Monday, June 30, 2014

What Changed?

Way back when, you could buy an “automatic weapon” in any hardware store for about $15. In those days there were NO “mass shootings.” Today, you can hardly get one legally, ANYWHERE. Now crazies are going into “Gun Free Zones” everywhere and killing people. What is different now than then? Guns are hard for HONEST people who OBEY laws to get. So more and more of them were disarmed. Back then, every kid had his “squirrel gun” and could “bark a squirrel” at 20 paces or more. The first would-be "school shooter" was shot to ribbons by every boy in the room. Today, kids only know guns as TOYS. They’ve never been told that if they point one at somebody and pull the trigger, they won’t have to say, “BANG.” The gun will do it for them as it kills whomever it is pointed at. The biggest mistake we ever made was in NOT teaching kids about guns. I remember a time when I was a kid, getting into my dad’s closet and finding a gun. Fortunately, it wasn’t loaded and I never thought to play with it. So I never killed anybody. Not so with many other kids, ignorant of how dangerous they can be to play with. (Aurora Sentinel)

The Mayflower Compact

Aside from the Constitution, the Mayflower Compact, which EVERY potential colonist signed before being allowed to set foot on land, bound them to accept ANY government created by the “Civil Community Politic,” which was empowered to make “just and equal laws, ordinances, Acts, compacts and Constitutions and Offices.” It was this “Civil Community Politic” that created and enacted the Constitution of the United States to be the BASIS for any and ALL laws for the United Sates. What has not been taught is that the original system, which was inherently collectivist (socialist), caused the first year there to be a DISASTER because it kept all the land as being owned by the entire group and all persons were given one section. He/she would enjoy the “fruits” of EVERYBODY’S LABOR, whether he/she worked or not. This removed any INCENTIVE to work and is why most of the colony, including the governor’s wife, to die of starvation or of illness brought on by malnutrition. So Governor Bradford changed it. The land was still divided up, but the colonist who did not work would have no part in the “fruits” of other’s labors. With incentive returned, the colony prospered. This has purposely not been taught by those who favor collectivism over the free market. And as long as those people (the liberals) control most of the media and education, it will NEVER be taught. (Just common sense)

Terrorist IN Our Government!

If there was ever anything that represents an impeachable offense, it was appointing terrorist Mohamed Elibiary to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. Back in WWII that would be like appointing Rommel to the War Council. Since he’s been here he has done many things to benefit Islamic terrorists, but little to advance the aims of America. He is a personal friend with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist leader in Syria; he successfully demanded that the FBI remove all references to Sharia Law, Jihad, and Islamic terrorism in all training manuals. He has provided material support for Islamic terrorists by working to stop prosecution of Islamic terrorists. He is co-founder of the “Freedom and Justice Institute,” which is directly tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is RECOGNIZED as a terrorist organization. This is putting the ENEMY in charge of parts of our fight with Islamic terrorism. THAT is an “impeachable offense,” to add to all the others of which Obama is guilty. When are people going to wake up to that and get RID of this ENEMY in our government? After the Muslim terrorists take over the White House and he gives them the keys? (Just common sense)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

$500 Million to Train Terrorists

It has been proven that Syrian rebels are not JUST “rebels. they’re Islamic terrorists and if we help them we’re helping Islamic terrorists. But that fact apparently hasn’t dawned on Obama and he wants to spend $500 million dollars to train and arm them. Maybe he needs to hear it on the “Evening News.” That seems to be the place where he gets ALL his news, since he refuses to listen to briefings from his staff. Damn, this fool needs to be stripped of all authority to do ANYTHING, before he “gives away the store” to Islamic terrorists. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more IGNORANT man in the White House! (The Blaze)

First It Was Cow Farts...

Now they’re doing “research” into how to reduce the effect of SHEEP farts (which means new taxes, of course). As if that wasn’t silly enough. They already charge ranchers a “fee” for each cow they have, figuring every one will fart a certain number of times. It’s a blueprint for them to figure out how to tax sheep farts, too. What’s next? Are they going to start charging dog owners a “fee” figuring each DOG farts a certain number of times a day? The government has a lot of people collecting handsome salaries to sit at their desks and come up with new and even more ridiculous ways to gouge more and more money out of us. We’ve always used “taxing air” as a means of describing some of the stupid ways they use to con us out of money; but this comes as close to it as any I’ve seen, so far. How stupid do they REALLY think we are? (Daily Caller)

Crooks Don't Listen

Jack-In-The-Box restaurants nationwide told legal gun carriers to take their business elsewhere, in effect, INVITING criminals to come in and victimize them. In at least three cases, criminals took them up on that invitation, robbing their restaurants. In some cases actually SHOOTING people. Signs were probably put up telling people to leave their guns at home, but apparently these criminals either can’t read, or just don’t give a damn. They said, they want to “provide a warm and caring atmosphere” and “guns do not add to that.” How’s that working out for ya, Jack? If one or two gun carriers had been in these restaurants, maybe the criminals wouldn’t have come there, or would not have been able to carry out their wishes. Whaddya think? (Jan Morgan Media)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Shoot 'Em Down!

A Mexican army helicopter crossed over into American airspace and FIRED ON the Border Patrol. Why they didn’t shoot it down, I don’t know. Oh; I do know. They knew Obama wouldn’t let them. Under any other president, they’d have been shot down instantly, with no further presidential approval necessary; especially after firing on the Border Control agents. But under Obama’s “rules of engagement,” we have to “examine their motivation” before doing ANYTHING. Never mind they could have killed someone, and NOBODY would ever be punished. It’s been said that the Mexican drug cartels have been RENTING these army helicopters from the army as cover” for drug smuggling. (Town Hall)

We're Terrorists

That’s what Hillary thinks, anyway. “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke about her views on gun control [recently], saying she was 'disappointed' Congress did not pass a universal background checks bill after 'the horrors' of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. “I believe that we need a more thoughtful conversation, we cannot let a minority of people — and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people — hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people,' Clinton said during a CNN town hall.” The fact that universal background checks will do NOTHING to stop gun violence seems to be lost on her. Of course, there is a LOT that is lost on this woman, chief of which is that she thinks she can, as yet another anti-gun fool, get elected president. She thinks people who want to have the means of self-defense are “terrorists,” and, “in the minority.” Which is wrong, or the other anti-gun fools would easily pass their stupid limitations on our constitutionally guaranteed right. (Bearing Arms)

We Have A Traitor President

I know saying that can get me in a lot of trouble with a guy like Obama in the driver’s seat, but it has to be said. He was born a communist, raised by communists, mentored by communists his whole life, and as a Muslim who learned his religion in Kenya. Why WOULDN’T he be a Muslim AND a communist? And he proves it with his every move regarding Muslims, and his movement toward socialism, which is just a different form of COLLECTIVISM than is communism. He has appointed a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of our ENEMIES, as part of his government, and many others, as well. Every time there’s a question regarding Muslims, he “rules” in favor of Muslims. He ARMS and EQUIPS Muslim terrorists all over the world, and nobody says anything. What is THAT but a traitor? He has PLEDGED to “change” this country in a basic way, which means to make it into a socialist state, one step closer to communism. He has said he will reduce us to the level of other countries” so we won’t be “better than them” any more. (Just common sense)

Friday, June 27, 2014

"With A Comliant Congress"

Rush Limbaugh noticed something in a recent Supreme Court decision that scares the hell out of me, and ought to scare the hell out of you, too. What he noticed, after actually diagramming the sentences (the way they write it, with all the double negatives and such, you have to in order to understand what they say), that if the president violates the Constitution often enough, “with a compliant Congress,” meaning one that does not object too much when he violates the Constitution, it can, in effect, ALTER the Constitution. Funny; it seems to me the Founders wrote a specific method IN the Constitution as the ONLY way it could be changed, but the current Supreme Court has destroyed that concept, while Congress didn’t even norice. And another thing: what constitutes “too much” when it comes to Congress “not objecting too much?” Who decides what amount of objection is not “too much? (Rush Limbaugh)

Obama Just "Out of It"

He’s incompetent. He never knows what’s going on. Every time something happens in the world, he’s “blindsided.” He learns of things “the same way we do—in the news media.” That’s not how it’s supposed to be for the president of the United States of America. He’s supposed to be “on top of things.” His “morning briefing” is supposed to keep him informed so he can react to things that happen, but he doesn’t bother to LISTEN to his morning briefing. In addition, he has put such stringent limits on his intelligence systems that it’s impossible for them to HELP him keep up on things. Therefore, he’s the last to know when something important happens in the world. This guy is the laziest president there has ever been—except when it comes to his “signature legislation,” Obamacare, and all the other things he has put into operation to limit our freedoms and give him more power over us. We need to find someone who is COMPETENT to run this government; someone who is not bent on changing this from a free market nation to a socialist (collectivist) nation. (Minutemen News)

Enemy In Our Government

Obama has appointed Mohamed Ebiary, a high-ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood, to be part of the Dept. of homeland Security. He doesn’t seem to understand we’re AT WAR with elements of the Muslim Brotherhood. “Iraqi terror group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as ISIS, are praising and potentially recruiting extremists based on controversial tweets by a senior Department of Homeland Security (DHS) adviser who recently claimed that ISIL is proof that a Muslim "caliphate" is making an "inevitable" return.” What’s amazing is that Ebiary isn’t even hiding! He’s very open about it, making Tweets like the one noted in the article linked here: Is Obama STUPID? Or is he working WITH our enemies? Ebiary thinks we are a “Muslim country.” That’s stupidity on HIS part. The people of this country are way too intelligent to be “taken in” by that Muslim foolishness. (Freedom Outpost)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Computer's Dead

Please excuse any problems created by the complete breakdown of my computer. This is not  a big organization with many computers. There's just me and one computer, which I had to replace. I hope to be able to post again tomorrow. It's a real hassle trying to get a new computer set up and I've been trying to deal with it all day. Again, I apologize.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Obama CREATING the Decline

Obama is not just “presiding” over the decline of the United States, he is CAUSING it. On PURPOSE.. He WANTS America to decline so he can convert us to a collectivist (socialist) nation. He’d prefer we become a COMMUNIST nation, but becoming socialist is just “the first step” toward communism. I know the use of the word “communism” causes most people’s eyes to “glaze over” because they’ve been taught that “communism is dead,” since it collapsed in Russia. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just a SCAM designed to “put us to sleep,” and it has worked very well. Nobody notices that the SAME PEOPLE are still in charge there, and that they are still a socialist country.

The top man is a former murdering KVD agent, and is used to “lording it over” everybody and killing at will. Obama was BORN to a communist family, raised as a communist, mentored by communists all his life, and was also raised as a Muslim in Kenya. I know most people don’t believe that because he has been at pains to convince us that anybody who thinks so is a racist when in fact, the racist in the picture is Obama. But it’s true. So it’s not surprising to think he might be a communist Muslim in his thinking. He is a TRAITOR  to everything American and must be dealt with as such. He must be “run out of DC on a rail” after being “tarred and feathered.” We must GET RID OF HIM and his kind (liberals, not blacks). No, I’m not suggesting killing him. Just making sure he can no longer affect us, our government, and how it is run. If we don’t, we’re LOST. (Just common sense)

Questions to Explode Lib's Heads

Want to destroy a liberal? Just ask him/her any of these questions. 1. If George Bush was so un-American for spending $4 trillion in 8 years, why isn’t Obama for spending $8 trillion with two years left in his term? That’s just one of the questions Allen West came up with while running one day. To see the others, click the link below. These questions are guaranteed to make any liberal (otherwise known as “progressives”) foam at the mouth just before his (her) head explodes because he can’t answer ANY of them. Liberals don’t do well when confronted by the truth. Be sure to stay out of spittle range when you ask. And make sure you don’t get hit by skull debris. To this list, I want to add one more question: "If this country is so bigoted and racist, how did Obama and all the other black politicians even get elected?" (Allen West)

He Got Tired of Their Lies

This former anti-gun fool “got wise” to the rest of them when he noticed their many lies and simply couldn’t stay around people who LIED every day to support their craziness because there was NOT any REAL evidence to support their position. He went from a “lukewarm common sense gun control supporter” to a “doctrinaire gun rights zealot” because there were no lies he could find on this side. One of the things he learned was that banning things most of people want does not eliminate it, it just “drives it underground,” as did alcohol prohibition  and drug prohibition, and increases its monetary value, therefore making it even more available as criminals see vast profits in selling it “under the table.”

One of their latest lies is the “74 school shootings” that didn’t happen. Their figures were made up as they went along, as is usual for them. They included gang shootings NEAR schools and got a “double whammy,” being able to cite them as both school shootings AND the shooting of “children,” not mentioning that those “children were young adults DEFINED as children for statistical purposes. Gang members who did their own amount of shooting of others. Some of them were of VOTING age. (The feds now consider them as “children” up to age 26). They rail against “kids being killed by guns” and never mention that more (REAL) children die by drowning in a bucket of water than are killed by guns. The fact that they have to LIE to support their position shows just how WEAK their position IS. (Posse Incitatus)

Monday, June 23, 2014

...And Nobody Cared

Suppose the president went Chipotle’s for lunch, and nobody cared. What’s more, they didn’t even give up their place in line to let him go first. He tried valiantly to get them to notice him, but nobody cared. This is what happens when you have a president who violates people’s rights, right and left. They don’t “bow to you” like Obama thinks they ought to, to him. You wouldn’t have seen a scene like this when Ronald Reagan was alive. If he went to a local restaurant for lunch, people would go crazy trying to get close to him, and the line would evaporate until he got his food. Not so with Obama. They just don’t care if he tries to be “like a normal person.” The only people interested were the photographers who get PAID to take his picture everywhere. If anybody sees any mention of this in the liberal media, I wish they'd send me something so I can see it. (Weasel Zippers)

Let's Jusr Be Honest

About gun control. The laws they’re making don’t do a single thing to stop gun violence. What they do is disarm honest, reliable people and make them unable to defend themselves when faced with an armed criminal. They know this, but they keep making them while they are responsible for killing people. The answer is simple: allow honest, reliable people to be armed, so they can “take out” these ILLEGALLY armed criminals or crazies, who don’t OBEY any laws, by surprise, since they then cannot know which of their intended victims will be armed and ready to kill them. This can reduce gun violence in the most simple way: kill the illegal shooters who never obey ANY laws. But somehow those rabid anti-gun fools never listen when you tell them this.

Then they go out and gaily continue to make USELESS gun laws that simply DISARM good people while criminals and crazies never have any trouble getting guns; even LESS trouble where gun laws are tight. They say to allow good people to be armed would mean “guns everywhere.” But there are “guns everywhere” already, all in the hands of criminals and crazies. We need more guns out there to counter that. They talk about “children” getting killed by guns without mentioning that most of those “children” are gang-bangers who carry their own guns and kill people. They exaggerate the number of school shootings by including ANY shootings in the neighborhood of schools. They also include gang shootings OUTSIDE of schools.(Just Common Sense)

Stupid, Stupid!

According to the Wall St. Journal, 31% of self-described liberals don’t want their daughters to marry a man who owns a gun. It’s the new segregation. It used to be they didn’t want them to marry a black man. Now it’s a gun owner. Like owning guns makes you an undesirable in their eyes. What kind of fools are they? How would they react if a gun-wielding criminal or crazy invaded their space? Wish for a gun? Or just tell him to go ahead and shoot them? I can tell you want a gun owner would do; he’d shoot them, and they would threaten nobody again, ever. Liberals have never been known for logic, but this is appalling. Liberals still think defending yourself  involves DISARMING yourself, but what do you do when you’re threatened by a criminal or a crazy, neither of whom obey laws. They think a lot of things that are not only impossible, but STUPID. Yet they keep getting themselves elected to office, where they are dangerous since they can then ENFORCE their stupidities. (Virginia Shooting Sports)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

We Know Where They Are

We know where those elusive Lois Lerner e-mails Obama claims to have lost through a “hard-drive crash” are. “A Congressional inquiry into the targeting of Tea Party and Conservative organizations by the IRS has revealed that thousands of emails from IRS head Lois Lerner and at least six of her subordinates have been lost to history after the hard drive which stored them was reportedly thrown away. The loss of the emails makes it nearly impossible to track down and verify what actually took place and whether or not the Obama administration was directly involved in the harassment of independent groups that didn’t agree with the President’s political platform.” But that hard drive is not the only place these e-mails are stored. Even a computer half-literate like me knows that there are NUMEROUS places those e-mails are stored, even beyond the REQUIRED redundancy in the government computer systems. They’re there. If you can pull them out of Obama’s rear end. (Freedom Outpost)

"Elections A Nuisance"

 That’s how many politicians (mostly) look at them. They have to constantly raise money for them, and that takes time away from “governing.” That might be okay if they really “governed.” But elections ARE necessary as a means for us to add our voice to those saying what should happen and be able to FIRE a politician who doesn’t do what we wish. It’s mostly those “elitist” politicians who feel that way. They think  being in power is their right; that they should be allowed to just “rule us” without having to worry about keeping their jobs. But it doesn’t work that way in America. Each person has that cherished possession, the vote. And if a politician displeases us enough, we CAN “fire” him/her. They’d like to be free of that, which is an UN-American wish. (Rush Limbaugh)

Shameless Hillary Lies Aain

After spending most of her life trying to put a stop to Christianity, Hillary Clinton now claims (through one of her “mouthpiece groups”) that the Bible “has been, and remains the strongest influence on her life.” What a HYPOCRITE is this broad! Just like her claim to be “broke” when leaving the White House when she and Bill was getting TWO six-figure pensions and were demanding six figure “fees” for running off at the mouth before gullible crowds while owning THREE mansions in various places in the world. It’s an easily provable LIE. She tells it and DEFIES us to disprove it She has no idea what poverty IS. She's never gotten anywhere near it. If she did, she'd run like hell. (Twitter)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

They're Really Afraid

They’re afraid somebody who KNOWS will alert people who pay SOME attention that global warming is a JOKE. Caleb Rossiter, an adjunct professor at the American University in DC, wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal saying global warming was “unproved science.” Two days later he was FIRED by E-MAIL from the Institute for Policy Studies. Because he wouldn’t “knuckle under” to their views. “The IPS said: ‘We would like to inform you that we are terminating your position as an Associate Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies...Unfortunately, we now feel that your views on key issues, including climate science, climate justice, and many aspects of US policy to Africa, diverge so significantly from ours’." They’re really frightened that SOMEONE will “let the cat out of the bag” that global warming is a swindle—a CON. They can’t let that happen; they’ll lose a lot of grant money. (Breitbart)

Obama Blames NRA

Obama says the “increase in gun violence” is CAUSED by the NRA and lax gun laws.” He doesn’t say anything about the fact that the gun laws they make these days do NOTHING to stem gun violence, and only increase it. They say nothing about the fact that gun violence is NOT increasing; it’s DEcreasing. They say we shouldn’t “paint Muslims with a broad brush” while they paint gun owners and the NRA with their broad brush. Actually, it’s their gun laws that create unarmed victims for criminals and crazies who don’t obey laws. It’s their popular “gun-free zones” that would-be shooters LOOK FOR when deciding where to go and shoot people with their illegal guns. A “gun-free zone” never stopped a mass gunman. Never. In fact, it INVITES them to “come in and shoot us.” But they’ll never admit it. They’re too stupid. (Last Resistance)

"Peaceful Religion" Strikes Again!

Islam bills itself as a “peaceful religion.” But who is it who kills all those people who displease Muslims in any way? “So when you meet those who disbelieve, strike necks…” (Qur’an 47:4) Is THIS “peaceful?” Is there ANYTHING like that in the Christian Bible, even the Old Testament? They say that anybody who says this means cut off unbeliever’s heads just doesn’t understand their words. Meanwhile terrorists in Iraq are “lining the streets” with the decapitated heads of policemen and soldiers while soldiers who are quick enough run away. All this as the terrorists re-establish their dominance in Iraq—after we left Iraqis to their own devices. I can’t think of a more murderous bunch of “peaceful people.” (Patriot Action Network)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Walker Falsely Accused of Criminality

The left is definitely after Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker because he made them look silly when he did what they couldn’t (wouldn’t) do and balanced his budget, among other things conservatives do. Not only that, he beat the unions and gave some of the tax money (that liberals think is their property) back to taxpayers. He also beat their “recall” attempts. They accused him of illegally “conniving” with two different CONSERVATIVE groups (whatever that means) in his last election. These “charges were brought up in court long ago, and were “thrown out of court” in TWO courts. Yet they’re “trying again,” to not only get him removed, but IMPRISONED on those provably false charges. It really happened, but the liberal media pretends it didn’t. Boy, he must have really made them mad! They’re trying to beat him even before the next election by bringing this up just before it with their LYING “charges.” (Hot Air)

"Don't Criticize Islam"

It’s only a small minority of Muslims who are killing and maiming people all over the world for not believing the exact same way they do. The fact that what they do is MANDATED in the Koran seems to escape notice. The fact that a tiny minority could not possibly do as much violence in so many places is ignored. They CALL it a “religion,” but no other religion mandates the MURDER of people who do not “believe.” Of people who convert to other religions. Of women who have sex outside of marriage, even though it might have been rape without FOUR MEN watching. Don’t you BELIEVE it! Maybe not ALL Muslims do this violence, but a MAJORITY do. That’s obvious, but liberals will not let us believe it. (Just common sense)

Already Screwing Seattle

Seattle recently voted in a $15.00 minimum wage to be paid to people with NO SKILLS just entering the work force, and it’s already having its effect. A customer recently parked in a pay lot and when he got his bill he saw an almost $10 “SURCHARGE” to support the new “LIVING WAGE.” This is the kind of thing businesses will be FORCED to do to stay in business after that short-sighted liberal law the City Council made. Council members gave NO THOUGHT to the “unintended consequences” of their new ordinance. Liberals never do. They just go ahead and “micromanage” business with NO KNOWLEDGE of how to run a business and the effect of such a thing as a “way too high” minimum wage. But they don’t care. The law won’t apply to them—will it? It will if they have to live in that city. (Eagle Rising)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ambassador to Iraq

Obama refuses to evacuate the Baghdad Embassy in the face of murdering terrorists who are killing American-trained Iraqi soldiers by the THOUSANDS because it it “politically sensitive.” Is it worth yet ANOTHER ambassador’s life because it’s “politically sensitive?” Do we want to watch the spectacle of terrorists beheading an ambassador on television? We’ve already watched one terrorist mob kill an American ambassador and have done NOTHING about it. Is he going to have yet ANOTHER ambassador’s death on his hands? Will our current Secretary of State be as guilty of murder by inaction as was Hillary? How STUPID is this con man that conned his way into the presidency and stole TWO elections? (The only way this fool could have been elected TWICE—because of his stupidity and incompetence, not because of his color, though he will say it is) As to color, I have nno use for his white side, either. (Patriot Action Network)

"Bread and Circuses"

This is how Obama gets away with his daily outrages that are all contributing to the destruction of this country; keep us entertained and our minds off his excesses while “buying off” or intimidating the Congress so they will ignore what he’s doing. He has more scandals going AT THE SAME TIME than any other president in my memory (and that’s a LONG memory). But he calls them “phony scandals” while stonewalling us on every one, refusing to answer questions about them, forcing the people involved into signing promises to “keep their mouths shut.” Spying on every American every way he can, in defiance of the Constitution, which he violated every day. We’re going down the same path Germany did while Hitler “took over,” and Russia did while the communists “took over.”  I don’t know what I can do to put a stop to it. When I started these blogs it was to “get around” the news media’s refusal to report what the LIBERALS were doing to this country, but now I’m reporting on the DEMISE of the American spirit. It’s frustrating. Not for me, but for my descendants, who will have to live through it. (“Bread and Circuses”)

Biden Oughta Shut Up

VP Joe Biden just can’t keep his mouth shut. Every time he opens it he gets somebody in trouble; mostly himself. But in the case of his advice to take a “warning shot” with a shotgun to scare the “bad guys” off, he put his foot SQUARELY deep in his mouth. In at least TWO cases where homeowners took his advice, they’ve wound up with charges against THEM. Joe might THINK taking a warning shot is legal, but it isn’t, in most places. Maybe if Joe did a little research before he opened his mouth, he might not get in trouble so often. But I don’t look for him to do that. He’s like a dud “Roman Candle.” Just when you think it won’t go off, it will—right in your face. (Bob Owens)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This Is Islam

This is not us lying to defame Islam, it IS Islam. I wonder what this little girl did to get herself stoned to death? Refuse to let an Imam screw her? Refuse to allow herself to be “married” to an old man? Show an ankle in public? Maybe she kissed a boy not “approved“ by her parents. I don’t know. But the tiniest “offenses” get this kind of treatment for innocent children. It’s no wonder Islamic “men” hide their faces. They know what kind of barbaric savages they are and they don’t want to be identified by civilized people. And they want to impose their “civilization” on the rest of the world! When they’re not murdering little girls, they’re beheading people for doing nothing more than believing in something different from their killers. Islam is a CANCER on the Earth, and needs to be eradicated like other cancers. (Pamela Geller/Atlas Shrugs)

"Protective Stupidity"

"Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc (English Socialism there, or simply what the government wants you to think, otherwise) and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a 'heretical' direction. Crimestop means, in short, protective stupidity." If you're one who would dismiss what I say, I ask only one thing: read what I say first and do your own research. Don't dismiss what I say through lack of information. And if you can prove that a single thing I say is untrue, I'd be grateful. (Quote from George Orwell’s “1984)

Why Close GITMO?

After the Bergdahl fiasco, Obama is pushing ahead with his “initiative” to close GITMO. What a FOOL he is! Is he going to let those murderers and rapists just be released to they can practice their craft some more? Yes, they’ve been held for a long time. But they brought it on themselves—each and every one of them. But if you close it, what are you going to do with the criminals? Let them go to kill again? It’s like closing one of our main prisons and letting all the murderers, rapists, and other criminals go to continue their lives of crime. Should we keep these guys in prison for the rest of their lives if their buddies don’t stop killing us? YES! So they can’t join their buddies in killing us. They don’t deserve anything better. We should have just shot them when we caught many of them “in the act.” That would have saved us a lot of time and money in their handling. I have NO SYMPATHY for any of them, and never will. They can ROT in prison for all of me.  I wouldn’t even FEED them. Let them starve. You can criticize me all you want for that, but I have not a BIT of sympathy for these ignorant bast-rds. If you do, you’re a fool. And if you’re adamant about it (as Geraldo Riveria is), you’re a DAMNED fool! (Just common sense)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Racist Book Store

In a speech, the owner of one bookstore disses Rush Limbaugh’s books because it was written by a white man FOR white people—she says. She doesn't mention the fact he is a conservative. She proudly says the ONLY books they sell are by or for “people of color (which is racist).” They say this proves there is a market for them. Then in the next breath she begs people to buy as many books from them as they can because they aren’t even making enough to keep the doors open. She doesn’t mention—probably doesn’t even know, since she doesn’t bother to read his books—that there are “people of color” IN his books, and some of them are heroes. We know liberals are not very logical, but this takes the cake. (Just common sense)

The Aborton President

Many people believe it is okay to murder the result of unprotected sex instead of using a rubber. But none have been so effective in ENFORCING that idea as Barack Obama with the policies he has put forth in many ways, including, and especially in his “signature legislation,” Obamacare, in which “the law” insists religious organizations PAY for abortions (murders) for their employees, even if abortion is against their BASIC beliefs. This is the most obvious of his efforts to destroy the Christian religion there is; but not surprising for a “believer” in Islam. He has proven his “belief” many times, in many ways, including the many ways he has “ruled” in favor of the Muslim interests every time he was called upon. As such, he is as much of a bloody murderer as are those five terrorists he released, to kill again. (Just common sense)

Reid's "Ethics Charges"

I was wondering how long it would take somebody to make these charges as often as Reid is guilty of them. It’s against Senate ethics to use government money to attack a private citizen, and Harry Reid has violated that ethic on an almost daily basis. He goes onto the Senate Floor “on the clock” and excoriates the Koch Brothers because they disagree with him. As if disagreeing with Reid was something worth being called “un-American” for. And naturally he says not a word against his OWN millionaires, one of which has promised to spend $60 million dollars on Democrat causes (Tom Steyer) and the other (George Soros) who has money in every anti-Republican, anti-freedom effort there has been. But of course, he never mentions them, because they agree with him and help him a lot in his intimidation and bullying campaigns. Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, who filed the ethics charges, says, “The Senate is obliged to investigate allegations of ethical misconduct, and we trust the Senate Select Committee on Ethics will accept this obligation in an open and honest manner.” I’ll be watching to see if the Senate, which is CONTROLLED by Reid, will actually DO anything about it. (World Net Daily)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Where Are the Pictures?

When some rogue soldiers went a bit too far in trying to question some terrorist prisoners, the media, particularly the New York Times, rushed to show pictures of prisoners with women’s panties on their heads; but when terrorists MURDER 17,000 Iraqi soldiers, beheading some and piling their severed heads in the street with the trash, the NYT gives a big yawn. It’s just not interested in covering that. What’s WRONG with these people? Are they our ENEMIES, too, right along with Barack Obama? Don’t they realize that if the terrorists manage to take over here while they do nothing to alert the American people to their atrocities, they will be the first to be taken out and beheaded? (Just common sense)

Legacy Surrounding A Swindle

Obama is in the process of destroying the energy industry in support of his “global warming” initiative, in spite of the fact that global warming has been proven six ways to Sunday to be a hoax. So much so that its originator himself, AlGore, TWICE changed the name of the swindle to make it more believable. Obama has SWORN to “bankrupt the coal industry,” and this latest “initiative” will probably do it. He freely admits his policies will cause energy costs to “skyrocket,” and obviously doesn’t care if it does, or who it hurts. I swear to God, this guy thinks he’s King, not president. He will do what HE wants, regardless of its effect on ANYBODY. And if we don’t like it we can “stick it.” The worse part of it is, he will never “answer for it” in the coming years because he will always be “honored” as an ex-president, no matter what his crimes, as Nixon and Clinton were—and are. (The Blaze)

Swat Raid for Tall Grass

Is it just me, or are the cops going way too far in their efforts to “enforce the law?” seems to me a militarized SWAT team raid because of grass too high and too close the road is a bit much. The cops CLAIM the reason for their raid is that SOMEBODY (they won’t tell us who) told them there was pot being raised there. Of course, they found none, but did “confiscate” (steal) 17 blackberry bushes, 15 Okra plants, 14 tomato plants, and a lot of natural grasses and wildflowers after holding the owners at GUNPOINT for at least a half-hour. All this for what turned out to be “code violations” and they claim the owners still owe $4,000 in “fines (extortion).” The cops didn’t show a search warrant until TWO HOURS after the raid commenced (which is a crime in itself) and the cops involved covered up their name tags so they could not be identified, a SIGNAL that they knew what they were doing was ILLEGAL. What’s next? A SWAT team raid using military tactics for crossing the street in the middle of the block? Or for throwing a gum wrapper on the street? Maybe for polluting the air if you fart. (Truth and Action)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Good Laugh, Hillary!

She said she and Bill were “poor as church-mice” when they left the White House. Thanks, Hillary! I needed a good belly laugh, and you just gave it to me! What about Bill’s six-figure pension? How about your six-figure salary as a senator, then Sec. of State? And those “houses” you were “struggling” to pay the mortgages on—weren’t they multi-million dollar MANSIONS? What about the $100 million you and Bill have been paid to run off at the mouth for years? I had a boss once who “poor-mouthed” us all the time while he drove a $50,000 motor home on expensive vacations and had several cars and a fine house. This is no different. Bill and Hillary are going to get BIG retirement checks for the rest of their lives without having to work. What’s “broke” about that? Like most politicians, she expects us to believe her lies. But we're "waking up" to her machinations. Hmmm; I wonder how much of an advance she got for her latest book (that she had somebody else write)? How about those other books she AND Bill have "written?" (Just common sense)

Lie Is Truth

Truth is lie! Some politicians have a positive TALENT for not only lying, but for telling obvious lies in the face of sure knowledge it IS a lie. Louisiana Rep Jeff Thompson insists that the law giving legislators an EXEMPTION from their new “tough gun laws” is NOT  “special privilege” for lawmakers. He knows, and YOU know that’s a lie, but he insists on telling it and DEFYING you to say he’s wrong. Many of Obama’s lies are like that. He tells the lie with a straight face and defies you to say it’s a lie. Bill Clinton was good at that, too. Hillary not so good. She tells a lie then demands to know “What difference does it make?” (Last Resistance)

Muslim to "investigate" Benghazi?

Leave it to American politicians to appoint the Fox to “investigate” the thefts in the henhouse! We have so many “committees” purporting to investigate what happened there on Sept. 11anniversary, I can’t keep track of them all, But at least one has appointed a man who has lobbied for the Muslim Brotherhood. “The Executive Director appointed to the House Select Committee on Benghazi – Philip Kiko – is a lobbyist for the Smith-Free Group, in which his clients include the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the radical environmentalist group the Sierra Club, Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), National Council of La Raza “the Race” (NCLR), and the National Organization for Women (NOW), NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (NLDEF) and others. And it even gets worse, it also turns out that he lobbied for a group with strong connections to Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S.” Reading a little further down tells me this IS the one headed by Trey Gowdy, and HE appointed this fool to his committee. Is he ignorant of this guy’s connection to the Muslim Brotherhood? I’m waiting to see. I’m beginning to wonder about Gowdy. I’ll be watching him, too.  Oh; the Republicans are investigating, too. (Patriot Action Network)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Obama Expects A Revolution

“The Department of Defense has disbursed some funds to universities so that scientists might study the dynamics of civil unrest — and how the U.S. military might best respond.” Translation: Obama expects a revolution and he wants them to tell him how to fight it. He can’t even figure THAT out for himself and he has to spend money to have somebody else (in an ivory tower) tell him. If he needs to do that, how is he going to ever WIN when a revolution happens? Tell the revolutionists to wait while he has his think tanks figure out how to defeat them? I think not. He’ll react in a “knee-jerk+ way and get himself scragged. And that’s a GOOD thing. (Washington Times)

Fiired for Telling the Truth

 Brendan Bain, an AIDS/HIV expert, was FIRED from his job at the University of the West Indies for testifying TRUTHFULLY in his testimony against an anti-sodomy law in Belize. His testimony was true—all of it—but they didn’t like it, so they fired him. I think he has a fine lawsuit there. He needs to sue the university AND the “pressure group” that complained about his testimony. It gets pretty bad when an expert on a subject testifies TRUTHFULLY on the subject of his expertise and gets FIRED for it. His testimony was that “getting AIDS or HIV was infinitely higher as a result of anal sex.” What part of that is wrong? Which means there’s nothing wrong in his testimony, but the university found reason to fire him in his truthful testimony. What’d they expect him to do? Lie? (Daily Caller)

"Constitution-Free Zone"

How do politicians get away with blatant unconstitutional acts like these? From what I can see, this has been in effect since—forever. And nobody has seen fit to do anything about it. My question is this: “Where IN the Constitution does it say ANYBODY can establish a “zone” within the United States where the constitution does not apply?” But they have done it, and it is being ENFORCED upon us without our knowledge (unless we happen to be affected by it)—mainly because many of us do not pay attention to what our politicians are doing to us.. This is so blatant a violation of the Constitution that SOMETHING must be done about it, but is there ANYBODY out there who has the gonads? I doubt it. (Liberty Alliance)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Released Terrorist Part of 9/11

Mohammed Fazl, one of the five released by Obama in return for the release of Bow Bergdahl, was instrumental in the planning for the Sept. 11, 2001 attack that resulted in the collapse of both World Trade Center buildings and the deaths of 3,000 innocent people—and we let him go. Why we didn’t shoot him on sight when we caught him, I don’t know. This act, more than any other, tells me Obama is not on OUR side, but is on the side of the terrorists. Letting this animal go is a crime in itself, whatever his reasoning! Whatever made Obama think he could get away with it, I don’t know. I DO know he thinks he doesn’t have to obey laws, that he is above them as president. (News Max)

To "MOMS:" "Screw Off!"

Restaurant chains all over the country have, in effect, told “MOMS Against Guns’ to take their demands that they ban open carry in their restaurants and sit on it—sideways. Basically, they say they’ll let local franchisees make their own decisions regarding allowing open carry in their restaurants. Which is only right, seeing they don’t own the restaurants, and thus cannot dictate such things. So MOMS can “go pound sand” with their demands. I wouldn’t like to be present at the next “MOMS” board meeting when this is discussed. (Bearing Arms)

Still Pickin' On Phil

Phil Robertson, scion of the Robertson clan, the “Duck Dynasty” “boss,” gave another sermon that caused liberal heads to explode. They just can’t stand it that there is SOMEBODY out there who will not allow them to shut him up. I think Phil has the right to say what he wishes, even if liberals don’t like it. Liberals spend too much time as it is trying to tell us what we can, and cannot say and do. To hell with them; I’m not big on long beards and headbands, but Phil has the right to dress and talk any way he wishes. He has a right to his own opinions, even if gays don't like them. Liberals can take their anguish over what he says and go pound sand. (Newser)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hagel Throws Obama "Under the BUs"

The other day Obama said Defense Sec. Hagel made the decision to trade five terrorist mass murderers for Sgt. Bergdahl, which was a LIE. And Hagel called him on it before the Congress when he told them OBAMA himself made the final decision in the swap. Hegel apparently isn’t going to let himself be thrown under the bus by Obama. I’d bet Hagel won’t be in that post for long when he calls Obama a liar in public, even though he IS. Usually when Obama throws somebody under the bus, they just shut up and let it happen—not Hagel. He just inched up a few points in my estimation (Hagel, not Obama). (World Net Daily)

$Millions to "Study" Gun Violence

That’s what Obama and his thugs are calling the $50 million dollars they’re demanding to spend time coming up with more and more ways to disarm Americans. They say it’s to determine the causes of gun violence and how to stop that violence. But I suspect after all the money is spent and they come up with a “finding,” it will be to increase the restrictions on gun ownership for HONEST people who obey laws (as usual), but which will do NOTHING to stop criminals from obtaining their guns. As I’ve said before, they NEVER give up. As soon as one attack fails, they move on to “Plan B,” or whatever. They have a never-ending stream of plans in abeyance, waiting to be used when previous efforts fail. Now they’re using the Center for Disease Control as their front, just as if gun violence was a “disease.” (The Blaze)

Trying to Shut Us Up

CAIR is demanding that Oklahoma schools stop teaching that the Oklahoma bombing suspects had connections to international Islamic terrorism. We know it’s true, but they don’t want schools to teach it so they can claim it is NOT true. It’s the same thing they’re trying to do in new York, complaining about the 9/11 Museum running a video that says Islamic terrorists were responsible for the deaths of 3,000  innocent people—which we KNOW is true. But they want it covered up. It’s like the Nazis complaining about being blamed for their depravity and their atrocities during the Second world War. And expecting to be heard. These people are INSANE to think they can cover up their complicity in these atrocities. (Bare Naked Islam)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tea Party Is Dead, Huh?

Then how did they just “take down” the second most powerful man in the House? How did Chris McDaniel force a runoff in his attempt to unseat a multi-term incumbent? Taking down Cantor was a “seismic event” that has unnerved the Republican elites. If their second most powerful man in the house can be unseated, can it happen to them? The Republicans thought the Tea Party was dead, but it was just “wishful thinking.” Democrats are watching, and THEY are worried. If the Tea Party can take down such a man as Cantor, what else can they do? They tried their best to bury the Tea Party, and the GOP helped, because they feared what has just happened, in at least TWO key races. I predict the Tea Party will prevail in more than one subsequent race because they represent p’d off Americans, who are tired of being ripped off by BOTH parties and are DOING something about it. Liberals are scared to death. They’ve gone too far, and they know it. (Washington Post)

Islam Approves

Noor Hassain beat his wife to death because she served him the wrong meal. And he claims it is only manslaughter because it’s “a cultural thing.” Which means, since he’s a Muslim, and Islam APPROVES of a man beating his wife to death for a trivial reason, he should not be unduly punished. This case only serves to reinforce that the “cultural differences” between Muslims and others are of sufficient importance to demand we be separated from them. Why they come here and demand we accept their “cultural differences” and we ALLOW it, is beyond me. They should be made ot go back to where they came from, and where such murderous actions are condoned. They will not be condoned here. This man (man?) should be charged with first-degree murder and executed. And all other such cases should be similarly handled. (Bare Naked Islam)

What's WITH These People?

Why do we have so many people in this government who hate guns? Is it because they intend to take more power from us and don’t want (as the Japanese reasoned when not attacking the mainland) that there would be a gun behind every blade of grass? I don’t know. But all the anti-gun actions lately by the feds have failed, leading people to think the war on guns is over. It’s not. Don’t ever think so. These liberal fools NEVER give up. As soon as one effort is defeated, they begin another. They have a “Plan B” and a “Plan C” and more plans right along. If they run out of letters, they start on numbers. But their efforts to disarm this nation are unending. Hillary Clinton is one of the leaders in that effort and, if she is elected president (Heaven forbid!) it’s only going to get worse. Why we keep electing these fools is beyond me. Their hatred of what we wish is well-known, but we (not me) keep electing them, and then complain about what they do. Damn! (Liberty Alliance)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Trying To Blame the Right

There has been another mass shooting. This one (in Vegas) was at a restaurant across from a Wal-Mart store and ended up in the Wal-Mart store. They killed two cops without warning and one civilian who confronted them in front of the Wal-Mart, then killed themselves. They are reputed to hate Obama, placed a “Gadsden flag” on one of their victims and a Nazi flag on top of that. They obviously wanted to place the blame on “right-wingers” but have no idea of the DIFFERENCE between the Gadsden flag and the Nazi flag. Which means they're not "right-wingers" at all. Liberals try and connect conservatives with Nazism without realizing the Nazis were SOCIALISTS, not "right-wingers.". At the same time, there’s NO WAY the “right-wingers” are socialists. They just didn’t understand what they were trying to do. (Fox News)

How Can This BE?

Can a lower court violate the Constitution in a ruling and have it be the “basis of action” all over the country? “The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals may have just dealt a serious blow to the U.S. Constitution. In a unanimous decision earlier this month the Court determined that law enforcement officers are not required to present a warrant or charges before forcibly entering a person’s home, searching it, and confiscating their firearms if they believe it is in the individual’s best interests.” I think “wiser heads” must rule on this, and right away, before the cops “go wild” in “confiscating” (stealing) our guns. The worst part of it is if you protest, they can KILL you. And they WILL. The Constitution clearly prohibits such things as what this ruling supposedly allows. Where these local judges get the idea they can violate the Constitution with impunity is beyond me, and they ought to be de-robed and imprisoned. But they won’t be. We don’t have enough people with gonads to do that. Their ruling will be upheld until a higher court (hopefully a more intelligent one) rules otherwise. The court is designated as an arbiter of constitutionality, but what about when they’re WRONG? (Liberty Alliance)

Kill Them Any Way You Can

That’s the way in New York. If a defenseless child survives a botched abortion attempt, it will soon be legal in New York to shoot them in the heart with poison to kill them. Remember, New York is a “bastion of liberalism” and what happens there, you can expect one day to turn up here. It started with abortion being allowed only in the first trimester. Now they can murder them AFTER the birth if they were scheduled to die, anyway. What a world we live in! We hated the Holocaust, but we have now created our own holocaust, not limited only to Jews. There are no limitations today on which babies we can kill for the “convenience” of the parents, who were too stupid to use a rubber. And murder it is, no matter what they call it. The Supreme Court Justices whose ruling allowed this ought to be executed for mass murder. But they won’t be, because there are too many out there who would rather murder the result of unprotected sex than use a rubber. (Life News)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Obama: "I Don't Need to Obey Laws"

That’s Obama. He thinks he’s a king. Or a dictator. He thinks laws don’t apply to him. What an arrogant SOB he is!  But they do—unless the Congress is so gonadless they never do anything but grouse about it when he breaks the law as they have proven to be so far. I guess that’s how Hitler came to power.  He just “walked over” his lawmaking body and they were too weak to oppose him. So next thing, he WAS a dictator under illegal laws made illegally. Somebody in Congress needs to “grow a pair” and oppose him soon, before HE becomes a dictator in fact. (Last Resistance)

"Is Global Warming Fake?"

If you have to ask the question, you’re not paying attention. Global warming has been proven fake so many times, in so may ways, it isn’t even funny. Yet AlGore and Obama are still making a lot of money pushing it, under various names. “Senator Marco Rubio gave recent interviews to news media in which he proclaimed he does not believe human activity is the cause for dramatic climate change to the extent climate scientists have portrayed. He added that he believes proposed "global warming" laws will do nothing but destroy the economy and that the United States can do nothing to effect change without the participation of China and India.” Rubio has the right idea, though he could be more forceful considering the fact that global warming has been so completely discredited. (Personal Liberty Digest)

Rockefeller Joins the Chorus

Democrats think they can cover up their “racial history” by constantly accusing Republicans of racism and bigotry. But they’re wrong. It won’t work so long as there are people like me around who actually PAY ATTENTION to what they’re doing and insist on telling the world. They hate that, and try to pant us with the same brush, even though they have no proof of anything like that. That never stops their mouths from telling the lies. The fact is, the Democrats ARE the “party of racists.” It’s a history they work hard to hide. But they FILIBUSTERED the Civil Rights Act to keep it from passing. Fortunately, they failed. Then there is the large umber of former (?) KKK members in Congress. And the fact that they look at the world through colored glasses, seeing racism where none exists and claiming it DOES exist, with no factual backing. The one question they can’t answer is how this president even got elected if we’re so racist.

“Conservative opposition to Obamacare has nothing to do with race or the ethnicity of President Obama. Conservatives oppose Obamacare because it is a federal takeover of 1/6th of the nation’s economy. We oppose Obamacare because it stifles innovation. We oppose Obamacare because it forces Americans to be a part of a system of which they may not want to be a part. We oppose Obamacare because conservatives believe philosophically that less government involvement in the market is BEST. We oppose Obamacare for a host, a legion, of reasons. Obamacare may quite literally be the antithesis of how conservatives believe healthcare should be handled, It has nothing to do with racism.” But you’ll never convince these stone-headed democrats of that. They can’t see beyond their white noses. (Eagle Rising)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Insulting Our Intelligence

I just can’t understand why these ignorant politicians insist on insulting our intelligence with the stupid things they do. Are they really that stupid, or do they just think WE are? Like Obama dragging out that old saw, the much discredited “global warming” swindle Al Gore used to make himself a billionaire and making laws and “regulations” that will ultimately destroy the economy of this nation, based on it. Doesn’t he know we already KNOW global warming is a “fool’s hoax?” He can’t be stupid enough to BELIEVE that crap—or can he? He’s shown himself to be stupid many times, in many ways. I think he just thinks he’s “bullet-proof” and can run scams like that, that we KNOW are scams, and we can’t do anything about it. But he might be very surprised at what we CAN do about it. Having a known criminal like Obama in the White House is very instructive. We get to discover just how much such a turd in hot dog's clothing can get away with before somebody with gonads does something about it. (Just common sense)

He Just Made It Worse

Voters blame Obama for the deadly “problems” in the Veteran’s Administration that have resulted in at LEAST 40 deaths among our brave soldiers. They may as well add these deaths to those ”killed in action” in Vietnam and Korea. But I don’t blame Obama per se. I blame the bureaucracy for their indifference to the deaths of these people who put their lives on the line for us, and I blame Obama for knowing NOTHING about what was going on. That's incompetence. They couldn’t handle the “rush,” so they eliminated the names of those waiting from the “official” waiting lists so they could still get their bonuses for their “good work.”  I can’t remember ANYTHING more cynical than that. These incompetent people need to be removed, forthwith. And that includes Obama because his incompetence to govern made it worse. He SAYS he’s “mad as hell” about it. But what he’s mad about is that it broke during his “watch.” He has no idea of what to do to stop it. I do; get RID of those responsible and replace them with honest human beings. Then put them in prison for manslaughter. (Eagle Rising)

What Is WRONG With This Fool?

Obama has made an announcement: al-Qaida is no longer considered a “threat” to the United States. The threat from al-Qaida is RISING, but Obama wants to “ratchet down” the “war against terrorism.” Is he a damned fool? Does he WANT us to lose? There is no greater threat in the WORLD to us today, but he wants to “ratchet down” our response (That’s like us saying the Nazis are not a major threat in the 1940s and “ratcheting down our response to their attacks). Intelligence agencies are disturbed, and angry that he should BE such a damned fool, and I don’t blame them. I am, too. I can’t think of a more STUPID thing ANY president has ever done. I sure hope we survive this hopelessly STUPID fool now in charge. (Bare Naked Islam)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Obama Has Something to Hide

The “Bergdahl incident” isn’t as “straightforward” as it might seem. It has become obvious that Obama has SOMETHING to hide, there. The first clue is the ever-changing stories that get released; then there’s the fact that certain soldiers who were “on the scene” have been FORCED to sign “non-disclosure” agreements. (“Agreements?” Can that be forced on a witness to a crime, even if the guilty one is the PRESIDENT)? Then there’s the effort to discredit those who DID speak up, calling them all kinds of names and insulting them. He’s obviously hiding something and SOMEBODY with big gonads needs to investigate this. Then there’s the Rolling Stone reporter who was doing a story about Bergdahl’s disappearance in 2012, and is now dead in a suspicious auto accident. And a classified report from 2012 about Bergdahl that WAS scheduled to be declassified has mysteriously not been declassified. (Allen West)

Ignorant Leftists Attack McDonald's

Leave it to the leftists to take a STUPID campaign and make it violent. Paying McDonald’s workers (an “entry level job, at best) $15.00 an hour is so stupid it doesn’t even need to be explained to people of INTELLIGENCE.  But leftists search for things they can exploit and usually “go off the deep end” in protesting for them, as they have done, here. Forcing places like McDonald’s to pay their employees that much will COST these fools their jobs (the employees, not the demonstrators, who have no jobs—except maybe to make trouble). They SAY the demonstrators are employees, but that's doubtful. Employees need to go to work, not make useless violent demonstrations. Worst case scenario: McDonald’s (and other businesses in the same position) will go out of business. If they raise their prices enough (which will be necessary if this thing passes), they’ll lose customers (the whole idea of "fast food" is low prices and fast service), which might end up with the same result. But these fools don’t care—they just want to make trouble. If I were McDonald's, I'd fire every employee I saw demondtrating in a uniform. But I don't think there were any. Remember ACORN? That discredited leftist outfit that had to break up and disperse after they were caught advising people to violate the law)? This riot was sponsored by one of their renamed "offshoot" organizations. (Gateway Pundit)

Indiana School Gets Smart

The North White high school in Monon, Indiana did it. They're not the only one, but that's not enough. They’ve made it possible for teachers and other staff to be armed while in school. But they just couldn’t resist putting “severe” conditions on it, making it possible for somebody to find out just who might be armed before coming in and shooting the place up. They’re relying on a study done by the Homeland Security Administration that says no other way could allow quicker response to a shooter in the school. And we need an expensive “study” to find out what we’ve been telling them, all along? “The Homeland Security Institute found that adding concealed carry holders to the mix reduced both response times and casualties the most of any scenario tested. As Dr. Dietz characterized it, more friendly guns in a firefight is a good thing.” I wonder how many bucks it cost to find that out. Of course, the anti-gun fools tried to make fun of the concept; “When anti-gunners attempt to frame the issue of teachers and administrators carrying in schools, they whip up the strawman of an untrained doddering old spinster wielding some sort of hand-cannon, scared of her own shadow, blasting away at students, her fellow teachers, and responding police as she attempts to “clear” the school.” This is all they have: phony ridicule. NO facts to back up their silly positions. (Bearing Arms)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hitler and Obama

How did Hitler do it? The exact same way Obama is doing it. It’s almost like Obama read the story of Hitler’s rise to power—a rise that almost resulted in Hitler taking over the world for his “National Socialist Party” (Better known as Nazi Party). Like Obama, Hitler came from modest beginnings. He came under the spell of several “progressive” (socialist) thinkers,” just as Hitler did. One difference between the two is that Hitler fell into poverty for a time, which only served to strengthen his belief in socialism. He pushed “shovel-ready” projects, as did Obama. Hitler was a “spellbinding orator” as is Obama. German hyperinflation came just as Hitler was consolidating his power and he used that as a “springboard” to gain more power. Obama is trying his best to CREATE a similar situation in America by making decision after decision that will cause the economy to take a similar turn. One of the things Hitler used was his cry that the “fatcats” were not paying their “fair share” of taxes. Does that sound familiar? He was one of the first politicians to realize the importance of using the media to carry his message.

It was Hitler’s PR man who said, “Tell a lie; make it a big lie. Tell it continually, every day, and soon people will come to believe it, and will fight anybody who attempts to set things right.” (Not his exact words, but it carries the basic idea) Between ’31 and ’33 his National Socialists used the weakness of the Weimar government to increase their power and then “took over” with Hitler as an undisputed dictator. The burning of the German flag gave him what he needed to make his power even stronger (He was not one to “let a good crisis go to waste”). There’s a whole lot more I could write, but I don’t have room here to write it. You’ll just have to read the article linked below to get “chapter and verse.” People will criticize me for saying Obama is using Nazi tactics to take over here, but I’m only telling the truth. When telling the truth is reason for criticism, we’re in trouble. (Gulag Bound)

Hillary Really Hates Guns

Unless they’re in the hands of her “security.” And, of course, she goes nowhere without her ARMED thugs, so she doesn’t need to have her own “carry permit” like fellow gun-hater Sen. Feinstein does. Recently, at the National Council for Behavioral Health conference, she said, “We’ve got to rein in what has become almost an article of faith that almost anybody can have a gun anywhere at any time. And I don’t believe that is in the best interest of the vast majority of people.” But it IS in the interest of the vast majority of people that they be legally armed, to be able to fight off the hordes of ILLEGALLY armed criminals who want to prey on us. The cops can’t do it because they’re MINUTES away and, to a legal gun carrier; help is NOT “minutes away.”  It’s right there when needed. And we can’t all afford to hire their guns like she can, so that’s the only OTHER solution, Hillary’s opinion notwithstanding. That picture of Hillary in the attached article shows graphically the maniacal nature of her opinions. (Bullets First)

Does Obama WANT A Revolution?

One way to bring everything to a stop so he can institute his socialist government fantasies is to have a revolution and put it down. The idea that it might not be so easy to put down doesn’t enter his thoughts. His ego knows no bounds and he believes his thugs can put down any such revolution easily. He might be surprised. His latest outrage is a plan to “confiscate” (steal) your savings. With any other president, I’d doubt this story. But with this one, I’ve learned to know it’s the sort of thing he would do. He’s already spent more money than there IS, and is gaily printing more, by the BILLIONS every month. Every dollar he prints makes those in existence worth less.

It’s a way of taking your money without passing new taxes, though he daily does that, too. But he’s “running behind” and is going to need to get more “proactive” in taking your money to finance his “promises.” If we get enough and revolt, that will give him the excuse he needs to change our very system of government to a collectivist (socialist, communist, etc.) state. Then you can forget you ever HAD any money or property. The first thing he will do then is eliminate private property altogether. All property will belong to the government—with HIM in charge—forever. This link is for a sales pitch for owning gold, but that doesn’t mean what they tell you is not true. It’s more true than I’d like. (Wholesale Direct Metals)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sheriff Selling Guns

This sheriff is selling guns he “confiscates” to a gun dealer, who then sells it to—who? He has no control over that. Does the dealer sell it, either directly, or through a third person, to criminals? He doesn’t know—and he ain’t talkin’. He says, “that would be political.” They’ve always got their out. The policy for the State Police says that, “Weapons that have been confiscated as a result of having been abandoned or illegally possessed may be transferred to the Department of State Police for use by the crime laboratory system, for training purposes, OR FOR ANY OTHER APPLICATION AS DEEMED APPROPRIATE BY THE DEPARTMENT,” the state law reads. “Any other purpose ‘as deemed appropriate by the department',” which means they can do ANYTHING they want with the guns, including selling them right back to the crooks if that is “deemed appropriate” by the “department.” (Daily Caller)

Shinseki Incompetent

So of course, he got a high-paid appointment as head ot the VA. As GENERAL Shinseki, he erroneously gave Democrats their cover to back away from their affirmative votes to invade Iraq by saying “winning in Iraq would be impossible.” Naturally, we whipped Saddam in a week, and our tanks were driving by behind his PR man saying “we’re winning.” So naturally again, the VA is “coming apart at the seams” with their Bureaucrats hiding most applications for medical care for vets so they can get bonuses for the best care. Meanwhile, vets are DYING while waiting to be SEEN. A real VA head would have seen this and done something about it. Not Shinseki. He’s a REAL “empty suit.” He was as a general, and still is. As you know, Obama finally fired him while (as usual) lying about it, saying it was his own idea. Then he appointed as his replacement, a guy who had the same problems in the area for which he was responsible,. (This Ain’t Hell)

N. Korea Honors Us

In a way only we appreciate. They have excoriated us for our “loose gun laws.” Complaints from such a source can only be taken as a compliment to a free people. It’s funny that such people think they have the “high road” when their “road” is the lowest possible. When a place like communist China, not known for observing civil rights criticizes us on OUR civil rights record, we can only laugh. Just as when N. Korea, one of the most oppressive in the world, criticizes us on our “loose gun laws.” I have to thank them, I really needed a big belly laugh. And they certainly gave me one. (Examiner)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Americans Gone Stupid!

They had a party at one college recently. It was a “Fiji Islander” theme and got shut down because the theme “might” offend somebody. A school actually called the cops because a student had a BB gun in his CAR OUTSIDE the school grounds; another suspended a student because he :”made a gun” with his finger and pointed it at a fellow student. And Seattle has now passed an ordinance creating a MINIMUM WAGE of $15 an hour for entry-level positions! Meanwhile, the federal government is trying to pass a law mandating a $10.10 an hour minimum wage all over the country. Do they WANT to destroy employment opportunities for kids just entering the work force with NO discernible talents or abilities? Do they EVER consider the unintended consequences of their actions? Or do they just not care as long as they get to tell others what they can and can’t do? I could continue on and on about similar stupidities, but I don’t think there’s enough paper or computer memory in existence to list them all. (Just common sense)

Big Prison Break!

36,000 CONVICTED illegal alien criminals and murderers (including many Islamic TERRORISTS) released from prison on Obama’s orders. Why haven’t we impeached this bastard? This is one of the biggest prison breaks in history, ORDERED by Barack Obama! Talk about taking advantage of being president! He does things like this every day, but nobody does anything about it, except talk, talk, talk. Obama SAYS he is “focusing on removal of criminal aliens” while releasing thousands of murderers and terrorists INSIDE America! This is the kind of disconnect that is common in the Obama administration. Say one thing while doing just the opposite, on the QT. Why haven’t we impeached this FOOL? (National Review)

Last Fool In DC

Liberal pundit Elanor Clift is apparently not “in the loop” (she doesn't even know where the loop IS) on Banghazi because she’s still telling to the original lies about it—lies that have been proved to be lies many times. But she still claims that Ambassador Christopher Stevens wasn’t murdered. She says he died of “smoke inhalation,” without even thinking about the SOURCE of that smoke. It is fools like these who people DC that cause me to worry about the future of my country. Months after the scam has been proved amply to be false, she evidently still believes it, and touts it as if it were true. That reminds me of doctors putting down “cardiac arrest” on a death certificate. Never mind we ALL die of “cardiac arrest.” That simply means, “the heart stopped.” (The Blaze)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Send Obama to Prison!

He conspired to get FIVE terrorist murderers released, to kill again. It was just like a presidentially-engineered jail break, in which he could claim to be the hero in the plot for getting ONE prisoner—who happens to be a converted Muslim and who DESERTED, instead of being the victim of a kidnap. A man who LIVED with the terrorists, not as a prisoner, for five years until he could be of the most use to them by getting five of their top men released to come back and kill again. Of course, they PROMISED not to engage in terrorist acts any more, but according to the Koran, it’s okay to LIE to Infidels. I guarantee you someone, somewhere, will see them at the last moment of their lives, sometime in the future. Or somebody they sent. People just can’t grasp that they have a CRIMINAL in the White House. But I’ve been watching him closely since he emerged from under his rock into the public consciousness. This man is a CRIMINAL, through and through. And nobody will admit it. (Just common sense)

Phony Definition

Liberals have long used the phony definition of “separation of church and state:” to attack Christianity in all its forms, while PUSHING Islam on our gullible school children by REQUIRING them to take courses in “Islamic Understanding.” (the prohibition on the correlation of church and state doesn’t seem to apply to the MUSLIM church) Funny thing is, the “separation of church and state” is NOT in the Constitution, no matter how much liberals want you to think it is. The concept came from a simple LETTER from one “Founder” to another, and had NO effect in law. But they don’t want you to know that, so they can attack Christianity at will. It is now becoming common knowledge that this is so, but do you think that will stop the “anti-religionists (except for Islam, of course)” from trying to remove religion (other than Islam, of course) from all aspects of our life? (Creationists)

They Cut Off His...Er, No...

It’s not what you think. A mullah in Afghanistan sexually assaulted a little girl who was in his care. She told her parents, who lured him to their home with a dinner invitation, at which they cut off his . . .ears and nose. I would have cut off the expected appendage—you know, the one he used to sexually assault this little girl in his charge. But they’re nicer than I am. Activists in Afghanistan and other Muslim countries say there has been a sharp rise in attacks on women—not just little girls—since we ran the Taliban off. But I don’t think that had anything to do with it. I think many Muslim “clerics” are simply perverted, and use their positions to rape little girls while the parents are USUALLY too cowed to do anything in response. This one did, and HE is now in jail for doing something to this monster. If it had been my daughter, his body would never have been found, much less his ears or nose. (Eagle Rising)

Monday, June 2, 2014

"Rise, Kill, and Eat"

That’s the title of a new book out to refute what the “anti-hunters” say about Jesus being a “meat-eater.” He’s getting a lot of criticism from the anti-hunting crowd, most of which are simply the anti-gun crowd. But their argument is stupid, as usual. God MADE animals to be eaten by SOMEBODY. If not humans, other animals. It was part of the DESIGN. So what’s wrong with killing and eating animals? Damn, it amazes me the lengths the anti-gun crowd will go to condemn the use of guns for ANYTHING, including hunting, which today is only a SECONDARY use. So Jesus ate meat. So what. He is supposed to be the Son of God, and as such can do no wrong. If he ate meat, meat eating is okay for Christians. That whole debate is inane and stupid. It’s like liberals asking, “What would Jesus do?” What he would do in all cases is written in the Bible. All they have to do is read it. It’s there. If it were not okay to eat animals, God wouldn’t have made us carnivorous. He’d have made us plant-eaters, like some of the dinosaurs. And I’m sure there would have been some liberals who would have decried that, too. “Think of those poor plants screaming as you crunch them with your teeth!” Some of their arguments (most of them, actually) are just plain STUPID. (Liberty Alliance)

WashPo Gone Screwy

I’ve known the Washington Post is one of the biggest parts of the liberal news-diverting spectrum, for a while, but until now, I didn’t know just how screwy and out-of-touch with reality they really were. Imagine this: a NEWSPAPER talking up “Sharia-style” limits on “hate speech.” Especially limits on what can be said that Islam doesn’t like. Or what Obama doesn’t like. What are they SMOKING these days? When you give ANYBODY the right to limit what people may say based on “hate speech,” you give hem he right to DECIDE what IS “hate speech. Thus, you STIFLE criticism of an outfit that NEEDS criticism. WashPo knows better than this, so why are they doing it? Did somebody get to their bosses with enough money? Or did somebody uncover something sufficiently damaging to them that they dare NOT oppose them? Or do they just want to eliminate competition from the Internet? Notice the name of the author of the Washpo article sounds very much like a Muslim. (Freedom Outpost)

You're Eating "Halal" Meat

Meat slaughtered in the Muslim way prayed over and very painful to the animal). Meat that is the only kind Muslims are allowed to eat. Why? Because Pizza Express and nobody knows how many other companies  surrendered to the Muslim demands that ALL meat be slaughtered in this manner (Like liberals they want us ALL to conform to THEIR standards). Less than FIVE PERCENT of Britons want Halal meat (meat that has its throat slit while someone chanted “Allahu Akbar!” 3 times), so why should the 95% who don’t want it be FORCED to eat it? Because free people tend to “oil the wheel that squeaks,” and Muslims have ALWAYS “squeaked” the loudest. But I’m a firm believer in giving people the “right of refusal” in ALL things. It's all part of the Muslim wish to "Muslimize" the whole world.

For that reason I think ALL meat suppliers should be REQUIRED to tell us when Halal meat, or anything else required by “religious” beliefs is being used, and how much. Then they ought to be required to serve NON-Halal meat alongside it and let the BUYER choose. Of course, Muslims will call me names for saying this (mostly Islamaphobic), but that doesn’t concern me in the least. It’s a phony word, anyway, one DESIGNED to prevent ANY CRITICISM of Islam, in any way. For my part, I want NO PART OF Halal meat, and I want to be told when it is being put in what I eat. That’s my right. Subway has gone “all Halal in England and has removed bacon and ham from their menu to avoid “offending” Muslims. My question is this: who cares about “offending Muslims?” Removing ham and bacon from their menu offends ME! One more reason not to eat at Subway.  (The Telegraph)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Obama's BAD Mistake

Releasing those five terrorist MURDERERS to get ONE American soldier released. That sends the WRONG MESSAGE to the terrorists for the future. It tells them that all they have to do is kidnap one soldier and this incompetent, wimpy president WILL trade them out at FIVE TO ONE. All they have to do is find ONE stupid soldier who wanders beyond his area of safety and gets himself kidnapped for ransom. I know it’s hard on such soldiers, but they signed up to put their life on the line for their country. And if you release ONE soldier in return for ONE terrorists, you have REWARDED the terrorists. I can just see those five terrorists when they get back to their units, drinking (even though they say they can’t) and laughing at the antics of “those stupid Americans” who sent us back so we can kill more of them. (The Daily Beast)

"Black-On-Black" Murders

People who should know are now saying that if you take the “black-on-black” gun violence (including gang violence) out of the picture, gun violence will almost disappear. And “black-on-black gang killings” are at the top of that list. But liberals don’t want us to know that, and they’re “in denial” about it They’ll call me a racist for pointing this out, regardless of the fact it IS true. But they’re the MORONS in this; morons for refusing to accept this simple fact and insisting on acting on their own erroneous picture of the world. I just can’t understand how such people get elected to important offices in I certainly don’t vote for them, and I’m sure intelligent people don’t either. The big problem is that there are way too many people voting to elect them to “keep the goodies coming” when they’re so OBVIOUSLY incompetent. (Minuteman News)

What the Hell?

You can’t read a Bible in our schools, just as you can't bring a gun into any school unless the school approves. You can’t even quietly bring one (a Bible OR a gun) to school in a backpack. You can’t even say the name, “Jesus” or “God,” or "gun" without being punished. But in at least ONE school, you can (must) “worship ” The “Sun God” or be punished. In another, they force children to attend "Muslim Studies" or be punished and be called racist. The Constitution PROHIBITS the GOVERNMENT promoting ANY religion. It does NOT prohibit the MENTION of “God” or any other things related to God. The idea is to promote FREEDOM to believe as you WISH; not to believe the way the GOVERNMENT wants you to believe. There are WAY too many supposedly intelligent (but not too smart) people who just can’t understand this simple point, and these incompetent fools are running our schools. Just like punishing a school kid for chewing a Pop-Tart in the shape of a gun or pointing his FINGER at another kid, punishing a kid for HAVING a Bible in school or saying the words, “Jesus” or "God" is STUPID and is, in itself, against our constitutional protections. But does anybody do anything about it? Not a chance. (World Net Daily)