Monday, February 4, 2019

Lighten Up, Already!

Dumocrats are whining and screaming about the Virginia governor MAYBE letting himself be photographed in blackface, or dressed in a KKK outfit way back when he was a medical student. Lighten up, already! Things were different back then! Get rid of him NOT because of that, but because he APPROVES of murdering innocent, helpless BABIES, not only in the womb, but after leaving it if the parents wish. His very words reveal that. He says if a baby is born not dead, it will be “made comfortable,” and after discussion with the mother, may be resuscitated, or allowed to die. That’s condoning MURDER. So if you want to demand his resignation, do it over something IMPORTANT, not over some stupid thing he MIGHT have done, years ago. The values of members of the Dumocrat Party sicken me. They are in favor of murdering infants, allowing MEN into women’s most private places “if they think they’re women that day,” and other stupid things like the idea that global warming/climate change COULD be controlled, in any way, by man. (Virtual Buzz)

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