Sunday, April 29, 2012

Putting A Bounty on Zimmerman A Crime

The "New Black Panthers" put a $10,000.00 “bounty” on Zimmerman, “dead or alive.” Makes you wonder what they’ll do to him if somebody DELIVERS him for the bounty, doesn’t it? Will the law be enforced on the “New Black Panthers,” who are Attorney General Holder’s “people” and Obama supporters? Not likely. This government seems to enforce ONLY the laws they like, rather than ALL of them, as they pledged to do when they were sworn it. Obama even went so far as to SUE the State of Arizona for having the temerity to make a law to FORCE the feds to enforce their own immigration laws, which he REFUSES to enforce. That’s against the law. But unfortunately the law it is against has no provision to PUNISH the offender so he gets away with it. (Just common sense)

Obama's New "Atrocities" Czar

Once again, he has appointed a new “czar” without oversight by Congress. Somebody who has NO authority but whose “authority” will be upheld by Obama and his thugs. This woman is “tasked” with “ferreting out” atrocities, and I’ll bet she’ll find some (among US, not among Islamic terrorists), even if they don’t exist. “President Obama’s 'National Security Adviser' Samantha Power will head the new White House Atrocities Prevention Board, which is tasked with formulating a response to war crimes, crimes against humanity and mass atrocities.” They CALL her a "National Security Adviser," but that’s not her job. Her job is to FIND “atrocities” wherever she can, and persecute them. No, I didn’t use the wrong word. The word I MEANT to use is “persecute,” because that’s what she will do. She has no authority to do otherwise, even though Obama’s thugs will back her to the hilt. How many “czars” doe he have now? I don’t know. I don’t think anyone will EVER know. These people are the ones he will count on to help him RULE this country when we move on to socialism. Gad, we need to get rid of this Chicago thug! I might add she has a pro-Palestinian "tilt." (Washington Times)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Zimmerman's Media Lynching

Yes, George Zimmerman did kill a black man. And he claims the black man was beating the hell out of him and threatened to kill him. Zimmerman had bloody wounds on the back of his head and word is, his nose is broken, which, if true, backs up his story. But you don’t hear about that in the liberal media. You also don’t hear about the complete LACK of injuries (except for the bullet hole) in Treyvon Martin. So we don’t know what happened. Only two people do, and one of those is dead. The other is charged with his death. Nobody seems to believe the one left alive that he was defending his life when he shot Treyvon. But the media is “lynching” him anyway. Even though THEY don’t know for sure what happened, either. But they are proceeding as if they did. I’d be the first to say that Zimmerman should be punished if he is lying and it can be proven. But nobody has proven it yet—and maybe never will. I don’t think Zimmerman set out to kill a black man that day, though the media pretty much has said he did. I think EVERYBODY should “step back,” look further, and not act until they get REAL PROOF of something. I’m afraid of what will happen if he IS deemed to be not guilty due to self defense. His life as he knew it, is over in any case. Some blacks are openly calling for violence if he isn’t found guilty of first degree murder and executed. One black group has posted a $10,000.00 reward for him, “dead or alive.” What are they going to do with him if someone collects that reward? Murder him themselves, or pay the person who did? I think all the “race baiters” such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and (Calypso Louie) Farrakhan should “butt out” and go home. Only ignorant people take them seriously any more, anyway. But even ignorant people can cause a lot of trouble, and they will, if they don’t like the outcome. (Dan Joppich/Western Center for Journalism)

"They've Run Out of Lunatics"

Ted Nugent, well-known rock star and conservative speaker is going to be “investigated” by the Secret Service. Maybe they’ve “run out of lunatics,” as Mark Belling said, on the Rush Limbaugh show. Actually, they’ve run out of non-Obama friends that are lunatics. They ignore “Rev.” Wright and his foaming at the mouth because he’s black, and Obama’s friend. They ignore Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, both “race-baiters” and proponents of violence because they’re black and Obama’s friends. They ignore (Calypso Louie) Farrakhan’s outrageous calling for violence and revolution because he’s black, and Muslim, which makes him Obama’s friend. Then there’s Bill Ayers, who bombed the Pentagon and is not sorry, who wants to ELIMINATE capitalism, who is white, but is still Obama’s friend. He also had a hand in STARTING Obama’s rise to power. What do all these people have in common? They’re all Obama’s friends. Nugent is not. Of course, just my mention of the most of them being black as well as being Obama’s friends, will make liberals call me a racist in a “knee-jerk” reaction. But I don’t care. It won’t be the first time, and that phony charge has lost its meaning through overuse. (Washington Post)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Showing His Stupidity (Again)

Obama says (through one of his idiots) that “the war on Islamic terrorism is over.” He actually thinks that killing a few of their top people will win this war. I got news for him: it won’t be over until ALL the Islamic extremists are dead. Whenever we “cut off their head,” another one will pop up and they will keep on wantonly killing us, with even more regularity if we don’t stop them. Damn, we need to get rid of this ignorant b-stard before he GIVES this country away. Frankly, I think he has already done it. It might be too late. There might not be anything the Republicans can do to stop what he has put in motion. Maybe we can only hope to slow it down. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more BLIND president. He only sees what he WANTS to see, for his own purposes. (Conservative Byte)

Beck's Got A Point

The government is “investigating” Ted Nugent (something they’ve wanted to do for a long time) for his comments before a NRA meeting, but they have studiously IGNORED remarks made by black race-baiter Louis (Calypso Louie) Farrakhan that amount to instigation to revolution, saying he “means nothing” because “he’s nobody.” Well, he’s as much a “somebody” as is Nugent, and he has made comments of a much more incendiary nature. But he’s both black AND a Muslim, so they leave him alone. I think they ignore his comments to our detriment. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Socialism Is NOT "An Imperitave"

Communists say, “socialism is an imperative.” It is NOT. It is the free market, which communists and socialists (a repetition, there) hate, that is the only reason why this country has exceeded (in little more than 300 years) the progress made by countries that have been around for THOUSANDS of years,. It is the reason people from countries all over the world see America as “the destination of choice” to better themselves. To say socialism is an imperative shows ignorance if they believe it, and STUPIDITY if they are just saying so. Collectivism, in any of its many forms, (socialism, communism, progressivism, Naziism, etc.) failed abjectly in Russia, which was, for a time, their “showcase country” because it SEEMED to be working—until it failed because it couldn’t keep up with us. Socialism does NOT create new wealth; it merely REDISTRIBUTES that earned by others to those who do NOT earn. That’s the fatal flaw in socialism. Sooner or later they run out of other people’s money to steal and redistribute. Then they fail, as did Russia. (The Blaze)

"Out of the Dark, Into the Light"

What a stupid, STUPID remark for Michelle Obama to make! Obama has led us out of the light into the darkness! Does she think we are STUPID?  I think SHE is stupid as a stump to even make such a stupid statement as this with Obama’s record—a record he dare not mention in running for re-election, and she has the GALL to say such a thing? It makes me SICK to even hear this woman speak because I know that whatever comes out of her mouth will not be grounded in fact, but will be grounded in STUPIDITY and ignorance. Of course, they’ll call me racist for criticizing this stupid woman, but that’s okay. I’m used to their stupidity. What amazes me more is she got applause from the ignorant people in the audience when she said it. It is this kind of people who make me AFRAID for our country. They’re stupid, and they vote. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fools! Fools! DAMNED Fools!

Washington is taking Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to the Supreme Court in their monstrous effort to avoid enforcing immigration laws and allow illegal immigrants to “run wild.” Arizona passed a law almost IDENTICAL to the federal law Obama REFUSES to enforce, which basically told Obama he MUST enforce his law or Arizona would do it for him. So Obama took her to court and it is now ready to be heard. Democrats (Obama) say they don’t care what the court thinks, they’ll repeal the law. The fact they don’t have the votes to do so doesn’t seem to occur to them. This president is a FOOL and is surrounded by fools. House Speaker Bohner says he will be “hard to beat.” That shows HIS incompetence, since the way I see it, Obama will be about the easiest president ever to beat, with the record he has. He lies and lies, makes laws that will, if allowed to continue, ENSLAVE us, and make this into a socialist country. He has spent more of OUR money than there IS, and is borrowing more from our chief enemy, communist China, thus allowing them, sometime in the future, to give us orders or cut us off. He has passed a law that, if upheld, will give him CONTROL of our medical health, one-seventh of this economy. He has made economical decisions that will BANKRUPT us. He has PLEDGED to BANKRUPT the coal industry—an industry that is ESSENTIAL to the production of electricity, which is just ONE of the things for which it is essential, without having ANYTHING viable to replace it. He is the ENEMY of oil, which is another ESSENTIAL industry, again without anything viable to replace it. He has promised “transparency” and the “rule of law” while ignoring both. He is UNarguably the WORST president we have had in my memory and if he is allowed to continue will DESTROY this country as we knew it. (Just common sense)

I don't THINK So!

They say the government is set to SUE “Sheriff Joe” Arpaio for “targeting Latinos.” What a bunch of bull! Something like that might have happened in the past in his county before he found out about it. But he has largely put a stop to it. But Obama forces won’t even give him a copy of the supposed “22 page report” upon which they SAY they will base their suit. The flow of paperwork is a “one-way street.” Arpaio has sent them hundreds of pages on demand and has gotten NOTHING back. I think they haven’t sent him anything because they HAVE nothing to send. As to a suit? Maybe. Talk of a suit is just Obama’s way of attempting to intimidate Joe. That’s Obama’s “modus operandi,” and one he is attempting to use on the Supreme Court . It isn’t going to work with Joe because he’s a man who is a lot stronger than this false president. It won’t work on the court because there’s nothing Obama can do to them. (Reuters)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Keeping Guns Away From Blacks

The Democrats keep trying to paint Republicans as racists, but if you do some research, you’ll find that the REAL racists, as a group, are liberals (Democrats). It was the DEMOCRATS that blacks were demonstrating against in the sixties. Martin Luther King was against DEMOCRATS, not Republicans. The KKK was started by the DEMOCRATS, and that is a well-kept secret. It was the REPUBLICANS who got the “equal rights law” passed, over stiff DEMOCRAT opposition. The Democrats passed all kinds of laws keeping guns out of the hands of Americans for one reason: so blacks would not have guns. But it didn’t work. Blacks probably have more illegal guns in their hands than whites ever thought about because anti-gun laws DON’T WORK. The tighter anti-gun laws are in ANY area, the easier it is to get ILLEGAL guns. CRIMINALS do not OBEY laws that say they can’t be armed. They disobey laws for a living. (Ann Coulter/Human Events)

Bullying Isn't the Cause

Many people say students who have been bullied in school is the cause of so many school shootings these days. It is NOT. I was bullied when I was in grade school, and I never went out and killed a lot of people. The bullying continued right up to the time I took my father’s advice and fought back, showing the bully(ies) it would no longer be easy to bully me. Even if I lost, it still “sent a message” to the bully, who thereafter left me alone. And word evidently got around, because ALL the bullies left me alone after that, right into high school. I never had any trouble with bullies after that. The CAUSE is simply the sure knowledge there won’t be any guns in the school in the hands of people he might not expect to be armed. With schools being "gun-free zones," shooters are ASSURED nobody they don't know about (like the principal) might be armed and willing to “put a couple into them” while they're shooting the unarmed students and teachers. (

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another Obama "Witch Hunt"

Every day Obama seems to come up with another “villain” to go after. Today it’s “oil speculators and manipulators.” He can’t cite any EVIDENCE of that, but he’s going to spend another $50 million dollars or so to search for it. Spending our money is what Obama does best. And I’d bet he’ll find SOMETHING he can cite as “evidence” if he spends that much money. “Evidence” in his mind, at least. Remember, Obama is the man who has PLEDGED to “bankrupt the coal industry” even though there is NO viable replacement for this industry, which is ESSENTIAL to the production of ELECTRICITY, as well as many other things, in addition to keeping us warm in the winter. Obama is obviously not the sort of person who can look ahead and figure out the results of his misguided promises. Or he is, and he just doesn’t care. Obama is out to PUNISH our “achievers,” no matter WHAT the result. This man is DANGEROUS! We need to get rid of him before he can do us any more damage. (Human Events)

"Authorities" Take Newborn From Hospital

All day hospital people have been giving this mother conflicting information about her baby, then denying they did it. They have been doing things to that baby not allowed without parental consent. A social worker has been threatening to “take the baby” if she did not agree to things they would not answer her questions about. “Put yourself in Jodi’s shoes at this moment. You gave birth that morning in an ambulance. The hospital has made wild and conflicting claims about your baby’s health all day long. You are exhausted. You are in pain. Your husband has gone to check on your children. And a social worker who has threatened to take your baby into police custody is standing in your hospital room demanding that you make an immediate decision.” What would you do? I’d take the baby and leave. But with today’s “child protectors” that would make me a lawbreaker. They can’t say what law, but the police would back them to the hilt. “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” so the cops ended up taking the baby on the basis of the social worker’s claims. They claimed (a lie) that the child was suffering from illness or injury, which gave them the right to take the child.

When a judicial officer finally came and heard the case after the parents had been summarily thrown out of the hospital, he (she) returned custody of the child to her parents. Social workers these days tens to take in a lot more territory than they are entitled to, and the police back them to the hilt, no matter WHAT the law says. And they get away with it until REAL lawyers and judges can intervene. This is a travesty for somebody like Jodi to be subjected to this while going through the pain of childbirth. I wish I could say this is an unusual story; I cannot. It happens every day, all over the country. We need to put a stop to the overreaction of social workers (“child protectors”) backed up by cops who don’t know they are breaking the laws they are supposed to be enforcing. There should be a law passed REQUIRING them to show the law they’re enforcing on demand BEFORE any action can be taken. They should also be required to recite something like a “Miranda Warning” before any action can be taken. Do you think that will ever happen? Doubtful. (HSLDA)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Americans Pose With Terrorist Body Parts

What, AGAIN? They didn’t get enough terrorist recruits the first time they did this two years ago? Maybe they need to publish some pictures of murdered Muslims—people murdered by Islamic terrorists (sometimes in front of TV cameras). Maybe that would get more recruits for people who delight in murdering people who don’t believe the same way they do, and even some who do. American spineless politicians are so afraid of “giving them a recruiting poster picture” they’ll do ANYTHING to appease these killers. You know, those politicians who gave $50,000 to each victim of that SUPPOSED American soldier killing of Afghans, before even knowing the entire story—which on its face is phony because what is supposed to have happened could not possibly have HAPPENED that way. I guess that’s a result of giving them the authority to “spread the money around” without controls. Gad, the abysmal STUPIDITY of our politicians never ceases to amaze me and make me want to barf. (L. A. Times)

Will You See This in the Liberal Media?

I’m not in any way simpatico to “militias” who express hatred of the cops. I believe the police have a very definite role in protecting us, even if they aren’t very effective in doing so. But we’ve all heard about Holder’s action against the “Hutaree” militia. The media made sure of that. But now that they (the militia) have won, do you think we’ll hear about that in the liberal media? Doubtful. I’ll be watching closely to see if they even “notice” it. (Patriot Action Network)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Typical Obama Lies

Now he’s trying to convince us that Ronald Reagan was a of of what he’s saying. That’s because there ISN’T any. It’s an out-and-out LIE, like his imaginary “wild-eyed socialist, tax hiking class warrior.” Only problem is, that’s a lie. Notice he didn’t come up with any proof of what he’s saying. That’s because there ISN’T any. It’s an out-and-out LIE, like his imaginary “war on women,” started by George Stephanopolous with an “out of left field” question for a Republican presidential candidate. He’s counting on the people who “pay no attention to politics” believing him and voting without knowing ANYTHING. That’s how he got to be president in the first place. (The Blaze)

"Fearing" People Not Giving A "Free Ride"

This is a typical example of the liberals picking ONE case out of many that supports their effort to break the law while CLAIMING to be “helping people.” There are organizations to help these people; organizations supported by people who have given their PERMISSION to that organization to take money from them to help, rather than take money from people whose permission had not even been demanded at the point of a gun to “help” them. Obama’s health care swindle is AGAINST THE LAW and takes money from people without their permission. Whatever the “benefits,” it is THEFT. (CNN)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Going Bankrupt On Our Money

The "green" companies didn’t want the money because they thought they couldn’t compete in the market and it was useless to try. But Obama insisted on giving it to them, anyway. They told him, even as he was giving them trillions of dollars in loan guarantees that they couldn’t compete and were going to go bankrupt. Obama persisted and gave them the money anyway. When they went bankrupt, nobody knows where most of the money went, and Obama didn’t seriously ask. This is his way of “paying back” his donors and he was determined to get the job done. (Rush Limbaugh)

Banning Free Speech

Obama recently signed into law (in secret) a measure that allows the Secret Service to DECIDE where it is legal to express your constitutional right to free speech and charge you with a FELONY at their discretion. That’s what Obama is trying to do: create a precedent that allows him to say WHERE free speech will be “allowed.” How does he figure he can “allow” or “disallow” free speech ANYWHERE? Freedom of speech is GUARANTEED everywhere in the United States in the Constitution. You cannot make LAW that violates the Constitution because the constitution is the BASIS for every law Congress makes. Obama is trying hard to gain rights and powers the constitution denies him as president. It won’t work. If I get a letter or a visit from the feds telling me I’ve said or written something he deems wrong, I’ll tell him (or his rep) to screw off. (Patriot Action Network)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Obama Official: "Religion Not Driving Violence in Nigeria"

He said this one day after Muslim extremists in Nigeria MURDERED 40 Christians. How stupid of this fool to think we don’t know about this! But then Obama doesn’t care. He figures he can just deny things and we will “buy it.” Maybe three years ago, but not today, after we’ve had sufficient time to learn that Obama is one of the biggest LIARS in the United States. It’s interesting that this man has the same name as a famous comedian because this would be funny if it were not so serious. (The Blaze)

Best Gun Salesman in America

It’s Obama. Did you know that December 2011 saw the biggest increase in gun sales EVER for a single month? That states reporting show an increase of almost 50% in the number of gun sales? That Federal Excise Taxes collected on gun sales have gone up 48.3%? How about Rueger’s gun sales going from $117 Million to $232 million? Or Winchester’s gun sales going from $431.7 million to $572 million since Obama was elected? Since he was elected, applications for concealed carry permits rose from46% to 161%. Looks to me as if Americans are increasingly seeing a need for self defense since Obama got in the white House. So Obama, who says he “hates guns,” is the reason for a huge increase in gun sales. (The Blaze)Link

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Does Anybody Believe Farrakhan Any More?

My BS Meter goes off regularly whenever Farrakhan opens his mouth. The only thing that makes it go off more often is when Obama opens HIS lying mouth. With Obama it is a concerted effort to make fools of us. With Farrakhan it is sheer STUPIDITY. He says all these stupid things (with all his scowling thugs behind him) regularly because he BELIEVES his bullsh-t. He’s not only a “black racist” and a “spreader of racism,” he’s stupid, as well. We need a lot fewer of his type; and I don’t mean black people; I mean STUPID people with big mouths, of whatever color. Now he says Jesus was a Black Muslim and other stupid stuff. And some people still believe his bullsh-t. (The Blaze)

The Most Ignored Amendment

Amendment 28: "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States ." Obama was finally asked the question that has never gotten an answer recently, and he chose to ignore it, never answering: “Would you give up your health care and submit yourself to the system you are pushing onto the American people?” It was put in more polite words, but as usual, it did not get an answer. No more so than when it is asked of Senators and Representatives. This is one of the MOST ignored Amendments in the Constitution. And most Americans don’t even know it exists. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Obama Will Say and Do Anything

“Lying. Dissembling. Peddling half-truths. Redefining words. Taking credit for something in which he had no part. Those words/phrases describe what President Barack Hussein Obama has said or done and is now saying or doing.” One example is his pushing of the “Warren Buffet Rule.” That’s based on “dissembling.” Dissembling is a LIE based on misinformation. The misinformation in this case is that Warren Buffet’s secretary is taxed on her EARNINGS from her job, which is a lot higher rate than Buffet is taxed on his PROFITS and CAPITAL GAINS. The “dirty little secret” is if his secretary sold her house and profited from it, she would pay taxes on that sale at the SAME RATE as he pays. That’s the lie. She is eligible to pay at the SAME rate in a similar situation. Obama says lowering the marginal tax rate was supposed to create an economic boom, but didn't. Hey, Barack, it DID. It caused sufficient increase in the economy to almost DOUBLE the "tax take." But don't tell that to Obama or anybody who supports him. They won't hear it. (W. A. Beatty/American Thinker)

They Want A "Free Ride"

That’s what all the “demands” of the “Occupy (Wherever)” fools amount to. They don’t care who pays for it as long as it is not themselves. They want their “free ride” to be paid for by OTHERS. They want to have “their fair share” of OTHER people’s labors. “As Spring begins to bloom [and the weather warms up –RT], the radicals are crawling out of their caves and making their presence felt. While ‘Occupy’ has been unusually quiet over the past few months [when it was too cold to “occupy” anywhere –RT], groups are starting to pop up and remind people that they are still around. Take, for example, Occupy Chicago, which held a march over the weekend.” Why Chicago? Because it is the hometown of their “founder,” Obama. How transparent can Obama BE? (Glenn Beck)

How Soon Will This Be Here?

Italian Mayor decides it’s illegal to . . . DIE. It amazes me what politicians think they can do. Unfortunately for this mayor two people violated his directive within days, and now he has to figure out how to punish them. This sounds like something Obama would LOVE to impose on us, but he can’t figure out a punishment, either—and without a punishment attached to such a law, it means nothing. Oh, I know; they could confiscate the property of those who violate this stupid law by dying, But what if they have no property? They could punish their descendants, but what does that do to the lawbreakers? (The Blaze)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why So Hard to Beat Obama?

I’m listening to many people (on Fox News, fergawdsake!) say Romney’s going to have a hard job beating Obama. That the “Obama camp” says Romney is, to them, “a joke” and they see no problem beating him. Why then, are they spending MILLIONS of dollars taking out ads in an effort to “kill Romney?” Why is it so hard to beat a man whose policies have caused us to spend more money than there IS? A man bent on DESTROYING this economy and making this into a socialist country? A man who has appointed DOZENS of “czars” to do his bidding without having to be approved by Congress? A man who has exercised DICTATORIAL powers in his FIRST term? Whose past is “wreathed in clouds” of mystery because he has “frozen” access to any means of finding out ANYTHING about him? A man who WILL NOT release his REAL birth certificate to prove he is an American citizen when American citizenship is a REQUIREMENT to even BE PRESIDENT? A man who denies that we're even in a war with radical Islam and won't even let members of his administration say so? A man who FAVORS Islam in everything he does regarding radical Muslims?

A man whom all but his henchmen agree MUST be removed in order for us to survive? A man who has PROMISED to "bankrupt the coal industry," an industry we MUST have if we are to continue to have electricity, and without having ANYTHING to replace it. I think it’s all Obama’s doing. He has presented such a (phony) “united front” that he has people convince that it will be hard to unseat him when it will not be? Is he “whistling past the graveyard? Is he FRIGHTENED that he will be soundly defeated, yet afraid to admit it? I think he is, and that he will be SOUNDLY defeated in the general election, though I’m not sure how much better Romney will be. Though ANYBODY will be better than Obama. The "rent is too damn high" guy from the last election who gave us a lot of laughs) could beat him. Frankly, I’m surprised he hasn’t been assassinated before now. Maybe it’s the insurance policy he has in all the liberals who follow him in line. If we’re smart, we can get rid of him without assassinating him. Hopefully we can send him back to Chicago with the rest of the “Chicago thugs” with whom he’s used to being associated; wait a minute! He brought them with him and made them into his “czars!” He left, or sent others back to Chicago to “rule” in his absence. (Just common sense)

"I'm Cutting Through the Red Tape"

After blocking the Keystone Pipeline bringing oil from Canada, Obama is now trying to take credit for that part of it he COULDN’T stop from being built, from Oklahoma to the Gulf of Mexico. The fact that he had nothing to do with it doesn’t seem to bother him. He goes right into “the belly of the beast” and claims responsibility for something he first tried to stop, but couldn’t. Everybody there when he made this speech knew he was LYING, but he doesn’t care. He got his LIE into the news cycle and people who don’t pay attention to politics, therefore know nothing, will believe him. The problem is, these people, while ignorant, still vote. That’s how he got to be president in the first place. (Fox News)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Education Should Be Free"

That’s what the idiots who went into Santa Monica College chanted before cops pepper sprayed them. Really? Who should provide this free service? Should people be FORCED to teach them without pay? In buildings that cost money to build? I’ve heard this song before, most recently from the “Occupy (Wherever)” movement. What it boils down to is a “free ride” at the expense of others. Other organizations call for “a Fair Share.” A fair share of what? And from whom? “Fair Share” is “code” for socialism. Whenever someone calls for a “fair share, I cringe, because I’ve heard this spurious cry before and it is a false notion. NOBODY is entitled to “a fair share” of what YOU earn. The only “fair share” people have coming is what THEY earn. Of course, the organization going under the pseudonym “Fair Share” today is a thinly-disguised “re-elect Obama” outfit POSING as someone who wants a “fair share” of YOUR earnings. Obama wants ALL of your earnings. (My Way)

Energy Sec. Gives Himself An "A"

Which proves his total ignorance and incompetence in this office. The man who rides a bicycle to work for show while his wife drives a massive gas-guzzler behind the scenes gives himself an “A” for a job incompetently done. If he had managed to get the gas price reduced by ONE PENNY I might give him a “B-.” but in no way would I ever give him any kind of an “A”. Where does Obama GET these DOLTS? There must be a “Society of Idiots” from which he selects his staff. (Conservative Byte)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fifty Year Old Manure Spreader - $1

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) Fifty-year old manure spreader. Not sure of brand. Said to have been produced in Kenya. Used for a few years in Indonesia before being smuggled into the US via Hawaii. Of questionable pedigree. Does not appear to have ever been worked very hard. Apparently it was pampered by various owners over the years. It doesn't work very often, but when it does it can really spread the manure and sling it for amazing distances. I am hoping to retire this manure spreader next November. But I really don't want it hanging around getting in the way. I would prefer a foreign buyer that is willing to relocate this manure spreader out of the country. I would be willing to trade this manure spreader for a nicely framed copy of the United States Constitution. Location: Washington, D.C. (Author Unknown-Ad found on Craig's List)

You Can't Talk About It!

The records are sealed. Obama doesn’t want you to have access to the records about murdered Border Control Agent Brian Terry. This from the latest “most transparent administration in history.” What is he trying to hide? We already know about his failed “experiment” that involved SUPPLYING guns to Mexican drug cartels so we could “trace their movements” that resulted in unknowable numbers of murders (with American guns), and one in particular: that of Terry. Will his direct murderer ever be caught? Doubtful. His INDIRECT murder has just SEALED those records. (Weekly Standard)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

"I am An Example of American Exceptionalism"

That’s what Obama thinks about himself. And he’s right. But not in the way he thinks. He’s an exceptionally clever con man and has been responsible for the biggest con ever, in the history of the world. That IS “exceptional. But he’s not exceptional in any other way. Actually, he’s kinda STUPID in most things, though he certainly does know how to con money out of Americans by the TRILLIONS of dollars. He has spent more of our money than there IS. More than ALL previous presidents put together. He still thinks his health care swindle law will be upheld by the supreme Court after he threatened them. I hope he will get a surprise when they finally reveal their decision; the first of several surprises, I hope, culminating in his FIRING from the job he illegally holds. (Washington Times)

NBC "Edited" 9/11 Tape

They left out only a few words, but those words were important. The words left out made it look like Zimmerman was only thinking the man he was talking about “looked bad” because he was black, which made him look like a racist. They left out the dispatcher asking if he was white, black, or Hispanic. They did it to introduce an element of racism into the story to make the story “more interesting.” Just as another network set off explosives in a Chevrolet truck to make it LOOK like that truck would “self-explode.” There are many proven examples of lies told by the liberal media to support their predetermined liberal position. But NONE for Fox. Yet liberals in and out of the media STILL say Fox lies while there STILL has been no proof of it. (Rush Limbaugh)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Judge Takes Offense At Obama Challenge

U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals judge Jerry Smith took offense at Obama’s speech, questioning the Supreme Court’s authority to reverse his health care swindle law. Seems to me that Obama doesn’t realize that the Supreme Court is there for ONE purpose: to judge the constitutionality of laws made by that “elected body.” To deny it has the right and power to do so signifies Obama’s complete ignorance of how this government works. For him to treat the Supreme Court in this manner shows a complete IGNORANCE of constitutional law. And this from a “constitutional scholar.” If a “constitutional scholar” knows so little about the Constitution, where did he get the right to call himself a “constitutional scholar?” The students who learned about the constitution from him should demand their money back. (

Illustrating Absurdity With Absurdity

There is no better illustration of that than the problem the government now faces with their plan to use tobacco taxes to pay for “education AGAINST smoking. Their plan is working. But not in the way they intended. They never intended for their “education” to significantly reduce tobacco usage so they would continue to have a “money tree.” But is IS working. Fewer people are smoking now than ever before, and that translates into less tax revenue coming from tobacco taxes. They don’t know what to do. It’s a case of unintended consequences. Something that happens frequently to the government, but never seems to dissuade them from their absurdities. (Rush Limbaugh)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why So Many School Shootings?

The recent mass shooting in Oakland at a small Christian school has again raised the questions: “Why so many school shootings? And “What can we do to stop them?” The answer is easy, though today’s liberals won’t hear of it: Stop telling crazy shooters there will not be ANY guns in the school in the hands of people they don’t necessarily KNOW to be armed. In the hands of people licensed to carry concealed, and trained to use them if necessary. They could be janitors, teachers, principals, even counselors. But NOT people these crazies would expect to be armed, so they can’t “target” them early on and get rid of them, such as armed police officers. At Columbine, the shooter did just that, making that armed person’s contribution minimal, at best, if not killing them outright. Banning guns outright except in the hands of known security officers tells those who want to do so to “Come on in and kill us. We have no guns.” This is ignorant, even a STUPID policy and has contributed to these shootings. (CBS News)

Proving New York Times Bias

The New York times is strangely biased (as is Obama) toward Islam and AGAINST Christians. I’m not just SAYING this. They, themselves proved it by running an anti-Catholic ad, but REFUSING to run a similar anti-Islam ad. Frankly, I don’t think they should have run EITHER, but to REFUSE to run an anti-Islamic ad after RUNNING an anti-Catholic ad plainly shows their bias—or their shivering fright at the prospect of making Muslims mad. I vote for the former until they can show me the latter is the reason. Otherwise, I have to assume the old “double standard” that has “reared it’s ugly head” is true here. (The Blaze)