Tuesday, February 5, 2019

"Soak the Rich!"

I know the speaker is a thief. Whenever I hear that, in any form, I make sure I know who said it, so I can work to be sure that person (male or female) never gets elected, or appointed to ANYTHING, any time, because they are simply JEALOUS about somebody having more money than they do, and they want to loot them to take it away from them. They haven’t the talent or knowledge to make that much for themselves, so they want to just TAKE it away from someone who does. Anybody who favors “taxing the rich” at a higher rate than others, or laying a “rich tax” upon them are just THIEVES, and thus have no right to hold ANY elected, or appointed office in this government. They might as well just go get a gun (illegally, of course) and go hold them up. They are no different from the thugs who are honest enough to do their looting that way: at gunpoint. Of course, if the government looters can’t get what “the rich” own any other way, we’ll see how quickly THEIR guns come out, as they did in the case of Roger Stone. (Just common sense)

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