Friday, February 15, 2019

"You May Be Disappointed"

That’s what the ABC thinks, anyway. They recently published an article with that title. Which says the American PEOPLE will be disappointed that none of the “snipe hunts” aimed at “getting rid of” President Trump have unearthed ANY EVIDENCE of him colluding with the Russians to get elected. Really? Actually, the only people who will be disappointed they didn’t find any evidence are liberals, Dumocrats, and other Trump haters who hoped against hope they would find something, ANYTHING, they could use to boot President Trump out of the Oval Office, hopefully being “perp-walked” in handcuffs, off to jail. Some deranged Trump-haters say confidently that President Trump will soon be in prison. That, with NO EVIDENCE of any wrongdoing on his part, while they IGNORE sure evidence that Hillary DID “collude with the Russians,” to get elected. A failed “collusion,” that. But collusion, nonetheless. At least TWO congressional “investigations” have ended with NO EVIDENCE found, and the Mueller snipe hunt crumbling before our eyes, as he flails desperately to indict anybody he can, who may have worked for even an hour for trump, for whatever he can get them for. Now we even have a new “snipe hunt” being started by a disgraced Obama-era FBI (acting) Director, Andrew McCabe, who is still smarting from being fired from that job and trying to get even. (Western Journal)

Socialist Bulldroppings

That’s all I’m hearing these days out of the Dumocrats. It has become obvious that the Dumocrat Party has been co-opted by socialists. Every time a Dumocrat opens his/her blowhole, socialism comes out. New York City Mayor DiBlasio says, out loud, that there is “plenty of money in New York, it’s just in the wrong hands.” That’s blatant socialism, if I’ve ever heard any. The money is mostly in the hands of those who have EARNED it, and DiBlasio wants to STEAL it. That is what socialism IS. The THEFT of money and other goods from those who EARN it, for the benefit of those who do NOT. The new Dumocrat “sensation,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to “tax the rich” up to 70% of what they EARN to pay her imagined solution to that known swindle, “climate change” (once known as “global warming,” before it was discovered that the globe was NOT warming, and hadn’t been for almost 20 years. Everything Hillary or Obama spouts is pure socialism, and they are the main driving force behind the “socialist takeover” of the Dumocrat Party. (Daily Caller)

Conning Frightened Students

The anti-gun fools are busy right now conning frightened students who were afraid for their lives in Broward County, Florida, telling them that the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself, and everybody else who obeys laws, while ignoring those who do NOT. The laws they come up with NEVER work, but they keep pushing them, every way they can, And those young boys and girls, who know NOTHING on their own (they haven't been alive long enough) believe them as they brainwash them. Liberals marvel at how "eloquent" and self-assured they are in speaking out, never letting on just how much they have been ":prepared" for what they're saying, by their parents and school "authorities." One such spokesman is the son of a former FBI agent, while it is well known that the FBI is one of the most outspoken supporters of gun control. They still think that lawbreakers will somehow obey their laws, while they obey no others. That shows complete ignorance, but they are "tone deaf" when you try and convince them of the illogic of passing laws that lawbreakers will NOT obey. (Gateway Pundit)

Thursday, February 14, 2019

They Just Can't Stop It

Since the moment it was known that Donald Trump had won the 2016 election and was then the legally-elected President of the United States, the Dumocrats have been “investigating” him. There have been 17 (now 54) “investigations,” so far, including one for each chamber of Congress, plus Bobby Mueller’s “snipe hunt,” and after more than 2 years of searching under every rock and crevice, not a single shred of evidence that President Trump did anything wrong has been found. So they’re “wrapping up” some of them while others continue. And now they’re opening yet more NEW “investigations,” still hoping to find something, ANYTHING they can use to unseat President Trump. The latest “investigation” is being pushed by disgraced former assistant director of the FBI, whom Trump FIRED, and who is looking for revenge. A man who was helping Hillary with HER “collusion” with the Russians. There really ought to be a way to control these investigations, making sure they are not wholly run by people who simply hate President Trump because he threatens all their little fiefdoms in his quest to “drain the swamp.” Just about ALL those pushing these various “investigations” are MEMBERS of “the swamp,” and they want to get rid of him, by hook or crook, any way they can. How many more “investigations” will ensue before they finally admit there is nothing to them? Probably as many as can be started as long as Trump is in office. (Business Insider)

The Mueller Swindle

They call him a “special counsel,” but what he is, is a “hired gun” sent in to “get” President Trump. To somehow reverse the results of the 2016 election. He has spent, so far, about $20 million dollars of OUR money in his effort to topple the rightful president of the United States. They have to know he would simply be replaced by his vice president, but they probably think he will be easier to dispense with. Mueller’s first act was to assemble a team of known “Trump haters” that could be depended upon to look in every nook and cranny to find ANYTHING they could “tailor” into something that could bring Trump down. The United States government is PAYING for an instrument that has been known, from the begging, to be the instrument for a “coup” to overthrow a lawfully elected president.

What is amazing to me is that President Trump is allowing it to continue when he could have pulled the “money tree” out from under Mueller at any time by “stopping payment” on his checks. Why he has not done this, I don’t know. The basic premise under which Mueller is operating is that Trump “colluded” with the Russians to get elected. That haven’t been able to find ANY PROOF of that, in two years of searching. It’s time they “closed up shop” and admitted defeat. But they won’t, not as long as the “money tree” still spouts money. It’s time Trump shut off the money supply, since it has been proven conclusively that there is nothing behind this so-called “investigation.” (Great American Daily)

Cashing In On School Shooting

"Everytown for Gun Safety," a top anti-gun fool outfit, is "cashing in" on the school massacre in Broward County, Florida. So far, they have gotten $800,000.00 in "unsolicited contributions" since those 17 school students and several school staff died in a hail of bullets from a gun whose owner violated the law, just by HAVING that gun. This happens every time a mass shooting happens. Gullible people who think banning guns will somehow cause lawbreakers to OBEY a gun law when what they are contemplating is violating a much more serious crime. Those people are just not concerned with a piddling little law that says they can't buy or own a firearm. And if the anti-gun fools were ever successful in getting all guns banned, they'd be "out of a job" and have to find a REAL job. But that will never happen because there are too many gullible people out there who buy their bull droppings. Like the poor, there will always be gullible people who really think banning guns is the answer to support these anti-gun fools. (NJ Herald)

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Michelle To Run?

The Dumocrat field of 2020 presidential candidates is a “mile wide and an inch deep,” and Michelle Obama is a “front-runner,” even if she (claims) she doesn’t want to be. She appeared by surprise on stage at the Grammys and the crowd of liberal Dumocrats from Hollywood predictably went wild. They predictably took that to mean that she had a chance to beat President Trump in 2020. She doesn’t. She doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Trump. There isn’t a single Dumocrat who does, and that includes their “throwaway candidate,” Michelle. The mere fact that she is even being considered is evidence that, to Dumocrats, NOBODY with any intelligence who is a politician wants to go up against President Trump and get “whupped.” So they put Michelle up, which won’t hurt her in the long run when she loses. She’s got the millions from her best-seller, and the notoriety of being the wife of a failed ex-president. She doesn’t have a “political career” to ruin. So she’s safe. She’s set for life, even if she loses—which she certainly will. (Legal Insurrection)

No Evidence Found

Two, count ‘em, TWO congressional committees have spent two years looking under every rock and in every crevice for evidence that President Trump collaborated with the Russians to win the 2016 election, and BOTH committees have found NOTHING. And that doesn’t even count the Mueller bunch of Trump-haters, who have yet to issue a “report,” and may never do so, because they have ALSO found nothing on President Trump. The number of millions of dollars that have been spent on these bogus “investigations” is countless. We know Mueller has spent at least $20 million, and I’d bet these two congressional committees have spent a similar amount—EACH, in their repetitious “investigations.” One was the Republican “investigation” and the other was a House Intelligence Committee “investigation” to be led by “Pencil Neck” Adam Schiff, who plans on continuing his snipe hunt until the sun decides not to rise one morning. And when that one has to end, he will start another. And another, until President Trump leaves office after his two terms as president. Meanwhile there is ample evidence of Hillary colluding with the Russians that is being ignored, as usual. She IS a Dumocrat, after all. (The New Yorker)

Nelson's Deluded

Sen. BIll Nelson (Dumocrat, of course) FL) has decided, in his ignorance, that the Second Amendment ONLY protects HUNTING RIFLES. It doesn't occur to him that hunting is only the LESSER of two reasons why people want to maintain their constitutional RIGHT to be armed. He says "An AR-15 is not for hunting. It's for killing." What the hell does he think he's doing when he shoots an animal? And I'd BET that, if somebody started shooting at him while he's doing that, he'd start using that gun to shoot back--or DIE. All anti-gun fools think they know better than us peons, and Nelson is no different. He uses his twisted reasoning to SAY he is FOR the Second Amendment, while he works hard to violate it in many ways. It is ignorant politicians like this who keep the "gun debate" alive, even though EVERY attempt to "infringe" upon that right is a violation of the Constitution. If the Founders had thought to make it a violation of the law to even ATTEMPT to pass a law that violates the Constitution, people like Nelson would not be in Congress, they'd be in PRISON. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The "Fart Tax" Scam

It started with cow farts. This is one of the most ingenious cons ever regarding taxes. I hope the person who came up with it got a big bonus, because it’s a billion dollar idea. Every living being farts. Cows fart; horses fart; so do pigs, sheep, dogs, cats, even BUGS fart. So far, they’ve limited it to cow farts. They’ve assigned a “fee” (tax) for every cow a farmer or rancher owns, assuming a certain number of farts per day, and per year, putting a “fee” for each assumed fart, that the farmer or rancher has to pay. It’s yet another tax scam, and it’s “just beginning.” As Dumocrats (liberals) are fond of saying, “It’s a good start.” Soon, they’ll come up with a new IRS form, maybe called “Form 10 Fart-Y” or something like that, which every citizen will have to file, where they must estimate how much every living being that farts in their behalf farts, and assigning a “fee” to each fart, and they will be expected to pay it. They gave the tax an impressive-sounding name, “Agricultural Emissions Tax” to make it sound like something important. The fact is, every living being farts, and always has. It’s a natural emission and has no more effect on the environment than do most of the things they blame for global warming/climate change. Watch. The next step will probably be horses. Then the “flood gates” open and everybody will have to pay a “fart tax.” (Wikipedia)

"Undocumented, Unafraid!"

There are illegal aliens running around sporting signs that say, “Undocumented, Unafraid.” Which is a slap in the face to our efforts to control who may enter our country and to define what is required of them to be able to enter. The only reason they are so emboldened is that a large segment of our politicians (Dumocrats) don’t want to enforce our laws and are doing everything in their feeble power to prevent it. It offends me that they can be so little impressed with our ability to hunt them down and deport them, and it is only possible because the Dumocrats make it as difficult as possible to enforce our laws. They should be stopped in that endeavor so that illegal aliens who stole into this country in the dead of night cannot slap us in the face with their stupid signs. (Breitbart)

Can't Get It Right

It pains me that our politicians (for the most part) just can't get it right. Every time there is a major "gun crime" or just a weekend in Chicago, they whine and scream for more gun control. Never mind that none of their "gun control laws" do ANYTHING to "stem gun crime," and, instead, CONTRIBUTE to it by disarming the law-abiding, making them "easy targets" for those who don't OBEY those useless laws. They have to know those laws don't work worth a damn if they have any intelligence, at all. But either they don't, or just PRETEND they don't.Faithfully enforcing some of the laws we already have would help. One such is the laws in some places that add more time to the sentences of thugs who use guns in their crimes.Those charges are commonly DROPPED to get confessions in other crimes. That smacks of lazy police work. Taking the "easy road."

Now one big contributor is saying, "No more money without an assault weapons ban!" How stupid is that? Assault weapons are used in such a small number of "gun crimes" as to make their figures unnoticeable. Yet they "focus in" on them, as if they were a major problem. And still criminals get them easily from their ILLEGAL sources in a back alley somewhere. High school students are telling the politicians they want more "gun laws." Yes, they were "at risk" at that Broward County, Florida school. But they've been listening to the anti-gun fools and buying their bullsh-t. They don't know any better. Tell me; is there ONE existing gun law that would have prevented ANY of the school shootings? Anti-gun fools won't answer that question. They can't. So they just call me names and slander the NRA. which is all about gun safety and the Second Amendment GUARANTEE of the RIGHT to be armed for self defense. (Breitbart)

Monday, February 11, 2019

"Sauce for the Goose"

“Is sauce for the gander.” Virginia Lt. Governor (Dumocrat) Justin Fairfax is asking us not to “rush to judgment” on the sexual abuse accusations against him. Something the Dumocrats did not extend to Republicans under similar (unproven) accusations. Most notably in the case of now Justice Kavanaugh whom they very nearly derailed in the effort to approve him for membership in the Supreme Court. There was no call for an FBI investigation into the ACCUSERS in that case, only the ASSUMPTION that he was guilty. I don’t know if Fairfax is guilty of sexual assault, or not. Only time will tell—I hope. But it is very interesting how Dumocrats don’t worry about PROVING such things when the subject is a Republican, but it’s a very different story when it’s THEIR butts that are in the sling. I think the big problem in this case is the corruption that seems to be permeating Virginia politicians. There is so much racism in the past of so many politicians that you could throw a dart at a list of Virginia politicians and hit a racist—at least, in his/her PAST. In the fifties, it was the thing to be in the South. And if you can’t get them with racism, then pony up sexual abuse. A favorite Dumocrat tactic. (The Hill)

Typical Socialist Crap

New York City Mayor DeBlasio says there’s plenty of wealth around, “but it’s in the wrong hands.” That’s typical socialist crap if I ever heard any. What the hell gives him the right to judge who is “the wrong people” to have money? The people to whom he refers are the people who EARNED it. And he WANTS it. So he plans to use the power of the government to TAKE it. That’s what socialists do. Find somebody able and willing to EARN, and then LOOT what they have earned, for the benefit of those who do not, or CAN not earn it for themselves. That’s what socialism is, and socialism depends on there being SOMEBODY there who CAN earn, so they can loot them. Their very motto exposes them: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO those according to his NEED.” Making need a DEMAND on the earnings of others. Which is THEFT. But that is what socialism is based on. Theft from the able, for the benefit of the UNABLE or unwilling. It’s simple greed, and is the very thing that moves criminals to steal what is not theirs. The only difference here is that it is the government doing the stealing. DiBlasio is determined to “wrest the money from the wrong hands,” which is open THEFT. And you can bet some of it will find its way into his pockets. (Breitbart)

Anti-Gun Pipe Dreams

I just heard an interview with the former astronaut whose wife (Gabby Giffords) is one of the biggest anti-gun fools in the country. He acted like those "pipe dreams" they call "gun crime" laws actually WORKED to combat "gun violence," and didn't CONTRIBUTE to it by disarming the law-abiding, leaving them DEFENSELESS against the criminals and other miscreants who obey NO laws. They blame the NRA for stopping the lawmakers from making most of their useless pipe dreams into law. It would be different if their laws WORKED. But they don't, and if they have any intelligence at all, they know that. But they keep making them, and pretending that ANYBODY who opposes them are stupid. It makes me physically ill to hear these fools pontificate on how their pipe dreams work, and anybody who opposes them are somehow "the bad guys," when it is the people who do not OBEY their useless laws who are. I wish these people would wake up to reality and get out of the way of people who are working on REAL solutions. (Just common sense)

Friday, February 8, 2019

"Presidential Harassment"

There has ever been a president more “investigated” by Congress, without finding a shred of any kind of evidence of wrongdoing, yet they won’t let up. Dumocrat “Pencil Neck” Adam Shiff, who CLAIMED he had “sure evidence” that President Trump “collaborated” with the Russians to win the election way before the Mueller witch hunt even began—but somehow never showed his hand, just talked about it, is now trying hard to get hold of President Trump’s tax returns—something that, on general principles, is NOT his business without a good reason to demand them. This when the Mueller witch hunt is about to end with absolutely NOTHING, just to keep the scam going. Somebody needs to open an investigation into all these endless “investigations” that have wasted millions of dollars in taxpayer money, only to weasel a couple of “process crime” pleadings to things that happened way before President Trump even THOUGHT about running. There should be solid evidence of a crime before they are even ALLOWED to conduct such expensive “investigations” so they may not inhibit a lawfully elected president in doing his duty. (New York Times)

Beating A Dead Horse

They’ve been beating a dead horse for two years, now, with the whole idea (unproven) that President Trump “colluded” with the Russians to get elected. After two years of searching under every rock, they have found NOTHING. So what are they going to do? Open a NEW INVESTIGATION into whether or not he “colluded” with the Russians to get elected, this one started by many fired or otherwise discredited corrupt former FBI people. People who have been discredited in many ways. They talk confidently about “all the investigations” Trump has “hovering over his head,” never mentioning that those “investigations” are by Dumocrats, in an effort to reverse the election of 2016 and, maybe, get Hillary into the White House. It’s as forlorn a hope as are all their pipe dreams, such as convincing anybody but other liberals that there are more than two sexes. This “investigation” will wind up like all the others, on the “trash heap of history” after they’ve wasted millions of dollars of taxpayer money to “prove” a falsity. (Liberty Bugle)

"Arm Every Teacher!"

Somebody has to say it, and Adrian Vance, a former teacher, has done so. Of course, that's something that would be difficult to obtain, since there are anti-gun fools among the teachers, everywhere, who REFUSE to be armed in order to protect themselves AND their students. Apparently, they would rather DIE, and have their students die, rather than be armed. Fortunately, most teachers, after a school shooting such as happened in Broward County, Florida, have more intelligence, and rightly wish to be able to be armed in order to accomplish that wish. But stupid politicians don't listen to them. they only listen to the anti-gun fools, who want to make more and more of their USELESS, INEFFECTIVE "gun laws" that do NOTHING to prevent gun violence, and only CONTRIBUTE to it, by disarming the law-abiding, who mostly are NOT the problem, while allowing those who obey NO LAWS to keep their ILLEGAL guns, and come in and kill the kids AND the teachers. INTELLIGENCE tells you that, you CAN'T defend yourself by DISARMING yourself. But the anti-gun fools obviously AREN'T intelligent, because they just won't accept that. If every teacher was armed, nobody with any intelligence at all would try a school shooting, because he would be met with a hail of gunfire, aimed in HIS direction, before he could kill nearly as many children. But the anti-gun fools CRINGE at the very thought of teachers being armed, because they have NO FAITH in the intelligence and self control of those teachers, and think THEY will "shoot up the school" if they are allowed to be armed. They're WRONG, but they will never waiver. (iPatriot)

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Eliminating Farting Cows

Newly minted congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to eliminate all farting cows in ten years (among other things). Doesn’t this stupid, uh, witch know that ALL living beings (and even some recently dead) fart? What’s she plan on doing about that? Give everybody a plug and instructions on how to use it without killing people behind them? This fool woman is typical of stupid liberal politicians who know NOTHING while pretending to be smarter than everybody else, then going out and screwing up everything they touch while making excuses on why all her plans fail. She says her plans “don’t have a price tag.” How stupid. They DO have a price tag. A BIG one. Bigger than we can handle. But she’s too dense to even be aware of that, and ridicules and insults those who wisely reject her stupidities. If it only cost us a buck a fart, we still couldn’t get rid of them all. There isn’t enough money in the world to do that, even if the government can print money. They couldn’t print it fast enough. (Just common sense)

Democrats "Moving Left"

That’s a fact. Something they’ve carefully hidden until recently because they knew that the voters knowing that would be DEATH for their party. But somehow recently, a “switch was flipped” and they no longer feel that way. Maybe it was the ADMITTED socialist who won so many primaries they had to “stack the deck” to make sure Hillary beat him, even though she is as much of a socialist as he is. Maybe it’s the fact that “academia” has been so successful in “selling” that failed system based on the theft of resources from those capable and willing to EARN them, to GIVE to those who, for whatever reason, don’t or won’t. Academia AND the media have been RUN by the left (liberals) for so long that you can send a child that is a solid conservative to college and when he or she returns, he/she is a solid socialist, maybe even a communist. The aim of socialist politicians in in both parties is to create a “Soviet America” where the government is everything, and the individual is nothing. And as successful as they have been, I’m gad I’m too old to still be around when it happens. It’s a cancer that has metastasized all over the country. And it’s going to kill us as a country. (Just common sense)

Gun Control No Answer

The very first thing that seems to go through the minds of everybody when something like the school shooting in Florida occurs is gun control. The very thing that makes it much easier for a potential shooter to get an ILLEGAL gun to use in such atrocities. They demand of their politicians, "Why didn't you support that gun control law that was just voted down?" That's because they've been taught, every day, in the liberal media, that such laws DO "stop gun violence," but REALITY intervenes, showing that they DON'T. But that same liberal media doesn't report that. It doesn't fit their narrative. The liberal media in this country fully supports the anti-gun fools in making their USELESS laws that limit the right of the law-abiding to be able to have guns to use in defending themselves and others. If they have any intelligence at all, the anti-gun fools have to know their laws are USELESS, and only CONTRIBUTE to "gun violence" by disarming the law-abiding. But apparently, they aren't intelligent enough to realize that, or they know it, and just don't care. Instead of looking for the real causes, they continue to rely on what does NOT work, while people die. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Democrat Party Is Screwed

They screwed themselves, and have been doing it for a long time. But their biggest screw-up came during Trump’s State of the Union speech. They laid themselves open and showed precisely what they were by their very reaction to the things President Trump said. When he said this country will never be a socialist country, each and every one of the Dumocrat “leaders” scowled, or rolled their eyes, and refused to join the ovations of the Republicans and other lovers of this country. Likewise when he told us that the unemployment rate was at its lowest, ever, they scowled. When he told us that we were in a major boom economy, they chuckled, or laughed out loud. They know their willing liars in the liberal media will never allow the American voters to know the truth. At least they THINK that. They completely discount the effect of the “alternative media” that has arisen in recent years to “get the word out.” Which is going to mean the DEATH of the Dumocrat Party, sooner, rather than later. It will go the way of the Whigs, receding into the mists of history while something else, maybe the Tea Party, takes its place. (Just common sense)

They're Getting Ready

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is still resisting retirement as she “recovers” from her recent cancer surgery at home. She has had THREE bouts with cancer and most of them are in recent years. That should tell her something, but it apparently doesn’t. She’s only shortening her remaining life by remaining on the Court, just for the political purpose of keeping President Trump from being able to appoint yet another INTELLIGENT member to replace her. Somebody who will rule, based on the CONSTITUTION, as he/she is supposed to do, rather than on all the other extraneous things some Justices have mentioned, including FOREIGN law—which should not, and does not apply in ANY case that would be considered by the court. The Court is supposed to be completely without politics—which is why Justices are appointed for life—but Justice Ginsberg shows plainly it is NOT. I hope she “wises up” and retires soon, and lives a long life in retirement. Trump people are already making a “short list” of candidates to replace her. They know what can, and probably will happen. There WILL be an opening on the Court soon, whether she likes it, or not. (Legal Insurrection)

Anti-Gun Lies

They can't tell the truth and sell their unconstitutional laws, so they lie. And they did it again while the shooting in Florida was still going on, while kids were still dying. They started telling us that there have been 18 "school shootings" since the first of the year--and this is only February. There is only one problem with that. It's a LIE. There have been only 6 shootings that are really school shootings. They include in their numbers, suicides and gang shootings CLOSE to a school, and even one case where some kid shot a BB gun at a school bus. They use a measure where a shooting involving 4 or more people as a base definition of a mass shooting. Not even people KILLED, And they keep repeating the lie over and over, while the liberal media does it for them. They scream and whine for more "gun control," when they have to know "gun control" does NO GOOD when it comes to stopping potential shooters from getting their guns. And if they can't get a gun, they use a knife (More people have been stabbed to death than ever shot) or explosives. Anti-gun laws are just NOT the answer, and we (not me) need to learn that. (Constitution)

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

"Soak the Rich!"

I know the speaker is a thief. Whenever I hear that, in any form, I make sure I know who said it, so I can work to be sure that person (male or female) never gets elected, or appointed to ANYTHING, any time, because they are simply JEALOUS about somebody having more money than they do, and they want to loot them to take it away from them. They haven’t the talent or knowledge to make that much for themselves, so they want to just TAKE it away from someone who does. Anybody who favors “taxing the rich” at a higher rate than others, or laying a “rich tax” upon them are just THIEVES, and thus have no right to hold ANY elected, or appointed office in this government. They might as well just go get a gun (illegally, of course) and go hold them up. They are no different from the thugs who are honest enough to do their looting that way: at gunpoint. Of course, if the government looters can’t get what “the rich” own any other way, we’ll see how quickly THEIR guns come out, as they did in the case of Roger Stone. (Just common sense)

Pelosi Got It!

Nancy Peelosi worked hard to get elected Speaker in the new 2019 Congress. Yet nobody is a worse choice to be Speaker. She “presided” over the big Dumocrat LOSS in the 2016 election that got Donald Trump elected president, in spite of all their “fixing” things in many ways to get Hillary elected. First of all, they only allowed ONE politician to oppose her in the primaries, and he is an ADMITTED socialist—something a majority of Americans scorn. To add to that, they fixed things so that, no matter how many primaries he WON, Hillary always came away with more delegates. Then during the election itself, none of their vote-stealing schemes were able to get her close enough to Trump so they could “put her over the top.” They thought they “had it in the bag” right up to 9 PM on election night, when reality began to creep in and they began to see the possibility of losing. Up to then, they were popping champagne corks and celebrating the “first female president” UNTIL the final vote totals came in, and Trump was to be the next president. So Nancy morphed them into the “hate Trump” bunch, where nothing Trump could do would ever get him any credit in their captive liberal media. Something that is guaranteed to cause them to lose the next presidential election with an even bigger margin than before. It’s like a four-year long tantrum. And THIS is supposed to convince Dumocrats to re-elect her Speaker? In the end, they did. Dumocrats are stupid that way. (Just common sense)

Just As I Thought

Minutes after the final shots rang out at the Douglas School in Broward County, Florida--or maybe while they were still sounding, well known anti-gun fool, Sen. Diane Feinstein (who carries her own gun in addition to the ARMED security that surrounds her everywhere she goes, while denying us that right) reminded us that she has a renewal of the "assault weapon ban" pending in Congress--as if that would have stopped this evil killer from getting the gun or guns he used to kill 17 people and wound 14 others. We still don't know (at this writing) how this shooter, who was only 19 and not allowed to buy a gun, anyway, GOT his gun or guns. I suspect he stole them or had a"straw purchaser buy them. She doesn't care that "assault weapons" are NOT the "weapon of choice" for most who commit "gun violence," but her mind is made up--so don't confuse her with facts. Again I must point out that passing a LAW will do NOTHING to stop such people from their killing ways. If they can't get a gun, they'll use explosives, or a knife, or something else. Those who want to commit horrific crimes like this are just not concerned about violating a simple little law like one that says they can't be armed while doing it. That's the fatal flaw in the thinking of the anti-gun fools. They ridicule us for pointing that out, but it is TRUTH, and undeniable. But they will deny it. (Breitbart)

Monday, February 4, 2019

Lighten Up, Already!

Dumocrats are whining and screaming about the Virginia governor MAYBE letting himself be photographed in blackface, or dressed in a KKK outfit way back when he was a medical student. Lighten up, already! Things were different back then! Get rid of him NOT because of that, but because he APPROVES of murdering innocent, helpless BABIES, not only in the womb, but after leaving it if the parents wish. His very words reveal that. He says if a baby is born not dead, it will be “made comfortable,” and after discussion with the mother, may be resuscitated, or allowed to die. That’s condoning MURDER. So if you want to demand his resignation, do it over something IMPORTANT, not over some stupid thing he MIGHT have done, years ago. The values of members of the Dumocrat Party sicken me. They are in favor of murdering infants, allowing MEN into women’s most private places “if they think they’re women that day,” and other stupid things like the idea that global warming/climate change COULD be controlled, in any way, by man. (Virtual Buzz)

Political Correctness Offends Me

These days it seems that Muslim extremists and others, mostly liberals are just LOOKING for things about which to be offended. Well, their being offended at every turn, about things we take for granted, offends ME. Unfortunately, there is no law (and never should be) against “being offended.” If you are offended by anything, you are free to gripe about it in this (so far) mostly free society—which liberals and Muslim extremists take free advantage of. Muslim extremists come here, ostensibly to flee their original societies and their practices, then try to bring those very practices here. If we object, they call us bigots, or racists, or that “made up epithet,” Islamaphobia. Liberals tend always to side with them, to our detriment. But liberals do that, since they are for anything we are against. Liberals care only for their ability to gain, or retain power over the rest of us, and to hell with what is good for us. They aren’t intelligent enough to realize how their policies are hurting this nation. The political correctness they promote is simply a means to stop people from criticizing liberal practices. It is an attempt to shut us up without having to answer our charges. It is CENSORSHIP, pure and simple. (Just common sense)

Gun Control Myths

Whenever anybody is hurt or killed and a gun is involved, the gun gets blamed. They call It "gun violence." But when somebody gets stabbed or beaten to death, they don't call it, "knife crime" or "blunt instrument violence." Nor do they call it "car violence" when somebody is killed in an auto accident. Why then, do they insist on calling it "gun violence" when somebody is injured or killed and a gun is involved, in any way? The answer is, the anti-gun fools want to EMPHASIZE any connection with a gun in violent crime to promote their drive to disarm law-abiding Americans to make it easier for the law BREAKERS to victimize them. In one case in Washington State, a suspect in a murder was found with TWO stolen guns in his possession. It is doubtful if he stood for a "background check" for those stolen guns. which is another indication that gun laws DO NOT WORK. The only people who actually obey gun laws are law-abiding people, who are normally not the offenders in "gun crime." It is the law BREAKERS who commit crimes, for the most part. And they don't OBEY laws. So why do the anti-gun fools expect them to obey their gun laws? So what good are all their silly laws? The fatal flaw in "gun control" is that they expect LAWBREAKERS, who obey NO laws, to somehow obey THEIR laws, which they do NOT. (Liberty Park Press)

Friday, February 1, 2019

11,000 More Alien Voters

I noted recently that the State of Texas revealed 39,000 illegal alien voters in the last election, and asked if that “discovery” would make any difference in the results of the election. Now Pennsylvania has revealed yet another 11,000 illegal alien voters. What we need to do is check out EVERY state to find out how many MILLION illegal aliens have voted—and how many of those votes went into Dumocrat candidates. I’d bet most, if not ALL of them. Obviously there are ways to detect illegal alien voters, but they are not used until AFTER the election, which is too late to affect the election. Such votes need to be detected DURING the election, so they can be discounted. Dumocrats will call that “disenfranchising” people, and I agree. But those voters NEED to be disenfranchised, because non-citizens are not allowed, by LAW, to vote in our elections. Currently, the Dumocrats have things set up to go their way in all things. They have made sure that Dumocrats RUN just about ALL elections, so they can keep things like this quiet until AFTER the election, when it is unlikely to affect the result. Thus, more Dumocrats get elected, in spite of their damned fool notions. (Town Hall)

Political Correctness Offends Me

These days it seems that Muslim extremists and others, mostly liberals, are just LOOKING for things about which to be offended. Well, their being offended at every turn about things we take for granted, offends ME. Unfortunately, there is no law (and never should be) against “being offended.” If you are offended by anything, you are free to gripe about it in this (so far) mostly free society—which liberals and Muslim extremists take free advantage of. Muslim extremists come here, ostensibly to flee their original societies and their practices, then try to bring those very practices here. If we object, they call us bigots, or racists, or that “made up epithet,” Islamaphobia. Liberals tend always to side with them, to our detriment. But liberals do that, since they are for anything we are against. Liberals care only for their ability to gain, or retain power over the rest of us, and to hell with what is good for us. They aren’t intelligent enough to realize how their policies are hurting this nation. The political correctness they promote is simply a means to stop people from criticizing liberal practices. It is an attempt to shut us up without having to answer our charges. It is CENSORSHIP, pure and simple. (Just common sense)