Thursday, January 31, 2019

Phony Attempt On Trump

Anastasia Vahukevich, a Russian whore who describes herself as a “sex coach,” once said she overheard a Russian oligarch talking about Donald Trump and the election, and recorded it. She said this to get out of jail, but never provided anybody with that recording, since it did not exist. Liberals immediately jumped on it, thinking that this was that “elusive evidence” or Trump’s “Russian collusion.” What they did NOT mention is that she said this from her Thai jail cell, and she had considerable incentive to say just about anything to get out of jail. This is just yet another “evidence-nil” claim that means nothing. And the very fact that the Russians themselves wanted to shut her up is indicative that the whole thing was planned to HURT Trump, not help him. This is what I think, and she has just confirmed it. That the Russians told her very distinctly NOT to talk about any connection with former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Like the story about a prostitute peeing on the bed Obama once slept in, is did not happen, and has now been admitted. (Conservative Tribune)

Yes, They Did It

The question was, will Dumocrats close the government to deny President Trump his wall? Even though they have many times in the past stated their SUPPORT of a wall on our Southern border? The answer is, YES! They are more interested in blocking anything President Trump wants, if they can manage it. And since specific funding for his wall requires nine Dumocrat votes, they did manage it. What stops President Trump from just using the “discretionary funds” to finance his wall, I don’t know. there’s a lot of money there, in that fund, and it can be used, at his “discretion.” There are many things a president can do “at his discretion,” and I don’t think building a wall is out of the question, using those funds, since building that wall is “at his discretion.” Dumocrats can pass a bill in the House to specifically stop him from doing that, but it would have to get through the Senate, and President Trump would have to sign it. So that’s a “lost cause.” I don’t know why the voters insist on giving Dumocrats just enough power that they can use to block things. Probably just enough of them are just STUPID. (Legal Insurrection)

Irrational Gun Fright

A big tough WWE star, no less, found a gun in his rental car, and was "afraid for his life." Like the gun was a living thing, and would shoot him without anybody touching it, This is completely irrational thinking, which is rife among gun-haters, nationwide. This big, bad, wrestling star was frightened at the very sight of a gun, though it might be said (by some people, anyway) that he had good reason to be afraid, with "Black Lives Matter" spreading the lies that cops automatically want to kill a black man within reach of a gun. But he did the right thing. He called the cops and explained things. they came and got the gun, and praised him for his proper action. Not nearly like the BLM fools think. The cops told him that they find guns in rental cars, all the time. So his finding one was not unusual, or surprising. The point here is, he was frightened by that gun as a result of the LIES told by the BLM fools, who spread fear among people who are gullible enough to listen to them. (TMX Sports)

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Using the Polar Vortex

I predict that the global warming/climate change fools will use the horrible weather that is causing so much havoc in the Midwest right now as “further evidence” that “climate change is real.” Since their change of name for their scam, they confidently use ANY weather anomaly as “evidence” of their damned fool claims. What they don’t tell you is that weather just as bad as that happened many years ago, and even some youngsters (to me) can remember it. Actually, all it proves is that climate change is CYCLICAL. Cold snaps and unusually warm temperatures come and go in CYCLES. Another thing they don’t mention is that this “weather anomaly” only covers PART of the world, not the entire world. Even my own son is convinced that the “Warmers” are not convinced that carbon DIOXIDE is poisoning the atmosphere. He says it’s all “carbon MONOXIDE” that is hurting the atmosphere when carbon DIOXIDE is a natural substance that we spew every time we exhale. In the seventies they were worried about the “coming ice age” where ice will expand and cover much of the world. That’s until they found out that the “science” didn’t support it, and they needed SOMETHING to worry about, and use to con money out of people to “study.” (EarthSky)

Liberal Stupidities

Women’s College in Massachusetts rejects women’s symbol as being “offensive”; American University Yoga Group disbands over complaints of cultural appropriation; University of Iowa exempts race-based clubs from discrimination rules to provide safe space; Clemson University prof thinks human extinction will save the planet; free speech advocacy files suit against University of Texas; Duke University student leaves Facebook after complaints of “offensive posts”; Washington State stocks MEN’S bathrooms with free menstrual products; protesters at Cal state say curriculum changes will reduce ethnic studies enrollment; U Mass Amherst to offer course on LGBT themed electronic light displays; Hamilton College now offering course which promotes social justice through teaching (otherwise known as “brainwashing”). There are many more, but I can’t think of them all, right now. (Just common sense)

Like A Horror Movie

You've seen horror movies where the "monster" keeps getting killed, and keeps "coming back," time after time? It's the same way with gun control. We keep killing it, and it keeps coming back. But this time, I think it's really dead, with the advent of 3D printing being able to "print" a working gun that can kill you. The government has attempted to stop online instructions for making 3D printed guns, but they have nonetheless proliferated. There are now "clubs" whose members work HARD to prefect them and come up with new designs that are more and more stable and dependable. The government might be able to censor that on the Internet, but they can't stop people from gathering to continue to do so, and make them ever better and dependable. The government hates this technology because the "bad guys" can use it for doing ill. But isn't that true of real guns? The bad guys never have a problem getting guns, as witness the MILLIONS of illegal guns now out there, against which the law-abiding NEED a defense, but which the government wants to deny us. I guess they'd rather we DIE than have a means of self defense--just because the bad guys can use it, too. Short sighted thinking and ignorance on their part. (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Faked "MAGA" Beating

A television actor who recently “came out” as gay showed up bearing evidence of a beating and blamed Trump supporters, racists, and gay-haters for it. He told police two men beat him up, even dumped bleach on him, making racist and gay slurs, and saying,”This is ‘MAGA’ country!” Unfortunately for him, his attempt was so thin, one of the first commenters on this story Tweeted, “Surely another hoax. Further proving that racism and 'homopobia' are so exceeding rare that they have to be faked in order to remain newsworthy...” Many others agreed with that and a few liberals blamed Trump’s “base.” I agree that such reports are so rare as to be nonexistent, and liberals need to create them to keep the hate going. I don’t think they will ever find any proof this actually happened that way, and this is just another liberal effort to paint Trump and his supporters with the same “bad brush.” It’s a regular liberal scam: “Make a false report you can’t prove, then ‘swear to it” like it actually happened. Like that guy at a college that couldn’t find a racist to scrawl illiterate, racist things on his door, so he did it himself. He didn’t plan on “coming clean” about it, but later, he did. In spite of him telling the truth, liberals are still citing that instance. That’s what they do. (Breitbart)

Bring the Popcorn!

The Dumocrat Party primaries are going to be a real circus this time. They were pretty dull last time, since the only “serious” candidate they had was Hillary, and she lost. Back then, it was the Republicans who put on a circus with something like 17 candidates, all of whom lost to now President Trump. This time it is going to be the Dumocrats who field so many candidates they need a bigger stage for all the debates to hold them all. You can tell when a political party is “out of it” when so many candidates emerge. If the party had their stuff together there would only be one serious candidate on their side. In 2020, nobody will want to suffer the ignominy of being slammed down by President Trump, so I seriously doubt there will be many, if any candidates, to oppose Trump. Yes, there are still some “anti-Trumpers” in the GOP, but even they are probably too smart to go against him after all the good things he has done, even if the liberal media has “blacked out” any mention of them. The “alternative media” has mitigated that “blackout.” (Just common sense)

Golly, I Wonder Why?

A gun control poll shows that 59% of America is "dissatisfied" with current gun control laws. They talk about those who want more or less strict gun control laws, which misses the point, altogether. Could it be that the current laws aren't making a DENT in the "gun crime" problem? They make more and more laws against legal gun ownership, while criminals, who disobey laws for a living, are somehow expected to OBEY their laws--and they ignore that, in their quest to disarm ALL Americans (but criminals). This is the flaw in their reasoning, but they apparently don't have the INTELLIGENCE to understand that. The definition of INSANITY is doing the same things over and over again, and expecting a different result. But that's the very thing the anti-gun fools are doing: making the same laws over and over again and expecting them to work "this time." But they don't, and they make even more of them. And THEY don't work. But that knowledge doesn't seem to filter through their thick skulls. And they still wonder why a majority of Americans are "dissatisfied" with their gun laws. (Just Common sense)

Monday, January 28, 2019

How to Pay for It

That’s a question that’s been asked many times over the years, whenever a liberal/socialist/Dumocrat talks about all the “free things” they intend to give to those who want to live at someone else’s expense. But nobody has ever been able to give a coherent answer to that question, and now, with the ascendancy of socialism in this country, they no longer even pretend to give a damn. They figure that, with the government's ability to “print money” without having anything valuable behind it, it is never going to run out of the money it will take to actually give away that much. So when the question is asked today, they just scoff, and ignore it. But the time is going to come that it’s “time to pay the piper,” and there will be no money with which to pay him. Then everything will “go to hell in a handbasket.” Next, the promoters of socialism, blaming the free market (aka: capitalism), and will work even harder for the takeover of the economy in this country. That will be the beginning of the end for America as the “preferred destination” for millions who want to better themselves. We will then descent into the chaos of collectivism, as did Russia for 75 years. Millions will die, many from starvation, others from government tyranny—again as they did in Russia. It’s a dismal future, but I’m afraid it’s something we are going to have to experience, since there are so many who just want somebody else to pay their bills for them, while politicians promise to do so, with other people’s money. I’m just glad I’ll be dead, then. (Fox News)

Liberal Elites Are Damed Fools!

They are now in the process of CREATING racism against white people. They are even teaching it in college. “The University of Virginia held a one-credit hour course during the fall 2018 semester that was aimed at describing why ‘liberal whites’ use microaggressions as a way to vent their frustrations over racial, cultural, and sexual equality.” That is pure racism against white people. At the same time, a Clemson University prof thinks human extinction will save the planet. If he really thinks that, let him go first. Hamilton College is now offering a course that promotes “social justice” through teaching. Which, in reality is “conditioning” students to accept that failed system, socialism, as the way to go. Even though socialism, in all its forms, has failed, or WILL fail shortly. Don’t believe it? Just look at the former Soviet Union, or right now in Venezuela, where the citizens are rebelling against it because there is no food on grocery shelves. They are trying to convince the world that there are more than two sexes, which is a biological impossibility. If you have a penis, you’re a MAN. If you have a vagina, you’re a WOMAN. There is no other possibility. They think a man dressed like a woman is yet another sex. Not so. He is just a damned fool MAN dressed like a woman. These are the kinds of things they promote, and that makes them damned fools. (Just common sense)

Missing the Point

As usual, the anti-gun fools miss the point, entirely. After an ex USAF man murdered two dozen people in a Texas church, the military has rushed to add 4,000 dishonorably discharged airmen to the "no-gun list." As if those who wish to kill a bunch of innocent people even NOTICE that their names are on a "no-gun list" when they go out to get the guns they use to kill them. Yes, the Air Force screwed up when they didn't add this killer's name to such a list, which "contributed" to the problem. But do people not right in the head ever consider such things? Why don't they look into the mental problems those people have? Why don't they give them the help they may need? Why don't they keep better track of what they're doing? Seems this killer was "wide open" when he bought his guns and stole others. Did they even NOTICE? They, like most anti-gun fools, just blame the guns, thinking such people even BOTHER to obey their silly anti-gun laws. There are so many other things they can do to stop these people from killing innocent people, but they concentrate on something that has a "track record" of NOT working. (CNN)

Friday, January 25, 2019

Jack-Booted Thugs

We are now a “banana republic” where the government can “raid” anybody with guns drawn for essentially pissant “crimes.” That’s what they did to Roger Stone, simply because he was once a Trump adviser. They did it to put pressure on him to LIE about his association with Trump to keep himself out of trouble. Something he is very vocal about never, ever doing. President Trump ought to put out a prohibition against such “circus-type” raids for these pissant “crimes” for which they are being used. All they needed to do is knock on his door (during normal business hours) and ask him to come with them. Not stage a guns-drawn massive raid with guns drawn and in full body armor, the like of which they would use to apprehend a serial murderer. This was obviously done for the effect. The FBI is “out of control,” and needs to be brought back under control. And of course, when he tried to speak after his court appearance, you couldn’t hear what he was saying because of the stupid chanting that drowned him out. Meanwhile, one ignorant fool actually asked him if he ever “consorted” with the Russians in Donald Trump’s service, to which he answered a “categorical NO.” Word is the FBI used 17 vehicles’ worth of agents to “apprehend” him, when all it would have taken is one agent knocking on his door and asking him to “come with us.” It’s not like this man would meet them with guns drawn, so their drawn guns were a complete excessive action. And of course, they “tipped off” CNN so they could have their cameras there for that pre-dawn raid. (CNN)

It Is "Offensive!"

That’s how the liberals hope to be able to do away with ANYTHING with which they do not agree. If they don’t agree with it, it’s “offensive,” and should be done away with. But that’s not their only scam. If they don’t like something, they just call it “racist.” And many gullible people “shy away” from whatever it is, so they won’t be labeled racist. And if you say ANYTHING Muslims don’t like, they call it “homophobia,” a “made-up word” to impute “mental disability” or bigotry onto ANY criticism of Muslims. I don’t know why they do that, since many Muslims are out to destroy America and make it into a “caliphate” which they run, under “Sharia Law,” something that is in total opposition to our Constitution and gives all power to the Mullahs. The only reason I can think of is that liberals are against ANYTHING they think the AVERAGE American is for, and they call us names whenever we show opposition to their stupid policies. Then there is the “Nazi” epithet they apply to ANY government policy with which they do not agree. They call President Trump a “dictator,” but if he is a dictator, he’s probably the worst example of a dictator there can be. He KEEPS his campaign promises, something most politicians do not do. I remember Bill Clinton promising to reduce taxes during a campaign, but when he got into office he said, “I worked very hard, but I could not find a way to reduce taxes. In fact, we need some NEW taxes.” That’s typical liberal. Promise the moon, then make excuses for not providing it after you get elected. Then do just the OPPOSITE of what you promised. (Just common sense)

Stay Out of Police States

Like NY, NJ, CA, etc., if you want to carry your legally-owned and carried gun in your home state. They'll arrest you, fine you, sometimes JAIL you, even if your gun is properly stored for travel. They don't care about you. They'll let you just "rot in jail" forever, if they can. "In any state dominated by Democrats (like NY), gun-owners, local and out-of-state, will be mercilessly harassed, even thrown in jail, at every opportunity, and based on the most feeble of excuses. Cynical Democrats calculate that gun-owners don’t vote for them anyway, so they have nothing to lose in singling us out for punishment. That is their long-standing “agenda.” So a "police state" is any state whose government is dominated by Dumocrats, who hate the very idea of ANY private citizens being able to carry a gun, much like it is in Russia. In Russia, there is no way to get, or LEGALLY carry a gun unless you're a government employee. TSA doesn't care, either. They'll "fink" on you to the locals. and the locals will finish your harassment. And if you have a job that does not allow people with arrest records (wherever they may be) to be employed, say "bye-bye" to your job, right along with your freedom. Be ready for a long stay in that "police state." I live in Colorado, which is such a state, so I can't get a gun, even though, at my age, I'm regarded as an "easy target" by thugs who want to mug people and rob, sometimes kill them. (AmmoLand)

Thursday, January 24, 2019

It's A Hard Job

The liberals (Dumocrats) work HARD to paint President Trump as “the worst president in history.” and it IS a “hard job,” since he has done all the things Barack Obama couldn’t do. Obama told us, “Hard times are here. They aren’t going to go away.” Because he had no idea at all about how to MAKE them go away. He told us that those millions of jobs that were lost under “his watch” were never coming back, so we’d better get used to being unemployed and dependent on the government.” Forgetting that, for the government to be ABLE to provide for them, they must STEAL the fruits of their ideas and labors from those capable and willing to earn for themselves, in order to have ANY “income to redistribute.” And it won’t take many years of this looting for those “producers” to realize they don’t get to keep want they earn, and so they stop earning. When that happens, the whole thing goes bust, as it did in Russia, and is now doing in Venezuela.

And, after 50 years of communism in Cuba, is in the process of doing, there. They don’t even have TOILET PAPER, fergawdsakes! Meanwhile, we’re in the middle of the biggest boom economy since Reagan’s tax cuts, and that’s after only two years under Donald Trump. All those jobs Obama said were never coming back have come back, in force. So much so that employers are now having trouble finding people to work for them. Trump has “waived his magic wand,” and companies Obama promised would never bring their jobs back to America, brought their jobs back to America. I don’t envy the liberals in their task to prove a man bad when he is NOT bad for this country. They have nothing else, so they call him a racist, when all the racism is on their side. It’s racism against WHITE people. They accuse him of racism without a shred of proof. But that’s their way. Unsupported charges they take as Gospel and tout daily. (Just Common sense)

No First Amendment?

I think there are many Americans who just don’t appreciate how much the First Amendment to the Constitution means to us. We criticize our government on a regular basis, and there’s really nothing it can do about it because the First Amendment protects us. The same is true of criticizing some people’s religion. Liberals criticize Christianity all the time, and the same is true. Nobody can do anything about it because of the First Amendment. It’s different in other countries. In Iran, for instance, if you criticize the regime, OR their religion, you can expect possibly to die in prison. That happened to Vahid Sayadi Nasiri, a 37-year-old Iranian blogger, was arrested in 2015 and received an eight year jail sentence for “insulting Islamic sanctities” and criticizing Iran’s Shi’a Islamist regime, the U.S.-based watchdog Iran Human Rights Monitor said. He began his hunger strike in October protesting the inhumane prison conditions and frequent beatings by fellow inmates. Yes, they only gave him eight years, but it turned out to be a death sentence. Thank God and the Founders for their foresight in including the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, a document some people, liberals all (Tories), think is an “outdated document.” (Legal Insurrection)

Slandering the NRA

Liberals hate the NRA almost as much as they hate Trump. Now they're trying valiantly to push their false narrative about the Russians "colluding" with Trump to get him elected. They SAY that Russia contributed a lot of money to be "cleaned" through the NRA to the Trump campaign, hoping to put into question every dollar the NRA contributed. Of course, they can't prove it, but that's true of everything else in the push to convince America that Trump is "an unfit president." Now they're saying the NRA is "sounding more like the Russian kind of propaganda" than a simple anti-gun outfit. They talk about a fictional Russian push for "gun rights," which we all know is impossible, since Russia has no Second Amendment, and having a gun in Russia is a prison offense. Non-government people in Russia are just not allowed guns, period. Which, as in America, does nothing to stop Russian crooks from getting their guns. And there is no "NRA style" organization there BECAUSE there is no Second Amendment. In Russia, members of such an organization would be jailed, for long terms in a gulag, when caught. They talk about a Russian, who is a "life member" of the NRA, who met with Trump, Jr., trying to arrange a meeting with Trump. Of course, they don't say whether or not it was successful, since it was obviously not, only that it was TRIED. Innuendo and unprovable lies. That's all we hear. (NY Daily News)

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Fake News Again!

They thought they had him. Buzz Feed came out with a story based on very suspicious circumstances such as the unsupported word of a man under a prison sentence who, in a last ditch effort to shorten it, LIED, saying “President Trump ‘ordered me’ to falsify some ‘polls’ to make him look good so he could run for president, and lie to Congress.” They ran with it, no proof notwithstanding, and the liberals “ate it up,” thinking they “had” Trump this time, and calling for an “investigation leading to impeachment.” Unfortunately, Robert Mueller himself, to his credit, put the “kibosh” on the story, coming out with a statement saying the report “was not accurate,” a euphemism for, “it’s LIE.” Notwithstanding, look for the liberals (Dumocrats) to continue to push the story, even though it has been branded a lie by Mueller, himself. “Pencil Neck” Adam Schiff is expected to be at the forefront of that effort, he being one of the worst “Trump haters” out there. It’s too bad he conned his way into a position where he could make a lot of trouble with a minimum of any kind of proof of wrongdoing, and he can be expected to do exactly that. (Legal Insurrection)

An Expected Result

The Weekly Standard is shutting down, and that’s not an unexpected thing, since the magazine has never really been a “conservative magazine.” It pretended to be, but it tended to reject things conservatives hold dear. Conservatives have long been suspicious of the direction they have always taken, and they “shot their last bolt” when they became a prolific critic of President Trump. That put them firmly in the liberal camp, as far as many conservatives were concerned. Trump, as president, is the best thing that has happened to America, in my memory—and my memory goes back to the days of FDR, which is a long time back. He has rescued the economy that Obama said was “gone forever,” because he hadn’t a clue as to how to bring it back. The economy has gone, in the less than 2 years of the Trump administration, from doldrums, to booming proportions. Under Obama (and other liberals), we lost the admiration and respect of the rest of the world, that came from the free market principles we used to become a world leader in less than 300 years, breezing right past civilizations that have been around for thousands of years. Obama and other liberals represented socialism, a system that has predictably failed every time, and everywhere it has been tried—and conservatives didn’t like that, so they stopped buying that magazine, leading to it’s demise. Good riddance. (Legal Insurrection)

"Come Shoot Us!"

That's what churches are telling thugs who want to kill a bunch of innocent people without much fear of being shot, themselves, by a parishioner. That's how it is in Indiana, now. But they're working to change that, and take down the "welcome sign" for mass shooters. Indiana has always had better gun laws than other states, and both my brothers and I have, at times, gone around armed. And neither of us ever shot anybody. I now live in Colorado, where the gun laws are much tighter, and I feel very "nervous" walking around. I'm now 80, and as such, I am considered an "easy target" by thugs as they watch me walk down the street. Another brother in Indiana (a non-active Marine), has a gun and carries it. He recently ran off two muggers just by showing them he is not to be trifled with. And he did not fire a shot. The thing is, EVERY "gun law" does nothing but make it easier for illegally-armed thugs to victimize us, by disarming us. (America's First Freedom)

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

$15 and Done

Now that the minimum wage in liberal-run New York City is $15.00 an hour, minimum wage workers are losing their jobs in droves, as those offering minimum wage jobs cut hours and staff because they can’t afford to pay an inflated wage to people who, through lack of training and experience, are not worth $15.00 an hour. It is imbecilic to force people to pay TWICE what a worker is worth. It is economically infeasible ans immoral. But that has never stopped liberals from insisting on it before, and will probably not, again. Most of the things liberals try to force upon us are imbecilic and unfeasible. Like trying to convince us there are more than 2 sexes. Or that beginning workers requiring extensive training are worth as much as workers who are well-trained, and experienced. Anywhere this is done will experience similar downturns in employment. But try and convince myopic liberals. They’re smarter than anybody else. They think. But reality tells us there are some jobs that are just not WORTH $15.00 an hour. I worked many years before I got paid that much in my profession, and they should have to, also. You can’t legislate pay rates. That is dictated by what a worker is WORTH. This is typical liberal meddling, and will cost New Yorkers a lot of jobs, and money. (Legal Insurrection)

It's Not Their Fault!

Liberals are making a big thing of the 7-year-old who died, while in the Border Control’s custody, ASSUMING it was their fault. But it was NOT their fault. That child was as good as dead when she crossed the order and was taken into custody. It was her own FATHER who kept her in a starvation condition while he dragged her to the border to support his attempt to “bulldoze” his way into this country. That little girl died of dehydration and shock almost as soon as she was placed in custody. She could NOT have died as a result of neglect of border control authorities, in that amount of time. She had to have been deprived, all the way from her home country, to the border. And her own father (if he IS her father), who should have been her protector, had to be responsible for letting it happen. Maybe the “coyote” was partially responsible, but the father should have “made a stink” about it, until she was given food and water. Any good father, worth his salt, would have fought to the death for his daughter. This one obviously did NOT, and for that, he should be condemned. Not the Border Control people. (American Thinker)

Today We're Insane

Shannon Watts' husband says "concealed carriers have a mental condition." They're really getting desperate, folks! Yesterday, we were racists/white supremacists, and anything else nasty. They have nothing else, so they say we're racist and insane! If you ask me, the insanity and racism is on their side. They have to know everything they do is unconstitutional, but they don't care. They want to disarm all America, at whatever cost. Calling us racist, or insane is all part of their not being able to push through MOST of their silly little laws that don't work, anyway. Shannon thinks they are winning because they "scored" a few successes. But if you don't "cherry pick," and look at ALL their actions, MOST of them fail. Like their "gatherings" of anti-gun fools that are supposed to convince the rest of us we have no chance, at which few, in any people show up. Then there are all the bills they sponsor that never become law. And the fact that NONE of their laws and "regulations" do ANYTHING to stop gun violence and, instead, INCREASE it, by disarming honest, law-abiding Americans so they're "easy targets" for those who obey NO laws. They also say we're paranoid. But you're not paranoid if there are ILLEGALLY armed thugs out there who want to rob and/or kill you--and there are. There are MILLIONS of illegal guns out there in the hands of thugs, everywhere. (NRA-ILA)

Monday, January 21, 2019

Liberal Twisting of Facts

You probably heard of that “confrontation” between “MAGA” wearing hats teens and an elderly “Indian” man. Emphasized was the teens supposedly disrespecting this Indian man (Sorry PC Police, I don’t use the term “native American.”). But the release of other videos of the incident showed that the students were “doing their thing” and were approached by that Indian, saying, “White people go back to Europe where you belong!” Is that racist, or what? The boys did not approach the Indian, he approached, and degraded them with his words and actions. And they did nothing except what normal, everyday children do. They began mocking this racist Indian. The fact that they were wearing “MAGA” hats was irrelevant. It was the Indian harassing THEM. But the liberal media jumped all over this with their LYING rhetoric aimed at vilifying those kids when it was that old Indian who was the instigator, and deserved the ridicule he got. The actuality of the situation was just the OPPOSITE of what they portrayed. Typical. It appears this may have even been a “setup” by that Indian man, since he brought along his own cameraman when he approached those kids, and had done similar things in the past. (Legal Insurrection)

Trump Killed Obamacare

Maybe he realized it, maybe he didn’t. But a federal judge knew, and found Obamacare to be unconstitutional. How did he do it? He removed the MANDATE to buy it, or pay a fine. Which removes it entirely from being a TAX. And since being a tax was Justice Roberts’ “excuse” for approving it, that makes it unconstitutional Whether or not that will cause Trump to actually KNOW it has become unconstitutional, or not, nobody knows. But know that it gives HIM an “excuse” to eliminate Obamacare, altogether. But the way things work in DC, I wonder if ANYTHING can get done. But I have faith in President Trump, because he rends to get things done. Obama claimed that the lousy economy was “the new normal.” That those millions of jobs that had gone overseas would never come back, But in less than 2 years of Trump’s administration, the economy, along with those millions of jobs, HAVE come back. When Obama told us that he was essentially admitting defeat, as far as the economy was concerned, he was admitting what intelligent people knew, that he was incompetent when it came to the economy (as well as just about everything else). (Legal Insurrection)

An Absolute Contradiction

A Kentucky legislator is trying HARD to enact gun control laws after a major school shooting, and he's doing it while surrounded by ARMED marshals. Doesn't that contradict what he's trying to do? The shooting itself would have been less deadly but for several things. One of them is that the cops took 45 minutes to appear on the scene. During that time the shooter had all the time he needed to leisurely shoot people down. Another factor is that the shooter, being only 15, could not buy a gun legally, anyway, So what law would have stopped him from getting it ILLEGALLY? A UNIFORMED sheriff's "resource officer" was there, but was completely ineffective in stopping the shooting. No one knows where he was, or what he was doing during the shooting. The law the legislator was promoting is smarter than most "gun control laws," in that it was to allow a few "designated" people on the school staff to carry weapons IF they were already "concealed carriers," so they would not be UNIFORMED officers, easy to locate and "neutralize" before the shooting begins. What's wrong with his law is that it would require the guns not be carried on their person, but kept in a "lock box" until used. And the gun could be used ONLY for the protection of a third person, and not him/herself. I guess they must just DIE if PERSONALLY threatened, even with a gun available. (Gun Watch)

Friday, January 18, 2019

Abortion Is Evil!

If you have any intelligence at all, you can’t deny that murdering defenseless infants mostly (but not completely) in the womb is an evil thing, and those that practice it are evil, as well. Abortion is MURDER. It’s as simple as that, but many people deny it, and try to vilify those who condemn people who practice it. If ever we needed a “biblical flood” to get rid of those evil people, we need it now. Abortion mills are places where evil lives, and goodness dies. Yet many otherwise intelligent politicians maintain that killing their offspring is a constitutional right. Murder for your convenience is NOT any kind of a right. And that’s what abortion on demand is: murder for the convenience of the parents who could not bother with “protection” and had unprotected sex, who now want to MURDER the result, rather than commit themselves to raising it. If the paramount thing is a “woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body,” as abortionists claim, then prostitution should be immediately legalized, as it is DEFINITELY “a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body.” But abortion isn’t about what happens to a woman’s body. It is about what happens to the body of an innocent infant who never even gets a chance at life because of the evil in the hearts of its parents. Look into the eyes of that beautiful child and if you can then murder it, YOU are evil. (The American Spectator)

Ignoring the Good Things

The left is always on President Trump’s case. Everything he does, they criticize. Whenever he does something good, they ignore it because everything good he does hurts their cause, which is to gain, or regain power so they can better fleece the nation. Trump was responsible for the amazing turnaround in the economy. A turnaround that Obama told us we could never expect. The unemployment numbers are the lowest in many years, just since he became president. The millions of jobs lost under Obama that he told us would never come back, have come back. So have the manufacturing jobs Obama told us would never come back. Under Obama the gross national product never even approached 3%. Under Trump, it is now over 4%. Illegal immigration is still a problem, but never like it was previously, even without the wall. Yet the Dumocrats continue to tell us he is “driving us into the ground.” I’d hate to know what they consider doing good. The liberal media won’t say his name without gagging. If he does something good, they not only don’t cover it, they find some way to criticize it. They twist the facts unmercifully to make him look bad. They hate him, more than any other politician has been hated, ever. Why? Because he was elected to “drain the swamp” in DC, and he’s actually DOING it. And that frightens them because they know they ARE “the swamp.” They’ve already spent $20 million dollars in their fruitless witch hunt, trying to prove he “colluded” with the Russians to get elected. In almost 2 years of searching under every rock, they couldn’t find a shred of real evidence of that, so now they’re trying everything else they can think of, and nothing works. they’ve “shot every wad” they have, and haven’t made a dent in him. And they ever will, because he’s more intelligent than any of them. (Just common sense)

Shannon Watts Is Deluded

She recently put out a statement, extolling all the gains her "MOMS Against Guns" organization (or something like that) has "scored" in over coming the Second Amendment that GUARANTEES our right to be armed for self defense. She talked about the number of states that have passed gun control measures, and how much they have reduced gun violence. Of course, she ignores the fact that MOST of the gun control initiatives have FAILED, because nobody but the "intelligence impaired" want them. She says, "If Hillary had been elected, gun control would benefit," and she's right. Thank God for Donald Trump! She also ignores the fact that every gun control law they have passed have done NOTHING to "stem gun violence." That's a fact that can't be ignored, but she ignores it. She says gun violence has been INCREASING lately, forgetting that MOST of the "gun violence" was committed by people who ignore her laws. Making those laws is FUTILE because the law-abiding aren't the ones who commit the crimes. Talk about "cherry picking facts!" She not only does it for others, she does it for herself. What she's doing doesn't work, bur she didn't get the memo. (Pop Sugar)

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Next It'll Be Air

California’s new governor, recognizing that former liberal administrations have spent all the money, now wants to tax drinking water. And with all the liberal fools living in California, he may well get what he wishes. If he does, how long will it be before other states which are run by other “tax and spend” liberals, do likewise? Colorado, where I live, for instance, which has just inaugurated yet another liberal, “tax and spend” governor, and a long list of liberal lawmakers, will likely follow suit, taxing items we need for survival, that the government has no hand in providing. After that becomes “the norm,” how long will it be before they start taxing the air we breathe, threatening to cut off our supply if we don’t “pay up?” Liberals LIVE to tax us unmercifully to support heir “giveaway programs.” They give away so much of our resources there isn’t any left for those who really need them, and when they predictably run out of money, they demand more, saying we “need to pay our fair share” of taxes. Never mind we already pay too many taxes. To them, it’s not enough. It’s NEVER enough, and never will be. There will always be another “program” that needs funding, and the old ones never go away. (Legal Insurrection)