Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Guns Needed

A man walked into a school in China, and killed eight (count ‘em, EIGHT) children. NOBODY in the school was armed and able to stop him because of STIFF anti-gun laws in communist China. “SHANGHAI — A former community doctor allegedly stabbed to death eight children and injured five others at a primary school in east China's Fujian province, the authorities said, as China grapples with a rise in high-profile criminal violence in its cities.” Notice, in a country with “no-nonsense” anti-gun laws for its citizens, criminals find a way to increase the violence. This proves my thesis that if there were NO GUNS in society, the “bad guys” would find a way to kill, maim, and intimidate people. The answer is to allow RESPONSIBLE people to get “carry” permits easily, or just make carrying guns “under cover” legal so those (usually) illegally armed criminals cannot ever be sure their intended victims will not be armed and able to defend themselves. There's certainly nothing out there to keep criminals from getting their illegal guns. This would cause most of them (criminals are basically cowards) to go into other lines of crime. (Wall Street Journal)

Children Out Of Control

In New York, bands of children are beating up on random people and the ”authorities” are upset about it and want to “hold the parents responsible.” The “child protectors” will PUT YOU IN PRISON if you so much as “raise your hand” to your children, and when they predictably get in trouble, they want to hold YOU responsible. I think the “child protection services” (no matter what name they go under) should be held responsible for making it impossible to control your children. I would never “beat” a child. But corporal punishment should NEVER be removed from consideration. If a child KNOWS ha/she will NEVER suffer it, he/she will be uncontrollable. In my case, I used mild corporal punishment on my children early in their lives so they’d know I would do it. In their later childhood it was not necessary BECAUSE they knew I would do it.

But you can’t convince these “child protectors” of that. They have “dirty minds” and they think ANY corporal punishment is “beating” the child. They think ANY “touching” of a child is sex abuse. They overreact as a matter of course. They will “swoop in” and REMOVE the child as a FIRST OPTION at the slightest hint of physical punishment. Then they’ll tell the child (if they’re allowed to return home at all) that all they have to do is “drop a dime” on their parents if they EVER feel they’re being “abused,” and they’ll “take care of it.” So next thing that happens, the kids tell you they’ll “tell CPS” if you do so much as put them on restriction, and the “child protectors” will come out and harass you, maybe even put you in prison. This abuse of the system has GOT to stop before they ruin our youth entirely. (New York Examiner)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ACORN Shutting Down?

After all the whining and crying about the unfairness of the video showing their people agreeing to help a pimp and prostitute set up a whorehouse and fool the government, threatening to sue them, they’ve decided to shut down because of a lack of funds. Their donors, having seen what they do, stopped supporting them. Maybe this should have been done BEFORE the 2008 election, to stop this monster (Obama) and all his monster friends (Democrats) from being elected. Maybe if they were fighting for their very lives, they couldn’t steal enough votes to get them elected. Later information tells us they're just changing their name, as liberals always do when people "catch on" to the name they're using. (Washington Examiner)

He Does It Again!

Tinsley sums up the entire political picture in one illustration, something he does really well. I swear, this man is a genius, which is why liberals hate him so much. He makes them all look silly, and with ease. Of course, it’s easy to make liberals look silly, but he does it easier than anybody else I know. I'd suggest running him for president, but when he won (he would, as would Mickey Mouse if he ran against Obama), he wouldn't have time to do his brilliant cartoons, and I wouldn't want that. (Mallard Fillmore)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What would Reagan do?

It seems as if Obama is asking himself that question, then doing just the opposite. “Indeed, I sometimes suspect that Obama's sole approach to any policy problem is to ask himself ‘What Would Reagan Do?’ and then do the opposite--while expecting the same results. So, for instance, Obama thinks that by raising taxes, increasing spending, and weakening the dollar he can restore prosperity just as effectively as Reagan did by cutting taxes, slashing spending, and strengthening the dollar.” Obama has enough history to look at to figure out how to make this economy better, but he does exactly the opposite of what Reagan did to SUCCESSFULLY bring the economy back under control after the diaster caused by (Democrat) Jimmy Carter and his gang. The only way to repair what Obama is doing is to GET RID OF HIM after getting rid of his voting majority in the 2010 election. We MUST stymie him in his efforts to bankrupt this nation and make ALL your assets worth ZILCH! (Laura Ingraham)

Ia ACORN Going Away?

Don’t bet on it. They’re just “morphing” into something else under new names. They know they’ve been “found out” and are doing what most con men do when they’re “found out.” Change their name and move to another town. I did an item the other day about them “going bankrupt and changing their name.” They will be “Community Organizations International (COI) Watch for them to be in the same old business of vote-stealing and other crimes, but under new names and in a different place. Obama won’t be chasing them very far since he’s president because of them. (Washington Examiner)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Making Many People Happy

This is funny, aside from the fact that these three would never be on the same plane at the same time. It it went down, we’d all be better off: “Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Obama were on an airplane coming back from California to Washington. Harry Reid said; ‘If I dropped a $10,000 bill out the window, I would make one person very happy!’ Nancy Pelosi said; ‘If I dropped ten $1000 bills out the window, I would make ten people very happy!’ Obama said; ‘If I dropped one hundred $100 bills out the window, I would make one hundred people very happy!’ The pilot then turned around and said; ‘If I dropped the three of you out the window, I would make six billion people very happy!’ " (This was sent me by e-mail: author unknown) For any bureaucrats reading this: I do not promote "dropping Obama out of a plane." He clearly has a good life insurance policy with Joe and Nancy right behind him in line to replace him. the key to this joke is they're all on the same plane.)

Keeping Us Down

They beat us (narrowly) on Obama’s health care swindle. He has signed it. It is now “the law of the land.” To oppose it now with action is “lawbreaking” because these radical socialists are in power. So what do they do? Do they take time and celebrate? No. They break out the other VERY divisive issue they’ve had “waiting in the wings,” Immigration reform, which is “code” for “forgiving” illegal aliens and allowing them to vote. So who will they vote FOR? The DEMOCRATS, of course. Meanwhile, they’re trying to eliminate the ban on felons voting. Thus creating thousands, even MILLIONS MORE new voters who will predictably vote for whom? DEMOCRATS, of course, because they will be grateful to them for returning to them the right to vote. At the same time, these issues will keep US “stirred up” and “in the streets” while they paint us as the “bomb-throwers” THEY used to be in the sixties. Americans do not like “bomb-throwers.” They know that. That’s why they lost the last time. (Just common sense)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blaming Rush for "GOP Waterloo"

A single defeat, by just a few votes, does not a “Waterloo” make. And Rush is not to blame. His rhetoric nearly caused a “Waterloo” for Obama. It’s not a “Waterloo” unless you’re basing your personal future on it. “Looking at the state of both parties after President Obama’s health bill win in the House, ABC’s Terry Moran elevated the view of ‘prominent conservative’ David Frum [NOT a conservative -RT], author a year ago of Newsweek’s ‘Why Rush is Wrong’ cover story, who blamed Rush Limbaugh and Fox News for what he’s dubbed the GOP’s ‘Waterloo.’ On Nightline, Moran contended ‘anger, stoking it, expressing it, riding it...was the Republican strategy to defeat health care. And over the weekend all that anger got ugly, as some Democratic Members of Congress were called vial (sic), racial and anti-gay slurs’.” (ABC’s Terry Moran) But I’d bet those racial and anti-gay slurs were hurled by liberals, so they could blame them on conservatives. But you don’t have to be a conservative to be against Obama’s health care swindle. You only have to be somewhat intelligent, as the people who wrote this are apparently not, if they can’t spell a simple four-letter word like “vile.” (Media Research Center)

Ashamed to Be an American

I’m actually ashamed to be an American because of the stupidity of enough Americans to have actually elected a committed Marxist communist to the presidency. My own son is among those who think they “have more important things to do” than keep track of what their politicians are doing to them, and that what happens in Washington won’t affect them. He said as much the other day. He seems to think he, and his children will be dead and gone before Obama’s bill comes due. He’s wrong. He will begin paying higher taxes to pay for Obama’s “flights of fancy” next year and his sons will pay them all their lives. The longer Obama is in office and able to force his ideas on an unwilling populace, the higher his taxes will go and the more his life will be controlled by a nameless, faceless bureaucrat, somewhere. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Using Sick People As "Props"

Liberals like to use sick people as “props” to pass their swindles into law. We could do the same thing with those who are being raped by the CURRENT health programs, all set up by the government (mostly liberals, sometimes otherwise). For instance: the government FORCED me into Bush’s “prescription drug program” and wanted to FINE me for not signing up for it for the first two years. I never signed up for it, but apparently I’m a member. The maker of Plavix WAS supplying me with Plavix, since I couldn’t afford this expensive, life-saving medicine. But the very fact of my BEING on Bush’s program stops them from supplying me, by law. Now they’re slowly removing ANY benefits I might have had from it, but I’m still “in the program” so I can't get any elsewhere, not even if I pay for it. They want me to come to them, hat in hand, begging for it to be reinstated. I will not. They’ll probably want to fine me for that. (Just common sense)

It's All The Liberals' (Democrats) Fault

Just about every bad thing that has happened in this country such as depressions, recessions, inflation and such can be traced back (if you’re really looking) to a liberal (Democrat) administration in power. It doesn’t have to be a Democrat president (though that makes it worse), but a Democrat majority in Congress—or at least a near majority able to enact legislation inimical to the good of the American people (Reagan's Congress spent $1.25 for every $1.00 his tax reduction increased the "tax take"). Look at the makeup of our government in the year the income tax was enacted; or when the Federal Reserve was created. Or when the “big depression” started (not necessarily when it began, but just before it began). Then examine the measures put in place during that period. It takes a little research, not just “surface examination.” If a conservative (or just a Republican) administration was in power at any of those times, look at what’s behind the action, and see who voted FOR it. This year has been “doubled down in spades” as the Obama administration goes about gaily spending our money and killing our economy. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

America Has Been Summarily Raped

We didn’t want Obama’s health care swindle. We made that plain in many ways. But he did every dirty trick in the book to pass his scheme into law, and this is being written within minutes of his signing it into law. There are many places where it is unconstitutional, but one of the most well-known is the violation of the Tenth Amendment that disallows the government from FORCING us to buy something from a private vendor. Obama thinks the courts will support him, but he may be very wrong. I will certainly refuse to obey this edict, and I will NOT pay his fine. So if he wants to make an example of a 73-year-old man and send me to prison, let him. Now he’s going to set out on yet another trip to “sell” it to the American people. He still thinks we’re too stupid to understand his words and he wants to tell us again. (CNN)

Do They Really Believe It?

That’s what Chris Matthews is asking, while repeating the usual (Democrat talking points) lie that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are only repeaters of the “GOP talking points” while he dutifully repeats all the Democrat talking points. When is HE going to wake up and discover that Obama and his “gang of thieves” are stealing from him as much as from everybody else? Maybe when it starts affecting his paycheck. Or do people like him even notice that, since they make a lot more than it takes to keep them going—unlike the rest of us. They make those “princely salaries” (millions of dollars) for fooling the public on a daily basis and criticize people who have EARNED their riches, just as if they did, too. (Media Research Center)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Declaring War On Us

Our own government has declared war on us. Apparently, most Americans think it’s okay to burn 86 women and children to death (Waco, TX, under Clinton/Reno), and for a “government agent” to murder a woman with a child in her arms , from hiding (Ruby Ridge, again under Clinton/Reno). He was charged with murder by a state court and the feds used trickery to get him out of it, This apparently created a precedent when nobody was punished in either case. The man who murdered the mother with the child in her arms even got a commendation (quietly) for that murder. One man wrote to Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who answered that he didn’t give a damn what this man thought. This administration passes laws that are clearly unconstitutional and the Supreme Court allows it. Obama “rules” by Executive Order, trillion dollar laws to control us all are passed into law by “deeming” them to be passed when they weren’t voted on by ANYBODY (well, maybe not--this time). The Constitution is blatantly ignored, without even the PRETENSE of following it. If we don’t start paying attention to what they’re doing and holding them accountable, we will soon be subjects of a new dictatorship. (Just common sense)

Making It A Big Thing

The liberal media is making a “big thing” out of 1,000 total deaths in the entire Afghan operation, but completely forget that we averaged losing 416 PER DAY in World War II (Wickipedia). Not that this is a GOOD thing, but it is not nearly as bad as they like to paint it. Should we “cut and run” because we’ve taken some casualties? No. If we do, we’re going to suffer even more casualties, some of them right in your town, when the terrorists are incentivized by our cowardice in running away and intensify their actions. (Reuters)

The Way Liberals Think

They “talk down” big corporations, saying we should get rid of them all. But obviously they haven’t thought it through; big corporations are made up of PEOPLE. The people who own part of the corporation, the people who depend on it for their living, and those who depend on the products these corporations put out. They don’t think about that, nor do they care about these people. This is another cartoon that amply illustrates the way liberals think. (Candorville)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Israel vs. Palestinians

The Palestinians like to think they have the right to land that is now Israel, due to both a League of Nations AND a United Nations mandate. I’m not sure how binding such mandates are, but the Palestinials “went to war” about it—and lost, many times. So there it is. That land belongs by right of conquest, to Israel. The Palestinians have no claim to it. But they still want it for the site of a future Palestinian State—which will never exist—in the lifetimes of those now living, at least. "Following the Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis, pressure on Britain increased to allow Jewish immigration to Palestine. In 1947, the UN partitioned the land into Arab and Jewish states. The Arabs did not accept the partition and war broke out. The Jews won a decisive victory, expanded their state and created several hundred thousand Palestinian refugees. The Arab states refused to recognize Israel or make peace with it. Wars broke out in 1956, 1967, 1973 and 1982, and there were many terror raids and Israeli reprisals. Each side believes different versions of the same history. Each side views the conflict as wholly the fault of the other and expects an apology,” neither of which will happen." Jews and Palestinians will NEVER agree, and Joe Biden was wrong to criticize Israel for planning on using its own land to build homes for its citizens while Barack Obama was wrong to tell Joe to do it. But then, Obama has been wrong on about everything there is. (Mid East Web)

Killing Iraq

The liberals succeeded in “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” in Viet Nam, and they’re trying their best to do the same in Iraq. The Islamic terrorists are “strapping children to the bumpers of their attack vehicles,” then whining about “all the civilian casualties.” (This is a illustration of what they’re doing, not an actuality--maybe). What they’re doing is putting civilians “out in front” in their attacks, then when civilian deaths actually (predictably) happen, they cry about it. Then our liberal fools “take up the cry,” saying “we are at fault” for ATTACKING the Islamic terrorists in RETALIATION for their attacks on us. The Denver shuttle bus driver who pleaded guilty to charges of “attempting to use WMDs” on New Yorkers blamed the US attacks in Afghanistan for his own actions, ignoring completely their own actions there, which precipitated ours. Yet many Americans, who “don’t pay attention to politics,” BELIEVE this crap. I call them “headline readers” who only read the headlines, which often are directly the opposite of the truth. This book tells you what the liberal news media won’t tell you about what happened. (Barnes & Noble)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Republicans Support Insanity

It IS insanity to allow a person who already has an expensive malady like cancer to buy insurance that covers the cost of caring for them—AFTER the cancer has been diagnosed. This would not be “insurance.” It would be STUPIDITY for an insurance company to “buy into” such insanity. But this government wants to make a law FORCING them to do it. How STUPID is this government? They prove their stupidity in many ways. This is just one of them. They also think they can “get guns off the street” by making laws against gun ownership for most people, completely ignoring the fact (not opinion) that criminals do not obey laws. That’s the very DEFINITION of a criminal. So how do they expect him/her to obey a law that says he/she can’t be armed? What angers me is that REPUBLICANS are “buying into” the insanity of forcing insurance companies to commit economic suicide by insuring people for “pre-existing conditions.” It sounds good, if you fail to examine the inevitable RESULTS of such insanity.(Atlas Society/Larry Elder)

Obama's Health Care Swindle

American doesn’t want any part of Obama’s health care swindle, but he is determined to shove it down our throats, no matter how much it makes us gag. “An Arrogant ObamaCare Plan details new taxes, cuts in Medicare and government regulations, crippling and obstructing the ‘bipartisan healthcare reform summit’ on Feb. 25th signaling that the Democrats are not serious about starting over and including Republican ideas in their plans. Offering nothing new, the scheme defrauds America with a plan that repackages the same approach already taken by the U.S. Senate. A scheme that Americans have already rejected in the Latest Rasmussen Poll – as 56% Oppose ObamaCare!!!!” For this reason, as well as many others, I expect Obama to be a one-term president. But can we repair the damage he and his “gang of thieves” have done to America? I don’t know. (The Patriot Update)

The Way It Works in Washington

Everything bad that happens is Bush’s fault. If anything good happens (not often, these Days), Obama takes credit for it as a matter of course, no matter WHO caused it. This comic strip shows how it’s done. “Smoke and mirrors” and “dog and pony shows” to “fool the masses,” and only fools buy it. It’s a losing proposition, Sooner or later it will become obvious that some of the bad ideas are Obama’s fault, but he will “fight to the death” to continue to blame all bad things on his predecessors, mostly Bush. (Candorville)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Was It A Bribe?

“Utah's lone Democratic Congressman Jim Matheson voted against Obamacare when it first passed the House last year. Then the heavens opened up and Obama came forth to nominate his brother Scott to a federal judgeship. Will the appointment influence Matheson's vote? Was it a bribe?” Only time will tell. Especially if it works and Matheson votes FOR Obama’s health care swindle this time. Keep your eye out. “The League of American Voters is asking this question in a very public way through an advertisement it is currently airing on Salt Lake City television, in the middle of Matheson's district. The ad poses the question: 'Our Congressman Jim Matheson voted against Obama's health care proposals and Salt Lake City is saying thanks. He voted against cutting Medicare by $500 billion, against health care rationing, against higher taxes. But then Obama appointed his brother to a federal judgeship. Some people say it was bribe to get Jim to change his vote. Was it? We'll be able to tell if Jim now switches his vote. Hey Jim, we'll be watching'!" This ad, which costs $77,000 to run, is indicative of the hand-to-hand warfare going in district after district over the health care bill. (League of American Voters)

Liberals Try to Push Brown

Several have asked him if he’s “worried that his policies will destroy Kennedy’s dream.” What a stupid question that is to ask a Republican; the Republican who finally overturned the Democrat hold on that seat, described in the biased liberal media as “Kennedy’s seat,” and which he held until his death earlier this year. Republicans are not concerned with “Kennedy’s dream.” It is NOT “their dream” and they have fought hard to destroy it. Brown’s election may well put the “capper” on its destruction, and that’s to the good. (Media research Center)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Wait 'til We Need It"

The “Massa incident” brings out the fact that Obama and the Democrats have a “scandal book” with the names and details of the scandal on every member of Congress so they can pull it out any time they need to destroy somebody, as they did Congressman Massa. Peelosi knew about him for many months before she made the scandal public when he would not vote for Obama’s health care swindle. But who cares if he’s gay; I don’t. I don’t care if Barney Frank is gay, either. I do care that he is corrupt and his corruption has never been brought out, and won’t be until Nancy (or somebody else) needs to bring him back into line. (Just common sense)

They Never Learn

Liberals (Democrats) just don’t learn from experience. Experience shows absolutely that people leave states with the highest taxes, but they don’t learn. They just say these people are foolish and go on raising taxes while the people with the money to leave, and who want to keep it, move to states with lower, or NO taxes. The people running our governments, at all levels, have nothing but contempt for the people who voted for them, and think they know nothing, while THEY (the politicians) know a lot more. Which just shows how little THEY know. They are ignorant and arrogant; a combination of traits you’ll find in most politicians in both parties. The combination of these two traits in a majority of politicians is why we’re in the situation in which we find ourselves now. (Cal Thomas/Town Hall)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Try At National ID

This is something the liberals have dreamed about for years, and it has come up time after time, each time as part of “solving” some problem or other as an excuse. This time the excuse is “illegal immigration.” The problem with it is, if every American citizen must have one, the government will then have the ability to make you an “unperson,” unable to do ANYTHING. It’s like a “license to live,” without which you cannot. The power to license is the power to say “no.” Nobody should EVER have that kind of power over another person. If it comes, I will NOT participate. If they send me to prison, so be it. (News Max)

Always A Good Excuse

The gun-haters always have a plausible excuse to ban your ability to have a gun for self defense. In this case, they cite “security issues,” as if their cops COULD “keep the peace” in emergencies. Actually, they can’t. They’re too busy worrying about traffic and keeping people alive. But nothing ever stops the “anti-gun freaks” from doing everything they can to limit or erase your ability to defend YOURSELF from illegally-armed criminals, who don’t obey ANY laws. In this case, they cite the “snow emergency” Al Gore said would never come because of global warming (now called "climate change"). (World Net Daily)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Barack in Wonderland

That’s where Barack Hussein Obama is living. He thinks many silly things, like that he can take over 1/7 of the economy (the medical business) and it will cost us nothing. That’s what he continually tells us. He thinks all he has to do is lie to us and we will believe him. That may well have been true when he first came onto the scene, but even the most “hard-edged” Obama believers are now beginning to wonder about him. I’ve been sure of him from the first. I KNEW what he was promising us could not possibly be true, because I pay attention to what’s happening. I read the whole story and research it. I don’t just read the headline like many people do, and believe his lies. He has promised more things than he can possibly pay for and claims they will cost us nothing. That’s not only insanity, it shows his complete ignorance of how the real world works. (Thomas Sowell)

"A GOP Convention"

Bryant Gumbel, failed television anchor, says the Winter Olympics “looks like a GOP convention” because of the lack of blacks competing there. He forgets, or ignores altogether, that people competing there must be SKILLED competitors. They’re not chosen because of their color, their sex, or anything else. Just as other liberals ignore the fact that more blacks commit crimes than whites, contributing to the larger numbers of blacks in prison. I don’t just say this (which would make me a racist), it’s a FACT (for which they will CALL me a racist for saying), which liberals totally ignore, as Gumbal ignores the talent required to compete in the Olympics. These people really frost me, the way they twist the facts to make an illegitimate point. He also forgets or ignores that it was the GOP that pushed for the constitutional amendment that recognized the rights of blacks, while Democrats fought it, “tooth and nail.” (Media Research Center)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nancy Ain't Too Bright

She says she “sees no reason to remove Congressman Charlie Rangel from his powerful Ways and Means Committee position while his culpability in all the ethics complaints against him is discovered. That’s because she doesn’t have the intelligence to see it. She thinks because she doesn’t see it, we won’t either. Somebody needs to hit her with a hammer (figuratively, of course, if liberals can’t understand that) and wake her up to reality. I guess the voters will do it at the end of this year. Rangel himself can see the future, so he's "getting out." (Vanity Fair)

It Was Just An Excuse

When Rush Limbaugh was working as a sports commentator for ESPN and said McNabb was overrated, he got fired. That was just the excuse to get rid of him, since the top brass at ESPN is very liberal. How Rush got hired in the first place is beyond me. ESPN morning host Eric Kusileas said exactly the same thing the other day without any comment from anybody but Rush. Will he have a job come Monday morning? Probably. He’s not Rush Limbaugh. If this doesn't show the obvious bias in the media I don't know what will. (Rush Limbaugh)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Winning Friends and Influencing Votes

Obama is having a little problem getting the vote of one House member, so he appointed his brother to the Appeals Court. There are many other people qualified to sit on this court, but strangely, Obama chose the brother of a man from whom he desperately needs a vote to be able to impose his health care swindle on us. Of course, Obama and his friends are going to deny this appointment was motivated by that, as Democrats always do. They always deny it when they’re caught “with their hands in the “cookie jar” and it’s obvious they’re lying. Then they go right on as if we believed them, and ignore our cries, saying, “that’s old news” as if it just didn’t matter. Obama has been giving away way too much to con this vote into being, and doing it with OUR money, (Weekly Standard)

"Chewing Our Butts"

That’s what Obama does, rather than make changes, based on our criticisms. He can’t conceive of the idea that he’s wrong; that the American people want nothing to do with his bright ideas. He thinks, in his arrogance, that we’re ignorant, and that all he has to do is talk down to us enough and we’ll understand, as much as any ignorant people can understand when an “oracle” speaks. But he’s wrong; deadly wrong. These “ignorant people” can, and will, run him out of his exalted office and send him back to Chicago to obscurity, where he belongs; and good riddance. But first we need to get rid of his voting majority in the congress for all time. I want to be able to listen to his people complain about the way the Republicans are “destroying this country” when they’re not. The Republicans do some of the same things he does, but fortunately, not as fast, usually. Their excesses are more controllable. (David Limbaugh/Town Hall)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Not Props for Obama

Obama upbraided senators and representatives for their “props” when they brought in the actual bills passed by Congress to his “health care summit” dog & pony show. Then he makes sure his “doctors” (Were they really doctors?) have white lab coats on when they’re standing behind him as he stands on the podium, to convince us that “doctors are behind him” in his quest to take over the medical business. In an earlier public meeting with doctors, he even had white lab coats brought in for them to wear so they’d LOOK like doctors. How obvious can this man BE? (Rush Limbaugh)

So What's Wrong With That?

Liberals are trying to “link conservatives with birthers.” What’s wrong with that? We ARE linked. If Obama is an illegal president, we want to know about it. Why does he resist proving his citizenship to the extent of spending $1.7 million dollars to hide the truth? But you don’t have to be a conservative to want to know. I wasn’t interested until he went out of his way NOT to answer questions about where he was born. The longer he fights it, the more interested I become. If he IS American-born it would be easy to prove. He could lay this to rest easily. Why doesn’t he?” Maybe because he can’t. (Media Research Group)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Terrorists Are Winning!

The heroes who captured the terrorist who masterminded the murders and “stringing up” on a bridge of several Blackwater employees have been charged with "assaulting” the terrorist they captured because one of them seems to have punched him in the stomach (I'd have done a lot more than that! -RT). These terrorists are TRAINED to claim abuse at the hands of their captors. I'll repeat that in case you missed it: These terrorists are TRAINED to claim abuse at the hands of their captors. They should not be believed when they do, unless those “believers” are stupid. And the absolutely STUPID politicians in uniform in the “chain of command” above these heroes believed it. When are our people going to “wise up?” We’re treating these terrorist murderers like royalty compared to the way they’re treated by their own people, while charging their captors with abuse, depending on nothing but the word of the terrorists. What a TRAVESTY that is! (Fox News)

Can't Even Spell "Vote"

“Congressman Tom Tancredo, said that people who voted for Barack Obama could not pass a basic civics literacy test." [They can't. -RT] Tancredo’s offensive remark: ‘People who could not even spell the word vote put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House.’ [AB C’s John] Berman pounced on the rhetoric as out of bounds: ‘The President a socialist, his supporters illiterate?” Tancredo stood by those comments. " Tancredo is right. People who are here illegally and refuse to even learn the language of their host country, have no business voting, no matter where they're from. They’re not illiterate; Those are Berman’s words. They just can’t speak our language and DID “put a committed socialist” in the White House. So what’s there to apologize for? What is it about his comments that is “out of bounds?” This is not racism, it’s common sense. Speaking of “anger and harsh rhetoric,” that’s the daily stock in trade for liberals. (Media Research Center)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Big Brother" Is Here!

In Houston, TX, the police chief wants to put cameras in private homes. That’s to supplement the thousands of video cameras they have planted everywhere to monitor what you do, outside your home. I just bought a new computer and it has a camera lens, aimed right at my face. Do we have the technical capability to allow the “authorities” to activate that camera without my knowledge and spy on me (This actually happened recently when a school activated the cameras on school issued computers and were even watching students disrobe. Yes, they were school-owned computers. But could they set up computers you buy to do the same thing?)? I’m putting some black tape over it. I don’t know. If this makes me sound paranoid, I don’t care. If they’re really trying to get you, there’s nothing wrong with being paranoid. Until recently I would have discounted even the suggestion of such a thing. But with recent happenings, I can’t. (Musicians 4 Freedom)

Obama Still Pushing Gore's Swindle

He now wants to start a “global warming agency” in his administration. You know what that means: more billions of dollars down the global warming drain and into his, and Gore’s pockets. They’re pushing it hard, hoping to overcome the revelations that are coming out about the lack of truth contained in the so-called “proof” they claim by pushing it in competition with those revelations. They hope people will not believe them and will go with THEIR announcements. Many people who pay no attention to politics WILL, and he and Gore will become richer on the backs of their dupes. (News Max)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"We Don't Know What's Good For Us"

This quote comes from a gamer site, in a story about how a homosexual bunch came to like forcing small animals to fight. The theory is it comes from the proliferation of “Pokemon,” (pocket monsters) a game about fighting small animals.” In this story was a quote from an obvious liberal, “Pastor Timothy Harris, of Oakwood Baptist Church claims that the presence of the game itself is dangerous and magnifies the evil in the world on a spiritual level. “We need to have more control over what people see on a daily basis,” says Harris, who is also a lobbyist for the Christian Law Association. “Our society has no idea what its best interests are, and it is a result of video games and other media acting as a modern day Golden Calf.” I have never heard a better description of how ALL liberals view the rest of us. They don’t include themselves in the description of “our society,” but reserve that for “everybody else.” Which is why liberal politicians have such contempt for the people who put them in office. They think ONLY they know what’s best for us, and if we don’t realize that, we’re stupid. The only problem there is THEY just don’t use common sense in the things they design for US. (Just common sense)

Taxing "The Rich"

Liberals like to gripe about “the rich,” blaming them for all our nation’s ills, even though it is “the rich” that create ALL jobs and the profits that make this world operate. Katie Couric (who “earns” $11 MILLION a year to flap her lip is one of the biggest slammers of “the rich” out there. Funny; most congresspeople are rich. They came to Washington broke, but after a few years at the ”public trough,” they’re all rich. Especially the Democrats, and including some Republicans. At the same time, they hate “the rich.” Go figure. (CNN Money)