants to be the only armed person in the room. When it came to instructing his deputies on how to protect those children, he didn't do much of a job, since, now FOUR of them proved to be "afraid" to go into that school and kill the shooter, for fear of "the danger" to themselves involved. (Weasel Zippers)

Monday, February 25, 2019

They Want Dumber Voters

Oregon can’t get enough voters to agree with their anti-gun fool policies, so now they want to reduce the voting age to 16 to get more ignorant voters. This is not a slam to those 16 years of age, it’s just a realization of reality, that kids that have only been ALIVE for 16 years haven’t learned enough to really know what’s going on. I know at 16 I hadn’t learned enough to be able to vote, and I can tell you honestly that others at 16 aren’t fully aware of all the important things—such as NO gun control laws have EVER done anything to limit, or stop “gun crime,” so why vote in even more of them? So those voters that are only 16 DON’T KNOW those laws do nothing, and more easily fall for the “brainwashing” that we MUST HAVE more gun control, and will vote that way, in their ignorance of the facts. This is how Dumocrats work, and anti-gun fools tend to be Dumocrats. It’s their thing. And they like to “move the goalposts” when they meet too much opposition. That’s what promoting voting for those 16 years of age is all about. Moving the goal posts. Another way they’re trying to move the goal posts is to eliminate the time-honored “Electoral College” method of electing presidents to make it easier for them to steal elections. (Bearing Arms)

Still Beating the Drum

A CNN reporter is now claiming that certain hand gestures made during the “showdown” between that phony Indian and those high school students were “racist gestures.” Boy, they’re really grasping at straws to make that phony confrontation into something real. I bet those “hand gestures” never were “racist gestures” until the very minute that CNN reporter made this claim. They’ve got to twist the facts to make this fiasco into something, if they have to say, “the sky is falling!” Further, he cannot even make a case that those gestures, real or imagined, were made by those Covington High School students. Remember, there were also some anti-semantic demonstrators there, too. In all the confusion, it’s likely nobody but him even SAW those gestures, if they even happened. That’s how liberals keep their lies running. Make false statements, without any kind of proof of anything, and swear it is true, to the death. Of course, the fact that the confrontation didn’t even have to happen but for the actions of an Indian activist who lied about his “service in Viet Nam,” and has been seen haranguing people at other demonstrations, to get attention. This one got him more attention than even he ever dreamed. (DC Clothesline)

We Need Armed Teachers!

Ignorant liberals (Dumocrats) tell us confidently that if we arm teachers, THEY are more apt to become "school shooters" than anybody else. On what do they base that? Their ignorance, of course. What they don't tell us is that there are already armed people in schools. Mostly street gang members, but also kids who don't want to die at their hands. But we already know what will happen if we arm our teachers and other school staff. Nothing. But they don't want to hear that. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. In ten states, teachers are allowed to be armed, and none of them has "gone nuts" and shot up their schools. In other places, teachers and other staff are allowed to be armed in their schools--and nothing has happened--not even someone ELSE coming in and shooting up their schools. Some of them even put up SIGNS telling potential shooters their teachers are armed, as a "deterrent." I believe that's not really necessary. It is the absence of the KNOWLEDGE that teachers are armed, and WHICH teachers, that can make all the difference if someone DOES try to do a mass killing in their schools. But it's a good start. Liberals say that teachers don't WANT to be armed, and they're right. Some are ignorant, that way. But nobody says ANY teacher who doesn't want to be armed can't remain a defenseless fool while allowing those with some degree of intelligence to be armed. Truth is, where armed teachers are allowed with "additional training," slots in the very few classes they can take fill up in minutes after being announced. Most schools don't pay for that training, and the classes are paid for by private money. It's time the schools recognized reality and put gun training for all staff in their budgets. (Slow Facts)

Friday, February 22, 2019

They Finally Found One!

Liberals have been trying mightily to find a REAL pro-Trump person who planned some violence, mostly without success. And they finally found one in that Coast Guard officer who they THINK was planning some attacks on Dumocrats and other liberals. He collected many guns and ammunition. The motion for pretrial detention revealed horrific details like how intended “to murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country.” Adding this, “The federal prosecutors described him as a “domestic terrorist” and “white nationalist” who kept a hit list of journalists and Democratic lawmakers.” Hoo, boy! That really breaks it! A “white nationalist” who thinks Trump is the “best thing since sliced bread,” and was going to do something to “make him happy” by killing as many liberals and liberal journalists (using that term very loosely) as he could. Liberals really think, in their stupidity, that this would actually make Trump happy! All this proves is that there are crazies on both sides. Most Trump supporters are not as stupid as Dumocrats. (Legal Insurrection)

Low-Hanging Fruit

They can’t get to Trump, so they go after “low-hanging fruit.” That’s why they’re harassing Trump’s one-time lawyer and his one-time campaign manager for “process crimes.” That’s what their “lying to Congress” and “lying to Mueller” charges are, many of which are merely lapses in memory, since the questions asked are usually about things that happened years ago. Now they’ve arrested and indicted Roger Stone, a multi-millionaire who is peripherally associated with President Trump. Stone says he “will not lie to stay out of trouble, as some others have,” and obvious reference to Cohen. One wonders how many more Trump friends will be targeted by Mueller and friends, and indicted for memory lapses. Trump needs to defund this “investigation,” otherwise known as a “witch hunt” before all his friends are framed, run broke, and even imprisoned. This is the method used in Russia, where socialists are still in power. They just say, “We aren’t communists, any more.” (Fox News)

Blaming the NRA

As usual, anti-gun fools blame the NRA for the school shooting in Florida, as they always do. Just because the NRA supports the Second Amendment and arming the law-abiding for self defense, they think it is NOT for "defending the kids." But it is. It wants them to be defended by people already THERE, unbeknownst to the shooter. The NRA knows that it takes MINUTES for the cops to arrive when some crazy dude starts shooting up a school or other place where legal guns are not allowed. Minutes, during which the shooter can kill many people. Police politicians buy all the "gun control" horse apples. The "rank and file" do NOT. It would be different if their laws actually WORKED. They do not. All they do is disarm the law-abiding, allowing those with ILLEGAL guns to victimize them. They jeer and make fun of NRA supporters, in their ignorance. They run out of things to say quickly, and begin calling them names. Disarming yourself is NOT the way to self defense, and you CANNOT expect LAWBREAKERS to somehow OBEY those useless gun laws. This is not to say we should do nothing. We should do something. But we should at least ATTEMPT to do something that WORKS. The one thing they forget--or ignore--is the fact that there are already MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns already out there, in the hands of the "bad guys." No amount of laws stopping the law-abiding from owning guns will stop, or even slow down, "gun violence." The anti-gun fools had better learn that, but they won't. They're "too invested" in disarming everybody but the criminals. (Daily Caller)

Thursday, February 21, 2019

"$1,000 A Month Dividend?"

One fortunately obscure Dumocrat presidential candidate promises us a $1,000 a month “dividend,” whether we worked or not. He says, “These are good times, so we can afford it.” Of course, he doesn’t even mention that it is the Republican president, and the free market that CAUSED it to be “the good times,” (not the socialism he visualizes) and if what he promises is put in force, it will reverse all that. Guys like this don’t ever think it out. First, if people got $1,000 a month without working, how many of them WOULD work? Second, with few people working, how would they GET the money to PAY $1,000 a month to millions of people? Things cause things to happen. If nobody is working, nothing gets produced. And soon they run our of other people’s money as well as goods and products, and the whole thing collapses, as it has in Russia, Venezuela, and soon Cuba. Then people they will have to LOOT will soon realize they’re being looted, and will also stop producing new wealth for the benefit of those who produce NOTHING. With no new wealth for them to LOOT, their system will collapse. But they hope to be dead by then. so do I. (Just common sense)

"Okay to Murder Babies"

In New York now, you can have your unwanted baby MURDERED, under the law. A new law recently passed says that, if a baby survives an abortion attempt, it’s okay to go ahead and murder it. Go ahead and bash it’s head in. It’s the LAW. I’ve always said that’s the real goal of the abortion industry that is miscalled, “Planned Parenthood.” Just killing unwanted babies, in all cases, even if it beats an abortion attempt. In a real world, the government wouldn’t condone infanticide. In this one, it does. It not only does, it vilifies those of us who REALIZE abortion is bloody murder. New York politicians say this is to “recognize and protect a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body.” which is a LIE. It is to legalize MURDER for people who have unprotected sex, to “get rid of the result,” so they won’t have to bother to raise it. They even instantly scoff at the idea of adoption, saying the baby “isn’t a real human being.” Which is another LIE. It has become a human being from the moment its heart began beating. This action on the part of New York legislators marks the day when they all became murderers. (Life Site News)

"Only In America"

The anti-gun fools keep saying mass shootings "only happen in America" because of our "lax gun laws." How then, did the killer in a church shooting in RUSSIA get his gun? He opened fire on a bunch of parishioners, screaming "Allahu Akbar!" as they left an afternoon service, killing five, all women. A police officer and a "National Guard soldier were also injured in the attack, according to Russian media. The attacker was shot and killed, although they neglected to say how, and by whom. Was somebody else at that church armed? They don't say. In Russia, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get a gun legally unless you're a cop or government agent, or in the military. So this is yet another example that laws against gun ownership for law-abiding people do NOT keep the "bad guys" from getting guns. There have been similar shootings in many countries, countries that similarly do not allow their citizens to be armed for self defense. Making liars out of those who say it only happens in America. Another anti-gun fool fairy tale. (BBC)

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Ruining Dairy Farmers

If you’re a California dairy farmer, you’re dead. You will be required to buy a “cow manure digester” that could cost you millions of dollars. It has been said, “All Things Begin In California.” And if that’s true, it will spell DOOM for the entire dairy industry as state after state imitates California’s stupidity by passing similar laws. And I’ll guarantee you that there’s millions of dollars in GRAFT available to the politicians in “awarding contracts” to the makers of these “digesters.” Of course, you will then be able to sell the result of the “digesting” of their poop to power companies to make electricity—IF you can find a buyer, and IF they will pay you enough to make it worth your while. All this is a result of the California politicians BUYING that global warming/climate change swindle. I say swindle because climate change is CYCLICAL, The earth cools and warms at intervals, all the time. There isn’t a single thing we can do about it, or HAVE done to cause it. Greedy swindlers (such as AlGore) have seized upon it to make billions of dollars promoting it. (DC Clothesline)

Democrats Are Outraged!

President Trump’s one-time lawyer is now desperately trying to get his already tiny prison sentence reduced further by LYING about Trump. Horrors! He is claiming (without proof, as usual) that Trump “ORDERED” him to cause some polls to be skewed, making Trump look better than he is. Isn’t that what the Dumocrats do on a regular basis? Do you really BELIEVE all those “polls” saying “all America hates Trump” when they elected him to do a job and he is doing it? When they turn out in multi-thousands whenever he has a rally? Something Dumocrats can’t seem to manage, to the extent that they must carefully control the camera angles to make it SEEM like they have big crowds. It’s really funny to me how Dumocrats get so outraged at the very thought of Trump doing the very same things THEY do, every day. That’s what they do: accuse the opposition of the very things THEY are doing. So whenever they accuse somebody of something, you can bet THEY are doing it. (Breitbart)

"Police will Protect You!"

"So turn in your guns." Yeah, right! They did a masterful job in that Florida school shooting, didn’t they?. How about Scot Peterson, the armed cop on duty at that school who went and hid when he should have been killing that evil kid? Ask the victims of other mass shootings who died in the first 3 minutes while it took the cops 7 minutes to get there with their guns (Oh, you can't. They're dead). Sometimes the cops can't even protect themselves. Just ask the cops in Colorado and elsewhere, who died at the hands of an ILLEGALLY armed criminal (Can't ask them, either). The cops themselves will be the first to tell you that they CAN'T be everywhere at once and stop all crime. At least, the ones "in the trenches" will. Not the "police politicians" at the top, many of whom have never BEEN "in the trenches," and swallow that anti-gun fool horse droppings. That the cops can, and will protect you in all cases is one of the worst fairy tales told by the anti-gun fools, while they're stripping you of the means to self defense while keeping it (often) for themselves. The amount of STUPIDITY there is in those anti-gun fools is breathtaking! They continue to blithely push for the passage of USELESS, INEFFECTIVE laws that only get people killed by DISARMING the law-biding, using stupid, silly excuses like, "If everybody has a gun they'd be killing each other all the time." Many people DO have ILLEGAL guns, and even THEY don't always go about killing people over trifles--unless they're street gang members who have to kill somebody for initiation into their gang. (WPTV)

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Cancer Growing In America

There is a cancer growing in America, as I noted I my first book, What’s Wrong IN America. (Available on Amazon) And that cancer is metastasizing, as Dumocrats cease to hide their promotion of that cancer. That cancer is SOCIALISM. A system that has NEVER WORKED, whenever it has been tried. It has failed, or will fail, when they run out of other people’s money, as they predictably will when the producers of new wealth realize that, no matter how much they earn, the government will find a way to take away as much of it as they can. Dumocrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others, are talking about renewing that failed policy of taxing top money-makers at 70% or higher. They really think that those affected will continue to work hard to earn that money when they know it will be LOOTED.

When that happens to them in large numbers, that’s when it will all crumble to dust as it has in Russia, Venezuela, and soon in Cuba, where the average age of the cars the people drive is the FIFTIES. Only top government “officials” (looters) have newer cars. Today they flaunt their socialist tendencies, and people who have been conditioned in our educational system to believe socialism is what it is NOT support them. If we don’t put a stop to this trend, we will be lost, and doomed to the same kind of existence as they experienced in Russia, for 75 years or more. In Venezuela, people are rioting in the streets to get enough TOILET PAPER to use. That’s what happens under socialism, as socialism produces NOTHING. It only LOOTS those who do. It only works until the producers figure out they are being looted, and stop producing. Then it all goes to hell. (Just common sense)

Don't Believe A Word!

Michael Cohen, Trump’s one-time lawyer, is a known liar. So when his original tale of woe wasn’t enough to “get Trump,” he came up with an even more outrageous lie: that Trump “ordered” him to plant phony information in the media by way of false “surveys.” Something that can be neither proved, nor disproved, but is now “put into the language.” The lack of any kind of proof means nothing to the Dumocrats (liberals), they will “jump on” this with both feet. That’s how they operate: come up with a phony story, plant it in the liberal media, who “lap it up” like a puppy eating ice cream, and then pretend it is true, never letting go of it. Just like they’ve done with that phony “Russian collusion” crap they’ve been pushing ever since they figured out they had lost the election in 2016. They’ve spent untold millions of taxpayer dollars in their effort to slander Trump once and for all. Cohen seems to have made a new deal with Mueller to shorten his already short prison sentence. The fact that we have ONLY Cohen’s unsupported word it ever happened doesn’t matter to Dumocrats. They’ll treat it like it’s Gospel and never let go. That’s how they operate. (Legal Insurrection)

Stop Abridging Our Rights!

The students from the Florida school that was the scene of a recent mass killing by a former student went to Tallahassee and Washington, DC to demand that the politicians "do something," ANYTHING to satisfy them that they will be safe in the future. Their heads are in the right place, but the things they are demanding are ineffective and useless, based on the LIES told them by the anti-gun fools. The ONE THING that will have ANY effect on school shootings (in fact, mass shootings everywhere) nobody ever considers. In fact, they ridicule those who even suggest it. The one thing that WILL WORK is allowing the law-abiding who have "carry permits" to carry their guns everywhere, INCLUDING schools. That will allow teachers and other staff to bring their guns with them to school, and the presence of their guns will be UNKNOWN to a potential shooter, so he can no longer single out and eliminate a UNIFORMED officer before killing any students. Anti-gun fools say those teachers and other staff "MIGHT" go crazy and become mass shooters, themselves, which is a STUPID claim. They completely discount the ILLEGAL guns that are already present in schools in the hands of gang members and other lawbreakers. That coach in Florida who "gave his life" to protect some students, if he had been armed, could have ENDED that massacre, right there by killing the shooter. But NO! The anti-gun fools will not HEAR of arming school staff, or ANYBODY else, because they "might" become mass shooters, themselves. Stupid. Those gang members also "might" become mass shooters. (Just common sense)

Monday, February 18, 2019

A "Set Up Attack"

Well, it now appears Jussie Smollett went to great lengths to con a couple of Nigerian immigrants into “attacking” him so he could CLAIM he was “viciously attacked” by men wearing “MAGA hats.” But the red hats the men wore were NOT Trump “MAGA” hats, but were simply red hats bought (by Smollett) at a beauty supply store. He even gave them the money to buy the rope they supposedly used on him! But he apparently didn’t tell them they were supposed to be arrested and serve time for the “crime” when he paid them to "attack" him, so they told the cops all about the plot. Jussie is obviously a “Trump hater” and wanted to do something to make Trump supporters look bad. He thought those Nigerians were too stupid to understand how they were being used, but it turns out it was Smollett who was stupid, and HE will probably be charged with a “false crime report” and do some time, himself. How that will affect his job on the TV show “Empire” is not known, but it probably won’t be good for him after this bungled publicity stunt. This is just one of many such attempts. Liberals don’t have anything REAL to use against Trump, so they just make it up. (Clash Daily)